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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  September 29, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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food morning to you. i'm natasha curry. robin meade is on assignment today. another teen is charged in the beating death of a high school student and police say one of the suspects is giving chilling details about what happened. a plman accused of trying t plant bombs in new york on the anniversary of 9/11. also -- and a lot of people approve of the crazy burger. the most important rule is don't worry. don't look. don't even think about the calories. our top stories.
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one of the suspects accused of killing an honor student has admitted to jumping on the boy's head while he was lying on the ground. four teenagers have been charged in that gruesome death. one of them was a juvenile. derrion albert was beaten to death after being hit over the head. his mother said he was headed for college. >> he was an honor student. loved school. >> good boy. >> never a problem. >> we're not saying this is a gang-related incident. right now this appears that you had a young man making some attempts to go home. >> him trying to help out his friend. it's like he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> you may find this vids u owe disturbing. police say they're looking for three more suspects involved in in this. there were 290 shootings in
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chicago's schools last year. 34 kids were killed. well, the secret service is trying to find out who put a poll on facebook asking if president obama should be killed. the possible responses were yes, no, maybe, and yes, if he cuts my health care. the social networking site took it down yesterday along with a third-party application that lets people create polls. the obama poll was made available to everyone on facebook. a suspect in a 9/11 anniversary bomb plot heads to federal court today. authorities say that zazi and two other men stockpiled beauty products with ingredients that can be used to make homemade bombs. they were allegedly targeting mass transit in the new york city area. the big's stars are on their way to copenhagen and they're
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trying to bring the olympics back to the windy city for 2016. here's rafer. the president and the first lady are on their way to meet the ioc. they got an olympic-sized send-off. united airlines provided a charter plane with chicago 2016 on the side. going are jacky joiner kersey, nadia comaneci. the delegation a likely just arrived. there they are. a little blues brothers cover band. they'll going to decide between chicago, madrid, rio, and tokyo, trying to make chicago the first choice. >> a lot of star power there. thanks so much, rafer. the pilot behind the miracle on the hudson will return to flying. captain chesley sullenberger
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will also work with them. it was full of people, and that was all after losing both engines to bird strikes. all 155 people onboard survived. the aclu is fighting a plan to put up dozens of police cameras around sacramento. the group says that the cameras would be an invasion of privacy and there's no proof they would stop or lower crime. a lot of people around the city, though, support the idea. >> if they know there's a cram in front of them, they might not be doing bad things out here. if you've got a bunch of them out and people are getting bust and people know about it, it may help. >> it's being paid for by a grant from the homeland security. sarah palin has already finished her memoir just four months after signing the book deal.
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it's going to be called "going rogue:an american life." a mccain adviser complained she wasn't following the playbook. her publisher moved up the ree lease date to november 17 just in time for the hold rush. yesterday we told you about a georgia man whose car was swallowed up by a sinkhole. he was victimized twice. his car was broken into while it was sitting there. >> he said where was the car a. he said in the hole. my breath was taken away. the thought that his car had been swallowed by the car and he got out of it was amazing to me. >> the victim said he was told it's his respondent to get the car out. it's been in the sinkhole for three days now. what do you do? get your own crane?
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my goodness. >> i'd give him the money, pave it over and move on. what else can you do? >> i know. what can you do. it's going to be really windy. >> same story as yesterday. it's still there now, not quite as strong. but the cold front has breezed on through toward the coastline. we'll zero into the rain. most of the heavy stuff is all here. coming off of lake huron. that's all stretching in toward buffalo. heavy rain over the city once again and that's moving right down the throughway in toward rochester, ultimately broken showers. you're going to find that around syracuse. you have yid owe. near buffalo. buffalo coast guard station reported 59-mile-an-hour wind gusts. trees down around the city. hail reports down toward
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binghamton as well. rough start for yesterday. that was in western new york. again, this is coming off of lake ontario. you're watching for a weak line of thundershowers right now right around gainesville. it's not severe, actually breaking up a little bit. but the beneficial part of this storm is still around the lower parts of texas. heavy rain. that's what we're getting. that's exactly what they need. we're still in that drought. good to see you on a tuesday morning. >> good to e see you. happy tuesday. >> indeed. >> see you soon. >> yep. >> the government is still trying to help the housing market right now. find out if it could help you. and a spider took all the attention in the pope's speech. it's a wonder anyone heard a word he said.
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looking at nine minutes past the hour. roman polanski's lawyer plans to file a motion for his release from a swiss prison. the oscar-winning director was arrested saturday for a 1977 sex crime. back then polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl but fled to france before sentencing. french and poland officials are urging them to let him free on bail, otherwise he could spend months in jail fighting extra diction to the u.s. we could see a fight this morning. the senate finance committee will discuss the so-called public option. lots of liberal democrats want it but moderate democrats don't, and so far not a single republican supports it except
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senator olympia snow but added only if private insurance got too expensing. a woman is accused of going on a robbing spree and held up six banks in one week. she got the money without showing any gun or any other weapon. that's new for you in about 20 minutes. check it out. today's top viral video of bulldog puppy. oh look who just can't get up. look at this face. how cute. this is one of those videos that really catches on. 1.8 million people feel for this guy. can't get up. can somebody give me a hand? that's how i feel pregnant. can something help me up? we dug this up for you on youtube. adorable. the white house may take another expensive step to prop up the housing market. it's close to committing as much
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as $35 billion. who's going to benefit from this money? >> so this round of money would be aimed at middle-class families. now, it doesn't go straight to them. it doesn't go straight to your pocket like the tax rebate but it works so those families could get a reasonable mortgage, that's according to the wall street journal. they say it would start lending through the government-operated finance agency. basically these are agencies that usually help people but they've been frozen by the credit crunch, haven't been able to lend at all. the big picture or the takeaway is even though we see the government trying to unwind some of these huge program they put in place during the financial collapse, some parts of the economy, they're afraid, can't stand on their own and they think housing is one of them, still needs government help. you may get something you didn't order along with your next ups package. they're testing a plan that would leave you along with what you order a little box stuffed
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with ads. like val-ad. ups is hopes you'll look forward to some of the coupons. >> hmm. interesting. >> i say hmm too. >> thanks, jen. so former house majority leader tom delay danced with a foot injury last night but he made it through the tango on "dancing with the stars" here. delay and his partner tied for last place with cathy ireland and her partner. other stars who danced last night include kelly osbourne. here are the stories to watch out for. at 10:30 eastern education
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leader, arne duncan. they'll be on tour to talk about president obama's education reform. at noon a court martial is scheduled to begin for marine sergeant germane nelson. he's been charged with killing an unarmed detainee. and at 2:45 norman hsu will be sentenced for violating finance campaign laws. he was convicted of stealing millions in a ponzi scheme. president obama wants iran to prove its nuclear program is not building weapons, and now we have details on how the administration will pressure iran to come clean. plus, the prosecution adds to its case in the travolta ex, to plot. here what one of the actor's employees said in court.
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two u.s. service members were killed while trying to get supplies for a school in the philippines. a u.s. navy captain says that their vehicle rolled over a land mine in the island of holo. the state department says that area is home to several militant groups some tied to al qaeda. so-called obama mania are seeing a slowdown, especially since january's inauguration.
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one vendor who sold jack-in-the-boxes with the president's face on the puppet has three warehouse. others say there's enough to keep up with tourist sales. conan o'brien was the butt of his own jokes. he talks about an injury that sent him to the hospital last week. >> as you know i was doing a stunt and hit my head and got a concussion. i promise if you're a very good audience, i e'll do it again tonight. people were asking me all weekend how bad it was. folks, i'll be honor with you. i hit my head so far that for five seconds i actually understood the plot of loss. >> later he showed footage. look at that. it happened when he and terri
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hatcher were filmed competing in a race. that's a pro. hits his head and keeps going. >> all right, rafer. so after spend $1.2 million, they got their first win. >> little more relieved than anything because there's so much pressure to win in dallas. and this texas-sized stadium only seems to add to the texas-sized expectations but the american's team got the monkey off their back. they did it with their defense chrk is very uncharacteristic for them lately. so big dewinning because of their "d." they actually got booed when they went into the hospital. tony romo seems uptight right now when he plays but owner jerry jones, he's happy. they would make a great reality store. because they're like the real-life dallas these days. >> without t.o. >> exactly.
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an nfl player was benched for his tweets and the coach banned his entire team from the site after a player criticized him on it. and another complained about not getting playing time. so you don't get any playing time. twitter and athletes, is it getting out of control? we'll get your thoughts on it. players get into trouble by saying too much but do coaches and teams have the right to ban them from using it? free speech or free-for-all? what do you think? text your thoughts or go to our facebook page. we'll read your thoughts on the air in a few minutes. >> let's close out with a feel-good story. the los angeles angels paid tribute to a fall enangel, nick aid enhart.
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they tapped his number 54 and poured beverages on him. adenhart was killed in april. the man charged with drunk driving in his death is awaiting trial. that's a look at sports. people are lining up for a new gut-busting treat at the new e! festival. it's a glazed cheeseburger. would you eat that? >> no at all. >> it's 1,500 calories. >> we're on tv. we can't. >> one day you throw caution to the wind and have a good time. >> yeah. he was the one that told me about it and we decided it sounded like fun and see how it goes. >> the big "e" is known for its bun. it sells fried cheesecake, fried
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cheese curd and fried oreos. are you trying that, bob? >> it looks fantastic. >> i had fried candy. those are good. >> let me show you what's happening. a reason why that low pressure region still around there. you get rain coming off of lake erie. here's buffalo. we could see a delay here with winds gusting to 5 miles per hour. but the bigger airports, you will see winds as well. here's what it looks like around new york city. we're laooking at the towercam. high today into the 60s. about a half hour delay. here's what it looks like. philadelphia, chicago, las vegas, same thing. really that's about it. decent day when you get away from the winds. more in just a little bit. natasha. >> thanks. hey, what are you doing tonight? guess what? what? we have an exciting line-up.
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"joy behar" premieres tonight. check out her very first night. >> the pope's speech was broadcast all over the world but it was the spider who ended up with 15 minutes of fame.
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charged with first-degree murder in a gruesome beating death of a 16-year-old chicago boy. one suspect has admitted to jumping on the boy's head while he was lying on the ground. and they say the 16-year-old derrion albert was a bistander at a street brawl and was hit over the head with a board. one suspect will face a judge. he's conspired to use weapons of mass destruction. authorities say zazi and two other men were targeting mass transit in the new york city area. some floodwaters are beginning to subside in the area
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after the torrential rain. at least 243 people died in the floods and another three dozen are missing. >> director roman polanski says his lawyer is in a fighting mood after his arrest for the 1977 sex crime. he just filed a motion to try to get polanski out of bail, and he plans to fight his extradition from switzerland to the u.s. he was charged with having sex with a 13-year-old girl but fled to france before sentencing. welcome back. i'm natasha curry. robin meade is on assignment today. the white house is pushing for new sanctions on iran. it's trying to round up international support for penalties against companies that do business in the country, especially in the energy, financial areas, and communications industries. now, those penalties would kick in if iran refuses to come clean about what it's doing with its nuclear program. >> this is an important day and
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an important week for the iranians. they have decisions to make. they have one of two paths that they can take. they can continue the pact that they've been on, or it can make a decision to step away from its nuclear weapons program. >> iran has just admitted it's operating a second nuclear facility to enrich uranium. that came just before it was supposed to be disclosed. they continue to test e this week. well, one year ago today you probably didn't want to take a look at your 401(k),er a lot of people shutting their eyes. stocks took a frightening drop that day. jennifer westhoven is here. >> you may remember, it was the biggest plunn't by points in history. 777 points. this was a shocker.
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people were feeling sick when they closing bell rang. and what was happening, of course, is the financial system was nearing collapse. we were seeing a lot of money funds that looked like they were on the edge and then the house rejected the government's bailout plan. then it passed later on. there were fears that the economy was going to sink into a further depression. this level here, you see it there. 6 6,500 by march. we're still a long way from old high. it would be blowing out the top, 14,000. back to you. >> thank you very much, jen. police have sus arrested a suspected bank robbers. she's accused of telling bank teller she had a bomb but they never found any explosives. she's on probation for a 2006 bank robbery.
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they sew show it's extremely rare for women to rob bank as. let's check in with bob van dillen. >> it's not quite as bad as yesterday. yesterday we had all kinds of wind warnings for the great lakes. we still have that upper-level low. it's enough to generate instability off of lake erie, lake ontario as well. look at that slug of rain across new york and central pennsylvania a. most of it has been across the lakes until recently. now it's traveling down i-90 which is right by rochester. that's a heavy downpour action. we'll see that lake-effect rain continue for the afternoon. it's going to go all the way down the highway toward syracuse, broken showers for the rest of the day. for the rest of the state of new york, it's under the low pressure region. if you get down toward the south, it's not that bad. here's the cold front. it pushed all the way down toward florida.
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ushered in much cooler and drier air north of this boundary. let's take you to atlanta. cool start. temperatures around the city in the 40s. 65 right now in atlanta. the high today, about 75 degrees. a little bit of a breeze, but not that bad. i think no problems if you're trying to catch a flight in or out of atlanta. connecting flights, i think you'll be just fine. time now for an i-report of the day. how would you like to see a scene like this outside the window. our i-reporter shot this video saturday while a tropical storm was hitting manila. it was obviously canceled because there was a fat of rain on the tarmac right there. oh, man. look at that. well, we give you the news, you give us your views. head to to learn how you can become an i-reporter. more details in a-hour. >> thank you, bob. i'm so preeappreciative of you, letting us know what to expect when we fly. we have an exciting addition
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to our prime time line-up. the "joy behar" will air every night. here's a quick taste of what you're going to get. it's her moment of joy commentary. >> i heard that ukraine has turned down elton john's request to adopt a baby. who's in charge there? >> victor. >> listen, victor. are you saying elton is too old or too gay? uh-huh. he may be gay but he also happens to be a celebrated humanitarian and has been knighted by the queen of eng. in fact, some people think he is the queen of england. this poor baby is hiv-positive and is stuck with no prospects to move up in the world. where's he going to go? and here's the chance to be
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taken in by two loving fabulously rich patient whose will give him the best health care in the universe and dress him in versache jammys and a cashmere huggies. so now elton john will move on and find a more tolerant country. and one day he'll return to that orphanage and say you o [ bleep ] i'm living in a dumpster when i could have had front row seat at the garden for the rest of my life and hung out with sting and elizabeth hurley. that's a sad story. but maybe that's just me. >> "the joy behar show" airs tonight. you can check i it out now at how recent deals are bringing good news in a bad economy. also ahead, how a run-in with police may have led to a california woman's
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40 minutes past the hour. the "los angeles times" reports that roman polanski's own attorneys have inadvertently played a role in his arrest in trying to get his sentence overdisturbanced his lawyers contended there had been no real effort to arrest polanski in the last 30 years. a disturbing report from the "chicago tribune" that details violent attacks against the elderly by mentally ill patients. the state uses nursing homes to house mental patients including 82 convicted killers and 179 sex offenders. from "usa today" driver's ed
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may be making a comeback because more states require 16-year-olds take driver's ed before getting a license. 15% of eligible students take driver's ed compared to 95% in the '70s. the u.s. customs chief calls this a bad day for organized crime. this month colombia and mexico seized $41 million in drug money sent from the u.s. it was smuggled in in shipping containers full of fertilizer chemicals. they call this one of the largest cash seizures, and a sign of cooperation in drug investigations. look at that. security special for john travolta testified that he told his boss about an alleged demand for $25 million days aftra voe ta's son died. two people, including a paramedic are accused of threatening to release a document he signed unless he paid up. the document was like a
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liability form that they refused to send him to the hospital after his seizure. travolta is expected to testify again. the agency that guarantees the safety of your bank deposits is taking an unusual step to make sure that it can make good on that promise. what's going on here? our money expert jennifer westhoven has details on that. shouldn't we be worried about the fdic running short on cash? >> how would you like fit the ir sk asks for taxes three years early. the bangs don't like it'ser this. that's one way to look at the scenario that's potentially unfolding today. the government, not going to let the fdic fail, so they're looking at options including this report that they will ask banks to cough up three years worth of fees early. you know, pay your future fees early. and this is really a sign of the extraordinary times that we're in. the fdic is supposed to be
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baling out banks but they're basically going to the banks and saying can you bail us out? it's because so many medium and small-sized banks have been failing. it's helped 75 banks so far this year. it's drained it of its reserves. it's trying to spread the money around for maximum stability. yesterday we had some big mergers we mentioned that a big merger may not affect your everyday life but it really helped the stock market and that's because a analysts say more mergers is a sign that there's optimism out there among the ceos, that the credit math is getting better, that they can get money. all of that, good news in a bad economy may be a sign that things are starting to pick up, that we can turn out of this. so big deals yesterday and that helped the dow jones industrial average a. taking it to 9700. i need lasik again. >> you're so funny.
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>> all right. thank you. >>. at least 23 people were killed in a typhoon. it made landfall. more than 100,000 people had to be evacuated. they're warning rivers are rising, homes are flood, and some areas are being threatened by mudslides. winds could be a big problem for crews trying to fight a wildfire at yellowstone national park. the forecast calls for rain and possible snow by tonight. lightning started the fire on september 12th, but it grew over the weekend and flames are covering 9,300 acres, but the park's still open. officials say there's no danger to travelers and tourists. well, more pro athletes are losing their twitter privileges. why coaches are getting so angry over 140 characters. also ahead, hope grows more dim every hour for the search of a missing california woman. how she vanished right after
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being let out of jail.
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hey, what are you doing tonight? guess what? we have an exciting addition to our pliem time line-up. "the joy behar show" premieres tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on hln. so make sure you tune in and check out her very first show. now, let's check in with bob van dillen with a travel update. a lot of people are getting ready to hop on planes for the commute. >> so far, so good. a little bit of wind will slow us down. the first one we're watching is new york city metros. should be less than an hour because of the wind. storms in cleveland are going to slow you down. a little bit of wind out there as well. chicago, more wind-related delays with winds gusting to about 30 miles an hour. las vegas, winds gusting to more than 40 miles an hour. a college football star nearly died after he dropped a weight on his throat.
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>> this is scary stuff. stefan a johnson underwent emergency surgery for more than seven hours after a guy drop add weight bar on his neck while he was bench pressing. reportedly he was pressing 275 pounds and it dropped out of his hand. he's in critical but stable condition but no word when he'll be able to play again. and more athletes getting in trouble for twitter. texas coach mike leech ban aed his entire team from using it after a player criticized him on it. rex ryan benched one of his players in their game against tennessee after the player tweeted he wasn't getting enough playing time. that's not smart on the player's part. but the question is do the coaches have the right to ban it? is this free speech or is it a free-for-all? what do you think about it? shary shout us an e-mail says
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players should be allowed to tweet whatever they want regarding whether the coaches let them play or don't play enough. the players are entitled to voice their opinions just like anyone else. the coaches need to grow up. dallas a cowboys' final star irvenn lived to dance another day. he bounced back after last week's highly criticized performance. to score a 20. it got him enough to stay another week. natalie coughlin also performed well, scoring a 21. she looks good. >> she looks great. >> she's very enjoyable to watch as a dancer. here's the thing. the judges told her she needs to relax. she won six medals in the olympics in 2008 and this is making her nervous? dancing? >> wow. they've got to pick on something. they're judges shoo they've got to pick on something. they're judges. >> they're judges. that's a look at sports.
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we'll talk more about it. candidates vying for the late ted kennedy seat have less than four late ted kennedy senate seat have less than four months to campaign. last week the massachusetts governor appointed kennedy's former aide and democratic chairman paul kirk as a temporary replacement until january's special election. today at the white house, president obama and the head of nato are going to be meeting and the number one topic on the table is expected to be the war in afghanistan. the obama administration is considering sending more troops. the nato special general hasn't specifically asked for it but he said something has to change for things to get better. when is it a good time to bank on those rebates for stuff you buy, you know?
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hln money expert clark howard says he has a strategy so you won't be fooled by rebate promises. >> if you are considering buying something because it's a great deal after rebate, you need to follow my strategy, which is only buy something if the rebate is like icing on the cake. why do i say that? here's another example. the attorney general of the state of florida is suing a couple companies that purposely have not been paying people rebate money for which they qualify. and over the years, think how many times you or i may have intended to file for a rebate and didn't do it on time or did do everything that was expected of us and somehow the money never materializes. rebates are there to try to fool our brains into thinking we're getting a better deal than we really are. so let's go full circle here. why not buy something that's a deal just as it sits? i'm clark howard. for more ways for you to find
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bargain ans bargains, go to >> and catch clark right here at noon on saturdays and sundays. how some folks turned cow manure into electricity!
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