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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 19, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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countries who are claiming there is money laundering in campaigning. they are up to their ears in such corruption. you heard to the u.k. officials remarks. this was a part of their scandal. the scandal goes way beyond this. let me summarize the part in addressing the people. the friday election was an epic. the epic is historical. it affected the workold. some of our enemies in different parts of the world intended to depict this absolute victory and
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this definitive victory -- they wanted to indicate it was a doubtful victory. some even wanted to show this is a national defeat. they wanted to give you a bad face. they cannot see that the highest turnout in the world goes down in history in your name. that happened. it is recorded in history in your name. you cannot manipulate it anymore. [crowd chants]
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>> the time for competition is over. all those people have voted for these four candidates. they will have the rewards from god almighty. they all fought on the battlefront of its establishment. they belong to the establishment. this might even be considered as worship for some of these people, depending on their intention. 40 million people have voted for the revolution. not the 24 million only that went to the president. 40 million votes were counted in favor of the revolution. people trust. they have their trust, but some supporters or some candidates should also -- people should be
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sure that the islamic establishment will never manipulate people's votes or mistreat them. [crowd chanting] >> ithe legal structure does not allow any vote rigging. everyone it was in charge of election process. they approved of this fact. 11 million votes difference, sometimes there's a margin of
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100,000 or to a hundred thousand. or 1 million maximum. then maybe there would be a vote rigging in that case. there's a difference of only 11 million votes. how can vote rigging happen? >> [crowd chants] >> at the same time, the guardian council accepts the fact that if some people have their doubts that if they have some proof or evidence, then it should be dealt with through legal ways. everything that should be dealt with only through legal channels. i will never accept illegal
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innovation. [crowd chants] >> today it is the legal framework -- if the legal framework is broken, in the future no election will be safe. in every election some people are winners and some are losers. no election will be tested in the future this way -- will be trusted in the future this way.
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therefore, things should be investigated the right way, based on law. if there's any doubt, we have a comprehensive law. there is no deficiency to that. the candidates have the right to have their monitors and observers. they have the right to file complaints. i ask the respective guardian a recount of some votes, they can do it in the prespresence of the candidates. they can do that themselves and they can record the results in their presence. we have no problem with that. that is what i wanted to address you respective people.
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now i want to address the politicians and the candidates, those party leaders and political groups. i want to tell this group of people that today we are at a critical historical juncture in this country. look at the world affairs. if you look at the situation in the middle east. if you look at the economic situation across the world. if you consider the issues in our neighbor countries in iraq and afghanistan and pakistan. this is a critical juncture in history. all of us are duty bound at this historic juncture to remain vigilant, to be careful, to be conscious not to make mistakes.
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in the election, people did what they were responsible to do. they did it the right way. but we have heavier responsibilities on our shoulders. those who in some way, those who are looked upon as the source among the people, those politicians and those orchestrating the political ways, those people, the party leaders, they should be so cautious about their words and their deeds. if they showed just a little bit of extremism, then this extremism will penetrate into
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the ranks of the people and will lead to dangerous consequences which will get out of their control. they, themselves, cannot control it at a certain point. we have had those instances. extremism in the country, and society, an extremist move will bring on another extremist move. as political -- if political elites want to ignore laws and break the laws and take the wrong measures which are harmful, they will be held accountable for all the violence and blood rising. [crowd chanting]
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>> i recommend all the people, these old friends of mine to keep self restraint, to be they should see the enemy hands working. they should see the hungry wolves letting in ambush. they are removing the mask of diplomacy from their faces these days and they are showing their true face. i recommend them to open their eyes and see the enemy. prominent diplomats of some western countries who have been
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dealing with us through diplomatic rhetoric the past few days they have removed the mask. you can see their true face nowadays. their enmity to our islamic establishment, they are showing it. the most prominent is the government of britain. >> people are chanting down with >> i tell the brothers of hours to think of their responsibility it, they are responsible to god.
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they will be asked in the hereafter about their performance. i ask them to remember what the iman has recommended in his will. the law the source of reference for everyone. what is an election held for? what is the reason for holding an election? all the differences should be settled at the ballot boxes. that is what elections are for. ballot boxes determine what people want and don't want, not on the streets. [crowd chanting]
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>> if after every revolution or a every election, those who have lost votes, if they take to the streets, take their supporters to the streets and protest, and those who have secured the votes, if they also have their supporters on the streets, why on earth cooled elections then? -- then why on earth hold elections then? people are having their business in the street. they live their. -- there. we should not to go to the
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streets and show off our supporters to people. for a terrorist agent and insider was going to deal with terrorists blow, that is not a political issue. for those people hiding among the masses of people is the best thing to do. people are going to take part in a rally, it is a very good coverup for those people. who will then be responsible for those people? the people " got killed in the past rioting-- people who got killed, who is to be held accountable for this? the reactions to be shown, they
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might take advantage of the situation and assassinate members and there will be a reaction, naturally. who is going to be responsible for these? you feel so bad hearing such mishaps. they go to tehran university, dormitories complex, and they attack the dormitories, they attacked those students w supportho the islamic establishment. revolutionary students are attacked. then there are supporting the leadership. my heart goes to those people. >[crowd chanting "this will bed
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down to those who opposed jurisprudence."] >> arms rustling in the streets is not the right thing to do after the election. it's only challenges the election and the opposite. i want everyone to put an end to this. this is not the right thing to do. if they don't stop this, then the consequences and the writing, everything, they will be held responsible for all this. [crowd chanting]
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>> it is also wrong to assume that some may assume that through the street riots they can have pressure against it establishment and tried to force the is officiaofficials to actuy listen to them. this is wrong to think that way. [crowd chanting] >> giving up to illegal demands and requests under pressure, this is the beginning of dictatorship.
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>> [crowd chanting] [crossett saying "we will never accept humility." ."] >-- the crowd said that. >> if necessary, people will get to know who they are in two- timdue time. [crowd chanting]
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>> i asked all these brothers of mine, all these friends to act based on fraternity, on friendship, abide by the law. legal means are there in front of you. peaceful ways are there. i recommend them to take that way. i hope god almighty will help us choose that way. everyone wants the progress of the country. the collaboration, the 40th celebration, the 40 million voters celebration should be appreciated. the enemy should not be allowed to ruin this celebration, as it wants to do that. of course, if some people want to choose another way, then i will not talk to people.
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this time i will speak with them more frankly. [crowd chanting: the crowd is announcing their readiness to take their leaders' orders.] >> the third group i want to address, i want to address the leaders of the media, western media, and arrogant powers. in the past few weeks i have
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witnessed the words and deeds of their statements in the united states and officials of certain european countries. i have followed all these in the weeks leading to the election. and on the election day and the night after the election. and, also, the past couple of days after the election was held. there was a changing process before the election. you could see that the byeias ad their words was that they wanted to cast doubt about the election, itself, so that fewer
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people would go to the polls. of course, the result that you saw in the election, they had their own estimations, europeans and americans, they had predicted almost the same result, but a great wave of people is what they did not expect to see, this 85% turnout, 40 million voters. they never imagined this to happen. when they saw this great turnout, they were shocked. they realized what has happened in iran. they came to understand that they need to adapt themselves with the new situation, deep in international issues, regional issues, nuclear issues.
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both regarding the issues inside iran, there were in for a shock. they realized there is a new chapter in the issues related to the islamic republic. and that they have to come to terms with this new situation. this is when they saw this great popular move on election day. to their own people, their reporters covered the election. on friday morning they started all these comments and reports. and some feedback was seen. when some candidates started protesting, then they felt that they had found a chance, so they jumped at the chance and let's call it surfboarding again.
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then the tone after the election changed on saturday and sunday. what little by little they cast their eyes on, some of these street rallies invited or called for by some candidates on the streets, then they pinned their hopes and they gradually removed their masks and showed their true color. some foreign ministers and presidents and heads of state of a number of european countries and, also, america, they made some comments that helps you to get to know the real true selves and true intentions of better.
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the u.s. president said that we were waiting a day like this to see people on the streets. so i attribute those remarks to obama. then they write letters and they say that we are ready -- that they respect islamic republic and then they make such comments. which ones should we believe? inside the country the elements of these -- these are and elements started work, they started street rioting and vandalism, setting ablaze public properties. they made shops and businesses insecure. they looted some shops and
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actually they tried to deprive people of security. people's security was targeted by these people. this has nothing to do with people and supporters of candidates. this stems from ill wishers from mercenaries and the elements working for the espionage machines of the west and zionism. [crowd chanting :death to america] >> what happened inside the country the wrong way, the mistake of some people inside the country, this misled some people outside the country.
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they considered iran was like a georgia. the zionist american capitalist years before, based on his own comments that were reflected in some media and press. he said that i sent a million dollars in georgia and i started the velvet revolution and i replaced the government with another one. these pfools thought the islamic republic of iran, this great nation -- this nation cannot be compared itw. ho r cannot be compared. who are they comparing this nation with? they cannot come to know this
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republic. [crowd chanting] >> what matters -- what is the worst thing to me amid all this are the comments that were mate in the name of sympathizing with human rights and taking it hard on people, these comments that the american officials made. they said that we are worried about the iranian nation. iwamura about the iranian nation? d-- you are worried about the iranian nation? you are concerned about human rights post itwh?
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who is crushing iraq under its soldiers' boots and brought humility into that country? in palestine who supported the tyrannical zionist regime and gave them so much funds and political support? america. you get surprised. during the time of the democrats when they were in power in the u.s., at the time when the husband of this lady in america, mrs. clinton, 80 people related to the son of


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