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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  August 22, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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get it. part a is in-patient hospital services. there is no premium. it is financed by the workers. i am paying my payroll tax today. when i retire, i will benefit from that. i do not pay a premium when i hit 65 or become disabled before that. but the deductible is significant. it is $1,100. before you can get any benefits from the system, you are paying $1,100 into the system. that is why many people on medicare purchase supplemental coverage. retiree health care coverage may help with the cost. a lot of people see it as too much and would rather buy a supplemental policy to cover some of those costs. for medicare part b, the physician services, you are
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paying a premium. that is about $110 a month. if you are a higher income beneficiary, you are probably paying upwards of $150 a month. if you are much higher income, you could be paying $350 a month. that said, the deductible is much lower. i think it is about about zero hundred $50 or something like that. -- i think it is about $150 or something like that. part c is medicare advantage. it is the private health care plans. you are paying a premium. it is typically much less. the average premium is about $44 a month. that is less than half of what you would be paying in part b.
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we have wealthier seniors pay more. we could potentially see the premiums rise as the government pays less money into the plans. then we have the fourth part of medicare. that is part d, the prescription drug plan. the premiums for that have been relatively low. they average about $37 a month. remember these plans are all private plans. it depends on which plan you choose. you get in there every year. a lot of seniors do not give in every year. they stick with the same plan. if you were to get in every year during open enrollment and compare your plan, you would find some have zero premiums and
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some have much higher premiums. if you take a zero printing zero- -- if you have a premium plan, you will probably have higher deductibles. it is hard to see what it costs. the senior or disabled person is choosing the plan is right for them. host: marilyn werber serafini is kicking off our week-long series on medicare. thank you for being with us today. she is a special correspondent for kaiser health news. thank you for joining us on "washington journal." we will be back tomorrow at 7:00 eastern time. have a good day. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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. >> we have more from our "washington journal" series on medicare. tomorrow, the focus is on medicare advantage. and then the medicare prescription drug program. "washington journal"is live every day starting at 7:00 eastern. join us later on tonight on "the communicators." they will discuss cyber threats against the u.s. that will be at 8:00 eastern. after that, it is "book tv
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prime-time." not all gets underway tonight at 8:30 eastern. also on c-span2. for politics and public affairs and nonfiction books, it is the c-span that works. search, watch, and share our videos any time on the c-span media video library. it is washington, your way. the c-span that works. created by cable, provided as a public service. >> the effort to take down the government in libya. the conversation with muammar gaddafi continues this morning. the top diplomat in london said the rebels will turn over every
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stone to find muammar gaddafi. the rebels hold most of the capital of tripoli. nato says that they will continue to patrol the area until all of the gaddafi forces surrender. world leaders are calling on muammar gaddafi to surrender after hundreds of rebel fighters swept into tripoli. rebels say that the whereabouts of muammar gaddafi are unknown. president obama is not ready to declare the end of the gaddafi regime but called the attack on sunday a tipping point in the wave of democratic protests sweeping the middle east. the president is on vacation in massachusetts but we are expecting a briefing later on this morning. we will certainly keep you up- to-date on this changing situation. more now from this morning's "washington journal." let's take a look at "the financial times" headline.
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the rebels on sunday night said they would grant safe passage to gaddafi and his family if they agreed to leave the country. acclaim he had called for talks with the leader of the national transitional council. her news. as we mention, from the b, it says throughout the night jubilant people remained in the square. the rebels met little resistance as they swept in from east, the south, and the west. a rebel spokesman said pro gaddafi forces still control 15% of tripoli. tanks emerged from his compound early on monday morning and
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began firing, according to a rebel spokesman. gunfire has been heard in the area. let's now go to missy ryan from reuters. te us about where you are and what you're seeing. >> i am among about two dozen foreign journalists at the hotel where we have essentially been confined since the beginning of the conflict. we have been under the watchful eye of government minders for months now, but most of those people seem to have melted away in the last 24 hours when it became clear that rebels were entering the city. the mood has changed dramatically in the last two .ays th the confidence of the gaddafi government has folded when it
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became clear the rebels were more orgized and people expected and they were met with little resistance. host: we are hearing reports of explosions around the gaddafi compound. it sounds like the rebels have reached that area. what are you watching to see happen? >> we also have reports there are tanks around gaddafi's headquarters. if there is going to be a last stand, this is where it will happen. what remains to be clear is how much precision there is amongst the military and how willing they are to stand beside gaddaf if the city is turned against him. there has been some sporadic fighting. it's a mistake to assume the conflict is over, but the momentum seems to be homicide of the rebels. host: what are you hearing about colonel gaddafi whereabouts --
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about seif al-islam whereabouts? >> nobody knows. we do not even know if he is in tripoli. he appeared on an audio recording on state television last night. he was very defiant. he is clearly in a position of weakness now. host: missy ryan, how unexpected or expected was this development? so much of them american media has been focused on domestic politics. this has not really been led up to in the reporting. how surprising was this for you? guest: we have been watching the rebel events for weeks. it was not a surprise. this has been accomplished from the beginning. the rebels' military capacity hanot been very impressive. they have only been able to advance with nato.
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when the seized areas along the coast and advanced to the capital, it was a huge job for everyone. >> i'm looking at your latest story from reuters. it looks like this. it is the mood like there? what are you hearing from locals? guest: a lot of june balance ong the most of the tripoli presideresidents. there's a lot of disbelief. there' also a lot of uncertainty. there are a number of people in a city whose fortunes, futures, jobs, are very heavily invested
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in colonel gaddafi. they do not know what will happen to them. there's also a fear of retribion on the part of the rebels. i think those fears are very justified. in this.o's role you wrote this in your story. what is nato's investment right now? guest: in some ways, nato's credibility has been on the rise. bringing a rege change in a way that was very clear on the political level. the stated mission was protection of civilians. from a historical perspective,
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there will be a big debate on whether nato did the right thing. for the people of tripoli and across libya who are looking forward to a future posmuammar gaddafi, think there will be in agreement that nato did the right thing for them. >> you have reported that two of gaddafi's sons have been seized. >> we do not have much detail. there has been so much misinformation from both sides from the beginning. we need to be cautious about trying to assert how much we know. the rebel leadership is now in negotiations to hand over seif and his, gaddafi's son heir apparent, and his other son, in custody. host: missy ryan, thank you.
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guest: thank you thank you. host: what do you think about this latest news out of libya? caller: good morning, c-span. this is a wise way to take down a tyrant. unlike the bring-them-on-bush crowd -- he will not get any credit, just like he brought down osama bin laden. we have three wonderfully minded people. we're in good hands. this country needs barack obama. i am proud of this man. thank you. host: bryan, independent caller
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in illinois. caller: good morning. i think this will be a mixed bag. nobody knows what will happen. gaddafi was a vicious tyrant. let's hope he is not replaced with another one. libya has a lot going for it. it has some of the best crude oil in the a world. it should beble to find itself sufficiently. i also want to make a comment. this arab spring, all these uprisings, -- american media never discusses t demographics of the arab world. the arab world is a mess. it has high unemployment, a young populations, and a high birthrate. all this instability is because nearly 1/3 of the young adults cannot find a job.
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the projections are that the population of the arab wor is going to double again in the next 30 years. this uprising, this instability across the arab world is only going to get worse. i think we need to get ready for that. i wish american media, and i think c-span is one of the better elements of american media, would discuss the demographics, population growth, when we discuss what's going on in the world. have a good morning. host: johnny, are you calling from? call: winston-salem, north carolina. i'm just happy it turned out the way it turned out. i'm happy we did not have to do like we did iraq and afghanistan and put our young men in harm's way. there's no reason for that. there's no reason to be in
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afghanistan right now. there's no reason for us to be in iraq. this is their revolution. they need to fight their own revolutions. i think the oil companies are rising up againn iraq, trying to get us to stay over there. the longer we stay there, the more money we spend, the wor we are. we need to come out of there and let people fight their own wars. host: she says she appreciates the fact the u.s. was not more involved. let's look at an opinion piece in "the wall street journal" this morning. it is called "the fall of tripoli."
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repneeet's go to independenon the line for indep. good morning. caller: this is a horrible new occupation by nato and the united states. more dead american soldiers, billions of wasted dollars to fund an occupation that will have us more established nonsensically. now obama is calling for the syrian president assad to step down. this is all for more money, more bases, and israel
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the media is always lying. they have not told the truth of how the rebels got into tripoli. nato and the united states have troops on the ground. i'm telling you they have troops on the ground. in the coming days, you will see exactly what they have done. thank you very much. host: let's look at a statement from the president. this was issued yesterday. president obama also says in the statement, "muammar gaddafi and his regime me to recognize their role has come to an end." president obama goes on to say
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that "the future of libya is now dictatorship, the will of the
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few. not the weaponwhims of a host: let's take a look at how the prime minister of the uk is responding. prime minister david cameron said -- host: john on the line for decrats. turn down your tv. go right ahead. caller: i would like to make some comments. what do you think about howard stern's -- host: we are talking about the libyan rebels reaching tripoli and what your reaction is. caller: thank you for taking my call. hopefull in 10 years we will
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see this -- how the arab youth have made a change in the world for freedom. i just think it is exciting times. host: it sounds like you're getting emotional about it. caller: it is exciting. maybe tomorrow gaddafi will be gone. host: how meaningful is this for you? caller: very. unfortunately, most americans do not care because they are unemployed. very, very. like i said, five or 10 years in the future, i think it will mean something, if they can keep a democratic -- what am i trying to say? have democratic institutions in the arab world.
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yeah, very exciting times. emotional. host: what is it about the youth in this movement? you started your comment by saying that. why is that significant to you? caller: all of these people are under 30. they are the ones, i think, doing it. the engine for a change in the arab world. syria is next. host: james, independent line in washington, d.c. caller: i think the change that is taking place in tripoli is largely foreign manuftured, if you consider the fact that the rebels would not have had any chance of victory if they had
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not received air cover from nato. for nato and the un to hold to the line that the nato intervention was just to protect the civilian population is completely disingenuous. they were, you know, destroying gaddafi's military the entire time and providing cover for the rebel advances. western advisers have been on the ground trying to get them organized. there have been weapons shipments, etc. the rebels would not have been even conceivable without the massive amounts of u.s. and european military and vice and material support. host: let's look at a story there replace to -- story that relates to what james is talking about in "the new york times."
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it says -- host: charlotte, north carolina on the line for independents. cindy, good morning. turn down your tv for us. you are on the air. please go ahead. go ahead. caller: yeah, i did. i would just like to say thai think this whole thing is an outrage.
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the oil companies -- gaddafi demanded they pay more for some of that oil. they refused. he threatened to nationalizes oiield. that's when the u.s. and the europeans stage of this coup to steal their oil. all of this crap about caring about the protection of the human rights over there is just that. we are being run by unorganized, criminal organization in this country. it is shameful of this country. we just use other countries people to turn them against their governments when they have a natural resources that we want to steal. host: her are the lines to call if you would like to be involved in the conversation. rebels have reached tripoli. we are hearing from reuters and the bbc that the compound of colonel gaddafi is under attack.
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images of two of gaddafi's they're said to bea captured in tripoli. those are the latest reports. a question on twitter. will look at some of the news in syria as the morning goes on. in e-mail -- william is a democratic caller in new orleans. good morning. caller: good morning, america. this started with the election of barack obama.
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we did see america changing where the black guys could be the president of the united states. that was a culture shock to everybody. that gave them the momentum. he went to the east and gave his speeches. this is a result of all of that. america right now seems to be trying to take back what it has done. they have done a great thing. now, here we are. america looks so bad. thank you. host: let's go to a comment coming to us over e-mail. brett in washington state warns, "it has only just begun." and another from seattle.
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let's go to maine, barkley, republican. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. this is a significant development. i think this shows that nato does have some authority and some power to do good things. i also think there's a tremdous opportunity, if nato and the united states and perhaps some european nations can come together and give libya of the role to play a major influence in africa and in the arab world.
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for example, wouldn't it be great if libya were given sufficient arms and authority to take over the problem of the somali pirates? it is interesting that this goes back to history when we have the pirates we were fighting. i think it would be great if some of the african countries, if libya could take the lead in providing a safer coast line in the mediterranean. host: this from the ap. "i think it is clearhe rebels are winning." nicolas in denver, colorado. welcome. caller: the first thing i want
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to say is something that i think kind of of logical weirdness. onlyhey say they're attempting to prevent u.s. citizen casualty's? if the rebels are made up of citizens, how are they not protecting them? i have not heard anybody really mention this type of thing. i know that it is common. i do not kno i thought it was really obvious. the second thing i wanted to say is- i guess the first thing was much more thought out. host: let's go to comment on
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facebook. let's go to minneolis. caller: thank you for taking my call. nato and the europeans are protecting anybody in that area. this committee -- crimes against humanity -- everybody who looks like a black eye and africa. millions of people. [inaudible] remember this genocide they promoted. i do not like gaddafi, but i do not like these people.
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killed thousands and thousands of african immigrants. i am from that neighborhood. everyone is happy. all they care is to get rid of gaddafi. put another person there. they do not care about who dies. i hope somebody will take them to some kind of court or whatever. i do not hear anything from all these organizations that claim to be for human rights. host: let's take a look at this. this is senator john mccain, republican of arizona, on cbs. >> it is a matter of hours, if not days.
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i think it's was something that was going to happen. i believe it is nearing the end and it will be a big challenge forming a new government, uniting a country that's never known democracy. we will be rid of a guy who has the blood of americans on his hands. we will be d of a guy who has practiced the worst types of brutalities. i would like to say that i agree -- this conflict did not have to last this long. the united states air power could have shortened this conflict dramatically. unfortunately, we chose not to. the lead from behind. host: senator john mccain on cbs. let's look at a comment on facebook.
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district heights, maryland, john on the line for democrats. ander: i'm so sick of lies hypocrisy. host: what is your concern? caller: george bush destroyed iraq can we are supposed to be worried about the libyan people? i have never heard so many misinformed and ignorant american people in my life. the oil companies are behind this mess. our government, with europe -- gaddafi has oil. iraq had oil. nigeria, there is oil.
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if they cannot buy it or -- they create a coup, kill the leader, and take the oil. when that thing for started, i was amazed at how many people had good paying jobs in libya. hundreds of thousands of people. women had education. you have free medical care. the man was a tyrant, true, but the libyan people did not start this. outside forces did. same thing with the iraqi people. now they're goi to talk about gaddafi when bush did what he did. this is pathetic. thank you. host: let's take a look at the headlines in the papers and how they're covering it today. "the wall street journal" -- " rebels sweep into tripoli."
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"usa today." and taking a look at "the new york times" -- this story, "libya rebels pour into the capital." that is seif al-islam gaddafi. let's go to our next ller. entuck.lle, k caller: thank you foraking my call. i think this is a disaster. the last time a democrat supported an unknown was when
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jimmy carter was convinced that the ayatollah's was a good guy and iran went from a friendly country to an adversary and now we have this. we do not know who these guys are. that is my opinion. host: let's go to a common coming to us on twitter. getting to the issue that a couple of folks have brought up about oil. jim says, yes, it's about oil, but the u.s. could g it with or without gaddafi. next on the phone lines is richie on the line for independents. caller: i'm calling about these uprisings. the cia is nothing but a
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military.within a narrow carr the man from maryland was right. this is all about oil. the united states of america has really turned around from being nice people to a bunch of people wanting to take over what ever they want. they go on with the military and they take it. it's a shame. when we call these people dictators, our government is a dictator. host: let me ask you this. what do you think about the rebel effort? we are looking at images. here's a picture of them celebrating because they moved into tripoli. the uc them as being controlled by outside forces -- do you see them as being conolled by outside forces? caer: absolutely. iran and 1983. the bay of pigs.
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we turn around and stab them in the back. host: let's take a look at how "the new york times" i reporting on this. "there were small, ecstatic gatherings, but there were also long, silent streets in a city of frayed nerves, and rumors of roving government soldiers and snipers everywhere." the next is bob, republican in virginia. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have been stationed in tripoli in 196 gaddafi killed and jailed most of his people who never spoke
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against him. for the libyan people, this is the greatest day they've ever had in their lives. people who called in complaining have no idea. thank you. host: all right our next caller is in tabernacle. kirk on the line for democrats. caller: how are you doing? host: good. thank you. caller: i look at this mess and i do not think we understand at all. i would like to think a conspiracy 30 understands -- conspiracy theory understands it all. we are going to have a similar problem. so many people are uneducated in this country. pretty soon they are going to have an uprising of their own and we will have to figure it out. we will have a lot of trouble. their money is runng out, too. you have to hope that something
10:42 am
good comes out of this. that's about it. host: what would you see as a good outcome? caller: the whole world is agitated for some reason. i would like to see everyone working together, loving one another, and too many industries are not hurting through all of this. we have america. we believe we are number one. the truth is, we might be kidding ourselves. up in is putting flags parts of the world. china. we are opening the doors for other couries to take what we thought we were in charge of. i hope we can all be nice about it, work together, and try to make something sustainable on this planet. host: let's go to some other news stories that are happening
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right now. this is from "the wall street journal." it says -- the story right next to it looking at politics, looking at some people whose names are still being floated. sarah palin has a new campaign- type video out. according to this article, people are still looking for candidates. and looking at jon huntsman, republican candidate.
10:44 am
host: looking at some comments by a leadi republican in congress. house majority leader k cantor has this editorial piece in "the washington post." he writes about how to spark the economy. taking a better sense of where you are act when we talk about the latest news coming from
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libya, let's go back to the phones. new jersey. ruth on the line for independents. what do you think about the latest news out of lya? caller: i disagree. i imagine a lot of the things that went over - that went on over there were paid agitators. i do not believe america is a democracy. who are we to do this? they only want the oil. i do not take -- i do not believe they give one iota about those people and their education. people cannot be reasonable. one thing is for sure. what goes around comes around. host: we have heard some folks mentioned ria this morning. let's take get the -- let's take a look at the latest news. "assad says he rejects west's
10:46 am
calls to resign." this is in an interview with syrian television. in columbia, maryland, frank on the line for republicans. caller: good morning, america. i do not like gaddafi, but i a disturbed listening to john mccain saying [inaudible] that simply means america c simply go or there and kill more people. you know, that's really disturbing over here. america should be worried about china and russia and not
10:47 am
gaddafi. [inaudible] host: a commt on twitter. phoenix, arizona, max, republican. good morning. caller: good morning. first of all, i agree with some of the callers who say it is big oil in the middle east, but i also say it is a relationship with big oil oligarchs, as well as the military industrial complex, which has become a military industrial machine. i also believe it has something to do with israel, because israel in th middle east is a key figure. i believe they conduct erations behind-the-scenes.
10:48 am
assad, for example. of ourally none business. it is a presumption that democracy needs to be in other parts of the world. democracy is only one form of government. host: chris writes on facebook -- they did in georgia -- david in georgia on the line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i was so happy when i heard the news. this man has been power 40 years. that's my whole lifetime. the point is, this is about freedom. you have a guy who has been in
10:49 am
power for 40 years, killing his own people. when are people going to learn that you have to help people out like that? just like what happened with saddam hussein. dictatorships do not work. the only reason that guy is sayinghat is because they know they can bully people li that. it's all about freedom. host: omaha, neb., independent line. colonialt's kind of a smash and grab, in my opinion. i think saddam hussein made some comments about trading in oil with the euro before we invaded iraq. and then gaddafi and some of his comments -- i am with some of the other callers. host what do you think about the libn people themselves?
10:50 am
caller: it is kind of unusual that >> that segment from this morning's "washington journal peer " the question now is where is muammar gaddafi? rebel forces claim to be in control of most of the capital of libya. in the meantime, the whereabouts of the longtime leader is unknown. his former right-hand man who defected to italy last week said that gaddafi will not be going easily. meanwhile, obama issuing a statement. tripoli is stepping from the grasp of the tyrant. gaddafi needs to it knowledge the reality that he no longer controls libya and needs to relinquish power once and for all. we expect more from the white
10:51 am
house in a briefing later this morning. we will keep you updated as the latest changes. join us later tonight on "the communicators." they will discuss cyber threats against the u.s. that is at 8:00 eastern. after that, "book tv" primetime. that starts at 8:30 p.m. eastern. that is on c-span2.
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>> notice the color of the bourbon. that amber color that you see is all coming from the chart of the inside of the barrel. this char is where birder gets its color and of a lot of its flavor. currently, they have discovered almost 200 chemical flavors just in the oak and char in the barrel. >> this weekend, we highlight frankfort, ky. vice, of violence, corruption, and urban renewal. on "american history tv" a
10:53 am
visit to buffalo trace distillery. only one of the four distilleries running during prohibition, for medicinal purposes, of course. >> up next, the third annual r ed state conservative blogger. the group is about to release the scorecard of congressional voting on spending issues. these two speeches are just under one of our. [applause] >> thank you very much for that
10:54 am
very kind introduction. it is the first time in my life i have ever been compared to rainman. i am assured judge wachtler is on at 5:00, and i and a good driver. congratulations to everyone who is here. what an incredible time in history of, country. in 1776, americans were facing king george and the mightiest army on the globe. yet, when the king came to take our rights away, our founding fathers pledged in their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors to defend the in animal rights given to us by our creator. in 1835, texans in the city of gonzales, received an order from general santa anna to hand over
10:55 am
their guns and to hand over the canyon that guarded their city. the texans responded with a typical month-mannered texas spirits. . [laughter] they responded with a flag with a picture of the cannon and a simple legends. come and take it. [applause] the that is the spirit of america. that is who we are. and we are seeing that same spirit today in 2010 and in 2012. three years ago at the first read state gathering in atlanta, i remembered it was a small conference room, and cool. the air-conditioning worked there. it is a good problem that we have too many people for air-
10:56 am
conditioning. [applause] and but there were 50, 75 of us in a little hotel gathering, and nobody noticed. except the people in that hotel gathering got together to change this country. today, my home state governor rick perry, in a couple of hours -- [applause] will be coming here to you to announce his campaign for the presidency of the united states. [applause] this room knows two things. number one, barack obama is the most radical president this country has ever seen. [applause]
10:57 am
just one week ago, tragically, the nine the state's debt was downgraded as a symbol and a failure of the overspending of the president and this congress. and president obama had the a toss the -- the audacity to blame it on the two-party. [laughter] that is like charlie sheen blaming it on the betty ford clinic. -- blame it on the tea party. but the president does not need to worry because we are staging an intervention. [laughter] [applause] but there is a second thing that this room knows, which is that republicans need to stand for principle. [applause]
10:58 am
this is not simply a team sport. the goal is not to have 51 people with r's behind their names, we have more red shirts, we win. if we are not standing for principle, freedom, if we are not standing for free markets and the u.s. constitution, we do not deserve to live. and i have to say, a lot of times, the attitude of the republican leadership in a fight eminds me of the an oldebay eby advertisement for a french army rifle. advertized in pristine condition, never fired, dropped twice. [applause]
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and we need leaders who do not yell, ready, aim, surrender. we need leaders who are ready to stand up and fight. now let me say something about my governor, rick perry, who will be coming here very soon. [applause] i have known him many years, i have been his lawyer in court. i will tell you two things about rick perry. number one, he is a conservative. in his heart, in his gut, he knows what he believes. and number two, he is a fighter. in his dna, rick perry is a fighter. [applause] and i will make a prediction to you right now.
11:00 am
there are a lot of good people in the primary for the republicans for president. i think it will come down to two principal candidates, mitt romney and rick perry. my prediction is rick perry will win the nomination, and in november 2012, he will defeat barack obama the senate is a central battlefield right now. senator jim demint was a lonely man two and a half years ago. he was john the baptist. a voice in the wilderness. i have not asked if he indeed 80 honey and locusts, but he was
11:01 am
wandering alone in the wilderness. along came the men and women in this room. in 2010 we saw a tidal wave where americans all over the country rejected establishment, business as usual republicans and said we want strong principled conservatives like mike lee, rand paul, marco rubio, and pat toomey. [applause] every one of those senate candidates, when they launched, there were told they could not win. there were told the money in the establishment had decided somebody else needed to be in the senate. it was a boy's club and they did not know the rules. the rules are that you go along with the democrats and whatever happens, you keep rolling
11:02 am
decide how our spending in the federal government. in 2010 something remarkable happened. the american people rose up and said no and we saw a tidal wave that changed the u.s. senate. we just had a huge fight over the debt ceiling. sadly, congress passed a lousy budget bill. [applause] but those senators i just mentioned led the fight to cut, cap, and pass a strong balanced budget amendment for the u.s. constitution. [applause] we should take heart on two things. number one, we obtained the conversation. at least we are talking about cutting instead of talking about creating another trillion dollar
11:03 am
plant. that is the big shift. no. two, that small band of brothers did not have the critical mass to win this fight in the u.s. senate by now. but 2012 is the second half of 2010. [applause] one of the most meaningful things in my campaign for u.s. senate is i have had the honor to be endorsed by senator jim demint and senator if mike lee and senator rand paul and senator pat toomey? because all four have said we need reinforcements to stand and fight and win. [applause] that is what this senate race is about. like their races, is a national
11:04 am
race. there are a lot of texans here and i am grateful to see so many. but there are people from all over the country. we are building a national army of conservatives because we need strong leadership in the u.s. senate. the hearts of my campaign is based on a proven record. i spent five and a half years as solicitor general of texas, the chief lawyer for the state of texas in front of the u.s. supreme court. during that time, over and over again taxes stood up and led the nation defending conservative principles. we defended the 10 commandments monument on the state capitol grounds. we took it to the u.s. supreme court and we won, 5-4. [applause] [cheere] we defended the pledge of allegiance won a federal court struck it down because it included the words "one nation
11:05 am
under god." we brought together all 50 states, we went to the u.s. supreme court and we won unanimously. [applause] we defended the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, we brought together in 31 states and went to the u.s. supreme court and we want, 5-4 -- won, 5-4. [applause] let me tell you what was the most important fight in my tenure. in a case against the state which began with a cryptic crime when two teenage girls were gang raped and murdered in houston, the world court, which is the judicial arm of the united nations issued an order to the united states to reopen the convictions of 51 murders across the country. it was the first time in the history of our country that a
11:06 am
foreign court has tried to bind the u.s. justice system. my boss, attorney general gregory abbott, the finest attorney general in all 50 states -- [applause] -- had no hesitancy we were going to fight. are governor rick perry had no hesitancy we were going to fight. [applause] i had the honor of arguing this case twice before the u.s. supreme court. on the other side were 94 nations and sadly on the other side was the president of united states. the president had signed a two- paragraph order that attempted to order the state courts to obey the world court. so texas stood up, we fought the world court, we fought the
11:07 am
united nations, we fought 94 nations and we got the president of the united states. [applause] we defended u.s. sovereignty and we won, 6-3. [applause] you know, a lot of political candidates talk about american exceptional as some, but the men and women in this room, american exceptionalism is not something we learned in textbooks, is something we know from our lives and our families. let me tell you about my family background. my dad is from cuba. he was born there and grew up there. as a teenager he began fighting in the cuban revolution.
11:08 am
when he was 14 years old he began fighting in a warm. -- war. he was thrown in prison and tortured when he turns 17. my grandfather got him out of prison and he fled cuba. he came to the u.s. to go to the university of texas. the arrived in austin, texas, he was 18 and did not speak english. he had no possessions but $100 on into his underwear. he got a job as a dishwasher making 50 cents an hour. he works seven days a week and paid his way through school and got a job and became a citizen and started a small business. my dad has been my hero my entire life. but everyone of us in this room has a story like that in our background. that is the history of this country. everyone of us has an ancestor who risked everything seeking freedom and opportunity. [applause]
11:09 am
exactly. [applause] i will tell you, when i was a kid my dad used to say to me all the time, "when we face repression in cuba i had a place to flee to. if we lose our freedom here, where do we go?" there's no question that better explains why it is i'm running for u.s. senate than that question. everyone of us is here because we are fighting to preserve our freedom. the race for u.s. senate in texas has been incredible. we have united conservatives and tea party activists and grass- roots leaders across the state of texas and nationally. my principle upon and is an incumbent establishment republican multimillionaire. who in all likelihood will
11:10 am
write a ginormous check from his own bank account. we have seen this fight before. we saw this fight in 2010. i can promise one thing, no candidate will be able to buy the u.s. senate seat in the state of texas. [applause] but i need your help. we are organizing a conservative grass-roots army all across the state of texas and all across the country. i would ask everyone of you to do five things. number one, come to our web page and join our team.
11:11 am
number two, contribute. it is very simple. it is going to take money to fight the tidal wave on the other side. we have raised over $1.9 million already. we have raised that from 241 texas cities and from 103 texas counties and from all 50 states all over the country. but we have a long way to go. if we raise the money we need, we will win this race. if we don't, we will lose this race. so go online, please, and contribute. we have a program called the alamo circle in particular. those are people who sign up to contribute $25 per month on a recurring basis. i like to tell college kids, $25 is about the price of two peat says -- two pizzas.
11:12 am
if 550 people signed up at $25 per month, this room today would generate 13th thousand dollars. between now and the primary in march, this room, just by signing up on alamo's circle would generate $100,000. -- today alone would generate $13,000. if in addition everyone found 90 of your friends to do the same, this room of activists would raise $1 million in the next seven months. that is the power of the people. that is the power of individual activists are reaching out to their friends. sign up online, contribute, join us on facebook. we have over 62,000 supporters on facebook and post about our campaign on facebook and on twitter. blog about us. we have a widget that can be downloaded to any blog. we rely and depend on the voices
11:13 am
of people. some reporters asked why is rick perry coming to a bloggers convention to announce his presidency? [laughter] because you all are framing the discussion, because you all are speaking the truth, because you all say what you believe without a filter in the way. [applause] [cheers] the men and women in this room have the ability to help us build a national team and raise the money we need to raise to win. if we do that, if i will make a commitment to your right now. if i go to the u.s. senate and five votes right 100% of the time, i will consider myself an abject failure -- and vote right 100% of the time.
11:14 am
what we need right now is leadership. barack obama is effective at controlling his vision of government control of the economy and our lives. how many people right now inspire you as standing up and fighting for free market principles and the constitution and limited government? i will make a commitment to each and every one of view, if i am in the u.s. senate, if i am not standing in front helping lead the fight, if i don't have arrows up and down my torso, i will not be doing my job. i want every one of you to hold accountable for that. i know that you will do it. [applause] [laughter] in closing, i want to ask a few questions. apologies to president barack obama. can we shrink the federal budget?
11:15 am
yes, we can. [laughter] [applause] can we pass a balanced budget amendment? >> as we can. >> can we retire harry reid? >> yes we can. >> can we repeal every word of obamacare? >> yes we can. >> can we retire president barack obama? >> yes, we can. [applause] [cheers]
11:16 am
that, my friends, is a change we can believe in. >> i have been a modest by my mother. she says i should stop comparing new and might lead to political rainmen and say that you are modern-day daniel websters. my mother just figured out text messaging, so there's a space between every letter so it comes across in about five text messages to get to the point. [laughter] ted must fly back to texas and there are not many flights between charleston and texas, so he will not be around this afternoon. i want to make sure he gets some questions from you guys. >> when we talk about obamacare, we talk about the dodd-frank bill, that has to be overturned as well. [applause] i know that the money is gone and we cannot do anything about that.
11:17 am
[inaudible] >> i absolutely agree. on dodd-frank, the question was we don't just need to repeal obamacare, we need to repeal dodd-frank and we need to repeal everything president obama has done. [applause] i absolutely agree. on dodd-frank, you don't need to get any further than the title of the bill. [laughter] -- to realize just how bad it is. >> there was something in the bill about not purchasing minerals from the condo. -- congo. what has happened is the people are losing their jobs in the congo and people are starving. >> dodd-frank and obamacare and captain trade and the national labor relations board trying to shut down the boeing plant,
11:18 am
every one of those is the exact same stain. there's a pattern behind this administration. president obama and this administration are true believers and they believe in government. they believe in government control of the economy and our lives. that is what dodd-frank is about. what they want to do is in power politicians. as anyone in this room read "at last shrug/' he talks about the games politicians play where they create arbitrary omnipotent tribunals would then make the citizens come to them for exemptions. that empowers elite politicians to rule over the subject sheep. it is not an accident that 50% of the waivers for obamacare are in nancy pelosi's district. because the regime that they want -- and dodd-frank was all
11:19 am
about making the banks supplement to the federal government -- we need to get the federal government out of the business of controlling our economy and we need to end bailout's across the board. [applause] >> by the door. >> given the problems that texas has and the same in d.c. with illegal aliens, i apologize for saying this, but i have e-mail your campaign several times try to get your stance on illegal immigration and i have never got an answer. [unintelligible] word used and on the legal situation? -- where do you stand? we need to do well with the bad and the doorway with welfare and all of that as far as illegals. [applause]
11:20 am
-- do away with that and welfare for illegals. americans will be able to go to work if we get rid of illegal aliens. all the trains on infrastructure, schools, hospitals would improve when we get rid of illegal aliens. we would solve the whole cotton picking problem in this country by getting rid of them. [applause] thank you for that question. let me tell you, my views on immigration are simple. i strongly oppose illegal immigration. i categorically oppose amnesty.
11:21 am
i strongly support legal immigrants who come here and follow the rules to work toward the american dream. let's talk about exactly what that means. on illegal immigration, i approach this from the perspective of someone who has spent much of his adult life in law enforcement's. in a post 9/11 world, it makes utterly no sense that we don't know who's coming into this country. it is absolute madness that we don't know the criminal backgrounds of those coming into this country. thing any sovereign nation does is to secure its borders. [applause] and my view is that we should secure the border by any and every means necessary. [applause]
11:22 am
that includes offenses -- fences, walls, technology, and that includes books on the ground, including doubling the size of the u.s. border patrol -- boots on the ground. [applause] >> next. >> you touched on the issue of international imports. could you discussed the concept of defunding certain aspects of united nations activities in particular their efforts to support education of palestinians to kill jews? >> the united nations is a travesty. [applause]
11:23 am
any organization that creates and human rights council and books as members of it -- puts cuba andrs of eit libya -- [applause] [laughter] that is where the united nations is. i agree that the united nations is regularly working against the interests of the united states. u.s. foreign policy should be guided by one simple question. what is in the national security interest of the united states of america? [applause] i will tell you on the united nations, that fight is just the tip of the iceberg.
11:24 am
one of the leading opponents of the state of texas was the dean of yale law school, a man named harold, who twice filed briefs against the state of texas arguing that the u.s. supreme court should be totally subservient to the world court and the united nations. harald is now the chief legal adviser at the u.s. department of state under barack obama. the most radical academic in the country for giving up our sovereignty is the no. 1 lawyer at the u.s. state department. this is going to be a fight that will continue for decades. it is a fight from the left that want to give up our sovereignty. the reason they want to give up our sovereignty is that they don't understand american exceptionalism, the unique miracle that is this country of freedom and liberty and of individual responsibility.
11:25 am
[applause] second, they understand it their progressive leftist agenda is contrary to the values and principles of the american people. and so, the reason they want to give up our sovereignty is they want to go to these international bodies to get them to impose their enlightened leftist agenda on the rest of us. that is fundamentally wrong. i have fought with that with every ounce of breath in my soul. i will continue to do so every day in the u.s. senate. [applause] >> i never know what to make of the claim that i am so young. i have been out of diapers 30 years. [laughter] this conference is the washington establishment's worst nightmare. it is our job to make sure the
11:26 am
washington establishment does not have a good night's sleep from now until the time that they leave washington, d.c. [applause] let me be clear, the reason i say "they leave," is that it's not just elected officials we need to get out of washington. if the bureaucrats and staff members who have been in washington 45 years and say they donot do a concerted -- a conservative idea because lbj did not teach me that way. d.c. is not just broken because we have a liberal ideologue in the white house, is broken because of the establishment and because of a congress that's not doing its job. the only solution to this equation in washington is active citizens keeping washington accountable. is the leading place for doing that, so thank you. niki caylee is one of the most inspiring politicians we have in
11:27 am
this country. -- nikki haley. i also want to talk about the congressional delegation. you have five republicans in the house from the state who are among the best congressman we have in washington, d.c., right now. [applause] eric preference the scorecard that we are publicly releasing in 10 states. let me lifted the lid on it for second. first, you would not believe the crying and gnashing of teeth that happens in washington when you do a score card. you may remember back in february that the house passed hr-1 which was an historic spending cut. [laughter] in addition to that, there were 23 amendments that were voted upon to cut spending further. let's take spending back to
11:28 am
2006, said the one from north carolina. we put out a report card on those votes. we said years the percentage of the 23 votes to further cut spending that each member of the house voted for. the wailing that we endure from washington establishment politicians is indescribable. one politician said, how could you give me a 53%. i said we did not give you a ticket 3%, you voted for a 53% of them and we just pointed it out. [applause] he looked at me like i said the moon was made of cheese. the man did not understand what was being said. we will release the scorecard in 10 states. we are conservative and we don't grade on a curve. we are not tenured professors. there are 26 members of the house of representatives out of 435 that get over 85% on our
11:29 am
scorecard. all five of the south carolina republicans are in that group's. [applause] i should also say the senator years ago said there are two partisan washington. an evil party and a stupid party. occasionally the evil party and the stupid party get together and do something that is both evil and stupid and they call that bipartisanship. [laughter] all five of the south carolina republicans voted against the evil and stupid plan that came out of washington 10 days ago with the debt limit. [applause] i'm not here to suck up to politicians. i am here to thank you. if any of us have thin skin, last year and our entire lives as principal conservatives would've been really tough. in the last few weeks we have ged. dispara
11:30 am
we have been told we are masquerading as conservatives. an unknown congressional staffer on the republican side told the newspaper there is nothing these far-right guys will say yes to. these are the far right guys that passed the ryan budget, which the president anrefused to do anything about. it is clear they will be in transient no matter what. conservatives were encouraged to get ourselves in line. it would've been easy to buckle under this pressure. it would've been very easy to break. but every single one of you in this room, many conservative groups in washington we still assault. i admire you and thank you for that commitment to principle. -- we all stood tall.
11:31 am
there's a bipartisan political establishment that thrives on the consolidation of power in the federal government and the granting of benefits to its supporters. as conservatives, we may wish we could all stay away from politics and focus on our families and careers and communities, but our country is at a tipping point right now and it will only be saved by staying actively engaged, holding washington accountable, and telling the washington establishment that they need to gaps their asses in line. [applause] this is what we are trying to do. that's what is trying to do. i want to describe five diseases that afflict washington, d.c., that are the reason this country is heading down the path that it is. there's a team mentality in washington that says there are only two teams in this nation, a red and blue. every citizen needs to pick.
11:32 am
their team and pick my party, right or wrong. this is a premise that is increasing with foreign in a country where more americans than ever fail to identify with either party. but for those who remember the bush years, that's what got us into some of the masses. the president did not use his veto pen for the first six years of his administration. i was at the heritage foundation and we would go to the white house and say if you need depends, we will send you a truckload. why don't you veto the bill? these republicans would explain by saying the president is on the same team and they agree with the legislation will be so that the president never has to be in a situation where he says no to the republican congress. in essence, the president and the republican leadership in the 0'sse in the early 200'
11:33 am
decided that the two branches would not be separate, but they would have a team mentality. that philosophy gave us over the top spending and "no child left behind and medicare pardee. second, we have a congress that is completely given up its constitutional power to legislate and handed it over to unelected bureaucrats who can make tough decisions and not after being held accountable at the ballot box. all of us have seen that when president obama could not get his captain tax plan through congress, he decided to get the epa to enforce it. obamacare is hundreds of thousands of pages of regulation being written by washington bureaucrats. third, the elevation of an establishment, a bipartisan establishment, of campaign donors, big business, labor
11:34 am
unions, elites, who have been elevated above the constituents and dr. norris and small businessmen, who are the people will send politicians to washington -- the constituents and entrepreneurs. we have seen campaign finance reform issues. treated labor unions th the same way as everyone of us? no, because labor unions are part of the establishment. politicians are part of the establishment. they passed their laws at the expense of all of us. fourth, the rise of a class that set baselines that make no sense exist in thewho real world and mess up incentives people have when they pass legislation. congressional budget office in
11:35 am
washington scores the largest spending cut in history that we passed in april despite the fact that spending went up this year. that does not make sense. only a washington politician could say that because the debt it's only gone up by $7 trillion in the next 10 years as opposed to $8 trillion, we have done historic spending cuts that we can all go back and salute. none of this would be possible if we had a media that truly fought for the truth rather than a horserace. [applause] i hear stories of a media that was once committed to principal and was aggressive in checking the influence of those in power. but they are stories. often the media today are get away drivers and bank heists that will bankrupt our children and they are the chief cheerleaders of the divisiveness that has caused gridlock in washington. that explains why al sharpton is about to get a television show
11:36 am
on ms nbc. -- msnbc. and the rise of a permanent and very lucrative class of campaign consultants whose livelihood depends on the next election and congressional voting, keeping an eye on the next multibillion- dollar campaign cycle rather than the policies that our nation needs. in remarks became a rallying cry because they worked in the elections. you look at the crusader tank program that was designed with a good marriage when the cold war was going on that we might have fights across the plains of europe. a number of years that donald rumsfeld went through to kill the program because it had a built-in political constituency. in the social security fight, politicians will lead in 2005 to fix social security and all their colleagues were leaving them alone on the hill because it was dangerous for the next election. these five things bring us back to the tea party.
11:37 am
hobbits are the good guys. when you point this out to some of the establishment, they say that they hobbits are imaginary, they don't exist in the real world. the real world that does not want to save itself from this country. but we need imagination. we need people willing to say that saving the country from spending is where we should be, powere foundatithat the consolf should be away from washington. we should be taking care of the elderly and the poor and the sick. the oppressive government in washington views itself as the solution to all our powers.
11:38 am
business as usual in america will lead to a slow decline towards a moribund society that we see in europe. we could have a far worse greece.n increathan all of you involved in and heritage action have the imagination to save our nation. seek me out or visit our website, the forces are powerful. in the next couple months, $20 billion will be spent by lobbyists in washington lobbying the congressional super committee to preserve the status quo and continuing to grow government year after year. we have an existential fighting a bus that will take more than elections to win. it's an important fight.
11:39 am
thank you all for being engaged in it. it's not a fight to get passed on as this conference has been, but it will never be boring. thank you. [applause] >> i would like mike to stick around and answer some of your questions. whenever i go to washington and the kind of a target on my back i think, mike is there. [laughter] questions. >> i'm from atlanta. ipad conversation with our esteemed senator in may and i suggested that he was not
11:40 am
conservative enough and he said that he has the best voting record of anyone. >> duty was saying that a republican senator in georgia pointed out that he was recently named by national journal as the most conservative senator in the senate even head of jim demint despite having supported the bush immigration plan, the gang of six financial compromise, the farm bill, and a host of other things. one of the things mike said about how there were so few people who school or so well on its the heritage action scorecard, most republicans scored very well on most scorecards because the score cards are designed for them to score well. a heritage if action for america does the scorecard based on legislation and not on who needs a slogan to put on their mailer
11:41 am
during the election. [applause] >> i could not have said it better, but i will try. there's one scorecard in washington that is perceived as a gold standard. out of 178 republicans in the last congress, 76 got a 100% score. jim demint has a 99% on our scorecard. even jim demint does not have 100. i like that jim demint does not have 100% on their scorecard. there's no perfect man in washington. [applause] yes? >> is there a way to get campaign funding? [inaudible] >> i think sunshine is the best disinfectant on this. everybody should be able to give as much money as they want.
11:42 am
but it has to be posted there. if they did that, we would put out the scorecard for funding. this organization gives all this money to this senator anti incidentally of votes for them. we spoke about the gnashing of teeth that we get over our scorecard. when you point out to people that you are a member of congress from a landlocked state with no beaches and you voted for a beach replenishment project, maybe it makes sense. allen west voted for a beach replenishment project, and he's in palm beach, so maybe you can excuse him. if you are from a landlocked state, there's no excuse for voting for a beach replenishment project, so you should be held accountable for that. on campaign finance and voting, if information is out there in a transparent way and not being stolen, if you can put the information out there in a transparent way, all of us
11:43 am
should hold our members of congress accountable. that's the way i would go about campaign finance reform. >> that is outrageous, mike. john kerry is in pennsylvania, but has five speed houses. you cannot expect him to oppose a beach replenishment plants. yes, sir? >> how you put together your scoring machine, i've been trying to figure out how to vote for the best leaders. do they weigh things this way or that way? give us an idea about how the scoring happens? do they vote yes or no? >> we have looked at 45 votes that have happened. one of the advantages -- first of all, we have six people on our staff always on capitol hill, so they know the votes and amendments. we have heritage foundation, which is a big tank that does research. if there was about a couple months ago on a firefighter
11:44 am
grant program which is the type of thing that sounds great, but the heritage foundation has done a study in 2006 on this program and look at all the fire department's that's got funding from the federal firefighter grant program and the ones that did not. it found no difference in outcomes such as fire fighters safety, civilian safety, property damage done. this is wasteful money. regardless of whether the federal government even should be giving money to local fire departments for exercise equipment, even if you think they should, this is a program that does not work. we thought it would be a smart idea to put an amendment appeared to double the funding for the firefighter grant program. all 86 republicans voted against it. we look at votes that are telling, that still depends upon 9 budget is a fantastic budget and it's on our scorecard. it is a big step in the right direction. that should be in our scorecard. every republican voted for that.
11:45 am
we need a scorecard that shows people who will stand up against the firefighter fund. we also look for those types of boats and utilize the research than heritage has done to bill to make the case to members of congress. there's no excuse. there's no excuse to vote for this program. that's how we go about the scorecard. >> i'm afraid we have to cut things short there and get folks out of the room. michael needham, if you've not been to the web site, please go to and the website. [applause] >> watch more video of the candidates, political reporters are saying, and track the latest campaign contributions. the web sites helps you
11:46 am
navigate the political landscape with proceeds and facebook updates from the campaigns, candidate biographies, and the latest polling data, and links to c-span media partners in the early primary and caucus states. >> pictures of the united nations as the situation in libya has taken center stage there. remarks now from u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon. he addressed the situation a short time ago. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011]
11:47 am
the >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. it's a great pleasure to see you again. the dramatic scenes we are witnessing in libya are a testament to the courage and determination of the libyan people to seek a free and democratic future. it is crucial now for the country to end with no further loss of life an retribution. i welcome the assurances given by the chairman of the national transition council that extreme care would be taken to protect people and public institutions and to maintain law and order. i call on colonel gaddafi's forces to stop the violence immediately and make way for smooth transition.
11:48 am
the international community will continue to do its part to protect civilians from harm. i have been in touch with the tear person of the african union, secretary-general of the legal status, and the european union's high representative for foreign affairs and security, and other world leaders. later today i will contact the president of the security council and members of a p-5 of the security council. i intend to hold an urgent meeting this week among the heads of regional and international delegations, including the au league of arab states, european union, and others. my special envoy has been in close contact with the leadership of the ntc and will
11:49 am
continue his efforts. he and my special adviser will travel to doha to meet with the leadership of the ntc. the u.s. stands ready to give all possible assistance to the libyan people. for the past several months they have been working to ensure that the u.n. is ready to respond to requests that libya made makes for assistance. the united nations has now prepared to assist in all vital areas, including security and the rule law, socio-economic recovery, constitution-making, human-rights and transitional justice, and coordination of support from the international community.
11:50 am
it will be crucial for the security council to be as responsive to post-conflict issues as it has been throughout the crisis. we must also insure that we give humanitarian assistance to all in need. this is a hopeful moment, but also there are risks ahead. now was the time for all indian people -- all libyan people to be united and for the united nations to call it can to promote an orderly transition yet respond to the aspirations of the libyan people for peace and democracy. i will be happy to answer all your questions. >> what do you want from the security council? you have not spelled out how.
11:51 am
are you seeking guarantees from the national transitional council? and to turn over and gaddafi and his sons? where should they be tried? should they be turned over and when? >> those are two questions. my plan to hold an urgent delegation this week will have to be coordinated with the leaders of these organizations. i have already spoken with three organizations. and now i am talking bout doing it either thursday or friday, but i have to confirm with all
11:52 am
the contingencies of people there. it is important that we get mandates from the security council. mr. martin and our team have been working very closely continuously during the last two months or three months since i have appointed him as my special adviser. there are many good and comprehensive plans. these plans, including the idea of the presence of certain monitors, peace monitors, this has to be coordinated with security council members and in close consultation with the ntc. that is why i am trying to talk with mr. jalil, chairman of the
11:53 am
ntc, and i am in the process of speaking with world leaders. i have spoken with some of them, but i will not detail the names before i finishe. for that matter, we will have to discuss. icc has indicted colonel gaddafi for violations against humanity. it is up to icc and the international community has a duty, all the member states of the united nations have a duty for organizations to fully comply with the decisions of icc. >> would you call colonel gaddafi to surrender? and i have another question. whether you have spoken with mr. jalil [unintelligible]
11:54 am
>> i have called colonel gaddafi opposing forces to give weight to a smooth transition. i have spoken with the prime minister of libya during the weekend. we had a very serious talk on this matter. for the second part of your question, we will have to see how the situation evolves. but these are all very important legal situations on the part of those people who have been indicted. >> and due to the situation in tripoli, do you consider the military operation of nato over as of today? >> that, we will have to see how nato will assess the situation.
11:55 am
nato has been instrumental in implementing a security council resolution and i recognize their efforts to avoid civilian casualties in the course of their military operations. but this is up to nato. based on the assessment of the situation. >> mr. secretary, the u.s. believes that colonel khadafy is still in libya. are you in touch and have you all talked with him about giving up? >> i have no information on the whereabouts of colonel khadafy? but i sincerely hope that we will be able to find him as soon as possible.
11:56 am
>> have you been in touch with anyone over there? >> we have been trying to get in touch with him. myself, i have tried to speak with him recently. as you may expect and understand the situation, it has not been possible. >> on syria, you said that their president said military and police operations had stopped. since you spoke with him, 39 more people have been killed. do you ever believe the statement and you believe it now and what should be done? >> this is what he clearly told me when i spoke with him on the phone. he assured me that humanitarian assistance, an assessment team will be able to visit different places. our team is already in syria assessing the situation now. it is troubling that he has not
11:57 am
kept his word. many world leaders have been speaking to him to halt immediately the military operations of killing his own people. he assured me that he would do that, that the military operations had already stopped. now he has seen and heard serious and urgent calls to him. i sincerely hope that he will listen to all international communities. >> un secretary-general ban ki- moon from just over half hour ago as the situation continues to unfold. we're waiting for more international reaction and reaction and home. possible remarks from the white house on the situation. president obama is on vacation, but he did release a statement last night on libya if that you
11:58 am
can read on our website. in the meantime, there's a report house intelligence committee chairman trousers is calling upon the u.s. to take a prominent role in libya if gaddafi is moved from power to ensure that his stockpile deadly weapons don't fall into the wrong hands. many house republicans were strongly opposed to the president's decision to use the u.s. military help to kick off and later support a nato operation to assist rebel forces efforts to drive gaddafi from power. rogers broke with his house gop colleagues in supporting that. that's from the "the hill." we will continue to monitor libya and give you the latest from capitol hill as it unfolds. >> dr. martin luther king was not a president of united states. at no time in his life did he hold public office. he was not a hero of foreign wars. he never had much money.
11:59 am
while he lived, he was reviled at least as much as he was celebrated. by his own account, he was a man frequently wracked with doubt. a man not without flaws. a man who like moses before him more than once questioned why he had been chosen for so arduous a task. a task of leading people to freedom. the task of healing the festering wounds of the nation's original sin. >> watch this entire event, the groundbreaking of the martin luther king jr. memorial at the c-span video library. nearly five years later, now the more you will be dedicated in washington d.c. this sunday live on c-span. and during the week we will have coverage of other events surrounding the dedication, on the c-span networks. >> every weekend, american


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