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tv   Mother of All Rallies  CSPAN  September 21, 2017 9:28pm-1:40am EDT

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thing a woman can deal with but you won't go to dinner where a woman fully clothed is at the same table. >> sunday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. this pat saturday protesters gathered on the national mall in washington, d.c. for what they called the mother of all rallies. organizers said the rally was held in honor of the united states of america and in support of president trump. political candidates from across the country were among the speakers at this rally. >> let's get all the youngsters out there. you want to take part of the pledge allegiance, come up and
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bring your parents. at the end of the day, you are the next generation of american patriots. come up and take part of this. >> all right, everybody. here we go. ready? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> all right.
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firstoff, i can't tell how loud i am. firstoff, thank you, everybody, for coming. first up, we have grammy nominated singer and conservative radio talk show host monica matthews from atlanta, georgia, who will lead us in a blessing for the day to keep everybody safe and she is also going to sing the national anthem. here she is. >> thank you. thank you. an honor to be here. >> if you can stand, please stand. if you have a hat on, please take it off. thank you. ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hail as the twilights last gleaming ♪
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♪ whose bright stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o'er say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ or the land of the free and
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the home of the brave ♪ [ cheers and applause ]. >> amen! i have a blessing to speak. ready? we all need a blessing, amen? amen. fellow patriots, we are gathered here today to call upon the collective heart of this great nation. i am here today to call upon the author of all liberty, order, justice and prosperity, to call down a blessing of unity and order of this nation beginning with each and every one of us here today. i am here to speak life and liberty to each of us to call into remembrance who and what we are as a people and what it
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means to serve and protect the values that make us the greatest nation on earth. we honor and give thanks to those who have gone before us in the shedding of their own blood and to those currently defending our nationy to insure we have the opportunity to live abundantly in this land under the umbrella of our inalienable rights. i knew that thing was going to -- we bless this nation with the renewing of the collective mind of our founding fathers who knew these rights are not endowed to us by man rather the author of all life, liberty and justice. we call upon the spirit of hope and solidarity to be renewed in the hearts and minds of all of us who seek shelter under the banner of this great nation and contribute to the restoration of the united states of america. i pray that every force of
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destruction, disunity and disorder that comes against the fabric of this nation and her constitutional foundation will be exposed and repent tans of such treason will be afforded and liberty and true opportunity for all. i give thanks to every person willing to stand and sound the trumpet for a patriotic revival. amen. i give thanks our hearts have not failed us but our resolve has only strengthened and our quest to take our nation back. we speak unbridled truth and sovereignty for this nation and our capitol no weapon against this land and liberty and her foundational values will prosper whether within this nation or without. every life and every tribe matters. we speak freedom to all of those who live in an oppressive
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mindset of the transguessings of our nation's past. i pray for the minds and hearts of all those who are led astray to believe lies about their fellow countrymen, who live in unnecessary unprov vo kated fear and suspicion of one another to be set free. amen. we declare restoration of every culture andette nis tin this nation we are blessed to call home. we call off spirits and debravty of life and call upon the author of life to restore us to honorable standing. we bless this nation with our mouths and our actions as those entrusted to preserve the treasure of liberty. let us be reminded of the servant's heart and joy of standing side by side. in our efforts to stand in unity of this nation i bless this land by authority of me as ministerial servant of god of
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jesus christ and patriot of the united states of america, amen, with a heart birthed in reconciliation. we are one voice, one nation under god indivisible. we seek liberty, order, restoration and justice for all in the name of jesus, i declare this land holy, amen! [ cheers and applause ] i don't know who's coming up next. they'll be here shortly. >> how's that? can you hear me real good? thank you for coming out to washington, d.c., ladies and gentlemen! my name is joey gibson.
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i'm with patriot prayer. i have come out with a bunch of other patriots from the west coast. we have so many people working their butts off on the west coast to stand up for free speech in some of the most darkest intolerant cities in the united states of america. unfortunately, washington, d.c. is also one of the darkest cities in the united states of america, one of the most corrupt cities, most corrupt spots in the world, filled with lie, filled with deception. there's so much going on in this country right now we have to wake up. i'm telling you guy, there's so much going on in this country and too many of us are sleeping. the reason why you guys come out here today you know there's something not right, you know there's things going on in this country we have to fix. it starts with some foundational things. one of the biggest things we have to understand as a country we need to admit the fact that we have problems at a cultural
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level no politician will fix for this country. no president will fix some of these problems. the problems in this culture and this country comes from you guy, we have so many leaders here today from across this entire country, cultural leaders, i'm telling you, some of these people, they go on facebook, i don't know how they do it, they go on facebook live and they literally have 50,000 views in 24 hours. holy crap, how do they do that? that's absolutely amazing. that's the thing we have to have. we have to bring the punk movement into the liberty movement. that's what we need. we need to bring in the kids and we have to help people understand that freedom is sexy. damn mitt, freedom is so beautiful and sexy we have to spread that message everywhere you go. i'm telling you, man, that's the thing. we don't talk about freedom enough, we talk about conservative liberal politics all this crap. freedom is one of the most beautiful things in the world
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because there's no argument against freedom, none. who wants to be in chains? who wants to be in chains? every single year we let washington, d.c. slowly tighten their grip on us, every single year. more regulations, regulations that don't help the poor, all they do is help the rich. tax us more every single year, every single thing they do. hey, bernie supporters, i know there's not many in this crowd today, but if you are hearing this video you're against corrupt corporations so you want to tax them and give to it the most corrupt corporation in the world, the united states government. that was ridiculous. listen, you want to get some money and help out the poor, whatever your ideas are, instead of taxing us more, i have an idea, how about we shut down all the stealing going on in
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washington, d.c., all the spending, thousand dollar hammers. they're morally corrupt. when we take care of that problem we will have so much more to spread around in this country in the right way, beautiful way that don't enable people but help people to rise up and grow and build business. one of the most frustrating things for me, let's talk about 2008 real quick. we had that collapse, all right? on came in, his thing he wanted to do, he wanted to pass regulations to punish these big corporations, big banks, right? pass the regulations the big business pushed for. what did do it? all it did was bail out the big banks, make the big banks even bigger and kept the small banks down. that's being done on purpose. these people act like they're for the lower class and they're doing everything they can to destroy the lower class. i am sick of it. on the west coast, if you don't
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know, follow some of these groups, we have soldiers that go on the streets to stand up. a lot of you on the east coast don't know much about antifa. they make it easy. they say they're out to fight racism. the thing is they're out to fight you guys, want to destroy what you guys want to do and what you believe in. they want you to be so afraid to go in the streets, they will beat the crap out of grandmas and anybody they disagree with. i need your help. we're going up and down the west coast, berkeley, portland, the most intolerant areas in a tight-knit group. we will go in there and challenge the liberals. i'm trying to bring moderate left and right together. they have teamed up with antifa. they believe it's okay to team up with them. we will expose their violence and get it on film. i need your guys' help to spread
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the message and word. it is not okay to have a gang dressed in all black run through the streets and light things on fire and beating people up, especially when they beat up grandmas. that is how we will take back the west coast. i am so passionate about the west coast. we take that west coast back i am telling you we will take this country back. the last message i want to spread, i appreciate you being here today. the atmosphere is great, positive, there is so much love here today. one thing we don't hear enough in this freedom movement. we have to go back to love, ladies and gentlemen. we've got to go back to love. i understand the hatred, i get it. we have been -- i hate to use this word but we have been -- this movement has been hiding. we've all been hide ing our houses way too long, we see what's going on, on the tv and see corruption on the right and left and pissed off. we have this movement, like a
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baby, slowly starting to grow and learn. in the beginning about hatred and anger and going on the streets and yelling at liberals. if we bring love to this movement not only does it destroy the narrative by the media and corrupt politician, it will bring people in. do you understand how thirsty people are for love, being positive, peace, strength. to walk the way some of the best leaders ever to walk the way jesus walked. the way that martin luther king walked, these are the messages we have to bring back to the liberty movement. i have tons of atheists that love what i do, i don't judge people, i don't care who you are, if you believe in love and freedom and peace that's the exact same thing jesus put forth. jesus was a revolutionary, look at it from a historic call point of view. all i'm asking before i go, when ever someone yells at you, someone cusses out, someone treats you like trash, do not
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let them control you. if you respond in hatred they're controlling you and bringing you down to the darkness. don't do it. we have to stop it. we have to stop it. respond in a way where you are an example. respond in love, respond in kindness, respond in patience and i guarantee you you will red pill so many people it is amazing. ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming out here today and you guys have a great day! [ applause ] ♪
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i . >> how you doing, everybody! no, no, this is the mother of all rallies, everybody. i am your hip-hop patriot. how are you doing, everybody! we're going to force them to put this on camera, i can bet you that. they're going to see the diversity that we have in this patriot movement and they're not going to be able to hide it, they're not going to be able to cnn that stuff, sorry about that. i know, this ain't my show. i want to get the next three
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speakers lined up over here if we can. bruce nathan, kelsey young and michael dugas. you guys ready to mog it like an mo-fo or what? you guys ready to build that wall or what? you guys ready to inject some patriotism back into this country today? let's hear some more music and get these speakers lined up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hey! if i can get your attention. can everybody on the side, over there on the side come over to the middle so we can all attend our speaks and show unity in front of everybody? can we do that, please? thank you. ♪ ♪ all right. at this time, at this time, i'd like to give a shoutout the page trump victories. i'd like to give a shout-out to my man, robin rosendary and
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jermaine the kid, wave them flag, boys, wave them flag, you know what it is. i want to give a big shout-out to poa, tommy cohn, make some noise. it is on his page this entire thing originated, right after our president dropped that moab and somebody said, you got to call it more and tommy's like, let's do it. every single one of you pitched in to make this what it is today. damn, make some notice for poa and all of you. robert rosendary, ladies and gentlemen. look at him. what's he going to do here? join him, baby!
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>> you look around. black, hispanic, white. you know what i mean? we ain't going nowhere. we're right here. >> ♪ we ain't going nowhere hey! hey, at this time, i would like to bring up the next speaker, mr. bruce nathan. can you come up an speak, please? ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for mr. bruce nathan. [ applause ] >> hey, america! look at this crowd! this is what happens when real americans decide we are fed up taking control, to take back america and make america great again! i cannot even guess how many of us are here, but from what i'm
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seeing, it looks like we have enough to march right in that capitol right over there and drain that swamp! we got to drain the swamp! and drain that swamp. we've got to drain the swamp! last year we united behind one -- one candidate when promised to make our bold and defiant -- sorry, donald j. trump is now our president. before his inauguration, he hit the ground running. when he arrived in d.c., he went directly to work. that is what our founders was looking for. they were looking for the best and the brightest to come to washington, and then when they were done they would go home to
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see what they'd done and be with that. that is why our capitol buildings are not smoeds to be stuffed with wealthy and incompetent wealthy politicians to serve their own interests. who are they to tell our 50 states we cannot even keep men out of our daughters' public rest rooms. i have six children, five are daughters. and i've got to tell you, it hurt my heart. entrenched party powers have gotten so far-out of control they now refuse to do their jobs. so they can just damage the president that we put in to
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clean up their mess. we are not going to let that happen. we already shows them we are awake, but we did not -- they did not get the message. they are fighting back, and they are fighting back we, the people. fine, let them fight. we put a true leader in the vision of the founding of the white house. now the 2018 elections are coming up, and we are going to be replacing the swamp rats in our congress in all 50 states, so let them fight us. we won in november, and that was just the first of a battle of an ongoing war. in 2018 we will show them we are not done. we are not beaten. we are taking back our country!
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i always knew if america was to be saved it would not be it by a career politician. it will be by you. it'll be by our bikers, our truckers, our farmers, small businessman, our teachers, our tradesman, our labors. it will be by parents and grandparents who care about this nation to our children that we need to leave the legacy towards. saving our united states is bigger -- it's a bigger job than one man can do alone. donald j. trump can't do it by himself. our system was deliberately built, structured so one person could not do it by themselves. someone else had to come along. so why does this federal government get away with
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ignoring the ninth and tenth amendment and telling us they know better how to run our own states? drain the swamp! they stole control of our schools with common core, our churches, our social policy, our businesses, our health care -- which is a disaster. even control of our air, land, and water they thank us by doing a poor job of running anything. our state governments have completely dropped the ball when it comes to protecting themselves from the blatant abuses of all-powerful central government that was never even
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supposed to happen. you know this is wrong. i know this is wrong. isn't that why all came here today? isn't that why? we are here today to deliver a message to those people over there in that capitol building. we can run our own states. get out of our lives. try doing your job, and we will do ours. we elected the president we wanted. he is doing -- he is going to do -- he is going to get the help that he needs to do the job we hired him even if we have to replace every member of congress in 2018. i want to thank my good friend the northwest florida bikers for
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trump, and i want to thank the producers of putting on more. absolutely fantastic. my name is bruce nathan, and i am going to be the next governor of the great state of florida. i am not a professional politician. i am just like you. i worked and sometimes starved my way through college. i delivered pizzas. i even dressed up as barny the dinosaur. after graduation i continued to work in physical therapy and continued until 2001 where all
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of us had our lives changed forever. i felt a duty to our country, and i joined the united states army reserves. i proudly served for nine years and honorably discharged as captain. as a physical therapist i ran into stifling federal health care regulation. our demand of tax laws and then the disaster we all know as obamacare. everywhere you turn there are stumbling blocks to success put there by the federal government. we can no longer go to college, start a company, get a home loan or provide for our families without jumping through hoops. we get caught in bureaucratic red tape from washington, d.c.
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sometime ago i started asking myself where is our state government and why won't they stop this? the enumerated power of the constitution strictly limits federal power. so why do they keep expanding and send us the bill? i found out why. because state governments have failed their citizens as well. they gave away their own duty, their own constitution obligations and went belly-up with the federal trough. t governors and state legislators were absorbed. the states are as guilty as our federal government. these debts are going to keep piling onto our children and our
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grandchildren. and i cannot look my six children in the eye and not do anything to help their future. this is why i decided to run for governor. america needs to have at least one governor who will show the states constitutional rights of the states, and that's the way people are meant to be. the federal government must be kicked out of our state. they must go back to the capitol and be caged in d.c. where they belong. state rights, you got that. we all see how our party elitists pick and choose which laws, which rights they will enforce. that is what we get when our
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elected officials serve their self-interests. every position they take is decided by how it will affect their chances of getting re-elected. that is what motivates professional politicians. they avoid the hard choices of acting on their sworn oaths in the best interest of constituents within the confines of the constitution. government and our statement is not supposed to operate on the politics of division. united states, that is us. almost done. it is they who do not understand united is us. you get it. that's why you're here. everyone of us has witnessed the rant acts of unity and
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citizenship that defines the hearts and seouls of all great americans. we got hit with back-to-back disasters in texas and in florida. and when the situation is tough, we come together. and we unite as americans in the united states of america. i am so glad to be an american. you tell me. we had a flow from the top, the great president donald j. trump, he decided to make sure everything was going to happen the right way for texas and florida. do you think hillary would have done this? anybody think hillary would have done a good job? all of our problems could be over come with the same efficiency. so as they say, my time is running out over here. so let me just end with this.
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i as governor will close the sanctuary cities that are in the state of florida. it is time for the sanctuaries of the american citizen to go back. as i am about to go, i want to tell you one way or another we're going to drain the swamp, and we're going to make america great again. and i want you to remember bruce nathan for governor 2018. and god bless these united states of america. thank you! thank you!
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all right, since we are in mr. trump's backyard, and he is in town today, let's remind him about the one thing we want to do drain the swamp. and repeat after me, everybody. lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! exactly. i want to give a shot out to the u.s. marine corp! semper fi, fellahs. all right, i want to call-up the next speaker. and i truly believe this man is pretty much a carbon copy of his own style of mr. trump. he will be the next senator of pennsylvania. can you guys make some noise for mr. bobby lawrence so he can
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come up and speak to y'all. >> sorry. i'm new to this. i'm not a politician. i'm a small business owner. i want to thank everybody for coming out today. well, thank you. i'm running for u.s. senate in pennsylvania to support our president. and how's our president doing, by the way? are we happy? yes, the press has interviewed me and they've asked me why are we all here? what's the point? and the point is over 63 million of us voted for president donald trump. are those some beautiful words or not? president donald trump, my two favorite words since january. president trump in hisfore thought -- this is how intelligent the man is. he actually has published on his
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website his contract with america. and these were the america first items that he was running on. remember all those campaign speeches and rallies we all love to go to? and he published that contract with america. and guess what? i signed it beside his name on the 26th of last month. i signed a contract with america. it did me honor to put my name beside his. and i am running to return the america first agenda and support personal liberty and individual freedom back to our kitchen table. yes, and there's a lot of different ways we can do that. the first one is to get president trump some support. can we agree he needs some support? yes, so it kind of strikes me as we watch the news reports how the rhinos are coming out against president trump. and they actually attacked him.
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has anyone been following sheriff joe arpaio? y yes, should we make john mccain retire? it's time for him to retire, right? yes, and then we've got jeff flake from arizona. and kelly wards is actually running against jeff flake, and she's actually ahead of him by 20 points right now in the polls. in my race in pennsylvania i've got eight other candidates running against me. three of them are politicians currently holding office, two of them are in state and one is a representative. so do we want to elect another politician to go to d.c.? have we had enough of politicians? right. i'm a small business owner.
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i sign a paycheck. you see president trump since january, isn't it great that president trump is proud to be an american citizen? isn't it great that us feel proud to be america again? i tell you, it just makes me boil up with patriotism. and we're doing patriotic stuff today are we not? so that's about enough of the campaign speech. i want to thank everybody for coming out, making this happen. and we're going to make america great again, the president great again. make america great again. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> 1, 2, hey, hey. wow. those under here under the black canopy -- hi, everyone. thank you so much for coming. we good? can't nobody hold me down. i got -- yeah. actually, you know what, everybody's got a phone, right? pull out your phones real quick for me. this is very important. if you can all pull out your phones and go to your browser and put in right now. and you get yourself a bullet necklace right now to support our veterans, and that's
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provided by the gentleman providing all the lighting and sound and the stage and the two trucks driving here. he's the one responsible for this, folks. and the only payment he said he would except is he'd actually give something in return. so we can go and get 250 necklaces him from $10. that's all it is. 10% goes to all to -- 20% goes to 22 kills a veteran this week. if we could please give a round of applause to mr. sean lowery, appreciate that you guys. all right, so we've got the next
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four speakers over here. we've got a lot of speakers left, so what we're trying to do is keep the speeches to ten minutes, 15 minutes top. and if you still have not registered to speak, go down to the tent down here. they're running for office, congress in mississippi. he's running against a rhino. he's running to drain the swamp. and i'd like you guys to put your hands together for e. brian rose of mississippi, ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you so much for having me out here today. my name is e. brian rose. i'm running for congressman in mississippi. i want to thank the bikers that showed up today. i want to thank both the mississippi chapter and the
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northwest chapter as well as the bikers for trump group for inviting me to speak to you here today and also for endorsing my candidacy to represent mississippi in the united states house of representatives. all right. i love the high energy of all the speakers here today, but i want to tone it down just a bit. and the reason i want to do that is because i want to make sure everybody here, most importantly and more importantly i want to make sure everybody there -- in that building back there hear's everything not only i want to say but what you're here to represent today. i want to take it down just a little bit. i always dreamed to speak in front of crowds like this, but never dreamed i'd be speaking in front of the washington monument, though. i always dreamed i'd be playing with -- and my bikers of trump i
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don't think they said when they bought their first harley, said, man, i'm going to drive down to washington. i think i first started talking about politics when i was 13 years old. and i got my first check and i think all of you can relate to this. there must be some mistake. i looked at all the taxes they were taking out. and i said this is wrong. and he said, no, man, that's not wrong. they take it out so soci felt a little bit better about myself. i felt that way to all of my jobs right up until i joined the military. i served in the air force in the early '90s. i took a federal job working for
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the federal government, and that's when i learned that i was mistaken. the government wasn't taking as good a care of my money and your money as i had originally thought. one of the first weeks that i was working for the united states government i was told my boss to buy some software. and he came to me a couple of days later and he said, hey, man, we told you to buy some software. and i said i did. and he said, no you need to spend $10,000. and i said i don't need to spend $10,000. and he said that's what shelves are for. that's when i learned about it use or lose it spending. that's when government agencies throughout the country are forced to spend every dime in their budget or risk losing a portion of that budget later.
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and this leaves to wild spending and wasting of our tax dollars, dollars we work hard every single day. and and vowed one day i was going to make a difference and put an end to this. so after my days in government, i became an entrepreneur. so the more money i made, the more taxes i paid. and i'm sure as we're growing older, everybody is going through that situation. and i vowed to do something about it. so in 2010 when a man was speaking about lower taxes and the pit falls of obamacare, i listened. and i was inspired by him. and did everything i could to get into that building back there. but i was duped like a lot of you people were duped. i fell for it. i fell for it. we're going to make small government, and what did they do? these last six years these guys
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that promised small government, to repeal obamacare gave us $6 million in debt. that's money my kids and your grandkids are going to pay. i know a lot of you people were duped as well. you voted for guys that gave great speeches at podiums like this and rallies like this because you were promised a smaller government. you were promised more of your hard earned money you could take home with you. and we got the exact opposite. and then came a man named donald j. trump. and he started speaking our language. he recognized that this city is a swamp. it's filled with politicians who
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have their best interest in mind, not our best interest. they will say and do anything to get elected and re-elected instead of working for the american people. they'll do whatever it takes to get to the next level. donald trump ran on a platform of draining this swamp, and clearly i wasn't the only one that listened. i look around and see people from all over the country here today. and then i look back at my home state, south mississippi. my guy in congress brags on tv how he voted over 50 times to repeal obamacare. let me ask you this, and this is an important question. if republicans control the house, and republicans control the senate, and we have a great republican in the white house, why wasn't one of those 50 bills to repeal obamacare ready to go on the president's desk on january 20th?
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i'll tell you why. because none of these bills were ever designed to pass. they were called show bills, fake bills. they knew they would never make it past the desk of obama. but they sounded great on tv, didn't they? they were nothing more than a way for these rhinos, these republicans in name only to raise more money to feed their own campaigns to give themselves job security. we have an amazing opportunity. yes, vote them out like she said. yes, we have an amazing opportunity right now to do everything we want to get accomplished in that house back there. but instead we have a congress that's doing nothing. and i know a lot of you in the military, a lot of you in the audience have served in the military. so let's give it up for our veterans out here. and if you're like me -- veterans, if you're like me, sometimes you wake uch in the
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morning and you miss the uniform. you miss the days of having a mission. you miss the days of something to fulfill, a mission to fulfill. i'm here to tell you you have the most important mission of your life ahead of you right now. we have a mission to help president trump drain this swamp. we have a mission to get candidates elected throughout the country that are going to help donald trump drain this swamp. we have a mission to tell our friends and our families that now is the time to elect people that will put the interests of americans ahead of their own careers. right now the media is boggling my mind. instead of arguing and debating about repealing obamacare, something that is hurting every single american, we're debating
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daca and what benefits we're going to be giving to illegal immigrants. oh, i'm sorry, the unpolitical way of saying it, illegal aliens to this country. americans are suffering, our families are suffering with health care premiums that we just can't afford. and we have a failing obamacare system. and we're seeing how we can make more immigrants, illegal immigrants comfortable. american families need to come first. we have a mission, my veteran friends, to educate our friends and our family. we have a mission, and it's coming up in the spring of 2018, the mid-term elections are coming up. and our mission is to put conservatives in office that will put americans first. my my name is e. brian rose. i'm running for united states house of representatives in the great state of mississippi.
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and my personal mission, and if you join me in this mission, i want you to say it with me. my personal mission is to help president donald j. trump make america great again! thank you. >> all right, we're going to just run right through everybody because everybody's got something to say. so next to mic can i get kelsey young please? >> bikers for trump finally in the fucking house. bikers for trump has gotten behind about 15 different politicians. we are kicking the sum of bitchs out of our house of congress. we are keeping them out. we don't need them.
10:21 pm
we don't need fakes, and we don't need frauds. and we don't need people that'll steal from the veterans. we don't need people who take gofundme money from the american people. we take care of our own. brian rose, we will help him win mississippi. we will help him win mississippi. we got a whole bunch of politicians that are absolutely draining us dry. we got a guy down in florida by the name of bill nelson. we got him on his way out. we got a guy -- we got a governor -- we got a governor over in ohio by the name of john
10:22 pm
kasich. and we've got his ass on the way out. if you're from the state of ohio get behind jim runacky. get behind renacky. these are the kind of people we need to have around us. i'd like to talk a little bit about commitment. back in 2015 when donald trump walked down the stairs, i made a commitment. i made a commitment not only to donald trump, but i made a commitment to every american citizen that's going to stand and be counted. people say we are not around anymore. people say we give up. we ain't gave up on the statues. we ain't gave up on the flag. we ain't gave up on our veterans. some of us have, but we haven't.
10:23 pm
are you committed? are you committed? can i hear a hell yeah? that's what it takes to be committed. you don't -- you don't show up where there's already speakers, you don't show up where there's already a crowd, you don't show up and do a little dog and pony show and walk off and leave them. you don't walk off and leave your brothers. been in this shit for 45 years, and i ain't never left a brother. i ain't never left a american citizen. i don't care what color you are, what nationally you are as long as you in our constitution and
10:24 pm
o o our fucking flag, you are our brother. keep on warriors are a dime a dozen. a keep on warrior can put together a facebook page and get 2,000 -- 200,000 likes and call them members. i got you. we don't need keep on warriors. we need american citizens that are going to stand up. we need american citizens that are going to be counted in the numbers. that's what we need.
10:25 pm
if you were an american citizen and you believed in your constitution, why, why, why would you let illegals, why would you let immigrants, why would you let those kind of people walk on you? the time for being walked upon is dead. it's time to stand up and be counted in numbers. this is what we need. want to tell you a little story here real quick, and i'll be done, tommy. back when the children of israel, the god of israel, god of abraham and jacob, the god we trust here in the united states, that's the god we're talking
10:26 pm
about. there was a prophet in the old testament that god told him said build a wall around my city. the city of jerusalem was in tatters. the city of jerusalem had been over run. the city had no economy. the city of jerusalem could not take care of its people. and god told nimia said build a wall. he said how can i? i'm the only one left in the crowd. oh, no, my friend, you're not the only one left in the crowd. same thing that god told him, i've tagot 7,000 that you not know of. we've got 7,000 that you don't have a clue. we've got 6,000 in bikers for trump that are members. they're not like on a facebook
10:27 pm
page. they are members. folks, without organization in this day in time of anarchy, in this day in time of thieves and thugs and drug lords, oh, my god, in this time of politicians that wants to give our country away, not to be organized, not to attach yourself to some group that's going to have your back is sure way to die. it's time for us to unite as americans. it's time for us to come together. it's time for us to say here i am, lord, send me. do we have a half a dozen that will say send me? by god, i think that's enough to take over. it don't take many. it takes commitment.
10:28 pm
it absolutely takes commitment. donald trump has commitment. we have a -- we have a congressman down in florida by the name of mack. i've been with him for the last three weeks. our congress, our house of r representatives, our congress has passed 15 laws in the last three months. we got laws setting on the books in the house that's already passed. we got border law walls already passed. we can't get the damn senators to get behind them. it's time to get rid of some senators. bikers for trump, we started the first chapter back on july 23rd. you can go back and look at it.
10:29 pm
northwest florida bikers for trump. we ain't going nowhere. have i got anybody here from florida? there we go. look for us. we're down there. here's my guy right here. we've got a guy fixing to take over a governorship in florida. we've got mr. bruce over here fixing to take over as the governor of florida. we will stand behind him. we will support him. folks, i'm glad to see all you guys here today. i'm glad to see everyone of you. thank you for coming out. i'm sure tommy appreciates it. can i get a big hell yeah and a big applause for america? god bless america! god bless america!
10:30 pm
god bless america! that's what we're all about, folks. ♪ ♪
10:31 pm
>> all right, keep the music going. at this time if there's any media that wants to come up here on the stage and get a good picture on the crowd, because we know how like to show crowds. if any of you media outlets out there want to come up on the stage right now, get yourself some pictures of the crowd and the area, now's your chance. come on up. ♪
10:32 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
10:33 pm
>> all right, we're going to be announcing the next speaker, but captain america, where's he at? get up here. where'd he go? there he is. i don't even think his flag is going to fit up here. all right, come on up here to the front, man, so everybody can get some pictures-of you. now, that is an american flag. that is a beautiful sight. all right, please welcome the next speaker, a beautiful nice young lady by the name of kelsey
10:34 pm
young, ladies and gentlemen. that's going to be tough to follow all that, but i think you guys can show her some love, right? >> yeah, i was real nervous there. i'm kelsey. i'm from detroit. i'm speaking on behalf of jay arnold. she can't be here today. her sister passed this week, so i ask you to send and her family lots of prayers. she was desperately wanting to be here, but instead i get to send it to you. so behalf of jane, here we go. ladies and gentlemen, our beloved american patriots, before i say anything i first want to give thanks and glory to our creator above. for we know by the very words of our founding fathers that are enshrined within our constitution that they too wer men and women whose living flesh and blood were driven by the
10:35 pm
same divine spirit and providence that has brought many of you here today. i am but one tiny whismerper in the nation of a voice that is filled with many tiny voices that has gone unheard or ignored for far too long. i may be a nobody and average american but i'm also the proud daughter and spirit inherit of my grandfather and two blad lines of veteran grand fathers. one caster sawer who received commendation after serving honorably in the 120th maintenance supply company. and those who fought for and served in the great interest of keeping our people secure, peaceful, sovereign and free. just as many of you and your ancestors have done, which is all the more reason to use this
10:36 pm
moment to thank all who have sacrificed for us and all those who have served tonight. also thank you all you organized staff and all you average americans who have worked tirelessly to make this day happen. you all -- we all did it together. and if we can do this, we can do more. originally, i'd happen to speak about gratitude and sacrifice. but over these past few months since the origin video and while awaiting a response to my request to speak, i began asking other people a simple question. average people like the nurse, the long haul truckers who move vital goodies through our country, like the lifeblood of our nation, the men and women who have been training and standing at the ready to preserve all people's constitutional right to free speech without fear of violence,
10:37 pm
the man and his wife who fled their war torn homeland and became proud, legal american citizen, the officer who never forgets to kiss their spouse and children good-bye before every shift, the old timers who hang out sipping coffee and gossiping every morning at the local cafe, the family members of the veteran who return home from war, and the mother who wonders and worries if her child will have to fight right here on our own soil every day, i began asking one single question. if you had the chance for your voice to be heard, what message would you want to send? and here's a few themes that began to emarg from our brothers and sisters. liberty, it means many different things to many different people. but our liberty is a fragile and precious gift. it was fought for in the revolutionary war, and it was a hard won victory. we as a nation have prosperred
10:38 pm
greatly and enjoyed the fruits and labors of our ancestors sacrifices. i have spoken to others who live beneath the boot of authoritarian regimes until american soldiers liberated their soil and countries. and they all say the same thing, that they would never go back to living in bondage and slavery. if the quality of your life and the future of your children depended on you, what would you say? what is liberty worth to you, and how would you defend it? would you recognize it if it is quietly removed from our grasp? free will. interestingly, i notice the correlation between many people who are concerned about this one. most of the people who brought up free will were either people
10:39 pm
of deep and abiding faith or they were the old definition of what it meant for a liberal used to be. nothing like the defining characters who define themselves as liberals today. when crafting article v of our constitution including bill of rights our forefathers fought to include preseps of our constitution which tay set for us. whose role is to protect and ensure the inalienable rights are protected and up held by the rule of law, and these liberties shall not be removed by our elected government.
10:40 pm
even when the government is elected by a majority of voters. its citizens are sovereign, and they rule through elected officials who are supposed to be subject to the same rule of law as the governed. we are all accountable for our choices and actions whether we accept or deny this truth. but many in our government today would have us to believe that they will bear our responsibilities and absolution emanates for them. we know this is untrue, but many seek the are relief of abandment in their promises. is it not to you to be beholden to our government?
10:41 pm
there stands one -- israel and america are forever enshrined by our shared heritage, faith and core values. unfortunately, and unbeknownst to many of us we have had an ex-president working hard behind the scenes to under cut and fray our two nations. and it was only in his last days that he made a public statement that america now stood on the side of terrorist organizes and we would be throwing our oldest ally to the wolves. the dishonor of such a prove felt embarrassing and unbearable to many. who would you stand with? turn your back on them or stand
10:42 pm
with your allies? communism and socialism, everyone sees what this has been emerging and evolving into society in the past few months. but there are those who are only now beginning to see our schools and universities have become incubators and indoctrine centers for cultural racists. they truly believe that wealth redistribution and ushering in stalin's workers paradise will bring about the utopia the radical educators have coerced them into believing in. communism has killed more than 100 million people. the only way i see it of turning this juggernaut is direct engagement with our local government officials. talk to our school boards,
10:43 pm
police and sheriffs offices and ask where they stand on these issues. if their wishy-washy, let's vote them out now. look at what we did together. we have this. this is just a few on the minds of people i've spoken with. this is what we're all about. sharing information, lifting each other up, and leaving no man, woman or voice behind. and i'm so honored and grateful to be a small part of it. my profound gratitude for a special opportunity to conifer with you today. even though i cannot be here in body, i pray you will hear the passions spoken through my generous woman. i would have felt a deep sense of dereliction of duty and dishonor in addition to burrying my sister at this very moment. thank you for being the people you are. i would be proud to call you a
10:44 pm
friend. i'm going with it. hopefully some will take interest. hopefully we will educate. is this the best country or what? thank you for your patient. god bless this unification rally and all who are here. god protect and bless our government. and god hear our cries for rags sness and rule of law to be restored that we may feel secure, confident and safe in our beloved country. these words are for y'all brothers and sisters. i hope i represented.
10:45 pm
>> all right, i'm going to call-up the next speaker, but if i can also get the next four people that are going to speak on deck over here. and that will glen mayor, kyle chapman, and liz mutory please. right now i would like to call up mr. sean dugas. >> all right, everybody, earlier when the media was up here and he missed all the party stuff, so let's give him a big american pride cheer and hell yeah or something. make some noise so he can have his shot.
10:46 pm
♪ >> thank you, everybody. so this is the biggest crowd that i've ever spoken in front of before, so if you'll forgive my nerves for a minute. i'm up here from south carolina. representing south carolina 3%ers, south carolina patriots all over the state. and i'd like to say before i get started with my speech that i wrote, putting a lilt ad-lib in
10:47 pm
here, following the inspirational speeches of these politicians up here really makes me nervous. okay, but we have one of those swamp creatures in our state, too, and it's time we vote his ass out. his name is lindsey graham. and if i got to do it myself and run against him, i am making it my mission to remove him from office and get him out of our public lives. now, to my prepared statement. all right, i'd like to thank tommy for organizing this and dropping the idea. i got onboard with tommy as soon as he said that when he was talking about surrounding the white house and all that stuff. so thank you tommy. i'd like to thank monica schmidt
10:48 pm
who's done so much work behind the scenes to line up speakers, to handle media issues, to handle so much stuff. so thank you, monica. i really appreciate that. anyway, like i said, my name is sean dugas. some of y'all know me. i still with y'all in places like charlottesville and gettysburg and raul ai because it's time we stand up. i tried doing videos like you guys, but i found i tend to sticking my mouth in my foot. anyways, i can't find a decent pair of shoes anywhere. let me tell you about me. first of all, i'm a christian.
10:49 pm
and i appreciate the opportunity to stand in front of y'all and speak here today. second, i'm a human being. i'm a member of the human race. that's the only race that there is. part of being that is being a son, a father, a husband and most recently a grandfather. last november i had my first grand baby, and she's a precious gift from god. third, i'm an american. almost 30 years ago i took an oath to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. and you'd have told me the domestic part would have been in play, i would have told you you were out of your mind. but it's real today.
10:50 pm
i, like many others, once wrote a check to the people of america in the amount of up to and including my life. so i'd like to thank all the veterans that are here withtoda. [cheers and applause] we're overlooked. we're passed over. illegal immigrants are put before us. and it's got to stop. hold on a second. in my time in the air force, i traveled to places that many of you have never heard of, and most people can't find on a map. i was in marrakech, morocco, where i sang "hotel california" in a bar with a muslim rock band. i paid $10 for a lone budweiser
10:51 pm
in a hilton hotel in the country of djibouti. don't mistake it at all. that country is just like it sounds. if they was going to give the earth an enema, that's where they'd stick it. anyway, but i want you to believe me when i tell you that the best part of all those trips was coming back to this country and putting my feet on the soil of the country that i love. this country was served by many people in the past who bled and sacrificed to make it what is it today. i have two grandfathers that served in world war ii. one was a b-17 tail gunner, who was in a plane crash in training
10:52 pm
and the plane nearly cut him in half, and he survived, and i love that man, even though he's in heaven above now. the other man was a tail gunner on b-29s in the asian theater. he was shot down and held in a p.o.w. camp in tokyo, japan. this man, when he got back from that p.o.w. camp, they had to do reconstructive surgery on his face to put it back in place from the brutal beatings that he had received. these men are what, part of what we call the greatest generation. they fought evil in all its forms. the difference with them was the people they were fighting wore uniforms and were on foreign land. the people we fight today, not only don't wear uniforms, but they wear suits, and they work in that building up there.
10:53 pm
anyway, today we all have the opportunity to carry on in that tradition. but it requires that we all get out from are behind our keyboards and stand up and do what's right for the people of this country. i understand that not everybody can do that, for financial reasons or health reasons. but if you're sitting at home complaining about the people who are doing it and you have no valid excuse, then you have nothing to complain about. second thing we, second thing we -- oh, hold on, sorry. let me back up. it requires us to put aside our egos. we are all equally important in this movement and in this
10:54 pm
country. we will be most effective when we come together as one patriot voice. how do we do that? how do we leave here today, return to our hopmes and truly make america great again? because keep in mind, the man we elected, president donald j. trump who's in that white house over there, he's only going to be here for a short time. so we have to keep that in mind as we progress. we need to follow his lead in returning to common sense principles and a common moral compass, based on our founding documents and the rule of law. we do that by putting america first, because if we are sick and cannot help ourselves, we cannot help anybody else.
10:55 pm
in case you haven't noticed, it's not just the entire, it's just not america that is in turmoil, it is the entire world that is in turmoil. we need help from our god to battle this. but let every eye see and every ear hear, from the very beginning this is always been predicted to be that way. in the meantime, i will stand, and i will fight until my last breath, the last breath or until jesus christ returns to take me home. [cheers and applause] once again, i'd like to thank tommy and monica for everything that they've done. and i'd like to give a special shoutout and thank you to my wife caroline, who i love so
10:56 pm
much. for her patience and her understanding while i'm called to service for this great country again. thank you all. god bless you all. god bless the united states of america. god bless our president, donald j. trump, and don't forget to mag it like a mopo. ♪ >> all right, guys, before we bring up the next speaker, i just want to introduce to you hammony jazzen who is the author of this book and is going to be over here right next to this tent. he's the author of the "terrorist whisperer".
10:57 pm
he's got a documentary coming out on it. he'll be doing some book signings, but this is the extraordinary story of a young iraqi recruited by the u.s. intelligence after serving an american military officer, who was nearly abducted by al qaeda. his intelligence information changed the battle for the marines in fallujah and ramadi by taking out one of al qaeda's main operatives. he went on to protect americans in the operation center in the iraqi ministry of defense by interviewing a suicide belt -- intervening -- interviewing, a suicide belt before it detonated. he was known as a pro american to the higher intelligence agencies o who would report his treat-level intelligence to the direct presidential advisers. people he helped called him the terrorist whisperer, because he could take on the terrorist face-to-face by identifying their weaknesses for the great country of the united states.
10:58 pm
so everybody put your hands together for hammony jazzen, please. >> hi, everyone! i can't hear you. ♪ hey, thank you all for being here, and i'm a product of the american dream. i am a product of it. and here's why i support donald trump is because i'm part of this process, and i know the immigration rules needed to be fixed. i'm looking forward to talking to you guys and signing books, thanks. all right, let's get the next speaker up here, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for glen mayor. >> thank you, everyone, for letting me be here. first and foremost to the staff
10:59 pm
of more. i'm going to be reading my speech off of my phone. it wasn't cooperating with me, so i had a little bit of a hard time. so bear with me here. first and foremost, greetings, my fellow americans. and thank you everybody for coming here to more. tommy and the staff. i'm so glad you were able to set this up. this is awesome. the greatest, friendliest rally i've been at in a long time. i'm glad to see all the patriots coming together. without any of you guys, this wouldn't be possible. were it not for the dedicated staff of mor, we'd all have to worry about the crazy stuff going on. thanks to them, no problem. now let me cut right in to my speech here. i'm from the city of chicago. i'm from the southeast side here, and i'm from i'm also with a friend of mine,
11:00 pm
scooby 331. he'll be giving a speech too, he's from new york. these are great people. to my friends that are over in chicago, they know me as nighthawk. to everyone on mines like my buddy scooby and that, you know me as burnside. that name just wound up sticking with me. because long story short. it was the burnside project, everyone rolled their eyes and said i'm going to call you burnside. that's fine. i'm not only one of the very few people from chicago who is not only a trump voter and supporter, as you can tell from the uniform i am wearing i am actually an anarkist. i now. it's funny. i was expecting a few mosh more laughs. i'm not antifa. i'm all for draining the swamp. by all means.
11:01 pm
i actually have here, my actual limited edition trump supporter card and advisory board card. i got this in the mail, but by all means, we're going to drain that damn swamp and fight this corruption 110%. because i voted for the 45th president because i believed he could be the force that when power we the people to oust corruption in our great nation. there's too much corruption going on. i mean, somebody mentions the clintons. the next thing you know, seth rich. then they have all all the crap beaten out of you. i don't care what political affiliation you are, even if i don't like you, you still have your constitutional rights and they should be upheld. thank you. and let's see here, i got lost an a little bit. all right. my only regret, sadly, is that
11:02 pm
the otheri antifa or self-proclaimed anarchists don't accept this. with his group and patriots united we stand a great chance to reform our nation and fight the evil in the system. so i'm hoping that my words can read out to them. but i'll be honest with you. it's an uphill battle. they're not very diplomatic, unlike myself. in this great time of trouble, we are surrounded by violence, deception and ignorance. there's a vast and all-reaching conspiracy of treason. and like george orwell said, in times of universe allies, tongue and truth becomes a revolutionary act, but also, let's see here, the truth is the thing that is be being rapidly silenced. and i sadly say that the truth should be heard.
11:03 pm
the nay sayers say our president is some fascist tyrant. you know what? i say no more, no more of that crap. he's not that bad of a guy, because my fellow americans, we need to band together and stop this unholy treason and just smash its control machine. flat out. if all these people are going to work together to try not only to get the president impeached but call up all these bogus russian claims and try to provoke political violence and outright beat the crap out of people. we need to work against them. simple as that. i'm not saying we need to get violent, but we cannot and will not let them start a civil war. they're calling for it every day. it needs to stop. these people are already tearing down the monuments and the history of our last and hopefully our only civil war. what will they do to the monuments and history of the war that they are making now?
11:04 pm
what about the rest of the wars we've had? god knows we've had so damn many of them. and god awful trench war, they'll say it didn't happen, iran, iraq, kuwait, they want to wipe it out, eradicate the rest of our history. yes, wars are terrible. wars are horrible. that's all fine. that's all fine. i'll talk to you later. it's fine. no. by all means. so anyways, why do we want to wipe away the darkest hours of our history? we need to learn from the mistakes of our past so we don't repeat them. it's as simple as that. i don't think we should get rid of these statues, get rid of our history and try to rewrite it just because we had some terrible things happen. we need to learn from it. we cannot destroy it. it's absolute nonsense.
11:05 pm
they want to make it an impossible reality that borders on psychotic delusion. they basically, in a sense, as my understanding of it, they want to take plato's republic and join it in were george orwell's 1984, like the actual society of 1984 and modern advertise into this post-modern society or political correctness. >> nobody cares what you have to say! >> f-ing. -- take off the -- no anarchists, no self-respecting anarchist would ever support donald trump or the presidency. no self-respecting anarchist supports donald trump. >> let's just get her out of
11:06 pm
here. >> and the hopes that we can make a bet are future. not that we can make a better future. >> hasta la vista antifaista! hasta la vista antifaista! [ talking simultaneously ] >> you're an anarchist! >> you're the real one! >> you look like you -- >> i want to bring everyone
11:07 pm
together. because plain and simple, we need to use the speech while we have it. i understand that woman's upset. but aside from it, we cannot let them start a civil war. we cannot have a repeat of 1936. the spanish civil war's bad enough, the american civil war is bad enough. we need to end it, we need diplomacy. and that's why i'm probably sadly the only anarchist backing trump. so i thank you all, and thank you in particular. [ applause ] >> let's play some music! let's play some music! usa! usa! a usa! usa!
11:08 pm
usa! usa! usa! block antifa! ♪ thank my lucky stars to be living here today, because the flag still stands for freedom ♪ ♪ but they can't take that away ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an american ♪ >> sing it! sing it! ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ cause there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa
11:09 pm
>> now that's what i call patriots, baby! ♪ you ready to sing this? you guys ready to sing ♪ we aren't going to take it let me hear those patriotic voices of yours ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ sing it! ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ no, we ain't going to take it ♪ ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ ♪ we're not going to take it i'm tearin' the words up ♪ no, we're not going to take it ♪ ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ no, we ain't going to take it ♪ ♪ we're not going to take it
11:10 pm
anymore ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if that's your best, your best won't do ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, >> all right, folks, now that we've got your attention where it needs to be, right up here. let's give a huge, d.c. welcome for the former congressional candidate liz montorry ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ >> hi, everyone. thank you so much for coming to
11:11 pm
washington! i love you, too! so i just want to say thank you. i'm actually a d.c. native. woo! and i live in maryland now, any marylanders? any service members? men and women in blue? police officers, all of them. and most importantly, loved ones and children of service people, i want to give you a special shoutout. you know, i have my brother's a marine, my boyfriend's a marine. we know how born aimportant and difficult it is to support them in this service. as you heard before, i actually ran for congress last year in 2016. my trajectory -- i know this is a non-partisan event, but i became a republican in 2016. i left the democratic party in 2014 when i learned -- thank
11:12 pm
you -- the truth. growing up here i went to school with the clintons, the sulzbergers, the bradleys. every powerful person, i went to school with their children. so when you talk about the establishment, unfortunately, i have fought the whole time against the establishment. and when i became an independent for six months, running for congress in maryland, i got to really hear and see the pain that we all were feeling. you know, if somebody's okay, most of us aren't, especially economically. when you leave the beltway, which a lot of these people behind me do not leave the beltway, they don't understand how much pain there is out there. so, in order to acknowledge that, what's happening in carroll county, frederick county, baltimore county, all the counties beyond montgomery county and even in montgomery county, we need to do better for
11:13 pm
each other. so, when i became a republican, i know again, it's not a partisan issue, i found out about the history of our community. african-americans initially were republicans. the most successful, i see some conservatives ot the conservatives out there, too. the most successful we were as a community were when we were republicans. and i think that our president won with, i think 30% of the black vote. so, you know, there's a lot of information out there, and earlier they've spoken about, you know, being online and offline. i think this kraent, i personally was afraid of coming down here, even if it's my hometown. i didn't know what was going to happen. but i am glad i came down. and i think that's something that we need to do. we need to stand up for our citizenship. and a lot of people have forgotten how important american citizenship actually is.
11:14 pm
american citizens are the most powerful citizens ever created in the history of humanity. and it doesn't matter what you look like, who you were born to, where you were born, if you are native born or you earned your citizenship, it is up to us to stand up for it. we're about freedoms. we're about faith. we are about family. and we are about free enterprise. and when people don't understand that those are the basic principles of our foundation, that's why we are conservatives. we are conservatives to conserve this american republic. and i know that i'm getting a little wonky, but, you know, i'm very encouraged, encouraged more and more people to run for offices. whether it's school board, whether it's governor, whether it's for congress. whether it's for your city council. all these positions, if we don't
11:15 pm
step up to it, then they -- and i know who they are, because i grew up with them -- they will control it. they work for us. and i don't understand when and how we forgot about that. so do continue to do what you do. if you're bikers for trump or bikers for america, if you are citizens. if you are just a soccer mom who just cares about the sanctity of her soccer team, we want to make sure that we protect our country. so do not ever, ever, ever, ever apologize for how much you love this country. because if you don't stand up for it, then it will fall. and that is the plan of some of them. they think that we are divided. we're not divided. they're divided, because they gerrymandered the crap out of our districts. they made sure that they would try to quell our voices.
11:16 pm
that's what happened in mean. jamie raskin is my congressman. he is left of bernie sanders. he's representing my district from tacoma park all the way to th thermont. we have to pay attention to what's happening to our country. last note, the language. the reason why we push americans to speak english is because that's how we unify. when our country was founded, they spoke german. they spoke irish. they spoke dutch, they spoke africa, whatever random languages they spoke. and english did win out. they should have called it american, but they didn't. they wanted to perfect the english language, not only because they, themselves, spoke
11:17 pm
different forms of english. they had to unify these colonies somehow in order to trade, in order to remain firm. that's why we care so much about our language. and when you don't learn our language, you voluntarily cut yourself out of our country. we're not pushing you out. we want people to encourage to learn the language. that is how we have become so successful. and i, again, i just want to thank you all. if you're connecting on facebook, connect on facebook. when they shut facebook down, make sure you connect offline, because you know they're going to do it. the moment they see how powerful american citizens actual lly ar they're going to find ways to shut us down, and the biker the aren't going to let that happen, right? so thank you so much for your time, and usa! [cheers and applause]
11:18 pm
♪ . >> one more round of applause for liz matory, ladies and gentlemen! ♪ all right, we got a marine coming up next, so everybody better put their eyes forward and semper fi. we have a veteran of 1967 and 1968. can we get our hands together for mr. hamilton boone! [ applause ] >> semper fi. >> welcome home! >> thank you for letting me be here, tommy, and thank you for putting this on. i just want to do a real quick prayer for all of us. father god, just thank you for
11:19 pm
this event. thank you for the, all the people that are here. and make sure of that no one comes of harm. amen. number one, i've got to tell you, i love the lord. jesus christ is my savior. i didn't come by that fact really easy. some of the gifts that he's given me is that i'm now in my 30th year of sobriety. through the grace of god and a 12-step program. i'm a father. yeah, i'm 70, but i got a 19-year-old son that was valedictorian of his high school. i'm very proud of him. i've got an incredible, incredible wife. penny, thank you for letting me come here. i'm a physician assistant, been a p.a. for 37 years in surgery.
11:20 pm
and i'm a small business owner. and i just want to tell you a little bit about something i call perfect timing. after i came out of the service, i'm disabled. after i came out of the service, i was kind of angry. as many of us are. at our government. didn't trust anybody. went to college, went to p.a. school. and started a business assisting in the operating room. was having problems with the government. and they told me, well, go talk to this congressman. this is in atlanta, georgia. and he'll be able to help you. i said, well, i don't even know if i'm in his district. and they said he doesn't care. he likes helping people. i went there, first time in my life i've ever done that. and i'll be darned if the congressman didn't actually meet with me. i mean, did meet with me. i told him my problems. he said, in five days we'll have
11:21 pm
your answer, answers. in four days they had all answer except one. he said it would take a couple more weeks. he came through with that. and i left that meeting, understanding there was something really different from the man i met compared to what i was shown on tv in atlanta, georgia and in the newspaper, the "atlanta journal constitution." the atlanta constipation and urinal. this guy was different, my interest was piqued. he taught a course at college and i went there to take the course, because i wanted to learn more about why this didn't seem to be sitting right. and the first dave the course i sat aisle seat, first seat in front of the lectern, and he did his lecture that day. and i went home. and saturday night, getting ready to go out and i got the tv on and i hear the local tv
11:22 pm
station mention it. so i went and turned it up, thinking oh, you know, little ego here, i might be on tv, i don't know. but they talked about what he had lek ctured and what they sa was never said, and i know it, because he gave the class notes. i recorded it, and i took notes. and i thought it was just a one-of. the next morning, the atlanta journal constitution had the same mistake on front page. it was a coordinated attack. i was still clueless. so next saturday at the next course, i went back and i said, showed him the paper, i said, look, get your people to have them retract this. by the way, the tv station did wrong, and he looked at me and started laughing, and i said what's so funny. and he said you really don't know, do you? and i said what? and he said it's always been this way. and i said, well, how in the heck am i supposed to know what to believe?
11:23 pm
and he said you got to trust your sources. national review and then he suggested i listen to somebody on talk radio that at that time i hated, although i'd never listened to him. i'd just listened to what people on tv and written in the paper about him, and that was rush limbaugh. fast forward to today. and that, that man that was lecturing, that course was newt beg gingrich, he's a history professor. and that one on one encounter changed my life. it changed my family's life. it changed my son's life. he is a hard-thinking, conservative son. fast forward to today, and we have a president that has come into our being the perfect timing for the perfect man. and he is teaching us
11:24 pm
individually, with his tweets. and they go out. and people ask questions, well, wait a minute. cbs said this, but let me go check this source. and i tweet to somebody and they tweet to a couple people or facebook, and it's changing the nation. so many more people are understanding what's really happening here and that needs to be changed. now let me tell you about some of the stuff i've done personally, trying to make some change. i have been reviewing high school textbooks. for the last six years. it's very painful. but i've been successful in having two of them moved, removed, because our school district, because it was indoctrination, not education. i find people for school board and for the city council that think like i do. i'm a conservative. and i support them.
11:25 pm
i don't make a lot of money. i support them in that way, but what i really support them is putting in yard signs, knocking on doors. just lifting them up. the other thing that i do is there's a wonderful organization for all you parents, grandparents, parents-to-be. it's called truth in textbooks. and you can go online, and they have a wealth of information about textbooks that are throughout the united states. most textbooks are decide on from, by florida, texas and california. we've already reviewed all of california's. we've already reviewed all of texas's. florida's is next. so guess what, you can live in the middle of nowhere, and you can go and find the textbook that they want to bring into your school and you can see what the reviews were. and our reviews, specifically,
11:26 pm
notate sourced information. and that is what we need to do as parents and grandparents. because what is going on in college is requesting going to in k-12 with common core. common core is nothing but indoctrination. it tears our nation down and tries to replace it with socialism. so anyhow, i just want to tell you guys that don't give up. you know. you just keep fighting. just keep fighting. and reach out of god bless you all, and god bless america. [cheers and applause] ♪
11:27 pm
patriot warriors, freedom fighters! how are we doin'! my name is kyle chapman, also known as base stick end. i want to go ahead as president of the proud boys introduce this gentleman, ben varga. i'd like all the proud boys to come up on the stage behind me. ♪ y'all doin' all right? these are the proud boys, lablg. ladies and gentlemen. we are here to defend our western culture, society and civilization. we are ready to fight, bleed and
11:28 pm
die for this shit, guys, let's hear it for the proud boys! all right, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to introduce a very special man. let's give it up for ben varga! [cheers and applause] >> it's a-- hot out. hello, fellow americans. my name is ben. ben. hello, my fellow americans. my name is ben. i'm here as a concerned american. it is with great honor and pleasure that i speak to you today, here in washington, d.c. at moar.
11:29 pm
since the time i was a child i have passionately believed in our great american flag. everything it stands for. but passion only goes so far. we are a competitive country. we like to think of ourselves as the best in most everything we do. and rightfully so. the fire in our bellies burn bright, but also sometimes engulfs more than intended. competition at the heart of all great sports, the greatest combination of passion and competition. rivalries. lakers versus celtics, yankees versus red sox. and duke versus north carolina. to name a few. these rivalries share many
11:30 pm
things including excitement, sold-out arenas, and sometimes borders. but certainly not bands. it's the greatest drill of all for fans come from beating your buddy's favorite team. in sports, we keep our competitive arguments usually in contest. we limit them to who is the greatest team or player. and may have intention but hopefully friendly argument. when it comes to our politics, to our fires burn even more intense, we take it personal. we feel it is as it's our problem. we, one nation under god, all americans must unite and forget about our, forget about our
11:31 pm
differences. it doesn't matter if we all call ourselves liberal, conservative, independent, at the end of the day, we have a mother, father, brother, sister, grandson, granddaughter, the reason we get, the reason we get together today to celebrate the american flag, it represents our core value to include all people of the united states as one collective group. it's probably the best summed up by president calvin coolidge, who said our constitution, our
11:32 pm
constitution guarantees equal rights to all of our citizens, without discrimination on account of race or color. i have taken my oath to support the constitution. it is the source of your right and my right. i propose to regard it and administer it. it's a source of the ryes of all people, whatever their belief or race. we stand today in the crossroads of our country. politics, racism, separatism, radicalism, all test the strength of our unity. we need to turn to our faith in god and our fellow man to work together to overcome our base urges and our misconceptions.
11:33 pm
and rise up as one country, indivisible under god. americans have had many circumstances of dealing with tough choices in our country. but lookin' back in the past, there is a common factor in the solution. abraham lincoln faced some of the greatest challenges that could face any man. he wins a hard-fought presidential election, and 16 weeks before he goes to the inauguration ceremony, he has seven states secede and form the confederate states of america. wherever you feel his place among the presidents, there is one thing about president lincoln that cannot be denied. he had the, he had faith in god. and he read the bible. and he believes in god's
11:34 pm
guidance. and the u.s. constitution. he led, he led the country out of a civil war. and he abolished slavery. his general who would later become president, grant, famously said, hold fast to the bible as the sheet anchor of your liberties, write its precepts on your hearts and practice them in your lives. to the guide in the future. therefore, we must believe in god and god's words in our country. in the turmoil. in conclusion. i would ask that we seek common ground before differences. friendship before rivalry. unity before conflict.
11:35 pm
please continue to defending and represent our constitution and hope to teach our younger generation to lean upon the words of our forefathers. who gave their lives so that we could live as a free nation. we need our youth to learn the bible. believe in god. and his kindness. and large to loearn to look for in our fellow man. i hope that i lieave you today with a revitalized vision of how we can turn to the bible in our times of difficulty. and we can all work together in our beautiful country. to move forward together. thank you. [cheers and applause] build that wall! build that wall! build that wall!
11:36 pm
build that wall! build that -- wall! build that -- wall! ♪ >> excellent job. ladies and gentlemen, that young man, that was his first time ever doing a public speech. let's give it up for ben varga! the one thing that unifies all of us is we are all sons and daughters of western culture and western civilization. and we are all united by god. let's hear it. the west is the best, ladies and gentlemen. the west is the best! the west is the best! the west is the best! the west is the best! the west is the best! thank you, everybody, thank you, proud boys. thank you guys.
11:37 pm
love you. ♪ >> one two, one two, one two, check one two. all right, there we go. i want to just make a point real quick, guys. we had some people out here who don't agree with all of our ideas. but they stood over there. they had civil conversations. they debated their ideas. and there was no violence. and that is the point. that is really the point of this whole event is to show that we can agree to disagree without raising a fist to each other. in america, we don't have political violence over freedom of speech. that -- happens in iran, in
11:38 pm
russia, in north korea. we're america. so in this country, we voice our opinions without fear of violence against us. we debated with,0 those folks. we heard their ideas, they heard ours. mother of all rallies is soesque c -- everything can come out, vi voice their opinions and if you can't shake the hand of everyone here, you're probably in the wrong place. so anyway, all right, ready? four feet, five feet, six feet tall. hey, when i do my songs tonight, build a wall, year' going to be performing on that truck unity bridge over there, it's going to be nuts. let me get the next few speakers up and on deck, deontae johnson on deck and raymond herrera on deck and steven baldison on
11:39 pm
deck. but put your hands together for michael oversat, ladies and gentlemen. >> my grandfather, lieutenant colonel bruce mcbride is buried across the ancient potomac river at the hallowed grounds of arlington national cemetery, right in the view of the pentagon that was struck over a decade ago. he rests alongside my sweet grandmother and audi murphy, supreme discuss tisjustices and eternal flame of john f. kennedy. providence brought me here to depart a short message to you patriots, god fearing warriors of our republic. set out in the declaration of independence and the constitution. from the icicles at the
11:40 pm
revolutionary battle of valley forge where not even malnutrition, disease and the prospect of fighting the great brit irk i ame empire could change our path or at the foothills of round top where the 20th maine ran out of bullets against what was the far flank of the union line. bayonet charge! he ordered, later receiving the medal. never seeing a bayonet charge before, the rebels surrendered immediately. what could be seen as the final turning point of the civil war. not even a lack of bullets could halt our noble destiny. fast forward a century and our grandparents tirelessly worked in the factories, the stiff pittsburgh, creating enough steel to exceed all the production of the axis powers combined. not hitler, not mussolini, not
11:41 pm
even the crazed harry carey come kauzy. whether you call god jehovah, krishna or plain lord jesus christ. we worship one god, we are one people, united by one flag with one eternal destiny. except, where are our enemies today? what are their tools of war now? what weapons do they use against us? there are no longer continents being torn into mass battlefields, no longer divisions dotting the landscape and artillery into the late hours of the night. if we didn't believe our enemy wasn't out thayere alive and strong we wouldn't be here
11:42 pm
today. it's a faceless enemy, just like the nazis or rebels or red coats. this faceless enemy hates our way of life all the same. the enemy hates our freedom, despises our bold american ways, wants to topple our government and burn the statues and monuments of this national mall! who is this enemy, you may ask? if the enemy doesn't use guns, they don't use artillery, what are the enemy's weapons against us? put simply, our enemy employs fear, disinformation, black propaganda, what can be called socialist ideologicy subversion. if the mind is willing, the flesh will go.
11:43 pm
and you can defeat them without open conflict. the enemy plays off our differences, our perception. enemy loves to promote racial tensions, always taking a little fact with a mountain of fiction in order to amplify the battlefield call. when you see a publg cation such as german der speigel. we don't have them up on the stage, because the media will misrepresent what we're saying, boo! then you see how far the enemy is willing to go to deceive and stir conflict. publications like "the economist" weeks later revealing how far our enemies' network spa spans continent to continent. if you want to see the blowups you can see that guy over there. they want to break our culture,
11:44 pm
tell us we are wrong for saying merry christmas, harass us for doings that never happened to them by people who are long dead. this is what ideological subversion is. it turns us against our parents, makes us hate the very flag that gave us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. those two european publications are confirmed former soviet channels of disinformation. tools the communists employed against east and west germany in order to show division, break the german will and keep germany from uniting. some of you are old enough to remember magga number one with reagan's famous words "tear down that wall." america always has a wray ay of defeating, totally obliterating
11:45 pm
its enlies themies then and now. i'm calling on everyone to stand under one party, a dagger to phony rinos. like paul ryan and john mccain, who won't represent our interests! i also call for all disenfranchised democrats who saw hillary and debbie wasserman schultz steal the nomination from senator sanders through voter fraud to join our national moerk first movement. we welcome you with open arms! [cheers and applause] and with our ancestors looking down from the pearly gates of paradise, in the words of one of the great forgotten presidents, dwight d. eisenhower, i use one measuring stick by which i test all major problems. that yardstick is, is it good for america!
11:46 pm
[cheers and applause] ♪ >> hey, did he kill that or what? did he kill that or what? ♪ ♪ liberty is freedom! ♪ ♪ i lost my way
11:47 pm
♪ ♪ magga! magga! magga! magga! ♪ i lost my way ♪
11:48 pm
>> all right, let's hear a big round of applause for deop taejonson, ladies and gentlemen! >> i hate to interrupt such a beautiful time. but i need your help. if you look around the borders, some over here, some in the side, some in the back. look at all the militia men that are here keeping everybody safe, turn around, give them a hand, a round of applause. tell them thank you.
11:49 pm
you got park police, d.c. metro police, law enforcement here doing their job, keeping all of us safe. how y'all doing out there? >> listen, we have president trump in the white house! we got president trump in the white house. now, the fake news says i shouldn't be here right now. they say i should be over there protesting. but i'm here, and i'm telling the news that you guys are wrong. i am here. i support the president. i am an american. he is my president, and we will not impeach him. we are an american. we are an american together. when we leave this country, we're not a black american, we're not a white american, we're not an asian-american, we're simply american. and i am thankful for everybody that's here. this event is amazing.
11:50 pm
it's amazing. it's amazing. as the president of the back conservative federation, i ask you to take out your phones and like the black conservative federation. we are making america great again. we're bringing other races into, we're making minorities know that you are conservative, you have a voice. the liberals do not care about you. the conservatives do. they have your interests at heart. now hillary clinton thinks, hillary clinton thought that she was going to pander to the black community by getting beyonce and jay z and getting them there, but let me tell you something, hillary clinton, there is a majority of the blacks that care. there's a majority of the blacks that you will not get by getting beyonce or jay z or any of them out there. and so today, i say that hillary, you lost, we know when what happened. donald trump happened, and we
11:51 pm
now have a president of the united states of america, god bless america, and god mebless e president ever tof the united s of america. make sure that you like the black conservative federation of america. ♪ >> who wants an infinity social n network tee shirt? ♪ ♪ put a spell on you if i why a magic
11:52 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ come on, baby, tell me what you want ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ come on, baby, tell me what you need ♪ ♪ oh, yeah, nothing i wouldn't do for you ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ when i was a young man ♪ i messed around ♪ when i was 30 time slowed down ♪ ♪ to be a doctor, a teacher, that's the truth ♪ ♪ hey, i'm on my knees ♪ i just want to be your hootchy-kootchy man ♪ >> got to getesq everybody's attention real quick, look on the ground to your left, look on the ground to your right. if you see any trash, pick it
11:53 pm
up,ly to up, throw it away for us, guys. let's leave this place the way it was when we got here. ♪ oh, yeah ♪ oh, baby ♪
11:54 pm
♪ >> yo, how many people here have been banned by facebook? if you ain't been banned on facebook, you need to step up your game, people! when infinity finally does launch, you all will have a home where you can say whatever the -- you want. >> no jail, no infinity jail. ♪ well, well, well >> i want to bring up somebody who just came in, who just said that they want to speak and they don't know how long they're
11:55 pm
going to be here, so i apologize for bumping anybody. let me get peter boykin, from gays for trump, right up here. ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ come on, baby >> folks, it's been a long journey, and here we are. >> and more, the mother of all rallies, the huge magga event put together to send a message to the senate, the congress, the media and the world, that we stand united to defend american culture and values, but i'm here to say a few things, and you can boo me if you want, but i ask you to listen to what i have to say before your reaction.
11:56 pm
due to how these rallies in berkley and charlottesville and probably richmond today and other places have went down, i've seen too much fighting on each side. that's going against our constitution and our freedom of peaceful speech. this has made me actually anti-raleig antirally and i almost didn't come here today. why? because it's not that i don't love rallies, as trump says, we have the biggest and best rallies, don't we? i should now, because i like other magas. like scott pressler and many others put together the march for trump earlier this year, i hope a lot of you were there, but why am i against rallies? because they're useless. why do i say that?
11:57 pm
because for one, we do so great at whipping up the crowd, right? patting each other on the back and preaching to the choir. which is great, but we don't take this energy back home. we don't help out with our local gop. i come from a large city of over 250,000 people and 50 show up to these meetings, 50 people. i'm vice chair, because i'm the second person showed up in my district. liberals, they might not work. they might be lazy. they might hate everything. but somehow they pack their meetings. they get rallies put together every time trump sneezes wrong. do you not understand what we are up against? so, if you're going to leave this rally and not support your local gop, this rally means
11:58 pm
nothing. now, i'm sure many of you heard my message before and many of you still complain about the so-called establishment of the gop and the rinos. i've heard many people say they will not support the gop. but, do you not understand the government and the gop is for the people, by the people and of the people! so, folks, remember, we are the gop. just like the log cabin's motto changed to inclusion matters. you have a problem with the gop candidates, then replace them! just like you replaced dnc anti-american ones. we want america to be the best in everything. and we want to win again! so let's join the gop and support maga candidates. we can elect great people like
11:59 pm
paul kneelen, bobby lawrence, christopher chamberlain, cory stewart, omar navarro, kid rock. there you go. and others, and maybe even one day me. anybody else, i'm sorry if i missed you. so just like we tell others, you cannot complain about who was elected unless you vote. you cannot complain about the gop effectively unless you become a part of it. and work to change it. so, again, this rally is nothing unless you leave here today and you volunteer or get involved. if you can't do that, with your local organizations, then financially give and volunteer to the maga network. anybody. we can provide you with a list. we can't do everything out of our pockets if our pockets are empty. we don't have a daddy soros.
12:00 am
cro crowdsourcing does work. look what happened, we get this rally going. i'm a large trump supporter. i'm the president of gays for trump. and yes, it's identity politics at its largest degree. many conservatives don't like that. they say we are all americans
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