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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  September 12, 2011 12:30am-1:59am EDT

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for the memories. >> philip d. miller >> robert alan miller >> robert cromwell miller, jr. >> benjamin millman >> charles morris mills >> ronald keith milstein >> robert minara >> william george minardi >> diakite minata >> louis joseph minervino >> thomas mingione >> wilbert miraille >> dominick n. mircovich >> rajesh arjan mirpuri >> joseph mistrulli >> susan j. miszkowicz >> paul thomas mitchell >> richard p. miuccio >> and my father, the light of all of our lives. every one that knew you was lucky and everyone that you loved was blessed. >> for my nephew, family and
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friends love you, we miss you, we pray for you. we talk to you. until we meet again. >> frank v. moccia, sr. >> louis joseph modafferi >> boyie mohammed >> dennis mojica >> manuel mojica >> kleber molina >> manuel de jesus molina >> carl molinaro >> justin molisani >> brian monaghan >> franklin monahan >> john monahan >> kristen montanaro
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>> craig montano >> michael montesi >> bandar brother -- and our brother. we love you, paul. special blessings to engine 207. middle long time sunshine at shine upon you. las around you and pure light within you guide your way on. >> and my uncle, up one of the break 343 men who gave their lives to save the lives of others. thank you to all the firemen,
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police officers, and nurses who were here 10 years ago to search for the fallen and help the wounded. thank you to those above built and continue to build the new world trade center and thank you to the men and women of our military for fighting for our feet -- freedom. god bless america. [applause] >> cheryl ann monyak >> thomas moody >> sharon moore >> krishna moorthy >> abner morales >> carlos manuel morales >> luis morales >> paula e. morales john moran >> john chrisopher moran >> kathleen moran >> lindsay stapleton morehouse >> george morell >> steven p. morello >> vincent s. morello
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>> yvette nicole moreno >> dorothy morgan >> and to my grandfather. your grandkids miss you very much. >> and my brother, if tears could build a stairway, we would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. god bless all. keep your loved ones in your heart. amen. >> richard morgan >> nancy morgenstern >> sanae mori >> blanca robertina morocho >> leonel geronimo morocho >> dennis gerard moroney
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>> lynne irene morris >> seth allan morris >> stephen philip morris >> christopher martel morrison >> jorge luis morron garcia >> ferdinand v. morrone >> william david moskal >> marco motroni >> cynthia motus-wilson >> iouri a. mouchinski >> jude joseph moussa >> and my brother in law. we miss you and love you very much. >> and my father, we love you and miss you. i wish i could have known better. >> peter moutos >> damion o'neil mowatt
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>> christopher mozzillo >> stephen vincent mulderry >> richard muldowney jr >> michael d. mullan >> dennis michael mulligan >> peter james mulligan >> michael joseph mullin >> james donald munhall >> nancy muniz >> carlos munoz
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>> brian joseph murphy >> charles anthony murphy >> christopher w. murphy >> edward charles murphy >> james f. murphy iv >> james thomas murphy >> kevin james murphy >> patrick sean murphy >> raymond e. murphy >> robert eddie murphy, jr. >> john joseph murray >> john joseph murray, jr. >> susan d. murray >> valerie victoria murray >> richard todd myhre >> and my uncle, we love and miss you every day.
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>> and my husband, peter mulligan. the memory of our time together will forever be into my heart and soul. i will miss you and love you forever. >> robert b. nagel >> takuya nakamura >> alexander napier >> frank joseph naples iii >> john napolitano >> catherine ann nardella >> mario nardone, jr. >> manika k. narula >> mehmood naseem >> narender nath >> karen susan navarro >> joseph micheal navas >> francis joseph nazario
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>> glenroy i. neblett >> rayman marcus neblett >> jerome o. nedd >> laurence nedell >> luke g. nee >> and my brother, we love you and miss you every day. we hope to one day be able to reunite with your daughter again. >> and my father, i know every time i am in the woods or i catch a big fish, i know you are up there smiling at me. we all love and miss you, dad. >> pete negron >> ann n. nelson >> david william nelson >> james nelson
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>> michele ann nelson >> peter allen nelson >> oscar francis nesbitt >> gerard terence nevins >> christopher newton-carter >> kapinga ngalula >> nancy yuen ngo >> jody nichilo >> and my husband, a gentleman, a friend to so many, a philosopher, a believer in peace and justice. >> and my loving -- may rest in
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peace. >> martin s. niederer >> alfonse joseph niedermeyer >> frank john niestadt, jr. >> gloria nieves >> juan nieves, jr. >> troy edward nilsen >> paul nimbley >> john b. niven >> katherine marie noack >> curtis terrance noel >> daniel r. nolan >> robert noonan >> daniela r. notaro >> brian christopher novotny >> soichi numata >> and my beautiful mother, who enriched the lives of countless people with her spirit,
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generosity, and devotion. >> and my nephew. he taught me about the greatness of america. we miss you, we all miss you. brian felix nunez >> jose nunez >> jeffrey roger nussbaum >> dennis o'berg >> james p. o'brien, jr. >> michael p. o'brien >> scott j. o'brien >> timothy michael o'brien >> daniel o'callaghan >> dennis james o'connor, jr. >> diana j. o'connor >> keith kevin o'connor >> richard j. o'connor >> amy o'doherty >> marni pont o'doherty >> james andrew o'grady >> thomas o'hagan
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>> patrick j. o'keefe >> and my father, a port authority police officer. we love you and miss you very much. >> and my daughter, a bright ray of sunshine on this planet and her spirit lives on. god bless america. >> william o'keefe >> gerald o'leary >> matthew timothy o'mahony >> peter j. o'neill, jr. >> sean gordon o'neill >> kevin o'rourke >> patrick j. o'shea >> robert william o'shea
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>> timothy f. o'sullivan >> james a. oakley >> douglas e. oelschlager >> takashi ogawa >> albert ogletree >> philip paul ognibene >> joseph j. ogren >> samuel oitice >> and my beautiful baby sister. you are loved and missed. >> and my father. >> gerald michael olcott >> christine anne olender >> linda mary oliva >> edward kraft oliver >> leah e. oliver >> eric t. olsen >> jeffrey james olsen
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>> maureen lyons olson >> steven john olson >> toshihiro onda >> seamus l. o'neal >> john p. oneill >> frank oni >> michael c. opperman >> christopher orgielewicz >> margaret orloske >> virginia anne ormiston >> my precious daughter. she was taken from us so suddenly. to all the men and women that try to keep a safe, we know the sacrifice that they make. let us not forget, this was not
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a natural disaster. it was by a radical islamists. >> and my brother, we missed and love you. god bless you. >> ronald orsini >> peter ortale >> juan ortega-campos >> alexander ortiz >> david ortiz >> emilio ortiz, jr. >> pablo ortiz >> paul ortiz, jr. >> sonia ortiz >> masaru ose
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>> elsy c. osorio >> james r. ostrowski >> jason douglas oswald >> michael otten >> isidro d. ottenwalder >> michael chung ou >> todd joseph ouida >> and my brother, all your family misses you. we love you, god bless you. >> and my nephew, your parents, your brothers, all of your family, we miss and love you very much. keep doing your magic. >>jesus ovalles >> peter j. owens, jr.
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adianes oyola angel m. pabon israel pabon, jr. roland pacheco michael benjamin packer rene padilla-chavarria deepa pakkala >> spacejeffrey matthew palazzo thomas palazzo richard palazzolo orio j. palmer frank anthony palombo alan n. palumbo christopher matthew panatier dominique lisa pandolfo >> i am thankful for what i have. i am sad for my loss, our loss, and australia apostolos. this is my dancing queen. >> and my husband, just knowing
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you, your humor, your huge par heart, it was a gift to so many. >> paul j. pansini john m. paolillo edward joseph papa salvatore t. papasso james nicholas pappageorge vinod kumar parakat vijayashanker paramsothy nitin parandkar hardai parbhu james wendell parham debra marie paris george paris gye hyong park philip lacey parker michael alaine parkes robert e. parks, jr.
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hashmukhrai c. parmar >> and my brother. we love you and we miss you. >> and my sister, we miss you so much. i love you and i miss you and i would do everything you can -- i did will do everything i can to keep you happy. robert parro diane marie parsons leobardo lopez pascual michael pascuma jerrold paskins horace robert passananti suzanne h. passaro avnish ramanbhai patel dipti patel manish patel steven bennett paterson james matthew patrick
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manuel d. patrocino bernard e. patterson cira marie patti robert e. pattison caughtjames robert paul >> my brother in law, who died while saving others. we take comfort in reminding ourselves that god's grace is forever. >> and my brother, who sacrificed his life to save others. you'll always be a hero. i was here on this tragic day and i always remember. god bless america. >> patrice paz victor paz-gutierrez stacey lynn peak richard allen pearlman durrell v. pearsall
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thomas pedicini todd douglas pelino michel adrian pelletier anthony g. peluso angel ramon pena richard al penny salvatore f. pepe carl peralta robert david peraza jon a. perconti alejo perez >> my domestic partner. >> and our son, and his son, who was 10 days old when he died. we miss you. >> you live in my heart and i will never forget you. >> angel perez, jr. angela susan perez anthony perez
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ivan perez nancy e. perez joseph john perroncino edward j. perrotta emelda h. perry glenn c. perry john william perry franklin allan pershep danny pesce michael john pescherine davin peterson william russell peterson >> and my brother in law,
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father, uncle, and friend. we will miss you forever. >> to my brother, special operations, 10 years and feels like yesterday. we love you and miss you. >> mark petrocelli philip scott petti glen kerrin pettit dominick pezzulo kaleen elizabeth pezzuti kevin pfeifer tu-anh pham kenneth phelan sneha ann philips gerard phillips suzette eugenia piantieri ludwig john picarro matthew m. picerno joseph oswald pick christopher pickford
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dennis j. pierce bernard pietronico nicholas p. pietrunti .> and to my husband' >>theodoros pigis >> and to my husband, your death was not in vain. it recommended -- it represented democracy and freedom in america. god bless you, my love. >> my brother, your love of family and friends will indoor in our hearts forever. we love you. >> susan elizabeth pinto joseph piskadlo christopher todd pitman
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joshua piver joseph plumitallo john pocher william howard pohlmann laurence polatsch thomas h. polhemus steve pollicino susan m. pollio joshua iousa poptean giovanna porras anthony portillo james edward potorti >> and my father and my aunt. >> and my father. >> daphne pouletsos richard n. poulos stephen emanual poulos brandon jerome powell
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shawn edward powell antonio pratt gregory m. preziose wanda ivelisse prince vincent princiotta kevin prior everett martin proctor iii carrie beth progen sarah prothero-redheffer david lee pruim richard prunty john foster puckett robert david pugliese edward f. pullis >> and my father, steven patterson. we all miss you. >> and my lovely cousin, you are loved and missed every day. >> patricia ann puma hemanth kumar puttur
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edward r. pykon christopher quackenbush lars peter qualben lincoln quappe beth ann quigley michael quilty james francis quinn ricardo j. quinn carlos quishpe-cuaman carol millicent rabalais christopher peter a. racaniello leonard j. ragaglia eugene raggio laura marie ragonese-snik >> and my son, robert, we love you. we will never forget. >> and my beloved husband. >> michael ragusa
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firefighter engine 275. >> peter frank raimondi harry a. raines ehtesham raja valsa raju edward rall lukas rambousek maria ramirez harry ramos vishnoo ramsaroop lorenzo e. ramzey alfred todd rancke adam david rand jonathan c. randall srinivasa shreyas ranganath anne t. ransom >> and my dad. we miss you and we love you very much. >> and my son, we miss you and
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we love you. >> faina aronovna rapoport robert a. rasmussen amenia rasool roger mark rasweiler >> william ralph raub. >> gerard p. rauzi. >> alexey razuvaev. >> gregory reda. >> michele reed. >> judith ann reese. >> donald j. regan. >> robert m. regan. >> thomas michael regan. >> christian michael otto regenhard.
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>> and-sun -- and my son. mark, you made your mom and me proud. your family and friends love you and miss you every day. and by the way, but emily says hello. >> and my father. we miss and loved you so much. you are my world. i have your smile, your eyes, and you'll laugh, but i do not have you. i love you, daddy. >> howard reich. >> gregg reidy. >> james brian reilly. >> kevin o. reilly. >> timothy e. reilly. >> joseph reina, jr. >> thomas barnes reinig. >> frank bennett reisman. >> joshua scott reiss. >> karen renda.
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>> john armand reo. >> richard cyril rescorla. >> john thomas resta. >> luis clodoaldo revilla. >> eduvigis reyes, jr. >> bruce albert reynolds. >> and my big brother. mommy, daddy, rebecca, your niece and nephew that you never met, your aunts and uncles, we miss and love you dearly >> and my uncle and godfather. we love you and miss you and we wish you -- we wish you could sit -- we could see you one last time to give you one last big hug.
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>> john frederick rhodes. >> francis saverio riccardelli. >> rudolph n. riccio. >> ann marie riccoboni. >> david h. rice. >> eileen mary rice. >> kenneth frederick rice iii. >> vernon allan richard. >> claude daniel richards. >> gregory david richards. >> michael richards. >> venesha orintia richards. >> james c. riches. >> alan jay richman. >> and my husband. we love you and miss you every
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day of our lives. >> john m. rigo. and my husband. as i stand here with this newly unveiled plaza behind me, we summon our strength and we think of those murdered on the us -- on the spot. it still lingers in our minds and our souls. 10 years my past, but the pain has not. the pain gets worse. it is a direct result of what happened on that day. but it certainly did not and that date. we are still without satisfactory evidence on how this event could have done. how family -- you would agree that both of our children have lived their lives that we had hoped for.
1:05 am
i knew she more than ever as i watched our signed with our grandson just born two weeks ago. as i hold our grandson, i thank god. please continue to watch over us. may god bless us all. >> theresa risco. >> rose mary riso. >> moises n. rivas. >> joseph rivelli. >> carmen alicia rivera. >> isaias rivera. >> juan william rivera. >> linda ivelisse rivera. >> david e. rivers. >> joseph r. riverso.
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>> paul v. rizza. >> john frank rizzo. >> stephen louis roach. >> joseph roberto. >> leo arthur roberts. >> michael roberts. >> michael edward roberts. >> donald walter robertson, jr. >> and my cousin. we love you and miss you very much. >> and my cousin, a firefighter, no. 6259. continue to protect us as you are seated at their right hand of god the father almighty. a man. >> catherina robinson. >> jeffery robinson. >> michell lee jean robotham. >> donald a. robson.
1:07 am
>> antonio a. rocha. >> raymond james rocha. >> laura rockefeller. >> john rodak. >> antonio j. rodrigues. >> anthony rodriguez. firefighter. >> carmen milagros rodriguez. >> gregory ernesto rodriguez. >> marsha a. rodriguez. >> mayra valdes rodriguez. >> richard rodriguez. >> david bartolo rodriguez- vargas. >> matthew rogan. >> karlie barbara rogers. >> and my domestic partner. we love an issue every day. >> and my father, a paramedic.
1:08 am
battalion 57. dad, you are a grandfather now. my son is only a two-years old and i never let that day going by without letting him know that his grandfather was a hero. we love you and miss you. be safe. >> scott williams rohner. >> keith roma. >> joseph m. romagnolo. >> efrain romero, sr. >> elvin romero. >> juan romero. >> orozco james a. romito. >> sean paul rooney. >> eric thomas ropiteau. >> aida rosario. >> angela rosario. >> wendy alice rosario wakeford. >> mark rosen. >> brooke david rosenbaum. >> linda rosenbaum. >> sheryl lynn rosenbaum. >> lloyd daniel rosenberg. >> mark louis rosenberg. >> andrew ira rosenblum. >> joshua m. rosenblum.
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>> and my beloved mother. we miss you dearly. >> and my father. we love you very much and i want to say thank you for my sister and brother-in-law for serving in the u.s. military. [applause] >> joshua alan rosenthal. >> richard david rosenthal. >> daniel rosetti. >> norman s. rossinow. >> nicholas p. rossomando. >> michael craig rothberg. >> donna marie rothenberg. >> nicholas rowe.
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>> timothy alan roy, sr. >> paul g. ruback. >> ronald j. ruben. >> joanne rubino. >> and my sister. judy, a.j., all of us love you and miss you very much. you live and our hearts forever. >> and my son. we miss you and love you and i know you know that you have two grandchildren and twins coming. god bless you. >> david m. ruddle. >> bart joseph ruggiere. >> susan a. ruggiero. >> adam keith ruhalter. >> gilbert ruiz. >> obdulio ruiz diaz. >> stephen p. russell. >> steven harris russin. >> michael thomas russo, sr. >> wayne alan russo.
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>> edward ryan. >> john joseph ryan, jr. >> jonathan stephan ryan. >> matthew lancelot ryan. >> tatiana ryjova. >> christina sunga ryook. >> thierry saada. >> and my uncle. we love an issue every day. >> and my father. >> jason elazar sabbag. >> thomas e. sabella. >> scott saber. >> joseph francis sacerdote. >> francis john sadocha. >> jude safi. >> brock joel safronoff. >> edward saiya. >> john patrick salamone.
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>> hernando salas. >> juan g. salas. >> esmerlin antonio salcedo. >> john salvatore salerno, jr. >> richard l. salinardi, jr. >> and mind niece, the lead flight attendant on united 175. she had a radiant smile, contagious laughter, boundless enthusiasm, an analyst compassion. although she may not ever be found, she will never be lost to our families and friends. we honor her by letting go of the sadness over losing her and embracing the joy of having on her. for the flight crews here with us or watching around the world, bless you and thank you for your
1:13 am
courage and for being first on the front lines to keep us free and flying. >> and my little brother, our hero. a firefighter. thank you. >> wayne john saloman. >> nolbert salomon. >> catherine patricia salter. >> frank salvaterra. >> paul richard salvio. >> samuel robert salvo, jr. >> rena sam-dinnoo. >> carlos alberto samaniego. hi>> james kenneth samuel, jr. >> hugo m. sanay. >> erick sanchez. >> jacquelyn patrice sanchez. >> eric m. sand.
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>> stacey leigh sanders. >> herman s. sandler. >> james sands, jr. >> and my mother. you are truly mess. you left behind some wonderful grandkids. may god bless america and all those who serve to protect her. >> and my son-in-law. we will miss you forever and you are now with god. >> ayleen j. santiago. >> kirsten santiago. >> maria theresa santillan. >> susan gayle santo. >> christopher santora. >> john a. santore. >> mario l. santoro. >> rafael humberto santos. >> rufino conrado flores santos
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iii. >> jorge octavio santos anaya. >> kalyan sarkar. >> chapelle r. sarker. >> paul f. sarle. >> deepika kumar sattaluri. >> gregory thomas saucedo. >> susan m. sauer. >> anthony savas. >> and my uncle. we are doing great. you'd be so proud of them. will never be the same without you. >> mike all some brother. your humor and audacity guidance every day of our lives. may god what all the tears from all of our faces. >> vladimir savinkin. >> jackie sayegh. >> john michael sbarbaro. >> robert l. scandole, jr.
1:16 am
>> michelle scarpitta. >> dennis scauso. >> john albert schardt. >> john g. scharf. >> frederick claude scheffold, jr. >> angela susan scheinberg. >> scott mitchell schertzer. >> sean schielke. >> steven francis schlag. >> jon schlissel. >> karen helene schmidt. >> ian schneider. >> thomas g. schoales. >> it is my sincere honor to stand here representing a family, of a special friend and a loving relative to so many of us. we thank god for the gift of his remarkable life and we will forever mourn his loss. i know your mom now rests in peace having join you in three short months ago. may you all rest in peace.
1:17 am
>> and to my father. and my uncle. our whole family lives every day to make you proud. i love you so much, on: daddy. -- uncle and daddy. >> frank g. schott, jr. >> gerard patrick schrang. >> jeffrey h. schreier. >> john t. schroeder. >> susan lee schuler. >> edward william schunk. >> mark e. schurmeier. >> clarin shellie schwartz. >> john burkhart schwartz. >> mark schwartz. >> adriane victoria scibetta. >> raphael scorca. >> randolph scott. >> sheila scott. >> christopher jay scudder. >> arthur warren scullin. >> michael herman seaman.
1:18 am
>> and my father. my angel and a hero who saved the lives per your four children, family, and friends love you and miss you. you are gone but never forgotten. >> and my husband. the father of my son. we will love you and miss you forever. you will always be in our hearts. you are our hero. we will never forget you. >> margaret m. seeliger. >> anthony segarra. >> carlos segarra. >> jason sekzer. >> matthew carmen sellitto. >> howard selwyn. >> larry john senko. >> arturo angelo sereno. >> frankie serrano. >> alena sesinova. >> adele christine sessa. >> sita nermalla sewnarine.
1:19 am
>> karen lynn seymour. >> davis sezna. >> thomas joseph sgroi. >> jayesh s. shah. >> khalid m. shahid. >> and my beautiful and loving sister. your friends and family miss you very much. mom and dad and we love you very much. thank you for being a guardian angel to my nephew. >> and my father. we miss you very much. >> mohammed shajahan. >> gary shamay. >> earl richard shanahan. >> neil shastri. >> kathryn anne shatzoff. >> barbara a. shaw. >> jeffrey james shaw.
1:20 am
>> robert john shay, jr. >> daniel james shea. >> joseph patrick shea. >> linda sheehan. >> hagay shefi. >> john anthony sherry. >> atsushi shiratori. >> thomas joseph shubert. >> and my brother. will love you an issue every day. >> and my cousin. we miss you and think about you all the time. if you see my sister up there, say hello. >> mark shulman. >> see wong shum. >> allan abraham shwartzstein.
1:21 am
>> johanna sigmund. >> dianne t. signer. >> gregory sikorsky. >> stephen gerard siller. >> david silver. >> craig a. silverstein. >> nasima hameed simjee. >> bruce edward simmons. >> arthur simon. >> kenneth alan simon. >> and my father. your memory lives on for generations to come. >> and my dad. >> michael j. simon. >> paul joseph simon. >> marianne teresa simone. >> barry simowitz.
1:22 am
>> jeff lyal simpson. >> khamladai singh. >> kulwant singh. >> roshan ramesh singh. >> thomas e. sinton iii. >> peter a. siracuse. >> muriel fay siskopoulos. >> joseph michael sisolak. >> john p. skala. >> francis joseph skidmore, jr. >> toyena skinner. >> and my uncle. we love you and miss you. you are always in our heart. >> and my uncle who we all love and mess.
1:23 am
the rest of the family love and miss you each and every day. >> paul a. skrzypek. >> christopher paul slattery. >> vincent robert slavin. >> robert f. sliwak. >> paul k. sloan. >> stanley s. smagala, jr. >> wendy l. small. >> catherine smith. >> daniel laurence smith. >> george eric smith. >> james gregory smith. >> jeffrey r. smith. >> joyce patricia smith.
1:24 am
>> karl t. smith. >> keisha smith. >> kevin joseph smith. >> leon smith, jr. >> moira ann smith. >> and the grandmother of the grandchildren who will never have the privilege of knowing my wife. >> into my brother, the emergency service, a truck no. 7. you gave us 18 years of service to nypd. mom and dad and your whole family love and miss you so much. happy 10th anniversary in heaven. i love you and until we meet again, god bless you, god bless all of those that we lost, god
1:25 am
bless america. >> rosemary a. smith. >> bonnie jeanne smithwick. >> rochelle monique snell. >> leonard j. snyder, jr. >> astrid elizabeth sohan. >> sushil s. solanki. >> ruben solares. >> naomi leah solomon. >> daniel w. song. >> michael charles sorresse. >> fabian soto. >> timothy patrick soulas. >> gregory spagnoletti. >> donald f. spampinato, jr. >> god bless my younger brother.
1:26 am
>> and my husband. even though it has been 10 years, it seems like yesterday. you are walking in from work with ryan on your shirttails, making the play one more minute of baseball with him. so many moments mess. they proudly wear your number 34 and are going to mazing, beautiful people. your mom and family, your children, and especially me miss you and love you every day. >> thomas sparacio. >> john anthony spataro. >> robert w. spear, jr. >> maynard s. spence, jr. >> george edward spencer iii. >> robert andrew spencer. >> mary rubina sperando.
1:27 am
>> tina spicer. >> frank spinelli. >> william e. spitz. >> joseph spor, jr. >> klaus johannes sprockamp. >> saranya srinuan. >> fitzroy st. rose. >> michael f. stabile. >> lawrence t. stack. >> timothy m. stackpole. >> richard james stadelberger. >> and my uncle. it was an honor to a set of your names here today. your life lives through us. and now you are finally with your father. it is comforting to know that you have always been with me. it is even more comforting to know that he has been with every
1:28 am
single one of you and will always be. share everyone's story says that we never forget. we love you. >> and my father. miss you, dad. >> do we go now? >> eric stahlman. >> gregory stajk. >> alexandru liviu stan. >> corina stan. >> mary domenica stanley. >> anthony starita. >> jeffrey stark. >> derek james statkevicus. >> craig william staub.
1:29 am
>> william v. steckman. >> eric thomas steen. >> william r. steiner. >> alexander steinman. >> andrew stergiopoulos. >> andrew stern. >> and my son. i represent all our family. we love you. >> and my son. the sunshine of my life. he gave his life so that others could live. i love you, i miss you, and we will meet again soon. >> martha stevens.
1:30 am
>> michael james stewart. >> richard h. stewart, jr. >> sanford m. stoller. >> lonny jay stone. >> jimmy nevill storey. >> timothy stout. >> thomas strada. >> james j. straine, jr. >> edward w. straub. >> george j. strauch, jr. >> edward t. strauss. >> steven r. strauss. >> steven f. strobert. >> walwyn w. stuart, jr. >> benjamin suarez.
1:31 am
>> and my brother-in-law. our entire family love and miss you very much. we know you are with us. we see the butterflies. kiss your mom and hug my dad for us. >> into my father-in-law. we love you and miss you very much. >> david scott suarez. >> ramon suarez. >> yoichi sugiyama. >> william christopher sugra. >> daniel suhr. >> david marc sullins. >> christopher p. sullivan.
1:32 am
>> patrick sullivan. >> thomas sullivan. >> hilario soriano sumaya, jr. >> james joseph suozzo. >> colleen supinski. >> robert sutcliffe. >> seline sutter. >> claudia suzette sutton. >> john francis swaine. >> and my father. i love you, dad. we miss you, love you, and think about you every day. >> and my father of. 10 years ago, you made the biggest sacrifice in honor. we all miss you dearly.
1:33 am
>> kristine m. swearson. >> brian edward sweeney. >> kenneth j. swenson. >> thomas swift. >> derek ogilvie sword. >> kevin thomas szocik. >> gina sztejnberg. >> norbert p. szurkowski. >> harry taback. >> joann tabeek. >> norma c. taddei. >> michael taddonio. >> keiichiro takahashi. >> keiji takahashi. >> phyllis gail talbot. >> robert talhami. >> and my father.
1:34 am
[speaking foreign-language]>> sean patrick tallon. >> for mom and dad, gregory, theresa, and christine, in your nieces and nephews, gregory, and jacqueline, patrick, mary, and shane. we love you and miss your guitar and your smile. >> paul talty. >> maurita tam. >> rachel tamares. >> hector tamayo. >> michael andrew tamuccio.
1:35 am
>> kenichiro tanaka. >> rhondelle cheri tankard. >> michael anthony tanner. >> dennis gerard taormina, jr. >> kenneth joseph tarantino. >> allan tarasiewicz. >> ronald tartaro. >> darryl anthony taylor. >> donnie brooks taylor. >> i am honored to have read these names as well as the name of my husband. >> and the son of peter and france's swept, and brother to patrick and myself, you were the
1:36 am
inspiration in our family. you set the example and i will follow. we miss you. >> lorisa ceylon taylor. >> michael morgan taylor. >> paul a. tegtmeier. >> yeshauant tembe. >> anthony tempesta. >> dorothy pearl temple. >> stanley temple. >> david tengelin. >> brian john terrenzi. >> lisa m. terry. >> shell tester.
1:37 am
>> and my mother. we love and miss you every day. >> and my uncle. we love and miss you with all of our hearts, especially your wife and your two sons. and the entire family. >> lesley anne thomas. >> brian thomas thompson. >> clive thompson. >> glenn thompson. >> nigel bruce thompson. >> perry a. thompson. >> vanavah alexei thompson. >> william h. thompson. >> eric raymond thorpe.
1:38 am
>> nichola angela thorpe. >> sal edward tieri, jr. >> john p tierney. >> mary ellen tiesi. >> william r. tieste. >> kenneth francis tietjen. >> stephen edward tighe. >> and my father. you are a star so bright, bold, now in the heavens where you belong. but your light shines out to us as if they live were in fact our own. we love you, we miss you, and we thank you. >> and my husband. their legacy lives on in our beautiful boys.
1:39 am
your life and our love live on in my heart. until we meese again, find peace in heaven's hands. >> scott charles timmes. >> michael e. tinley. >> jennifer m. tino. >> robert frank tipaldi. >> john james tipping ii. >> david tirado. >> hector luis tirado, jr. >> michelle lee titolo. >> john j. tobin. >> richard todisco. >> vladimir tomasevic. >> stephen kevin tompsett. >> thomas tong. >> doris torres. >> luis eduardo torres. >> amy elizabeth toyen.
1:40 am
>> and my big brother. from the pentagon, now entertaining the angels in heaven with his beautiful music, we all love and miss you terribly. god bless you and god bless america. >> and to my brother, master percussionist. your humor and sense of spirit will never be forgotten. we love you and you will always be in our hearts. >> christopher michael traina. hong>> daniel patrick trant. >> abdoul karim traore. >> glenn j. travers. >> walter philip travers. >> felicia y. traylor-bass. >> lisa l. trerotola. >> karamo trerra.
1:41 am
>> michael angel trinidad. >> francis joseph trombino. >> gregory james trost. >> william p. tselepis. >> zhanetta valentinovna tsoy. >> michael tucker. >> lance richard tumulty. >> and my brother, a firefighter of squad 252 brooklyn. i turn to you for trust and you gave it openly. i love it to you for inspiration, for answers, and encouragement, and you never let me down. you lifted my spirits and have the ability to take my thoughts to places where my troubles seemed so much further away.
1:42 am
you never wanted are excepted praise, so humble and generous you were. you are not only a role model to me but the five siblings, if your daughter, your extended family and friends, and of course, your fire fighter brothers. after 10 years, there is still no closer, and no answers. there are only tears from heaven. all i have all the words of the serenity prayer which have become a mentor to many. god grant me the serenity to except the things i cannot change, and i can only say that my heart is so thankful to have had you in my life. you're not only my brother. you're the best and bravest man and my best friend. we all love and miss you and i can only say that i will one day
1:43 am
see you on the other side. >> and my father and my uncle. 10 is just a number. we will always love and miss you. >> ching ping tung. >> simon james turner. >> donald joseph tuzio. >> robert t. twomey. >> jennifer tzemis. >> john g. ueltzhoeffer. >> tyler v. ugolyn. >> michael a. uliano. >> jonathan j. uman. >> anil shivhari umarkar. >> allen v. upton. >> diane marie urban. >> john damien vaccacio. >> bradley hodges vadas. >> renuta vaidea. >> william valcarcel. >> felix antonio vale. >> ivan vale. >> benito valentin.
1:44 am
>> and my father. you would be so proud of me. i love you dearly and i miss you terribly. so do the rest of us. and i hope you're with encore ryan. >> and my aunt. i miss you very much. you are forever in our hearts. you will never be forgotten. >> santos valentin, jr. >> carlton francis valvo ii. >> erica h. van acker. >> kenneth w. van auken. >> richard b. van hine. >> daniel m. van laere. >> edward raymond vanacore. >> jon c. vandevander.
1:45 am
>> frederick thomas varacchi. >> gopalakrishnan varadhan. >> david vargas. >> scott c. vasel. >> azael ismael vasquez. >> arcangel vazquez. >> and my father. we all miss you so dearly. we know that you're being taken care of in heaven. god bless and you are with us always. >> and my sister. 10 years later, as we continue to resume our lives, with a loss of our loved ones, we are here today to have been etched in stone but forever in our hearts.
1:46 am
we love and miss you, little lucy. our whole family. god bless america. >> sankara s. velamuri. >> jorge velazquez. >> lawrence g. veling. >> anthony mark ventura. >> david vera. >> loretta ann vero. >> christopher james vialonga. >> matthew gilbert vianna. >> robert anthony vicario. >> celeste torres victoria. >> joanna vidal. >> john t. vigiano ii. >> joseph vincent vigiano. >> frank j. vignola, jr. >> joseph barry vilardo. >> sergio villanueva.
1:47 am
>> chantal vincelli. >> and my son. who is still our shining like. >> and my sister, who chose to let her life with laughter, friendship, and love. your family knows who you are. >> melissa vincent. >> francine ann virgilio. >> lawrence virgilio. >> joseph gerard visciano. >> joshua s. vitale. >> maria percoco vola. >> lynette d. vosges. >> garo h. voskerijian. >> alfred vukosa. >> gregory kamal bruno wachtler.
1:48 am
>> gabriela waisman. >> courtney wainsworth walcott. >> victor wald. >> and my father. i miss you and i love you. >> and my brother. god, we thank you very much for giving me a brother like that. on behalf of my mother, she lights a candle for you every day. and i think you're still are favored. thank you and god bless you. >> benjamin james walker.
1:49 am
>> glen wall. >> mitchel scott wallace. >> peter guyder wallace. >> robert francis wallace. >> roy michael wallace. >> jeanmarie wallendorf. >> matthew blake wallens. >> john wallice, jr. >> barbara p. walsh. >> james henry walsh. >> jeffrey p. walz. >> ching wang. >> and my brother. it pained me that our family will never know how fantastic their local was. >> and my son. anytney, you're the son
1:50 am
parent would have loved have. we are so proud of you and we will always have you in our hearts. god bless you. >> weibin wang. >> michael warchola. >> stephen gordon ward. >> james arthur waring. >> brian g. warner. >> derrick washington. >> charles waters. >> james thomas waters, jr. >> patrick j. waters. >> kenneth thomas watson. >> michael henry waye. >> todd christopher weaver. >> walter edward weaver. >> nathaniel webb. >> dinah webster.
1:51 am
>> and my beloved father. daddy, i love you so much, and my brothers, my mom, and i miss you every day. daddy, you are the best and i love you. >> and my husband. rahway, you left the girls and i surrounded by love. our families and friends have been amazing. we love you when we miss you so much. >> joanne flora weil. >> michael t. weinberg. >> steven weinberg. >> scott jeffrey weingard. >> steven george weinstein. >> simon weiser. >> david m. weiss. >> david thomas weiss. >> vincent michael wells.
1:52 am
>> timothy matthew welty. >> christian hans rudolf wemmers. >> ssu-hui wen. >> and my father. we always miss you. >> and my brother. dad, i hope and haven't there is always fresh coffee, called bair, and the yankees winning the world series. i love you, i miss you, god bless the united states and the new york police department. >> oleh d. wengerchuk. >> peter m. west.
1:53 am
>> whitfield west, jr. >> meredith lynn whalen. >> eugene whelan. >> adam s. white. >> edward james white iii. >> james patrick white. >> john sylvester white. >> kenneth wilburn white, jr. >> leonard anthony white. >> malissa y. white. >> wayne white. >> leanne marie whiteside. >> and my husband. 10 years does not diminish the love that we had for you. our three children have grown into wonderful and strong adults. you would be so proud. if your family mrs. you very much and may god continue to bless us.
1:54 am
>> and my brother. our brother, our friend, our angel. we love you and miss you. you are in our hearts always and forever. >> mark p. whitford. >> michael t. wholey. >> mary catherine wieman. >> jeffrey david wiener. >> wilham j. wik. >> alison marie wildman. >> glenn e. wilkenson. >> john c. willett. >> brian patrick williams. >> crossley richard williams, jr. >> david j. williams. >> deborah lynn williams.
1:55 am
>> my father ran my teacher, for his wisdom i miss him more and more. how much i wish he would still wish us -- he was still with us to guide as. >> and for my dear cousin, who touch the lives is so many people. we'll learn to take deep breaths, laugh or often, and live our lives to the fullest because of you. thank you for being who you are. you are in our hearts daily. and thank you for all the men and women who helped rebuild the site to give us like again. >> kevin michael williams. >> louie anthony williams. >> louis calvin williams iii. >> john p. williamson.
1:56 am
>> donna ann wilson. >> william wilson. >> david harold winton. >> glenn j. winuk. >> thomas francis wise. >> alan l. wisniewski. >> frank thomas wisniewski. >> david wiswall. >> sigrid wiswe. >> michael wittenstein. >> christopher w. wodenshek. >> and my mother. we all dearly miss her. all the family travel from north carolina and everywhere to support as. thank you. >> and my daughter-in-law. always a place in our hearts. your life taken to sen. thank you for giving us our first granddaughter. you would be so proud of her as
1:57 am
she enters grade 6. >> martin p. wohlforth. >> katherine susan wolf. >> jennifer yen wong. >> siu cheung wong. >> yin ping wong. >> yuk ping wong. >> brent james woodall. >> james john woods. >> patrick j. woods. >> richard herron woodwell. >> david terence wooley. >> john bentley works. >> martin michael wortley. >> and my mother. my hero, my friend.
1:58 am
we love you come of we miss you. you are in our hearts forever. >> and my niece, who we call the treaty. who has been a blessing to her family and her friends. she is and have been resting in her father's arms. one day we will see her again. >> john wayne wright. >> neil robin wright. >> sandra lee wright. >> jupiter yambem. >> suresh yanamadala. >> matthew david yarnell. >> myrna yaskulka. >> shakila yasmin. >> olabisi shadie layeni yee.
1:59 am
>> william yemele. >> edward p. york. >> kevin patrick york. >> raymond r. york. >> and my of their who is with me everyday. i think one him today and the whole family mrs. and loves him very much. especially here today. >> and my husband. we love you. >> suzanne youmans. >> barrington young. >> jacqueline young. >> elkin yuen. >> joseph c. zli


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