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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2017 1:41am-1:46am EDT

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>> make no mistake that our enemies are constantly working to find new methods for the disguising explosives and recruiting the insiders and h h hijacking the aircraft, and i have worked with everybody to disguise the harm. and so, it is time to raise the global baseline of aviation security. we can't play in the international whack-a-mole with each threat, and we must put in measures across the board to k make it difficult for terrorists to succeed. today, i am announcing a first step to the goal by announcing new security measures to be applied to all commercial flights coming into the united states from abroad. the measures will be seen and unseen and they will be phased in over time. they will include enhanced screening of electronic devices, and new passenger vetting, and
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the new passenger vetting for designed detection of attacks, and we will adopt more sophisticated screening approaches, and more advanced canines, and advanced screening technology, and additionally, we will encourage airports to be prescreening airports to encourage international travel to go through customs and screening before boarding. and the with this announcement, we send the clear message that inaction is not an option. and those who choose not the cooperate or slow to adopt the measures could be subject to other measures and en colluding a ban on electronic devices including the suspension or ban to their flights into united states, and however, the ind skags that all airlines will
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work with us to keep their airlines and crew and pas ssengs safe. i have spent months engaging with the foreign allies and foreign allies to support this group. and while we are announcing this for u.s. and foreign-bound flights to the raise this pursuit. and terrorists who see commercial aviation as the greatest takedown will find an attack that is the weakest link. so together we have the opportunity to raise the baseline of the aviation security globally and do it in a manner that is not going to unduly inconvenience the flying public. let me be clear, the security is number one concern, and the enemies are adaptive and we have to be as well. a in um ber of the measures that we put in place can be dialed up or down in a risk-based intelligence manner. and over the next several weeks and months, we will work with the partners to make sure that the measures are fully
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implemented. >> congress is working on the 2018 defense authorization. up next on c-span3, arkansas senator tom cotton is talking about the missile defense priori priorities. then a confirmation hearing for a homeland security under secretary nominee. and later, undersecretary rex tillerson is going to testify about proposed changes to the state department budget. after that, remarks from former homeland security secretary jeh johnson johnson. c-span's washington journal, live everyday with news and policy issues that impact you coming up thursday morning, f m former new york lieutenant governor and donald trump supporter betsy mccoy on republican reform efforts, and then mississippi republican reformer about the efforts to repeal to a affordable health
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care act, and andy sla vit, a acting administrator to look at what the new health care legislation would affect health care, and also, senator holland on the health care vote. make sure that you watch washington journal week mornings and join the discussion. next, senator tom cotton talks about the u.s. missile defense priorities, and following his remarks, a panel debate of missile technology and spend spending. this event was hosted by the national center of interest. all right. why don't we get


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