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tv   Reel America Republicans Nominate Dewey - 1944 United Newsreel  CSPAN  October 19, 2019 10:13pm-10:22pm EDT

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security, security, if you want to have security, you gotta get out and vote votingoting, start get behind the president, president, president, get behind the president, the president and win the war ♪
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ the city of chicago is the scene of the 1944 republican national convention. signs everywhere welcome delegates gathered to nominate a republican candidate for president. never in her brecher of ohio, nominated candidate for vice president, here is senator taft of ohio. the nomination of new york's governor do was conceived before -- was conceded before the convention even open. ofgressman martin, chairman
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the convention, chats with former governor langdon, the 1936 republican nominee for president. wendell wilkie was the 1940 standardbearer. chicago has seen many a political convention. not since abraham lincoln was an election year to fall in wartime, at the war has not altered the established processes of democracy. 1050 seven delegates represent the 48 states. 529 votes are needed to nominate a candidate. every detail of the session is broadcast by radio and newspapers from coast to coast. batteries of cameramen send pictures all over the world. ♪ is more colorful than an american political convention. national chairman spangler calls the meeting to order. block]heading
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he introduces governor warren of california, who delivered the keynote address. the republican party has pledged full international cooperation for the warren the piece. and the piece. in the governor's mansion in new york, thomas dewey awaits word from chicago. his supporters nominated him on the first ballot as the next republican candidate for president. in liberated rome, city of 2.5 million inhabitants, the people hailed the new coalition cabinet made up of italy's six non-fascist political parties. the cabinet is headed by a lifelong liberal, seen here with a count. new york's colonel charles
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paoletti, as commissioner of rome, has pledged, the first thing i want to do is make a real effort to get fascists out. signs proclaiming massive thanksgiving for the allied victory. men of the fifth army are first to attend religious services. ♪ general clark, fifth army commander, is greeted by clergy as he joins forces to fight in the north. ♪ in the white house at washington, president roosevelt approves legislation to provide for america's war veterans in the piece to come. by law, federal loans, free schooling, job insurance and complete rehabilitation are among the benefits assured to every man and woman in the service. ♪ here is a typical center,
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already established for convalescents. men receive aid to prepare them for civilian life. they have comfortable quarters and live very much like boys at school. every facility for physical and mental therapy is used to help rebuild and recondition the men. ♪ farm chores are welcome chores to men that back from the war. somewhere in western china, 70,000 laborers report for a staggering task, the building of airfields from which allied air men are now carrying the war to
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japan. this is one of the amazing stories hind's war effort. this shows how people with bare hands and the most primitive tools transformed areas of once-swampy rice fields into runways for the plains of the united nations. ♪ it was the work, the sweat, the determination of a people who will never be conquered that theed from their lands mammoth air drums from which b-29s took off to obama japan's home islands. in china, no one is too young to
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be a patriot. stones are brought by hand from . riverbed five miles away mixing earth with water lifted by treadmill, the chinese contrive a sort of homemade cement. this holds the rocks firm, provides a foundation as solid as china itself. time out for lunch, there is no working on an empty stomach. ♪
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810-ton roller pulled by some 150 men is hauled over the 10-ton roller pulled by some 150 men is hauled over the runway. this is one of the giant planes, and american b-29 super fortress, already blasted japan's war industries. their raids from bases in china may soon affect the entire course of the war. ♪

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