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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea  CSPAN  November 29, 2017 5:11pm-6:51pm EST

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republicans and democrats would agree to deal with a clean extension of it. we talked about the daca, the undocumented kids. the majority in both parties i think would be able to move something forward if we were given a chance and when you shut down the process, manipulate it, try and predetermine what is going to be in the legislation and not allow other voices to be heard, it guarantees conflict. >> what do you say to republicans that complain that democrats did that with the health care bill? >> i was there. i was on that committee. we had dozens of hearings. there was lots of give and take. opportunities for people to be involved. there is no comparison. you look at what happened in the senate with the play. this is unprecedented. there's never been something of this nature in our history and the stakes could not be higher.
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>> baltimore, maryland, line for democrats. good morning. >> caller: i'd like -- the agenda is adopted. in accordance with rule 37 of the council provisional rules of procedure, i invite the representative of the republic of korea to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 39 of the council provisional rules of procedure, i invite between jeffrey feltman for political affairs to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the council will now begin it's consideration of the agenda and at this meeting the security council will hear briefing by mr. feldsman and i will also brief in my capacity as chair of
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the security council committee pursuant to resolution 1718. and i now give the floor to mr. jeffrey feldman. >> mr. president, members of the security council, according to official news agency of the democratic peoples republic of korea, dprk and various governmental sources, at approximately 2:48 a.m. local time on 29, november 2017, the dprk launched a ballistic missile which it termed an intercontinental ballistic missile what is song 15. before impacting into the sea in japan's exclusive economic zone. these parameters indicate that if flown on a standard
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trajectory the missile as configured would have a range in excess of 13,000 kilometers. this is the dprk's third test of a intercontinental ballistic missile in less than six months and it's 20th ballistic missile launch this year. the dprk again did not issue any air space or maritime safety notifications. the official media claimed the dprk was now, quote, capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s., end quote. the official media also claimed the dprk had, again i quote, finally realized the great historic cause of completing the stake nuclear force, the cause of building a rocket power, end quote. mr. president, this is the 13th time the council has met to discuss the dprk in 2017. the dprk's repeated nuclear tests over the past two years
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have created great tension on the korean peninsula and beyond. this dynamic must be reversed. the solution can only be political. given the grave risks associated with any military confrontation, in exercise of its primary responsibility, the security council needs to do all it can to prevent escalation. unity is critical. security council unity also creates an opportunity for sustained diplomatic engagement, an opportunity that must be seized in these dangerous times to seek off-ramped and work to create conditions for negotiations. mr. president, the secretary general strongly condemns this latest launch. this is a clear violation of security council resolutions and shows complete disregard for the united union of the electrical community. secretary general urges the dprk from desist of taking any
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further destabilizing steps. secretary general reaffirms his commitment to working with all parties to reduce tensions. i call a meeting this morning with the dprk permanent representative to deliver the secretary general's message in person. during the meeting i stressed there's nothing more dangerous to peace and security in the world than what is happening now on the korean peninsula. mr. president, the secretary general discussed the situation on the korean peninsula with all concerned parties in the margins high level week of the general assembly. during the secretary general's meeting with mr. ri yong-ho minister for foreign affairs on 23rd, september, we expressed concerns and appealed for deescalation and full implementation of relevant security council resolutions. the secretary general emphasized the need for a political solution.
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mr. president, amid the heightened tensions, in saving the lives of the most vulnerable in the dprk, the need to increasing and food security remains a critical concern for 70% of the population. member states are reminded of the need to support the life savings opportunities in the country. we will continue to closely follow the developments and remain in close coordinatation with the concerned as well as other governments concerned. thank you. i thank mr. feldman for his briefing and i shall now make a statement. i have the honor to brief the council on the activities of the committee established pursuant to resolution 1718 for the period of 12th september 2017
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through 29 november, 2017, in accordance with paragraph 12 g of the same resolution. the kbhee strongly condemns the continuous violation of the dprk in particular the ballistic missile launch on 14 september, 2017 which flew over japan and a launch on 28 november, 2017. following the adoption of resolution 2375 on 11 september, 2017 which significantly expands the scope of the sanctions regime, the committee's engaged in facilitating implementation of all sanctions measures and is continuing its effort in these regard. as part of the committee's outreach activities, i convened an open briefing with the u.n. membership on 9 october, 2017, to offer a detained overview of
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the expanded sanction regime and member states obligations in these regard. the briefing provided a forum for member states to explore challenges and opportunities, they faced and to raise specific questions and concerns why implementationing the dprk sanctions. i also encouraged them to submit the national implementation reports on concrete measures they have taken to effectively implement the resolutions. as of today, the committee has received 102, 89 and 31 national implementation reports on resolution 2270, 2321 and 2371 respectively. while this submission rate continues to be much higher than the previous resolution regarding the dprk, it should be recalled that resolution 2375
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requires all member states to submit the national implementation reports within 90 days of its adoption, that is by 12 december, 2017. during the reporting period, the committee received notification from member states informing the committee of amendments to the national legislation in order to ensure consistency with the financial provision resolution 2321 and 2356 and continue to perform its duties through the nonobjection procedure envisioned by paragraph 5 c of the guidelines of the committee for the conduct of its work. in these regard on 12 september, 2017, the committee approved updates to the infor p formal individuals and entities in the korean language which incorporated the individuals an entities listed in the annexes one and two of resolution 2371.
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following the adoption of resolution 2375, the committee approved further updates to the former korean on april 2017 listed in annexes one and two, of that resolution. in view of the implementation of resolutions 2270, 2371 and 2375, i am pleased to report that on 29 september, 2017 the committee agreed on the list of weapons of mass destruction related each items of concern in accordance with paragraph 4 security council resolution 2375. on 2 october, 2017, the committee approved at least a conventional arms related items in accordance with the requirements set out in paragraph five of security council resolution of 2375 and
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reported to the security council in view of updating the cbw related items. the committee is continuing each consideration. i'm also pleased to report that in accordance with paragraph 6 of resolution 2375, on 3 october, 2017, the committee was able to reechl an agreement on four vessels for designation pursuant to the measures imposed by paragraph 6 of resolution 2371. with regard to the 1718 sanctions list, the committee approved a technical correction to an entity designated on the 1718 sanction list on 19 october, 2017, and is considering requests by intergovernmental organization pertaining to a designated entity and an individual. during the reporting period, the committee received an exemption request from one member state to allow the one time entry to a
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port republic of korea for the -- on 3 november, 2017, the committee approved an exemption to the measures imposed by paragraph 6 of resolution 2371 and resolution 2375. the committee continued to receive notification on the implementation of resolution 2270 relating to coal transportation through the dprk solely for export from the port of regime. the committee was further notified of plan shipments of coal through the ports of regime in accordance with paragraph 8 of security council resolution 2371: on 26 september, 2017, kmeet received a notification from a member states of imports of iron ore and sea food from the dprk from the period 6
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august, to 4 september, 2017 in accordance with paragraphs 8, 9 and 10 of the security council resolution 2371. during the reporting period, the committee received a number of notification including on training, scientific cooperation and granting visas to dprk nationals to attend meetings and they were in compliance with the sanctions. the committee continued its consideration proposal for assistance to the dprk from international organization on the range of issues including on the -- in u.n. regional meetings and programs and official country visit to the dprk, convention, of i.t. equipment. i'm also pleased to report the committee concluded its deliberation on implementation numbers two and the fact sheet that were approved in
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november 2017. the committee further approved implementation of notice number one and six. all updated inns and the fact sheet are available. in closing let me recall that the panel of expert continue to investigate possible violations of the dprk sanction regime and conducted a number of outreach activities. finally, while recalling that the primary -- 1718, 1874, 2087, 2094, 2270, 2321, 2356, 2371 and 2375 rests with member states, let me reassure you that the committee is committed to facilitating the implementation of these measures way view to rbting to a peaceful and
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comprehensive solution to the dprk issue. the colleague, since it is the last time that i have the honor to present the 90 day report on the 1718 committee activity to the council, i wish to thank all of you and your dedication for the support my team and i have received over my tenure which i am sure you will provide to my successor. i thank you. i now resume my sanction of president of the council and i now give the floor to those councilmembers who wish to make statements and i give the floor to the representative of the united states. >> thank you, mr. president for your leadership in calling this meeting as well as thank you for your leadership on the sanctions committee and we appreciate mr. feldman your briefing as well. this is the ninth time this year that the security council has met in reference to north korea. last time we spoke in the security council about north korea's development of
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nuclear weapons, the united states made clear that the future of north korea within the hands of its leaders, if they chose the path of peace, the world would live in peace with them. but if they chose the path of defiance, the we would respond appropriately. the choice we said was theirs. yesterday, the north korean regime made a choice. it chose to feed its nuclear aggression. it chose to thumb its knows at the civilized world, it chose to challenge the patience of a world united against its recklessness and with this choice, comes a critical decision point for the rest of the world. the world has responded powerfully to north korea's outrageous and lawless actions. this council has taken unprecedented measures to stop north korea's development of a nuclear tipped ballistic missile. we have leveled the most impactful sanctions that any country has experienced in a
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generation. we have cut deep into north korea's major export industries to eliminate the revenue for its illegal missile program. we've reduced its military access to the refined petroleum needed to run its war machine. in addition to our work here in the security council, many nations have taken their own strong actions against north korea's threat to peace. just this year as north korea's behavior has become more intolerable, over 20 countries from every corner of the globe have restricted or ended their diplomatic relations. mexico, peru, italy, spain and kuwait have expelled north korea's ambassadors from their countries. portugal and the united arab emirates have suspended diplomatic relations. the philippines and taiwan have suspended all trade with north korea. singapore, formally north
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korea's seventh largest trading partner has cut all trade ties. you'll began da has halted all military and security ties. the european union, australia, south korea and japan have made additional sacrifices for peace and securitipy going well beyond what the security council requires. all of the countries that have taken actions to isolate north korea have acted out of deep concern about the regime's dangerous refusal to abandon its nuclear program. they have selflessly put the security of all of us above their individual, political and economic interest. they have won the gratitude of the international community for their responsible actions. regrettably, not all countries have done the same. all u.n. member states are at the very minimum be obligated to fully implement all u.n. sanctions, but we know that's not happening in every case.
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this council has banned coal exports from north korea, and yet we have reports of the regime continuing to smuggle coal into neighboring asian countries using deceptive tactics to mask the coal's origins. this council is required that all refined petroleum imports into north korea not exceed the annual cap and we banned ship to ship transfers. and yet, we see north korea illegally obtaining refined petroleum from neighboring states from ship to ship transfer in the yellow sea and the sea of japan. there are countries continuing to fund the north korea nuclear program by violating u.n. sanctions and obstructing our efforts. the world with knows who many of them are. as successful as we've been in leveling multilateral sanctions against it, the north korean regime continues to test new and more powerful missiles and as it does, it continues its march
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toward a functional nuclear arsenal. the continuing development of these missile systems demands that countries further isolate the kim regime, so today we call on all nations to cut off all ties with north korea. in addition to fully implementing all u.n. sanctions, all countries should sever diplomatic relations with north korea and limit scientific, commercial or military operation. they must caught off trade with the regime by stopping all imports and exports and expel all north korean workers. just last week, the world was given a stark reminder of the bar barty of the north korean regime when one of its own soldiers fled the country. even more than the dramatic video of the soldiers escape, more shocking was the soldier's medical condition unrelated to his bullet wounds. while being treated by south
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korean medical team, doctors discovered that the soldier had par asites, an uncooked corn kennels in his die jettive tract clear evidence that the north korean regime is unwilling to properly feed even its own high ranking military troops. this is the incomprehensible nature of north korea. yesterday's missile launch was more advanced than previous launches. no one can doubt that this threat is growing. no one can doubt that north korean dictator is getting more aggressive in his obsession for nuclear power. yesterday, the regime declared itself a nuclear power saying that it quote, completed the state nuclear forced tipped with a super large heavy war head capable of striking united states. but the north korean regime missed something very important. as we have said before, being a nuclear power comes with certain
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standards. it comes with being responsible enough to know that you don't threaten other countries with nuclear weapons. you don't starve your own people in order to fund nuclear weapons, you don't bully and play games with nuclear weapons. the regime has shown time and again that it doesn't want to talk. kim didn't even speak with president xi's envoy when he was sent to talk to the regime. it has emphatically said it will will not eliminate its nuclear production and north korea is in clear violation of multiple security council resolutions. we are once again at a time of reckoning. we have some options. first, we should continue to treat north korea as the international pariah it has become by taking its u.n. rights and privileges away including its voting power. the main driver of its nuclear production is oil. through sanctions we have cutoff 90% of north korean trade and
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30% of its oil but the crude oil remai remains. the major supplier of that oil is china. in 2003 china actually stopped the oil to north korea. soon after north korea came to the table. we need china to do more. president trump called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea. that would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah. as i mentioned, many countries have made some big economic and political sacrifices by cutting ties with north korea. they did that to serve the peace and security of all of us. we now turn to president xi to also take that stand. we believe he has an opportunity to do the right thing for the benefit of all countries. china must show leadership and follow through. china can do this on its own or we can take the situation into
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our own hands. the dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war. not farther from it. we have never sought war with north korea and still today we do not seek it. if war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday and if war comes, make no mistake, the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed. the nations of the world have it within their power to further isolate, diminish and god willing reverse the dangerous course of the north korean regime. we must all do our part to make that happen. thank you. >> i thank the presenter of the united states for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of japan. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to begin by thanking the president for convening this meeting.
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jointly requested by the u.s. and the r.o.k. and japan, i thank mr. feldman for his briefing. i also thank ambassador koudy as chair for the presentation of the 90 day report to the council. on november 29th, north korea once again completely ignored the repeated calls of international community to abandoned its nuclear and missile development programs and launched another ballistic missile with the range of icbm in flagrant violation of relevant security council resolutions. north korea later claimed that it conducted a successful launch of the new icbm hwasong 15, far
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superior to the previous one. north korea even state that had they can load the heaviest war head and strike anywhere in the mainland united states. this launch is totally unacceptable. japan launched a strong protest immediately after the launch and condemned the act in the strongest terms. japan demands that north korea immediately cease all ballistic missile launch and nuclear development programs and provocations. japan will never tolerate a nuclear armed north korea. the missile reached the highest ever altitude of 4,000 kilometers flew 53 minutes and fell within the japan exclusive income zone, approximately 250
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kilometers of our armory prefecture. local fishery association checked safety of all the fishing vessels that were operating in the sea at the time of the launch. we were lucky that nobody got hurt. however, it does not change the fact that this was an extremely dangerous and irresponsible act by north korea. this ballistic missile launch with the range of icbm with a third of its this year. considering its estimated range, it has become abundantly clear that this is not merely a regional threat but a clear global threat to all member states. this most recent provocation made it ever more evident that north korea is nowhere near ready to give up its nuclear
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programs, nor is it interested in coming back to a meaningful dialogue. there is no other choice for us but to work together to put maximum pressure on north korea so that it alters its course of action and works towards denuclearization. due to this new launch, some security councilmembers may feel frustrated the sanctions do not seem to be working yet. however, the full implementation of all the existing security council resolutions including the recent adopted 2371 and 2375 can bring about significant impact on north korea's calculus. it is extremely important for the council to urge all member states to fully implement the relevant resolutions.
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without faithful implementation, we can achieve the intended policy change of north korea. we should also not lose sight of the fact that it is the north korean regime that is diverting its resources into pursuing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles instead of the welfare of its people while nem north korea have great unmet needs. we must send a clear, consistent message that it is north korea that needs to change. japan will continue to work very closely with councilmembers and all other member states to reach a solution to the problems related to north korea. i thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of japan for his statement. i now give the floor to the
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representative to the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. president. we met too many times this year to discuss the dprk's flagrant violations of unanimous security council decisions. i'm deeply disappointed that we have to meet again today after yet another such violation. for the third time the dprk regime have tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. based on an initial assessment, this missile flew higher and for longer than any of the previous dprk missile tests. so we condemn in the strongest terms north korea's actions and its continued pursuit of its illegal ballistic missile and nuclear program. today we summon the dprk ambassador in london of our deep concern at this reckless behavior. the latest missile launch is not a one off. it follows 19 previous launches this year and north korea's sixth nuclear test in september.
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the latest violation demonstrates once more north korea's disregard for our collective security and international obligations as law-abiding states taken upon ourselves. we have condemned the dprk many times before. the security council along with the wider international community must now redouble our efforts to persuade the dprk to change course. this year through this council we have worked together to implement measures to curtail the regimes illegal ballistic missiles and nuclear programs. in developing these measures we have ensured that the humanitarian needs of the population are protected. it is not the people of north korea that are threatening global security, it is the regime. our actions are in stark contrast to the brutality of that regime towards its long suffering people who held hostage to the whims of its
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reckless leadership. when these measures that we have implemented -- when they're fully implemented we know that they have an effect and we know too that we must exhaust every avenue to resolve the issue peacefully and diplomatically. we all hope to avoid the needs to use military force. this would not only be devastating for the citizens of north korea but also for global stability and for all of us. therefore, we must all pursue the existing measures and all other diplomatic avenues available to us fully and without delay. the existing measures are only effective if robustly implemented in full by all members of the u.n. starting with all of us in this security council. many states due carry out these responsibilities diligently but it is clear that more must and can be done. the reporting deadline for our
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resolution 2371 was on the third of november but by the 21st of november, only 29 member states had submitted reports on their implementation of the measures in that resolution. considering the size of the threat, this is simply not good enough. the reporting deadlines for resolution 2375 is is on the 12th of december. we call on all u.n. member states to meet this deadline and provide an update on the implementation of those measures. we will continue to work with partners around the world to further improve enforcement of the existing measures. we welcome the valuable work of the panel of experts, part of our shared efforts to stop the dprk's illegal program. it provides us with information that we need to implement all relevant measures and we urge all states to cooperate fully with the panel and to take swift and robust action in response to the panel's recommendations. if they do not, then they are
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helping the dprk regime to threaten the world. i focus so far on our shared efforts to persuade the dprk regime to change course but in closing i must emphasize that it is the dprk regime alone that bears responsibility for these programs and therefore for its international isolation. it has chosen this path. it can change course. a better future is possible for the country and its united people. it must now take the responsible decision to step back towards the negotiating table and to comply with the obligations set by our community of nations. thank you. i thank the representative of the united kingdom for its statement. i now give the floor for the representative of egypt.
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>> translator: we condemn the activities of north korea of nuclear armament and launch of ballistic missiles in violation of security council resolutions and this threatens the international and regional peace and security. this is based on egypt's determined commitment for the need to preserve the credibility of the mpt regime and the credibility of the security council. egypt is also keen on having the united nations system dealing with sincerity and decisiveness with any threats to the nonproliferation regime without discrimination or double standards. egypt believes that the repeated violations by the dprk of security council resolutions
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pose a threat to international peace and security and they also threaten regional stability in northeast asia and the national security of countries that are friendly to egypt such as japan and the republic of korea. egypt calls on the dprk to immediately cease all violations and measures to the security council resolutions and we call on north korea to abstain from any escalation that would lead to more tension and an instability that would threaten international peace, international regional peace and security. mr. president, egypt the need tor security council and all u.n. to assume their responsibilities in this
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respect. through endeavoring to reach a sustainable peaceful settlement so the situation that raises grave concern in the korean peninsula, this settlement should include the total elimination of all nuclear weapons and reaching sustainable peace between the two koreas in accordance with the provisions of security council resolutions including endeavoring to revive the party talks and associations so as to exit this vicious circle of continued violations by north korea of security council resolutions. mr. president, in closing, i would like to express our appreciation to the commendable efforts that you have made along with the members of the italian delegation as the chair of the
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security council resolution 1718 committee during the membership of italy and the security council. these efforts have had a positive bearing on facilitating the work of this important committee that plays a critical role in following up the relevant security council resolutions on the dprk and helping member states to take necessary measures. your efforts have yielded significant successes despite the technical complexities relating to the implementation of this unprecedented set of international sanctions. on this occasion, i would like to thank you for your reported to on the activities of the committee over the past 90 days. this report underscores the clear of this committee which have great importance and lie
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with egypt's commitment to accurate implementation of relevant security council resolutions. thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of egypt for his statement and also for his security measures. >> i thank the gentleman for his statement and kind words. >> i'd like to give the floor to the representative of sweden. >> thank you, mr. president. mr. president, i thank you and i would also like to thank undersecretary-general feldman for his briefing. it constitutes a clear tlet to international peace and security. and a clear breach of dprk's financial system.
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we again urge the dprk to heed this council's decisions that it sees provocations fulfill its international obligations, engage in meaningful dialogue, and abandon its missile and nuclear programs. and return to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, and the iaa safeguards. sweden fully supports the relevant resolutions adopted unanimously by relation to the dprk. it's important that the council remains united and the security council resolutions are swiftly implemented by all countries. so as to ensure their full effect. at the same time, sanctions alone will not resolve the situation on the korean peninsula. we need to pave the way for peaceful, diplomatic and political solution. therefore, in parallel to effectively and rig housely implementing the sanctions
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regime, we must urgently undertake work to reduce tensions so as to advance the prospects for a comprehensive settlement. now turning to the report of the 1718 sanctions committee, i would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work as chair of this important committee. the committee has a critical role in effectively implementing the resolutions adopted by this council in order for them to have the desired effect. the committee and it's panel of experts should continue its outreach to member states on sanctions implementation as well as capacity building efforts. further efforts are already underway. more can be done. the responsibility to protect the well being of its people falls within the dprk.
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yet, while the dprk diverts critical resources into expensive weapons programs, its people continue to suffer from human rights violations. the humanitarian situation, remains of serious concern. the measures adopted by the council were never intended to have a negative effect on the humanitarian assistance. therefore, recent reports that the sanctions are having adverse consequences and on humanitarian organizations. are deeply concerning. in this regard, we look forward to discussions in the committee, with input from the panel of experts on how to ensure the solutions are implemented as intended and rigorously. while at the same time assuring
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the humanitarian aid reaches those of assistance. >> i thank the representative for his statement. i give now the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> mr. president, i thank secretary-general for his testimony. this launch forces a growing nuclear threat in the region. despite diplomatic efforts to hold north korean wmd programs, we have seen no signs whatsoever of the dprk to change its behavior. north korea has already seriously undermined the nonproliferation regime as a whole. i wish to state that ukraine
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condemns the launch of the intercontinental missile. capable of carrying a payload. conducted november 28, 2017 by the dprk. these deliberate acts aimed the development of more powerful missiles as well as its threats to use nuclear weapons, seriously endanger the security of north korea's immediate neighbors. also, global security and stability far beyond the korean peninsula. ukraine alies itself and calls upon the dprk leadership to stop its provocations immediately. i join the previous speakers in commanding new efforts, mr. president as a chair of the 1718 committee, aimed at ensuring full implementation of the security council resolutions. we welcome significant expansion of the relevant sanction regime,
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according to the recent council's decisions as well as dynamic activities conducted by the italian chair and panel of experts. one of the key requisites to lower the nuclear threat in the region. and curb their ability of north korea to carry out further provocations. in this regard we endorse constructive work of the committee, during the reporting period, in particular the update of 1718 control lists in accordance with resolutions 7371 and 7375. and the adoption of notices. the specific end result are important for strengthening objectiveness and -- sorry, effectiveness and efficiencily of the current regime. i wish to stress that yesterday's provocation dampened hopes for resuming a dialogue
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with north korea. after 2 1/2 months of no tests and launches, there appeared a glimmer of hope that such a dialogue is not out of reach. however, yesterday's act clearly demonstrated the north korean regime is not interested in talks. instead, it's driving recklessly to entertain the status of nuclear weapon states, which will never be recognized or tolerated by the international community anyway. >> mr. president, ukraine stands ready to engage constructively with all partners to change the current situation and move closer to the korean peninsula. i think. >> i thank the representative of ukraine for its statement and also its kind words, i now give the floor to the representative of china. >> mr. president i wish to thank ambassador conti for their
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briefings. relevant security council resolutions contain explicit provisions on launches by the dprk using ballistic missile technology. china expresses great concern over opposition to the latest miss illaunch by the dprk. strongly urge the dprk to comply with security council resolutions and sees actions on the korean pen lans. in the recent past, the overall situation on the peninsula was stable. which provided a window of opportunity through diplomatic efforts. regrettably, this window failed to lead to a resumption of dialogue. and negotiations. the nuclear situation on the korean peninsula has lasted for over two decades.
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during this period, the most valuable experience gained, is that when the parties move toward each other and engage in virtues, interaction agreement could be reach ed as a result many the most important lesson is that when the parties adopted the top stance, the chances for peace would pass them by. this chair, the security council has unanimously adopted resolutions 2356, 2371 and 2375. these resolutions have demonstrate demonstrated the international position against the dprk's missile capabilities. and upholding the national nonproliferation regime, and at the same time, have stressed importance of redugsing the
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situation on the continent. maintaining peace and security on the korean peninsula. and in northeast asia as a whole. i'm committeed to seeking a settlement through peaceful means, while emphasizing that people's lively hood and humanitarian assistance efforts in the dprk should not be negatively impacted. the top priority is for all the parties concerned to keep restraint, implement comprehensively, and strictly, strive for an early resumption of dialogue and negotiations. china always stands for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, and for peace and stability on the peninsula. china has consistently advocated negotiations as a means to achieve a settlement and oppose
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conflict and chaos on the peninsula, we have worked tirelessly toward this goal. china has put forward the suspension for the suspension proposa proposal, mainly, suspension by the dprk of nuclear and missile activities and suspension by the u.s. of large scale joint military exercises. and china proposed the new track approach of promoting parallel progress of denuclear arization on the pen lans. the russian federation also has put forward the idea of a phase approach toward the korean peninsula. china and the russian federation proposed a road map for the settlement of the korean peninsula's problems. the joint initiative of china and russia is practical and feasible.
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maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula. as such we hope it will elicit response and support from the parties concerned. in the current situation, the security council needs to show his historic possibilities to settle problems through peaceful, diplomatic and political means and maintain peace and stability on the korean peninsula. china will continue to implement the security council resolutions. and together with the concern, continue to play an active and constructive role in the settlement of the nuclear issue of the korean peninsula. and earlier realization of the denuclear gas station, and long term peace and stability on the peninsula. china expects that the main parties will make their own efforts to this end.
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by honoring their commitments. in a constructive manner. on the dprk sanctions committee, china believes that the committee's work should be conducive to the realization of the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, the maintenance of peace and stability on the peninsula, and the promotion of negotiations among the parties concerned. the panel of experts must act in strict compliance with its mandate and conduct its work under objective ity it is china consistent view that the security council sanctions against the dprk should not negatively impact relevant humanitarian assistance actiontiveties. i thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of china for his statement.
6:04 pm
and now give the floor to. >> thank you, mr. president, we thank the secretary-general, who is briefing on the ballistic missile test yesterday, by the democratic of korea, in violation of the relevant resolutions of the security council. for the past three months. we have been hopeful that the tension in the korean peninsula would be subsiding. we're optimistic as ukraine, that there was reasonable ground for a diplomatic way out of the very dangerous stalemate we were witnessi witnessing. these letters, which we strongly condemn, has no doubt undermined the hope that we had. but we are still convinced that it's not proper to abandon this hope. because in our view there is no other acceptable option.
6:05 pm
the solution is political. under secretary-general said a while ago. many who spoke before me, have said the dprk has to change its approach, and behavior. we agree. but in the meantime everything should be done to avoid any miscalculation. and all efforts should be amade to de-escalate. it may not be easy, we believe all those who are in a position to make a difference should spare no effort in a united fashion. in finding a peaceful diplomatic and political solution to the situation in accordance with the relevant security council resolutions. in the meantime, ensure iing fu implementation of the dprk remains very critical.
6:06 pm
we appreciate the briefing by ambassador, we welcome the outreach activities he conducted during the reporting period. in our view, stuff outreach activities significant to contribute, full and reflective implementati implementation. increase the number of reports received following the outreach activities undertaken by the chair. his testimony to this fact, i wish to conclude by once again, reaffirming your commitment to continue fulfilling its oblg gas stations in this regard. and we look forward to us finding a political approach, which would lay the basis for resolving the crisis we're
6:07 pm
facing in the korean peninsula. thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the gentleman for his kind statement and his kind words. and give the floor now to the russian federation. >> we'd like to express our gratitude to you as a chair of the 1718 committee. for your presentation of the 90 day report and also to the undersecretary-general for his briefing on the launch of dprk on the 20th of november. this new violation by pyongyang over the security council resolution is deep disappointment. we have to take stock of the fact that prospects for normalizing the situation on the korean peninsula continue to be very distant. without any doubt, this further
6:08 pm
demonstration of the open disregard by the dprk of the demands of the security council resolution, and international law, justifies the most -- the strongest condemnation. russia does not accept dprk's goal of acquiring a status of nuclear power. and has demanded an end to the missile and nuclear progress of pa yang wrong in an effort too denuclearize korea. there is no military solution to the problems on the korean peninsula. the current conditions we strongly call on all concerned parties, to stop this spiral of tension, which seems to follow each cycle of reaction, and
6:09 pm
counter reaction. it is essential to take a step back and carefully weigh the consequences of each move to revise threats and intimidation, this only leads to consequences or goals that are opposite of those that are sought after. in the interest of the entire international community to resolve this situation on the korean peninsula, must be done through peaceful means. in the meantime, until the states of the region do not show their readiness to pay due attention to all the sanctions. including resolution 375, the situation will continue to deteriorate, and moving in a vicious circle. >> mr. president, sanctions against pyongyang are simply an instrument aimed at involving it in constructive negotiations,
6:10 pm
and should not be used to strangle dprk economically or to intentionally worsen the hum humanitarian situation. this in particular, pertains to the distractions that strike a civilian sector that have no link to the missile and nuclear programs of the country. over the past 2 1/2 months, the united states and its allies seem to have tried the patience of pyongyang with its activities. including unplanned and undeclared military maneuvers. recently introducing unilateral sanctions. and just recently announced the unprecede unprecedented military and air exercises by the united states
6:11 pm
and north kree that were just announced last week. against the backdrop of these hostile moves, forces us to think about the sincerity of the statements about its preference for peaceful means of resolving the crisis around the dprk. we believe that this time should have been used for concrete steps to be used for direct projects with pyongyang, rather than escalating intersections. the solution of the problems with the korean peninsula is only in the framework of the comprehensive military and political day tant, and eastern northern asia. easing military confrontation, and establishing trust among the country's of the region, this is precisely the approach that was proposed by russia and china, in the joint statement on the fourth of july, they proposed a road map of a gradual move toward a settlement, starting
6:12 pm
with the principal of suspension for suspicion. which envagus the dprk stopping mice iland nuclear tests, while at the same time the united states and south korea decreasing the scale of their military exercises. this in turn would pave the way to discussing the principles of peaceful co existence between washington and pyongyang and resumption of interkorean dialogue. i think everyone must be clear, that moving towards a comprehensive settlement of the problems of the korean peninsula will be difficult as long as dprk will feel its securities are threatened. it is precisely this way that pyongyang interprets the extreme military in the region, which takes the form of regular large
6:13 pm
scale -- sending strategic bombers, naval task forces and aircraft carriers to the region. an additional destabilizing factor is ramping up on the territory of the republican of korea, and the anti-missile system, thad. we have stated that these kinds of moves are not only an irritant, but undermine the military balance in the region, and also threaten the security of neighboring states. today, all countries involved must do everything they cannot to provoke each other, but rather to show restraint. and not to allow further steps that could escalate tensions further. in connection with this, we strongly urge the dprk to stop its missile and nuclear tests and we calm the united states and the republic of korea to
6:14 pm
refrain from their large scale and planned military maneuvers that are to start at the beginning of december. that will only inflame an already explosive situation. mr. president, the position of russia of resolving the situation around the korean peninsula remains unchanged. and effective search for a long term and mutually acceptable solution to a range of problems can only be done through tireless and active diplomatic efforts. in this context, we call on all sides to immediately begin work on finding a formula for a political and diplomatic settlement. we don't see any rational alternative to this path, thank you. >> i thank the representative of the russian federation for its statement and i know give the floor to the representative of
6:15 pm
senegal. >> thank you, president. >> i would like at the outset to thank the japanese and american delegations for having called for this evening's emergency session. i would like to thank the italian presidency to having agreed to the request of having organized this meeting and also the undersecretary-general. similar thanks and a deep congratulations should go to the ambassador of italy. we thank you for the clarity of your briefing to us this afternoon, more than that, for your leadership of the 1718 sanctions committee.
6:16 pm
president, the senegalese delegation condemns once again, unequivocally and categorically this fresh launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by north korea. this launch occurs two months after the adoption of the 15th of september launch of a missile which overflu hokkaido. and it calls into question the effectiveness of the sanctions against north korea. in effect as it should be compelled to do so by the various resolutions that have been adopted on the dprk, this is a -- the security council must react robustly to the authorities of the dprk, delivered violation of the resolutions of the security council.
6:17 pm
>> the senegalese delegation would like to underscore the point that targeted measures, a legitimate threat posed to the north korean ballistic program. these measures as contained in the most recent security council resolution on north korea, must be an integral component of the strategy, to cajole the bartenders to the end goal of the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. moreover, senegal introducing its own doctrine of peaceful and diplomatic solution of disputes, would like to reiterate its appeal to the parties to resume face to face dialogue as a segue to verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula.
6:18 pm
we cannot downplay the challenge inherent in ensure iing full implementations of the private business sector alike. they can't even piecemeal follow through on sanctions. president, turning now to the work of the 1718 sanctions committee. my delegation commends the efforts made by all members of that body, as they seek to boost the full implementation measures of the dprk. and we urge the committee to continue their efforts. my country hails the work of the committee, and of its group of experts, which are always willing to provide guidance to any requesting state.
6:19 pm
whether that be through entities or taking the guys of advice on submissi submission. as well as sharing ways to improve the implementation of the relevant resolutions we encourage the adoption of the adopting resolution, and support the draft assistance notes for the implementation of the resolutions on north korea. we urge north korea to refrain from the provocation, commit to a holistic solution. and reach this solution through dialogue. to achieve this lofty goal, we call on the dprk to halt and abandon it's existing and nuclear missile programs, and to do so in a complete, verifiable and irreversible way.
6:20 pm
to conclude, president, i would like to reiterate san gal's ongoing readiness and willingness to play our full part in efforts in resolution 1718. and other resolutions of the security council pertaining to the dprk. my country will submit its own report on the implementation of resolution 2371 and 2375. thank you. now i give the floor to the representative of kazakhstan. >> mr. president, i thank you as well as ambassador cardi for their reports. card is stan is extremely concerned by a missile launch by pyongyang. we've issued an extremely condemning statement on this
6:21 pm
matter. undoubtedly, such actions were encountered by the international community. and violation the resolutions of the eun security council. both sides should refrain from any provocative actions. it would only spur a new wave of escalations. the outcomes of such a scenario will be most grateful for all parties. we continue to hold the strong conviction, that there is no alternative to a peaceful solution, and the stalemate can only be overcome through negotiations and good will by all parties. economic sanctions should be smart and targeted and not deteriorate the overall human situation in the dprk. we must avoid sliding down, it's
6:22 pm
unpredictable hazards. the tireless search for comprehensive and collective solution of the issues, through new decisive political actions. a campaign by confidence building measures, that will be able to find a way out of this complex situation the council should remain united on this issue, and exert a new determined political will to avert the undesired consequences before the hostilities get entrenched deeper, in the last of the red lines has been crossed. i thank the ambassador for his most committed efforts as chair of the 1719 committee. especially since this will be the last presentation on the subject in his current quality.
6:23 pm
as italy will be leaving us at the end of this year, i would like to acknowledge its outstanding contribution to the work of the security council, we recognize the practical outcomes of the committee's work under the chairmanship of the a.m. bats door, who provided very good momentum through the provision of agreed and wmd related weaponry. the organized work of the committee has contributed to the effect of implementation of all relevant work of the committee. we hope this will contribute to per swads the dprk from continuing with its investment.
6:24 pm
>> as my first order of business, i would like to thank the undersecretary-general for the briefings submitted to the council today, i'd also like to thank you ambassador in your capacity as chair of the 1718 committee for the work that you have undertaken. bolivia categorically condemns the launch of the ballistic missile by the dprk. that took place yesterday, the # 28th of november, thought to be the most powerful and longest range device to date. we repeat our urgent appeal to this country to abandon its ballistic program. and we call upon the dprk to comply with the security council resolutions. bolivia plans do call a nuclear
6:25 pm
free zone in the caribbean. will always decry and repudiate the manufacture of nuclear weapons given that these practices constitute a grave violation of international law, and are a direct threat to the survival of our species on this our home, mother earth. bolivia in its capacity as a pass vift state, that permits culture rejects any use of force for settling disputes and solving conflicts between states. we urge all the parties involve ed to roll back from inflaming the tensions further. we urge all the parties to refrain from any act of provocation, or any action taken
6:26 pm
outside strict adherence of international law. and we once again voice our support for the chinese initiative of the suspension that would allow for a halt in buildup in the korean peninsula. we as the council spend no effort to encourage resumption of the six party talks taking us a starting point for those six party talks. president, over the last six months, the security council has adopted one of the most draconian set of sanctions ever seen. states must work toward full imblemt taking of the sanctions, so they can serve their stated purpose. in saying this, we underscore that as far as bolivia is
6:27 pm
concerned, sanctions cannot be an end per say, but encourage parties to sit down together. in order to engage in dialogue. president, we would like to recall to the membership that in line with article 24 of the united nations charter, we bear the responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, we must take decisions promoting disputes opinion we thus must -- we must take advantage of asking the secretary-general of the united nations, to use his offices to find a peaceful resolution to this situation. instead, to return to the negotiating table to achieve a peaceful diplomatic and
6:28 pm
political solution which we believe will deliver on the aspiration of a denuclearized korean enins la. >> i now give the floor to the representative of france. >> mr. president -- >> allow me to first of all thank mr. feldman for his briefing, and to thank you, mr. chairman for your work at the head of the 1718 committee on north korea, as well as for your exemplary energy, and the work of your team. you've demonstrated in dealing with this matter. i would like to thank the united states, japan and the republican of korea following the announcement of a launch of a ballistic missile by north korea. france in a statement by president macron condemned this
6:29 pm
launch in the strongest terms. and i would like to once again as our minister for europe and foreign affairs, express the the full sol daredy of france, for japan and south korea who are in the front lines facing this threat. mr. president, allow me to focus on the three main criteria that is guiding french policy in this area. the first one is the need to be lucid in the face of the way this threat has evolved, let us not committee any mistakes after the launches and tests of this summer, and then in september the threat has changed in scale and character. from regional threat, it's become a global threat, from a virtual threat, it's become an immediate threat.
6:30 pm
in other words, it has become unprecedented in scale about this threat affects all of us, because it weighs on all of us. after this latest launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that took place yesterday, north korea has resumed its irresponsible race toward escalation. this new launch reminds us how dangerously the situation has evolved. the progress accomplished methodically in the area of nuclear capacities and ballistic capacities, and i think this launch is another illustration of this. have led to this global and immediate threat that i just mentioned. by accumulation provocations that are more and more aggressive, north korea has con stan thely threatened international and regional peace and security. now, the second criteria, that
6:31 pm
is our essential priority for us is the need to be firm. in the face of the north korean regime's disregard for standards and norms. it's essential to act against this 12i78 of peace and security. let us be absolutely clear. it is the international regime for nuclear nonproliferation that is in danger. weakness or inaction is not an option in this situation. in this context, our top priority should be to be as much pressure as possible on the north korean regime by clearly
6:32 pm
combining two types of measures, first of all. the need to accelerate and expand the full implementation of existing sanctions. and there's still some room for maneuver on this line of action. the work of the 1718 committee supported by the panel of experts and i think your report on this is very instructive. the role of this committee is essential, and we are grateful for the increasing number of national implementation reports and also the work underway to give concrete contests to the -- concrete follow-up to the sanctions. we should step up these efforts and accelerate them, we need to be particularly vigilant in the face of methods by north korea to dodge the sanctions and its current -- it's very inventive
6:33 pm
in adapting itself to dodging sanctions, we need to be inventive as well. but the rapid deterioration of the threat means we knew to go further. this is why france is in favor of strengthening sanctions. we know that only strong sanctions can influence the strategies of the north korean regime. so france is ready to work immediately. with this end in mind, together with all its partners on the security council. the european union is also contributing to these efforts. it's adopted last month further additional measures, in addition to implementing united nations sanctions. mr. president.
6:34 pm
the firm and united action that france is calling for, aims at two goals, to react to this unjustified escalation by pyongyang and react to the flagrant disregard for our own decisions. also, the goal is to ramp up pressure on the north korean regime, in order to force it to fulfill its obligations and to bring it back to reason. and so the third criteria for us is to be guided by diplomacy. only a firm attitude, only firmness can pave the way for diplomatic solutions. indeed the strongest firmness to date, mr. president, by strengthening sanctions, is the best means we have to promote a
6:35 pm
diplomatic solution tomorrow. otherwise the north korean regime will see anything that smacks of division or weakness, will only encourage it in its escalation, and will thus increase the risk of the situation deteriorating even further. and so the unity of the security council is our best anti-dote, the best reaction to the situation, and the best way of leading toward a political solution, which should be based on a complete and verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula, we're not closing the door to dialogue. we've never shut it, it's the north korean regime through its irresponsible behavior that continues to reject this option, and as long as north korea will disregard our decisions and will
6:36 pm
continue to increase its threat by moving from provocation to provocation, our only response will be to increase pressure as a way to bring north korea back to the table of negotiations and to pave the way for the political and dim low mattic solution we would like to see. mr. president, those are the three main criteria that should guide our efforts, to be lucid on the unprecedented nature of the threat, maximum firmness and decisiveness in responding to the threat. and lastly a diplomacy and political settlement as a long term solution to resolving the nuclear issue on the north korean peninsula. and i think given the importance of the nonproliferation regime,
6:37 pm
france would like to invite all parties involved to follow this difficult path, thank you. >> i now give the floor to the representative of uruguay. >> thank you, mr. president, i would like to thank the undersecretary for political affairs for his briefing. i thank the delegations of the united states and japan for having called for this open briefing. we find ourselves once again faced with a threat by north korea, which refuses to desist from behavior in increasing its nuclear program and its ability to launch these weapons. uruguay once again condemns in the strongest possible terms this latest launch of a ballistic missile presumed to have intercontinental rage by north korea yesterday. all of these tasks are reckless, irresponsible and unacceptable.
6:38 pm
uruguay reiterates its statement to north korea. an immediate halt to be brought to all related activities, including launches using ballistic missile technology and other acts of saber rattling. three missiles have endangered japan this year alone. representing an immediate threat to this country and to its people we repeat that these incidents and incidents of this ilk are a serious threat to peace and security. and constitute a shameless violation of international law. north korea must respect and abide by all the resolutions of the security council and give up its nuclear ambitions, returning to the path of dialogue, the overall goal must be denuclearization. however, rehashing the same ground, rehashing all these
6:39 pm
points is leaving us on a hiding to nothing. without prejudice to enhancing a sanctions regime. the current cycle of rinse and repeat, by which north korea violates the systems of the security council and the security council responds by imposing sanctions after the fact. we cannot continue on this treadmill. we need to conceive and coordinate strategies that lead to a resolution with the north korean regime, which is hedging its bets on an escalation of tensions, whose fallout could be disastrous for the region. uruguay reiterates its call for dialogue, motivated by our belief there can be no other solution other than that of peaceful solution through conversation, negotiation and political compromise by the
6:40 pm
parties. the time is nye for shift on the patent before it is too late. all that is left for us to do is weep over a catastrophe if i of latitude. uruguay's stance in the security council is coming to an end. we have noticed a hike in the situations in which we have discussed north korea. we participated in a sizable number of declarations and communications nonetheless. the solution to this delicate situation lies on diplomacy, and diplomacy alone. add to provocation, will continue unabated unless the
6:41 pm
contract is toward the dialogue. uruguay reaffirms its commitment toward working toward a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution, to usher in the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. thank you very much, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of uruguay for his statement, that shall now make a statement as representative of italy. i'd like to thank the judge for his briefing. once again, this council is confronted with a responsible and illegal provocation of the dprk regime. we condemn pyongyang's launch of another ballistic missile, which constitutes a great threat of a truly global nature, as well as an immediate danger do neighboring countries to whom we as press --
6:42 pm
>> north korea's persistent defiance of the nonproliferation regime. represents a threat to regional stability as well as to international peace and security. we encourage the international community to stand together. maintaining a high level of economic pressure on the regime, requires a response from the dprk. we continue to work on this as a member of the security council for the remainder of the year, as well as within the european union. allow me also to reiterate the primary importance that italy attaches to the continued unity of the security council on this matter. italy has adopted additional measures consistent with
6:43 pm
relevant resolutions, such as interrupting the dprk ambassador in rome. through this decision, we intended to convey an unequivocal message for the need for dprk to abandon it's policies. i have already spoken about sanctions in my position as committee chair. however, we reaffirm the sanction regime does not have unintended negative consequences. on the humanitarian situation. we will be addressing this topic at the next 1718 committee meeting. i therefore renew our full solidarity with the people of north korea, who continue to suffer as the regime ignores the pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.
6:44 pm
we call on the dprk to reverse cause. putting an end to missile related activities. thus making credible progress to denuclearize. this is the only course of action through which north korea can begin to regain the trust of the international community. i now resume my position and give the floor to the representative of the republic of korea. >> mr. president let me begin by thanking you for this meeting. i'm grateful to take part in the discussions on this issue.
6:45 pm
the undersecretary's briefing and to you for your 90 day report, the chair of the 1718 committee. mr. president, north korea broke the 75 day course in its provocations with another missile launch yesterday. we are taken aback by the degree of recklessness on the part of north korea, acting in defiance against the entire international community. which has been sending out the unified message of warning to stop its further provocations. countries across virtually all continents have recently taken robust and biting measures against north korea's elicit program of weapons of mass destruction. thighs are through voluntary means available such as curtailing commercial transactions or downsizing the
6:46 pm
diplomatic presence with north korea. it was amid concerted actions that north korea came up with yet another launch of the ballistic missile with intercontinental range. we simply cannot and should not take such a reckless provocation less seriously than any other provocations by north korea. the absence of north korean provocations following the launch on september 15th, might indicate that north korea was finally awakened to a stark reality. others had high hopes that north korea would continue its restraint in the spirit of resolution, we all adopted by consensus at the previous session of the general assembly earlier this month. some even saw a relatively long
6:47 pm
period of silence as easing of tensions on the korean peninsula. these tensions may evaporate following the missile provocation yesterday. we've once again proven to be extremely bumpy, we should not stop here due to frustration. narrow as it may be, there is still a window of opportunity. we need to remain patient and persistent in our diplomatic efforts to bring north korea back to the negotiating table. the securities council should never stop sending out an equivocal message that a nuclear north korea is unacceptable. and renew its unwavering commitment to stepping up sanctions and pressure until north korea finally abandons its nuclear and missile programs. north korea for its part must not take lightly the message coming out of today's meeting of
6:48 pm
the security council. if north korea continues to underestimate or miscalculate the firm resolve of the international community, it will be a mistake. we urge pyongyang to seize the rapidly closing window of opportunity to resolve its nuclear problem peacefully and thereby ensure its security. the international community is ready to provide a better future for north korea if it makes the right choice. thank you very much. >> i thank the representative of the republic of korea for its statement. there are no more names inscribed on the list of speakers, the meeting is adjourned.
6:49 pm
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