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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  June 3, 2011 6:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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world, determine the future, and always accurately predict the consequences of our actions? that's not what life is all about. the best we can do is to establish the values and the principles that define us individually as citizens and collectively as a nation. this resolution is not about whether we should be involved. we are always going to be involved because we are the world's economic, military, and moral superpower. and to choose not to act, particularly in time of such a crisis and transformation that is occurring throughout the arab world, is in fact to choose.
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and in this case it would be to choose to define us as a people. who have decided to let the -- look the other way. to choose not to hear the cries of the desperate help of the libyan people who have chosen to put their lives on the line. in the cause of democracy, of individual liberty, and freedom from oppression. these are the values that define us as a people and as a nation. and they are the values, frankly, that must give hope to a world of oppression and despotism that will in fact continue to exist and in fact will gain strength if we do not stand up, speak out, and also be
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there with them in such a time as this. that's why we should defeat the kucinich amendment because it's really about who we are as a people. and whether we still have the courage and the consequence tancy to defend -- constanty to defined the high ground. when the rest of the world has to look up, not down and not sideways, as this resolution would place us, but up. we will in fact be advancing our own security and prosperity and the integrity of our nation. because we live in a world who really wants to only shine as brightly as -- another 15 seconds. mr. berman: additional minute. the speaker pro tempore: the
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gentleman is recognized for an additional minute. mr. moran: thank you. we must always bear in mind that we live in a world that wants more than anything to shine as brightly as the beacon of freedom and hope that we represent. and we should always bear in mind that we have the privilege of representing and burnishing ever brighter and we do that every time that in a time of crisis when there is cost and potential consequence, when we show the courage and constantcy that defines us once again we are called upon to be equal to our history. this may not seem like a
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terribly critical vote in the scheme of things, but to every one of those libyans who have chosen to put their lives on the line for the values that are defined by who america is, it is a big deal. it is fering. it is their lives. it is their hope. it is their future. that's why this resolution should be defeated. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. moran: an we should continue to be proud of who we are and who our nation must be. thank you, madam speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio. . mr. kucinich: i yield to the gentleman from utah, mr. chaffetz. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. chaffetz: thank you. this is a defining moment for us as a people, this is a defining moment for us as a body, this is a defining moment for the united states constitution. with the civil war in north africa, there is no clear and
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present danger to the united states of america. therefore in acts of war the president has a constitutional duty and obligation to come to the congress to seek approval. for the president to suggest that he got approval from the united nations is offensive and it's wrong. no, mr. president, authorization to go to war comes from the american people and it comes from the united states congress. we must stand tall and true to the constitution. we have no choice but to vote on this action. this is a defining moment. what is absent in all this discussion, i point out to my colleagues, i see no resolution to go to war, i don't see a resolution that says, this is what we should be doing. please vote in favor of this amendment. stand true and tall for the constitution. this is a defining moment. i appreciate mr. kucinich for bringing forth this amendment and urge my colleagues to vote in favor of it. the speaker pro tempore: i would remind members to address their
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comments to the chair. the gentleman from ohio. mr. kucinich: i yield a minute to the gentleman from texas, mr. paul. the chair: the gentleman from -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. paul: i thank the gentleman for yielding and rise in strong support for h.con.res. 51. we need to pass this resolution to send this very strong message . we have been told by those who oppose this message that we should not have an abrupt withdrawal from the region. but i would strongly suggest that what we should be talking about is the abrupt and illegal entry into war. that's what we have to stop. since we went in abruptly and illegally we need to abruptly leave. it has also been said by those who oppose this resolution that they concede that the congress should assume their prerogatives over the war powers but do it gradually. i would strongly suggest that when we took our oath of office we assumed that radically and
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suddenly, we took an oath of office to obey the constitution, not defer to the united nations and that we already have assumed that responsibility and i would also suggest if we do nothing, if we do not pass this resolution, it is the sin of omission that we commit. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio. mr. kucinich: i yield main to the gentleman from arizona, mr. flake. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from arizona is recognized for one minute. mr. flake: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise today in support of the kucinich resolution. i'd hoped to be able to support the boehner resolution, i share the speaker's concern that a withdrawal called for by the kucinich resolution sends a less than optimal signal to our nato allies. while we're on the subject of signals, i am far more concerned about the puzzling, confusing, mystifying signal we send by passing a resolution that
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affirms that the president has not fulfilled his constitutional or statutory obligations yet offer noes remedy, only a mild rebuke followed by a questionnaire. madam speaker, i was here in 2001 when we authorized the use ofs for to enter afghanistan. there was just one de-- dissenting vote. when a threat to our national security is perceived, it's been the long standing practice of congress to support the administration in its actions. the greater threat today in my view is a perpetual acquiescence of this body in situations such as we face today in libya. where we tolerate the use of military force when the threat to our national security is less obvious. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from ohio. mr. kucinich: i recognize mr. frank for two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized for two minutes. mr. frank: madam speaker, i think the president erred in not following the war powers act in the spirit of the constitution. he should have asked us.
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if he had i would have said no then and i say no now. let me disagree with those of my colleagues who have talked about what a terrible man gaddafi is as a reason for the united states to be spending our money there. yes, he's a thaugthug who ought to be removed but it cannot be that america has to be the 911 for the world and that we are the ones who have to respond everywhere, every time. i heard one of my colleagues on the other side say, well, the europeans are there, but let's not poke them in the eye. poke them in the eye? we have for years, since the beginning of nato, been subsidizing them so they have military budgets less than half of ours as a percentage of their g.d.p. so, they can do better than us in health care and competitiveness and every other way. yes, he should be opposed. there are european nations, developed wealthy nations just across the mediterranean. why do they have to have america come nearly 4,000 miles to do it? and it's not just libya. this is defining. are we going to go forward with
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a situation in which america undertakes to defend everybody in the world everywhere even when they are not greatly threatened as is the case with nato or with missile defenses against nonexistent missile threats from iran, or do we say that we will bear our fair share but not more? we have got to stop subsidizing the rest of the world. particularly now. and when members from the appropriations committee come up and tell us, you got to go and do this, but let's cut police in massachusetts, let's cut housing in ohio, let's cut transportation in california, we cannot reduce our deficit in a way that allows us to maintain any concern for the quality of life here if we continue to spend money promiscuously over there. let's go beyond that. we're not just talking about libya. what about the paradox in afghanistan where we will spend $100 billion a year and be told by the president of afghanistan that he doesn't like what we're doing. fine, let him have if, let him
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-- let's not stop forcing him to take our $100 billion a year. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio. mr. kucinich: could i inquire how much time is left on each side? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio has 9 1/4 minutes. the gentleman from california has seven minutes and the gentlelady from florida has 1 1/2 minutes. remaining. mr. kucinich: i yield mr. southerland one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida is recognized for one minute. mr. southerland: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. southerland: i'd like to thank the gentleman for yielding me a minute this morning. today i think we owe the american people an apology because we all as a house are here to defend and protect the constitution of the united states and it has been way too long before this debate has been had on this floor. there's much more at risk today than libya. what is at risk today is the very constitution that we have
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sworn to protect and to uphold. if the constitution is at risk, then this house is at risk. when this house is blatantly ignored by another branch, by the president of the united states, then the people are blatantly ignored by the president of the united states and this house will fall. i applaud those that have sponsored this bill and i rise in support of it today. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from ohio. or the gentleman from california. mr. kucinich: i yield one minute to the gentleman from california , mr. stark. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized for one minute. mr. stark: madam speaker, i thank the gentleman for yielding and support h.con.res. 51, a bipartisan resolution directing the president to remove the united states armed forces from libya within 15 days. i'm proud to support this
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resolution by representatives kucinich, burton, thank gives congress and therefore the american people the power to decide whether america enters into or continues a war which destroys our economy, which destroys unnecessarily human lives who do not oppose us and are not a threat. for us to be wantonly and killing people around the globe, entering into a war, there's no other question about that, without permission of the american people through this body is unconstitutional, it's wrong and we should support the kucinich amendment. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from california. mr. berman: thank you, madam speaker. i am pleased to yield three minutes to the gentleman from nebraska, mr. fortenberry. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for to minutes -- three minutes.
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the gentleman from nebraska. mr. fortenberry: thank you, madam speaker. i thank the gentleman from california, our ranking member on the foreign affairs, for the time. madam speaker, this is a very tough call. a tough set of circumstances. there is much complexity here with the convergence of war and diplomacy and geopolitics and allied relations. what is clear, however, is that the president has not communicated effectively with the united states congress, nor has he sought this body's authorization for the undertaking in libya. let's have a brief history lesson here, though. some in this body called for unilateral action against libya just three months ago. that was appropriately resisted by this administration until other nations, particularly the british and the french, were willing to put up their own assets and give structure to a nato coalition. however, now u.s. actions in an important allied effort to save libyan civilians from eminent
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slaughter have clearly moved beyond the scope of humanitarian relief and stabilization efforts. with that said an abrupt and an imminent cutoff of u.s. participation in libya causes numerous complications and would be highly disruptive. yet we should not creep, we must not creep toward opening up a third front in libya which is the root cause of this debate. the general framework for intervention without expressed congressional authorization has precedent and some parallels within the last 30 years. let's look at lebanon in 1982, panama in 1989, bosnia in 1995 and kosovo in 1999. all of these interventions had various levels of controversy, particularly the one in lebanon, but they were undertaken by presidents of the united states. the boehner resolution considered before this one gives the president a small window of
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time to better make his case. if the president cannot, congress can assert its authority and disapprove, raising principled questions about war powers is a laudable goal and i do want to commend the gentleman from ohio, mr. kucinich, for his leadership in this important debate. it would not have happened without you. however, i think we should move forward very carefully. speaker boehner's resolution pushes the president for answers but stops short of requesting congressional authorization or abrupt withdrawal of u.s. participation in the libya mission. if this approach is unfaithful we can then -- unfruitful, we can then exercise further options. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from ohio. mr. kucinich: i yield a minute and a half to the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. capuano, who has been a driving force behind this resolution. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized for a minute and a half. mr. capuano: thank you, madam speaker, and i thank the gentleman for yielding.
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i'm proud to be one of the original co-sponsors of this resolution. but i want to take -- i take no pleasure in this. i'm an early and ardent supporter of the president on most everything. this has nothing to do in my mind with the president or truthfully even with the action in libya. for me this is about the constitution. plain and simple. the constitution's clear, it's not even about the war powers act, i personally think the war powers act is probably unconstitutional. the constitution is clear on many things -- clear. on many things it is not. it is unequivocally clear on the declaration of war is the responsibility of congress. period. no gray area there. now, i know you can try to fudge it on what the definition of war is but when someone is shooting at someone else, that's war. if it's one person, 10 people or 10 million, that's war. for me that's what this is about. now, don't get me wrong. i would hesitate strongly, i doubt that i would support the
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action in libya, but that's not why i co-sponsored this and i've had some people say, well, 15 days is unreasonable. well, ok, then if this passes they have 15 days to come back to us and ask us for more time. which i would be inclined to do. if that's necessary in a military basis. what this simply says is that congress has to stand up on our own two feet and take the actions that we took an oath to take which to uphold the constitution. now, i understand the people may see things differently and i respect people's opinions. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. kucinich: i yield the gentleman another half minute. mr. capuano: i respect people that would differ. but i cannot believe that anyone can honestly read the constitution on this matter in an unclear way. congress has the authority to declare war, period. that's why i'm here today. i'm not here to debate today whether we were right or wrong
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to be in libya. that will come another day. maybe or maybe not. but i am here to say, uncomfortable as it is, unpleasant as it is, how difficult it is, it is our responsibility to take action when it comes to declaring war. every member of congress should be voting for this resolution because of that simple fact and we can have other debates on another day. with that, madam speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. . the gentleman from california is recognized for a minute and a half. mr. sherman: the author of this resolution is known for his opposition to the use of military force. those who agree with him on foreign policy may well vote for this resolution. in contrast i have voted for
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every authorization to use military force that's come before this congress in the last 15 years and i would support the authorization to use force with libya if it had the proper conditions and limits. this resolution does not force, would not actually result in the immediate withdrawal. instead it would force the president to come to this congress and seek authorization pursuant to law. and would get that authorization, i believe, with the appropriate limits and conditions. that would be an improvement to our foreign policy. more importantly, it would mean we are following the constitution. the war powers act is the law of the land and it requires congressional authorization for military actions that take more than 60 days. we long for democracy and the rule of law in libya, but not at the expense of democracy and rule of law in the united states. if we don't require compliance with the war powers act, who
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will? and if the war powers act becomes a dead letter, who will constrain some future president with imperial ambitions? if your constituents insist that you stand up for the rule of law, don't go back to them next week saying you voted for the boehner resolution. that boehner resolution does not mention let alone enforce the war powers act. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. sherman: 30 seconds? mr. kucinich: another 30 seconds. mr. sherman: the boehner resolution just grudgingly acquiesces to an imperial vision of the presidency. the kucinich resolution enforces the war powers act and starts us on a war powers act process. we owe it to our fighting men and women that when they risk their lives they do so pursuant to our laws and our constitution. when they risk their lives for an extended period of time, they do so not because of a decision
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of one individual, but rather because of the decision of the representatives of all of the american people. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from ohio. mr. kucinich: i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from california. mr. berman: yes, madam speaker. i'm pleased to yield to the ranking member of the appropriations committee, the gentleman from washington, mr. dicks. three minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from washington is recognized for three minutes. mr. dicks: the debate in the house today concerning the extent of u.s. involvement in the military action in libya now led by nato is a necessary and important debate. and i appreciate the role that dennis kucinich has played in this. both resolutions being considered today recognize the essential role of congress in authorizing and in funding the use of u.s. armed forces consistent with the war powers act and constitution. both resolutions require the members of the house to reflect on the appropriateness of the use of military force in this
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operation as outlined by the president. and both resolutions initiate the entirely appropriate debate over the objectives of this operation as well as its duration. in my judgment the president's initial commitment of u.s. airpower and naval forces to support the international effort was appropriate and certainly within its power as commander in chief. the u.s. effort was undertaken in concert with a broad coalition of nations, some of our closest friends, and it followed a resolution adopted in the united nations security council authorizing all necessary measures to protect libyan civilians attempting to overthrow the oppressive regime of muammar gaddafi. the gaddafi government's response to the uprising was to use force against civilians in opposition forces and the brutal measures prompted the international outcry and the
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u.n. action. at the time the president stated clearly our leadership of the nato effort would last a matter of days not weeks. while the direct u.s. leadership of this effort lasted a brief time, u.s. forces remain engaged in the nato operation and at this point it is clear that members of congress are not comfortable with the extent of information they have been given about the direction, duration, or cost of the operation. under the war powers act the president has an obligation to report to congress and to seek concurrence if our military involvement extends longer than 60 days. and clearly such consultation has not been effectively accomplished. we are encouraged by statements from the obama administration that u.s. ground forces will not be used in libya. last week, 416 members of congress supported the conyers amendment to the defense authorization bill that would prohibit funds in the bill from being used to deploy ground
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forces in the country. at issue now is whether congress should act through the kucinich resolution to effectively terminate the u.s. involvement in the nato effort within two weeks. or whether congress through the boehner resolution should scold the president should not providing greater detail about specific u.s. actions, contributions of other nations to the effort. and the possible involvement of hezbollah and the muslim brotherhood, al qaeda, and other organizations in and outside the region in providing support to the libyan government. i believe that the kucinich resolution is premature and that it could materially harm our relationship with nato allies from which we will undoubtedly require -- mr. berman: additional minute. mr. dicks: i believe the boehner resolution is an attack on the president. something most of the republican caucus would vote against if its party was in control of the executive branch. i do support a wider debate and greater oversight of the use and
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cost of u.s. military forces engaged in the libya operation. both in the defense and foreign affairs related committees here as well as in the full house. i am neither prepared to end our involvement unilaterally as in the kucinich amendment nor do i believe congress should officially declare our involvement in this effort that has not been properly explained by the president. i think the president made a very strong statement to the american people about why we weren't going to use this for humanitarian reasons, and i think the gaddafi regime is a brutal regime that should be replaced. i hope that we can accomplish that. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from ohio. mr. kucinich: may i inquire of the chair how much time remains for all? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio has three minutes remaining. the gentleman from california has 45 seconds remaining. the gentlelady from florida has a minute and a half.
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mr. kucinich: i yield myself one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. kucinich: members will be asked to vote on two resolution, h.con.res. 51 and resolution offered by speaker boehner, h.res. 292, both of which address u.s. military involvement in libya. i do not believe that h.res. 292 is at odds with h.con.res. 51, but it's not a substitute for the resolution that mr. burton and others have worked on and it's imperative that members clearly understand this because the consequence of voting for one that the speaker of the house resolution, and not the other, h.con.res. 51, is a big endorsement of unconstitutional action taken by the white house. how does congress deal with the failure of any president to adhere to the constitution? if congress does not challenge a president's dismissal of the clear meaning of article 1,
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section 8, then we will have tacitly endorsed a president's violation of the constitution and guaranteed the perpetuation of future constitutional transgressions. a mild rebuke alone on the use of patience on a actually mandated war power is insufficient to defend the constitution. many of us want to support our president, but the president has ignored, congress' assertion of the war powers by failing to obey the war powers resolution. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. kucinich: reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. who seeks recognition? the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. berman: just in closing our time in the debate, i would urge that -- i would take up mr. kucinich's comments if you think there's been an inappropriate abuse of power here, voting for
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the boehner resolution does not cure that. but the constitution doesn't say the president must come to congress and get a declaration of war. it says congress must declare war. i agree very much with the thinking of my friend, the chairman of the intelligence committee, mr. rogers, that there are national security issues involved here as well as humanitarian issues and that's why i oppose kucinich, but the notion that the president has to come to congress when congress has the authority to address this issue directly through a declaration or authorization or a limited authorization is the right way to do it. and i urge a no vote on both the boehner amendment and kucinich amendment. the speaker pro tempore: all time expired for the gentleman. the gentleman from ohio seeks recognition. mr. kucinich: i yield myself one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the
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gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. kucinich: there are those who may hesitate to support my resolution because of the supposed negative impact it would have on the nato mission and our image in the eyes of our nato allies. in the weeks leading up to the war, the administration had time to consult with the arab league, the united nations, the african union, but apparently had no time to come to this congress for approval. if our image in the eyes of nato is the reason to stay in libya, the administration should not have committed the u.s. to a war of choice without consulting with congress for an action that was so far outside that which is allowed by the war powers resolution. far more caging is the congress that ends up -- damaging is the congress that ends up being more concerned with the image in the eyes of nato than our fulfillment of our constitutional responsibilities and the continued use of the war power by the executive.
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our loyalty to nato and to our president regardless of party affiliation does not trump our loyalty to the united states constitution. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. anyone else seek recognition? the gentlelady from florida. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. kucinich: may i ask the gentlelady -- ms. ros-lehtinen: if the gentleman would yield. we will use the time to close. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio has one minute. the gentlelady from florida has 1 1/2 minutes. mr. kucinich: i want to thank all members on both sides of the aisle who participated in this important constitutional debate. what does it mean to defend the constitution? well, if you know that congress very clearly has the power to declare war, if you believe the president violated the constitution in this regard, then you cannot come to any conclusion other than to say
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that we stand up and defend the constitution by voting for h.con.res. 51. let us also defend the founding fathers and the doctrine of separation of power. let us defend the doctrine of checks and balances. let us key fend the institution of the congress of the united states -- defend the institution of the congress of the united states. as we stand here having taken an oath to defend the constitution, this, my friends, is our moment to stand up for that oath, to act in defense of the constitution, i urge a yes vote on h.con.res. 51. i ask members on both sides of the aisle who i know are ready to step forward in this moment to join me. thank you very much. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from florida is recognized. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, mr. speaker. i'm very proud to yield the remaining time to the gentleman from illinois, mr. kinzinger, a member of the committee on energy and commerce and a captain in the u.s. air force
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reserves. mr. kinzinger: i appreciate the gentlelady yielding. ladies and gentlemen, we are at a moment in time, the middle east is awakening to freedom. they are seeing the opportunities that lay before them that we have experienced for hundreds of years. and they are begging for freedom. you know the greatest disinfectant to terrorism is not necessarily bombs, or armies, it's freedom. this war, this action in libya i believe sells itself. i believe it is in the united states interest and in the interest of freedom-loving people everywhere to support it. but, mr. president, you need to come to congress, and you need to say what our interests are there. and allow congress to vote on that because i believe the actions in libya sell itself. people all across are begging for this and in 50 years when
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boys and girls in school read about the great awakening in the middle east and the wars and consternation we used to have to fight and now you are the bastion of freedom, let us be on the right side of history. let us be the ones that stood up to people that said we are going to throw off the reins of terrorism and dictatorship. this sells itself. >> widowed now to the fate interim second annual conference here in washington d.c. -- we go now to the faith and freedom second annual conference here in washington d.c. >> emboldened our ragtag revolutionary army and carried us to freedom. you secured our union and expanded our frontiers. you guided and protected the pioneers and explorers that trek
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across this land, forced its rivers, scaled its mountains, and conquered its deserts' and great salt basins. you helped setters settlers as a chisel barack, felled timber, planted fields. because you are with them, they persevered and build out of the wilderness this great nation from maine to california, from florida to alaska, from texas to hawaii. and so, almighty god and heavenly father, we join now with the prayer of the father of our country, george washington, in asking you to keep these united states in your holy protection, dispose all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean yourself with that
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charity, humility, and timbre of mind which were the characteristics of the divine author of our blessed religions, and without a humble invitation of his example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. i in our prayer tonight as president washington did his, grant our supplication, we beseech thee, through jesus christ our lord, and everybody said amen. [applause] >> we are now going to have entertainment from a very special guest, hailing from the great state of texas, krista branch. ♪
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♪ it's not time to take a stand remember who we are ♪ ♪ ♪ remember who we are
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hello, everybody. my name is krista branch, and i come to you by way of nashville, tennessee. i was born and raised in taxes
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and then lived in oklahoma and then recently moved to nashville. i am excited to be here, especially with the weather that was here today. it was beautiful. i am really here because of one song that about a year-and-a- half ago was written by my husband, who was sitting at home watching the news. it was during the height of the health-care debate. something was said of all -- along the lines of the tea party, they are not real grassroots, they are just astroturf. the american people really want this health care bill passed. my husband is passionate, saying what? i am american, too. being a songwriter, what they do is express themselves in song. so he wrote a song and it has
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really just hit a nerve all across the nation. i have been invited to sing at events just like this and tea parties all around the country over the past year. i would like to share that for you now. this is "i am america." ♪ ♪ people in the streets crying out for to accountability ♪
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♪ of got a feeling that the tide is turning america ♪ i am america
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♪ one voice, united we stand america ♪ i will not give up on this fight ♪ i am america >> thank you so much. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome one of america's leading conservative leaders, president of american values, mr. gary bauer. >> hello, how are you doing? i hate to follow music, but that was good music. this is a great looking crowd. i am talking fast because i have 10 minutes and a half about four hours were the things i want to say to you. seriously, it is great to be here and see so many people stepping up to the plate as we get ready to go into one of the most important elections the country has ever faced. i want to talk to you about two quick issues, one a foreign policy issue and one a domestic issue. i think both of these issues are extremely important about the
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upcoming presidential race. both of these issues can teach the republican nominee something about how to win. a few weeks ago, president obama for the third or fourth time in his 2.5 years in the presidency once again tried to undermine our most reliable friend and ally in the world and in the middle east, the nation of israel. i watched as benjamin netanyahu flew here from israel, went into a private meeting with the president -- we don't know exactly what happened there. we know it when an hour longer than it was supposed to go. we saw what happened in the oval office when it was finished. the president and the prime minister sitting there. the president making a vacuous, empty statement. the prime minister, with the respect that is to any president, but none the less
7:18 pm
firmly look the president and the eye and basically said to him, mr. president, you don't understand the middle east. you think this is about a little piece of land, that that will satisfy this enemy. this enemy will not be satisfied until every jew has been driven into the sea. i have been in washington for four years. i was in government with ronald reagan for a eight years. i have seen heads of state from all over the world come and meet with many different presidents. i have never seen a world leader handle president of the united states and school him in the realities of the world as did benjamin netanyahu. i am just sorry we cannot find a hawaiian birth certificate for
7:19 pm
benjamin, because then we could run him for president. the reason i bring this up, i do not want to hear the republican presidential nominee, whoever that ends up being, running a campaign of caution, telling us later, it is easy for you to say but i could not go up there on a stage and say that to a president. the benjamin netanyahu was in the oval office with the president and was willing to confront him with the truth. the least thing that a republican presidential nominee can do is confront this president and tell him the truth about his failure. let me talk to you really quickly about domestic issues.
7:20 pm
there are only two times in american history when the supreme court of the united states has taken a whole class of americans and said to them, you are not covered by the promises of the american founders. the whole idea of america is in the second paragraph of the declaration of independence. right in the middle of that paragraph, there are 21 or 22 words. they are the central idea of america. most of our kids don't know the words. american elites don't believe them, so they will not teach them. let me remind you what the words are. we hold these truths began and you see, the left has a problem right away. we hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are
7:21 pm
created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, rights that cannot be taken away, writes that cannot be surrendered. the founding was based on the rights that -- on the belief that rights don't come from government, they come from god. among these the right to life, the first reich listed, even before sonograms our founders knew that without the right to life, the other rights are sort of behind -- beside the point. the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. in the 1850's, a slave runs away from his owner. dread scott was his name. he is recaptured. a big legal dispute breaks out. what are we going to do with dread scott -- dred scott?
7:22 pm
a man cannot owned another man, so he should be free. it sounds reasonable to me. another man says he is the equivalent of a horse. he is properly. when you find lost property, it is returned to its owner. the supreme court of the united states said yes, that is the argument we believe. he is a horse. one of the most shameful moments of our history, divided brother against brother, father against son, state against a, almost destroyed this nation. by the time it was over, 600,000 americans were dead. you would think the supreme court, having made a mistake like that, that no future supreme court would never repeat it, but in 1973, the court had a decision in front of its that
7:23 pm
was the same argument. what is that in the womb? is it a little human being? if it is, then it is protected by those 22 words in the second paragraph of the declaration of independence. but it is a styrofoam cup or a home of tissue, then is not intended to have any rights at all. the supreme court of the united states looked at that thing in the womb and said, you have no rights we are bound to respect. my friends, the worst part of the civil war, people came to lincoln and said mr. president, how much longer will got allow this war to continue? lincoln said, i don't know the mind of god, but here is what i fear. that god will allow us to continue until enough blood has been shed north and south to
7:24 pm
equal all the blood drawn by the 's lash.sters what would america today have to pay just gone for all the ripped flesh, all the broken bones, all the spilled blood of a million plus abortions every year since 1973? our friends, this election will be about the economy. that is the natural thing it should be about. this president has failed to american inventors, american investors, american entrepreneurs, american men and women, but these issues will come up, too. there is no truce in the social issues. we have a president that is at work with our values, on the sanctity of life and the meeting of america. when this issue comes up in those debates, the republican
7:25 pm
presidential nominee better make the case i just made without shame or embarrassment. [applause] if he or she makes that case, and if you work like i know you will worked, then i believe in a little over a year and a half, this nightmare will end and we will have the chance again to make america a shining city upon a hill. god bless you. [applause]
7:26 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome one of america's leading critics of the secular left, s.e. cupp. [applause] >> hello, all. it is an honor and pleasure to introduce the next speaker, not just because donald trump is a man to admire for so many reasons, and not because he is the man who almost very nearly was this close from becoming a presidential candidate. but because as a fellow new yorker who rises and sleeps in the shadow of the very skyline
7:27 pm
he helped create, i like to think i have a special understanding of who he is. you see, as bizarre as washington is, new yorkers are a special kind of crazy. with all due respect to the hill and the beltway, our crazy makes your crazy look like kids stuff. just ask mr. trump, who recently spent a few weeks with gary busey. may i just say, he handled that lunatic with refreshing aplomb, because let's face it, in the colorful panoply of new york crazy, gary busey is no big deal, really. there is a gary busey and every subway station in the city. there is one in every deli.
7:28 pm
gary busey is in fact every super i have ever had. being crazy is not entirely our own fault. new york is total sensory overload, from times square to broad street -- to wall street, broadway, soho and the other boroughs, there is so much to do and see and eat and here. we have nine pro sports teams, and the mets. [laughter] i can say that because i am a long-suffering mets fan. there is so much stimulus in new york city, so many distractions, it is a wonder we can function at all. it is no surprise then that we are very hard to impress and have very limited attention spans. but this is why mr. trump's singular ability to endure all these years, to rebuild, to
7:29 pm
reinvent, reinvigorate, readjust, revamp, to keep inspiring, to keep making an impression, to keep being relevant, is not just some sales trick or magician's sleight of hand. it is something only a new yorker can truly appreciate. we do not have time for anything in new york. the last time i ate a meal without performing some other tasks simultaneously was during the 2003 black out. true story. we are so busy and distracted, in fact, we did not even realize that michael bloomberg has been mayor for eight terms and 32 years. did not even know. and even though everyone here in dc seems totally obsessed with
7:30 pm
wienergate, in new york where he is actually our congressman, we don't even know who he is. most new yorkers will tell you that anthony wiener is probably some kind of butcher shop in little italy. we don't have time for wiener gate. but new yorkers are also incredibly tough. mr. trump knows that, too. we hear, you cannot do that, and say watch me. we look at the whole rather world trade center used to be and say just try it again, we dare you. lucky for mr. trump's real- estate ventures, we look at the economy and say, what is this? there is a resilience and sense of the danger that a new yorker has.
7:31 pm
it is their resilience and sense of adventure that have defined to donald trump is. he is an entrepreneur, a capitalist, a businessman, a deal maker, a television star, and the board room showman. he is also a father, a husband, a patriot, and a proud american. he is an ardent defender of free enterprise, free market, a strong national defense, american exception lissome, freedom, fayed, family, the second amendment, and the right to life. in short, as conservatives, we have to appreciate someone like donald trump and his values, and be grateful that we have him on our side in whatever capacity we can get. you should know that when ralph reed announced that mr. trump was speaking, ticket sales
7:32 pm
exploded. because he and at -- every other presidential candidate and potential candidate or do this weekend, there are three many -- three times as many attendees here this year as last year. [applause] and so conservatives should appreciate mr. trump, but as much as they can appreciate him, i will say, only a new yorker can truly understand what makes him great. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. [applause] ♪ >> thank you very much. wow, what a group.
7:33 pm
what a nice group. first of all, when ralph asked me to come and speak, i said you know, i have on my desk a picture, and i think they are going to put it up. that is my confirmation class. this is donald trump's confirmation. there he is with the arrow, a wise guy. that is confirmation class, first presbyterian church, jamaica, new york. that is not always play, but in this crowd, it plays. then someone said, are you pro- life? i am pro-life. i am against the uncontrolled, and we have to get rid of obamacare, you know that, right? -- i am against gun control. the last time i was in washington, you probably read something about it. i went to a thing called the
7:34 pm
washington correspondents dinner. has anybody ever heard of this thing? i walked in, and the press went crazy. when i decided that i may be would not do it, i was leading the polls. i like leading the polls. but i was at the washington correspondents dinner, and the press was going wild. will the president speaking about you, mr. trump? i said, i have no idea, probably not. i am with my wife, and what happens is, the president starts. in all fairness, he was very respectful and very nice. and he just kept speaking about donald trump. and he kept going about the birth certificate, which by the way, i got him to show. [applause] nobody else could get him to do it. you know the clintons wanted to do it and they wanted him to show it, and mccain and
7:35 pm
everybody ought wanted him to show it, and trump bought him to show it. i don't know exactly what he showed, but you know. someday somebody is going to figure that one out. it took a long time. so i go in and he is speaking about donald trump for a big majority of his speech. i am knocking my wife under the table and saying honey, can you believe this? what a great honor, the president is talking about me. i wanted to be a little stone faced, i am not going to be laughing and everything. thistelling my wife, isn't great? the next day i wake up, and about 90% of the papers say trump was humiliated. i was so honored. that is part of the problem that the republicans are going to have. nobody is protected like barack
7:36 pm
hussain obama. nobody. i have never seen press that is so protective of a human being before. i was thinking, he was over in england, and he made a horrendous toast at a very inappropriate time. then he signed the letter, or the registrar, as they would call it, may 2008. so he was off by three years. i was telling myself, i wondered what would happen if george bush signed it made 2008. i wonder what would have happened if almost anybody was three years of, and the next day i watched the news. they are saying, isn't that cute? isn't that wonderful? that was so funny. he is so smart. it was so funny.
7:37 pm
this is the problem. we have a man who is being very much protected by the press. it is going to be very difficult. i will tell you something about being president obama. if you remember the end of his campaign during the primaries with hillary, she was winning every single primary. and he limped over the finish line, barely. had that been a little bit later, had there been one or two of those early primaries, he would have lost. so they keep saying he is a great campaigner. he may be a good campaigner, but in golf we have an expression. they say johnny, he is looking for the clubhouse. he was looking for the clubhouse. and then you had a problem with
7:38 pm
the economy and he got in. and the problem that we have now is unbelievable. the economy has gotten a lot worse. it probably will get a lot worse. the jobs report today, i don't know if you have senior television sets, but the jobs report today was a total disaster -- i don't know if you have seen your television sets. we are up to 9.1%. but it is really 19% to 21%. that is the real number. we owe more as a country than 14 trillion dollars. tours three years ago you never heard the word trillion. nobody knew what it meant. today that is all you hear. we owe more than $14 trillion. we need a president, and i think one of the reasons that i have
7:39 pm
done so well and continue to do so well in terms of popularity, is not because of the, it is because of what i say, because it is basic. it is true. it is common sense. it is business. we need to create a well the country again or we are going down the tubes. we are on a very slippery slope. if we don't create wealth in this country soon, it is going to be a very, very long and ugly. the time. if you look at what is going on with opec, they are laughing at our leaders. they do think our leaders are stupid. the nice part about not being a politician, i can use a word like stupid freely. a politician does not want to do that. you look at anthony wiener. you ask that was really his picture, and he gives you two and a half paragraphs without
7:40 pm
giving an answer. of course is his picture. take a look at those skinny legs. do you think that is anybody else? did you ever hear i, "well, i don't know, it could be." is that your picture or not? this is what we are dealing with. people who either do not know, they do not have a clue, they don't want to know, or in some cases say whatever they have to say just to get elected, and that is a big problem. now, opec is having a tremendous time at our expense. think of libya. the arab league. i have many friends in saudi arabia. they buy apartments from the all the time. they are nice people. i am not blaming them. i am blaming are very inept leadership. so they say, attack libya.
7:41 pm
ok, we will attack libya. so we are spending billions of dollars attacking libya. nobody even knows what is happening. how many people are the killing? where are these bombs landing? the only one they have not gotten is the one they want to get. why doesn't somebody say we are going to attack them, we want $5 billion. that is nothing to saudi arabia, and to other countries of the arab league. instead, obama comes out and he is thrilled because the arab league gives us approval. we don't have the money, but we have approval. when i look at things like that, if you remember the last problem we had, oil hit $148 a barrel. oil is going up there again. now is that $100 and is going higher. saudi arabia a couple of weeks ago announced they are going to
7:42 pm
cut back on oil because they want to get the price higher. there are going to destroy the economies of the world, and ultimately they will have their own revolution and we will not be a will to protect them for free anymore. we protect them. we protect south korea. i said something that some people considered to be somewhat controversial. in the old days, we would have wars. to the victor belong the spoils. in the old days, we go to war and if we win we have the country. if we lose, we get the hell out. so we go into iraq, we spend about $1.50 trillion. then a certain republican representative, but two nights ago i watched on television, representative kantor, who i like, said we do not want to
7:43 pm
give money to the tornado victims. yet in afghanistan we are spending $10 billion a month but we don't want to help the people who get devastated by tornadoes. wiped out, killed, maimed, injured. we don't have money for them, but we are spending $10 billion a month in afghanistan. we are spending billions of dollars in iraq, where they have the second largest oilfields in the world. we are spending billions and billions of dollars, and we cannot help people that got flooded with the mississippi, that got hit horribly by the tornadoes. then what is going to happen? we are going to leave iraq, and it sure as you are sitting there -- and by the way, this is not 95%. this is 100%. it is already being planned. iran will take over iraq's, maybe without firing a shot because we have decapitated
7:44 pm
their army. for years and years they have sort of equals, one would go this way and one would drop a bomb. a couple of years go by, they get tired and go back home. this is what happens. but we have decapitated one of those armies. they are waiting for us to leave. a lot of people do not know it. iraq has the second-largest oil fields in the world. they have not utilize them property, not the most efficient operation, but the oil is under the ground. we are going to leave, and iran is going to go in and take over the oilfields. 100%, that are going to take over the oil fields and then they are going to make a fortune. israel is in big trouble, and we are not going to be prepared. a friend of mine comes up to meet last week and says we are having a party for barack obama.
7:45 pm
we are going to raise money. he is the worst thing that ever happened to israel, are you crazy? people do not get it. i made the statement, and it was very strong. i made it a couple of months ago. we should take the $1.50 trillion that we are putting into iraq. i said take the whole fricking deal, but i want to be reasonable. i made the statement, we should go in and take the oil that we deserve. we won the war, we should take the oil. by the way, we should reimburse
7:46 pm
ourselves and we should reimburse our allies, because we did have allies whose been tremendous amounts of money and lives. we should take this oil and we should give a couple of billion dollars to the families of the soldiers who were killed. and we should give a million or two to every soldier who was wounded. i have seen it in new york were these incredibly young, beautiful, brave people, no legs, no arms, just horrible what has happened to them. we should give them money, $1 million, $2 million. this is an interesting number. they say that iraq has $15 trillion worth of oil. what did they say our deficit
7:47 pm
was? very close. so we should give our soldiers and the families of our shoulders money. this sounds like a lot of money. it is peanuts, when you look at what those oil wells produce and can produce. we should take care of the families and we should take care of our country because our country is in such trouble. such trouble. i did not even think it would be controversial. to me it is common sense. we won the war, we are going to take some oil, pay ourselves back. this guy goes on bill o'reilly and says donald trump does not know what he is talking about. that is a sovereign nation. the people that we supposedly put in are much closer right now to iran and they are to the united states. there is no sovereign nation
7:48 pm
here. i was lambast said -- lambastined. he cannot be serious. i am totally serious, i will tell you. then we get to my second favorite subject, which is china. in terms of abuse, we call them the abusers. the biggest abuser by far -- what china is doing to this country is unbelievable. they are manipulating their currencies. they are making it impossible for us to compete with them by a bony manipulation of currency. they do not make products as good as our products because i am forced to buy a lot of chinese products. if you build a building, the
7:49 pm
furniture -- i or televisions. were they come from? south korea. and then we protect south korea, and they pay us nothing. so we have problems in this country. we have problems that are solvable with the right leadership. if we get the right leadership, we have a chance to be great again and we have a chance to be great again rapidly. i love this country. i want this country to be great. i want you and everybody to choose the right leader. we have to make a change. we have to use our intelligence. we have to use intelligent people. again, the united states has a fantastic chance to be great again, and we must do that. we just have no choice, because if we do not make a change at
7:50 pm
the top, we are going over the ledge. it has been an honor to be with you. i flew in from new york. i know so many people, i love you, and good luck. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, donald trump. i just wish i could figure out where he stood on the issues. i really pleased to bring to the podium our next speaker tonight. he and i have been on opposite sides in the past, and now we
7:51 pm
are on the same team. in 1996, when our next speaker was an adviser to president bill clinton, i was then at the christian coalition. but he has since come over to the side of life. he is one of the most brilliant political strategists in the world. he has helped to elect 14 presidents and prime ministers all over the globe. he is the author of 10 new york times best selling books. he has a website you may have heard of, right here. more importantly, he has become a dear friend of our movement,
7:52 pm
and he will go anywhere and do anything he can to help us build the grassroots. he is somebody who is a sought- after paid speaker, but he agreed to come here tonight simply as a favor to do and what you are trying to do. he is going to be signing copies of his book right in the back of the room immediately following his address. please welcome a syndicated columnist, fox news commentator, and political strategist, dick morris. ♪ >> two years ago the economist announce the recession is over.
7:53 pm
are you all having a good time? they are right, the recession is over. it ended two years ago. the boom and bust cycle, the ups and downs of the business cycle ended, and what we have now, 10% unemployment, no economic growth to speak of, no wage growth. this is the new normal. this is what is going to be like forever until we get rid of barack obama, forever. he has imposed or rain of terror on our economy. consumers are scared to death if they are the top 2% of the
7:54 pm
country and they spend 33 percent of the money in the country, he has tax increases waiting for them just around the road. remember i hear obama urging me to spend more. i feel like a halt at the chicago stockyards. we have plans for you. we have ideas for you. and the medical industry. who on earth would open a g.i. clinic -- by meanmri -- i mean mri. they will probably reimbursed must bear and that is it. the manufacturing industry, are you kidding me? with the national labor relations birboard jamming unios
7:55 pm
down their throats. manufacturing employment in the united states is down by 50%. manufacturing production is up by 50% in the last 10 years. that is because we have automated. now obama wants to tax energy with his cap and trade and his car and regulations. who is going to expand the manufacturing industry in the united states? the energy industry is against cold. he is putting every restriction he can in a way of natural gas. how much of windmill's are going to have? and then the banking sector. he is going around telling banks, i will buy your mortgage- backed securities. they say, are you out of your mind? they are worthless. he says yes, i will buy them for $100 million. i will use them to wallpaper my bank.
7:56 pm
he says don't worry, i will take them. with that $100 billion, i want you to lend that out and stimulate the country. then a guy from the treasury department comes up and says what are you planning to do with that money? the banker says those guys have a real estate deal over there and those people want to open a new factory and these kids have a fantastic new idea on the internet and those folks need car loans and mortgage loans. the treasury department says that is great, that is just what the president wants. is that money to create jobs. are you sure they will pay back every penny? well, maybe. the dog-right bill says they don't, i find you to be an imprudent lender -- the dodd- frank bill. i will liquidate your stock, which includes your pension.
7:57 pm
the banker says he is scared to death. what will i do this $100 million this moron gave me, these worthless pieces of paper? lend it to me, and i can assure you i will find a very prudent risk. then he says, how much of my going to get for it? 3.5%. i got it for nothing. my board is going to have a champagne brunch for me when i tell them i am getting 3.5%, and i am not going to lend a penny of it to anyone in the country. all of it is going to government. it is pretty cool. so nobody will make loans, no one will create jobs, no one will expand their factories.
7:58 pm
nobody will expand health care. and you wonder why we do and i have any economic growth in the united states. it is all because of the policies of one man. but that which the hand of man has done, the hand of man can undo, and that is what we are going to do in 2012, undo it. get rid of these constraints. we are going to send a message to manufacturing. go ahead and exploit the world market like you always have. we are not going to tax your carbon. we'll tell the banks, go ahead and make loans, take risks. we are not going to close you down. we are not going to penalize you for it. medical industry, you are free. you can now grow andyou can nowe world's resources. and consumers, we are not going to raise your taxes.
7:59 pm
and then you will be amazed at what happens. you will be astonished. when i come to washington, i am shocked, always, but the cultural difference between washington and the united states of america. one of the problems in washington is the water is in pure -- impure. it has something in it that makes you liberal, makes you vote for new taxes. you come here expecting to cut the budget and you end up accepting a phony deal to cut 45 cents, not counting pennies. there is something in the water supply. when the water is contaminated, you know what to do, you boil it. then when it is boiling, you throw in that the bag -- you
8:00 pm
throw in a teabag. here in washington, everybody believes that barack obama is going to get reelected. i have gotten a president of the the state's elected, and let me tell ralph reed taught me, barack obama at the same percentage of the white vote as al gore. the difference is he had twice as many young people voting. that shifted them from the older people who voted against them and the younger people who voted for him and they ended up eating out. african-americans had 14% of the vote, not the 11% they had before. he carried it by a huge margin.
8:01 pm
are those three groups going to come out for him again? our young people that are facing unemployment, graduating with worthless degrees, seeing the thought that this president is -- did you think they will come out and vote? do you think that latinos watching unemployment, seeing a president that's that all over their values -- that has stepped all over their values, and did not move on immigration reform -- are they going to turn out in droves? blacks will, but come on. they will but 98% for him, but with an 11% turnout. not the 14% of that there was.
8:02 pm
they are going to vote with their feet for barack obama. they are going to stay home. they are not going to come out. we, by working the grass roots, by explaining to the elderly that their very survival, as opposed to rationing, depends on defeating obama. by explaining to working people that their entire future depends on defeating obama. by explaining to people throughout the united states that the greatness, the uniqueness, the incredible creativity, optimism, and energy of the united states depends on defeating barack obama. we are going to defeat him. bye-bye, barracack. [applause] ♪
8:03 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, author dick morris is going to have a book signing in the back corner of the hall. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome one of the leaders of the conservative movement for over 20 years, the precedent and chairman of the americans for tax reform, grover norquist. [applause] >> when midgets played miniature golf, do they know? [laughter] one wonders.
8:04 pm
second thought, ralph reed has put together a powerful and important faith and freedom convention this weekend. [applause] i think we should also appreciate those who helped him do it. harry reid, nancy pelosi, and our nation's premier organizer, barack obama. he has organized a lot from the tea party, faith in freedom conference in convention. he has brought us together because what they have threatened to do to turn our country into a cross between france and greece when we would prefer to return to the united states of america. [applause]
8:05 pm
but these three have motivated our teams. there are two teams in american politics. our team was one thing from our government -- to be left alone. [applause] if you go around the table of who sits at our team's table when we were together -- taxpayers do not just what their taxes raised. home schoolers want their kids left alone. businessmen and women want to lead their businesses and professional lives without the government taxing and regulating them out of existence. i serve on the board of directors on the national rifle association. we just want our second amendment rights respected. [applause] we do not insist that every foursquare be taught books. -- every fourth grader be taught books. also around the table, people
8:06 pm
want to practice their faith and raise their kids. but what the government out of that business. -- valet what the government out of that business. -- they want the government out of that business. every day we get up and fight the left. the left as a challenge. who sits around the table? the people who think the proper role of government is to take things from some people and get them to other people. all around the table, trial lawyers, the labor union bosses, the big city political machines, the two wings of the dependency movement -- does not get to welfare dependency and those who make $90,000 a year managing the dependency of others, making sure none of them get jobs and become republicans. [applause] then we have the caller said utopians, those who get government grants to push those
8:07 pm
of us around. these are the ones who invented cars to small to put your family and to, light bulbs that do not like, toilets that do not flush completely. [laughter] they have this entire list of things. obama is turning out regulations every single day. their list of things we have to do or not allowed to do is slightly longer and more tedious than leviticus. [laughter] and they want to enforce it at the point of a gun. if we are stupid enough to keep throwing money into the center of their table, they will work together. we raised taxes, our friends on the left can sit around the table and be very happy with each other. one for you, one for you, one for you. that is what the stimulus package was about, if not about some guy named cannes, but taking money and going it into
8:08 pm
the center of the table so all their friends can put their cash together. our job is to stop this from happening again because when they get the stimulus package, remember the argument we got? we are going to take a dollar for someone to our debt either through debt or taxes, and hand it to someone who is politically connected and jobs will be created. reid and pelosi board three buckets of water into the lake and explained they were stimulating the like. you laugh, but the plant was to do this 800 billion times. then the light would become very deep. would becomeatke very deep. our job is to stop them from going money into the center of the table.
8:09 pm
they began to look at each other a little bit more like the second or last seen in those lifeboat movies. now they are wondering who they are going to eat or who they are going to throw overboard. if we do not let them not on taxpayers -- gnaw on taxpayers, but do so to the person sitting next to them. we have to make sure we do not give them more money. when we meet them in the next election, they are fewer and they are shorter. the left is not made up of friends and allies. it is made up of competing parasites. our job is to stop feeding them. we need to say no new taxes and mean it. the taxpayer protection plan that my organization shares with all candidates ask the candidates to promise in writing -- no insult intended,
8:10 pm
but we need two witnesses -- that he will not raise taxes. a rather simple statement. we have 235 members of the u.s. house signed the pledge. 41 senators. we have over 95% of all republicans running nationally through taken the pledge. together, the taxpayer movement and the republican party has branded the republican party as the party that will not raise your taxes. [applause] they may do other silly things, but they will not raise your taxes. this is important. branding is very important. that is like coca-cola spends a lot of time coming up with just the right formula and then they make sure it is always the same and they have quality control and advertising. you can pick up a bottle of coke and you do not have to read the label or taste it. you do not have to ask your friends what it is like.
8:11 pm
if you get home and you are two- thirds to your bottle of coke and you look down and there is a rat head in what is left of your coat model, if you do not say to yourself, "i am thinking i may not finish all this particular cut tonight." it makes you wonder whether if you buy a coke, can you trust coke. the brand has been damaged or everybody else. republican elected officials that vote for tax increases are rat heads in a coke bottle. [applause] step one, do not raise taxes. step two adjust learned recently -- stop spending so much money. that is where the tea party came in and changed american history. [applause] yes. there have been six waves of
8:12 pm
immigration into the republican party. 1964, conservatives came in with goldwater and turned it into a 50 state party as that of the regional party north of the mason-dixon line. in the 1970's, the religious right came in. if people who work as hard about religious liberty enargite the republican party and pushed ronald reagan to the presidency in 1988. pat roberts and's campaign brought people into the -- pat robertson's campaign brought people into the republican party. our friend mr. ron paul in 2008 also brought in millions of the activists into the republican party. the tea party movement in 2009 and 2010, in a giant of the threat to our future from this administration and the previous congress brought many people in. there have been six waves of new debt and to the party. i understand what the left always warns us against the new
8:13 pm
guys. goldwater will sink the party. the tea party will sink the party. everything was going to be bad for us. sometimes too many republicans said we used to have 10 people and our town hall meeting and that we have 50 and this is a problem. who are these people? where had they been? this is uncomfortable. [laughter] can you imagine at wal-mart took that attitude? hey, they are filling up the parking lot. they are coming in and buy stuff. this is a disaster. [laughter] the movement has been growing with every way that came in. the most recent one, the tea party limit, said we get things right by not raising taxes, but there is a second part -- spend less. i think we have finally completed building a winning, a successful party and movement.
8:14 pm
do not raise taxes, spend less, the rise in plant is the roadmap for the future -- the ryan plan is the roadmap for the future. never raise taxes and let's bring spending down. i know obama thinks the goal is to raise taxes so we can pay for the size of government that he wants. our answer is we do not what the size of government you what, we won an american government that is smaller. thank you. [applause] ♪
8:15 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, we now have a special discussion on the future of the tea party. please welcome to the state's one of america's leading conservatives, dr. bob reccord from the council for national policy. >> samuel adams said it does not take a majority to prevail. rather, it takes and i write minority fuelled to create fires in the minds of men and women. when i hear that what, i think, tea party. ladies and gentlemen, would you welcome what the founders of the tea party patriots, mark meckler. [applause]
8:16 pm
>> thank you very much. it is a pleasure to be here tonight. i was here last year. it was an incredible experience. you got to appreciate what ralph and the coalition are doing for america. you have to appreciate what people like ralph who had been involved in the conservative movement have done for america. we hear talk about the tea party. we have to put it in historical context. there are people like ralph, bob, and all throughout this audience that had been doing this work for 30 or 35 years. let's give a big hand for the people on whose shoulders we stand. [applause] i get asked a lot of questions about the intersection of the tea party movement and the social conservative movement. i get those from journalists all the time. i get from people in the tea party all the time. real quickly, on what to address that issue. i think it is an important issue. this is a critical election in our country's history.
8:17 pm
there are two massive movements in this country -- the fiscal conservative movement, primarily represented by the tea party, and the social conservative movement. what think we know for sure, whatever side of the spectrum you come from, if you are smack down the middle and upper but sides, it is going to take all of us from the conservative spectrum to win the election in 2012. am i right about that? [applause] this is really important. what is the difference? where does the tea party movement and intersect with the social conservative movement? obviously, the social conservative movement has been around for a lot longer. the first time i had a chance to sit down with ralph, i was intimidated. one of the greatest grassroots activists of all time. i wondered what he would tell us. one of the things he told us is that these are two great movements. the social conservative movement, the christian coalition, has been on the field
8:18 pm
for quite a while now. they have had extraordinary success. the most important thing we can do is make sure we work cooperatively so that we do not conflate the movement. this is really important advice, i'd think. one of the most important things that was said to me since i have been at fault in this movement. unlike ralph, i do not have years of wisdom, so i rely on people like him. it has developed its way organically and naturally. as i go around and speak with bolts or social conservatives, -- with folks who are social conservatives, i hear about fiscal responsibility, about a government limited by the constitution, and about a country based on free-market principles. are we in agreement on those things? [applause] it is impossible to go anywhere in the tea party movement and
8:19 pm
not hear about a country based on judeo-christian values. that is the history of the country. that is the reality of this country. [applause] when people ask me, "what is the tea party movement and what does it have in common with the social conservative movement?" we have a lot in common. the vast majority of what we pursue, our goals, are perfectly parallel. we are heading towards the same goal line. sometimes we use different methods. sometimes we focus on different issues. and sometimes, as movements, we might be a little bit frustrated with each other. sometimes we might feel if we are on the social conservative tide -- side that means that the tea party should be more involved with socially conservative issues. sometimes, i can tell you, there are people in the tea party
8:20 pm
movement the city fiscal problems with our nation are moral issues. it is a moral obligation to not sell our children with that. sometimes those on the tea party movement are not all the social conservative side of the aisle. outcome those in the churches are not talking about our fiscal situation? there are frustrations sometimes, but the vast majority of the time we stand together. we must stand together. 2012 will bring us to be present this in this country. i get travel all over the country and talk to a lot of smart people. ronald reagan once said that they told him there were no leaders in our time. they said they do not know where to look. i have looked all over the country and have met literally thousands and thousands of liters. there is not one of those leaders that does not understand the social conservatives and fiscal conservatives in the tea party must stand together if we are to return this nation to its founding principles.
8:21 pm
[applause] >> i am going to ask you a couple of questions you would not normally say. you said it well in that president reagan said identifying someone and then to wait with some one that agrees with the one under% of the time -- that is what you said about social and fiscal conservatives. it says in our allies and histories at defining moments are all in what make us. you had a defining moment in 2008. what was it? >> what brought me add to the movement and politics -- first of all, i was so politically active that i've vented most of the time. i was interested in politics, but never and ball. i was raising kids and working for a living. i started to see what happened during the bush administration.
8:22 pm
there is a moment that relate frustrated me when i heard for the that bush say, "i am abandoning free-market principles to save the free- market." that is a stunning thing to say. it runs counter to the history of this country. it appalls me. i saw president obama get elected and, frankly, i was in denial. i cannot believe our country would do that. then someone stood up in 2009 and said something that millions of us were already thinking. he said the way the government was behaving was un-american. that is how i felt and that is what inspired me to come forward. >> you're a lawyer. you had a practice and were raising a family and building a business. what do you do? >> you step up. i did not know what else to do. i was worried about my kids. i looked at my kids. they are very intellectual. they are only 15 and 12, but we talk politics they understood what was going on. they heard my fear and they were
8:23 pm
scared for their future. they understood that the country was slipping away. i had to step up and do something. i held my first tea party in february 2009. what's your read the declaration of independence and the constitution. he said somebody had to do south than and it had to start with -- you said somebody had to do something and it had to start with you. >> it is a movement of individuals. there is no leader of the tea party. we had a website for a while. we get thousands of people, on an accord that phrase. that is the hallmark of the movement. i know there has been a big cost to the people who have stepped up and step forward and daunting counted. i know that has happened to you. i know it has happened to jimmy and amy. -- jenny and amy. as he started giving your life away and making a difference, tell us about a time when things
8:24 pm
were on the tipping point and you wondered, "is this what i should be doing and is it going to work? >> all of us have those moments in their lives. we were traveling all over the country. the think i do not like what we do as i am away from my family. i work from home. i have been privileged to spend my kids entire lives home with them. i was traveling one night. i flew the red in. i was exhausted. i sat down at my desk and was answering e-mail's. i saw a reminder that i -- that i had a speaking engagement at night. i was feeling for myself. that is problem number one. i was thinking i did not want to do this, but i promised them a long time ago. to be honest, i kind of resented it. what am i really doing with my life? why am i doing this? i have not seen by kids for a
8:25 pm
week. the time came for me to go i had a new truc. i had an f-350 dually. the truck was used to meet -- was new to me. i would drawing down the hill and got a call from someone in the california legislature. if you do not know, that is the craziest place on earth. i am chewing out and -- a legislative aide and we are having a heated argument. there is mistake number two. i am speaking in anger. i'm driving down the hill i see the full light come on. i'd pull off into a gas station and am still arguing with them. it is becoming more and more heated. i get out of the truck and fill up. we are still arguing and not having kind words with each other. i get back in the chart and we are still arguing. all the sudden, the truck stops
8:26 pm
blocking and heaving. i said i had to go. i hung up on him. the truck is choking and smoking. i pull over and cannot figure out what is going on. all the sudden i realized, i pulled into a gas station and put gas in a diesel engine. not bright. [laughter] so i am pulled over on the side of the road and, completely exhausted. at my wit's end. i had worked too hard and done too much. i am thinking, "i have to call these people at the tea party and let them know i realized i did not have their phone number with me. now i realize that i have left my family at home. i've not seen them for a week. i was resentful that i was supposed to speak to the tea party. i was speaking in anger. now i am paying the price. i am sitting on the side of the roads feeling sorry for myself
8:27 pm
and thinking about the fact that i note this is not good. i am no mechanic, but i know this is not good for the shot. i called a friend of mine who was a diesel mechanic and told them what i did. the first thing he said was, "that is not right." >> of france not great? >> i tell -- are friends not great? >> peake told me i had probably blown the engine. i sat in the dark on the side of the highway i stood those people up. i was in a place where i had been speaking for free for 08 year. we had poured our savings into the movement because it matter to us. i had to call my wife and let her know we -- i had blown up the new truck. >> part of your savings affected the kids. >> we were having one of those late-night talks, as couples do
8:28 pm
, and said i had fired all my clients. what do we do? do we quit? do we go back to work? my wife is a stay at home mom. she said, "what ever you want to do." we talked about it with the kids. we ended up spending their college fund. i remember my wife saying this, "it is more important to have a country where it is worth having your kids going to college than having the money to send your kids to college." [applause] >> i will let you know -- all the hard know you appreciate that. it was a dark moment on the side of the road. in those moments, if you are a person of faith, there is only one thing to do -- turned to prayer. that is what i did.
8:29 pm
i did what a lot of us do also, i expected and answered [laughter] >> please write, lord, let the talks start up again. >> of course, i did not get the answer. we got the truck towed off the highway. my wife taught me. they were very supportive. i was beating the heck out of myself over how dumb i was for having done this. i called my friend the mechanic and told him we were heading home. the tell me where to read the truck towed. it was serious. the truck went to the mechanic. i went home. the next day, my phone started ringing. it was friends and family telling me it was going to be okay and they were praying for me. i think there is a tendency to take that for granted. i know i have that tendency. somebody says i will pray for you, i appreciate that, but i do not think i ever took it
8:30 pm
seriously. it never had the emotional impact on me that it should. all of these people started calling and saying that. i was feeling sorry for myself and having a pity party. at the end of the day i got a call and the mechanic who said, "i have been working on diesels for 25 years. do not feel bad. people do this all the time." i told them it did not fill me -- make me feel any better to be part of these two big clubs. what is the damage? >> in 25 years, i have not seen this happen. there is absolutely nothing wrong with your truck. [applause] some people would call that coincidence, some people would call it a freak event. i think i am pretty clear what of that event to happen. the thing about it, there are millions of events taking place
8:31 pm
like that across the country that are helping restore the country to its foundations. [applause] >> right. we are out of time. ralph and i felt it would be very important for you to hear, not just about fiscal conservatives and social conservatives, networking, and cooperating, but to hear the heart of what a man or a woman does, not because there is an opportunity, but because there is a divine providential call to change the course of a nation. that is what it does. [applause] we are out of time. i have one last question. every time i turn on the tv, it is crisis after crisis. i have a job, in the family, what can i do?
8:32 pm
or, i am and single parent. i cannot even pull the pieces together. i am not sure i can get up tomorrow morning and take care of the kids. what difference can i make? that is really where america is going to be one. what do you say to all the people you have met out there in the tea party movement that we can help make a difference to those seeking change the course of the nation, but feel they have nothing to get out? >> it is a movement of one. it is about doing something. i got a call from a single mother who told me she was inspired by did not know what to do. she was always exhausted. i asked her she had a bumper sticker on your car that said "tea party." she said no. i tell her with a bumper sticker on her car and show her family and friends. the thing you have to do is what every you can do no matter how minimal. do not think it is not in doubt. if you are making a difference.
8:33 pm
[applause] >> thank you very much. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the pastor of rock springs church, pastor benny tate. [applause] >> thank you so very much. i am delighted to be here. did you ever note the speakers are glad to be at -- wherever they are at? i had never heard one say, "i sure hate being here tonight." i am generally glad to be here. i look at the itinerary and said to my associate, i feel like a
8:34 pm
penny waiting for change after the lineup. 1863, it was said that abraham lincoln over heard a lady saying during the height of the civil war, "i sure hope that god is on the side of the union." i ran lincoln said, "ma'am, i am not concerned about that because god is on the side of the right. i pray that we are on don's side." -- god's side." [applause] i want to talk to you about god's side. what is god's side? first of all, ladies and gentlemen, dot's side is life. life is important. there is the intrinsic value of every life from the womb to the tomb. in every light is important. jeremiah, even in his mother's
8:35 pm
room, was ordained to be a drop that. john the baptist literally leaped in his mother's womb. ronald reagan said it is amazing that everybody that is for abortion has already been born. [laughter] [applause] my mother was an unwed mother. i met my father when i was 30 years of age, but my mother chose to have made. i became a pastor of a church in south atlantic. we started a ministry out of our church. it is a residential maternity homes for unwed mothers. scores of babies are being born rather than being aborted because god as a plan for every life. -- has a plan for every life. [applause]
8:36 pm
god is for life. he is not only for life, but he is for the sanctity of marriage. [applause] the bible is very clear that "therefore should a man leave his father and mother, cleave to his wife, and they shall beat one/." i could care less what your political affiliation is, dodd as defined marriage and marriage is to be between one man and one woman. we have a definition of what marriage ought to be. [applause] if we get on don's side, we are on the side of life. aree get on god's side, we on the side of marriage. side, wee get on god's are on the side of responsibility for work. winston churchill said the price of greatness is responsibility.
8:37 pm
the bible says in genesis, "the lord god took a man and put him in the garden of eden to address it and keep it." the bible says in second thessalonians that if any would not work, neither should eat. ladies and gentlemen, that should be put in every welfare office in america. if anyone not work, neither should he eat. [applause] there was a redhead by the name of patrick henry to step forward and said, "give me liberty or give me death," but we created a culture that simply says, "give me, give me, give me." gerald ford said it best -- any government that is big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take away everything that you have got. thomas jefferson said, "the government that governs best is
8:38 pm
the government that governs least." [applause] our government spends millions of dollars. i was doing some research and found out that our government spends millions of dollars trying to find out the answers to some things. white people cheat and lie on tennis courts -- shy people cheat and lie on tennis courts. the mating habits of quayle's. do sheepdogs really protect sheik? government is not the answer. government is the problem. [applause] government is not a producer, the government is a taxer, taker, and spender. we misunderstood the constitution. the constitution says it is the
8:39 pm
government's responsibility to promote the general welfare and provide the common defense. it is not the government's responsibility to provide the general welfare and promote the common defense. the bible is very clear -- god has given us two events. they have a comment like. with one and we see it, with the other and we think. success in life depends on what and we use. heads we win, tails we lose. [applause] sitting still and wishing makes no man great. the good lord since the fish in, but we did debate. we have to go to work. i love the story about a little boy. three bullies job on him. the job on this little boy. he looked the biggest bully
8:40 pm
right in the eye, drew a line in the sand, and said, "i dare you to step across that line." that a big boy looked him in the eye, stepped across the line, and said, "i am on the other side now. what are you going to do about it?" he said, "i was just thinking -- we are both on the same side del." [applause] side.ed to get on god's we are talking about returning to faith. we are talking about returning to family. we are talking about returning to freedom. we go back to the declaration of independence. our forefathers gave us something to shoot for. they gave us something to aspire to be. we hold these truths to be self- evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain
8:41 pm
unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." you say, "pastor, that is wonderful." it is, but it does not end it there. if you read on, it says, "whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it." [applause] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. dodd is for life. god is for the lot -- god is for the sanctity of marriage. god is for the responsibility of work. i say to you as a group of people, we have some altering and abolishing to do. i had with a quote from while reagan. i say this concern in 2012,
8:42 pm
"delegation, and we cannot make them see the light, let's make them see it -- let's make them feel the heat." god bless you. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of renewing america and a pastor in santiago california -- san diego, calif., jim garlow. [applause] >> a tragedy occurred in our community last year. there is a series of break-ins. numbers of people had their homes broken into and an awful lot was stolen. during the course of last year. if you go to a particular web
8:43 pm
site, you can find it listed the sexual predators in your community that lived in a reasonable difference -- distance from your house. but you can also find out how to discover the people breaking into our homes. you can do it in your community as well. you simply do bolt the congress. -- google the congress. [applause] somewhere between 283 other congressmen brought into our homes and literally stole from us, from our children, and from our grandchildren. why would otherwise sane and rational people who do such a thing, assuming that they are sane and rational? why would they do that? i am a pastor. i see to the lands of a pastor. my answer is more to sell very pastoral. they lack biblical truth.
8:44 pm
let me pose a question for you -- how many of the congressmaen who voted that way are in a church or in a parish or in some religion where they hear ongoing true, all but the biblical teaching of these issues? would be 10%? 20% 5%? i do not know. must take the #20%. i think that is too high, but let's suppose 20% or attending were they are actually hearing the truth. of those, how many of them would hear a sermon on the biblical underpinnings as it relates to the economic issues of civil government? then we wonder what they do the things they do? what are they hearing?
8:45 pm
my congressman goes to my church, so he does your sermons on this topic. [laughter] probably more than he might want. the new post the question broader -- how many people in our churches, the voting electorate, are hearing sermons where there is actual applications from the scripture to community life? and we wonder what is going wrong. we are freezing the question in the wrong way. it is not right versus left, it is right versus wrong. we must call it for what it is. it is now basically wrong to rip a baby apart in the womb. using the term abortion mitigates against the reality and the horrors of that act. i have got to people running for office and asked their position on abortion. sometimes they tell me in the week language. i ask them a question -- that
8:46 pm
you ever observed what you're speaking about? have you ever was an abortion? we are going to sit at the computer and you can watch what you say you are for. i want you to see it firsthand. we talk of destruction of marriage as it is something glib. like a traditional marriage and the gay marriage or moral equivalence. they are not. our president said, "the tragedy of 911 brought so many children of having a mommy or daddy." mr. president, your failure to defend marriage means that everybody under that we defined marriage will lack either a mommy or daddy and that is morally wrong. [applause] it is morally wrong for a group of congressmen to rob our children of their futures. dallas shalt not steal is crystal clear. -- thou shalt not steal is
8:47 pm
crystal clear by understand biblical truth. these issues at their core or spiritual issues. what is it going to take for us to see this nation actually turn? imagine with me for a moment. i recognize i am not in charge. but just a dream with me for a moment. and what would happen if 10% of america's pastors would stand up and boldly declare the truth on these issues? what would happen in our nation? [applause] we have 350,000 churches. many pastors or bowl. you just heard a bold one. we need thousands like him. why are they silent? what are some silent? frank wright of the national religion organization said recently in a conference that many pastors or self-censoring.
8:48 pm
they are not talking about politics. and what happens when cesar demands that which is gods? that is what is happening here. they are not just political issues. i am speaking out on biblical issues that have political ramifications. and i should when babies are being killed in the womb. why would pastor's self-centered so much? what would some hold back and not declare bully what the scriptures as about committee life? it will take that for us to win it. the 1954 law called digoxin and then it cuts into the irs code. the implications of that had never been contested constitutionally it. i am thank all for the allies defense fund, a group of christian attorneys across america. they are challenging pastors on october 2 to rise up with bold,
8:49 pm
-- with bold sermons and send them to the irs. it will be the fourth year the a challenge the irs on this issue. i have to tell you the number of times when i've spoken at a place where people ask me to talk to their pastor. i wanted to speak with the boldness u.s. just demonstrated. i say, "i am sorry. i will not. your pastor is doing that for a reason." there is an axiom among cancer patients that goes like this -- if your doctor robs you of hope, get a new doctor. i do not know a nice way to say this, but it's your pastor will not stand on biblical truth, if he will not stand for the truth that marriage is one man and one woman, and people not call out those who would rob us in our state capitals or u.s. capitals on the issue of robbing and stealing our futures and turning our grandchildren much closer to
8:50 pm
slavery? they are free people -- if you do not have people double standard way, find a new church. [applause] around you in your community and our pastors and courageous priest in your paris. stand with them in this time. i was receiving an award. i should not have been getting this award, because all passengers should speak out on these issues. a person stop me as i was getting the award. it was an event honoring the issue. he said to me, "in something exciting to tell you. but pastor allow me to set up a table in the back to make people aware of that "he was reporting to me as if it was a victory. my heart broke for him my pastor finally let me do this, he said. i said, sir, your pastor should be leading you in this. on the night at paul revere was writing that famous night, he
8:51 pm
was going in one place. he was going to the home of his pastor. jonas clark was a threat to those against truth. he was a pastor at a threat to those who stood for freedom. he knew it because i was the pastors, pastors at the end of their sermons will take up their black robes and there they would have the entire military. they would say, "join me and let's go quite desperate "unless we have that tied up after, we will not win this. david barton and i did a tour called "the next great awakening." we went to all the sites of the first great awakening. the most important place we stopped -- stock was the home of jonas clark.
8:52 pm
i debated whether i should share this with you. some of you may be uncomfortable by the level of how deeply personal this is. my wife has been battling cancel or poor -- cancer for four years. we felt that the cancer has returned. it has moved into the liver and add to the lympth nodes. she is in the cancer center in houston. we are trying to see what we can do to stop this carcinoma. a year ago we started the third round. is it received a phone call on the oncologist that shot me. he said the cancer had come back. my wife was away at the time. i ask the question that no patient or primary care givers should ever asked. i violated all the standard rules. i said, "dr., barring a miracle,
8:53 pm
how long do we have?" he answered the question. it was so jolting to me. my body actually shot. a few days later, i felt the strongest of impressions. i believed it was the holy spirit speaking to me. the analogy was like this -- you're fighting for the life of your nation you're fighting for the life of your wife. when you go into a battle to keep someone alive, there is a tremendous cost in the radiation, the chemotherapy, the trips across america, and all the alternatives that you try. my children have not know their mother being healthy sense the ninth grade. my grandson's had not known her to be healthy for most of their lives. there's a tremendous cost. but you know it is worth that. your land as cancer. it is advance.
8:54 pm
you know that. that is why you are here. that is why he went through all of the effort. in order for us to save our land, we ought to goes through some tough things. there will be enormous sacrifices. it will be as bad as chemotherapy and radiation of the human body. there'll be sacrifices. we will have to sacrifice at the level of our founding fathers to see this nation term. at the end of 2012, i want to say to the world at my wife is still alive and so is my country. thank you is very much p. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome from the minnesota faith in freedom coalition, carol [unintelligible]
8:55 pm
>> this time, no box and the cheaters. here is paper. it is really an honor to introduce a favorite son of the great state of minnesota, governor jim pawlentim pawlenty. the best predictor of future performance in life is past performance. his past performance as governor of minnesota is hope for all americans. as chief executive, he was unabashedly pro-life and pro- family while using conservative leadership to cut spending and balance the state budget. a great governor from humble beginnings, the son of a truck driver, and the first to graduate from college -- he understands the limitless possibilities for our great nation. please join me in giving tim
8:56 pm
eight warm faith and freedom welcome. minnesota governor, tim pawlenty. [applause] ♪ >> thank you very much. i appreciate that a great deal. or as president obama would say, you are welcome. [laughter] the bible teaches us that the truth will set us free and there are many truths that i know you have heard here today. as we wind down this great day i would like to share a few additional troops that are important for the future direction of our country. we lived in the greatest nation in the history of the world. [applause]
8:57 pm
there are no people anywhere at any time that have experienced more success and more prosperity than those of us fortunate enough to live in the united states of america in these modern times, but as you know, our country faces great challenges in our beloved united states of america is in big trouble. we have to make sure that we see the challenge is clearly and that we call them out clearly and that we provide the solutions clearly. unfortunately, we have a president whose policies have failed and he will not tell the people of the united states of america the truth about what it will take to fix these problems. [applause] if we are going to restore america's promise, we need a president that keeps his or her promises to america and that is not barack obama. i started out by making a number of big promises to the country.
8:58 pm
he stood in iowa and said we need to fix the broken health care system, but back then he opposed the individual mandate. he said he would do health care reform with republicans. he would focus on cost containment. you remember the statements? did he keep its word to america? barack obama ran and got elected president within the first -- ran and got elected president. within the first months of this presidency, he knew about the economic challenges we were facing. he said he would cut the deficit in half during his first term as president. did he keep this promise to america? president obama as a senator said do not raise the debt ceiling cap. that would be an example of a failed leadership. now he has become the champion of raising the debt ceiling. the last thing we need to do as a country is get barack obama more money to waste in washington, d.c. [applause] beyond what his promises of art
8:59 pm
that had been broken, we have other challenges that we have to clean up and a message we have to fix. this is a nation that this is $4 a gallon gasoline. we a crushing levels of unemployment that is hurting our fellow citizens and families all across this country. we have a federal government that is out of control and we have a president who offers us more fluffy rhetoric. his rhetoric does not fill our gas tanks with gas and it does not pay our mortgages. it does not pay for our children's needs, clothes, and things they might need. it does not pay the mortgage. i think you can join me in telling president obama we have had enough of your broken promises. if we get that and out of your rhetoric. lead the country or get out of the way. [applause] about it is drowning in debt and
9:00 pm
the weight of that is crushing. we are spending as a federal government $40,000 a second in money they do not have. in the hour or so you will be gathered here between 9:00 and at 10:00, the united states of america will go in just this on our, 40 cents out of every dollar that the federal government spends is money they don't have. we're not just in just -- i'm going to say if we don't tell the truth we're going to lose our country. i'm running for president because i love the united states of america and with my
9:01 pm
leadership and experience we can get it back to a better place but we're going to have to identify the real challenges and off real solutions. we're together going to have to have the courage to tell the american people the truth. when i started my campaign i went to the all-important state of iowa and said we're going to have to phase out the ethanol subsidies and i said that on the announcement speech inive. [applause] i then went down to florida and talked to haves and others about what it's really going to take to fix social security and the other entitlement programs in the country. then i went to walmart and told them they're some of the worst offenders. then we came to washington, d.c. and told the federal employees you can't get paid more and better than the people who are
9:02 pm
paying the bills, the taxpayers, so your frozen benefits are going to be froze than reform. if we had time tonight to go around this room and hear each of your american stories, i think we'd hear incredible stories about faith and family, i think we'd hear stories about the value of hard work. i think we'd hear inspiring stories about people starting things and having a dream and building and creating, about people providing jobs and building businesses and working with others to make the private economy going forward. i think we'd hear inspiring stories about challenges that you've had in your life maybe about finance or health or other loved ones have struggled and maybe you are then have needed a pat on the back of engourningment. i think we'd hear incredible stories about what in-- inspires you about your country and
9:03 pm
individuals and hard work and faith and family. what we would hear is people -- wouldn't hear is standing up and saying out -- how the bureaucracy and government transformed and changed your life. so we need to make sure our future is based on what we know works. the way forward may not be easy but it's not complex. we know the values and principles this country was founded on. we can harvest the values and principles and bring them forward to the opportunities and challenges of our time, and it starts with basic common sense principles and let me go through a few of them with you. the first one is this. let's always remember where this starts. we need to be a nation that turns towards god, not away from got [applause] and this isn't the rhetoric of a
9:04 pm
modern-day politics. this was the founding perspective of our founding fathers. they put it in the founding documents and as a result of that, 49 of our 50 states have language in their constitution like the federal government does. in minnesota, it says this -- we the people of minnesota, grateful to god for our civil and religious liberties. it doesn't say grateful to our city council member or local regulator or to our member of congress. these privileges and rights are endowed to us by our creator. they come from the creator and are guaranteed by the constitution. so let's remember where this begins. the second principle that's very important is if we're going to provide a quality of life to our citizens, we need to remember this point. it's really hard to have a quality of life unless you have a life.
9:05 pm
so we need to stand as a conservative movement for protection and respect for life. it's foundational to our country and everything in it. [applause] the third is traditional marriage matters. and we need to tell each other and the country that we need to keep traditional marriage elevated on a platform. all domestic relationships are not the same as traditional marriage. it needs to be protected and a mom and a dad and parents matter in a child's life, for obvious reasons and so it is a cornerstone of our nation, of our social fabric, to define marriage as between a man and a woman. i'm glad to be the co-author of the definition of marriage act in minnesota. [applause] next is this -- we can't be a successful and continue to be a
9:06 pm
great nation unless we're secure. people won't dream or take risks or deploy capital or invent or to -- do things unless they feel secure. and as a nation we need to remember that the first and most important responsibility of our federal government is to keep this nation safe and secure and our people secure. [applause] and let's remember that the individuals and the mindset that perpetuated the horrible acts of september 11, 2001 and killed 3,000 or so of our fellow citizens that mindset still exists. if they could have exilled 3 0,000 or 300,000 or 3 million they would have and as soon as they get the capability they'll try. we need to make sure they're identified, called by name and
9:07 pm
defeated before they operationize before the united states of america. radical islam, not all of islam, but radical islam believes it's ok to kill and murder in the name of their religion. it's not. we need to make sure we call this by name and stand up to it not as being afraid of it as a matter of political correctness. it is not ok and we need to say that. and one other thing, we need a president of the united states who stands shoulder to shoulder with our great friend israel and make sure there is no daylight between the united states and israel. [applause] now, the next ones -- i know it's been a long day.
9:08 pm
you've been here a long time and maybe things are wearing on for you and there are just a couple more speakers. so i'm going to say this slowly. i know we have some democrat trackers in the back so i'm going to say it slowly so even they can follow along with this. are you ready? this one is important. very complex. very difficult. we can't spend more than we take in. the federal government takes in 2.2 trillion in revenue each year and they're spending -- 3.7 trillion. you can't do that as a family, you can't do that as a business and we can't let the government do it anymore. just because we followed greece
9:09 pm
into democracy does not mean we're going to follow them into bankruptcy. two other quick things. if we're going to provide a quality of life to our fellow citizens they have to have jobs and we have to do things that will make it more likely that jobs are going to grow in this country, not less quickly. i talked to hundreds and hundreds of job providers across this country every day and they all say the same thing -- get the government off my back. [applause] so those burdens of regulation, and the government saying it's going to be slow, more expensive, more difficult, it's discouraging. with you want to encourage not discourage our job providers and
9:10 pm
when the government takes over our lives and says we're going to take over one more place that was reserved for families or interpret nurse, they not only grow their budget and footprint but they do something else. they discourage the american spirit. and the brilliance of this country is not in our government, it's in our people. and that spirit needs to rise again. and we, the american people, will take back this country. i want to close and just tell you the best sermons aren't preached, they're lived. so all the candidates are going to come out in places like this and say hey, i'm for cutting taxing, for reducing spending, i'm for pro life and traditional marriage and being tough on terrorism, zool choice and for market based health care reform. and on down the list. you're going to say boy, that
9:11 pm
sounds similar. but i hope you'll have the question who's actually done it, not just talked about it. and in the land of al franken we move the needle on all of it. there's countries that have been at this intersection before. in the late 1970's, the country was in big trouble, we were facing foreign security threats and a new president about to be sworn in walked out of the united states capitol. it was an overcast day in the early year of 1981. his name was ronald wilson rageen and as he took to the podium to take the oath of office, he remembered later in his ma'am aways that the clouds parted in a brief moment and he felt a ray of warmth hit the moment at the very moment he was being sworn in. he put his hand on his mother
9:12 pm
nell's bible and he laid his hand on the verse, second chronicles 7:14 which says this -- if my people who are called by my name will hum nl -- humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then i will here from heaven forgive their sins and heal their land. that passage doesn't say if those people over there do something. it says if my people. the responsibility first comes to us. and so this is the united states of america and the way forward will not be easy, but we all have a duty and responsibility to restore this wonderful land. this god privileged god blessed country, and we need to make sure that while it may not be easy that we're up for the fight. so if security were easy,
9:13 pm
everybody around the world would be secure and if prosperity, everybody around the world would be prosperous if it were easy. and if it was easy, everyone around the world been free. but they're not. but our forefathers laid down the principles in the road map that is our country. and they envisioned this, lincoln personified it. and now the call comes to each of us. are you? i am and i'm ready for this fight. barack obama promised great change in 2008 and he did change the country. but this time in 2012 we will change the country and it will be for the better. thanks for being here. let's go take back america. thank you very much. ♪
9:14 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the stage, one to have leastd against liberal judicial afraids, the chief counsel for the american law and justice. . >> it's great to be here. change we can believe in, right? let me tell awe little bit about the change that i have to deal with every day under in administration. let me start with the abortion issue. by the way, next time someone calls our radio broadcast and says hey, the president is just naive, he's uninformed. the policies i'm going to talk about, this is not naive. this is intentional. it's intentional when you say
9:15 pm
that under your health care plan, mandated now by the federal government, soon to be struck down by the supreme court of the united states -- to say that abortion coverage was not mandatory is ridiculous. reeled your 2,400 pages of legislation and there it is. that's not naive. that's intentional. this is also intentional -- the state of indiana passes a law and they say you know what we're not going to fund planned parenthood as part of our program. the american civil liberty union filed suit. well, what a shock. but health and human services and the obama administration says they're right. so our taxpayer dollars, on which the government says they don't have enough of as it is. they have enough money to mandate abortion coverage. this is not change that i believe. in let me focus for a moment on the situation in the middle east.
9:16 pm
we have an office at the american office of law and justice in jeers lunchtime yrk jeers lem. i'm currently involved in the hague defending israel's right of self defense. the plaintiff in the case is the palestinian authority. you remember them, the group that the president of the united states talked about when the prime minister of israel was in his office and said i know it's going to be tough but you need to sit down and negotiate with the group that is calling for not only the destruction of israel but the destruction of jews everywhere. that is in the hamas charlie chat -- charter. and the president says it's difficult and problem mat snick no, ridiculous and absurd. in the united states of america you donate money to hamas, we put you in jail. then why are we sending now $500 million a year to a palestinian
9:17 pm
authority now in partnership with hamas to drain their -- train their security forces to use against our so-called, i guess not any longer, greatest alley, not just in the region but in the world and that is israel. why are redoing that? here's why. the president really believes it. it's not naive when you say i want to see a return to the pre-1967, by the way, boundaries. that means a divided jeers lem. that means when you visit israel and -- israel and want to go to the holy sites, the western wall, you're not going to go unless hamas approves it. would we negotiate with al qaeda? no. the president, rightfully, i might say, of guilt, the leader of al qaeda. but we're expecting israelis to cut their tir torrey down to an eight or nine-mile width.
9:18 pm
do you know how long it takes for those rockets to go eight or nine miles? seconds. but we're expecting them to negotiate and now we have the palestinian authority saying that if the israelis don't negotiate -- although they are refusing israel's right to even exist as a jewish state and i want to understood score this -- as a jewish state. to say israel has the right to exist is one thing. as a jewish state is another. i expect a rebuke from the -- aimed at the united states by a bipartisan group saying no negotiations with hamas, and no divide jeers lem. [applause] you know, the president called israel three times in that speech the occupying force. you know who uses that language? the terrorists.
9:19 pm
they also call israel the zionist regime is. that what we'll hear from the white house next? did the white house forget the history of the rebirth of israel? by the way when people say god is not in the land granting business? i think he is and was very clear. there's no doubt on who owns that land but the idea that we would put pressure on our alley to circumvent their own -- ally to circumvent their own national security is not naive. it is absurd. now, we're funding abortion through the health care plan. the president denies it. we go after indiana. the president denies it. the president says indiana, you have to allow federal funding and your taxpayer funding through reimbursements to go to planned parenthood. have to.
9:20 pm
mandatory. as you know, i do a lot of work at the supreme court of the united states and i am grateful for a lot of things from president bush but two that i'm really grateful for -- roberts and alito. the next president of the united states -- i want to you think about this -- the next president of the united states probably selects one or maybe two more supreme court justices. let me tell you what that means, folks. that's the supreme court for the rest of my life. now, i like roberts and alito. i always like to get all nine and a lot of times we do. let's look at the health care for a moment. i've got it up in district court right now. it's going to go to the supreme court. i argued back in 2004. we won that one. the rest of the one they held uncostal. my provision they held up.
9:21 pm
i always like to get all nine. i was never a great math student but i can count to five and if you don't get to five, you lose. that health care case comes up, we have to have five votes. and i want the next president of the united states to be one of our guys. our gals. i want our team making that selection. because when people criticize the former president, president bush, i always remind that, alito, roberts. like a mantra almost. because when you do what i do for a living, it's good to have and that's not our only allies up there, by the way. but supreme court nominees make a difference and i don't want to live in a country that could go the other way or really redesign the america we go. why are we apologizing for the exceptionalism of a country that my grandfather fled to leaving
9:22 pm
russia as an emigrant through ellis island and his grandson gets to argue in front of the united states. only in america. we don't need to apologize -- [applause] we don't need to apologize for being americans. but we also don't need to sue the state of arizona for protecting its citizens from a border war. now, look -- i keep asking where is all this money coming from to fund hamas and the palestinian authority to, fund planned parenthood. look what planned parenthood is done. if it was any other organization in the country they'd all be indicted. they get an exception, like most of the unions are now getting from the health care. that's part of the deal. on the immigration issue, arizona is trying to defend
9:23 pm
itself citizens. i am in favor of legal immigration, my goodness, i would not be standing here today. but my grandfather came to ellis island, he stood in line, learned to speak english, which was the language learned in my grandfather's house. he understood what left -- leaving russia meant -- freedom. we have a great office in washington next to the supreme court. my wife and boys gave me a president a couple of years ago, a model of ellis island. do i love legal immigration, yes. that's why we are the country we are. but my goodness, let the state of arizona defend its citizens from a border war jf! [applause] we need change. we need change we can really believe in. that's going to start with
9:24 pm
regaining the senate and getting the right president of the united states. together we can make that difference. we can undo obama care, let our states defend your citizens, protect the unborn, be faithful to the constitution, protect our ally in the middle east and not be embarrassed to say we are americans, we're proud of our heritage and we're going to stand for freedom and liberty and we're going to defend the constitution and the rule of law, so help us god. thank you very much. [applause]
9:25 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, the former first lady of the great state of massachusetts. >> wow! thank you. oh, it's been a busy couple of days for mitt and i. as you know, we have done something -- i think we've put a warning shot across the bow of the obama administration because we're coming to get him. [applause] >> many of you know mitt and i have known each other for a very long time. we actually knew each other when we were children. started dating in high school. have been married for 42 years. we have five children, five
9:26 pm
daughters-in-law and 16 grandchildren. i was the one that encouraged mitt recently to think about getting back in this race. now, i will tell i love my children, but any of you that have grandchildren, i love my grandchildren a lot more, and i am concerned about this country. and about the direction it's going and about the future for my grandchildren. which is why mitt and i have decided to get in this race and to bring america back to where it needs to be. [applause] i have known mitt, as you might know, through thick and thin. i've had a few challenges of my own. when i was diagnosed with multiple soccer lows -- scler
9:27 pm
rose is, he stood by me me and gave me the strength to overcome that illness. he was also by my side when i was diagnosised with breast cancer and he stood by me through thin thick and thin with that. we've been through some good times and some bad times, but the one person i know that everyone calls on when there's a crisis, it's mitt romney. he knows how to fix thing and how to put things back on track and how to turn things around, and if ever there was a need in this country to have a turnaround, it's right now. so mitt, it's up to you, sweetie. [applause] >> hey, guys. wow, what a group. wow.
9:28 pm
exciting. thank you. that is a remarkable woman, ill tell you, right there. she is my hero is a champion. i'm honored to be with you. we're younted tonight in a lot of things. in the love we have for this great country, in our belief in the sanctity of human life, we're you knowed in our belief in the importance and significance of marriage between one man and one woman. [applause] we're united in our belief in america and tonight as we gather, we're also united in our concern for america, because our country is in pearl. about three years ago -- peril. about three years ago americans did the kind of things americans do from time to time. we elected someone new to be president. we didn't know much about him but he was extraordinarily
9:29 pm
gifted as a speaker and his talk of hope. now we have more than rhetoric to go by. we have his record. barack obama has failed the american people. [applause] when he took office, his number one job, in addition to getting our troops from overseas, was to turn the american economy around. he said look, i want to borrow $87 billion and if you let me borrow that from china and others, i'll get the employment rate to believe 9%. it hasn't gotten below that rate. today we have 20 million americans out of work or looking for full-time jobs. we still have three years later
9:30 pm
home foreclosures at record levels. three years later, we have declining home prices. three years later we have debt piling on dealt. we have as much dealt at the federal government level almost as the size of our total economy. this presidency has been a failure and what does he have to say about this? he says i'm just getting started. no, mr. president, you've had your turn. did you hear what he said today about the 9.1% of unemployed americans? he said that is just a bump in the road. no, mr. president, that is not a ball. that is americans. people unemployed are not just it is 6. if you have this number of people unemployed, you have college kids, for instance, that
9:31 pm
cannot even go to college. you have young married people who want to start a household cannot afford to do so. you have marriages that sometimes break under the strain of unemployment. you have people who are duty five years old, in the prime of their life, out of work, -- 55 years old, wondering if they will ever get another job. this is a moral crisis that we face in this country. with this crisis going on, the president is in the midwest today taking a victory lap about how successful he has been in dealing with the automobile industry. he is taking a victory lap at the very time we have more people announced today that are out of work. it is an extraordinary thing. i don't think it is possible to solve a crisis if you cannot see a crisis, and this president does not see a crisis, and we do. i also think it is a moral
9:32 pm
tragedy for us to pile up more and more debt that we know we cannot possibly pay off during our lifetimes, and pushing that on to the next generation. i think it is totally inexcusable. i want to make sure that we as a generation pass along a torch to the next generation rather than passing on a bill for our excesses. we are going to do that. i sometimes wonder how is that the president has been so wrong in his guidance of the economy and the nation. i am reminded of what ronald reagan said. he said it is not that liberals are ignorant, it is just that what they know is wrong. and he has proven that, hasn't he? but there is something more than that. whether it is the inspiration that came from the faculty lounges he has been in or the inspiration that comes from watching the policies of the europeans, but much of what he has done is similar to the policies we have seen come out
9:33 pm
of europe. with our economy in trouble, he did what they did. he spent more money and borrowed more money. he pushed the unions and saluted the union bosses. with health-care having difficulties, he said let's have the federal government take it over, just like the europeans did. with energy challenges, he pursued cap and trade. he thought higher prices would help us out. the european solutions do not work for europe. they surely are not going to work for america. [applause] the right answer for america is to believe in the principles that made america america. for instance, i believe in american free enterprise, american opportunity, american freedom and liberty. my dad grew up for. his dad went broke more than once. my dad to take a handful of
9:34 pm
nails, put them in his mouth, spit them out pointing forward and tell them one by one. he could not get a college degree, but when he got married to my mom, that went across the country. he filled the back of the trunk with aluminum paint and sold paint along the way to pay for gas and hotels. he believed in america. he believed in the opportunity that america represented. he was out to go up and ultimately become the chief executive officer of america's leading car companies. he also became the governor of a state where he once sold aluminum paint. this is a nation where the circumstance of your birth is no barrier to your achievement, if you dream. this is a great land. [applause] i believe in free enterprise and capitalism.
9:35 pm
by the way, in this campaign we need someone who can stand up for those principles that can help us lead the world economically. i can do that because i have lived those principles. i believe in the constitution and in the 10th amendment to the constitution which limits the power of the federal government and reserves powers of the states. if i am lucky enough to be president, i am going to go over the federal government and take dozens of programs and return them to the states and the private sector where they belong. the mother of all power grab, i will also return obamacare. we are going to get rid of that. [applause] i believe in the principle of
9:36 pm
limited government. government is to be. do you realize how much government at the federal, state, and local level now accounts for in our economy? about 40% of the total u.s. economy is accounted for by government. the federal share of that is about 25% of the total economy of the gdp. in my view, what i would do if i am president of the united states is to say we are going to limit federal spending to 20% of gdp and we are not going to raise taxes, and we are going to finally balance our budget and keep america within its means. i believe in america. i believe in freedom and opportunity. i believe in free enterprise and capitalism. i believe in the constitution. i believe the limited government, and i believe in the
9:37 pm
greatness of america. when this president went around a world at the beginning of his administration and apologized for america, i was appalled. this is the greatest nation in history of the earth. the sacrifice of our sons and daughters is unequaled in world history. this is the sacrifice made to preserve liberty for ourselves and for others. this is a great nation and there is no reason to be ashamed or to apologize for america. we are proud of america. [applause] i also believe in the greatness of the american people. unnoticed fashion will in some corners to get a little discouraged sometimes about what you see other americans do. in part -- i know is fashionable in some corners to get a little discouraged about what is the other americans do. i have had a chance to go around the country in a presidential campaign. you get to meet a lot of people
9:38 pm
and learn about them. i have been in business 25 years of my life. i joked that i spent 25 years in business. i was only a governor for four years. i never inhale. i am still a private sector guy. i get to meet people in the real world. then i went to the olympics and got to meet young people from our country and all over the world. when i became governor i applaud some of the same principles that i had applied in business. i was proud that we balance the budget every year for four years. we lowered taxes 19 times. we put in place a rainy day fund of over $2 billion. that would help, wouldn't it? what i drew most from these experiences it was the confidence i have in the american people. and the greatness of the american spirit. i remember one day i was in my
9:39 pm
office serving as governor, toward the end of my term. we got a call from the airport. they said that a soldier's body was being returned to our state, coming in on a u.s. air flight, but that the family had not been able to be notified in time to get there to receive the body and they had asked if i would come to the airport to receive that body. of course i said yes. we drove fervor to the airport and the police car took me out on the tarmac -- we drove over to the airport. the luggage came down the conveyor, and finally the casket came down a conveyor. the state troopers also looted and i put my hand on my heart. i happened to glance up at the terminal. there is a big wall of glass at the terminal where the plane had come in and the people coming off the plane had seen all the cop cars. they lined up to see what was going on. people walking down the hall so the people against the glass so they pulled in behind them. a huge crowd as i looked up
9:40 pm
there. every single person i saw had their hand on their heart. i could not see the tears through the glass, but i could see the faces. the sincerity and appreciation and love for the sacrifice of that soldier. we are patriotic people. the american people rise to the occasion. they asked for one thing, a leader that will tell them the truth, who will live with integrity, and actually lead them in the direction we need to go to preserve this great union. we have lost a couple of years but we have not lost our way. the principles that made america the hope of the earth or the principles that will keep us the great, shining city on the hill. it is time for us to come together and carry our message across the country that we are taking back america. we believe in america. we are wrong to keep america strong, were the of the great
9:41 pm
sacrifice of those men and women who sacrificed for us even today. thank you so much. it is good to be with you today. [applause] thank you. ♪
9:42 pm
♪ ♪
9:43 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the colorado state and freedom coalition, john ramstead. >> good evening. it still feels like a concert in here. i would like to introduce to you tonight a great warrior and the conservative cause, ron paul. four years ago he burst onto the scene in the republican presidential primary. his fidelity to the constitution and his vision of our founding fathers just has no peer in our movement. he has been fighting for
9:44 pm
conservative principles, individual liberty, personal responsibility, in his 30 years he has served the country. he remains one of the foremost advocates in congress for limiting the size and scope of government and a defender of personal liberty. please give a warm welcome to ron paul. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you. it is a delight to be here tonight. i cannot imagine people staying up this late to listen to politicians. it is great to be here. is a great team tonight, talking about freedom and faith. i cannot imagine any more important issues than that. i frequently will say throughout my campaigning and the rallies we have had that the goal of political activity is liberty,
9:45 pm
and what is the purpose of having this liberty? the purpose of liberty as far as i am concerned is to allow creative energy to be released, for us to then seek virtue and excellence, because governments cannot provide virtue and excellence. you have to have a free society so we can assume that responsibility as individuals. [applause] life is precious. i have delivered four thousand babies, and there are some of my friends to take a different position on a live issue. -- on the life issue. they claim that the mother's life is precious, you cannot interfere with her and her body. as an o.b. doctor, let me tell you, life does begin at conception.
9:46 pm
also, it is very little. if i as a physician do something wrong and ensure the fetus, i can rightfully be sued because of the rights of the fetus. if a fetus is injured in an accident, it can be a homicide. for most of us, we respect liberty and freedom. that is what we are engaged in, protecting freedom. if we do not have high respect for life, how can we be dealing with our personal freedom, our rights to home school and our kids, the right to pick our religion and make personal choices on what we do? it would be impossible if you do not have high regard and respect for life and then respect for liberty, because without liberty, we do not have what has made this country so great.
9:47 pm
[applause] we live in difficult times today, because i think there has been a total rejection of some of these basic principles that have made america great. i was in the military during the 1960's. i was an air force for five years. the 1960's were rough times. we are engaged in an undeclared war, and it was tragic in the sense of life lost, but cultural changes were occurring. that is when abortion became commonplace. the people changed before the laws change. morality has a lot to do with legislation. we don't have an abortion today because the law permits it. that has made it worse. but a lot, dated the social changes that occurred. it was the breakdown of our social system at that time. the war had something to do with
9:48 pm
it. the drug culture had something to do with it. then this move toward making life so careless and accepting the notion of abortion. during this time, there was a rejection of the family as well. it started off and the statistics came out and started to show that minorities were having more babies out of wedlock, but now it is cultural. it is getting to be an epidemic that family values and families have broken down. this is where our real problems come from. we would like to think all we have to do is select the right politicians and everything is going to be ok, but believe me, the government is a reflection of the people. that is why the burden is on people like you to make sure that we have those values. [applause] the family is something that is very important. it is ingrained in our christian
9:49 pm
heritage. in the constitution, one of the provisions i sought the most frequently is article 1, section eight. that tells you everything we are allowed to do. the rest of the things we are not allowed to do confirm that. there is a biblical passage in the old testament, first samuel chapter 8. that is the provision i am sure you have heard of before. this is when after the people in jig after the israelites came out of egypt, they had accepted god as their king. that is what they live by. they did not have a king. what they had for judges. it was a patriarchal society, but there were always going to be conflicts.
9:50 pm
the time came -- there was always a temptation to drift away from the belief in god. there was an effort made under samuel. the people came and said we want somebody to take care of us. we want a king. samuel strongly objected to it. he explained to them, you do not want a king that would substitute for got. you need to read that chapter, because he predicts what happens if you have a king. he said the teen will take your young people, you are a young men to fight wars, your young women to be used in the government. they would attack you and overburden you and you will have to work for about% of the time for the king. i got to thinking -- you have to
9:51 pm
work 45% of the time for the king. isn't that essentially what we have done today? we don't need a king and we don't need washington to act as if they are the king in this country. but today, there is so much dependency on the government, cradle to the safety net and the government there, if we don't have medical care taken care of, if you don't have government schools, everything would fall apart. we have lost our confidence in understanding what true liberty is all about and where it comes from. it does not come from our king or our government. our liberties come from our creator. that is where our life and liberty comes from. it was advised by the founders at the time that the
9:52 pm
constitution would not work if we did not remain a moral society. we are at the crossroads right now, because we have lived beyond our means. we have become totally dependent. we do all the things we should not do and do not do the things we should do. take for instance our foreign policy. when is the last time we declared war? when is the last time we won an award out right? it has been a long time ago. we do need a strong national defense. we are allowed to defend ourselves. but the obligation is to be of congress through the people. when we have an enemy we have to go after, we should declare war and win the war, and not have perpetual wars and allow our president to go into places like libya without even telling us about it. [applause]
9:53 pm
but faith and freedom is a crucial item. we must have the faith to generate an understanding of what true liberty is about. we also have to have confidence and an understanding about proper foreign-policy, a constitutional foreign-policy, but an understanding of free- market economics. what about a biblical understanding of what honest money is about? what about on as weights and measures and no paper currency and no federal reserve that destroys our currency? there is nothing immoral about our financial system and our monetary system. this recent breakdown of our system is proof positive of it. it was predictable that there was a bubble out there. many predicted that it would come and that it would burst, and it did. but guess what?
9:54 pm
washington panicked and they said the end of the world is coming, so what we must do is tax the people and spend more money and are more money and print more money. that is going to get us out of trouble. but they did not ask, how did we get into this trouble? we spend too much, bar to much, and printed too much, and they thought that was going to help. it does not work that way. honest money means that you cannot counterfeit money. there is a principle that you as an individual, or the government cannot do anything that you as an individual cannot do. but you are not allowed to counterfeit. why do we allow the government to counterfeit? we don't need to raise the national debt so they are just encouraged to spend more money. they should not be allowed to
9:55 pm
just print the money, because it is immoral. it is the encouragement for big government. there has not been a war fought in many centuries without debasing the currency. since the crash of 2008, our dog -- our dollar has been devalued 50% against gold. so therefore, look out for trouble. the odds of us cutting back over on the hill to live since edley are not very good. we are going to be challenged because we will not be able to depend on our king. the kings time has run out, and guess who you are going to have to depend on? you are going to have to depend on yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your church to be prepared. it will be challenging. there is no doubt about it. but the reason why we should be
9:56 pm
optimistic about this is we have great traditions. we know something about sound money, private property, contract rights, and it is not quite like the problems that the soviet system has met, but we are overextended internationally. we cannot be the peacemaker of the world. we cannot be nation-building because we do not have the money. at times when i think about what we need to do, everybody says you have to sacrifice. i don't tell people that it is up to you to have to sacrifice. what would it be like if you had less regulations and no income tax? you could take care of yourself of lot easier. the people that ought to be sacrificing our the people who ripped us off in the building up of the bubble, and then we went
9:57 pm
and bail them out. they are making big bucks again and the people who are suffering in the middle class lost their jobs, lost their mortgages, lost their houses. moral society would not have that happen. we need to believe once again in the principles of liberty and understand why the family is the bedrock. the educational system should be through the family and the church. we should not be depending on the public school system. but the good news is, have been speaking out a lot in the last couple of years around the country and with a lot of young people. the burden is falling on the young people, but it is not the next generation. is this generation that is right here today so we have to deal with our problems. there is a lot of enthusiasm with the renewal of the concept of personal liberty and the constitution of our costs -- the
9:58 pm
concept of our constitution. i thank you very much. [applause] ♪ >> please welcome back to the stage ralph reed. >> be seated. don't go anywhere. stop these people from leaving. close the doors to the ballroom. has this not been an incredible night? wow. i have been doing this for longer than i care to acknowledge. i think we have just had one of the most incredible evenings of exciting, conservative leadership i have ever seen.
9:59 pm
i don't know who you are going to decide your nominee is going to be, but it is going to be a hard decision. we are getting ready to bring dick morris back up for it dick morris unplugged. he was a little unclog earlier. i am concerned about what is going to happen -- he was a lull little unplugged earlier. i am going to raise something i want you to be praying about. i think many of you know that glenn beck was scheduled to be with us this evening. we learned a few hours ago that his father-in-law was rushed to hospital, and he obviously needed to be with his wife and his father-in-law. what i would like us to do right now, if you don't mind, i would like for us to about our heads
10:00 pm
and prayed >> father, we intervene in this situation involving glen beck and his father in law. we know you are the great physician, and can heal all things. we ask you to touch this man in this hospital room and heal him and make him complete. we pray for glen, for his wife. we thank you for althey have done and all they have sacrificed, and i practice that you would give them and the rest of the family great comfort in this situation and that you would be glorified by the outcome. we thank you for it in jesus' name. amen. so be praying for glen and his family. i will see you guys bright and early in the morning, but you don't want to miss dick morris unplugged. he would be coming up in just a second. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage the vice
10:01 pm
president of the iowa coalition. >> it is an honor for me to start the late-night special of the f.f.c. conference. let me share with you how to increase the number of republicans. when a baby is born, it cries. that is the first sign to the parents that the baby could be a democrat. [laughter] if the baby's parents give everything whenever the baby cries, the baby will grow up and stay as a democrat. if the baby's parents feed the baby only when it is needed,
10:02 pm
soon the baby realizes that it is better to save energy and quit crying. the baby grows up as a republican. dick morris is one of america's greatested mo earn political minds and commentators, a regular contributor to the fox news network. dick morris has numerous best-selling books. his most recent book, how to defeat obama and repeal his socialist programs. please welcome arthur, public commentator and the leading obama critic, dick morris. [applause] >> ok, so after winston churchill one world war ii,
10:03 pm
obvious defeated by the labor party, the socialist party. and aptly the first thing he did after he took power was socialize everything in britain. a year layer churchill was in the men's room at the house of commons. aptly walked in, and churchill scooted down three urinals and put his had here. he said shy, chump hill? he said no, not that at all. it is when ever you see anything that is big and impressive, you nationalize it. [laughter] true story.
10:04 pm
we have seen a parade of very capable people who are running for president. there were some excellent ones, and i think a great many of them would defeat barack obama. but i would have us all pay tribute to a great man, a great american, who is not run fog president. he is my personal favorite, my personal hero, mike huckabee. [applause] i don't talk in public about my own spiritual journey. my political journey is complicated enough. but i went from being his political consultant to his being my spiritual advisor. [applause] the day i got back from chicago after my scandal, waiting there
10:05 pm
for me federal express was a bible with my name on it sent to me by mike huckabee. [applause] after a few months i got to it on my reading list. [laughter] so what i wanted to do tonight is just take questions about anything. china, libya, what is going on in the middle east, israel, our economy, gas prices, obama's political vulnerability, sizing up the various candidates for president, the future of the abortion pro life-pro choice debate. ask me anything you want to. that is what they mean by unplugged. sometimes they call me unhinged, but tonight it is only unplugged. >> on cation when -- occasion when i have an opportunity to
10:06 pm
discuss politics or programs with the political rivals, our platform or some of the proposals are to cut corporate taxes because we are what, second in the world in our corporate taxes. >> right. >> the rebuttal we get from these people is how can you cut the taxes of exxon and ge when they are making billions and billions of dollars in profit. why should they get a cut in corporate taxes? how do we rebutt that in a proper manner? >> well, it depends on what you are talking about. the drug companies make a pretty sizable profit, about 17%. but half of that goes into research for new medicines. the u.s. government funds basic research through the national science foundation. but the national science foundation and the institute of health grants are for basic
10:07 pm
scientific research, like the genome code, not something like stops cancer or retards heart disease. so the more you tax, the less they can have to spend. the oil companies right now obviously are making out like bandits. they are doing incredibly well. but let's remember, the more money they have, the more they can spend on research and development, and exploration and development. it costs a lot of money to prospect for oil, to try to find out where it is to drill it up. we also have to understand that we have this exciting, wonderful, magnificent new technology called tracking -- fracking. we have more oil than saudi arabia does, but it is stuck in shale rock.
10:08 pm
so scientists have developed a technique of pushing down water 160 feet and shooting it at the rocks releasing the oil and gas. that is an expensive project. one of the reasons that the arabs are self-defeating for letting the price of oil go up, the higher it goes, the more we can do stuff like that to increase oil production. it is too simplistic to say tax the corporations because so much of that profit is invested in an important way. on the other hand, i do believe this budget deal they are negotiating shoo-in collude a reduction in the corporate tax rate and a revenue neutral rate of certain exemptions. i think we would be better off if we reduce the amount of
10:09 pm
money the drug companies and oil companies can make. my wife says i can be asked one question and talk all night. but when we talk about the need not to increase taxes right now, we are not just speaking about a bunch of people that don't want to spend more money, and we are not talking about an economy that would be hurt by taking more tax revenue out of it. the stakes are much higher than that. when obama became president, he knew that he couldn't increase taxes, but he wanted to increase the size of government. so what he did was he borrowed a huge amount of money, and he knew that the more he borrowed, the more pressure there would be for a tax increase. i believe ronald reagan ran deficits in the early 1980's to make it impossible for liberals to vote more spending.
10:10 pm
i believe barack obama ran deficits in the last two years to try to force conservatives to vote for higher taxes so they could lock in the higher level of government spending. government romney alluded to some of the data, but when obama took office, the state and government was 35%. now it is not 35% anymore. it is 44%. we are above greece, above portugal. we are above social countries when it comes to the share of our economy going to government. when you have the elephant in the room soaking up 44%, there
10:11 pm
is no room for private enterprize to function. i didn't mean elephant, i meant jackass. [applause] >> you said we can ask anything, right? >> sure can. i might hide under the podium. >> just before you go to bed at night, on some nights, do you ever regret getting bill clinton elected? [laughter] >> the answer to your question is damn right. [applause] >> unfortunately, it is not my only regret about those years. yes. >> do you think that this nation is ready to elect a female president? >> let me get to that in one second. i want to get to yours.
10:12 pm
why? clinton did a good job in balancing the budget, cut the capital gains tax and reformed welfare. i wish we had those policies now as opposed to obama. he believed in the free marketing system. but he had no coherent philosophy. he wanted to cut employment to here, increase increase to here, reduce racism, lower welfareol. therwere stastaloe bu n sstti gls n underlying philosophy. i think that was a real lack, and i think the republican party could have done much better as i look back in retrospect. that is the easy question. the hard question some people ask me is who would have been a better president, obama or hillary. when i am asked that question, here's the reply i give. [laughter]
10:13 pm
>> and that segues into your question about a woman president. the gauntlet that a woman has to run to get elected to public office in this country is mind-boggling, and it is absolutely incredible. stuff is asked of a woman that would never be asked of a man. could you imagine joe biden being asked what newspapers do you read? do you imagine charlie gibson asking joe biden what do you think of the bush doctrine? in an effort to trap him on it. it just wouldn't happen. cue imagine a man being asked if his grandchild is his own or in fact his grand chilled? it would never, never happen. so the back tism of fire that actually both hillary clinton
10:14 pm
and sarah palin have been through is absolutely daunting. the mere fact that hillary deserved worse and sarah less doesn't mitigate the amount of anger that was generated. i think we have very different standards for men and for women. frankly, those standards are more maintained by women than by men. i have always tried to understand why, and i'm not sure i have really succeeded. but the best i can do is that men do not look to other men to be role models. when kennedy was present we were all doing this and inventing massachusetts accents. but we don't look at a romney or a reagan say i want to be like him. we look at him and say i support him. but women are conditioned to read magazine, adopt fashion and moderate emthemselves after other women. it is kind of part of their upbringing. i think that, therefore, they
10:15 pm
personalize their view of the woman candidate. we personalize the view of the woman candidate in a way that we don't of the male candidate. i was really shocked two or three days ago. we had a house guest over for dinner, sue kelly, who is a congresswoman from westchester who lost her seat, a republican congresswoman. i said proudly to her that i have been talking a lot to michelle bachmann, who i thought would be a terrific candidate. she turned on me with a venom and said don't you help michelle bachmann. i said why? nothing, she is great. but you can't elect a woman, and you will re-elect that son of a whatever. clearly, the difficulty of electing a woman is far greater
10:16 pm
than that of electing a man. you're next. >> mr. morris, i'm sure that taxes are going to be talked add infinitim. i want to talk about the tax. >> what will happen is they will pass the fair tax, which is a v.a.t. tax basically. each time a transaction goes on, there is a consumption tax. but they are not going to repeal the income tax amendment. they are not going to repeal that. then what will happen is a few years later they will vote an income tax. that is how in europe they got to have a 20% v.a.t. tax in
10:17 pm
addition to income rates higher than hours. obama says i hear the demand of the people and conservatives for a fair tax, and i am going to do that, but he is not going to change the income tax. while we are on the subject, let me talk about the flat tax. i would love to see the congress pass a law -- and i hope the new administration does -- to create a voluntary tax alternative to the current system. if you want to go ahead and fill out that long form and a form this wide, and pay your accountant thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars a year, you go right ahead. we are not going to change the current law. but if you want to file a form this thick, this long and one paper wide and pay 20% of your income in taxes, that is good. no exemptions, no deductions. and when the i.r.s. comes to
10:18 pm
you and says how did you spend your own money, you say myob. i paid my flat 20%. it is none of your business how i spent my money. i believe what would happen if we did that, is increasingly more and more taxpayers would migrate to the flat tax form and then eventually everybody would. they would learn even if they save 2% or 3%, it isn't worth it with the accountants, audits and all of that is it. it is easier just to pay it. you will never get a bill passed to lower the rates because the special interests will go crazy. but if you make it voluntary, individual people will migrate to that system, and i think it really will help and really will pass. while we are on the subject of taxes, the most pernicious thing going on now -- this is the real danger we face -- is what geithner, obama and biden
10:19 pm
want to do in the debt limit talks is say ok, we will cut spending in order to raise the debt limit. we will grant you a $2 trillion cut in spending and a $2 trillion debt limit. we will go long with that. we got religion. and we will set up targets. in the first year there could be a $500 billion, $1 trillion, $1.5 trillion, and $2 trillion. and well see if you don't meet those targets, there will be an across the board increase in spending, and increased taxes. what they are intending to do is set up an automatic tax trigger with no human hand touching it. no congressman votes for it. they say i voted for deficit reduction targets, and they didn't meet it.
10:20 pm
taxes went up, and i was against it, but it was automatic. that is what he was trying to do. that was put forward by kent conrad two years ago. that is how the left is going to try to play this deficit. we have to be very conscious to apose that. >> we will bring you more of the faith and freedom conference continuing tomorrow with former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, and the virginia attorney general. we will bring you those on the c-span networks. in about two hours, you can watch some of the earlier remarks of the faith and free dom conference c-span. you can find them online any time at the c-span video library. tomorrow on "washington journal" correspondent kevin hall talks about the latest
10:21 pm
unemployment numbers, the types of jobs that showed increases, and what this means for the white house and congress. justin hyde discusses the white house announcement that taxpayers could lose about $14 billion of the money spent on auto industry bailouts. and justin dreeger, president and c.e.o. of student and financial aid administrators has a look at the student aid process. that 0 "washington journal." too >> he was known in the day as czar reed. it was not altogether a compliment, but he regarded it a compliment. >> thomas reed changed the power structure of the house. >> i was impugned as a tyrant because he overturned a long-standing custom of the
10:22 pm
house, that the minority would be on equal footing with the majority. >> sunday, james grant on his new biography of thomas reed, mr. speaker. you can download this and other podcasts online. >> president obama says the three big automakers are now turning a profit and that an agreement has been made to sell the remaining stake of chrysler . he made remarks to workers as a chrysler plant in toledo, ohio. this is about 30 minutes.
10:23 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, to introduce the president of the united states, please welcome jill. [applause] >> good afternoon. my name is jill. i have been a chrysler employee for 17 years. i am a second generation jeep worker. my mom retired from here after 30 years of service. jeep has provided for me and my family growing up in toledo. like many of you, i am a parent. my husband, chris, who also works here, and i i have two beautiful children, jenna who is 8 and carter who is 3. in may of 2009 when chrysler announced the bankruptcy and closed the doors, things did not look good. my family's future became uncertain. we rely on this company for our livelihood. many thoughts were running through my head. would we be able to keep our home and stay in toledo. would we have health care? would we be able to send our
10:24 pm
children to college and give them a better future? would we even get the opportunity to retire? the despair was overwhelming at times while we waited for some words of hope. after several months of uncertainty, the news came of government loans and a partnership with fought -- fiat that would give chrysler the opportunity to reorganize. since adopting fiat's world-class principles, the outlook is much better. now, exactly two years later, i am proud to be part of this company that achieved so much and shown the president that he chance he took on chrysler was a good one. if not for the -- president obama's decision, america's auto industry would have been at risk, and good-paying jobs would have been lost. we would not be here today without his commitment to protecting those things.
10:25 pm
on behalf of the hard-working men and women here at toledo jeep, it is my honor and privilege to welcome the one man who put his faith and belief in the auto workers to save chrysler. our president, barack obama. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you, guys. >> thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you, everybody. everybody, please have a seat. please have a seat. it is good to be back in
10:26 pm
toledo. [cheers and applause] >> it is good to be with all of you. those of you who i have met up close, i just want you to know that i stopped by rudy's had two chilly dogs with onions . i have been looking for a minute back stage. [laughter] >> it tasted pretty good going down though. it is wonderful to see you. we have got some outstanding public servants who are here who have been working hard on behalf of working americans their entire careers. one of the finest senators i know of, senator sharron brown, is in the house. [applause] >> congresswoman martha is in the house. your mayor is in the house.
10:27 pm
give him a big round of [applause] [applause] >> i just took a short tour of the plant and watched some of you putting the finishing touches on the wrangler. as somebody reminded me, i needed to call it the iconic wrangler. [laughter] >> and that's appropriate. because when you think about what wrangler has always symbolized, it has symbolized freedom, adventure, hitting the open road, never looking back. which is why malea and sascha will never buy one until maybe they are 35. i don't want any adventure for them. [laughter] i want to thank jill for the kind introduction.
10:28 pm
somebody on my staff asked jill to describe herself in three words or less, and she said hard-working. and her entire family agreed. so she is with the right team here at this plant, because i know there are a lot of hard-working people here. [applause] i'm proud of all of you. jill was born and raised right here in toledo. her mother retired from this plant. her step-father retired from this plant. her uncle still works at this plant. she met her husband at this plant. now they have two children of their own, and her 3-year-old wants to work at this plant. i don't think her story is unique. i'm sure there are a lot of you who have similar stories of previous generations working
10:29 pm
for chrysler. this plant, or the earlier plant that i guess is still right down the road, this is the economic rock of the community. you depend on it, and so do . the wrangler you build here directly supports 3,000 other jobs with parts manufactured all across america. doors from michigan, axles from kentucky, tires from tennessee. and this plant indirectly supports hundreds of other jobs right here in toledo. after all, who would eat at chet's, or rudy's, or who would buy all those cold ones at zinger's? [laughter]
10:30 pm
that is the zinger crew right there. [laughter] all right. what would life be like here in toledo if you didn't make these cars? two years ago we came pretty close to finding out. we were still near the bottom of a vicious recession, the worst that we have seen in our lifetimes, and ultimately that recession cost eight million jobs, and it hit this industry particularly hard. so in the year before i took office, this industry lost more than 400,000 jobs. in the span of a few months, one in five american auto workers got a pink slip. two great american companies, chrysler and g.m., stood on the brink of liquidation. now we had a few options.
10:31 pm
we could have followed the status quo and kept the automakers on life support by just giving them tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money but never really dealing with the structural issues at these plants. but that would have just kicked the problem down the road. or we could have done what a lot of folks in washington thought we should do, and that is nothing. we could have just let u.s. automakers go into an uncontrolled free-fall. and that would have triggered a cat cade of damage all -- cascade of damage across the country. plants like this would have shut down. then dealers and suppliers across the country would have slifrled up. thenford and -- then ford and others could have fallen. after that, jobs, and countless
10:32 pm
communities, and a proud industry that helped build america's middle-class for generations wouldn't have been around anymore. so in the middle of a deep recession that would have been a brutal and irreversible shock to the economy and to the americans. so we refused to let that happen. i did not run for president to get into the auto business. i have got more than enough to do. i ran for president because too many americans felt their dreams slipping away from them. that core idea of america that if you work hard, if you do right, if you are responsible, then you can lead a better life and most importantly pass on a better life to your kids, that american dream felt like it was getting further out of reach. folks were working hard foreless, wages were flats, the
10:33 pm
cost for everything kept going up. as if things weren't hard enough, the bottom fell out of the economy in the closing weeks of the campaign in 2008. so life got that much harder. so i want everybody to understand our task hasn't just been to recover from the recession. our task has been to rebuild the future on a stronger foundation than we had before to make sure that you can see your incomes and your savings rise again, and you can retire with security and respect again , and you can open doors of opportunity for your kids again, and we can live out the american dream again. that is what we are fighting for. [cheers and applause] that's what we are fighting for. that's what drives me every day as i step into the oval office.
10:34 pm
that's why we stood by the american auto industry. it was about you. your families, your jobs, your lives, your dreams. making sure that we were doing everything possible to keep them within reach. so we decided to do more than just rescue the industry from crisis. we decided to retool it for a new age. we said that if everyone involved was willing to take the tough steps and make the painful sacrifices that were needed to become competitive, then we would invest in your future and the future of communities like toledo, that we would have your back. so i placed my bet on you. i put my faith in the american worker. and i will tell you what, i'm going to do that every day of the week because what you've done vindicates my faith. today all three automakers are turning a profit. that hasn't happened since 2004.
10:35 pm
today all three american automakers are gaining market share. that hasn't happened since 1995. and today i'm proud to announce the government has been completely repaid for the investments we made under my watch by chrysler because of the outstanding work you guys do, because of you. chrysler has repaid every dime and more of what it owes the american taxpayer from the investment we made during my watch. and by the way, you guys repaid it six years ahead of schedule. [applause]
10:36 pm
and last night we reached an agreement to sell the government's remaining interest in the company. so soon chrysler will be 100% in private hands, early, faster than anybody believed. [applause] i couldn't be prouder of what you have done. what is most important, all three american automakers are now adding shifts and creating jobs at the strongest rate since the 1990's. so far the auto industry has added 113,000 jobs over the past two years. in detroit chrysler added a second shift at its jefferson north plant. g.m. is adding a third shift at its amtramic plant for the
10:37 pm
first time ever. in indiana, they are investing $1.3 in its facilities. across the country, g.m. plans to hire back every single one of its laid-off workers, every one. that makes a difference for everyone who depends on this industry. a tooling manufacturer in pennsylvania have brought back many of the employees they had laid off two years ago. manufacturers from michigan to massachusetts are looking for new engineers to build advanced batteries for american-made electric cars. obviously, chet's, zingers and others will have your business for some time to come, especially those guys over there. [laughter] so this industry is back on its feet, repaying its debts and gaining ground. because of you we can once again say that the best cars in the world are built right here in the u.s.a.,
10:38 pm
right here in ohio, right here in the midwest. [applause] and each day when you clock in, you're doing more than earning your pay by turning out cars. you're standing up for this company. your sticking up for this way of life. you're scoring one for the home team and showing the world that american manufacturing and american industry is back. now, i don't want to pretend like everything is solved. we have still got a long way to go. not just in this industry, but in our economy, for all of our friends, all of our neighbors who are still feeling the sting of recession. there's nobody here who doesn't know someone who is looking for work and hasn't found something yet. even though the economy is growing, even though it has d more than two million
10:39 pm
jobs over the past 15 months, we still face some tough times. we still face some challenges. this economy took a big hit. it is just like if you had a bad illness, if you got hit by a truck. it's going to take a while for you to mend. and that's what has happened to our economy. it is taking a while to mend. there are still some headwinds coming at us. lately it has been high gas prices that have caused a lot of hardship for a lot of working families. and then you have the economic disruptions following the tragedy in japan. you have the instability in the meast, which makes folks uncertain. there are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. we are going to pass through some rough terrain that even a wrangler would have a hard time with.
10:40 pm
we know that. audience: no! >> a wrangler can go over anything, huh? [laughter] >> we know what is possible and what works. just as we succeeded in retooling this industry for a new age, we have to rebuild this whole economy for a new age. so that the middle-class doesn't just survive, but it also thrives. these are tight fiscal times. you guys of all heard about the deficit and the debt. that demand that we spend wisely, cut everywhere that we can. we have to live in our means. everybody has to do their part. middle-class workers like you, though, shouldn't be bearing all the burden. you work too hard for someone to ask you to pay more so that somebody who is mega millions or billions of dollars can pay
10:41 pm
less. that is not right. and even though we are in tough times, there are still some things we have to keep on doing if we are going to win the future. we can't just sit back and stop . we've got business we have got to do. we've got to make sure that our schools are educating our kids so that they can succeed. i was looking at all the gizmos and gadgets you have in this plant here. it is a lot more complicated working in a plant than it used to be. kids have to know math and science. we have to have a transportation and communications network that allows our businesses to compete. we used to have the best roads, the best bridges, the best airports. in a lot of places we don't havana anymore. you go china, beijing has a
10:42 pm
great airport. you go to europe, they have fansier trains, better roads. we can't just let our infrastructure fall apart. we are america. we have got to make that adjustment. [applause] we've got to invest in innovation that will pave the way for future prosperity. we invented stuff that the world now uses and that the world now makes. we have to keep on inventing stuff and make sure it is made right here in america, and that requires investment. [applause] that requires investment in basic research and basic science. so these are all things that will help america out-innovate, out-educate, out hustle everybody else in the world. i wannamaker to win the future, and i want our future to be
10:43 pm
big, optimist im, not small and fearful. so we have a lot of hard work left to do, ohio. we have a lot of work to do. but we are going to get there. and if anybody tells you otherwise, i want you to mention the improbable turnaround that has taken place here at chrysler. i want you to remember all those voices who were saying no, saying no, we can't. toledo, you have shown that this was a good investment, betting on america's workers. what we see here is a proud reminder that in difficult times americans dig deep, they recapture the toughness that makes us who we are, builders and doers who never stop imagining a better future. what i see here is a reminder of the character that makes us great. we are people who will forge a
10:44 pm
better future because that's what we do. what i see is an america that is resilient and an america that understands that when we come together, nobody can stop us. i tell you what, i'm going to keep on betting on you. and long as i continue the primpling of being the president of the united states, i am going to keep on fighting alongside you for a future that is brighter for this community, for toledo, for ohio, for america. thank you, and god bless you. god bless the united states of america. thank you. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] ♪
10:45 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] ♪ ♪
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> house republican leaders said that the may job reports demonstrates that the obama administration's economic policies are not working. the new report showed that while the economy added 54,000 jobs in may, the unemployment rate increased from 9.0% to 9.1%. john boehner and others spoke to reporters after the figures were released. this is about 10 minutes.
10:50 pm
>> it is clear from this morning's jobs report that the economy still isn't creating enough jobs. you talk to job creators around the country like we have, and they will tell you that the over taxing, over regulating and over spending going on here in washington is creating uncertainty and holding them back. this week house republicans met with the president and urged him to change course and to work with us on our plan for new jobs and economic growth in our country. we hope he will take us up on our invitation. we are serious about creating jobs in america, but we can't raise taxes on the very people who create jobs and keep spending money that we don't have. yesterday moody's reinforced our point that an increase in the debt limit without major spending cuts will hurt our economy and destroy jobs. that is why we said the
10:51 pm
spending cuts must accompany any increase in the debt limit. one look at the jobs report should be enough to show the white house it's time to get serious about cutting spending and dealing with our ailing economy. >> good morning. if there were ever a time that we needed to start focusing on jobs, this is it. if there were ever an indicator that we actually need to start having a plan to grow jobs, this is it. and the house republicans unveiled our plan for america's job creators last week. we are serious about growing this economy. we are serious about reinstilling some optimism on the part of small businesses and the myle class in this country. this president continues to give speeches as if he is there for the middle-class and small businesses, but somehow the rhetoric falls short because the actions have seemed to hinder job growth and
10:52 pm
entrepreneurial activity. we want to continue to push forward in this area and welcome the president finally to join us so that we can get america back to work. >> you heard from the speaker and the leered -- leader on the facts out there. one of the things when you look at the jobs report, you sit back and wonder why. you saw a canesian view on spending. not only did the voters disagree with it. now the numbers have disagreed with it. today it takes the average unemployed 39.7 weeks to find a job. you have been 28 straight months with unemployment above 8%. it has been more than 750 days, and the democrats have not passed a budget. why would you wait, without a
10:53 pm
long-term plan? this is a time for hairy reed and the president to put the part shanship aside and put the country first. there are a number of bills that house republicans have passed to roll back regulations, to focus on small business. 70% of all new jobs start through small businesses. let's put people before politics, and let's put this country back to work. >> well, another month and another data point on the failure of obama-nomics. the administration still doesn't seem to understand that you cannot spend, borrow, tax and wait your way to economic prosperity. if you look at the history of recessions in the post war era, you have never seen a longer recession attached to a more tepid recovery than that which is occurring under president barack obama.
10:54 pm
by any historic standard, this nation ought to be back to work. there ought to be more money in the pockets of american families to send their kids to college, to start a small business. but there isn't. again, it is another data point on their failure. it is one of the reasons why just last week, as our leader said, republicans announced their plan for america's job creators. what the administration doesn't understand is that one of the biggest impediments to job creation today is the lack of confidence in the future that comes from an administration where regulators have gone wild, from an administration threatening the largest single tax increase in america's history, and an administration that doesn't take seriously the debt that is threatening our job creators, threatening our national security and threatening future generations.
10:55 pm
our job creators are keeping capital on the sidelines because they know that historic levels of debt lead to historic levels of taxation, which lead to historic levels of unemployment. that is why the republicans are moving. if we put forth a budget that would solve our budget crisis, a simpler tax code, and to take care of the regulatory burden so that job creators know and they have the confidence to go out and risk capital and put america back to work. >> unemployment shouldn't be rising in america. for me there are two main takeaways from these numbers that we heard this morning. one is that the borrow-spend bailout policies aren't working and that the stimulus never worked. in fact, since president obama took office, we've lost 2.5 million jobs in america. secondly, we need a pro-growth
10:56 pm
agenda. we need to look at america's competitiveness and get americans back to work. it means helping our entrepreneurs, unleashing the innovators. let's be honest about the debt burden and the impact that it is on our economy. let's recognize that rising gasoline prices are hurting our economy, and start unleashing american energy. it is one of the quickest ways to get america back to work. everywhere i go, people continue to highlight the regulations that are making it difficult for them to move forward on anything. one person said kathy, there is an elephant in the middle of the road. it is the federal government, and it is getting harder and harder to get around that elephant. i spent 13 years working in a family business, and i understand the rewards as well as the heart aches. during this time, this is when we need to be helping our small businesses and gives them that certainty so that they will be willing to take a risk. as was mentioned earlier, 70%
10:57 pm
of new jobs are driven by our small businesses. we need to move forward on the policies that will give our small businesses the certainty to create those jobs. >> we have had 27 jobs reports since the stimulus, and every one of those job reports has been underwhelming. think about that. it is not five reports. it is not 10, it's is not 15 or 20. it is 27 jobs reports, and every one says that the program is underwhelming. at one point you have to ask and answer this question. when will the white house realize that their underperformance, lack of planning and failure is a real obstacle to job creation? house republicans have articulated a wide-ranging set of alternatives that are thoughtful and robust and dynamic, and that can fundamentally change the trajectory of this economy just
10:58 pm
without question. i think the white house has to realize at this point -- it is my hope that they realize at this point that simply hope for a change is not an economic policy. >> i have the privilege of serving in the 19th congressional district of new york. about three weeks ago we had a meeting in my home county of westchester county, an association cons 'tis are local business men and women, entrepreneurs and students. we had a wide range of our citizens represented there, and i asked them a simple question. did the audience -- did any members of the audience feel that new york state's own high-tax, high-regulation model had led to increased opportunity and development of the economy and of growth in new york. i it tell you that not one hand was raised.
10:59 pm
they sent a clear message to congress who were present at that breakfast. they are sending a clear message that we share in the house conference that we are sending to president obama and the senate. that message is we must tackle the challenges that we face without raising the burdens on the american people of taxes and regulation. and we do have a plan. we have presented a plan for job growth. i hope the president and the senate will work together with us to ensure that americans have the confidence and the working capital that they need to know that they will not be burdened, they won't be punished for success, and that they will have growth, johnson -- jobs and opportunity. >> this weekend on back tv on use, live coverage from the use, live coverage from the "chicago tribune" une'


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