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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  May 17, 2012 10:00am-1:00pm EDT

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>>host: already and here it is, 10:00 a.m. eastern over 26,000 gone. >>guest: 3 getting four of these brand new
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styles and everything is amazing about these. if you wear reading glasses, i cannot walk out the door without these bifocal sunglasses. are sunglasses and they have the bifocal reader on the bottom and perfectly placed and the detail to attention, these will 100 percent of the uv rays and a brand new aviators dial i am holding in graphite gray with gold accents' and these are very light weight. i got back from california and everyone in california wearing aviator glasses. i will go through all the shapes and13 and these are classic. aviators have been around for decades. put them on with jeans and casual clothing and you look instantly young birds and cooler and here they are and gray and how
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beautiful and light weight and impact resistant and spring hinges at the temples. -- younger. no matter what size face, they will stay on and they will slide off and you will get incredible beautiful tinting passesnot dark and so you can go from inside to outside and be able to see. >>host: i had these last week during my cruise and i got a pair of designer sunglasses and they were $200 and they were only sunglasses. >>guest: you wear reading glasses sunglasses should be obsolete. we had so many callers last night to said they must continually change their sunglasses to their reading glasses or they wear them both
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at once. if this is the answer, good housekeeping seal when customer pick all the time and over 3.3 million of you have them. it is the most revered item. please call us this quality product, the price could worth and you will never get a collection like this anywhere else and you will not be changing sunglasses and reading glasses. even see my keys without must reading glasses. >>host:many people are purchasing more than one set and you will wish you did and give us a call. 1-866-376-talk. " would you pay for this case?$22.95 only to get this
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that would be the prize the entire today's special. e. we have3 black framed and white, soft square with smoky gray tint tinct. if you only knew the work involved to create that look and it looks so high end and for you girls out there love that black and white look, it is so beautiful. i am putting them on and they are not falling off my face, and i can glance and read my book and set in the sun and read and look at the dashboard on the car and read price tags and i cannot step out the door without these bifocal sunglasses on. they are addictive and a good way. >>host: and they work for all shapes of faces. >>guest: is classic toward us
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with that oval shape, that caps i look. -- cat eye. a beautiful quality reading lands in there. these look like regular sunglasses but you have the reader in there as well. -- lens. >>host: and we have all magnifications but we will start losing some of them. >>guest: this is the latte in this beautiful13 and look at the striations in this collar. pretty and soft on your face and the graphite gray aviator style. -- color. the quality, i will also show you all of the gold is not conclude on but it is screwed on. sunglasses must be tough because you take them off and throw them down. of the
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soft cases and four of the bifocal sunglasses and these are cleaning cloths as well and they have the color of the sunglasses on this spring. wonderful >>host: guest: you can put them on your head because they have spring hinges.etch them out.these are not complete bifocals. when you put them their regular sunglasses. but when you want to be reading you can glance down and you have readers.our last special on these glasses was two of them at $20 but today you four pair at $22.95 and a look like that cost hundreds of dollars each. >>guest: if you want to get these for yourselves than someone else, this is the only bifocal today's special sunglasses of the year. when you look at them, if you are
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not thinking these are the most high end look this is how you get them all and choose your magnification. [reading] 2.5 x is going very fast. right and over 27,000 have already gone. if you are thinking where could you walk anywhere and say you want perfect optic quality sunglasses with readers in them bifocal sunglasses, in 4 different shapes
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with high end designer look and i want a vachetta collar case with a logo on it. and i want all of this at $22.95. -- color. even in a drug store you would not find these prices. >>host: they would be poorly that the drug store and you would clearly spend this much for one pair at the drugstore. please come in and say hello when you are ordering. 1-866-376- talk. the only day and when you think of what you are looking at and each of these tight end, chic styles regardless of the shape of your face. -- end. >>guest: and they are light weight. >>host: and the 2.5 x is sold the fastest. this is
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like we areall hollywood movie. look at these bifocal sunglasses. they 100 percent uv protection and they have a good housekeeping seal- and they do dark and but they blocked a raise. i wear contacts so i must wear sunglasses.-- bock the rays.when i had a rental car i had to put on readers to change the radio station and read the directions >>host: we went on our we were wearing reading glasses and sunglasses at the same time. where were these last week! and my children said we looked ridiculous. but you need the
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sunglasses and their readers. this is the answer. i want to look cool even though i must wear reading matter which one you are going forc13 need not choose. you get all of them.and these are all brand new. >>guest: you would think i was a+ if i walked into a store and i gaveyou $20 and walked out with four pairs of these glasses i am wearing the latte and i am wearing a cream collar top and you get so many different looks with this -- color. if you see my face, it softens my face because it is a lighter color. and if i am wearing jeans and i am looking at jay, i can put on
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aviators and i have a completely different look. aviators are cool and youthful. -- wearing jeans. price ever.3 we sell two pair at this price. and no one knows you are wearing readers. they are chic and light weight. >>guest: these are oval toward a shell and a call this a cat eyebecause it makes here cheeks go up. of passion. -- tortoiseshell. -- secret of fashion. this is black framed with white and that gives it such a high
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end look. you have no idea, people have almost jumped off a bridge is to get these glasses. you try to get this look and you are spending, and you are talking about quality and durability and they are so light with spring and is an impact resistant lenses and light weight and you get all four c13 you get the case and this is spectacular. >>host: we will go over the magnifications again. almost 29,000 at 10:00 a.m. eastern time and if you are thinking of waiting until later, we will go over the magnifications because we are close to losing 2.5 x. simply order by your age. both of us are
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between 55-60 and we are wearing 2.5 x. we have 29,000 sold. purchase only one set because just like the regular readers, they will disappear. >>guest: it is like a great pair of shoes that you should have gotten in all the colors. you will never purchase regular sunglasses again if you need reading glasses. it is redundant.simply glanced down and i cannot tell you how convenient this is. i am to this product. our ceo, mindy grossman, she insisted that i create these and she said i cannot live without them and i know what she meant. i had never worn bifocal sunglasses before i have these.
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there she is, wearing them. she has been in this industry so long. >>host: we are saying hello to grows in michigan. -- >>caller: i finally got through after all these years. >>guest: we are happy to speak with you. >>caller: you are my number one person on hsn and i followed your items steamer, luggage hangers, and towels. >>guest: do you have the readers? >>caller: yes, i have 3 airforce sets and i like the sunglasses once you have made. -- three or four sets. i
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purchase lots of sunglasses and these are wonderful for summer. i want joy mangano to write her autobiography. i bet years would be interesting. >>guest: be shocked and you cannot imagine path and it has been amazing and i do not believe i have the energy. but i am so glad that you tried and we are diligent to get through and we are so proud for you to know that when you get you will be even more impressed and you will be adapted. >>host: they cute for calling. -- thank you. the only way to understand is to make the purchase and you have 30 conventional
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money back guarantee. -- unconditional. and we havehone. -- cynthia. >>caller: i have a bifocal scent i am so tired of taking them off when i cannot see.i want to look fashionable. >>host: when you look at them no one can wearing bifocals. >>guest: if i were sitting there and i am an inventor, i would say there must be attached.for repairs at $22.95? >>caller: you did a good job! >>guest: i dream about a day like today and i think
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everyone and i cannot tell you everyone sitting there, the expectations you have when you get them home they are even light weight and more durable and you cannot touch and feel them but we are telling you all about them. >>host: thank-you for calling. >>caller: and bring us more of your products! >>host: 30,000 are gone. the choices but i must remind everyone the most 3 viewed item action time we have ever done today's special bifocal sunglasses and they are fabulous. >>guest: that framing is so cool. you gethint of white around it. >>host: i feelon
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dollars wearing them. >>guest: in my opinion they look like they are worth hundreds of dollars. >>host:you get allr pairs and they are absolutely beautiful regardless of which ones you are wearing or the shape of your face.i bought sunglasses like this without bifocals and they were over $200. >>guest: you are ready for life with all of these the soft square and the oval and that latte are for all seasons.i declare in the wintertime is even worse than there the elegant rectangle and the aviator and a graphite gray with a beautiful goldtone accent's and across the top. this is
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gorgeous and the hottest styles out there and you choose any of and it would be worth pair and its world premiere of this vachetta colored case with memory foam protect eye wear. and these are cases you can put them into when you are not wearing them and they are the best cleaning cloths also for your computer screen and your phone. >>host: we have one more phone call. and we still have all of the different pill magnifications. we have him in tennessee. -- kim. >>caller: how are you? i paid more for one pair of sunglasses than i am paying for four pair
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and they were not bifocals. hat >>guest: you ever worn bifocal sunglasses? >>caller: % have worn regular bifocals. >>guest: you will have a new addiction. you will never take them off! + >>caller: you were talking about the lady that had the pair of on her head and her bifocals for reading and i have done that. >>guest: i had discovered in life we are all alike. that is in the past and we have it all together and we have every style that we need. >>caller: i have three daughters and they will be excited to share these with me. >>host: thank-you
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for calling. 31,000 spoken for. if you are one of the 1000 people on the phones, this is it, the last shades at today's special and we have never had the bifocals as a today's special before. get off for paris and by more and save on shipping and handling and 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. -- four pairs.we have the little steamer coming up next. now we will hear from lesley ann. good morning everyone and welcome back to go-to place for
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everything fromyour spotlight and i am leslie and. hydroxatone is celebrating their first anniversary with us tomorrow. this is luxury ingredients and lots of and a half day intensive repair and eye repair coming up new products. and guess who is cooking with us this at hsn curtis stone. [commercial] [commercial]
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[commercial] [commercial] [reading] >>host: e again to hsn and
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thank you for joining us, and my name is bobby ray carter with joy mangano. and speaking of staying do not hang up because we will continue all of your calls for the today's special shade readers. when we talk my little steamer so near and dear to all of our hearts and featured in so many magazines and good housekeeping seal of approval and millions have been sold hsn and this is brand new configuration, the most amazing price. >>guest: this is a home and style event. if you are thinking you must have and the price is incredible, this what it is all about, the essentials in like that allow you to go in style and get your clothing in
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style and they are so irreplaceable and affordable and the alternative is iron and an ironing board. and if you have a my little steamer you know the value and if you do not this is the day to try it, half the time of ironing. this is the diamond quilted terry cloth drawstring bag let you can use for anything or you can travel with my little steamer that weighs only+ and steaming is like magic and not only get the steamer and the terry cloth bag you get a double wide steaming ahead and do simply take off one and you put the one on for linens and drapes. that is a professional width steaming ahead. it has saved
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and great for bridal dipped and graduation and birthday gifts. everyone will use this. i will go through the colors and it is the $19.95 you will ever spent. i use it two or three times a day. this is fall pink and ayou get the back and the extrahead and use regular tap water anywhere in the world and a retractable cord. this is the espresso brown and men will steam and they do not worry temperatures and teenagers will steam and there will be less wear and tear on your clothing than ironing. and bright white, everyone wants that for their laundry room.and golden yellow and citrus colors. here is the orange burst. and look at6 c13
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quilted terry cloth bag and the extra wide steaminghead, 8 in. wide, you want to purchase several as $19.95 and for your office and holiday gifts and if you go to someone's house instead of spending $20 on get this one for them as a gift. and the pink is most limited. country red willow green, graphite white tower graphite aviator sunglasses, and the purple orchid. -- like our. if you have been disillusioned with travel steamers set fall down and spit water, this is the opposite. this product is reviewed on a weekly basis in some magazine and
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people are saying how they love it and how it changes their and they never iron any more. >>host: there are not many items that regardless of who you are and where you less than $20 that you could use more than my little steamer it. you can use it on any heavy woolen, leather, suede, hand with all the weddings, and graduations. and you can take this the military loves it because you can make a knife edge pleased with this. at $19.95. -- pleat. >>guest: you can put their right up against the clothing on wall 1 and ruffles -- wool. you need not think or worry about scorching or burning it.
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>>host: and when you are doing the front you are also doing the back. >>guest: i can go over the zipper, from the ruffles and right over the zipper and steam out the wrinkles. >>host: and you will use it every day. >>guest: i do not know what i would do without my little steamer. if you are wearing uniforms like nurses or doctors, and even your yoga clothing and sweat shirts it they are wrinkle that the bottom of the clean laundry basket, you will not iron them but you will steam them because it is so fast. you need not wait for this to heat up. >>host: those big garment steamer is cost hundreds of dollars and it takes forever for them too. but this will heat up seconds and it is regular tap water and i use it every day and i
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travel with mine all the time and today you 40 percent off the hsn price. we are saying to christine in connecticut. hsn and you are with bobby ray carter and joy mangano. >>caller: i am a big fan of joy mangano and i could do a commercial and i have everything you ever created. i have your steamers, the large and small and the little one i travel five days a week on my job.and it stays in my back and i never take it out. >>host: it is a lifesaver. >>guest: someone once said to me not have the little steamer, what would you do? i do not would change my life. >>guest: never iron. i have
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not taken my ironing board out since i made this purchase. >>guest: nor have we. it is really that powerful. >>caller:what i love is that the retractable cord is very long and you are able to plug it in and go. you need not worry about if it is too short and you get plenty blankets and it does retract and there really does heat up3 seconds and i did not believe and i applaud that and and i thought i would go take a shower but i turned around and steam was coming out. >>host: we just went on a cruise and i finished and i heard anot on the door and my daughter was asking to borrowc13 steamer and my son also. everyone on
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the planet should have this. -- knock. >>caller:i use the larger one in my home for drapes and clothing and the one word of the advice i would give everyone is to follow the directions you put into the package and you keep itnot spit and it works perfectly. i can do a pair of slacks and a blouse in-1 cycle couple of blouses and a couple of pairs of pants. it is not like you get halfway a blouse nt musk refill it. >>guest: bank you so much and have safe traveling and i am so glad that you called. i want to repeat a couple of things christine said.good housekeepingal
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and the steam is pouring out and it is stable and it will not spill over and it is newly designed my little steamer and you can see the steam pouring out but is cool to the touch and people with large hands can hold this and a retractable and remember when i purchased a with a retractable cord and it cost away more money and i used to say this is the $29 you will ever spent and we made improvements and now is $19.95. this is something that you will use every day and even in the office, you can put the seat belt on and jacket is wrinkle than one 3 and you need not worry about and embellished t- shirts. all of this meeting, you can go right over it.-- is half
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the time of ironing. >>host: we just launched this brand new configuration and we always this at $29.95 but today $19.95 with an extra wide steaming had included and you are getting the new diamond quilted terry cloth bag as well. and you get all of that under $20, and over 6000 have gone out of here. >>guest: you will use this years and years every day. if you have this you know what i am talking today is the day to get that terry cloth quilted bag along with and $20 who would love it? anyone elderly or handicapped. my mother cannot take out the ironing board any more and she sits on her
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couch and she is steaming over clothing. >>host: i have spent so much money on items that i would have to take to the dry to refresh them because i was3 around someone smoking or are around food 0 odors and it pays for itself the first time you are using it. we will say hello to sonya in illinois. and you bought one for your grandson. >>caller: yes, and he is to be a pharmacist. >>guest: he will love it for his uniform. >>caller: and his address is all little extra. i am giving him another gift but this is an extra present. >>guest: must be very proud.and men do not want to iron. this so
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much simpler. it is almost magic and you need not worry about temperature and it works on every fabric and you can put this right up against a silk and linen suit. and you can see the steam pouring out of this. do you have one yourself? >>caller: i have everything you'd have done including the mop that he started with years ago. i have your bedding and your hangers, and my house is a joy mangano house. >>guest: i am happy that you are introducing the guys to the ease of life. >>host: it will probably be his
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favorite gift. >>caller: anytime you work in the medical field you must look very nice. >>host: and he will need some hangers also! >>caller: i have already bought him a package. and i got the red ones myself but i got the beige ones for him. he is not spoiled much! they key is so much. >>guest: congratulation on his graduation. >>caller: i still have that mop that i bought from you years ago. >>host: that says a lot about the quality. gone
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you get not only the my little steamer but the extra wide steaming ahead which we love and we are steaming are drape and sheets and look at these colors. the purple orchid, graphite, the one thatya got for her willow green, a country red, orange burst golden yellow, bright white espresso and fall pink and that is the most limited. $19.95 and a first time with this bag. >>guest: $20 bills leave my wallet on their own. i they fly out of my wallet poutif you are going to use something that has been featured
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good housekeeping magazine and if i put a one in front of that price that would still be a great price for all pleasure and ease of use and not taking the iron and ironing board out and waiting for it to heat up and putting it away, this is very and you are steaming any fabric corp. piece of clothing, suede silk gowns men's crisp white shirt and you need to put pleats into shirt or pants or uniforms, right over the metals, cub scout medical uniforms, everything that you wash, the spring we are washing curtains and you can hang them and steam them as they are hanging. >>host: the best value, and all
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part of our home style event and we encourage you and it stays coolthe attached and we invite you to stay on the phone lines as we take all of your calls and did not 4 get the best value of the day. 32,000 have been spoken is the first today's special ever with the bifocals and only shades today's special of the year.and they are all top designer shapes and styles and all of them are new. these are bifocal. they are regular sunglasses and you glanced down and you can read with them. and how cool do we look? >>guest: are wearing the black framed in white. you get four pair.get the strength that you want. do not wait. limited
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quantity for the day. it is up beth began at the top of the hour.we have another limited item and and is here to tellus about another spotlight. >>host: those ladies look fabulous and you are having way too much fun out there. here is a look at some showstoppers you can see today. coming up at noon with and i age of amber teardrop sterling silver earrings and the first time back since they sold out one year ago. and then at 4:00 p.m. we have lynn murphy with bali designs gemstones and here is a ring and
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item 097-692 with matching earrings. and also available at 8:00c13 every thursday 8:00 p.m. with amy morrison you have the beauty report and you have wei east firming had to toe and you can always check out our showstoppers on and the very best in high tech also on [commercial] [reading]
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[reading] >>host: welcome to hsn and think you for being with us. name is bobby ray carter with the fabulous job mangano. and our today's special sunglasses bifocals that are so chic and another incredible opportunity and the only scheduled airing of the true perfection towels. >>guest: i am surprised we have any left. >>host: this is the lowest price ever.
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$39.95 $101.99 retail value and they are on flex payment. soft an amazing, lightweight, cotton, rayon exclusive. cosmetic resistant, and all the products that we use every day that are ruining our towels, >>guest: you are getting on your towels, it might be from toothpaste with bleach and, or acne medication or makeup a these are different.the way you receive them in a box, this is a wonderful gift, a bathroom club towels you get two of the bath towels that are 2.5 big guys and gals. open loop technology not twisted lip that will not absorb.
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they dry in have the time and they suck up the moisture and they are soft because they are cotton and and they are drenched in color [reading] -- loop. in this set out for the first time we have beautiful dobby border picture frame batman. it is gorgeous and rich and soft. -- bath mat. the soft quality and durability and detail to the doggie border dobbie borderand the stitching and the double needle chains stitcher hem ink that shows the
10:50 am
quality of the towel. and when you add the fact they are believed6 c13 cosmetic quick drying and they will dry in have the time, and they are light weight and have the does not mean better, it just means it is their right technology.hen they are heavy it means the loops are twisted and it will not dry as fast. >>host: i have the towels of shame. we can all relate to this. you could spend $18-$20 on a towel and one mistake and you put it in with something and it is ruined. we >>guest: have the nautica blue, sky blue, and we have the deepest saddle
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brown and the chocolate brown and we have sold out of the purple. you can combine a saddle with the chocolate brown and mix the nautica blue with sky blue. i want your calls because i must tell this product is second to none in the way of value. you wash and these are all washed and bleached in the same load with a bleach and and dried and look at this. any other towel in the world would look like a gray mess and would have spots like you showed. ese look like they just came out of the can go from one bathroom to another and you can even put your white towels with the collars.-- colors. and the sky blue will stay sky blue and the white
10:52 am
will stay quiet. -- white. gone through the roof. that makes it an even bigger value. >>host: very limited x $39.95 and i keep all of my old notes, last time it was $69.95.already over 1800 spoken and they are the best. >>guest: this is the only towel you should buy because nothing else has these benefits and 4 wrapping around your hair a and it is huge. it will wrap around you. it 4.5 ft. long. + those of us to get out of shower and rapid around, i do that and it light weight so it will not drop off your body. this is the brand more expensive and
10:53 am
the same a pair of bath towels and tantowels and here is a scale and that same size of our it is very important when you take a load of towels this 1 lb. lighter and that is only for towels. >>host: and these are so scratchy. bam >>guest: blue gives it thexury feeling. bamboo towels are so expensive. are lifelong items and they have earned the good housekeeping seal and have been featured in good housekeeping magazine. you nine pieces including the bath mat. other brands. this is the blackberry grape that we sold out. another brand and this one is new and
10:54 am
watched it and bleached that one time. not bleached that. but with your true perfection towels, here is a brand was washed and bleached and they do not look exactly the same because the one that was its loftier and softer. you will love these and give them as a gift to someone. c13 you are sitting there and your towels are discolored and they do not match any more and they are heavy and they are not drying you and they take forever to dry, these are the antithesis of that. i do not even used fabric softener. hang these on your door to dry and they will dry in have the time. >>host: and some towels will mildew
10:55 am
because they never get dry. look at what you areay. very popular in blue and the most limited in saddle and it is the lowest price we have ever had and you have 30 days.and all of these products that we use on a daily toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide pennzoil and peroxide,you can a dark towel and throw it and we quite towels -- white and it will come out perfect and we only have 700 left in the saddle. >>guest: you can match that saddle with the brown. or if you with tons in your bathroom, you could not combine the chocolate brown and sky blue. --
10:56 am
combine them.and you get the bath mat as well. it is like a carpet. get this home and try this out $19.98 flex payment. when you touched these, and they are so light weight and you wonder how they could be so good. that is why they are so good. they are improved with that technology, potpie >>host: and if you have never tried these before it a special presentation and we are limited in colors and we are into the hundreds of the deep saddle. you get two of these bath mitts.think what you are paying when you go out to purchase
10:57 am
towels. do you this happen? i will reach down into towel of shame. >>guest: pick the sky blue is going quickly. this was an towel before true perfection and i wanted to show is my towel from my bathroom and that one little spot and now i cannot use that as a of towel and that rusted been whitening toothpaste or something and that one is and >>host: this entire set today is under $40. >>guest: look how pretty the sky blue is. i have a bathroom where make the chocolate brown and sky blue because i it would tones in there and the blue makes it pop. and you will use your
10:58 am
display towels because you cannot ruin them. you might if you ran them over but they are bleach safe the brown with the light blue and put them into the washer and use bleach will come out beautifully sky blue and beautifully chocolate brown and they will not bleed. it is like freedom. and they dry in have the time. >>host: we will say hello to debbie in kentucky. we hear that you have some of our true perfection towels. >>caller: ordered some of few months ago and i love them and i ordered more of them today.the value is incredible and i love the colors and i love the fact i can bleach and they come out beautifully. it is amazing! >>guest: got them did you
10:59 am
think they were light weight and you thought they would not be absorbed and. >>caller: i got them and i thought i would try them out and they are wonderful! >>guest: and they are so great to work with and they are like the next step in towel technology. >>caller: i had no idea how good they would be. >>guest: we might think heavy is better but that means they twisted the loop but that makes it less absorbent and it takes longer to dry. >>caller: and these are dry in the dryer very quickly. they are fabulous. >>guest: i am so glad you in on this deal today. and a thank-you! around and you look at the prices
11:00 am
cotton and bamboo are both expensive. 75 percent cotton and stock 25% rayon and bamboo. gives it that rich color saturation. thank- you for calling. >>host: whether you are going for the chocolate brown or a couple of hundred in the deep and the blackberry grape is gone and the sky blue is and the nautica blue payment and the only scheduled airing and if you are one of the hundreds of people on the phone lines we invite you to stay where you are and now that you do not need to spend so much time on your towels a you can go out side with you are only today's special of the entire year in
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europe of shades whipped bifocals. take el look. >>host: one-third of the quantity for the day is already sold. it is the only shades today's special of the entire year, did you know that prior to today we have three point three million of the shades readersreviewed item we have ever had on for did 32,000 have already been spoken forwe will go through all of the different looks and designs at $22.95, do not
11:02 am
blink about bifocals prior to this,13 before in this, welcome to the world hollywood fabulous style each one is brand new and nobody knows when you are wearing bifocals, these are regular sunglasses. weight,ces for $22.95. >>guest: this seems ridiculous, you have to be saying something is we're here everything is right about we are over thirtysomething thousand. your value proposition here
11:03 am
and the necessity we will never wear regular sunglasses again. have these bifocal sunglasses, and their readers are underneath you just glanced down, you can read a price tag, you can read it is key fob to on lock your car it is amazing, once you get these readers you know it is a necessity i cannot tell you, i am addicted to these i can not walk out my door without these on let me take you quickly to here we go, the first thing we are going to show you is this case, spend
11:04 am
$40 on this gorgeous color, it is light weight, and in memory from how gorgeous is this case thinking gift for somebody you are going to get the gift of sight these are lightweight and i do not care how old every one of these classic styles will go perfectly with you, this is my little pride and joy, it is the black framed in white with a smoky gray tint 100% uv protection, and that tends does not just blocked the uv rays, and the
11:05 am
detail will highlight and frame this, we always wear this tortoise, this you can see the bifocal and dell'arte, you see this, look at the dimension, light weight spring hinges it a rectangle shape, and then brand new it is the hardest shape and sunglasses, everybody is wearing
11:06 am
eaters aviators have been the rage for decades it is a graphite gray with a beautiful smoky gray tint with gold medal accents across the top endglasses, again, spring hinges, lightweight, i will put this right on, let how awesome i can read what i am getting, these are amazing. right now we
11:07 am
have them all but we are getting in one of the most popular,5. do not forget the buy more and save, you buy one set and then half off shipping and handling for each additional, i love that we have the magnification >>guest: [reading] >>guest: you also
11:08 am
get 4 soft slipcases and i color string is the color of the bifocal sunglasses i have clean my phone, my computer screen, i stand here prouder than i could ever be. and for the first time in the history of hsn we could put customer pick. and the quality of these bifocal sunglasses are amazing this price is deceiving it should be to the telephone lines to say hello to lupe in new mexico >>guest: you know we need ultraviolet
11:09 am
protection. >>caller: we need ultraviolet protection. >>guest: the sunlight is strong. >>caller: i saw this show prior to december when i got these i could not believe it, the quality was amazing, it is amazing. what happened was within two weeks i was giving them away to friends, i ended up ordering another set, pair, today, i could not believe it. these
11:10 am
are wonderful. and these are lighter in color rank and i can shop and the supermarket with those >>host: and that aviators >>guest: you are going to look really young. >>guest: i cannot wait to >>caller: love the black and white.
11:11 am
>>host: we have already sold over one-third for the day you'll never see this it is the first time we have done the bifocals these all look chic, they are lightweight, you do not know yet are wearing them, nobody knows these are bifocals. >>guest: it hasn't oval cat eye shape flattering for your
11:12 am
cheeks--has an. because of the framing in the white it gives you did mention in your face, it is like a glimpse of something how different than a regular black that is why it if you have ever seen something like this out there that are hundreds of dollars. -but they are hundreds of dollars. >>host: last week on the cruise, i did not have these there i was with the reading glasses and the sunglasses balanced over the top record about this is how incredibly chic you look.and you look like he went to a major high end store,
11:13 am
>>guest: sunglasses need to be tough, but so lightlylightweight. with 3 million readers, always a customer pick call and tell us certainly if you ever bought the shades bifocals in the past. you get double the amount, double the styles, you are going to be so excited. certain things in or just the best say i got so much for my. you use them and you use them every day.there is no compromising on the quality, perfect optical quality protection from ultraviolet rays,
11:14 am
the weight of this is so light if you have a pea in the face like me they still look awesome >>host: >>guest: are you getting shades for the first time? >>caller: this is my first time prepared. >>guest: you are
11:15 am
purchasing for the first time, you are probably these cannot be right, >>caller: this is a great value. >>guest: when you bring these home, you will be more impressed, i promise you. >>caller: i cannot wait by an excited. >>host: you have 30 days. vwatching right now you have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee it. >>host: you pay shipping and handling for one of these, half off shipping and handling for every other and they will disappear. no matter which one you are slipping on your face, they
11:16 am
looked absolutely fabulous and light weight. so incredibly sheet. chic. >>host: you wear your whites >>guest: you wear your whites and creams and does would be great with a motorcycle. >>host: you get not only the best the value of that day but you're onlyone, if he or thinking about these, almost 35,000 are gone it is the only time for the year that you are going to see a today's special like this. time we have done a today's special3 bifocals at $22.95 think about what you would pay when you go to a high end store, it is
11:17 am
amazing, no matter which one i put on the all look perfect >>guest: you will look instantly elegant. you throw on a pair of sunglasses and you look like in movie star >>guest: these will make regular sunglasses obsolete why would you every did a pair of sunglasses (...) i can see perfectlydown and see every little detail and read every word in the tiniest print tiny.
11:18 am
my goodnessous you are going to love these, as i said the zots addictive and a good way like huggable hangers, they are addictive. i want you to experience these all regular sunglasses with your reader you just glanced down these are like your readers, the 100¢ of the ultraviolet rays, 100% of the ultraviolet sun. >>host: hello julee from minnesota, you are with bobbi ray carter and joy mangano. >>caller: it is nice to talk with you >>host: --joy in minnesota. >>caller: i purchased the readers before and there was a tinted paris some years back--pair some
11:19 am
years back. this is an answer to my prayers >>guest: how many pairs of regular sunglasses do you have? >>caller: about a half a in minnesota we have that 10,000 which often go boats and i go to the restaurant and i can not read the menu, i always need to carry readers with me, but this is wonderful. >>host: think that you are watching. --thank goodness you are watching >>guest: from one boater to another you need to purchase 2 of these for your belt and one for home. >>guest: when you
11:20 am
first at the >>caller: when you first started showing these i thought i would have to pick, and then i saw they are all out in the same deal. >>host: that is a good thought, does everybody realize you get all of these? >>guest: all you do is choose your strength happy building, you will feel like a free woman >>caller: thank you so much for these. >>guest: i want to show the strength and the stacking of the others. thank you for your phone calls. >>host: over 35,000 spoken for only three minutes remained, please in. ahh helps you choose the magnification. >>guest: [reading]
11:21 am
>>host: i would like to go through close-up shots, you get all of what you are choosing is the strength, look at the black with the white trim and then you get brand nigbrand new and graphite.all be standing on a soapbox. you
11:22 am
cannot even go into the drug store to get a better >>host: nobody will even know these are bifocals and you are getting all four of these, buy6 c13 and save on shipping and handling, i have to warn you you are waiting until later on today #one you will miss them, reduced shipping and handling and the opportunity to have the full unconditional money back guarantee look like a million dollars, and know that you are wearing glasses it is high and a major department stores, a heartbeat you can spend a couple
11:23 am
hundred dollars for a pair of these we now have an from illinois >>guest: do the today's special? >>caller: i already have sunglasses and the readers on vacation, you have saved my life and my marriage. i and the navigator, if i put my regular glasses on that clear was so bad i could not see what i was doing. >>guest: it is amazing we have all been suffering this way. >>caller: the first time we were going somewhere, and i had my joy mangano
11:24 am
sunglasses on i thought this is the electorate life.and you do not feel like you need to handle with kid gloves it is fabulous >>guest: and they are better than these phones. you cannot use your cellphone without them. >>guest: >>caller: the glasses you are wearing the latte shade or my favorite. everybody would complement how great they are i broke down,
11:25 am
>>guest: you are like a dream color you said so many unbelievable points. i will get a pair of those readers, thank you from the bottom of my if you are not trying this what are you doing >>host: and we have not even talk about protecting your eyespeople on the
11:26 am
telephone lines do not hang up, it is only $22.95 is today and today only as we continue to take the phone calls, we have a huge value [♪ music ♪] >>host: look into hsn for the march of dimes.
11:27 am
[♪music♪] >> being pregnant is a time of hope and of new beginnings and you think that you will have a healthy baby and everything will be fine and then all of a sudden in a blink, there in a nicu not really knowing what to do, what is going to happen, it is very scary. as a nicu parent you pretty much feel like you are all alone in this and then you come to something like march for babies and you see all of these people that maybe connected to the mission but may work for a company that is connected to the mission. it makes us feel like we are not alone. [♪music♪] >>host: for those of us born to shop added the nation to gifting purchase,com keyword march of dimes. [commercial]
11:28 am
11:29 am
[commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: this is the organic gemstone so many people fall in love with just back in $39.90, what do you see inside? in fact already next two hours we will have a pendant with it in fact been side, and we have earrings on the way. this will be great, three color choices to choose from we have honey, cherry, and cognac. only please get
11:30 am
in touch and col. back to the one and only carter . >>host: we have for you the number one product in hsn history 375 million huggable hangers have been put into homes across america, they have called the good housekeeping seal it is funny whenever we can see like 50 hangers it is incredible, look what we have done today, it 85 pieces in total, you can see how the
11:31 am
bonuses alone are $50. whole configuraton $49.95 free shipping and handling >>guest: these are totally new and this closed covers covers are the best thing since sliced bread you get a bill that hangers c13 bonuses if your walk-in closet is full they will be half emptybusiness and we have
11:32 am
a complete shelf organizer you will be in huggable hanger have inheaven last night over 4000 were gone there is no better way customize your closet for under the price of one piece of clothing of the jacket i am wearing you can buy 2 set for the price i pay for this jacket i always think when we see clothing and we like it, look what you are going to. from where bobbi ray carter is to where i am, this is what you are getting 65 dozen hangers,accessories, you
11:33 am
have pouches on the side,this in your closet if you are cramped for space life is life, alone. your closet looks customized you do not need a closet co., you will discovernothing will fall off a huggable hanger. c13 fingertips for your skirts there is no metal. these are color fraas, and you
11:34 am
get the turquoise. two of these, these are veryhooks. will hold your clothing is so beautifully those of you that have them, we want to have a talk withdy >>host: now you going to quadruple get the >>guest: not only is the huggable hanger doing the job efficientlyvertical space. stead of taking a 3 in. it is taking out one engine. >>host: you can find your clothing think about how much money we spend on our clothing you be so
11:35 am
excited about a hanger, it is simple once you change your closet it will change the way you live every day this is the original this configuration, to get 85 only $49.95. these are not bonuses you are not going to this is an organizer you can use for absolutely anything we are going to walk through these if you purchased a beautiful purple, we have i want to knock downunits, are the rage here you go,
11:36 am
here is your gorgeous covers. if you get purple, all of the excess risk, you get everything, this is gift for the guy can we have added linens, and pillows are on the side and the sky is the limit. look at this for could hang this on a pipe and that the garage. you are talking durable really phenomenal, wipe this off. >>guest: you never know where to put your supplies. this in any closet beach towels, towels, and everything to get
11:37 am
is a great storage container, 15 compartments, five scholl's, in mind i have probably 15 t- shirts--50 t- shirts >>host: you cannot see these a drawer without thumbing through them. >>guest: scarves are the biggest success three rage. we want to speak with you this product is a phenomenon is a customize your closet set less than the cost of one piece of clothing you can transform a walk-in closet you get 60 designer hangers. girls
11:38 am
extra extra-large these will hold it,6 c13 i promise you it is all about the curves even the cheap tubular ones are twice as wide unbelievable. you can be efficiently and maximize your closets. choose crumb or brass-- chromeor camel, sage green wedgewood blue, your excess trees come in the same color been pink, silver gray black and your velvet black hanger is colorfast. --ribbon pink .
11:39 am
we have white diamond, nautical blue espresso, linenturquoise, you will feel like a whole new person. been begging your merlot/ burgundy. greenolive stock up for holiday gifts. we have bright blue, bright
11:40 am
purple bright bright pink, bright green bright gold, bright red. any young adult going to college this is the best thing besides giving them the money pre lit. >>host: think about how much money would spend for a closet co., it is like getting a new wardrobe when everything is hanging a you are wearing clothing you did not know you had come off nothing is falling on the floor. everything stays neat and pristine or you never get shoulder bumps, great no matter what size,6 c13
11:41 am
you can take clothing right out of the and this configuration it is important to understand these are like limited edition, you can already see over 5000 have flown out that corporatethe. >>host: this set >>guest: set is as spectacular bobbi ray carter is across the studio,everything that you see here, all of these hangers not the clothing are part of this. from where she is to where i m is what you are getting, you supply the clothing. for under the price of one piece of clothing to protect hundreds. black is spectacular, if you
11:42 am
what more closet space,e these hangers to your husband it will reduce his space. way to take more of its space. what anger in the world--hange in the world it is not triangular it is all about the curves one wooden hanger can cost $20 or $30. >>host: and takes up the space of six of these hello to donna and in south carolina at. >>caller: hello, how are you? >>guest: i and so excited about these hangers. c13 >>caller: we have
11:43 am
transformed every closet in our my closet looks like a million dollars.i had to switch out winter to summer,c13 ever since i switched to huggable hangers mike closet space has doubled or sometimes even tripled i do not need to switch out things anymore >>guest: you do not think it will happen. at what harley-davidson leather coat and chaps and one a year at one huggable hangers. nothing will fall in my laundry room, i hang and things to dry, never fades
11:44 am
these are the best thing. you do not know how many times i have sung the praises. sung yourpraises. >>guest: >>caller: leather riding here can cost 15 lbs. of6 c13 break or bende thing, normally you will not hang sweaters because of the bombs, it is not a problem. i
11:45 am
would be lost without marring. >>host: a change your life. >>guest: we make a great and demonstrating what you are talking about, safe travels. >>host: do you see what i mean? >>guest: and listen. i and getting serious this product is phenomenal this value today by any product inventor, the biggest skeptic in the world you need to try 375 million huggable hangers across america, the number one this product is the number-one selling in the history of television production. your
11:46 am
huggable hanger as a phenomenon today's package, it customizes your closet. one of the biggest values of work you get $50 in bonuses, go into these stores, these box stores where it is selling containers like this month, something like this, easily a $25 value look at this. it is structured you can fill them with jeans. here it is in black,
11:47 am
>>host: now this is the huggable hanger challenge to get you have seen in postures out maximize the space in your closet,value we have ever done with $50 worth of bonuses. male
11:48 am
female it does not make a difference we are going to say hello to muriel . >>caller:hello, how are you doing >>guest: i am great. i have this deep the v-neck sweater with no shoulder bumps. >>caller: joy mangano, i love these huggable hangers purchasing them for over one year. into the stores you talked about a challenge i saw some huggable hangershangers for $19.95.i was put something on the hangar and broke--it broke.13 >>guest: >>host: and that was
11:49 am
10 huhangers for $20. >>guest: what do you think of this value today the 15 pocket organizers? >>caller: i had purchased the for my granddaughter who is going to college. >>host: three! >>caller: when she is going to college i decided to get heard these angers and the dorm rooms would not have a lot of closet space and put the television on and i saw the organizer. >>guest: five scholl's, 15 compartmentslisfive--5 shelves, 15compartments
11:50 am
i needed one so i ordered it as well. >>guest: is your granddaughter going to college? >>caller: >>guest: yes this will become her bureau.they do not have space in their dorm rooms >>host: it is like the separate closet, thank you13 >>guest: >>caller: i was overjoyed to see this. >>host: happy crocheting. at >>host: if you just tuned in to have never seen this before6 c13 covers. these are brand new, full length and the organizer, the thing about this organizer, is
11:51 am
like having another separate closet, our last phone caller purchased 10 of the impostors $20 and they broke. can put diane gilman jeans inside of here linens bedding, use these anything, pillows on the side, scarves, blankets, a gardening center, muriel will use this for crocheting. look at this entire office action or wrapping station.
11:52 am
you've got your towels coming year blankets it is soft, we all have stuff--it is stuff.for a young girl, even for young adults with gains and dolls--games and dolls. >>guest: i know we have >>host: we have a clock on the free shipping and handling 30 day unconditional money back guarantee you get these home on flex for he had your payment into two credit card payments of it is the best gift item you could
11:53 am
purchase. 3 mary >>host: good morning >>guest: >>caller: good morning joy mangano and bobbi ray carter . >>host: are you trying to use for the first time? >>caller: now i already have blue cat light green, and pink. i purchased more in pink and my son purchaseborrowed my blue-collar for his house. --blue for his house. >>caller: 3 put together a set for little kids, my granddaughter love these. >>guest: you did not see the my hai lojack for them unless they just soldout,ey should be there i was just
11:54 am
told the are >>host: give you the item- number item #136- 040. >>guest: you see. >>caller: are a great, thank you very much >>guest: you are welcome. that was close. this product has legs. it disappears. >>host: you're not getting 10 20 hangers 30 40 you get 60 hangers >>guest: 25 to accessories, $50 and bonuses, nobody does
11:55 am
this.they say the first place to go to organize your life is your closet >>host: that makes sense and start your day >>guest: hangers >>guest: have these are all of my old hangars, it is like all of the hangers you may have if you do not have you will give them away, all of these were mined. the clothing we purchased 2 of everything. i could
11:56 am
not put a jacket without pulling it.10-50% of the clothing it falls off thehree times a week leave it. --we leave it printed these are all of the same sized closet the only difference is huggable hangers forget not all of the clothing is hanging over all of the clothing is hanging here we are not even using the cascading mini hooks. the first thing that you see is that everything is can see every item, i intend yank and yank and n. k if you do
11:57 am
not get excited i do not know what will. i and sliding the is over, say in closets, we have been hanging our clothing the only difference is your huggable hangers. when we say you will create transforming your old hangers with huggable hangers, and this is the perfect example it is mind-boggling and phenomenal and these are color fast and your clothing will not fall off. this is lifelong quality, you will not get shoulder bombs, it is the best price ever. >>host: 85 pieces
11:58 am
today, i encourage you as you are on the telephone linescked up as many as you can this is something we hear often when joy mangano leaves, you what morgan it is shocking, you look at your one everything looks beautiful, you want to change every closet in your home. >>guest: we are starting to lose colors, do not hesitate and that celebrities like ryan seek rest i was in his closet. i met
11:59 am
them up because of me but because of huggable hangers and these are reviewed every single day practically, looking for the best way to transform your closet always the huggable hangers this here, not just hangers but all these accessories what a great proposition. you can have from a jumble closet will look like oven heaven. >>host: it looks like the high end fabulous boutique. i have mine color coordinated, you'll love these this is on fire, 85 you get 60 hangers.and you get all of the incredible bonuses, free shipping and
12:00 pm
two flex thank you joy mangano and do not forget, the today's special. >>guest: i will see what 2:00 p.m.. >>host: i will see you sunday with diane gilman. [♪ music ♪] >>host: hsn and my name is adam freeman and this is lesley ann machado. and we have age of amber jewelry. >>guest: it is like wearing history around your arm. >>host: this is the first time3 since it sold out in february of last year. beautiful amber, a classic piece, and the oval honey color $39.90, and
12:01 pm
0.925 sterling silver and a great buy if you want to try and amber piece item750 and if you love amber we would love to talk with you. 1-866-376- talkmillennium pieces as well.sterling silver millennium jewelry and you can choose the earrings, a pendant or bracelet and all pieces are+ available and an interesting twist, a cube and the middle of sterling silver and this is something we are doing here at we are bringing you some of the new and different pieces that you do not see or find anywhere else.our prices we believe are some of the best entire set is available and we go to the honey amber if you have then necklace that you love this is a great statement
12:02 pm
piece. . it is about 2.5 in. drop.and the appearance of amber with the inclusions, this is what makes spectacular and i love the organic design with the leaf as well. and the ring and bracelet are available as well. is like to for the price of one. >>guest: and amber is so expensive and look at the size of those stones. >>host: this why a dream. and from this collar to something entirely different, mosaic g, 50 percent off, a strike of butterscotch at the top and it an artistic feeling. these are the pieces that we like because it celebrates all the colors.
12:03 pm
>>guest: and none of them will exactly alike. that is cognac and very saturated and amber is like a fingerprint. >>host: it is a snapshot of history. 50 percent off. that price will never be the same and when this is gone it will be sold out. in one of the best stones to go with amber. >>guest: amber was solid that history and romance and you have the freshness of the and that a nod to that vintage feel what those smith petals and you see the inclusions in a amber$69.90 with two flex payments $34.95 and that is a lot amber and marcasite. and comfortable. >>host: it is not too big and cumbersome and you will get a lot wear out of that
12:04 pm
$69.90 only while supplies last with two flex payments item 136-183.great earrings. in it is nice to have some amber earrings with allied or darker hair. it will light up your face. --. >>guest: you might not want to wear the bigger pieces to work but you can certainly showcase amber on both sides of your face with these. >>host: these $24.90 and a sellout every time with real sterling silver. do not worry aboutany reactions. item- 101-665 and we will get started with the show and we already see you dialing in. the first amber shows since october. >>guest: it is my first show hosting
12:05 pm
with you and my first amber show. it is very excite and because you have their romance and history of c13 amber and the intaglio which is a historic design technique and you have the freshness of the animal-print item 131- age of amber zebra amber intaglio saving and we have sizes 5-11.we have the larger and smaller sizes. >>host: and we only have 370 left.about zebra. >>guest: from the time you are a child. you wonder how that happened. they are magical. >>host: it is like all wars. this is a way to get that zebra design. -- a
12:06 pm
striped it is a time-consuming piece. it is not a stereotype. one thing we see in our fashions and accessories, animal print is in style and it will never go out of style. >>guest: perhaps you are not bold enough an entireat or shoes but you have that little bit animal magnetism and it is a good size. it has a fresh appeal and a perfect size that is not too overpowering on a smaller hand. and at a price purse time at this low price $49.90.that is a great shot right there almost like the fur on the pelt of the zebra. -- first time at this price.
12:07 pm
>>host: we do not have to our spectaculars on garnet or topaz but we only tend to do these big shows for amber because it is so popular and 14 million years and it is the sap from trees the resin and we have some pictures to show and that resin use is down at solidifies and fossilizes over the years and anything might be trapped in there, flora and fauna and in our next hour we a pendant with an insect trapped inside it! a jurassic gemstone an organic gemstone and i put it together with the earrings coming up next that are fun and flirty. the nice thing about amber is that it is a chameleon as to+ colors it goes with.
12:08 pm
>>guest: it is fun and contemporary and you have that romantic history of amber. look at this with you shop. -- fuschia. you want to get something that has meaning and that is what you'd get with amber you know this has lived so much and it is special. >>host: thank you for your available today $49.90 but please dial in to order yours sizes11. sizes five, 10 and 11 are becoming limited. leslie is wearing this one. >>guest: you did everything with the cherry amber and the honey and the multi color in this medallion style piece. we are seeing
12:09 pm
this in fashion everywhere, a very bold statement item 136-064 and $349.90 price break and four flex payments $87.48. >>host: my pick of the hour is a stunning ring that i want to show you. this is everything you are looking for and so much more. >>guest: what a contradiction. >>host: marcasite almost looks like a black diamond and used to be mistaken for that many years ago after the war and it is frame in the amber in the center simple and classic and for many of us this would be the piece we would choose today.item want 36- down from $99.92 only $69.90 with two flex payments $34.95.and we have a totally
12:10 pm
different style. >>guest: it a work of art and the fact you can get all of those colors of amber with green in the center that is a coveted color of amber. and the butterscotch and the honey. none of them will ever alike. these are works of art mother nature has created 094- 737. $74.90 with all three colors and that is a great value. >>host:look at the presence that has. >>host: you can face it up this way or the other is really spectacular. >>host: and next we have the earrings we gave you a sneak peek of. you can wear this with any of the earrings we have showed you. we
12:11 pm
have only 200 before a sellout. you have a good size with the drop of about 2.5 in. or almost 3 in., and what is beautiful is this shaped, classics marquise shapes and the sterling silver and it is a cluster four with some movement. >>guest: they are fun, flirty and fresh. oftentimes you only have the round oval shapes with amber but these are elongated. from my ballerina days but i have always wanted to be longer and leaner and taller but i am 5 ft. 3 in. but this will make your neck look longer and graceful and goes with hair length or complexion. >>host: people when we do these shows, maybe it was on a cruise that you went on one time,
12:12 pm
during july we are offering a special deal for people who want to go on cruises and there was an hsn cruise. >>guest: i tried to sneak into someone's suitcase butld not get on that cruise. >>host: one place we stopped that and the caribbean was an amber museum and there was a waterfall of amber and it was an incredible point for many tourists. when you find pieces like this they were double and triple the price that we charge. >>guest: one place and that you will find is in dominican republic and my husband is from that country and they are proud of their amber and if you go into any amber shop you will add a couple of zeros to these prices. 3 quality is as beautiful as ours but you would pay so much more. >>host: today with only 195 left and
12:13 pm
counting down, we have the low prices and the savings and if you love amber it is the first show we have had october and an opportunity to add to your collection and everything we invite you to try it on and a 30 day money back guarantee. it is different seeing it on television and putting it on your own years or on your own finger.-- where else would you get a 30 day guarantee from a jewelry store? you can wear and see how well looks on you and if it is not to your liking you can send it back so take advantage of these prices and there is a perfect shot as well as it glides down her neck and very long bating.-- elongating. and look at those inclusions,
12:14 pm
leaves or and you could have amber flowers. >>host: is a thumb print, all of them are unique. it is authentic the genuine article. many people say when the prices are low. but this is the real thing.with everyone on the phone lines about 95 remaining and many people asking about this ring and how many we have? >>host: what a contradiction, the warmth of the amber and the icy marcasite, a spectacular piece and fewer than 200 rings. these earrings. a great gift for your doctor. pinnick -- daughter.and so much better than fresh flowers because you will have these for many
12:15 pm
years to come. >>host: you can stare into this over the hours and it is a real treat. when you pick up this amber you want to find a little insect in there are something you can identify and you have a choice of your insect pendant here item 094 dasheroose the honey, lemon or green amber and each one has a little insect in there. $49.90. $20 saving. very special and a nice bail on that so you can put a cord through there or a ribbon or your favorite chain item 094-322. >>host: these are always so in demand. it is the only piece that we have with the insect inside and if that is something you
12:16 pm
and dial and as fast as you can and have you seen these? >>guest: these are so appropriate and the amber is beloved for organic elements and you have that silverwork like vines and leaves and tendrils% perfectly smooth and gorgeous. >>host: this is a real statement and a substantial size. you can see the sterling silver were embracing it. typically $170 but now144-183. the oval ring that we spoke about earlier. try amber, this is a classic piece. >>host: and each one will be different and the piece that you receive will be yours alone. it is
12:17 pm
like an artist made this piece for you oval sterling silver ring. 16 x 10 mm honey amber from the baltic region. >>host: you can see the oxidation around the sterling silver to bring the collar and it eliminates the amber itself. -- color and illuminates. a soft but solid feeling and a cool but warm feeling and very light weight and that makes it very wearable and if you are sitting at a keyboard everyday or on your feet running after children all day, this is ring backup you can wear all day. not too high profile. >>guest: you are getting an nice guys on that x
12:18 pm
10 mm baltic amber and all of that ornate metal work. -- a nice size. bezel-set oval amber and in the center and we have all sizes available 5- 11. and is sold out in february and you can see why. that one in particular, you can see a leaf in there. >>host: each one is unique and you will have something different. that is so size 5 now limited and sizes 10 and 11 limited. jumping into get your size and many people asking about these earrings and we have about three dozen left.there are many shades and varieties but they all work together. >>host: uild our jewelry wardrobe and we look for pieces that were together and with amber the shade does
12:19 pm
not matter. even the green nor the cherry amber because they are so warm earth tones, you can wear them all together. >>host: and we have more news. the amber and marcasite ring now very limited. just to show you the different, we have a different style for everyoneco artistic inspired pieces if you want this ring, $69.90 with 145 remaining and you have the framing of the marcasite and with this one you have sterling silver work and this is 0.925 sterling silver that makes it precious and you will hand jewelry down generation to generation. >>host: and it with that marcasite the back is
12:20 pm
finished beautifully and the light will shine through. you wanted transparent amber so you can appreciate those inclusions. whether you want a more classic or antique one or the casual one we have something for everyone. >>host: with every skin tone. you will get complement's. are we using live for this program? if we are, many people have been downloading the hsn application and chatting live with us and we would love to interact with if you would like to chat with us. $39.90 and the most popular item in the show. has worked so
12:21 pm
hard on this collection. >>host: are so passionate about jewelry just like our buyers at cannot go wrong with amber. you might not know their birthstone but it is so beautiful and has a romantic story and you will always have that story to tell when you get a piece like this. and whether you want that more classic and vintage peeling or the more contemporary feeling, we have something for everyone. -- feeling. >>host: and look at the size. >>guest: and normally you see the oval shape and the bale is large enough and you get the square shape and you can wear that on a cord or a big chain. all of these pieces go
12:22 pm
together beautifully and we 2.5 minutes left. be careful with your amber because it is a softer gemstone but do not worry because it is said securely in there and it is organic. and there are very few are think of coral and pearls and that means it comes something living, organics gemstones from the sap of trees that has been fossilized. it is the only gemstone that has that history. and you can see many in there. >>host: billions of years old.we call it a gemstone but it has no mineral content. if you collect gemstones you want this for your collection and if you are a november girl, and you love gold and citrine, this will be a nice choice for you with that golden color. >>host: whether
12:23 pm
you dress it up or wear it with jeans you will feel put together and you will have a connection to6 c13 jewelry where it only represents you and your personality and your character but it offers much more and it is so appealing and stay on the phones for this. the larger sizes are the most limited.we tend to see different areas of amber and these are the exotic pieces and the staple pieces. for those of us who want to amber this is the ring we are looking for. the color of the amber it is without a doubt the most popular and the entire line and it comes in many shades like terry and light and dark green -- your final chance for these earrings.
12:24 pm
pierceds,.5 in. drop. you canand save on shipping. in terms of this, when you get this home, try this on and buy it true to size but notice all the extra elements. it is not only amber but the ornamental detail and the oxidized sterling silver and there is a lot in there $39.90 when you think about purchasing jewelry in the past that the apartment store but what you are purchasing here is the real thingc13 merely fashion jewelry. as we move along a couple of other things you need to see my choice of the lesley ann machado and myself are crazy about thiste frame that sets this apart from the crowd.$69.90.
12:25 pm
and back with those earrings elegant, flirtatious and sexy. two flex payments $34.95 item056 and over half the quantity is gone. and we talked about the colors of amber. here is one with honeybutterscotch and green amber and we have the ring and the earrings and the bracelet available. it is a great find withtion that cascades down and the bracelet is a great of an amber line bracelet at its finest and all of this is too including the pendant with the insect and and we will hand things over to leslie machado. >>host: this is your hsn your place toc13 nano end we are talking about
12:26 pm
beautiful things like snow white. there is a new movie inspired and the huntsman. it will be out june 1st across the nation and we have a gorgeous collection inspired by this movie and you can't shop that now haunt and make sure you check that out and a movie trailer and see the movie. now this from curtis stone. [commercial]
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[commercial] [reading] >>host: they very good morning to and thank you are afternoon by now
12:28 pm
thank you for shopping with us at hsn and my name is lesley ann machado. >>host: and my name is adamif you would like to interact with us we would love to hear from you. 1-866-376- talk. and with new hsn application you can download it and began chatting. >>host: it is very easy. it is easy to download and simply register with your e-mail and you can communicate with us and real time. >>host: we will log on to see if you have any questions.and we will on to our next item. talk about big and bold! >>guest: a great example of several shades of item once 36-064, beaded pendant 18 in. necklace with less than four dozen. 3 you love those bold
12:29 pm
and these are the pieces that people know you you want to get discounts away. 50 percent off. $50 off. >>host: i would guess that if were in one of those spectacular beauty, this would be thousands of dollars. look at the amount of amber that you have. it a floral pinwheel design and their radiates warmth than you have that graduation of color. >>host: and the way it is beaded and woven it must be handcrafted and cannot be done by machine. you have all of that beautiful hand work and all of the different shades and colors and all of those earth the golden sun shine is spectacular. >>host: 18 of these
12:30 pm
left. this makes a statement with design. 2.5 in. wide. it is stunning. it is a power peace. >>host: and with that jeweler's to wire it melts on to your skin and it hugs your item 126-064.all of those inclusions that is still in their item 136-064. >>host: something else you might like, and if you like larger necklaces this is a 19 in. necklace and did is say why style that we love. >>guest: -- y style. it have all that glory is amber and look at the size of that
12:31 pm
butterscotch amber. be exactly alike. >>host: what about some earrings. vprobably will do a full presentation but they go beautifully with these rings we have shown. these are amber collar chips. sterling silver spacers, nice and simple and very summertime. >>guest: like a burst of sunshine and we like that hoop silhouette. and you have a nice taken.$59.90. two flex payments, $29.95. >>host: two flex payments available to anyone a major credit card. we take eight of the big ones. honey color.
12:32 pm
this one has been very popular and we are 50% sold out. >>host: i love the warmth of this and we need sunshine for life and its imports that glow and that warmth and that sunshine to your skin and the fact it has that history with millions of years old and where has your amber been?you can look at that and you might wonder where it has been and what it has seen. this is gorgeous. >>host: we do not say anything for this to sellout, there are only 99 left.we are saying hello to helene in
12:33 pm
new jersey. we lost her.maybe she will call back. she got a great gift for someone. >>host: it has meaning. >>host:you want the gift to3 significance. with amber, it is so special and meaningful and you cannot go wrong. even if you have not been into maybe the person will tell you the history of this and wants that person tells you it is millions of years old you will be at collector. >>host: we have hellene from new jersey. >>caller: yes, i am here! >>host: you are from my home state of new jersey.
12:34 pm
>>caller: i could not hear you but you could not hear me. back are you enjoying the show? >>caller: yes, i love amber and i will like history in which is amber is part of, and it is millions of years old. just to know where it was would be amazing. i got one for my girlfriend for her birthday. >>host: i need a friend like you! >>host: we are thrilled and you take advantage of flex payments? >>caller: no i wanted to get it taken care of. i paid for it right away. >>host: we will send it out right away. >>host: a big of
12:35 pm
hug to new jersey. >>caller: hank you. >>host: you can tell them the story and whenc13 at their jewelry they will think of you. >>host: it is sentimental. stay the phone lines and we will let you know when they are gone. item136-056. marcasite and honey amber. what is next? has cubes and it. >>host: i like that contradiction with that romantic amber and this fresh modern little cubes in there. whether you are looking a bracelet, and the pendant and the earrings. that is a nice treat because many of you like the entire set. item 097-725, millennium
12:36 pm
jewelry and this is inspired by a famous artist. >>host: pablo picasso this avant-garde collection and it turns any outfit that you are wearing into a masterpiece. cubes of amber, that sits inside this sterling silver frame and it looks like the amber cube is floating there and if you appreciate something different and outside the box this is it. >>host:like it is sitting in a bird cage and that cuba is not glued into place so it has movement. it moves in there and that little cube has said little inclusions. and the bail on that, very special because you can use that on any change. >>host: a total
12:37 pm
sellout for is so different. >>host: usually with amber you get a classic silhouette but this is different and modern and i have never seen anything like this with amber. >>host: we have never had anything like this. even if you only pick up the bracelet, this is a really clever. simply cubes but it has some around spheres as well. these all move independently of one another, so you have that great articulation and the bracelet i believe will sellout fastest $109.90 yen worth every penny for the amount of effort that goes into it. >>host: when you have something so valuable light amber and precious gems you must be c13
12:38 pm
with that and it must take a master craftsman to the smith, a perfect cubes and spheres that dance and there and with every flick of your wrist, a if you are cuban are italian or anyone who talks with their hands, you will get all of that% movementght. -- smooth. >>host: this is that honey collar and contemporary for all those art lovers out there inspired by those cubist paintings of paul glow picasso. -- color. helene was talking about the history and the story and this goes beyond that. >>host: this is not a wimpy little bracelet but this is a lot of silver.and look how they dance and move in there. >>host:we are busy on this. pick a if
12:39 pm
they were fixed into position it would be great but to have all this+ whether a cube or a sphere, this is astounding four and a amber lovers out there to find something like this you would have to travel to the ends of the earth.and there is no way it would be $109.90. >>host: first time for these low prices and if you are getting any of these $15 off on earrings and a pendant and $50 off the bracelet. item 097-725, fresh and contemporary and different. this is what we search for variety.>host: what we love about jewelry we like to have jewelry that speaks to us. it is a work of and it speaks
12:40 pm
to you and that is why you choose the pieces that you do. modern 094737, and we have fabulous earrings, a ring and a bracelet we will show you. wait until you see this bracelet and this ring. look at that.what i love about this is that you a green butterscotch and honey amber. different, fresh and contemporary. quantity update sizes 7-10 last call on the ring and two dozen in the and the bracelet is very limited and very popular this morning. i am happy
12:41 pm
to be shopping with amber. >>host: we want to showcase this in the next hour because we one more hour of amber for you. more of the marcasite. that was our other ring that is available in limited quantities and this is a different style like a vintage piece. that is what marcasite does is give 8 aged look. >>host: you can get the more classic looks and this looks like might want the more fun and modern luxe. i love the versatility. >>host: price break now $69.90 two flex payments $34.95 and many people have been asking about the pendant that leslie is a wearing.
12:42 pm
of the largest we have to offer. >>host: that is a nice piece of amber. and what we love about amber if you look into uc fascinating inclusions like leaves and a13 insects and all kinds of beauty and sometimes a mushroom. it is fascinating. and with that silverwork they included that botanical element. >>host: 9 remaining in the pendant. and when you see amber in this way, and this is a real artistic piece it goes back to the history of how it was revered like an raw shop and the story behind it. -- russia. was an amazing
12:43 pm
example of how indulgent amber was as a treasured.i also want to show you, for those of us that love bangles and they are very popular now, this can be opened slightly or closed slightly and it is a great size and the ring has to double portion. >>host: look at the size of two how beautifully polished, sizes12 still available and nice we still have the larger sizes because with a ring this size, ladies out there with larger you need a bold statement ring ending. >>host: you are able to wear it. these 19 x 14 mm stones. are ordering
12:44 pm
the cuff bracelet. no surprise there. it has a softness to it and elegance, but when you talk amber as a to have something that size, there value attached to it and you would have to search a long and hard to find it at such a small price. >>host: and on this ring, check out this metal work. what we love about amber is finding those inclusions. silverwork, they have made those little leaves and vines as well. and look at the back of this it is left exposed so light will shine through the amber. look at the size of the stones. >>host: and you have the oxidized
12:45 pm
finished to show off the shape of silverwork. and the pendant is sold out completely. >>host: i will take it off. thank you for your calls. we would love you to tell us how you like it when you get it home by leaving our review on and it helps everyone else who is shopping. >>host: beautifully finished and smooth on the inside. it is difficult to describe how it feels. it cool and warm at the same time. and i believe that floats in water and it is a miraculous piece and still to come we have the insect pendants and something that would look very nice, since the pendant has sold out you could pair back this necklace and pendant with this bangle and ring.
12:46 pm
with this one you have sterling silver, it is all amber. ask about this one and the cuff bracelet, we are down to a dozen. and that will go. is one of our largest amber pieces. and i will remind you about our pick of the hour which was the marcasite surrounding that beautiful amber and we are down to the final 30 are 40 before a sellout sizes 9-12.if you are looking for the larger sizes, it is one of the only rings we have that is size 12. leslie will put the spotlight on hsn. >>host: as you are shopping for your gorgeous piecesjewelry, one thing we love about
12:47 pm
shopping on hsn is shopping from home and having free shipping and here are some showstoppers. [reading] [reading] [reading]
12:48 pm
right now we are talking amber jewelry and you know how we come up with our appraisal [commercial] [commercial] [reading]
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[reading] >>host: magic powers i am back! >>host: you floated over here you are light on your feet. our next ring and it is basically a and 92nd special. >>host: look at all the colors and you get three pieces of amber that are inlaid into sterling silver and you have that gorgeous dark opaque cognac amber and you have the butterscotch in this
12:50 pm
center 50 percent off today.i always choose my ring finger but it is great any finger because it+ elongates and $49.90. >>host: if we see lots of people jumping on the phone right now we might spend an extra minute on this but we have so much to show you.i know that almost everything we have done so far is on the verge of selling out because the prices are lowest ever. this is now 50 percent off. >>host: we do not mess around! we are giving $50 off on this ring.a deal is a deal regardless of how much we make honest. >>host: we might spend an extra 20 30 seconds on this. it is the
12:51 pm
contrast and brightness of that butterscotch to amber and it is so different. >>host: it creamy vanilla collar a very battery and that are contrast of that cognac, -- color. sizes12 and especially with a larger ring it is good to have those larger sizes. >>host: it has so much sterling silver on there. wheel will continue with our journey into the stunning amber world and something that we did and we only have three dozen of these. >>guest: we were not going to talk about these at all but look how different these are. many of you collect bangles and every one of these has two little for hours and you get three of these with amber stones in the center. it looks
12:52 pm
like pat flower is popping off that bangle.four flex payments $42.48. >>host: and you must see this.this is so original and different. this is one giant piece amber and hand carvedc13 get this of price, it was $230. it is hard to describe. >>host: it requires a master hand it will not fall apart i knew but it is a delicate stone. this is one solid piece of amber that has been carved into air
12:53 pm
rings today. four flex payments $39.98. and it is a cigar band style i would definitely go up 01 size. >>host: and if you get it home and it is not right you can return it within 30 days. you can take advantage by more and save on shipping and handling. this was the trio that we were talking 10 minutes ago and we will take the different colors of amber and bring them together and our producers said we are down to only two dozen of the and sizes 7-10 and the earrings, there are less than two dozen3 is done in bracelet, we have exactly three dozen. is an nice mixture the most popular colors. >>guest: you have a
12:54 pm
lot of that contemporary silverwork so it is that quite gleam of metal, and you have those because you get the green amber which is very coveted, you have the honey and the butterscotch as well. >>host: this is the first time we have seen green in this show. >>host: we have some green coming up in the next hour. >>host: the different conditions and locations where the amber is found it will affect the collar. these are dropping and marquise shapes fancy cut, and look how the stones at copal lines of that like a
12:55 pm
painter painted this design. >>host: it is a nice to take on that past future jewelry. i love that they placed in different directions. the topline is north/south than the other ones are east/west. looking at all those stations and the earrings are sold out. 6 c13 station. those amber pieces are meticulously placed and finished beautifully on the back with a nice, strong construction with lobster claw clasp a beautiful contradiction of the white cleaning metal and the warm tones of amber. >>host: there is something about amber that grabs you and will not let you go. stay on the phone lines for these and in the next hour wec13
12:56 pm
have a star-studded lineup including pieces like this pear-shaped amber ring. it is a try me piece. a grandmother and you want to get your granddaughter or your daughter inspired, what a great piece to start with at $29.90. >>host: this will be very busy. >>host: and the amber is not enhanced.this is the natural condition. >>host: item 144- 142, $29.90. the age of amber marcasite and amber ring, $69.90. >>host: and a customer pick. >>host: we have only 300 but we could sell once thousand of them. >>host: it is a
12:57 pm
customer pick and you can see the reviews on the marcasite that gives to history and amber jewelry, you saw that and the victorian amber with a bone jewelry and turquoise. and you have a vintage feeling what marcasite and every petal, a very nice size on a beautifully smooth, item 126-183. >>host: just by gauging their reaction, our phone lines just doubled. many of our amber followers watching right now. we see you on the lines and we will take all of your calls on a first- come first-served basis sizes12 than for anyone that loves a bargain, it was $150 and it is down
12:58 pm
to only $ isvery fast because it has that presence and it is a flower shape we adore, and you are seeing a with marcasite today. >>host: it is unexpected marcasite and amber and that floral is coming back every year and a beautiful blossom you have13 nice size statement ring and you have the delicate marcasite petals on the dinner circle and 14 x mm 14 x 10 mm amber pieces. with lots of inclusions and you see the back. >>host: this is going so quickly with 280 look at this. the next item we
12:59 pm
have coming up is this a beautiful ring and it is stunning and it 9 $29 and an amazing buy but look at the amount of amber you get and here at $69.90. it is exponentially greater. for anyone who loves amber, you know why this is selling so >>host: said earlier in the show when you go into boutiques on vacation if you have traveled the world, how much would you pay for a piece like this and you do not know the source of the amber but when you shop at hsn, we cannot live. what we say is what we do.-- lie.this is baltic amber.u can trust this source and you have a 30 day money back guarantee. you want to m


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