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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  October 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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me today. they want us by a special thanks to jim and scotty. thank you what that tour. it was all some to be on aligned with you. demint and women of u.s. steel, thank you for having me here today to. be in the outskirts of pittsburgh, the city built on the work and hopes and dreams of blue-collar american workers. >> there is one in six americans who are job-ready but cannot find a full-time job. for $45 million on food stamps, there is 48% of the households least one resident is receiving government benefits. americans as the soft.
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i believe our people have a tough set out the best they can. they are looking for leadership. rare in washington, d.c. today. what i am proposing today is the first part of an economic growth package that will rebuild the engine of american prosperity. the plan at present this , energizing american jobs and security, will kickstart the economic growth of this country and create 1.2 million jobs. and free of washington gridlock because it does not require constitutional -- i should say constitute -- congressional action. we are doing it through a series of executive orders and other executive actions and we will begin the process of creating jobs soon after the inauguration
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of a new president. aboard a role for congress to play as well. in a matter of a few days, will people a broader package of economic reforms that will require congressional action when i am elected president of the united my complete economic growth spending reductions in order to today, today i offer a plan that create more than 1 million good paying american jobs across every sector of the economy and enhance our national security. the best news is it can be set in motion in the first 100 days of my administration.
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-- make what americans by, by what americans make, and sell it to the world. next american economic boom. it is the energy underneath this country and the quickest way to give our economy a shot in the armed is to deploy the american ingenuity to tap the american that if bureaucrats are told to stand down. the dependence we have today on foreign oil from hostile unstable middle eastern countries. it will allow us to grow jobs in our economy here at home. that untapped
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supplies of natural gas, of oil, coal. america is the saudi arabia of col. supply. 134 billion barrels of oil, nearly in natural gas. we have the resources we need to fuel our cars, our homes, our power plants. in pennsylvania, west virginia, ohio. and texas and oklahoma and alabama, kentucky, throughout the american west and of course up in alaska. obama and is
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overreaching environmental agency, this environmental protection agency, won't allow american businesses and american labor to draw on even a fraction of this domestic energy owned land. the one hand, the obama administration opposes fossil brazil to drill offshore and sell it to american consumers. we are creating foreign jobs. they are creating foreign profits. i happen to think that is wrong, that is hypocritical, and that is unfair. and when i am president of the united states, will not be held hostage by foreign oil and federal bureaucrats. [applause]
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the american economy should not be beaten into the ground when greater energy independence and lie right under american soil. every sector. manufacturing. it will contain the cost of electricity and fuel through four concrete actions. that are currently considerations. the current administration has restricted exploration and the gulf of mexico and alaska, in area. the gulf of mexico, the median time for the review of permits for combined a deepwater exploration and development has increased by 400%.
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deep water development plan approvals have decreased by nearly 80%. the department of interior has the coast of virginia. objections of state, their congressional delegations. they passed a bill in the house of representatives to achieve the will of the people. it was supported by both of those democrats. , summit -- senators from and warner. with a series of executive orders another executive action, i will authorize the following the resources of alaska to oil and gas exploration coastal the petroleum plain of
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alaska's. this is where we will need congressional authorization. they will understand how important the future of america is. it is worth it when it comes to create 120,000 jobs, just that one opening of that one area. we will initiate the offshore that will create 55,000 jobs. the pre-obama economy and the gulf of mexico, creating another to enter 30,000 jobs. i happen to support the construction of that keystone excel canadian pipeline that takes the canadian crude. go west to china or south america. i know were i wanted to go it will create 20,000 direct jobs
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for american workers. tapping the energy potential of the american west, , new mexico, north dakota, colorado, utah. states have the potential to produce 1.3 million barrels of day by the year 2020. trillion cubic feet high in natural gas, those states can than we can , iraq, kuwait, venezuela, and russia combined. and right here in pennsylvania. right across the state line in west virginia and ohio.
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we will tap the full potential and create another two to 50,000 jobs by getting the epa out of opportunity. the deeper utica formation may offer greater potential with more jobs over the horizon for pennsylvania and its neighbors. american natural gas production is demonstrated in manufacturing and in production. u.s. steel plant. it employs more than 3000 of of steel products that other countries and other companies use to develop and not marcellus shale today.
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that production is because of your facilities. changing rapidly. natural gas exploration is a game-change her back and bring new opportunities to replace the ones that have been lost. will jobs in the supply chain. it will lead to lower energy costs for manufacturers. think about western pennsylvania, you are known for producing some pretty great quarterbacks. to quarterback a new energy revolution that creates jobs all across america. by expanding energy exploration, we will also use the revenues that
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are generated to pay down the deficit. where america has our ecological treasures, the everglades, yellowstone national park, we will not explore for energy in those beautiful, christianne locations. christianne locations. what we will be doing is seeking greater cooperation with the states. if the states oppose energy exploration, we will respect their decision not to drill in exception and not the role. it is equally important to take step, to eliminate those activist test regulations that are already on the books that the obama administration has put in place.
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very public about his newest a halt. in pursuit of activist regulations. there are a raft of new rules and foot-dragging from the epa, from the department of the in this country. that are the utility maximum available technology rule. the cross-state air pollution rule, the proposed coal combustion residuals regulation. could destroy 2.4 million american cost to elector providers and
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just new rules that they put forward. under my plan, each of these roles would be subject to immediate review, a cost-benefit determine the impact on american employers and our environment. that none of these rules were needed to reduce the emissions of the six principal pollutants by 50% in this country since 1980. that they are not needed now especially as our economy hangs in the balance between recovery and recession. there is another step that i will textbook that is really growth. i will stop the draconian measures of the epa related to regulation of greenhouse gas. when you consider any carbon by the
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carbon admissions by india, the epa would tie our knots, to our global competitors while realizing absolutely no global environmental benefit in the process. my plan is to reform the bureaucracy and in the secular the epa. -- this country needs to allow the epa just to focus on the regional and a cross-state issues. how they need to be providing scientific research as well as comparison studies, to support the state's environmental organization. we need to return greater regulatory authority to the states to manage our air and
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water quality rather than imposing this one size fits all federal rules. washington is more committed to environmental stewardship than state and local officials who must live with the consequences of their own environmental policy. is to level the competitive playing field among all of the energy producers out there. as the governor of the nation's leading producer of wind i clearly believe there is an important role for green sources of energy to play as producer rick and/or subsidies that cost taxpayers and they distort the marketplace.
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practice checks to any and all sectors of the energy industry. it will also stop industry- them out over it. time and allowing the marketplace the time to adjust. for us to preserve those tax incentives for research and development. to invest in emerging technology is to allow private industry the freedom to develop. policy of our current administration is dead energy , it is not an accident that they are at it is intentional.
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from an energy secretary who said he wanted european prices in america for our fuel, to a it was necessary to raise the price of electricity, this administration has intentionally sought to make conventional generation from coal and natural gas more costly, taking more money out of the pockets of you and your far off -- fellow citizens. the reason why is they want to drive consumers to green energy. we don't produce enough grain energy to fill that void the result will be greater sources of energy, increasing the use of green energy is a laudable goal. we have done this successfully
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in my home state. we have used renewable sources to expand our entire supply not to replace the conventional generation. are responsible for roughly 2/3 of the electricity generated in this country. affordable electricity when the federal agencies target america pause two top fuel generations for electricity? you cannot. is not confined to this administration did. it has been wrongly tarred by i happen to take a different view. i welcome the continued development of coal as an of job creation in america of. , allowing that industry to
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invest in research and development is the best way for us to pursue clean coal technology. premise that the environment. pro- american, pro-jobs energy policy. under developed and can ensure clear development of conventional sources. the epa's war on american fossil fuel production comes despite fact that they cannot point to a single incident of on-site in the production of natural gas. not one instance. administration and their environmental activists have in shutting down gas
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production and coal production, the obama legacy will be more than 2.4 million energy jobs lost in the oil and gas and coal industries. the choice of selection is very different visions for our country. the domestic jobs through these aggressive jobs through state and aggressive energy exploration right here at home. energy while my plan would make us more secure by tapping american boss true energy potential. his energy policies are driven by the concerns of activists in
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his party. my policies are driven by the concerns of american workers without jobs. we must get america working again and a big part of a solution is right under our feet and write off our coasts. it can be done without bemired the president has all the those intrusive regulations, to create energy jobs, and to make creating jobs in america is as simple as changing presidents choice facing america. america needs jobs. america needs energy. america needs a made in america energy revolution. i've got that longtime track of success in this critical area for jobs and economic growth, to create a new way of
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independence. entity over regulation, and the litigation, and the bureaucratic intimidation. works and that is to get america working against it may put americans buy, buy what americans make, and sell it to the world. all for coming out. [applause] ♪
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cspan website for 2012. it helps you navigate the political landscape with twitter feeds and facebook updates from the campaign, candidate bias, and the latest polling data and links to media partners. it is all that campaign 2012. >> it has been almost 30 years since a small group from the gulf of phi alpha fraternity want to build a memorial to dr. king for it was the official dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington, d.c. live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> i am the first one to admit every day that i have to get up in the morning and tell myself that i could do this, there is no one better to did do this than i am. >> harvard medical school and residency and professor of oncology at johns hopkins university, homeless, illegal,
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my brick farm worker. >> i have to believe that every time i go into the operating room, i have someone's life in my hands and i am fully capable of getting this basin in and out of the operating room because that is a trust that this patient has with me. i walk that fine line between confidence and arrogance. >> he shares his life story sunday night on cspan's "q &a." stateth l > southee's visit continued -- south korean continued's visit friday after visiting a detroit car plant with obama. there is a south korean trade agreement and present obama to vended the rescue of chrysler and this event is about half an hour.
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>> this gets about 40 miles per gallon. [applause] [applause] >> hello, detroit. hello. everybody please have a seat. it is great to be back in the motor city. [cheers] [applause] i noticed the mood is a little brighter on this particular visit i would like to think it is because everybody is excited
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about the korean free trade agreement but i expect it might have a little to do with your lions beating up on my bears. [cheers] all right, all right, all right. don't get carried away now. [laughter] not to mention your tigers hanging in there last night. [cheers] as you can see, president lee is a pretty good politician. [applause] he knows how to get on your good side. [applause] today i brought a good friend and one of our closest allies, president lee of south korea. some of you may know that he has an incredible story. he grew up a little ways from
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detroit buddy and bodies that same spirit that detroit is all about. through sheer grit and determination, he worked his way from the humblest beginnings. the south korea of his childhood was an extraordinarily poor country but he worked his way up and went to school while cleaning streets and eventually, went on to run a hyundai machinery plant so he knows a little bit about cars. , then the whole company, and was ultimately elected the president of the republic of korea. this is a country that has staged one of the world's greatest economic comebacks that we have ever seen. president lee knows what is like to go through tough times.
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knows what it is like when folks have counted you out and he knows what it is like to make a big comeback. with that, i want to welcome president lee to detroit to say a few words. [applause] >> thank you. [speaking korean] >> i am a little bit shorter than president obama so i will adjust the microphone. i hope you understand. [laughter] >> [speaking korean]
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>> first of all, ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure visit to your factory here in detroit, along with one of my closest friends, president obama. >> [speaking korean] >> as you know, the global economy is going through some tough times and so there is one thing on the minds of both president obama and i and that is jobs. is about creating good decent jobs and keeping those jobs and this is what keeps us awake. [applause] >> [speaking korean]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, before i came here, i had a brief tour given to me by the members of this factory and i heard about the history and i also heard about the danger of how this factor was on the brink of being close but now as you can see we have so many people here like all of you here working here and earning a good living and i think more than anyone else here in this factor, i think it is president obama who is that that is meant to see this factory so energetic. [applause] >> [speaking korean]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, it was three years ago when i first met with president obama and back then, i still remember how we talked about a lot of things in one of the things that was on his mind was how to revive the u.s. automotive industry because we all know that the u.s. automotive industry was and is the leader in the world and president obama was concerned
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about what he could do to revive motors city and the united states automotive industry and we talked a lot about that and i know a few things about automobiles because when i was in the private sector, used to build. cars build i know a thing or two about automobiles and perhaps this was the reason why president obama raised this subject but we talked a lot about how to revive the u.s. automobile industry. >> [speaking korean] [speaking korean] >> ladies and gentlemen, president obama briefly talked about my past and how i really worked hard throughout my life and i was once just like you.
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i did work in factories and i was also in the board room as well as ceo of one of the large companies in korea. one thing i learned route my experience and life is this -- during times of challenge is when you are faced with difficulty and if you want to create good jobs and maintain these good jobs, there's only one good thing and the surest way to do that is for the workers and the managers to work. work is about cooperating together and that is the surest way to insure good jobs and for you to keep your job. [applause] >> [speaking korean]
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[speaking korean] >> and lettuce and gentlemen, we are here with president obama because when i was a worker, i knew that more than anything, for all of us to enjoy a good life is for all of us to have a good, decent job and i know how important it is for anyone to have a good decent job. the factory here, as i was looking around, i felt once again how important it is for all of us to work together. i know three years ago, gm-korea and gm - orient work together and you are manufacturing cars in here that three years ago, gm
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has been working together with your company and that is why i came here so i can see with my own eyes the good work all of you are doing here. [applause] >> [speaking korean] [opeaking korean] [speaking korean] >> when i was president and i became president of career, i visited gm-korea factory twice. i came here today and as i watched the factory and took a
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tour, i was deeply impressed by the way you are operating this factory. i was impressed by the fact that this factor is very pro- environment. you take care of the environment and you adopted the latest it technology so the efficiency is up for you have the highest standard in europe buildings and build excellent cars and i am confident that this factor will continue and it will make good cars and your lives will be good and i am sure and i am confident in the future. [applause] >> [speaking korean] >> i just want to say one thing before i go -- >> [speaking korean] >> as you know, the fta will soon be implemented -- >> [speaking korean]
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>> i know that some of you here may think that with the implementation of the korean fta that your jobs may be exported or go somewhere else but let me tell you one thing -- that is not true. i'm here with president obama -- [applause] i am here with president obama today because i want to give his promise to you and that is that the court fta will not take away any of your jobs, rather it will create more jobs for you and your families and it will protect your jobs and this is the pledge that i give you today. [applause]
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>> [speaking korean] >> 7, folks, motor city will come back again and it will revive its past glory and have all the confidence in the world that you're going to do that. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you. give president lee a big round of applause. [applause] all right, thank you president lee. they give to everybody who has
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joined us here today. a couple of people want to mention. first of all the ceo of general motors is here. [applause] their areas. -- there he is. the uaw president who helped make this agreement possible, that is my dear friend bob king. [applause] and my u.s. trade representative who spent a lot of long nights with his korean counterpart koreanron kirk is in the house. [applause] i just want to follow up president lee's remarks with a few words about what the korea free trade agreement will mean for american jobs and for the american economy. in the last decade, we became a country that was known for what
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we bought and what we consumed. a whole bunch of good sporting gear from all around the world -- a whole bunch of goods poured in from all around the world and we created a lot of debt to buy those goods. it did not necessarily produce a lot of jobs here in the united states. when i took office, i was determined to rebuild this economy based on what this country has always done best, not just buying and consuming, but building, making things, selling those goods all around the world -- made in america. [applause] that is why one of the first decisions i made as president was to save the u.s. auto industry from collapse. [applause]
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there are a lot of politicians who said it was not worth the time or the money. there are some politicians who still say that. they should come and tell that to the workers here. because two years ago, it looked like this plant was going to have to shut its doors. all these jobs would have been lost in the entire community would have been devastated. the same was true for communities all across the midwest. i refuse to let that happen. [applause] we made a deal with the auto companies.
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we said if you are willing to retool and restructure and get more efficient and get better and smarter, we will invest king your future because we believe an american ingenuity and we believe in american workers. [applause] today --- i can stand here and say that the investment paid off. [applause] the hundreds of thousands of jobs that have been saved if made it worth it. an american auto industry is more profitable and competitive than has been in years. [applause] the taxpayers are getting repaid. [applause] plants like this are churning out groundbreaking fuel efficient cars like the chevy sonic, the only one of its kind made and sold in the united states of america.
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[applause] for folks who have not tried a, you have to sit in there. there is a lot of room in there. [laughter] even for a pretty tall guy like me. i felt pretty good. they took away the keys. the secret service would not let me. [laughter] it was not there. here is the thing -- we live in a global economy and that means most of the potential customers for american companies like gm won't just be here in the united states. they will be all around the world. the more goods and services we sell abroad, the more jobs we create at home. [applause] in fact -- every $1 billion in
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exports supports thousands of american jobs. that is why i have set a goal of doubling our exports and that is a goal that we are on track to meet. that is why we work with panama, colombia, as well as south korea to resolve outstanding issues with these trade agreements and that is why push congress to pass them as soon as possible. correa is one that is critically important. korea has 50 million people. it is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. it is one of our closest allies and our closest friends. and president lee and i talked about this the other night at dinner -- our trade is basically balance between the united states and korea. they buy as much stuff from us as they sell to us. that is how fair and free trade is supposed to be. it is not a one-sided
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proposition. [applause] that is how trade is supposed to be. i know president lee does not mind me saying this even though he is a hyundai guy. if americans can buy kias and hyundais from korea, a career can by ford and chevy is made right here in the united states. [applause] the other thing that happened was this took longer than some people expected because i was not going to sign just any trade deal. president lee was not either. we had to work hard to reach an understanding. it is like a scene from a gm dealership where folks are negotiating about the heated seats and the extended warranty and you are going back and forth to figure out how this fits together so it works for everybody. when all was said and done,
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president lee and i walked away with a trade agreement that is a win-win for both countries. [applause] here in the united states, this trade agreement will support at least 70,000 american jobs. it will increase exports. it will boost our economy by more than our last nine trade agreements combined. as i said, the good thing is we have a balanced situation. it is not just a matter of folks sending a bunch of stuff here. koreans are buying american products. that's what makes it a win-win. [applause] by the way, i also held out on sending this agreement to congress until they promised to renew called the trade adjustment assistance that help american workers who have been affected by global competition
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so that day are able to help transition. because of all these benefits -- [applause] this trade agreement won the support of business and labor, from model makers and autoworkers, from democrats and republicans. that does not happen very often. it was good to finally see both parties in congress come together and pass legislation that is good for the american people, and grendell not only build on our strong economic relationship that has been existing for years to come but promises the capacity for us to exchange ideas and technology and systems which will improve productivity on both sides. nearly a decade ago when a korean business named daiwa
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motors nearly went bankrupt, general motors stepped in and say that company. it is now known as gm-career. years later it was the engineers from gm desk correa who helped make the chevy sonic possible and the collaboration with the company helped save this plant and these 1750 jobs. i larger scale, the closer economic ties between the united states and korea will lead to more jobs, more opportunity for both nations. already -- [applause] by the way, it is not just in the auto industry. this is creating jobs here in michigan with lg planning to make lithium and ion batteries at home.
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and a undyed manufacturing suspension in detroit. mando is opening a new research center for breaks. in korea, american businesses will be pursuing those same investments and opportunities. it is truly a win-win for everybody involved. i just want to say thank-you to president lee for his cooperation and for his leadership. i want to thank the members of congress who fought so hard to get this done, especially the delegation from this state. i want to especially thank the people of detroit for proving that despite all the work that lies ahead, this is a city where a great american industry is coming back to life. and the industries of tomorrow are taking root. [applause] in a city where people are dreaming up ways to prove all the skeptics wrong and right the next proud chapter in the motor
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city history. [applause] that is why i came here today because for every cynic out there running around saying it cannot be done, there are a whole bunch of folks saying yes, we can. [cheers] [applause] times are tough but they are tougher in detroit than just about anyplace else for it we made it through tough times before. we do not quit. we rolled up our sleeves. we remember our history and we said to ourselves, there is nothing we cannot do when we are willing to do it together. you are all i testimony to the american spirit. [applause] these cars are a testimony to the american spirit. if we can't take that same spirit and apply it across the board to all the challenges we face, there is nothing we cannot do. god bless you and god bless the
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united states of america. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> i am the first one to admit every day i have to get up in the morning and tell myself that i can do this, there is no one better to do this than i am. >> harvard medical school, president of neuro up surgery, so sit prof. of neurosurgery and oncology, johns hopkins university, homeless, illegal migrant farm worker. >> i have to believe that every time i go into the arena, into the operating room, i have someone's life in my hands and i am fully capable of getting this patient in and out of the operating room because that is a trust that these patients have on me and i walk that fine line between confidence and arrogance. >> he shares his life story
6:59 am
sunday night on c-span "q &a." >> watch more video of the candidates and see what political reporters are saying and track the latest campaign contributions with cspan's website for camping 2012. it held to navigate the political landscape. it is all at 2012. >> coming up, "washington journal" will take your questions and comments after that a conference looking back to the testimony of anita hill 20 years later. this morning, a look at the role of young people in the occupy wall street protests with matthew segal of our time


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