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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  September 11, 2011 10:30am-2:00pm EDT

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time to plant, and a time to pluck up, a time to kill, and a time to heal. a time to weap and a time to laugh. a time to lmourn and a time to dance. a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together. together. a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing. a time to win, and a time to lose. a time to keep, and a time to cast away. a time to rend and a time to soew. a time to keep silent, a time to speak.
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a time to load, a time to hate. a time of war and a time of peace. god bless every soul that we lost. god bless the family members that have to endure. god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> good morning. my name is deborah epps.
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it has been 10 years and it still feels like it just happened yesterday. my brother, christopher, was on the 98th floor of the north tower. not one holiday, birthday, has gone by that my sister and my brother, and i, do nothing about him. our mother, something i have known over the past 10 years is that people come forward to help you in a time of need. today, we thank you. the people of our great nation. family, friends, and neighbors.
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the family has made a special request, that their son's name be placed next to my brother's name. it meant so much to our family. what i know is that the forces of good are not just in movies, but all around us. people really do help you when you fall. it has been a blessing. christopher would have loved knowing that the love that he freely gave to others was given back to us. thank you, i bid you godspeed. [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hello, darkness, my old
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friend i have come to talk to you again the darkness creeping left its seeds while i was sleeping and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains the sound of silence to rest with king's i left behind ♪ my eyes were stabbed by the flash of the neon lights and
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touched the sound of silence in the naked light is sought 10,000 people, maybe more people talking without speaking people hearing without listening people writing songs that voices never shared no one dared to stir the sound of silence fool, said i, you do not know, silence like a cancer grows here bywords and i might teach
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you take my arms and then i might reach out to you of my words, like silent raindrops fell and echoed in the wells of silence and the people bowed and parad rayed to the neon god they'd made and the sign flashed its morning in the words that was forming and the sign said the words of the profits are written on the subway walls and tenement halls
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and whispered in the sound of silence ♪ ♪ [applause] >> kevin james hannaford michael lawrence hannan dana r hannon vassilios g. haramis james a. haran jeffrey pike hardy timothy john hargrave daniel edward harlin
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frances haros harvey harrell stephen g. harrell melissa marie harrington aisha anne harris stewart dennis harris >> and my husband, tom. tom, bridget, patrick, laura, myself, your soon-to-be granddaughter, keep you in our hearts every day. your family and friends miss you, love you, miss your laughter, your smile, and your meat loaf. >> remembering a kind and godly man, winston.
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>> john patrick hart john clinton hartz emeric harvey thomas theodore haskell, jr. timothy haskell joseph john hasson iii leonard w. hatton terence s. hatton michael haub timothy aaron haviland donald g. havlish, jr. anthony hawkins nobuhiro hayatsu philip hayes >> and my son, christopher. we miss you, we love you always.
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>> and for my brother, tommy, a firefighter with engine 65, your family and friends miss you always, love you always. you are forever in our hearts. >> william ward haynes scott jordan hazelcorn michael k. healey roberta b. heber charles francis xavier heeran john f. heffernan h. joseph heller, jr. joann l. heltibridle mark f. hemschoot ronnie lee henderson brian hennessey
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edward hennessy jr. michelle marie henrique joseph henry william henry >> and my sister, lorraine. thank you for the joy of the to brought to all of us throughout your life. we love you, we miss you. we will -- we were always proud. may god bless you in the united states of america. >> and my sister, patrice, who was on her way out to survival when she ran back to rescue a missing co-worker. you are my hero. >> john henry robinson. john christopher henwood robert allan hepburn mary herencia lindsay c. herkness iii harvey robert hermer
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roberto hernandez claribel hernandez eduardo hernandez nuberto hernandez raul hernandez gary herold jeffrey a. hersch thomas hetzel brian hickey ysidro hidalgo timothy higgins robert d. w. higley ii todd russell hill clara victorine hinds >> and to my beloved son, my hero, john of vengeance 64, latter four, battalion 9 -- john of engine 64, ladder 4,
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battalion nine. we love you and miss you more than you know. we never found you, we never recovered you, but we know where you are. shine on. >> daddy, i want to thank you for the nine years that she spent as my dad. it was short, but not without benefits. i want to thank you for being my role model and hero. thank -- just know that we are taken care of now, we are happy. i know that you are proud. we love you. [applause] >> neal o. hinds
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mark d. hindy katsuyuki hirai heather malia ho tara yvette hobbs thomas anderson hobbs james j. hobin robert wayne hobson dajuan hodges ronald george hoerner patrick a. hoey marcia hoffman stephen g. hoffman frederick joseph hoffmann michele l. hoffmann judith florence hofmiller thomas warren hohlweck, jr. >> and my father. we love you and we miss you. >> and my father's twin brother, jeffrey.
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the bravery in how he lived his life is my inspiration and is never forgotten. we love you, uncle jeff. >> jonathan r. hohmann john holland joseph f. holland elizabeth holmes thomas holohan lee roy homer jr. bradley hoorn james p. hopper montgomery mccullough hord michael horn matthew douglas horning robert l. horohoe, jr. michael robert aaron horwitz >> and my father, we miss you.
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>> and my uncle, we miss you and love you. >> charles houston uhuru g. houston george howard brady helowell michael c. howell steven leon howell jennifer l. howley milagros hromada marian r. hrycak stephen huczko, jr. kris robert hughes paul rexford hughes robert thomas hughes thomas hughes timothy robert hughes susan huie lamar hulse >> and my aunt, we love and miss you every day. >> my son, my breath, my life.
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we dearly miss you every moment of our live this. -- of our lives. he rushed into the burning towers and gave the ultimate sacrifice. all these years later, you are my strength and courage. we honor your sacrifice today. your daughter has offended the american values of democracy and freedom. you are america. america salutes you. [applause]
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>> john humber jr. william christopher hunt kathleen anne hunt-casey joseph hunter peggy hurt robert r. hussa robert hinnel ynesas h abid hussain thomas edward hynes walter g. hynes joseph anthony ianelli zuhtu ibis jonathan lee ielpi michael iken daniel ilkanayev frederick ill, jr. abraham nethanel ilowitz
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anthony p. infante, jr. >> and my father. we miss you, and love you dearly. >> and my father, jeffrey, we are working on it, dad. i miss you. thank you. >> louis s. inghilterra, jr. christopher noble ingrassia paul innella stephanie veronica irby douglas irgang kristin a. irvine ryan todd antione isaac erik isbrandtsen taizo ishikawa aram iskenderian, jr. john f. iskyan
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kazushige ito aleksandr valeryevich ivantsov virginia may jablonski brooke alexandra jackman aaron jeremy jacobs >> and my husband, donald. thank you for the pennies. but kayla and i love of finding them. i love you. you are in our hearts forever. >> your father and i, we miss you terribly. your son and your beloved
10:52 am
daughter miss you as well. >> ariel louis jacobs jason kyle jacobs michael grady jacobs steven a. jacobson ricknauth jaggernauth jake denis jagoda yudh vir singh jain maria jakubiak ernest james gricelda e. james priscilla james mark steven jardim muhammadou jawara francois jean-pierre maxima jean-pierre >> and to marlette -- my little brother. we love and miss you. we will live our lives with you in our hearts. >> and my father.
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i am told i look just like you. i will never forget you. love you, dad. >> paul edward jeffers john jenkins alva cynthia jeffries sanchez joseph jenkins, jr. alan keith jensen prem n. jerath farah jeudy hweidar jian eliezer jimenez, jr. luis jimenez, jr. fernando jimenez-molina charles gregory john nicholas john lashawna johnson >> our whole family misses you,
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dad. >> and wife, -- my father, montgomery. we miss you every day. we love you and you will always be in our hearts. >> scott michael johnson william r. johnston allison horstmann jones arthur joseph jones brian leander jones christopher d. jones donald t. jones donald w. jones linda jones mary s. jones andrew jordan robert thomas jordan albert gunnia joseph guylene joseph ingeborg joseph karl henry joseph
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stephen joseph jane eileen josiah anthony jovic angel l. juarbe, jr. karen sue juday mychal f. judge paul william jurgens thomas edward jurgens kacinga kabeya >> and to my son. your mother this year. your best friends are here. your cousins are here. my best friend. >> shashikiran lakshmikantha kadaba
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gavkharoy kamardinova shari kandell howard lee kane jennifer lynn kane vincent d. kane joon koo kang sheldon robert kanter deborah h. kaplan alvin peter kappelmann, jr. charles karczewski william a. karnes douglas gene karpiloff charles l. kasper >> and my brother. >> and my daughter, brooke jackson.
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there is not a day that goes by that we do not think of you, miss you, and love you. we miss your smile, you're beautiful, brown eyes, and how compassionate you were. daddy is now with you. please take care of each other and know that you are the joy of our lives. [applause] >> andrew k. kates john katsimatides robert michael kaulfers don jerome kauth, jr. hideya kawauchi edward t. keane richard m. keane
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lisa yvonne kearney-griffin karol ann keasler paul hanlon keating leo russell keene iii brenda keller joseph john keller peter r. kellerman joseph p. kellett frederick h. kelley, jr. james joseph kelly >> and my sister, amy. we love you and will never forget you. >> and to my partner, christine, and my brother, michael. we love you and we keep you both in our hearts. >> joseph a. kelly
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maurice p. kelly richard john kelly, jr. thomas michael kelly thomas richard kelly thomas w. kelly timothy colin kelly william hill kelly, jr. robert clinton kennedy thomas j. kennedy john r. keohane ronald t. kerwin howard l. kestenbaum douglas d. ketcham
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>> and my father, james. you are still my guardian angel. i cannot believe it has been 10 years. september 11 change my life. i know that you were here each and every step of the way. as i stand here today, reading your name, you would be amazed with the amount of planning, hard work, devotion, and love that has gone into the building of the new world trade center. you would be so proud and i am so proud to be your daughter. you will never be forgotten. we love you. >> my father, michael. i love and miss you so much.
11:01 am
so do your five grandchildren. >> marie kelly. ruth ellen ketler boris khalif sarah khan taimour firaz khan rajesh khandelwal oliva khemrat seilai khoo michael kiefer satoshi kikuchihara andrew jay-hoon kim lawrence d. kim mary jo kimelman andrew m. king amy king lucille teresa king robert king, jr. >> and my mother, lisa. i wish we had more time together. >> and my mother and father. your spirit lives forever.
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>> lisa king-johnson takashi kinoshita chris michael kirby howard barry kirschbaum glenn davis kirwin helen crossin kittle richard joseph klares peter anton klein alan david kleinberg karen joyce klitzman ronald philip kloepfer evgueni kniazev andrew knox thomas patrick knox rebecca lee koborie deborah a. kobus >> and my father, glenn, whose
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memory i honor by serving my country. >> and to the 10 australians on foreign shores, we miss you all. especially my brother, andrew. [applause] >> there was a family room just across the way, where families and friends came to write their thoughts, leave a photograph, and sign their name. a woman that lost her son wrote beside this picture -- to the world, you may have been just one person, but to be, you were the world. a father wrote this poem in a
11:04 am
scrapbook and inscribed it to his daughter. if tears to bring you back to me, you would be here by my side. for god would fill a river with all of the tears that i have cried. and if i could have one wish come true, i would ask of god in prayer to let me have just one more day to show how much i care. if love could reach to the heavy shore, i would quickly come to you. my heart would build a bridge of love, one light enough for two. [applause] >> gary edward koecheler frank j. koestner ryan kohart vanessa kolpak irina kolpakova suzanne kondratenko
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abdoulaye kone bon-seok koo dorota kopiczko scott kopytko bojan kostic danielle kousoulis john j. kren william e. krukowski lyudmila ksido shekhar kumar >> and i at, at -- and my aunt, a beautiful person. we love you and miss you. >> into my sister. the family, friends, and interests of the people of the world, everywhere you can see
11:06 am
them spreading peace, indictment, i enjoy. we will keep your spirit alive. >> kenneth kumpel frederick kuo, jr. patricia kuras nauka kushitani thomas kuveikis victor kwarkye kui fai kwok angela reed kyte andrew la corte amarnauth lachhman james patrick ladley joseph a. lafalce jeanette louise lafond- menichino
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david laforge >> and my father, joseph. battalion chief, crowd 28 years in the ft and why. -- fdny. his wonderful spirit is in fused in everything that we do. may god continue to bless our family, the afghan wives, and the souls of all of those left. simplified. -- semper fi. >> 10 years, 10 days, the pain of losing my husband remains the
11:08 am
same. our children and our family miss you and love you. you will forever be in our hearts and prayers. >> michael laforte alan charles lafrance juan lafuente neil kwong-wah lai vincent anthony laieta william david lake franco lalama chow kwan lam stephen lamantia amy hope lamonsoff nickola lampley robert lane brendan mark lang rosanne p. lang
11:09 am
vanessa langer mary louise langley peter j. langone thomas michael langone >> and my father, james patrick, whose guiding hand on my shoulder remains with me. we love you and miss you very much. >> cynthia, christine, miss, catherine, likes grandfather, my husband. -- mulkey's grandfather, my husband. michele bernadette lanza >> ruth sheila lapin carol ann laplante ingeborg lariby robin blair larkey christopher randall larrabee
11:10 am
hamidou s. larry scott larsen john adam larson gary edward lasko nicholas craig lassman paul laszczynski jeffrey g. latouche charles laurencin stephen james lauria maria lavache denis francis lavelle jeannine mary laverde >> and my brother, frank. never forgotten. >> and my father, the greatest father, role model, friend, husband, and brother, you are greatly missed and loved every day. i will carry you with me in my heart and mind forever. >> anna a. laverty steven lawn robert lawrence nathaniel lawson
11:11 am
eugen gabriel lazar james patrick leahy joseph gerard leavey neil joseph leavy leon lebor alan j. lederman elena f. ledesma alexis leduc david s. lee gary h. lee hyun joon lee juanita lee >> and my husband, carlos, father of louis, francisco,
11:12 am
brother of nine siblings throughout the world. >> and my brother-in-law, michael, engine company 240, 48 brooklyn. you are missed and i know that we will meet again in heaven. thank you. >> kathryn blair lee linda c. lee lorraine mary lee myoung woo lee richard y. lee stuart soo-jin lee yang der lee stephen paul lefkowitz
11:13 am
adriana legro edward joseph lehman eric andrew lehrfeld >> and my father, james. may your memory and spirit live on through my brother and die. >> and my father, lt. joseph, i love and miss you so much. [applause] david leistman >> david prudencio lemagne joseph anthony lenihan john joseph lennon, jr. john robinson lenoir jorge luis leon matthew gerard leonard michael lepore charles a. lesperance
11:14 am
jeff leveen john dennis levi alisha caren levin neil david levin robert levine robert michael levine shai levinhar adam jay lewis margaret susan lewis ye wei liang >> and my son, carl, our shining star in spirit of christmas. i love you forever. i will love you for always, as long as i am living. and my cousin, harry.
11:15 am
when they made to, they broke the mold. you are loving and wonderful, the greatest grandfather that ever lived. and their colleagues, david. from sweden. your mother, your sister, and your brother are here. they say hello. they love you and miss you. >> the laysan, whom we love it very much, his sisters, his brothers, his cousins, and his wife and beautiful daughter, who
11:16 am
is special, 10 years old. we love you very much and are with you. >> thank you. >> orasri liangthanasarn daniel f. libretti ralph licciardi edward lichtschein steven barry lillianthal carlos r. lillo craig damian lilore arnold a. lim darya lin wei rong lin nickie l. lindo thomas v. linehan, jr. robert thomas linnane alan p. linton, jr.
11:17 am
diane theresa lipari kenneth lira francisco alberto liriano lorraine lisi paul lisson vincent m. litto >> and my father, michael. i wish i would have known my dad better. i was only nine months old when he died. i found out from many that new him that he was a great guy. i love you. >> it was an honor and privilege to read these names today. to the list i had my son, joseph, whose spirit lives in our hearts forever. you are gone, but she will never be forgotten. god bless america. [applause] >> ming-hao liu
11:18 am
nancy liz harold lizcano martin lizzul george a. llanes elizabeth c. logler catherine lisa loguidice jerome robert lohez michael william lomax laura maria longing salvatore lopes daniel lopez george lopez luis manuel lopez manuel l. lopez >> and to my brother, who was always filled with joy and happiness, we will love and miss you. >> joseph lostrangio
11:19 am
chet dek louie stuart seid louis joseph lovero jenny seu kueng low wong michael w. lowe garry w. lozier john peter lozowsky charles peter lucania edward hobbs luckett mark gavin ludvigsen lee charles ludwig sean thomas lugano daniel lugo marie lukas
11:20 am
william lum, jr. michael p. lunden christopher lunder anthony luparello >> i believe these souls will be with us as we move into a powerful future. >> my brother, a member of the new york city fire department. we love you and miss you so much. i know that you are looking down on us and you will always be in our hearts. god bless you, god bless new york, and god bless america. [applause] >> gary frederick lutnick
11:21 am
william lutz linda anne luzzicone alexander lygin farrell peter lynch james francis lynch louise a. lynch michael cameron lynch michael f. lynch michael francis lynch richard d. lynch, jr. robert henry lynch, jr. sean p. lynch >> and my father -- brother, james. >> and to my father, who sacrificed his life for others. i will never forget you. >> sean patrick lynch michael j. lyons
11:22 am
monica anne lyons patrick lyons robert francis mace jan maciejewski catherine fairfax macrae richard blaine madden simon maddison noell maerz jennieann maffeo joseph maffeo jay robert magazine >> and why loving husband, richard. we love you, we will never forget you. please keep watching over us. >> and my husband, william. your daughter, your sister's,
11:23 am
the rest of our family love you and miss you so much. >> brian magee charles wilson magee joseph v. maggitti ronald magnuson daniel l. maher thomas anthony mahon william j. mahoney joseph daniel maio takashi makimoto abdu ali malahi debora i. maldonado myrna t. maldonado-agosto alfred russell maler gregory james malone edward francis maloney iii
11:24 am
joseph maloney gene edward maloy >> and my brother, brian magee. we miss you every day. >> and the love of my life, joe, my husband. christopher and lorens and dad, johnson father-in-law, john- john's and grandpa. we miss you every day, but press on knowing that you are safe in the arms of our savior, jesus christ. rest until that day when we all meet again. [applause] >> christian maltby francisco miguel mancini joseph mangano sara elizabeth manley debra mannetta
11:25 am
marion victoria manning terence john manning james maounis joseph ross marchbanks, jr. peter edward mardikian edward joseph mardovich charles joseph margiotta kenneth joseph marino lester v. marino >> and my father. we miss you every day. >> and bi suite husband. a retired police officer, united airlines pilot, we miss
11:26 am
your great sense of humor. you are forever in our hearts. >> vita marino kevin marlo jose marrero john marshall shelley marshall james martello michael a. marti peter c. martin theresa martin william j. martin, jr. brian e. martineau
11:27 am
betsy martinez edward martinez jose angel martinez, jr. robert gabriel martinez victor martinez pastrana lizie d. martinez-calderon >> it is an honor to read my brother's name. you are forever in our hearts. >> to all of the flight crew and passengers, when i looked up, i see and feel you in the sky.
11:28 am
paul richard martini joseph a. mascali >> bernard mascarenhas stephen frank masi nicholas george massa patricia ann massari michael massaroli philip william mastrandrea, jr. rudolph mastrocinque joseph mathai charles mathers william a. mathesen marcello matricciano margaret elaine mattic robert d. mattson walter matuza >> and my father. i love him and i miss him. my mother loves him and misses him. we will never forget him. >> and my father, edward.
11:29 am
dad, i miss you every day. >> charles a. mauro, jr. charles j. mauro dorothy mauro nancy t. mauro tyrone may keithroy marcellus maynard robert j. mayo kathy nancy mazza edward mazzella, jr. jennifer lynn mazzotta kaaria mbaya james joseph mcalary
11:30 am
brian mcaleese patricia ann mcaneney >> mom, because of the example the to set for us, we live your example each day. >> and my brother. the family has not been the same since you have gone. we miss you and wish you were here. it is a great solace that you are up in heaven with mom and dad. you are always in our thoughts and prayers. god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> colin robert mcarthur
11:31 am
john kevin mcavoy >> thomas jovanovski krstic can. ken eath mccarthy. robert g. mccarthy. >> and my grandfather, bill t. hayes. i want to thank engine 217 for
11:32 am
taking care of my grandmother and giving him the recognition he deserves. i wish you could have gotten to meet my son, your grandson. we will never forget. >> and my brother. matthew t. mcdermmott. you are forever in our hearts. >> brian gread mcdonald. >> michael p. mcdonald.
11:33 am
11:34 am
>> stephanie marie mckenna. >> mol any l. mckenzie. >> daryl leron milk kinney. >> george patrick mclaughlin, jr. >> robert c. mclaughlin,.
11:35 am
>> gavin mcmahon. >> robert d. mcmahon. >> he had monday mcnaturaly. daniel mcneal. and my water. we miss you. you will stay in our hearts forever. and my father. a family man, a navy man, a holy man. you have the wind at your back, and god is holding you in the palm of his hand. >> causalitier mcneal. kevin mcshane. >> timothy patrick mcsomeoney.
11:36 am
>> abigail medina. dameian meehan. women j. meehan. antonio melendez. eskedarmelaku. >> and my brother and michael roberts. they never met, but our family has been close for the past 10 years. god bless all. >> mary melendez, and my
11:37 am
husband, martinstein. god bless. >> and my beautiful sister.
11:38 am
you are not forgotten. we miss you always. >> my uncle peter. i miss you and love you. you spirit lives on in our family.
11:39 am
[names being read] >> and my beautiful sister, jill ann metsler. you were the best, daughter, sister, cousin, niece and friend to many. we all love and miss you, your big smile and the sound of your laughter. you are mom's best friend, and she misses you so much every day. you are always in our hearts. >> and for my brother, michael h. -- whose love of life and sense of humor live on to this
11:40 am
day. thanks for the memories. [names being read] [names being read] >> and my father, the light of all of our lives. everyone that knew you was lucky and everyone you loved was blessed. thank you. we love you always and forever. >> and for my never ue, greg.
11:41 am
family and friends love you. we miss you, pray for you, we talk to you, and until we meet again. [names being read] [names being read]
11:42 am
[names being read] >> and our brother, lieutenant paul thomas mitchell, hook and ladder 110. we love you. the dust had barely settled, and me caught that beam of light to heaven with you. may the long-time sunshine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on. >> and my uncle, five john j. tipping ii, one of the brave men who gave their lives to
11:43 am
save others. thank you to all the firemen, police officers and others who were here 10 years ago to search for the fallen and wounded. thank you to those who helped build the new world trade center and the men and women overseas who are fighting for our freedom. god bless america. applause -- [applause] [names being read] [names being read] [names being read]
11:44 am
[names being read] >> and my grand father. your grandkids miss you very much. >> and my brother, lieutenant muica. if tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, we would walk up to heaven and bring you home again. god bless all the loved ones we lost. keep them in your heart like i do my brother. bless you. [names being read]
11:45 am
[names being read] [names being read] >> and my brother in law, just in, john,, we love you and miss you very much. >> and my father, john mo inch ahan. we love you and miss you.
11:46 am
i wish i could have known you better. [names being read] [names being read] >> and my brother, franklin
11:47 am
monahan. we miss you dearly. >> and my brother, son, cousin, uncle and friend, steven, we love and miss you. [names being read] [names being read]
11:48 am
>> and my husband, peter j. mulligan. memories of our time together will forever be seared into my heart and soul. i will miss you and love you forever. [names being read] [names being read]
11:49 am
[names being read] >> and my brother, mauricio golzalez. we love you and miss you refry day, and we hope to one day be able to unit with you again. >> and my father, patrick shaun much. i know every time i am in the woods or i catch a big fish, i know you're up there smiling at me. we all love and miss you, dad. [names being read]
11:50 am
[names being read] name >> and my husband, steven george adams, a gentleman, a friend to so many, a philosopher and a believer in peace and justice in this world. >> and my loving guardian.
11:51 am
may you rest in peace. [names being read] [names being read] >> and my beautiful mother, who enriched the lives of countless
11:52 am
people with her spirit, genresity and devotion. >> and my nephew, who taught me about the greatness of america. we miss you, your mom, your sons, your wife, procedures and sisters. we all miss you. [names being read] [names being read]
11:53 am
>> and my father, james nelson. mom, kalin and i miss you very much. butterfly physicals from me. >> and my daughter who was a bright ray of sunshine on this planet. i know they are both in heaven. all i have to say to them both is god bless america. [names being read] [names being read]
11:54 am
[names being read] >> and my beautiful baby sister, ann nicole nelson. you are loved and missed. >> and my father, port authority police officer, alalfonso joseph niedermeyer. [names being read]
11:55 am
[names being read] >> and my precious daughter, who was taken from us so suddenly. thank you to all the men and women that fight to try and keep us safe. we know the sacrifice they make . everyone, let us not forget,
11:56 am
this was not a natural disaster. it was done by radical islamists who are still trying to hurt us today. danielle -- >> and my brother, now joined with john and dad. we miss and love you. god bless you. [names being read]
11:57 am
[names being read] [names being read] >> and my brother, lad other four. all of your family misses you. we love you. god bless you. >> and my nee ue -- nephew. jorkts your parents, your brothers, all your family, we miss and love you very much. keep doing your magic. [names being read]
11:58 am
[names being read] >> anytime thankful for what i have, but i am so sad for my loss, our loss and australia's loss. this is my dancing queen, leslie thomas. >> and my husband, alex.
11:59 am
just knowing you, your humor, your huge heart and your incredible zest for life, it was a gift to so many. [names being read] [names being read] [names being read]
12:00 pm
>> and my brother, the firefighter. my hero, we love you, and we miss you. >> and my sister. mom, dad, jonathan and all of us miss you so much. all your friends remember you. i love you and miss you, and i will do everything i can to keep you happy. i love you forever. [names being read]
12:01 pm
[names being read] >> and my brother, david, who died while saving others. we take comfort in reminding ourselves that god's grace is forever. >> and my brother, alexander, or rtiz, who sacrificed his life to save others. you will always be a hero. i also was here on this tragic day, and i will always remember. god bless america. [names being read]
12:02 pm
[names being read] [names being read] >> and my domestic partner. >> and our son, joseph holland, and his son, who was 10 days old when joe died. we miss you. >> you live in my heart, and i will never forget you. [names being read]
12:03 pm
[names being read] [names being read] >> and my beloved brother in law, luis, father, uncle and
12:04 pm
friend. we will miss you forever. >> and to my brother, fdny chief john, john, 10 years feels like yesterday. we love you and miss you. [names being read] [names being read]
12:05 pm
[names being read] >> and to my husband -- >> theodoros pigis. >> and to my husband. your death was not in vain. your death represented democracy, and freedom and america. god bless you, my love. god bless america. >> and my brother, steven bennett patterson. your love of family and friend will endure in our hearts forever, steve. we love you. [names being read]
12:06 pm
[names being read] >> and ply father, todd, and my aunt. >> and my father. [names being read]
12:07 pm
[names being read] >> and my father, steven patterson. you're my ribbon in the sky. we all miss you. >> and my lovely cousin. you are loved and missed every day. [names being read]
12:08 pm
[names being read] >> and my son. robert, we love you. we will never forget. we will never forget. >> and my beloved husband, john percante.
12:09 pm
[names being read] [names being read] [names being read] >> my dad, kevin patrick conors. we miss you, and we love you very much. >> and my son, firefighter
12:10 pm
dennis patrick. we miss you, and we love you. [names being read] [names being read] [names being read]
12:11 pm
>> and my son, mark james petrocelli. you always made me and mom proud. you lived your life to the fullest, we miss you every day until we moot again. by the way, emily and lilly say hello. >> and my father. we miss and love you so much. we are your world. i have your smile, eyes and laugh, but i just don't have you. the second i am in your arms again will be the happiest moment i could ever imagine. i love you, daddy. [names being read]
12:12 pm
[names being read] >> and my big brother, gino. mommy, daddy, rebecca, your nieces and nephews you have never met, sofia, peter, your best frens, andrew, wayne, charlie, your aunts and uncles, we miss and love you dear live. >> and my uncle and godfather, donald joseph defranco. we live you and miss you and wish we could see you one last time to give you a hug.
12:13 pm
love you. [names being read] [names being read] [names being read] >> and my husband, joseph.
12:14 pm
we love you and miss you every day of our lives. >> and my husband, steve. as i stand here with this newly unveiled plaza behind me, i come forward with other family members. we summon our strength and speak the names of those who were murdered on this spot. although transformed, the who are row that happened here 10 years ago still lingers in our souls. the pain hasn't missed. for the military personnel and workers, the pain gets worse. it is clearly a direct result of what happened on that day but certainly didn't end that day. 10 years, and we are still without satisfy answers to what went on this day and how this event could have happened to a great nation, leaving a void for so many families. our families grieve the absence. both our children have lived
12:15 pm
their lives we had hoped for. i am missing you now more than out as i watch our son with our grandson, more than two weeks ago. with birth there is hope. when i hold my grandson, i am holding heaven and thank god. please continue to watch over you. my god bless us all and guide us toward peace and kindness. [names being read] [names being read]
12:16 pm
[names being read] [names being read] >> and my cousin. we love you and miss you very much. >> and my cousin, firefighter thomas anthony casoria, number 6259. continue to protect us as you are seated at the right-hand of god the father, almighty. amen. [names being read]
12:17 pm
[names being read] [names being read] >> and my domestic partner, steven joseph bates, engine 235. we love you miss you every day. >> and my father, fdny
12:18 pm
paramedic, ricardo quinn. dad, you are a grandfather now. my son is nearly 3 years owed, and i will never let a do go by without him knowing that his grandfather was a hero. we live you. we miss you, be safe. [names being read] [names being read]
12:19 pm
>> and my beloved mother. we miss you dearly. >> and my father. dad, your three daughters love you very much, and i want to say thank you to my sister and brother in law for serving in the u.s. military. [names being read] [names being read]
12:20 pm
[names being read] >> and my sister. judith ann, reese. all of us love you and miss you very much. you will live in hour hearts forever. >> and my son, donald joseph regan. we miss you and love you. i know you know you have two grandchildren and twins coming. god bless you. [names being read]
12:21 pm
[names being read] >> and my uncle. we love you and miss you every day. >> and my father. [names being read] [names being read]
12:22 pm
[names being read] >> and my niece, katherine, who was the lead flight attendant on united 175. she had a radiant smile, a contagious laugh, boundless enthusiasm and infinite compassion. although she may not ever be found, she will never ever be lost to other family and her friends. today we honor her by letting go of the sadness over losing her and embracing the joy of having known her. to the flight crews here with us today and watching around
12:23 pm
the world, bless you and thank you for your courage and for being first on the front line to keep us free and flying. >> and my little brother, our hero, firefighter john daniel marshall. thank you. [names being read] [names being read]
12:24 pm
>> and my mother. you are truly missed. you left behind some wonderful grandkid, and may god bless america and all those who serve to protect her. >> and my son-in-law, nigel bruce thompson. we will miss you forever, and you are in our hearts. [names being read] [names being read]
12:25 pm
[names being read] >> and my uncle, brian joseph murphy. brian, judy, jessica and laila are doing great. you would be so proud of them. barbecues and swimming will never be the same without you. >> my awesome brother, joseph resenblum. your generosity guide us all of our lives. my god wipe all the tears from our faces. [names being read]
12:26 pm
[names being read] >> it is my sincere honor to stand here representing the family of robert e. parks, jr. a special friend and loving relative to so many of us. we thank god for the gift of his remarkable life and will forever mourn his loss. i know you now rest in peace.
12:27 pm
may you and all the victims of terror rest in peace. bless you all. >> and my father and my uncle. our whole family lives every day to make you proud. i love you so much, uncle timmy and daddy. [names being read] nault [names being read]
12:28 pm
>> and my father. my angel and a hero who saved lives. your four children, family and friends miss you and love you. you are gone but never forgotten. >> and my husband, wayne john sullivan, the father of my son, just in. we will love you, and we will miss you forever. you will always be in our hearts. you are our hero. we will never forget you. [names being read]
12:29 pm
[names being read] >> and my beautiful and loving sister. your friends and family miss you very much. mom, dad, and i miss you very much. thank you for being a guardian angel to my nephews. >> and my father. we have missed you very much. [names being read]
12:30 pm
[names being read] >> and my brother, port authority police officer, we love and miss you every day. >> and my cousin, jeffrey, think about you all the time. if you see my sister up there, say hello. >> [names being read]
12:31 pm
[names being read] >> and my father, your memory lives on in your grandson mason and generations to come. we love you always. >> and my dad, randy scott. [names being read]
12:32 pm
>> and my uncle, carlosl . -- carlos. tio, we love and miss you.
12:33 pm
always in my heart. >> we love and miss you each and every day. [names being read] [names being read]
12:34 pm
[names being read] >> and the grandmother of -- who will never have the privilege of knowing my wife. >> and to my brother. you gave us 18 years of service. mom and daddy and your whole family love and miss you so much. happy 10th anniversary in heavn.
12:35 pm
-- heaven. i love you. god bless america. [names being read] [names being read]
12:36 pm
>> ryan is 18 now. kyle and nicky are 13. so many moments missed. they proudly wear your number and are growing into beautiful people. as you sit on a white, puffy cloud, we all miss you every day. please keep sending your dimes. [names being read]
12:37 pm
[names being read] >> and my uncle. it was an honor to result of your names here today. your life lives during -- through me and all of us. now your are -- you are finally with your father. it is coming to know you have
12:38 pm
always been with -- comforting to know you have always been with me. share everyone's story so we never forget. we love you. >> and my father. my father, kevin joseph smith. miss you, dad. [names being read]
12:39 pm
>> and my son, jeffrey. i represent all of our family. we love you. >> and my son, firefighter leon smith, jr. he was the sunshine of my life. he gave his life so that others could live. i love you. i miss you. we will meet again soon.
12:40 pm
[names being read]
12:41 pm
>> and my brother in law. elvin, diane, gabriella, and along with the entire family, love and miss you very much. we know you are with us. we see the butterflies. kiss your mom and hug my dad for us. >> and for my father-in-law. we love you and miss you very much. [names being read]
12:42 pm
>> and my father. i love you dad. me and mom miss you, love you, and think about you every day. >> and my father. 10 years ago, amid the biggest sacrifice -- you made the biggest sacrifice. it touched many lives and we all
12:43 pm
miss you dearly. [names being read] >> and my father.
12:44 pm
[speaking japanese] and now pray for japan. >> my cousin and my brother. from bay ride to the distant -- bay ridge to the distant shores, from mom and dad, from all of us, we love and miss you. we miss your guitar. we miss your smile. love always. [names being read]
12:45 pm
>> i am honored to have read these names, as well as that of my husband. >> and the son of peter and francis swift, and brother to patrick, kathy, james, and
12:46 pm
myself -- tommy. you were the inspiration in our family. use that example. i will follow. we miss you -- you set the example. i will follow we miss you. [names being read]
12:47 pm
>> and my mother. we love and miss youe very dya. -- every day. >> and my uncle. we love and miss you with all our hearts, especially your wife and two sons, and the rest of the family. [names being read]
12:48 pm
>> and my father, hector tamayo. you were a star, so bright, so bold now in the heavens where you belong your light still shines down on us we love and miss you.
12:49 pm
>> and my husband. your legacy lives on in our beautiful boys. your life and our love live on in my heart. until we meet again, find peace in heaven's hands. [names being read]
12:50 pm
>> and my big brother and composer, from the pentagon, now entertaining the angels in heaven with his beautiful music. we love and miss you terribly. god bless you and god bless america. >> and to my brother, master percussionist, your strength, sense of humor, and generous spirit never be forgotten. we love you. you'll always be in our hearts. [names being read]
12:51 pm
[names being read] >> and my brother, firefighter of squad 252 brooklyn. tom, i turned to you for trust and you gave it openly. i looked to you for inspiration, for answers and encouragement, and you never let me down. you lifted my spirits. you had the ability to take my
12:52 pm
thoughts to places where my troubles seemed so much further away. you never wanted or accepted praise. so humble and generous you were. were not only a role model to me, but your five siblings, your daughter, your extended family and friends, and, of course, your firefighter brothers. after 10 years, there's still no closer, no answers. there are only tears from heaven. all i have are the words of the serenity prayer, which is a mantra for many. god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change. tom, heart is so -- my heart is so thankful to have had you in my life. you are not only my brother. your the best and bravest man
12:53 pm
and my best friend. we all love and miss you. i will one day see you on the other side. >> and my father and my uncle. we will always miss you and love you. 10 is just a number. [names being read]
12:54 pm
>> and by brother. would be so proud of me. i love you dearly and i miss you terribly. so does dad, and the rest of us. i yhope -- hope you are with uncle ronny. >> and my aunt. i miss you very much. you are forever in our hearts. and her brother. you will both never be forgotten. [names being read]
12:55 pm
>> and my cousin. robbie, your mother, father, brother, susie, and the rest of the family and all your friends of miss you so dearly. we know nana is taking good care of you. god bless. you are with us always. >> my sister. 10 years later, as we continue to rebuild our lives, with the loss of our loved ones, we are here today and have them set in
12:56 pm
stone, forever in our hearts. we love and miss you. our whole family. god bless america. [names being read]
12:57 pm
>> and my son, who is still our shining light. 9 and -- >> and my sister, chose to live her life with laughter, friendship, and love. your family will know who you are. [names being read]
12:58 pm
>> and my father. dad, i miss you and i loev you. -- love you. i celebrate your life every day. >> and my brother. god, we thank you very much for giving me a brother like an angel. on behalf of my mother, she lights a candle for you every day. we still think you are her favorite. thank you. god bless you.
12:59 pm
[names being read] >> and my brother. it pains me that gabriel, christian, natalia, maxie, and baby jake will never know how fantastic their uncle was. we miss you so much.
1:00 pm
>> and my son. you are the son any parent w ould have loved to have had. we are so proud of you. we will always have you in our hearts. god bless you. [names being read]
1:01 pm
>> and my beloved father. daddy, i love you so much. my brothers, my mom and i miss you every day. daddy, you are the best, i love you. >> and my husband. you left us surrounded by love. our families and friends have been amazing. we love you and we miss you so much. [names being read]
1:02 pm
>> and my father. we always miss you. >> and my father, captain joseph aters --w aters, hazmat 1. i hope there is fresh beer, cold water, and the yankees win the series. i lovea and miss you. god bless the united states and
1:03 pm
the n.y. [names being read] >> and my husband, charles. 10 years does not diminished the love we have for you. proud.uld be so
1:04 pm
your family and mrs. you very much. may god continue to bless -- your family misses you very much. may god continue to bless us. >> and our brother, our friend and angel. we love and miss you. you are in our hearts, always and forever. [names being read]
1:05 pm
>> my father and my teacher. i miss his advice and wisdom more and more. how much i wish he was still with us. w will never -- we will never forget. >> and for my dear cousin, who touched lives of many people. because of you, we have learned to take deep breaths, laugh more often, and live our lives to the fullest. thank you for being who you are. we love you. thank you for all the men and women who helped to build this site. [names being read]
1:06 pm
>> and my mother, who we all dearly miss. all the family traveled from north carolina and everywhere to support us. thank you. >> and my daughter-in-law. always a place in our hearts. your life taken too soon.
1:07 pm
thank you for giving us our granddaughter. you would be so proud of her as she enters grade 6. [names being read] >> and my mother, my she-ro, my
1:08 pm
friend. we love you. we miss you. you are in our hearts forever. >> and my niece, who had beena blessin to her family and friends -- who had been a blessing to her family and friends. one day we will see her again. [names being read]
1:09 pm
>> and my father, who lives within me every day and all day. the whole family misses and loves him. i wish he was here to see me accomplish my goals. >> and my husband. we love you and miss you. [names being read]
1:10 pm
>> and my brother, firefighter keith alexander glasgow. ladder 21. >> and my mother, still beloved mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt. she is with us in our hearts and our thoughts. one thing my mother used to say
1:11 pm
that i want to pass along -- love yourself, love each other, and enjoy life. we miss you, ma. [names being read] >> and my father, mark scott
1:12 pm
zeppelin. we love and miss you very much. your the family and friends of things about you every day. i know you are looking down on me. i hope you're proud of what i have become. you are always in my heart. go, blue. >> and my father. i wish you were here to give me advice. i love and miss you. i wish we had more time together. i hope i make you proud. we love you. goodbye. [names being read]
1:13 pm
>> and my he hallro, my amazing -- and my hero, my amazing and loving brother. i love you and miss you
1:14 pm
tremendously. you're always in my heart. god bless your souls and all the souls lost. god bless america. >> and my beautiful daughter. trust that the time between us is not that long. god bless you, andrea. god bless all the families. it has been a long 10 years, everyone. [names being read]
1:15 pm
>> and my dad. we all love you and we'll never forget you. >> and for robert, may your memory rest in peace always. i want to thank our lord and saviour, jesus christ, for our president barack obama, for george bush, for our senators
1:16 pm
and congress. and god, please protect our troops in afghanistan. [names being read] >> and my beloved husband. we speak your name in every prayer. we love you. we miss you. bless your memory and god bless our beautiful country, america. >> and my little brother. joe, i hope you are on a beautiful golf course with dad up in heaven.
1:17 pm
send me a rainbow so i know you're ok. i love you. [names being read] >> and my late husband. we were blessed to have you in our lives. we miss you. we will never forget you.
1:18 pm
thank you for my two beautiful beautifuln -0-- children. >> and my brother. may god bless you. god bless america. >> ♪ ♪ thank god for the memories
1:19 pm
can'tso tired, but i sleep standing on the edge of somethin g much too deep though we are scremaing inside -- screaming inside we can't be heard i will remember you will you remember me? i will remember don't let your life pass you by weep not for the memories remember the good times that
1:20 pm
we've had ♪ you gave me everything you gave me life i will remember you i will remember will you remember me? i will remember don't let your life pass you by weep not for the memories. don't let your life pass you by
1:21 pm
weep not for the memories. ♪ youwill remember [applause] >> generations do not cease to and we're responsible to them because we're the only witnesses they have. the sea rises, the light fails, lovers into each other and children cling to us. the moment we ceased to hold each other, the moment we break faith with each other, the sea
1:22 pm
engulfs us and the light goes out. >> ["taps" played in a round] ♪ ♪
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
>> good afternoon. you are watching c-span's continuing coverage of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. now that the ceremony in new york is over. we will open up the phone lines while we watch images from there. the phone numbers are -- we have a tiwtter feed --
1:26 pm
twitter feed available @cspan. later on today, there will be taped coverage of 9/11 from the 9/11 commission. 3:35, we will return to the pentagon for a wreath-laying ceremony. at 8:00 p.m., live coverage of the 9/11 tribute at the kennedy center. all of that coming up on c-span. we're pleased you are spending some of the day with us. we're going to take some telephone calls. i want to start with two twitter comments. ted saw the memorial dedication on c-span. he tweets, "the 9/11 memorial dedication is heartbreaking." contrast that with --
1:27 pm
cathy, you are on c-span, go ahead. >> thank you for taking my call. i started working at the airport, chicago o'hare, 17 years ago. back then, we never looked at a photo id. there have been many changes. once again, we never welcomed our military aboard the aircraft first either. now we do. we never hugged our flight attendants and captains as hard as we do. this day brings a day of remembrance, but, at the airport, we have never
1:28 pm
forgotten. for your next trip, the time you're standing on line -- in line and you say tsa is taking too long, give it up. be happy to stand in the line. the life you save might be the one they find something in. instead of griping against the tsa and the new implementations at the airports and our buildings, the big buildings, the towers -- we all have tsa there. they are watching out for us. i want to say thank you to the government. they stood up for us. we will stand uniformed and unified. i thank god that this brought together our country instead of
1:29 pm
tearing it apart. it could have been a very different outcome. >> cathy from chicago who works with the airline industry and her reflections on 9/11. next telphone -- telephone call, cindy, you're on the air. >> thank you for taking my call. my day started real good. my brother in law called me at 5:00 a.m., and said i was a great aunt. drew was born at 2:00 a.m. that day. i went out to do some flower gardening. i am a diabetic. my numbers started to go down.
1:30 pm
i had to go in and get something to eat. -- i knew i had to go in and get something to eat. i put the telly on. i could not i cannot believe what i saw. there was nothing we could have done. it just happened. that day, i was not the same. i had a ticket to go on the airplane two weeks after that. i was going to go to philadelphia and then denver. all of my relatives were asking if i was still going to go. i said yes. i had been traveling and nothing was going to stop me. two weeks later, a gatt pact and it to the airport. -- i got packed and went to the
1:31 pm
airport. i felt very safe. i knew there were people on board to protect us. there were not very many of us on the airplane. i made it from elmira to denver. i am still flying 10 years later. i do not think we will ever be the same. i just hope one of these days the country will build a real safe again. that will still not stop me from flying. i will go on with my life. >> thank you for your recollections of september 11 and your commitment to the future. this is from twitter. next is a telephone call from beth in alabama.
1:32 pm
>> thank you for taking my call. i want to say first of all that every single person is remembered. i know a lot of attention is given to people who were able to make calls like todd beamer. i want to thank every person that was able to participate and let us see their family and loved ones. on that day, i was 29. i was running errands. we thought the first plane that hit the world trade center was an accident. in the second plane hit and we realized it was the terrorists. being a single mother, i wondered how i could process it, get through it, and teach my daughter that even though we have limited control in situations, that good things can
1:33 pm
happen. call is what i11 used to insure her. he said that if we're going down, we're going down with a fight. .hat is what' rose up in me that is what i hold on to. no matter what happens to us, we are going to fight. we're going to overcome. shortly after that, we flew. the military was posted everywhere. we were in shock. my mother, daughter, and i were flying to california. we joined hands and prayed. i am just grateful for everyone. all of the firefighters, all of the people lost family members who are going on tv and telling their stories.
1:34 pm
it touches all of our hearts. as a nation, we were in shock. we have all shed many tears par. as a country, we will overcome. >> she says looking at the memorial coverage made her cry and that the moment to reflect with that in the moment of silence was eerie. for many days following, we watched the recovery efforts. we want to share a telephone call with you from 10 years back, the morning after 9/11 when a new yorker called to share his experiences. host: you are on the air. caller: i was on the street when
1:35 pm
the first plane hit. it is two blocks south of the world trade center. host: what were you doing there? caller: i was meeting with the deputy commissioner of the taxi and limousine commissioner to get a job as an instructor. it was amazing. everybody was looking up. at first, i did not see what it was. then i looked up and saw what looked like a huge hole in the world trade center. i was trained as a paramedic but am not currently licensed. i started walking towards the world trade center. a sore arms, legs, pieces of bodies, a lot of really bad stuff. i put on latex gloves and went to the front door. there was a man from fema. i said i was not licensed but
1:36 pm
was trained as a paramedic. he said it did not matter and to come on in. we went in and went under the basement to the other side of the building. basically, people were coming down the stairs. the fire department was arriving in groups. they were going up the stairs. there was a group of us. people were leaving out the exits. they were getting killed by the debris falling. we would corral people in groups of 50 or 100. we would look for debris. then one would tell them to go. they would run out in groups. we did that maybe 15 or 20 times. at that time, i turned to an fbi agent and ask about their support, that we should be prepared for this.
1:37 pm
the bomb squad came in. my first thought was that they missed the first time and would not miss the second time, that they would definitely bring it down. i thought the planes were a distraction and they probably had bombs other places. people were coming out. i turned to an fbi agent there. i looked him in the eyes and said, you know that these things are going to come down, don't you? he said yes. no one there made any attempts to leave. they knew the buildings would come down. they stayed. i do not think the firefighters thought they would get out either by the looks on their faces. we all knew. we were just trying to get out as many people. and nypd captain came up to me
1:38 pm
and said that this was for police. he said paramedics were on the very east interest -- entrance. he said to go there and help. i said i would stay in he said to go. i went down and went out the door. i crossed the street and came up to the paramedics and asked if they needed help. we started triaging people. i could not have been out the door five minutes when there was an explosion. i looked up. it was falling on us. the whole thing was coming down on us. we all ran. i ran east about a block. then i kind of went to my right.
1:39 pm
i was hit by some pillars when it went down. it was like the biggest pipe bomb in history. all the glass and metal formed shrapnel. everybody running who did not make the right, i think they got killed. there were cars exploding. i was just happy to be alive at that point. then the cloud of dust came. i covered my face with my jacket. i knew it was a chemical weapon. one of the federal agents in the building said they were expecting chemicals. they did not expect any kind of plane or whatever. i remembered from training that you breathe in and then you cannot breathe out. that is the last thing that happens. every breath i took, i was waiting to not be able to breathe out.
1:40 pm
i called on my hands and knees over people that were dead. i finally hit a wall or something. i felt glass and into the been a revolving door. i guess i was over by chase bank or something. there was a guy from fema the re. we called the white house. there was no answer. it was on an answering service. we did not think that had ever happened before. then somebody told us the pentagon had been hit. we thought the white house had been hit. everybody was saying everything had been hit. my girlfriend or worked at nyu hospital. she was not medically trained to work there. i knew that hospitals could be secondary targets. alk andher to leave and wha that i would meet her. i told her to stay away from major buildings and walk off.
1:41 pm
some of the paramedics were going to go back out and help after the first building fell. i told them that the second one would fall and that they would get killed if they went out there. we waited in the second one fell. we triaged who we could. we helped you could. the most beautiful thing in the world was when we heard the jets. we cheered. we knew we were safe. we knew we had air support and nothing would get near us. eventually, i started walking. 86 street was maybe 10 miles or something. i stopped after about half a
1:42 pm
mile to borrow some duct tape because my shoes were falling apart. then we saw president bush on tv. we were calm when we knew he was alive. delis were bringing out water and sandwiches. people were bringing coffee and orange juice to people. i have never seen so many new yorkers act so bravely and kindly to summon the people in my life. it was an amazing experience. the firefighters, all of the federal guys, i know they are all dead. there is no way they could have lived through that. most of the paramedics i was with on church street, i think they were dead because they did not make the turn. i do not want to think.
1:43 pm
we got thousands of people out. so many more thousands -- [crying] host: thank you for sharing that with us. >> that was a phone call the morning after 9/1110 years ago -- that was a phone call the morning after 9/11, 10 years ago. let's take our next telephone call as we remember 9/11. sacramento, california, david, you are on the air. >> september 11 to thousand one, i was 12 years old. i had just woken up for my third week of middle school. i turned on the tv and the first thing i saw was the first tower
1:44 pm
smoking. immediately after that, i saw the second plane flying into the tower. i ran around the house and woke my house up to look at the tv because something was going on. we sat and watched in awe of what was going on. about five for 10 minutes before i had to leave to go to school, i saw the first tower fall. as i was walking out the door, i glanced back to see the second tower starting to look like it was about to fall. then i went into a blackout zone at school. they blacked us out at school. i did not get any information until i got home later that day.
1:45 pm
>> being such a young man when this happened, what does it all mean to you? how have you incorporated into your life story? >> it was a major shock, but it was not something -- it was one of those things where you are just in shock and do not know how to cope with it. all the firefighters, police officers, port authority in new york, the fbi, and everybody t's who went in to try to save people who lost their lives, i do not mourn them. i praise them.
1:46 pm
they are in a better place. 9/11 should be a national holiday. if it ever comes up for a vote for the congress to vote on, 9/11 needs to be a national holiday. >> thank you for your call from sacramento. joe is a regular twitter participant. he sends us this tweet. diane is on the line from california. >> i have been watching the program yesterday and today. i wanted to specifically mention president bill clinton and president george w. bush, president obama, and vice president biden.
1:47 pm
they all went to shanksville outside of pittsburgh. that is where most of my relatives live. they live in a small town, a steel mill town, midland. that was the center of the universe by at the early of the last century. my great-grandfather was a steelworker. these families in shanksville, new york, and around the world were touched. my boyfriend was instrumental with kennedy and in the viacom war. people are coming together. they are coming together in
1:48 pm
their efforts. we have accelerated into having more emergency services ready and being on the ball about it. i think it is a gift. it is a renewal for the country. i believe each citizen has a responsibility to themselves, their families, and the government to bring it to the attention of authorities if they see something. we have the military going on different tours in iraq and afghanistan. they are coming back. they are working. we have had many firefighters from san diego that came to new york. they made a heroic efforts. we want to ask the blessings be
1:49 pm
upon all of these people and their families. we thank c-span for all of your efforts. thank you for your time. >> you are looking at live pictures from pennsylvania. thousands of people are there today along the newly opened wall with the names of the 40 victims of united flight 93. that caller talked about how shanksville was close to pittsburgh, pennsylvania. this is what the newspaper looks like. let me show you some of the newspaper headlines from around the country. all of them are doing immemorial in one way or another and covering many of the issues that have come out of 9/11. it is interesting to take a look
1:50 pm
at them. here is the atlanta newspaper, "lives altered forever." this is from the "houston chronicle." the children may not recall the courage to do but they do feel the pain. -- the children may not recall the tragedy, but they do feel the pain. this little photograph right here is from pennsylvania. it is retired and active flight attendants who went to the memorial yesterday to join hands in honor of their five crew mates who died in the crash of that flight. ricky is on the phone from mississippi. >> 1 9/11 first happened, i
1:51 pm
worked at a hospital on the gulf coast. i would ride back and forth through the nasa test centers. when it happened that morning, i was coming through the test site. when i got through, they had hit the other world trade center. i did not know what was going on. i was scared to death, in shock. when i got home, i saw everything else that was going on. i want to say the memorial's they have built our beautiful. the services are heartwarming. my prayers are with all the families, victims, and everybody
1:52 pm
connected with this. i thank them so much, all of our military and officials. i love my country. i thank all of them. god bless everybody. >> that was ricky from mississippi. here is a tweet. the next call is kathleen from massachusetts. >> when the towers happened, i was in high school at the time. when i saw the first tower fall, i was in math or english class.
1:53 pm
at first i did not know what was going on. i sought a whole bunch of people running around -- i saw a bunch of people running around. i saw friends and family. i was in the cafeteria. really, justke surprised. i was like, oh, my god. >> another young person tweets to us.s mayor giuliani of new york was asked to testify before the 9/11 commission in 2004 as they put
1:54 pm
together the pieces of what happened. here is a clip from him in may of 2004 talking about his experience in lower manhattan as the two towers collapsed. >> the white house operator was on the phone and said the vice president would be on in a moment. at that point, i heard a click. the desk started to shake. i heard chief esposito say, "the tower has come down." my first thought was that one of the radio towers on top of the world trade center had come down. i did not conceive of the entire tower coming down. as he was saying that, i could see the desk shaking and people in the outer office going under desks. then i could see outside a
1:55 pm
tremendous amount of debris. at first, it felt like an earthquake. then it looked like a nuclear cloud. we realized we were in danger in the building, that the building could come down. it had been damaged. it was shaking. the police commissioner, the deputy commissioner, and i decided we needed to get everybody out of the building. we went down to the basement. we tried several exits and could not get out. i do not know if there were locked or blocked, but we could not get out. we went back up to the main floor to see if we got the main entrance. at that point, there have been more damage done and it was blocked. then i believe two janitors came up to us and said there was a way out through the basement through church street. we all went downstairs. we walked through the hallway.
1:56 pm
we got to the door he had selected. he opened the door and there was a sigh of relief. when we walked up the door, we were in the lobby of 110 church street. when you looked out the door of the building, you saw a tremendous clout, debris flying through the streets, and people being injured. one of our deputy commissioners and one of my former security people were brought in at that point injured and bloody, and obviously any state of shock -- in a state of shock from what had happened to them, being hit by debris. we have to decide whether to stay in the building to hold a press conference, to operate their or go outside. the choice we made was to go outside.
1:57 pm
we felt we had a core of new york city government together at this point. the police commissioner, the head of emergency services, three of the four deputy mayors, the commissioner of public health. if we were outside, we have a better chance of more people surviving. if we stayed in the building and it crashed, virtually all of city government would be gone. we could communicate better from outside. hopefully, we would be able to get through on radio and television we went outside. we grabbed a member of the press. we began making telephone calls as we were marching up. we were asking people to remain calm and go north. those were the instructions that pete yancey had given me. i wanted to see how the
1:58 pm
redecorating the building. what i saw was very inspiring. i saw people running and playing. that is what we wanted them to do. i did not see people knocking each ovether over. did not see people in panic or hurting each other. i saw people helping each other. they would stop and pick somebody up if they fell down. the commissioner and i did that for one man who was having trouble. we put him in the commissioner's car. we were able to put through -- get through. this is where my recollection its body. maybe two or three blocks north, we heard another tremendous noise. we realized the second building had come down. we saw the cloud from the second building come up the street. >> that is mayor giuliani, the
1:59 pm
former mayor of new york on the day of 9/11. this is what the cover of the (new york post" looks like today. this is what another newspaper has chosen for its cover issue. in the next hour, we will be showing you more from the 9/11 commission as they heard testimony to put together the pieces of the events on 9/11. we will show you some of that this afternoon. then we will have live coverage from the pentagon about 3:30. we will return to the pentagon when the president is expected to be there for a wreath-laying at the pentagon memorial. later today, we will have highlights from all three cities. at 8:00 this evening, live coverage from washington at the kennedy center for today's 9/11 to be. to be.


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