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tv   Reel America Alaska Centennial - 1967  CSPAN  October 14, 2017 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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announcer: 50 years ago on october 18 -- about 150 years 18, the united states flag was raised in sitka, alaska. next on "real america", the alaska centennial. alaska. a u.s. army film produced to mark the centennial of the transfer ceremony. >> the maintenance called it the greata u.s. army land. where, unforgiving land mountains stretched along great
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rivers of ice. a land of paradox. where there is tropical greenery. ♪ along the coast, forests of pine, spruce, cedar and spread for 1000 miles. deep into green beyond the butdaries of imagination, ♪ boundaries of imagination. ♪ the indians who named the land gave shape to the real and
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ghostly figures of their world. recorded their ledges in the carving of spruce logs. legends in the carving of spruce logs. carvings of the russians who drove them from the great land. 1741, russian explorers claimed the land in the name of the russianssian widow of
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leader. brought the christian religion here. absolute for a century and a quarter over the place we now call the brought sf alaska. ♪ ♪
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>> a reenactment of a historical moment. .ctober 18, 1867 ♪ united states troops were dayent on that quiet, misty when the russian imperial flag last time. for the the ceremony took place at the chief city of the russian colony. afternoon, the asritory sometimes known russian america was transferred to united states ownership.
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it was the greatest event of its kind in peacetime history. ♪ >> with the purchase of the alaska territory, the united states contained control of millions of acres at the average cost of just two cents an acre. in the new territory, they began
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by establishing for garrisons. they established one of the main routes to the klondike oilfield. he made notes on the scouting mission. law and order in the gold rush were maintained by the army. trails connecting military posts core of travel in
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alaska. army pilots learned to master northern skies. core ofthe army corps of engins trusted the alaska highway -- thrust the alaska highway across 1600 miles of virgin land in a year. the state of alaska is the size of a continent. on the centennial location, its for a and citizens pause portrait before an anticipation of tomorrow.
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fairbanks, it is the hub of trading, transportation and supply for all of alasof tomorr. ka. it is a welcome sight to alaska highway travelers. dawson, british columbia, canada. in fairbanks, the city is ready some 300,000 to visitors. some 300,000 visitors. the gleam of yellow gold build fairbanks. boomtown, warehouse and supply vender for the stampeding minors. memories of those days are kept alive today. england rest days, the steamers left from dawson.
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you can repeat parts of that unique adventure in fairbanks today, although it is hard to make a living panning for gold. ♪ instead, the emphasis is on education and it's a growth as an index of expansion in all of alaska. in 1950, the population of fairbanks with some 6000 people. today there are some 6000 schoolchildren in the city. it is the same story at the university of alaska near fairbanks. they began with six students. now in addition to graduate and professional degrees, they offer six undergraduate programs and offer community colleges. students are drawn from 44 states and 15 foreign countries. fairbanks, near
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anchorage, alaska that this university is also on the move. dedicated just one day before alaska began a state that became a state, this liberal arts college occupies this site. it is nonsectarian and self-supporting. theorage itself, by far largest city in alaska, was born when men began work on the alaska railroad. as you can see, things have changed. anchorage has become a global travel center, part of trade, services and communication for western alaska. ♪ >> at sunset, the city skyline measures its shadow proudly across cook inlet and its high mountains. anchorage is a young city.
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100,000 people call anchorage home. the population has doubled in the last five years and it may be a quarter of a million by 1980. moderate winters and mild summers give the city a climate like the northern great lakes region and although it is as far west as hawaii and as far north as finland, anchorage has one familiar household name. alaska lays claim to the title, flyingest state in the union. one out of every 150 citizens is a licensed pilot. they get more air traffic than los angeles, miami or new york.
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nearby lake could is home-based -- nearby lake hood is home to the largest concentration of float planes in the world. who are the alaskans? nativeborn, for important, from every state in the union. men outnumber women. ordinary americans with a matter-of-fact knowledge of what hands canspirit and accomplish. they leveled grounds and buildings where no man built before. even a country auction is an opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. built juneau, alaska from gold.
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forthey wanted government itself. no group of americans since the founding fathers thought more tenaciously for the right of self-determination than the state.highhe 49th on their list of victories is the state capital at juneau, alaska. two blocks away, the state official makes his home in a colonial mansion. as alaskans who believed in the new land pioneered it and created a vast land of unknown wilderness and they are honored by the statue of skagway bill. in sitkaas reported
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and history is being made here today. cooperating american and foreign interests and created a multimillion dollar industry on the ample coastal forests. ♪ andogs of western hemlock ofka spruce are find sources wood pulp, secularists, the raw material of synthetics, plastic and paper of every kind. forest industries are growing t in places in alaska. maybey millions of feet cap without increasing the supply of timber, regulations are enforced to ensure alaska .he full benefit of its forests
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--although many millions of feet may be cut without decreasing the supply of timber, regulations are enforced to ensure alaska the full benefit of its forest. oil has become a benefit in the development of alaska. this major refinery, the first in alaska, is operating successfully. producing some 30,000 barrel of refined oil daily. operations offshore exploit hidden deposits of crude oil and natural gas. subsequent development of oil is proving to be a prime mover in the alaskan economy. continuing exploration of
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sources of oil will provide future is proving to be a prime power and the state's own sil products will heat its home and fly it suggested to the itsers of the world -- fly jets to the corners of the world. oil is the newest partner in the growth of the economy. as it happens, the rocky shores of five alaskan island are the greatest farm in all the world. here are the firstof five alaske the fur seals come ashore to bear the young. herds were, these threatened with extinction.
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the story of the restoration of storyaska fur seals is a of cooperation. requiresg of the fur hours of operation. skins cleaned of blubber are washed with salt, carefully into shippingked barrels. under terms of the alaska statehood act, 70% of the trades from the fur is returned to alaska. furs await shipment all over the world. fishing for fun and alaskan waters say there is no
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finer sports fishing in the world. f fodolly pardon to the king salmon. hearing,od, halibut, always has been a staple of the alaskan economy. stapleab has been a in the state. this is deepwater delicacy is enjoyed around the world. a few years ago, the king crab was unknown outside the fishing community. but it has become famous. existska, something where nothing has been. the king crab industry has transformed seasonal work into full-time employment.
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alaska, visitors are often surprised. anchorage have produced good yields over the years. rich soil and long days of summer sunshine result in double sized vegetables and a successful harvest. road building is not feasible, the alaska marine highway ferry links all of alaska's southeastern cities. passengers and their cars can be cost at a fraction of the of building and maintaining traditional highways. the trek through the inland waterway is one of the most beautiful ever. firstgway, ride alaska's railroad.
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1000 miles from the nearest base of supply was one of the most heroic engineering fees of the this railroad and the alaska railroad connecting fairbanks with the interior of the day were essential to alaska's development. without them, it is unlikely alaska would be more today than a coastal of settlement starting a huge, mysterious in terior. existsere, the present with the past. the explosive forces that fueled
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alaska from the gold rush to the itse race denied the state adolescence. the relics of yesterday often lie where they sell as the people, preoccupied with the new shape of their destiny, a banded them --abandoned them. itong because, huge logs awa the knife of the totem pole carver. with aimo is gifted vision of shape and color uniquely his, inherited down through the generations along with unchallenged mastery of his brittle medium. ♪ carvings, colors are
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added by hand that many of the artists work with fossil ivory, untouched since prehistoric times. ever since the stars & stripes , theraised in sitka military has had a presence in alaska. the headquarters of the united states army in alaska. in cooperation with the united states air force, the army in alaska is responsible for some of the most ultramodern electronic installations in the world. a $500 million telephone relay network since the voice of alaskans all over the world.
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the defense of the nation. the landscape with intricate elements providing maximum early warning. elements providing maximum early warning. ♪ >> just one mile from fair banks, the army maintains bordering on -- maintains fort wainwright. theka is often called gibraltar of the north. rmy, in addition to participation in air defense systems, is in readiness to defendrmy, alaska under the most realistic conditions possible.
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trainingreeley, this program is most evident. its climate is significantly different. it is as cold as the far north. offers terrain of rock, streams and mountain but it's further below the arctic circle than fairbanks. the difficulty of movement in the arctic are tackled and overcome. lifting and moving through snow and ice demand courage, tenacity and the reliance offered here at the northern training center. lifting and moving through snow and♪ ♪ >> summer training at the center until themay and goes
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cold weather sets in again. the soldier knows how to cover the the ground under different circumstances and broadens his military knowledge. teachind of conditions skills that could not be learned under simulated conditions. ♪ ♪ >> men who may have lived their lives on flat terrian are introduced to the climbing
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techniques so they can handle the steepest slope. mountain rescue operation are difficult. evacuationade during must be made in the interest of the injured man. although special conditions may have prolonged the life of the victim, the soldier in the arctic nose under winter conditions two hours if the average limits of survival. therefore, successful rescue depends on decisive leadership and the ability of special equipment. all factors are stressed during military training. ♪ ♪ ♪ some, the return of winter
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in northern alaska may not be entirely welcome within the u.s. army test center at fort greeley, cold and snow are a necessary condition to their work. their mission is to test, torment and report the quality of our army's clothing, equipment and weapons and certify they will do with they are intended to do under the conditions of climate. victory of cruel winter over unprepared armies is reported many times in the pages of history area alaska trained. history.of priden trained soldiers
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that they have overcome some of the worst climate in the world. ♪ ♪ >> only again the majestic background of the great land can human victories be seen in their true size. ♪ summer landscape in sunched by the summer is like a pot of gold at rainbow's end. ♪ cities are fair, pure signs the frontier has been
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thrust back, shaped in part by human hands and energy. raw natureme raw natur persists. , no jobeer came here awaited him. and his kind made alaska what it was. from the beginning, the united states and army and the people f alaska have been working together. we are proud on the centennial to salute the state and its citizens. mindful of their past and hopeful for the future. ♪ announcer: interested in american history tv, visit our website,
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hopeful for the future. ♪ area you can view our. schedule, view upcoming programs and more. american history tv at this year, c-span is touring cities across the country. a look at our recent visit to appear, south dakota. you're watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. jay: that is the intriguing story, it was not founded until 1913 by a bunch of schoolchildren. and they said, it is lead we can make money from this. they are heading out to the newspaper shop to sell off the


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