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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  September 6, 2011 10:00am-1:00pm EDT

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intervening in bullying situations. we need to not put the burden solely on the used to do this. host: how much does the state pay out, or what is the cost for the state to put the programs in place? guest: bayberry. some of the programs can be very expensive. several thousand dollars for supplies, training, and data collection and monitoring them. host: catherine bradshaw, thank you for your time. we know -- now go to the u.s. house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. september 6, 2011. i hereby appoint the honorable alan b. west to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of
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representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. dear lord, we give you thanks for giving us another day. in the wake of a great american holiday, we ask your special blessing on american workers who are fortunate to have jobs during these difficult economic times and those desiring work. may they know and be confident of the nobility and sacredness of their labor. during this day of travel, bringing the members of the people's house back to the capitol, may your angels accompany all ensuring a safe return for all. lord, the task facing the nation's congress is a difficult one which will call upon each member to consider what is best for american workers first. it is the challenge facing all
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americans. give the members wisdom in their work that our economy might begin to rebound and our country men and women throughout these united states might be able to provide for their families to build lives we have all come to expect for our citizens. may all that is done this day be for your greater honor and glory, amen. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 5 of house resolution 375, the journal of the last day's proceedings is approved. i will now lead the house in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. pursuant to section 4 of the house resolution 375, there is
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no legislative business to be conducted on this day. therefore pursuant to sections 3 and 4 of house resolution 375 the house stands adjourned until 2:00 p.m. on wednesday, september 7, 2011. >> to keep the president from making recess appointments. on thursday, a program to consider charter schools across the country. live house coverage tomorrow here on c-span. president obama will be on capitol hill on thursday to address the house and senate in a joint session. you can see live coverage of thursday at 7:00 p.m. here on c-
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span. rudy giuliani will be at the national press club talking about the 9/11 terrorist attack. live coverage of his comments at 1:00 p.m.. mitt romney explains his job plan. he wrote about it today in "usa today." his plan contains 59 specific proposals. >> henry clay ran for president of the united states. he is one of the 14 men featured in "the contenders." this week, his kentucky home. >> sarah palin was the keynote
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speaker in a rally over the weekend in iowa. we will show you a portion of the event with miss palin. >> thank you. what an honor. >> run, sarah, run. >> thank you so much. thank you. by thank you -- i thank you. your love of country keeps us going. iowa, you are good people. it is an honor to be in the heartland.
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i thank you so much for the invitation. it's so good to see the people here today. last night was fine, but -- the. to see so many demographics represented and so many different states all across our great nation, we got to gather together last night. different political parties represented. todd reminded me as we walked out of that room last night, "we are not celebrating read america or blue america, we are celebrating red white and blue america. [applause] what brought us here today out in this field? why are we not watching the hawkeyes or grilling up some of
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venison or corn on the cob on this labor day weekend? what brought us together is a love of country. we see that america is hurting. we are not willing to sit back and watch the demise through some fundamental transformation of the greatest country on earth, we are here to stop that transformation and to begin the restoration of the country that we love. [applause] we are here because america is at a tipping point. america is facing a crisis. it is not a crisis like a midwest summer storm -- it moves in and then it moves on -- this kind will relentlessly rage until we restore all that is free, good, and write about america.
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he -- right about america. [applause] it is not fear of a double-dip recession or a credit downgrade, it is deeper than that. this is a spit -- systemic crisis due to failed policies and incompetent leadership. we are going to speak truth today because we need to start talking about what has not worked and we are going to start talking about what will work for america. we will talk truth. some of us saw this day coming. it was three years ago on this very day that i spoke at the gop convention. [applause] i was honored to accept the nomination for vice president that night. in my speech, i asked america
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when the cloud of rhetoric has passed, when the roar of the crowd fades away, what exactly is barack obama's plan? what does he seek to accomplish after he is done turning back the waters and healing the planet. the answer is to make government bigger. to take more of your money. to give more of it to others and to take more orders from washington. to reduce the strength of america in a dangerous world. i spoke of this, but back then, it was only my words you had to go by. now you have seen the proof yourself. and it obama did not have a record while he was in office -- candidate obama did not have a record while he was in office, but president obama does and
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that is why we are here today. candidate obama pledged to transform america and for all the failures and broken promises, that is the one thing he delivered on. we transformed from a country of hope to one of anxiety. one in five of working age men are out of work. one in seven americans are on food stamps. our mortgages are under water. in places like michigan and california, they are suffering from unemployment numbers that are greater than during the depths of the great depression. barack obama promise to cut the deficit in half. instead, he tripled it. now our national debt is growing at $3 million a minute. that is $4.25 billion a day.
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president obama, is this what you call winning the future? i call it losing -- losing our country, and with it, the american dream. these americans feel that fierce urgency of now, but you feel it, sir? the tea party was born of this urgency. it is the same sense of urgency that propelled the sons of liberty during the revolution. [applause] it is the same sense of urgency that propelled the abolitionist before the civil war and the civil rights movement during the 20th century. the tea party movement is part of this noble american tradition. this movement is not simply a political awakening, it is an american awakening. [applause] it is coming from ordinary
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americans, not the politicos in the beltway. you, who grow our food, you run our small businesses, you teach our children, you fight our wars. we are always proud of america. we love our country in good times and bad and we never apologize for america. [applause] you know, that is why the far left's irresponsible and a radical policies have awakened america so that we finally understood what it was we were about to lose. we were about to lose the blessings of liberty and prosperity. the working men and women of this country, you came out of the duck blind. you got off the john deere and
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took to the streets and the town halls. we ended up at the ballot box. tea party americans, one and elect oracle -- an electoral victory of historic proportions in november. [applause] we the people, we rose up and we rejected the left's big government agenda. we do not want it, we cannot afford it, and we are unwilling to pay for it. [applause] that victory, remember, friends, that was one step in the long march to saving our country. we set a new crop of leaders to d.c., but the permanent political class tried to coopt them. the reality is, we are ruled by
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a permanent political class until we change that. they talked endlessly about cutting government, yet they keep spending more. they talked about massive, unsustainable debt, yet they keep incurring more. they print, they borrow, they spend more, and then they stick us with the bill. then they passed their own backs -- pat their own backs and claim they solve the debt crisis. when we received our first credit downgrade, they promptly went on vacation. they do not feel the same urgency that we do, but why should they? for them, business is good. business is very good. seven of the 10 wealthiest suburbs are suburbs of washington, d.c.
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usually i will say poles and mean strippers or cross-country skiers. [applause] but polls in those parts show that some people there believe the economy has actually improved. there may not be a recession in georgetown, but there is in the rest of america. the permanent political class is doing just fine. ever notice how so many of them arrive in washington, d.c. of modest means and then miraculously, throughout the years, become very, very wealthy. that is because they thrive -- derive power and wealth from their access to our money --
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taxpayer dollars. the use it to build up their friends on wall street and their corporate cronies, and to reward contributors and to buy votes. there is a name for this. it is called "corporate crony capitalism." this is not the capitalism of free men and free markets, of innovation, hard work, at 6, sacrifice, and rest -- this is the capitalism of connections, at government bailouts, and handouts. influence peddling and corporate welfare. this is the crony capitalism that destroyed europe's economy. it is the solution of big government, big business, and big finance. it is a detriment to all the rest -- to the little gy.
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-- little guy. otter ignores account for 70% -- entrepreneurs account for 70% of small business in america. do you want to know why the permanent political class never really cuts anything? do you want to know why nothing ever gets done? it is because there is nothing in it for them. they have a lot of mouths to feed -- a lot of corporate lobbyists and a lot of special interest that are counting on them to keep the good times and the money rolling along. it does not surprise me. i have seen this kind of crony capitalism before. it is the same old kettl boy politics as usual. i defeated it in my own state. i took on a corrupt and compromised political class and they're back room dealings with
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big oil. -- and their backroom dealings with big oil. sudden and relentless reform sits well with entrenched interests and power brokers. please, you must vet a candidate of 3 record. you must know their ability to successfully reform and actually fix problems they are going to claim they inherited. real reform never sits well with the entrenched special interests. that is what the true voices are up -- of reform are quickly demonized. look what they say about you. look what happened during the debt ceiling debate. we have been given warning after warning that our credit rating would be downgraded if politicians did not get serious about tackling the debt and deficit problem.
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but instead of making the real cuts that are necessary, they used enron-like accounting gimmicks. they promised that if they were allowed to spend those trillions more today, they would cut billions 10 years from now. by some magical thinking, they figure they can run up a trillion dollar deficits year after year, but still, somehow, forget the unforgiving mathematics that led to the downgrade. they got a rude awakening for the rest of the world. even america is not too big to fail. when we violate did get slapped with that inevitable downgrade, the politicians and the pundits turned around and blamed us. independents, common-sense conservatism, we got blamed. they call us terrorists, suicide
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bombers, and hobbits? [applause] i could not understand that one. what is the president's answer to this enormous debt problem? spend more money. only you cannot call it spending, you have to call it investing. watch what happens now wind fema and some of these other bureaucratic agencies -- they do not want to refer to the centralized federal government as the government. now it is called the "federal family." am i too old to ask to be emancipated i wonder? i never thought i would say it, but i want a divorce. [applause] the president's answer to our debt problem is to incur more debt. spend more money, only call it investing. they want more reliance on
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government to supply their every need. this is the antithesis of the pioneering american spirit that empowers the individual to work, to produce, to be able to thrive and succeed with fulfillment and with pride. that, in turn, built our free and hope filled country. he wants to win the future by investing more of your hard earned money in some harebrained ideas like more solar panels and really fast trains. these are things a venture capitalist will call non starters, yet he wants to do more of them. they think these panels and really fast trains will magically save us. he is shouting, "all aboard obama's bullet train to bankruptcy." [applause]
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the only future and that barack obama is trying to save is his own reelection. he has shown that he is willing to mortgage our children's future to pay for it. there is proof of this. look closely at where all that green energy stimulus money is invested. you'll see a pattern. the president's big campaign won't -- dollars that big returns to the tune of billions of your tax dollars. the technical term for this is "pay to play." between bailout for wall street cronies and union boss securities and green energy giveaways, he took care of his friends. now they are on course to raise $1 billion for his reelection bid so they can do it all over again. are you going to let them do it
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all over again? are you willing to unite to do all we can to not let them do it again so we can save our country? to be fair, some gop candidates also raised mammoth amounts of cash. we need to ask them, what, if anything do their donors expect in return for their investment? we need to know this because our country cannot afford more trillion dollar thank you notes to campaign backers. it cuts to the heart of our problem. i speak from experience. confronting the corruption in the coney capitalism, i started 20 years ago.
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i do not play that game of hiring expert political advisers just so they will say something nice about me on tv, if you ever wondered. [applause] you know how that game is played, i am sure. the reason is simple. like you, i am not for sale. [applause] because we believe in the free market. i believe in the free market and that is why i detest chronic capitalism. barack obama has shown us cronyism. it will lead to our downfall if we do not stop it now. it is a truth that grows our economic problems, our unsustainable debt, and our high unemployment numbers, and housing market that is in the tank, and a stagnant economy
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politicians are so focused on the symptoms and not the disease, we will not solve our economic problems until we confront the cronyism of our president and our permanent political class. [applause] so, this is why we must remember that the challenge is not simply to replace obama in 2012, but who and what we will replace him with because it is not enough -- [applause] [crowd chanting "run, sarah, run"]
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folks, you know it is not enough to change up the uniform, if we do not change the team in the game plan, we will not change our country. we need sudden and relentless reform. that will return the power to "we the people." this, of course, requires not just words. it is not good enough for the politicians to be throwing our way some kind of a vague -- vague generalities, it is time that they hold -- we hold them accountable. it is amazing to me that good conservatives run away from being honest and straight up with us about what needs to be done. they do not want to rock the boat. they cannot hurt future at election prospects, evidently. -- evidently. they are saying what they think
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we want to hear. instead, they should be telling us what needs to be said and what needs to be done. let us, today in this field, let us have this adult conversation about what needs to be done to restore america. let's do that now. in five days, our president will gift us with another speech. in his next speech, he will reveal his latest news. his jobs plan. it will have a more lofty goals and resurrect -- rhetoric. more illogical fantasies and more continued blame and finger- pointing, but listen closely to what he says. all of the solutions, they are going to recall arawn more of the same -- more chaos, more
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friends and supporters. his plan is the same -- grow more government, increased more debt, give more of your hard earned money to special interest. this is such a problem, but you know what the problems are. we can go on all day about the problems. talk about status quo in washington. status quo is latin for "more of the same mess we are in." status quo will not work anymore. you know the problems because you live them every day. let's talk about real solutions. i want to tell you what my plan is. [applause] my plan is a bonafide, pro- workingman's plan. it deals in reality. it deals in the way the world
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really works. we have to talk about what really works in order to get america back to work. my plan is about empowerment. empowerment of our states, our entrepreneurs, and, most importantly, you. i have trust and respect for you. the way forward is no more politics as usual. we must stop expanding an out- of-control and out of touch federal government. all power and not specifically delegated to the federal government by our constitution is reserved for the states and for "we the people." [applause] let's enforce the 10th amendment. devolve powers back locally where the founders intended them to be.
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second, what happened to all of those promises about repealing the biggest all unfunded government mandates? we must repeal obamacare. [applause] and rein in burdensome regulations. get government out of the way. let the private sector breed and grow. this will allow the confidence that businesses need in order to expand and hire more people. third, no more runaway debt. we must prioritize and cut. [applause] cancel unused stimulus funds. have that "come to jesus" moment where we live up to entitlement reform. the reality is we will have an
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entitlement reform, it is just a matter of how we are going to get there. we -- the world's capital markets will be at our throat and we will have no choice but to reform our entitlement programs. the status quo is no longer the top -- an option. and, reform is our duty now and it must be done in a way that honors our commitment to seniors while keeping faith of future generations. [applause] i tell you what, i do not think anything has irked me more than this nonsense from the white house about not sending our seniors their check. it is their money. they have paid into social security all of their working lives. for the president to say, "we may not be able to cut their check," well, where did all of their money go, politicians?
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why is the commander in chief willing to throw our military under the bust, threatening that their paychecks may not arrive, but the politicians will still get their checks and their retirement and he will still get his posh vacations? are you not sick to death of those skewed priorities? it is backwards. our seniors and our brave men and women in uniform being used as pawns. it is shameful. enough is enough. no more. [applause] of course, it is time for america to become the energy superpower. the real stimulus we have been waiting for is robust and responsible domestic energy production. [applause]
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we have the resources. the affordable energy is the key to any thriving economy. it must be our foundation. i would do the opposite of obama's manipulation of u.s. supplies of energy. drill here, drill now, let the refineries and pipelines be built. stop cow-towing to foreign countries and dictators, asking them to ramp up production of energy to us. we have the resources here. we need to move on tapping our own god-given natural resources that are part of our reserves. i promise you this will bring a real job growth.
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not the phony fairy dust sprinkled with wishes and glitter. hard core, all of the above energy policy that builds the link between made in america energy and our prosperity and our security. [applause] you know, there are enough conventional, a long and and natural resource development projects that are waiting for government approval. this could create more than 1 million high-paying jobs. it would not cause the government said diane. these projects would generate billions of dollars. can you a imagine that? a stimulus program that will did us out of debt instead of
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digging us further into it. and these are good-paying jobs, and i know that from experience. for years, my own family supported as todd, worked up on the north slope. america's economic revival starts with america's energy revival. [applause] then fifth, we can and we will make america the most attractive country on earth to do business in. right now we have the highest federal corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. did you know our rates are higher than china? and communist cuba? this is not generated as much money as she would think, because many big corporations, they skirt federal taxes because they have friends in d.c. who write the rules.
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this makes us less competitive and restrains the engine of prosperity. some businesses spend more time at trying to figure out how to hide their profits than they do and generating more profits of that they can expand and hire more of us. so to make america the most competitive place to do business, set up shop here, hire people here to attract capital from all over the globe that would lead to an explosion of growth, instead of chasing industry offshore. i suppose, to eliminate all federal corporate income tax. hear me out on this. this is how we create millions of high-paying jobs. this is how we increase opportunity and prosperity for all. but here is the best part -- to balance out any loss of federal revenue from the tax cut, we eliminate corporate welfare and bailouts. [applause]
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this is how we break the back of crony capitalism, because it feeds of corporate welfare, which is just socialism for the very rich. we can change all of that. the message to job-creating corporations is -- we will on shackle you from the world's highest federal taxes, but you will stand or fall on your own, just like all the rest of us on main street. [applause] see, when we in power the job creators, our economy will soar; americans will get back to work. this plan is the first step in a long march toward a fundamental restoration of a strong and free market economy, and it represents the kind of real reform we need. and, folks, it must come from
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you, from the american people. real hope is in you. it's not that hopey-changey stuff we heard about in 2008. we learned that. real business is in an individual, not in politicians, certainly. that hopey-changey stuff that was put in an individual that when barack obama was a candidate, it did not create one job. no jobs created --that is the first time it has done that since world war ii. i get frustrated when the media gets that wrong, talking about government creating a job. government cannot create a job. the private sector creates jobs. they are pretty fundamental. we have to get that record. ight. real hope comes from you.
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it comes from realizing that we the people can make the difference. you do not be entitled to make a difference. we can get this country back on the right track. we can do it by empowering the people and realizing, god has richly blessed this exceptional nation and we do something about that realization. the permanentr political class to reform anything for you. they will not. they cannot. they cannot even take responsibility for their own actions. our credit is downgraded but it is not their fault. our economy is in turmoil, but it is not his fault. it's the tsunami or the middle east uprising, it's irene or those doggone atm machines. [laughter] folks, the truth is barack obama
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is adrift with no plan, because his fundamental transformation is at odds with everything that made this country great. it doesn't make sense. he doesn't make sense. our president declares that he believes that american exceptionalism just as the greeks believe in greek exceptionalism. us on willlhe has make us just as exceptional as greece. friends, our country is better than that . we have to stand together. we can confront the problem and we can achieve lasting reform. and i can tell you from hard earned experience with bombs and bruises along the way, the road ahead is not easy. you will be demonized.
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they'll mock you. they will make things up. it will tell you to go to hell. so we will not respond, as tempting as it is, to anyone that has disdain for our free market economy and for individual initiative. we will say -- we won't say, no, you go to hello. . we won't say that. you know why we do not have to say that? when we have time tested truth and logic on our side, we win. and when we refuse to retreat because we know that our children's future is at stake, we win. no, the road is not easy, but it is nothing compared to the suffering and sacrifice of those
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who came before us. a few weeks ago, after my visit to the iowa state fair, we were on the bus tour. i took my daughter piper and my knees mckinley to the world war room in one liberty memorial in kansas city. standing in the rain, reading the inscriptions on those memorials, about the honor and the dedication to god and country, i thought of all those young patriots who suffered and died so far from alhome. revering our vets, with the next generation by my side, there was such clarity in our calling -- patriotic constitutionalists -- we have a duty, not just to the living but to those who came, who died before u s, and to the generations yet to be bored.
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our freedom was purchased by millions of men who charged the bayonets and they charged the canons. they knew there were going to die, but it was worth it for them. sacrificing for future generation's freedom. there were the ones that were inth the trenches. they gave their lives so we could be here today. you and i are blessed to be borne the heirs of freedom. -- to be born the heirs of freedom. [applause] as presiendent kennedy said, we dare not forget that we are the heirs of that first revolution, the heirs of those who froze with washington at valley forge and held the line and get as byrd, who freed the slaves to close a shameful chapter, and to carve the nation
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out of the wilderness. we are the sons and daughters of those who stormed the beaches of normandy and raised the flag at iwo jima and made america the strongest, most prosperous, the greatest nation on earth forever in mankind's history, the greatest, most exceptional nation." [applause] [hairhorn honks] we will never give up. we shall indoor because we live by them moral strength that we call grace. we have often skirted a press of this. a providential hand has always guided us to a better future. so let us seek that hand once more carrot ronald reagan said, if we ever forget that we are one nation under god, we will be a nation gone under." thee,e shed his gracce oe on
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america. we will not squander what we have been given. we will fight for freedom. we will fight for america. we are at the tipping point. united we must stand, and we will nobly save this last bewst st hope on earth. god bless you, iowa. god bless the united states of america. [applause] [air horn honks] >> run, sarah, run. run, sarah, run. sarah, run. ♪
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>> the farmer's out factory workers do it with pride e 24/7, that assembly line. in every city and every town ♪ we will keep it movin ♪ god's country ♪
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we are the country we'll keep a groovin we'll keep it we are the country ♪ >> god bless you, sarah.
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if you find it, could you please bring it here? thank you again for coming. >> sarah. sarah. ♪ >> sarah! >> sarah. >> sarah. ♪
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>> thank you, sarah. >> we love you, sarah. ♪ >> god bless america land that i love stand beside her and guide her through the night with a night from above from the mountains
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to the valleys to the oceans white with foam god bless america my home, sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america land that i love stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above from the mountains to the valleys -- to the
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prairies to the oceans white with foam god bless america my home, sweet home god bless america my home sweet home ♪ [applause] >> god bless, american and god bless the tea party.
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♪ ["9 to 5" theme playing] >> and yawn and stretch and try to come to life out on the streets the traffic start jumpin working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living and it's getting by all taking and no giving they use your mind and never give you credit enough to drive you crazy if you let it 9 to 5 for service and devotion you'd think i would get a fair
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promotion iswear sometimes that man out to get me ♪ you've got dreams he'll never take away out with your friends, waiting for the day your ship will come in the tide's gonna turn and it's all gonna roll your way working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living and it's getting by all taking and no giving they use your mind and never gi ve you credit enough to drive you crazy if you let it it's a rich man's game
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no matter what thyey call it. 9:00 to 5:00 it's getting by all taking and no giving they use your mind and never give you credit enough to drive you crazy if you let it 9:00 to 5:00 they got you where they want you it's a rich man's game... ♪ >> that's encouraging. what's his name? >> kyle. >> give him a hug for me. >> can you sign this for us? that's a silver -- marker we
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like to hang ♪ >♪ ca >> if you ask me where i come from here's what i tell everyone i was born -- ♪ >> i appreciate it. let me sign if for you . name? your tom? nice to see you. >> we love you. >> i watched the video last
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night. have you seen it? >> no, i haven't seen it. ♪ >> hi. how are you? thanks for being here. >> [inaudible]
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>> thank you for the reception. thank you. appreciate you. thank you for that interception. nra. right on. thank you. >> [inaudible] ♪ >> thank you. thank you. hi there, sir, what's your name? will, thank you for being here. god bless you thank you for being here. i saw you downstairs. i'm glad you're here.
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what is your name? zachary, thank you for being here. i spotted you out there. ♪ >> thank you for that. >> another autograph -- do you have time? >> there are thousands that are dying? what are you going to do to help them at ground zero. ? >> have you guys spoken with them? >> we've tried
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8000 signatures. ♪ -- my shirt,u sarah? i'm going out there to help them out. thank you, can i get a hug? it's a party in the usa party in the usa.
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picture withve a you? i'm sorry. e put my hands up, they'r playing my song. it's a party in the usa.
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>> in yaw have an opportunity to speak out. >> if you eliminate the tax rates, how would you [inaudible] >> there are lots of loopholes at all levels. corporate income tax breaks. what else do you want me to grab? thank you.
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♪ ♪ good mantt h the way a works until the dayighlight is gone sing a song about the heartland sing a song about my life ♪ ♪ sing a song about the heartland the only place i feel at ome the way a good man works until the daylight's gone sing a song about the
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heatland sing a song about my life ♪ ♪ >> tell your mom i say hi. >> i will. thank you so much. god bless. give her a hug from me. >> no. hi, beautiful. what is your name? i love that.
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>> thank you. i appreciated. thank you so much. what is your name that >>
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looking at the promise of the promised land. one dream of fame and fortune. one could end of going to prison. only in america. trimming of whether white live
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quite thank you for being here. this is beautiful. >> thank you. >> apparently we were on tv. >> do you know how hard i tried to avoid that?
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we'll give everyone else a chance. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> you have a home in arizona, write? right? >> oh, really?
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>> thank yo u. hi there, baby. hi. thank you so much. hi, carter. how old is she? >> she's two. >> thank you. bye, carter. so much.
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>> watch more video of the candidates, see what political reporters are saying, and track campaign contributions with c- span's website for campaign and 2012. easy to use, it helps you navigate the political landscape with the twitter feed, facebook updates, campaign bios, polling data, and links to c-span2 media partners. all at guest: david petraeus was sworn in today as cia director at a ceremony. vice president biden commended
11:28 am
his leadership. director petraeus retired from the army last week. he takes the place of leon panetta, who moved to the pentagon as secretary of defense. also in washington today, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is talking at the national press club about the september 11 terrorist attacks. the 10th anniversary is sunday and we will have live coverage at 1:00 p.m. at 3:30 eastern, republican president candidate mitt romney expenses jobs plan. it includes eliminating the capital gains taxes for middle- class americans. it is a 59-point plan, and he previewed it in an editorial in "usa today." we have linked that at c- president obama will speak on thursday to a joint session of congress. we will have coverage of that at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
11:29 am
>> this weekend, the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 on the c- span and networks with live coverage from each of the memorial sites -- new york city, shanksville, pennsylvania, and the pentagon did saturday on c- span, at 12:30 eastern, the flight 93 national memorial dedication ceremony. sunday morning at 8:30, a memorial ceremony from the world trade center site with president obama and former president bush. c-span2 at 9:00, vice-president biden from the pentagon. c-span at3 at an eclectic, honoring those who lost their lives on united flight 93 bit 9/11 remember, this weekend on the c-span networks. >> representative tim walz is the highest ranking enlisted soldier in progress, having served 25 years in the national -- highest ranking enlisted soldier in congress, having served 25 years in the national
11:30 am
guard. >> thank you so much for the invitation to be that i would argue the most special place in america today, and for the kind words of introduction. good morning to each of you, my fellow legionnaires, and especially my brothers and sisters from minnesota. thanks for putting on this party. [applause] special thank you to each of you. service you and your families have already given put you in a small minority in this country we know less than 10% of the population is veterans, less than 1% of the population currently serving as an protecting freedom around the world. you did your time. you could have come back and further your career is, as many of you did on that side. you also take your time, energy and expertise to be involved in the american legion for one very simple, eloquent and, i would
11:31 am
say, most noble of reasons -- you love this country with all of your heart. you choose to come here to try and for the things that make this country stronger, make this country more prosperous and more fair. because of view, this country stands at and shoulders above because of the work you have done. for that i thank you deeply. i have to tell you, the honor of serving in congress is a singular honor, but i have to tell you, you can get yourself put into place very quickly. shortly after i was elected, i had the opportunity to go to walter reed army medical center and visit our wounded warriors. there was the man they're coming back from iraq, recovering from his injuries, and they said, but " this is congressman walz, retired sergeant major in the army got was this kid ever miste -- retired sergeant major
11:32 am
in the army." this kid never missed "i'm sadr citysorr to hear here that." that.m sorry to hear sorry that you went to congress." 12% of america approves of what is congress is doing. who the hell that will%? they are not my family. -- who the hell are that 12%? they are not my family. the sacrifice that each of you and war years -- warriors had made its for the very purpose to allow a high school teacher and a soldier to run for elected office to govern ourselves, to the government of the people, by the people and for the people. the sacrifices of blood and life
11:33 am
at the left on battlefields across the world that allow us to govern ourselves and allow us to go to congress, i have to tell you, the sense of just disillusionment that we could disrespect the memory of what it takes to govern and what it takes to have us in the united states congress must hold us to a higher standard. i can tell you it my responsibility, while my colleagues are in congress, and i appreciate and respect we do together, i told myself to the standard of how you conduct yourself and our warriors connected themselves. the highest ideal of working for a common purpose eight for a common goal to lead this nation, that is where i told myself, and that is what the region has always done. [applause] to be absolutely clear, the most
11:34 am
realistic people in this country are sitting in this room -- people that have seen what guarantee can do. -- what tyranny can do. we have seen how they can crush the human spirit. we also understand that beacon, that shining light that is the united states, must always be there. when people stand in front of you and talk to you about responsibility and talk to you about shared sacrifice and talk to you about how we can do better, but they certainly are preaching to the choir. i have to tell you, when i see the things that you do, and the focus you bring, this room is far more than a group of people advocating for veterans benefits. this is a room advocating for american values, this is a room advocating for democracy done right, this is a room advocating that we have no choice but to get this right. i have to tell you now, in
11:35 am
congress, everything is so polarized and black and white. we could not vote today and agreed it is wednesday. that would be the situation we are in. [applause] and what you understand, this polarization does not strengthen this nation. it doesn't make us more prosperous, it doesn't make us fairer, and it doesn't make the american people happier. the model you present here, and away we go about our business, is exactly the way we should be conducting business across the board. when i watch your commander and folks from the legion come forward and come forward to washington to testify about the priorities of national security and veterans' issues, they do it in a manner that is dignified, they do it in a manner that is based on fact, they do it in a matter that in the the committee, when you come and watch that -- many of you have been there -- you don't know who
11:36 am
was the democrat and republican. you are all working for the same cause. [applause] that model works. again, i don't need to tell you the most realistic and pragmatic people in the country, national security falls on many fronts. just because one side of that taking care of business and warriors are doing their job, there are different sides of the ledger. things like fiscal responsibility that everybody is talking about -- there is a reason we're talking about it. it is important to. national security depends on us getting it right. this nation has done so time and time and time again. let's be clear, this appellation that sets up false choices -- this polarization that sets up a false choices -- there are no two choices when it comes to national defense. the choice to get it right is the only one this nation can pursue. if we make a false choice and
11:37 am
say we don't have the ability or we don't have the financial security to defend this nation, that is an unacceptable option. it cannot be pursued and it will not be pursued. that in mind, as we talk about security and we talk about our veterans, let's be very, very honest. there are multiple ways to solve this problem. i can tell you this, that this is the group that is willing and has asked for every bit of the way -- as i tell my friends in the va, and when you see secretary shinseki in front of you in a few moments, this group is his staunchest supporters, but because of that, we will also be the harshest critics. if there is waste in the va, we will find it. if there are inefficiencies, you will find it. if there are better ways to serve our veterans, we will find it. this idea of false choices, coming and lay in and talking about -- we need to increase copays for veterans health care and try care -- the thing i say
11:38 am
about that is that at copay was made at the reservoir, the jungles of southeast asia, paid in iraq and afghanistan. [applause] before you come in front of this group or send your member to congress, you had better have closed every tax loophole on mortgage interest deduction on yachts and cut every redounded, a useless program before you asked those same people who paid and made sacrifices to make it again. [applause] as the greatest nation the world has ever seen, to tell our veterans we don't have the financial stability to help them with their health care, or to tell our veterans who are going to have to ask them to increase the copay or wait
11:39 am
longer to get the care is absolutely unacceptable. it is not a road we can go down. i say this for one very simple reason -- that will not in any way make us more financially secure, but it will undermine our moral authority and the ethics of this country -- the ethics of this country was founded on. there is no group of people more deserving of carrot and our veterans. i will stand against and stand firm with supporting things like medicare and social security, but even those programs and those benefits were not gain in the same way that veterans benefits were earned. the veterans' benefits were and with blood, sweat, time away from family, and because of that, they told a separate place when we prioritize for them, and the american legion and knows it. [applause] let's be very clear -- because of your advocacy, i would like
11:40 am
to mention two things over the last couple of years that the american legion and did. what was, you advocate for and helped reduce and improve the 21st century g.i. bill, an incredibly smart program that is a benefit to the individual warrior and to their family, but the investment in america's future, for our best and brightest, as they believe that the military and transition to civilian life, -- as the they leave the military and transition to civilian life and take the lessons they learned about loyalty, hard work, accountability, transferred those into civilian skills and moving forward, that will make our country stronger. that investment will do more to pay down this deficit than anything else we could do, and it is because of the american legion that that is now law. the next thing -- [applause] the next model that you advocated for, they told us could not happen. you watched for 21 out of 22
11:41 am
years where a budget was put forward, an independent budget that said we have this much care that needs to be delivered to veterans, and this is what is going to cost. year after year after year, we failed to meet it and we failed to deliver on time. 21 out of 22 years, the v.a. health care system was waiting to see what happened on budgeting, not being able to hire nurses, not being able to put money into research for prosthetic and traumatic brain injury to the lead in gathered together and said, "we should now -- the lead in gathered together and said we should never in this nation and brinkmanship to delay care for our veterans. you advocate for and helped craft and build the collision, unanimously passed and signed into law, advance appropriations for veterans health care. that is an incredible benefit to this country and it is because of view that it happened. -- because of you that it happened. [applause]
11:42 am
as we move forward, we will have decisions to make. this organization spent countless hours, and the time and talent of america's most talented people in this room, at the kinney for policies that make sense -- advocating for policies that make sense -- you move those things stored in a way that respects our democracy, in a way that respects facts and economics, you move of those things forward in the best tradition of what we were found not. i know it's frustrating. i know the bickering gets frustrating. i have to be honest -- churchill knew this. winston churchill made a quotation were he said, "this democracy is the worst form of government ever, except for every other one that has been tried." you have provided, our warriors our been provided -- warriors have provided the nation with the greatest
11:43 am
freedom we have ever known to turn on the news, and you watched libyans dying for the same free-speech and self- determination we have here. you understand that these are not given, that there will trying tohere atyranny push them down. with great privilege and great rights comes responsibility. that responsibility to conduct our business and defended this democracy, to conduct ourselves in a manner that is reflective of the sacrifice given on battlefields across this country, is what is incumbent upon me. i only need look at this room and watch what you do here. what's right about america, what's right about moving america forward, and what's right about closing that division among us, sits right here in this room. without the american legion, and for that draws americans together, that pragmatic common sense -- and i would argue this
11:44 am
is what america needs -- that absolute steadfast resolve that this nation will not separate on itself, this nation will not weaken, and this nation will be here tomorrow and for every tomorrow after words, because of one very, very important thing -- i don't think anyone in this room can imagine a world where america doesn't exist. america is far more than just an entity. america is an ideal, america is that shining beacon that makes things that seem so impossible at the darkest hours possible, and it is dead because our young warriors who serve -- that is because our young warriors who just experienced the deadliest month in afghanistan, and when the frustration comes with the politics, and the discussion comes about which direction we should go, there is one thing those folks know -- they are out there serving not just to preserve my children's
11:45 am
freedom, or your children's and grandchildren's of freedom. they are preserving the freedom of countless children that not only do they not know, they will never meet. that little girl in afghanistan, after so many years of persecution and hopelessness, as the opportunity to actually dream and believe, perhaps i can go to school, perhaps i can be a teacher, perhaps i can live my life with the dignity and respect that we know the creator gave each of us. it comes out of the sacrifice. before you i say on behalf of not just 305 million americans, but the 6.5 billion people of this world, this light must continue to shine. we, as your elected representatives, have the responsibility to take a lesson from you and the warriors who gave it to us. the option of a failure is simply not there. our dignity as a nation and our
11:46 am
responsibility is being echoed by the work that you do here today. on behalf of the people of minnesota and southern minnesota, for some of you ever present at beautiful swath that stretches from south dakota all the way to the mississippi river. it includes tehe spam musuem, if you have not gotten a chance to see it. [applause] [laughter] that his religion here. -- that is religion here. we welcome you, we thank you, and may god bless each and every one of you, may god bless the american legion, and may god bless this great nation. thank you. ♪ [applause]
11:47 am
>> back to the american legion convention in a moment. about our live coverage today, at 1:00 this afternoon, former new york mayor rudy giuliani at the national press club, talking about the september 11 attacks 10 years hence. that at 3:40 eastern, we will be live with "road to the white house" coverage. mitt romney talks about his job as plan, which includes eliminating capital gains taxes for americans. president obama will release is tops plan on thursday. he will speak to a joint session of congress and we will have live coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the c-span. back to minneapolis, where wal- mart ceo and a navy veteran bill simon spoke to the american legion. he announced that wal-mart would double its commit for
11:48 am
veterans got trading -- double its commitment to veterans job training. >> what a great, great honor is to be with you. i would like to thank the national executive committee for what, for me, is ian incredible honor. you are probably wondering why the ceo of wal-mart would be addressing you and your invention. i am not a politician and i don't have anything for you. actually, i want something from you, and i will talk about that later. i would like to talk to you about what we see. we see america for a particularly unique lens, the eyes of our customers. i want to talk to you about the issues we're facing veteran-to-a veteran, and how we get this country we all love back on track again and the critical role we all played in doing that. we all have similar stories. mine starts at 22 years old when
11:49 am
i checked the board by first ship, a destroyer is out of charleston, south carolina, and met the captain. you can imagine i was nervous, as we all were. the captain was a salty old sea captain, and when i presented my orders, at the very least i was expecting a lecture. what i got was something completely different, something that stuck with me my entire life. he sat me down and he looked me in the eye and said, "i want you to know, i trust you, that your country is counting on you. while you might make mistakes, we are all in this together." and then he said, "get out there and go do your job." feeling the confidence that gave me has been one of the most enduring gift i got from my service. i know many of us have similar stories. the confidence we gained in ourselves, our ability to do things we never thought imaginable, and what we can do together is what america needs today. is what we need to bottle and
11:50 am
deliver to our country. my company, wal-mart, has been called a microcosm of america. tonight, the 31st of the month, as every month, the end of every month, around 11:00 p.m., crowds start to gather in our store and we see families, young mothers, starting to shop, and they by a formula, diapers, things that they need, and a they mill at the front of the store until midnight, then they start to check out. why, you might ask? we have a crowd at midnight on the 31st of the month because that is one of the electronic benefits, electronic food cards andghit their they can check out. it will break your heart to watch it people lining up for food at midnight. we are open 24 hours and you can just as easily come in the
11:51 am
morning. our customers are working hard for their families. but the economy is not working for them right now. they feel like sometimes their leaders are not listening to them. and things like this credit downgrade, while it may not impact them personally financially, it just hurts the money got level, hurts them for our countries sake. -- hurts them on a gut level, hurts them for our country's safe. while it is rough, it is not pearl harbor bad or 9/11 bad. it is all man-made. 30 americans, 17 of them navy seals, making the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. that is bad. the credit downgrade is just wall street's opinion. these are man-made problems and to consult them together.
11:52 am
what do i mean by "we"? and i also made we a we the people in this room, the people listening, veterans of the armed forces, those who stormed the beaches and parachuted behind enemy lines. everybody is hoping the cattle we will ride in and saved the day. actually, we don't need to wait at all. -- we don't need to wait for that at all. think about our history to america's veterans, view of the cavalry -- america's veterans, you are the cavalry. after world war ii, a shi'ite's came home and lead the country to the larger -- as economic it g.i.'s came home and let the country to the largest economic growth period in history. i've got a ton of confidence in this generation.
11:53 am
they are incredible. when i signed up to serve, we do, that was a possibility, but for this generation come -- we knew combat was a possibility, but for this generation is a probability. my nephew is at fort rucker and alabama right now learning how to become a helicopter pilot. he and his peers impressed me so much, because two, three, four deployments, and still they answered the call of duty. . they are why i am so confident everything is going to be ok. for us, our obligation is to create conditions for their success so that when a they, palm, they can lead us to a better day. -- when they come home, they can lead us to a better day. it is all about jobs. we act like it job creation is some big mystery, but we know how to create jobs.
11:54 am
you hire somebody put it is not really that complicated. with respect to jobs, now is not the time to retreat or wait. now is the time to tackle our problems head-on. i run wal-mart u.s., a company founded by a veteran. today, i am pleased to announce that wal-mart will open more than 100 new stores by the end of the year, with new opportunities for new associates, and more than 15,000 people will be hired for these stores. we will create more jobs by buying local products from people, things like produce grown by local farmers, and we are not stopping there. in october, we will announce growth plans for next year. more stores, more jobs. i am proud of the jobs we have a wal-mart. these are good jobs, good careers. inside our stores, every day the american dream comes to life.
11:55 am
for example, last year we promoted 140,000 hourly associates. that is like giving everybody engaging, ohio promotion. -- in dayton, ohio promotion. there is one rumor about wal- mart and wal-mart's benefits that is true. if you work for wal-mart, you are the spouse -- and the spouse in the military gets transferred, we will guarantee you a job in the new location. [applause] you have heard a lot this week about unemployment among veterans being too high, and a as. we are doing something about it. i will come right out and say it -- we love hiring veterans. [applause] thank you. but frankly, is it selfish. that is not only have a record of performance under pressure,
11:56 am
they are technologically savvy, quick learners and team players. we are quite certain we are the largest private employer of veterans in the country . i would like to introduce one of them to you today. she was a captain in the united states army, and was part of the surge in iraq. we did not hire her because she was a great retailer. she did not have retail experience when we hired her. we hired her because she's a proven leader. today, she's a successful store manager with responsibility for almost 400 associates and over $50 million in sales, and she has a very bright future and our company. [applause] all the details of our veterans recruiting efforts are available on our new web site,
11:57 am
there is a cool application where you can enter your military background and it will tell you which jobs you will be qualified for at wal-mart. one last thing, and this is important -- wal-mart and the wal-mart foundation made a commitment last year of $10 million to provide job training and entrepreneurship among the veterans. [applause] thank you. we are on track already in the first year to donate 5 million of the 10 million in the first year. i am proud to announce today that a doubling our commitment to $20 million over the next five years for veterans programs. [applause] we are not waiting on government, businesses or anybody else. frankly, if your business plan involves waiting for somebody else, i wish you all the best. we believe that there are a few things our leaders can do, things that won't save the day,
11:58 am
help with the wind at our backs -- but could help with the wind at our backs. we can start taking care of our veterans when they come home. it is a moral obligation, yes, but they have so much to offer our country. second, we need to promote more exports, because more exports means more jobs. there are freefree trade agreement is ready to go, let's pass them and get on with it. we need to lower the overall tax rate. every tax break in and said it needs to be on the table. finally come together, we can work together to bring back american manufacturing. rising fuel and transportation costs are making it more efficient to source products locally and create local jobs. this is a real opportunity. we at wal-mart are working with suppliers and helping to tip the scales where we can. but revitalizing america's manufacturing base will take all
11:59 am
of us -- business, government, labor and community leaders. it will be easy. actually, it will be pretty hard. but it will be fall -- won't be fallujah hard, and we can start by believing we can do it. i told you at the beginning that i was going to ask you for something. now i'm going to ask you -- what can we all do together? i will tell you at the store and i know he will be able to relate to this, too. in the spring of 1984, my ship sailed for home after being on the coast of lebanon during that horrible tragedy did we stopped by ryland -- was stopped by rhode island not far from my home town in connecticut. this is in the day before cellphones and i did not call my mother did i just rented a car and drove.
12:00 pm
i can remember what it was like to drive up to the house. i was never so proud to serve my country. you all that feeling. that is what we need to recapture today. despite everything that is happening in our country that might make us want to turn away, we love this country and leave in its future. america is still the richest nation on earth, still the most dynamic -- america is still the greatest nation on earth, still the most dynamic and most free could still the best place to start a business, a fall in love, raise a family and rolled, and if you are lucky, have a few grandkids. let's remember that certainty that the best days are ahead of us. that is what will get us through. commit to this new hero. we will give back for more than
12:01 pm
we give. with these leaders there's discipline, training and a passion for service. whether you finished your service a few weeks ago or a few decades ago, join us in this effort. secondly, and all of us need to do this, go back to your communities and tell them about the american legion and what you heard here this week. remind them why you served this great country. remind them why you put on the uniform, said goodbye to your loved ones and traveled to farahway places, why you got your orders and looked the enemies in the eyes. remind them why america is worth fighting for and dying for and why you still believe that today. pride, conviction, confidence are the first steps towards getting our economy going again. we don't need to wait on anybody to do that. america's veterans can again lead the way. i know you've already given so much. it's hard to ask any more of you, but as i said, you were
12:02 pm
the cavalry. and like one captain said that hopeful kid, i trust you, your country's counting on you and we're all in this together. now, let's go do our jobs. thank you very much. [applause] is -- >> while, the new head of the c.i.a., david petraeus, was sworn in today at the white house ceremony. vice president joe biden and commending the four-star general for his leadership in the u.s. military following september 11. director petraeus will now head the c.i.a. he retired from the army last week. and over at the pentagon, leon pennetta, who had been c.i.a. director, now moves to secretary of defense. in politics, governor rick perry of texas saying he isn't saying yet whether he plans to
12:03 pm
take part in a debate that's scheduled for this week in california or stay in texas to deal with the wildfires there that officials say have destroyed more than 1,000 homes this week. perry is "more substantially concerned," than he is about the debate plan for wednesday, for tomorrow. our coverage later today on c-span includes new york mayor rudy giuliani. he is talking about september 11. and white house coverage. presidential hopeful mitt romney, he'll be dealing his jobs plan which he wrote in "usa today." the plan, a 59-point plan which includes lowering the corporate tax rate. you'll hear his comments this afternoon at 3:40. on thursday president obama will speak to a joint session of congress about his plan and we'll have live coverage of that joint session at 7:00 p.m.
12:04 pm
eastern. >> this weekend, the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 on the c-span networks with live coverage from each of the memorial sites. new york city, shanksville, pennsylvania, and the pentagon. here's our live schedule -- saturday on c-span at 12:30 p.m. eastern, the flight 93 national memorial dedication ceremony from shanksville, pennsylvania. and one from the world trade center site with president obama and former president bush. on c-span 2 at 9:00, vice president biden from the pentagon. and on c-span3 at 9:30, honoring those who lost their lives on united flight 93. 9/11 remembered, this weekend on the c-span networks. >> u.s. chamber of commerce vice president and marine kevin schmiegel in minneapolis. he announced the chamber's plan that includes a network of
12:05 pm
small businesses focused on hiring veterans and an advisory council that's made up of officials from wal-mart, fedex and other large u.s. companies. he speaks to the convention for about 20 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> i want to thank commander foster for inviting me today. i'm truly humbled to be in all of your presence. i have to admit i was a little bit nervous when i read the agenda and found out i was speaking the day after the president. i was involved at a forum similar to this couple months ago, and as i spoke after the president the audience was much thinner than what's before me today. so i appreciate you all staying around to listen to me and to hear what we're doing across the country to help our nation's veterans. i hope i don't disappoint you. two years ago i retired from the marine corps after 20 years of active duty service. i have to admit -- [applause] >> thank you. i have to admit not a day goes
12:06 pm
by when i don't miss the men and women who i served with as a marine. that's why it's so special for me to be here today surrounded by people, men and women like you have served our country and the community like minneapolis that truly appreciates the value and are the sacrifices our military families make every day to defend our freedoms. this morning i hope you hear something in my presentation. i'm not here to describe what could be done or what should be done or what would be done if we had more funding or laws were changed. i'm here today to talk about a program that is sfow cussed on doing -- focused on doing things every day to help our nation's heroes. next slide, please. in march of this year, the u.s. chamber of commerce launched a program called "retiring our
12:07 pm
heroes," a year-long nationwide initiative to help military and spouses to help find jobs in hundreds of communities across the country. we started in collaboration with the department of labor vets and the employers in support of the guard and reserve and as part of the white house jining forces -- joining forces initiative because we understood that the government and the private sector needed to work more closely together to do a better job of matching veterans' talent with opportunities that exist in the private sector. we also started the program with the understanding that the key to success for this initiative is the local community. i can have discussions every day in washington with politicians about what we need to do. but it is the local communities and small business owners that are going to make a difference in this effort. it's also organizations like the american legion that can
12:08 pm
play a significant role in helping veterans find meaningful employment after they serve our can you be. my own transition -- serve our own country. my own transition, i was lucky to have a mentor like general jim jones who was the commandant of the marine corps and president obama's national security advisor. he took a very special interest in my transition from the military to the private sector. i was lucky to be at the right place at the right time, and i was lucky to go to an organization like the u.s. chamber of commerce that understands and appreciates the value of hiring a veteran. not every veteran is that lucky. next slide. this map captures many of the reasons why i'm here today. of the 12 million veterans in the civilian work force, there are nearly one million
12:09 pm
unemployed veterans in america. in my mind that is simply not acceptable. on top of that, we have over 160,000 service members that are getting ready to leave active duty year after year. on top of that, we have 100,000 guard and reservists that are denoblizing this year. many -- demobilizing this year. many people are asking, why is this such a big issue if veterans' unemployment nearly mirrors the national average? the fact is if we don't do something about this now, right now, the situation will get dramatically worse. and why do i say that? i say it for three reasons. if you look at iraq and afghanistan veterans, their unemployment rate is 13.3%. among iraq and afghanistan veterans, if you look at 18 to 24-year-olds, their unemployment is at 30%.
12:10 pm
secondly, and i talked a little bit about the guard and reservists, 100,000 demobilizing this year, they're suffering from 13% unemployment. in some rural communities, they have 13% unemployment after serving their country for a year in places like afghanistan and iraq. thirdly, the president said we would bring 33,000 additional troops back from afghanistan and we all know that there are place in the works right now to significantly drawdown the armed forces. well, if you take all those things together and you look at the populations we just talked about, the number is going to grow to 1.1 million to 1.2 million and that is not acceptable. why else did the chamber get involved? first of all, many of our members want to hire veterans. small companies, medium-sized companies, big companies want to hire veterans. before i took this job i was
12:11 pm
the chief of staff at the chamber before i retired to the marine corps. i traveled all over this country and heard hundreds of fortune 500 c.e.o.'s say, how do i get a hold of veterans? so here we have a million unemployed veterans in america and we have c.e.o.'s saying, how do i get veterans? how much sense does that make? even with high unemployment, there's a significant skills gap in america. we have something called structural unemployment. there are over three million jobs in america that can't be filled right now because we have a lack of a trained work force. veterans can fill that gap because they have unique leadership experience. they have advanced technical skills. they're reliable. they're problem solvers, and if they don't have the skills, they're highly trainable. so how much sense again does it make that we have three million jobs that can't be filled because we don't have the skills to fill them but you have this ready work force willing to do it? and 90% of all military
12:12 pm
occupations are directly transferable to jobs in the private sector. how much people know that? how many people take the time to learn that? just because a kid's resume doesn't have a college degree in it, we've given them hundreds of thousands of jobs to be machinists and there are jobs that can be filled right away if we match these talented young men and women with opportunities that already exist in the private sector. and finally, as the world's largest business federation, we, the chamber, have a civic responsibility to make sure that veterans get a special place in the private sector work force. we have 1,700 state and local chambers, we have 600 trade associations that are members of the chamber, we have three million businesses that are affiliated with the u.s. chamber of commerce. with that scale, with that size, with that scope we have a responsibility to do something about it. next slide. so what did we decide to do?
12:13 pm
on april 12, as part of the joining forces initiative, the chamber committed to conduct 100 hiring fairs over a 12-month period. connecting 10,000 veterans and military spouses with employers in local communities across the country. the results thus far have been palpable. since the launch of hiring our heroes just five months ago we conducted 19 hiring fairs. we've connected 20,000 veterans and military spouses with over 1,000 employers in 15 different states. our 19th hiring fair was held in this very building on saturday in close coordination with the american legion who put together this wonderful convention. we had the help of every government agency you could think of in the state of minnesota in addition, we had seven state and local chambers from the state of minnesota that came together to put on a hiring fair with 60 employers, small, medium and large
12:14 pm
businesses that had job opportunities for over 400 veterans and military spouses that attended that hiring fair. that's significant in a state where veterans suffer from an unemployment rate that's 2 1/2 times for nonveterans in a state. we will be in minnesota again and again and again until the difference is made. and we'll be in 81 other cities before the end of march. so many of you are asking, so what about the jobs? how many veterans and how many military spouses have you placed? i'll answer that question in two ways. first of all, we're tracking measures and it's not easy. we send surveys to every veteran that attends the hiring fair and every employer and we have a 20% response rate. they're part of the problem. so we're pushing every day to make sure we get better measures. br there are success stories. -- but there are success stories. in chicago we had 127 employers, 1,200 veterans and over 200 of them got jobs.
12:15 pm
again, so what? we are going to do 100 of these hiring fairs and may place 15,000 to 20,000 veterans. ok. i'll get that. i will say that this doesn't scratch the surface. this isn't about creating numbers. this is about connecting the public and private sector in a meaningful way so that when we shut down the tables and pull the chairs away from the hiring fair we've created a team of leaders in that community that will take ownership of this issue. it's not about the one-day hiring fair. it's about what they do the day before and the day after because veterans and their families are returning to those communities every day. not just on the day we're doing the hiring fair. it's a means to an end. we are on the verge of creating such a movement. i can tell you that because in the 15 states we've done hiring fairs those core group of leaders have already decided to do more hiring fairs in three or four more cities.
12:16 pm
over the course of the last four weeks, we've received calls from 13 state and local chambers that said, hey, we know you've already got 100 hiring fairs planned, we know we are not on the list, we are going to do one anyway. that's about creating a movement. that is a campaign. in the next three months alone we'll conduct 54 hiring fairs in 36 states. so the momentum is building and building and building. some of these successes have been because of the media. listen, i know there's a p.r. aspect to this, but my only concern, my only measure success is the jobs for the unemployed veterans in america. we covered events in l.a. and new york alone. 300 million people -- 300 million people viewed or listened to those leadups to the hiring fair. the media that was surrounding those events. to that end we're partnering
12:17 pm
with nbc who's agreed to cover all 100 of the hiring fairs to their 212 local affiliates. they've already announced the broadcast of a national show by brian williams called "making a difference on the home front." it didn't hurt that when we forged the relationship with nbc that their vice president, val nicholas, happened to be a legionaire. the chamber announced last week our intent to significantly expand this movement to several hundred cities in 2012. so what can be done to achieve this vision? next slide, please. first, we have to have a call of action of our own members. this map shows 1,700 state and local chambers that we have across the country. but we can't do it alone. the chambers can't do this without the help of organizations just like the american legion that have the grassroots infrastructure to
12:18 pm
mary up what the local chambers are doing across america. i am confident that we can go from 100 to 300 or 400 hiring fairs in local communities, in rural areas, in suburban areas with help of men and women like you because you understand, you understand the sacrifices the young men and women have made and you've done it yourself. imagine if you took a map of every legion post across the country and overlaid it with the map i just showed you. imagine the potential of what we can do and the movement that we can create together by just taking a legion post and a local chamber of four or five employees and saying, hey, let's get a lunch. let's throw a lunch five or six employers with jobs for veterans and we'll get all 20 or 30 unemployed veterans in that small rural community and get them together for a couple
12:19 pm
of hours to talk about job opportunities. we already started this with a pilot program in new jersey. we are working with paul and rich in ocean and burlington county to doing hiring fairs on october 22 and november 4. is there going to be as much fanfare? no. are there going to be 100 different media outlets? no. but nbc will be there because they are a proud partner of this initiative. while this chamber legion model may seem simple to some people, this is the way to create a movement. for all the posts that are represented here today, we look forward to working with you to make a difference on the issue that impacts veterans and their families the most and that's jobs. make no mistake about it. i'm not here to talk about tax credits or any of those things that a lot of other people are talking about. i'm here to talk about jobs because none of those other things matter unless someone can put food on the table and roof over their families and having the satisfaction of going to a job every day that
12:20 pm
they did when they wore the uniform. think about the potential, too, about all of you and the mentoring roles for the men and women that served in iraq and afghanistan and can benefit from your leadership and your insights and i guarantee you if i did a survey of this room i guarantee some of you still own businesses and maybe you'll hire a veteran. we're going to do three other things and we're going to announce them on veterans day but this is a sneak peek. on veterans day the u.s. chamber of commerce will launch a private sector national veterans movement advisory council. it will be comprised of the 25 biggest companies in america, wal-mart, fedex, triwest, siemens have already agreed to do it. we are having discussions with our industry leaders because if we put 25 industry leaders together representing millions of jobs, think about the voice in washington and think about the -- their change, the
12:21 pm
paradigm shift, ok, someone retired, i'm going to hire a vet first. think about the impact we can have. but it's not going to be done -- it's not going to be done with big business alone which brings me to my second point. we're going to exercise our network of state and local chambers to get as many of the three million small businesses that are part of that network involved with veteran hirings to commit to hire one veteran when the conditions are right. if you tie that with the 3 1/2 million veteran-owned small businesses we are going to reach out to and we can get 10% of them, 10% to hire one veteran by 2013, just one we will cut veterans' unemployment in half. that's a movement. and third, you can't just do these high touch events everywhere so we are going to create an i.t. architecture that employers and veterans can go to 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they'll have the tools they need -- veterans will have the tools they need to transition by getting advice
12:22 pm
on resume building, by getting advice on how to get a mentor because we'll have a network of millions of mentors, men and women just like you. it will be a cradle to grave system. it's not just about the hiring fair. it's about the day before and the day after. next slide. as i conclude, i want to stress one thing. this is not about charity. it's not about good p.r. this is about connecting talented vicious and military spouses with job opportunities that we know exist in the private sector. next slide. veterans are the most resilient, strong, adaptive team players who will rise to any challenge and never recognize failure. we all know that. we all know that because we see it every day on our televisions when we look at places like iraq and afghanistan.
12:23 pm
i'm often asked why we do this with veterans when the rest of the nation is suffering from high unemployment. as a veteran myself i want to say, are you kidding me? we have men and women putting themselves in harm's way every day and serving our country and you ask a question? really? we have men and women in uniform leave their family and loved ones behind for 12 months and we shouldn't make a special effort to help them find jobs? but instead i leave those personal feelings aside. and i make the business case for why we should hire vicious and military spouses. i talk about the increase in productivity. i talk about the effectiveness. i talk about the efficiency. and i state what's good for business is good for the economy so companies should hire veterans. we believe that there is an incredible opportunity right now, an incredible moment in time to really make a
12:24 pm
difference. everyone's talking about this. admiral mullen once called it the sea of good will. we have to take advantage of that opportunity. the white house is talking about this. the congress is talking about this. nonprofits are talking about this and the business community is talking about it. martin luther king once said, the time is always right to do what is right. there has never been a moment in time more right than this to help veterans and families. as you leave minneapolis and reflect on all the things you heard from the host of speakers before you, i want you to consider one thing going forward -- what is more important, talking about what can be done or getting out there and doing it? you have my word as a marine that the u.s. chamber of commerce is going to continue to do everything it can every day to make a difference in the lives of our nation's heroes.
12:25 pm
namely by helping them find jobs in the private sector. as i look out across this ballroom full of patriots, i hope we can count on each of you to help us to do even more. thank you for your time. [applause] ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> a look at milwaukee, wisconsin. representative tammy baldwin entering the race for the u.s. senate seat being vacated by retiring democrat herb kohl. the sorbleted press writes that the seat is one of at least eight open spots that will help determine the balance of power in the senate where republicans need to pick up just four seats to take control. again, tammy baldwin, congresswoman from wisconsin entering the senate race there
12:26 pm
in wisconsin. looking at our program schedule -- live coverage on c-span includes former mayor rudy giuliani of new york. he's at the national press club talking about the september 11 anniversary. the 10th anniversary is this sunday. his comments this afternoon at 1:00. a road to the white house coverage this afternoon at 3:40 with mitt romney talking about his jobs plan, a plan that contains 59 specific proposals. president obama will be releasing and announcing his jobs plan in a joint session of congress speech on thursday. thursday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. nancy pelosi, the democratic leader and other democrats holding a news conference also about jobs this afternoon. we'll have coverage of that too but the joint session speech is thursday at 7:00 eastern. >> in 1844, henry clay ran for president of the united states and lost, but he changed political history. he's one of the 14 men featured in c-span's new weekly series
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"the contenders." this week live from ashland, henry clay's kentucky home. friday at 8:00 eastern. >> an annual survey on teen attitudes toward drug use find teens who spend time in social networking are at a risk of smoking, drinking and substance abuse. joseph califano, former health secretary, talks about those findings now. this is half-hour. >> ok. good morning. this morning we are releasing annual back-to-school survey. the 16th annual back-to-school survey continues the unique effort of the national center on addiction and substance abuse at columbia university,
12:28 pm
casa columbia, to track attitudes of teens and those like parents who influence them. for more than a decade and a half through this survey we've identified factors related to an increase or decrease in the likelihood that a 12 to 17-year-old will abuse substances. armed with this knowledge, parents, teachers, clergy, coaches and other responsible adults are better able to help our nation's teens grow up drug-free and healthy. we regard this as a work in progress. as we try each year to improve our ability to identify those situations, characteristic and conduct that influence the risk that a teen will smoke, drink, get drunk, use illegal drugs or abuse controlled prescription drugs. over the past 17 years we have
12:29 pm
surveyed thousands of american teens and their parents. we have learned how teen attitudes and the attitudes of their parents influence teen behavior. and through surget -- surrogate questions, if you want to get marijuana right now how long would it take you to get it? how many of your friends smoke or drink or use drugs? at what proportion of the parties thaw go to are alcohol and drugs available? perhaps, the most important finding from so many years of surveying teens and other research is this -- a child who gets through age 21 without smoking, without abusing alcohol and without using illegal drugs is virtually certain never to do so. and for better or worse, no one has greater power to influence a teen's decision whether to smoke, drink or use drugs than that teen's parents.
12:30 pm
in focus groups that we done ducted -- conducted earlier this year to prepare questions, every year before we do the survey we focus group with teens to make sure the question we ask is the question they hear and to find out what's on their minds. this year teens discussed the influence of social networking activity and its relationship to substance abuse. so for the first time in any of our casa surveys in order to explore that relationship this year we asked teens questions about social networking. there are two other firsts in this year's summary -- survey. we examined the relationship between viewing suggestive teen television programming and the risk of teen substance abuse. and we explored the relationship between certain attitudes attributed to many teens and the risk of teen substance abuse. the results are profoundly
12:31 pm
troubling. this year's survey reveals how the anything goes, free for all world of internet expression, suggestive television programming and what the hell attitudes put teens at sharply increased risk of substance abuse. and the survey results drive home the need for parents to better appreciate their power to give their children the will and skills to keep their heads above the water of corrupting cultural currents that their children must navigate. this survey provides what every parent should know about teen social networking. for 12 to 17-year-olds, time spent on facebook, myspace and other social networking sites puts them at increased risk of smoking, drinking and drug use. compared to teens who in a typical day do not spend any time on a social networking site, those who do are five
12:32 pm
times likely to use tobacco, three times likely to use alcohol and twice as likely to use marijuana. no wonder with what's on facebook and other social networking sites for teens to see. half of the teens who spent any time on social networking sites in a typical day have seen pictures of kids drunk, passed out or using drugs on these sites. even 14% of those teens who spend no time on social networking sites in a typical day have seen such pictures. on those sites. especially troubling and alarming are that almost half the teens who have seen pictures of kids drunk, passed out or using drugs on facebook and other social networking sites first saw such pictures when they were 13 years of age or younger. more than 90% first saw such
12:33 pm
pictures when they were 15 or younger. these facts alone should strike facebook fear into the hearts of parents of young children. unfortunately the survey reveals that most parents do not appreciate the risks of their teen social networking. nine out of 10 parents do not think teens spending time on social networking sites like facebook are likely to drink or use drugs. and only 64% of parents who say their teen has a social networking page say they monitor it. the time has come for those who operate and profit from social networking sites like facebook to deploy their technological expertise to curve such images and to deny use of their sites to children and teens who post pictures of themselves and
12:34 pm
their friends drunk, passed out or using drugs. continuing to provide the electronic vehicle for transmitting such images constitutes electronic child abuse. this survey also provides parents with what they should know about suggestive teen programming. teens who watch suggestive teen television programming like "jersey shore" or "16 and pregnant" and "gossip girl" in a week are likely to use tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. he relationships of social networking site images of kids drunk, passed out or using drugs and of suggestive teen programming to increase teen risk of substance abuse offers grotesque confirmation of an adage that a picture is worth 1,000 words. in the cultural seas into which
12:35 pm
we toss our teens, parents are essential to preventing their substance abuse. once again, our survey findings underscore the points made in my book "how to raise a drug-free kid: the straight dope for parents." for better or worse, parents have more influence over their teen's risk of substance abuse than anyone else. a word of appreciation here, i'd like to thank steve wagner, the president of k.v. an lytics who are here for administering the telephone survey and especially for his work in developing the survey and analyzing all the data as he's done for many years and kathleen at casa who analyzed the survey and doing the report. now, let me go to these slides and take you through this in a little more detail. every year we have survey
12:36 pm
advisors -- we have survey advisors who give us -- who review our survey, review our questions, review our analysis. this year we did two nationally represented surveys. one by telephone, as you can see, about half boys and half girls. and one over the internet about half boys and half girls. little more boys. and of the parents of about 500 of the parents of those boys and girls. each year we ask teens, what are their top concerns, and as you can see drugs, tobacco, alcohol and drugs along with social pressures which include pressure to smoke or drink or use drugs are clearly their top concern. we ask parents the same question. we say, what do you think your
12:37 pm
teen's top concern is? and you'll notice a very low number of parents consider tobacco, alcohol and drugs their top concern. on to social networking and substance abuse. we said, how many hours in a typical day do you spend on facebook, myspace or orblee -- other social networking sites? 70% of the 12 to 17-year-olds said they spent time in a typical day on those sites. 30% said they spent no time. and i should note when i refer to teens here i am talking about 12 to 17-year-olds which was the group surveyed. of those who spent time you can see that those who spent time in a typical day on a social networking site were five times likely to smoke, three times likely to drink and about twice as likely to use marijuana.
12:38 pm
now, why? well, we asked if they've ever seen pictures on these sites of kids getting drunk or passed out or using drugs? and 40% of the kids said yes. we asked them the age in which they saw the pictures. 12% were 10 and 11. 36% 12 and 13 and 90% were 15 and younger. and then we asked them in a typical day, what -- you know, 51% of those who spent time in a typical day on a social networking site saw those -- saw those pictures. remarkably, 14% who didn't saw those pictures as well. now, if they'd seen the
12:39 pm
pictures, there's a much higher risk of substance abuse, as you can see here. they are much likely to drink and to use marijuana. we also ask kids every year, do you think you're likely to try drugs in the future. and kids who have seen these images on social networking sites are almost three times likely to expect they will try drugs in the future. then we said, how fast can you get substances? you'll see more about that a little later in the survey. and you'll see the ability to get their hands on alcohol, marijuana and controlled prips drugs much greater, much higher percentage for teens who have seen these images on social networking sites. twice as likely to be able to get alcohol. four times as likely to get marijuana and almost three times as likely to get prescription drugs.
12:40 pm
we also asked programs about suggestive teen programming. questions. and the question was, you know, do you watch reality shows like "jersey shore," "teen mom" or "16 and pregnant," or do you watch teen dramas like "skins" or "gossip girl"? about a third of the tines watched them. a much higher percentage of girls watch these shows than boits. 46% of boys and only 19% of boys. we then checked that against the use of substances and as you can see kids who watch these shows in a typical week are twice as likely to smoke, almost twice as likely to drink and about 1 1/2 times as likely to use marijuana. we asked them whether -- how
12:41 pm
fast they can get these substances within a day or less? as you can see again kids watching these shows are able to get their hands on alcohol and marijuana and controlled prescription drugs like oxy cotin and vicodin, a much higher percentage of these kids. we asked some questions about cyberbullying because there's been so much attention to cyberbullying in the literature and the press. we asked these 12 to 17-year-olds, had anyone ever written or posted something embarrassing or mean about you on facebook or any of these social networking sites. one in five teens said, yes, somebody had. and there, as you can seerks cyberbullied teens, teens that had been cyberbullied are twice as likely to smoke, twice as
12:42 pm
likely to drink and twice as likely to use marijuana. cyberbullying apparently has some affect on these kids. and they are much likely to say that they think they will try drugs in the future. then, we -- and the questions we asked parents, we asked parents questions about what they thought of their teens social networking. we asked if you thought spending time on these sites made it more likely the child would drink or use drugs. and as you can see, 87% of parents said no with respect to alcohol. 89% said no with respect to drug use. we also asked them whether they thought the harm outweighed the benefits of being on social networking. this is related very much to the age of the child. parents of younger children, 12 and 13-year-olds, are much
12:43 pm
likelier to be concerned about the harm to their child social networking their the 16 and 17-year-olds. we asked teens about certain attitudes. we asked them about three things. we said, do you agree with this statement -- if a friend of mine uses illegal drugs, it's none of my business? as you can see, those who agree with that statement are much likelier to smoke, three times likelier -- two times likelier to drink and three times likelier to use marijuana. we asked them another -- we said, do you agree with the statement that i should be able to do what i want with my own body and, again, kids who agree with that statement are much likelier -- actually, four times likelier to smoke, twice as likelier to drink, three times likely to use nauverage. -- marijuana.
12:44 pm
we put a third statement out there. we said, it's not a big deal to have sex with someone you don't care much about. and here again, sharp differences. kids who agree with that statement were five times likelier to smoke, almost -- 2 1/2 times likelier to drink and three times likelier to use marijuana. we asked parents other questions. we said, do you agree completely with the -- your other parent about what to say to your children about drinking and where parents don't completely agree with, where they're not sending a consistent message, as you can see their kids are much likelier to drink and similarly, we asked them whether they agreed completely about what to say to their kids about drug use. you can see here these kids are -- kids of parents who don't
12:45 pm
send a consistent message are three times likelier to use drugs. and also we asked them -- the teens of these parents, do you think you'll try -- likelier to try drugs in the future and where their parents don't agree completely, again, much likelier, three times likelier to say they'll use drugs in the future. very important message here for parents to give the same consistent message and guidance to their teens. not surprisingly where parents smoked their kids are much likelier to smoke. and where parents smoked marijuana, their kids are much likelier to smoke marijuana. prescription painkillers, there's been a lot about -- where do kids get prescription
12:46 pm
painkillers, how do they get them. so we asked some questions about prescription painkillers in the home. we asked kids whether they knew there were prescription painkillers in their home. as you can see, 14% said yes. about half -- little over half said no. and almost a third said they didn't know. the kids who say prescription drugs are the easiest to get are those who believe there are painkillers in their home, who say there are painkillers in the home, who know that. and similarly, they are the kids who are much likely to be able to get prescription drugs in a very short period of time. every year we ask about schools, and the message here is sad. i mean, you can see since 2007 we made no progress on getting
12:47 pm
drugs out of high schools in this country. 60% of schools -- students going to schools where drugs are used, kept or sold. middle school students is much bumpier but by and large it's been, i'd say, an average of about a quarter of the schools, schools where drugs are used, kept and sold. there is quite a sharp difference and has been for many years between private schools and public schools. private school kids are much likelier to say their school is drug-free. we're not able to separate out religious schools. we don't have a large enough sample there. this is both religous and secular private schools. what's important about whether drugs are in school? where drugs are used, kept and sold are much likelier to smoke, to drink and to use those drugs. as you see here.
12:48 pm
and they are much likelier to be able to get their hands on alcohol and marijuana and controlled prescription drugs within an hour or less. they're buying from a classmate. getting it from a classmate. not from somebody in some lousy neighborhood with a trench coat on. a couple of other notable findings -- we noticed last year that only 5% of kids who have never used tobacco tried marijuana compared to 61% of kids who had ever used tobacco. and when that came through it's just as strong this year. 6% of kids who never used tobacco, never smoked, never smoked marijuana. 68% of kids did. this is a relationship that bears a lot more work from the scientific community. the relationship between
12:49 pm
nicotine and marijuana. we ask every year how fast can you get substances. as you can see cigarettes is pretty much the easiest substance to get. number two goes back and forth between marijuana and beer. i would note a significant jump, 2011 over 2010 in the percentage of kids who say marijuana is the easiest to get from 15% to 22%. as has been shown in the past, kids who attend religious services regularly are necessary likely to smoke, drink and use kids and much less likely to say that they think they'll try drugs in the future. and the last slide, family dinners, there will be a full family dinner report in september on family day, but, again, the more often kids have
12:50 pm
dinner with their parents the less likely they are to smoke, drink and use substances. family dinners are clearly a surrogate for presental engagement. family day is the 26th of september. let me just sum this up. i think it's -- i think what's really important about the social networking is i don't think anybody thinks that we ought to have 12 to 17-year-olds posting pictures of themselves drunk or using drugs or passed out. or any other -- or other inappropriate things but particularly there. there it seems to me there is an enormous responsibility on the part of facebook and similar social networking sites to take steps to get this off
12:51 pm
their sites. this is inexcusable. they have the technological capability to deny kids who do that, the ability to go on their sites. that will be a very powerful deterrent. and we think it will be of enormous help to our children and to parents who are trying to raise healthy drug-free kids. thank you and any questions i'll be happy to take. yes. >> what is the cyberbullying connection, like in [inaudible] >> excuse me. >> on the cyberbullying section, you said the relationship of people who have been cyberbullying is more likely to use alcohol and other drugs. how about, is there any -- were
12:52 pm
any questions asked about people who do the cyberbullying, are they under the influence of alcohol and other drugs? >> we did not ask. we did not ask those questions. so i can't -- >> do you intend to ask them in the next survey? >> we'll look -- we'll go out and do the focus groups again and see what's on the kids' minds and we'll -- that will have a big impact on the survey. that's a good question. >> i have been theer rising that it -- therorizig that it's easier to do those things if they are under the influence. >> ok. go ahead. >> thanks for presenting these findings. it's very interesting. this is like a chicagoen and
12:53 pm
egg. family dinners are probably a proxy for parental involvement. along the same lines, when we're talking about the amount of time that kids spend on facebook and what they see there, are they -- do you view that as a cause of substance abuse and other risky behaviors or is it a proxy for them? if you asked this question 15 years ago but said, are you at a party on saturday night, is it that the kids that are engaged in risky behaviors hanging around with other kids who drink are more likely to see those pictures online because they're in touch with their friends and doing it online rather than at a party or is there something about seeing the pictures that triggers the behavior? >> we're not talking about causeation here. we're talking about an association. one of the objectives here and has been in the other surveys is to eye getify conduct or characteristics that -- identify conduct or characteristics that signals the increased risk that kids
12:54 pm
will use substances so that a parent can know that. you'll notice how these things tend to cluster. the kids that see -- that spend time on the social networking site are likelier to use drugs. they're also likelier to be able to get them faster. and so -- but the point is if you're a parent, if you're a parent and your kids are coming home every night or every -- i got to watch "jersey shore," i got to watch "16 and pregnant," spend an hour or two on the social networking site, that ought to be a signal to you. you ought to monitor what your kids are doing on a social networking site. you ought to know there is a level of increased risk. >> is it like water finding, you know a place to go? in other words, if you -- leaving aside this with the straight question whether 18-year-olds and younger should be able to post these sorts of pictures, if you remove them, are you dealing with the problem or merely cutting off that avenue and it's moving somewhere else?
12:55 pm
>> oh, i don't -- i think for many kids will create a much healthier world for them to look at. and i don't think we're necessarily moving it to somewhere else. i think you have to look at all the things kids are subjected to. there's an article in the academy of -- american academy of peed at ricks in -- pediatrics in march of this year about social networking which talksing about sexting and other inappropriate conduct and the impact on kids. there is something unhealthy about subjecting kids to all of that. about kids watching that. it's just human nature. we think it would be an important, healthy factor for these pictures not to be on social networking sites. >> thank you. >> ok. thank you, all, very much.
12:56 pm
[captioning performed by natonal captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> in texas more than 1,000
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homes have been destroyed in at least 57 wildfires. texas governor rick perry speaking at a news conference near one of the fire areas. 100,000 acres have been burned in that state. he has not said yet whether he will participate in the scheduled republican presidential candidates debate that was set for wednesday. we will keep you posted. on our "road to the white house" coverage today, mitt romney speaking at 3:40 this afternoon. republican presidential hopeful speaking about his jobs plan which he gave a sneak preview in the op-ed in "the u.s.a. today." a 59-point proposal. we'll have his comments at 3:40 p.m. eastern. president obama will talk about his jobs plan thursday night in a joint session of congress. and that gets underwape at 7:00 p.m. eastern. the house and senate coming back this week after a month-long summer recess. the senate meeting today and you can see it live on c-span 2. they will consider a judicial nomination as well as moving ahead with the bill that
12:58 pm
changes u.s. patent law. over in the house, they come in for legislative work tomorrow and debate will begin this week on bills expanding charter schools in the u.s. and later authorizing intelligence program for the next budget year. of course, live house coverage is here on c-span. >> in 1844 henry clay ran for president of the united states and lost but he changed political history. he's one of the 14 men featured in c-span's new weekly series "the contenders." this week live from ashland, henry clay's kentucky home. friday at 8:00 eastern. this weekend the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 on the c-span networks with live coverage from each of the memorial sites. new york city, shanksville, pennsylvania and the pentagon. here's our live schedule -- saturday on c-span at 12:30 p.m. eastern, the flight 93 national memorial dedication ceremony from shanksville, pennsylvania. and sunday morning at 8:30, a
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memorial ceremony from the world trade center site with president obama and former president bush. on c-span2 at 9:00, vice president biden from the pentagon. and on c-span3 at 9:30, honoring those who lost their lives on united flight 93. 9/11 remembered this weekend on the c-span networks. >> hoping to take you live to the press club with rudy giuliani. we're trying to work out some neck nickal issues. -- technical issues. financial problems of the postal service. that gets under way at 2:00 eastern. you can follow that live on we got a preview of some of the postal service issues from this morning's "washington journal." out to ouessant twitter, -- reach out --re


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