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tv   Lectures in History Conspiracy Culture in American History  CSPAN  October 14, 2018 12:00am-1:26am EDT

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whittlesey's demand take cover near the mill. meanwhile, the rest of the division cannot reach watch on american history tv this weekend on c-span-3. >> next on lectures in history, indiana university bloomington professor stephen andrews teaches a class about conspiracy culture in american history. he describes how conspiracy theories have changed over time but often include involvement of groups such as the illuminati, freemasons, and skull and bones. he also talks about how the 1950's a prominent aspect of conspiracy theories was the threat of communism, but in global newes, a world order was a more common feature. this is part of a two part seminar. it is about an hour and 20 minutes. dr. andrews: thank you guys so much.
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this is my second year. i also did some other things. i want to thank everyone at the 9/11 museum. so easy to work with. the entire staff is wonderful. it hit me last year, and i thought that maybe this year it would be different that i had already experienced the 9/11 museum and now it would become old hat, being in this space, and it is not. this space as you know is hallowed ground. it is a powerful place and a hard place to do something as mundane as give a lecture. so, i'm going to do my best to do that and i say that because some of the things we are going to talk about are weird, some are funny, some are scary, some are gross. i don't want any of that to seem disrespectful to the space we're in. nothing we can do, as lincoln
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this ground.hallow i'm cognizant of the space we're in, but still have to do the task we have before us. my name is steve andrews. i had the great pleasure of working with ed. i'm from a small southern town in florida. brandon, outside of tampa. i was raised as a fundamentalist, evangelical southern baptist. i say that because we will talk at some point, conspiracy culture interacts with american religion, and we have to talk about that. i don't want it to ever seem i am being derisive or joking about religious things. i think they are crucially important to me personally and professionally as a historian. we need to talk about some of those issues. the place i'm coming from is not a place outside religion but within it. any criticisms is from a person who is part of a culture we are also critiquing. when i was in graduate school, i
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was working on spiritualism. spiritualism was a popular belief in the 1850's, that it was possible to talk to the spirits of the dead. it becomes a kind of cultural phenomenon of people having seances, it goes through the 1860's. the fox sisters in 1848. i was well familiar with the academic work on religion and fo lk belief, things like keith tomasson's religion and the decline of magic. as we become more modern in the enlightenment, our belief in witches and monsters and faeries are diminishing. in the 1850's with the steamship and the telegraph, and the culture looking back to the leasing would not be out of place in salem in the 1690's.
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there was an interest in talking to spirits. have the eerie canal and the steamship and the telegraph, and the culture looking back to the leasing would not be out of place in salem in the 1690's. i want to talk about when i say conspiracy theorist, what are some of the kind of conspiracies we are talking about? what are conspiracies you know of the united states. >> we did not land on the moon. >> the moon hoax. >> i had a student tell me that the las vegas shooting was a ploy by the united states government. >> this is second amendment kind of new world order stuff. yes? sandy hook didn't happen. others? jfk assassination. the holocaust didn't happen. parkland shooting is set up, right? crisis actors.
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we can go on and on and on. kennedy assassination, birthers. obama was not born in united states. 9/11 was an inside job. ufo's, that the united states is hiding information about aliens and ufo's. fema, new world order, marshall law. we will put people in fema camps. the atf is going to take our guns, this is crisis actors around every shooting. amero.nd the the amero is nafta was the north american free trade agreement and there was an argument in the 1990's that nafta was leading into a tri-union of the united states, mexico and canada in use -- and use a new dollar bill called the amero. there were reports coming out about red money. when we've redesigned or currency, when people saw stacks
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of those, this will be the amero. food, mercury, autism, weather modifications, the fed, the moon landing was a hoax. u.n. conspiracies. agenda 21, signed in rio, the u.n. agenda for sustainable growth and other things. of conspiracy theorists this is the plan of radical population reduction to give the population of the world to 300 million using chemtrails -- these things tied together. derburgs, the rothschilds, widespread population -- >> will you be able to share the slides with us? dr. andrews: absolutely, yes. so many.
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as we talked about it, if you wanted to, we could've gone on for another 20 minutes coming up with deeper and deeper conspiracies or different versions of the same ones. a wide range. some of them are spectacular and truly weird. david ike is a british sports broadcaster who became convinced the royal family and other world leaders are all actually shape shifting aliens who are lizards. and that the royal families of europe that are all tied by blood, in world war i, all of the combatants in europe are all kin, they are all family. they are shape shifting lizards. not believed by very many. there are some believed in evergreen. the kennedy assassination. there are conspiracy believers of all stripes from all different places. others are widespread that key
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into cultural moments, like the birther controversy. the controversy was very big news in the late 20-teens. it will probably will not be huge news 15-20 years from now. there are some that never take. there was an argument that obama sabotaged the deep water horizon havee gulf of mexico to new policies against oil use, to push solar power -- i don't know. this one came up with samples, everyone was like no. it kind of went away. this happens in the lifecycle of conspiracy theories. the second part we will talk about with what we do with our students and how we talk to our students and fellow citizens about conspiracies. one of the things we have to acknowledge is that conspiracies exist. if you say that conspiracy is a group of people working together in secret to advanced an agenda
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beneficial to them, then conspiracies are everywhere. every corporation that is coming out with a new rollout of a bacon double cheeseburger, the 11 herbs and spices in kfc, the secret formula of coke. people meet in secret to do all kinds of things for their own interests. right now, maybe less now than in the cold war, there are people in high-rise office buildings thinking about how to protect you. the cia, the fbi, justice department. certainly when i was a child in the 1980's living outside of mcdill air force base there were someone not much older than me somewhere in russia sitting on an icbm targeted with my neighborhood. they are secret groups working against you and protecting you. we live in a web of secrecy. not all of it is a conspiracy. we have to recognize the conspiracies do exist.
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so, i think that when we talk about conspiracy culture, we talk about conspiracy, it seems like we are talking about something that is weird and strange and outside of the mainstream, outside of the way most of us -- because we think of us as a group, educators to teach people we are not part of this group, that group is out there, this is a fringe, strange part of american culture. i disagree. i think conspiracy is how americans do politics. it is often the first move. when i heard yesterday that stormy daniels got arrested, i had conversations with no less than five people about it yesterday who were of different education levels from high school to postgraduate medical school who all said, they set her up. who "they" is? but the first thought is, they set her up, right? there is a growing sense in the
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united states -- and i will trace some of these from early on in our founding to the present day -- this is the way americans do politics, think politically. it is also part of our, and maybe other countries, too. i don't know it is just unique to america. america is what i have studied. the way we think about politics. whether it is bernie was rooked out of a conspiracy of the clintons. or trump saying this is a conspiracy to get me un elected. probably down to every local school board of a conspiracy to do one thing or another. put in a streetlight, change the hours of the bus schedule, whatever. so, in my own classes i talk about the occult. on one level the occult is exactly what we think of, monsters,, demons, magic. that is part of american culture. certainly the salem witch
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trials. things we think of a scarys supernatural belief. but i also think there is a big part of the occult and in the latin sense of "hidden," of american fascination with hidden knowledge that shows up in our popular culture and on our tv shows. this idea that we, americans are haunted by, that the world is not what we see. and the real things that happen and really affect us, the important things are those things that are happening hidden underground. that are happening underground, both metaphorically and quite literally, ok? that "they" are making the decisions, and they "them" are somewhat hidden underground and we have to find a way to discover what reality actually looks like, right? so, occult thinking, thinking conspiratorially is how americans react to the world and how they interact with the world, it is part of our
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popular culture. you can also look at, for example if you look at advertisements. here are ten ancient diet secrets they do not want you to know. if you watch, i watched a lot of -- because i didn't have better things to do -- i watched a lot of oprah and daytime television during the 1980's and 1990's. here are beauty secrets, here diet secrets, here are things your cardiologist's not what you to know. if you eat this way, you will lose weight and your cardiologist is not one you to know that because he wants you to stay fat and get a heart transplant. the idea that there is a secret knowledge and some powerful force wants to keep you from doing it. that is in politics, that is a popular culture, right? i looked through the tv listings. it is hard to find a night in tv that you may not be able to. to find a night where one of the major shows on networks is not about exactly this, right?
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is not about secret groups of agents stopping underground group spirit. "24," "angels and demons." massive in the 1990's. "buffy." i was joking that i was watching "downton abbey," and i realized four episodes in and something was missing. i turned to her and said "where are the vampires?" how can we go four episodes where no one has superpowers. the kaiser is not a werewolf? how is this possibly a show? this is what we are obsessed by. it is percolating through our culture in ways that americans are prepared to think there is world thatnderground
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some other people control. this came up a year ago, i try to find things that are more popular. this was on twitter. sometimes it is a mistake to let 10-year-old name their own baseball teams. then again in the sometimes they crush it. we would have never come up with illuminati. so, what does it mean have kids named themselves after, as we'll talk about, a 1770's, enlightenment underground
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a conspiracy theory did a study for his book and said things like wars, the current recession and the outcomes of election are controlled by small groups of people working in secret against the rest of us. we'll talk more about this in our second hour. only 30% disagree. kyrie irving believes the earth is flat, they lied to us. i don't want to make fun of kyrie irving. this is from sporting news. this is the idea that the earth is flat and this is being hidden. irving joins a rapper as a notable denier of a sphere shaped planet. anytime you have a question like "is the earth flat or round?" i think you need to do research. when asked he how he can believe the flat theory, irving
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responded because it is run right in front of our faces, they lied to us. he was been taught his entire life the planet is round but logically think it does not make sense. "if you think about it from a landscape, the way we travel and can you think of us rotating around the sun, all planets ,otating around specific states irving explained using air quotes when saying the word "planet." maybe the cavaliers do not need this player, they need neil degrasse tyson. i'm not here to make fun of kyrie irving, who states newton's theory of planetary motion as a scam. but this quote, "because it is right in front of our faces, they lied to us." trust no one. ok?
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so, stephon diggs from the viking said, how mad will you guys be if i agree with kyrie? someone responded coming think the earth is the flat? besides show me a picture you got from somewhere and i will be a believer. now, one, this is, we want to not say we're talking with a wide receiver of the minnesota vikings about whether or not the earth is flat, but look at the evidentiary argument, which is, i don't believe it, they lied to us, show me a picture, but not one you got from somewhere. underneath that is the sense that they lied to us. the evidence itself about which we would argue about whether this is true is so tainted that it is not accessible, and a circular argument in which the evidence you want to introduce will be discounted because the source to produce it from are the only people who can take pictures from space, who are them. we're in a box, an intellectual box, ok?
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richard hofstadter wrote in accessiblerpers, an article you can give to students, very easy to read. it is about the paranoid style. "in american politics has been an arena for angry minds but behind this i believe is a style of mind that is far from view and not necessarily right wing. i call it the paranoid style because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness and conspiratorial fantasy that i have in mind. in his essay from 1964 in the wake of barry goldwater and the idea of john birch society, he is writing about this and going back in history and write about conspiracy in the 1850's. this is from a texas newspaper. it is a notorious fact that the monarchs of europe and the pope of rome are at this very moment plotting our destruction and threatening the destruction of our civil and religious
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institutions. we have the best reason for believing that corruption has found its way into our executive chamber and our head is tainted with the infectious venom of catholicism. in the 1850's, there is a conspiracy against the united popes, but it is of the and already infected the presidency. there are many things you can say about franklin pierce, but don't think pierce was a pawn of the pope. also, communists, this is joe mccarthy speaking in the 1950's, which is, how can we account for our present situation unless we believe that men high in the government are delivering us to disaster? this must be the product of a conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any such adventure in the history of man. not just a conspiracy, the biggest in the history of man, and eisenhower, who won world war ii is actually a secret pawn of the communists. if not eisenhower, then people high up in the truman administration. the paranoid spokesman sees the
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state of conspiracy in apocalyptic terms. ofspeaks of whole systems human values. he has manning the barricades of civilization. like religious millennialist, he expresses anxiety for those who are living to the last days. he is sometimes disposed to set a date for the apocalypse. he's writing about political thinkers, but as a religious historian, this language really speaks to the language of millennialism and apocalyptic vision. when you hear people talking in american politics, they talk about a war of civilization, everything be over if we don't have this, a border wall, everything will be gone. this kind of language, this election does not happen it is all over because of some dark conspiracy, ok? the illuminati. we go back into our history, the illumined ones, established in bavaria in 1776.
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founded by a university professor. it organized its goals and advancement of the latent. -- the enlightenment. it was a real organization set up for enlightenment goals that in 1775, carl theodore, the leader of bavaria, issued an edict making all secret societies illegal. the government published their papers showing they were antireligious. the enlightenment was opposed to the catholic church. this was the reason to expose them. but they show up in the 1790's in america, in an america about to be a involved with france in france,quasi-war with france fighting a revolution and england is about to start a war against france and america is caught in the middle. if you know about the election
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jennifer -- jefferson was framed as a french revolutionary who would make the streets of america run with blood. adams is framed as a moderate that will return the united states to england. the illuminati was seen as a secret force causing the french revolution, a small group of people in bavaria are often accused in the 1790's of being the secret force behind the french revolution. freemasonry, this is a constant in american conspiracy theories. it established in the 18th century, but it claims the ancient connection to the temple of solomon. it's an international society of brotherhood, the secret symbols of initiation. do you recognize any of the symbols? the all seeing eye of freemasonry that finds it way onto the american dollar and onto the jersey of a 10-year-old little league player, right?
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many of the symbols, the parquet floor, the eye, the apron, this is part of when you look at the language of symbols of american conspiracy theories, the symbols come up again and again. freemasons are pan-national, they are pan-cultural, they stretch around the world, they have secret rituals and those rituals may be no more complicated than the lyons club or part of a secret, radical agenda. in a sense, it is a secret society, we don't know. this is a list of famous masonic leaders. 27 signers of the constitution, most of the earliest presidents, washington, franklin, jackson, polk, roosevelt, johnson, ford, others. easy to make the argument if you
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were willing to connect particular data points that the united states government itself is a masonic plot. the reason the great seal looks like a masonic symbol is the masons are behind it. in new york in 1826, william morgan tried to join the local mason lodge and was turned down. he said i will publish a book revealing all of your secrets. he was arrested. when he was released, he never returned home. a body was found in the river in upstate new york. people thought it was morgan. and there was a full-fledged masonic panic. that the secret society was a murderous conspiracy that was attempting to take over the united states. and this was not just a fear that percolated among americans in upstate new york. it became an organizing principle for a political party. anti-masonic party wins elections. it elects anti-masons to political office and its agenda
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is against people in american government being parts of secret societies, because if you are part of a secret society you are not doing a people's work and your allegiance is to something else. this was the argument against kennedy in 1960. the argument that kennedy, as a catholic would have to follow of the pope -- follow the rules of the pope. among people, john birchers and other people opposed to american catholicism, that you could not be both a catholic and an american president because you either serve one master or the other. same thing with the anti-masons. but if the modern, and there are other conspiracies, i'm going to jump ahead. if the way we understand modern conspiracy theories, the way we engage them with our students and our fellow american citizens, the way we do it now changed. it is not this.
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remember, most of these so far and external. the pope is influencing us from the outside. bankers are influencing us. masons are from outside the government creeping in. now if the modern conspiracy theories have a birthday, it is 1947 with the national securities act. it establishes a national security council and establishes the cia, the air force, the joint chiefs of staff and creates the cia. it is charged with "functions and duties related to intelligence." that is boring government speak for secret operations, covert ops. the budget of the intelligence committee was going to be a national secret. it will be a black budget. if we let the russians know how much we are paying for, they will have an estimate and what
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we are spending it on. but this is really important. because, for the first time in american history, the federal government is saying, we are going to have a part of the government that is outside the democratic observation. we are going to have a part of the government that will do secret things that we want tell you about, that will spend money we will not reveal, and we will do it to protect us because we have to have secrets to protect ourselves. and that secret state has evolved and grown and grown and involved in things like the patriot act. it moves into a whole other level after 9/11. it has a birthday. 1947. the idea of a secret part of the government that does covert operations in a world of the cold war that we find yourselves in, makes a lot of sense. there is a reason to have secrets, there is a reason you might need covert actions. this is not that it is somehow
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wicked on its face, but in a a population that trusted the american government implicitly, this is going to be fine if people know they trust the government to make the right decisions and they will not abuse it, than having a secret government apparatus is no problem. but that is not the country that we are, and it is certainly not the country we are as we move forward. this creates a fertile ground for conspiracies. there literally is a box where you can say the federal government did this. the differences against this, one, humans would never do that against each other. that is not a strong argument given what we know about what humans would do. there is a stronger argument to say the american government would not do that. when you get a conspiracy that says the american government did one thing or another, you say the american government would not do that. again, not a big deal in a society where the people reflectively trust the
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government, but it is a big deal for people who are politically awakened by this event. not to shock you, kennedy was shot in dallas 1963. afterward, lee harvey oswald is arrested. the president is murdered in the middle of the cold war. lee harvey oswald is arrested, we got the guy. jumps out of a crowd in front of a row of cameras and police officers, a minor league gangster jumps out and shoots the person who shot the president on national tv. in the context of the cold war, knowing there is a national security state, in the context of moving cultural anxiety of the 1960's, so what do they do? they put the former governor of california and chief justice of the supreme court in charge of the warren commission to investigate this.
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this is a bid to say you need to trust us because if there is one -- if there is one person you can trust, it is the chief justice of the supreme court, the person who is at the top of our judicial branch. he will be in charge and says he acted alone, one man. the warren commission was not believed when it was issued. in november 1963, 29% believed one man did it. 52% thought it was others involved. some had no opinion. , ase move into the 1970's the lack of faith in the government increases, as the sense that the government does bad things goes up. fear increases. that number goes up and up. in march 2001, it 1%. we had an investigation, the
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government investigated, chief justice said this is what happened, and at some point in 2001, more than three quarters of the american people go, you are lying. trust no one. they lie to us. right? then there the relevant -- the revelations of government conspiracies. the pentagon papers in 1971, the documents about what united states was doing in vietnam. watergate in 1972, the president himself is about to be indicted for breaking into the offices of the dnc at the watergate hotel. operation mongoose, the church committee, the committee on assassinations. they come out with things that the government was doing. operation mongoose, we'll talk a little bit about it it was to , harass castro. working with gangsters, intelligence programs monitoring people like martin luther king, inserting government agents into leftist organizations like the
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sds. there were times and jokes that at a time that would be leftist meetings in which half the group was informing on the other half because half were working for the nypd and the other half the fbi. following, taking pictures of king. the house select committee on assassinations comes back in 1976 and raises doubts themselves about the warren commission. we find out that the cia aided in the overthrow of iran and guatemala. experimente syphilis in which african-american men in alabama go to a clinic for syphilis and are not treated so government doctors can monitor how syphilis progresses through the lifetime because penicillin has been curing syphilis too early without telling them or their partners. iran-contra in the 1980's, moving guns to nicaragua. to right-wing grapes -- to
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right-wing groups in nicaragua. project stargate in 1995. through the 1970's and 1980's out of fort meade, maryland, the cia is operating a program to train psychic spies to spy and use their powers against russia. this is written in the men who stare at goats. part of paper clip, clinton really said. -- clinton releases it. bringing nazi scientists into the united states. this is not a revelation. as early as 1947 we knew some of this. the people who designed the v2 that hit london are very soon in alabama, working on the a fellow program. apolloing on the program. not just things about big figures everyone knew about but many of them parts of the nazi
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party who snuck into the united states. now that argument, the government wouldn't do this, is falling apart. so this program was signed by the joint chiefs but canceled by kennedy to do a series of attacks in the united states that would be blamed on cuba to justify military action, it is outed in 1997. they want to invade cuba, we need a false flag operation. conspiracy theorists talking about this are not inventing it out of whole cloth. it is not like they come up with an idea no one has ever thought of in the government. mongoose was a series of plans to harass cubans and assassinate fidel castro. operation dirty trick was a plan that if john glenn's space capsule blew up, they would blame it on cuba.fidel castro. we have these plans. many of them not used, but someone is drafting them. mk-ultra rockefeller committee, , first reveals the cia was
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working on mind control, attempting to use lsd to influence people, to be able to question them, to make them compliant or turn them into double agents so they can use them in russia. the church committee hands over documents, moore handed over in 1978. they randomly drug civilians. there was an operation called midnight climax in which visithns coming to prostitutes in california and new york would be given lsd and monitored without knowledge to see what would happen, so you could test and see if it was a chemical that would be able to be used to give to a spy in moldova and see what would happen. can we moderate and weaponize? all of this coming up in the 1970's, 1980's. it all seems so bizarre so , sci-fi. it undercuts something we would desperately be able to say. we would love to be able to say "we wouldn't do that," but it gets harder to say that
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particularly to minority , communities when they come up with -- people in minority communities have an argument. we'll talk about some of them. to say, we wouldn't do that, that is not something the government would do. throughout this period of revelation, people are not punished. doctors, cia agents, none of them go to jail. people in iran-contra are found guilty but pardoned and find their way back into the united states government. there is revelation without repercussion, and there is a sense some people are above the law. that, yes, the government allowed the small fish to take the fall, but what was going on was never revealed. that area, the dark area of, we know there are secrets very we secrets, -- wer secrets, we know
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bad things are done, allows people to come up with conspiracies that expand to a new level. skull and bones was established in 1832 at yale university and meet in a windowless room on yale university campus called the tomb. it picks people who will be successful. 15 men and women every year. you have heard of this? there are societies with secrets, but are they secret societies? this skull school and bones class of 1947. one of the things you don't know is yale was directly related to the oss and the cia. many of the leaders of the cia, the people you know, a number of people assumed to be on the grassy knoll were yalees, cord meyer, james jesus angleton, all yalees. some of them were skull and
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bones. later, they went into the oss and the cia. a class go into the cia. there is a statue in front of cia headquarters. nathan hale. nathan hale was the first spy killed by the british in the american revolution. i regret that i have one life to give for my country. that statue in front of cia headquarters is a model of another statue on yale university campus because he was the class of 1773. you move forward and say when we get to 2004, you have two bonesmen, george w. bush, whose father was head of the cia and a major oil company, whose father's father was also a bonesman, running against another bonesman in 2004.
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now the arguments are, there is a secret society that is plugged into the american intelligence agency. the guys who are sitting and writing northwood, maybe not, but, the sense is they all came from yale and played squash together and said why don't we have a false flag operation? i don't know that that is true, but you see the pieces are there. a secret society of wealthy individuals altogether planning this. this is the stuff that conspiracy theorists move. when they were asked about it, both refused to comment. george bush saying something to the effect of it is a secret society, and i don't talk about secret societies. so it is a society with secrets, but is it a secret society? another is the bohemian grove. anyone heard of it? it is a large collection of trees in northern california, redwood forest. it is the site of a gathering every year of political,
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cultural, scientific leaders who come to the forest, closed to the press, and live in the trees for two weeks. can anyone identify anyone in this picture? this is 1967 in the bohemian grove. nixon on one side, reagan on the other, harvey hancock, the campaign manager for eisenhower and executive at pan am. this guy to the left of nixon is glenn seaborg. he discovered 11 elements, was a professor at cal berkeley and was in the manhattan project at uc and also was the cowinner of the nobel prize in 1951. later on, moving for peace and arms control, but these are the kinds of people who were there. is it a problem in america that people have a secret society at yale, and with yale's connection to the intelligence
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community, is it a problem they gather in places that are defined as secret? is it a problem that they are there without press? maybe maybe not. , is it a problem they put on robes on one of the first days and have a ceremony in front of a giant statue of an owl in which they burn a human effigy in a ceremony called the cremation of care? it is weirder, right? when someone who is inclined to conspiracy theories sees what the government has done and the connections they can draw, it seems like they are all wearing robes in front of a giant owl burning a human effigy. it gets harder and harder. it gets to be that stuff which is, at what point is a society with secrets a secret society?
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at what level does it reach the point that we should care? or is it still like you are attempting to put something in a place where it isn't? jon ronson wrote a book in the experience that he and alex jones snuck into the bohemian grove and got this footage. is this a big deal at all, because this is the raw material of conspiracy? the raw material for each conspiracy will be a little different. they will mix and match to make a conspiracy, but we have to recognize there is stuff, the raw material is out there for people to make conspiracies. that doesn't make it real or make it work, but this is the well of stuff below drawing from arehe well of stuff people drawing from who are coming into your classrooms. all of this information is on youtube. these are the raw materials. if we are going to talk about these, we need to know the history to recognize what is inbounds and not. elements of a good conspiracy
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group, international scope, a state within a state, the catholic church, the international banks, maybe even some of the organizations depending on how you want to define bohemian grove. it stretches beyond international borders. it has famous members. if you want to see the highest-ranking member is a barber from muncie, i don't think anyone cares. but when you have reagan and nixon in the picture, you have my attention. political or cultural influence. noonspiracy of people with power and no influence has limited effect. money, secret rituals and often sexual abuse. this is a disturbing part of a lot of these is you take people with robes in front of the cremation of care ceremony and add in a little eyes wide shut and you begin to create something that turns itself into comet ping-pong, the pizza place that was alleged to have a
12:45 am
pedophilia ring under it in 2016. some kind of goal. if the goal is to get together and have a party, no one much cares. a little bit about ufo's, and i am going to -- this is a place, one of the things we need to recognize is that conspiracies don't simply involve politics. they aren't simply about political power or connections made at yale or the international espionage -- those kind of things or just oil or money. there is a carnivalesque period that when you trace these, they move to the fantastic. the unreal, seemingly, the unbelievable, the religious, the miraculous. ufo's have been with us for a long time. this is the book of ezekiel, seeing wheels within wheels in chapter one. many people pointed us to say we
12:46 am
have been visited for a long time. if you read it in a particular jaundiced eye or not, it sounds like a rocket. there are flames and spinning wheels and it moves from side to side. it hovers and roars. modern american ufo culture comes from kenneth arnold, the civilian pilot who claimed to see objects moving over mount rainier in 1947. he said they were crescent shaped but skipped over like saucers. they were never saucer shaped , they were crescent shaped. again, we'll talk a little about how part of conspiracy thinking is there are no coincidences. this is 1947 -- is that a connection? i don't think so, but in the eyes of a conspiracy theorist, dates and times will be important and echo. 1947, walter issued a press release that the air force recovered pieces of a flying disc near roswell, new mexico.
12:47 am
roswell is an almost unknown airbase no one had heard of prior to this event, and now he -- now it is, possibly due to the x-files and other things it , is part of popular culture. they issued this calling it a flying disc, then issued a retraction and said it was a weather balloon. the air force investigates ufo's from 1952 to 1970 in project blue book, for those of you who watched the leonard nimoy show, you know, there were a number of shows investigating project blue book. this was a very hot thing in the 1970's. they analyzed ufo data, they investigated thousands of cases. most were explained, but 5.6% remained unexplained. what this reads in the minds of conspiracy theorists is ufo's are real enough that uniformed officers of the air force are
12:48 am
going place to place investigating them and two, they are issuing a report in which they are finding some unexplained. it is not much of a step to say this is a front for men in black going from place to place and covering up ufo's. the next step of alien contact is abductions. betty and barney hill is one of the classic abduction stories, part of popular culture. all kinds of ufo shows involving these things. betty and barney hill saw a ufo september 19, 1961. in new hampshire. they see a crash and figures. they realize their drive home, normally four hours, took seven. this is the missing time that is part of ufo culture. after this, betty has a series of nightmares and physical symptoms. after working with a psychologist -- a psychiatrist -- they claim they remember exactly what happens. a ship landed, they were taken
12:49 am
on board. if i asked you to write down the types of medical exams that were done, everyone knows now. we could say they were probed here and there. this is what it looked like. we have seen it in popular culture this event which seems , so fringy in the 1960's, all of us could have a conversation about 20 abduction feels like or sounds like and we have seen representations of it. the grays became a popular figure. they publish a best-selling book called the interrupted journey. why are we talking about ufo's? they come back into conspiracy theories about the government in interesting ways come -- interesting ways from all kinds of groups. by the 1970's people are talking about roswell is the smoking gun of the ufo movement, proved the air force is covering up alien contact. there are released documents
12:50 am
from majestic 12 that allege an agreement at, pick your air force base, wright-patterson, andrews, in which there were alliances between the ufo's and united states government. bill cooper is a writer, really a leading conspiracy voice who is now dead, but he was a leading voice about a deep conspiracy in the government. there is a conspiracy that the government had made an agreement with aliens in exchange for technology to allow aliens to kidnap and torture american people. the abduction movement, the ufo's, the cia, all of this is a cover-up of a giant ufo cover-up of a giant ufo arrangement. it combines the illuminati, the bilderbergers, the new world
12:51 am
order and others into a super conspiracy. underneath a lot of the conspiracy are bigger conspiracies students are not going to discuss because they are arguing about one particular little bit. it is important to recognize that these things can grow and spawn. they involve carnivalesque stuff. in 1990, the air force released documents about this. it was a high-altitude weather balloon to discover whether moscow was doing nuclear tests, and it crashed. do you think it helped? the issuing of more things was taken as look how close we are getting. they are trying to recover the cover-up because we are about to uncover it. we are about to blow this thing wide open. the more the government said here are more documents, the more they said they are fake. i can't believe these guys are so scared. we have them on the run. the effort to engage with the
12:52 am
conspiracy only leads to making it stronger in the sense of, we are justified. there is other arguments that the ufo conspiracy is one of the air force. the air force is putting out stories about ufo's so when people see test aircraft, they don't say, that is the f-37 stealth fighter. they say it is a ufo. so this is a cover-up to get people to believe in ufo's so they aren't paying attention to what is really going on in area 51. it is an area on the government map no one knew about prior to conspiracy theorists saying it is where they are testing ufo's they got from the aliens by allowing them to abduct people and take bodily organs. have you heard of it? there is a thing you know about that is on the government map
12:53 am
listed as area 51 because the name is top secret because we have a national security state that takes large parts of the united states territory and says, this is area 51. we can't tell you what we are doing or spending, but it is to keep you safe. trust us. i understand you need to test aircraft and i don't have a problem with that, but it plays into the conspiracy. it is the raw stuff to allow this to go on. the other one is ufo's are a cover-up because what they are really doing is they are taking people and probing them and torturing them and doing medical experiments on them or their cattle. cattle mutilation comes in. the cover-up is rather than it being black helicopters of the united states government capturing people, drugging them for experiments, it is ufo's. whoever is on the cattle ranch gets mad at ufo's and not the
12:54 am
united states government. it is a conspiracy of a conspiracy hiding it bigger -- hiding a bigger conspiracy. these are the mazes. these are the wheels. the mazes we go down. these might seem silly, but they show how conspiracy theories expand and darken as they move forward. government covering up technology or something in the sky to the wholesale torture of americans. oftentimes these things will move in a religious way. that this plot of the ufo's, they are not aliens from andromeda but are in fact luciferian beings. religion will become involved in some of these conspiracy theories and it will be common depending on which conspiracies we are looking at. journalist michael kelly argued in 1995 for what he called fusion paranoia.
12:55 am
it was a union of the radical left and right often seen as distinct groups, but a union of them and the shared fear of one thing above all, the boundless, kabbalistic evil of the government and its allies. as you go to the left and the right you will find the villains , become the same, and is the u.s. government. there had been leftist movements or a redweatherman army faction in europe. there are also patriot movements, militias, the aryan nation. both of these groups could agree on nothing about the political outcomes they want, but they agreed the target chosen was the united states government. it is suppressing the rights of african-americans in downtown philadelphia or you want to look
12:56 am
at right-wing movements in idaho, they all identify the same enemy. that is the national security state and all of the conspiracies of the federal government. in 1991, george h.w. bush gives a speech about the new world order. many people who heard that said it makes sense. the soviet union has just fallen. we have had 50 years of cold war in which we have split the world between communist and capitalist. now, one of those is gone. it is time to remake the world. the phrase new world order seems unremarkable. i can guarantee you for other , people listening with ears,ent years -- bonesman h w bush declaring a new world order is a message to his people in the secret
12:57 am
brotherhood. ruby ridge, randy weaver in idaho getting delivered a warrant, the fbi and other agencies were attempting to use him as a witness or source against the aryan nation and he didn't want to. they were going to arrest him on gun charges, and it turned into a standoff in which his wife and other members of his family are killed. waco in 1993. the standoff in waco, texas davidiane branch compound, combining the federal government, religious believers, who had a message about the coming apocalypse like many, including the one i was brought up in, southern baptist, has a belief that the federal government, acting the role of the government they would see them play the book of revelations that turned into a 51-day standoff and turned into mass death and an invasion --
12:58 am
the ats and fbi saying this has gone on long enough that turns into a firebombing. all of these things in the context of the national security state, of ufo's, the american government is hiding, left and right seeing the american government as the problem, revelations of the 1970's and 1980's, and now the declaration of a new world order, ruby ridge, are they coming for our guns, a standoff religious people with the branch davidians, a compound that you have accusations of sex and radicalism, now surrounded by the government that ends in a fireball. the sense that this is a natural first step to suppress and exterminate the american people. there might be a lot of different versions of exactly what the conspiracies are. which of this melange i have laid out for you, putting them together, but they all come to
12:59 am
some similar conclusion. the fault of the government. trust no one. they lie to us. and it ends in oklahoma city. but it doesn't end. timothy mcveigh is at waco, there is footage of this man selling antigovernment stickers on the back of his car, watching waco. he blows this up. he makes a statement that he is -- the united states government has declared war at ruby ridge. 1993 at waco and this is the next act. he sees this as pushing back against a federal government out of control that is part of a long, detailed, oftentimes anti-semitic, aryan nations conspiracy theory. about what has happened to the united states government. pick your pieces from the lego box of masons, jewish bankers, and put them together.
1:00 am
but this event is coming out of that conspiracy theories. and out of the actions of the united states government that has allowed these in many ways not to fault him. maintaining a secret state, a national security state and organizations is allowing these claims to be made and also the actions of things that were done mk-ultra and things going out. makes it harder and harder to make the case we would love to make, which is we would never do that. this is a core of it all. he is a longtime leftist critic of american empires, he says. he wrote about the shredding of the bill of rights. he declared sam weaver shot at ruby ridge as a victim of cold-blooded federal murder. fbi's slaughter the innocent.
1:01 am
canrote that most terrorist be found within our own governments, federal, state and manageable. i'm not sure if you would say that post-9/11. you where gore vidal is as far politically as to mccreary victim -- timothy mcveigh could be. he is deep within the democratic structure. this is tying into 9/11 being an inside job. it is unsurprising, given what i have laid out. all of the pieces of the lego box that are there for our students. they go searching on youtube or they watch a show or hear a talk. thatcome to the conclusion this is four years after the revelation that they have discussed a false flag operation in never did.
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