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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  February 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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republicans whothere are 54 seay held by republicans but got 65% of the votes or less, and the republicans have name my job much easier since they took the gavel. they made commitments to the american people and flip-flop. they said they would repeal health care but it for themselves and took away from their constituents, so the state of the democratic party is sound. the republicans are helping us along the way. >> as you start fund-raising, are you not competing for president obama's reelection campaign? >> we are competing with the presidential election, and we are also competing with a historic number of senate seats, so there is no question of fund raising part of it does have
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some challenges outside of our control, the presidential campaign and many senate seats. we raised over $1 million online. while we are competing with the presidential campaign and would senate campaigns, our voters throughout the country are energized, charged up, and contributing. our member dues have done very well. we are doing what is necessary to work around the fact that we do have that high level of competition for the presidential race and for the senate races as curator of >> members of congress were giving money to the campaign committee -- and
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for the senate races very good new >> members of congress were giving away two campaign committees. >> whether it is a pitch to members of the democratic colleagues for a pitch to those donors who contributed $32 or to the larger donors, it is the same pitch, but we are in a much better position to create jobs that helps small businesses and to stand up for middle-class and working families throughout america, so when you contrast what we are doing to what republicans have done, it makes it easier for people to contribute, and when they see there is a path to victory, they are more willing to support greater that is what has been happening very good >> you have been traveling around the
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country. can you talk about what you have been doing? >> we started recruiting on a 1. -- on day one. we measured our losses for about three hours, and then we got back to work. this is a very aggressive tone we have set a very good what is essential is to win the quality of our recruits, so we assembled a committee. we have progressive, new democrats, and they are working with me every thursday morning, going over all those seats but will be in play. i have been to arizona, illinois. congresswoman shorts just came back from washington state's. we have been to minnesota, so we are deploying our around the country, trying to get the best
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people we can regard >> i read that you like going into the district to get a feel for the best candidate. how do you get a feel for who is the best candidates to run? >> r.f. just love visiting places, meeting with all the county chairs, the political leaders. you have to be part of the district, so you cannot recruit by looking at the data in washington, d.c. you have to look up the terrain. i have encouraged the members to go into the district, meet with the locals, watch the local news, because that gives you a feel for the dynamics of the district, and that is what
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produces the best recruits very good >> after any campaign is over, a number of people sit down and figure out what happened. it may have only taken use three hours, but what did you learn? what did you do right, what did you do wrong? >> there are several critical issues. one is that we lost 9 million independent voters between 2006 and 2010. these are voters who gave us their votes in 2006. they did it again in 2008, and they pulled back in 2010. we need to get them back, and they are a good ways towards doing that. the republicans made three promises. they said, vote for us, and we will create jobs. they said, vote for us, and we will change the way washington
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works. not only did they not reduce the debt, but they added to the debt. they have not created any jobs. they said they would change the way washington works. the first vote they cast was to repeal health care for their constituents but refused to disclose whether they are taking it for themselves. how does that change the way washington works? we are going to continue to hold them accountable in order to continue to drain them back. >> the message going forward is almost entirely of contrast message. it is not just this is what democrats plan to do but this is what republicans are not doing. >> every election is about contrasts. you have to also offer alternatives. the republican playbook had three chapters. chapter one, go on offense.
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chapter two, and just say no, and chapter 3, and do not lift a finger to help. and we will offer alternative theory good we will work with them on constructive not -- and we will offer alternatives. we will work from the region with them on constructive ideas. we will work with them, but republicans have not given us a lot to work with. >> what kind of conversations are you having with your colleagues about their potential retirement? >> retirements are always a challenge for political parties. most of them are rumors or wishful thinking, so i have a speculative list based on all
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the stuff you hear, and when you look get the list, it is very interesting. of all of the retirements, the vast majority are in solid democratic districts. the republicans have a lot to be nervous about morrison and we need to. james horne is 50% of your your -- 50%. we take nothing for granted. there are great candidates have emerged, but that as an example of a retirement in a democratic district you're a good >> as you are telling people not to retire, how are you a pitching it? they are saying that democrats
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have their dear ansel handed to them. what are you doing to convince the -- have their rear ends handed to them. what are you doing to convince them? >> people are calling us. people are knocking on our doors. what is interesting is the members of congress who are engaged. we have conference calls with them. we cannot even informed and in a cage. we solicit their ideas. we share information, and the rate is extremely high. we do not have to do about much more -- to have to do that convincing a. >> how many usually run? >> i cannot give you that information. i would lack credibility here.
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redistricting is a big issue. i can tell you i high percentage of former members participate on conference calls very good i met with one just today, and they are engaged and interested. many of them say, i want to do this, but let me see what my district looks like a raider >> you said we can expect good announcements coming up very good can you give us an idea of awareness you're going to make an announcement? >> you will be among the first to know. >> not today? >> talk about those members. you say they are interested. is this all the folks but just lost, -- that just lost?
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>> there are many former members interested in running. one reason we're not going to give specific names is if you are in the states that is controlled by the other party, you do not want to announce you may be running again, because you will find yourself redistricted in another state. when the cycle began, the republicans trumpeted the end of democrats. this is cataclysmic for democrats. when you really looked up the announcements, it is pretty much a wash. until we go through the data and its different stages and draw the lines, there is going to continue to be a fairly fluid
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situation. >> there have been a lot of special collections in new york over the past few years. -- special elections in new york over the past few years, and i am curious about what you expect? >> i feel like it is groundhog day to me. every day i wake-up and it is back to a special election. it is a potential opportunity, president obama got 40% it is not necessarily a slam don. what it sees is a republican district but the republicans must hold. >> one rumor we have heard is the white house official might
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be running in the area. have you had any conversations? >> this gets back to your point about how you feel the district ?akes pronouncements we make sure we respect a collaboration. we are talking to local political leaders. and we respect the process, and i assume he has had the same conversations i have had very good >> you mentioned how redistricting might not be so bad for democrats. new york is one example. that might collapse of the legislative begins the process. good for what is one example
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where democrats could have results salmonella -- what is one example where democrats could have results? >> florida has six democrats and 19 republicans. how did that happen? it happens because republicans over extended, and they were so abusive that now they have a problem. the only way they could add republican seats to florida without completely overreaching would be to redistrict into bermuda and the cayman islands, which they may do. good florida presents a real challenge to them. to go from six democrats and 19 republicans to 22 or 23 republicans, it is a real problem. florida is an example.
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when you really analyze it, nobody knows for sure, but if there is a shred of evidence there, it is going to wind upo two democrats and two republicans barrier when you go through a state-by-state analysis, the republicans made a pronouncement we are going to lose dozens of seats. >> i wonder what are you doing is that is changing from how you used to operate? >> i am not really into the style. i like to focus on being operational.
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i like to focus on children and strategy, the sequential, and that is the path to winning. the mayor will leave it to you guys after the election to talk about whether the style worked hard did not work and is relevant or not -- or did not work and is relevant or not very good -- or not. >> what did you learn from senator schumer? >> i learned the same lesson front rahm emanuel. you win it by being operational theory did you win it by putting the pieces in place -- you win it by being operational. you win it but who did the pieces in place.
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a day after he asked me to take this job, he convened a meeting in. you cannot win by wishful thinking. you win by having a plan, by making sure the pieces fit, and their plan worked greater than -- their plan worked. i may have not the same attributes chuck schumer hi. i will been judged based on my own level of success. >> you talked about the partnership. good what kind of partnership the you have someone -- what kind of partnership deal have thelma -- do you have? >> we are at the point where we are standing of our operations, and we have very good
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operations. i have received calls offering to recruit in the state, offering to help improve operations within their states. one of the real surprises was the level of cooperation the senate provided. >> in 2010 republicans have a huge advantage in the amount of outside groups spending big bucks. are democrats going to have the ability to match that in 2012? >> i think that was the outsider, and that have the greatest impact on the 2010 cycle. by talk to my colleagues who had double-digit sleeves, and these groups came in with secret money and change the dynamic of
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those races by refusing to put their names on, cowering behind a rosen and -- of rhodes of supreme court justices. richard -- robes of supreme court justices. if i hope our allies will consider developing their own options, and that is out of my control. what is under my control is insuring these groups are held accountable, ensuring middle class families know who is paying for these ads, so we are going to be pursuing all of the tools in our toolbox to make sure transparency ases -- existence.
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>> one thing they were interested in is tearing down the wall with the expenditure side. is that something you could work with? >> not at all. not because it is a good idea or of the idea but because we have not given it thought. i prefer transparency and accountability. you have a right to know whether a corporation with a vested interest in expanding the epa because they do not know it is ensuring clean drinking water standards, so i prefer transparency and accountability, and i believe these should be accountable to their own consumers. >> would you insist democratic
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allies have the same transparency of hamas >> ever but they should play in -- now have the same transparency bowman's -- have the same transparency? >> evertz but they should play by the same rules. -- everybody should play by the same rules. you have a chicken and egg issue where they want to see what the district looks like. i understand that is perfectly natural. i must say many of our recruits want to contact donors. they need to be building their message, during mobilization, and to be in a good position once the lines are drawn. it is not chicken and egg. you need to do both.
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>> you say the democratic allies groups played by the same rules. you do not like the rules. the using democratic rule should follow a rigid democrat groups and follow rules but are not written an -- to use st. democratic group should follow rules but are not written -- do you think democratic groups should follow rules that are not written? >> you ought to clarify the rules. if they are defining the rules, they have to make a decision of whether or not they are playing by the rules. >> there are several issues making their way through the court. are you concerned either case is going to further tarragon --
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teardown the campaign finance ?auncw >> you only worry about what is in your control. i am focused on massive and mobilization. -- method and mobilization. good >> what are you doing to win the seat and back? >> many of our members are among those who have double-digit leads. those groups who never set foot in new york beamed down hundreds of thousands of dollars change the dynamic, so we are working very hard in new york. there are five district in
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pennsylvania, three in philadelphia, and to the region and to in the western part of the state's. we are focusing on those districts. then we graduate from there. >> when president obama is sharing developed, the uc the us to's tow -- do you see the us positive? >> it is because of tariffs -- it is positive traded >> i wonder if you are doing anything different than your predecessor. >> i was a recruit an -- i was a recruiting share, so i do not have enough exposure. i read the book go after our was
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chosen to be a share. i found it to be constructive. what i try to do is set an aggressive tone. and across have newfound assertiveness theory of "the new york times" had an article -- democrats have newfound assertiveness. "the new york times" have an article talking about an aggressive approach. the august they towbin ibm trying to set. -- that is the tone i am trying to set. >> thank you. we are back with our reporters during your -- with our reporters. let me begin with you for what we have for redistricting. >> democrat were a little
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bothered by the cycle, while republicans have to say, they are coming back to see which one must find creatures -- to seats we had last time. republicans have gone as far as they can. . they have to put a democratic voters in other districts. the means you are going to have competitive district superior -- that means you are going to have competitive fisher superior -- competitive districts. a democrat should be overwhelmingly favored. if republicans want to stay
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incumbent, they will be able to, but it will cost of a lot of districts. >> what does it mean if republicans cannot gain more seats in florida? >> they cost a redistricting plan. the government is trying to get it down a little bit. it would prohibit those who draw the line from considering partisan affiliation and prevent those from considering where a current incumbent lawn member actually live superior -- actually live. you see them representing districts the turner along for their own ideologically and now -- representing districts but differ from their own ideologically pure yoon -- ideologically pure ego >> he was hesitant to say who would run
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again. he said to expect some announcements. >> you cannot wait too late in the year to start getting some of these announcements. >> what do you think about who and where he might make these announcements? >> i think they might come all over the country. this process can be very bizarre in a number of states.
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the state legislature is going to play with a number of lines. they would not mind if another republican were to lose his seat because they do not like the guy very much. there is a lot of partisan influence right here. people do not want to get involved just yet, but there are going to be some districts the stay largely the same and the and will change dramatically very good >> there are a lot of incumbents that are thinking about running again. we heard stephen tell us they are part of a weekly session. what are we going to stephen elmont -- what are we going to see? >>


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