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tv   President Reagans Visit to West Berlin  CSPAN  June 17, 2017 8:00am-9:38am EDT

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>> in june of 1987, president ronald reagan traveled to berlin, germany to commemorate the anniversary of the city's founding. minute portion of live coverage from june 12, 1987 courtesy of the national archives. after remarks by the mayor of berlin and chancellor helmut president reagan begins his tear down this wall speech near the brandenburg gate. >> this is a special report, life coverage of president reagan's visit to berlin here is
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your host. morning, it is just moments until ronald reagan greets the people of a berlin. the president's plane touched down moments ago, which is under control of the u.s. air force. president reagan is visiting berlin to help celebrate its 750th anniversary and hopes to gorbachev toael tear down the wall. he returns from a successful summit in venice, it literally -- italy. the 40th reagan is chief executive and has been here before. with today's visit we look back on history. we start with the first such trip in 1945. residential trips have not
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always seen the fanfare created by media. u.s. residentirst to visit berlin, president harry arrived ineventfully -- he, winston churchill, and josef stalin would decide the fate of germany. raising ceremony at headquarters in berlin, what is now known as clay compound. in that speech truman said "we are not fighting for conquest. andant a peace prosperity for the world. if we can put this to work for p's we could look at the greatest age of history for mankind." a blockade in 1948 and 49 proved
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futile in light of air operations. , it came the berlin wall was with desperate hope and overwhelming warmth that berliners greeted john f. .ennedy in 1963 five fateful months before the president was tragically assassinated. delivered the hope berliners craved. as he addressed the people, he hetered the famous words -- brought the divided city into the limelight and set the stage for democratic principles in the west berlin. president nixon also came to -- says itruary 27 was nearing a climax of the war.
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newspaper called nixon the mightiest man in the world. said theewspapers visit was evidence that the washington would continue to maintain freedom in berlin. for berlin'sleaded status quo. nixon declared that status quo not good enough. nixon's mastery in american foreign-policy got an early start in berlin. the next u.s. leader, gerald ford, did not make it to berlin, but jimmy carter did. carter, like kennedy came to the inital in the summer months 1978. president and mrs. carter arrived and were greeted by city commandants, west berlin's
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governing mayor and other dignitaries. like others, he presented wreaths. he did something nobody else had .one by holding a town meeting he answered questions about his daughter amy, why trips to amerco were so expensive, and what the u.s. was doing to prevent environmental catastrophes. years after berlin's first town meeting with the president came the first visit of the current chief executive. presidentll record of ronald reagan's visit today just as it did on the first time around june 11 1982. he was then in the second year presidency.hy president reagan made a major policy address on his first tour of germany.
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two days before, he proposed nato and warsaw pacts. proposed that both sides verify as well. that address came five years ago and now in 1987, further discussions are being held on nuclear and conventional weapons, as well. as he did in 1982, he is expected to make another major policy speech today. >> and now, the president is on his second trip. we go to rebecca easley for details. we are broadcasting live. just let's plane has landed, air force one. the president should be coming off the plane. , and theres. reagan
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the unitedident of states, ronald reagan, and his wife, nancy. the president is being greeted -- as i stated, the u.s. ambassador to west germany. he is joined in his greeting i governing mayor deacon. mitchell isl u.s. asng the welcoming party well as the french commandant and his wife, matalin. -- madeline. the president of the house of representatives of the city of berlin, the state secretary of the federal republic of germany, and the airport commander.
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the president and his wife, as you can see, are going through the reception line right now. it is a beautiful day, by the -- tca. here at cca warm, it makes it much more pleasant for the men in uniform -- officers in uniform. the president giving a salute to the base commander here at tca, meeting his wife. and then we have the u.s. , majorer in berlin
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general mitchell. the president is now to give an to the serviceng members, the band, and the spectators here for his arrival .eremony plays]to the chief" ♪
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[canon fire] ["star spangled banner" plays] ♪
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>> once again, the national
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chief,"nd "hail to the with a 21 gun salute from echo battery. commander of the troops, brigadier general will now invite the president to inspect the joint military honor guard. and now president reagan joins -- brigadier general has invited the president to inspect the joint military guard. a military guard is made up of two american platoons, one is army for echo battery, the from thee is air force
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airbase here. ofre are also two platoons and two up ofrs platoons of german soldiers. the president has just passed through the french troops and is moving on for inspection of the british soldiers.
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double tunes are -- the platoons has-- and the president .one his inspection brigadier general and major general salute the president. the president now joining nancy .ith ambassador to west germany
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there we see the spectators cheering the president. i would guess there are about 1200 or so in that group. the president is now getting into a limousine and will be the president of west germany -- [cheers]
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and it is good to see the president in the berlin area. he being one of the few commanders in chief's that saluted the troops back. but goes back to his history long before being an actor, he was indeed in the army himself. he remembers the customs and courtesies. he is now en route to bellevue. he and his wife nancy are accompanied by the mayor of west linn and his wife. they are in route where they will meet the president of west women that built up berlin after world war ii and the devastation that took over berlin, 80% of the city was destroyed in the world. , thenill view an exhibit
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president reagan will adjourn that meeting at the reichstag and will deliver what is considered to be a major speech at the brandenburg gate. we will sign off for now as far as our live coverage, but we will be back at 10 minutes to 2:00 for the speech president reagan will make at the brandenburg gate. good afternoon, we are continuing our live coverage of the president in berlin. president is about to make an thertant speech at brandenburg gate. he is now en route to the rittenberg gate. -- brandenburg gate. >> we are standing under an overcast sky awaiting president reagan.
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of british,number french, and americans president. withodium is overflowing photographers, journalists, and broadcasters. according to associated press, this route was- chosen by the white house, because it is instantaneously recognizable to the american people. a little history on the gate, since it was built, the brandenburg gate was intended to symbolize peace, but since 1794, it has not in the dominant theme associated with the brandenburg between 1788uilt and 1791, the gate's design is -- in greece.
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on the gate's eastern side -- it is 215 feet wide and 85 feet tall. chariots,ned by a war guided by the goddess of peace and a chariot. the ultimate to be theme associated with the brandenburg gate. 1806, napoleon bonaparte and the french army marched under the gate's arch. and shippedk a -- it to paris. the kidnapped goddess along with the cherry and horses were andrned to -- the chariot horses were returned to berlin. it was damaged from transferring. it was refurbished and a
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prussian crown were added to the aloft by the goddess of peace. soundcular light and shows were conducted around the gate by nazi troops. berlin, the take soviets take the gate. berlin is occupied by the four allies, and the gate is reasonably restored after the war. 1957, or it is removed to be restored, again. was supposed to have been an inter-allied affair, but the soviet decided to remove the cross and crown before reinstalling it on the gate.
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also turning it so it fac es east. today, it continues to look out on the soviet side of berlin. access to the gate had to be aftercted in 1941, someone was shot at the russian war memorial. it would take 1.1 million marks to prompt reacts access to the western side of the random berg gate. 1987, west berlin majoring mayor and movedl patrick booking that -- which blocked the area around the war memorial. once again, there is free access leading up to the berlin wall
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and the brandenburg -- andre awaiting president mrs. reagan onto the dais. the crowd is standing lightly in anticipation of the arrival of mayor deegan, chancellor kohl, and president reagan. brandenburge cry of gate stands in the background, the backdrop for this presidential address. the platform and podium that have been constructed stands about 10 yards in front of the berlin wall. the staff members have had so much confidence in the weather report, they have removed the .oof atop the platform and indeed, the weather is comfortable.
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[through translator] mr. ronald reagan and mrs. nancy reagan. chancellor by the and by the governing mayor of and mrs. deacon.
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[cheers] [through translator] >> mr. president, mrs. reagan, federal chancellor, ladies and thelet' , and brandenburg gate become the of an open door through which free ideas flourish. --s addition of the future
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which was your message, mr. president, to berlin on your first visit to echo the todayent of the berlin -- i welcome you and mrs. reagan. i do so on behalf of berliners in both parts of our city, welcome to berlin. [applause] [cheers] mr. president, you have, on the 750thion of our anniversary celebration. you have come as a good friend and reliable partner. you have come to a dynamic city, a city which looks to the future with us to -- mr. president, we
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berliners owe our liberty and security above all to the commitment of the united states of america. together with great britain and rants, your country -- and france, your country provided the basis for reliability of our city. you shared with us the historical obligations and the vision of a free and undivided berlin, and a free and undivided germany. [applause] place, history is -- as in no other place in germany. here, the building, the symbol of german's unity.
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the brandenburg gate, closed for 26 years. whichnt of us, the street in eastds us of the -- berlin and in east germany. behind us, just a little way --k, the red city hall there freely elected council was held. nowhere in europe has the division of germany and europe more clearly evident than here. the longingels also for freedom and togetherness. here, the necessity of dialogue and cooperation behind -- beyond borders becomes clear. this wall stands between the hopes and wishes of the people.
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for that reason, it has no future. [applause] must become less impenetrable. it must be overcome. berlin once -- wants a symbol of freedom and dialogue amongst the people. policy like that is naturally based on reality, but also based on the expectation of changes that do not demand too much of anyone. cord -- inin aco accord with agreement. applied and fully exhausted, because this is where
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the opportunity that lies or berlin is in all directions. we berliners demand that all opportunities -- in the center of europe, and berlin is the heart of europe. -- and we cooperation are ready for it. it is based on a constructive climate and is a reasonable alternative. here, everyone can see that -- being reduced, realities do not only depend on -- any policy requires credible, confident measures. that is why, mr. president, we support your efforts to maintain peace in the world. people must be able to determine
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their own way of life. they must be free to talk, to talk, to travel. , of course, they must be allowed to listen to the music they like. [applause] mr. president, it is my great walkthat i may one day unhindered with my children through the brandenburg gate. do not knowoday i when that day will be. but i know, surely, that it will come. not just for me, but for all people in germany and in europe. [applause] president, your visit today underlines the commitment of the
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american people in and for berlin. even before this creative and confident city that also demonstrates the great friendship that exists between germans and americans. backresident, please take with you this assurance, that berlin will continue to stand for the fascination of freedom. mr. president, please take to the unitedmr. president, pleaseo the united states of america warm greetings from the berliners and tell them, please tell them that we, berlin, will continue to stand for the fascination of freedom. [applause]
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chancellor kohl: [through translator] mr. president, my dear american friends, berliners. first of all, i would like to thank you, too, mr. president for your visit today in berlin. express it welcome on behalf of all of my german fellow countrymen this side of the wall , and on the other side of the wall. your visit, mr. president is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of her own german capital. it is the gesture of friendship and solidarity that can be seen from afar.
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that is also a magnificent tradition that has been observed by all american citizens from the first warrior, the tradition of friendship to berlin. relationship, our to the united states of america is of existential importance. and if ever evidence has been needed, it has been furnished here in berlin. darke most difficult and days of the postwar era, what was at stake was the survival of the city and its inhabitants. in the airlifts will be a forgotten, the airlifts and
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which the united states of america and allies save the people from starting in the city. -- starving in the city. at that time and today, what is freedom at security and is the center of berlin. , theher with her friends united states of america professed their responsibility of berlin, and in this visit by the head of confirm theirain friendship and solidarity. , is to the eight powers that the people of their freedom. you can move freely here, they can decide their own destiny.
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they can freely express their opinions. this is a precious value. to say this is a german duty and obligation right here. wall shows that this is not something to be taken for granted. that is dear,ment and achievement of our american and british friends. , the federal here innt is restricted application of the quad apartheid agreements. they maintain that further
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developed. the federal government confirmed this today. stands to its obligations, together with our friends to continue to secure and guarantee the viability of the city. [applause] we all feel pain at the thought that the berliners have to celebrate the 750th anniversary in a divided city. and thef barbed wire orders to shoot and kill. in this anniversary year are proving feared humanity. we have not come to terms with this in the past, we will not do so today or tomorrow.
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[applause] for we know the wall, the wire, the order to shoot to kill are not the answers of history to the german question. against the policy that gave confession andr profession of togetherness in the whole of germany, east and west, for our common historical heritage and the special responsibility of all germans for a peaceful future throughout our confidence. mr. president, we are prepared for a constructive development of relationships between the ,erman states wherever possible
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we want to mitigate the consequences of the wall for people in our country, especially in berlin. particularly in and for berlin, dialogue and cooperation are important. there must not be east-west populations leaving berlin aside. berlin must always be fully included. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, the fight for cooperation can never be for us the full profession of our convictions and values, no one in europe is more interested in reducing this conflict is we germans, and especially berliners. tension very place, the
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brought about in the past are forgotten. on the basis of continued defense readiness, we are offering to the other side dialogue and constructive cooperation, this particularly for those under control, after the reduction of acute tension it is long time to reduce our armaments as well. mr. president i am confident , that you the leader of the united states, will succeed together with the soviet union, this year to achieve the great breakthrough in the arms control field, which will build confidence and open the way for openness in other fields. we want to provide for the worldwide elimination of chemical weapons.
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we want a reduction of conventional weapons and forces between the atlantic and europe. for that, the countries of the nato states and alliance must renounce -- ladies and gentlemen, and all this the guarantee of security of the united states of america and its forces and soldiers to remain something that cannot become without either by germany or by berlin. that is why mr. president, the day is a good opportunity to adjust the words of thanks and appreciation, to the soldiers
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and officers of the united states forces here in berlin who are present today. [applause] chancellor kohl: we highly appreciate your personal sacrifices to stand up for our common freedom. we appreciate the difficulties that you have to go through, especially in berlin, and we are happy that together with us you are celebrating the anniversary of this great city. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being here. [applause] chancellor kohl: statesmen, soldiers, throughout the long joint history of our countries,
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that has played a great role in your country and in ours, i recall to your memory -- the chief of staff of general washington, whose honor -- in whose honor we revealed a statue just weeks ago. [applause] chancellor kohl: i recall -- who like no other person helped the berliners to overcome the blockade. i recall george marshall, who 14 years ago initiated the plan named after him and laid the foundation for the reconstruction of our country from the ashes of the time before. and i am also happy in this hour to recall the names and titles
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of the soldiers and officers whose names i described in the airlift monument. [applause] chancellor kohl: mr. president, we are all for peace in europe and the world, peace can flourish only were the rule of law and the role of human rights are guaranteed. for us, and i know for you mr. president, this always includes also the right of self-determination for all germans. [applause] chancellor kohl: together we stand by berlin. together we stand by its peaceful and great future. of which the freedom bell rings out in confidence in the words
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of abraham lincoln, made this world undergone have a rebirth of freedom. -- may this world under god have a rebirth of freedom. [applause] [cheers] pres. reagan: thank you. [applause] pres. reagan: thank you very much. chancellor kohl, governing mayor diepgen, ladies and gentlemen, 24 years ago, president john f. kennedy visited berlin, speaking to the people of this city and the world at the city hall.
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well, since then two other presidents have come, each in his turn, to berlin. and today i, myself, make my second visit to your city. [applause] pres. reagan: we come to berlin, we american presidents, because it's our duty to speak in this place, of freedom. but i must confess, we're drawn here by other things as well -- by the feeling of history in this city, more than 500 years older than our own nation, by the beauty of the grunewald and the tiergarten, most of all, by your courage and determination. [applause] pres. reagan: perhaps the composer paul lincke understood something about american presidents. you see, like so many presidents before me, i come here today because wherever i go, whatever
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i do, ich hab noch einen koffer in berlin. [i still have a suitcase in berlin.] [applause] pres. reagan: our gathering today is being broadcast throughout western europe and north america. i understand that it is being seen and heard as well in the east. to those listening throughout eastern europe, a special word, although i cannot be with you, i address my remarks to you just as surely as to those standing here before me. for i join you, as i join your fellow countrymen in the west, in this firm, this unalterable
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belief -- es gibt nur ein berlin. [there is only one berlin.] [applause] pres. reagan: behind me stands a wall that encircles the free sectors of this city, part of a vast system of barriers that divides the entire continent of europe. from the baltic, south, those barriers cut across germany in a gash of barbed wire, concrete, dog runs, and guard towers. farther south, there may be no visible, no obvious wall. but there remain armed guards and checkpoints all the same -- still a restriction on the right to travel, still an instrument to impose upon ordinary men and women the will of a totalitarian state. yet it is here in berlin where the wall emerges most clearly -- here, cutting across your city,
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where the news photo and the television screen have imprinted this brutal division of a continent upon the mind of the world. standing before the brandenburg gate, every man is a german, separated from his fellow men. [applause] pres. reagan: every man is a berliner, forced to look upon a scar. president von weizsacker has said, "the german question is open as long as the brandenburg gate is closed." today i say, as long as the gate is closed, as long as this scar
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of a wall is permitted to stand, it is not the german question alone that remains open, but the question of freedom for all mankind. [applause] pres. reagan: yet i do not come here to lament. for i find in berlin a message of hope, even in the shadow of this wall, a message of triumph. in this season of spring in 1945, the people of berlin emerged from their air-raid shelters to find devastation. thousands of miles away, the people of the united states reached out to help. and in 1947 secretary of state -- as you've been told -- george marshall announced the creation of what would become known as the marshall plan. speaking precisely 40 years ago this month, he said, "our policy
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is directed not against any country or doctrine, but against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos." [applause] pres. reagan: in the reichstag a few moments ago, i saw a display commemorating this 40th anniversary of the marshall plan. i was struck by the sign on a burnt-out, gutted structure that was being rebuilt. i understand that berliners of my own generation can remember seeing signs like it dotted throughout the western sectors of the city. the sign read simply, "the marshall plan is helping here to strengthen the free world." a strong, free world in the
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west, that dream became real. japan rose from ruin to become an economic giant. italy, france, belgium -- virtually every nation in western europe saw political and economic rebirth, the european community was founded. in west germany and here in berlin, there took place an economic miracle, the wirtschaftswunder. adenauer, erhard, reuter, and other leaders understood the practical importance of liberty -- that just as truth can flourish only when the journalist is given freedom of speech, so prosperity can come about only when the farmer and businessman enjoy economic freedom. the german leaders reduced tariffs, expanded free trade, lowered taxes.
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from 1950 to 1960 alone, the standard of living in west germany and berlin doubled. where four decades ago there was rubble, today in west berlin there is the greatest industrial output of any city in germany -- busy office blocks, fine homes and apartments, proud avenues, and the spreading lawns of parkland. where a city's culture seemed to have been destroyed, today there are two great universities, orchestras and an opera, countless theaters, and museums. where there was want, today there's abundance -- food, clothing, automobiles -- the wonderful goods of the ku'damm. from devastation, from utter ruin, you berliners have, in freedom, rebuilt a city that
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once again ranks as one of the greatest on earth. the soviets may have had other plans. but my friends, there were a few things the soviets didn't count on -- berliner herz, berliner humor, ja, und berliner schnauze. [berliner heart, berliner humor, yes, and a berliner schnauze.] [laughter] [applause] pres. reagan: in the 1950s, khrushchev predicted, "we will bury you." but in the west today, we see a free world that has achieved a level of prosperity and well-being unprecedented in all human history. in the communist world, we see failure, technological
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backwardness, declining standards of health, even want of the most basic kind -- too little food. even today, the soviet union still cannot feed itself. after these four decades, then, there stands before the entire world one great and inescapable conclusion -- freedom leads to prosperity. freedom replaces the ancient hatreds among the nations with comity and peace. freedom is the victor. [applause] [cheers] pres. reagan: and now the soviets themselves may, in a limited way, be coming to
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understand the importance of freedom. we hear much from moscow about a new policy of reform and openness. some political prisoners have been released. certain foreign news broadcasts are no longer being jammed. some economic enterprises have been permitted to operate with greater freedom from state control. are these the beginnings of profound changes in the soviet state? or are they token gestures, intended to raise false hopes in the west, or to strengthen the soviet system without changing it? we welcome change and openness, for we believe that freedom and security go together, that the advance of human liberty can only strengthen the cause of world peace. [applause] pres. reagan: there is one sign the soviets can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace. general secretary gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek
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prosperity for the soviet union and eastern europe, if you seek liberalization -- come here to this gate! mr. gorbachev, open this gate! [applause] [cheers] pres. reagan: mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall! [applause] [loud cheers]
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pres. reagan: i understand the fear of war and the pain of division that afflict this continent -- and i pledge to you my country's efforts to help overcome these burdens. to be sure, we in the west must resist soviet expansion. so we must maintain defenses of unassailable strength. yet we seek peace, so we must strive to reduce arms on both sides. beginning 10 years ago, the soviets challenged the western alliance with a grave new threat, hundreds of new and more deadly ss-20 nuclear missiles, capable of striking every capital in europe. the western alliance responded by committing itself to a counter-deployment unless the soviets agreed to negotiate a better solution, namely, the elimination of such weapons on both sides. for many months, the soviets refused to bargain in earnestness.
8:58 am
as the alliance, in turn, prepared to go forward with its counter-deployment, there were difficult days -- days of protests like those during my 1982 visit to this city -- and the soviets later walked away from the table. but through it all, the alliance held firm. and i invite those who protested then -- i invite those who protest today -- to mark this fact, because we remained strong, the soviets came back to the table. [applause] pres. reagan: and because we remained strong, today we have within reach the possibility, not merely of limiting the growth of arms, but of eliminating, for the first time,
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an entire class of nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. as i speak, nato ministers are meeting in iceland to review the progress of our proposals for eliminating these weapons. at the talks in geneva, we have also proposed deep cuts in strategic offensive weapons. and the western allies have likewise made far-reaching proposals to reduce the danger of conventional war and to place a total ban on chemical weapons. while we pursue these arms reductions, i pledge to you that we will maintain the capacity to deter soviet aggression at any level at which it might occur. [applause] pres. reagan: and in cooperation with many of our allies, the united states is pursuing the
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strategic defense initiative -- research to base deterrence not on the threat of offensive retaliation, but on defenses that truly defend, on systems, in short, that will not target populations, but shield them. by these means we seek to increase the safety of europe and all the world. but we must remember a crucial fact, east and west do not mistrust each other because we are armed, we are armed because we mistrust each other. [applause] pres. reagan: and our differences are not about weapons but about liberty. when president kennedy spoke at the city hall those 24 years ago, freedom was encircled, berlin was under siege.
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and today, despite all the pressures upon this city, berlin stands secure in its liberty. and freedom itself is transforming the globe. in the philippines, in south and central america, democracy has been given a rebirth. throughout the pacific, free markets are working miracle after miracle of economic growth. in the industrialized nations, a technological revolution is taking place, a revolution marked by rapid, dramatic advances in computers and telecommunications. in europe, only one nation and those it controls refuse to join the community of freedom. yet in this age of redoubled economic growth, of information and innovation, the soviet union faces a choice -- it must make fundamental changes, or it will become obsolete.
9:02 am
today thus represents a moment of hope. we in the west stand ready to cooperate with the east to promote true openness, to break down barriers that separate people, to create a safe, freer world. and surely there is no better place than berlin, the meeting place of east and west, to make a start. [applause] pres. reagan: free people of berlin -- today, as in the past, the united states stands for the strict observance and full implementation of all parts of the four power agreement of 1971.
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let us use this occasion, the 750th anniversary of this city, to usher in a new era, to seek a still fuller, richer life for the berlin of the future. together, let us maintain and develop the ties between the federal republic and the western sectors of berlin, which is permitted by the 1971 agreement. and i invite mr. gorbachev, let us work to bring the eastern and western parts of the city closer together, so that all the inhabitants of all berlin can enjoy the benefits that come with life in one of the great cities of the world. [applause] [cheers] pres. reagan: to open berlin still further to all europe,
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east and west, let us expand the vital air access to this city, finding ways of making commercial air service to berlin more convenient, more comfortable, and more economical. we look to the day when west berlin can become one of the chief aviation hubs in all central europe. with our french and british partners, the united states is prepared to help bring international meetings to berlin. it would be only fitting for berlin to serve as the site of united nations meetings, or world conferences on human rights and arms control or other issues that call for international cooperation. [applause] pres. reagan: there is no better way to establish hope for the future than to enlighten young minds, and we would be honored to sponsor summer youth exchanges, cultural events, and
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other programs for young berliners from the east. our french and british friends, i'm certain, will do the same. and it's my hope that an authority can be found in east berlin to sponsor visits from young people of the western sectors. [applause] pres. reagan: one final proposal, one close to my heart -- sport represents a source of enjoyment and ennoblement, and you may have noted that the republic of korea, south korea, has offered to permit certain events of the 1988 olympics to take place in the north. international sports competitions of all kinds could take place in both parts of this city. and what better way to demonstrate to the world the openness of this city than to offer in some future year to
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hold the olympic games here in berlin, east and west? [applause] [cheers] pres. reagan: in these four decades, as i have said, you berliners have built a great city. you've done so in spite of threats -- the soviet attempts to impose the east-mark, the blockade. today the city thrives in spite of the challenges implicit in the very presence of this wall. what keeps you here? certainly there's a great deal to be said for your fortitude, for your defiant courage. but i believe there's something deeper, something that involves berlin's whole look and feel and way of life -- not mere sentiment. no one could live long in berlin without being completely disabused of illusions. something instead, that has seen
9:07 am
the difficulties of life in berlin but chose to accept them, that continues to build this good and proud city in contrast to a surrounding totalitarian presence that refuses to release human energies or aspirations. something that speaks with a powerful voice of affirmation, that says yes to this city, yes to the future, yes to freedom. in a word, i would submit that what keeps you in berlin is love -- [applause] pres. reagan: love both profound and abiding. perhaps this gets to the root of the matter, to the most fundamental distinction of all between east and west.
9:08 am
the totalitarian world produces backwardness because it does such violence to the spirit, thwarting the human impulse to create, to enjoy, to worship. the totalitarian world finds even symbols of love and of worship an affront. years ago, before the east germans began rebuilding their churches, they erected a secular structure, the television tower at alexander platz. virtually ever since, the authorities have been working to correct what they view as the tower's one major flaw, treating the glass sphere at the top with paints and chemicals of every kind. yet even today when the sun strikes that sphere -- that sphere that towers over all berlin -- the light makes the sign of the cross. [applause] [cheers]
9:09 am
pres. reagan: there in berlin, like the city itself, symbols of love, symbols of worship, cannot be suppressed. as i looked out a moment ago from the reichstag, that embodiment of german unity, i noticed words crudely spray-painted upon the wall, perhaps by a young berliner, "this wall will fall, beliefs become reality. yes, across europe, this wall will fall. for it cannot withstand faith, it cannot withstand truth. the wall cannot withstand freedom. and i would like, before i
9:10 am
close, to say one word. i have read, and i have been questioned since i've been here about certain demonstrations against my coming. and i would like to say just one thing, and to those who demonstrate so. i wonder if they have ever asked themselves that if they should have the kind of government they apparently seek, no one would ever be able to do what they're doing again. [applause] [loud cheers] pres. reagan: thank you and god bless you all. [applause]
9:11 am
reporter: the president has concluded his speech and is being joined by chancellor kohl. he will be departing soon for cca, where he has planned a birthday party in celebration of the 750th anniversary of the city and we will return you to our studio. [applause] >> thank you very much. as you mentioned, the president is joined now for a photo opportunity with the mayor and chancellor kohl and others. the president was interrupted in his address 26 times by applause, most notably when he asked general secretary covert job of the soviet union, "if you seek peace, open this gate." "mr. gorbechav, tear down this wall." president reagan indicated he would like to expand their access into the city, that he
9:12 am
thought that west berlin would be a good place for the united nations meetings and he called for the olympics to come to east and west berlin. the president and mrs. reagan are now leaving brandenburg gate and they will now go back to the airport where the president will host a per the party for berlin. -- america's birthday party for berlin. before they attend the party, they will be looking at displays outside and greet three men that flew u.s. aircraft during the airlift of 1948-1949, and various other displays. they will be introduced to members of the berlin wall patrol, among other things. we will continue our coverage this afternoon as the president continues to visit berlin.
9:13 am
♪ >> this is a special report, live coverage of president reagan's trip to berlin. here is brian hart. >> good afternoon, we are continuing with our coverage of president reagan's visit to berlin. about 45 mexico he addressed -- minutes ago, the president addressed thousands of people at the brandenburg gate and now he is at the airport to host america's birthday party for berlin. standing by at the airport is rebecca easley. rebecca? rebecca: everybody is waiting for the president to come into the area. these people have been here since 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, listening to different forms of entertainment. the orchestra providing most of that. we also had several volunteers from the berlin military community providing entertainment.
9:14 am
♪ [horns] rebecca: once again, here is the president. >> ladies and gentlmen, the president of the united states and mrs. reagan. rebecca: the president and his wife. ♪ rebecca: the president -- [indiscernible] [applause] [cheers]
9:15 am
>> mr. president, mrs. reagan, chancellor kohl, it is a special honor for me to welcome you to this american birthday party for berlin. as you can see mr. president, from the enthusiastic reaction of the berliners and americans here, our guests share my feeling that it is good to have you and mrs. reagan back in berlin. [applause] >> mr. president, the guests here have followed your visit throughout the day on a large tv screen in this hall. like those of us president and the brandenburg gate -- present at the been a brigade, we've been stirred by your message of freedom and hope.
9:16 am
our celebration of the 750th birthday today bears witness to the high hopes we all hold for the future of this great city. the distinguished berliners on this stage with us are why we can believe in berlin, for they represent the heroic deeds of the past, the remarkable achievements of the presence, and the bright promise of the future. mr. president, i know that you are looking forward to presenting the birthday wishes to the city. the president of the united states of america. [applause] [cheers] pres. reagan: thank you. [applause] pres. reagan: thank you.
9:17 am
thank you very much. thank you all very much. and, do i understand correctly, you say they've already heard me on that speech? [laughter] pres. reagan: chancellor kohl and mayor diepgen, ladies and gentlemen it is an honor for me to join you for the birthday party for the city of berlin. i am especially pleased to be here today because it is not often i get to go to a birthday party for something older than i am. [laughter] [applause]
9:18 am
pres. reagan: for a second speech here, i keep thinking of a story of ancient rome where on a saturday afternoon the hungry lions were turned loose on a group of people on the floor of the colosseum and they came charging and one individual stepped out and said something quietly and the lions all laid down. the crowd was horrified that they were going to be denied the show and caesar sent for the man who had spoken to the lions and he said, what did you say? and he said, i just told them that after they ate there would be speeches. [laughter] pres. reagan: then -- [applause]
9:19 am
pres. reagan: let me begin by conveying us the warmest greetings of the american people to all of you here today could only a small fraction of the community can be here, but our good wishes go to all the residents of this marvelous city, wherever they may live. and i am happy to see some many young people here this afternoon. there are two groups of local teenagers i would like to greet in a special way. the graduating classes of the berlin american high school. [applause] pres. reagan: and, and of the city's john f. kennedy school. [applause] pres. reagan: congratulations on a job well done. this is a celebration for all of berlin. those of you in the east watching on television but unable to attend in person, you are here with us in spirit.
9:20 am
the traditional banners of berlin's 20 districts east and west around the hallway remind me of the kinship that exists among all people of this city. it's existence and character, berlin remains the most compelling argument for an open world. we are reminded of the many traditions of openness and democracy that have marked the history of this city. [loud bang] pres. reagan: missed me. [laughter] [applause] pres. reagan: america has a special relationship with berlin that extends beyond economic ties.
9:21 am
like america, berlin is a place of great energy. we see our own hopes and ideals mirrored in the energy of berliners. this is symbolized by the nearly 14,000 american soldiers, airmen and families that live and work in close cooperation with berliners, to ensure the defense of our common goals. [applause] pres. reagan: let me make one point clear, our troops will remain here as long as they are wanted and needed by berliners to demonstrate to the other side that force cannot succeed. [applause] pres. reagan: several dozen other americans from all walks of life make an important contribution to the business and cultural life of this city. we have joined the centuries old tradition of berlin and in a real sense we've become berliners.
9:22 am
if you moments ago -- a few moments ago i shook hands with three men that testified at the way that you berliners play a proud role in each other's lives. three former u.s. air force pilots, veterans of one of the most remarkable operations in modern history, the berlin airlift. on its flight, the kernel tossing small candy filled parachutes to the children of berlin as the plane approached the runway. yes, he was one of the famous bombers, bomber pilots, who every berliner of that generation remembers with warmth and affection. another veteran, captain jack bennett, has many friends here today.
9:23 am
he lives in berlin. [applause] pres. reagan: as for kernel she land or, when the soviets blocked berlin, he had been back in civilian life for only eight months. he and his wife had an infant and another child on the way. those precious eight months where the first that he had been able to devote to his family since the long years of the war. yet, when called to the airlift, he never hesitated. looking back on those days of constant hardship, the danger, he says simply this, "we had a job to do and we did it." in as few words, the understatement of a hero. [applause] pres. reagan: i am especially pleased that he and his son, who saw him only briefly before he returned to service to fight the
9:24 am
blockade, and who is now my military, my own military aid are both with us today. [applause] pres. reagan: i have met other heroes as well, german heroes of berlin. -- women who 40 years ago collected and cleaned breaks from the rubble -- bricks from the rubble to rebuild their way of life. scholars from the universities in the east, who joined in founding what has become one of the world's major institutions of higher learning, the free university of berlin. a group of employees of the first hour that helped us get the voices of freedom on the city's airwaves in those early years and ever since. for 40 years, radio in the american sector has been a voice of freedom and an essential part of our continuing commitment to
9:25 am
berlin. and now we are taking another important step in german-american relations, by moving forward to make television a reality. [applause] pres. reagan: i cannot help but wonder if they will rerun "bedtime for bonzo." [laughter] [applause] pres. reagan: an east berlin border guard who decided to live in freedom rather than building a wall that removes the basic rights of freedom, then to i have met berliners whose actions speak in confidence of the city's future. a professor that has helped make berlin one of the worlds leading centers of research in medicine. and the winners of the 1987 computer contest sponsored by the berlin-usa initiative.
9:26 am
in each phase, i have seen pride in this city and it's accomplishments. there has been something moving and humbling about meeting these heroes of berlin. i feel your pride in what you have done for your city, your zest for life, your confidence and hope from having overcome so many obstacles, and the strength of your commitment to overcome those that remain. you have demonstrated to the world the value of human liberty, perhaps the courage in your example is the greatest gift you can give to us every day of our lives. today, when most americans think of berlin they recall our postwar relationship with the city. and as we celebrate this is 750th birthday, it is worth remembering that america's ties with berlin go back many years. more than 20 american
9:27 am
communities better than a berlin. bear there the name -- name berlin. three of our founding fathers, thomas jefferson, benjamin franklin and john adams negotiated a treaty of friendship and commerce with frederick the great in 1785, establishing a basis for this special relationship that we enjoy today. americans were affected in other ways by this city when some of the best and brightest people active in berlin came to the united states, albert einstein, george gross -- the list of former residents of the city has changed the face of modern america. is practically limitless. [indiscernible] pres. reagan: he has just told me that now they want to create heaven on earth.
9:28 am
we celebrate with you today. [applause] pres. reagan: thank you. [applause] pres. reagan: thank you. i thank you very much and i wish you well. so, we do celebrate with you today, remembering the heroic deeds of these, all of them here on this platform, and all berliners in the long-standing relationship between our two countries.
9:29 am
let's not forget the painful lessons of the not so recent past, and draw on those experiences. together, we can build a better future for this city, for europe and the world. as we look toward the 21st century, the ideals the world associate with the free part of berlin are gaining recognition. history did not come to an end in 1945. and it will not do so now. berlin is a city of the future, it stands as a beacon for freedom and shines brightly for all berliners to see. in the name of the american people, i want to congratulate all 3 million berliners on the occasion of your anniversary. and i am proud to issue a presidential proclamation today, honoring berlin. perhaps more than the people of any other city, you, the free people of berlin, have demonstrated to the world the value of human liberty. so it is that we have so much to celebrate today, so it is on
9:30 am
behalf of my nation i thank you. having witnessed your courage and determination for all these years, i am confident in extending the heartfelt best wishes of all americans for your city's future and for those of you here today, who with our armed forces are here, i tell you that nothing in the job i have has made me more proud than you, the men and women wearing our military uniforms. [applause] [loud cheers]
9:31 am
pres. reagan: thank you very much. [applause] >> mr. president, i now have the honor of asking you to present your official proclamation on the 750th anniversary of berlin to the governing mayor, mayor diepgen. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you very much. ♪ >> ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday berlin happy birthday to you ♪ [applause] ♪ rebecca: and of course a birthday celebration, and american birthday celebration,
9:32 am
would not be complete without balloons, birthday cake, and a round of happy birthday to you. ♪ rebecca: what you see is about 20,000 red, white and blue balloons coming down from the ceiling, as well as 2000 candy filled parachutes reminiscent of the candy bombers during the berlin airlift. ♪ rebecca: no doubt about that, it certainly looks like a big birthday party. president reagan and his wife will soon exit the hall. here come the parachutes.
9:33 am
they each have a bag of candy in them. as i said, the president and mrs. reagan will soon be exiting. they will go out and get back on air force one. i would say it has been a big day. ♪ rebecca: mayor diepgen checking out the frosting there. everybody else trying to catch the candy parachutes. evidently, the mayor approves of the american frosting.
9:34 am
♪ rebecca: and the balloons and parachutes continue to come from the ceiling, just as fast as they can. as we said earlier, about 2500 guests are here. guests of the president at the party for the 750th anniversary of the city. the president and his wife saying their final hello's and congratulations to berliners, and americans. ♪ rebecca: and they will now head out the back of the hall, back
9:35 am
onto air force one. i can see the flight line from where i am sitting and the brigade band, the american citizens waiting for the departure ceremony. and as for me, i will give it back to you in the studio. brian: thank you very much. i think your comment was probably the best, indeed it has been a big day. we conclude our coverage of the president's visit of berlin, he and his wife preparing to depart berlin. while in the city, he reviewed the troops at the central airport. he proceeded to have a meeting with the west german president. he called upon the soviet general secretary to tear down the berlin wall in a major address delivered in front of the brandenburg gate. and now as you have seen, the president and his wife saying happy birthday to berlin. president reagan drew his largest applause from a sense of
9:36 am
humor he displayed in his speech. on behalf of myself and the entire staff, good afternoon and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, "the today show." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] ♪
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