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tv   Senate Democratic Leaders News Conferences  CSPAN  September 10, 2019 3:05pm-3:14pm EDT

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nbc news frank thorpe tweets this the majority leader eric uland told the senate republican that the white house is working on a proposal on gun that the president will sign. until that happens, all of this is theerkts said mitch mcconnell. he talked about that this afternoon with his leadership colleagues right after that republican lunch we'll show that to you next and wait for the jshd committee to gavel back in. >> well, good afternoon abeveryone. it was a disturbing development this morning, i i hope you'll ask four democratic colleagues when they come out here shortly about. we had a capped agreement signed off on by the speaker, by myself, senator schumer, congressman mccarthy and the
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president. we also understood what the deal said. for example, we had an understanding what have a poison pill was. a poison pill was anything that was not in existing law. anything that was not existing law if there was to be any change, all five of us would have to sign off on it. yet what happened this morning in appropriations is apparently- and i would call this a troubling development -- there was an attempt to kind of change the rule, change the game, change what we agreed to. and now, look, one of the few things we agreed to on a bipartisan basis apprehend here was it was a good idea to have a regular appropriations process. i can't overstate how difficult
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it was, given the players involved, to reach an agreement and here when we begin to take the first step in our committee process here our democratic friends seem to want to try to wiggle out of the agreement that we all signed off on and voted on. so i think it's truly a disturbing development. i hope you'll ask them about it. they'll be out here shortly. and let me just say again, we don't want to have the chaos that's associated with government shutdowns and continuing c.r.s. it's no way to run the government. and we all agreed to get past that. and the game plan next week was to call up a committee reported bill that was a combination of labor h, defense, foreign ops and energy. the same configuration that the speaker moved on the house side,
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obviously at a different number. but the same configuration on the house side to make it easier to smooth to final passage once we reach the conference. so i'm going to call this a troubling sign. and i hope that's all it is. and it will -- we'll get past this and allow chairman shelby and ranking member leahy to do their job and move these bills forward. >> i'd echo what the leaders said. the democrats grood to a deal we voted for if with the stipulations and everybody on both sides knew what the -- what the agreement was. and it's important that the democrats get back to the altable and honor the deal they made earlier this year. i like many of my colleagues during the month of august got a chance to travel across my state. i visited dairy farms and agricultural communities,
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chambers of commerce, fairs, you maim it and had an tupt to hear from the people i represent about the things they care about and that are important to them. and of course you can't travel in farm and ranch country these days without hearing about chronically depressioned commodity prices and the concerns about the ag economy and what its future might be. i think it's critically important for those farmers and ranchers that i and many of my colleagues represent that the house take up the usmca free trade agreement. it's right there. teed up and ready to go. it's just a function of them deciding that they want to get this deal done and send to the senate where we will approve it and put tennessee oh the president's desk and sign it into law and open up many so of the markets and increased the opportunities for farmers and ranchers. that's the best think we can do to get the ag economy up and going on again. i hope the follow on agreement to that would be a bilateral deal with jap. . but if you look look at the overall kmoe we have
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historically low unemployment 50-year low unkbamt. 6.3 million johns created since the president took off. wages for particularly in the lower income scales are at 10 hon year highs appear. and we want to see that progress continue. and the best way to do that is to continue to put policies in place that will create conditions favorable for economic growth and job creation and higher wages. and the best way to start is to get that usmca trade agreement out of the house of representatives appear head it over to the snad where we can vote it and send it to the president. >> the democrats had their 7-hour climate debate last week. the schemes they came up with were absolutely radical and reckless. you think about what les elizabeth warren smepts she wants to get to zero climate. eliminating nuclear power, the
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largest source of zero carbon we have in terms of energy in this country. bernie sanders says he wants to eliminate fracking which has brought low priced natural gas to american homes. he actually said in colorado yesterday he wanted to eliminate fracking there where there are 100,000 direct job dependent on it and possibly up to 300,000 jobs. also to address climate change bernie sanders recommends abortion -- abortion and population control. and now the democrats are going to be debating again on thursday. fif of the ten diebting are members of the united states senate. to me this whole group all ten of it are a chicken little caucus saying gnat sky is falling. the sky is falk. proposing things that are doing drastic, unilateral and immediate have dire questions for the country and for the economy. it drive up energy ofts costs,
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put people out of work. drive jobs overseas. climate change is not an existential crisis. it's a legitimate concern. and republicans have solution aim at carbon capture and sequestration. armed -- aimed also at advanced nuclear power. these are the ways to solve this problem with innovation, not with taxation and government regulation. >> senator capito and congressman cole and i went to the border last week monday and tuesday of last week. border crossings are way down. they're 56% below where they were in may. there is always a little of that in the summer. but the numbers are lower than they would traditional be. i personally think barriers and fences make a difference and are part of what we should do where
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they make sense. but i also think the thing the president accomplished that is making the most difference right now is the willingness of the mexican government to work with us under some persuasion from the president when they decided to do it but it's making a big difference tp. there are 10,000 mexican national guard at the guatemalaen border now. when the president made the agreement with this emto help petition guatemalaen border i'm told there were less than 100 people at the border that now has 10,000 people. there are 15,000 nexten national guards people working along on the northern border, the border between us and them and maybe most importantly of all except for unaccompanied children. any native spanish speaker that doesn't have legitimate fear of going back to mexico is being sent back to mexico to await their court date. now, no more than


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