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tv   Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 18, 2012 1:00am-6:00am EDT

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5900][s:m][pa:sz=m,bt= press 'select' amazing lipsticks and foundations. all these are available put in prestige in the search box. you have until may 20th as to take advantage of free shipping and handling. that is a pretty color! coming up we have some showstoppers!special values we have at hsn. here's a look at what is on the way. [♪ music ♪] >>host: here is hydroxatone eternal youth age defying 4 piece set coming with adam and tamara hooks at 6:00 a.m.. 3 flex pays prove that is on the how about the lg streaming media player? at 7:00 a.m., adam and tamara will have this as well. weekend special
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between hsn and bon appétit. every product that has come down the pike has gone through several drafts, so to speak. there have been so many little tweaks and twists here and there to get the products exactly they need to be. [♪ music ♪] my name is marlo smith. your second chance to get our best buy of the day of world launch of a deep fryer from bon appetit! [♪ music ♪] >>host: i have no doubt that this will completely sellout today. when i came to work and walked into the studio and saw the fryer, i said well! it is beautiful to look at. i was engaged by the size of the fryer. when i start to learn about the benefits of the fryer, i understood why it took bon appetit until now to develop one., to
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because it gives you the ability save money and reuse your oils from 8-10 times. here is that professional like spigot that comes with it. there is a lever that will release the oil. on the inside of the basket is a unit dallas (...) said the small particles will not spill l in the reuse the oil again and again and saving c13 allow you to fryer like a professional. it is it will launch an available with free shipping and handling. $50.00 off! this guy who happens to be chef ryan scott calif., restaurant for. you remember him from this show, a season for top chef. what is the name of the restaurant? >>guest: [inaudible] item
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opening not my second one. i am all over san francisco (...) >>host: we are going to talk about i anticipate this will sell out early. usually with our today's special, we have thousands of them. we do not because this is a world launch. let us talking foods. you frying like a professional and/frying like they do in restaurants. >>guest: is the heating elements. >>host: we can see what is happening! >>guest: it is taking it 1,800 w switches highest living in any household appliance. i have chicken wings as you were talking, i dropped these down. domestic tossed in my favorite barbecue sauce. and then
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marlo, that is a lot of chickendifferent baskets. >>host: must fryer is are so love the idea that- if i wanted to, i have a large6 c13 baskets or units where i can do that. >>guest: i am making desserts. what we have is my version of the chocolate stuffed don't act.-- doughnut >>host: chef mary nolan, she is from bon appetit. we go from savory sweeten cheese sticks. what are you frying here? >>guest: fish and chips. with the double bass does, i am trying my fisherman chips at the same time. >>host: you can
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clearly see that this is very different. all of the bon appetit products are tested in the test kitchen of bon appetit. we know the performance of this is going to be about the quality. that is why so many of you are building kitchens with only bon appetit products because of the quality that they deliver. i want you to use our3 automatic ordering. only a few thousand to go around today. chef ryan only has a few shows. this is a world launch and look how beautiful this turns out. >>guest: look at the capacity of what this does. i just made 9 this is like (...)take the donnas and dump them on yourdelicious. powder
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sugar! if you like to make your own homemade sweets, but a little caramel sauce on top. >>host: how much fun to do this with the kids? instead of going through the restaurant have them do their homemade donuts. >>guest: or you can make homemade churros. little flour and egg and with an up. cut it when i say. take the scissors and watch this. beautiful! watch this pop up. marlo remind me not to call you to cut anything.laughter] >>host: i am going for it! >>guest: we are making3 churros, homemade donuts homemade
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beignets. bring the kids and make desserts and appetizers or what ever you want. do it all with theleaders that you can fry inside of >>host: fried foods get a bad rap. we are not advocating that you eat fried foods all the time, but every now and again you may want a nice piece of fried chicken or fried shrimp. you want to fry them with a unit like this.3 talk about why that is so >>host: >>guest: from the yen as we can take out of to double baskets that you can do fish and chips on one side or the larger basket that is stainless steel and a beautiful thing to have on yours is the unit that you take out and control the sheets and the time in the cooking. the power tells you is ready to go. >>host: the
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part the drain top filter will remove all the particles and make it easy to clean and store your oil. as the number one thing that our hsn customers brought to hsn that has an oil filtration system every last ones have become customer picks. why not go over and i will do little cooking? >>guest: what? >>host: [laughter] >>host: ddc his expression? >>guest: the capacity is five leaders. 5 l of oil you put inside of here. detachable pot that you can put inside. is this about. it takes into the top and over the top.-- the turn the
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knob and your oil comes out and is filtered. this is the heating this right here, if it says and summer does inside here, it will heat from up and not down. all the particles of fall down, the chip- n-dip that burns in people's fryer is that goes from the bottom and cooks here is the mac daddy! this is all the particles from going into your water. wipe it out and you have mate fryer that is sitting house and beautiful out the same time. you have the dialed in says timer and a dial the says what temperature. then you have the power button and all ready button that says i am ready to go! 375 is going to the timer! >>host: is only for
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today, $50.00ff. for the summertime reunions are the big barbecues, you know that when people come to your home for a committee, hungary! you want to get out something quick and fast. that's why on the menus of the restaurants they have the cheese sticks because those are things that they can get out to the table quickly. it is fun for parties and advocatingentertaining. it is a 5 l it is the largest capacity fryer and a brawl launched and they are i know that you will love. is a great family gift. with the free shipping and handling and to get this $24.99 plus
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tax on your credit card today, you can make also is a beautiful foods. basketball games, go6 c13 >>guest: i do not (...) [inaudible] >>host: isn't the best of ballgames or the football or big bowl games that we love and february and all your friends come over and you what to do a whole bunch of wings, you got maybe is sunday and on sunday you installed a little bet. a little fried chicken or call agreements are cornbread. somebody knows one talking about! dawna x (...) -- donuts. >>guest: there is my done that stuffed. i will put some (...)the churros are fantastic! >>host: 13 outside but nice and
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dry on the inside. >>guest: here is my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, don't them and a little better prove the recovery time on this fryer, looked at how quickly this is frying. i am making my obligate monte christo with in a butter and jelly. >>host: 1000 already gone. one day to grab free shipping and handling. 1,800 w says the highest wattage that you get a kitchen give you a larger one. you have an entire system of frying. said that you want to fryer and red snapper, you have enough room to put the whole fish on the inside. >>guest: it is 5 l
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of oil. >>host: maybe you have a whole house of people and everyone is hungry, you comply whole batch on the inside. we invite you to not only chat with us with the hsn application, we want to talk to our toll-free number! we are our best buy the day from bon appetit and will launch. 1-866-376-talk. to savory! look at you! >>guest: the camera was not even on me! [laughter] tell me about your >>guest: wontons and shrimp in phyllo dough. the reason i love the deep fryer is because i feel like it is the one tool with there is really nothing that replaces can fill a pot with oil and fry that but that is more difficult. >>host: that is why
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we like to go and get the french fries, right? we always, what other french fries taste so much better than my french fries? >>guest: is all in the techniques. >>host: you what a flash fryer. that is what you want to make thent. $150 is what this will sell issei $50.00 by buying today. we always give you full 30 day money back guarantee. your entire family will enjoy the house at everyone loves to go to, maybe you love your fish and chips or may be a routine for you, a lot of families make it a tradition on fridays. nights, eat your fish and chips. as you are ordering please stay on phone lines. would he have going on there, chef? >>guest: fish inside of there fell to your oil and then go back and fry
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french fries are onion rings inside there. cool the oil down to the filter system house (...)- aggress of the particles and then start fresh again and start your gauges. this is like foolproof. there is a timer. say that is 8 minutes. it says go 335. once it comes up to heat, it will ready and you are done. it will tell you are ready to power and don and just like here. i could make our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or the churros or the donuts nutella stuff. fride ravio that is
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good. >>host: looks like it has ais a on filter. about the carbon filter it will diffuse the odors said they did not spill throughout your house. there is a washable filter as well. at home, let you to use the lid. this is safer. here we are doing is simply because we just want to show you the fryer said and how it works. here is a large basket. is a the largest capacity
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act deep. you can cook 5 lbs. of chicken in3 are you alone? do you love entertaining, but you would like to get this? you can do one little basket if you want to or maybe you like3 and someone else prefers sweet potatoes or you want to do schrempp onside and scallops on the other.baskets. the handles are cool to the touch and they fold over wants to put the lid on top of that. here is the heating element that chef ryan was telling us about. on one side you have the time and on the other side you have the temperature controls (...)green means you are ready. when the light comes on, that means you are ready to fry your foods. we give you the full guide. whether is a chicken or fish or anything,
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it will show you how long it will take and what temperature. here is the heating we have been talking about flashd fine like a professional. you need a heating element thatc13 built with just the perfect specifications so that the oils do not saturate your foods. here is large capacity basket. we recommend that you just watch it warm soapy water. there is a mesh screen so that when you filtering your all else, and none of the crumbs with the stuff that falls off from your food falls into your oil. the number one thing that we are most proud of of this fryer, outside of the capacity and the delivery of the
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heating element is the spigot. why?we know that this is where you spend most of your the oil is what cost the most money. how about selling your fryer one and using the coral up to 8-10 times. with the spigot, you can see how easy it is to move released this candle and a release is the oil. with the mesh on the inside, now you have clean oil that you can stow away and used over and over again.carroll as one of my good friends and she is allergic tovseafood. we got out to restaurant and she is always, but if she orders french fry are you putting the shrimp in the same fryer oil?a lot people have allergies. do you have allergies or someone in your family do? have you ever gone to rest on
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and has of the fried and the tasted bond or old? know what is going to body and have complete control with your fryer like this. >>guest: beautiful crispy super delicious and crumbly and falling apart and so i love crab cakes. this just makes me happy. i love good food. chicken and the raviolis and the chicken rings. if you like it, give us a call. this is $50.00 brand stands for quality and high performance. the products including this fryer have been tested and the bon appetite? check out what chef ryan has for you. >>guest: macaroni
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and cheeseroles.-spring- roles. 1,800 w! i just pulled the crab cakes from then i dropped it. >>host: in your traditional pan (...) [inaudible] >>host: that is what flash frying will do. one day only and is limited. we give you a full 30 day money back guarantee. for the person in your family loves to cook. if you guys
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want to enjoy summer, there is only going to one summer 2012. invite your friends over and get a little beer or wine good music going on. fry up a little fish and chips. we have some healthy options as well. anji is joining us! did you smell the good food? >>host: yes and the spring rolls are amazing! i tore them up! i did want you to eat all this by yourself! it's mohs' incredible! >>host: is there anything you want to try? >>host: i should just go down the line. >>host: how about a sure road? >>guest: there is a pb and a little nutella. lokkok at
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this. >>host: listen to help crunchy as sounds! [laughter] >>host: as anji takes a bite, (...)3 >>host: i love>>host: ordered. allow us to get into your bon appetit has had the mostessful culinary launch at hsn. buy more and save and we were talking about the grill/griddle. it is a world. you will enjoy there are so many creative things. here we cocoanuts trap that is in the recipe booklet. what are you doing, chef mary? >>guest: beet chips and great alternative to potato chips. thinly sliced beets. >>host: $50.00 off
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hand $25 plus tax on flex pay. >>guest: fryer itself. i am plug it in and the court in short so that people cannot trip over i am plugged in and night shut the whole machine it stops cooking just on the magnetic device and there is not one thing we did not forget. rolls. >>host: you have the cropped waiting to try those. >>guest: that is amazing! there are 12 people staring at me right now! you'd think of giving away something free, i am not giving away this free market cheese! >>host: (...) >>guest:
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>>host: and they taste better when you get them home. >>guest: we did some crabcakes and stuffed donuts was nutella. donuts, the sweet potato fries, zucchini. shrimp. >>host: i love! >>guest: homemade potato chips beaches, jalapeno properties, (...) >>host: we have a party and we are inviting you to enjoy it. stay on the phone lines are best buy the day. do not miss it. [♪ music ♪] >>host: unbelievable! thank you, chef! but to keep you in the
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know. our good to guide. here is what is coming up on hsn. are you ready for an epic movie?white and huntsman is coming. join us as we celebrate this breathtaking, new vision of the legendary tale. we almost know white! we have big hsn snow white and the huntsman collection inspired by the movie. have you talked seen the trailer? below so good! the movie comes out on the first of good to keyword, snow white and enjoy! [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you for shopping with at hsn. i am marlo smith chef ryan, shut mary nolan on the other
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side.3 here from bon appetit proved they delivered to us an exclusive line ofproducts such as high-end and build beautifully. customer pick quality and 1,800 w nonstick reversible grill/griddle you said that you love this griddle! go on the web site if you have access to the rope web site. 4.6 star rating on the website. it is a griddle and grill all in one. eggs, or bacon, when used to griddle side or even completely reverse it and on the grill side you have your steaks burgers, hot vegetables, shrimp. your fish. we three beautiful colors.
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blue is very limited. we have your orange and your green. free shipping and handling.% 1000 to go around for the entire visit which is a very small let us open up our testimonial talk line. i want to hear from and buy more and save. all of you are on the phone lines are ready for our wonderful today's special deep fryer. first-ever from bon appetit. if6 c13 ordering the grill/griddle. i was telling but the summer heat. although i have a barbeque grill, when it is a muddy hillside, i do not want to go there. >>guest: i have been finding out all about that. where is great is you cannot do what mary is doing any of the grill. you cannot put of halibut or shrub. it will fall right through, right13 this is what isgood about it. 1,800
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w. the classic one that my dad had. it is the heating element that loops all the way through. you have so much if i had this in, and pro leeway foreigner pounds more in culinary s school. >>host: if you have a6 c13 or boating use it as a3 >>guest: my mom and stepmom are on the road right and they met me in vegas (...) last and the havoc on their rv with their traveling around and headed to texas to see my my mom is growing indoors on their rv. i have these in
1:34 am
my restaurants because i have no good. i grow broccoli salads on here. i make stacey other night and i did not use the grill. a put this over my hood system and i just grill in the kitchen. >>host: what about people in the condo that cannot have a traditional gas grill or charcoal grill? the weather is beautiful where you are. a lot people have the electrical outlets and you can take it right outside if you want to. we do not have a lot of these. these will definitely limited quantities. blue is sold out. thank you for your phone calls. it is
1:35 am
about the in bed a heating element. what separates c13 will/griddle from others on theet. to get the even heat conductivity. >>guest: took out the beautiful (...) had space to do more. six of them. new york strip. i am not 400 degrees. listen to these guys! they are sizzling and talking to stakes just go right on. do not take it straight from the let it sit out0 minutes and let the protein relax. when it is called on the grill, it will seem a little bit. >>host: that is a good grilling to it, chef! >>guest: i have six
1:36 am
new york strips on an indoor grill. >>host: , 3.75 in. high. traci from welcome to >>caller: hello! >>host: tell us if you love this grill/griddle? >>caller: i told my mom i go to the store and purchase a grill and i turned the tv on and it is my first time buying >>guest: you will absolutely love this. >>host: there are lots of grills on the market but because of the heating element and the space lends itself for you to try different recipes and new things, right? >>caller: yes, i do. the food comes out (...) [inaudible] >>caller: the cleanup was very
1:37 am
easy.up. >>host: after working all day and cooking the last thing we need is something that is difficult to clean up. >>caller: and it is a good price and i got on flex pay. my advice is once they get, they will love it! >>host: i am so happy that you enjoy it tracy! thank you have a beautiful day. >>caller: thank you! >>host: traci already owns we of the orange and the green.out. light and healthy. >>guest: i took the grill/griddle (...) i make fajita just like that. do not do this at home, this is kind of hot. >>host: 1000 go
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around. where are you up to? >>guest: making an omelet for two. it will be enough so that me and my husband can eat at the same time because i am working on double the amount of and vegetables. it will be surface and i am using a metal utensil on thisnonstick which is totally safe in your naucratis scratch and. >>host: chef mary, (...) he wants to get in on it, chef ryan. let us6 c13 thismera. come on over. everyone looked in the camera and we appointed do something different. something we have not done in the last 12 years i have been at hsn. we are going to look at your screen and see where it we are going to change it live to 4 flex pays! if you
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already ordered it, you will get the 4 flex pays as we are going to it clean house on this! changing it from 3 to 4 we have not done that in 12 years i have been here. >>guest: thank you for doing that with us. >>host: take advantage it, pick up the phone and order in tonight. i think that is why? because we already know that this is a product that. over 50 customer reviews on a 4.6 star you have your grill on one side in griddle on the other. the 4 flex pays that we just changed to read before your eyes, only for the next couple of moments. you had your choice of green or chef ryan talked about the college students. had a 2
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quart sauce pan on top of that he was boiling if you want to use it as a stovetop you can. you can hear is sizzling and grilling. use express automated ordering. let us say hello to diane from north carolina is calling. welcome to hsn! >>caller: how are you doing? >>host: you ordered the today's special fryer? >>caller: yes, i did. they are wonderful! we get the single fryer and wanted to move up to the big fryer because my husband uses a all the time. >>host: i did not hear you, i apologize. >>caller: i thought i would get him the ddd fryer tonight. >>host: it is the most specious one that we offer. >>caller: it is and
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wonderful for frying chicken. anything that you deep-fried in it is wonderful and good! >>host: did you see this spigot at the bottom? it will allow you to be able to filter your oil and reuse it. >>caller: that is another reason why i decided to get at 1 tonight. >>host: please call us next time the chef ryan is back on air and let us know how much you love that fryer. >>caller: will and have been buying from home shopping network since 1990! >>host: wow! thank you so much for being such a good customer all this time! have a beautiful night diane. >>caller: thank you! >>guest: double onions! double bacon. double cheese. cheeseburgers i did on the grill/griddle. >>host: i am coming to san francisco to your restaurant. the
1:42 am
beautiful buns on top. these are indoor burgers done on an indoor grill/griddle. 1,800 w, you conduct this kind of steering. >>host: 6 steaks! 6 burgers! the- counter is what remains. it is a race to sell free shipping and handling. we just added the flex $25. chef mary would he have going on? >>guest: french toast! my pet peeve is breakfast when you have to stand at the stove and everyone gets to eat because he cannot sit all of pan this solves that problem! >>host: particularly with and how many of us to the branches? we are a country that loves to grill. whether you live in apartment or or you are live chef ryan is mom and traveling around the nation and have our feet or your loved camping or boating
1:43 am
or hunting, you can use this as a just turn it on theide and put a pot on top if you need is eating healthy and lights, the tuna steaks that you have, chef or you did grill the corn and it is so good this time of year, is it not? >>guest: yes and it is so sweet. >>host: an do as little or as much as you here we did 6 ears of corn (...) >>guest: i just pulled the six new york strips. i have to stress right here. just (...) 1,800 w. a nice little marinade. i do not even want to leave. i want to keep barbequing on might. >>host: 1,800 w is the most power youth and a home appliance. we are
1:44 am
grilling up a storm in here you would like to have it, for flex pay. just added for tonight show. if you want to buy this is a gift for someone or you are a family that loves toll, father's day is coming up next month. if dad loves to grill and he is king of the grill in your house, he will love this in addition to the outdoor grill. maybe have a gas grill. speaking of gas grills, used up by the guest of the grill or get the charcoal and the lighter fluid. what a nice alternative on the days that you are not up to that full production. >>guest: i completely agree! would you mind holding that? a little open13 will take some solace of and use my toms. this is salmon burgers. little pick a guy on top. amid this fun mango salsa.-- pico
1:45 am
de galo. ty how is that? >>host: 30 day money back guarantee. these have been tested in bon appetit tested by chefs. you have the performance this delivers for you. we talked chef kerry about (...)-- mary. eggs for everyone! now he did not have to stand over the stove and be constantly like how the like yours?maybe too as an eyepin? >>guest: here you can do all six, a broken toe, one sunnyside over (...) and take orders. >>host: if you are
1:46 am
entertaining at you can also turn it on low and use as a buffet server. >>guest: or put people to work in the kitchen. [laughter] >>host: i liked that idea! it is such a versatile piece. to keep your appetizers nice and warm and do your breakfast when you have company over and you are cooking for a large amount of people or just sit each of little bit lighter. i have been dieting and tried to get ready for this summer. >>guest: (...) >>host: thanks to you! instead (...) >>guest: look at how lean this is! i have nothing on this grill/griddle. beautiful pork chops that super lane. over here i have
1:47 am
chicken breast. count there is a much pork! then the great steaks! look at that carmelization! you are growing up in here! this is good! >>host: heating element. it comes on done. it goes from warm to 400 degrees. even if you just want to cook something and keep warm. it could be bred or are it great for any kind of pot luck. most people have for burners and some people are looking cassocks are more. this is my steven take with you to your place of worship or school or business or wherever you are doing a pot luck. the blue sold out. the elements,
1:48 am
all you do is turn it you have the grill side and the griddle what i cannot show you, if i cut this in half, that is with the secret of this the heating element unlike other is the entire surface of no cold spots with this. you will get even of the lead throughout the entire body of this one. we also have for you, the fat drip area. there is your fat drip tray at the bottom. if you take this out and still it away sideways, it does not take a lot of space which is if you do not have a largeen we have a nice size kitchen but not a lot cabinet space, this is really going be a space saving for is a great unit. you voted did
1:49 am
a customer they're already 50 reviews. a limited quantities. it will not last the as we pan down to my favorite thing i think are the bars! they look beautiful! >>guest: double onion, double bacon padilla cheeseburgers! (...) >>host: time to get them ready for school. >>guest: soup come but grilled cheese but the new york strips. >>guest: to another,, for two, crab cakes. eggs for brunch pancakes and grilled pound are grilled romaine! a whole new way to eat lettuce and our pizza. >>host: you so much that took advantage of extra for flex pay. that was fun to offer that to you. we are born to talk about the bon appetit magazine! great value
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on our one your magazine subscription. chef mary will be telling us all about it and why you might want to pick it put dishes early fall dollars. 80 percent off the newsstand. it is item # 377. anji is standing by to give a quick update on what is happening in the hsn spotlight! [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you marlo! that was delicious! coming up this week, we have some many different items. this is our hsn card and hsn mastercard! if you do not have one it now is a great time to apply for one. you can give us a call or go online to do then you will save $10 off of your first purchase of $10 and more wants to have been approved for the card. even the today's special $10 less or on that
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awesome grill. the food was so good! more benefits and a great new look. now let me send it over to michelle. she is ready to howl at the moon! >>host: anji we look so good to invest watt lights now! we have moonlight markdowns. three full hours of awesome deals! kicking things off on the ring. silver destinations rifle two hours. this is the rainbow calcilica and clear topaz ring. 5- $20 off. $39.90 but this is a mother nature maidstone but there's nothing enhanced about item # 167- 477. this dress and a full hour dedicated to slinky with up to 50% off is in my third hour with moonlight markdowns. three quarter lengths sleeves. empire waist, for awesome
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designed to choose from. we will see if the moonlight markdowns right after this! more from marlo. [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: a marlo smith with chef ryan scott. grill/griddle is still available and now we have the 7 piece german steel cutlery with the bamboo blocks $89.95 is the hsn price. free shipping
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and handling and 2 flex pay of retail value was $148. we will start off with the 8[reading] [reading] >>guest: i usually get yelled at because i chop over you when you're talking. these are beautiful. these are in our house. my girlfriend and i use these all the
1:54 am
this is a feast have in your kitchen. look and how simple and great. through. that is a great quality of a knife. >>host: i like the feel of them as well. >>guest: this is where we are. little curve in the it's comfortable and you could chop the way i am chopping and make the beautiful mango avocado salad. >>host: you want something with great balance. you want something that will be long- just watch these with warm soapy water. quality knives, you typically find them, especially the quality of german steel, these are the knives that you go into the fancy stores and malls and youstores and accosted fortune justify one knife. >>guest: i have
1:55 am
knives that were easy to dollars for one. what are we selling this whole set act? >>host: der $90 and free shipping! >>guest: took the chef's knife i am using and took it to my kitchen the other day and soon chef, sergio did not give the back. we are - 1 on the block. i can make in mango salad with a little bit of red onion and avocado. another thing is the shears. lobster shell sliced always through. i used to work at a five-star restaurant when i was younger and cut through the lobster shells with the shares. the lobster is cooked all the way through. just go to the top and it can go right through the shell. that is what you need! simple! now you have your shares. you could also take artichokes'. i am from
1:56 am
the avocados of the same time. nothing is inside. >>host: bamboo, you know the quality bamboo. it is beautiful the look that could you had your share is down here. you have you're pairing knife and new delhi knife, chef's the bread that comes with it. $89.95. everything that you need and even the sharpening steel comes with it. >>guest: and those are expensive! >>host: and to have the full performance to prepare your meals in the kitchen. in this beautiful gift. this visit only we offer it with free shipping and handling. i think that everything in the show we have offered a value with free shipping and handling. and send a flex pay. buy more and save. if you ordered the fryer or shop with us the
1:57 am
% will be able to save going912. great quality knives are must have. >>guest: they are a must have and you must have this especially the bread knife. to have the curves of that when your naugle does not hit it to slice through. >>host: you do not splish the bread either. >>guest: 6 c13 >>host: nice and even slices. >>guest: the hardest thing with a lot of nice cannot get through things that are fibrous like this bell pepper. size all the way through and that i can cut on the skin side. that's how shark this knife is. >>host: if you would like to have a6 c13 item # 163-912. please continue open ordering. bon appetit we can tell you about it and give you an opportunity to get a
1:58 am
subscription of the magazine. we are chef mary nolan joining. she will tell us all about bon appetit magazine. what >>guest: bon appetit is an essential guide to the food world.50 recipes, beautiful photography and it is a tried and resource. it has been having diversified contract.t, easy fresh is for you if you do not have time and (...) beautiful features in the june issue. taco bar with the aqua frostfresca prep school. (...) >>host: if you enjoy
1:59 am
cooking and love to cook perhaps you want to enhance the way that you cook or you love travel and beautiful foods and be inspired, you get 12 issues at there is no way that you can process 80 percent off the newsstand price. maybe you feel like you are in a rut and making the same mils over and over. getting those recipes (...) >>guest: $1 for 40- >>host: 50 beautifully designed. >>guest: ibis still really hungry. and has been an absolute blast cooking with you tonight! >>host: chef mary ann chef ryan has are back tomorrow 8:00 a.m.. i will
2:00 am
be up on the elliptical! >>guest: and i will be eating donuts. >>host: in the morning at 8:00? >>guest: why not? >>host: we hope that you will purchase. we will see chef mary ann chef ryan at 8:00 a.m.. lest costings to michelle. [♪ music ♪]
2:01 am
have a gorgeous necklace and i know you love your diamond-cut mirrored chain necklace. we have 18 in. $14.90 20 in. at1/looks 16 at $19.90. --24-1/16 ".
2:02 am
we only have 200 any size. our model care of it is here and she willbe showing us beautiful that peach blush it is with that silver that complement everything. you looked stunning and we are so glad you are joining us this morning. diamond-cut mirrored chain necklace and then we have the sterling silver rope chain bracelet. we have the six-1/2 the " sizes. this is a lot of silver for very affordable prices. $44.90 $49.90 and $56.90. take advantage of that 095-848 is your item number. then we
2:03 am
have the layered circle drop1/2 " necklace. it reminds me of the solar system. you can see how each one of these pieces is three-dimensional, they all have movement. it is really fun, a fascinating conversation piece.$34.95 to get it home. item #143-591. it has a nice to " drop. earrings i am wearing, these earrings are so fabulous definitely my pick of the hour. bee earrings come in at $69.90 and they are going to be about 3 3-1/2 inches long, look at how lightweight they are too. they are
2:04 am
elongated and they move their faceted and they have a of textured/. grates for any age. if you want match back you certainly can and look at how this is later. one textured part and than and overlay. a nice border sterling silver, 16 in. long,1/2 inches and item # 096-033 is your item number. then we the triple s brand that snake chain. --triple strand snake chain. payments $32.45 item #143- 598. we do have a 30
2:05 am
day unconditional money-back guarantee. and one smokes at full price so of you can get grab that because you will love it is live, it literally looks diamonds and it is so soft to the touch. they end up interweaving and they feel so fantastic. all held together by one lobster claw clasp that you can see there. $64.90 a item #143-598. then we also have the bracelet or necklace this is hardly your circles the bracelet comes in at $ you see the different movements and the difference size circles that all interweave? how fabulous is this? look at how great that is. this has
2:06 am
got different leaders and is just awesome to wear, comfortable and lightweight. all that $39.90 and then the necklaces again13 fun about it. all of the pieces go together and interweaved but they do not necessarily attach themselves. light weight, comfortable, easy to wear and this comes in at13 double check on that item #095-957. 15-1/2 inches.d we have the 17" collar necklace. know how much you love these collar necklaces and 30 of view across the nation will be fortunate enough to pick this up.full on cleopatra done in sterling silver. it is fantastic the
2:07 am
sneak design interwoven here. i remember when first launched this at the higher price of $120 and the details and the craftsmanship with just 30 to go round and the flex pays do not when in your heart and continue shopping. 3 flexible $20.30. the last item of the silver destinations is 26 in schmaltz a strand lariat necklace. this is fantastic, $69.90, so many different ways to wear this necklace, i know our model will show you all the different ways this can be worn. some weird as it belt you can wear down the front on the back, so much fun 2 flexible $34.95. item #143-
2:08 am
621. it is going to be a fast and furious show, you know how it goesbeginning is to 08 a.m. on the east coast and i am michelle sorro of thrilla to be joining you.and this is silver destinations but it takes to run different destinations around the world. today we are going to dig into different places including mexico and and england. we are going to kick things off with my favorite country to travel to. this was actually inspired by a from illinois. this what we're calling are textured risk earrings. -- textured disc earrings. let me
2:09 am
just let you know right now. that necklace is $29.95.they have the pierced ear backing and all of the textured design. take me there right now is so fabulous.i was blessed enough to go with my church on a big trip a few years ago and i cannot even tell you that trip was like a i love that a little bit of silver destinations features italy. this is the necklace and it looks so beautiful it comes in at1/2 inches it has a two-1/2 "
2:10 am
extender and the drop is 3 has dimension contrast she needs met. so many different elements going on. --sheen meets mtatte. in fact some of the big designers whether the fashion, jewelry or handbags the more ironythis such an amazing set. you can go ahead and get both pieces home and think about it is you do you get them under $70 if you take advantage of the flex payments.
2:11 am
less than 50 to go round in each. if you like therapik notice while the earrings are door knocker they do have some great movement and it looks israel has the sterling silver and it is you definitely have some however they are still light weight. they will not pull and drop on your ear. i will point out you do have a nice step for3 door knocker design. if you are like me and as you've gotten older your pierced earring whole has elongated over the years, this will cover that anyway. that is what is so great about the door knockers style you get the movement and whimsy but if still feel like you are covered in most places that you want to be covered if you know what i mean. what a great shot. that is when you really do feel like you have moved into italy. less than 45 seconds now to go. i have
2:12 am
less than 45 each. keep in mind flex pay available also you can put them on the hsn card or you can apply for the hsn card and we will give you $10 off. that is one of the nice things about purchasing things here at hsn.just because we have clearance prices does not mean that we take away our 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. if you go to a department store and get a clearance sale if you get them on what away you are done. but we give you confidence in shopping and hour including my markdowns. item #095-959. i love this ring.sizes 5- 12. looking get amethyst and peridot with
2:13 am
sterling silver in this beautiful mozaic kaleidoscope in fact when we tell you that inspiration behind this is soc fantastic. look at how prettyhis ring is. genuine gemstones. under $50, sizes 5-12. recommend you choose a size on this ring. this is definitely a conversation starter. this is 50% off, this originally $99.90. item #125-750 that comes up next hour but we are giving you a sneak peek. we have two hour show of jewelry. we did not have a lot of earrings in this hour. coffee or tea would
2:14 am
ever you do to make herself cozy. it is just you and me. this is our diamond- cut chain necklace, it 18 in., 20 in. 24 and one 16th of an " all at amazing prices. 18" $14.90, 20 in. $16.90 and 24-1/16 inches $19.90. them are availablec13 $20.popular item095- 507. the first time we have been able to hear these at this low price. they have not been here october of 2011. that is an incredible, great shot, that is how you can see how these have been cut. been soldered in
2:15 am
diamond-cut, really showcasing a ton of shine. a tremendous amount of light they will reflect indians and it will be like to have a disco ball on your decolletage. the very fun very glamorous and very chic. it and spruce up anything. look at karla's outfit. tied in the not and casual. --caraat the same time she's taking it up to a different level. do you see when i barely turn them at all how they this is not tree right here, this is just so easy for you to show off a lot of light. what is great about that is when you put these13 maybe you do not want to showcase your have lines are freckles what ever it is a lot of us as we get older we want to camouflage the decolletage and
2:16 am
what a beautiful way to do that. a setf necklaces that the eyes will go to the necklace and not underneath. you can really see how the light is just showcasing each one of those links. because they give youd look each one of those disks that really are so dazzling. a stunning presentation such an easy way if you want your size, grab your size.the problem, the good thing is is like the best price available here at guys set your clocks from light markdowns the problem is we are always limited.very rarely do we have hundreds to go around. if you want this, grab your size, 18 in. 20
2:17 am
in., or 24-1/16 inches. a great way to camouflage anything you do not want seam. the shoulder for those of some summer months coming and you really want to wear something that is lightweight maybe address or and opened just type go sit showcase all that skin that is what i love about layering necklaces.people truly just look at the necklace. dinner by candlelight how you will sparkle? it is one of thoselights went dim because you will sparkle. under $20
2:18 am
for any one of necklaces and you will be so happy you pick this up. we are showing you a little image there- a graphic about applying for the hsn card. if you go ahead and apply in you get approved you can take $10 off and that would make a 18" necklace $4.90. if you do not have the ages and carter hsn mastercard we definitely recommend you give us a call. we would love to get you approved and get this home now we have weight and that leases and flat on your like silk, cool to the touch. massively
2:19 am
on sale three flexible payments, you can wear it casually artillery skar 3 game with the kids. this is a great way to dry without trying.item #143-561 is the item number. another ring from next hour.this is our gorgeous labradorite ring i think that is aquamarine but we will find out what that stone is. labradorite and blue topaz. all done in sterling silver. this is such a beautiful stone. it will pick up so many
2:20 am
different colored stones and this is called the spanish fan. in honor of our silver destinations. your tang go on. on. it will not bother you it is not a cumbersome ring. again michael very innovator producer nose we do not have rings in the first hour so we're giving you an option to what is coming up next hour is sneak peak if you will. now i move always popular rope chain bracelet. three sizes to choose from 6- 7-1/4 inches and 8 in.. they are priced $44.90 $49.90 and
2:21 am
$56.90. my good friend brett chukerman would say this is one of gender neutral bracelet. i have a cousin and then all local school where something very similar to this. 6 c13 only men but they love their bold sterling silver bracelets. the 8" size could be a nice option for you. you do have flexible payments available on this. the six-1/2 " you can get over $22.45. seven- 1/4 " you can get over $24.95 on two flexible payments and the 8" you can get home [♪ music ♪] (...) it has been done so delicately by yet is soldered. it will not become unraveled or lose. a great
2:22 am
shock fabulous, q- see house secure that lobster claw clasp this? you can easily get in and out of this.this is classic italian rope chain. silver destinations taking us back to italy. maybe living vicariously if you have not had a chance to go but what a great way to feel like you have been there. these are the kind of pieces of jewelry that they are showcases of their height and couture boutiques. jewelry houses up and down the street. have fashion not only for their food in their music and their midline but for their take it so seriously. if you get home any of these 6 c13 flex payments. look
2:23 am
have all this is. when you think about what sterling silver has done rivaling even gold. on the marketplace to see it happen, so many people were sterling silver now it is so much more affordable and because the man has gone up so as the prices. we are very fortunate with our buying power it ages and to be able to bring in such affordable pricing. banner all genuine sterling silver, real deal and iconic design your free your choice of the six-1/2 seven-1/4 " or the 8 in. sizes. you can really see rope
2:24 am
designed. it has been soldered together and exquisitely crafted. if you really look at that i not want you to get fooled by degrees. this isuine sterling silver and is in its beautiful original inspiration. you are getting something that you can lay your out. ring that is coming up next hour, gorgeous quartz crystal over the top showcasing its color and almost protecting it like a beautiful piece of art. i hope you can stay tuned but i love the way she did that because she is showing that you can wear this leader of. some of you might want to go ahead and later two of them together if you can three of them together maybe you can pick up three of the same size.if
2:25 am
you have a small wrist you are probably picking up the-1/2 " and at that price you can get to. 2. silver destinations by the way is exclusive to hsn and we3 savvy buyers. me so much of load jewelry over 10 years here at hsn had hundreds of meetings over there in the and the way they talk about how they find their inspirations and who they goovmanufacturer's, genuine craftsmanship, the artisans the silversmiths, it is really amazing that the length the labor and the passion that they go to bring youand
2:26 am
they know you want gold statement by you do not want to be ripped off i will be currently blunt about it you want a deal and that is why you shop at hsn.we can bring you large quantities and moves through a lot b closed in just a few months on the air you cannot rope chain bracelet for under $100 anywhere. 6 c13 silver exclusive torsade hsn and that 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and on flex. flex pay is like my best friend in the whole wide world. i have095- 848. also available, we have another set of is the braided rope chain bracelet. is not that fabulous is
2:27 am
the french braid and you can't pick up all three sizes.a little more money but there is more silver there. tonight at one of the rope was just to compare. here is the difference. it is a little bit thicker which is why these are more money.if you love for the rope goal for the rope but if you want allow all bit more go for the braided.20 more dollars on average. you will love either one of those. maybe you have been hearing about the spot light we love to let you know what is coming up and what is hot in here we go, our first spot light of the morning. mr. curtis stone. i love working with him in our chefs event last
2:28 am
month. if you appreciate food and cooking but do not have a lot of timeso prepare- yummie mils @ hong curtis stones solutions simplify the way you prepare your food while bringing back fun in the kitchen.many things coming up next so stay tuned we will be back with [commercial]
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2:30 am
here in >>host: is your smart tablets you can ask us questions, now download the hsn act and we will keep you posted i love it. did i say how much i love we continue with our silver destinations of this is beautiful this is so fun and hit his feels so much going on with this piece. this is our layered server drops 17" necklace. look at the price,
2:31 am
we have taken $35 off. $69.90 plus two flexible payments $34.95. i only have 53 left in counting. that looks fabulous on you. car would love to hear from you as well. if you have any questions of course the producer director, stage manager we are all standing by for moonlight mark downs. over 30% off. we have not had this on the air since december. that was like six months c13 at this point. i want to go through some details on this. a1/2 " chain with this. and then what kind of a classic to do we have? a lobster claw
2:32 am
clasps. super easy to get in and out. sterling silver and lookout each one your beautiful this have been in your woven. as you get a little deeper into the piece you can see there are smaller disks and little baby sterling silver beads on each one of them that move. they are like little disco balls.that is just the chain and we have not gotten down to the pendant. the pendant all moves, it is all three- dimensional. it is all beautifully textured.some gorgeous contrast and of course then you have your other sterling silver faceted beads. this one has so much going and such a wonderful conversation piece.very light weight and it will lay nice and flat on your decolletage. a
2:33 am
beautiful piece drops by the way to inches is 1-1/2 inches wide. when she moves just a little bit in this day and age they are saying less perfect is better.for every day when you want to wear this you want to loosen up a little bit 143-591 is your item number. extremely ltd. an extremely popular the diamond-cut mirrored13 necklace. ate tieng, 20 24-1/16 inches.these are stunning.--tieng
2:34 am
18" three different necklaces, you can get all three and would only be about $80. silver and layering and you are done you can pendants to these. these are going to be so beautiful.can you imagine how they would dazzled by candlelight? those great summer dinners, i hope somebody takes you to an eveningner for candlelight, or take yourself i do it all the time we want to feel glamorous. now i did mention our rope chain bracelet. is one of those pieces brett chukerman would agree as he was here it is3 gender neutral.i said it earlier brother wears
2:35 am
a sterling silver necklace that is similar to this bracelet. six-1/2 ",1/4 " and the " sizes. a great value for a lot of sterling silver. now we move on to the piece i am and i'd love these hearings. they are fun and light and glamorous in their own way yet i do not feel like they are too much.i am proud of myself because i jumped out of my hoops. i do what i always tell my girls to do, change these up a little bit. this ring is coming up next hour. is amethyst and peridot. it is so pretty we did not have in the rings in this hour so try
2:36 am
to showcase will be coming up. we will start with the earrings because you have your choice between the necklace and earrings. the earings command 3-1/2 inches. for some of you may be 3 and 1/2 inches is too long. using made it will look what i knew after you see them on our model cara. the look beautiful on her. just because we are in moonlight mark down its does not mean that we take away our 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. $20 off and the necklace you can get homer $54.90, $15 off the hsn price. the great thing about that is it has movement. separates?dropped%
2:37 am
later that frames it. it is it a lot of style and cess. c13 the top one does the same thing, it moves but it does not move as much because of his fastened by this one center link and then everything cast doubt on this gorgeous chain. the chain itself if you ask me is worth the entire price of the necklace. sterling silver beads going up and down the chain. then he also had a 2 in. extender. what a great shot, thank you sew march. ---so much. it is like a beautiful woman's figure, very fantasy field are definitely a conversation piece. i think hearings are fabulous. then you have your pierced
2:38 am
shepherds hook hearings. they are just fantastic. how can you go wrong. --earrings. honestly if we have veneering holy got long overtime typically really hangs down but with these earrings they are light you can see a little we will not lie about this but i will rarely wear earrings that showcase that because it is embarrassing. mine little niece brittany grabbed onto a pair of bee earrings enriched mite year i've gotten over it but i felt a little insecure about that. a lot of us can relate maybe you did not even have niece or nephew or grandchildren who did that after time they go
2:39 am
think they would be so or so substantial they are substantial this is not jewelry this is genuine sterling silver they look fantastic and these could totally be found in fabulous store in mexico or south america. they a landslide but they definitely say sass and style. i totally know what i am doing. that is what they say to me.i will love that look. the cool look to gather if you wanted to the coordinating look is fabulous. if you want to just wear one i am personally you more in favor of being not fully coordinated look. this is receiving this shay has her hair back so if you wear your hair back if you have short here it does not matter and that is a
2:40 am
beautiful thing about sterling silver needed is like skin tone neutral. the value coming can you imagine if we did these in 14k sterling silver is still giving gold a run for its money because gold has gone through the roof. you get a lot of for your dollar here. less than 100 left on the earings. these are also stunning from the back, fully textured on the entire back. keep in mind is to move at all they will move.definitely charming and fun. they6 c13 distinctive and different than anything you probably have in your wardrobe. in fact i wanted to kind of just mentally visualize your jewelry collection right now. i pearls, technibond for sure and i have my hoop earrings betula i have anything like
2:41 am
this? was less than 100 to go around you can take it home3 flex pay, decide later if you want to go ahead and keep them because we do have a 30 day unconditional money- back guarantee. but adding something different speaking about that a lot lately. i know that i definitely get stuck in earrings. every once in awhile and i do something different i get a little bit of a different buy or energy. --vibe or energy. you are going out of the box a little bit. definitelyo much they are not overwhelming. if you like them really big and bold definitely the way to go. we're going to get wrapped up on this one right now. no less than 80 to go around. #096-033. this come
2:42 am
over 300 gone down at 18, 24-1/6 inches. we are about halfway through our first hour or actually a little past and we are already getting limited quantities. if you love getting great value and you what sparkle and light and you want to dazzle in moonlight or sunshine, this is definitely what you need. if can swing all three that will be beautiful. coming up next hour we have sneak preview. while you're in our steering silver collection look at that can you stand it? just one necklace, not just to but 3 4 $14.90. they are stunning. this just says aloha let's go
2:43 am
to hawaii right now. item #vthat comes up next hour.nted to give you a quick little mansion and of course spot light is what is happening. here is the next spot light. featuring and acer computer, this is laptop, a huge customer pick by the way, 17.3 in. and now price at $743.95. of course you can visit all of our high tech gadgets and electronics when turned to so much happening right there. [commercial]
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2:47 am
the snake design that truly is soft to the touch, it will not catch on anything. and would not fabulous have all three chains come togetheryou have them there. doing something new and different. this is a chain that you will get a lot6 c13 from. you will probably wear a day in and day out. you'll wear to weddings are the days to conserves and techniques. you
2:48 am
could wear this camping and hiking because it is easy wear easy care. the senate moves down to a nice long lobster claw clasp and you have three links here that pull together these gorgeous different level snake chains. touch and the way that that shines is dazzling. this is one of those pieces that when you touch it and you feel it on your it feels divine. it feels other worldly because it feels high-end and luxurious. if there were some way i could cover up $64.90 you easily put a one in front of it. if you saw this in one of those designer and galleries, if no one told to i may or may
2:49 am
not decide to spend that but i would not flinchg that price. it is beautiful and yet it has the dainty yet bold look all at the same. something so extraordinary about getting a piece home like this that has a story and a tale to tell because it does have triple strand chainsnakein is an essential in your jewelry collection. it will go back with anything you have, studs, diamond's even with your technibond, gould, bangles, a mix and match. i love the way the you have done that with the hearings i wearing, i love it. not too overwhelming but this will go with everything. on are
2:50 am
wildly popular mirrored chain necklace, 24 in. and 30 in.. it is so much better looking life. $44.90 for the 24 in. $59.90 for the 30 in.. now she made this look at this live. look at how beautiful. aba difference. can you get over look how gorgeous these are. to a different sizes but if you can swing it for $100.20 4 in., 30
2:51 am
in., to flexible payments on 30 in. and 2 flexible payments on the 24 in.. item #095-963. i think that is the number-one selling chain that we have here at hsn and not to be out stage door of stagedour bracelet let me show you this live because it is gorgeous. look at this beautiful chain. do we have any of rope texture bracelets? and want to show you how well this leaders. we show the roh texture earlier because of what tissue what this would look like to gather. if he wanted to the layering " and is so popular
2:52 am
remember you 6- 1/2, 7-1/4 and 8 in.. that would% fabulous item095- 508. now we will keep that available for you just so you know it is totally there for you. we are on to another set, this our leader% circles bracelet or necklace if you love the symbol infinity, i do it my favorite in the world never- ending love, spirituality what ever you want to make it this is definitely a way to symbolize that meaning if you want or if you like circles the way this has been done3 definitely whimsical and charming and fun. we will kick things off with the bracelet. the
2:53 am
bracelet comes in $39.90, it is1/2 inches you do have a boat one- 1/2 " extender. they're connected on the one large circle there but throughout the day they will move a little bit which gives you that layered look in one piece. you do now have to deal with moving your bracelets around. this is a really pretty piece, is so different. this is great with the hammered disc jewelry that showed earlier, so pretty. there is another example that rope chain bracelet that we were just showing of three different sizes. they are still available with this beautiful liter circles bracelet. it looks
2:54 am
like she's 3 bracelets but in fact she's wearing too. low maintenance, i what everything will maintenance. then we have the bead necklace comes in at 15-1/2 inches long with a 2 in. extender. that major show you what that looks like because you do have a lobster claw clasp. then you top 2 machines here that come together and look at this. this is so beautiful the way that these have been done as well. two different layers of circles that interweave and interlock and yet they are not officially attached. that feels very retro. she would have rocked it out. it definitely has the '60s by
2:55 am
which is of course so big right now in fashion and in jewelry. in fact we have addressed this from slinky that would go back so perfectly with it is in a geometric $39 and some change. get your size now not next hour but the hour after, we have four hours of moonlight mark downs. we normally only have three but we are giving you an6 c13 hour. item #ward 095-957 is your item number. now we are going back our rope chain bracelet. i know it hurt you out. i want that again i that give a chance to see it. he braided rope chain, this is great. do you know why? because you are getting so much sterling silver i cannot even get over it. look at how thick and gold that
2:56 am
is, it has a buttery element to it. it almost looks frosting it has message sheen that is so pretty. it goes back with the ring.ring is coming up next hour by the way. we just have a couple more minutes left in this hour. we are giving you thevpeak at this wildly power of six-1/2 " $79.90, eight-1/4 " $94.90. neutral just like the old other rope chain was. my
2:57 am
older brother michael my cousin in arizona or california, and very manly men but they do like to wear their sterling silver. a large lobster claw clasp and how beautiful is that. if you look at your large they do very much. a quick mention on hour cleopatra light collar 17" necklace. i will not get to presentation because we only have 15 remaining.$28.30 on flex pay for that gorgeous snakelike les flat soc stunning very first lady with an edge if you ask perfect for the office, you could wear it as a schoolteacher, you could get some much aware of that honestly. item #143-
2:58 am
561. i gave you one quick mention and i am going to give you a full presentation, a short one but this is so fabulous. all we had to do is barely move it and look at the shine. think what that will do for your outfit or your energy, it will make you light up. people will say you look so happy and cheerful, what is going but what is happening is they are being reflected by gorgeous jewelry. dazzling moonlight candlelight, sunshine, you are going to be beautiful. that is a great shot to show you how this is put together. every other link this sort of if you will. see how it goes flat and one goes in sideways, that is what gives you the optimal shine and sheen. you
2:59 am
are looking at 24 in. or 30 in., you can pick up both and you will just be barely cracking these triple digits. in my opinion go long look at how beautiful clothes look. because 30 in. you could actually wrap it around but it would be really tight around your neck.kind of like a torsade if you but if you go along it in as you out. so many come in with 30 jewelry your fashion designers. if you want to slim always have something long in the center. % gorgeous mirrored chain necklace. very
3:00 am
popular for next hour half our quantity is spoken for the sterling silver diamond-cut mirrored chain necklace. under $15 20 in. for underc13 under $20. you can get all 34 $60. moonlight mark downs, when do i get a howl? [howling] we are moving into our next hour your [♪ music ♪] 6 c13 >>host:
3:01 am
amethyst and peridot inside of a sterling silver mosaic gem stone ring for under $50. we have 50% off. we still have all it is so comfortable to wear. i love the circular design and it almost has a web of fact, kaleidoscope, pin will design, you name it. item #125- 750. we have a matching pendant with a large enhancerhat bail is easily removable. all the changes that you just picked up, maybe want to this and put it on it. look how large set bail this. this is coming up as well. it matches back to the ring. about 100amethyst. $34.95 on a credit card. over 50% off
3:02 am
on this even like on a soap rope chain it will be beautiful. demma have the spanish fan ring. if one to good tip up and pretend we are in a tango dance, here's the way to do it. $24.90 put that labradorite and blue aquamarine and sterling silver. $54.90 was the rational price. over 50% 5-12. item # 140- then we have a gorgeous pendant and earrings to go. we will start with the the earrings come in at $44.90. i only have about 100 of each. you have the spanish and design and allow the right of the top and then have beautiful aquamarine set by the sterling silver links in your gorgeous leather arrived at the bottom. these differ pierced ears and set in sterling silver. then we the gorgeous pendant. this is one of my favorite pieces in
3:03 am
the hour this so different pass a take me to wine country feel and somehow on also fanning and argentine output there is a lot going on here! at $49.90. that has a nice large enhancerincluded item # 094-fantastic rainbow calcilica and clear topaz. 5-12. this is pretty spectacular! look how grape bagos of my piecy the dress behind? the colors go together! the producer said nice! did he know that rainbow calcilica is a mother nature's own? is not enhanced. we did not paint colors of this. this is incredible! it came out of the dominican republic. this is a very rare and hard to find stone and this is
3:04 am
what it looks like naturally! we have done at hsn is added clear quartz on top. is like a beautiful piece of art. we framed id to give its even more deaths and character because it has been faceted the way we have cut back.-- more dpth.epth. item # 167-477. size 5-12 available on the ring. then we have this set of 3 necklaces. 3 gemstone necklace. green quartz, brown quartz, rose quartz or multicolor. you get three in one at $14.90. i will show you these up close if we can. this is the green you have some purples
3:05 am
and some beautiful light greens as well. look at how pretty that is! then we go into the brown tones. be have a clear and smoky quartz. you can wear this together or separately. your choice. there are rose color. $19-- $14.90 on all three of them. it is genuine gemstones. these are stunning! 36 in. in each one! then the blues. these are what we are% the multicolor in the blues. blue is always such a wildly popular color at hsn. all three of them at then art of asia. larimer our sterling silver ring. this is a beautiful ring that looks like you are looking at clouds and this guy. east-
3:06 am
west design. 7 8 9, 10 and 11 on this ring. $59.95. 50% off. 2 flex $29.98. item 733. look at the beautiful under gallery! then the art of rainbow flourite sterling silver ring. ellis to choose from. this is one we will show c13 comfortable on the hand. very easy to wear. inside, you're gorgeous flourite we will show you is thick and soft to the touch. you have your stamps of the windfall pinwheels if you want or spiderweb if you are into that look. definitely and unique and been stamped on. $29.95. that is a huge savings! $50.00 sterling silver all the way around and underneath the gallery. that is a huge customer pick.
3:07 am
size 5-12 available on that. item # 124- 581. then if you love your dragon's and is the year of the dragon! this is important, especially if you know someone who is giving birth this year. to give birth in the year of the dragon is like the holiest of blessings. it is pretty several friends that are trying to get pregnant this deliver a baby this year. if you are into that or you love dragons, this is a catalyst milky courts and garnet in6 c13 dragon design. we get into the details, but you have a fabulous carved out this is your milky courts setting on top of lahoda. january has that garnet stone.-- milky quartz. item #
3:08 am
124- if you own any of these pieces were picking them up or you love silver destinations or feel like telling cara truq she is, is moonlight markdowns! 1-866-376-talk. if you want to the hsn application or already have, you can be part of the conversation and6 c13 might read your comments on the air. it's an easy way to stay a part of what is happening. i think of us as all one family. i cannot do this without you. (...) we are all one big family and girlfriends and would love to hang out and talk to one the next ring is multigemstone mosaic design. 50%, a size 5-12. it $49.90. that amazing when you
3:09 am
look at the gemstones. green amethyst and purple amethyst! look at how fabulous this is! feast your eyes, girls! [laughter] >>host: you are getting 1.7 carats of genuine gemstones under $50. in the silver destination show, we are inspired by the landmark and architecture and history of beautiful design work that was inspired stained- glass windows found in some of england's historic churches and cathedrals. i love about summer destinations is we take you around the world. now we are visiting beautiful cathedral and churches that are prole centuries years old. their beautiful designs.
3:10 am
are buyers bring us such beautiful pieces. you are looking at a gorgeous center stone. this is your green amethyst. that is surrounded by a border purple amethyst that has been prong-set and gorgeous round. the and all of your beautiful design that has been inspired by the century's old cathedral's, the same glass windows. my parents did sting glass all the time. that is what we would do after school. my dadc13 extremely creative. there was like a cookie cutter and then we would get to decide and pop them in the oven. so much fun! we would create these fun designs and hang them in the window and let the light that is what you can see and how has been
3:11 am
inspired here. i want to show you the under gallery because it is really fun pretty! thisis a soft and green amethyst. it could almost bemistaken for a light blue topaz are clear quartz and some colors. depending on what you wear this with, it will take on a lot of different colored tones. look at that with the pink. show it to you with the green.look at how beautiful the color picks up there! then look with the purple! see how the purple and the purple amethyst really gets picked up? the blue is really pretty.t you wear it is being highlighted and showcased in the stones? that.
3:12 am
1.71 carats of green and purple amethyst and the sterling silver. but we show it with yellow. if you are interested in and of college, is by deborah lippmann. as on like to where everything that we can from hsn so they to put a full look together if you want. i got this tip from anji corley and she is like if we are doing a juried show, let us pay nails and a fun even the neutral and look gorgeous like karo. that is a natural look as well. sometimes it's fun to add color when you wear a lot of silver. silver is great, it also demands a little bit more of the color. that is what i decide to go with
3:13 am
this. with this ring. under. item # 125-750. we are popping simmonsc13 i love this eye philip i am in another world and another size 5-12. under $35 on what we are calling are browned xysta ring.-- round. a crest signature stamp. grecian ins pired. under lip in the hammered
3:14 am
under size 5-12. all scalloped and designed (...) 125-729. another set of necklaces. customer pick, not in the show, but sneak peek. sterling silver 21 in. faceted agate. we will all kinds of agate to choose from.purple and peach agate! look at cordless this is!-- gor awfully fast it. this is agate. a beautiful opaque stone.-- beautifully how
3:15 am
bold and cheerful. indiviually knotted. they are a littl on the heavy side.$40. now priced $19.90. customer pick at the higher price of $10 more. item # 151-510. now the matching pendant to the ring i was marveling. i love the c13 has a fantastic bail is an unanswered mail that is hansard bail. --
3:16 am
enhancer. for love you picked up our necklaces last hour, you can easily wear this back to any of this necklaces or we have it showcased on a gorgeous chain. the chain is not included, but it the pendant home $34.905. knit you can get home at significantly less money. you could practically where it this way. this is it from the it is so pretty. this is a little but lumber larger than the ring. scalloped border with the sterling silver prove 50% off. we
3:17 am
think of moonlight markdowns and the fact it is also on flex get on such a beautiful bowl pendant. a different carat weight approved 3.24 carats of the green and purple under $70 to design that was inspired the landmarks and architectural of england which is with this% particular set of silver destinations was all about. this is the open work that resembles cathedrals and historic churches in england. the stained-glass in those cathedrals and churches. that firm made takes it to another level because you start to think about what it means to you or maybe you have always wanted to travel to have never been to england and would love to go to
3:18 am
england. it is like $12 for a gallon of gas in english! may not happen anytime soon, but to think that you have the chance to walk around the cathedrals and lamps of architecture, it is so stunning, right? abouth documentary's and see movies based on these places, but you can take home a piece of jewelry at under $35 that is reflective and embodies the essence of all that is ancient and all the historical. and get that feeling and what a great conversation piece because to go friends will ask you, where did get that? hsn on sale, 50%. many will not in at the sell park, but you are getting something historic has stories to tell. item # 125- 749. a quick mention on our mirror chain necklace. diamond-
3:19 am
cut mirror i want to show that life. $14.90. 20 in. a 24-1/16 inch is look at this! this was worth all that effort! look how pretty this is! is that not gorgeous? this was worth hunting and finding that for us to pull it out. we are extremely limited. 18'' is, 20 in. and 24-1/16 (...) last call on 20 in.. if you can swing of three of
3:20 am
them coming your not even cracking i know is still a lot of money but 3 necklaces that could be that much dazzle and sparkle in sunshine and candlelight and moonlight! forget it! it is so beautiful! item # 095-507. we are moving into are wildly popular and we were not even going to give your presentation but now we have got to because we showed it to socket sense and the funds went crazy. $19.90. how can you not go crazy over this? when i look at this set of necklaces and they're all $19.90 and you have gorgeous faceted agate. i think to myself amazing movie winning amazing! i think of her in one country and she is so elegant and yet title and confident charisma!
3:21 am
i find her to be so stunning! she is my hair went! i love her! pick. item # 151- she would have no problem putting this on and just talking it out. $29.90 was the original. do you notice how they are individuallyd and faceted? each one's of the egg its stones are graduated in size. it is 21 in. in mind. the unitas how big and bold and the fee it is down here? own personality. that is just the purple known to be the highest spiritual color of the shop rose in the chorus. chakra dn
3:22 am
aur individually knotted. lobster claw clasp. one bead was to fall out, you would just lose one and it fits. notice how they are all graduated? here are your blues. look at how stunning this is! individually knotted and deeply faceted and giving you a lot of reflection and shine. these are is not costume jewelry. you feel like you are touching oversizedtouch. in length. i went to the purple blue (...) peach is most vthat up. that will be the first to kara is wearing the peach and also i queen collection top. eye on that top
3:23 am
and love that it buttons down or you could tie it and not the way car has don knapp.-- that cara has done that. pinks and purples and grays. even denim. want you to the waycara did it. then the blues. the a i
3:24 am
first lady. crisp white. button down or seater. it will gowith everything. silk ropeknotted. green's, purples, or faceted. under $20 x point where can you get a 21 in. faceted agate genuine gemstone and hundred $20 bill? that is five coffees! 50 of the peach we have hundreds of you on the phone lines. customer pick at a
3:25 am
higher price of $29.90. 300 sold. gorgeous! all four colors. peach is wildly item # 151-510. customer pick at the higher price. look at the appraised value of almost $50. we do not go with the highest or the middle appraisal. we go with the lowest. we get three independent appraisals. peach. we are highlighting them on something we call here is what is up on a spotlight! [♪ music ♪] >>host: i cannot
3:26 am
believe we joshed turner coming may 25th. his cd punching bag. like us on facebook on hsn, you confuse the concert followed by an exclusive live video chat with josh. facebook also. michelle sorro on hsn is aware that you will find me on facebook. [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
3:27 am
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: hi and
3:28 am
to hsn. i a m your host, michelle sorro. robin is a little weather it cannot join us this morning. this is the silver destinations spanish genuine lavender rights in the form of a fan giving you the spanish flair.-- lavender right.-- labr will get a of compliments on. $24.90. first time aired at this low price. it is clearly faceted and
3:29 am
secure there. then the undergallery. the about laterites is you never know what hughes will come pinkie perfect place. the dangle says' ii am n. lex is the coordinator and is fun! who wants to be in the same boring box that we are always in. think
3:30 am
about your jewelry collection. the have anything with a dangle or wednesday? think about someone younger. 22 82, does not matter. it is genuine gemstones. all finished in the gorgeous high- polished sterling silver. this have the high back to it. limited. sizes 5-12.the triangular shape gives you a fan design. latin flair. i got to go to argentina wants. i was struggling with my
3:31 am
church and went to these dinner theaters and would see tango dancers and the fans that were so dramatic! i could never tango dance a day in my life. when the lesley ann machado to do this. i do not even know that she does. [♪ music ♪] >>host: this is so sultry and the epitome a woman's strength and it is all this adoption and the being sexy. kara is teasing and she contango! can we put her back on? [laughter] >>host: come on! one move. do it! thank you.did
3:32 am
something come over kara when did that. $24.90. item # 140- faceted agate beaded necklace. peach is gone! ! blue and purple are extremely limited. then green will be the last to go. i am surprised (...) i think we had the deepest quantity and green, but that is the biggest color of theson. coral is huge but green is massive also. green blue or purple. $19.90 on 21 in.
3:33 am
agate necklace. stop it! customer pick at the higher price. if you love your buckles and garnet and you love the gorgeous handpainted enameled look, you will love this because $19.95, can you stand it? this is sweet. 60 percent off. this is really special. i am shocked can do $90.95. it reminds (...) --$19.9 it feels very couture and it is $30 off. item # 125- sizes 5-12.spanish financial
3:34 am
ring. i a ma fan of the spanish fan. [laughter] >>host: weet another howl [ho > >>host: spanish fan jewelry and the links of sterling silver and aquamarine-- milky. peralarl teardrop of- lab is on a en
3:35 am
han bail. and the earrings are5/16 inches long. the new have13 earrings. same concept (...)the pendant is
3:36 am
look atg how prett. y. in., 21-1/16 you get a lot of and the with they have been cut and faceted and the contrast in each one. they lay perpendicular to one another. it helps to optimize all of the shine and color. and the glitz and glamour! shot! think that, you could get home all three pieces could undo at under $80. that is a phenomenal value when you look at sterling silver in
3:37 am
all the blanks. coming up is the rainbow calcilica unclear topaz ring. i did not realize this until recently that calcilica was a natural stone. i would have thought it would have been enhanced in some way, but it is not. this comes right out of the-which i believe are in mexico. look at how beautiful that is. what we have done at hsn because it is a proprietary line and silver destinations, we have taken clear quartz and faceted it. and late over- the-top of the rainbow colors so a cut that helps to secure the3 offset more color and shine and substance and glow because the clear quartz in the way it has been cut with the faceted cut actually optimizes all of the color. as
3:38 am
you go down the shoulders, you are looking at white topaz. is clear white topaz and then you have the sterling silver stamp here in your beautiful filigree design. it is a four pronged emerald cut design. $39.90. size 5- item # 167- 477. lulav from florida! welcome to hsn! your life on air.--a. >>guest: i a (...) very nice. i got the purple and green one. >>host: you got the agate? smoking price of under
3:39 am
$20.10 genuine agate! >>caller: is just crazy >>host: and so happy you did that! ittomer pick at the higher price. >>caller: oh my. >>host: youva howl. >>caller: i do! i think i howl (...) >>host: that is the best i can do. i am impressed. [laughter] >>host: >>caller: everything is so good in the show tonight that i am going to stay up with the of. >>host: coming up next hour we have a full hour of slinky on >>caller: sale yes! that is what i hear! >>host: the next hour, diane gilman, up to 50% off.
3:40 am
almost everything is a customer pick. >>caller: i am going to be up all >>host: you are the girlfriend! >>caller: i better go through me a cup of coffee. >>host: thank you so much and howling. you're so cute!: i am more than a 20 your customer. >>host: awesome! is such a pleasure to talk to you! >>caller: i know that when want to be on there, call back in the middle of the night! [laughter] >>host: made the beginning of my night! >>caller: everybody is so nice there! i never had a bad word for y'all have the best customer service ever. >>host: people say to me, why did you move across the
3:41 am
country to here at hsn, i said yes, but he did not fill the vibe that is onhsn. from the moment to customer service to and executives and customers, is amazing! thank you for reiterating what i feel. >>caller: they will find the number for you to do not have it. >>host: thank you loulou! a 20 your customer hsn is really meaningful! >>caller: 3 ordered dishes to pots and pans. my whole wardrobe is hsn again. >>host: yes
3:42 am
we offer our money backantee. i felt good in this dress. four different designs. everything is working! that is
3:43 am
coming up next hour. popular this is three pieces of genuine gemstones and four color tones of $14.90. about 800 of these necklaces at hsn at the higher price $24.90? off this let me show them one at a time. this is a lot of necklace in one setting. this is the brown. you are looking at your smoky quartz and clear worn together or separately because they are individual and they have a lobster claw clasp.
3:44 am
you are getting 3 necklaces. if you want to wear them together you can or separate, you can. how cool is that? smokey quartz is such a great look and then 36 in., you are thinning out the middle area which is fabulous. this is our grain. the green time have the purple amethyst and the gorgeous clear and purple and green and your solid green. if you just want to one strand and where does the green, you could would the clearance and the greens and purples you could or just to wear your purples, you could. we could wear them all together. all of that at then we move on to our other choices. the
3:45 am
first to the i did is the brown and the green and then we have the roses. the rose is fabulous with smoky quartz and beautiful light pete rose and also the iconic-- pink rose. different chips c to the is like when you have been to hawaii and one of those necklaces is like triple what all three of these necklaces are this morning at those are shells and not genuine gemstones. item # 095- these are the blue. the blues what
3:46 am
we are calling multicolor. gray tones and a light blue a great shot! thank you! the new dark cobalt blue and the blues that we are calling multicolor is most popular and most limited. one necklace, to necklace, 3 necklace at what is the math on that? $5 apiece? even that! where are you calling to get a whole necklace for just $5 a genuine gemstones? we are talking tons of chips! this is a great, timeless fashionable piece and a great way to polisher look. layer of three together or one single strand and 90 pieces are exactly alike in each piece is individual as the gemstone said they contain. i love the smoky quartz. a lot of designers from they come here, the
3:47 am
talk about smoking course been the most popular because it is the most neutral and a great way to look at it but you have your clear and you have your smoky quartz along with your layer of smoky quartz. have all been put together. a little bit lighter and darker. of the smoky quartz. inside your brown is light, and dark chocolate pudding have here a clear quartz! look at how beautifully they go together. because they are 36 in., you give yourself a standing account and meaning of fact, if you will in the middle. it is like you want to have something going down here. the eye goes down c13 the get longer and leaner. it is a beautiful look and 36 in. isperfect!
3:48 am
smokey quartz. we are very popular and want to go back to the blue. the multicolor. you can wear this alone or altogether or do a torsade if you want. if you have a neck that can fit this would fit neck is about 14.5 in.. if you are 40. 5 in., you will fit beautifully and you have extenders. some of you have the clasp and another 1 in. or two, why stunning look! totally first lady on vacation! is so chic and has a sort of organic feeling. feels veryhawaiian i said that because it has a show like filling, but genuine gemstones. the chips are not scratchy. they are different sizes and they are
3:49 am
soft and round on the edges. they are just beautiful three of them at $14.90. item 886. we will couple hundred people on the phone lines. last call on the multicolor is the blue. last hour, and of that lula as a going to be shopping with us. shift in shopping with us 20 years at this is the double ruffles sleeve tunic. you have the cold shoulder look. it will cover this tusche. flower print pull or flower print black. then the pool is a solid. leopard is sold out. bra
3:50 am
friendly sexy blast! than the three quarter sleeve crossover dress. we have taken $14 off. onlynavy and leopard. a few in the leopard. that is a customer pick. $39.90. if you are going to pop that address into your cards, do not delay. i love the red! we have rarities' and i have a show, but her sunday. hope you tune in. [commercial] 6 c13
3:51 am
[commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: [reading]
3:52 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: welcome back to hsn i am your host michelle sorro and i am happy to be here for more light markdowns. - move- markdowns. robin wall of fire going to co-host she is out sick but this goes gray back to the slinky dress so if you the dress i am in face slinky three quarter sleeve address with the waist do not delay. extremely popular this is the floral print. and we have the zebra for the black-and-white spectator look i do not want to miss out at it. this next ring is brought to us by art of asia. a
3:53 am
cloud of is called larimar. it is very difficult to find stone. especially at the higher price $119.90. there is massive customer reviews operate al on id is a customer pick and look how stunning that is. it definitely stands up it has in east/west designed it looks like looking up to a gorgeous florida sky. the clouds were stunning.
3:54 am
>>host: that tapered shank is so beautiful! very lentek, customer pick at a higher price. it is now 50% off. under $30 and a credit card. you're the dreading 2012. if you are having a baby to more accurate way to moralize a perfect time. if you look at the ring carefully the dragon in sterling silver with a yummy back of garments he is sitting on top of milky courts. that is like hotmilky quartz. it is
3:55 am
aconversational piece. $34.95. item #124-5 124-585. this is the rainbow flourite sterling silver ring. $29.95. item #125-581. 5-12. you can see the purple fluorite. gray. there you can see green and blue. not two will be i
3:56 am
dentical. will shape or pan will or spider web. (...)-- item # 124-581. customer pick of the higher price. 50% off (...) off! going back to the queen collection peach top, house stunning? a great shot! do you see how the peach behind the ring is being picked up? it looks almost electric. cheryl from texas! good morning and welcome to hsn! understand they picked up the amazing 3 piece
3:57 am
gemstones necklace. >>caller: i got them and brown. >>host: you will get to yummy brown's among clear! good jobs! >>caller: i love the smoky quartz. i have an earring, (...) smokey quartz with sterling. i will take these necklace is a part. henry stringing them into different kinds of necklaces or bracelet set. you can do that with those. >>host: 36 in.! you aware at longwood high clif or where it as a big bold bracelet. can you believe the price cheryl? >>caller: that is the best buy the entire3
3:58 am
>>caller: i cannot believe it when i switched on and saw it. >>host: got it while you could. my mom's name is cheryl. (...) [laughter] >>host: thank you for giving us a call.sorro on hsn on facebook. take one more item of our art of asia. then we move into slinky! all the beautiful models are standing by. if you are into the year of the dragon, 2012 as the ear of the check and. it is such an important year to have a baby. if you know someone having a baby this year or
3:59 am
your loved dragons are garnet which is different friends out of art of asia there's so much, this ring. $34.95. we have taken 60% off. we have sold 500 and is $34.95. item #124- 5/8. 6- dragon on top, garnet is great for january birthdays. the dragon is sitting on top of the milky quartz which is like it is sitting on lava. going out and saybye. 100
4:00 am
left on teh ring. item # 124- the necklaces $14.90. 500 total the gore around. all three necklaces in the brown quartz, blue pink and purple. three of them have 36 in. and length! $10 off. item #095- 886. we are looking forward to our next hour. we are looking at double ruffles sleeve tunic. $34.90. this hit you right below the tusche.month.
4:01 am
mind. that is a huge price break. we have our black floral print blue just say you want the blue one. then we are moving into this stress is three quarter length sleeve, $39.90 we have that in bandanna red, navy and animal print. item169-46 a.that is a great dress it comes right to the knees machine wash easy carele
4:02 am
resistant material.hat is a great dress and it is a customer pick. always wildly popular it hsn.then we also have i cannot believe we can do $49 for two pieces. the tank by the sells for $39 but by itself from the slinky brand and that is a staple you'll wear it day in and day out. a customer pick, $49.90 black mulberry navy and the new teal. # your item number. we have along sleeve draped message twofer top that means you are getting too, the detained in sight that mesh c13
4:03 am
top. that is an amazing material by the way very straightstretchy ensure fine mike item160- 330. this is the dress i am wearing we have a floral print which i am wearing even wear dresses but this is such an easy dress who will not feel comfortable in this it comes to the knees and empire waist with a little bit of room in tummy area three quarter sleeve it crosses over in the bust it just works. $39.90 customer pick at the higher price by way 172-728
4:04 am
is the item number.then we also have the embellished tunic with butterfly sleeve. $34.90 a customer pick, a very limited by the way and we have the most quantity in the leopard if you in the black and just a handful of the black and white. if you want that actually is great, it is like wearing jewelry on your beautiful tunic and it covers the bottom. we love thathave a wonderful combo. this is the three quarter sleeve multi print twofer top. you get a printed sort of cardigan if you will know but is just easy to black or red $39.90. that is fantastic item then a
4:05 am
choice or if you want to go ahead and do both of these this is the three quarter sleeve top with ruffle trim or the tiered skirt. aut sleek & chic combo thought here at priced $29.90. we of a french red. it is3 class a parisian color. and look at that chiffon it looks like petals on the skirt. and i love it with the black and white zebra belt. then we also very is separately if you would like, red, royal or turquoise. then this is fabulous, this is easy wear and you look like a million dollars when you wear chiffon kimono jacket and tank set. you get both pieces
4:06 am
for under $40.right now at hz tank tops are $29.90. you can easily wear the jacket over so many other outfits over sundresses white tank tops, t- you name it and it is a customer pick. both pieces and we still have all 6 prints.a little limited in the turquoise, we do have other colors we haveck/white lilac/turquoise, coral and line and leopard. if you love slinky and you like shopping with us for moonlight mark downs call us. we would love to hear from you. call us on the talk line at 1- 866-376-8255. if you have the hsn at we would love to
4:07 am
hear from you.foam lines are open and all liberals are in the house. so slinky slinky is all about the wrinkle resistant material. we just celebrated 12 years of slinky being here at hsn.we had amazing today specials. and what we have going on in our moonlight markdowns rivals that today's special price. taking things off with gorgeous double ruffle sleeve tunic. huge markdown1/2 inches long. all little leopard or flower print to show you this. look how great these are. last call on our live leopard. basically just showing you the beautiful cool blue or thisvflower black. this
4:08 am
definitely has like a paisley design something very summary about is definitely fun and playful. coming in at1/2 inches long your soc will be covered. over 29 in. and mine will bottom is covered i am 5 ft. 5. for most of us is great because then you can wear leggings, jeggings or capris if you want to talk this thing you can. but let me go through some of the details. 3 schechter is here she is all about making you feel fabulous. it is as if you just flip on a custom beloved nothing double todd and pull in the wrongs, it will glide over your body and all of the right here you have the
4:09 am
cold-shoulder design. shoulder will peak out but yet it covers the areas of our armed that we do not want to expose.this is actually going to come down to about two-thirds of your are right here. you have some movement and if you have ever been shopping with us6 c13 seen liz lange, she is iconic, in amazing fashion designer. you do want to talk about a little something extra on the sleeve because at the hands out the rest of your arm and his to the illusion like6 c13 shoulders are a little bit broader the ones that list their backs continuously look amazing. the master of illusions that miss liz lange share that with us.and when you have all of this ruching. that give you room to have your boss here. your brought is
4:10 am
going to fit that have the empire waist and it just seems that view if you wearing lightings, and jeggings it will have some and feel like you are a million dollars as you are walking around town.going on a hot date out to the movies, we have some fabulous denim coming up next hour. off, this is going to be so great.% you're looking at now is great the white denim it is just a beautiful classy clean summer if clean look. then we go into our flower print with the black. you are looking at (...) it, definitely (...) it feels very ' need to ever
4:11 am
worry about, it is washable, extra small, and of course all of that yummie slinky stretch material. from last hour a quick mention this will be great with every slinky item. this is our faceted agate sterling silver 21 in. beaded necklace 3 add green blue and purple are your color choices for you. not scheduled for a presentation but i want to let you know this has the great paisley design we also leopard and floral. this is the three quarter sleeve printed tunic with gathered bust. this is easy.empire
4:12 am
waist totally liqui shoe and leave rounded soft neck design. $29.90 sizes extra small-3 x with all four colors to choose from. the next dress already receiving perfect 5 stars on a couple of addresses to choose from this hour the one i am wearing and and this one. if you open many fashion magazine ran out use a first of all dresses have never been more popular. maxis, minis a woman's dress. this is such ladylike dressed. what is great about it is the floral motif. floral patterns have never been bigger. it is so feminine. at a very romantic,
4:13 am
chiffon like material that is very expensive looking and yet you are getting a full dress $39.90. here are colored choices this is what we are calling band and a red, we also have our beautiful navy and then we also have what we are calling our leopard. this is pullover empire waist full skirt, three quarter length sleeve and then of course the v-neck in that wrinkle resistant stretch knit. i want to show this up close look, fabulous on the red because there are so many details going on. first of all this is all been covered beautifully nothing is showing here, you just have the slinky material but when the win hints it is like you are wearing a scarf. everything to make you glamorous but you do
4:14 am
not have that13 layer or extra left effort of having to add one more can belt this you can wear it just as it is what do you notice how she has come up and threw the bias. it comes down here and that is what will give you that slandering a factory here in the center. then you have the empire waist, it will give you the illusion that your legs are longer and then you go down to 39 in. long. i do like you to see you one single scene going down the center in the back. the same goes all the way down but you have this beautiful georgette trim on the back. i love
4:15 am
scarves even in the summer. i wear them all year long i think it is such a chic look if you to any base city paris loss angeles all the women the know what they are doing with fashion have a fabulous scarf. faux who in the and beat it knit scarves and in the summer it is and chiffon or georgette. you get all this $39.90 only about two minutes to go on this. sizes xs- if you love your bandanna red nobody does a red color like jackie schechter. this is that poppy red, that yummie feel like you're eating key in the added amusement park is definitely the color of the season. this color by the way is the most13
4:16 am
is outperforming the other colors right now. you do still have the navy, you have greens and blues and creams and then a true navy. slinky does a true navy. is when you want to order true to size and measure it according to your bust. i will give you those measurements in a quick second. the leopard is the in your black but then of course it showcased and highlighted by this amazing georgette trimmed. is like a genuine leopard like. if you want to measure according to bust size.34 extra small, 36small, 44 extra large you never have
4:17 am
to take this to the dry cleaner. you can literally rained it up and wear it to the weddings the family reunions, class reunions picnic in the parks. date with your husband or girlfriends, you have been amazing versatility in 1 single dress. where can you go in get dressed from head to toe plus the scarf for under be the first to go. now coming up next% this is going to amazing and a customer picked skinny jean swid jeweled rivets and ankle zips. i wish i could show you this right now. if you look at your screen and down at her little ankle at the bottom where it sits it is all bejeweled. stones, it is amazing eye- catching and fun. a
4:18 am
huge customer 165 reviews. these would be almost $90.well into three figures if you wentc13 certain high end stores. we are moving into+ drape frontc13 and tank customer pick. under $50 you are getting two pieces. why is another right now and all day long at hsn slinky tank tops are a staple.the number one selling silhouette. they sell for $30 and their customer isaacsohn you love the tanks.6 c13 will go underneath everything else including how you might want to wear it here. here are the color choices. navy and remember you get a full set here. a bra friendly
4:19 am
tank top the jacket is 27 in. and the tank is 24 in.. eyes green eyes light eyes will just make your eyes pop. this is the new teal, then of course we have the classic black. we all love a classic black combination you can wear together or separate your choice and then we have mulberry. this is so beautiful, with a beautiful pink that is lightweight i am going to keep beery in front because it is such a fun color. we will go through some of the details on here. all done in the slinky material, totally wrinkle resistant, accessed 3 x. xs-3x. you come down
4:20 am
to little bit of like 8 pleated ruffle. you see how it has a little bit ruching and you can see the way itit definitely has some movement. no buttons, nothing to worry about, very easy it as this is what i so appreciate about the fact that you can get both pieces home for under $50.this ruching is such an important book in fashion right bell. this is done for you you do not have to think aboutd slinky material if you are brand new to it is amazing it just slides over your body and it feels like a custom gloves. that black- and-white spectator look is awesome. shoes
4:21 am
in the gold then we have white denim i believe there diane gilman and then we have the black drape front jacket and tank for under $60. this is one of those sets that he will say how did i ever live without having to you can wear this tank top with maybe your denim jackets and we have a couple of things coming up next hour, and amazing diane gilman denim jacket with some stud work 50% off that is coming up next hour. you get a tank that is brought friendly and cool on your skin. for those of feel cool in the can later up, when you are outside you can take the jacket off, when you are in the air conditioning you can putti jacket don. item # we
4:22 am
are busy. i that we are busy because this also means that i get to share with fun things that are happening. to demand for what we are calling our spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: free shipping on christie's beauty. lancôme, elizabeth arden and so much more free shipping and still may 20th. prestige- both thigh beaut [commercial]
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[commercial] wei @ shelli or scaasi in the house and i am so excited because slinky is yet to come.
4:24 am
>>host: at it that we had three hours of moonlight mark downs but robinwall is set typically we are echo roasting but did jingle lou lou called us and she is shopping with us open call us on the talk line at 1-866- 376-8255. we are doing it full hour of slinky on moonlight mark downs and we do not do that very often. this is the great twofer top. it is obviously something i love it is my next favorite piece. it is fabulous, very
4:25 am
chic, you would never in a million years know you are getting two pieces, your color choices in our sleeve draped match twofer top. we have oblique multi and are animal multi. zebra sold out.multi. [purring] it is topped by the way a black tank top and that is completely separate. when i say+ separate, it gives the illusion that it is attached but you do not have to worry about anything flying off it will stay completely secure and yet it is all loosec13 and it slows. but it
4:26 am
is secure on seams. this material has stretch. this is the best thing about it. it is so incredible to think about this yummie mesh material. everything has been completely finished at the bottom. and then look at the way the caller has been done. this is you would see in magazines orc13 department stores that are completely lux and high-end. item #160330 is your item number. animal print is your best bet. animal has never been hotter, you get the black tank underneath that kate looks amazing in her dark denim, i want to say those are coming up next hour those are the wide leg cut from dg2 coming up next hour.pencil skirt, agreed outfit to wear to work. white denim for the weekend, you do not
4:27 am
have to worry this is totally washable. is one that you will measured by the way with your bust 34 extra small large 48 and 3 x 54- 1/2. stepped with your network representative for other sizes. if you are stuck with your black and i wear so much black is almost silly, i look at c13 closet and it is like 50 percent black is what it is but what is great if you're like me and you love black tea answer black skirts and black capris this can be based black to back
4:28 am
--back black because it is a sophisticated animal print, maybe like that v that did all this lash are in the very contemporary, this is what it reminds me of.a lot of style and sass. all of thatvmaterial that feels so georgette like and so feminine. you will feel led when you wear this. lande is calling in from my home state of good morning thank 2- pack for calling hsn. i should say and welcome to moonlight mark downs. >>caller: w are you? >>host: got double ruffle sleeve tunic? >>caller: i did, i love slinkybought slinky about 10 years ago and i am telling you it is remarkable. you can literally wadded up and throw in your
4:29 am
suitcase up and it looks perfect. amazing to travel in and you got the leopard before we sold out. good growth. ve. ? >>caller: >>caller: >>caller: >>caller: >>caller: with the prices. a special >>host: is for someone who has been ordering slinky for tin years now. they are >>caller: is such easy pieces you can dress them up or dress them down you can wear them casually to a ballgame or dress the mall for a wedding. it is just remarkable. it, it6 c13
4:30 am
beautifully and dries beautifully. even like going to molly,aui it is more human than is in orange county. -- amidhumidbut yet status comfortable. i am >>host: so glad you called said
4:31 am
everything that we could hope to hear.thank you so much for being such a beautiful testimonial to an amazing light at hsn. >>caller:i want to tell everyone who has not tried slinky to get on the phone and try it because you will not be sorry. >>host: have job as my co-host. linda from california enjoying her slinky for over 10 great to travel in it will look amazing. do not forget about our crossover dress. $39.90. what i love about this dress is the georgette trim. it is like you are wearing a have different colors to choose from. it comes int 39-1/2 inches
4:32 am
long just pull it over fabulous bustline cut empire waist, what more could you ask for. item #169-468 is your item number. coming up we have another cold- shoulder that is extremely popular this morning. this is available in black, of royal red or turquoise.this is a customer pick and and the skirt is so much fun. definitely a romantic skirt. with the petals @ georgette like material comedy these tiered, it will move with you.$29.90. now we are willing to move into my dress. say the
4:33 am
short dress because you needed a customer fit.lmost half our quantity is gone so we want let you know there is no de laying on this. when you are out here alone by yourself but6 c13 with all of our lovely bottles this is something can i just say it is something, i love it and i love you and thank you for calling because you keep it going but we are looking at the amazing dress this is available in two colors. 1/2 to say i love the zebra so much. this is a sexy dress, you look at some much aware of this. i that slinky has done zebra is
4:34 am
now $39.90 a and this is the floral motif. and empire waist that crosses over so it is very bra friendly, no no snaps just: over you have ruching on the three quarter length sleeve comment empire waist it banded and ruching is, a little bit of give right here in the tummy. and then you have got a full skirt that comes in by the right at 40 in. long.i am 5 ft. 5 and i am wearing in extra small. it hit me right at the knees staci is wearing it she is a little bit taller than me but look at how fabulous. she is rocking it out with a big fabulous bold bagless. that black-
4:35 am
and-white spectator is such a chic look and very classic. paris, london and a matter where you go they always have a black and white dress and is very spectator, classic country club if you do what i mean. and then make it animal and is even better. this is slinky it will not wrinkle, i will do that just to show you. you can put this into a tiny little ball and when you 1 breville it we are all acting to a suitcase, this is what does wrinkle, is wrinkle resistant material. this was launched by jackie schechter's father- in-law and it is amazing.
4:36 am
cool to the touch. it is washable extra small-3 you can ruched up the sleeves or you can wear them a little bit longer as we have seen ms. staci do. you get a very feminine and classic look. go to go to a concert you this could go to any family reunion. many summer events. becausecoordinator from sephora destinations she's imagining this was flip-flops' you just
4:37 am
have to see you never have to wear a dress for special occasions, i am learning that more and more. there is something almost all school about putting a dress on.with a pair of flip flops if that is what you want to do. especially when you consider this is not only resort where.what you would want to take on vacation. it isells out. the color i am wearing is the most limited. zebra we still have and i will let him know when it sells out. $39.90. now we are going to move on into blue is our
4:38 am
most limited. all three pieces for $14.90. of genuine gemstones. .90. we have brown purple, pink and loose. those are gorgeous, wear them separately wear them together or wear them apart.$49.90 that is going to be fabulous. okay now we move on into our joelle tunic. aloe
4:39 am
the been able to have some dazzle and some stones in your fashion jewelry. this is a customer pick, this is the animal print but we also have the black. solid black in their each done with the same sort mosaic of gemstones. item #169-338. you have the round beads as well as your long slender beads. you do not have to worry about wearing in the jewelry, they're good to go. maybe some hoops or maybe something silver destinations earlier. or keep it simple hair makeup and a white denim pair of jeans- dg2 coming up next hour and you are good to. this is a tunic as well so coming in 27-1/2
4:40 am
inches it will cover most ferocious bottoms. order according to your bus size. 33-1/2 your extra small 35 medium,1/2 large, 53 in. will be your 3 x.this is pullover and that is great. you just put it on and you do not have to worry about it. there is a lot of coverage but yet it moves.and jackie schechter says it that we have a chance to shop with
4:41 am
his incredible here at hsn, she speaks about the importance to have a bigger sleeve. is like the master evolution. you give the illusion that there is a arm underneath something that is bill flowy. that the magic of the arm. and have the v- neck design. it comes into a big bold chunky piece gorgeous material here that is of course your embellishment. these are tonal bugle beads as well as your faceted stones. all hand sewn. these are exclusive. all done in sort of like a sterling silver material. jewelry, you are good to go. especially if you go on a weekend getaway or you have a trip or you want to wear
4:42 am
the sun and they stayed out out with your husband or lunch with the girls so much of versatility, $34.90. there is a lot of forgiveness in this. a lot ruching on the empire waist. we have our chiffon kimono jacket and tank set. it is a customer pick and by the kimono style jacket is so romantic and feminine. you definitely feel like a lady. i have a lot of colors but not all sizes.if you want to get on the phone right now and get a head start you can do that. and we will see you right back after the break. [commercial]
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>>host: back to ages and i am your host michelle sorro an thank-you so much for shopping with and spending your morning with us. f we are moving on we only have a few more items of slinky, this is a fabulous to for set. top, this our three quarter sleeve molded print twofer top. we have several and this is it we're down to wire, this is the black /read/taupe. --red. to call in from southern can attest to the fact that these are
4:45 am
not separate not to pieces but you get the look of two pieces. you have the scene down here on this side. what is great is that it is all put and you have the illusion of two pieces. back to my point earlier jackie schechter from slinky is known for her tank tops. it is important because they are staple and going back to linda, you can roll it up into this smallest little ball put it on an airplane first seven at 10 hours and it will come out exactly as it was when it was hanging in your closet. extra small 3 x on this. you are
4:46 am
getting the best of all worlds. xs-3x on this. you get a pop of color. you get the beautiful poppy red and all of the beiges. beige is important. this is sort of reminiscent to everything feminine and florals are huge. if you look at any fashion magazine or the department stores, prints are big but florals are even bigger. it is a full sleeve by the way that means three quarter length sleeve this is what we're calling black red toqueupe and look how beautiful
4:47 am
that looks and valerie. -- black/re/taupe. i love >>host: the way you had done that with red denim. is we are having next hour? that is a beautiful look. a fantastic combination repair.if you are interested in getting can tie it, can belt it, so many ways you to wear in the immediate sexy. last call on my dress. when it is gone it will not be that. in it she could give u.n. " at what the know-not
4:48 am
wear a ton of dresses this comes in at 39 in. wrought friendly no buttons or zippers i will let you know when this is so low we're moving into another beautiful set, $29.90 and this is your choice between the three quarter sleeve top or the ruffle trim or tiered skirt. let red, royal or
4:49 am
turquoise. the taffeta is 26 in. long the skirt is 25 in. long and they are both $29.90.we will start with the top. this is that material where it all started. it is time the white glass slipper. the ruffle trim is so iconic slinky. you can sleep in this curious you never have to- worry, it is machine washable. but notice what jackie schechter has done, by the she is head designer and co-owner of slinky,
4:50 am
she has given you a nice large strap here which means the bra friendly. most from x that skin showing giving you that bob bob luma and that sex appeal. --va va voom and that sex appeal. you can belted comedy ky in you can wear it as a pencil skirt, so many different looks. that is fantastic. the turquoise is such a beautiful bright turquoise, a gorgeous look and a huge sale again you
4:51 am
cannot do four hours ago here and not have something go wrong. i have been told my hair is a big pot mess. i love giving you behind the scenes do not think that is fun because there are like 20 people on set. i am not as a dress because the girls look so great. the skirt has elastic waistband plus the three different years and i am sure you have been shopping with us long enough that when you have the tears and you the petals this gives the illusion did you have nothing but slam, toned thighs these
4:52 am
layers offsets so you feel like you are moving (...) you'll feel like such a woman.the tiered skirt is also $29.90. the screen almost makes it look like a copy orange red but it is a true blue french red. then we have the royal, can i show youyal blue? lookup beautiful that is. you want to do a little color blocking you could easily do the royal with the turquoise.
4:53 am
that is form look right there. it is belted we are going to head to the full lines because we have kathleen calling in from michigan. welcome to moonlight mark downs. good morning >>caller: into really do have some markdowns. i called about a sleep key's if no one has ever tried them, they're unbelievable i travel round the united states and we have to have a certain amount of close for the job fit we do and try to give over a closed a cosmetics will not de girl's told me to buy a slinky clothes in never
4:54 am
have to and then so i tried some.spiral demma clothes always in a hurry to have and when i got to the hotel room and " multicut snowgrass to wear it night and there was not a wrinkle in that. --t the cocktail dress to wear at night and it looks amazing. how lalande >>host: and you been wearing slinky know? about five >>caller: years. slinky may >>host: it easy when you have to travel right? it is
4:55 am
absolute >>caller: the amazing. i do not have to worry about a year ending in the more curious i'd is leisurely take my slinky items so and put them on the hangers. even in the >>host: wear nat traveling if you have kids or grandkids life, wants to think about ironing were going to the dryners? this easy care, easy wear and that looks and feels fabulous. hat have not tried it, it just glides on your skin. this one product i would definitely endorse. eyes he
4:56 am
will >>host: should definitely get together and start a fan club on hsn. they use so much for calling in. take care we are moving into (...)this our last item of the hour? this has flown by this is the chiffon kimono jacket and tank set. you get to individual cases. first of all is $39.90 and a customer pick at the higher price. this one is our lilac records.
4:57 am
>>host: limee,with a black tank top and side and then we're looking at are black and white multi. and as a sort itself western's the obit it. at the sametime it has something very new mexico and arizona.that is so pretty with you rolling up your jeans out of a
4:58 am
hawaiian vacation. $39.90 the tank comes in at 24 in. long and the jacket is1/2 inches long for a little f y i. two separate pieces in what is great about it is that the tanks are all bra friendly. ant material and we linda and kathleen talking about traveled a year-on-year place a: out and it looks fantastic, just as if it were never put in a day but as if it were hanging in your closet the entire time. it all started with slinky ten years ago, and by the way it sells for $30 on and it is a customer pick by @ cells it is a customer pick at the higher which is $17 less.
4:59 am
georgette is a very expensive material by the way and this jacket just says let's go somewhere fantastic. very resort like gored tropical. up the kids, this is going to truly take you through the day this season the year. we have some amazing dg2 coming up in literally one minute and it will blow you away. this is a fantastic set to go back with so many of pieces we have coming up. stay tuned for a lot of dg2. item #169-455.6 c1our fourth and final hour of midnight bartels begins right now. [♪ music ♪] 3
5:00 am
>>host: write another 165 reviews on 25% off the hsn price. 2 flex pays if you have the hsn card. you can get the extra flex pay. $39.90. there is jewelry down at your ankles! sass! it looks gorgeous! item # 145- we have missy's, petite, average, a tall. diane gilman the mcclintock jean has figured then the collarless oldtone stud denim jacket. extra 3 x. thicken with
5:01 am
this button up or open. it is a high and look. under $50.00. item # 35 to prove that we have the ribbed knit henley tee. you want to wear with the studded jacket or by itself. it has long sleeves. yellow or navy. as a customer pick at the highest item #160-331. all of them are colorblock, if you will. i am going to introduce kelly repassy (...)i love this town! cannot stand it! this is the and stud embellished chiffon blouse. extra small-3 i am down to one
5:02 am
color. my color is left of its plan is purple! $44.90. 50% off. item # 145-598. if you have a second of all good and check out the reviews. you will love this next set of jeans. they are so fun and different. we are calling them the tribal embroidered boot cut kelly is wearing them! will them on her the second. customer pick. $49.90. $20 off. tribal is so hot righ's fun to be able to bring this to you and go back in time and be right now and relevant in fashion that under item # 157-504. vest and some
5:03 am
sass.customer pick at a higher price. $50.00 off. ivory khaki or item #160- another top with a lot of versatility, it could either be a top or a jacket or a cover-up. first time at this low harmas do you love snaps? no worries of reckoning in and out of this stretch denim $34.90. $15 off! the shirt to says, wow i am a little rock-and- roll and edgy! we have all 5 this top looks fabulous on kellie. it is a beautiful red. i wanted to wear this myself and i cannot find size. this is such a cool look. you have
5:04 am
so much going on with the stud work. it is a goldtone boucle belted wrap poplin shirt. it is only $40. we have the red blue, khaki and white. item # 160-404. then the wide leg down and jeans. callie will talk to you about why they are the mop little magico pair of james. magical pair of jeans. 160-182. tall, missy's, average women's. item # 160- 182. was that our
5:05 am
preview?kelly repassy circuit [la(...) >>guest: this is your fourth hour. you go crazy in your (...) [laughter] >>host: go change into this jean and a dg2 tub. i will soon a second. >>guest: have coming up as all about diane gilman. this is the opportunity to try something diane gilman is all about the modern woman and the mature woman and closed the hour on trend and in style now fit built and cut for your baby boomer3 are starting this hour with a skinny jean. available three colors. second one
5:06 am
is the dark and then the wind. is clearance priced at $39.90. item # 145-6801. it is for this skinny girl. is this skinny jean for every this one, she has done so much with just the small details. then i will go through the silhouette of the skinny jeans. this is a 4 in. zipper that as far, all the teeth are bezel- set swarovski crystal. even if you make a mini boot cut or. flair, as the looks as beautiful as when it is all done up. this one graduates to about and 89 in. leg opening where the boot cut is opening. everything
5:07 am
on the skinny jean is identical to her boot cut from the waist to the knee. the moment that goes in to the knee, it slams into a skinny cut. favorite boot cut dust and sums down in the back. there has a swarovski crystal detailing and bezel- set. then your front zip. front rise as 11 in.. back rise is the measurement from the seat all the way to the top 15 in. in the about 17.5 in the coverage when you bend over. full coverage as you crushed down or sit in a chair. she has given you a yokes of that it elongates your waist and she has placed
5:08 am
the pocket smaller and closer- together. they earn just so slightly angled this way to the center of your back. when those three things are done to your backside, your leg looks longer. this is the bottom of your tush in your jeans. see how high the pocket is? that means that your leg will look longer in your will look slimmer and your hips look more narrow. this is a customer pickt 165 reviews as a customer pick. as anything that rates for stars are higher on an average. if you stage since we are repurchasing skinny jeans with the jeweled acres of eskimo want to hear from you. item # 145-801. there $9.90 as the clearance price. does the months and doesn't bring them back.- who wants a silhouette and
5:09 am
not a tight silhouettes. any woman that once they slim with a you are a size 14 size sixteen mike i am are a size 4 24. this is available on all sizes from 6-24. inseam on3 28 in.. average is 30 in. and the inseam on the tall as 32 in.. austrian crystal three different inseams. if you want to wear with a high hill, but the tall for yourself. if you want to wear with a flats, but the average for yourself, would you say? >>host: yes. i would go for thed i went reg'lar because i amber in a high heel, steven by steve madden. callie just to get over leg all school! kelly.
5:10 am
use you can. you can order on as well. 165 reviews. designer jeans as fast originals. is everything you could ask for. i said these on over my shoes that there's that much give and flex. >>guest: if you want a mini boot cut flair, just undo four and superb. just a subtle boot cut. >>host: look how cute that is! >>guest: they're all bezel-set austrian crystals. >>host: with a little strappy sandal oya flip-flop anyone to talk about that options. >>guest: (...)when diane does detail, she never puts it on the widest part of her body. she will
5:11 am
not put the embroidery on your thigh. she rarely pause anything around the waist. many of us do tuck-in anymore. i do not unless i had a jacket overnight (...) us taos wet balances the silhouette.mocha, dark denim rinse indigod the wind. it is a juicy grape color. they're 10 oz denim which is seasonless. degrees and the tampa bay area here ind it is faltering. i am wearing my dg2 jeans and i am comfortable. the rate on cotton blend and the spandex against the fabulous return. her size the industry standard is generally 27 in.
5:12 am
waist. diane has created it with 31 in. waist.5 in. of stretch.muffin top ever, shawl. this >>host: the first time i introduced my mother is 653 old, of up to pair in (...) now (...) she finally found a pair of jeans she fills fabulous and. there is something fantastice. helen keaney trained me and wore the high heels andshe said it was
5:13 am
diane gilman. we appreciate your patience. denim for summer? yes!. check out the crystals! >>guest: is the dyed to match is a person so that the zippered does not stand out. (...) it is something this tacky and cheap, something that diane definitely is not. [laughter] >>guest: shifted some and herself and for a baby boomer bodies of if you have extra room in the hip and the waist. by your size
5:14 am
according to your hip 11 in. from rise, 15 in. back rise. poppa's close together in an old and high. premium 10 oz denim with beautiful stretch. lancome cotton.-- long gcombed. she yarn dyes the fabric before weaving. >>host: the (...) when is sprayed on it may rub off during the wash. i have some indigo
5:15 am
diane gilman for my first month here. same color of your letter. i wear denim all the time. for some of you in slacks and i am a down and crawl. the color never loses this color. if you get the purple or the indigo like i am wearing. we are down to a minute. we have hundreds of you on the phone lines. if you have not tried diane gilman jeans or you on the wide leg with the boot cut, try this skinny. i have not the longest legs, but i am going liberate myself because3 philip is a custom close fit. just get them home. why not decide for yourself? have you go wrong at under $40? >>guest: i turned the skinny jean into a boyfriend jean. if
5:16 am
you want the little bag be in the hip that is what i do. >>host: what a great idea, the boyfriend jean is so hot right now. speaking of hot, we have gold tone ring denim jacket. this is not scheduled for presentation. is similar to the gold studded jacket we have coming this one is also available. extra small-3 $39.90. $40 off. item # 160- 391. we want to let you know aboutr, who said affordable and visible prices!% [laughter] >>host: i feel like we should a cocktail at this point! you are probably ready for coffee and i am ready for champagne. [laughter] >>host: knowing that you were all
5:17 am
i could do to get through three hours myself, i had amazing we are going to launch into our amazing goldtoneless. ford $9.90. $30 off this morning.--$49.90. x. >>guest: it gives to the luxe look without the looks price tag. i love colorless-- collarless jean jacket. they are pyramid studs that
5:18 am
our brush. this is a cancer from because they kissed the top of each other.-- kisser front. denim lightweight year round. she is give me details on the base of the cuff. princessms on the front and the back. this is a shaped jacket and gives to the alternative to a regular denim jacket. is a denim jacket that you to wear to a dress down friday or a fabulous pair of jeans or packaging and says he has in her collection. >>host: white denim! to pick up the gold tone! >>guest: nothing is flashy or overdone. you are so appropriately dressed of 23.5 in. in length and oz denim and the
5:19 am
gorgeous this is the one that you can hand wash, hang dry and set shoulder pads our removable. >>host: some of us do not want a lot of ball. investment balkan the jacket, it could be too much+ >>guest: and sometimes you get make up on the collar. sometimes i want to wear a turtle neck in the wintertime and what the clean line. because it is a wonderfully detailed, but not overdone, may i encourage you to not wear a lot ofvmakeup (...) not to wear a lot of joy ring. a simple pair of gold hoops. if >>host: now you are talking my language! >>guest: this is such a statement. he
5:20 am
did not want all of the shapes happening. definitely dress it down because it speaks volumes by itself. >>host: stacey is wearing the steven by steve madden gold wedges that are awesome. i love the thought of hair back our hair down, does not matter. gold groups, gold sandals. is the denim and maybe a little tank top.together. you have the said detail that talks volumes your style and confidence. not every kind of woman to put this not every kind of woman thinks that can put on. many of you can. you have the stretch. it is- typical denim jacket. it feels amazing. $49.90. item # 160- a quick mention on our
5:21 am
spotlights.featuring the acer c13 17.3 in. quadcore laptop. the have a laptop? >>guest: i do and it is a quadcore and super fast! >>host: that is happening is a showstopper. check it out!! not until we are done with dg2! [commercial]
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>>host: hydroxatone e eternal youth antiaging 4 kit. brand $69.95 price. it is an honored of first anniversary with hydroxatone. then at 7:00 a.m. with tamara and adam is the lg 1080p streaming media player. weekend price with 3 flex pay available. sonoma studios, tune in at 10:00 $14.90.gemstones. day! shambla
5:24 am
reminds me of a song. [laughter] >>host: will givecolor blocking in a safeway because of the navy. denim trim ribbed knit henley tee. we have amazing colors to choose is that teal or turquoise? >>guest: is like a spare mint indigo ultrasuede in antiqued grommets. you have the ivory and the indigo on 8%
5:25 am
spandex, 92%3 cotton. it is the most wonderful combination.e is this saying between my mom and i, we do not to read. the red on a fuller body if you have any loans or bonds like i it can plug id and accentuate it. henley is generally is stretch out and look dumpy like to have slept in it by three hours after putting on. because she has created this with 8% wrote this stretches but does not stretch out. it looks crisp and it is gorgeous!she shaped with the gorgeous v neck down the front. the jewel neck with a nice deep v neck. the altar suede lacing down the front. you may already have the hamley that should do with the laces. -- with
5:26 am
anything else in your closet. >>host: she has the tucked in with our brown jeweled jeans from earlier. i love the 26 in. in length. not quite tunic style but it will cover the mid area. it will stay together a complete looking and fill fabulous. colors, the looks stunning. it is color blocking in a safe the ivory has likened a shout.-- an egg shell. >>guest: effortless style. normally
5:27 am
jeweled necks is not that great for round face. this is great if you have a round giacomo square (...) what ever shape face tothis is flattering on any size woman. and on any face it is a modest it is perfectly placed. >>host: e is stillable. this is our skinny jean so we first. half the quantity has been spoken for. you can see valerie wearing the skinny jeans with jeweled rivets
5:28 am
and ankles zips. tami about it. >>guest: it fits exactly like the boot cut from the waist to the knee and tapers into skinny cat. if you have always wanted the boyfriend look, it works beautifully over any shaped lake. it is not true that only skinny girls can wear skinny jeans. i wear them now in a huge convert. >>host: years. they are here to stay. the options are out there and they are such a great half the quantity has been spoken for on goldtone stud denims has the amazing stretch. shoulder pads and the gold tone studs in the front. yummy and
5:29 am
effortlessly chic. extra small-3 $49.90. item # 160- 352.t of our other colors. this is fabulous! it is like a bejeweled look andeels moroccan sheep or indian shake. to get a lot of wear out of this. chambray denim with the indigo chiffon material.h chiffon blouse.$44.90. 2 get it home 3 to send credit-card on extra flex pay at $22.46. item #145-598.
5:30 am
>>guest: the bodice is fully lined and the sleeves are a three tiered delp sleeve that is not mind. for those like myself a maybe a little about your arms or for whatever reason this gives the illusion of wearing a shirt and you are fully covered, because the hand of skin. i love that. as long as i have something my skin, i amt safety this kind of sleeve, i feel secure and safe. heat sealed studs. teardrop, round, and the brushed gold or braasch antique bronze. it was forced to crystals are heat sealed. any of silver jewelry or gold jewelry, keeping it simple. do not wear a necklace with this. that will overpower. this is
5:31 am
your jewelry. a simple hoop earring or stud is all you need. it does beautifully back to the wine jeans and the skinny3 picks up the metallic work on the front. because back fabulous with the indigo that michelle is wearing or khaki chance from any of her other collections. >>host: you to wear it with your test set skouras if you there are so many ways to go with you can tuck it in or were in nice and loose. i am a fan of anything outside and it looks good on any body size, anybody. it will fill fabulous and chic all year long. if you want to wear this in the winter with black or13 we are going to give you a little extra time. kiviat the hsn
5:32 am
credit card, you get home at $22.46 with the extra flex pay. if you'd like to apply for we will give you $10 off the if you are approved. even give us a call. 1-800-695-1418information. there is a graphic. [commercial] 1-800-695-1418. >>guest: is monochromatic. this is all georgette and craig. a georgette is a heavier crepe. is something you will turn inside out and wash along with your cool water and dark are hand
5:33 am
wash and hang dry. it is perfect for the cruise. she has given you a big. she has decorated and bejeweled you for the day. this is so wonderfully comfortable and billowy and yummy! >>host: there are several hundred on the phone basically last will let you know when it sells out. thank you kate! you look gorgeous! this is the collar less goldtone studded denim jacket. $49.90. final quantities. extra small-3 item #
5:34 am
160- do not be afraid of a ring that3 henley. it is born to felt a custom glove. you have five colors that have been finished in a faux suede with your antique brush goldtone grommets. ivory green, red yellow ory. it comes in at about 25 in. in length. long sleeve. item # 331. $15 higherit was a customer peck. the boot >>host: pick. 2 flex pay the
5:35 am
$24.96 with the hsn card.colors women started the show. we have (...) >>guest: this is the mid denim mocha black and in the mid denim. this is very reminiscent of the southwesternblanket, 1970 bellbottoms. did place in an extra pair piece of fabric for bell bottom jeans? i did.remember all the groups that had the ball bottom looks. this is whatc13 wanted to create. this is real embroidery and on the same fabric, but has given you the illusion of an extra panel. it is still the 17.5 in. leg
5:36 am
opening, but gives to the look of a bell bottom, but not the shape of a bell bottom. dg2 is a collection for baby boomers are tired of being sold another polyester suit does matchy-matchy. this is the epitome of what dg2 is all about. giving you trend, fashion and ifit that is appropriate for your body. this is the apex of what she does so6 c13 details on the pocket. the jean is a boot that just is slimming for everyone. there are
5:37 am
three different inseams. as a petite woman where can you go in and buy a petite inseam 29.5 in. or 31.5 in. on the average 33.5 on tall like me. i cannot say the have a size 16 tall?you have to special order it or we did not go past a size 14 or (...)this comes in all shapes and sizes and in seams. is your chance to have something that no one else will this southwestern. i wore mine with the red last we are about to offer because it works. it is style had its essence. is the satin stitch. >>host: sheen. the
5:38 am
pockets were placed perfectly to give your tusche and lift. this is why when every woman put some on, she does not go we have sold millions upon millions. if you want mid denim or mocha, you need to grab it we have petite, average and tall! stacey, (...) >>guest: any detail the size deplane denim pair of
5:39 am
jeans, that always hikes up the price of the jeans on retail. here at hsn diane has been able to create something for you that is special for your body and the body that carries a little extra in the midriff or the or you are issue may have been your thighs in your 20s and now it is your waist. i had a waistline and big hits. now it is my waistline that i am trying to work around. she creates jeans for me that does not give me the muffin top. and the denim boot cut like crown 01 comes to great fitting fashion and flattering fashion. rayon satin embroidery. the
5:40 am
insects this quality and not as high thread count and very substantial. seasonless 10 oz denim stretch beautiful and it is going quickly. >>host: it actually is. we will let you know. we are giving you last call, basically. denim or the mocha. item # 157- 504. do not forget to take advantage of the extra flex pay with the hsn card or hsn another pair of denim jeans have an option from is wide leg. people think they actually make you look bigger and they do not. cut them so that your legs look leaner. those $29.90. five colors to choose from, to flex pay with hsn charge card. we will see a
5:41 am
second. [commercial] [reading]
5:42 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: they are so skinny, but not too the skinny jean and wid leg at the end. >>guest: colors in the vest go back to the s. ivory, khaki red. they're all highly polished or
5:43 am
brushed. it is nice and low. nice and flat with a deep v. this isa great layering piece if you live in a hotclimate. it creates interest and without all of the wake of another fabric. >>host: my mother must only 100 best. shares return of vest. there is something comforting to hide and cover the mid area, east a one- year arms free and feel like you're not all baulked up with a jacket. if you
5:44 am
want to have it open like kate, you we have that top coming up in multiple colors. and at such a design element with the studs and a unique r pricehigher. item # 160- 400. extra small-3 x. easy care, easy wear. polyester promote ramie spandex. for some of this low price! so excited i have it is a life that is fashionable for every >>guest: hen you were vest, do not have your entire key to the dressing slim and taller and leaner
5:45 am
and longer is to graduate your layers. if you have your shirt and vest stopping at the same hip area that is a huge point. tabulators graduate. are you] >>host:special from yesterday! [laughter] >>guest: to call los goldtone stud denim jacket. >>host: $49.90. clearance price. you do not have to worry about anything else with this put it over a tank or 80 auray tunic or eternal nap in the winter. some hoop
5:46 am
earrings like callie was saying. goldtone sandals and you are done. that is still available#160-352. the top that i am wearing of alaska-- call. 3 loose bell sleeve. there are different shapes and item # 145-598. last call on that blouse. if >>guest: it is nice
5:47 am
to know that you to walk into a closet that way in the morning. if the kids are really making you crazy and you do not have time for yourself, you do not have to worry about not having time for yourself when you have dg2 in the closet.. >>host: blouse or a jacket. pick. $34.90. item # 160- 407. we have green and indigo. it is so bright and >>guest: the indigo was always double denim princess seams, small pockets with the chest flat. genuine pockets. we have the princess seams to give beautiful shape. i will show most of the detail on the green because (...)this is+
5:48 am
denim so a lighter weight than the normal to announce them. lots of stretch without stretching away. it is always comfortable and keep it shape. even the hem and the base of the shirt is that shirttail a shirttail hem covers the front and the tusche and comes up so suddenly on the side making your leg look longer and leaner and your3 tusche look for the year. jacket in s ummer time for movies.when you need a coverup. >>host: ally
5:49 am
last call on the did this $17.46 switch to flex pay on the hsn card. item # 160- boot cut between legging andconchos can be unsnap slight flair of a bootcut.
5:50 am
>>host: (...) >>guest: $9.97 on 3 flex pay. has the elastic waist! >>guest: $10 to get home! >>host: the top you are wearing! >>guest: itilll have room you say that r poplin stretch, soft sheen. it is all about the asymmetrical wasteland.snaps closed. a real buckle. it is a nice
5:51 am
flat front and you have the gradual ruching that mask and draws the eye in to the or a diagonal down the front part of your body will always give you a curve. >>host: 27 this is in length. cates is wearing it with a monochromatic look. she is one the wide leg boot cut jeans coming up next. it is in the proof that is a very chic look altogether. i love the jewelry and the necklace wearing with that. you can wear this casual or upscale. there so much where at under $40 when you look at this. this home and $20. 97% cotton, 3% spandex. extra small-3 the red
5:52 am
is like a true6 c13 it is a yummy or the navy is a true if that was pocked with a white denim, that life beyond chic! nautical and yet super chic! annie tan the ec navy and white prove wide leg denim jeans! last call on the top. just get it home. we have the unconditional money back guarantee. maybe you seen this jean. now is
5:53 am
$29.90. 2 flex pay of $14.95. item #160-22. this is the first at 40% tusche lift! it is all about the fit on these! red, green or indigo. >>guest: her reds are dyed to match some of the entire collection. her greens are dyed to match but if you bought the shirt we offered a few moments c13 snap front everything is dyed to match. wide leg pant regardless of what have you been told before, there are a lot of fashions policies and fashion faux pause as well. do
5:54 am
not listen to i go into c13 i have gross half my age say that looks fabulous on new! i think it does not! have your girlfriend come over and try the clothing on. get opinions from those who matter in your life. these jeans work with everyone. diane had traded a wide leg pant that job straight from the hip instead of flaring. the key to wearing them is the they are not super snug. if you have always bought a 14, by 14 in these pants. do coincide is down. the lake is petite is 30.5 in. long averages 30.5 and the 32.5
5:55 am
in..-- 30.5 in. in petite, average is 32.5 in. in tall is at 32.5 cent. the drape over a hill. we have a long leg that goes over your heel, that gives you a long leaneropening. denim boot cut is about a 17 in. leg opening. the drop strap from the hip. it shot straight from the depths of a give 0 smooth hepa and then drops straight. not bulky and not a pant that you will find a lot of extra fabric around the gusset area and the belly and that it seems to float and have the extra it is in junior to go slightly in on the waist and smoother and then dropped directlyknow white women
5:56 am
love these. now they are under $30. >>host: we are extremely busy. you have been waiting. this is what is so" by watching moonlight markdowns. sometimes to bring things (...)this is the one you have been waiting for. you have been waiting for this bra bottom price. this is our final quantities. i saw amy morrison we first launched this in the red and she is 5 ft. 5 and with a black turtleneck tops it with a cute little skinny belt and a heel and i was like what?amy's only 5 ft. 5 and looked great! >>guest: it did not overpower her! >>host: you do not have to be long and tall like a super model committee to be any size. we have
5:57 am
400 on the phone lines. get your color. if you have thehsn card, you get this home at less than $10 on 3 flex pay. b the one. we have almost450 people on the phone lines. >>guest: dg2 strikes a chord with me because i pieces at hsn that are not found in stores or else on my other than hsn. i know that i will be one of the few people in my town wearing that. that makes me
5:58 am
unique and standout and i like that. standing out for the good reason instead of the o my these are bright and right now. she has not given you fought pockets of the have that look. this is your friday were jane come up or (...) were with white keds or with eight striped shirt. this is something to dress up or down. if you have wide leg, by your size. you always have the benefit. >>host: thank you for joining me. we are down to our last 3630 seconds. (...) we are
5:59 am
counting you. do not hang up. we have you covered. always get on waitlist. such a pleasure to work with friend. quick reminder on boot cut jeggings with the conscious announced. they are elastic, pull on. out. 3 flex pay of $9.97. clarins price $29.90. 157- 429. skinny with jeweled rivets and ankles 6. customer pick on $39.90. massive sale price. they are so comfortable! they do not stretch out. i can not thank you enough for spending four hours with me for moonlight


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