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tv   House Judiciary Hearing on Issuing Subpoenas to Former Current WH...  CSPAN  July 18, 2019 5:36pm-8:03pm EDT

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space craft problems and the moon landing. >> and they're all cheering. and you get in weird feeling. it's chilling that it vokes in through the room and i get it and say, my god, we're actually on the moon. >> explore our nation's past on american history tv. all weekend every weekend. only on cspan3. the house judiciary committee met last week to decide whether to subpoena white house officials about the trump administration's family separation policy at the u.s./mexico border and also the committee's ongoing obstruction of justice investigation relating to the mueller probe. the judiciary committee voted along party lines to issue the subpoenas. >> judiciary committee will please come to order. a your up being present without objection the chair is authorized to declare recess tennessee. pursuant to committee rule 2 and
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house rule 11 claus 2. the chairman may postpone further proegtd on the question of approving any measure or matters or recorded street for anys nays pursuant to notice i call up the chairs's rfrmgs authorizing the issuance of certain subpoenas for documents and testimony for purposes of markup and move that the committee agree to the resolution. the clerk will report the resolution. >> resolution offered by chairman gerald nadler resolved that upon the adoption of this resolution the chairman of the committee on the judiciary is authorized to issue subpoenas for the documents and testimony from current and former administration officials relating to the following. one, the zero tolerance policy and other family separation policies and practices, two detention or short-term custody of children and/or families, and three discussions about or offers of presidential pardonens to department of homeland security officials or employees. in addition the chairman as his
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discretion. >> without objection the resolution is considered as read in and open for amendment at any point i will begin by recognizing myself for opening statement. today the judiciary committee will take additional important steps to toward greater oversight of the trump administration in two areas. immigration and alleged obstruction of justice. first immigration. every oh the past several months we held hearings and sent letters to the agencies of jurisdiction. regarding a series of catastrophic and inhumane immigration policies. many questions remain and it's past time to hold the administration accountable. in january as one of my first acts as chairman i sent letters to the then department of homeland security d had. s second nielsen then acting attorney general whikter and current health and human servicess secretary azar. asking them to turn over information and records person tank to development and execution of the administration's so-called zero tolerance which really meant family separation immigration
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enforcement policy and the detention of migrants. i am pleased to say that dhs and hhs have for the most part complied with the request. however in a span of six months the department of justice has produced only a estimatoring of heavily redacted emails. and yet to get these documents represent the administration's most substantive response to the various immigration-related inquiries we have made in this congress. in april we requested documents and information regarding troubling reports that the administration was considering retaliatory actions against certain members of congress who the president deemed to be in opposition to his funding and policy priorities. that the president openly discussed attacking on social media, shocks the conscious. after sending a follow-up letter we were told by agency officials that because these actions were never executed there was no need for the disclosure of related documents or information. that, however, is for congress to decide, not the
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administration. whether we need that information and those zumts. in may 2019, along with several judiciary committee colleagues i wrote to dhs demanding immediate investigation into the deaths of five migrant children at the southern border over the last six months twels as well as the committee member breasting on conditions in short-term holding facilities. having been to el paso twice this year, i was already aware that conditions were dploerable and unacceptable. and with the release of two dhs offices of inspector general reports my concerns have groan exponentially. to date dhs has not provided a single briefing or any response to the letter. i use these examples to highlight the scope of serious concerns we have raised with the administration and the systematic withholding of information from the congress. zpit our oversight responsibility on behalf of the american people. we have given the administration ample time to respond to these serious reports of egregious conduct. in committee cannot sit i'dly by
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there must be oversight and accountability. on that subject, in april 2019, along with the chair of other committees. i sent a letter to acting dhs secretary kevin mcaleanen requesting information relating to president trump offer to pardon him if he illegal closed the southern border as the president reportedly suggested he should do. a follow-up letter was sent on may 29th but we have yet to receive response to the inquiries. that matters. because it represents a serious threat to our rule of law system and brings me to the other group of subpoenas we are authorizing today. element just elaborate. for a president -- now these are allegations. and news reports. which we want to check out. for a president to order an administration official to violate the law and to say don't
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worry if you violate the law i'll pardon you would be a terrible dereliction of duty and terrible violation of his -- of the president's duty to see the laws faithfully executed. it's an open invitation to violate the laws. and this brings mo he to the other group of subpoenas we are authorizing today. these 12 subpoenas relate to the committee's ongoing investigation into ails of obstruction of justice, public corruption and abuses of power. including such conduct zroibd within the scope of the mueller report. the special counsel who will be appearing before the committee next week found in his report that the russian government attacked the 2016 u.s. presidential election in quote sweeping and systematic fashion unquote. the report also detailed 10 instances of possible of obstruction of the investigation of that most serious matter as well as other possible misconduct. the committee on the judiciary has a constitutional obligation to investigate yebl allegations
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of misconduct. we have been doing that through pursuing the unredacted mueller report and key related witnesses and documents. there is no substitute, however, for primary evidence as the committee makes decisions which is why we have sought documents and testimony from former white house counsel donald mcgahn. . hope hicks, and former deputy white house counsel annie donaldson. today we focus on 12 additional witnesses including government officials worked or continued to work in close proximity to the president. the witnesses can you those outside of government who have critical information in connection with our investigation. we will not rest until we obtain their testimony and documents so that this committee pan congress can do the work that the constitution and the american people expect of us. i now recognize the ranking member of the judiciary committee, the gentleman from georgia mr. collins for his opening statement. >> thank you, mr. chairman and here we go again on another
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round of and episode of premature subpoena authorizations brought to you by the democrats on the house judiciary committee. aside from the lack of specificity or lack of a lot of things and lack of maybe raw school understanding of a subpoena this is again another trick trek down an empty road in the world of the oversight the markup makes no sense we have a zero tolerance policy this is a area where the chairman sent a single request to the administration back january 11th not a single follow up request since thp nevertheless has the kmrgs produced a steady stream of documents the department of health and human servicess made a total of 20 productions nearly one per week for over 7500 pages the department of homeland security has made over four productions including one earlier in week. amounting to over 3,300 panls as you can see in the boxes beside me the department of justice provided six productions totals 1,200 panls and some of the administration voluntary made 29 productions totalling 12,000
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pages yet the chairman wants to issue subpoenas for more documents. second, the chairman wants to issue a subpoena for information regarding the detention of children and families in a subpoena for information about the discussions or offers of presidential pardon foss dhs employees. the chairman only tangentially issued a document request regarding detention pack in january. a subpoena it is not only premature but unjustified. the chairman has zero predicate. he was telling the truth when he said during the earlier subpoena authorization he views the subpoena as a beginning of a dialogue process. third, the chairman wants to continue a subpoena binge and issue additional 12 subpoenas to individuals related to the mueller investigation. the chairman has had no formal contact with three of the individual and the subpoena will in fact by i say i guess as we've heard the beginning of a dialogue process. once again i want to emphasize, the chairman has not sent even one written request to tleep of the individuals on this list we are authorizing. four of the individuals were part of the chairman's short
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lived and now defunct investigation into the 81 trump ashts associates. each individual cooperatewood the chairman cooperated with the inquiry before the investigation seemingly has died on fine vain. incredibly another individuals has already received a subpoena from the chairman. he produce the documents as well but i guess the chairman is going to reward him with yet another subpoena. because apparently the first one wasn't good enough process. i guess there wasn't enough dialogue. again, the record devoid of any basis for subpoena authorizations. at least the chairman is consistent. this is a pattern we have seen several time before. if you cooperate with him you get a somebody. if you ignore him he will leave you alone. in the world of congressional oversight the subpoenas make no sense at all. but in the world of politics today's markup makes perfect sense. when we left for the july 4th recess mo i friends on the other side were reeling having a very lebron james and public interparty squabble over funding more for humanitarian cries at the border. the kriez the the committee failed to address. before with he get back to town we are cigaretted by the chairman's intention toth op the
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subpoena binman. focus on issues he hasn't touched for months if at all. this is a happen hazard way of conducting congressional oversight. it's no wonder over other committees have taken the lied on investigating issues. the jordinary committee is trying to play catch up chairman cummings issued stps to dhs a hhs and. doj back if february five months ago. ipsi has been consistently leading the way in regard to mueller investigation. one of the subpoenas is for michael flynn. a person ipsi is close to bringing in after issuing him a subpoena last month. the chairman refused to review the the report and held the attorney general in contempt. meanwhile adam shif got access to the underlying documents. if the goal is information or testimony our chair is failing. but he if the goal is political theater we are winning chairman shif also threatened to subpoena the special counsel and he
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forced the chairman's hand. now instead of a hearing where all of the members get to ask questions we are having our legs cut out from under us by limiting questions not all republican members will be able to ask questions and not all democrat members will ask questions processes an odd format is the result of chairman not taking seriously this information and moving forward and we're all here to suffer it. in fact let me bring up it's against house rules but that's another problem we've never had a problem with here in the last six and a half months and the democrat minneapolis are not happen. imts a chance to change the narrative and prove to his rank and file and the dynamicic caucus, we can be tough on the president trump flrgs after being pushed around six months. today a chance to show we have what it takes and we will not bow. next woke a hearingened one of the largest most talked about investigations in two years. and this committee got rolled. the intel committee gets the to
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all questions this committee does not. this committee gets to divide in the haves and have knots. we're all elected bangkok sides. this a fares, especially when it flies in the face of a five minute rule that is conveniently being ignored. here we go again as i've had to say for the past six and a half months let the show begin. >> thank you, mr. collins. without objection to all other opening statements will be included in the record. i recognize myself for purposes of offering an amendment in the nature of a substitute. the clerk will report the amendment. >> amendment in the nature of a swt to resolution offered by mr. nadler. stroik all after the rchlg claus and insert following. that upon the adoption of in resolution the chairman. >> without objection the amendment in the nature of a substitute will be considered read. and shall be considered as base text for purposes of amendment. i will recognize myself to explain the amendment. my amendment in the nature of a substitute makes no substantive changes to the resolution and simply makes a technical revision to form attorney
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general sessions name as stated in the resolution. therefore i urge adoption of the amendment and yield back the balance ofmy time. i reigns the ranking member of the judiciary gentleman >> the broadness of this, the lack of specificity of this, the understanding of looking at it and saying what do we want? and as i stated in my opening statement we are here again for sure this committee has become run by press release when we cannot do substantive work, this is not the way subpoenas are supposed to work, this is not the way that congressional oversight is to work and for those of us that hope to work in the majority quit ruining for the rest of us because this is not the way they are supposed to work and things are supposed to happen there has been no follow-up on many of these, some of them have never even gotten the first request
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or even help the ones that have responded are getting third with another subpoena. let's keep going. >> any amendment into the amendment or the substitute?>> in that case.>> the gentleman from ohio. >> move to strike the last word. >> the gentleman is recognized. a >> mr. chairman, despite the fact that millions and millions of taxpayer dollars in 22 months were spent on an investigation and a report that determined that there was no conclusion and collision by the trump campaign with a let russia and they determined that there is no obstruction of justice the majority continues on what clearly is a fishing expedition , yet more subpoenas here today, i agree completely with the ranking member, that this is much ado about wasting this committees time, and avoiding other issues which are within our jurisdiction which we continue to avoid. it is really a fake impeachment, a fake impeachment, to satisfy
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the hard-core democrat base who hate this president, who despise the fact that he is still on the white house and in fact, despise the fact that he was ever there. now this committee has allowed itself as a ranking member said to be rolled, runover, rush on by the intelligence committee, it is really embarrassing for a committee that really has had significant statue in this house for so many years, rather than wasting more time on this fishing expedition, we could be spending our time on things that really matter on things that would actually benefit the american people for example, we had nearly a quarter of 1 million people enter our country, flow into this country at our southern border of the last two months alone, think of that, a quarter of 1 million
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people in two months and most of those came in through our very flawed, asylum process, which we ought to be able to come to some a bipartisan agreement if we actually talk about it, discuss it, have hearings on that issue, it is so flawed we have people that are paying drug cartels to come here, the money is flowing back there when these people are coming in at one point, people are literally coming down to watch tv and they are coming down loaded with drugs and boxes right down the way from that, because our border is so unprotected at this point and putting the american people at risk, that is something immigration, asylum etc. is within the jurisdiction of this committee. but, we essentially ignore that over and over again. and as i said, the cartels are making huge amounts of money with this, this is putting the american people at risk, we had 70,000 people who died of drug overdoses last year.
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70,000 people, drug overdose, most of it, opioids, much of it fentanyl for example, and that issue is essentially ignored this committee, there is people by the way, when they come here, they are told the so-called magic words by the cartels again who are making the money, they come into the country and they are given a court date, 2- 5 years down the road, about 10% actually show up for the court date the other 90% or so, completely ignore it and are put on a bus and are put on a train, a bus or a plane, shipped off to someplace in the country, our congressional district here and they essentially disappear and it is in the population. and, that photo which i think a lot of us really, it hit us that that father, and that young child, that died, that drowned coming into our
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country, horrible incident, never should have happened but we should not forget that our policies, as they remain or our lack of policy lowers the people to our country, the young women, the mothers and the fathers who literally give birth control knowing that their daughters have a good chance that they will be wrapped by the coyotes or the other people that are bringing them up here so it is just horrific that is the kind of stuff that we ought to be dealing with instead more subpoenas, more racing this committees time, it is really a shame, this committee ought to be better than this, it has been in the past hopefully will be in the future. and i yelled back. >> the gentle lady is recognized. a >> mr. chairman, just a little chronological history let me acknowledge the importance of
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this subpoena, on a number of bases, but, my friends on the other side of the aisle and certainly those who are here in 2013 remember that the brunt of what we are facing today falls at the very feet of this house and the republicans. because in 2013, there was a bipartisan bill that came to the house, from the senate, 68- 32 led by john mccain, i think even chairman graham was on the bill and now chairman of the judiciary committee. and that was to address the problems of the american people as it relates to immigration. a pathway to citizenship. and, the members of this house, democrats were prepared to work with the bill we had a bill, and we are prepared to work with the building go to conference. the republicans did not want to answer the call of the american people to fix the broken immigration system. and i have come back from the border and i can assure you, that children are still being separated from their families.
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children are still being housed and the reason why they are housed as children labeled unaccompanied, because i asked the question, do they become unaccompanied because you separated them from their families? yes, that is how they became unaccompanied. and so, it is important to note, as your policies still effectively undermining what i think the american people are most outraged about, is that is the care, and responsibility for these children. now if you go and talk to migrants one on one, they will tell you that as they were told to me, that sum was murdered, they went to the grocery store and came back and saw their nieces and nephews, drug. someone who had broken into their house. and they had to escape with their life, these are migrants who are on the side, are on the
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other side of the border. the policy that the president says is working, i have no quarrel with the mexican government, they did whatever they had to do, diplomatically. but there are no work permits. there are no facilities that these migrants are supposed to stay in. they have no guarantee that they will not be thrown out into the street because there are no places for them to stay, there is no healthcare, and yes they are human beings. so, it is important for us to be able to utilize our authority, our oversight responsibility and to ensure that the cases adhere to, that there is a short-term custody now we understand that there is a massive 700 per child a private prison being built somewhere. with no authority from the united states congress. wasting money, reprogramming, taking money. yet they could not take money mr. chairman, ranking member, they could not take money to
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answer the call for toothpaste and toothbrushes. they could not reprogram the money in the dhs and they continue to whine about the congress not responding that is not accurate. our hearts were 20 american people are torn, they are concerned about these children. it is crucial for us to respond to them. and then to be able to deal with the litany of individuals from flynn, to jody hunt, mr. kelly, korda, rosenstein. mr. sessions, mr. davidson. and mr. howard. dylan howard and . to be able to continue the oversight that is the responsibility of this committee. because the american people are asking to be informed in a way that they can understand, the enormity of what has occurred in his administration.
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we may soon hear an announcement about the census. incomplete contrary, to the supreme court decision. this administration will stand up to the supreme court and tell them that they are not worthy of their name and begin to issue executive orders on the question of citizenship. on a census. so i do not have any doubt that this subpoena is for nonpolitical purposes, it is for purposes of information. and it certainly is for purpose of dealing with the important question of the responsibility of this judiciary committee, and finally i would argue the point that offers of pardons and questions regarding homeland security officials, are important, inasmuch as mr. chairman they are announcing raids that they will frighten everybody and be putting everyone in danger a separate more children from families again. i think that it is important that we move forward with his
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resolution for a subpoena with that i yelled back. >> strike the last word. >> mr. chairman, quickly, since this is about the subpoenas, let me just first respond, there is and i am glad to see my friends on both sides of the aisle, the other side of the aisle have joined us on this side of the aisle and acknowledging there is a crisis on our border, we have been battling while in the majority, if you join the democrats that didn't want to secure the border, but the failure to is secure the border is what caused this crisis, the failure, the promises, the legalization, amnesty, better living conditions, all these kinds of things, have continued to lure more and more people here, now if we didn't have
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immunity in congress, then you could have the survivors of those who have died trying to get here or the hundreds of thousands potentially that have been personally harmed, on the way here, they would have lawsuits against members but, we have immunity. but we know in our evolved system of justice, that if you have for example a swimming pool in your yard, and you failed to put a fence around it or a wall around it and somebody comes in and is harmed, drowned, they have potentially major verdict they are going to get against the individuals who refused to put a wall or a fence around an attractive nuisance. now that is the legal term, not mine. that is what has been created by our friends across the aisle. an attractive nuisance that has
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lured people to their deaths, to horrible living conditions. and then, when this administration is begging for beds to take care of these people, we were told that the crisis created by the refusal to secure our border did not exist. oh, it is a manufactured crisis, doesn't exist. and so i am glad at least we now have is people that stuck their head in the sand and said there was no crisis. now acknowledging that there is a crisis but, let's be real, about what created it and what will solve it. and continuing to encourage people to come from around the world in greater numbers than ever, is not the fix, now with regard to these subpoenas if i put my role and rolled back on as a judge or achieve justice, and think about because it is the way you have to look at
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these things, will a federal court enforce the subpoenas you would want to see what was the process, what is this about, it is about the mueller reports, what did you do? we first subpoenaed bar because we said it was a summary, he said it was just to get out the conclusions because he knew the report was coming but we subpoenaed him even though that is totally irrelevant if you want to know what the report said. and, then we finally got around to having an agreement for mueller to come testify, but i am telling you if you told me six months ago that chairman schiff would be able to marginalize the judiciary committee and chairman nadler then i would say that will never happen. i found otherwise. our committee has been rolled on our jurisdiction over special counsel, that is our jurisdiction, the members on both sides of the aisle ought to all be able to ask questions
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and not be marginalized by the chairman of the intelligence committee. but we got rolled, and so if you are the court, looking to see because that is the only way to enforce a subpoena and a contempt, it would be if you arrest them and put them in a little cell up here, but otherwise you got to get a federal court on board to hear with you, and when they see the process that has been followed here, it doesn't make sense. it makes it clear, maybe this subpoena is an effort to make it look like we are trying to get back our jurisdiction from the intelligence committee. but whatever the case, this is going to damage future majorities, regardless of which side of the aisle it is a terrible precedent, and that is why these subpoenas should not be coming now. instead, we ought to be demanding full time to question mueller about the report then, issue subpoenas if necessary for the witnesses that make up
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that report if we are not satisfied with mueller, that would impress a judge and that , these subpoenas would be meaningless i yield back. for what purposes, does the gentleman from florida wreak seek recognition? >> thank you mr. chairman. i can't start without just making clear what everyone on this committee knows to what everyone in america knows, united states of the america is not an attractive nuisance the united states of america is a beacon of hope and opportunity to people around the world as it has been since our founding. now, i strike the last word to
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speak out strongly in support of a subpoena authorization. i would expect bipartisan support for these authorizations first, to the list of individuals related to the committee's investigation into of obstruction of justice, public and other abuses i have heard many times from my republican colleague on the other side of this side that they do not want expert witnesses, they want the people who were there, for this list should satisfy them. these are the key players both in our ongoing investigation and in the mueller report, that is exactly , exactly what my republican friends have been asking for. up to this point, unprecedented obstruction by the white house has blocked testimony and appearances by the people who were there. but we will not stop in the face of baseless claims of privilege, i think the chairman for his continued work and pressing this committee's work forward. and i hope that the minority will join us as we continue this important investigation. secondly, this authorization also authorizes subpoenas for information related to the detention or short-term custody of children and/or families. by the trump administration.
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that is the administrations whose policy dictated tearing kids from their parents, it is the same administration that has put kids in cages. mr. chairman, in the days before the committee's february 26 hearing on immigrant detention, the administration dumped thousands of pages of documents on the committee within those pages, we found reports of incidents of sexual assault and misconduct involving unaccompanied children in the care of the office of refugee resettlement. those incidents included 154 staff on unaccompanied minor, allegations of sexual assault. and now, this week, nbc news reported, new allegations against customs and border protection agents, a 16-year- old boy alleged that the sleeping mats removed from his cell after he complained about the drinking water.
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while some of these incidents are reportedly under investigation, but dhs's office of inspector general, they demand full congressional oversight and swift accountability. we cannot, we cannot stand by and hope that the trump administration does the right thing because time and time and time and time again, they do not. and it is children who are paying the price. kids. innocent kids. we have seen it with our own got eyes. these kids are kept in, from texas to my own state of florida we cannot stand by and think that the inspector general will just simply handle it. we cannot stand by and wait for a response for multiple letters. this is urgent. we cannot stand by and ignore our duties as an independent rent and branch of government and mr. chairman we absolutely cannot stand by and allow human rights to be violated beneath
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the american flag. the administration is going to continue is unprecedented obstruction we will continue to respond. today we authorize an important step forward in providing oversight of an administration that simply must be reined in. i think the chairman for his leadership and i yield back. >> mr. chairman? >> what purpose does the lady from arizona seek recognition? >> and moved to strike the last word. >> mr. chairman and members, i am absolutely disgusted by the obsession that is going on here of trying to undermine the president of the united states. and you know, and then to hear that you know, we are not doing, the republicans are not doing anything about immigration are you kidding me? i mean we have immigration bill after immigration bill that members have submitted and are in front of this committee that have not even been heard that
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could help solve this problem. and then i am really irritated that next week, we are going to be questioning robert mueller and i do not even get a chance to question him, this is just plain wrong, i have been elected just like anybody else here and for the leadership in this committee, to decide that only certain members and this only time for certain members to be questioned even on your side of the aisle, is just plain wrong. and i yield back my time.>> the gentle lady from california. >> i moved to strike the last word. a >> the lady is recognized. a >> let me begin by saying i think the last several years until january of this year, the republicans controlled the presidency, the senate, the house, and comprehensive immigration reform was not passed.
6:12 pm
earlier this year there was a child welfare case in california involving the abuse and captivity of 13 children. the parents were charged with abusing and imprisoning the children only allowing them to eat once a day, and to shower infrequently. these parents are serving life in prison. for their crimes against their children. today, the department of homeland security is imprisoning children in crowded cells for extended periods of time without adequate food, supervision, medical attention or access to basic hygiene needs like soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. trojan are suffering and attention from the flu, chickenpox and measles. and every state in this country there is a child abuse, child neglect, medical neglect, a state child welfare agency would remove the children from these conditions and arrest the parents. by the way, it is never routine for an adult male to patdown a female child that is never routine.
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we cannot tolerate state- sponsored child abuse. the department of homeland security says they do not have the money to treat the children better, we provided 4.6 billion to address the humanitarian crisis at the border, and specifically said that the money could not be spent to build additional detention centers. yet dhs is expanding for- profit, immigration detention centers in states far from our southern borders. they found money to expand four profit detention centers but somehow they do not have the money to provide soap, toothbrushes and medical attention for children? john kelly, president trumps a former chief of staff, and secretary of homeland security during the family separation pilot program, now serves on the board of the company that was handed a $341 million no- bid contract to run the homestead center, an influx detention center for children. a company that runs the center
6:14 pm
charges $775 per day him up her child yet children in detention have access to only the most basic services? and then often times not? there are foster parents in this country who do not get $775 a month. to care for a child. the untold story of this debacle is the corrupt windfall of dollars that businesses are making. in february 2018 i received reports in my office that a large number of instants and a toddler's were sent to the office of refugee resettlement services. these are services designed for older children, who typically arrive at the united states border alone. we can understand how in infants and toddlers are crossing the border alone. they were not coming alone, they were stripped from the protective arms of their families and they crossed the border together.
6:15 pm
more than 2500 children were separated from their families under the administrations zero- tolerance policy. the administration said that this policy was handed, ended but it was not ended, children are still being separated from grandparents, from aunts, uncles, siblings and in whose world are these not families? it is a lie that the administration ended this policy of breaking up families, this is about punishing children and families so they can send a message back to their central american countries to not come to the united states. cbp agents do not have adequate training to determine whether a child is abused? and there are no clear standards for what criminal convictions constitute a danger to a child. there is no due process and no judge to determine the best interest of children at the border, we are using law enforcement to address the humanitarian crisis. i have been to refugee camps in
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south sudan, and uganda. children are never separated from their parents. what is going on at the border is an embarrassment to our nation. there is a crisis at the border, a crisis that has been fueled by an administration that refuses to address the root causes, why do people leave their countries? dollars should go to help the central american countries, not cut aid. we need these subpoenas to get all the facts about family separation policy and to get the facts about how agencies are awarding contracts. the administration has not responded to our letters. and we now need subpoena authority to end the unconscionable treatment of children, immigrants and asylum- seekers. thank you, i yield back my time.>> i think the gentle lady, for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition?>> i moved to strike the last word. >> the hypocrisy in this room
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is a staggering to accuse the dedicated men and women who serve our nation at the border patrol as child abusers this simply is despicable. they are doing everything they can under the most difficult of circumstances to provide for the needs of these children who have been brought here illegally in large part in response to the promises of a free healthcare, free legal representation, even being shielded from deportation after committing crimes in this country, to equate our border patrol to child abusers, i think just goes beyond a paul and to hear claims of kids in cages under trump, i bring the majority's attention, the report yesterday, and in the new york post, which pointed out the democrats on the house oversight committee sent out a pair of tweets wednesday and earlier this month with photos of migrants sleeping in a
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detention center to publicize an immigration hearing in capitol hill just one problem, the pictures were snapped in 2014, during the obama administration. the democrats deleted the two messages and claimed it was an error, i think a lie would be more appropriate. esther chairman, this is a committee that has been shared in the past by giants of our history, men like james buchanan, daniel webster, when we speak of and abuse of power, i think the real abuse of power is right here before us today. 12,000 pages of material have already been produced for this committee, i wonder if we have even read them. three of the 12 subpoenas are a people for whom we have not requested any information yet whatsoever. when the subpoena process is abused to this extent, it cheapens the moral and legal authority of all subpoenas of the house and the moral
6:19 pm
standing and authority of the judiciary committee that it may well i'm a very need to use some and in the future in fact i think i statute has already been diminished and compromised, we have seen that already the dramatic truncating of our legitimate authority, the question for special counsel, the, this committee is already been eclipsed, i think precisely because of the way it has comported itself, and that is obviously a decision has been made by the democratic leadership. the executive and legislative are separate and coequal branches, they cannot interfere with the internal functions of the other. and the frivolous and indiscriminate abuse of the houses subpoena power, can only be interpreted as an attempt to interfere with the executive dysfunction by tying down key officers with unlimited demands to produce paperwork and this
6:20 pm
is not a new issue. congress has tried to do the same thing to truman, eisenhower, johnson, carter, both bushes, clinton and obama, with the same results. and the courts consistently act the presidency. the congress, even try to subpoena truman and the subordinates after they left the white house and the court said the same immunity implies. if this is an impeachable effect, offense, that i think every president since i would've , was born should've been impeached. many of the i think the democrats on this committee are suffering from what the air force call target fixation, that is the phenomenon when pilots focus so much on the target that they fly the airplane into a mountain. many of their candidates in trump districts ran a self- described problem solvers instead i think people are seeing they are not problem solvers but troublemakers and they are the ones who are going to be most likely held to
6:21 pm
account. the first calls for trump's impeachment came one week after the 2016 election. our chairman was cut openly plotting impeachment just days after the 2018 election put him in charge of the judiciary committee. mr. chairman, democracy depends on the willingness of all sides to accept the result of an election. and that did not happen this time and that is a very dangerous phenomenon in a nation like ours and meanwhile the violent crime rate is rising we have a crisis on the border, on matters that are under the jurisdiction of the judiciary committee and all matters that have been unaddressed by the judiciary committee in fact make matters worse we passed three bills out of committee, last month to grant amnesty for millions of illegal aliens already in our country. which ensure only to attract more, to attempt a dangerous and illegal crossing into our southern border. >> will the gentleman yield for a moment?
6:22 pm
i just wanted to agree with the gentleman that this committee has in the past been chaired by giants that i would hardly consider james buchanan among the giants. i think the gentleman for yielding. the time has expired. the gentle lady is recognized. >> june 10, 2018. that is almost 13 months ago and that was the day that i became the first member of congress to talk to the members who had been separated from their children. i went into a federal detention , into a federal prison where they were being held just south of my district. and i will tell you i would not have gotten access to that place had it been a four profit detention center. i happened to be a government federal prison and they actually believe in being
6:23 pm
accountable to the people that give them money. so i was able to get in. and talk to over 226 mothers and fathers who had been separated from their children. separated at the border, at that point, sometimes for three weeks to four weeks, they did not know where their children were. mothers, who told me that they could hear their children crying for them and they could not go to them. mothers who told me that they were given slips by the immigration enforcement agents with the names of their children on the slips except guess what, those were not there children. you know why? because the immigration system, because the entire health and human services system, nobody knew whose children belonged to whom. nobody had kept track of them, nobody had planned for this. nobody knew what was going on and in fact if they did, they had actually told the higher ups, not to do this because it would cause lifelong damage to those children. and mr. chairman we have got commander white here, who testified to that with scott
6:24 pm
lloyd is sitting right here, next to him. that he had told scott lloyd that this would cause irreparable, long-term damage to these children to be separated in some cases for seven and eight months now. and you know what scott lloyd did? nothing. nothing. and on june 13, 2018, two days later i was in this committee. this committee sitting right there, controlled by republicans. with this republican majority refused to do a darn thing about these family separations, not a single hearing. not a single hearing. and you know what, the country was outraged it wasn't just the democrats. two weeks after i went to see those children, working with organizations on the outside, working with people who were outraged by what was happening because this is not any kind of america. i republican america, not a democratic america.
6:25 pm
zero humanity policy. laura bush wrote a compelling op-ed, franklin graham, the evangelical spoke out, the churches spoke out, but you know who didn't? you know where there was complete silence? on the issue of the family separation? right here in this committee from the republican majority. right here in this committee. so mr. chairman, these subpoenas are not just appropriate, they are absolutely essential. essential, we have had no accountability around this trump administration zero humanity policy. and we now know that the youngest child who was separated from his parents was only four months old. four months. we do not know this because the government disclosed this information. we know it because of a new
6:26 pm
york times investigation. and according to the new york times, immigration officials took four-month old constantine away from his family when he requested asylum to an immigration officer's station outside the american border. he followed the directions set out by then secretary nielsen but immigration agents still took his son away. constantine's dad finally agreed to be deported on the condition that he be reunited with his son, immigration officials told him that constantine would never be returned to him once he was on a plane but sorry that he would be returned to him once he was on the plane but constantine never came. so despite the claims from the administration at nearly 500 parents chose to leave without their children, we have a clear example of coercion. of parents doing everything they kid could to regain custody only for our united states government to deny family unity.
6:27 pm
but we never had a hearing on family separations in this committee under the republican majority. we have sent letter after letter, after letter. thank you mr. chairman, thank you to the immigration subcommittee chair, thank you to members of this committee, including jackson lee who are with us on a trip to the border last summer, but nothing under the republican majority, so do not tell me that we have done what we can know we have not done what we need to do and that is why we need these subpoenas because this administration is lawless and it trades in cruelty and money. let's be very clear that the for profit detention facilities that john kelly is now on the board of, the board of after overseeing the implementation of a family separation is the company that is profiting off of the cruelty to children. as a mr. chairman thank you for doing these subpoenas i am in full support and i yield.>> for what purpose does the gentleman
6:28 pm
from arizona seek recognition? the gentleman is recognized. two i appreciate it, >> i appreciate the passion in this committee, this is a committee full of passionate people who think about issues deeply. and care deeply. i also had an opportunity to visit multiple detention facilities and holding facilities and i will tell you, one of the ones i happen to be able to visit was a for-profit, private, ice detention facility, and i didn't have the same experiences my colleague did but that is lovably unique to me, i get that. but these subpoenas seem to be overkill in my mind it is probably too early, i think that we can get these folks to come in i think that we can negotiate this. but it gets, leaving that aside i am especially troubled by the format that has been reported
6:29 pm
to me for the upcoming hearing. so, if we start 8-10 minutes late for that hearing if we only had two hours then we will see it over to the intel committee, mr. chairman schiff is apparently running this in some respects, if we start 8 to 10 minutes late as we do this morning. that will lock two people off who will not be able to ask questions. if we adhere to the five minute rule. but, we likely will not because it is not unusual for individuals on the other side to be allowed to go over minute or two. in their questioning that in the response necessarily of the witness but in the actual questioning. and if there is a some post testimony commentary which is sometimes the case as we see, how we have even seen here today, that will further erode the time, so if you happen to
6:30 pm
be sitting on the bottom row here and you have one hour and you have one hour, that is a two hour limit, i minute you get about 11 people in, but we start moving to these other things, you start lapping up members of that 11. and if you are not part of the 11, what are you? you are being treated unfairly. and disproportionately. we have taken the forceful step as a committee whether you agree or disagree to subpoena robert mueller, the special counsel. it is our committee's jurisdiction. it is not the intel committee's jurisdiction. but we have done this because we find his testimony to be valuable. so valuable that we are going to subpoena him in. but we are going to constrain the opportunities for members of this committee to ask questions. that is neither appropriate or fair and quite frankly probably
6:31 pm
does not comport with the rules of this committee or the house. the chairman of our committee has said that we should not dictate the terms and conditions of the testimony. but that seems to be what is going on here, either that or chairman schiff has been dictating because we are getting only two hours. and then it is going to go to the intel committee. well, that means not everyone on this committee will get the opportunity. and that means that we have a hierarchical system. a system is based on treatment, quite frankly where you sit on the committee. it means if you are in the front row, i happen to be on the front row, i was just inches away from the back row. but it means the membership of this committee is not democratic, and we are not going to all be treated equally. but i know everybody here has questions so, the washington times reported asking them what do you want to ask questions of
6:32 pm
mr. mueller for and they stated what they want to ask questions four. bad news for you, if you sit on the front row you are not in at 11 most likely. and that means that you will probably not get asked questions that you told the washington times to do including me, i told him what i wanted to ask. so, the way i view this is, if we are really going to go by the plan that we have heard that has been related to us that we are going to get an hour of peace and we are going to go to the five minute rule, that means that my time to ask questions has been seated over to the intelligence committee. instead of this committee where we have jurisdiction. and that is really really, wrong. this is a committee that has a long history. and we are undermining it by that type of session to the
6:33 pm
other committee and by not allowing us to hear to the rules the five-minute rules for everyone to ask questions. i yield back. >> moved to strike the last word. >> thank you mr. chairman, and with respect to my colleague on the other side of the aisle i will say i would like to bring this markup back to the fundamental issue before the committee. which is these critical subpoenas that we are poised to authorize on the administrations dangerous and disastrous zero- tolerance and family separation policies, that is why we are gathered here in this committee room today and i share the concerns and emphasize with the frustrations of my colleague representative who i thought articulated the sentiments of the people in my district and in my state, very effectively. i think many of my colleagues here in the committee know that like many others am the son of
6:34 pm
immigrants, my parents were refugees from east africa and so i understand the importance of immigrants to our communities and of the often difficult circumstances that have led many to seek shelter, refuge and a home in the united states. and for some, coming to the u.s. it is a desire and for some it is a need. and regardless immigration is certainly made our nation stronger in countless ways and so i share the outrage by the continuing stories and horrific images of the inhumane conditions immigrants at our border in a detention facilities across the country have the been subjected to, we have heard deeply concerning reports over the last several weeks. of children being housed in unsanitary facilities is sleeping on cold, concrete floors. without proper medical care, toothbrushes, soap, windows, or proper nourishment. we cannot allow this treatment to continue under our watch, and i will say that these inhumane conditions are not just occurring on our southern
6:35 pm
border they are happening in facilities across the country. including in my home state of colorado i continue to be alarmed like many of my constituents by basic human rights violations happening within a private detention facility run in colorado. a geo group is the largest private prison company in the united states. and hold immigration and customs enforcement contracts to operate immigration detention facilities across the country. and as we have heard from my distinguished colleague representative and other committees in the today, these private facilities benefit from limited oversight and they operate under a financial interest in which they receive fixed payments from the federal government or individual. so the incentive is monetary. not the health and dignity of individuals and so we see the result of that broken and absurd system when you have at the facility that i mentioned in colorado, subpar medical care and use of restraints on
6:36 pm
folks in solitary confinement even the department of homeland security's on investigators raising various issues about the facility itself and by the way that is what i also believe this committee should hold a hearing on a detention facilities including geo group in particular and why support representative pramila jayapal dignity for detained immigrants act which would end these four profit facilities once and for all, ultimately, for all these reasons and more, i think it is critical that congress provide critical oversight for the continuing conditions that are at the border and that detention facilities especially in light of this administrations dramatic expansion of enforcement efforts at the border and numerous reports of detention facilities providing locally inadequate medical care. the subpoena before us today will allow this committee to ask administration officials important questions about these policies and to hold them accountable which it is long past time for us to do and so i appreciate the chairman's leadership on this front as well as representative subcommittee chair women leadership and i want to
6:37 pm
balance my time. i yield. >> gentleman yields back, the gentleman is recognized. >> with all due respect with my friends on the other side of the aisle, not all of these subpoenas are for zero- tolerance policies so we are talking about that. and you're talking about jared kushner, david packer, rod rosenstein and we know only well those aren't for those, so we have spent over two hours in hearings arguing about whether the attorney general can be held in contempt for not violating the law. we spent over two hours in these hearings talking to john dean and three cable news pundits about whether there is obstruction of justice. we have spent two hours over two hours in this committee talking about a bipartisan solutions to the mueller report
6:38 pm
which the nature and the testimony have brought to the hearing changed the day before. but we are going to spend two hours and nothing longer talking to the guy who wrote the report. i have joined, i joined ranking member collins very early on saying let's bring in bob mueller he is the one that wrote it, let's deal with it, let's go through that and let's have all of that and now we have been dealing with these circuits sideshow hearings for months. and they have been doing it constantly and it is not because any witness that has been in front of those tables has had anything substantive to add to the narrative. it is a hearing, we have done them over and over again. and i have sat through everyone. i tried to be here and contribute as much as possible, i find out this morning that next week i have my constituency has no license in the hearing, none. not a single voice. i'm not going to be able to
6:39 pm
participate and i'm not here to whine and kick dirt i quite frankly do-nothing people sent me here to kick dirt but i think it is unbelievably disrespectful to every member of this committee and i think it is unbelievably disrespectful to my constituents to put those kinds of parameters in place so with that i would kind of end on a question and if we are going to limit the guy who wrote the report, to two hours a committee time, i'm hopeful that we are considering limiting all of these hearings we have with the subpoenas witnesses to two hours a time because if we are not, if we are not going to spend more than two hours dealing with him while he is here in our committee then i do not think we should be spending more than two hours dealing with any of his underlings that we are trying to pull in front of the committee for another sideshow so with that i yelled back. two i yield the ranking member. >> you make a great point, we had a pic for eight hours.
6:40 pm
i am still waiting to hear from the chairman how he plans to get around the fact that we are breaking in violating the rule on the five minute rule and only limiting 211 people i think they will put a magic we are going to adjourn. that is not right. not right to your members. not right to these members, this committee got rolled, let's admit it. and we are in a position now to where you got members on our dice, a lot of members on your dice that i can see they are excellent attorneys that want to ask great questions but this is where we are at andy's subpoenas and i would understand look we have never objected to having oversight hearings on the border or any part of it. this is the prerogative, you can have these and you're having more next week and there was no need for a subpoena there, i get i think when you look at it from a legal oversight perspective the question becomes if these are so broad and asking what we are looking for i mean, come on. this is where we are having the problem we needed to change the narrative today this is what this is about, this is a table
6:41 pm
out over there and for those on the camera this is what this is about. we need to have oversight hearings we need to do investigations more and we need to do these things but also our members need to be able to doctor robert mueller if he's actually going to come that have that conversation. but in the anthill, when i get to ask all the questions of every member will get to ask questions we don't. when we have jurisdiction primary of this, that is a problem. and you can argue that we need these subpoenas and i appreciate my colleagues saying yes we need to see this, fine, we are going to have them authorize the subpoenas but again, let me go back for just a minute, some of these had never had contact before, never been contacted by this committee or never leading with the subpoena. okay? that is will you we are going to do but at certain points in time i think it is a deeper issue that is very concerning is it went over the last number of days, we have been giving mixed reports every time we have almost asked on what this hearing will look like next week. asked opinions. first it started off with three different drinks first it started off and this is straight from the chairman's
6:42 pm
mouth to me. but now we are finding out 11 so i guess we just decided that the state of north dakota should not have a voice in this. i guess that is what we have done and florida and others and california just do not have a voice in this. do not tell me this is the best we can get and also as i was a rented earlier and of the chairman reminded me on several occasions earlier when we had these kind of hearings witnesses do not get to dictate terms, i guess chairmanship gets to dictate and the witness gets to dictate without that i yield back. >> the gentleman yields back. the gentle lady from, for what purpose from florida seeks recognition?>> thank you mr. chairman i moved to strike the last word.>> thank you, before i make my remarks i just want to respond to some of my colleagues across the aisle, what you hear is not necessarily passion, when you hear us voicing our concerns for children being detained, it is outrage, outrage that so
6:43 pm
many of our colleagues refuse to stand up for what is right. and instead, try to use the criminalization of immigrants to score political points with your base and that is something that is just a very low point in our government. so i just want to stand here before you to support the authorization of subpoenas because it is vital to extracting basic information from this administration. what we know right now is that this administration has instituted cruel and inhumane policies against migrants, children, and families. thousands of people are being held in overcrowded facilities at the border, we have seen the horrific images of children being held in cages, sleeping in concrete floors, families continue till this day, to be separated. what we do not know, is how
6:44 pm
these detention facilities are being run, is actually going on at these camps, and what the administration plans on doing to make sure that migrants and their children are safe or when they are going to stop detaining kids in cages. now, homestead, the homestead for tangent facility is in my district and i have visited that detention facility now several times. i have made multiple requests for information, about what is happening inside the detention facility, i have asked about the camp hurricane plan, last week i sent a letter for information on 51 different points about the conditions at homestead. have i received any answers? no. what i have received is conflicting messages. from different agencies. and june, 26 there was a press release where hhs said at the end of may there were 2200 kids being held at homestead in a prisonlike facility. most of these kids about 80% of
6:45 pm
these kids have family members right here in the u.s. however, they are being detained by a for-profit company because it is to their incentive to keep these kids locked up, they are making close to $2 million a day by keeping these kids locked up in a for-profit detention facility so i do not want to hear that the administration is running out of funding to deal with the crisis in the border when they are paying $775 per kid at the homestead detention facility and then we see kids that have no toothbrushes, no blankets, it is ridiculous. now, what these kids are going through is so shocking, that the center for human rights and constitutional law filed a motion at the end of may. in support to enforce the florida sentiment agreement because they are in violation of the florida settlement agreement. some of what we read in the most and motion is very
6:46 pm
disturbing. the homestead detention facility has a no touching policy. and, here is a statement from a child who was held at homestead. the rules here, you cannot touch anyone. sometimes when your friend is crying, because they cannot stand being here any longer, you want to be able to give them a hug. but you can't because it is against the rules. another child describes her constant sadness at the camp. i often feel sad and depressed here. i am accustomed to getting hugs for my family into having my family say good night to me. i do not have anyone to do that for me here. i cry in my room sometimes. i try to distract myself by reading the bible, listening to music or talking with other kids. but it is most hard and sad to think about my family because i miss them a lot. we have to take into account what harm we are causing thousands of kids by this
6:47 pm
administration. and we have to remember that these are children. that are being held. while their families are in other places in the country. waiting for them. so, i would like to ask for unanimous consent to enter into the record three declarations of children being held at the homestead detention facility that were filed as exhibits in the floors versus bar case for the central district of california. >> that objection. this . the gentle lady yields back. the fourth purpose. >> mr. chairman i want to say i am really disappointed that when mueller comes and i'm not going to get to question him. i was looking forward to it. i read the report, i read that unredacted report, you know, i
6:48 pm
think i am qualified to ask questions i was a prosecutor in the navy. the defense attorney in the navy, practiced law in the civilian world and was a district judge, i was elected to congress and i just thought i would get a chance to ask him a question. i think it is critical that we are letting a witness dictate terms to us. it is a double standard, when the attorney general wouldn't submit himself to questioning first off, we held strong and said he had to and he chose not to attend and now mueller can come in here and dictate terms to the committee. i think it makes us look weak. and against i think it is inherently unfair that i do not get to ask him questions so with that i would like to turn it over to the ranking member, doug collins. >> again, this is the district, it is absent from the table next week because of the agreement made by the majority. again. as we continue to stay it is interesting though and i agree with a lot of the discussion i have said this before and nobody would disagree and we are having them next week.
6:49 pm
we are having 105, 30, monday. the inspector general showing up, it is called asking. from an attorney perspective it is called asking and trying to work with that that is the way oversight works. and we have been told and given letters that supposedly would say we do not remember but we are continuing to find out that there has not been a lot of contact and especially there can be no notes that especially the names have never been contacted for the first time. but we are going to leave, let me reiterate this is about the table to my right in the press because they have to change the narrative. the narrative was also going out and that we are trying to change it to reclaim what should be our complete jurisdiction and we have let it go. because now, it intel is to do what they want to do, sherman to tell us what we want to do. and that is just the problem and has been no discussion about that but also that it has been interesting as we go forward again on immigration, and discussing this there are
6:50 pm
things that we can do, things we can work on, it would have been nice yesterday to actually have had a bill that many of us agree on and i had to reluctantly vote no on it because i wanted this to happen but even if we had a cosponsor to remove those caps when you go to the agency that will pull this out it was pointed out that this was an unworkable bill and they knew they chose to ignore it because they had to get it out, a simple discussion could've happened we could've had 400 votes and instead we put something of and be dishonest with the community that we passed a bill yesterday- it won't help you because we want to put a bill that will work. anyway, that was the bill that we worked on. i wish we could work on it
6:51 pm
again and hopefully we can work on it again and we can come back and all those for. i am sorry that you can't to ask questions next week. just to go over what is happening with my colleagues and the majority, many of you house judiciary democrats have spoken up in favor of impeachment and your speaker doesn't support impeachment and so what she has done is turned other committees on you. there was a out of your conference what are you going to do send elijah coming home or at a shift and what she has done to block your access to go about your impeachment endeavor is she is taking the time away from the bottom row of the judiciary and giving it to the intelligence committee because if you centralize that it accelerates the argument that
6:52 pm
the chairman and any of you have made in your variance various conference meetings. i want you to know she is dividing the committee and giving your time to intel and we think that is a bad precedent. we disagree with impeachment, but it is that the committee whether you are in the majority or we are to be functionally defrocked by intel and in doing so in a way for the speaker to maintain some attention. i hope you get it sorted out. >> finishing up, now they are excited about this because we are upset and maybe they can use this leverage to get something else. it is not the way you do business. >> thank you for holding this- >> strike the last word?
6:53 pm
>> thank you, this is a very important hearing and these subpoenas are critical to our ability to perform our oversight function and for me in particular, the subpoena relating to the zero tolerance policy and what is happening on the border are especially important. as you know i represent el paso texas which has been ground 0 for many of the trump administration policies of cruelty and those policies include child separation, child detention and they have resulted in child deaths. we have had children dying in american custody for months now. one of my colleagues a little while ago was complaining fast
6:54 pm
she perceived us as trying to undermine the president. absolutely. absolutely. child detention, child separation, child deaths, we are absolutely trying to undermine that and the only way to get to the bottom of this up orange behavior of these hateful policies is by shining a light on them. i want to think so many of my colleagues who have been to el paso on congressional delegation visits colleagues who have been to homestead on congressional delegation visits. we have an obligation to get to the truth and an obligation to expose what is happening in the name of the u.s. government. and with regard to the subpoena that will help us get to the bottom of russian attacks on our democracy, russian attacks
6:55 pm
on our country, foreign meddling in our election and the cover-up intended to make sure that that meddling and those attacks don't get exposed , it is about time that we get these subpoenas. it is about time that we get this information. we can protect our election so that we can protect our country and the american people against all enemies foreign and domestic. mr. chairman, thank you i yield back the remainder of my time. >> the gentleman from virginia. >> thank you. i figured i better speak now because i wanted to speak next wednesday and it is unfortunate i will speak on behalf of the whole front row. i think it is disappointing
6:56 pm
that our time is given to the intelligence committee. there is only one of us that is on both. i commend her for being on both. i hope that she will get to ask her questions because i don't get to ask mine and i would like to be able to ask mine because i have white if you. i was in my district over the weekend town hall meetings and those questions were asked by my constituents. what questions are you going to ask robert mueller and i have several that i would like to ask and they are not funny they are very serious questions, but because of the decisions of this administration, i am not going to get to ask my questions and, you know what, my constituents deserve to be represented at this hearing because the questions, the issues that are being discussed affect my constituents. the waste of their tax dollars on the investigation continuing
6:57 pm
to focus and to try pursue impeachment under the guise of oversight is ridiculous in the view of many of them and after the special counsel found there is no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia this committee continues to make and try and make that case so i have a lot of questions for him for when he determined there was no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. there is a lot that is not in the report that we know about. i want to find out the answers to those questions and, yes, i want to also under the issue of immigration try and fix the problems at the border. i am very glad that, finally, this house took action and passed for the humanitarian crisis at the border because this president was calling for a package back in may and this
6:58 pm
house did nothing. nothing, to pass legislation until just a few weeks ago when, after there was a bipartisan bill that came over from the senate this house determined that they were going to pass a partisan bill out of the house and delay that aid for that humanitarian crisis and it was only after this majority and this speaker realized that that was going to further delay into the july 4 recess into july possibly into august and after august before any kind of conference could be convened and worked out did the speaker yield and pass the senate passed version. i am glad that they did and i was proud to vote for it
6:59 pm
because aid is now delivered to the border to assist in that crisis. i have been saying since the first day that there is a humanitarian crisis on the border. many of us on this side have been pleading with the speaker to take action in a comprehensive way to address not just the humanitarian crisis, but the enforcement of our borders which is an emergency. thankfully the president declared an emergency at the border long before anybody on the other side acknowledged there was an emergency. we had just folks on the other side ridiculing members of the side of the aisle for declaring an emergency at the border, mocking and to set the record straight is important on who was calling it an emergency and who was calling for action and who only reluctantly has come to the
7:00 pm
table and said, okay, we will though to provide to address this crisis. we need to set the record straight- >> thank you same thing we heard earlier that only 13 months ago for the first time ever did any member of congress go talk to people that were being detained i did that numerous times during the obama administrations the same facilities they were not at not adequate then and they are not now, that has been going on for years some of my friends across the aisle just didn't know it. >> time has expired.
7:01 pm
>> i think everything that can be said has been said other than the ranking member referred to the possible witness-as being underlings of mister mueller. they are not underlings- >> i did not say that. >> i have the floor.>> common, and they are not underlings, they are direct witnesses of possibly obstruction of justice and therefore they need to be subpoenaed, they need to be here and they need to have as much time as possible. it is so important that we get the direct witness and best evidence to obstruction of justice. obstruction of justice options mister mcgann go and tell sister mueller that he is fired , direct witnesses of people
7:02 pm
who might have gone sister sessions and direct witnesses of people that might've had knowledge of mr. trump dictating a note to say i am the greatest ever and mister sessions should limit this work to simply what happened to the next election and not my election. direct evidence of mister and bind the silence of stormy daniels and a direct evidence of obstruction of justice mister being able to tell us about possibly miss august and what happened with her and why they paid her off after the president said i know nothing about this i've never heard of this i've never paid any money i've never heard of this etc. they are not underlings they are direct witnesses to crimes that this committee has a responsibility to oversee and bring forth if they do exist to the american people and mister miller will do that to.
7:03 pm
he had for five instances of obstruction of justice minimum were all elements were met and but for the opinion of the legal office and the justice department she would have been indicted for crime. he would have been just as he is in new york state number one and he would be with michael:. he was an unindicted co- conspirator and we have that situation and as far as the border, there are issues. we shouldn't have to learn about the border from facebook post of agents that talk about members of congress and sexually suggestive terms. that is not where we should be getting our information. we should get it directly from people and if those from i.c.e. and border patrol can come and give us good information and
7:04 pm
clear that up that is great and if they can't that is fine. there are good people working there. it won't hurt to have them testify because there's a lot of information that says otherwise and inhumane conditions. these should be issued and we should do our job which we did not do when the republicans were in charge we have no oversight. the only oversight they did was been ghazi, and ghazi, been ghazi, been ghazi, been ghazi. i appreciate that and i yield. ideal to the chairman. i will go to the border with her on august 1 and we need to see it for ourselves.>> thank you so much. i would invite any of my colleagues to join me on any of the congressional delegation visits.
7:05 pm
i want to clarify something, a myth that is being perpetrated over and over again that needs to stop. this idea that the democratic party somehow was in denial about what was happening on the border is really offensive. here is what we were saying, we were saying that we saw the challenge facing us, i saw the challenge facing us i saw it at my front door, my community. when it became a crisis is when this administration chose to implement policy that were cruel. that is why it is a humanitarian crisis. this country has incredible resources, dhs has incredible resources and it is not a question of resources it is a question of will, thank you, i yield back.
7:06 pm
>> for what purpose? strike the last word. if you will indulge me i would like to ask you a question for the benefit of your members and on both sides of the aisle i would like to read a layout for what exactly with respect to the mueller hearing next week what exactly you agree to and most importantly why you agreed to it. >> i'm not going to comment at that that is beyond the scope of this hearing. >> i would like to yield to remainder of my time to the ranking member. >> thank you. >> is not a hearing it is beyond the scope of this.>> i guess why more than half cannot
7:07 pm
answer questions is a mark of. he is entitled to his own opinion and not what he said i've not said underlings so he can you do not attribute that to the ranking member and that didn't happen. this is a different issue also it goes back to something earlier because we were sent letters because i made in my opening statement a lot of this has never been outrage. show you how important immigration was to this majority that in january they reached out the next reachout was may, the next formal reachout was may 20th or 29th around that time that is how long it took to reach back out on an issue that is very important and we agree it is important. let's not all of a sudden say it is something we need to-from january to may tells me there were other things on your mind. we understand this.
7:08 pm
the interesting thing also is the fact that, again with fax being fax he will get to ask questions. the shame you got left out and we can't get the reason why. this is a freefall in this committee. the gentle lady of time said it was offensive to assert the democrats were in denial about the crisis on the border. i would invite my democratic colleagues to go to my twitter account where i posted an interview from january 9, 2019 it was on cnn not exactly a hostile network for you people and let me play what the question was is the democrats answering the questions.
7:09 pm
>> the president said there is a humanitarian crisis. he said there is a humanitarian crisis. >> absolutely not.- >> i guess it is an inquiry, it is appropriate for a member to put on a loop a tiny soundbite out of context? is that allowed? >> the gentleman controls the time i'm not aware of any rule to preclude him from doing so. >> i think i still control the time and that is quite something that when you are fed back your own words from your own leadership from earlier this year you think that is out
7:10 pm
of context and inappropriate. we didn't raise the issue it was the gentle lady from texas says these allegations that we were into my was offensive. we've always known of the crisis and the democratic with left absolutely not. thought it was laughable and funny. you know who it doesn't think it is funny, the trump administration because the secretary has been ringing the warning bell for bunts. he begged you to take action so many are in tragic conditions and it is appropriate to question why we were in these conditions and it wasn't the republicans that were in denial it was all of you and in your own words from your own readership. be offended with the democratic whip not republicans. >> he is yielding back to me.
7:11 pm
>> to fill in a few back speaker pelosi called it a crisis at the border, chuck schumer called it a crisis and- our chairman said there is no crisis at the border and i could go on but i see the time is expired. >> moved to strike the last word. >> i rise in support of the amendment and the nature of the substitute so we can issue subpoenas and get at this zero tolerance policy and other separation family separation policies at this administration and i've been listening to all of the crocodile tears being shed about the inability to question mueller and i have sat through the reverse psychology
7:12 pm
and the psychological operations that some people are trying to play and it does not detract the american people away from this administration's shamed action in implementing inhumane practices at the border. president trump publicly announced this time last year that the family separation policy was over and that was after his administration had stated repeatedly that there was no family separation policy and since that time we have seen the effects of the child separation policy with hundreds of children if not thousands being lost to their parents. we don't know how many children there are that remain in the $775 night facilities being
7:13 pm
inadequately housed, being inadequately fed, being inadequately closed, inadequately cared for in terms of tooth paste, toothbrushes, hand towels, the basic stuff that you give to even prisoners of war. these child detainees are being deprived of and it is all part of we talk about the military of industrial complex where have we a prison industrial complex consists of the private for- profit prison industry and the department of homeland security which is the government supplier of goods. who are the goods it is the children of the immigrants and they are being treated worse than pows. this administration has shamed america in the eyes of the rest
7:14 pm
of the world. we have heard stories about children dying in the care of border patrol, men, women, and children are arriving seeking asylum for places like honduras where we support their military and their military is engaged in drug smuggling where the military is engaged in gang killings, , terrorism, driving those folks from their own country and forcing them to come to our border. we are supporting that and when they get here and claim asylum we are stopping them from claiming asylum. we turn our backs on them and those who we can lock up we fill up the private for profit detention facilities with them
7:15 pm
and we asked the taxpayers for more money claiming that there is a crisis at the border. there is a crisis at the border, it is of the trump administration zone making and it has been aided and abetted by people here in congress to sit here as if they were hand puppets and saying what the administration wants them to say and then we get here today when we are talking about bringing some of these administration officials here and we get claims, we get righteously indignant claims about i am not going to be able to question mueller. not one person on the other side of the aisle has voiced any displeasure with the way that the children are being treated at our border, it is really stunning where we are on
7:16 pm
this committee. i think congress needs to act swiftly to stymie this ongoing crisis. members of congress who want to visit migrants in detention facilities are being turned away from his detention facilities that we are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to fund. it is not fair or right and we need to bring it to an end and that is why i support this amendment and i go back remaining one second of my time. >>- >> thank you, mister chairman-i ask unanimous consent to submit an article from the new york times urged official to close border despite an early promise of delay april 12, 2019 and an article dated june 21, 2019 there is a real close and-
7:17 pm
unanimous consent. >>- >> i would ask unanimous consent that my statement indicating that i was in the science committee this morning on a very important hearing on climate change was the reason why i was not able to be here this morning and i counted on my colleagues to articulate the reasons why we need this information from the department. >> that will be entered into the record. >> where to start so i will start in responding to the gentleman from the other side of the aisle on basically insinuating that republicans don't care about the
7:18 pm
humanitarian crisis at the border when 176 republicans voted for the supplemental and 129 immigrants voted for it so there are more public that voted for the order humanitarian then democrats were. i don't understand this that we don't care about the humanitarian crisis and i've only been in congress six months. i came from florida i cheered the floor it for the senate judiciary committee in a state where there are 22 million people and never did the chairman would i have ever disavowed members of my committee the minority or majority to not have the opportunity to question a witness of such importance that follow. as of yesterday i was told we would have a closed-door session where members who are not in
7:19 pm
the famous 11 could question would have the opportunity to question him so at least we would have an opportunity as members of this committee to ask him the important questions that i think every member of this committee should have the opportunity to ask. even my colleagues in my class in the democrats are a little upset by the fact that they will not have the opportunity to ask one of the biggest witnesses that has been brought to this committee that everyone has been talking about for the last six months and ask what questions they feel are important just like i have a background that lends the self to asking tough challenging question mister armstrong, mister climb those people have the opportunity should have the opportunity to properly question a witness before this committee and i'm troubled by the fact that the house of representatives judiciary committee where this chairman
7:20 pm
has spoken on several different about impeachments and they start from this committee every committee member will have the opportunity to question one of the biggest witnesses who opine on the mueller report and i think that is very distasteful and flies in the face of the rules of this house and the rules of this committee and the five-minute rules allowed to ask important questions to important witnesses. i think it is a travesty and i look forward to supporting those 11 the opportunity to speak and i would yield my time to any republican member >> thank you, and having heard the concern of my colleagues who won't have the opportunity i wonder if we can work together to maybe solve that. mr. chairman, with the chairman entertain a request with the chairman be likely to entertain a request to perhaps go from a
7:21 pm
five minute roll to a three minute rule so we could get more members involved in the questioning next to the rules of the house and the committee provide for 5 minute rule. nothing prevents members on a voluntary basis from yielding time. >> i don't expect us to work that out. with the german be willing to enter into negotiations about a unanimous consent package before the hearing to maybe reduce the amount of time and increase the participation? will be chairman entertain those negotiations with the minority? the chairman will entertain any reasonable questions. >> i would encourage my colleagues that might want to ask questions to work with us and see if there is a way to create more member process of patient. i look forward to working with you on it. >> i yield back to the ranking member.
7:22 pm
>> the interesting thing is is sad that we have to discuss this and let's go back to the actual rules which i will pose the question and ask again, how do you expect to stop hearing next week? by repeat this line of discussion, frankly is beyond the scope of this markup. i'm not going to comment further. >> it is my time. i reclaim my time. >> the gentleman asked me a question. i have been very lenient in permitting people to discuss the procedures at the mueller hearing at length which is beyond the scope of this markup and i'm not going to comment on it further. >> this is my last opportunity to reclaim my time and i lost 30 seconds of it. it is my understanding because this is the only markup we have
7:23 pm
before that that us on the bottom row will have the opportunity to bring this up in a public setting and talk about it so i have the right to bring it up right now to talk about the fact that myself and my colleagues on the other side who were not in the famous 11 don't have the opportunity to ask questions to bob mueller were the biggest witnesses and we have the right to discuss this today because this is the last opportunity before he comes in. >> does the gentleman yield back? the gentleman yield back. gentle lady from texas to-what purpose that she seek recognition? >> extract the last word. >> thank you and i want to thank you for your leadership and it is very important that
7:24 pm
we move forward and there has been a lot of discussion about a lot of different things and my neighbor next door, i want to get us back in focus, this is about the subpoena and i have heard the word and it is not subpoena pinch it is taking action of accountability and it is about accountability and is about the constitution and those of us here at the table electing us to be here. we are losing focus, we are not keeping our eye on the ball and that is to make sure we know why it happened make sure it
7:25 pm
never happens again. for the issue about the border i have been working with my colleague from texas on these issues for many years she is a county judge in el paso county and i as a state senator. for anyone to suggest that we are not doing our part as democrats to recognize the situation is flagrantly not true. i think, for us the loss of life at the southern border should be reason enough for us to do something. congress has no choice but to subpoena the necessary documents and testimony to fulfill the oversight duties and the growing number of deaths in custody of our young children underscores the need of the administration cruel and inhumane immigration policy. the committee has a responsibility to investigate the administration family
7:26 pm
separation policy and detention policy and any other policy that undermines the acts of humanity. these are acts against humanity and acts against human rights standards and it shocked the conscience. and do whatever we can to make sure we protect these children. children belong in cradles not cages. my constituents elected me to be here as a voice for them and they want action and responsibility and that is what we are here to do and that is what this committee is charged to do. >> thank you, i want to comment
7:27 pm
on some of the discussion we've had in the last few minutes. the purpose of this markup the subject matter are subpoenas to deal with two very serious subjects, one is the child abuse and frequent frankly negligent homicide at the border by this administration and we have to get to the bottom of it and the other is the flagrant abuses of power of abuse of power and we need to get to the bottom of that and that is the subject of the subpoena before us. the question of the procedure at a hearing that we are going to hold is an important question and it is not subject of this markup and although i permitted people to talk about it and continue i am not going to add to the diversion of attention for the subjects we
7:28 pm
have here which is the child abuse and as i said negligent homicide and systematic torture of children- >> now we are stopping. >> let me finish my statement. >> you are completely out of order. you can think that all you want. you are out of order. >> i will recognize you at a moment. the subject is child abuse and and abuse going on at the border and abuse of power by the president excuse me the subject is the- >> point of order. point of order. i moved to take- >> which words? >> we will take a timeout while we discuss it.
7:29 pm
>> mr. chairman, mr. chairman. the words that i'm objecting to is the systematic use to obstruct justice. you cannot use those words. >> i will withdraw and say systematic abuse of power by the administration to defy the subpoena of the committee and other committees.
7:30 pm
>> to summarize, the purpose of this markup is to consider child abuse and other terrible things happening at the border and the subject and to issue subpoena to get to the bottom of both of them. i'm not going to comment on anything. >> i totally agree with you and i yield back my time. >> i believe house democrats need to take a hint from the american people. the vast majority do not support this impeachment that
7:31 pm
continues to move in the committee. i would suggest that you need to move on issues that impact the lives of the american people , not your own politics and the infliction of your own trump derangement syndrome. during the last congress it was all about the mueller report it didn't matter that committees have found there was no criminal conspiracy with russia, we had to keep calling him an agent of a halston foreign power while we waited for the report and the mueller report concludes there is no criminal conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia and it can't be about the written word we have to get him here he has to bring it to life with his words and we prepare no republican objected and now we are here voting on these because it still won't end with mueller testimony even if he comes and answers your questions
7:32 pm
you already know that you want to bring in these 12 additional witnesses regardless of what he says. it brings into question why are you bringing him in any way and this is the message to the american people. they will never get over this. they couldn't deal with the fact that donald trump won the election when all the democrats had zero chance to win remember he was supposed to lose 100 million to 0 and she went is. can't deal with it and they have to go delegitimize the presidency through all of these endeavors and now we have the proof i don't think there are americans that believe there was a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and russia that are not democrat members of congress and now we are in a circumstance where the only way to get them not to focus on this is take them out of power because as long as they have the gavels this is the show.
7:33 pm
there could be endless hearings and reports that the president was involved in a criminal conspiracy. i tend to think a more productive endeavor is to figure out why he was falsely accused for 2 years. how do we get to appoint where political opposition research start paid for by democrats shoveled into the senior levels of our government by deep state actors, how did all of that function as a basis to divide us and distract us? she said we are losing focus, yeah, we are losing focus. we should be focused on reducing prescription drug prices and the 5000 people who show up at the southern border that the trump administration has been talking about and focused on ways to limit burdens on americans, but they will never get over it. there will never be an end and that is what is sad. we have americans counting on
7:34 pm
us to be the people's house and do the work that rises to the virtue of the greatest country and when i hear my colleagues talk about humanity and being humane, think about the fact that it was your own with who laughed chuckled when asked about the humanitarian crisis that was building on the border. it is like you didn't hear that you just launched on your talking points. i heard mister johnson say republicans were using psychological operations. i guess he was referring to me. when we feed you your own words they are if you consider that a psychological operation i deeply apologize. we are trying to appoint out the inconsistency of the positions you have held in an effort to get you to work with us and reform our asylum laws. we will do it with you in a bipartisan way. your own colleague has
7:35 pm
introduced a great bill to force people to seek asylum in their home country instead of sitting here and talking about the border and who cries harder or whatever, that is not productive for anyone and your own members have bills that would help solve these problems and you won't bring them up for a vote and they are bipartisan. save us the lecture because there is nothing humane about central america being stolen and sent right back. that is what is inhumane and that is what these laws allow for. children being used about a fast pass into the country, it is despicable and you can bring bills forward to fix it. >> the truth is i don't know
7:36 pm
where to start. responding to inaccurate to talk about how sad and embarrassing today is. and we are arguing about an humanitarian crisis that is created by donald trump. families have a lawful right to seek asylum. they are presenting themselves and the question is, why. they are fleeing some very harsh circumstances and what we as americans have yet to do is acknowledge and accept our role and the circumstances they face the cartel and the fact that we
7:37 pm
by the majority of the drugs that are made over there. we contribute to the despicable conditions that they tried to flee from. it was also mentioned here that there were giants-there were giants that were on this committee and what made them giants is the fact that they stood up for justice no matter which team was doing the injustice that they never deferred their moral compass to a person without one to a person from day one when he announced his candidacy smeared emigrants as racist and gang members and if you don't have the courage to stand up to prejudice, bigotry and bullying you can't seek to claim a giant.
7:38 pm
that is the courage in my neighborhood we would say the backbone of a wet noodle. i want to do this, my favorite movie and for the lawyers in the room they know it. a time to kill was samuel jackson and in the closing argument matthew mcconaughey asked the jury and i will ask the members of the committee, do the same thing. asked them to close their eyes and when you close your eyes i want you to think about children that are held without enough food and i want you to think about children who don't have to rushes and think about children who go days without showers in overcrowded conditions wearing soiled clothes, no diapers, lack of medicine, sleep deprived and i
7:39 pm
want you to envision those children and now i want you to envision them if they were quite. what would we be doing and if the answer in your mind is the exact same thing that bless your heart. i yield back the balance of my time. spoke of the gentleman yields back-moved to strike the last word. >> thank you. i speak in strong support of your amendment. it is very important that we zero in on the zero tolerance policy. it is very important that we take a look at and expose the conditions of the detention of children and families and adults, women, i had the sad
7:40 pm
privilege on july 1 and second to travel to the border and on july 1 thanks to veronica who put together a congressional group we visited el paso and we visited adult women el paso border station 1 and i will quote john lewis because he visited homestead with us also and he said we have come to learn and to bear witness. what we saw they are and what we were able to bear witness to his inhumanity and incompetence by this administration of the separation and and one small cold cell that we got access to there were 15 women from cuba. they had been held for 56 days. when we said when did you come into the cell only today. they
7:41 pm
had been in tends or other outside temporary conditions for 56 days. their lips were cracked with exposure and lack of water. it was a cell, a prison cell i counted the cinderblocks 10 by 13. they were lined in blue sleeping bags. we asked when they got the sleeping bags and they said only recently. donation from the forestry service. prior to that they had been using jiffy pop blanket out in the elements in the exposure. when we took a look at the stainless steel toilet for 15 women with no lid on the toilet we flushed it and it worked, the sink above it did not and when we asked about that they said we put in a slip for that and the women told us they were instructed to drink out of the toilet because that was clean enough water. we came to bear witness. three of the women were sick to with capitalism and one with
7:42 pm
the brain aneurysm a fourth woman asked me to touch her back because she had a lump. there was no time to help her get the treatment or diagnosis she might need. one woman, they all cried by the way. scared, 56 daylong kind of cry. i will move on to when we went to client where we saw 25 children that 2 1/2 weeks ago had stuck up we were not allowed to talk to the children. we went to the prison door where they were being held, six children, we tried to say who
7:43 pm
we are. i held up a simple note and i said we love you, we hear you. guard yelled at me and chided me said don't communicate and the children slipped a note to us. the guard was annoyed. the children said to us when it was translated, how can we help you? how can they help us? they retained their humanity as the guards humanity was ebbing away and we went to homestead where 2296 children at the time we visited on july second are being held for profit and it was a beautiful facility. a massive auditorium empty, a massive cafeteria empty and not any food is a chef in a telling us of the great food they
7:44 pm
prepare. of the 2300 kids we got to see 30 of them. and john lewis talk to them and how they were welcome. i say this to say you can't get the inhumanity get the incompetence of it. this is ministration has been incompetent with immigrants and children and it will be judged and we must do our oversight. >> i want to rise in favor of the nature of the substitute and express my strong support for the subpoena in relation to the zero tolerance policy, the
7:45 pm
separation of children at the border and the miserable conditions of confinement that exist in many of the border detention facilities and i want to express my support for the subpoenas related to presidential potential presidential abuse and i want to express my strong support for the subpoena related to obstruction of justice and other potential crimes committed during the presidential election and the detail and special counsel mueller report. i wanted to first start by saying there is a very important principle that would've unified the committee which is the house of representatives has a fact- finding function which is adjacent to and implied by our lawmaking function and the supreme court repeatedly other
7:46 pm
courts have endorsed the idea repeatedly we cannot pass the laws we need relating to immigration or obstruction of justice or anything unless we can obtain the information that we want, the information that we need. james madison said that those who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives and the people through article 1 of the constitution gave us the power to obtain information and our colleagues across the aisle know it and they use that power expansively, probably, some would say promiscuously with their repeated expenditure of tens of millions of dollars related to the benghazi investigation or hillary's emails. that was their constitutional power and it is hours to get
7:47 pm
all the administration and yet the president has pulled a curtain down over the executive branch of government ordering his subordinates to defy the lawful orders of the congress of the united states. i would hope every member of this committee would stand up for our powers, our prerogative and our right under article 1 is the people's representative in the lawmaking branch of government. let me talk specifically about what is happening at the border because yesterday the oversight committee we had a hearing and i took some notes i will read some of the words i wrote down from the eyewitnesses who were working day in and day out. widespread flu, scabies, lice, inconsolably crying, sick children, sexual harassment, sexual assault, huge lines of the infirmary where children
7:48 pm
with serious medical complications and conditions are turned away and then we heard about the horrible inevitable, dreadful and irreversible outcome of these terrible conditions, six children dying under the care and the custody of the united states government. yesterday we heard from a lovely young woman whose three- year-old daughter died after contracting a respiratory infection that remained untreated for a very long time as she begged for medical assistance and attention and by the time she got out and went to the emergency room to the hospital it was too late for her daughter and her mother said she was coming forward because she does not want to see any other mother or father or family go through this nightmare.
7:49 pm
i am standing up strong for the subpoenas related to the mueller report and all of these witnesses we heard when we started from one of our colleagues i couldn't see who was behind me, he began with now the appalling mantra which the attorney general and the president spread across the country of no obstruction found by the attorney general, no collusion found by special counsel when we know both of those things are not true. if you read read page 1 and two of the report special counsel mueller says we don't deal with the question of collusion which not a criminal law constitute concept and they reported more than 150 different encounters between the trump campaign and emissaries of the russian government and russian nationals and there is lots of evidence of collusion is
7:50 pm
special counsel said there was not sufficient evidence to charge criminal conspiracy which i never thought there was because vladimir putin donald trump junior to execute his plot against the american elections in 2016, all the trumps could do was mess it up which they did because they blew the cover on the whole operation. that is the reality of the situation but did the trumps call the fbi? did they call the federal election commission? no, they said come on in and let's see what we can do, i love it. i think we heard from the president say we love it, let's see what you can give us. while i was just getting started but i'm happy to take some other time if anybody wants to >> i yelled back. the gentleman yields back, does the lady from georgia seek recognition? >> thank you i wish to start
7:51 pm
the last word . >> i would like to yield my time to my colleague, to jackson lee from texas please. >> i thank you so very much, ge leadership and all of the first of all i think gentle lady from georgia for her leadership and all of my colleagues who have been superb on this issue, let me first of all because there has been a tone of my friends on the other side of the aisle, make it very clear that democrats do not support open borders. that is the call from 2020. that democrats support open borders. as i sit next to my friend chairwoman loughran, we are reminded about visits to the border in 2014 under pres. obama and both of us were standing at night as children came off a bus. and the administration handled it completely differently. it was not perfect. but they understood that they would not get the reputation that the united nations has declared abominable.
7:52 pm
in the eyes of the world, the actions of this administration, the trump administration are abominable. without mercy, without care. and it is imperative that this committee that holds the highest ideals of investigation of this congress, the you judiciary committee over the decade of its incorporation, 1789 as i recall, that this committee has set to do, and i believe it is curious if i might say so. curious that first of all the president of the united states is pushing law enforcement to do raids. to conspicuously announce national raids to create a massive hysteria and danger for officers and to create more unaccompanied children. because the creation of unaccompanied children is not
7:53 pm
just those who come across but as i was told at the border, oh yes they are on the company because we have taken their family away. so you take their family away from houston and san francisco, chicago and new york and elsewhere, and you create unaccompanied children. and then i think it is particularly curious, and i want to thank the chairman, for the business insider, john kelly's new role on the detention center board for ethics concerns that he may be profiting from the children that he proposed and supported in a zero-tolerance separation policy. amazing. amazing. absolutely amazing. that you lead, you leave from bring this the chief of staff of the president of the united
7:54 pm
states, promoting child separation, taking families away from their children, not being able to unite every single child with their parents, who didn't speak the language and knew they were going to see their child again, and if anyone has joined me along with other members, who saw the attempt to reunite and to see these mothers coming in with a pillowcase of clothing to get children who have been separated for months and to see the distance and the shock and the trauma of that child not even responding to that mother who was coming, longing to be reunited, the few that were lucky enough to be reunited and the child not responding because they've been traumatized. secretary kelly, you leave from this administration and go right to the actors who are in the midst of devastation in separating our children, my colleague from texas knows that we have something called the emancipation center in our
7:55 pm
collective areas, that we have been fighting against, that the doors are closed shut, you can barely get up to the front yard when they are trying to remove you. remove you. we are doing the oiright thing and we will not be characterized as those who promote open borders, we will be characterized as those who are begging for immigration reform and the right kind of response to those who want to come into this country, in a legal way. and those who are here undocumented who want to seek the opportunity to be citizens, the very ones who put on the uniform that i know that are going to fight, or to serve this nation. so, i hope that we can get a vote on this and that we will be able to move forward on these subpoenas so that we can do our oversight. i don't know if -- is good, the gentleman from georgia is not here and i don't know if i can give them to you. you have them?
7:56 pm
thank you. i yield back. >> gentle lady yields back. back. the question -- [ muted ]. rollcall is your question? in the opinion of the chair the rollcall is withdrawn, the amendment nature of a substitute is adopted. reporting that a quorum is present the question is on a motion to agree to the resolution as amended. those in favor respond by saying i, propose no, the eyes have it and the resolution is amended as agree to. the critical cultural. >> ms. lofgren? i. mr.:?
7:57 pm
mr.: votes aye, mr. johnson of georgia? mr. johnson of georgia votes aye. mr. deutsch? mr. deutsch votes aye. miss bass? ms. bass votes aye. mr. richmond? mr. richmond votes aye. mr. jeffries? mr. c cellini? mr. swallow? mr. swallow votes aye. mr. lu? mr. raskin? mr. raskin votes aye. miss deming's? mr. correa? mr. correa votes aye. miss gamblin? ms. scanlon votes aye. ms. garcia?
7:58 pm
ms. garcia votes aye. mr. negus? mr. negus votes aye. mrs. bass? mrs. bass votes aye. mr. stanton? mr. stanton votes aye. miss dean? ms. dean votes aye. ms. powell? ms. powell votes aye . miss escobar? ms. x who are votes aye. collins? mr. collins votes no. mr. schaap it? mr. gomer? mr. gomer votes no. mr. jordan? mr. jordan votes no. mr. buck? mr. buck votes no. mr. radcliffe? ms. robie? ms. robie votes no. esther gates? mr. johnson of louisiana?
7:59 pm
mr. biggs? mr. biggs votes no. mr. mcclintock? mr. mcclintock votes no. miss lesko? ms. lesko votes no. mr. russian powell -- mr. klein? mr. klein votes no. mr. of strong? mr. armstrong votes no. mr.'s to be? mr. stu b votes no. >> the gentleman from new york? mr. jeffries votes aye . >> the gentle lady from washington? >> aye. >> has every member voted who wishes to vote? the critical report. will repor.
8:00 pm
mr. chairman there are 21 aye's and 12 knows. >> the aye's have it and the resolution is amended as agree to. ♪ c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you, coming up friday morning, robert xp of the concorde coalition joins us to talk about the debate over federal spending and the rising death of -- deficit. and on the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission, and judge ashley -- talks about the backlog of immigration cases in court. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at seven eastern friday morning, joined the discussion.
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if you want more information on members of congress order c-span's congressional directory available online at c-span store c-span's congressional directory available this week family members of victims of the most recent boeing 37 -- 737 max crash testify for the first time on capitol hill, paul gerardo was one of the witnesses, his wife, three children and mother-in- law were killed in the ethiopian airline flight earlier this year. the testimony was part of the house transportation subcommittee focusing on aviation safety on the future of the boeing 737 max.
8:02 pm
come to order. the chair be authorized to declare recess during states hearing, that objection is to order, -- subcommittee hearing to ask questions and objections


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