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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2011 9:24am-9:54am EDT

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all the other demands. host: the senate vote is expected around noon today. live coverage will be on c- span2. lia, an independent in new hampshire. caller: first of all, one of the greatest disappointments i have had with president obama is having this legislation come up with past the last minute. once again, you cannot see what is in it, as you described. it is unbelievable what is in here. this super congress is, from what i saw, harry reid and image mcconnell, there was no part of the government that it cannot regulate and we will not be able to stop it because we thought this was an emergency. wait until those triggers are there. whatever these people put on paper will have to be passed. people are afraid. how can you pass this?
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if the government cannot take care of its checkbook, it cannot legislate financially and, and to create a super-congress that could grow, mutate, and become a terrible threat to who knows what, civil liberties chipped away at every day. i have an answer to one of the questions from an earlier caller. they asked where was the tea party won all this was going on. i can tell you where this person was. america better wake up. this is not a republicans and democrats. we are in trouble. we need politicians that do not want to get reelected. just like these freshmen, we need more of them and we need a president like that. we need ron paul. host: there was one article in the paper today that said anything that has to do with money will be under the purview of this committee. guest: i have on the had the
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legislation for 24 hours and there is a lot of legalese, a lot of budgetary lange go that is used which makes it more difficult to fully understand. another reason why we should, from process standpoint, given it the two or three days normally do so people could better understand, and give us the inside on what should be done. host: democratic caller from melbourne, florida. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. mr. brooks, and i agree with everything that you say and i am a democrat. how does this bill help of veterans affairs and disabled veterans, the guys to come back with ptsd? guest: veterans affairs is one of the categories at risk under this bill. this bill. it may be cut. again, it depends on the super committee of 12 individuals. to a large degree, not 100%, but in this legislation, 535
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congressmen and senators have punted this issue to told super congressmen and senators, six senators, six house members, six republicans, six democrats. you'll seeckup 6-6, draconian cuts in services. one example, which is frightening to me, something in the neighborhood of $60 billion per year in cuts beginning in fiscal year 2013 in the national defence, the number one priority of the government. that could be cut by $60 billion, more or less, in just 14 months. host: independent scholar from jacksonville, alabama. caller: i will be extremely disappointed if he does not enact the 14th amendment. our problems started with nafta. i was working when nafta came
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about and i lost my job because of nafta. a lot of people in alabama and other places lost their jobs as a result of nafta. when will someone spend some money to turn after a round and maybe an bring our jobs back? make whatever decisions the government needs to make. guest: a good point to bring up. america needs not only free trade but trade. we have handed our jobs over. this is all interrelated. but we're talking about international trade, jobs in america. that is also subject to the debt of the united states of america. 47 percent signed up $14.50 trillion, our creditors are foreigners. but 47%, 30% of that is china. how will we work out their trade agreement with china and when they are our principal creditor? it is all interrelated.
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we have to deal with the debt issue. we have to quit subjugating a foreign-policy goals to what our creditors may demand in order for them to continue to give us the money that we need just to cover our living expenses. host: diana, a republican from texas. caller: thank you for your principled position on this bill. i am still about to split sales after seeing gerry connolly saying that republicans were lying about gutting of medicare. that is a boldface july. they did indeed medicare $500 billion. schering recipients into believing that they would not receive their payments if this thing was not passed. that was not even a possibility. it was never going to happen. there were always going to receive their payments. next, i think this tirade
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against the tea party is absolutely over the top. calling tea party activists "terrorists" is unbelievable to me. i will get out in the streets and march with them next time. i am so angry about this bill. the entire talk was about things that roy to be posted on the internet for three days to allow everyone time to read this and see what is in this. this is more of the nancy pelosi "pass it to see what's in it." host: next caller from alabama. caller: mr. brooks is my representative and he did not get my vote. sheffield is my district. guest: it won't be. caller: we're getting
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redistricted? good. i hope i get a democrat. but you said it was up to president obama, but what was he supposed to do for the general seniors? you were trying to force him into making that decision by delaying the vote this long. you were using -- host: finish up and we will get a response. caller: he was saying that they would just the late payments. ok. that might not mean much to him, but to a person who depends on that payment on the third, it means light, food, medication. guest: i think she did not hear what i said earlier. i said there was no reason my social security payments would not be made timely when we have $2.20 trillion in revenue.
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all of social security a $700 billion, there was plenty of money to pay it in a timely fashion. he would have to determine which of the other obligations of the government would be paid on a slower basis. in any of that, everything would be paid in full even if we cannot pass a debt ceiling increase today. i not know what else to address from what she said. and quite frankly, i am pleased as punch that we a 51% of the vote in her county even though it will not be in my district anymore. host: congressman mo brooks, thank you. we will look up the phone lines and continue to get your thoughts on last night's vote in the house. the debt deal moves to the senate around noon eastern time. 60 votes necessary. we will be right back.
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kagan. you can watch multimedia clips from all the justices. "the supreme court" available now. host: we are back on tuesday morning, august 2nd, getting your thoughts on last night's vote in the house to approve this debt deal. action moves over to the senate today. around 12 easter on c-span2. we want to see how this may play out. conservatives are warning and lasting political consequences as the republican presidential field offers conflicting positions on the debt ceiling compromise.
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republican from georgia. what are your thoughts on this debate, last night's vote, and the action today? caller: i am worried about cuts in education. i am a 22-year-old college student and i received telegrams. there was an extensive application i had to go through to avoid the loopholes. i do not understand why you cannot cut back on medicaid. i see people that just have to
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write down their income on a piece of paper and that is it. they can still get medicaid. there needs to be an application like the financial aid application that we can weave through all these false applicants. host: democratic oliver north carolina. what do you think? caller: what do i think? concerning the debt ceiling, we did not get in this problem in one day. i do understand that washington needs a change in spending, but we did not get here and in one day and with a fragile economy, we just cannot cut our way out of this fragile economy because people are still losing jobs every day. host: turn your television down
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so we can hear your comments without feedback. more on 2012 with the deal already fodder for the campaign. gop candidates already responding. president obama recorded a video to his supporters about this debt dealing here is a little bit of that. >> a default on our debt would have been a devastating blow to our economy at a time when we can least afford. it would have meant higher borrowing costs, higher prices, and put millions more jobs in jeopardy. that is why so many of you wrote, called comet email, and -- called, emailed, and tweeted representatives. the pressure you put on washington is one of the reasons we finally reached a reasons we finally reached a resolution in the only we could, an agreement between both parties. it is an agreement that diverts an unthinkable the fall as well as the prospect of another standoff just months from now. it would have kept because of
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uncertainty hanging over our economy. host: front page of "the washington times" today had this headline -- "politically, i think he did very well and will likely be reelected because it." independent scholar. your next. are you there? caller: i'm not to talk about this windfall tax on social security for state employees. i retired out of the military in 1991. i have only had one good job between the time a retired and 1999. most of the jobs i had were minimum wage.
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i went to work for the state of ohio in 1999 and i had to retire this past april because my health was getting bad and i could not perform my duties. when i retired, i am eligible to collect social security next year. i found out that they can take up to 66% of my social security because i worked for the state. i paid into social security for 34 years and that is wrong for the government to single out one group of people and tax them like that. host: republican from harvest, alabama. caller: mo, thank you for your vote. i was wondering if you could comment the bit about the
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illegal immigration issue in the doj pursuing our state? host: the congressman has left. he was here until monocoque 30 a.m. eastern time. why is that so important to you? caller: this may not be popular opinion here, but illegal immigrants are not always trouble. they are here to just better themselves and their families. i'm not certain that it would not be a bad idea to make them citizens if they were, in fact, free of any particular wrongdoings or unlawful activities. host: "the new york times" have the back story on how the deal came together with negotiations.
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later on and talks about the negotiations finally coming through on sunday.
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and it says -- democratic caller from indiana, go ahead. caller: i'm like to know what makes the republicans think that the highest 2% of the rich people are entitled -- entitled -- to not taxes. -- to not pay taxes.
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we all pay taxes. i think republicans should try to treat the democrats in little better. they treat them like the poor relations. they say they're trying to get jobs. i think we are all going to have to go overseas to get our jobs. to go overseas to get our jobs. i purchased seven items at the target store and everyone of them was made in china. i looked at them when i got home that is the way it is. if people would just look at the tags. host: republican from nashville, tennessee. what do you make of the debt ceiling deal? caller: at least they decided to do something besides just posturing. we definitely needed something done.
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give my representatives my opinion. one opinion that i really want the big 12 to consider would be taxing the rich. the people on unemployment have to pay taxes on unemployment. making $16 million per year with no taxes makes no sense to me. if people cannot make sense of that, they need to get out. another is in is, they vote their own rates anytime they want? can you come in the last time they voted themselves a raise in the congress? host: i cannot. next caller, a boston -- augusta, georiga. andler: i'm from augusta, i'm calling in the cuts on medicaid, medicare, and social
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security. the plan, as i understand it, is to cut the fees to the doctors. host: if this so-called special super joint committee cannot agree, cannot come up with some recommended cuts, it would automatically trigger cuts in domestic spending and defense spending, about $600 billion from both of those coffers, and then the payments to medicare providers could be on the table. caller: that is what i caller: that is what i understood that to be. however, 74% of the senior citizens that get social security are getting reduced benefits, not full benefits, but reduced. we have paid into this. if they are going to start paying the doctors less, that means the doctors that work for the public, like hospitals, will be leaving.
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they will be going into private practice. they will not accept medicare patients. so where does that leave us to go? host: in other news, the front page of "the new york times," this picture of a malnourished child in somalia. one of the islamist resurgent groups is blocking people from fleeing the country and is setting up a containment campbell or they are presuming -- camp and imprisoning people trying to escape. the situation is growing more bleak by the david tens of thousands somali dead and tens of thousands of children on the brink of starvation. also on the faa situation, and here is "usa today."
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they will soon start processing tax refunds who bought tickets on a reform the 22nd when the tickets were suspended. the faa ticket tax expired july 23rd and congress did not reauthorize the faa which collects the revenue. that is from "usa today." here is a story from "the washington times." that is a topic will -- we will be talking about tomorrow. also, the fbi reveals that threats against edward kennedy continued long after the assassination of his brothers. at one. , at the future owner of the new york yankees had to hire security guards for the massachusetts democrats. brandon, south bend, indiana, your thoughts on the debt deal? caller: good morning, greta.
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what i would like to comment on it is what the democrats talked about what went to raise taxes on higher-income groups. i am not opposed to that, but first, i think we need to go through the tax code and revise it. there are several loopholes and it is broken, in my opinion. we need to fix that. then we can go forward and tried to see what we can do about revenue increases. the problem we really have, i think, is the spending in this country. the republicans have pointed out that we raised taxes and would not even cover the interest over the next 10 years. we have to do something about the spending. i can guarantee that if congress raised revenue, if the democrats were in control, they would spend every penny of it and we would be in the same situation we are in right now. host: another headline from "the
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baltimore sun," u.s. to require birth control with no copay. the plan to require providing birth control services to women with no cost starting one year from now. madison, wisconsin. good morning. caller: the morning. i hear the republicans talking about money, money, money. they say we are kicking this debt down to our children and grandchildren. i never hear anyone talk about natural resources. when they want to cut the epa and things like that, where are going to get the money from if we do not have clean water or clean air? that is all i have to say. host: patricia, democratic caller, welcome to the conversation. caller: thank you. do i just wanted to say that the debate that we just had, the problem that we've had just
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bears out the fact that we live in a very complex and diverse society. there are so many people with so many different interests today. all of which are human which makes them all subject to mistakes and preferred interests and that kind of thing. i do not think it was such a bad thing. also, the debate offered an opportunity for the american people to become more educated about what the government does, what our government does, and how it works. we need to be more vigilant and careful about the people that we send to washington to do our business and remember that they
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are people and they represent different points of view, different ideas come and that sort of thing. we are going to have things decided in ways that please everybody. everybody. host: if you missed the vote last night, there was one moment where gabrielle giffords surprised most of her colleagues and came to the floor to vote in her return to congress. i want to show you what nancy pelosi said. >> her presence here in the chamber, as well as for service to route her time in congress, brings honor to this chamber. we are all privileged to call heard a colleague and some of us very privileged to call her a friend. throughout america, there is not a name that spurs more love, more admiration, more respect,
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more wishing for our daughters to be like herds and the name of a congresswoman gabby giffords. tahhank you. [applause] host: "the washington post" reports she is in her third term in congress. the last time she voted was january 7th on a routine bill that attracted little notice. inside the paper, their report that the previous evening, rep debby wasserman schulz, a close friend, got a call from her husband, mark kelly, saying that she had been following the debate closely and said even when it became clear her vote would not be pivotal, giffords this significant issue. in on william, a republican in kentucky. go ahead. caller: i am a disabled veteran. i notice they will cut $4.30 billion from the veterans in
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health-care and they will reduce veteran disability. to me, a veteran who gets $1,000 from the va per month and $500 from social security per month, the total for the month will be $1,500 and they will drop the va down to $500 and therefore there will get $500 from the va and 500 from social security will take a one-third of my and come. i just wanted to make that comment until the veterans they need to be on the ball because we will be suffering. we served this country and so everyone can make their money and have free enterprise. but i tell you what. i heard about it. i heard about it. host: "cnn money" reports they are expecting another day of are expecting another day of losses


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