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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2017 2:45pm-2:52pm EDT

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you can also watch online on or using the free cspan radio app. earlier today the senate armed services committee held a hearing on recent incidents at sea. john mccain recognized the families of the victims killed on the uss fits ar"uss fitzgera mccain and said the collisions were troubling and alarming. here's more. >> i'd like to take a moment to recognize family members who lost loved ones in the fitzgerald and mccain collisions who are here with us as honored guest. from the fitzgerald, the wife of gary ream. the parents and brother of petty office third class shingo
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douglas. parents and brother of petty officer first class carlos victor sabayan. wane and nikki rigsby, father and step mother of seaman dakota rigsby. darryl martin, father of petty officer first class xavier martin. and from the mccain, jennifer simon, wife of petty officer first class kevin bushel. and his mother, karen bushel, along with her wife and shane. rachel echols, mother of petty officer second class timothy echols, teresa and austin palmner, mother and brother of petty officer second class logan logan palmer. let me express my condolences to you all on behalf of the u.s.
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senate and the american people. your presence here today reminds us of our sacred obligation to look after the young people who volunteered to serve in the military. with those individuals who are just named stand so that we can recognize their presence here. thank you and god bless. uss john s. mccain was named after my father and grandfather. i remember the ship launching ceremony nearly 25 years ago. and my wife, cindy, continues to serve as the ship's sponsor. believe me these tragedies are personal for me and my family as well and we share in your sorrow. my commitment to all of you is that we will get to the bottom of these incidents. it's simply unacceptable for u.s. navy ships to run aground or collide with other ships and to have four such incidents in the span of seven months is
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truly alarming. this committee takes seriously its oversight role, we will identify shortcomings, fix them and hold people accountable. we'll learn lessons from the recent tragedies to make the navy better and all who serve in it safer. i know our navy leaders share these goals and will work together with us to achieve them. to that end, i hope our witnesses will help the committee better understand what happened with regard to these incidents. we are interested in the status of investigations, common factors are trends identified, root causes, corrective actions and accountability measures. we would like to know the extent of cost of damage to the ship and operational impacts of unanticipated repairs. we ask you to highlight areas in which we in congress can assist our sailors, including changes
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in current law. i'm concerned with mr. pendleton's written testimony which indicates 37%, over one third, of the training certifications for u.s. navy cruisers and destroyers based in jap japan were expired as of june. this results in a five fold increase in expired warfare certifications for these ships in the last two years. i would point out warfare certifications are a ship's urb ability to fully be prepared to engage in combat. press reporting paints an even bleaker picture. the mccain had experienced expired training certification in six of the ten key area -- key warfare mission areas. the fitzgerald had expired certification in all ten mission
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areas. secretaries spencer and admiral richa richardson, i don't need to tell you this is troubling and unacceptable. we acknowledge and appreciate t it is unacceptable. and we acknowledge and appreciate the accountability actions the navy has taken to date. the navy has relieved two commanding officers, a commander and a captain, it has issued reprimands -- 20 reprimands to other officers and enlisted sailors since august 23rd, this quadrant two-star strike group and three-star fleet commander will all have been relieved for cause. i assure you that this committee will do everything we can to support the navy leadership's efforts to course correct. but we must also call you to task and demand answers as leaders of our navy, you must do better. in particular, i would like to know why the recommendations of
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the gao and other relevant reviews such as the 2010 fleet review panel were not effectively implemented and maintained. the lives of the 17 sailors lost in the "fitzgerald" and "mccain" collisions were priceless. and i will mourn their loss. that was just part of the hearing held earlier today on recent military incidents at sea. you can watch the entire event tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. during tomorrow morning's "washington journal," we're in trenton, new jersey, as part of the c-span bus, 50 capitals tour. with former new jersey governor, jim mcgreevey and president of the new jersey state senate, steve sweeney, our featured guests. join us tomorrow morning for the entire "washington journal," live beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, on c-sp.


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