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tv   Political Programming  CSPAN  August 9, 2009 6:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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president will try and get his agenda in that year and you get republicans doing everything that they can to try to slow things down and then things their way. the real key, i think, it will be interesting to watch democrats back in their home districts and states over the august break it, for those in the mess -- a moderate and conservative districts, what is the reaction that they get? if you want to know where these issues are going in the fall, take a look at the blue dog democrats and the reception that they get at home over the next month. take a look at democrats like dan nelson and the reception they get it home over the next month. merry land from mary -- mary landrieu.
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those members are not going to come back and a hurry to do anything if they do not like what they hear. >> another question. we have talked about foreign policy but at the same time the president has made the decision to relieve ramp up in afghanistan. the president has had a major block of supporters to one active military operations to stop. when you talk about the politics of that with his constituency and whether health-care cut all aid their concerns over? >> there is a real discomfort about the increase of forces in afghanistan. concern in a left is simultaneously -- there was good news on friday, where we apparently killed one of the top taliban leaders in pakistan. that is a sign of success.
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it will be interesting to see whether it that it's the type of play that it should. but the domestic front is so much hotter right now. the economy and health care discussions threaten to overwhelm important divisions on the left on farm policy. that is it for time. thank you for being here. >> it tonight, frank rich reflects on 15 years of political columns for the "new york times," including his look at the internet from 1995, the watergate hearings, and his column falling 9/11. "q&a" tonight on c-span. >> tonight, a look at british politics from the bbc. including the scandals, the resignation of the speaker, and military operations in afghanistan. 9:00 eastern and pacific hear on c-span.
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>> tomorrow on "washington journal, patrick kilbride on trade negotiations between canada, the united states, and mexico. democratic california congressman brad sherman who chairs the terrorists of its committee. he examines policy toward afghanistan and pakistan. and planet greens and blue august special looking at the sustainability of oceans and fresh water. "washington journal" tomorrow live on c-span. and now author and columnist ann coulter during a speech to the young america's foundation. this last about one hour and 15 minutes.
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>> boy, do we have a and now for you. we have ann coulter. first off, i like to welcome our viewers from c-span and a live web spain. i'm an intern with young america's foundation. young america's foundation is the premier organization that educates students on the principle of limited government, individual liberty, a strong national defense, and traditional values. for more information, please call our telephone number. or visit our web site. what did barack obama and ann coulter have in common?
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[laughter] nothing, thank god. [applause] ann coulter is now the author of seven "new york times was " a best-selling books, and i am sure there will be many more to come. she graduated with honors from cornell university, and no, mr. alderman, not the same school you attended. [applause] she then went on to practice law in new york city and even work for the senate judiciary committee. the conservative movement is so lucky that have an intelligent, articulate, and not to mention extremely good-looking woman fighting alongside of us. [applause] she is also on one who truly needs no introduction. with that being said, i will turn the microphone over to the person you have all been waiting on, ann coulter.
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>> thank you. thank you. thank you, you are very kind. thank you. thank you. i want to thank you for bringing me here and sending me to many of your colleges. college speeches are a lot of fun. i would especially like to thank the pharmaceutical industry for putting together a fake audience for me. such attractive people. [applause] very well dressed. in only seven months in office, president obama has created $1 trillion debt, quadruple the national debt, and driven up the unemployment letter -- numbers to a high as that they have been
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in a quarter-century because of the way that they keep the unemployment numbers. unemployment is as high as it has been since the great depression. or as economists are now calling at, the first great depression. [laughter] apparently president obama not only must it be the first black president, he was the be the only black president. -- he wants to be the only black president. he has proved that regardless of race, color, or national origin, any ballerina can grow up to be white house chief of staff. he has already reduced -- we have a rahm emanuel fan in the audits. he has already produced red tape by not requiring members of congress to read legislation before voting on it. that is release moving things through. apparently, he misspoke when he said there would be no lobbyists
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in his administration. i'm fairly certain to say that there would be only lobbyists in his administration. he cemented his reputation by going on national television and making a cutting and a joke about the special olympics. you think he would be more sensitive to that with joe biden as his vice president. [applause] he also showed us what he meant by the first post-racial president by racially profiling an irish cop as stupid. you could not ask for a more perfect illustration of my last book, "guilty," been a black president of united states attacking a powerless white cop for a resting in a black harvard professor in a city with a black mayor, located in a state with a black governor.
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everybody wants to be a victim. [laughter] by which i mean for the trip. liberals have perfected the art of playing the victim in order to oppress others. because it is all a little fake out, you would never figure out who the demands, who is the ended one, what the offense is, unless you know who did what and who's side the most powerful people in america will take. and until lifetime television makes a made for television movie about the incident. to choose a example totally at random, when they republicans nominated a vice-president with danforth as a middle name, they
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were accused of being a truce. bush should have asked him what his middle name was. by nominating a vice presidential candidate named j. danforth quayle, republicans were blind -- as much as it sounded like a pompous rich banker, is he a black sharecropper? as i recall, he is a yale man. only liberals can walk around in their yales letters with names like kelvin marshall and claimed to be offended by the name danforth. bill clinton, whose middle name was jefferson, should have had a mistress who was black. we know how wrong that was, she was jewish. speaking of middle names, that
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reinforced negative stereotypes -- when the democrats nominated a candidate with a middle name hussein reiterate house of they are on terror? i think it would. when republicans run a name that that is funny to democrats, it shows the obtuseness and defensiveness of republicans. when democrats run a middle name that is funny to republicans, is a hate crime to mention it. they spout out j. danforth quayle as if it was the unspeakable horrors -- like the time he hit a double bogey. at least when republicans said hussein, we were laughing. democrats are the victims, republicans are the oppressors.
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they are either victims of the middle name danforth, are there offended because we find the middle name hussein hilarious. he was offended first wins. liberals are always offended. the marines official model is first to fight. the liberals unofficial model is first to be offended. the media has gone from being offended at bush for breathing to being offended that the tiniest criticism of their darling obama. it is good to see them be transitioning into their aggressive watchdog role cents obama has become president. overnight, they went from being the people's watchdogs to being the government's guard dog. except keith olbermann who is government's lapdog.
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time magazine compared obama to jesus christ. they do know who jesuses. -- who jesus is. [applause] of course, as leader of the 12 apostles, even jesus had more executive experience than obama did. [applause] under obama, they would be the 12 redemption czars. they really did compared obama to jesus christ, which marks the first time the mainstream media was not worried about offending muslims. it is not carpenters, it is plumber's they hate. the jesus analogy first ran na "time at" magazine cover story by nancy gives. -- first ran in a "time"
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magazine cover story. if you are born out of scraps of history and hope. -- few are born out of scraps of history and hope. translatn, democrats finally won an election. to be fair, democrats or winning an election, like the virgin birth, was something of a miracle. having pulled off their mediocre 53% to 46% victory, they cannot stop boasting about their new baby boy. on thursday, obama took his first step. and on friday, he nominated rahm emanuel, isn't he adorable? this morning during that time, i could have sworn he used his first word, entitlement. we got it on video. rahm emanuel proves right there that he is not jesus.
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with jesus have a plate with damian? the mainstream media also proclaaĆ”# @ @ @ @ )@ h@ r@ @ @ r he is no longer cheeses, he is just like an. how many times did lincoln become president? the only time obama was not president was when jeremiah wright was giving a one of those hate feeling -- a failed sermons. did he wait until college? if that press release things is -- he is a lincoln, then they should start treating them the way they treated george bush, because that is the way the media treated lincoln.
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his critics compared him to an aide, called him an illiterate baboon, if only al sharpton were around, we would have known he was a victim of racism. our fiercely independent media has produced dozens of news stories on obama's amazing likeness to abraham lincoln. they're both from illinois, geniuses, great dancers, make their own clothes. back in illinois, they're still talking about the fist balled mary todd and lincoln shared the night he wrapped up the nomination -- fist bump mary todd and lincoln share of the night he wrapped up the nomination. lincoln put rivals on his cabinet. i'm not sure reaching out and buying their entire cabinet at fire sale prices constitutes reaching out to rivals.
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i guess it has a nicer ring to it then reaching out to backscatter -- backstabbers. obama is the person most likely to have poison put in his coffee by hillary, but only because bill stopped eating and drinking around hillary along time ago. liberal victim ology toward the nation's enemy has gotten tricky now that obama is the commander in chief. since national security became his problem, obama is not in such a rush to shut down guantanamo and pull the troops out of iraq. wasn't guantanamo going to be shut down and troops on the day after the inauguration, or my thinking of a different black president? democrat's hysteria over guantanamo was a phony fraud just like their hysteria over
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his middle name. only drama queens on college campuses and msn b.c., the official network of trauma queens are all bent out of shape about guantanamo. you remember that, the all- inclusive tropical resort we built for the terrorists so they have a nice place to live until a democratic president comes in. when newsweek ran a completely false story about a quran being flushed down the toilet by an interrogator, practitioners of their religion of peace, reacted by engaging in murderous violence in afghanistan and elsewhere. by contrast, my first reaction was, do they flush toilets at guantanamo? what happened to to latrines'? let's hope there are at least those heinous low flow toilets that can't flush anything.
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because of the false story, we also found out that far from desecrating it, our interrogators are required to wear plastic -- plastic gloves when handling it so as not to upset the little darlings by putting their infidel pause on that -- paws on it. if only barnes and noble had treated my last book with that sort of care. [applause] the savages at guantanamo are entitled to a hours of sleep, sweet -- three square meals a day, and two hours of recreation. the can't be woken 4 interrogations', they can't have their mail opened. i have been treated worse at a holiday inn express. can we at least bang on the door at 6:00 a.m. and shout out, made service.
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this is our brutal pow camp? it is like a school that keith olbermann went to. [applause] in other words, ruthless terrorists that would slit your throat are treated better than your if you are flying to kansas to seek granma. back away from the moisturizer. you with the bottled water, hands up were i can see them. they don't even feed us on planes anymore. to get a good meal, you have to go to guantanamo. throughout the bush administration, the media showed us that most of the detainees were harmless little lambs on the basis of zero actual information. the new york times said, and an editorial, many of them, perhaps the majority committed minor
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offenses if any. if memory serves, the following week editorial saying minipigs, perhaps a majority, have the ability to fly. this is the same new york times that assuring us that stockholders have nothing to worry about. since obama became president, a flurry of articles about how a lot of the detainees at guantanamo are really dangerous. an article shows that obama advisers are looking for congress to pass legislation so that some of the detainees can be held indefinitely, which presents the problem of where to house them. i know, how about guantanamo? for seven long years, democrats have been hysterical about guantanamo. they huff and puff about the poor little darlings without consequence. but now it's obama's problem, and he is keeping them there.
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the only bone he is throwing to his crazy based is to claiming that dunking a terrorist had in water constitutes torture. putting a caterpillar it in a terrorist cell constitute torture. i first had about the caterpillar torture. i assumed they had these big trucks that were chasing the terrorists. but no, they were talking about a little furry worm children play with. i guess they have gone so fat, they can't even now running at caterpillar -- outruna caterpillar. according to msnbc, water boarding was not a war crime for which the japanese were prosecuted after world war one or two as you hear all the time , they were apparently reading
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"little women" and not war books. water boarding would have been a good day and a japanese pow camp. one was to fill the prisoner's stomach with water. the stomach was extended, they would take a huge stake, and pound on the stomach until the prisoner threw up. or they would stick a stake in the prisoner's knows, break the nose, pour water into his mouth until he drowned, or to water board the prisoners with salt water, causing the prisoner to die. it was water boarding + killing the prisoner. that was a war crime, not water boarding. [applause] meanwhile, the alleged torture at guantanamo committed by the
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bush administration consists of things like failing to put on plastic gloves before handling the quran, for getting top honor a serbian national holiday. obama has not made any changes, or as yet iraq, but he does denounce the same policies, making his policies -- is foreign policy is about the same as his position on gay marriage. denounced bush for having the same policy. even was supposed to be wonderfully knew about obama, his message of hope and change are just the same old political cliches. what most people said is, is it for -- is fresh, its new, but is it substantive? i have been hearing speeches since i was 9 years old. as he runs for president on hope and change, bringing people together, has anybody ever run a
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presidential campaign on despair, the status quo, driving people apart? i mean, other than ralph nader. [applause] the big mantra of the obama campaign was change. there were a few campaign quotes. i think the hundred change is so great that people want something new. people are going to vote for change. i think we will win this election if we talk about bringing real change to america. the primary issue in this campaign is the economy and the desire for change. those are all campaign quotes, but not from the obama campaign. those are from the clinton campaign in 1992. his signature line was, i still believe that a place called hope. i think we all know where clinton goes a place called hope is -- clinton's place called
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hope is. [applause] any place where hillary isn't. they finally won a presidential election after 12 years after clinton's last election. they are proclaiming the end of the republican party. i would not be hanging out the mission accomplished sign just yet. besides obama having lower public approval ratings that even president carter at this stage in his administration, look at how obama 1. -- obama won. he had the european union and abroad on his side. in a poll in germany, 80% of germans said they supported obama. we all know how infallible the germans are at picking great leaders. [applause] meanwhile, obama was running against john mccain.
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it is amazing mccain lost by only seven points and not 75 points. beating john mccain is the equivalent of george foreman, in his prime, beating helen thomas in a twelfth round technical knockout. come to think of it, i would pay good money to see that. i just hope republicans are to this insufferable every time we win an election. i do not think we are, and i think we will be able to test that theory and about 16 months. [applause] the last time the democrats were so cocksure of their eternal dominance was in 1964 when lyndon johnson beat barry goldwater in a massive landslide. you think 28 states is impressive.
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lbj 144 states. you remember the success lbj was. let's review his accomplishments. he started the war on poverty 40 years ago, and we're still waiting for an exit strategy on that quagmire. liberals, how exactly would you define victory and war on poverty? i only ask because that was your big showstopper of a question with iraq. president johnson escalated the war in vietnam to prove that democrats could fight. thousands of american men died to prove democrats could be trusted with national security. no wonder the term johnson-esque never caught on except in the adult film industry. it is interesting that obama's admirers keep comparing him to abraham lincoln and ronald
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reagan. they apparently can't find a democrat president worthy of being compared to. [applause] the 1964 landslide for johnson was not only the last high water mark of the democrats, it was virtually the last mark they left on history. if you don't count stains. 44 years later that democrats have been able to trick the american people and to get them all majority of their votes only one other time, in 1976 following watergate, when carter beat nixon. think of that, it was after watergate, after nixon resigned from the disgrace, an unelected
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president, gerald ford, and carter could only win by 50.1% of the budget. that's almost as but that it is getting 53% of the vote running against john mccain. and carter's reputation is certainly gone up over time. he has become that template for all americans on what a rotten president is. even people who were not alive know the horror and tragedy of the carter years. you on notice that republicans president look better in the column light of history and democratic presidents always look worse. to summarize -- until last november, the last time democrats could get a majority of voters to vote for them was when green leisure suits were in. but those plans on hold until further notice.
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faces on mount rushmore. . presidency as the second coming, but given his policies, i would not count on a second term coming. [applause] thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. your very well dressed. your very well dressed. now s. we have questions. you are already lined up. >> my name is courtney, and i am from the community college outside of box build tennessee. what is your next book, and as a going to be as good as your last book? >> they're all my children. i think they are also good.
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the next book is top-secret for now. i have to observe democrats a little bit longer. >> thank you. >> i go to college in arizona. in light of the recent battle tail light at the white house, if americans dismiss this, you think the current administration has the potential to overthrow our democracy? i am not seeing much difference between our government asking its citizens to report fission material -- fishy material and the nazi party asking people to turn into those who oppose them. >> i would not worry about that with obama's public approval ratings. i thought it would take a year for the president -- for americans to turn against the president. a lot of people did not pay attention to politics. in reagan's first year, unemployment was high, but he would put policies in place to
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lead a the economy coming back. americans are naturally optimistic people. i thought it would be one year. the big gm takeover, the bailout, the favors to government insiders and relatives of nancy pelosi and john murtha, these town hall meetings and the tea bag parties, the public approval ratings, it is really great. i am proud and impressed by the wisdom of the american people, that they have figured out this so quickly. i also thought it would be harder to explain to americans the free market in an area where they haven't experienced it up for i upt before, -- it before, i.e. health care. you have the government controlling -- or rather,
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creating incentives so that people get health care from their employers. there is no free market either and health insurance or in health care. explaining what to be done to health care to americans, i feel like i'm trying to explain to an old soviet woman right after the fall how she is going to get credit the government doesn't provide it. americans are smarter than elected republicans are. they understand what should be done. and certainly smarter than elected democrats. [applause] >> i am from the university of north carolina. i was wondering how you felt about sarah palin's resignation and where you see her career going? >> her resignation made perfect sense. she explained it. she can either respond to her admirers norbert detractors, her
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hand is tied behind her back as a governor. she has these endless ethics complaints being filed against her which is a specialty of the left. every right winger you know is defending themselves against frivolous ethics charges, compliance with government agencies. they can do it endlessly with sarah palin, and she could not go out and write a book to make money so she could at least pay the lawyers to deal with it. she had $500,000 in debt. the lieutenant governor was a total right winger. she left them in good hands. not literally ge tores, but speak and write. she has an innate political talent that i have not seen since reagan. she obviously needs to do some work. who knows, we will see what happens. i love her. it i wrote it right up for her
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in "time" magazine as one of the most influential people. i suspect that despite our most ardent desire is, she may not want to run. she may want to take a break for a bit. she is running -- she is young enough, she can run in 20 years. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> thank you so much for being here. i cannot imagine a much better way to wrap up a week like this. >> thank you. >> you have your enemies and those who try to disrupt your appearances and cut down your message whenever you speak. how'd you put that aside and continue to do what you do? >> is a lot of fun. don't make me out to be a martyr. there is not much more fun than 80 liberals on college campuses -- idiot liberals on college
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campuses. the first part of the book, i describe the college speeches which is something that is contrary to my expectations. at the very good schools, you know, the ivy league's and the equivalent, and the southern schools, even if the audience was against me, they would politely listen to the speech and challenge me during question and answer. the bush leagues schools, and the more bush league they are, the more violent they are. they can formulate a question. they're bright kids, but you're dealing with a lot of people who probably should not be in college at all. [applause] but by professors who probably shouldn't be in college at all. [applause]
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as silly as henry louis gates is, he has a lot smarter than churchill. you have the idiots led by the idiots, and when a conservative comes on campus, they can spend weeks thinking of a question, and all they can think of is, you are a fascist. i spoke at columbia a few months ago, and liberals were fantastic. they thanked me for speaking and tried to come up with clever arguments. they're bright kids. that is always lots and lots of fun. will campbell, things are not going to well in afghanistan for our troops. i was wondering if you could touch on that, what you think the current administration should do in afghanistan. >> i am glad you asked that, because it allows me to make an important point. the problem with obama is not just that he's liberal, is that
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he has a politically correct president. why are we increasing troops in afghanistan rather than iraq, we are spending -- and not even increasing troops, but keeping the war focus in iraq. iraq is good for us. it is a good terrain for us. the crazies running across the border, but turning iraq into the may actions that is good for america. afghanistan is not such a good battlefield for us. why was it his pledge to pull out of iraq and move into afghanistan? it does not make any sense from a military standpoint, but it does make sense if -- i have to please these crazies in my base your insisting we pull out of iraq and that kind of forgot about afghanistan. i know we have to fight the war someplace. i do not think it is the best strategy to move from a country that is good for us militarily to a country that is not. god bless the troops, they will
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do a great job i'm sure. why not give them the better battlefield. it is political correctness dictating. like johnson going to war in vietnam because he didn't want democrats to be seen as weak on national security, that is not a good reason to fight a war. [applause] >> i am from the university of central florida in orlando. i was waiting for my plane and reading your book, the woman next to me says, you know if you're conservative and you are young, you have no heart. i said, as a conservative, i've never promoted chemist -- genocide among all unborn children or promote population control. >> are you sure she wasn't a liberal and wasn't just being sarcastic? >> she had a greenpeace sweater.
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>> huh. i fly a lot. airports are like book signings for me. he did not get the private planes, bloomberg, all the liberals. i did not run into them, and i did not run into the homeless brigades being brought in by acorn, they are not flying any place. you run into people with jobs and families. >> my question was, as a young conservative, what can we do to maybe become a writer like you that really provokes thought? some of your books are really made me want to be more involved in a conservative movement. and what is your opinion on law school? >> do not go to law school. encourage the liberals to go to
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law school. it is a total waste. [applause] unless you're going to be a scumbag trial lawyer like john edwards, you're not going to make that much money because it is all tied to billable hours. the causeway to much trouble. unless you really want to practice wantthey cause -- they cause way too much trouble. unless you really want to practice law. i don't know what else to do -- there are a lot of jobs out there. i asked my successful friends and their '30's and 40's, did you know this is what you're going to be doing? they all said, i did not know this job existed. just because you're afraid and don't know what to do when you graduate from college, don't make the mistake of going to law school. what was the first one?
7:13 pm
>> how do i become a writer like you? >> i went to law school. [laughter] we had a failure in the oval office, so little worked out. -- it all worked out. i would encourage you to run for office and make money somehow. get kicked around, find out you're good at, make money. [applause] i was just talking about this with the editors of human events last night. the peculiar thing about the conservatives or conservative movement's in america right now -- we have the talkers, the tv writers, the movement -- a the best conservative organizations. we are a little shy on our topnotch politicians. i think we could bulk of that
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area little more. i would not want to run for office, but if any of you think you have the slightest desire to run for office, i wish you would. >> thank you. [applause] >> hello, eva. >> i wanted to know your thoughts on obamacare, and astroturfing these town hall meetings. >> >> and doesn't fulfill my aphorism of what -- you know what the liberals are up to because of what they accuse you of. there is one guy who was written up in "the new york post" and who slipped after the campaign finance law was signed by president bush.
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he worked for pew. he said that there was no grass roots movement, but we fake them out. he is on tape saying it. it is common sense. the people are calling for campaign finance reform. nobody cared. politicians were fooled into believing it. the worst schools that i did not think of as bush league schools, but the jesuits schools are bad at turning out little monsters. in loyola in chicago they apparently were not even students. they were standing in the back screaming their heads off with the mauls a vulgar things you have ever heard. there were a lot of cops there so they arrested the first guy.
7:16 pm
struggles, and you get the cops out of the room. the cop arrested some of them and later told my bodyguard, which i need on college campuses because they are such little peaceful darlings, he told the cop he wasn't a student because somebody paid him to disrupt an ann coulter speech. i wanted to sue just to find out. who is paying and to disrupt my speech? that is fact no. 2. we know that acorn, and a lot of the crazy things they're pushing are not supported by the public. we will give them a box lunch and say, stand outside and protests. i believe astroturf, and a favorable way, was a phrase invented by david axelrod.
7:17 pm
this was a specialty of the left. you can clearly see from the videos that are presented on liberal media sites -- you can see they are obviously -- for one thing, there are a lot of old people. they're concerned with what obama is going to do with health care, and they ought to be concerned with what obama will do with health care. that will be cost savings. and health care, leading us straight in the health care. all we need is a free market. for health insurance, and for doctors. .
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we need less intervention on this one. they want these health savings accounts. people can put aside tax-free money to buy my books. capitalism has produced the most amazing goods and services. it was that that long ago. you were kids when a cell phone was the size of this podium and it was like having a limousine. it was a totally exotic thing. like having a limousine, just a totally exotic thing. you have a boyfriend with a cell phone. we are given a little free market magic, and every welfare recipient has a cell phone at a flat screen tv. do that with health care, so that we choose with our own dollars to buy doctors, to pay for their services, the way we
7:19 pm
pay for that genius bar at the apple store, the web be paid for on here to get done. people will spend $200 on a haircut, and they go to see a doctor with eight years of training and schooling, and they are indignant if they have more than a $20 copiague. you have to brush that aside, by doctors the way you by everyone else, but most importantly by health insurance on a free market. you cannot buy health insurance the way you buy insurance for anything else. if you get health insurance on a car, that is so in case you get in an accident. it is not so you share the cost of gasoline with everybody. a health insurance companies cannot sell you insurance if it is just going to ensure you against things like heart disease and cancer. as to ensure you against possibly having a recovered
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memory that your father raped you when you were an infant, or marriage counseling. if you are pretty sure your father did not rape you, you can skip those health care plans. you can skip the health care plans with acupuncture and aromatherapy. it is almost like having insurance for your house. you have insurance in case of a flood or fire. this is a perfect example where the federal government does have a right under the constitution, under the interstate commerce clause, the states are not allowing insurance companies to sell the insurance that people want, or would want if they pay for it themselves. to have a free market in health insurance and medical care, and you will see costs come down and more cures being invented. it will be a wonderful thing, and you will not wait so long. [applause]
7:21 pm
>> there was a summarize asia george bush's foreign policy, to which i agree with every word. what is the correct thing to do with iraq? you have any opinions on the british conservative party? >> i did not think that was a southern accent. [laughter] i know absolutely nothing about your country except that i like tony blair. it's not really like the current die. -- the current die. all i know is that he supported the war in iraq. need to know more about him? as an american, that is all i really cared about, and he was rock-solid on the war in iraq. i must say, until 9/11, and the invention of the airplane, i
7:22 pm
tended to agree much more -- with the ron paul, pat buchanan isolationist view. i do not want to be the world's police. i do not think we should be busting up every ball -- every bar room fight. in bosnia, i do not know how else to deal with the threat of international terrorism without giving democracy a foothold in the middle east. these arab countries, a lot of these countries in the middle east, the muslim countries are ruled by dictators and they tell people the reason your living in dirt is because of israel and the great satan. it is hard to say that already right now when you have -- thomas friedman admitted a few weeks ago, he said all the
7:23 pm
lebanese kept coming up to him and said this never would have happened without iraq. it was american liberals nowhere near 11 on. the same thing for enthusiasm with freedom and iran. -- nowhere near lebanon. in addition to the fact that i do not understand the position that when we are attacked, just strike back at the people who hit us. the people who hit us are sleeping under a camel at night. they are being funded by state sponsors who are hiding their involvement. it is not like japan flying in with planes with the japanese flag on it. taking out the occasional terrorist camp, where as george bush said, i am not just going to issue of a missile to hit the rear end of a camel. you really do have to remake the
7:24 pm
middle east in some ways. that does not mean we have to go into country after country, but wow, iraq was a good start. [applause] very aggressive right wingers there, but they are well dressed. it is a well-dressed, of britain's. -- a well-dressed mob of britons. >> i am wondering if you would shed some light on the issue. >> the perfect illustration of my book, where the powerful people are attacking the white working class, and acting like he is oppressing them somehow. what disturbs me about it, even now, the beer summit, and the
7:25 pm
media completely forgets about it. they would not have forgotten about it if they had been able to find one black mark against sergeant rally. -- sergeant crowley. he was like the cop chosen by god. how many cops in america have given mouth to mouth resuscitation to a famous black athlete? how many cups have never been accused, falsely or otherwise, of some act of racial profiling or racism? if they had found that in his background, if he had at one blemish, he would be mark fuhrman. the same thing was done to him. just buy a roll of the dice in this case, the race mongers, desperate to create their imanuel holstein of the month and claim this happens all the time, i am sorry you did not get it in this case, and now we are
7:26 pm
all supposed to shut up about it. as long as they brought it up, it is worth mentioning that as far as i can remember, almost everyone of these cases of police racism or racial profiling is the act of overt racism in america, they are almost always hoaxes. is it an epidemic? i go on for pages of all the of fake incidents of alleged racism. often they are white liberals who are so desperate to be victims. there was that woman in claremont college who totally, coincidentally taught courses on tolerance. she was not black or jewish or herself. i think she was converting, in hopes of becoming a victim of anti-semitism some day. she was going to teach a class on the pervasiveness of racism
7:27 pm
and anti-semitism. she came out in her car had been vandalized. for the next couple of weeks, the campus was an uproar. may daschle news, and you see her in these photos -- it made national news. five minutes of investigation, and the cops find witnesses saying she did it herself. they wondered why this woman was paying this on her car. she admitted. but you get cases like that of lot, so maybe instead of looking at the epidemic of racial profiling, we should be looking at the epidemic of people making false accusations of racism. like i say, i did not bring up the crowley case, they brought it up.
7:28 pm
>> i am from hillsdale college. in 2001, you wrote an article warning republicans to be careful not to try to govern an act -- in act conservative principles and policies according to democratic and progressive methods. i believe that is the general import of it. next i am not sure i remember that column. that does not sound like me. that sells like the opposite of me. you remind me why this is the opposite of me. one additional point on the astroturf thing is, i kind of wish they were astroturfers out there, and i wish republicans would hire homeless people to come in in protest healthcare, because the one thing i keep saying is, liberals will never learn by example. not until -- take for example,
7:29 pm
sexual harassment. how many ceo's have had to pay millions of dollars because they call their secretary honey. then we have a president who is not only a sexual harasser, apparently a racist, engaging in indecent exposure, and we think suddenly may be the set -- sexual harassment laws have gone too far. you have to do the same thing to them that they do to us. >> i do not mean we should not use facebook and the marketing methods and political techniques. >> no, i mean the same dirty tricks. i will give you another one. i think the supreme court, just for a gag, for like a month, we need to get five justices to start engaging in judicial
7:30 pm
activism on the right. the new york times keep trying to confuse this issue. @@@@@@@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @r of course the supreme court reads the constitution. there is a provision on free speech. you cannot ban it. judicial activism is hallucinating when you read the constitution. i am thinking we get five people who are justices engaging in real conservative activism. they will discover the right to a flat tax. they will discover the real right to bear arms, and i mean nuclear arms. [applause] just for laughs, the right to free champagne for blondes.
7:31 pm
and just for laughs, i think the right to free champagne for blondes. the liberals was suddenly acknowledge what judicial activism is and they will stop doing it. you got me totally wrong. >> i do not mean political techniques, but progresses and conservatives -- i made a mistake by mentioning democrats. perhaps in the last several years, we have this tendency to save the world according to our own kind of republican ideas, instead of handing out entitlement plans and welfare to write all these past wrongs, we took the laudable, free-market theory and such and fell into the trap of pushing them with the federal government.
7:32 pm
we ended up with the fed guaranteeing fannie mae and freddie mac a bailout in october, which bush and administration supported. it has gotten worse since then, and as far as social conservatives go, we move away from the referendum. we got the harriet miers nomination. >> the crowd is getting restless. >> maybe we need to investigate whether we have not kind of lost our allegiance to republicans. >> i got the question. this is why i am pleading with you all to run for office. make money now so you can run for office when you are old enough, young man. you are very attractive. i think you would make a fine
7:33 pm
candidate. we are not very happy with republicans. i will be another a prism. there are a lot of bad republicans. there are no good democrats. i do not think we have to worry very much about the obama administration. i have been my usual pollyanna self since the night of obama's election. every time a republican has lost, even with bob dole or whomever, i was always really depressed election night, even when you can see it coming from 100 miles. the night became lost, i did not feel a thing. i just thought, i am sick of apologizing for these republicans. what has happened historically, it is historically a republican country.
7:34 pm
38% will call themselves conservatives. only the 18% will call themselves liberal. the more the republican party is identified as conservative, the more support we will have. what happens is, you will have eight or 12 year dominance by republicans, and then jimmy carter for four years. the americans realized that is why we were voting republicans. the needed 12 years of reagan, reagan, and bush. then you get clinton, and two years later you have the first republican congress in 40 years. clinton could only operate for his first two years. i think we are seeing the same thing with obama now.
7:35 pm
if there's a huge republican revolution next year, it could be the best thing that happened to obama. he did the republican congress, and he is completely constrained from covering the way he and his advisor and like him to, he could end up like bill clinton. he could call himself a democrat, but it would basically be republican governors, and then we will have peace and prosperity. [applause] >> we want to thank you for your column this week. i know you are probably not surprised that bill clinton came back from north korea with two women, but i was hoping you could talk about the clintons' involvement in the obama administration. >> who knows what these democrats? i tend to think that not only do clinton and gore still hate each other's guts, but the clintons
7:36 pm
paid obama scuds. they are much better at working those things out. mccain could not even though a few short months of the campaign without attacking his own vast presidential candidate, and then immediately after the campaign. if all you want is power, he is here to put personal hatred aside. >> i am really excited to go back to my campus this august, because we are winning. we are winning on cap and trade and on health care. there is one thing i am a little bit concerned about what i've been up -- talking to everyone here at the conference this week, which has been great. it is the obama birthers, and he nailed with that comment you had. i was hoping that since you are here and you have everyone's attention, if you could just
7:37 pm
tackle it for us, because there still some people i hear it were still a little bit concerned about the issue. >> for one thing, a lot of the birther business was started by leftwingers like this guy larry johnson. a lot of this, they have more crazy people than we do, so they were the ones behind a lot of where was he born, where was he born? "american spectator" specifically looked into it during the campaign. sweetness and light, which is like the right wing snopes looked into it and found out this is typical of a live bird was from hawaii.
7:38 pm
during those announcements and local newspaper -- live a birth was from a white. now they are changing the argument. -- was from hawaii. they are changing the argument, anticipating that will finally get the famed long form of birth certificate. they are saying they believe he was born here, but we think he is hiding something because he will not release the birth certificate. the reasons -- a lot of normal, people are asking why he does not release it. hospitals do not want to release the long for birth certificate, for the same reason we watch a movie on tv, the phone number is always 555. the reason all law and order addresses are those that would be in the middle of the east river. you do not release private information. that is why you do not get along
7:39 pm
formed russian ticket. that is the way fanatics are. maybe he was born in hawaii but he has a different father. that is something to brag about. my father left me and went back to kenya. maybe he will release it at some point. if the long for his release, that will not end it. -- if the long form is released. why is this fun for liberals? because they are the ones who are always behind conspiracy theories. this finally gives them a chance to say right-wingers are conspiracy theorist, too. as i point out, we are not.
7:40 pm
no conservatives whose name you have heard of is promoting this. if you have not read my column, among the points was, after michael more puts out his conspiracy theory which claims that the bush family, that they secretly spirited bin laden out of the country after 9/11, this is all in his movie. it was a glittering premiere here in washington. there were half a dozen democratic senators attending, the head of the democratic national committee at the time not only attended, but he came out and set i agree, after seeing that movie. we went to war over oil in
7:41 pm
afghanistan. that had nothing to do with 9/11. we do not have the crazies that have on their side, which is why i think so many of those people who are hysterical that are not even conservatives to begin with. [applause] >> put those dvd's away if you have them here at the conference. >> one thing that came out of the 2008 campaign is that we know you can make prophesies that no one will listen to, doom and gloom if we nominate the wrong candidate. is there anyone you want to warn us away from nominating at this point? >> pretty much anyone i can think of. that kind of leaves me stuck for who we will run. we have a lot of good
7:42 pm
congressman, and i hope they will run for governor, because you cannot run a congressman. we have a lot of good ones, but they cannot run from the house. i found that out, to my disappointment, with duncan hunter. the need to be governors or senators, though generally, senators have a tough time of it. the executive experience is considered advantageous. do not run mccain again. i am not really wild about any of them. we will see. we have time. will any of you be 35 in a few years? >> i go to drake university. my question is, and know you said you would never consider running for office, but i think
7:43 pm
he would be an awesome candidate. are there any particular women that you foresee stepping up in the next four, a, 12, years and may be running for president and being a good contender? >> like a certain next governor of alaska? why, i hope so. i just told all of you to run for office even though i do not want to run for office, but that is why you need to. i did not really follow politicians that closely. i know that sounds odd, since i write about politics, but i really do not. i love michelle bachman and sarah palin. who else?
7:44 pm
kelly in conway, you think of the ones you see on tv. that is why we need more of our best people running for office. it is not that bad. it is not that bad. you are critical of john mccain. would you not rather see him in office than barack obama attacks -- barack obama? >> no. i am having a lot of fun. i will concede your point that is socialist health care goes through and cap-and-trade goes through. with the pharmaceutical companies forming the -- funding the fake grass roots groups, pettitte we can stop them. if i think they will stop cap- and-trade. i do not see a lot going through
7:45 pm
on health care. i am impressed and proud of house or the american people are being on that. >> thank you. >> i attend the university of connecticut. i want to get your opinion on with such a large federal deficit growing, how the congress and the president is going to attack medicare and medicaid and possibly social security? >> thank you for mentioning that. another big talking point is how stupid the republicans are for not wanting government run health care, but they like medicare. bernie madoff investors like that for a while. bernard madoff's investors like that to for a while. that is what medicare is. they have little ious posin.
7:46 pm
that is why it is silly for someone who is going to spend the way obama is to say don't worry, i will not touch the income of anyone making less than 200 bp thousand dollars a year. you cannot possibly fund the government' from the income of people making more than 200 pp thousand dollars a year. -- 250,000 dollars. that is just a secret way of taxing us without us writing a check to the government. if your money buys half as much as it did yesterday or a year ago, you have taken half of our money. like i say, you have to grandfather people in, slowly
7:47 pm
cut it back, raised the age for medicare, but what it means is to go to just the welfare system. three things i think we should do with health care, allowed competition in health care insurance, competition in choosing doctors and pay for doctors the way you pay for a haircut and your computer care, and set up basically it welfare clinics by most hospitals in america, so you do not have illegal immigrants and welfare recipients clogging of our emergency rooms. >> i would just like to thank everyone here for giving us such a wonderful week. in less than a year's time, we will have a conservative
7:48 pm
government in the united kingdom. that means will have a government in the united kingdom that is diametrically opposed to the u.s. president. >> it also means we will have a place to flee to, so thank you. [applause] >> i think we should oppose barack obama, and the view that is met in the conservative party is mainly that we do not want to ignore the president of the united states, which makes me think i am in the wrong building. but just wondered if you thought we could maintain this special relationship by becoming closer to america but moving further away from the u.s. presidency. >> i think that will endear year in the hearts of most americans.
7:49 pm
seriously, his public approval rating is falling so fast in six months, and they are not slowing down. by the way, he does not acknowledge the special relationship, so those of us who do acknowledge it -- he has totally dissed you guys, which has not been reported in american newspapers. since most of you are americans and reading american news, after 9/11, tony blair was very good on the war on terrorism, and he presented as a gift to george bush a bust of winston churchill. when obama comes in, he said oh, you can have it back now. and your guy said no, you can keep it, it was a gift.
7:50 pm
and obama said no thanks. that may be news in england. it was not reported at all here. they are worse also these totally embarrassing gifts they brought for board brown before gordon brown. gordon brown's wife brought lovely gifts for the obama girls. they gave him dvd's of his own speeches. maybe we should try that with kim jong il. here are my greatest hits. he does not acknowledge a special relationship, why should you? it looks like that is it. thank you, young republicans, you are very well dressed. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> how is c-span funded?
7:51 pm
>> private contributions. >> i honestly do not know. >> i will say from commercials. >> advertising. >> how is c-span funded. america's cable companies greeted c-span as a public service, a private business initiative with -- no government mandate and no government money. >> today is the 35th anniversary of the resignation of richard nixon. edward nixon spoke with us on today's "washington journal." ritten a book recently on the nixon family. where were you on august 8th and 9th? give us a general sense of what was going on. guest: hello, i had my family with me in the cascade mountains at a camp set. i did rather expect something of this sort coming down the line, knowing the dick would do the best thing for the country, regardless of what it did to him
7:52 pm
or anyone else in the family. it was something he felt -- before the senators came to visit him, he and his speechwriter were already working on something. but i did not really hear anything of this until i came down the mountain from the campsite and stomped in at a barber shop. it was the talk of the shop. host: so, you did not know until after the fact? he did not alert you ahead of time? guest: no, no, he did not alert me. it was something he had to decide from his own mind, probably. it is always fun and amusing to watch the accounts of some reporters who lived through that time and could never see through the one issue that began with john dean's actions.
7:53 pm
host: mr. nixon, when did you next talk to your brother? guest: it was later as he was pretty much in seclusion for some time. my brother don was the first to check in on how he was doing. he was still suffering from a condition. my visit was remembered. we talked about a number of things concerning the future. host: when these anniversaries come up, does the family talk? the you have any reunions? guest: no, we do, but it was in honor of my brothers don's wedding anniversary host:, in 1942 sir, i have two guests
7:54 pm
here. john mashek who used to write for the "boston globe" and stuart loory who was with "the los angeles times. guest: i would like to ask if in 1936 when your brother was elected to the congress, if you have any feeling at that time, or can you tell us about his feelings about whether or not he might someday become president of the interstates? guest: i think not. i was 16 years old. -- if he might become president of united states. guest: he was mainly interested in doing the best he could for the country, a country we all loved and still do. the idea of a higher office was perhaps in my grandmother's mind
7:55 pm
come millhouse. if you read the story in my book -- obviously, you two gentlemen have never read it obviously, but it does clear up some things. guest: well, i applaud your family loyalty. i dispute the were hate there. -- the word hate. when he was the running mate of eisenhower and the speech came up, could you give us a little background on that? it solidified his place on the ticket when eisenhower was advised by some backers to dump richard nixon. guest: harold was foremost among them because he had his own desire to become president, but on the other side of it, i watch all that from a distance and try to read it in newspapers. the television was barely awake in those days.
7:56 pm
the checkers speech was heartfelt and sincere. and did make an impact. the appeal to the voting public to write to the republican national committee and the say yes or no. whatever you decide i will abide by it -- that is why i think back on this that richard nixon resigned not in disgrace, but an honor of the office. host: mr. nixon, have you read a lot of the books about your brother? guest: no, i have read my brother spokes. the book's about my brother, especially from those who are strictly psycho-babble -- i read parts of them -- they are interesting. they just show of blindness. they show and intransigence that
7:57 pm
is difficult to remove. host: two final things. number one, there is a new book out that is ron kessler's new book, "inside the secret service," and in said he quotes that both the president nixon and his first lady became heavy drinkers toward the end of the first presidency and on tour san clemente, do you agree with the ducks guest: it is really interesting to see someone trying to make something out of nothing. it is like the frost-nixon movie. it is entertaining, but has nothing to do with the nixon family. i would probably look at parts of the books and see what they're trying to say and what their evidence is, and were they evidenced, or just repeating what someone else said? host: finally, mr. nixon did
7:58 pm
appear on this program a few months back. if you go to you can watch the on line under featured programs. also, our site for both notes, richard nixon in 1992 did a two- hour but notes. you can watch that on line also. so >> tomorrow on washington journal, patrick hill bride discusses trade relations between the u.s., mexico, and canada. epstein talks about the cover story, while u.s. health insurers are winning. brad sherman examines u.s.
7:59 pm
policy toward afghanistan and pakistan. two people will discuss planet green's and u.s. of the special looking at the sustainability of oceans and fresh water. this fall, enter the home to america's highest court from the grand public places to those only accessible by the nine justices. the supreme court coming deeper sunday in october on c-span. >> up next, "q&a" with frank rich. after that, the bbc program "the record" looks at british politics over the last several months. we will show you the roundtable discussion with journalists and president nixon on the 30th anniversary


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