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tv   Wisconsin State Capitol  CSPAN  August 25, 2017 8:48pm-9:00pm EDT

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this, this is his second term of office, and his dad edmond g. brown who was governor were both recalled but unsuccessful. preserving old billings gives a feeling of solidarity. the values that were valuable back then are still valuable now. the original intent of the building was still here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to the wisconsin state capitol we are standing in the rotunda of the building. this is the public area of the capitol. this is where we have all of our big parties, presentations.
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a little bit about theowd side, when you walk up see a big white stone building and that is granite we got from vermont, 43 different kinds of of stone were used. from six foreign countries and eight different states only a little bit is actually from wisconsin. great big dome on the outside also covered with granite. we have the only state capitol to completely cover the exterior in a granite. we finished it off with the statue on the top. we call her wisconsin. she has a w. on her cleft and a helmet on her head and it was a badger and wisconsin is facing toward the nation's capitol. she's 15 feet five inches tall and weighs over 6,000 pounds and then we gave her the nice gold coat. behind me is it says legislation on a missouri achic and an artic created it with 100,000 little pieces of colored glass and they represent the three branches of government ear in tin the build.
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legislation for the legislation branch, government for the executive branch and above it says liberty in the fourth corner representing all of us that live here for -- all the pattern marble in the floor is from italy. all the cream colored marble on the balcony is from france. all the big green stone is a marble. and the column is actually a marble from algera. the building was designed from an architectural firm out of new york. the architect was actually controlled out of new york. so we be more of a global look to our state capitol than most of the others state capitols you would see. wisconsin's goes back to 1836. and at that wisconsin was part of michigan.
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b but michigan wanted their own state. in wisconsin we have gathered over 15,000 lakes. they approved us to be a new territory. a man from missouri who moved from missouri a few years earlier. he came to wisconsin to get rich. well, everyone wants to get rich. so these guys quickly move to the other side of the hill. and they didn't find anything, then they lived there. they lived like badgers. that's how they get the nickname. the badgers really has nothing to do the animal itself.
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we had two battlesships worked in the state. as the sailors left port, they'd rub his nose for good luck. now we invite everybody who visits the capitol to rub his nose for good luck. he's working for me. we're now in the governor's conference room. the room itself is copied from it palace in venice, italy. as you look up on the ceiling, there's more gold in this room than any other capitol. we knew to keep it up as a modern office building we needed a new infrastructure. fiber optic, cables, and even a
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central air systeming. so we spent almost $160 million to fix it up. all the artwork is over 100 years old, also part of the conservation. the murals in this room are kind of unique. on the right is the first european to come to wisconsin. he came from france. this part of the world hasn't invented guns yet. they probably thought those guns were thunder. and sitting behind the desk is the first weatherman in the country. he started predicting it here
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way back in the 1870s. he just telegraphed over and asked the question what does the weather look like, and if the north said rain, then he predicts it's going to rain in madison pretty soon because he realizes most 06 our weather comes from the west. further we have a lady in a bronze dress. she was the wife of a governor during the civil war. in those days the women would make the medical supplies for the military. so her husband took a load of military supplies to the tennessee hospital. and something happened and he drowned in the river. so his wife decided she wanted to take his cause. got ape ham lincoln to give her that piece of paper. if you pull it out, it says wisconsin -- you can build three
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military hospitals in the state of wisconsin to build your soldiers. and this is new thinking. the idea that you go from tennessee all the way to wisconsin and then return to fight, not very good. well, cor delia convinced abe lincoln that the soldiers from wisconsin would do that. so wisconsin was the first state to be able to take care of their very own civil war wounded soldiers. this is the highest court in the state of wisconsin. we have seven justice serving. this is an appeals court. so it's not their job really to decide if someone is guilt or innocence. it's their job to interpret the laws of the past. some law challenged maybe in madison, we'll take it to the law court first and then someone will say why don't we appeal it through the supreme court?
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they get a thousand requests a year. behind me it says signing of the u.s. constitution, 1787. see if you recognize anybody. the guy sitting behind the desk is george washington. james madison, he's considered the author of the constitution. he ended up becoming the fourth president of the united states. and we named our city after james madison, the president. in front of me we have a judge sitting in a church, a federal judge trying chief ashgosh for murder. listens to the evidence with his jury behind him.
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things don't look good at all. he says wait a minute, i don't really have power over ashgash. he said, you're a free man. you committed no crime against the united states. above the door is the word latin for law. because we have a big building. in a lot of supreme court's it's in separate areas. we are now in the assembly. this is part of the legislative unit of wisconsin. as i said this is the assembly. we have 99 representatives. once you're all in the room, you
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have the big chair in the front. the political leader is called the speaker. and speaker takes care of all the political issues. when they're going to meet, what they're going to talk about, who the chairmans of the committees are. so the most important person in the room would be the speaker. the mural in front of you is called wisconsin's past, present and future. the artist worked on it for a year. we get our copy and we say good story but how would you know it's wisconsin, so we told the artist we wouldn't accept his mural unless he put badger on it. 80 years later, part of that restoration, we hired an artist to cleanup this art. they used up 20,000 q-tips as they wiped up the dirt and crime. and once they got it clean, they found a civil war soldier that
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had to be painted out. there's a french priest. on top of his knee is a cruse fks. looks like a cowboy hat, pirate hat. we consider this to be one of the nicest state capitols in the country. there's a lot of history here. and anybody in the world today knows politics is a big issue. so we're here right in the middle of it. every day is a union day here, so it's still exciting to showcase wisconsin. this is our third state capitol here in harrisbering. the first one wiz built in 1918 and


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