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tv   American Politics  CSPAN  June 7, 2010 12:30am-1:59am EDT

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commitment that willace hurdles? >> first of all, let me congratulate him for the wk he does in terms of the veterans. it is extremely important and i welcome what he does. we have a strong ministerial team at the department of health, very strong team at the ministry of defence. i understand the huge pressure that is going tbe put on our held services because mental help stress on peoe who fought in combat. he has might -- we will do everything to help tm. he has my word, that will happen. for all the years into the future. there are figures that suggest that more people commit suicide after the falklands war that were actually killed in combat. i take this extremely seriously, and he has my word that those services will be properly looked after. >> i was greatly encouraged by my right hon. friend'sesponse to catching terrorist suspects,
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but would you not agree that e best way to get these people is to scrap the human rights act? [laughter] >> my hon. friend, as so often, is going to tempt me. it is very clear that we would be better off with a btish bill of rights rather than the human rights act, and that is being examined. but i have to say to him, and these tested though i myself am about the policies -- enthusiastic i am about the policy, what is needed is agreements with countries like pakistan to get a guarantee that people we send back are not mistreated. with countries likeak should be able to achieve at third we are a major aid donor, a major partner, and should be able to encourage them to give that guarantee so that we do not keep a foreign nationals in our country that threan to do as car. -- do us harm. >> in the economic context, when the united states sneezes, the
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united kingdom catches cold, and this england gets new money appeared -- northeast england gets pneumonia. does he think that this is good medicine for pneumonia? >> first of all, can i will attend the hon. gentleman to his election to this list --? gentlemen tohon. judgmen his election to this place? how can i refuse an offer like that? what i would say to the hon. gentleman is on the issue of the regional development agency, what we have said is that in areas of the country where they work well and where local authorities want to keep them where they are, they can breed but in many parts of the cut to come -- including the part they ca- they can.
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but in many parts of the country, including the area i represent, there is enormous waste in the system. whatever regional development agencies are, we think there is a -- wherever regional development agencies are, we think there is an enormous amount of waste in them to rethink the authority should be given back to local store is where if ty belong. we want to generate enterprise and help businesses get going, but we also want proper local and acts you can find a video archive of past prime minister's questions, links to the house of commons and prime ministers website syria -- website.
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>> monday, the campaign for america's future annual conference with the gathering of self prescribed progressives. we will look at elections. speakers include auriana huffington and stern. that is live starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. monday, efforts to expand broadband to oregon and how the expansion would affect all rural state's zeroth also, -- states.
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also, carol hevey of time warner cable. a town hall meeting in baker's bill, california. it was part of a new initiative -- a result, california. it was part of a new initiative by republicans, aim to solicit opinions throw website and other high-tech means. this was an hour and 45 minutes. >> thank you all for coming. the district is quite vague. it goes from los angeles county all the way to ridgecrest -- quite big. it goes all the way from los
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angeles county to ridgecrest. to start out our meeting, i would like to call out angela to lead us in prayer. come on up. you can stand if you like. if you would join me in prayer. our heavenly father, we thank you. now we ask that you give our elected representatives strength, courage, and wisdom to do the things that serve the people. most especially, we ask that you protect the men and women who are putting their lives at risk so we may continue to enjoy the blessings of liberty our forefathers and vision for us.
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amen. -- envisioned for us. i would like to invite brian to lead us and the pledge. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, brian. you can be seated. >> thank you for coming out tonight. i know it is a busy night. lots of graduations. tonight is a town hall meeting we normally do, but tonight is a little different because it is called america speaking out. we want to bring greater
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accountability to congress and a power of the citizenry to. i am going -- empower the citizenry. i am going to show you how to do that. i feel very honored you have given me a right to represent you, and i think one of the most important things you can do is have that communication. i do meetings were you can take the call. we do town hall meetings on a regular basis. all the networks covered if lives. in those four years in washington, i think each year we learn something new. we learn we need a lot more accountability. these last two years, what has happened in washington reminds me of 5 old story. remember that story of the 85-
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year-old gentleman who was married to as wife more than 50 years. he had a heart attack. he wakes up in hospital and says, you have always been there for me. when we first got married, you stayed with me. when i could not found another job and had to join the military, you join the nurse's corp. when i got wounded, you were there to care for me. when i started a small business, you were there for me. when we had children, you raise them. i had this heart attack. i wake of, and you are right there. i am beginning to think you're bad luck.
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people put the blame somewhere else. my wife has a lot of differences from me. that is very for the fifth, but for me to be able to run for it -- very productive, but for me to be able to represent you, i need to hear your opinion. we may not agree, but they have a right to express this, and i would like all of the information i can get, so tonight, i want to walk you through something new, because as we progress, i would like to bring out america speaking out. this is a new program you can get on the internet, so any time you can give an idea. you can be in anybody's district. it does not matter if you're registered to vote. would you would see if you go to the page, you will not always see my page. there will be different things.
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it tells you in the top collin how to use it where you can submit an idea. you can vote on somebody else's idea, and you can debate ideas. it is from your own home. the next category you can see. you find there are five different categories, but there are others within. american prosperity, fiscal responsibility cos, american va. you go inside and some nifty ideas and debate them. this is how easy registration is. you give your name. all you do is party affiliation.
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you can take your avatar. i had to kick myself 20 years ago. if you go to the next one, this is what you will find. you got a thumbs up or a sums' down. -- or a thumbs down. you can search by what is most recent, whatever has the most votes. you can give a simple vote. saying you really liked the idea and you express your idea and want to get people to vote on it. you can click the facebook emblem and send it to all your friends on fay's boat that have not participated, -- on facebook that have not participated, or if somebody put something you find this respectful, the
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software tries to take out any vulgar language, but there is a symbol of the beginning you can click to police ourselves. we are protecting everybody as we go. if you go to the next slide, you said we would believe in competition. you get points the more you participate, and as you go through, you will continue to get more badges. if you go to the next slide, we are building the platform so you can have phone applications. and not well you are driving, but may be why you are walking, and you can submit that. i have always wanted to tell my member of congress they should have done this. that would have been a better idea to save money.
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that is a new approach common and that this part of america speaking out, to take the 21st century, and let the people have a greater voice. that is part of what tonight is as well. i go back and forth each week. when i am back and forth you do not have to wait. i want to talk about one topic, and we are going to go to the town hall. i believe this is the greatest concern no matter what issue we haven't. -- we have had, the amount of debt we are accumulating. it is something we all have to understand. the united states is on a path, the trajectory growing beyond any time we have had outside of
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world war ii, and if we ignore the problem, it cannot be ignored forever. i personally believe within the next four years that as only time we have to adjust its. otherwise people are going to make the decisions for us. otherwise, it is going to be very painful as you recently heard last week we went over 15 trillion dollars in debt, and part of that if you break it down, if you break down who owns the debt, i would think that is important. if you borrow money you want to have the best terms. you want a good relationship, because they have all leverage if you are borrowing money common rigid borrowing money, so
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if we look, it is $283 billion in 1973 of 5% of fat was told by foreign countries fear a gun in 1990, our debt increased -- 5% of that was held by foreign countries. in 1990, our debt increase. in 2010, the total debt was 8.4 trillion dollars. who owns that tibet -- that the debt? number one is china. they own 11% of our debt. japan runs 9.7. a group of oil exporters, 2.8,
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and all the other countries combined owned 18. when you see is growth. the dollar was not always the low currency. -- the world currency. prior to world war ii, the pound was world currency. there is a lot of reasons why the pound switch to the dollar. there's also a story right after world war ii. they would send a lot of money on the war. who do they come to for their loan? who are their best friends during the war? america. they asked for $5 billion. we told them known. we went-and said, is 2%
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interest. there are a lot of concerns syria there are other factors, but when you are in that situation, you have to except other terms. why would we ever put ourselves in a position to except terms we do not want to except? when you start to get to a point where more than 50% of the debt is owned by a country, they are going to have a say whether we want it or not. this is obama's budget because he is the president and he laid
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out the current budget. if you look at the side of where deficits are going to go, that means you already have the amount of debt you have today, and you have to keep borrowing pretty much as long as the eye can see. think for one moment if you take the first george bush, think of all the debt and why we had to add that money. we have to become a nation. there were a couple of wars. we went through a great depression. we went through highways and water systems and air ports. think of everything we built. we went through a couple of world wars. and we went through vietnam, korea, katrina, and others.
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if you combine all that debt for everything we invested in, we are going to take all of that and double it in five years, and what are we doing? are we building new bridges? are we accumulating? that is too fast accumulation of debt. if you go to the next slide, this is based on gross domestic product, and it is a percentage of your debt. if you see the beginning of the red line, that is 2010. you see the trajectory. if you go back to world war ii, that is the highest it was. we were at 100% of gdp during one -- world war ii and. we were building ships and airplanes. we were fighting to save the world. we new ones that ended we no longer needed that many ships, that many planes, that large a
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military. you notice it went down. there is no end in sight, and that is why we have to have the varioua very serious conversati. they put the budget together what it needs to be. instead of saying, this is how much money we have, we have to prioritize what we can, so the death -- some things we are not going to be able to do, and that is why we have to fundamentally make a change. no one in this room is not somehow invested in the market. you are somehow invested, maybe
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the place you work invests in the market. if you notice the market drop, it is based upon this. banks could not borrow money, so the european union had to draw them out. why? this was over 100% of gdp. there is an acronym that as portugal, ireland, italy, greece, and spain. they are close to the breaking point. if you look at g.d.p. and put america in with the trajectory of where we are going, we are very close to where it should be. the imf recently said in 2015 america will be were greece is, and it will actually be worse. the president put together this
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debt commission where there are people on both sides of the aisle. the recently had an economist in. he took the entire amount of deaths from governments and others. -- of debt from government and others. his numbers came out when he said you hit 90%, you lose 1% of growth. you may think 1% is not enough, but if america is projected to only grow at 3%, you're losing only 1/3 of your entire percentage abroad. in march they had over 18% unemployment. you need job growth. before we had our town hall, i wanted to give you exactly where rearm. i believe this is an biggest crisis before us, and we cannot
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ignore it. we want to do a lot for everybody, but there comes a point when you cannot do anything for anyone, when you get this high a debt. you may have two kids. we have connor and meghan, who is 13. i look back and said, how big was the budget in 1994 when conner was born? the entire budget was only 1.4 trillion dollars. do you know what the deficit is? somewhere between 1.3 trillion dollars and 1.5 trillion dollars. we are now borrowing the amount of our entire budget. what more have we done in government bowman -- done in government? if i take $1 out common and how
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much of that does the federal government barrault? 43 cents. think about what the interest rate will be. interest rates are a little lower now, but it is going to come to a point for the interest is going to be greater than almost anything else we spend, and that is going to take away a lot of options, so as we move forward, if you have ideas -- my first job was in the market. remember when we use to bring bottles back and get a refund? my job was to go get those bottles and bring them back. you always have a little suggestion box, so when someone came in and had a better idea of how to improve, you put it in, and that is what we have to make -- suggestion boxes. we have a suggestion box 24 hours a day.
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you get a better idea of doing it, because we are all in this together, and i am a firm believer that the idea should be the strength of the day. too much what i shannon th -- too much time in washington is spent trying to find the a idea of the party. that is why this is different. it does not ask for party ideas. the idea should win, and the idea should be debated. kyle is on this side, so if you have questions, raise your hand. we will take somebody to come down here, and i am here to listen. if you have some input, i will try not to take a long time. i am trying to improve. come on down. come on down, and andy will be
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here. go-ahead and state your name for everybody. >> [inaudible] i am going to ask your opinion. escargots -- as far as what they give to the private sector. [inaudible] i feel like we should do the same thing. we should pay for it as we use it. we understand that people are trying to fix it.
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we need your help. >> those questions are twofold. the pension issue is a tremendous issue. we made promises to a lot of people, but you're not going to be able to have it, because they are under-funded. the other thing is energy and dependents. i think boone pickens has done an excellent job of educating the country about where our money is going and who is spending is based on energy. if we could be energy independence, we would be stronger because that money is invested in america, and one type of technology will not get us there. technology continues to improve, but what is so unique about where we all live, we are one of the largest in wind, one of the largest in solar. we have geothermal, and we do
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our part when it comes to oil. we produce 10% of the oil in the nation. our oil costs more, and you get less money for it, but if you're buying it someplace else from another country, are we finding of problem? we have to look at it. how can we protect the environment where we control our own destiny? let's go over here. .
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xñxí [inaudible] [inaudible]
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internet security needs to be dealt with. we have facilities that need to be upgraded. i guess that is set. >> you have a couple points in there. this bill on the gulf as a tremendous problem. we have to cap it. and we of down for a number of days that the oil is coming to the coast and we have to be able to protect that. a hurricane season is coming as well. they have preparation time to be able to do that. they have been working for quite some time to protect the march.
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you come back with the skippers and picked up, you have greater protection. ford of what i find out, they were telling me the story where the continually fight to work with the locals. he picked up the phone and called the president, and he said that the president was busy. the president has not call them bad. they cannot wait it. they are small parishes tried to do that and that is not right. a couple of different questions as you could do. when we look at this time if you have to look a lot of different ways, much like any other crisis. you need have -- we -- make sure that you have the ability to fly but make it the safest and it never happens again for there are a lot of questions that have to be answered. how much and how fast did they approve something without looking at the changes in the diagrams?
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as the questions that have to be entered for your water the checks and balances, where the protections as we go forward? it that we might have a microphone that works? >> but another try. the first is how to save some money. i took the granddaughter to the welfare office and you might want a look at the cars that they own and how much money they are going to get in the welfare. i like the cars that they have when they're getting welfare money. and half of the welfare workers, i'm quite sure that it is overloaded. if you do that, then you will have a load that they cannot handle and it will be more selective on their they also give money to. but i would take a look at their cars, because they have a lot of nice cars. another thing i would imagine about the oil spill. but me go back about 40 years. i worked for the telephone
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company, and by 1960, the new york telephone company was falling apart. when those guys came back, that horror story to tell about how one guy would go out and it would be on the job calling the test board, that would put him on old and he would sit on hold for eight hours without doing anything these guys were not doing their job. when you have the oil spill down that, you got two people who are not doing their job. first you have bp, and then you have you guys as well. you did not say that they were not doing their job. you have to make sure that they are doing the right job. there's a lot of close calls and that is because these people are not doing their job, the fda has a lot of, they have all are free calls. that is scary.
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>> if you have them written, put them in the suggestion box. >> let me get one. >> ok. [laughter] >> here is one more. our government wants to do everything for us and they cannot do everything for us. let's take seat belts. i think seatbelts are good idea but all was a bad job. we need to be able to take care of ourselves. helmets on motorcycles, the motorcycle riders get banged up and then don't have money to pay for. child seats are a good idea but i do not think it should be a lot. the was a mexican couple that came here, she was holding the child in her lap, they had a wreck. the child died. they wanted to put her in jail because she did not have the kid in the car seat. that is terrible.
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we kill so many dogs and cats because people cannot take care of them themselves produced a mercifully drown them and shoot them but now you can do that. the government can do it. is that fair? >> one more thing. i like to see you guys, democrats and republicans, think that this is not a super bowl. the are no winners and losers. you work for ross. please work together for us. [applause] >> i will tell you this. the last thing you said, i agree with you. there were few other things in there, i thank you for your opinion but i do not agree with them. but the one thing i would tell you -- if you ever come to d.c., call my office because i will give you a tour. the symbolism there. that capital, and i'll show you my favorite monument -- the stairs from the first floor to
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the chamber. it is made of marble and it is worn out. as you walk it, if you do not lose whatever party affiliation that you have, you never going to. i make a point of walking those every day because it brings you back. if you come, i can show it to you. let's go right here. >> [inaudible] and it really irritated when i get a vote -- when i go to vote [inaudible] you're supposed to know our language. at some point, you should be able to get to the ballot box. i've been disabled since 1983. i love to be working.
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everyone on ssi lost $100 a month last year. and people are on fixed incomes. they're going to take everything back away from you. [inaudible] i realize that it is got to come from somewhere. there are other things. i'm not saying anything in this welfare. -- i danced up -- against welfare. >> thank you for your comment. >>-janice, and allied both comments and i did.
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i would like to share about arizona. [applause] i am also an animal lover. by night -- animal control. we have a problem here. and our borders. it cost over $52,000 to incarcerate our prisoners who have a much better life style and my wonderful, wonderful veterans that i see on our streets. [applause] i know that someone on the east coast came up with a very inexpensive material to withstand hurricanes so they can build homes there. why don't you build prisons in the desert east of where i live, in the mojave desert, and i also heard that instead of all the expensive cars correcting -- protecting the parameters, that
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put those lovely sweet stocks that are dangerous and it only cost $300 to feed them. it did not cost all of those expensive cards. if you would build the inexpensive buildings, postcards and outside, you could also run dog runs along the border pretty would not cost very much at all. all you have to do is feed the dogs. [applause] >> animal control, prisons, and some of the ideas you bring up, one of the highest cost are our state prison. state prisons that have to be reform, health care, the way that they get treated in health care is fundamentally different than you are right. some of these challenges are dealing with court decisions. but i will continue to take those down and work on those and
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be able to come back to you. yes. >> thank you for holding this town hall meeting. >> is that microphone on? go ahead and talk loud. just talk loud. >> [inaudible] i'm running for city council and the board. allied to say this, kevin. you're in the leadership back in washington. this country is hurting. i think that this country, if we don't pull together and work together, we're going the loses country that we all love. so i say this to say that we need -- you can be a different party but you need to work together for the benefit of the country, because we put you guys there and you have to get beyond the partisanship and start
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working together so that we can save this country, because as you know we are in bad shape. we do not have time to be fighting with each other. i am looking for you all to go back there and work together and put your differences aside and try to get something done for the people. >> that very respectful. everyone has a difference of opinion. martin, i thank you for your comments and i do agree that i get frustrated someone dislikes an idea just because it comes from one side of the other. and that is what is all about, gives the power back to the people. over time, it will change. when i was a freshman, i found that people even where you sat on the floor or in committee, it was based on what party were in. so i got together with freshman democrat from colorado and i said, why don't we have a dinner, we would only fight our
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friends. so we did this dinner were you start out with not talking any politics because we had been there for eight months. we were all about the same age, concerns about the family, how are we going through. and there are a lot of things that we might get somewhere. let's find ways that we can agree to rashly do well for this country. lots of times in leadership, they try to push to a different way. i will tell you, from one perspective on both sides of the doubt, we should be able to stand up and say no bill comes to the floor that had not been that -- out there for 72 hours said that the public can see it and that people can read it. [applause] a strata fix your microphone. >> i think you also for having this town hall meeting. i like to speak on social
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security. it started in the 1930's, it has gone all the way to the day, and it is pretty much bankrupt. next year, the baby boomers born after 1926 are going to get the benefits of social security, and when they get in there, it's like the ponzi scheme. the people better paying into the system are not born to be about on the benefits for the people that are getting the benefits. it is a horrible problem. i do not know what the answer is but that by itself will bankrupt this whole country, the social security. and one other thing, the one that your graphic that you had. the at money is paper money. f --iat -- fiat is paper money. i happen to be a gold bug, but i wish you could consider going back to it that somehow, so that money but have some value
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instead of the printing press. >> you bring up social security which is right. when social security for started, there were 40 people working to pay for every one person. your life expectancy was less than when you started to receive it. and it difficult to was, america made a promise and the numbers will not pan out. we have to do something about it. today there are three people to pay for every 13 pretty soon we will adopt a person to be a bullet go through. but for the first time, it was about 1.5 years ago, more money started going out from social security and ashley started coming in. and it is depleting faster than it thought it would. you cannot ignore it much like you did today. and that is the place where people have to come together, not make a partisan issue, because it does not matter, and ashley have an honest debate and a place to find real solutions. i thank you for that.
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>> alike to "a question. where you stand on arizona's law? do you support it? >> i do support it. i support eras onslaught because if you read the bill, it's not much different than what the federal government are a hazard. the difficulties in side arizona, the kidnap capital of the nation is not in new york or los angeles, it is phoenix, arizona. there sat there and watch the federal government lacks the protection of that border, and almost a funnel directing and. they have asked for the help. janet napolitano when she was governor as for that. they have watched an action by a rancher, who would help people the needed water, get murdered.
1:17 am
so when you look at the arizona people waiting patiently for the federal government to act, they cannot sit back and ignore the problem that they are having three baby disperse a great debate and we need to have a debate, but a state cannot sit back when they have the murder capital, they have the right to protect their citizens. it is only enforcing the laws that are already on the federal books, and the federal government will not do their job, we are a nation that has been able to grow by immigration. my family came here from ireland and from england. we have a problem when it comes to immigration. one, the system does not work. you cannot get through it rapidly and honestly. two, we have no border protection for other nations do. and i believe and i think even during the time of the financial america. make that
1:18 am
investment? because you believe in the role flop. regardless of who you were, the law still fit. if treated people fairly. we create a generation of breaking the rule flock to come here, you will break down society. so we have to have an honest debate about this. and that the state has to act because the federal government will not come of the federal be honest and state but do their job. [applause] >> thank you, congressman. i would hit three things very quickly pared i support your idea of a tour. second, on earmarks. and third on the oil spill. very quickly, my son and i went back and arranged a torres. because the premier terms of mount vernon.
1:19 am
he got to lay wreaths at george washington's tomb and i got to say of prayer. and looking at the tomb that he designed, he was not ideas. -- he was not a deist. and the debt relation, where the king had sent out agents to keep out the substance of the people, and compared that with the 159 new agencies in the health-care bill sent out to eat at our substance, a lot of the progress as do not think that that relation of independence has anything to do with the constitution but it is the philosophical base. on the oil spill fund, i had a failed company called bionational. we had a top microbiologists and we had ever array of micro organisms that could be on your body as we speak.
1:20 am
we grew them in for mentors to do specific things. we were quite successful and some oil cleanup -- in some oil cleanup. we put on a proposal on the exxon valdez and other beach oil spills. the state of alaska told us we have the best proposal but we did not have the resources and no encouragement from the bureaucracy at the time. secondly, on the huntington beach bill, we had helicopters out spraying a chemical all over southern california. we had prepared a soup out of our stock that could of been sprayed on that oil spill. it would of taken care of that and we proved that it work. however the guy on site was all for it but then we got a call from sacramento st., no way, those bugs will mutate and if the world. they gathered all of that crap up and put it into the toxic
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wastes dumped in kern county. mark -- i listen to mark would have been today and he said that the epa has all but rules against any microbiology remediation, even though louisiana state university professor says that nature will take care of this in time. our process would excel or it that whole cleanup and they desperately needed. not that i could provide it anymore but i simply know how to do it. except a find out that the epa -- the epa is totally against any biological remediation. >> we have a lot of oil expertise. maybe it is not offshore, on ways to clean it up. this is an unbelievable problem. and it is a tough situation. we should learn from it. so of their ways to clean it
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up, i will make sure that it will pass on to the correct authorities. let's go right over here. >> i'm going to bring up something that i brought up three years ago factor for the july meeting that you had and that is, if our government wants to be relevant, it is going to have defected doing just five things first and nothing appeared that is to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty. if they do not do that, it will become irrelevant and it is that way already to a lot of people. my question is -- i am not seen much out of either party to indicate that they understand that. if they do not understand that, maybe we ought to let new people into our congress. >> i thank you for your opinion.
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i appreciate your opinion and continued to express them as we go forward and hold people accountable. each member is to hold their office however they did. i had a news crew asked me about, is this using government money to allow people to come and express their opinion to you? and i said, yes. they thought somehow that that was wrong. [laughter] and i said come only in washington could they think it is wrong because you allow people to express their opinion to you. i mean -- yes, but you are republican. and anyone in the room can be anything that i want to be. they have to live in the district and they can express whatever they want. i tried to hold different kinds of ways. on a computer to the telephone to a person. whatever worst best to you because it may be a better member. i appreciate you coming out.
1:24 am
>> first of all like to thank you for the town hall and america speaking out, i think it is all great. as an american of mexican descent, i like to thank you for your support of enforcing current immigration laws. it is something we need to put pressure on the federal government to do. any measures we can take to do that are very powerful and i detest the racially charged language being used to describe as arizonas loss -- arizona's walaws. i am a college sophomore and it is very tough -- the university of redlands, i am home for the summer. >> when you know, let me know.
1:25 am
>> it is really troublesome for people my age to get jobs. i think there are a lot of issues about that, especially in california, our minimum wage is $8 an hour and it is hard for someone who is on skilled and unexperienced in employment to ashley have their labor valued at $8 an hour for my parents own a bit desperate for them to pay someone $8 an hour, it's got to be someone who knows what they're doing. our public schools do not provide and education necessary. i took the most advanced courses possible and i honestly felt like i school was more a day care than any failed. our schools cannot offer courses that actually teach us how to listen -- live our lives and get out in the real world. this is a major problem to affect generations to come. we need action to fix this
1:26 am
problem now. is there anything that you can do in the next session when republicans gain the majority hopeful it? because this is a problem. >> you raise a lot of issues. was that the redmond study, before 2000 that they cannot read the report, the greatest threat to america was an attack within our own country the might and this was before 9/113 di know what they said was the second greatest threat? the lack of the basis of math and science. >> nai, we spend a lot of time helping our children with their education and working on it. -- judy and dii, we spend a lot
1:27 am
of time helping our children with their education and working on it. this is a global economy, and we need to be able to expand it. i believe accountability brings more back. that there are a lot of great teachers out there for my children had a lot of great teachers. there was wanted day helping my son steady for the chemistry thought of. that is going above and beyond, a few extra hours. we're good financially to be able to do it, but people are willing to help. i think this country straight is the future generation, making sure our education system is the best, and we have to raise the bar. >> a lot of focus on national security issues. i've supported questions for you. thank you very much for your excellent leadership in these
1:28 am
difficult times. the national intelligence estimate has placed china as our largest for it for the next foreseeable future, five years. do you support the sale of the f-22 fighter to japan? >> to japan or tie 1? >> to japan. that is technology that we chose not to deploy to many of our allies. secondly, china is going to launch their first manned mission to the moon this nature. very little is talk about it. our space program has been affected by that deficit of budget cuts. china will have the high ground. they do not agree with the non- proliferation position in space. they have not signed that. what is your position also with regard to a draft if we need that in the next five or 10 years?
1:29 am
would you support a draft? many of our troops overseas are on their fourth tour. i know that you know that. the resources are being taxed to the max. >> i did not see the need for the draft right now. i toward afghanistan and iraq. we have the highest educated, best trained troops since 9/11. we're think we falter is that we did not all sacrifice to get it. our men and women in the military made their sacrifices. we were told to go shopping again. difficulty is that we have been at war longer than we have ever been in the history of america. we have to make sure that they have all the training and ability to do it. i do not see the need for right now. that would have to be addressed at the time. i think we are well trained there. >> you do not supported draft if
1:30 am
we needed. on north korea and taiwan, it either south korea or taiwan is china, what should be our or response? >> we defend them. isn't it an interesting thing how we had this conversation about that? who owns the most amount our debt? china. in the last year, there was one point in march or february word china did not own the most amount of debt, japan did. why did that take place? during the month of february, we followed through on our agreement to sell the weapons to taiwan, where we had a three communicates of understanding, and we allow the dalai lama to come to the white house and
1:31 am
visit the president. he had a walk in the back door but he was honored inside the capitol. do you know what time it did? they sold some of their debt. they became no. 2. what effect did this have on you? if you are borrowing $1.3 trillion, there is all local office in downtown washington, d.c. that sells all of our debt. i've gone to it and witnessed it. you go through and if that anytime someone does not have the confidence in buying america's debt, its 30 seconds before the world would know. has this ever happened? it happened in the u.k. a couple of times. an interesting thing -- when china sells the debt, say you have a car that you are trying to this cell, if you're the only person with that car, you have a better market. but what if someone else is
1:32 am
selling their car at the exact same time? it would probably have to lower price. what is the opposite here? we have to raise some much you pay and interest so that it cost to the us. did they decided that they needed more money? did they do it for foreign- policy reasons? it goes that to us except in terms that we would never accept before. not all battles are fought by person to person with weapons. financial battles happen often. how are we trying to isolate iran? for the actions that they are doing? why would we ever put ourselves in that situation? that is why when you bring a foreign-policy, it goes even further to also the debt issue when it comes to farm policy as well. in a few short years, we will pay more on our short interest in you pay for our national defense.
1:33 am
that is the difficulty that we have. we will go over here next. >> thank you for your question. the problem and arizona is not so much enforcing our borders. i'm concerned about border security for the problem is that within moments of signing the bill into law, the governor said she would not know how to profiled an illegal immigrant, and it is legalizing racial profiling did the police did not know how to do it. [applause] absolutely, ma'am. and to perpetuate this idea that we can legislate bridges -- racial profiling, and it does not just be too race or ethnicity, but also in the air force where we are now openly
1:34 am
racially profiling people of middle eastern descent, when in fact people -- the gentleman who flew his plane into the irs building, he looked very much like you. and i do not think that that is right. we should not do that. i don't think we as americans are that on imaginative or on created that we cannot find a better way. and for your the say, except in terms that we should not force feeding our constitutional right just for the sake of -- for putting our constitutional rights just for the sake of drug trafficking, there is a better way. and thank you for your comment. and i know at a three-minute limit. the reason that china has the resources to buy debt from a dozen other countries abroad, not only because their public education system is more advanced but that we buy things from them that we should not at lower cost, like baby formula
1:35 am
with high traces of lead from it. and because the fda does the regulate that, we continue to buy that and they pay their work force nothing. they pay a very small work force hardly anything. anyone that does not work -- work within that, they go out to the land treated as a free market utopia. everyone else can go out like that. i think that contributed and i agree with the added gentleman. it is hard to did you mention that the federal government -- i'm sorry be talking so fast. i hope you can write that down. the federal government was slowed at. what it sounds like -- when i talk this out, it that you want the federal government to regulate, to use these taxpayers' dollars to regulate a private industry, which is what british petroleum is, a bailout is what you're suggesting and you know as well as i do that as
1:36 am
in the exxon valdez, i am sorry. i'm thinking faster than i am speaking. they were required to say -- millions of dollars right afterwards. what they ended up paying after appeal and upheld an appeal was something like $20,000. so you're going to pick up the check. that is what you're saying, not only should we pick up the check but that the federal government needs to do it faster and they are causing not only economic problems but environmental problems and food and health problems, for the people who live along the coast of louisiana. i'll let you go. >> i appreciate your comment. but it is corrected. i never set anywhere -- and if anyone thinks i did, please pointed out to me, where we will pick up the tab for british petroleum. british petroleum will pay for everything that they caused and
1:37 am
every problem that they cause. [inaudible] president obama had not called back that because for louisiana to act in regulation of marsh wants to go up and put a burned out. u.s. environmental protection is now, but can they go out and protect it from coming to the land? you have to get a waiver to be able to do that. i don't but the federal government should sit back and not act. we can act now and send the bill. if we wait, it will be a bigger problem. i am not one for sitting back. in the arizona law, you don't go on profile, but clarify it with the amendment. a person cannot be pro ball -- pulled over and that's just because of the color of their skin. you have to have reasonable suspicion to be able to go in and search by car if they think there's something inside of it right now. this is the uniqueness of
1:38 am
america. we have our checks and balances. but when i say that the american government has a responsibility, i will tell you one thing. not only in national defense but the responsibility to protect the borders. the idea of the state having to do it, they only had to do it because of the actions of what was transpiring because the federal government was not acting. is there more that has to be done when it comes to immigration and checking the borders? yes. when we -- would we not admit that the immigration system is not working? if we are a nation of immigrants, why would we have a system that does not workers are why is it to date that i can send a package from ups or fedex and the contract at any point and i can go online and know where it is that, but i cannot go inside immigration and fill out a form and they know where it is at and where it is going? a lot of people want to look and
1:39 am
see where it is going. they're things that we need to reform. but the state cannot reform that part. arizona does not have the responsibility there. when i say that the federal government, they do have the responsibility and have to look at those reforms at the same time. [inaudible] >> when they hear you say that, you supported that, they would vote you out. you would be out immediately. that is their reason why the leadership does not want them to have the vote. is that because they support it. [unintelligible] >> the great thing about america -- all right. let's be respectful to one another. everyone has their opinion. but what i would say, i watched
1:40 am
arizonas lot take place in the frustration over the years. i also watched a rancher get murdered. waiting for the federal government act when it would not. we do have the 10th amendment, and in one respect, i respect the 10th amendment but i also from the perspective that anyone has the right to vote, but i want a nation that is protected, i want this nation to be able to grow, but i also want the rule of law. and i appreciate your comment. [applause] >> while i believe that america is a very proud nation, we cannot continue on this social services place that we ran feared we're going to have to create a tax and come face -- i
1:41 am
taxed income base in order to support the social services. [unintelligible] i feel that it is taking jobs out of this county. >> you are referring to a bill on the senate floor. >> it paid $25 an hour, way above the $8, but not $50 an hour. i had an experience that at that wage, i was able to educate my children, i was able to stay off public assistance, i was able to prepare for my retirement. i feel that every american
1:42 am
should be able to be able to be allowed to produce an be self- reliant. some of these regulations that everyone is talking about, i think they need be tied to the unemployment if the unemployment rate is down around 5%, then you get picky about who you hire come out what you do, how you do it. if this unemployment is near 18%, we need to back off. first of all, you do not have many people doing those jobs like carmen the environment or -- harming the environment or small business does not have a chance to grow and stride. everyone who is a public servant, i appreciate the job that you are doing.
1:43 am
but you're not producing. and we need some producers. we've got to grow it, with that the mining, but that a manufacturing, we have got to produce it. and by the time that we do those things, then we can export some things. and the other thing i have strong opinions about his 60% of all the oil that is imported in california, which does not always come from friendly sources, is not taxed. so local producers have no incentive to reinvest in kern county. they are going to take their reinvestment dollars, especially if we do away with it a point -- the depreciation allowance and various other things, and they're going to another state.
1:44 am
what that is in the american soil, it is not california. california is bankrupt. we need to keep every job that we have got and create four more everyone that we have. >> shias referring to something in the oil industry. if you wipe out the domestic oil industry, you're still going to put gas in your car. let me give you a few startling statistics. california has 12% of the nation's population. we are 32% of the nation's welfare population. we get 25% of our entire budget from 144,000 people. that's a state of 36 million. you cannot sustain that if you
1:45 am
are a well creator, we push you out. but we will keep you assistance in encourage you to come. let me put this into a different context. look at tiger woods. he is a good golfer. he could have gotten a scholarship at any college. a justice stay close to his parents went to stanford rebel day that he left california was the day that he went broke. -- that he went broke. -- that he went pro. you cannot sustain that if you do not have a job creation base. 70% of all new jobs are created through small business. would you look at the small businesses in kern county, and you put a tax on it, you'll get less of it. and that will not help corporate california would get more -- and
1:46 am
that will not help grow. there is a lot of that regulation on the books. we can do things smarter and wiser and be at greater protection to the consumer and the environment. and have a prosperous state. i think we have to think logically about this. i'm not going to cut anybody off but i ask you to short because it is already 7:15, and c-span is covering this. if i told you, half the guys would put on makeup. go ahead. [inaudible] >> i appreciate that one under%. -- 100%.
1:47 am
i like to know what you think we concerned citizens can do to get our country and our state back into some kind of stability. there is enough anger and hatred to go round. i do not hate anybody but i think that arizona has a right to their lot. -- law. i am not against mexican people or other people. the word illegal means something to me. i am old. [laughter] i am old, and i was taught that words mean something. i want everyone to be able to have a kind of like that i've had all these years. i am afraid my children and my 16 grandchildren are not going
1:48 am
to be able to have that kind of wonderful country that i grew up and read what can i do? >> what can you do? you are doing part of their right down. we're having a great, respectful conversation. and we all have differences of opinion. but that is what the founding fathers devised for our government. you should be able to have helped the debate, but at the end of the day, find a solution. i think we have to hold our elected officials accountable not for rhetoric but for solutions. we should reward people for creating solutions not for punishing one side or the other. and i am thankful that we've got all different spectrums here on ideas. if ideals is what we decide at the end of the day should be our strength, we will have a much better form. because a lot of challenges in this country. remember that don't? it is the second one free it
1:49 am
started being built in the civil war not even knowing that this country would stay together. but they made it big so that all could see. i believe that our best days are in front of us. it is a common message from a common man and that is what we're doing tonight. the more we engage -- and i understand our frustration. america is having real challenges 0 we have frustration. but at the end of the day, let's find a way to come together. >> i am with united way of current accounting -- of kern county. it's about helping people by supporting programs around health and education. i'm asking for your assistance are around our income, and one of our programs. in kern county, we have several frustrations that are giving services to our family.
1:50 am
new america foundation but an article of $37 million being left unclaimed by our families here. that is money that does not stay in kern county. we are trying to help our residents reclaim what is already theirs. we are shown since 2003, 140% increase of people coming to our centers. it is not just about volunteer income tax anymore. we're also serve in financial institutions, opening savings account, channeling them into our other programs and educating them on how to save for emergencies. we've seen a spike with the need to have that program here. the president's budget request proposals an increase of $4 million. 2009, we have our first appropriation of $12 million, and we have over $1.6 billion in federal tax refunds nationally
1:51 am
on all through our programs. what we're asking you today is to ask for an appropriation of $35 million for this grant program for the fiscal year 2011, or at the very minimum, to keep that level of funding at the current state, $12 million. that is what i'm here that day to ask. >> let me ask -- thank you for a being here. i cannot but that amount of money. i will seriously look at it. i am going to look at where our resources are and prioritize. if it makes the criteria that it is the best use of money, we will be after it. i believe that the program that you use is very good and it is helping citizens. >> we found out this $37 million on the table, it affects our business people. that is revenues that is lost
1:52 am
with our businesses. it's an estimated 1000 positions in job losses. >> i don't think that that microphone is on. [laughter] >> give him your right. rich and -- mic your -- give him your mic. >> i am not an immigrant, but i believe that arizona has the right to enact its own law except when it violates civil rights. i denounce that law right now publicly. mr. mccarty, you said cannot speak? you said that they're better
1:53 am
solution. 01 immigration center has given you 80 rating on your soup -- -- report card. i am asking you to date first for real solutions do you have the size border enforcement? >> i think we should reform the immigration process itself. that is broken. if you have to wait in the system for seven years, it is not working. so first and foremost, i would support the borders. how would reform the process itself so that it is efficient grid and a 21st century, you cannot process something faster? i would support the idea of making sure you have labor coming and with agriculture, but i could also make sure that when people come and work, they go back, keeping their word of what they are providing to the need of where it is going. i think those things are very
1:54 am
doable and i think that would be a very strong start. much like when we talk about health care. i think we would have had for under votes if we had dealt with preexisting condition, tort reform, and buying interest policies across state lines. you may want something much larger and more costly. all and cumbersome. why don't we find a place that we agree and start with that instead of keep dividing everybody further? >> i agree. >> someone that is racially profiled, that is wrong. we have the court system and i would be the first to be able to defend them. and that is why i am proud to be an american because the -- we have the role of law. they change the amendments on it as well. from the same aspect, i think they are punishing the wrong set
1:55 am
jubilation when we try to look good arizona. the federal government should not sit back and criticize because they are the only what they can change it. exactly right. >> in 2008, republicans did not do very well with the latino vote. a lot carried two-one over john mccain. what would your party due to address the concern, because current county is 50% hispanic? >> i will address them the same way i would at dress anyone create a country they can believe in, create jobs, create an education system. that is the best way that everyone is treated fairly. that is the most honest way to approach any way we go about doing it. i would not want to sit back and say that someone is going to
1:56 am
produce something just for an election. the power rest with the people. they put it on long to the guys who are elected, and every couple of years we get to address that. that is how i looked at dealing with the currency to wish him. the best thing we could always do is be held accountable. i come before you with my votes and any opinion that i have and have answer your questions. we have to respect each other based on the principle to find a solution. i appreciate you coming. thank you. >> i am with united way and i wanted to talk about one other thing to consider supporting. the 211 system. i don't know if you are familiar with it. >> the floods and others, because for 11 gets back log. -- 411 gets back lot. it was very successful.
1:57 am
i cosigned on the legislation. >> that is all we're asking for. for the benefit of everyone, it helps match people with resources and services that are in the community. we do have that line here. it currently covers 80% of the country bird we are asking for support on a chart 21 want to get full coverage on the country so that people can access the benefits that are available. many resources are provided by faith based groups as well. >> i served on the board when it first came in. >> we have done number of points of access with the committee agreed we wanted ask for your support on that legislation. charity and i supported it. thank you. -- >> i supported it.
1:58 am
thank you. >> thank you for the opportunity to for dissipating in this this evening. my question, probably on hot- button issue, is that -- both of my parents came to the end of the state's over 60 years ago. they came and work of the system legally as soon as they came on to the soil. they pledged their allegiance and their lives to this country. i'm very blessed to be able to be here as a citizen of this country. and understanding why people would want to be here, why do we have a system a provision within the constitution that allows individuals, especially individuals who are here illegally, regardless of their country of origin, the color of their skin, whatever, why just
1:59 am
because they have children who are born here, if they are not citizens, if they are here illegally, why should those children and maybe secondarily their parents as well be entitled to the benefits and rights of this country when they are not here as legal citizens? legal residents? >> we have different legislation based on anchor babies. based on anchor babies.


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