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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  October 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> hello here and at home. welcome to the national constitution center. we are broadcasting all over the state of pennsylvania. a lost opportunities to watch on line. we are streaming and on faceb k facebook. the format this evening, candidate also have a total of 90 seconds to respond to every
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question. opening statements tonight and there will be closing statements. jo in pennsylvania, jobs is an issue. you really have a three-headed monster. how do bring jobs back?
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washington really has to give credit for every new payroll job they create. crow ating 5 million jobs in two years. >> a cop here in pennsylvania fires employees and then they invest in a company of china.
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he believes it is about corporation >> i'm the candidate here that actually created jobs. i can tell you the biggest fact or of job dproej is this out of control agenda in washington. think about what we've been witness witnessing throw in cap and trade, government health. this is keeping us from the dproej we so badly need. he voted for every item on this agenda. his only criticism was that they didn't go far enough.
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i've started businesses and created jobs, we have to get off the track jo you never had hands on operation of the business your brothers ran. in the bush era, zero jobs were created.
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>> joe wants higher taxes on things he's already voted for we need to get spending under control. >> sarah palin has stepped p her activity. she put out an endorsement on facebook asking pennsylvania voerts to get behind you. that shows you have more in common with republican extremists. what do you make of her role in this campaign. do you think she's qualified to be president?
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jo i'm grateful for the support i have across the inspect rum. i welcome the endorsements
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>> the most out of sorts ideas that he believes. corporations should have zero tax
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>> theperson who is the extreme candidate so far out of touch with pennsylvania is joe. clear clear >> joe voted for a version of the bill that would have allowed
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states to ban private insurance all together >> that's not true. my daughter who has brain cancer would have lost her coverage. >> health insurance companies actually charging us more, we stopped up. we don't breath liberals or conservatives. this is no liberals in afghanistan. >> my first job was a as a problem solver. >> your first question. >> turning to social security now for a lot of pennsylvaniians, the dome is
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becoming increasingly threatened. >> i'm so opposed to privatizing social security. 20 million seniors would have moved into poverty. 2/3 rely on social security for retirement. he wants to invest it there. what broker is going to come forward to say hey, don't worry, i'll back it up. then he says, we'll only invest
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in the youth there. it says this, we'll have to borrow from china. >> joe has done a good job of grossly misrepresenting everything. my dad is 80 years old, my mom is in the same generation. i would never jep ar diez people in retirement or close to retirement. when i was in the house, i made it hard for congress to even touch the legislation. i looked at the reality that we
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face as a nation. the fiscal challenges and reality we face. to do it, we are going to have to make some changes. we could offer young people reforms so that this program can be viable. the real jeopardy that he voted for, $3.3 trillion on debt. i've sponsored legislation to put social security in a lock box. in this book when you look it up. where hes privatize social security. he says then if the market goes on and people are wiped out of
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their saveings, that's the risk they take. however. wealth accumulation will be given to those probingers that invest in social security. why are you advocating taking what we have and risking it in the stock market. whether it is today or in the future, that's the difference between us. you are with the corporations on wall street. i'll be with us, the people. >> i have argued that van guard is not on wall street. they are not for profit. i think a lot of young people
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would choose the option i would offer. joe has no solutions for this or the big problems we face. instead, it is miss characterized dishonest attacks. if he gets close, he raises taxes, cuts benefits. no other options. >> mr. toomey abortion, is roe v. wade something of concern or would you knock it out completely. would you vote to affirm someone not in your camp on that issue. >> you put a lot on the table at
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once. abortion is a tough issue. there's good people on either side of this. i'm prolife. i would accept the ban on abortions in the exception of rape and insist and the life of the mother. i think roe v. wade was mistakenly determined and would support its appeal. i am for looking into the truth of where the judges stand. joe sestak is the extreme on
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this. he believes in taxpayer abortion. >> palin, toomy, owe done al. they would all like to overturn roe v. wade. i think those decisions should be made within the family. i respect press i dense taken by the supreme court. congressman opposes protecting a victim of hate crimes. congressman toomy's idea of gun control he said is a steady aim. 20% increase.
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because they have to have a military assault weapon. those views are too extreme for main street pennsylvania. >> again, the extreme view is the view held by the tiny minority in congress and america that believes there should be no restricts whatsoever. tax pay purchases should fund abortions, partial birth abortions should be accepted. he doesn't accept the rights of law abiding citizens to sell firearms. he has views well outside the mainstream.
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i voted against and i so respkt the send amendment and i lived my entire life in the military with weapons. i believe there is community safety. you voted against an increase of law enforcement officers. >> it is very clear. can you look this up, joe is seriously misrepresenting or simply being dishonest. i am pleased to have the endorsement of the state troopers of pennsylvania making myself clear as a supporter of law enforcement.
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>> let me talk about spending. congressman went to congress, he cut the requirement that congress had to live within its means. we had to vote to get this into law, which we did. >> people on the watch list are bars from getting on air planes but they do have guns and explosives. given the fact that we know al qaeda is moving towards smallscale attacks, should the
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law be changed? >> i headed the anti-terrorist unit. i was on the ground as head of it. i do believe we have to have reasonable law. government should be reasonable. when you know someone is on a watch list. we should ensure they do not get access to weapons.
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>> when we capture enemy combatants, we should try to give that person a military trial. joe is about all alone any elected official who believes mow ham adz should be given a civilian trial.
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i am unique. i walked out of the pentagon on 9/11. men and women who worked for me never came ut. the fact that those criminals this would be the circus, even
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bigger than that. >> i did not have the rebuttal. >> george bush tried 200
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terroris terrorists i don't care what all the politicians say this is a huge security risk. part of the reason law enforcement in pennsylvania endorsed my can't dasy. i'm grateful for their support. >> would the american economy be
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in better shape today had this been no bail out of wall street in the industry. clearly, the deficit wouldn't be as high as it is today. that's the last place taxpayers should have to bail out. when i got to congress i raised the question. i want further and sponsored the
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legislation. i think that is unlikely to be thescale unfortunately, joining forces with the most liberal lane. it may have restricted the scope. taxpayers have put $140 billion into fanny and freddie and there's no end in sight. we doubled the informational debt under the toomy-bush era. the last six months, we had lost
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3 million jobs taking social security and put it on wall street and borrow the money from the chinese. there are no exceptions. even after he voted on the bail
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outs. joe said he had to do it. introduce his own bail out bill. it is a bill that would require us to bail out taxpayers. john mccain's
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>> no taxes for aig. you voted against bonuses for veterans fighting in iraq. tell us why that 300 million for taxes should be give tone small businesses. >> pentagon spending, are you satisfied and what would you change specifically if you are elected and have a shot at it up there.
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the warfare program. i had to balance that budget. the navy is building things wrong. we need to know we have been allowed in this. i stood up in the navy. we have to stop that program. if we have the knowledge of
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where bin laden is. another ship at sea, that's the case that will help us. the most senior officer ever to help us to make sure we do things right one of the things my dad said to me, when we ask someone to go into harms way, we need to make sure they have all that they need to get the job done. the fact is, there is waste. part of the so often on things
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she spent her money on. stripping out the wasteful remarks including $2 million for charlie wrenning will's monument to himself. jo she slashed the veterans
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calling it waste a bit over poverty and kicked out over wash. now the backlog of 600,000 cases for our vets. it isn't just about cutting, it's where you cut. the stimulus bill including things like $# 1 million to build a spring training facility. $11 million for microsoft to build a bridge. the list goes on and on.
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he vie lated the pledge for those to whom he was seeking earmarks and took $120,000. tho shows you how corrupt the system is and it really needs to end. the new documentary, waiting for superman, speaks to how public schools are failing our children. >> my first thought goes to my kids.
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my daughter is a hard worker. my 9-year-old son loves playing outside. >> we are fortunate. we can afford the methodest tuition of the perocial school they go to. what i think is tragic is other parents that can't afford private school tuition are trapped and have no option, no choice. we have a staggering number of kids who really don't have much of a chance because they have getting the education that they need. parents should have a choice. more choice will be helpful for these kids. this movie really illustrates the power of that. congressman focussed to cutoff.
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kids who are enrolled in these private schools and sent back to the public schools that they had tried get out of. >> my mom is a high school math teacher. i saw these students come from across the great nation. we give them remedial training coming from probingen school systems. we made that battle group hum. we have to ininvest in our youth. pel grants have doubled so lower incomes can good it college. so kids can have an opportunity.
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congressman toomy said it well, he can afford it. he said in his book, let's take all schools and make it like dproeshryes, what you can afford, you go. >> man, i got those youth in the military, didn't matter race, you give them a fair go and they are all they can be. >> the teachers union won't let him go to giving a poor child a chance to go to a private school. >> the amane christian academy is doing great things. right now there's tomb kids that don't have a chance to go to
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that school or any working school. if we gave them the chase, it would increase the level of all schools >> i do support choice. charter schools. people should have a choice. covering lower income children.
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i don't get it. it is we, the people. jo we are falling way behind. i have a deal for all of you. would you be willing to have 45 second responses and 15 second rebuttle to cover more ground. >> i have patrolled those lanes
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out there. war is the last thing you want to do the military option should never be taken off the table we should try. it cannot be permitted to have a nuclear weapon >> if it comes down to nuclear weapons would you be opposed? >> we are far from that period right now. >> this is a dangerous regime and security threat.
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it is a risk to our good friend and ally israel. joe voted for it in the end but wouldn't be the pressure on that he noded. he aligned himself with the strong element of the house we should not be pressuring the israeli government to make concessions. >> truth is the first casual ti. for all that period of time, they never placed the national guard on the terrorist list. finally convinced, the bush
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administration placed the guard on the list. >> joe has aligned himself with extremist in the house putting pressure on the government it is a big mistake. >> if you don't feel like you need to take the rebuttal you'd be had heing us. >> state commanders are pressuring the secret ally. would it be safe for u.s.
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sources to withdraw if the taliban were in power. >> i support the troop increase. i thought that was a right decision. it's a difficult set of circumstances. my view is it is extremely dangerous for us to leave the dang the taliban would take over. >> what if it is an agreement that includes the taliban. if they are willing to give up their arms and renounce the violence and accept the peaceful governing. this is the beginning of the cover. if so, it would be worth doing
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that. if it fails that nation, there are nuclear weapons there were 2,000 trained scientists. i've asked this president for two years. while we are finger pointing and measuring, we need to roll it up and find out first if we are being successful.
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it encourages the population, the people we need to win over we need to sursue this. i have great confidence in his ability. i have not supported that deadline at all we said every conflict should have measurement and benchmarks. >> saying he may run for president. he's thinking of running to bring more attention to national
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security issues saying he doesn't think the current administration is serious the number one danger at the head of the intell agains community said to us setting aside is our economic security. my gosh, they hold so much of the reserve.
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he says it is a gift. he has a tarif and that's the number one issue for us >> all kinds of taxes he's voted for. the nationalizing and capitalizing cap and trade. i agree this is the economic viability of our country
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>> i was trying to go against budget cuts. joe is going for it. >> offering no solution the corporation he's voting for, the profits are already taxed. that's the difference. he is the "we", the corporation. pennsylvania has a lot of great companies. many operate overseas joe wants
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to punish them and raise taxes we have jobs in pennsylvania that depend on that. joe wants to take what is already the second highest rate in the industrial world and raise it higher. this is why we have such a problem with the economy. >> my dad is 80 years old. both healthy and sharp as a tack but have serious ongoing health concerns.
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in time, the government will intervene between patients and doctors. i've been approached everyday by those who share this campaign. doctors, i am grateful to have the endorsement, they understand that it is very important that they preserve the flexibility and exercise what they have been trained to exercise. this bill endangers that. >> i felt here in pennsylvania we had a problem up to 700 people are losing healthcare everyday.
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didn't even co-sponsor a bill on it. now the children can only be denied care by the insurance companies. seniors, medicare was going bankrupt. we salvaged it. we can do co-pays and give back $6700. >> $2 trillion in spending. medical doe vice makers. people are threatened with losing their coverage. rising cost causing employers to drop coverage. we see big companies and small companies. it is not affordable. looking at the facts.
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it is about afford ability. individuals up to 10%. he did nothing it is time for closing statements. >> thank you all and everyone here particularly in this wonderful hall for this debate this evening. i joined up in the military through the vietnam war era and led men and women into war and conflict. >> it is we the people.
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not we the wall street. >> my opponent will do things such as buy american. he wants to hold middle class hostage. i serve republicans and democrats in my district and see that the people are suffering i wan to be a public servant. come out to vote. i would like your vote. i would ask you to remember the men and women who serve overseas who defend that right to vote. come out and vote for them. thank you. >> thank you for being here and for awful you for participating
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and hosting this. we are at an inflection point for our country. we have seen the government taken over by the most liberal wing of the democratic party joe sestak advocating and supporting the most expensive agenda staggering amount of spending, unaffordable deficit and debt. government run healthcare these are now policies having a chilling affect on our policy. small and medium size business from voting. joe sestak voting for every side. we have ourselves in a bad spot. i'm optimistic about our future. we can restore prosperity. we have to remember the source
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it came from the private sector and men and women who get up everyday to go to work we provide steady taxes for everybody. if we get spending under control. i'd pressure vote. >> gentleman, thank you for a great debate we want to thank your host tonight. thank you george. i also woont to thank the candidates for prt pating tonight and to george, venon, wednesdayy and the audience here and at home. those final words from the league of women voters of pennsylvania.
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>> jo we wanted to thank the candidates for taking part today. the league encourages all to learn more about their candidates. please vote on tuesday, november 2. make democracy work. thank you for watching. [applause]
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>> the latest poll has toomey leading 39-40%. live coverage begins at 7 p.m. eastern on c-span. washington journal is next, live with your phone calls. later, the congressional oversight panel looks into companies that receive tarp money.


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