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tv   USS Missouri  CSPAN  December 23, 2018 3:47pm-4:01pm EST

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safety and security conscious people. be the 's not going to spirit that gets us this. our society, our country is not oing to last anywhere near as long as the roman empire if we our duff and do something. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] submarine was nicknamed the pearl harbor adventure and is one of the attractions here. next, we continue our special look at hawaii with a visit to battleship uss missouri, where the japanese signed ocuments of unconditional officially ending world war ii. ♪
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missouri.ttleship becomes the scene of an unforgettable ceremony, marking the complete and formal of in the bay of tokyo itself the nited states destroyier buchanan comes along side, to capitulation.inal general of the army douglas mcarthur, supreme allied ommander for the occupation of boards the missouri. elcome mcarthur and his chief-of-staff aboard. -- a 20 minute ceremony is to take place. >> right now we're on the 0-1 verandalso known as the
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deck but thanks to the events of september 2, 1945 we now call surrender deck, where september 2, 1945, the japanese signed the surrender ending world war ii. where the table was that day. behind me was rotated 30 degrees to starboard in order to make more room on this deck all the officials that would be on-board. if you looked around above us would have seen thousands of members of the missouri crew, crews from other ships, trying glimpse of what was about to occur on this deck. now, at 9:00 in the morning, was supposed ony to start members from the japanese delegation were making their way on-board there. 11 of them. they made their way up the leader. 9:02 in the at morning, douglas mcarthur and others des crepted from above to start the ceremony. after a few opening words the first person to sign the
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documents would have behalf of theg on japan delegation. to sign those n documents was general douglas macarthur himself. supreme allied commander. he did not represent the united states that. when the fourth person to sign, nimitz. great britain, uss r, there are two copies of the surrender documents. one was to be kept by the united was to be kept by japan. we do not display the originals for obvious reasons. replicas on-board. the originals are in the washington,hives in d.c. and in a war museum in tokyo. we she is have a replica of one pens.rthur's he used sixpence. he only had to sign his name instead he chose to use sixpence for douglas, mack arthur on the first, and
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douglas, mack and arthur for different reasons. it's still done today. wanted to do afterwards was give these pens away as souvenirs. following the last signature he up to the microphone and said these proceedings are closed. e gave a signal and above the missouri over a thousand allied aircraft flew in formationt from at beginning of the ceremony 9:02, ending at 9:25, 23 minutes. end the l it took to history.t conflict in >> now we're back on the uss missouri. come to recognize this part of the ship for an event that happened in world war ii, event and touching it tells you a lot about the ship and its crew. articularly its commanding officer. of oak know attle
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with a, the missouri saw it kamikaze attack. it's a word that means a lot attached to it because of world war ii but the word is far older. 13th es back to the century when twice japan found itself under invasion from a fleet.ian twice that fleet was wiped out a typhoon. this divine wind is what the japanese called upon in the last year of the war particularly in the battle to save the country one more time from the threat of invasion and it's this threat that missouri found itself 1945. april 11, the pilot was spotted 7,000 yards off the missouri starboard standing. we're he came in low. 20 mills and her five-inch guns hit him a few times but still he came in and 1442 in the afternoon, april 11, 1945, he slapped his plane of the missouri,
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just behind here, where you see these two mooring bits. left wing of his fell into fuselage the ocean. it did not cause harm directly missouri. the bomb didn't detonate. on to the ing fell missouri. it ignited a huge fire. the her ships around missouri thought she was sinking but her crew was so good and so ast in their response they managed to put the fire out in minutes. they did a head count afterwards one from the missouri crew had been killed and there were only a few minor injuries. to clean up the wreckage of the wing and the parts that had spilled on the eck of the missouri they found the body of the pilot. first callahan, ship's commanding officer, after finding out that the pilot's body had landed on-board made order to take the pilot's body below deck to prepare it funeral.ll military
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you can imagine members of the missouri's crew were not particularly happy but they respected their commanding and they followed through, and that night, several members of the crew stayed up and -- can [inaudible] in order to be give an proper you must be ral buried beneath flag of your country. the next morning, april 12, behind me there was a funeral held for the pilot. holding the body of the pilot, with the chaplain, fullk, who said a dead enemy is no longer your enemy and then at 9:00 in the morning, chaplain said simply, commit his body to the deep. not many people have ever heard story even though it's one we like to tell at the missouri and the reason why no has heard of it is because it got no press coverage. no one talked about it, and 12, 1945, use april the day of the funeral is the roosevelt died and harry truman was sworn in as our next president of the united states.
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now we're inside the on the s import cabin missouri. it's for the captain of the issouri when the ship is in port specifically or when he's got visiting dignitaries and he to act as a diplomat in a foreign port. a memorial association has large historic collection. the collection is all the way to uss n day with the current missouri submarine. e've pulled out some artifacts for display the two you see here are two important pieces of the ship's history. hey are both fragments of the plane, kamikaze plane that hit the missouri in 1945. right was taken by a crew member and fashioned painted. paint and
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you've got two very different pieces of the plane but they on the ed up back here missouri. the next two things that we have are, play here today again, from the kamikaze attack on the missouri in the 1940s. these two artifacts are actually largerces from something and they were both recovered by h division which division of the missouri. body down ook the below, to the dispensary, they brought the body down and a funeral. for t some point, in that process, the commanding officer of the as well as a -- two man as well, came upon fragments of the scarf that the pilot was wearing. and then te small,
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this one from the medical large. is quite now, they both bear the same pattern. t's a faint floral pattern, in addition to the oil and things that you can see on them. fragile two of our most rtifacts, and in the coming year, as we redo our display, one of these fragments will display to the general public. but for now, they are so fragile keep them in a climate controlled area. setne of the most important of art facts that we have on-board the ship are known as and they were given to the crew of the missouri who were on-board for ceremony as a way to verify and for them to prove to script that they were on-board. signed. is you can look very closely. by the fleet ere
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admiral. and nimitz, and you also get the captain, the commanding murray, and then you also get douglas mcarthur's signature. bears the name of each individual crew member, so for -- third class. handful of only a them. they are incredibly rare and incredibly important to telling he story of the surrender aboard the missouri. the next two documents we have ere are actually -- actually show the timing for september 2, 1945. comesecord as each person on-board from nimitz to mcarthur, to when the ceremony 9:25 and then when each person and ship leaves as well nd you will note that the ceremony ends at 9:25 and the japanese officials have left the missouri by 9:29 in the morning. we've already seen how detailed battleship's plan can be and one of the things we have
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are the plans on of the day. they detail everything that will to exact board down times and we have one from august 340, 1945 that bears a in it by the ship's second in command. commander leon. that's incredibly telling, and bears the weight of what was just a few pen in days time on-board. energy, we have the ability and strength to prepare for and to put on a glorious finale.r the grand if each of us does all he can in his last push, then, as i said long ago in newport before the commissioning when our grandchildren gather around and did you do - grandpa, what in the great war, we will all missouri.was on the the missouri is bow to bow with the arizona. start for the , americans was the attack on pearl harbor december 7, 1941.
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the rest ericans and of the world the final end of world war ii was that surrender on december 2, 1945, aboard the missouri. so by having the missouri harbor we e in pearl have the book ends of world war ii for the united states. the beginning on the arizona, the end on the missouri. bowed, the u.s. missouri six-inch guns pointed this and otherh programs on the history of communities across the country. this is american history tv, only on c-span3. >> on december 27, 1968, apollo 8 splashed down. that same evening, cbs news


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