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tv   National History Day - The Glowing Girls The Triumph Tragedy of the...  CSPAN  August 18, 2019 5:30pm-5:45pm EDT

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sunday at 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. eastern on american artifacts. you're watching american history tv, only on c-span3. >> >> 1979, a small network rolled out a big idea. c-span opened the doors to washington policymaking bringing you unfiltered content from congress and beyond. a lot has changed. on television and online, c-span is your unfiltered coverage so you can make up your own mind. >> more than 500 thousand students competed at the local level of national history day. just 3000 students advanced to in june. the theme and 2019 was triumph and tragedy.
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this includes documentary, paper, and performance. minute performance by three middle school students from ralston, nebraska. .> this is going girls >> i am olivia. i will be plainly see. >> i will be playing grace breyer. >> i'm carroll and i will be playing tractor and -- playing catherine. the last living i am telling the story of how some of my coworkers passed away from rayon poisoning. paint was introduced for the first time. the u.s. rand corporation was founded by dr. georges willis. they began using rayon paint for businesses. 95% of radium was being used for military purposes. but a small amount was being
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made into fashionable products such a shampoo, cosmetics, clothing, watches, and was even being added to water. it began to spread across of america because of a scientist that discovered radium on december 21, 1889 while working with radioactive elements. from 1922 to 1923, the u.s. was prominent. it began to spread all over america. the one i'm going to talk about today is the u.s. rand corporation i mentioned earlier. they began to hire young women. 1920's with my .oworkers
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aswe started you -- working a u.s. radium corporation. small, radium was being used in various instruments like warships, airplanes, and watches. soon, almost every american soldier had a radium dial watch. we noticed a strange glow coming from clothing and our mouth. we never had something that glued -- vote in the dark on its own. it fascinated the rest of america. clothing towear work that we could paint. but it did not stop there. we put it in hair and teeth. the scientific history of radium is beautiful. they do not realize the consequence their actions would have.
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speaking with them and they would not care to touch with skin coming off of his body. they began treating her. >> it was written on her death certificate that she died from the disease.
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a second woman named irene rudolph died. after that, we thought it was more than syphilis. the vice president of the u.s. rand corporation at the time, arthur rotor. they examined all the women in the work area. they also happened to be president. her original report, it seems inevitable. it does not necessarily contain radium. hadr the u.s. corporation done that, they publish their own version of the report. work,y continued to leaving it refined. bloom had a term
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called radium draw. the history of a particular patient is so evident that there is practically no doubt in my mind the responsibilities he u.s. rand corporation has. we are unable to find out what chemicals they are using. 1923, it wasll of caught by some radioactive substance used in the manufacture of watches. it was termed radium draw. more documents were created showing the detrimental effects , fracturedike anemia teeth, bone cancer, skin cancer, ovarian cancer, tumors, and more. -- women in the came became infertile. decided to round up for
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other women that were also showing symptoms of radium poisoning. catherine, and not, and the two sisters along with an attorney by raymondvinced berry. fired.ded up being for me, it was gritty and had a bad taste. they saved my life. >> i am with the four other afterand their attorney $250,000 each. year. i remember what the attorneys told me. that we are going to die and that there was no hope. there is nothing else.
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>> showing the true effect of radium on her body. note.idn't even take two other women also sued the u.s. rand corporation for 1935. catherine donaghy was supposed begin $5,661 for damages. it gave her about $10,000. >> this is in 1933. i died of the age of 34 from ovarian cancer. it can never replace what we lost. we suffered so much physical and emotional damage like cancer and infertility.
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in factory was torn down 1968. >> 1933. reasons why the occupational safety and health administration also known as osha was created by alice hamilton. in 1938, it was pass. we began working with radium. the department of labor and the safety acts like me.
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from colon cancer, we persevered. we died of radiation poisoning. helppresent the women that make a change and workers rights. we are the radium women. [applause] >> can you tell me your names yucc? so radium girls, had did you
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come up with that? >> i got it from a family member that saw it on facebook. so we did further research into the project and we felt like it was great. was this surprising to you? we found of these women were being very ignored. we trust the men but not the women. >> and they were so naive. >> there are doctors paid to tell them they were fine. they said the girls believed them and gave them good pay.
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how hard was it to write into a 10 minute performance? was very hard. we had to do a lot of narrowing down and a lot of cutting and information. if it best with our story. >> who wanted to make it more not so fantasized that people were not getting the point that this was a real-life event and that this was really happening. >> there are seven graders going to an eighth grade year. i was the first to ever happen. and we came and joined this year. we thought that it was super cool.
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together.ked and we can balance this out next year to get us here. a portdo you think it's for people your age to know about the radium girls? wax i personally think it's important because when you think about it from the perspective of world history, they didn't have much of a say. and someone should not be filed down to someone they are not. going -- i'm going to add to that. it also shows little people can show big things. they fought against the whole corporation. >> and without this cause and effect situation, this situation , it led to alled
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these labor laws and without this, proving all these people wrong, we won't have the safety laws that we did today. >> thank you all very much. wrecks we continue want to the museum of the rockies where we see the fossil discoveries in montana. wonderful place for discovery of dinosaur fossils, not only because of the rock's that we have here and were present in the state, but also because they are exposed. the entire eastern portion of the state is exposed rock which preserves a lot of the most famous formation for


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