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tv   C-SPAN Weekend  CSPAN  May 22, 2010 10:00am-2:00pm EDT

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>> a live shot at west point. -pppesident obama is expected t3 we understand that he has arrived. we are waiting.%+ he is giving the commencement address for the u.s. military academy at west point. this is live coverage on -span. %applausee
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcomeeour distinguished guest3 cadets, the dean of the academic board, members of the acaaemic board, and other senior academy leaders. [applause] ♪ ♪,
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>> we are watching live at the u.s. academy at westtpoint. president obamm expected to speak shortly. this is live coverage on the c- span. -- on c-span.
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cox live look from the u.s. military academy at west point. president obama is expected to speak shortly. he is addressing the graduation ceremony at west point. the president will discuss the wars in iraq and afghanistan and outllne some broad principles in advance of the scene to be released national security strategy. you are watching live coverage on c-span.
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>> sound. attention.
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ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 57 superintendent of academy.ed states military%- [applause] general. ♪
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ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] [national3
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[cheers and
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>> graduating class. please on cover and remain standing for the invocation by chaplain colonel mike drum. >> may e ppay? faithful and ever loving god, our creator and sustainer of life, we gather on this day ass they think the people, grateful for who you are and how abundantly you have blessed us. we welcome you ass ur special guest. oor hearts are filled with the%+ feelings of pride and grrat joy
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for this, the class of 2000, their precious families, and -palso have joined to celebrate with them today. wheat knooledge or blessings upon this awesooe class that it think you for yyur skin -- and to foo theirrsuccess in thh classroom and for the meaningful relationships they have known here. we are in all of hhir courage and their commitmmnt and we pray toward them as they serve as leaders of character or an army who needs them. we know there is much to do and to experience in the future for these young leaders, but we pray that you will rant them this celebration, ppace, and joy ase- they experience all that is ood on this, there graduation day. we thank you for the honor it is to serve our nation. gramm wisdom, inspiratioo, and
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encouragement to all who lead and care for our peoplee beginning with our president. accompli pray, all those who answered the call to serve.. we pray this prayer in youu most were the names and in the confidence of your love for us. >> please be seated.
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ladies and gentlemen, the 57 superintendent of the united states military academy. [applause] >> thankkyou. good morning and welcome to ttis wonderful celebration, the of the class f 2010 at west point. it is a great occasion and it is long awaited by these young men and women sitting before us today. we are here for one primary reason, to honor this outstanddng class. they are ready to assume the mantle of leadership, to -ptransition from can get to officer and with this, to except the incredible responsibility thattgoes with leading american+ soldiers. this ceremony recognizes the significance of that passage. itssimportance is symbolized by
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guests there with us today. let me take a moment to recognize some of those. first, of course, our speaker, the president oo the united states, president bbrack obama. we're grateful to be joined our commander-in-chief. [applause] also with us today is the secretarr of the army. [applause] +the secretary of veterans affairs, former chief f staff of the army, and west point class of 1965. [applause] also with us is congressman john new york, who was also a servvng
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the board of visitors. [applause] another serving ember is caliiornia. jerry lewis of%- [applause] our former congressmen and a longtimm friend of the academy, the honorable ben gilman of new york.3 of course, the senior leaderrhip of west point areeup here with me this morning. welcome too all of you as well. [applauss] +finally, to the class of 2210, congratulations. you did make it. [applause]
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how short is this class? i rise just a couple of weeks before your receptiin day and graduation. soon after you have surpassed all of my expectatiins. seminal assignmenttof my career. you havv distinguished herself in all pursuits. -- youuhave distinguished yourself and all pursuits. strife -- strike, just this year alone, you have led teams to win
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six national club titles and seven patriot league championships and you wanted doing the right way. -- and you want it doing it the right way. you of led the score with distinction. your leadership help desk make it a rousing success. your class composition and contriiution and -paccomplishmmnts, none of it stopped there. pou also serve the community and the army at large. alleady made i am tremendously proud of all of you and i want to thank you all of you for your hard work. let me say to the parents, their relaaives, the loved ones, thank you. you have raised and nurtured some incredible youngsters. he not only entrusted us with
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this remarkabll young people, you call ii -- you also said -- provided love and support. they could not have done it without you. since it will take their places as officers and our army. they will still rely on you for your love anddyour assistance, even as they provide that same kind of nurturing suuport for our soldierss members of the class of 2010, do not forget all the assistance you had in getting here. reflect with pride and humility on your accomplishments and dedicate urselves to the service of those who hhve sustained you here, your friends, and feelow citizens. let me give yoo the class of 2010 the hance to stand and a plot. .- and applaud th
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thank you. please be seated. you are about tootake decommissioning " to defend and support the constitution. the constitution provides civilian control of the military and designates the president of phh united states the commander- in-chief of the military. he pledges to serve and defend president obama has served and lead ur nation at war. when considering a new strategy -pfor afghanistan, he and his tm demonstrated the kind of recent leadership that would bee eepected of all of youuupon graduaaiin. someday soon, you'll realize thaa. that the strategic decisions of war and peace weigh heavily on any leaders shoulders. ps our president has often said, when the allies of our citizens hang in the balance, it is never
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a decision to take lightly. in december, the president came here to wwst point o unveil hhs nee strategy. veryysoon, many oo ou willlbe called to ennct that strategy o3 it is most fiiting their president should address you on the occasion of your commissioning into a world in which she will play a decisive role as leaders of character and champions of freedom. of theseeoutstanding men and women before us. they will serve the nation, loyal to the end.
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>> thank you for 39 years of remarkable service to the aamy [applause]rica. thank you for your service. and for inspiring these cadets to be, the leaders of character they are today. knowledge the
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presence of general shinseki% the members of congress who are with us here toddy, including . to all the famiiies here, especiilly all the moms and dads, this day is a tribute to you as well. the decision to come to west point was made by your sons and daughters, but it was you who a.. -- a spirit of service. on behalf of the american people, thank you for your example and hank you for your it is a singular honor to serve
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as your commander in chief. as your superintendent indicated, under our constitutional system, my power aa president is wise ddlimited.3 where my power is absolute. i hereby absolve all cadets who are n restrrction from minor conduct offenses. i wwll leave the definition of "minor" to those who know better. [laughter]
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class of 2010, today is your day. a day to celebrate all that yoo have achieved. the finest tradition of the your important service that lies ahead. he pushed yourself through the training. %long the waa, i am sure you faced a few moments when you ask yourself, what am i doing here? i have those moments sometimes. you have rained for the complexities of today's mission. the knowing that success will be measured not merely by performance on the battlefiell, but by your understanding of the cultures and traditions and
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languages and a place research. you reached ut across borders with morr international experienne than any class in academy history. you've not only attended foreegn academies to forge friendships, you have welcomed them in your ranks cadets from nearly a dozen countrres. you challenge yyurselves intellectually in the sciences and humanities and in history and in technology. you have aahieved a standarr of academic excellence that is without question tying the scholarships of any class in west point history. [applause] this includes your number one overall to death and your valedictorian -- overalllcadet -pto ensure valedictorian. this is the first time in academy history were your two
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top awards have been burnnd by its female candidatt. -- have been burned by a female candidate. -- earned by the mill candidates. in uniform plate and our women%- indispensable role and national deeence. time and again, they have provee themselves to be role models fo+ our daughters nd our sons as leadees in the united states armed forces. the faces in this state -- stadium show is simple truth. america's army represents the full breaath of ameriian experience. you come from every corner of our country. from privileged and from poverty. from cities and small towns.
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religionssthat enrich the lives you include the vast diversity of race and ethnicity that is fundamental to our nation's strength.+ there is, however, one thing that the two aaart.+ here in this quiet hills, you have come together to prepare our time.ost difficult ttst of you signed up knowing that your service woold send you into harm's way. you did so long after the first guns of war were sounded. in you, we see the commitment of our country. timeless virtues that have served our nation well. we see or sense of duty, including those who earned their right shoulder patch, they're right shoulder combat patches like the soldiers wwo have iraq.
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your first captain of the corps of cadets, tyler gordon. [applause]we see or sense of hor respect of tradition, knowing that you joined a long gray line that stretches to the entury. in your reverence for each otherr that is when the corps standd in silencc every time the -- academics the ultimate sacrifice for ourrnation. today, we honor he 78 graduates of this economy -- of this academy that given their lives for freedom. we see your love of country, a devotion to merican captured n the model that you chose -- thh model that you chose as a class. boil till the end. -- loyal till the end.
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duty, honor, love of country. all that you have learned here have prepared you for today. when you become commissiooed officerssin the uniteddssates i3 has taken place at west point with our nation at war. this type of war bbgan in afghanistan. the place that may seem as far away as anywhere on earth. theewar began only because of our own cities aad civilians were aatacked by a violent extremist who plotted from a3
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only because that plotting resist to that day. -- to this day. iraq.3ny years, our focus as on faced challenges there that were as daunting as they were complex. a lesser army might have seen its spirit broken. our troops adapted, they coalitions and heirrcompetence+ and creativity encourage, we're ppised to end ouu combattmission -pin iraq this summer. [applause] our troops home, our commitment to the iraqi people indoors. we will continue to aavise the iraqi security forces who are
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-palready responsible for secury in most of the countries. this will not be a simple task, buu this is what success looks like. it provides no hhven to a terrorist. a democraaic iraq that is sovereign and stable and self- asswe end the war in iraq, we are pressing forward in afghanistan. six monnhs ago, i came to west point to announce a new strategy for afghanistan nd pakistan. i stand here humbled by the knowledge that many f you will+ soon be serving in harm's way. i assure you that you will go with the full support of a proud and grateful nation. we face a tough fight in afghaniitan. in the insurggncy that is confronted with a direct challenge will urn to new
10:44 am what the taliban has%- in a country that has known%+++ decades of war will e tested in finding political solutions to its problems. this war+ hasschanged over the last nine years. it is no less important than it was in those days aater 9/11. we must break the momentum of the taliban insurgency and trained afghan security forces. we have supported the election of a sovereign government. now we must strengthen its capacity. we broughtthope to the afghan people. now we must see that their country does not fall prey to cadets, there'll be difficult
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days aheaa. we will adapt, we will persist, and i have no doubt that together, with our afghan an3 succeed in aaghanistan. [applause] even as we fight the wars in front of us, we also have to see the horizon beyond these wars. l is to destroy, our future will be defined by what we build. we have o see that horizon and to gee there, we must pursue a strateey of national renewal and we have to build he forces of
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america's strength and influence and shape a world that is more peaceful and more prosperous. time and again, ammricann have mmmmnt of channe. this is one of those moments. an era of economic transformation and individual empowerment, of ancient hatreds and new dangers, of emerging powers and new global%+ challenges. we're going tt need all of you to help meet these challenges. you've answered the call. you and all who wear america's uniform remain the cornerstone of our national defense. the ankle -- tte anger of global seeurity. -- the angenchor of global security.
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now the rest of us, the rest of us must do our part t. we must recognizeethat our strength and influence abroad begins with the steps that we take at home. compete in an age where%+ren to- knowledge is capital and the markktplace is global. we have to pursue science and research hat unlocks the wonders as unnoreseen -- american iinovation uut be the foundation of american power
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because at no time in human diminished -- diminished- economii power regains its military power. that means that the civilians among us, the parents, the community leaders, elected%+ officials, we had a rrle to%+ plly. those in uniform tt defend this country. we have to mmke sure that america is building on [applauue] as we build these economic sources of our strength, the second thing we knnw must do is to innovate the capabilities that will advance the common iiterest of human beings around the world. ameeica's armed forccs are adapting to changiig times, but your efforts have o be
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we will need the renewed engagement of our diplomats, from grand capitals to pangerous outpost. we need development experts. pe need intelligence agencies we need law enforcement that can strengthen udicial systems abroad to protect s here at home. when the first responders that can act swiftly in the event of earthquakes and ssorms and disease. tte burdens of this cennury cannot fall on our oldiers alone. it can also not fall on americans shoulders alone. our adversaries would like to see america at is that its sttength by overextendinn your power. ii the past, we have alwayy had
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the foresight to avoid acting allne. we were part of the most powerful wartime coalition in human histtry througghworld war ii. yes, we re clear about the shortfalls of our international system. but america has not succeeded by stepping out of tte currents of cooperation. nations authorized by a meeting their responsibilities and face consequences when they do nott we avv to shape an+ international order that can meet the challenges of our generation. we will be steadfaat in strengthening those old alliances that haae served us so well, including those civil served by your side in afghanistan and around the%+ globe.
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build new partnerships anddshape stronger inttrnational standards and institutions. this engagement is not an end in itself. the international order we seek ps one that can result the challenges of our times. countering the violent insurgency and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons nd securiig nuclear materials, combating the changing climate and sustaiiing global growth. helping countries feed themsellee and care for theer healing wounds. if we're successful in these tasks, that will lessen it will be supportive of our efforts paramilitary to secure our country. more than anything else, our success will be claimed by who
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we aae as a country. this is more importann than effort given the nature of the challenge thht we face. our campaign to disrupt al qaeda isspart of an international effort that is necessary and just. this is a cup different -- this is a different kind of war. of surrender to mark themoment%- journey's end. po armistice, no banner headline. they will continue to recruit and exploit our opennsocieey. we see it in a tense o blow up an airliner over detroit r an suv ii times square. show that pressure on that workk like al qaeda will not -- is
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forcing them to rely on terrorist with lessstime to %+ain. pe see the potential duration of this struggle in their gross and heir attempt to prey upon fear and hatred nd prejudice. soon.hreat will not go away%- let's be clear. al qaeda and its affiliates are small men on the wrong side of history. they leave their religion. we eed nnt given to fear every time a terrooist ties to scare us. we should not discard our freedoms because extremmsts try tt exploit them. we cannot uccumb to division becauus others try to drivv us apart. we are the united states of
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we are the united states of america and we have prepared ur union and outlasted communism.%+ we have gone to turmoil. we've gone through civil war. we have come oot strongee and we will do so ooce more. i know this to be true because i pee the strength and resilience of theeamerican peeple. terroriit want to scare s. pew yorkerr just go about their lives unafraid. papplause]
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extremist want a war between america and is long, but laws -- but muslims are parts of our american life,,including those but the are united for yourus, support for you, soldiers wwo sent a clear message that this%+ country is a land of the frre+ and home of thh brave. [applause] in an age of instant aacess to information, a lot of cynicism and the news, it is easy to los+ pictures and the swirl of -ppolitical debate.
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as we experienced the immediacy of the image of a suffering child, it is the beast -- it is easy to givv in to the belief that human progress is staalee. that events are beyond our control. the change is not possiblee this nation was foonded different notion. we believe that all men arr created equal. thee are endowed by their%+ cceator with certain inalienable rights. among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. that ttuth has bound us together, a nation populated by -ppeople from aaound the globe,
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enduring hardssip and achieving greatness as one people. thattbelief is as true today as it wws 200 years ago. it is a belief that has been claimed by peeple of every race and every religion in every region of tte world. can anybody doubt that this belief will be any less true or powerful two centuries from now? a fundamental part of our be america's support for those universe of rights that form the creed of our foundation. we will promote these values pbove all by leading them. do our fidelity to the rule of law and ur constitution even when it is hard. even we are -- even when we are in the midst of war.
10:58 am
we will commit ourselves to forever pursuing a mmre perfect+ union. together, with heir friends nd pllies, america will always be the world that extend these where democratic institutions take hold, we will have the wind at their back. we xtend a hand. we'')re human dignity s denied, america opposes poverty and is a source of opportunity. that is who we are. that is wwat we do. we do so with no illusions. we understand that change does not come quick. we understand that neither america or any nation can dictate evvry outcome beyond its borders. we know that a world of mortal -pmen and women will never be rd
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of oppression or evil. what we tend to and what we must -- what we can do and what we must do is to work and reach and fight for he world that we see. all of us, those in uniform and -pthose who are not. i turn to the words of oliver wendell holmes. experience, he said,"to fight outta war, you must want sooething with all your might. more than that, you must be willing to commit yourself tooaa perhaps a long and hard waat
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where you will come out." america does not fight for the sake of fighting.3 the field of battle, and i say that with humility, we fight we fight to keep our families and communnties safe. we fight for the security of our allies and partners because america believes that we will be safer hen our friends are safe. . .
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>> finddng opportunity, forging a more perfect union. ourrachievements would not be possible, without the long lines that have sacrificed for duty, honoo, for country. years froo now -- [applause] >> years froomnoww when you return here, and the shadoos have grown longer, i have noo doubt you will have added your name o the book of history. i hhve no doubt that we ill have prevailed in the struggles of our time. i have no doubt that yoor legacy will be aa america that has emerged stronger, and a
11:04 am
world that is more just because destinn is never written for us, it is written by yes. we are ready to lead once moree thank you. may god bless you. may god bless the united states [applause] >> mr. president, thank you for coming to west point. and remarks, loyal until the end. [applause]
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>> please remain standing for the singing of the corp ♪ +♪
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ladies and gentlemen, the dean of the academic boardd general patrick flanagan. [applluse] >> on behalf of the academic anddrecommend each as worthy of+ the bacheloo of science degree. the president of the united states will present the comes to the underggaduates, the queet valedictorian, the class president, and the army athletic association ttophy winners of this year's graduating class.++% will the members of the graduating claas of 2010 now come forward to receive their diplomas.
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>> elisabeth a. . er.ymond t. vett+
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nick louis-walll orlando r. sanbrano. david deaa.ssa c. +alexandra rosenberg, a valedictorian. [applause]
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[applause]lly.%- david j. bannis. [applause]+ michael c. haden. [applause] ben little. [applause]
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tyler m. hartman. [applause] david k. lle. [applaase] michael . sorrentino jr. carolyn a. taft. [applause] >> michael baker. [applause]
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>> john c. [applause]. [applause] [applause] >> david n. [applause] >> brennan r. [applause]
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>> jay ralph williams. [applause] >> matt m. andrew m. sara essier. >>andrew t. [applaase] >> jackkon w.
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>> kyle thompson. [applause] >> ddn riggs. [applause] brian l.. [applause] p> mmrgarrt fountain. [applause] >> tyler grody, adet first
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captain and brigade ccmmanderr >> erin conoly, class president. [applauss] >> lindsay a. [applause] >> matthew a. tyler, army association athletic trophy [applluse]
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>> thann you. %> firss regiment. >> third regiment. kkistin b. alan . ryan clay. >> megan. >> shannon top.
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>> rooert dory. %> paul o'dwyer. >> daniel firestone. >> philip draper. samuel f. dennisshill burn. p> stephen jason. >> emml b. >> sara lee v. >> market garrison. >> richard miller. corey hansen. >> bradley m. . >> charles harrii.
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>> thomas harris jr.. >> james myers. >> raaph hartman. >> matthew paul. jeremy jonas. [applause] michael c. >> jassn sexxon. >> jeremy singletary.
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>>rthey. >> andrew michael mckee. >> amy jonathan turnbull. >> jeff harte. >> james rooneyy >> and kevin smith. -p>> rachel done.>> timothy fly. >> susanna burke.
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>> jonathan economy. -- jonathan connolly. >> grant c. >> chip jones -- jacob jjnes.>>. >> aniel m. >> alexander haig's. >> robert o'neill. pjoseph pariahs.
11:22 am
-- perez >> christopher t. gregory spencer. >> marissa r. >> christopher v.. -p>> gregory s. >> >> joseph v.
11:23 am
>> timothy adams. >> stephen watkins% kelly c.. . >> john adams. >> brian c. >> he jamie b. >> daniell m. paul falcone.. >> riley foster.
11:24 am
f.%+minac >> andrew johnson. roland k. >> kevin b. >> lexander . >> and david >> jonathhn m. >> joshua miles. >> derek hope.
11:25 am
>> michaee s. >> alexander s. >> harryy s. >> richard s. nicholas c.+ joshua summer. >> tiffany taylor.%+ >> christopher a. >> max l.c l.%-
11:26 am
>> michael mason. >> john i. >> eliot gardner. zachary writer. >> tennis paul. -- ken p3
11:27 am
-p>> tyler seymour. >> omar s. >> brandon skinner. >> ian smith. >> peter miller. -p>> s..tennyson. >> derek w. >> locus wilcox.
11:28 am
robert s. devin v. >> sammel t. grant fisher. >> ernest b. katrina k. >> matthew clark. >> w. taylor dawson.
11:29 am
>> mark c.%+ >> alexander of warrants. -- alexander lawrencc. samuel herbert. brian hopkins. >> sean shakeups. >> and shakeups. >> thomas robertss >> joseph l.%+ >> jeefrey lee. michael more. >> eugene parks.
11:30 am
whit >> parker w.. >> peter rome. >> grant elliott. >> erik williams.
11:31 am
>> katharrne gibbs.. +>> christopher good one. wom>> james h. nathan h. jonathann l. >> jennat myers. ,/
11:32 am
king,rd n., %ichael kk %- james mckinney. >> nicholas t. >> ebony thomas. >> sonya g. >> kathryn w.. -p>> michael roberts.
11:33 am
>> phillip scott.>> brian t. >>3 >> brian watson.. >> stephen3 >> thomas z. >> exec.
11:34 am
-- s factory abrams. kebin. >> jason krueger. >> thomas g. >> scott m.biden. sean f. >> ccnner g.
11:35 am
>> richard k. >> edward ll -p>> gregory starr >> alexander moore. >> r.j. alexander.%- >> zachary scott. >> philip bulger. >> logan bradley.
11:36 am
>> scott wright. >> allex h. >> sara h. >> margaret b. >> johnnie l. martinez. >> jeffrey d. >> michael m. p>> tyler o. >> william lopez.
11:37 am
>> jeremm r.. r. >> matt shapiro. >> andrew roberts. >> william smith. >> carl thompson. >>+ samuel v.
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>> second regiment -- michaellwilson. chrrstopher brian. >> fourth regiment -- %-kurt b. >> susaa baaer. >> richard carter. >> jonathan b. >> jude cooke. >> andrew gill. >> timothy g. -p>> gregory g.
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>> stephhn gglbert >> kelsey h. >> matthew jenkins. >> given k - stephen k. m. dylan p. >> ryan s.
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thomassm. >> alexander m.+ >> matthew v. >> oshua w. -p>> stephanie s. >> matthew a. >> adam+ schwartz. >> bret d. >> amanda >> gramm clark.
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>> d. dawson. >> william w. >> christopher g. >> larson gilmor. p> >> wwlliam%herbertt m. >> christian p.
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>> alan lewis. >> patrick ryan. >> alexander s. >> matthew s. stored -- steward m. >>%eric w.3%+ >> kathryn c.. >> meghan reed. >> brannon
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>> daaid s. >> nathan s. >> joy turner.. >> hunter wiiliams. >> charles s.. >> elisabeth c. sean w. >> joseph brown. >> paige ford. >> joshua h.
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>> joseph g. >> alexander j. >>+ adam l. >> christopher h. >> jeremy m.- >> william meyers. >> jeffrey nielsen. >> aleeander n. >> ean rosenberg. >> dana
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>> alexannra s. >> masius -- matthew r. >> hristopher webber. >> brandon w. >> mark a. >> william smalls. timothh thomas. >> riihard t. >> philip b. >> thomassb. and benjamin white..
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>> peter m. >> joon g. >> david e. jacobson. >> brian c. p> alexander d. christopher frederick. >> william grove. >> lois k. >> annie
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>> and david johnson. >> alexandria scott. >> andrew shields. >> nicole .%+ >> alexander mumford. agenda for nixon. -- alexander nixon. >> steven skinner.
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>> codyysummer. >> benjamin b. >> lawrence v. >> kimberly cohen.- >> brice c.
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>> taylor griffon. >> thomas dunn. >> nathan g. >> anthony hartman. >> the victor h. >> brian hh >> ryan k. >> derek y, >> stephen k. >> matthew ll >> kimberly m. >> zachaay m. q.
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>> please remain staading and
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uncovered while the oath of office is administratored to the class of 2010. ladies and gentlemen, tte united statessmilitary academy, connressman dant of cadets. p- command ant of ca ebts. >> graduates of the class of 2010 raise your right hand. i, state your name, having beee appointed an officer, in the army of the united states, in the grade of second lieutenant, do solemnly swear, that i will support and defend the constitution of the uniied states, gainst all enemies,
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foreign and domestic, that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that i take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation, iiwill well and faithfully discharge the uties of the enter, so hhlp me god. well done.+ [cheers and applause] >> we ask that you remain in
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place unnil directed to exit. we appreciate your cooperation. uncovered for the benediction by fatherwood. -- father wood. >> may we pray. enternl god, we turn tooyou now that this morning's drama nears its end. reach youu powerful handdinto the lives of these new guide them, protect them, give them happiness. looking only at certaan things, it s a certain way of looking at everytting. we pray you make them men and + women for whom utyy honor, and pountry becomes and remains a way of life. look to on the families of
12:07 pm
these yoong officers and on those who could not be here consttnt support and for the love thaver shown over the academy and all who areepart of pts efforts. may west point always andd forever make this nation prood graduates. and finally eternal god, wee bless the united states of america and our president. keep safe our armed forces and shower with happiness and + succcss the class of 2010. amen. >> take charge of the
12:08 pm
graduating class. >> grad wittiig class. -- graduating lass.3 class of 2010, dississee. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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>> and president obama leaving the stage there at tte u.s. military academy at west point nntional ecurity rooted in diplomatic engagemeet and international alliinces. you see the cadets there after the hat toss. that is the culmination of the commencement festivities. this has been live coverage. you are watching c-span. >> 999 of theeattacks can be avoidee by people doing simple things that is already availaale to them. >> saturday, reparing for cyber attacks. government work towarddpro tecting federal and private >> today on america and the courts, remarks from supreme court justice anthony kennedy on why he's against the litmus test for high court nom knees.
12:11 pm
he also talks about the u.s. prison system's overcrowded system anddthe third world hosted by the pplm beach bar association in floridd. campaign 2010 coverage continuus witt speeches by connectiiut and colorado senate3 last night, connecticut attorney general richard blumthal received a spot in the race to succeed incumbent chris dodd who is retiring. aad ccrrent colorado senator michael bennett is now seeking a full u.s. senate term after became president obama's %- hissparty's august 10 primary. %ptonight starting at 8:00 easterr. >> on june 28, supreme ccurt
12:12 pm
justice nominee elena kgen will testify before the snate juuiciary committee. poments from previous confirmation hearings.3 on afterwards, boston radio talk show host michael graham defendss he tea party movement pgainst accusations from the left while making a few accusationssof his own. he's interviewed by jonathaa find tte entire queeked schedule at on devellpment efforts on haiti, where recovery eeforts continue folllwing a devastatiig earth quake last january. we'll hear testimony from actor anddfounder of jp haiti relief organization sean penn.
12:13 pm
held by the senate fooeignn relattons committee, this is an hour and 15 minutes. move to our second panell this is as well an esteemed panel of nongovernment witnesses. our first,,
12:14 pm
i would ask the witnesses, because your testimony will be ssbmitted for the record, to try to keep your testimony within that five to seven time range, if that's at all we'll start from the right of the table going right to left. >> i would fiist like to compliment the world agencies, the ngo community, and u.s.
12:15 pm
aide and u.s. milittrr and state department for an excelleet joo in a very difficult circumstance. there are two things ttat led to very difficult response, which was that haiti was aa faaled state prior to the earthquake. and typicaaly, in indonesia, for examplee when -- wed a -phighly functional national government in indonesia that helped us with what we had to do that could make decisions and that was competent in getting lots of things done. it also happened in the capital ccty where ll the ministries were, and there was massive loss of life of the people wwo loss of life of the people wwo would normally do the response. so i'm very proud of the
12:16 pm
response. i ran that office 20 years ago first job in international work. but i want to talk a ittle bit about nnt the rellef responss, if you ask questions i would be glad o do it but more about the condition of the haittan because i think the worst thing this. and live in a disney world assessment of what we're dealing with. weeare dealing with one of the worst governed countries in the world. one of the worst governed %pcou america. haiti.3 230,000 people died in haiti, p00 died in chile. what's the difference? the difffrence is the chillen, along witt the coasta reeken government areethe two best run governments latin america, so functional, good gooernment, you helppthee do their work.
12:17 pm
you don't do ittfor them. 3 have basiially are een running public services in hatea ttrough ngos, beccuse the haitians can't do it. 85% of the children in schooll according to one study, i don't know if it's accurate, i read i'm nnt easily shockee, 85% of the children in school in haiti only 15% are in public schools. because theegovernment, the ministry of educatton is so a study done about five years -pago showed that about 30% of the people in the bureaucracy don't exist. - hey get paid onnthe pay but they don't report for work and most of them don't even exist. in one ministry of 10,000 workers, 50% of the staff were phantom employees. some groups are aavocating is
12:18 pm
support to support the system, which i think is a terrible idea. the reassn we went around the so dysfunctional. i just collected a fee staaistics. 3 inttrnational, the most respected organization of ngo that does work on corruption, gave haiti the tenth lowest score in the entire world on corruption. it ranks with eek torle guinea, and iran. iran is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. seconddy, there is a statistic, very iiteresting about the doing business in haiti. the world bank does it ease of doing business indicator reeort. haiti ranks 151 out of 183 s the worst business climate in the world save 30 countries.3
12:19 pm
there because it's hard to register. you have to pay bribes to get your licenses nd that soot of thing. so the questiin ii why the country is so poor is because the business climate is so bad. tteee have beennefforts to reform it. if that is ot done, the other reforms and the other aid that -peffective unless there is a + growing private sector and economy. and the middle kwlass haiti will be a failed state in five . there arr 2 million haitian americans. they are upwardly mobile, they are hard working, thee are here. not in haiti. 80% of the haitians li inn canada and the united states, not in haiii. that is a very disturbing statistic. there is a massive drain of country to the unitee states. and when they get here, they do very well. so it's not the haitian people. it's the system that is
12:20 pm
how do we change that? well, one, we're going tt have to try toobring back, n my view, the diaspora to haiti. we diddthis, by the way, very quietly in afghanistan, the firrt few months we brought thousand afghhns, phds, major business figures from the afghan diaspora. and the five best run ministries in kabul were uu by back. we put themm ack on the pay rool and not directly but through our contractors avvrple and those people ran the mmnistries, the bbst runn ministries were in that category. -pi suggest something liie that be done with other donors. because if weejust funnel money into the existing system, it's 3 in the country unlesssyou law, you are not going to have a funntional hhitian state andd you will continue to have what we just had happen. instead of ccile, we will have a repetition of haati sometime
12:21 pm
natural isaster. bunch of other indicators but therees one other statistic densely populated couutries in the world.3 ccpita. pnd the 30 that are more -pdensely populattd are a ittl tiny countries like singapore is rich but t's not a country,, it's a city state. haiii is more densely populated than indca. it cannottfeed itself even if it had the best system in the world. we should improve the agricultural secttr. the idea aide has to very good one.3e economies is a but unless thhre's industriilization in haiti it will continue to be a very poor country. take place in the 908s,+ there are people working in factorres in haiti for soccer balls and shoes and cloohing
12:22 pm
and they get a monthly waae, paying taxessaad then there was political taxxs and there were sanctions. the sanctions drove the middle united states and canada. same thing. unless we open our markets up to haitian products, we're not going to have a growing economy. we should have a holes ssick approachh we need to have a ree frade are no restrictions on the importing of haitian goods. i don't think it's a big threat we need a full bill to open mmrkets up that will attract the bussiess community of canadaaand the uniteddstates maybe using people from tte haitian dice pra to begin industrial quiesing the country. not just in port-au-prince but the ther partssof the country. perhaps also attached to
12:23 pm
agricultureebecause you can do industrialization where you're 3 processing. we need rural roaas for that. one of my concerns in the aid budget is there's a lot of money for things that are vissble, quick,,and appealing. the thing that is aren't -ppnd this is not just the congress, the executive branch too. 35%%of our total foreign aii budget is for health. do yyu know anybody in favor of disease this i don't know any interest group in favor of disease. there is lots of peoole who programs. agriculture %- you ccn guess who they are but they usuallyywould stop our request for more money. they don't like fertilizer, gmo seed or they think it's pompetition for the u.s..whhch the governance democracy 't account of aid is 4%%of our aid while 5% is health. so the money is not there to do the things we need to do because the budgees aae eerked
12:24 pm
bbsed on political pressures which i understand. i was a former state legislature in massachusetts for 122years. i know the pressures hat people are under and i ran aid for five years. i know what you all requested of us. phe things that help people if we don't improve the governance in haiti, we're not haitian government running health clinics that can treatt%- people so we don't have to keep going in with this huge international apparatus to run -pthis. -pso we need governnnce reffrm a first priority. that's in the aid budget. i urge connress to approve aid requested innterms of the governance of democracy program because without it this is not going to work. pnd the second most important thing is economiccgrowthh people say we need tt have just free trade. that is not enough. we need to have improved people to start businesses, to create jobs, to have economic growth. if there's economic growth they
12:25 pm
paa taxes whiih will und in fact the haitian government the that is aafailed state. . is those are some iieas. time is short and i know you want to ask questions. %p>> mr. chairman, senator corker, my name is sean penn. i've been on the ground in haiti since the first week quake as go director and c.e.o.. pe have live ii the tent camp adjacent to and administratoring aid to the largest in the coontry. designnted camp manager of thhs site locclly called terrain degauf by the organization of migration. from our first days in haiti, my team and i witnessed
12:26 pm
amputations without anesthesia hospitals and clinics throughout the city nd country. in spontaneously raised tent 3- mosquito ridden. pimbs severed froo childden with tools more familiar too it is true that this stage of %- post-quake trauma and drama has largely subsided. only two weeks ago, however, a less tangible, visible orr fundibbe emergency raised its + head. our camp clinic diagnosed what becamm the first confirmed case of iihtheria. i rode in the ack of the ambulance while the patient was refrused from several hospitals diagnosed with a disease for which those hospitals had no
12:27 pm
treatment capability. in this city of ruins, five fully functional hospitals have been allowed to ccose due to financial undersspport and the inertia of protective in many cases, the bureaucracy of international aid is prrtecting people tt death. diphtheria ii among the first of five things that an american traveling to haiti is inknock lated against and yet, in a country devasted with hundreds of millions of americans emergency aid and billions pledgedtor reconstruction, there were no ice ladies and gennlemen wards, few ventilators and despite the all-out last-minute effortssof the administrations f everyy pajorrhospital in the city, the american red cross, the deddcated and beeond job description effort of the commmnder of u.s. military forces in haiti, the wwo,,u.s. aide, and the cdd along witt a
12:28 pm
fractuued haitian minnstry of health it took 14 hours beeween locate a singll patient dose of tte can treatmmnt that would have likely saved this 15-year--ld's life. had it been available. -pin search of is care, i held the ankle of a normal norge was merely uffering through a sore throat. he couldn't have knnwn that the gray bacceria in his throat would kill him in a day and a half and it did. since that day, a series of diphtheria cases have come to light.. including anotherrone in our four days ago.3 our hospital pany dissases that threaten in particulaa the 1.8 million disppaced today living in compressed and unsanitary camps where tent to tent construction
12:29 pm
would take just one match to create an inffrno that could insit rate thousands. in a city where nearly no access where there is nearly no access to electricity, there is little fuel to run the generate and the rapes of women and children may occur at will. it will be the rain of this die real cases of ccildren under 5. there are hundreds of thousands of them in port-au-prince alone. it should be aid that while programs of immunization, it is the simple truth that haitians foo the most part remmin little evidence that those who have been immunized have records or access to establish boosters and follow-up necessary with the as with all immunizations.
12:30 pm
a city the size of port-au-prince as with the densely populated areas of haiti, the idea that as in the 3 single warehouse maintains what little supply may exist ii an unacceptable acceptance. ppevention is difficulttto get -ppeople excited about but cold+ chains for the transffrt of established throughout port-aa-prince and haiti as mmch stock pilse for the dehydration that comes with it must allo be said that the quality and training of 3 -pwas already at a minimum and that with the death and flight offso many amoog the most capable in haitian medical community that it will be some of the humanitarian and training demand.
12:31 pm
i km here today of the greatness that is going oo and hopeewe will address the bold clarity thh raiser's edge so that all in our own country, all that our counnry has given in sacrifice and senior viss this rainy ssason and leave + bright and dancing haitian eyes unrest. ease and god forbid the- from president obama, secretary oo state linton, and secretary offdefense gates and throughout the policies and generosities offered this situation to date the united states can hold its + heaa very high. the compassionateeand no nonsense posture of our milttti has been moving and inspire.
12:32 pm
but with the official emergency phase ddclarrd over, as mmst of them redeploy into other struggles, we owe it tooall of them and to ourselves in reestablissing the character of american foreign policy to stay the course in haiti. against our ally anddneighbor. show the world that we are to willing to fight hht war and save its victims and are not dependent on hating and killlng their assailant. it is a war against the disasters caused by nature andd poverty. pnd theeunited states military has played and muut continue tt play a central role in haiti as ecombnent. countrywide, we have dropped american troop levvls from 22,000 to 500. we must alloonot undeeestimate -pthe likelihood known to all o us on the ground of some level
12:33 pm
of violent social unrest. as americans, we could call oo % the government of haiti and our own government to acknock that a state of eeergency still exists. to demand full transparency in phe way that aid is ddsttibuted3 organizations advertise of funds full ann total tation - transparency. now is the time for all 3 ackkowledge that an emergencyy phase is simply an economic determiiation. anddthat prevention of foreseeaabe human toles on young children cannot be summarily dismissed by the reconssruction offering eepowerment demanding independence and governance or country that many ways was the haitian people are s pace.
12:34 pm
strong and resilient as any i'ver seen. there are great lessons of character for our country to the president and his their efforts the will of haiti to cover come its legacies but theer demand of a frabtrd society's indepennence pree maturely will be murder by another name. distributionnof aid are a fine aspiration, but when the emergency room has got a line out the door and the hospital pharmaceutical stockpile has pot been invent rid, we have to find a way to treat patients while the counting is done and not leave them at the door to die on the street. p ammand i believe i speak ffr -pall responsible aid wwrkers i planning and reconstruction and the nurtturg of an independent people's self-reliance. but as we punish those who are
12:35 pm
corrupt, so shalllwe kill the innocent and the wwllful. money and expect it o be spent helping peoole. i hope we arr here today to encourage just that. thank you. >> ttank you, mr. pen. mr. snyder. >> mr. chairman, senator corkeer >> let me expresssmy appreciation, that as a long-term commitment to haiti's recovvry, sustainable and i use the erm rrfounding yesterday in fact waa haiti's independence day, he flag day spoke for unity aaong all the %- political forces in the and ii fact, haiti's future
12:36 pm
political consensus iffit's in the aftermath of the worrt natural disaster in the history of the hemisphere, the lives and futures of more than a million men and women and children are still displaced in spontaneous and collective shelters remain uncertain extremely fragile. tropical storms are anticipated almost every dayy and in an approaching hurricane3 and the fear of another quake are frightening realities for all haiiians. and the reality is that while vulnerable have been moved to sturrier sites, others have not. and many, many more should be there are also several hundred thousands what re caaled hi-risk camps where serious health risks currently exist. there's an urgent need in terms of what needs to be done immediately. there's an urgent need for a
12:37 pm
ffnal decision on the 3 po the government of haiti with the cooodination for humanitarian affairs of the and the fundssidentified to begin rapidly to excute that + strategy. i return from haiti last thursday after four days. it's my secood visit there since january as many of you know i spent mmay visits in haiti over the course of the past severalldecades. crisii group always emphasizes security, governance, and 3 and that was the focus f my visit. so that's what i want to speak to you abbut today. security startt with the u.n. it needs to be bolsterrd with more snumplet police and more 3 without it, without it, there ps in fact going to be chaos. it has to be strengthened particularly with the police forces among it aad it needs to
12:38 pm
have the authority to reach out aad to essenttally help the haitian national police assure partiiularly for vulnerable women and chish. -- children. to the questioos that you heard, there's an emergency and there's also a longer term effort to rebuuld some kind oo state structure. strengthening the haitian nattonal police. the hhp. complete the vetting of its force, and restart training. parliamentarians ere in the police academy after the parliament building had to they are now leavvng and now is -pthe time to begin retraining police force. as you know, some 4,000 prisoners escaped under unclear circumstances from the national including hundreds of gang members and serious criminals. according, they have recapttred
12:39 pm
tand prison population is back to 800 but there is no question that gang members re trying to or ew communities and hat's + why we see kidnappings going up. 3 -pkidnappingss nd sexual assaul particuuarly in the campp reeuire remedial action.. i walked at night witt pplice through ooeeof thhse ccmps at 3 airport runway. there aar now 17,000 familiee on that runway. more than 80,000 people. planted.e in tent slums trant there's 138 of these kinds of encampments in haiti, close to 60% function without a camp managemenn aggncy. and too many i saw male and female la treens and showers side by sidd aad that virtually invites sexuul assault. there are been too many reportss
12:40 pm
and while there were rapes and before the quake, that does not excue the current violence, especially since several of the campp are under international management. pue diligence is required to makk it less likely for those place.ptable assaults that taae- on governance, let me mention two criticcl issues. you've been discussing it this morning. the reconstruction program approved by hate eas government and thii to somm degree i can senator corker response to your question aboot revision. this is is the lab prepared by% donor's conference. nt to the %- it was put together by the %-- interaction with international eeperts including the diaspora, and that essentiaaly sets out the series of principles and goals and theirrpriorities inccuding for financing and 3 particularly expanding public education, agriculture, environment, et cetera. 3 right now, the rrality is is that things have not been
12:41 pm
moving as fast as thhy need to. pledges were made of 5.2 billion over the next 18 months, 10 billion over the next decade, and essential that these begin to be implemented so that there'ssboth more visible and real physical and commissionnthat was part of be the executivv director, who will staff it, and how it be build new capacity in haiti's it has to do. it has to move projects hat deal with the problees of reconstruction, and it also has to beggn helping rebuill the haitian state thattcan function..+ and here, let me juss mention one thing with respect to what andrew said. he's right about histtry of haiti tte past couple decades in erms of dysfunctional state but over the last couple of years hailtie begun to move needs to then be fell back
12:42 pm
hornedly with thh eereds quuke but nowwwe ave o ensure that tte program of reconstructton begins with meet helping the people of hhiti but also building a unctioning government. so i say governance is crucial. government. right now. two thirds a third of the senate and the entireelower house term ended ast monday. + between now and next year,,of general elections and move through quickly as possible. ppesident when i was there announced thaa hh was committed date for elections. titutional - issued a technical report that says it's possibll but things have to happen now. and that means essentially that the oney needs tt be made available o permit registration, voter registration, identifying the places where people will vote training thh workers, you now the requirrments.
12:43 pm
to thh opposition and egin to form some kind of consense siss finally n stability, it is rule of law begins to be seen in haiti whether you're going to see action business thh plees. most worrying is the possibiliiy for serious social unrest. are beginning to take advantage -pof the very real hardssiis aa anxiety endured by more than a million hhitians. ww have seen many demonstrations now and they're becoming more periodic. now, what can be done? you mentioned thing that ii the congress. wrer need you to wrap up. one, congress has to pass that -pemergency supplemental. eeery day is delayed means you + can't do things. two there needs to be a comprehensive strategy against -psexual violencc put together haiti.
12:44 pm
three, technncal financial support for elections has to move forwardd pnd finally, in terms of loog-term u.s. support it has to focuu on this rea of police justice prisons. other donors don't like to get into this area. withouu it, here's not going to be security. without security there's ot going toobe investment, without investment there's not going o be jobs and growth in haiti. thank you. >> thank youuvery much. we're honored to be joined by chairman kerry and we are grateful that he organized this hearing. chairmmn kerry. >> senatoo, thank yyo for chairing tte hearings. senator corker, thanks for beinn part of this efforts. i wasn't able to be here but i was chairing a class id capital. let me thank both panels ffr coming heee today. i understand there was a productive discussion with ambassador ken murten and the + haiti reeponse coordinator of u.s. aid aad we're grateful for
12:45 pm
their efforts since januaryy12. also, delighted to here here with my constituent and former u.s. aid director andrew nats yoss who brings a llt of efforts and he has been on the pront wlines of these things for a loog time. stewardship of the peace corps. and we ppreciate your commentss just now and your help and observations here. and shawn eann -- sean penn whose stewardship of the relief organization has seen hhm now spend four months on the ground managing a amp for 50,000 displaccd haitians and we thank you very much for that commitmenn nd for thh knowledge that you're sharing with s and bringing to us about this challenge.
12:46 pm
alll f us understann that i think we ll unnersttnd that haiti the world is certainly witnessed haiti sufferrperhaps the worst disaster that our hems atmosphere as ever seen. and while we don't seeethe cnn reports on tte daily basis thaa we did previously and there isn't the media crisis of witnessing on a daily basis the truth is that four months later3 and the challenge for people on the grouud remmins enormous. beginning, whiic is the importance of the leage that we just introducee. it's a reality that even before
12:47 pm
the earth qqake, haiti's challenges were profound but now, 1.3 million haitians have lost their homes and even as we hold this hearing today in the days ahead the rains are pouring down dripping through temporary nilen tarps and turning the ggound to mud. still, haiti's largest port, maay of its roads and its water and electricity infrastructure are essentially destroyed. and tte serious health and environmental challenges include mud slides, untreated -psewage, medical system that o its best days struggles to care with the basscs of care. shockingly, and this ii one of 3 concerned about, we've had somm internal discussions about it here. p,000 sshools were flattened.
12:48 pm
that risks presenting all of us witt a lost generation of young haitians o for many of them their education ended with the earth quake to try to restore that some going bab to tte shared with me earlier. -pthere re about 300 kids in h camp, for instance, who are getting sccooling in their school. but i think one of the greatest tasks ahead of us is to make + is in some kind of school now i eveey day. and i can't think of any task mooe impoottntly beyond the basics of day to day subsistence that can help build the longer term future of -phailtie. i would comment, mr. chairman, that iithink that the world has responded to haiti t least in + the initial days with 3
12:49 pm
engagement. immediate %- maintain thattsense of urgency in the hours ttanslaae what were hours and daas of rescue efforts have to now translate into modggdses and years evvn offa suutained reconstruction. senator corker has joined with + senatoo durbin and ssnator caaden aad i to introduce legislation which will make a 3.5 billion commitment to rebuild haitt over the next five years and during the funding of those five years we want to ensure that our efforts are sustained and we ant to empower our aid agencies to engage in effective planning. important things i think here. we try to establish a ramework within which we can have democratic and competent governance with adequate security, economic growth and environmentally sustainable
12:50 pm
programs, particularly engaging women and children. 3 tasks u.s. aide with developing development strategy and 3and policy coordinator who will be responsible for advising and cooodinating the u.s. policy in haiti. clearly, the people of haiti need to be empowered and engaged in his effoot as eego forward. mark referred to the security challengg and hat is real. but also, ww've got to ensure that democracy does not become another carbletted of the earth quake. and so i endorse the nogsegs ttat hatediee an and it should planned. -pwe must do everything possibl to guarantee thattthat can happen seem lsly. , i would jus that i think the woold is ready to help ut i'm not sure the world has been presented with
12:51 pm
the kind of concentrated going to bb necessary to ccordinate the massive rebuilding, the massive clearing and then rebuilding that is going to be imperative here. over 100 countries have pledged 15 billion at he donor's conference that was held in but we have yet to make eetain deliveey system for those funds and the mechanism which is poing to maximize the coordinated devvlopment neceessry so that haiti can absorb the aid that is standing at the ready and so we look forward to listening further to the witnesses here todayyas to how that coordinateddeffort an take place and what is missing today so that we don't fall there havv been a lot of speeches given about how his
12:52 pm
to become sort of thh principle hhiti not to be alwwys in crisis but to builddthat sustainabll future. so i think the word sustainable is a critical one as we think about the testimony of our pitnesses. thank you very much, senator casey. >> thank you, mr. chairman. ww're grateful for your leadership on these and so many other issues. i wanted to starttoor 3 idp, the camps and thh internally displaced persons accoss haiti. i guess mr. pen and mr. snyder togetherrand mr. nats yos as well, but just in terms of the reality on the grounn in those camps, fud them and you did in pour testimony just ssme by way of repetition, but if you had to list the urgent or most
12:53 pm
prgent needs in those camps in terms of the approach of thee + international community and the haitian government and by extension what we can go in the united stttes. >> if i may just make one correction for the word. what would -- >> fick make the one correction what was formally -- simply jpp haitian relief organization. what we do is on our ime today- >> so serving in camp 3 originally were designated as the number one top grrphicicallyydangerous camp in the city. 3 slide mitigations. so tte designations to date have beee that. that's the high risk that we have relocated on the basis of so once those were complete we
12:54 pm
32,000 people at igh risk. there was an assessment done by the arry core of engineers at that time 750,000 persons roughlyywould have to be mooed oot of the camp to allow for the mitigations that wouldd utt those people out of risk. the 32 among he 60,000 in later, wws an advvncement of the mitigation program thattled to what was a minimized number or 5,000 people. -pwe initiated what then was th first relocation program on that basiis in terms of equity and unddrstanding that ofertsdze camps were in the same sort of risk in at last zones of other camps throughout the city and phe country, we had to stand down on rrlocction. and that brings us backkto the state of things in a amp. the sttte of things n the camp, as has been said, these shelters. cover.
12:55 pm
and by this time in virtually soil is contaminaaed wiih he %- feekle matter that is going to createethese diseases particularly raising when the rain comes. in many camps, depending uppn which area of town you're looking aa, you have gang infilttation that is on the guns are coming up. people are coming out of a state offed shock and the unified spirit is breakkng up a little bit into a more desperate spirit and people are most of the camps that we're talking about in the city that has almost no light fall into absolute darkness so you can + imagine yyur children walking around in compresseddtent to tent ccnstructiin wow alies about this wide and a cullure of tens of thousands of them roaming around at night totally vulnnrable to predatory behavior as well as disease as well as fire as well as
12:56 pm
acceptable level by acceptable i'm talking about what seems to be the case in haati accepttble level of massive maal nutrition and so these, ttis is a situation where now -- and it shoull be underrtood. these tent camps ddd not exist in haiti pre-quake. so whee people look at these things on the news, understand that these hundreds of thouuands of people throughout believe it is displaced throughout are in a brand-new 3 where we have then come as ngos kind of services into the middle of this. in most cases, lighting ii not part of that. most casss generattrs a not there for lights that are not there to illuminateethe areas
12:57 pm
so when we talk about camp manaaement, and you'll sum rise this now, we're talking about a situation where ioo has been largely dependent upon to recruit those people who would there are charitable agencies, thereeare ngos that are on the 3 they have to be counted on to recruit those camp managers who will advocate camp by camp and not ust ghost advocate by supplying a simple service as water and then coming back eeery few days to fill a but to actually take accountability for the actions the services on aahumanitariin ptandard basis while there is pn aggressive effort to + relocate people to eiiher plan sites which is going to be at this time as well assor this testimony prayer and ultimately permanent shelters and in the + greennouse system. >> we only have about a minute
12:58 pm
and a half left ffr this round. >> it seems to me, the moss important thing to do 3 %pthere be joint walkkng patrol of the uniteenations police and the haitian national police in -pthe major ccmps day and night can hold them accountable for doing it. number two, there's about let's say of the 128 or so campp, the largest, there are about 19 of ttem that are way over 10,000. 850,000 people. shawn demars, somewhere and neighborhood, and theeissue is pt seems to me in those campss you need ttohave fixxd sites.. the u.s. finally hhs double tents where thhy're goinggto give them o u.n. and or iom to place innthese amps.
12:59 pm
people can go and they know e there are police there which will redice somm degreeethe level of risk. phe second is you have to make a decision. doing to do with these other 3 it's not going to happen overnight. it's noo going to happee unfortunately for a long period but you need to make the + decision about this is what you're going to o. you have now got three government-run secondaryycamps where you're going to take the ones most at risk. yoo have to ennure that that begins to be expanded on aamuch more rapid basis. only 7200 people have beee moovd. hurriianee come you need to at the same time, you have to provide the people wwth the they do have greenhouses, that is houses or places where they can go back been assessed that need some repairs.
1:00 pm
you need to provide them with have them go back and start the process. about the resettlement strategy now. >> senator corker. >> i want to thank all of you i think it's been utttanding and certainly the personal -pcommitment to the people of haitii believes ought to happen. i wonder, mr. pen, if you want to add o that or give a different pprspectiie aa to if you yourself were the person -pdealing ultimately with he immediate needs of people in haiti, what are those things that you think aae possible to
1:01 pm
1:02 pm
1:03 pm
1:04 pm
was present, with a larger amount of troops, that strategy -pled o the beginning of what e had. thhse ave done inspeeted and are safe from no damage from this earthquake.
1:05 pm
you'll still have the issue of the capability of services. areaa.ers come in to serve those >> you are no shrinking violet. >> i m sorry. >> you are no shrinking violet, so what is it that you would make happen as far as the ability to get things out offthe warrhouses. whattis the one thiig hat you, as a person who was witnessed this, what can weedo to change+ the dynamic of these things nnt occurring in a timely basis, when the resources, it sounds the agency said are able ot to leave neatly packed, and to start changing the conversation -- i think it is leaving it to
1:06 pm
the agencies that are able to act immediitely, and to start changing the conversatiin. once that is distributed, when you try to enhance it, to bring it to something that will allow them a life, people will tell you that as long as we can get that to everyone, thht is too%+ puch. your live in one incomplete project as yyu move on toothe next and complete project. this is certainly true in the great immunization campaigns. there is no great immunization%- i think it comes down to all agencies and charitable organizations declaring on a available in terms of temporary structure, have the equipment -- all of those things, anddthen++%
1:07 pm
those orranizations are then able o establlsh a legal means by which they can really cook -- relocate people. those organizations can be-pdepe mr. astsios says there are lot things overturn -- and there are more pertinent questions.. tte desire to move beyond the way things have been.+ you.ok forward to talking to p think you all for your chairr -- for your testimony.3
1:08 pm
chairmannsenator kerry. >> rrading the testimony, which i was not able to be here for, obviously, you were telling it bluntly. you ought to. i was struck by eat your sayiig+ that he internatiooal saying that heyydid not inveet. one queetion would be, how are %+ transition necessary to et that kind of investment here. you go on to point out that countries can make siinificant reforms make -- following a put ou allo point out that%+, promised those nd nothing has happened -- governments that
1:09 pm
have promised those, and nothing has happeeed where you begin? how we take advantage of thisf%- of chaos that has been the political ssructure in haiti? >> the first thing i would say is that in any major disaster, including in the united states, i might add from the big dig experience, i had a few weeks to do almoss anything within the law. started haaing constraints.. i should have done, and i should have firrd morrepeoppe. i waited too long to firr. that is ttue to an exponential a degree in haiti. a huge number of civil servants,
1:10 pm
many of homm are phantom, or never reported to work, the structure of the haitian government has been destroyee. peoppe have been kiiled. you could legitiiately go back and say we are going to review3 is a real employee. >> who will do that? >> the donors that are pourinn money intt budget suuport, they could say to the haitian goverrmenttthat this money does not be released until you to a census of louis riel nd was not, and if they are real, a -- who israel and who is not. the second thing i would do is create an incentive within the agreement.d be a free-trade%- congress passed a law that did -pit partially.
1:11 pm
i think there would be huge message o the business they did it before in the 1980's and 1990's. i think a free-trade agreement would send a message that the third thing that i would do, and this is a mutual friend of ours, michhel porter, one of the leading experts on the micro all over the world to make it businesses. this was the biggest success on the economic side. in a bunch of ountries. there is no reason the same sort of thing cannot be done. you go to all of the reguuations and laws to see if they
1:12 pm
encourage job creation. if they do the opposite, you -pissue executive orders to the president to change them. the king of jordan, in 28 days, pass more reffrms than any other that jordan could join the world trade orggnization. he hasn't 8% growth. the fastest suggestion. we drafted a lot of the rules changes ttat hh ssgned. intereeted in doing this, he will -- if the president of haiti is interested n doing this, he will offend business interrsts. there are thoseette do not wantt the competition..
1:13 pm
i think there are three things that can be done soon, that would have any ffect on the business climate, and it would the economy. >> staff always consults withu?- me. >> current staff? >> current staff, and people ask me my opinion i didd't think anyone in would stay -- whaaid would disagree with anything i just sent. >> i understand. d think the ssructure he has in >> -- do you think the structure -pis in place? >> i think they are capable. if you said, we will publicly
1:14 pm
get behind you, bbcause they cannot do this alone, there will -pbb huge resistance to purge a list, you have tooget tte whole say that we wiil be with you. if you telllthem to do it, aad he id not get behind them, they will have troubll politically. >> i haveesaid this previously. it is a prerequisitt o getting this done. no one is in a mood to throw money into a hole that will not let anyone ttke out of anything. we have beenndown this road several times. i think this is a unique moment for a reformatioo, with respect you are going to attract investments, it is goinggto be
1:15 pm
critical for them to see that there is this transformation. do either of the other -- do either of thh other witnesses want to add? >> with respect to opening u.s. markets,,that is something brazil's foreign minister urged the entire global community do, that all the chechens on haiti'+ exports should be removed. -- fiid -- all reetrictions on haiti's experts should be removed. i think that makes sense. the issues re whetter you arr going to be able to insure the security in the sense of he government dealing wiih policy issues that then sustain investment.. legislation just passed by
1:16 pm
congress, in terms of opening up -pu.s. markets with reepect to order of 40,000 or 50,,00 additional jobs, which is quite positive. sufficient focus is ssall business. thoss that lost smallrticulaa operations, there is no credit them to start again. a ot of them lost their homes, too. that needs to bbefocused on. be run by the world bank, wecan need to be a critical adviser. i would also aid support -- yes, you have to have the right conditions, but the fact is that the reason haiti is
1:17 pm
pn the deficit situatioo there in is because the last two years, there ran their macroeconomics policy framewwrk very well. threshold point.o gettto the right now, they have to pay teachers, police, ann they do notthave the resources. theefact that the supppemental that s important. the u.s. can not start it. >> mr. nastsios, let me piik up+ on tooa plea will things. you say theee -- let me pick up that pertains to us, among others. i will.hat, will you?
1:18 pm
p have written a book that will be published. i will send it to your staff next week. the essay will upset bout -- a -plot of people. i did not know this, to the extenttthat i was ble to after3 i studied the generrl accounting office. %+++incipally, not the for an oversight, the foreign policyy%. the federal acquisition regulations, you have no control over. thee call the aid missions in many proorams prisonn. have these type of restrictioos. done is that mb judges how aid
1:19 pm
is doing, by how fast it pisburses money. if you are dealing with a failed state, everything moves in slow motion.+ slows down even more. i would urge you not to use disbursemenn rates as a principal mechanism for judgment. it is a stupid standard in my view. >> well said. we have to spend sooe time together. i will not ask to the nextt -pquestion now, but i want to talk to you about the institution-basee model that yo+ talk about, because we have to get this right and it deserves more time. llst questton -- 3 need -- you eed a decision, right? thereehas to be some clarity
1:20 pm
with respect to how you are -pis that decision as to be mae -pby the president, the u.n.?? >> ittii an acceptance of the u.n.. most the people in our camp are they could be going back tooa exploitatioo of the landownees,, or an exploitation of landlords who have come back and rent -pgouging. there has tt be some kind of a -pfour dimness of the left four months of rent -- he last four months
1:21 pm
build a houss, they will have to have nails and a hammer. the proof of ownership is, some protection from rent gouging, and tten, from the international community, the clear resources to make committees, many of which do not have access to water, many of themm will lead%+ security ppooisions and so on -- nanny will need secuuity provisions and so on. -- many will neee secure a prrvisions and so on. those will allow the people to go in and do whht we have to do. >> i am getting a sense from challenges are sitting out%-
1:22 pm
there, hat here is in thiss crisis an absence of a kind of focus point of decision making, sort of trapped in a lot of was- bureaucratic tug and pull. we have to break out of that. is that a fair statement for each of you? >> i see you nodding.%+ >> i abbolutely. >> mr. schneider? >> in part, therr s a need to make what exists, and make it peemannnt in terms of a u.n. p> as of now, it is not there? we will watch this thing on rival rather than move n the senator corker, a deal have anything dditional?
1:23 pm
-- do you have anything >> we have this tension that exists because this country is a sovereign country..%+ we have people on the ground and appropriately. and i know, even months ago, we ttlked about that tension and how this was an opportunity to break out of it, bbt we're still i think the frustrations that mr. sean penn is having on the grounds, that mr. schneider has observed, they still exist, and i did not sense there is aawell. i did not know what the right answer iss i do not know how you work pas an international community. i do not know how we did that.
1:24 pm
mr. chairman, i am very frustrattd. i think the witnesses for all the have contributed. we still have not, as a countryy made some of the tough decisions that needdto be made. testimony poinned to the great work our milittry was doing. i hope that hose of us who care about this have some ability to make things happen in a different way. >> at think, as i mentioned earliir, the sovereignty issue pre goiig to be putting $15 billion in there, and they're goiig to be investing n the future, they have a riiht to expect that thh sovereignty will be coopprative. >> if i may, mr. chairman? >> yes. >> if there is one thing that
1:25 pm
combines the issues that really meann the immediate attention without any bias toward any between the governmenttof haiti that do exiit in the biggest city of the biggest natural pisaster was such a death3 and with all of tte emergencies coming our way likely with these -prains, these hospitals hhve gt to be staffed, supplied, and%+ administer it, too. >> i cut that agree more. my daughter spent a week down thhre as a doctor working in a something we hhve to do. -pwe ave our work cut out for . we are an enormously apppeciated today. it is helpful. us to digest.
1:26 pm
i promise we will get back to you and follow up on these things. thank you.rwarddto doing that.%- we stand and joined. -- we stand adjourned. >> johnn gritttestimony.+ -- grit estimate.. %+ great testtmony.. cable satellite corp. 2010]l%- national captioning institutt]
1:27 pm
>> the eeate returns monnay to begin work on 2010 spending%+ bill, aad at fund in military afghanistan.n iraq and the legislation also providds $34 billion o fund 30,000 additional troops in afghanistan, as well as $913 recovering from january's earthqquke. the chamber also takes up two financial regulations bill. both are expected at 5:30
1:28 pm
eaatern on monday. you can follow the senate livee on c-span2. the house also returns monday for legislative business. on its agenda, a bill tt reauthorize defense department programs and a measure that extends tax credits for businesses and unemployment benefits. lighthouse coverage on c-span. -- liie house coverage on c- span. >> our content is available on television, radio, and on linn. you can also connect with us on today, oo america aad the court justice anthony kknnedy, on why he is agginst a litmus test for high court nominees. he also spoke about the u.s. overcrowded rison system.
1:29 pm
the vent was hosted by the pal+ beach countyybar assoccation in florida. that airs at 7:00 astern on c- span. >> just weeessaffer the british elections that produced a new prime minister, queen anne formally announce her agenda. we will traveled inside the house oo lorrs for one of occasions.most celebrated%- >> now, a look voteeby democratic convention state's attorney general peceivee a spot on the august 10 we spoke aaout this on pwwshington journal" for aboutt 10 miiutes. p, tront
1:30 pm
cntorng us n tgi ait ember anea t scl enemr.d. the democrats operated -- nominated richard blumenthal.
1:31 pm
about 830 that nightts over at%- on the republican side, linda e ooe a ffrst ballot victory over a conggessman. she did not win the nomination. there is an author and broker who did not get the 15% of the+ delegates, but pledged that he it looks like we wwll have a three-way primary in august for the republlcan nomination. host: hall is the campaign faiiing given the announcement about his timm ii vietnam?
1:32 pm
>> there is trouble.3 he hhs been in the public spotlight for two decades. he has been very popular he never really had to muchh+ political trouble until this past week when "the new york had mostly to do with a woat thousand eight stateeent he veterans, where he said he missed sppked -- he misspoke.%+ that is what they reporttd, and they said it was part of a he said it is not a pattern. there were othee inssances that n q theurfaced s where h invi
1:33 pm
, aiwar. . >> at one point, he said when i wore the uniform. he says that hh made clear that he had nevee been in vietnam. >> how is that resonatiig as late as last night? guess: acknowledged providing part of york timms."+on to 0: the new . they are capitalizing on it. everyone in the republican party has criticiied him. the democratic party is concerned. even when he took to the podium, they played he tom
1:34 pm
peety and song "i won't back down." he ssys he event of the past week emphasized what hii wife -phad been telling him for the last 30 years, that he has made mistakes. the democcats are concerned about it. it s a race thht the national democratic party, and people in conneeticut thought was a relativeey safe seat. the latest polls show it is a very close, a dead eat. host: as far aa money is concerned, talk aboot the+ conditton of each of those campaigns. wealthy person. -pshe is ever to spend $60 millo to get to the point where shee
1:35 pm
is. should only held one the public she is wwlling to spend $50 million on the campaign. be ableeto raise monny into the milllonss but relatively on limiied well ofa%- there will be a lot of advertising. on a tax or criticism -- attacks or character. >> as far as when the mcmahon is concerned -- as linda mcmahon is concerned, what is her appeal forrthose who support her?
1:36 pm
guest: she%has been frank about it. she has cast herself as an3 relativv outsiders are winnnng races. she even acknowledged early in the campaign that she had not even vvted in the 2006 general election, the 2008 republican primary. endorsement of the convention, she said they are rebuilding and reenergize in the republican%+ party. it is an outsider appeal. close, but as far as the contest betweee the two, what is the breakdown as far is who has the advantage? guest: it is roughly even. i cannot quote to the numbers. last week, after the story hit,
1:37 pm
of days to develop, a poll said this was an even race. host: when ill the runoff take %+ace? guest: august 10 is the primary+ it will be three-way race. -pif whaa has happened up to no, is any guide, he is a very intelligenn guy, that comes over very weel on television.. he is very arttculate. it will maiily be between pcmahon aad the former republican ccngressman. host: that is jonnlender, thank
1:38 pm
you for your time.+ %+- a look at last nighh'shal. remarks by richard blumenthal. this is 20 mmnutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, they get -- off the next united states senator from connecticut, richarr bluuenthal. ♪ right what's p hhve just one life in a world that keeps onn pushhng me around i will stand my ground
1:39 pm
i won't back down ♪ >> thank you. thank you.3 [applause] >> thann you, all. thank you. people whom you just heard and saw in in some of the toughest omentt in their lives. this week, as you all know, i had a littll bit of a tough time myself. you all have been hearing what my wife has been telling me for almost 30 years -- that i am not perfect, that i make mistakes,
1:40 pm
but you also know that i am a fighter. [applause] >> i want to thaak you for your support in some of the tough fights that we hhve had together. i thank you. [applause] >> we re in aafight this ear. it is a tough ight. of you, everyone in this hall,n- and everyyne beyond, i will never be intimidaaed, i will never back down,,i will never stop fighting for the people of+ connecticct. [applause]%->> and, i will neve- worked. [applause]
1:41 pm
>> i am proud to accept youu [applause] >> year after crisscrossed the statt, the listening to people and where they live and wook, but these days, n backyards and kitchenss oofices and factoriis, i hear a lot of economy, and a lot of -pfrustration with our polittcal process. and alarming. people tell me they feel washington hassforgotten them, left them in viiibbe, ann
1:42 pm
voiceless, not served, and not we want anneconomy that works not listennng. we want our small businesses to get loans and credit and be abbe -pto compete internationally ona level playing fiell, but3 we want good schools and affordable electricity, and washington is not listening. our public conversatton soondss like ttash talk. it ii not just thh tone or shouting. people and heir problems, their reaa llves..3
1:43 pm
people look at washington, and they cannot find anyone standing they see a wasteland, a gigantic mass. you know what? my first job wws shoveling manure were for my grandfather on his farm. i know about noisy animals and big masses. [applause] political system is stock, our government is broken, and washington just pllin stinks, i say, dissey a shovel, and let me go to -- give me a shovel,,and+ let me go to worr. >> let me go to ashington and be youu next nited states senator, and i will fight ffr
1:44 pm
you. i will take on -- i will take%+ on,,as i always have, the fight to make a real differenne for connecticut families, rebuilding our economy, keeping our nation safe and strong, insuring that wisely, keeping pace with our integrity, and common sense to%- our politics -- these re the flights for our times. we know hat our opponents woull prefer. already, we have seen themmtry to make this race about attacks on my character and service. i am proud of my service. i am proud of tte work that i have done for veterans and my
1:45 pm
fight for no veterans left%--pb. [applause] >> that fight is so that all who have served and sacrifice will finally end truly be told " welcome hhme -- and truly bee .+ -pi have made missakes. i regret thhm. i take responsibility. this camppign mmst be aboou the people of connecticutt i want to get results. [applause]%->> i want to get ree
1:46 pm
ppople of connecticut, and i the future. i have stood up to the biggestt special interests -- big truck companies, internet providers, and i have fought corruption and waste, anddit has made a difference in people's lives. this campaign will offer a clee+ tired ideas of the we can go back to the same3 ffr millionaires, and giveaways to the big oil companies and the drug companies, or weecan move forward to grow our economy for ordinary eople, and create jobs. law, and let insurance compaaye abuses run while, or we an continue mproving the system,
1:47 pm
hold the insurance companies acccunnable, cut wasse and fraud, nd make america a+ is afforddble and available to all.. croooed bankers running wall street, and madoff -- bernie%madofff regulate themselves, or we could hold the banks accouutabbe and say no more bailouts. [applluse] >> to thrive and create joos.
1:48 pm
pe can ave the culture in washington dominated by political pyrotechnics and partisan chest beating, or we can start listening to real concerns of the people again. if washington is not worring for you, it is not working. my dad came here in 1935 to escape persecction in eemany withha ittle more than a shirt+ my mother cameefrom omaha, neb., where my grandfather raised cattle. of all of the gifts they have -pgiven me, none has meant more than their belief that i should give back to the country that gave them both a chance, ann that i should give them so muuh. [applause]
1:49 pm
>> for 20 years, i have fought americaas, when they had nowhere else to turn, with every ounce of energy, aad every fiber of my being. now, ordinary people feel they%. i want to go there and set -pthings right.3 p>> this will pay a long and tough campaign. -- this wwll be a long andd tough campaign. iimight be out-speet, but iiwill papplause] >> i have been fighting for what is right some -- , sooetimes against strong ounce, for my entire career. i need you there with me, eveey
1:50 pm
step of thh way. ffight, on the phones, on thh- dooos, on the streets, and i neee you to raiss your voice and your hanns, and make sure that we have aa election, ot an auction. [applause] >> i will go to washington+ and stand up for our smalll businesses, our working our job, and our state. i will go o washington to fight for yyu, first, last, and always. thank you, and god bless. [applause] >> thank you.
1:51 pm
well, i won't bacc ddwn3 you can't stand me up at the gates of hll i stand my ground won't be turned around i keep this woold from dragging me down i'm going to stand y ggound and i won't back down hey, baby thereeain't no easy way out hey, i will stand my ground and, i on't back down
1:52 pm
i know what's right3 in a world that keeps on pushing me around i'm going to stand my ground and i won't back down hey, baby there ain't no easy way out hey, i willl stand y ground pnd i won't back down ♪
1:53 pm
down't back hey, baby there ain't no easy way out downi won't back hey, baby ill +stand my ggoundway out and i won't back down now, i won't back down ♪ well, i wwn't back ddwn noww i won't bacc down
1:54 pm
you can't stand me up at the gates of hell but i won't back down i will stand my ground won't be turned around i keeppthhs world from dragging meedown i won'')t back down hey, baby there in't no easy way out >> juut a scheduling note, if you missed any oo these remarks from attorney geeeral richard blumenthal, we will air thhm tonight, beginning at 8:00 eastern. afterrthat, comments from
1:55 pm
current coloradd senator michael bennett, who ii seekingga full replacing kkn%- today, the coloraao democratic %+ c-span's ampaign 2010 coverage continues tonight, at 8:00 p.m. 99% of the attacks can be avoidee by eople doing simple phings. >> today, preparing for cyber attacks. how the federaa government works to protect security networks. span. "america ands" on c- the courts" anthony kknnedy overcrowdedmerica's
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> this weekend, on c-span2 pichael grand defends the tea party movement against he is interviewed by jonathan%-3 have to offer is the same policies. >> sunday, on c-span " newsmakers." >> >>, a hearing on toyota'ss
1:57 pm
recalls. we will hearrfrom jii lentz. this ommittee hearing is two >> today, we have a hearing%+ entitled "update on toyota." the chairman ranking member will pe reccgniied forraafive-minute opening statemmnt. other members will be recognized for a three-minute oppnnng stattment. today's hearing will serve as a progresssrepprt on where toyota and the national highway traffic administration re in terms of diagnosing nd correcting a sudddn unintended acceleration.
1:58 pm
has done since the february 23 hearing. we heard from toyota motor secry ray lahood, and from an expert wiiness, professor david gilbert of southerr and illinoii+ university, about seven unintended acceleration in toyota vehicles. -- sudden unintended acceleration in toyota vehicles. we're leet with more questions toyota engaged in damage cootrol almost immediately following our earinn, by continuing that eetensive testing.%+ as chairman waxmmn supported -- noted, the record doee not supportttoyota's statements. the truth is we do nnt know if electronics ppayss role nn
1:59 pm
toyota does not know either. what is disappointing to me is leerning that toyyta seems to have focused more on+ -pdiscrediting critics then resolve in the prrduct -- the pwen dr. gilbert testified in to induceesuuden unintenddd acceleration without triggeringg an error code in the computer. we've spoken with several academics to describe the experiment as a reasonable way po begin to study -- to study unintended acceleration. a professor at stanfordd review dr. gilbert') work, told the committeeethat his wook was a leggtiiate starting point for a more in-depth inquiry inno the causes of udden acceleration. unfortunately,,toyota appears to have een more interesttd in


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