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tv   House GOP Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  September 10, 2019 3:13pm-3:24pm EDT

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but i also think the thing the president accomplished that is making the most difference right now is the willingness of the mexican government to work with us under some persuasion from the president when they decided to do it but it's making a big difference tp. there are 10,000 mexican national guard at the guatemalaen border now. when the president made the agreement with this emto help petition guatemalaen border i'm told there were less than 100 people at the border that now has 10,000 people. there are 15,000 nexten national guards people working along on the northern border, the border between us and them and maybe most importantly of all except for unaccompanied children. any native spanish speaker that doesn't have legitimate fear of going back to mexico is being sent back to mexico to await their court date. now, no more than 15 out out of
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a hundred people from el salvador or guatemala or honduras will ever qualify to stay with in re -- at their asylum hearing. most of them figure that out. many of them are going back home being flown back home. anyway before waiting for weeks or two or three months in mexico. it's making a real difference. wouldn't have happened if the president hadn't insisted on it. and frngly won have had had happened if the new mexican president hadn't agreed to it and it's going to have long-term impact as long as' maintain that relationship with them. >> hello, everyone. over this past august recess many of us were back in our home states traveling around visiting with our constituents. and that is what i was engaged in as well. doing what we call in iowa the full grass sleeve, which is visiting all 99 counties. so during that time i did visit
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i believe around 37 counties, 11 were townhalls across the state of iowa. and what i am hearing from thousands and thousands of iowans and in every corner of our state is that the in particular with farmers and our ethanol producers, they really want to see the -- the congress upholding the rfs and making sure that epa's actions are more transparent. what i'm hearing from seniors and working families is that they want us to address the costs of rising health care and in particular prescription drugs. what i'm hearing from small business owners and see we need a greater labor pool with more skills ready to go to work. any also what i'm hearing from -- hearing from other small business owners, keep it up with the regulation and decreasing regulation, and keep this economy going.
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and what i'm hearing from all iowans, no matter where they're from is that we need to get busy on the usmca. very important trade deal. i have not heard one iowan say we shouldn't be supporting it. we have a lot of work to do and a lot of things that really matter in every day iowans' lives. and we need to spend some time getting those types of activities done. so i'm excited to be back and working with my colleagues on these important issues and look forward to wrapping up 2019 with a very, very successful year. thank you, everybody. >> good afternoon. i spent most of the month of august traveling the highways and byways of the great state of indiana, doing what i enjoy most about this job, visiting rank and file hoosiers hearing their concerns, interests, feedback with with respect to our work here in washington. during the last few days of our august recess i had an opportunity to travel to the
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middle east. i went to the united arab emirates, to oman and to the kingdom of saudi arabia. there was a whole lot to talk about as you might imagine, tensions with iran was certainly a topic of conversation, the ongoing civil war in the country of yemen. i met with saiv's crown prince mohammad bin sal many. and i had an opportunity to question the the crown prince on a number of important matters, the humanitarian and security crisis in yemen, releasing pledged humanitarian assistance. and he did indicate to me that saesh in coming weeks is going to make good on the full $500 million commitment. and the death of jamal khashoggi. and i was informed that that legal process continues. and everyone will be brought to justice. so, look, my take away is this. diplomacy in the middle east is always challenging, always complicated. it is especially difficult right
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now. and it's really important that the united states of america, congress and the executive branch continues to have an open and candid dialogue with our security partners. these three countries are going to be critical moving forward to address important issues, confronts the serious threat posed by iran, continuing to work to end the world's worst humanitarian crisis in yemen. and addressing the religious extremism that is really fueling so many of these national security and humanitarian challenges. >> leader mcconnell? >> first of all -- >> i'm recovering. how was your august? >> are republicans out of step with many americans when it comes to guns? >> look what i've said consistent -- first of all let me address the stunt yesterday of the speaker and senator
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schumer coming over to the lbj room and calling on us the to pass a bill the president already said he is going to veto. for a month what i've said consistently is let's see if we can actually make a law here. and making a law when you have divided government is challenging. we all have different points of view. my members know the very simple fact that to make a law you have to have a presidential signature. and so we are -- we had a briefing at lunch from eric uland down at the white house. they are working on coming up with a proposal that the president will sign. until that happens, all of is theatrics. and you all know do recover theatrics. but upon a serious issue like this after these horrendous shootings dominating the month
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of august, at least we could come back with a level of seriousness that underscored that maybe we would like to get an outcome. and so we do in fact way await word from the white house about what the president is willing to sign. that's important to a lot of my members. it also at the risk of repeating a history lesson is the only way we will get a law. >> senator mcconnell -- on expanded background checks if it kim to the floor do you think it my have more support from your constituents. >> we're waiting for something we know if it passed would actually become law. and until the white house gives us some indication what have the president is willing to sign we're waiting to see what it looks like. once you get the product your question is more appropriate
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because bowing sides then have to make a decision about something that's real and not just theatrics, not press conferences, not efforts to intimidate, but actually to make a law. >> do you think -- do you think that it would be reasonable to mandate background checks for all commercial gun sales? >> what i have said is we're waiting to see how we can actually achieve something on is this issue. >> what do you believe? >> i'm going to wait and assess the proposal that actually could become law. and at that point i'll be happy to explain my vote one way or the other. but we're engaged here with a level of seriousness that i see completely non-existent on the other side. it's all about trying to scare people, trying to create press conferences, we need to try to make a law.
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the horrendous shootings in my opinion deserve a response. i hope we can get something that can actually become the law of the united states of america. >> sir. >> senate republicaned leadership from within the hour. we will show you senate democrats in just a moment. the senate has gavelled back in. debate over on cspan2. here on cspan3. we will resume coverage of the house judiciary committee when they gavel back in and they are set to markup three marketic sponsored bills on preventing gun violence. we'll have that debate once they resume here on cspan3. other news in washington at the white house major changes with the firing of national security director john bolton. president trump tweeting the news today late this morning saying i informed john bolton
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last night that his solves are no lorpg needed at the white house. i disagreed fronting willy with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration therefore i asked for his resignation which was given this morning. i thanked john for his service. i will be naming a new national security adviser next we can. john bolton for his part said i offered to resign last night president trump let's satisfied lites let's talk about it. john roberts of fox tweets the letter dated this morning from john bolton. reaction from the u.s. senate. this is elizabeth warren also running for president, the american people are better off with john bolton out of the white house. the world will be better off when the man hired him in the first playis is out too. james arken of politic of tweets the comments of m.i.t. romney saying i'm unhappy to hear he is a leaving. it's a huge loss for the administration in my opinion. for the nation, to have john bolton no longer going to be at the table on matters related


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