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tv   C-SPAN Weekend  CSPAN  August 16, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[applause] >> good morning. i hope you are enjoying a great line-up from americans for prosperity foundation. what a great conference we are having, right? absolutely. [applause] >> i'm thinking to myself, americans for prosperity. i don't know, somple you may remember a time when that would have been considered a redundancy. americans for prosperity is like saying swimmers for getting wet. america was built for prosperity. this is the thing people don't remember, a lot of people don't think about. some people just flat out deny. america was built for prosperity. people will tell you that american prosperity was an accident of history and geography. we just happened to land on a continent with a lot of natural resources. we just happened to know how to use them. we just happened to build a country, a mightity arsenal that
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defended democracy around the world almost a century and it was all an accident. that is absolutely not true. we people. and they talked about rights. and i want to get back to this. i will get back to this. one of the things that i find to be a hair-raising experience, fig ratively speaking, of course is the idea and you hear this from the left and hear it sometimes from people on our side of the aisle, will talk about health care as a right. people have a right to health care. it sounds good. people don't want to see people denied health care. but it is a fundamentally flawed argument and fundamentally against what actually built america for prosperity. and let me explain this. you look at the founding documents of the nation and the first one is the declaration of
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independence. and in that document, they talk about unalienable rights and list four, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the right to change the government that infringes on those. those were the four founding rights of this country. notice that those rights didn't say i can take from somebody else and give it to someone else because it's a cool idea to do so. this is lifting the individual above the state and not the state above the individual. about 13 years after they signed that document -- by the way, it says unalienable. i said that inalienable. but if you wrote it today, it would be 850 pages long and nobody in congress would read it either. got to have some fun up here. at any rate, 13 years later under the articles of
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confederation, things weren't working and they went back and wrote the constitution. does anybody know what the first mention of a right is in the constitution? what was the first thing that the founders wrote in the constitution. first right mentioned? speech, and that would have been the answer i would have given to. that's the second thing. the second right in the constitution. first right is in article one, section eight, right of writers and inventors to control their own creation. it is property rights. property rights were the foundation of liberty in this country. property rights is what built this country as a prosperous nation. and that was the first thing that the founders of this nation when they wrote the constitution in 1789 that was the first thing on there. article sun section 8 is what
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both gives and limits the power of congress and that is a right in congress. they told the congress, you have the power and you will protect property rights in the united states. now the next is speech. speech is -- first one in the bill of rights. keep and bear arms, petition your government for redress and grievances, although hoyer and pelosi feel that is un-american. if you want to send the first amendment to steny hoyer and nancy pelosi, maybe they'll catch up. but notice what these rightsr freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, none of those rights confiscate something from somebody else. they are a right of free he men and women. you have the right to free speech. you do not have the right to
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demand your local newspaper reprint your speech. you don't have the right to demand local air time on your local television station. you don't have the right to confiscate somebody else's property. those are inate to the individual. when you hear people talking about the right to health care. again, it sounds good, because we are all compassionate people. nobody wants to see somebody go out without medical attention when they need it, but the actual right here is the right of the provider to profit from his goods and services in the marketplace. that's the right that has to be protected. [applause] >> and i'm not saying that because i have a special love for doctors, although i think doctors do great work in this country and we have the best medical system in the world. people come all over to get treated here. that's no accident. but i'm also saying it because
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that same impulse can be used to take away, to confiscate goods and services from other people in the name of somebody right. you have the right to food. do you have the right to water? you don't if you're confiscating it from somebody else. you have the right to buy it in the open marketplace. you have the right to contractor it but you don't have the right to take someone else's food. that is what built america as a prosperous nation. that is what builds the marketplace. that is what creates opportunities in america. that is what creates the great health care system that we have. that's what creates the great economy that we have here in the united states. and if we lose that by start saying that people have rights to our goods and our services through government confiscation, which is exactly what this
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government health care plan is all about, then we are going to lose something special and the reason why we were produce produce in the first place. and that won't be no accident either. i want to thank you very much for your time. been a pleasure and thanks again to americans for prosperity foundation. [applause] >> please welcome the chief washington correspondent for and awe tore "in the president's secret service," ronald kessler. [applause] >> thank you all. it's a great pleasure to be here. dan rather called for a presidentially appointed commission to study the news media and what has gone wrong.
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this is the same dan rather who presided over one of the most egregious journalistic fiascos in the history of the free press. his producers were warned and he was fully informed and fully involved before they ran these damaging documents about george bush's national guard service and that he got preferen shal treatment were warned that they were probably fake, that, in fact, cbs two handwriting experts on documents said that the proportional spacing that appeared in the documents did not exist when these documents were supposedly produced in 1972.
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that the superscript on numbers did not exist and on and on and on. and they warned very forcefully that they probably were manufactured. nevertheless, dan rather aired that show on "60 minutes." after they ran as the previous speaker said a blogger, document expert, pointed out these very obvious signs of these documents being fake. and what did dan rather do? did he apologize? did he come clean? was he honest? no. he said this is probably one of the best reported stories in our history. stonewalling. and you know, that summarizes in many ways what we see in the media today in many corridors of
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mainstream media. i began my journalism career as a "wall street journal"/wall street -- and i can assure you if we had done the kind of stories that appear today, we would have been fired. no question. there was a lot of pressure to be fair, honest and get it right. but the good news is that the marketplace is working and the marketplace on the one hand is promoting the internet and on the other hand is putting a lot of these outlets out of business. the "new york times" with its liberal agenda has seen its circulation decline. of course, part of that is the internet but part of is people just don't trust it. people in polls say they don't
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trust journalists. if you can't trust what you're reading, why read it? and on the other hand, the "washington post," this will shock you, has become a fair newspaper in my view, not only in my view, but also john fund, dave keen, whom i have quoted in my news stories ever since katherine became publisher a year ago and then appointed the executive editor in september and that is remarkable. guess what? since the executive editor took over in september, the decline has leveled off. that is the marketplace at work. the "washington post" and "new york times" continuing to slide. into this mix, theargest
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conservative website but runs every single day, stories that are critical of republicans and conservatives. news stories that report criticism, news stories that report scandalous behavior when it occurs, but it does emphasize conservative opinion and conservative stories that you don't see in the mainstream media. and one example is i began doing stories in january of 2008 reporting on reverend white and his connection with barack obama. and until that time, the main stream media totally ignored the fact that barack obama was in reverend white's pews and considered him a mentor and the only exception was sean hannity
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who had him on to talk about the black value system that basically says that the way any blacks who achieve economic success are being bought off by the capitalist system and are to be shunned. but in my stories, i reported for the first time on reverend white's sermons, saying that the government created aids to kill off blacks, that israel is a racist country, that the government created killers to kill off minorities throughout the world, et cetera, et cetera. and also that the same reverend white gave awards to farrah kahn
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for lifetime achievement. who picked up those stories? nobody. nobody touched it. i mentioned the stories to a cnn rerter at a party and she had not seen the stories and she said that's amazing. of course, i could never run a story like that. i would be accused of being bias against barack obama by my network. finally, after sending the stories to friends i know in mainstream media, tv networks and newspapers, after about two months, i did a "wall street journal" op ed quoting the sermons and abc and fox did start running clips of these sermons that reverend white was giving and about that time, the political landscape started to change, hillary started winning in the primaries, largely
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because of the realization that barack obama had been so closely tied with reverend white and what that says about what barack obama re and by that time it was too late. by that time he was ahead. if the man stream media had done its job which the first amendment was crafted to encourage, very possibly he would not be president today. and that is a pretty shocking commentary on where we stand in the world of journalism. news p next has four million unique visitors a month. also a monthly print magazine with a readership of 600,000 and is growing considerably despite the decline of other print media. it was started by chris ruddy in 1997, who had been previously a
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new york post reporter. he was hired by the pittsburgh tribune review and he noticed a lot of his stories were being picked up by this website so he decided to look up this and fiend out what it was all about. it was max who was working as a clerk in the cbs gift shop in hollywood. and it just started this website. chris thought this was a nifty idea and way to get out stories that mainstream media wasn't picking up. and he got a $25,000 investment from the family of bill casey, the former cia director, whom he knew. and slowly but surely, created in the great spirit of free enterprise this
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my book in the president which goes into the character of presidents which is important to know and portrays jimmy carter as being the phoneiest president of all. he would come into -- [applause] >> he would come in into the oval office and tell the press he was working hard and then nod off to sleep on the sofa. he would pretend to carry his own luggage and portrayed himself as a peanut farmer, and the luggage was empty or give it to aids as soon as the camera was off. i will be signing the books outside. and i think there is hope. and i think the marketplace is working. and i think we will do our job
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to create a more honest media. thank you. [applause] >> our next speaker is "wall street journal" editorialist, fox news contributor and end of prosperity author, steven moore. [applause] >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, this is a great privilege to be here. you are fellow pates. i'm so honored to speak to you today, which you have done to bring the obama agenda to a halt. so thank you for what you do. i don't know how many -- how many of you read the "wall
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street journal" editorial page. thank you so much for that. how many of you are regular viewers of fox news? what would we do without the "wall street journal" and fox news and americans for prosperity. i do a show for some of these rival networks and earlier this week, i was on the air with chris matthews on "hardball" i don't know how many of you watched this, and probably most of you don't watch that show. i was on with chris matthews and governor here in pennsylvania, ed rendell. i made the easy case against the obamacare and i said to chris matthews, the reason that people are turning out to these town halls -- how many have been? the reason people are attending,
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you don't understand, this is something that has been been pent up since the first days of the obama administration since the stimulus plan, bailouts, health care and cap and trade. that's what's going on. i said ordinary americans are fed up to here with what is going on in washington. and chris matthews turned to me and said to me on air, he said the reason these people are going to these town hall meetings is because they don't want a black president to succeed. this was the most offensive things i ever heard. they think we are racist and i think it's important for americans to really see the face of the opposition movement. .
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we are the ones who are the real grassroots movement. by the way, what i told chris mufertse when he said you just don't like a black president i said wait a minute, joe biden is white and i think he is a bigger so how can this be about race? i have to say there was a great political cartoon, folks. i don't know if it was in your local newspaper but had a picture of president obama carrying around joe biden like he was a piece of wood and he walks up to this government window and it says cash for clunkers. i just love that.
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i think we need to turn in the whole obama administration for the cash for clunk, program. i just have a few minutes. i want to talk about the three pill ars of evil in washington. that is to say the legislative agenda that we have to defeat. first, i want to talk about the greatest hoax. that is global warming. this climate change agenda is so evil and so much conary. many americans think a global warming is happening. many people think this is a problem. i want to assure you of this.
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no matter how big a problem you think that climate change is,, the capt. trade bill will have zero impact on global climate. it will have a big impact on our economy and our jobs. i call this the full employment act for india and china. what we are going to do if we pass this bill, and by the way, we talk about what the greatest threat to freedom is this is that the health care bill or the capt. trade bill? they are both huge threat, but i think the capt. trade is even more -- i think the cap and the trade is even more dangerous. you'll know that it will haven't -- not have an impact on global
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climate change because factories and plants and facilities in so many of the things of our manufactured in our industrial sector will move from the united states and will move to china and will move to india and indonesia and it is interesting because i follow these global climate packs and when you go to these things, there is only one thing the rest of the world can agree on. they want the united states to go first. they want us to drop off the close first. that is why the day that the u.s. house of representatives passed that capt. trade bill -- that c and trade bill, they had parades' in the streets in india. i hope that nobody in this room believes that the world is running out of polar bears. i have done an editorial on this were i talked to the people that
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say that it is the poster child of the climate change movement. in 1950, there were 20,000 polar bears. now there are 55,000. does that sound like we're losing the polar bears? no. 2, on what to talk about what is going on with our fiscal policy. the amount of debt that has been taken on by this administration is a fiscal obscenity. i call it financial child abuse. i would make the case that that is the reason so many of you are here today. you care about our children. we have taken on more debt in the last six months than the u.s. government did in the last 20 years. it just to give you a sense of how bad this is greeted this started under george w. bush.
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if you add it all up, it comes to about three trillion dollars to try to rescue the economy. here is the amazing thing. with three trillion dollars, we could have eliminated the corporate income tax for an entire year. if we had eliminated the income tax and told every business and every worker in america that you do not have to pay income tax anymore, it could you imagine what kind of rocket fuel that would be for our economy? instead, we're putting solar panels on libraries and things like that that are not want to work. it is amazing because i always say that this is a sad thing to say. one trillion is the new billion. when i first came to washington in the 1980's, we talked about a budget in the millions of dollars. the we have moved from the
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millions of dollars to the billions of dollars. i think that one of the problems we face is that the numbers are so big that people cannot relate to that. here is something you can do to relate this to your friends and kids. the other day, my friend was asking me how much one trillion dollars was. can anybody tell me about how many zeros there are in a trillion? 12. here's what i told my son. i asked who the best basketball player in the world was and he said bryan james -- hughes said lebron james. i told him that james made $40 million a year. here is a question for you. how many seasons the thank you
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would have to play basketball at $40 million a year to make one trillion dollars. you know what the answer risk? 25,000 seasons at $40 million. that is the count of money we're spending in washington. it is about the budget. it is about the capt. trade and in the last minute that i have on health care, this is a huge threat. you have heard of all the problems. i want to mention something that does not get attention. i do not know how many have you paid attention to what is going on, but it is an amazing document. there is a bill that passed the committee and it pays for it in two ways. it applies a 10% payroll tax to
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every worker. a 10% payroll tax. this is insanity. we have 15 million americans who are unemployed in this country. what are we doing raising taxes on small businesses? how many of you in this room can afford to pay a 10% payroll t if you have to pay that tax you are going to have to lay off workers. this is the kind of economic common sense that doesn't penetrate those people in washington who don't have their trade tables in the up right position. one of the biggest problems with washington and the people we send there is the vast majority of them have never run a business. the vast majority of them have never met a payroll, so they have no idea what it means to impose these high doeses -- costs. it also impose as new 5% income
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tax on the rich, policeman like lebron james and warren buffet and tiger woods, those evil rich people. er here is the amazing thing. those people in the top income category who will pay this higher tax, two-thirds of them are small business owners and operators. how in the world are you going to get more jobs when you tax the employers that create the jobs? one last thing, i feel this is so important. we've got to overcome this class warfare rhetoric in washington. this idea that the rich are evil has become a cancer cell in our public dialogue. here is the amazing thing. if we do the 5% income tax increase for the healthcare and then we do you all know that president obama wants to move back to the old tax rates, rescind the bush tax cuts that
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means the highest goes from 35% to 40% then add the 5.25% surcharge. then if you live in new york, california, new jersey or almost half of the states, you are talking about another 8% to 10%. so we are talking about a tax system in the united states where over half of americans' high income will be taxed by the government. we are back in the 1970's, in the bad old days. how many of you remember we we had double doigt inflation? remember that? how many remember 20% mortgage rates. how many remember gasoline lines? i will end with this. in the nexy may be the most critical time. we have to say no to bailouts and note to obamacare in node to
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capt. trade. -- and no to tap and trade. [applause] >> please direct your attention to the television screens for special message from georgia congressman dr. tom price, the chairman of the republican study committee. >> i am congressman tom price and i represent georgia and i have the privilege of chairing the committee. thanks to all of you for traveling to pittsburg this weekend. it is conventions' just like these were ideas and discussions will come together to create an atmosphere where 21st century conservative movement can take hold and thrive. now, more than ever, this is the time to come together and lay
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the foundation for a new tomorrow. as you know, our freedoms are under attack in washington. president barack obama, nancy pelosi and the democrats in charge card taking part in an experiment. there is a two trillion dollar increase in our deficit. their tax plan will place a job bird and plant during a time of economic -- economic distress. it will destroy that quality care that all of us rely on. you and i both know that these policies are destined for failure. they fly in the face of positive, free-market principles that have given us our great prosperity. after six months of obama nation, this is not the change they want to keep. every week, i get hundreds of
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phone calls expressing concern about the direction we're headed. there are not just upset. they are angry. most important, they are asking what they can do. that is why what you're doing s so important. no matter what corner of this nation you call home, you're proving that all americans can have an impact on our public debate. personally, we have found green success in making you to videos that shine the light on what this irresponsible majority is up to with your tax dollars. every great revival begins at the grassroots level and the leaders at this convention can provide that spark. i promise you that you're having an effect. i promise you that these battles can be won and i promise you that we will fight on your behalf in washington and we look forward to fighting these
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battles lie alongside you. remember that wonderful quote from one of our founders, samuel adams. it does not take a majority to prevail, but an irate and tireless minority teen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. keep up the good fight. we will find our way back as a nation when we restore the principles that made us great. god bless and thank you so much. [applause] >> our next speaker was last year's blottegger of the year. please welcome maggie thurber. >> good morning. i can tell you that it is so fantastic to be in a room of
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like-minded individuals. joe the plumber and i are from toledo. there are not many conservatives there. i am grateful for americans for prosperity to bring us together so we can see that we are not alone. it is my honor today to make this introduction. there are an awful lot of things that have been said about our next speaker. in 2007, she was called racist, crude and a hate monger. they said her blog was a hate site. they said she had too much time on her hands. she was the flavor of the month among conservatives. the even said she would probably not be where she was today if she were a blonde haired, blue- eyed standard issue conservative. being a brunette, i took exception to that. that is what the experts said.
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just as we're seeing with health care, the american people, everyday americans, have a much different perspective. jon said that she is wonderful. i do not know how or where she finds the time to pull together all this information and she backs every posting up with integrity. art bell wrote that she will shockey and through you and educate you with new she will not get anywhere else. christine described her as it really smart and a great thinker and vincent said that i am glad that there are people like heard out there telling it like it is. her latest book, which was released in july, hit the best- seller list in nine days. the american public is not wrong. today, she is here to tell us like it is, so please join me in
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welcoming commentator and best- selling author, michelle malkin. >> thank you. thank you. hello my fellow evil maunders. for the second time in my adult life i am so proud to join all of you brooks brothers mobsters at this event. i want to thank all the bloggers that i will not take calls on iphone during our conversation. in defiance of the etiquette as oczars you are welcome to shout
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blue clapboard cheer at any level you choose without fear of being labeled a political terrorist or klansman. when we met last year, we were fending off attacks from general wesley clark. remember this? he was deriding conservative blotters as a right wing of freedom machine. or recall that? because we were exposing the myths of hope and change. we have come a long way, baby. it is true that these mere machine is now in full over drive from the white house to the dnc, to the knott routes
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gathering a stone's throw away from here in pittsburgh. it is true that they are waging war on all of the watchdogs, bloggers talk radio, block -- a box news, all this. it is true that they are attempting to redefine vigorous civic participation as disruption. it is true that there were attempting to redefine our mere existence as an incitement to violence. it is true that they are attempting to redefine dissent as hatred when in fact our descent is rooted in love of liberty and prosperity for all. [applause] and they are doing all of these things.
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they have unlimited resources to do it, including our own tax dollars. but all of that mudslinging cannot mask and inconvenient truth. the era of hope and change is dead and it only took six months in office for them to kill it. [applause] but don't just take my word for it. listen to some of these assessments. ", barack obama is a master politician who focuses on his own political victory. i think we all want to believe and what he is talking about but his disappointing in every direction. yes. i do not see or feel any change and there is absolutely no transparency in government. this is not what i voted for.
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i have been duped! i expect there were -- what i am wondering is what they could not figure this out before they cast their vote. the signs were numerous and abundant. here is the great part. this did not come from conservative blogs and did not come from my blog. this is not right wing extremists, this comment came from a 700 + comment thread on the new york times web site posted in response to a liberal columnist frank rich's column title is folbaum -- is barack obama punking us? >> welcome to right wing freak club.
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as many of you know, when my book launched, one of the appearances i did was on the view. that's right. i braved the lion's den and i came prepared and it was quite fascinating. you can see the clip on hot air or on youtube. i was stunned by how ill armed and ill-prepared willhoopeei and the rest were. barack obama was day of side by repeating over and over again
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that washington is broken. yet, under president barack obama, business as usual is booming. the collapse of the era of hope and change demonstrates the first and last lot of political physics. as government grows, corruption and flows. this is true whether a democrat is an office or a republican is. massive new federal spending + tens of thousands of pages of new regulations that no one has ever read, plus unprecedented new powers over taxpayers on the economy due course limitless new opportunities for sleaze, favored trading, deal cutting and influence-peddling. they may still cling to the belief that he can work miracles, but no one, not even the miraculous barack obama can drain a swamp by flooding it.
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[applause] just weeks ago, the prognosticators pronounced the tea party@@@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ h@รก never mind that others have taken to the streets since february and the numbers continue to grow. [applause] >> they wanted you gone. they wanted you silenced and out of sight. they wanted you marginalized, demonized and demoralized. but you prevailed. you have shown the spine and resilience that have been so lacking among too many of our
6:46 am
own republican leaders in washington. and now you, the teeny, tiny minority of fringe right wing extremists on line and on the streets have seized control of the domestic policy debate in this country. that's an amazing development. [applause] don't worry about tallying up how many people are attending the nut roots conference versus this conference. that is not the metric. the metric is what is the white house worrying about right now? are they worrying about the nut roots or you? who are they trying to silence, them or you? you have seized control. you have gained the upper hand
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in the cap and text debate. you are holding democrats and republicans alike accountable for disguising a massive energy tax as climate change legislation. on the white house healthcare takeover plan you have the majority running scared. think about this, contemplate this. democrat lawmakers on recess now are hiding from their constituents in seiu offices. they are taking sanctuary -- [applause] >> they are taking sanctuary in children's hospitals. they are phoning it in in teleconference calls instead of face-to-face meetings.
6:48 am
they are charging voters $25 to attend town hall events for the privilege of hearing obama care talking point recitations. and they are stacking their audiences with fake doctors. thank you bloggers for revealing this. [applause] >> as well as pimping organize for america stooges chanting yes, we can. [remarks from the audience] >> the role of true grass root bloggers and podcasters large and small in this techtonic is invaluable and inestimable.
6:49 am
the thought that it was called a tea party movement before the day the bill was run through, the ideal that it was directed from the top down is absolutely laughable. the beltway g.o.p. only wishes it could have been as competent and insightful and foresightful. [applause] accusing grassroots conservatives of afterturfing is classic projection on the part of the soros funded mignons and seiu bosses and acorn activists who have never grasped the concept of the invisible hand in the marketplace. that is what is going on. that is why i appreciate what you do so much. i come here and hear from many of you and many of you who i
6:50 am
have linked to who i have never met in person before and it is a miracle that all of us have this shared experience and shared passion to exercise our first amendment rights, most of all when they are so under threat buy there white house. we have so much in common in our principles, yet we are all across the country in dispersed areas. we are living our lives, raising our kids. we want to ensure prosperity and freedom for them and future generations, and day after day in our own way we are disparaged, mocked, derided, threatened, and we get up again and again and again, because in the end we are happy warriors. there was a lot of depression and teeth gnashing after the last election and we were told that what we needed to do is rebrand ourselves. get away from what defines the
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republican party so long and adopt bome principles. we have also been told over and over again that we don't understand the internet, that we are not using it enough. there is not enough competence on that. yet your videos on youtube are playing all over cable tv every day now. >> i think that there is an incentric believe -- inextricable link between the rise of the grassroots taxpayer group and the fact you have so many books on the best seller lists of papers that refuse to review them and that continue to believe that conservatives do not read. it has been an amazing experience on the book tour
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watching the success of the book and at the same time seeing so many people understand and practice what i have believed my entire life as a journalist, that, averages, sun lighting is the best disinfectant, and that, b, knowledge is power. [applause] >> i have spent an entire career in print and all-american journalism and i have been in this business a long i'm even though a lot of the c-span callers continue to call meejung lady. i have been in the business for 17 years now. and i have watched the civility police in the news rooms that i have worked for and strategists in washington on both sides of the aisle counsel me and folks
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like you to tone it down. to conduct ourselves in dulcet tones. we cannot afford moderation in times like this. when the business of protecting our home life from meddling intrusion, protecting our homeland from foreign invasion, and protecting our commerce and our lively hoods from reckless government restriction. this is not the time to bend our spines or bow our heads. the founding fathers didn't intends for us to politely implore the masters in government for freedom like oliver twist begging mr. bumble to fill his meager bowl with more gruel. please, sir, i want some more. only extreme, extremely,
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extremely, extremely extreme vigilance forceful rabble rousing can safeguard our inail unable rights. in practicing this extremism, we have nothing to apologize for ever. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> and now, please welcome the executive director of rightall-american --
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right-all-american >> thank you for joining us again. as we conclude i want to recognize two people that exemplify the mission of right on line. we hope that he will remain here for the rest of the program that we have this afternoon but the real work begins when you get home and fire up your computers and work to reboot our movement. we are so excited for the enthusiasm and passion that we have seen from you here and look forward to the great difference that we can make going forward. right now i would like to have come up on stage with me two people that certainly deserve recognition for their efforts. last year at our first right on line conference in austin, texas, she had been blogging and engaged but since that time she's become a nationally prominent person using this tool to organize and mobilize and get
6:56 am
our message out there. and we want to recognize her for the great work she has done, all the effort to help both americans for prosperity and our movement. i would like her to come up on stage. and we have to give credit where credit is due to our -- [applause] >> thank you. we have to give credit to our opponents on the left for recognizing the advantage they hold on line after all al gore did. so we would like to recognize melissa with our al gore award for excellence. thank you, melissa, for all that you do. we hope that those that have attended the seminars and started learning000 plog an twirt and use facebook will go home with the same passion melissa has taken, begin to lunch the tools and advance our movement. it is important and we all need to find ways to get more involved.
6:57 am
i would like to recognize rachel alexander from arizona if she could come up >> the enthusiasm from all of you is sweeping the nation. people want to learn what they can do, how they can use these tools and that is one of the driving missions. we can't be everywhere all the time. we have been fortunate enough to have rape many as an ally who has conducted trainings for us to teach citizens how to get engaged online and be more effective. that something we hope to advance to have more people out there getting more engaged to go home and tell neighbors and families and friends what you learned and try to get them engaged. rachel has been a tremendous ally and we want to thank her with our activist of the year award. [applause]
6:58 am
>> just a few quick announcements. they do have to reset the room for our panels so we have to move out of here as quickly as possible. we would like you to exit on the doors to the left. we want to thank our sponsors and exhibiters so stop by their booths. lunch will be served in the admiral room. michelle malkin, joe the plumber and ronald kessler will be doing book signings. the peashts first bus is out in the parking lot. panels reconvene at 1:30. this room will be broken out into sections and thank you for being here. we appreciate it and look forward to the work that you will do going home. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2008] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute]
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