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tv   Interview Kellie Mejdrich  CSPAN  January 9, 2019 4:23pm-4:34pm EST

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house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader, chuck schumer. starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span3. as the government shutdown continues, we're joined by kelly mate rick, appropriations and budget reporter. what are some of the programs that are closed that are having the biggest impact on the american public? >> yes. so the irs, for example, treasury, lots of national parks, although some of those are trying to be kept open for longer. remember, there was only five of the 12 appropriations bills funding the government that were actually enacted into law before the end of 2018. so the other seven -- that's -- you know, there's homeland security, commerce, justice science, interior environment, agriculture, transportation, hud. and then there's also financial services. and then this -- you know, this homeland bill is one of the most contentious ones.
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this is the -- customs and border control, transportation security administration, the people who check our bags in airports. a lot of these people are being forced to work without pay right now. and the big -- the big event that we are looking to is this friday when federal workers -- epa is another big one -- are set to get a paycheck and are going to miss pay. so friday will be a big day where the impacts of the government shutdown now become really concrete. >> well, tell us about the approach in the house. last week, the 116th gavels in, they took up two packages of spending bills. this week, they're taking up four separate bills. why are they doing this approach, and why are they starting with the treasury and irs bill, financial services bill? >> so that's one of the most immediate impacts that people noticed. the trump administration -- president trump's administration has already tried to rearrange
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funds, so they say that these w-2s and tax refunds can still start to be kind of -- they can least issue out the w-2s, because this is going to affect irs refunds. but, again, that's only a matter of how long extra funds kind of lying around in these agencies' coffers carry over balances. other small amounts of money in various programs. they can somehow use their authority to move that money to keep things open. but, again, so we're going to first go with this financial services bill, funding irs, treasury. this is going to be on wednesday, the house is going to vote on a rule, which contains four appropriations bills. the first one they're then going to vote on separately, send over to the senate as financial services, then on thursday we have agriculture. then interior environment, and then on friday, the expectation is consideration and passage of the transportation hud bill. so in addition to those
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legislative vehicles you announced -- or you mentioned earlier, which are spending bills they did at the very beginning of the convening of the 116th congress, the house is now also launching four other spending bills to the senate this week. and if nothing else, you know, the house republicans have been saying this is just messaging, these bills are not approved by the president. if nothing else, this is providing the senate legislative vehicles on which they can move funding bills to the president. you've already seen the senate with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky using one of the appropriations bills approved on january 3rd, introduced by the appropriations chairwoman, anita lowey of new york. you've already seen him put that on the calendar and use this fast track process to try to key that bill up for consideration, be even. even though it's not particularly scheduled for any consideration. they're already staurting to ge their hands on some of these house bills so they can have
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something ready to go if a deal is struck. >> on a related issue, we're seeing the reporting of your roll call colleague, paul krausak. you're tweeting about that. why is this important? >> this is really important, because it introduces another potential deadline for lawmakers to come to action on the shutdown before something really, really bad happens. so the current law under what's known as the pay as you go law, states that within 14 days of session -- not counting holidays, weekends, if during 2018 congress spent more than it was bringing in with various authorization laws -- let's say farm bill, reauthorization of children's health insurance programs. if those programs contributed to the deficit, the current law states that there must be an equal amount of cuts to the government across the board. this is what's known as sequestration. really long word to explain these funding cuts that would come as a requirement under law
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that's designed to make congress pay for the programs that they're authorizing. now, every year at the end of adjournment, which we call see me bay -- right before that, they do what's called wiping the score card clean for this pay as you go law. so they wipe off all the extra costs of these exams and then the sequestration, the across the board cuts shdoesn't happen. currently, by january 24th, as my colleague wrote, and i contributed a little to that story, you know, they'll be forced to cut $839 million from nonexempt programs. mostly mandatory spending, whether it's medicare -- that would be like 90% of that would go toward medicare or $753 million. now, when we wrote this story, omb said to us, hey, hold on. all of the decisions are on hold. we're not going to cut $839 million, mostly on medicare.
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the government is still shut down. the fact remains, this is in law that these cuts were required to be made. so that's another thing to watch to see how congress addresses and whether they do something to avert what would be breaking core campaign promise of the president, not to cut medicare. >> and on this 19th day of the government shutdown, cq now tweeting your story, negotiators return to the table wednesday on shutdown. quickly, what are you looking for as these negotiations continue? >> yeah, so me and my colleague, jennifer, we're both splitting up on the house and senate sides. more action on the senate in terms of lawmakers at least talking a little bit more about what it looks like they're going to be doing. you know, they're having lunch on wednesday -- today with president donald trump and vice president mike pence. i'm going to be looking for defectors in the house, i think, today. they had a meeting with the vice president on tuesday to discuss kind of the messaging plan against house democrats' movement of these bills.
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the white house and republicans overall are trying to stay as a coalition against these spending bills, calling them show votes. but, you know, democrats are countering that. look, there are going to be some randy effectors. we saw on january 3, seven republicans who voted to fund as well. there could be more now as the shutdown continues to sting. there's now fears, even though usda said food stamps will go through february, there are now fears there won't be enough money for even programs like that. so the shutdown is really starting to sting for republicans and democrats equally. so i'm going to be looking for those defections. there are also some defections that my colleague, jennifer, reported on the senate side of republicans saying, hey, let's just fund the government. let's deal with this border fight later. this is too painful for people. because on friday, there's going to be a lot of people looking to pay their rent, and they're not going to have a paycheck. >> that's our appropriations and budget reporter with cq roll call.
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find out more, and also follow her on twitter at kelmej. and thanks, as always. >> thank you. texas voters elected nine new members of congress during the mid terms. five of them republicans. dan crenshaw is a former navy s.e.a.l. who lost an eye to an ied in afghanistan. he was born in scotland and spent some of his childhood in south america, where his father worked in the oil industry. voters in the fifth district elected lance gooden, who has also served in the state legislature. he was an insurance broker for energy companies prior to his election. chip roy is a former u.s. senate staffer, having worked for senator john cornyn, and as the first chief of staff for senator ted cruz. he also worked for then governor rick perry, even government writing a book for the governor. mr. roy has also been a federal prosecutor. van taylor represents the state's third district. he was previously a member of
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the texas state legislature, serving terms in both the state house and senate. before his political career, representative taylor saw combat in iraq as a member of the u.s. marine corps. and in the sixth district, ron wright succeeded congressman joe barton for whom he had once worked as both chief of staff and district director. earlier in his career, he was on the city council of arlington, texas. new congress, new leaders. watch it all on c-span. sunday on "q & a," author and columnist, james grant. >> i make my living by writing about markets in something called grants interest rate observer, which is much too expensive for some of the people out there. i think the trouble lies not so much in wall street as -- wall street is what it is. it's been a name either -- not so widely revered. an infamous name. wall street is an epithet, mostly in american history, right? but i think what we are more --
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what we ought to be more on our guard about are the institutions in the federal government that are avowedly benign in their intentions. the federal reserve, for example. the department of the treasury. the securities and exchange commission. these institutions set up as benefactors for the public. and i think increasingly, they are not so. >> author and columnist, james grant. sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q & a." and we are standing by to bring you live to des moines, iowa. we're expecting remarks this afternoon from tom steyer, talking about his drive to impeach president trump and his own political future. if he gets under way with that press conference, we'll have it for you right here on c-span3. in the meantime, a short while ago, both


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