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tv   Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz Ret.  CSPAN  March 25, 2019 7:33pm-8:02pm EDT

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with lethal consequences. we must never listen to those who tell us we no longer need to worry. as a progressive as a democrat and as an american i am here to say, we must never ever ask the jewish people to defend their lives alone. we must all stand beside you and america our good and progressive america must always protect the state of israel. thank you. >> shalom. our thoughts and prayers go out to the families whose homes were attacked by the rocket this morning in israel. the strong resilient people of our nation are attacked yet
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again forced to live this constant reminder of our enemies hate and unwillingness for change. this hate fueling a century of conflict may be the only things our enemy -- because this hate, this misery is all they live for. our people, our people live for hope. we live for the promise of a better future which we constantly --. those who seek life are always stronger than those seeking death and i am telling you you will not change that.
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my friends prime minister benjamin netanyahu did well going back to israel . i would return to israel today as well to stand and commit to fighting in defense of our people. one thing i know for sure, israel will once again and always prevail. my friends i am a soldier that is who i am, that is what i do.
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i have thought in -- i commanded complex military operations in painful wars. i led commander units into enemy territory. i was the last israeli soldier to proudly leave lebanon in may 2000 after being there almost 22 years. i've lost friends, i carried them with me many times everywhere. i have devoted my life to the state of israel and the jewish people. today as the chair of the blue and white party it is an extraordinary honor for me to be standing before all of you
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here today. good morning president of the board of directors, chair of the board, president-elect, my friend and distinguished members of congress aipac activists and members, ladies and gentlemen , all of you are soldiers too. let me tell you what we are fighting for. even though we have the best army, the best air force in the world, the best fighters in the universe, even with this army, even with this air force, even
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with those brave fighters, we must remember that if we want hope we must have unity. we want security. we must have unity and throughout history the only way we have won is by being united. unity is our past and unity must be our future. my first assignment as a combat soldier was to accompany and secure an egyptian resident on his historic visit to the state
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of israel. exactly 40 years ago tomorrow and just 200 yards from here president jimmy carter and the prime minister of israel along with the president of egypt signed their historic agreement showing us that great and brave leadership can change history. i have been a soldier on a mission to ensure israel's safety. i am not like every other soldier. none of us is like any other soldier. we are jewish soldiers.
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that includes the rules of engagement and the 10 commandments. the computer code and the code of the process of prophets of israel. and it is this code of our nation that led me on a secret mission 28 years ago. as a young officer i lead my soldiers through sudan an enemy state and there in the hot desert we met the bds -- jews who fled persecution . together on a military cargo plane we came back home, a home they
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have never seen before but dreamt of their entire lives, the land of israel. among the jews was a little girl. she was only three years old, even i am excited now. carried they crossed the desert leaving half of her family behind. that girl is here today. can you please stand up?
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>> hear -- [ applause ] >> i am so proud to have you in my party and in this room with me today and this thank you. we were set on this mission sent on this mission because the state of israel has and will always have a moral duty to ensure every two around the world is safe -- jew is safe
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and the mission is not over yet. i know that because this year when the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh was attacked i like many of you said staring set staring at the tv. because we are jewish we will not stand idly by. we will not tolerate racism. we will not tolerate anti- semitism. in my wallet, in my wallet i carry a black and white photograph of my mother on the liberation day waiting waiting only 90 pounds still in striped pajamas at the concentration
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camp. a few years ago i put another photograph next to it. this one is in color. it is of my son dressed in uniform of israel defense forces [ applause ] as i said this was taken the day he completed his paratrooper training. let me tell you a small joke here. he went and served a battalion that i served and that my wife served as a social worker.
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she was asking in the interview why do you want to go to this battalion and he said because my mother is so good to me. yes -- me of the chief of staff of israel defense forces. i was so proud at that moment. but on the most serious note, let's all agree that between those two photographs lies the entire story of the people of israel. three generations and three symbols -- the time of
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holocaust, the war and the young and strong independent israel. those photographs also teach us something else. they teach us that strength and moral power come together they teach us the strength that power must come with high moral standards. they teach us that miracles do not happen on their own. we have to protect them and we will protect them and that is why i say from this stage to the iranian regime, never again
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. we will not allow you to establish your self in syria. we will not allow you to develop nuclear weapons. i am telling the iranians, you know my friends and you know me and not only through my cell phone. on my watch, on my watch you will not become the regional power and i will not hesitate to use force if and when needed.
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yes i truly know i truly know that the of tayron and the children of jerusalem are both born free of hate. i know the iranian people are waiting for a new dawn, one i hope we will all get to see in our lifetime. children let me tell you this, i am telling you has bala, hamas, al qaeda, isis you know -- therefore i am telling you that the reality in the south unfortunately is today that is
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really children spend their nights in bomb shelters while hamas celebrates and it will end it now. it must end now. the head of hamas has forgotten what happened to chief of staff. they will get a personal reminder if they continue targeting our population. we will maintain our military edge. we will thoroughly keep our
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security advantage by land, by sea and even [ indiscernible - low volume ]. who would like t a new page we will extend our hand in peace, and we will strive for peace with any honest arab leader. with every future agreement, with every future agreement, if it comes in when it comes, we will not compromise on those issues. jerusalem is, and always be israel united and capital.
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the jordan valley is and always remains israel eastern security border. the responsibility for the security over the land of israel will remain in the hands of the ideas, if the ideas is alone. this is something which is very unique to israel. we will never ask anyone to fight for us. we will take care of ourselves. we will never withdraw from the golan heights. however, as the
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former chief of staff, and the future leader of israel, i know the secret of our strength it is based on our ability to stay together. unity, that is the secret weapon of the jewish nation. our ability to stand together should not be taken for granted. no one asked who is reform and who is conservative. who is orthodox or who is secular before going into, i
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never checked to see who had keep her under their helmets. let me tell you, my friend, that dialogue is tearing our nation apart. it may serve political purposes, but it is shredding the fabric that holds us together. is the proud owner of the red beret, worn by delivery of the court, i can tell you with confidence that the western
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wall is long enough to accommodate everyone, everyone. looking at ourselves, we know there will be no radical transform inside the political map rolling. there will be no honeys running our country. there will be no races leading our state institution, and there will be no corruption leaving our way, no corruption whatsoever!
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the leaders of israel cannot be led anything else other than their best interest of israel and its people. but, my friend, let me tell you, and we all know it, that the people of israel are strong, but we cannot do it alone. this is the time to recognize our strongest ally, the united states, you, the american people , juice, and on juice. the united states was the first nation to recognize the historic real build of israel
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in 1948, just 11 minutes after we established it. president from, a true partner and an ally of israel. president donald trump, thank you for recognizing jerusalem as the capital of the jewish people, and for placing your embassy there. , thank you, president donald trump, for recognizing israel savanna t over the golan heights.
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we are thankful for your strategic partnership, and we want all of america, republicans and democrats, all of americans, republicans and democrats, to move forward with us in the spirit of true bipartisanship that served us so well in the past. bipartisanship, what a word, i am in is really an, very hard. and so, my friends. i am a soldier. the proud soldier. and after life fighting what you have heard of, and once you never will, i am here on my next assignment, to put our people before everything, our
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security before everything, and hours dutiful vibrant and strong set of israel before everything i am doing it for my kids. but, i am doing it for your kids as well thank you very much. here is a look at the c- span three schedule next, hearing on protections for undocumented immigrants. after that, fda commissioner dr. scott gottlieb talks about his tenure, and the future of the fda then, a forum on the role china plays in global global
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affairs. on capitol hill this week, the house tuesday will vote on overwriting the president's veto of the resolution terminating his order emergency declaration the house passed it to 45 to 182 in february. that is short of the needed two thirds majority to override the veto. and, on thursday, the house will vote on a nonbinding resolution rejecting the president than on transgender americans serving in the military. lighthouse coverages on c-span. the senate continues work on a judicial nomination for the federal appeals court covering the western u.s., votes expected to stay on that nomination. also, federal disaster aid, and a resolution dealing with the green new deal, much live coverage on c-span two.
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