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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  May 17, 2012 5:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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30- 514. 50 percent ahh about. tucking away from the holidays. less than 100 with everybody in the ordering process. are you ready for the second hour of bali >>guest: red is in here and burgundy is in here a rainbow of
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colors. >>host: best price and offered this price a 30 pierre's remaining. >>guest: you are going to here each year is when you get this home.ey quartz >>host: blue topaz garnet or amethyst round brilliant but solitaire set to the left of band ring a very rarely >>guest: these particular colors are diamond-cut checkerboard talks. i believe they are -- different style aretopssthe bottom are the diamond
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in smoky amethyst rose quartz. >>host: available $54.90 and two flex payments. we have the matching earrings and we are so thrilled. we are limited across the board.done this catch on the that holds the wire but a year from the ladies you love it because it's secure the earrings on the year and the year and i will stay on -- ear it is a handmade wire we put on the back. this is a customer pick would the matching ring. this is not a costume jewelry this is the real deal it does not get much better. >>guest: with the
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matching ring. >>host: it is all done by hand it is a ruby sapphire corundum and is color of beryl it is also emerald the ring is $69.90 the earrings are$59.90. 466 t natural gemstone with all the silverwork the earrings are so easy. she would wear them with anything you see them on the ballot nownd she have the ruby -- valerieif you love blue ready this taken your breath away at magicagain. this is blue
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quartz like you have never seen not only do we haveg we have the matching pendant and earrings.universally the newborn most popular color in the world i have never seemed like this ever. i had a piece of your you see the tanzanite color this of the same just with a different cut. i think we did a trillion in the original color and i liked blue . i a brown laser-cut faceted stone that things to you . everyone in my office 26 people in our office just looked over this. the pin/pendant is phenomenal in the jim wright on the piece is the ring is almost 6 ct. here
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are the matching gorgeous earrings one-of-a-kind handcraftedble to fine that's done again let alone this kind of character weight. >>guest: the ring as almost 6 carrots in the ring is over 9 if you've been to the islands or island cruise sheep ship and you have seen tanzanite. if you can imagine for second for over hundred dollars you are getting carrots and carrots of this natural stone with this unbelievable and danceable color. >>host: talk about magnetic we have this is beautiful said at this price only in their ring is $179.90 and four flex payments and the earrings
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$139.90 and that the matching pant it is $30 off at the same item number that bracelet is off and four flex payments all under item number 097- 830. >>guest: this one is
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very mystical you have red green whereas the tanzanite color blue and cornflower blue and all those different colors. with the magic blew it is phenomenal the trilliant cut flattering. >>host: is one of the most intricate things for anyone to do by he and. >>guest: the lava beads on this side is a balinese setting. there be working they are famous for takes (...) imagine they did not have big wonderful machines they hand apply into pear- shaped the you see around the frame. perfect the top
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have to be the same size. very comfortable high- polished thin the star of that is the top the color of the stone is the star and the earrings the way i designed6 c33 2 trillion hanging down and simply wire because the stone is where you get all of the fire. it is the blue almost purple you get a little bit of green is33 2 gorgeous of vivid color. $69.90 it will be with shipping and sales tax and $79.95 how handcrafted with two flex paymentswinremaining i will
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double check size and availability. i started off with sizes12 and the ring is sold out already. we have 30 seconds and fewer than 100 and the ring . 56 and 12 sold out in the ring . with the 5, 7, 11. waitlist is also available on the matching hearing. >>guest: get on waitlist it works very wellimes. i listened to you ladies if you wanna i tried to deliver. >>host: roberts is the master of listening to the customers that is what he is enduring for two decades. -- and doing for two decades.
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>>host: when you think about that in your travels and you meet these amazing artisans there is a missing niche in the market. >>guest: i found out the interesting part cents craftsman chips are so distinct. >>host: this could be pop/rock just sapphire -- pop rochon -- paparache or mexican fire opal. it is the kind of piece that you have to move. >>guest: you cannot do a tennis silver
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work around it we did some border and wave it is like people of water at sunset. >>host: this visit only is not only will not believe your eyes they are all very limited but we wanted to make sure you had the information. the shows are not a very slick went of the rarity these designs are created by hand. >>guest: you are getting a specialty product is mass produced. we always talk about that that is why i am your favorite brand i hope i that because i take a lot of time and energy lot of patience when you do with people who do not
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always speak during which and i have them show me things as well i appreciate the show me how things need to be done and what the hell's need to be added because it makes it the most special kind of the usually carry a size 6 and the claim is an average size. if you needed to be sized but this ring is banished all the way around but only on hsn can you get a size 5-
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vanished -- fini shedit is made for you . the gallery is all the way around it is a conversation piece >>host: we have this is the only on the customer picks and flexpay. if you have been watching you have to get a least one all start right here. the purple is the amethyst for february or purple ladies, smokey quartz all aaa quality, the opaque look of the rose
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quartz silver is the most reflective of precious model their round brilliant is the most sparkle lee, peridot august girls and blue topaz, that is actually lemon quartz and lastly the all sides that pitch well the lash 5-12. we except every credit card here at hsn. basically it will be around $30 up with shipping and this is not a way it we will get this out to you in 48 hours. everything you purchased at hsn with their unconditional 30 day money back guarantee . it's a great day to shop beautiful one-of-a- kind pieces. we are going to go out to indiana. you're live
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with robert 10 lynn murphy. >>caller: you are the most host this cover. >>guest: i adore her. >>caller: you show the jewelry so perfectly i love you to death. >>host: i love you as well the lovely defined? >>caller: i had a beautiful blouse i looked at the trilliant cut magic " earrings the last time he was on anyone to order these i called customer service and they said they were not always last i was bombed out and i was diligently watching the show for an hour and 20 minutes waiting and praying and i got them. >>host: i am so excited and agreed special price. >>guest: it is worth the wait sometimes. >>caller: i am so excited you do not even >>host: i adore your
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energy. >>caller: this is+ my first piece i am so excited. >>guest: 33 2 you delete customer pick right and from talking to you all want to know how you feel when you get home. >>caller: of obedience and i am so happy unique and nell. have a great day. >>host: ank you , take care and android. analysts at the right place at the right time it was hear the excitement is going beyondpurchasing pretty jewelry you are getting something that has become a lost art. jewelry this is a costume fashion jewelry price this is natural gemstones a premium quality. no matter which one you choose the lemon quartz , garnet,
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amethyst, blue topaz, rose quartz. especially price are the matching pick earrings. >>guest: - comfortable easy to wear, easy get angie lee press the back and malkin and they will be on here all day all nightgently press the back. wear them to work and out at night. they go with them everywhere they go, they are easy like that. >>host: 2 show you the stamping what is it about handcrafted jewelry that makes it special? you know from the weight of the peace. if i see a beautiful piecenow it is instantly handcrafted. >>guest: you can even pick bali design we have been on your for four years you have enjoyed it for four years and it is just
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interesting how you can feel it. sometimes i say at in some of my friends made fun of me a you can feel the craftsmen working on the jewelry that is an intricate and beautiful the designs are and how much work and is put into this. they live to make beautiful things and bali. they did not wake up and goa train and go into the factory and 9000 workers, is some of the factories have open roofs it is like being on vacation so who would not love to make a living for their family as well. >>host: the color of this fabulous work is unlike any other blue $79.90 is the hsn price one of the number one top sellers. >>guest: is almost
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like an inverted heart on this side all of those beads are individually set the oxidation on this side is not always on the bottom of the shank but i make sure it is in the detail work. >>host: brand new and we will also have the matching pieces. there are fewer than 200 of the ring and they are going to get it. >>guest: if you love tanzanite that is the one for you going back to the ring we have just highlighted best price originally how this $10 of sound? does the incredible (...) that just doubles and the difficulty in jewelry making. >>guest: to sit
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there for hours and hours and sort through the stones and a lot of these towns are not machine cut. some of these are handcut storms. when there's checkerboard ring it is not that easy to do on the machine and they do not always match because if you cannot break its lighter and if you make it to chunky it is darker and deeper to match the color is difficult. especially in amethyst and the blue topaz have the darker colors you want to make sure if you match any have the same life. this is a labor of love is what we love to do in making you happy and makes me happy it is a win-win for everybody. it is something that again and keep it on your ear. the length
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on this cannot be more perfect. we are looking at about a link inlength. the minimal side 6.5 @ ct up to seven. ct each one is a 10 mmdifferent densities of hardness of the storm. >>guest: the right length for workers are going out going to dinner or for shopping or working out. we have fewer than 200 and expertise to also be another big hit especially at our this visit only . i keep going back to the fact is precious metals handcrafted precious metals. it is such a lost art the more and how exciting to make it affordable especially with flexpays and to be able to confine
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heirloom jewelrythe you will loan for a lifetime. these lifetime purchases. more bali design coming up my good friend kathy wolf is standing by and she is quick to tell us what is happening with spotlight. [commercial] >>host: hydroxatone first anniversary with a less of discovery healthy glow planner breakthrough products6 c33 2 ingredients in advance financing for the visit our 2 exclusive launches overnight intensive repair and under eye intensive first time made available for us help us to celebrate one year with hydroxatone . oregon was back at the top of the hour here is more than that. [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: average showstopper robert where you have done in the workmanship the medallion2 file a look that you start to by hand it. these are remarkable. >>guest: something as simple and elegant as these earrings and give a beautiful station very reminiscent of the sun almost like
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a sun dial and then you have the oval gemstones set 5 6, 7 ct chocolate gemstone which is ruby sapphire emerald it is the same beautiful natural stone is color enhanced if these were real and treated emerald right here if it were translucent this would be and $80,000. during. how the same natural material with the fine silver work from bali just perfect earrings. if you know someone to get them a pair of earrings but you are not sure if they will like that these earrings are perfect for anyone. >>host: and then the showstopper ring when you talk about attention to detail that is when i want you to see. award
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winningobviously biased this jewelry every day for her to say no. when top passionate. when >>guest: when she first saw lorraine sheet just let oh, my gosh ! she said i love this ring is a gorgeous she said i have to make this a showstopper. ladies i am telling you there is so much work that the handcrafted nestness2 everything is made by he and and you need a larger size you know when you get your piece in this special and it fits you
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comfortably and is sturdy and the oxidation in the silver is what makes it special. easy leverback a gentle leverback. >>host: valerie sure enough agreement is from the rural family -- beryl6 c33 2 pass this as an emerald and it gives it got to believability. the ring as $10 6 $9.90, two flex payments which could be $34.95 for shipping and sales tax sizes 5-12 in the earrings which are $30 with your shipping itself tax and again your choice of the blue, red, green there 1
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in 716-inch in length with a lever back in the sterling silver and i am just want to show you the backing the way this has been the way that this is curved it is one of the most comfortable shield rings because of that reason looking at the backing and there it is all polished i did love how you did the open split shank and the metal. the top of all hand wired that is applied to the top of the ring and the cable route he fact that is a thick rope that is something new i am trying i think it highlights the gemstone and the bezel bezel set so it is protected so it is set and a nice low- profile it is easy to wear it will not catch on and is comfortable and the craftsmanship in this piece. you can try making pieces like this anywhere else in the world i have
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seen a knockoff mine jewelry for less expensive 2 the detail work it's terrible much up in a gemstone that is not real for like $40. >>host: that is why we have to stress that this is really gemstone of sterling silver natural stone. if you have a precious birthstone for july it be the ruby, would be the sapphire, floormate it would be the emerald this would equate to i5, 6 c two in the hon treated stone for thousands of dollars. when you get something like that you will not wear it every day and hear can
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have a piece of debris you can it on the dresser organic cup my wife leaves them on top of the microwave you put it on and wear it. this is my favorite review is when they say when i look at it i see something new. i see a new color, new swirl, i can see the craftsmen worked on it. they're sitting there with their tools on their benches and doing their work is amazing it is like they're out in the fields harvesting rice or making jewelry they did not need to embrace what they just do it. and then you should see the offerings that they make for the gods this is what it looks like they have handwoven plates from leaves and vines and they put freaked -- they put
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front and flowers -- are fruit and leave it in front of the temples like the village temples and then leave them there all day long. sometimes in bali the last time you almost upon them because they are everywhere and they are ok with it they are such peaceful a lovely people. if i step on someone's artwork and new jersey they would scream at me and chase me down the street. i love bali their family and i still love jersey s, my wife is a jersey girls but did not step on a jersey girls are workartwork [laughter] >>host: special you're able
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to take advantage flexpay om ring and earrings and lock and the press before midnight. this is beautiful stamped precious sterling silver crafted by and oxidized natural this would equate to680 ruby enamel look if you can get the matching leverback earrings i cannot believe those are $59.95. i want to show you the thickness of the metals and lightweight.6 c33 2 talk >>guest: portions are finished in the back and they are not you can be on the phone all day bezel socket nothing is going to catch item097-69 to end the have movement. they sparkle in the making feel pretty.
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they make you feel pretty. >>host: actual stones of this type of workmanship item #number. i have sizes 5-i have size of 9- 12 available. this is the preview of the big shows that will be and we will have a quick presentation. this is from sonoma studios genuine gem stones with glitter balls as well. $14.90 end they are that is going to becoming up and i will show you the glitterball tigers eye,st carnelian and rose quartz. are $14.90 as well all
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natural gems down and there's a bake cinema showshadow if you want to get a head and treat yourself these are very awesome practical and $14.90 item #178-915. the colors you are able to come up with in natural quartz are beyond remarkable. >>guest: alan alda quartz colors i found them in this factory that make the gemstones are -- i love and i was looking for tanzanite color i wanted rich and fluid your favorite color is blue all of you but most of you . i thought everybody has a blue topaz but what i do not have is it took me but
5:35 pm
for years to finally find a gemstone that love to say this is a gorgeous coarse stomach the it looks like tanzanite in it has the double- quartz stone the collector of tanzanite eyes fell one that looks like the size of an egg same color as this stone i drew a one-dimensional piece and then i got this coral detail 01 of this side of the ring . i kept it just the way they intended it to be because there
5:36 pm
artisans and craftsmen and i appreciate your attention to 80 tell us much as mine. it is like an heart upside down. it really showcases the gems done. look at that work right up the side. size 5 has sold out we have 6-12 do not miss out. we were able to bring in just 200 going back to what you said . to >>guest: not going to bring this back cannot get this gemstone. this time the stone i cannot get it again i cannot get this size or this color or the cut i have never said that to you before this one is very special it is the most gorgeous glow is tanzanite, i
5:37 pm
like , and five different shades of has a cornflower blue. >>host: in the round gem brilliant status 5 and recorder ct starter. >>guest: the pendant is over nine ct. >>host: the entire ensemble is on hem valerie. the >>guest: every house on is beautiful melon colored dress 6 c33 2 really brings out the color and separates it now. the blues violated and that goes with the melon. this set is phenomenal and is the color that you love almost denim blue . >>host: the look of tanzanite,
5:38 pm
sapphire and that is half eyeliss em beautiful the color is. >>guest: >>host: i know these guns in the proper forms are so many thousands of dollars and one to bring you the same look handmade and policy look across and an artist and the fact of the silver and that gemstone is a conversation piece all in itself. >>host: 556 has just sold out earrings in the pendant are going to becoming up in just a few moments but let's check in with kathy wolf and she will tell us what's happening in spotlight on the day. >>host: this policy of a lot of exciting things to tell you about exclusive vault wide launch of the joshed turner album punching [♪ music ♪]
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>>host: have the hsn exclusive world launch of josh turner punching bag 9:00 p.m. eastern time you can like this aren't hsn facebook page followed by a live video chat an josh only on callie northagen s coming up next shower if you have not had the opportunity to see our today special should tell you more about it. >>host: these are amazing joy mangano brings us on the bifocal shades and this is the one time throughout the year will offer them as a special. you are getting all four pairs every single brand of color and style. calcite, sought to square frame, and the latte -- all of
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thisgraphite grave. we have way for you to get organized in save space in your closet. 85 piece customize your closet sucked huggable hangers number one best- selling product -- closet set 3 interest 50 million hangers in american homes. dry and i together in glosses coming up from v by eva and the 7:00 p.m. [c [reading]
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>>host: thank you so much for being a part of our special show this gentleman is robert manse and drawer gets his inspiration from some of the most talented artisans and craftsmen out of bali and indonesia and obviously some of the most
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saw all struck stones a and i have ever seen and storm.- just sold out matching pieces are also getting were telling me we can bring this quartz back this is it. >>guest: i ordered as much as we could we put it in the jewelry it was a lucky find in hong kong. they cannot get the color anymore. there is a very in limited amount. you ladies might have the only tanzanite genuine coarse ever. i am not bringing it back because i never said that i always i work hard to bring them back but this set is limited6 c33 2 very special this blue sold i
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know this will sell out it is perfect ambled up the list is dreamy >>host: theearrings are on weight list. 10, 11, 12 now let's concentrate on2 this. the actual ct weight combat is 9.25. >>guest: you may get a heavier one but here hsn weweight this pendant is stunning. let me tell you why i high- polished the back with this piece becauseone s largest is over 9
5:44 pm
ct eye high-polished condemned the the light comes in different promises often comes back into the storm the life that you get from this down and all the different colors because i see that in there also in the very finest tanzanitespectacular unless you are a gemologist will not be able to tell the difference. >>host: did sell
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out of the ring waitlist is available in fewer than 100 of the pendants remaining and another favorite ensembles. forger from individual but pendant extender we took $60 off in the retelling of 407 $9, or for the birds with 4 flexpays it would be $54 $55 shipping and sales tax. the earrings for 100 and $9.90 over four ct the earrings $139 $30 off and also have these with additional flexpay four flex payments which would be $35 and beautifully made all customer picks . originally hundred 4 $9.90
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$119.90. $419 finders and leslie the ring . -- last week the ring when a >>guest: we talk about the gemstone it is apparent he know how much3 2 and effort and attention is paid to bring you this jewelry and make it perfect. these pear- shaped garments larger than i originally but when i saw the finished this looks like something clean it would wear. let's give these ladies something more african amethyst color is the meshing of the garnet and the amethyst for me it is such a beautiful complementary pair of colors. i do not
5:47 pm
usually do these colors it is so regal and royal and create a full pallet with the and exceeded my expectations. it is all handmade and chunky. you have a lot of silver in great detail all the way around. bees, squirrels and paisleys a lot of work and each and every piece. the pendants and earrings gallery, and so beautiful and one of my other customers at hsn asked me if i could do the gallery back as jewelry would just be silver drollery but it would be silver jewelry would be pretty >>host: , 8, 9, 10 in the brain the back on the has had the
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french wire best prices ever offered. -- ringthese have been this is the only no. 1 customer pick and top favorites since it has been introduced. it is a true sign of the workmanship and quality and impeccable stuns. the way that it is stem did have such a president -- impeccable stones >>guest: i do not know when i will be back we are working on that but i do not know i will bring this cutback is the elite group of ladies 67 pieces total available has something this special this is one of my finestes. their hefty and comfortable
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garnet and african amethyst. things coming up tomorrow morning from sonoma studios which is another exclusive fine jewlery lined but we will look for you in much progress time is needed in- between shows because these are handcrafted. my best to your wife. we are promoting show coming up tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time and some other key specials that we are going to highlight from the sonoma studios are the beaded gemstone bracelet into
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matching glitterball stay are so pretty. i am going to take you through individual choices that is natural genuine amber, carnelian and then we have the hematite we have tigers eye we have amethyst we have the black agate and rose quartz. the earrings are $14.90 with the glitterball and they are going to go back perfectly to the natural gemstone bracelets which you wanna talk about fun, this is one of the hottest looks out these have and they are topped with a gemstone bead each one of them, natural gemstones and the
5:51 pm
crystals and not those glitter calls accented in between. the size 7 and 1/4 inch dollars stretch elastic so you do not have to worry about the elasticizing. i want to focus on it which one individually each one individually. pink and diamonds rose quartz, and then6 c33 2 have hematite which has black diamond look in the crystals carnelian and we were singing amber because this is the same color of natural amber in the glitterball, and then we have genuine gem stonescrystals deep rich african amethyst and the tigers eye had is the same thing like cognac diamonds in the glitterball of the tigers eye baguette agate and then
5:52 pm
we have which almost has a platinum look to it has the clear crystals. this is also a customer we cannot keep these in stock. they are a great gift to have on hand. over 100 of these have been preselect it is hard to have anything in a natural gemstone in the bracelet let alone an $420 a specially of hand polished, 100 percent on trend and in style blare them to gather. we say the task. -- test natural gemstones are cool to the touch with its close-up or around your wrist
5:53 pm
you will fill the coolness. black agate, hematite rose quartz, carnelian and tigers eye. that is the one that has the movement of light and the great king is they are the easiest the you were you pick it up stretches right of your hand and out the door and you go. in the matching earrings with the glitterball accentuate sandal look if you can get both of balm buy more jewelry and save . tomorrow morning actinium. sonoma studios and jewelry is all about inspiration out of sonoma, calif. they do a lot of percy organic, neutral looks and this one i like because they
5:54 pm
kept to the3 2 added some clips- not over the top but just little bit of sparkle. all little bit of a glitterball effect that you see in the natural gemstone beaded designs that are everywhere but i have not seen them with a natural gemstone had2 $14.90. doing it with a simulated onyx this is genuine black agate this is hematite my personal favorite is the rose quartz it is all natural rose quartz with the prettiest pink glitterball right there in the middle the carnelian perfect 4 neutral and rich warm colors and bright colors amethyst before the february girls out there for someone
5:55 pm
born in the month of february $14.90, tigers eye if you love neutrals and are always going with the earth and all of the warm and rich colors and coffee colors that is genius with it. mix and match its own $14.90. if you go on-line that is an easy way to shop on, and put item #178- 916 that will bring up all the reviews on the hematite i am not surprised is the most limited right now. it has the platinum look at all clear. rose quartz in amethyst those
5:56 pm
are the most popular.pretty if he wanted to team up. and3 2 then your neutral colors. i would do the carnelian back with the tigers and i love the black agate back with hematite, the hematite will be first to $14.90 is your special price for the sonoma studios stretch now let's talk about the year rings . they are delicate but yet impact full because it is that public statement -- powerful statement. the carnelian with glitterball crystals on french wires they are simple
5:57 pm
pierced ears sable slip-on simple and is your hematite the look red diamonds glitterball, tigers eye is these because they look like diamonds at the bottom, the amethyst there you get a better look at the glitterball it is almost a raspberry rhodolite on the we have your black agate and that has the black diamonds look and all of this is made by hand as wellhave your rose quartz. just a you can see average show you what we are looking at even though they $14.90 and they are a good there just over an inch in the that they will house a movement so they are comfortable and they work back perfectly
5:58 pm
also from sonoma studios network back beautifully to the matching bracelet. i am going to take a chameleon and show you how much fun if you can get both with the buy more and save and natural gemstone and great buy use. over 200 300. earrings have now been and then will show you that is the hematite so you can see how that will go back solly. if you like hematite earrings we have fewer than the and in the black agate we have about 100 of those, in the tigers eye i really love those neutrals . in new york amethyst i will hold
5:59 pm
a bracelet back with the beaded drop earrings. the black agate last call here has the look of black diamonds and one of my personal the rose quartz and that looks pink diamonds shimmering like there is no tomorrow. item #178-915 they are also $14.90. we are going to this laconic valerie one more time well done -- this look on valerie. i have had so much fun thank you for joining us me and thank you to robert manse as well i will see better evening 11:00 p.m. with wei east and agreed today special with nicky butler at [♪ music ♪]
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>>guest: i think so as well. i promise you if you need reading glasses and you are wearing sunglasses you will never wear regular sunglasses again when you try these bifocal 100 percent uv protection. you are getting the 4 cowhairpair. spring at your temple there are so comfortable and lightweight. you will get so excited the value amazing as callie northagen was setting out. she is that latte that elegant rectangle. there is something sunglasses instantly you look chic and hollywood. he did not have to wear eye makeup. and hine set. if they are going to get the newspaper or your coffee or something. we love sunglasses. i used to have my sunglasses i would take them off and
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get my reading glasses to see the dashboard, the radio station or text or read outside. you are going to become addicted to the including the beautiful case this is that of the canada color. it is absolutely beautiful. --vicetta colr. you are going to get (...) forget that one minute approximately the value which is 40 $50 the sunglass along comes down to about $5 and change each. but let me start. you are getting four of the bifocal sunglasses, the case in this first one is my little pride and joy. it on sunglasses that are hundreds of dollars.
6:05 pm
you have the beautiful black and white frame. he can see that so high and look. he soft tinted blends and this is impact resistant. it is not so dark when you have to take them off. it is regular sunglass when you look at the bottom it is a reader. that is what the bifocal is you really cannot see it.all this and that it looks like a sunglass. know it is perfectly positioned i cannot tell you the detail to make them they should hundreds of dollars apiece. that is the first one. >>host: you are getting ever dare you do not have to choose. >>guest: i want the whole rack for the price of one. this is step classic tortoise. and soft brown tinted lamb
6:06 pm
again spring hinges. --tinted lens. what callie was wearing is the if you can see the dimension in the elegant rectangle this is the soft brown tinted blendsl as well.13 are customer every time we have shade readers and this is the only today's special for the bifocal for the year. aviator, i just got back from los angeles it the high style. aviators have been remissfamous for decades. they have never been hotter. you have the beautiful smoky gray bifocal lens and the beautiful goldtone metal on the temples, across the top and i am going to turn that
6:07 pm
inside out. this is not glued on they are screwed on like the pair that i have read that are hundreds and hundreds of dollars. it is absolutely to die for. look at all you are getting. >>host: 48,000 spoken for.the lines have gone crazy $22.95? your not choosing what style or look you are getting all four of them so you have the options. you have acase and the 4 polished cloths and the soft cases as well.we are to talk the magnification. >>guest: this is great when the value is this great a gift for somebody that you love. if you are under 40 or if you know someone under 40. [reading]
6:08 pm
>>guest: those are flying with wings. let me show you look close up at the glamour. that soft square-toe black with white trim. look at tortoise the beautiful old boca icy. latte. -- oval cat-eye lid the most beautiful aviator i have ever seen. >>host: are remarkable. if you have any of the reader from the past please call a i know
6:09 pm
you look at this price and you cannot imagine there will be the quality you are about to receive. to have impact resistant lenses and optic quality. the literally 100 percent uv protection and you haveg action hinged. just to get 1 pair with those features $22.95. >>guest: and the good housekeeping seal and they are reviewed. i had so many people call me today they told me they were buying them for the first time periods this can hear so proud we know when you get them when you are so excited and what you think they are then allowed to your expectations charoite you know when you touched something of quality and is not flimsy it is durable but lightweight. it is so comfortable it is like putting slippers on your face i did not know how else to describe it. i specifically
6:10 pm
make them to be comfortable for any nose, face forehead shape. >>host: on they have those little plastic (...) >>guest: this graduated in every direction that is why it will sit on every shapec13 nos. >>host: every pair have the same feature. they fit and stay intact. look at callie northagen. >>host: they stay where they are added. if you put them on the head they did 9 give you a headache remote to say and i have a big head. >>guest: anybody out there how hard is it to find a pair of volante color. what aviators cost. -- latte color. you do not want to be heavy and everything that touches your face is that soft framing.
6:11 pm
nothing metal is touching your face i would not even know i have them on. the lenses are perfect. i apologize earlier i never knew the prints on the bottom of my inserts is the smallest friends i have ever seen in my life and i can read it. congratulations of your purchase of joy mangano shades.i am selling your reading glasses to see my insert. [laughter] >>host: there is of buy more and save. buy 14 what you need today and won the next phase comes along is the smartest idea is like getting engraved pair of shoes the are comfortable and beautiful why did i only get one color?6 c13
6:12 pm
is a boulder.keep them in the boat i am always out in the sun and have to read things to read it here in a summer home (...) this $22.95 you absolutely do not have one bit of guilt of getting 2¢. with two of these at the price of $20 and the website right here you are going to get four of them $22.95. look at the color of that vachetta. you are also 4 soft cases as well this is the buy of the century. the only we are doing it all year long. we are going to pass 50,000 any moment. you are getting all for styles and kimberly is joining us from new york she loves them for the cold fury >>guest: hello kimberly. >>host: --pool. >>caller: how are
6:13 pm
you? >>guest: good, how are6 c13 >>caller: lovely sunglasses i am at the pool every day. i cannot believe i am getting 4 pairs 22 dog 95. i can keep one in the i am so excited to get these. >>guest: have never worn them in the past? >>caller: i have had difficulty reading in the sun with my regular sunglasses. >>guest: that in a really good way. i used wear regular sunglasses i would take off my sunglasses to put on myo read a text it is a regular pair of sunglasses and you glance down like a rag of a pair of bifocals but there are sunglasses. --
6:14 pm
like a regular peril. air.readers are maybe if you look to the left you go out of the right. you can read any direction.6 c13 all in envizendan vision they are amazing. >>caller: i am so excited >>guest: you are going to be a fashionista >>host: enjoy kimberly they are on their way to you. >>caller: thank you. >>guest: live by. >>host: you are getting all for pair. you did not have to to my favorite is alive today. of them on you are so beautiful. the elegant rectangle baseline and often on your face. there is that
6:15 pm
gorgeous oval cacti. that shade is so classics it is almost like eight chic less. cheek many ofve always have lacks some lesserblack sunglasses. this gives you a whole nother level. the aviators or gladiators. [laughter] for you. you look so hot in nose. really the aviator sunglasses make you look cold. pop-up all of these
6:16 pm
stones will go with anything.she is wearing the beautiful print with the pink and the fuchsia color. >>host: this is coming up next hour and v by eva. >>guest: everything goes with it.i am all about the tonality. >>host: over 15,000 gone. or every call as they come through. -- 50,000.6 c13 tablet, a pad or a phone. any one of those mobile devices it makes it super easy. or going to start to lose some of the magnifications. the 1: no, 2.5 and 3.5 will be the first to go today. with this many spoken for is still 3:00 in an afternoon on the west coast. >>guest: as the chart that you go by. go buy your age and the magnification. all you do is take the
6:17 pm
magnification you getting the entire collection >>host: a 7 and $9.53 talcum pair. you have that black frame and the white. that classic shapes that is so sexy. that latte with the elegant rectangle. every size, face or shape. feel so comfortable.the aviator/gladiator in the graphite grave. all day today the people even on in the studio everybody is going bananas. they are same where are they we have to see them. i am watching people order them from here. studio
6:18 pm
lights are so bright this is so common to your eyes. this is 100 percent uv protection. this summer is here get yourself a set. all four pair priced at $22.95. 151-day's special item #. buy more and save.made began 1 magnification now and in other4 someone else. >>caller: hello how are you?? >>guest: we are having some fun today. >>caller: q are all me. the town walls now i am getting sunglasses @ lifting yudu is also my love you to thank
6:19 pm
for all that you for making life easier for us. >>guest: 13 appreciate those words. this is an absolute necessity.the bifocal sunglasses as such an affordable with such quality and high and the look. ever have bifocal sunglasses? >>caller: this is the first time i am so excited i cannot wait to get them. i wish i can grab them through the tv. >>guest: i wish i could put them through for you.13 have every right to be excited is like a new discovery in life. >>guest: it is a great thing. you take off your sunglasses and put on your reading glasses. >>caller: exactly. >>guest: is days are gone. >>host: cannot wait to hear back from
6:20 pm
you. in >>guest: are so comfortable. >>caller: cannot wait. once again thank you for everything you do to us. you make life so much easier to lift. >>guest: is very sweet. i make life easier for myself as well. >>caller: --live i am glad. you do we are getting the benefits. >>guest: promise you i will not disappoint you they are stupendous series >>host: thank you. >>guest: thank you. >>caller: thank have an awesome day. >>host: 1500 people are on the minds we are extremely busy. 51,000 now spoken for. --lines. >>guest: put sunglasses on you feel glamorous. never realized until recent times in his one instant way to look elegant
6:21 pm
sophisticated and more alluring. it is >>host: true wear sunglasses you do not need makeup. put shades on and off you go. sunglass >>guest: is and a ponytail. that is hollywood. joseph >>host: seen loves them as well. welcome to hsn. -- josephine. >>caller: hello, how are you today i am going to the sunglasses look even better. i had to order these the first time not too long ago i to paris about this price. --pairs. >>caller: in one set of little stronger as i get older love them i can read in the6 c13
6:22 pm
at my and made gps without taking them off. 3 wonderful! >>guest: are so alike everybody. what we tend to forget everybody here he is facing the same things and the same struggles. we are missing the day. every phone call those of us who were reading glasses we take off the sunglasses and put them on your head and put on the reading glasses. i pullover this side of the road just to read a text message i was waiting for a is crazy. you can sit anywhere. i am addicted to these. these are part of my body now. you are going to love josephine. >>caller: already do. >>host: thank you for joining us. >>caller: a good
6:23 pm
afternoon. >>guest: will make them look even better you are right. you did >>host: not even think about that taking office sunglasses or read a magazine by the pool this is total freedom. need reading glasses for everything. i am trying to lock my door andsunglasses on i did not want to pull out my reading glasses. to lock the door and i am hitting a button the trunk is opening up and i am trying to block it. --lock. many of us can describe without our readers? you get there and you are like i thought that was a 3. is a 8. [laughter] the shade
6:24 pm
team is so you can go outside into a store. somebody had a previous pair who called then and she was saying i keep them on in the store. i can at prices in grocery shop. you cannot even tell that are bifocals. >>host: are so beautifully made. >>guest: when you do look down to note to your reading is slightly less tinted. everything is perfect i am telling you. first time ever in history just a you know besides earning to the housekeeping seal and being in good housekeeping magazine and some in places for the first time we can put customer pick on the insert they always been a customer pick. >>host: is the most
6:25 pm
reviewed items on all the web site pages to remote >>guest: not let the $22 for you. >>host: b is your first purchase from hsn of the joy mangano collection what a great time to jump and people rave about them. he will be the next in line. if you called during this show you are guaranteed to get one of the are not you are getting the soft square black and white. but i love that can i am the tortoise show. >>host: is one of my favorites. it also getting new style. in getting these fabulous aviator. to not forget you are getting the hard cited case and the soft-sided. the double as the polishing cloths. just >>host: user magnification. we are getting low on
6:26 pm
many magnifications. i #151-299. >>guest: pink $20 and the drug store for something that falls apart in one month. --you are paying $20." i promise you if i put them in the storeend i wear store you would pick them up and they would go head-to- head. summer is coming you are going to be outside more. if you need reader glasses you have to have bifocal sunglasses. we are so inspired. men our ceo. --mindy grossman.was maniacal about me
6:27 pm
creating them that is all she wears his bifocal sunglasses. it is a whole new awakening. i promise you. days of the bifocal sunglasses you have been waiting for. item 151-299 buy more and save on shipping. keeper out of the future in mind if your dad awaiting this magnifications. we have three sets from tampa florida. >>guest: hello. >>caller: how are you? >>host: welcome to hsn. >>caller: thank you thank you i am so excited i above the reader is a few months ago. i used to go to dollar tree and get a dozen pair of $1 i would break them so much.
6:28 pm
when i saw these i ordered them right away. i am like you are saying when you are driving in have to look down at something like directions or a matte i wear contact lenses i do still need reading glasses with the contacts on. >>guest: that is my story. >>caller: is not often in florida you leave the window open this plan to not have to worry about something canning into my eyes. >>guest: absolutely. o >>host: that is a great point. >>guest: have you ever worn bifocal sunglasses >>caller: i try pair the cheap ones. pie always lose them this one here i have had on i keep the regular classes. --ialways lose them. --
6:29 pm
glasses. i keep one in my and 1 at home i always have one with me. tried the other ones i did not like them at all. if these are 1/4 of the quality that the regular glasses are i am so looking forward to it. i know exactly what you are talking about that is because the others were not made properly. he has to be glazed in the perfect position. --it has to be placed. i like for you to call me back next month. let me know what you think of these. >>caller: i love that you can put them on your hand in a stretch a little bit. --head. >>host: leave me i have a hand is a big deal. cash-and
6:30 pm
believe me. me. >>guest: just like callie northagenclick on (...) you have a pair on your head did not forget. [laughter] that is what friends are for. i want you to see the versatility. if you can see the both of us she has on thed i have on the aviator. the distinct difference in look. these are classic by yet they are so fashionable.if you are wearing a blouse or lemons and you want an latte color it is phenomenal. if i had them with jeans and the t-shirt and i am doing what ever. the aviators make me feel cool. >>host: sure you do nothing, the busiest
6:31 pm
woman on the planet. >>host: before we run at a we want to welcome you you are live on hsn >>guest: hello elizabeth. >>caller: how are you today? >>guest: you getting excited about the today's special? >>caller: have seen the glasses once before i thought it was a good idea i am happy to get them i have so many of your products. i have many sense your hangers, the deodorizers luggage and the steamers. you are a wonderful person. >>guest: you are so sweet. i am proud to tell you have a phenominal buy. you wear reading glasses these bifocal sunglasses enable you and why hear a dog and the background? >>caller: can never barks until i get on the phone. >>guest: like the kids never boabdil until you get on the phone. --the kids never bother you.
6:32 pm
these are a heaven sent. to take the dog for all want to thank goodness i have them i have to look to put the leash on. but it is ridiculous. once you wear readers and eyewear readers. >>caller: i do have such a beautiful white dog. are so kind i love animals. i grew up with the dogs. >>caller: i was also going to tell you i am honored i have been in shopping the hsn 18 years is the first time i spoke with anybody. >>guest: there is something wrong i am honored. we are proud to have you 18 years we are a family here and everybody is part of it. we love it so much and for thank you calling. >>caller: feel like that as well i take most of the shows when i get home from work i got home
6:33 pm
early and they asked if i wanted to talk to the host i told them short. >>host: thank3 taking the time. >>guest: we are a lot of fun to talk to. [laughter] thank you by sweetheart. >>host: one minute on the clock. are gone 2 past 54,000. >>guest: how did that happen let me put on my. [laughter] >>host: it is so brilliant the bifocal shades. this is the one and only time we have all magnifications as we speak3.5 some of those are getting limited. >>guest: you may feel like you are a cease. it is like taking the whole display rack. --you may feel like a thief. you are all >>host: so getting the pecan the looking case with the memory foam. --the vechetta. you have
6:34 pm
freedom from this point on to have a bifocal shade. they are all beautiful. >>guest: think a lot 10 was made for you. --latte. the difference (...) there is the latte. look at this. where is that convertible? [laughter] >>host: let us go. they are so comfortable. the optic quality lenses come impact resistant and i love this spring action hinges. they are so durable. you will be well pleased. we know that to be true.+ are moving into something else very excited the 85 teas hangers set. >>guest: day on the phone i know we are busy you'll wand hangers as well you will get the first jump. >>host:
6:35 pm
for the today's special299. we are going to talk huggable hangers and a moment in the meantime rechecking in its kathy for the hsn spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank callie northagen and joy mangano. the hsn spotlight is going to talk about snow white and the huntsman. it does not launchthis breathtaking new vision of a legendary tale with the hsn snow collection inspired by the movie. you can watch the movie trailer and more now on love for you to join as i checked out the collection i think love it.we also have showstopper is here is what you can look forward to. [♪ music ♪] every single day look what is coming up tonight midnight the bon appetit 7 core pressure cooker with marlo smith first
6:36 pm
time back at it with marlo smith and it smells great out in the hole. we have the hydroxatone internal use age defying 4 piece set coming up as 6:00 a.m. with tamara hooks and adam freeman and this is on flex pay. from lg we have the streaming media player that is coming up as 7:00 a.m. as a preview to the weekend.and we can special price 99 of 95 free shipping and handling and special flex payments. those showstoppers featured throughout the day like another today's special but available until they complete the sell out. for a limited time right now we have a pause and then we will come back with more of joy mangano. [commercial]
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[commercial] [commercial] [commercial]
6:38 pm
[commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: better believe i am getting serious is fun to have you shopping with us on hsn. i am callie northagen this is the amazing to amend channel. as as the world does not know about huggable hangerse free hundred and 50 million hangers. but the goodeper award winner time and time again. it is our
6:39 pm
number one best- selling item in this is the item.if you have a you tell us what you love most. this is 85 piece it is amazing opportunity with free and 2 flex payments. you just choose the brass or the chrome hooks. this is a brand-new set. you are getting all the accessory is with 25 different bonuses. 10 clips. [reading] >>host: you are. talk about maximizing space and getting organized. pierre clothes stay on the hangar where you belong.they belong. >>guest: first of all they are
6:40 pm
slammed. virtually unbreakable a lifetime quality is of bellhanger. you are getting five dozen of them. this whole sense we calling customize the closet set to a designer closet. if you have a walk-in closet that is full it will be half- empty i promised. c13 you have no idea how much room the clutter of hangers take up even if it was a tubular plastic 1. to not mistake the fact these are ultra we had a caller who rode motorcycles. --e gear on the hangar they'd never bend or anything she told me it was unbelievable her husband loves them. they are the best gift ever.% today this value 85 piece sets his
6:41 pm
$50 inif you paid for the bonuses you get all the designer hangers for free. >>guest: almost 9000 have been ordered. >>host: this is the last possible chance. >>guest: binders want to show you basically what you are getting a visual. it is hard when we say you are getting five designer hangers and all of the for the price of less than my top here is in the turquoise. the beautiful velvet turquoise hangers from me where i am standing all the way to callie northagen that is what you are getting. that is designer couture closet.s supply the clothes and we protect them for you. --you supply. the expanse
6:42 pm
of when you get is incredible and triage under $25 for the free shipping and handling is the most amazing price proposition. then you couple with this is a phenominal product. imitators out there and galore. this is colorfast and unbreakable. one of the bonuses is the 15 compartment organizer. i have been stacked with jeans and t-shirts.that is only one of the bonuses. >>host: love this side pockets now. your >>guest: can put your shoes bags, scarfs or anything.look the media leave-in and christine. everything you getting will be in the color you order. and brand new today as well the beautiful 3 ft. long full lengths clothes covers. the piping is in the color of the hangar.
6:43 pm
last night it came to the studio it was pouring my shirt under the symbol perfect. you can put multiple garments. those are brand-new today along with that 15 compartment organizer. we are going >>host: to denise in new york. >>guest: hello denise. >>caller: hello, how arec13 >>guest: good, how are >>caller: am fine highball sunglasses but i do have plenty of the hangers. -- actually bought the sunglasses. >>guest: you get them you will be thrilled. >>caller: and ask him why i purchased them first of all were you getting four pairs of sunglasses on to $25.30 >>guest: nowhere except for here. i am a >>caller: starting to need readers sometimes i deny carry a pocket book but i always have spare sunglasses. --
6:44 pm
i sometimes do not carry a pocket book. i could not read the item on wanted to purchase so if i had the sunglasses with me i certainly would have been able to read them. >>guest: 0 frustrating you are going to love them. tell me about your hangers. >>caller: mother started purchasing the hangers many years ago. that is really all i use. i prefer to hang clothes as opposed to fold them. i am always looking for some of the hangers c13 i like them presently i am a larger size and does not leave the bumps in the shoulders. pants over them it does not leave them range. >>host: the men love them for their suits in their slacks. how
6:45 pm
much space to the create? >>caller: i have to many clothes. there is >>guest: never to many. [laughter] >>caller: just not enough is >>guest: all about perspective. find they have given you some with more space. >>caller: absolutely there are the only hangers i use. love >>guest: the bifocal sunglasses. >>caller: thank you bye bye. i am >>guest: going to the colors in the second. you are getting 15 pocket organizer as a bonus. you are getting 60 of them a price that is ridiculous $50 of bonuses. you have
6:46 pm
to try this if you have been wanting to and if you need more hangers this is perfect. you hang it anywhere in the closet. you hang it on the shower rod in the piping in the basement or the attic. all you need is the bar. you are talking structure. it flimsy. how pair of diane gilman jeans can you put in there? you have the beautiful clothes. this way you know. we tend to go back and forth and i have certain sizes and other sciences. >>host: be leggings on the side. it is like a dresser in your closet. >>guest: a vertical dresser that is exactly right. the 2 full length clothes covers. they are beautiful to protect your clothes. we put
6:47 pm
linens and sheets. blankets and pillows and everything. there is so money spent organization pieces and containers and everything. >>host: you do not have to your costs are rebuilt and organize. >>guest: 10 this for the garage.13 not care if his tools or whatever or your plant food. let us let this. keyhole office or a party station or a rafting station. if we had one lady who like to crochet and put her stuff in there. think of children and the toys, the games and perfect. them the bright pink set. also let me say anybody you know going off to college
6:48 pm
and had a lot grandmothers send their grandson or granddaughter is going to college when they did not even awful clawson fit this is like an extra bureau. this >>host: is like the final presentation.tons of people are just getting it. all of the colors are available. cut actually $50 in bonuses your getting 60 hangers. it is kind of an buy one get one. >>guest: to get his home and try and see if you love and we love that better. flexpay is like a dream come true. there you go. you can cascade this down. beginning 10 of the cascading clips. % getting 10 of the old slam-- ultra it is no metal to rust anywhere. i three or four pairs of are
6:49 pm
getting the clips. these are fabulous. people using them on clotheslines. let me tell you something they are unbelievable. you do not have to screw in anything. your bathroom or your bedroom closets. they attack >>host: to the door because of the flocked thing. -- protect the door. >>guest: think you need to be quick we are 9000 this is the final what ever. when a value today. you will >>host: not be seeing it for the rest of the weekend this is the final hearing. >>guest: just use chrome warm brass. >>host: --airring. >>guest: tamara sage cream wedgwood blue pink ribbon,
6:50 pm
silver/gray blacks (...) is number- one selling color.6 c13 and then and the white diamonds, nordic blue, a espresso, lemon, lavender turquoise burgundy that is a new color and all of green. it is a deep hunter color. -- olive. the man of steel blue. purple out, can you see the blue toes with callie northagen? [laughter] the orange, hot pinkyou can do college colors with these. they are
6:51 pm
unbelievable never want to use another hangar in your life. is incredible. out where it >>host: going to show you somec13 ball for an answers with a closet. if you are not tried huggable hangers yet. it is >>guest: so of a sudden you double plus based. apply >>host: 61 spray and what once take up the time and space. maximizing space in our closet is a sigh of relief. it is like a big stress reliever in your life. i cannot tell you how many calls i had i took the doors off my looks like a couture store in here. those of the finger clips that you see. you are getting 10 of those that i showed you before. you are
6:52 pm
also getting better over-the-door hook. everything is even and pristine. in getting the cascading mini hooks. the hopes to cascade down the use of vertical space. you are not crashing anything you maximize the space even more. you have been >>host: yudu tammy from north carolina knows that. i am >>caller: good, how real? i already ordered these before i love them. i will never use another hanger ever. >>guest: there are just a phenomenon. i had >>caller: actually took before and after pictures.i used to use the clear plastic ones.they were the strongest i knew of. i would a heavy coat and my cousi suppose this cold from high school and then snapped in
6:53 pm
half. with these you are right i literally bought more clothes i had more closet. >>host: send them to me if you can. >>caller: will do that. 6 c13 >>host: absolutely.we may put them on tv will ask your permission of course. i love hearing that. your saying it from your own personal perspective you doubled your space. in a >>caller: is very true. c13 elysée i would have to fold them nicely. them all. they do not get rankled. it makes your clothes better. and some >>guest:ou cannot describe is so easy to work with. he did not have to worry if something falls on the and you are getting frustrated that is all history. >>caller: it is so
6:54 pm
true you cannot believe that hangers can change your life [laughter] >>guest: i can believe that tammy.i definitely is >>host: the best feeling ever for thank you calling. >>guest: send us those pictures >>caller: i will do that. people >>host: that fed me literally can a life changing moment. if you are walking in your closet and half of the clothes are on the floor you have to go launder them or send them to the dry cleaner because there are crumpled on the bottom. these clothes will stay on the and you maximize face like you cannot lead. and for the men and women any signs they are a phenomenon. >>host: they are >>guest: even better for the big guys and girls. it is not like a little piece of rubber the entire surface is the velvet. it is all
6:55 pm
about curve. this is a size 48. somebody listening to love the way that hands are on here. everything about this is holding the clothing. it is not going. it is so perfect i cannot tell you. they are so ultra slim. travel with twice as many clothes. i travel on a weekly basis i do not know how i could travel without them much less in my closet.+ is nothing like them in the world and the value of what you are getting let me just tell you the inspiration for the design and a $10,000 could pour dress on a hanger i looked at it was a set of velvet hangers. that is in the light bulb went off and started me thinking it the velvet is
6:56 pm
luxurious, long lasting and colorfast. what you are not getting 1 hangers a hundred and $2,100. of bonuses. before >>host: run and a time welcome to hsn qt from california i her. you have been a fan of hangers. >>guest: load you this. >>caller: how are you? girls doing? >>guest: --judith. doing great standing in front of beautiful clauses. >>caller: i love hannibal hangers.huggable hangers. i must have over a hundred of them.we have a vacation house in i have that closet filled with huggable hangers in my house in northern california is filled with huggable hangers. i will not purchase any other kind. >>guest: neither will i need you this.judith brings
6:57 pm
the right back to it when i go to the store. >>caller: before my closet was such a mess now is beautiful. i heard several of the ladies talk about how beautiful their closets are. you feel >>guest: like your clothes are being protected and/or maximizing your closet space. >>caller: absolutely. >>host: here you also ordered the today's special? i guess >>caller: that cannot wait to get those. --i did. search >>guest: me if you have a home in mexico where that sun is strong love the bifocal sunglasses. and away from mexico for about one year because i had a kidney transplant i can hardly wait to get back. >>host: will be all
6:58 pm
set to go best of health to you. >>caller: thank you. tate >>guest: care.-- yake care. before the >>host: time runs out (...) you wanna >>guest: this one with the bonus with the beautiful 15 compartment organizer. 25 bonuses. >>host: wilda in ohio dual ordervfor sense? >>caller: makes my 4th. >>host: --4 sets. >>caller: makes that causes so much bigger nothing falls off of them i am a big girl so my clothes are hefty. on and nicely they do not fall lot. -- medieval. for the
6:59 pm
fairs. there is >>guest: so exciting. they'd >>caller: do not fall off because they are heavier. >>host: that is fabulous i love to read about that. >>guest: i wanted to make sure i heard correctly. >>caller: do not fall off. i gave my sister her dresses so they would not fall out of her closet. >>host: thank sharing the good word. sam >>guest: and me at picture. >>host: that would be awesome. i'd >>guest: talk to everybody in america we should try that one day callie northagen. envy >>host: city of every state. we have >>guest: done every state every person is tough. we will see >>host: you back and 9:00 p.m.. >>guest: final two hours of the summer style of than i do
7:00 pm
not know what will be left but you have to come.3 something new. >>host: i am going to transition them blouse i am wearing is from the beautiful3 eva. stay for the today's special over 55,000 have been ordered we still have a set for you. the bifocal sunglasses your getting for paris. in getting 4 soft- sided13 cases that can be used as cleaning cloth299 is the today's special item #. usic >> great style is about pieces you collect and will love more tomorrow than you do today. it's mixing things up in unexpected ways that are personal and expressive. the reult is something that resonates with you, your life empowering your own inspired style. luxury redefined.
7:01 pm
>>host: v by evais one of my favorite lines. wheat featured the blouse lame wearing yesterday, it is down to the wire and many of you have ordered. the wait until you see what else we have under wraps. this is the final show6 c13 it and we say special things for the last hour. including these beautiful oval star design drop earrings. aqua color, pink and topaz color. they are stunning. the item number 189-362. payments $34.98. we also have coming at beautiful fashions. have the and dollars caftan. -- embellished slight v-neck. you
7:02 pm
could go out the door without any jewelry. slip add% on ended is a whisper against your skin, just what we want in the. almost a6 c13 price break. green purple or pink. both fashion item sa are available with the easy to care for capabilities. 183- 297 is the item number. all sizes available and it is on four flex payments. we will be sharing with you the simulated pearl scarf necklace. 54 in. long. tie wear it. strand upon strand of beautiful simulated pearls. tahitian, natural and platinum color. 173-696. yours
7:03 pm
delivered. they make a fabulous gift. graduation and other things coming up in the summer. this is my blouse!chiffon blouse with camisole.pinks multi or purple multi. this is one of the blouses. i ordered it in both colors. beautiful detail the cuffs pit something exotic and global which is the signature look at the line. v by eva. call us if you have anythinghe line from previous visits. we love your testimonial calls. you want my blouse it is limited. 183-304. is also coming up, wind pendant with 16- 1/board and collar necklace. you could pull off the pendant
7:04 pm
and put on a leather cord and change it up. what a buy $34.95. a customer the reviews on puff- sleeve delights in the studio will help b.c. the sparkle from the crystals on the wane 173-710. also coming up is a beautiful satin top with lace trim and dolman is so elegant, dolman sleeves give us extra room. this is the mostg place. black or white freivory. c13 love the front tassels. eva about taking risks and living it dangerously. some of her fashions showcase that. we learned the times she is here so sit back and relax. pour yourself a glass of
7:05 pm
wine and a shopping with us.163-837. one of my favorite necklaces is this simulated baroque pearl cord necklace. hand-knotted in between every baroque pearl. red cord brown.52 in. long. customize how it fits, rapid around twice. yesterday eva them and it looks amazing. first-come first- served, they are limited. one of my favorite dress. i wore this one at the last times eva was here. it is sensational. one of
7:06 pm
the most beautiful designs. it is all about the way it is made. stick around for that presentation. 3 flex payments $29.97. 163-839. design 15 row beaded stretch bracelet. gold and green is the most limited. the snake is done as a special piece. there is a lot to love about the snake, we allow evato explain her passion for them. i am wearing these earrings. i am wearing them in
7:07 pm
black today, also an natural or dark browncomfortable to wear. $49.95.189-319. it is the pit amazing eva.her mission is to inspire you to create your personal. she is the host of a show on the travel and lifestyle channel. she is mentor on the lifetime prime time project accessory. she is a 2 travels the world speaks five languages, you work brilliant pivot point >>guest: i am so happy to be here. yesterday we were talking about how the blue would look good on you.6 c13 looks great on you! everything looks great. it is all
7:08 pm
about the state of mind. >>host: and get inspired when you are here. beauty chest you try new things whether it is story or fashion. this hour we have a little bit of everything. what a way to stop the show. where, did you get the inspiration? >>guest: it is a starburst. there is a pair of earrings i found many years ago and italy. they had piece down inside and stars around it. i wanted them so badly that they did i get them at the time. i went back and landed upon them. was inspired to sadie's to meet our combination (...)first of all let me say i love contradiction. i think that is what makes things beautiful and fun. if not everything would be bland. these 30 per
7:09 pm
contradiction. something that is outrageous in the middle, a big stone. you have a contrasting circle around. two together make the hearing so special. i have them on and i do peel them on. and it is a big hearing. >>host: they have a presence. >>guest: people say you have to wear silver with silver and gold with cold, here we are breaking the rules! duet you want it. that is the most important thing. >>host: it is a nice size 2 3/4 top to bottom. they have a presence, they are for pierced ears. even the backside is beautifully finished off. the colors are dreamy. >>guest: i love the aquamarine the ro sy. if you want a
7:10 pm
class c look you have the topaz color. that is natural. it has a deeper color. it too dark, you wanted to have lightness. >>host: you can wear hearing like this with anything. >>guest: concept of jewelry is about collecting. none of this is for today right now. it is for right now and the day after, keep collecting pieces and put them together. >>host: much more tomorrow. >>guest: it is important to build great collections. we are layers, that makes this interesting. comes over
7:11 pm
time. it comes by being inspired and looking around collecting pieces. being able to pull out at unexpected moments. >>host: i cannot decide what i love the most. the colors are juicy and fresh. c13 >>guest: they make you feel like you are on vacation. >>host: the pink with your caftan it looks amazing pig i am also partial to the caramel topaz color. >>guest: believe and trying things. if you do not like it you do not have to have the and you should try. what is the worst thing that can happen? i love that. for you i am
7:12 pm
tempted with the blue. i feel like i'm in a candy store. >>host: 2 girls doing marked a big thing, trying on jewelry. mixing we will be painting nails! >>guest: that looks beautiful and you. it pops out your eyes unbelievably. >>host: and with short hair off and i think i cannot pull off a larger earing but i think it looks incredible. >>guest: they are big but not all people. >>host: 200 remaining in all three choices. % 362. are going to share with you the information on the blouse i am wearing. pink i am wearing is medium. only a
7:13 pm
handful of the size. these are going to go for purple multi, s - but only at the moment. chiffon blouse that comes with the camisole. i cannot tell many compliments i got before the show started. i ordered it in both cultures. olors. >>guest: beautiful on you. from a d distance it looks subtle. as you get closer you see all the design that is in it. it is a mixture classic paisley design mixed withun noticeable
7:14 pm
leopard-print. it has differentews, wear with white, black, a scholar. >>host: it is a flattering. we are going to talk about your caftan. >>guest: it is so comfortable. i could hang out like this all day long. >>host: it looks amazing in purple. green was a huge customer favorite yesterday. also available in paint.183-297. pink has silver embellishment. >>guest: that is the only color that has silver.the other to have gold. in both cases it is turns the light on as opposed to being a big embellishment. lighting comfortable. i love the lines. slit in the corner of the
7:15 pm
sleeve with a wide band. slit on this side great walking ability. the 8 piece you could entertain at home and go out with. wear it at the beads. wear it to on a cruise. it is so light weight. it is non imported caftan. >>host: a caftan is an important to have in a wardrobe. i love the print you decided to do. >>guest: i believe on being on trend but not trendy. if your your id. you want to be relevant not on trend. and in season. this season there is aztec you see everywhere. i took that and made it forever. at the same time i something a little more sophisticated and subtle. that is the embellishments. >>host: handwash dry.
7:16 pm
xs - 3x available but they are very close to selling out. we had this yesterday, down to 250 available between all 3 colors and sizes. at this point, very much last call. it will be selling out as many things are. this is the final show with eva. >>guest: she has6 c13 belted itwith the pearl scarf. wear with or without a belt. i and the linked comment very comfortable and elegant. 3 the freedom
7:17 pm
think in the summer we want a comfortable feeling. >>host: is why you chose this fabric. not want a sheer fabrics. you do not want an elegant caftan 2 pc throughput. we 2 is a light fabric. >>host: we see it on our favorite celebrities and in the magazines. we all have the days we want to be comfortable but looks stylish. this is the easy way, one stop dressing. >>guest: it is a primary part of your wardrobe. on this caftan over and over again. you will not get bored with >>host: it. normally caftan is a caftan but not
7:18 pm
this one. beautiful embellishment around the neckline, you do not have to add anything. maybe earrings the sunglasses! if you would like your caftan takes. the pendant coming up is very popular. not a surprise. it was saved for our show tonight. it has a beautiful collar necklace. if you want to take the pendant often uses another chord you can make your own. it is a customer pick back in stock. 173-710. mini series priced $34.95. first-come first- served. this is the last show with eva. beauty just so much about being fun and
7:19 pm
fresh yet casual and chic. the way we put things together. this has got to be one of my all-time favorites. choose natural platinum, or tahitian pearl color. it depicts54 in.. scarf necklace. >>guest: tie xp neckline comment double up. wear on one side. you can do so many things with it. it is really a necklace but it plays like a scarf. expense it is like have always been amazing but i have a problem with them. especially this season pearls are bake. i always thought of pearls as something in the past that was not relevant. i thought
7:20 pm
how to make them relevant and fun. you never get tired of pearls they look beautiful on your complexion. they are forever, give them to your daughter. paroles' like this are totally different. how do you do it differently set with is a and little outrageous. a little bit more with the times. >>host: it fills in the neckline instantly. >>guest: i am a big believer you should play with your jewelry. play with it in the way you feel comfortable with it. there are no rules. only role is so great you feel? >>host: there you go. i how you wrapped the strands. >>guest: it is seamless, you see nothing on the necklace. there is no closure.if your pearls do
7:21 pm
you know how much? and and i think there are 35-40 strands. >>host: the link is 54 in.. wrap once or twice. philip b necklinelot by wrapping it around+ twice. curls typically we can think of being conservative. >>guest: think of them as being serious and not fun and exciting as today. the reality is pearls are with us forever to do have pearl setter different and fun as amazing. >>host: i know is more than you may be worth thinking of spending but these are amazing. the 1 flex payment and see a and field of pearls. creates a
7:22 pm
million different looks with this. >>guest: whatever color you prefer it will go with everything. pearl's go with everything. >>host: platinum >>guest: let this color next to you. to methat is incredible. it is generous, very wow! >>host: as you look of the girls i love showing it as a belt. reneeagate
7:23 pm
twice. 40 remaining in in tahitian pearl. natural only 30 remaining.they are going. if your interested make the call. use tablet or computer.vshop with us any mobile device.soon you will be able to shop by remote control. easier than ever before.that is the point of shopping at hsn. unconditional money back guarantee. put 1 payment down at $42.49. your first payment includes shipping and tax. you will have 30 days to touch it, appeal lid and wear it with >>guest: sometimes we look at something and do not know because it different. try it play with it. see what you >>host: i offer many
7:24 pm
different lines fashioned in jewelry at hsn but v by is one of my favorites. >>guest: callie's my complete favorite. being here with you is so much fun. >>host: pc orders and calls. this is the last show with the visit. we have much more to come ring, bracelet and earrings. [♪ music ♪] thank you callie anji here. sprout to s partnered with march of dimes. here is that you can help with hsn cares.
7:25 pm
walking for abigail and carson powers who were born on 11- 26-09 at 24 weeks, 5 days. abigail was born at 1 lbs, 6 oz. unfortunately, we lost our son at 2 months old. he couldn't make the fight. so, he gave all of his strength to his sister abigail, and she is living proof that miracles do happen. [♪music♪] >>host: is time for us to get this this this season we celebrate mother's day and father's day. please add a definition to your purchase. [commercial] [commercial]
7:26 pm
[commercial] [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪]
7:27 pm
>>host: continue, evais with us. a beauty yourself to something from her line. it is about the quality a global field. our own signature style through with the pieces you give us. >>guest: it is all about your individuality. i believe fashion is a moment and style stays forever. it is your personal style nobody can take away. nothing makes me happier than seeing it on you. >>host: i am in love with this13 ordered both colors before the is here but very limited now. 183- 304. the caddy
7:28 pm
details. that is the exotic global feel i was talking about you get to everything. >>guest: we pay attention to little details. in the and you do not notice it as a big piece.when you wear the top you feel like you have to cups.the couple on the sleeve, the print is done softly.3 makes 3 dipper prints paisley the leopard and hue tones. with a you have a pink or purple, they are the same. it is just what color you like best. 20 >>host: 7.5 in.. a stretchy camisole 17 in. long. handwash, hang to dry. the prince is beyond beautiful. >>guest: a beautiful
7:29 pm
woman,s the way her clothes fit her no matter what she is wearing. defense elongating your body. it has slits on this side but in the sleeves are puffy. underneath a tone on tone camisole. i was wearing it yesterday with a simple bra and it was not see through. your choice how to wear it. it is going to sellout. if you are on the line you are in the best place possible pit medium - 2x
7:30 pm
6 c13 100 remaining. 400 gone today 400 or so gone yesterday. you have many beautiful things but this is my all-time favorite. i cannot wait for you to experience it. >>guest: i love patio tuck it in to the side, it is all about play around with your clothes. >>host: i did the asymmetrical look. >>guest: belt it iuck it all the way inside. wear with jeans and a big casual belt. it is that shirt that does the work for you. we open our closets and we have in and nothing to wear. this takes carrot that nothing
7:31 pm
to wear a problem at least for a month! >>host: each color has a different feeling personality. >>guest: it does. pollute iser more saturated in color. there is a softness the paint, the age pops out a lot more. >>host: you are one of the strongest women i know, maybe that is why you pull l.p. blue-collar! >>guest: but i wore the team color last night. we can always change germ >>host: it is gone. >>guest: garlic you got it, it makes me happy. >>host: pendant i am wearing well, next. it is here and now. item number
7:32 pm
173-710. it is the beautiful wing pendant with sixteen and collar necklace. easy clasp on the back. cylindrical bar across wing. know you love this, it is customer pick from a previous visit. it is a reorder available to you right now our only mini series priced $34.95. >>guest: let this, it is so easy. once in a while (...) of those
7:33 pm
things that is whimsical and fun. it is very classic. major drillers have done the wane. it is one that is completely fun and sexy pieces. it is wonderful this time of year. >>host: this is a modern look. you could take this option use it on something else.the pendant itself is about 3 in. long. closure snaps. >>guest: all the details that and maybe do not see but you is important. it makes it feel more precious. >>host: it is unique. knot everybody has this style necklace. there is the symbolism to the wing, i love that.c13
7:34 pm
>>guest: with all the coming up, giving it to your daughter. the winds of freedom or happiness what ever it is. is the dreamy. at the same time it has attitude. >>host: collection! >>guest: one of my dreams would be to go across on a motorcycle. like when you walk in a city you discover and see things. i feel the same way about motorcycles. you have to stop and take small roads. you never know what you will find. we will do a thelma and
7:35 pm
louise trip butmotorcycles! >>host: you are funny! it is on. another sellout comment thank you for your phone calls. what a beautiful choice. we have a beautiful piece of fashionmy favorites on the last is here again because it is the last show. very limited opportunity. satin top with lace trim and dolman sleeves. so much of your collection it has been dreamy.ivouy.have both won this on the air, it is
7:36 pm
beautiful. item number 163-837. >>guest: this is very renaissance laceis always coming back. this season he seymour lace everywhere than ever. i tried to find a way to do lace differently. it feels old renaissance it is all cut output when you have it on your skin your skin shows through. it looks like yourvictorian the stitching opendoc the castle in the middle. like or leave it open. a great little detail. you do not need to wear jewelry with this top. it is all done you in a romantic way. romantic,
7:37 pm
classic black-and- white you have it. it is chic. it is one of the pieces that looks contort. uncut lace even on the arms. it is workmanship, >>host: this is a and washable piece. it does not look like it would be. knot typical place. a and the line is typical which is what we love about it. we do know what to look black everyone else walking on the street. >>guest: if you recognize something in nowhere does from it is not interesting anymore. the sense of not knowing, it is curiosity.the eye want to make you that a woman. people
7:38 pm
say what does she have on? it is about the subtleties and what you feel comfortable in. >>host: generous bid. in the summer we do not want anything touching us. this is easy and breezy. very generous biorder by bust color choices to select from. you've
7:39 pm
seen how many slots we have pads i hope you are making your order. last show with the visit. next time around the price will go up $30. today it is on 3 flex payments.1" payment, seat yourself. i love the dolman sleeve. >>guest: i think there is a generous elegance when it is not as is something to be fitted or to fit you, two different things. i love that this piece can be worn as you see it now or eight can be dressed up. if you happen elegant para a black pants beautiful earrings you are dressed up. i think that is important to have these pieces in your closet that he not require over thinking to be ready to go in
7:40 pm
between you could also make it work. on this,ivory is my on this is softer next to the lace. >>host: is a beautiful fabrics. >>guest: i am a believer in slits on this e side. it allows you to tuck it in on one side.
7:41 pm
pull out in the back not the front. it gives ap elongated figure. makes it elegant. >>host: at point less than 400 to go around between all colors and bothall sizes. if you want to try this,6 c13 of just over $33. >>guest: this is a fabulous piece. >>host: is au couture. >>guest: it is little renaissance. it is very eraworkpieces
7:42 pm
that marked a moment in fashion. i think this is one of those. it is how you wear it as opposed to the peace bid you see that sense of regalness. >>host: 163-837. we have much to come so do not smith. we want to check inat. every thursday at 8:00 p.m. we have the beauty report. [♪ music ♪] >>host: i am 0 gruyere plane with the acer laptop coming up. we have the best in high tech toys and electronics. k out we have free shipping and handling, flex pay and special
7:43 pm
pricing. this is the acer 17.3vpresale. it comes with a coupon to customize it. lue 1 pick check it out now why wait until saturday? >>host: thank you anji it is thursday night and almost 8:00 p.m. so it means it is time to talk beauty.e have the hottest brands. we are giving you tips to look fabulous. we will talking about some of beauty routines and changing the way you look at your skin in the summertime. wei brian will be joining us. she has the number-one selling china- herbal line in the united states.this is thevconfiguration in peep black soy. the
7:44 pm
longevity body cream. celebrating 100 years as an icon in the industry elizabeth arden. nobody is offering this at the beauty counter. each 1 cells for $15, you are receiving three products from a $15. [commercial] [commercial]
7:45 pm
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: we are so glad to have you with us. we only have 15 minutes left. >>guest: and get here and i'm so excited and do not want leave and then you tell me it is over. >>host: this is the last show. evaas an
7:46 pm
amazing things with this next piece. simulated baroque pearl. red or naturalcording. pearlsare so realistic. -- broke pearls. -- baro was inspired by pearls i saw it in capri. i became of assessed with pearls.i spent nine months trying to get this right. it had to look be
7:47 pm
in between each one. the rating on the top of the leather so you can pull and make it the tiny pearls on the and. i love the you can put this on (...)yesterday i had four of them on. tampa and they asked me and i told them you can get it on hsn by eva. i've >>host: love that there is no closer, customize the courting the way you want. >>guest: will live all summer indies. i called them please my own order. i had to get some of these. >>host: francine is
7:48 pm
joining us from new york. she has a story to share welcome to hsn. >>caller: you are beautiful ladies. >>host: would give you selected tonight? >>caller: so far the caftan. that is spectacular. >>guest: you will love it. i have wanted a caftan but never found one that caught my eye but this does. i got the sirvente stretch bracelet. andy snake earrings. i need to buy (...)
7:49 pm
>>guest: i love that you said i need to buy! >>caller: the tunic andangel winged tunic. i am legally blind, can you explain the colors? >>host: natural and white with in between each pearl is hand-knotted. >>guest: do you prefer a or white. >>caller: white and black. >>guest: i would get the white with the natural cord. i think the white would look beautiful on you.
7:50 pm
>>host: sounds like you pick that >>guest: i want to give you a >>caller: the pieces are beautiful. you are getting me in trouble. yesterday you add-on mary frances handbags and i thought 3-4. >>host: thank you so much. >>caller: i cannot wait to get them. >>host: you are going to add a heydaywith all of the boxes arrive. >>caller: thank you have a wonderful evening. >>guest: she has
7:51 pm
great taste. >>host: the pearls are moving along. we have some remaining so stay there. continue ordering as we remind you the item number is 189- 331. we are moving along to the gorgeous dress that you see on laurie. have borne this before. on the hang our i thought i could not pull it off. the construction (...) >>guest: also all the ruching on the bust it give. is more room and a beautiful fitted shape. the the lace detail is subtle. and that lea little buttons just. 8 attached of diamonds. i love the contrast not
7:52 pm
quite white, more cream-colored. it is a picker upper. >>host: you put this on and you will be amazed. i as we are sharing it with could wear it as a dress or duster. >>guest: belted if you want. it is generous, long sleeves with a great collar. it is double sod upso it has a presence. is is a classic dress. such an easy dress appeal owl like we did this? >>host: it is perfect, it looks like delicate lace . you have to get this home and see for amazing price, $119. it is $30
7:53 pm
off for the final show, the five anise. the price will go back or is it will sellout. 250 available. small-3 x. flex is a reason to get it home and try it on for yourself. something magical happens when you put it on. >>guest: c13 say it looks as good on the hanger on you, that is never true. it is always better on you. see this on the hanger and think it looks cute but actually on is 10 x better. it is very simple but like a classic shirt dress in and great copper. a cut that makes you look like a million bucks. >>host: , i really thought i had too many kurds to pull off-- 38.5
7:54 pm
in. long. machine washable which does not seem. it looks vintage. >>guest: it is also very easy. it is like the little black dress in your have the air and forget about it. there is a new dress from a famous designer,. plane with a little bit of lace . this is such an easy piece coupon >>host: out of assizes. 3x available.if you are on the line stay where you are. thank you very much for your orders.we want to mention the crystal and
7:55 pm
pavesnake drop earrings. coral are almost gone.brown and black also available. >>guest: oral is a nude color almost that is beautiful. this bracelet is crazy. >>host: this is one of the most gorgeous bracelets. >>guest: i love the black but i had the purple earlier. adult wearing to love them. one of something is sometimes not enough for me! i feel like a child when i say that there something about date, our playful. they are wow! >>host: very wow! the >>guest: 2 black with hematite is
7:56 pm
defined. the green is stunning. i couldn't 1 green with purple, i love this two colors together. >>host: at which the ring is fabulous.we only 200 available in all traces. it >>guest: its everybody. >>host: i have a 7.5 in. wrist at this perfectly. very limited. i think the green color will go first. you cannot go wrong. >>guest: seehow many rows there are . they are simulated. the breeze that has so much shine, people will notice it at the other end of the room. it looks so cool next to that shirt. it has this been going on about
7:57 pm
it at, it is fantastic. >>host: away to win the show. it is on its way out the door as well. 189-339. $29.98 is all it takes to get it delivered. there are graduation's coming up, it is always nice to have something wow is ready to give. everybody in the studio has been ordering on their phone lines. >>guest: it is one of thosehts!here! why not? >>host: it has ended again. >>guest: thank you so look beautiful. it is in a pleasure. >>host: safe excited for
7:58 pm
our caller who got the caftan. >>host:my is up next with the beauty report, in the meantime here is a beauty by. [♪music♪] >>host: hi everyone. welcome to hsn's quick buy. i'm lesley ann machado and i'm joined by r.j. graziano, and we're going to talk about a really special piece in honor or the 100th anniversary of the titanic. take a look at this stunner. this is item 177- 930. this is $39.95 for your blue heart drop necklace. tell me all about it. >>guest: well i am so thrilled to offer this once again at hsn. this was offered for the first time 10 years ago and was a complete spectacular sellout. but besides that, a remembrance to so many customers that still keep it, and still adore it because of what it represents. this is the blue heart necklace we're calling it the eternal love necklace. just get lost in the dreamy blue and the spectacular size of the gorgeous resin pendant, surrounded by kind of stars. stars overlooking
7:59 pm
the ocean if you will of over 90 crystal, hand set stones. it is a remarkable piece. if you notice on the back, the edwardian type engraving that is so synonymous with what a passenger on the titanic would have worn in that era. there is that beautiful engraving that says eternal love. so this is a wonderful moment to cherish love that is no longer with us, or a love that is here today and hopefully will be cherished forever. >>host: oh incredibly beautiful and such a great piece too because you can completely dress it up with your most beautiful, elegant cocktail dress, but it's really great casually as well. kind of a little rock n roll feel too. go now to and type in key word, quick buy, to discover all of our great offers. and while you're there place your order for the r.j. graziano blue heart drop necklace. item #177-930. it's less than $40. thank you for watching quick buy.


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