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tv   Congressional Democrats Tell President Stop the Disrespect on Twitter  CSPAN  June 29, 2017 3:49pm-4:07pm EDT

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president trump and vice president pence at the department of energy, celebrating energy week. while earlier today, president trump tweeted out, i heard poorly-rated morning joe speaks badly of me, don't watch it any more, how come low iq crazy mika along with psycho-joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row on new year's eve and insisted on joining me? she was bleeding badly from a face lift. i said no. a number of democratic women house members held a press conference this afternoon to offer their reaction to the president's tweets. here's a look.zenmueller
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stelzenmueller. >> sit down in the front, please. >> is everybody here? okay, hello, everybody, thank you for -- is there a -- i don't know if there's a mike to put on. i'm lois frankel, chair of the democratic working women's group
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and i have with me an assortment of my colleagues, brenda lawrenceson, my co-chair, and jackie speier, our communications chair. so what do i have to say about donald j. trump? i call him the cyber bully in chief. and once again, he is embarrassing our nation with what i call his bloody tweets. time and time again, this president is showing his blatant sexism and disrespect for women, as well as the press, and i ask what kind of example he is for our children when he disparages women in power and then attacks the press that tries to report the truth. his tweets represent a weakness and crassness, but it's not just the tweets that we're worried about. his relentless mission to craft policies that fundamentally hurt women, like trumpcare gutting
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planned parenthood, increasing the number of uninsured women and children in this country. his tweet just represents what he is. and i want to have brenda come up and say some more. >> i stand here today at this mike. i am sick and tired of the disrespect that is constantly being displayed from our president of the united states of america. as a democrat and as a woman, and as an african american in this great country that i love, i want to fight for jobs, i want equality for women when it comes to equal pay. i want to be able to say that when a woman needs health care, she can get it in america. i want my girls educated, i want
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investment in education. i want a country that's reflective of one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. and this is not acceptable, mr. president. you do not have the right, because you have a twitter account, to display behavior that i taught my son never to do. i thought my son and i am respected on so many levels, but from the oval office as a woman i'm not getting respect. we are here to do the work. these are times when we go home to our constituents, they're not talking about your tweets. they're talking about, where are the jobs? where's my health care? where's my immigration reform? where is the respect for criminal justice in this country? mr. president, this is direct to you. eyeball to eyeball. do the job of a president of all the people of this great country and stop, stop the disrespect.
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>> all right. >> we came together today with great anxiety, with great shock, and with great disappointment in the president of the united states. we strongly believe that this is beneath the presidency of the united states. we strongly believe that this cannot go on any longer. it is destructive, it is repugnant, and again, it is beneath the presidency of the united states. it is not normal for a grown man to be so consumed with petty vitriol. i implore those close to the president to step in. do it because you love him, do it because you love this
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country. i am speaking here today as a woman and as a mother. if conduct like this was going on in a schoolyard anywhere across this country, the teacher would take this child who had called someone dumb, called someone inappropriately and give him a time-out. mr. president, it is for you to take a time-out. both the first lady and the first daughter have commented about public meanness. ivanka has said, there is a level of viciousness that i was not expecting. mr. president, there's a level of viciousness coming from your tweets that we are not
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expecting. and the first lady has said, our culture has gotten too mean. to the first lady, i would say, please talk to your husband. >> thanks, everybody. i just wanted to come lest anyone get the impression that it's just our women colleagues who are outraged about this lated outburst of cyber misogyny in the president's tweets as the father of two daughters and one son, i want to tell my daughter that no man has any right ever to treat you the way the president has tried to treat people with his tweets. and i want to tell my son, that he should never look at this president of the united states as any kind of role model. he is no gentleman and he seems increasingly like a barbarian in
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terms of his treatment of his fellow citizens. something is deeply wrong at the white house. we hope whoever's in control over there can get on top of it and pull back from this terrible situation. >> anyone have any questions? yes? >> if you say these tweets are below the dignity, there's been a lot of talk of the president tweeting, why dignify these tweets with a response? >> can i just comment? >> yes. >> may i just say to you that the president of the united states, mr. trump, has violated any suggestion that he should be trusted with the oval office. we are members of the united states congress, men and women,
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who represent the people. the people seek not to have kings or queens, but they seek to have an office of the presidency that can be trusted. today mr. trump, you have ceased to have the trust of the american people. when you begin to utilize again the diminishing of those who have mental health needs, psycho joe scarbrough or psycho joe, or low iq mika. then you begin to talk about the privacy issues of women who have been segregated and discriminated against because they are women. blood from wherever. or your face is bleeding. do you realize how many women shutter in workplaces of which we fight for equality, in
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schools, in their homes with the issue of domestic violence, because they are not protected. and then our commander in chief seeks to take advantage of the position that he holds. so why do we do it? not for self. but for the words that were said about our colleague fiorina, look at that face, would anybody vote for that? that was the candidate trump. now we're facing the president trump. i would argue our responsibility is not to him, but to the american people, and he should resign. >> i think simply, though, the point that we're trying to make here, his cyber bullying is reflective of his policies. really, i think that's the most important point. rosa wanted to -- >> thank you very much. the question a moment ago was
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about why gather to respond? you know, you cannot ignore some things. and when the president has stooped to degrade women, bullying them on their looks and whether they are intelligent, it speaks volumes. we need to speak volumes. it sends a message as was characterized, to our children of what is acceptable behavior. i know mika brzezinski, because she covered me when she worked in the state of connecticut as a reporter. her work in that job demonstrated her professionalism and her savvy. and for all of us men and women who stand here, and i'll
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particularly say the women, we work hard at what we do. we are professional in our job. and we have known in our lifetime and in our careers, those who would denigrate who we are and what we do. it is not something that we expect the president of the united states to do. instead of this effort, the public policies, or the professionalism of mika brzezinski, and what she does as a reporter in doing her job, is what we do in our jobs, is initiating public policy that helps men and women in this country. and would that the president of
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the united states instead of proposing a budget and a repeal of a health care bill that can only hurt american people -- women and children -- around this country, that he would stand tall and say that my job is to make sure that families have the education that they need, the health care that they need, the good jobs that they need, in order to provide economic growth in the united states of america, what he does is he demeans women, but more than that, he has demeaned himself in this process. and we know it and the country knows it. >> thank you very much.
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n this weekend, c-span's city tour with the help of our comcast partners, takes book tv and american history tv to portland, oregon, as we explore its rich history and literary
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culture. saturday we'll visit powell's city of books, we'll go inside to see its vast collections and learn about the history of one of the largest independent book stores. >> when we first moved into this building, we were 15,000 square feet of books. now we're 75,000 retail squire fe -- square feet of books. it's, i think, a reason that some authors moved to portland, that this is a resource for them. >> and former state senator avel gordly shares her journey with her book, "remembering the power of words." >> them knowing that we, that i could be a part of the march and the demonstrations and the conversations that went on in our local community was very --
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the word i would use now is empowering. that's what it was. and connecting to what was happening all those many, many miles away. >> on sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv, we'll step inside the historic pittic mansion, built in 1914. the home belonged to the former owner and publisher of the oregonian newspaper and his wife. >> he worked there for a number of years, proved himself invaluable. he kept it going. the owner was rather distracted with politics, he owed henry a lot of back wages. his employer decided to give the paper to henry pittic in return for back wages that he was owed. henry became the owner, turned into a success, invested in a lot of real estate as the town grew and i was able to build a house as grand as this one. >> watch c-span cities tour of
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portland, oregon, saturday at noon eastern on c-span's book tv. coming up later tonight on c-span, former acting attorney general sally yates recalls her brief tenure with the trump administration and how she learned of the first executive order calling for a travel ban. we'll bring you the full conversation from the aspen ideas festival, tonight starting at 8:00 eastern on c-span. yesterday on capitol hill, the senate intelligence committee heard from career diplomats and experts from the u.s. and europe as they testified at the senate intelligence committee on russian influence in elections. this is about two and a half hours.


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