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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  May 18, 2012 9:00am-2:00pm EDT

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press 'even if you just add one or two per month, but you get the full subscription 80 percent of $12 total that is $1 per issue. thank she will be back at 12 noon we will see more from bon appetit throughout the day but we will throw it over to adam freeman in the lawn and garden >>host: here at hsn. my name is adam freeman and it is friday morning. let us look ahead to this next 60 minutes as we celebrate everything in our lawn and garden area at hsn. our color changing lights, we were placing bets as to how long they would last but they will sellout in the next 15 minutes or $39.95, 2012 version next issue
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collar white, and the flickering effect. -- color. today priced $39.95 item 156-692. regular hsn $49.95 and we have bronze and stainless steel finish available. mr. bill muskopf is here and if you are a regular viewer i this gentleman is a star and he created 30 years ago c13 product called spray-n-gro. vitamins for your plant soda speak. whether it your plants are fruits and vegetables or flowers, this will make them grow bigger and better. it is natural and that is the secret. we have customers that have been a bill for all lifetime. we will show3 and after pictures and we will give you a big bottle that should last one year or more for the average user. that it
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will be worse than and toward the end of the hour we will show you why this tool is called a chameleon, it is 8 tools in 1. for the hedges bushes, trees and you will be cutting up high and down low. $239.95 and i tried to do some comparison shopping on this and i found something on line at nearly double the price. it is a great value. all of that on the way and we look forward to that and we will get started with the solar- powered lights. if you have been traveling around your neighborhood and you see neighbors have them outside and they look great in the daytime and nighttime it is different ball game and it illuminates that driveway and pathway and fiberbed and pond. it does so
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much for so little, $39.95 to get a set of 4 solar-powered lights and you could get plastic and acrylic but this is all about aluminum, steel and glass. we have only 424 sets left and we will be selling these3 during this presentation. get them while you can especially with we will bring down a lights to show you that when we turn of the lights the solar-powered lights turn themselves on and you could have quite lights or colored lights flickering colored lights. -- white lights.6 c13 sparkles at hsn the solar king as call them, peter kilcullen. >>guest: is nice to come in with the lights down. this is the set that three different
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options the white light, color changing and with flickering effect as well. three different color options with this set. of 4 and that matches the today's special we had about a month ago and 17,000 sets want out there. if you were not able to get one of those sets and you are thinking you need a few more, these are basically the same lights. -- if you were able to get a larger set and you need additional lights, these have become our most popular set this season. they are the most versatile. with three color options. you can also set them on a table or on a fence post or on the steps leading up to your patio, or with that finial that acorn designer daniel, you can hang them13
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spring or a hook or the trees. -- quality and best lights we have ever had on hsn. >>host: light will last longer and the solar technology on the top top notch and people always ask me if it is a cloudy day will they still more? pill >>guest: traditionally with solar lights the answer would no but the technology has gotten where we need it to be. because we have smart chip technology on the solar panel, we will get longer running time and regulate their running time with this solar panel and the battery, even on those low light winter days, even in the wintertime when the days are shorter you still get their running time. there is the solar panel that charges this battery, use the power of the sun to
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charge this high- capacity battery that will give you a longer run time. you want solar lights that are bright and we have a super bright ledlight bulb that will do the trick, one for each color option is in there. and you get 8-10 hours of running and in the wintertime it you get 6-8 hours of running time. you want lights that will last through all seasons and their weatherproof and waterproof and we cover all three of those than the value is right there. >>host: we are getting some questions. if you want the tiki torch extenders we have some available and we will show those at the bottom of the screen and they will raise them up. >>guest: perhaps that is all you are lacking is that the pathway lights are great and they are 20 in. tall but maybe around that backyard or the expense line you want to elevate the light and you can do that by setting them
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on the fence but those tiki- torches clamp allows you to bring them up and you can put them anywhere like an area around the barbeque grill when you are grilling in the dark. with those tiki torch stand you can put them around the barbecue grill for light when you are cooking out there. they will work with the today's special lights that have and also the set. >>host: $19.95 and ask your representative or order them on we are showing 350 left but really it is about 150 was so many people on the phone lines. it is our bronze, and that is darker and richer, and we listened to your feedback and that is what you said you wanted. remember these features, it a glass crystal and it is a hardware and dura ability, and many of you have told us say you are
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taking these off and hanging them from the trees to create an incredible effect. >>guest: imagine them on the ground or hanging from the tree and there are many options. these are high quality professionally installed lights that you always wanted. you wonder if they are different and they are because you pack glass lenses, and i was in a drug store the other day and you can purchase solar lights you can get two of them at $5 and please do not compare those to these. they are light years away in terms of quality and in terms of your expectations and these will turn on every not automatically end you can see we have two of them sat on white and two of them are on the flickering color changing. you will love this lights because they will give you what you want and you will not be disappointed when one of them only lasted one hour. side the
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first night and if you wake up before the sun comes up your lights will still be on. i have removed the lenses and there is the quiet and there+ color changing and there is the flickering. if i change this which you will see that smooth transition among all the colors and that is the color changing teacher we have had several can choose your color changing option or the white light. you will see that starburst design on-ear patio. we have that off the stand and if it were swinging in the tree you would see starburst design. these are the lights you always wanted and maybe you spent a few minutes a couple of years ago laughing at us neighbors solar lights because they were poor quality. now you can have the lights you always wanted with quality construction
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stainless steel, aluminum glass that make up those professionally installed lights that you would pay hundreds of dollars for but these are powered by the sun and they will last year after and they will never fade and they will never change and they will never rust and the stainless steel will last and the glass will remain clear and it will not cloud over and it will look great. there is a plexiglass piece over your solar panel so it is protected so the weather and terrain and we heard of some note dump on top of these and when the snow melts they start working again. -- snow dumped on these. be on performance is how great they look during the day and you have a 6 in. ground stake made of aluminum and that keeps them straight up and and makes them look great day after day and year after year.
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>>host: we will spend an extra couple of moments and we are limited quantity. on the phone lines we have 60-70 left and if you want yours the set of 4 is always in demand and if you do not need many this is the way to go or if you need an extra set you will get half off shipping and handling the additional sets you order today. at the hardware store there are many kinds of solar lights but they are not all the a different quality and integrity when it comes to solar technology and literally hundreds of thousands of these have been sold on and they are best selling customer picks. you are always innovating with things like the flickering lights. >>guest: this is a feature you might only use once or twice a year but when you see how these lights look in front of your house or on the patio are on your porch or from the you
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will love the color changing and the white lights. many different features you can use. think about that area you want to highlight during the day and feature at night with a beautiful light and you will be amazed and if you want more than four of these get two sets. that might cover the entire walkway leading up to your house and you will always have the white choice and you have the other color options you will love. they are simple easy, you can put them out on the first night that you get these and put them together and about 10vminutes and you will have liked that very same night. thaty single day and it you are gone two weeks in august they will be coming on every night while you are gone regardless of whether. >>host: -- weather.
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season but when they do the introductory price will be gone. they will be $50 which is still a great price. final 150 at the introductory and absolutely worked that and i would love to spend 20 seconds or so13 the tiki torch extenders and many of you are picking these than $20. >>guest: you will pull that post office and it goes on to the tiki extender because all you are doing is getting a taller post and you can have them higher up. pierre around the patio furniture or barbecue grill. you are taking this light and moving at higher end it will recharge theand perform the same way and a great way to get some light up higher. >>host: and you are back at 3:00 p.m..% tune in for more from the solarng, mr. peter kilcullen. lesley
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ann machado is standing by to tell us what is coming up. >>host: good morning to you. welcome to your hsn spotlight and for those of you that love food and enjoy cooking but you think you have no time to prepare a healthy meal, chef curtis stone is here this weekend with a great collection of kitchen solutions to simplify how you prepare food and we will bring fun back to the kitchen and he is here this weekend. we would love for you to look happy for electronics with free shipping and flex payments and we feature electronics every week including our today's special 29 will be 17.3 in. acer quad-core 4 gb ram hdd is unbelievable and you can customize your laptop so be sure you tune in at hsn for the best of
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electronics. there is a new movie called snow white and the hunts and based on that ferry tel from our childhood and it opens june 1st and be sure and check it out on fairy tale. [reading] [commercial] [commercial] [reading]
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[reading] >>host: exciting morning on hsn and we have been eating fried food and selling solar- powered lights and they just sold out and stay on the phone lines because we are counting you end. we are moving onto this item and i would love to sell this everyday, spray-n-ro legendary product you wish you had known about 10 years ago13 years spray-n-gro has beenr and professional gardeners lives and
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making plants grow bigger and and juicier than ever before and it is vitamins for plants all natural and it works. - will show6 c13 effect. we are offering a large bottle that will last you probably more than one year for the average user. the gentleman that created this, and that 1 bottle makes all of these.$17.95. our special guest is mr. bill muskopf. before we start to impress you with results you will hear and will talk about the spray-n-gro sprayer and this is the final quantity for the entire year and we have 1200 left and it is an automatic sprayer and it goes hand-in- hand with the product. >>guest: this is a unique product, when when we started developing this in 1982, we did not realize what we had.
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it is all natural nontoxic safe for your pets and plants and it works on anything that is green and growing from african violets into fruit trees, it does not make any difference. this is like vitamins for your plants, not like fertilizer which is food for your plants. hey must have that of course but this is like vitamins that will give them a boost. it is a foliar feeding. normally you well water with your fertilizer or you will spread fertilizer on the ground but you simply use ayou cover the entire plant with a fine mist. the farmers will put 20 gal. of that missed on 1 a. of plants. what happens when you do that? no matter what you are using it on they will be bigger
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and better and here is an animation.2 tsp. in 1 qt. of warm water and that will cost you 37¢. changes and you mist of the plant pole your feeding up to 10 times more efficient than repeating and it is taken and 3 bead stomata and the camium layerand translocates down to the roots and mark earbuds and fruits. but that would not have become a fruit will now they do and they will become a flower. -- cambium layer. as has been tested on 95 crops by and eight countries. and it is guaranteed to the bottom up the bottle. that will last the average gardener of about two years. we just spray these plants and you cannot tell anything is missing. >>host: 1 bottle
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$17.95 will last a long time and we are already very busy and for those of you who have used this many years we want to hear from you. 1- means a lot to bill and his family to hear your testimonials. if you want these results look at these pictures. >>guest: these are all pictures from our customers and no matter what you are using this on, this picture is buenos aires argentina. this before he used spray-n-gro and this is after. he'd just ordered all little while ago and i do not know where he heard about spray-n- gro. thatith and without and here are orchids. we saw petunias and now these are orchids with 23 blends3 by a man in his backyard. --blooms. and tomatoes, a man from iowa and the man gave him the
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bottle and he is an organic gardenergot 6 lb. tomatoes. there is one of his baskets of tomatoes. when you are using this on tomatoes we increase soluble solids and we increase the flavor. those are geraniums. and this is for you. this lady is from england, and here is what she said, coming from england always c13 garden and i came across spray-n- on television, and my garden has got from ordinary to incredible and it thank-you for the garden of my dreams. those are geraniums. >>host: they are beautiful and look how many andc13 large they are. your >>guest: do not see them like patton in the nursery's. >>host: this is what makes our house a home. >>guest: landscaping is
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expensive and you want to take care of it. those6 c13 tall and patients plants. and they are covered with blooms. -- impatiens. and this is a 8 hydrangea. your product is made the flowers healthier and larger than normal and my plants are flourishing. they are spectacular. e growing season, starting when you receive it and i apply at once a month and maybe twice a month and you cannot use it too strong. we say 2 tsp. in a court but i use 4 tsp..-- does not cost much but what ever you are using it on they will do better. >>host: we are over 11,000 sold for the season. is a battery-powered
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sprayer and you can use this with spray- n-gro and you will not need to pump the trigger and 1 pole does it all. spray- n-gro will be back this season but this sprayer will not be back and we did not order enough of them and we only have 1000 left before they sell out and if you are on its own ordering be sure you get this because when they are gone they are gone. >>guest: this an adjustable model that will go from a stream to thest and best and there is a safety and when you put that down no one can turn that on. like poplars. i have arthritis in my wrist and that would be a great father's day present. -- toddlers. >>guest: use it in the shower and nymex clorox in their bleach, and a sanitizing agent and
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you will not down all your mildew or outside house, i eat change that to the jet and that will last and it will keep it from turning green for two or three months. >>host: 500 now left. this is natural and look at this result. >>guest: this is guy yovan favorite picture with green beans. we have lots of trials the university and every time we getyield increased. here are tomatoes, a man from washington and the tennis ball at the bottom it shows the size. they are almost perfect and the flavor was unbeatable. and here are sunflowers. we counted 516 c13 and stopped counting from one seat with
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spray-n-gro and bill's perfect fertilizer every two weeks. and the farmers do it 3-4 weeks but i do it every two weeks and get the best you can possibly grow. >>host: we are counting down to the end with a final quantities of the sprayer. ear and in and watch hsn and it is easy to be skeptical. it has been around so long and for so many people and you will be impressed. >>guest: our 31st year and we guarantee it to the bottom of the bottle. you have all summer to test it. these are container plants, and hanging baskets. those are incredible. that is a person. >>host: that is the size of the house. >>guest: that is a rhododendron and that is what happens on perennials that they get better every year if you
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are using it once a month during the growing season. when you do not want them to get, stop using it! >>host: that would be a good problem to have. >>guest: have lots of bottle brush plants in florida and how many flowers are above the fence? four or five. in the same season they use spray-n-gro on that and there are hundreds of balloons above the fence line now. it makes if you are a master gardener it will make you better. >>host: and you have commercial tomato farmers using this. >>guest: with than one hour of here we have truck farmers using this and% an orange grove. there are four farms around here that are using it.
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>>host: this bottle will last one year. you how many bottles this will make. >>guest: that makes 48 qt.. 37¢ per quart and that court will treat many plants. if you only have a few plants mix only 1 p.. that is fully your feeding and you will not need to water with that. -- quart. 2 tsp. in 1 qt. of warm water like you wash your hands and and that will activate it and it will change clear water to a tan color and that ready to apply and you mist the plant and it is taken in through the stomata and stems and cambium layer all the way to the roots. up to 20 times more effective than will get the most of
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what that plant is genetically incapable of doing with larger andds than they will last longer. there is one geranium plant and look at the little girl. you cannot see the foliage. and that is one stargazer lilies them from joanne in pennsylvania. that is and cactus. only had three flowers on this pack this before she sprayed it with spray-n-gro. and it need not a flowering plant. look at these hostas. you can see her in the background and you can see how large they are. she sprays them every year with spray-n-gro. she says it is good stuff! roses are where most of our testimonials come from. she
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over 100 flowers on one rosebush. that is and without on begonias. she treated one and not the other and one more that we want you to see. >>host: have you ever seen a dinner plate tomato?that is what you will be able to do. >>guest: but you cannot find a hamburger buns big enough power we thought we would have these in our show later today but this is the last in 2012 you will see this and we are in the last three minutes of presenting the sprayer and for the next few hundred callers you will get this budget will 2013 before it is back. >>guest: these are so easy to and it takes four of the
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aa batteries that are easy to put an end it takes 1600 squeezes' to use a pump sprayer for 1 qt.. i have the safety on this and if you have little children that is a good thing. it's simply push one time and you get mist on all plants. and you can use it on your house to spray on mildew killer. you can also mix in with that. use it in the shower and i use it on all kinds of things like your car windows and i cannot tell you what product. >>host: what ever product you will put in as, under $20 for yourself or your parents, if you are using less than the shower on the tiles or outdoors, if you have a trigger bottle, you know what is6 c13 you are wrap pet tentatively
9:31 am
with your hand and that will hurt their arthritic hands. -- repetitively. this is the last presentation for 2012 and the best price under $20.use it for spray-n-gro and everything else. >>guest: there i am doing windows. are using weed killer, and i recommend two of these prayers but make sure you flush this out completely if you have used weed killer and it and then you want to spread your good plants. flush it out regardless of what you are using. >>host: we about 150 left if you count everyone on the phones. you can use automated ordering or use is purchasing spray-n- gro, pole
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hand-in-hand and you could use and a regular bottle but if you can, for the money and the value it is worth doing and if you love spending time taking care of flour is, this will make the job much easier. >>guest: is simple. and it is simply using batteries and a last quite a while. and >>host: youc13 the safety lock on the trigger so if you do not want it to be used it will not be used. >>guest: and an adjustable nozzle from a fine mist all the way to a stream want to spray the monitor! it will go 20 ft. and then you have a fine mist and that is what you want with spraying spray-n-gro. extreme as for spraying not very high. -- the
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stream for up high. >>guest: you will use 2 tsp. in one court and i sometimes 40 spins and 1 qt.. you cannot get too strong. -- 4 teaspoons. of fertilizer that you like in addition to the spray-n-gro which is like vitamins. we would like to see you using argan and fertilizer use the safest product you can. >>host: and your daughter3 coming up next. >>guest: she will be selling this plant later today. >>host: is is the spray-n-gro family on hsn and this is something we can look forward to.if you want to make the most of your lawn and garden this is the way to go,
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$22.95, easy to grow flowers. we will show you how to use them and plant them and how to get the most out of and it we would recommend using spray-n-gro to go with all these wonderful flowers and at the end of the hour it is all about the chameleon, item 175-532, lithium ion power pack, a 8 tools in 1. we are going down low and going up high, a fantastic value at $239.95. i have seen them at twice this price. we will go to the next item. i mention that+ lion will be bill muskopf daughter and she is here with her premium blooms. it is good to see you.obviously this love of all things green and beautiful runs in the family and you have brought
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an assortment beautiful quality plants. >>guest: we have that calla lilies and the crocosmia. we will start out with calla lilies. that are like the grace kelly, berry wrinkle flowers. you see them in paintings and at weddings. -- regal. selection of offers yellow pink, lavender orange, white and it will allow you to a watercolor impressionist painting in your garden with these beautiful colors. i think living plants are like outdoor paint and we paid the indoors and we fluff up the room and if you want to fluff up the backyard, plant blooming plants. they will grow up to about 18 in. and at the top you will
9:36 am
have a swirl blooming. it is like all leaf ended will be 4-6 in.. you can plant them in the ground war and a pot and i would put them into pots and put them around the patio or the back or the mailbox or the front porch. and be greeted by beautiful impressionistic flower painting. theybetween 3-7 flowers. and you get seven of these flower bulbs.21-49 blends and you will have plenty to enjoy outside and you can cut them and bring them end. -- >>host: $28.95 and these are guaranteed. we work so hard with melanee
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line and to bring these then because you are so passionate about these and it easy and top quality. -- melanee lyon. >>guest: you will appreciate "yardiner"you will love how easy it is to plant these. simply did a little hole and you will plant these with these little guys pointing upper end you will cover that up and water poorly and and 2-3 weeks you will have little leaves coming up. --tle eyes.- they will have very large and broad leaves and that will be the time to use spray-n-gro and you will have flowers by midsummer and they will a blooming
9:38 am
into the fall. pink red, yellow, and a very elegant look legalregal grace kelly look. >>host: all these colors will bring an entirely new feeling to your garden. we have 200 left put everyone on the phone lines and we really worked hard to do this and for those of us who want to make the most of our home and gardenexpensive, but it is vital. it >>guest: is outdoor decoration. if you put out a beautiful patio said and that is all you do, you do not have the painting and what makes you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the
9:39 am
evening. it outdoor decoration and the simplest, fastest way to do it. they be filled delivered to your door in less than one week and when you plant them you will flowers by midsummer. >>host: if you have never purchased anything like this from hsn this is your opportunity and the nice thing about having melanee here is she is here to guide us. we get this as well? complete >>guest: 6 c13 directions. this is not simply about any plans but people that you are buying and there is a 1-800 and i talked to this week about the tuberoses that we were selling last month and i am a master gardener and if i cannot find the answer we will find the answer to your questions. >>host: please stay
9:40 am
on the phone lines. get a 7 flower bulbs sat with the beautiful colors and we you the best with this. get the spray- n-gro to go with that and your results will be great. we have about 70 left before it sells out. and the pistol sprayer are down to 60 or 70 left before they are all gone and if you miss the presentation we will not see it again in 2012. it has sold out but we have0 left and it will be back next year but it takes time to manufacture it. go to the offer from melanee lyon. when you showed me these last week i had not seen them before and it is like my new favorite. >>guest: they from south
9:41 am
exotica, enticing, like a world abuzz our look. -- bazaar. balm, a 20 flower bulbs sat with plo called george davidson with a starry red lucifer scarlet blooms and they attract butterflies and birds and they are a hummingbird magnet. and are der resistant. -- deer resistant. these will large plants,48 in. tall and this is like a tapestry. you will be able to create a tapestry your yard with the yellow and red and the red ones will be 48 in. tall and the yellow ones
9:42 am
about 36 in. and you can put their red ones in the center of a flower bed and put the yellow ones around them. your back yard into an incredible tapestry. i was not familiar with these and tell with started working with a grower that suggested base. i have these in my yard. have a flower bed with a fence and i will put these against the fence and the yellow ones in front. >>host: you will get the guaranteed. read that and you will see, these will be guaranteed for one year. >>guest: if you are living in the southern regions you will plant them and leave them in the ground but the northern regions you will dig them up and drive them out and plant them the following growing season. if they cannot blue man grow we will send you a plant of equal value. -- if they do
9:43 am
not bloom and grow. the flower bulb and you will plant with the pointy side up and you are getting a complete gardening guide with this. we have a0 number if you need to talk to me. you will put that in the hole and cover it up and long did that take? that will cover80 square feet depending on how closely you want to plant them and they will grow between 36-48 in. and you will have yellow red and in addition to enjoying them outdoors you can bring them inside or you can sit on the patio and what the hummingbirds and butterflies and honeybees and attracted to
9:44 am
beautiful tapestry flower garden. >>host: it is astounding to watch them grow intotiful flowers. all of these things on and i know beautiful jewelry is on the way and here is mr. bill green. >>host: i planted some of bulbs and i used spray-n- gro and you should see my lanaiit is like the amazon. sonoma studios has brought you beautiful jewelry. you will watch this show and you will flip! this will be in first hour mother of pearl carved into flowers with a bead in between each one and you have a choice of colors $19.94 this set. i do not know what will happen when we started this show and these incredible bracelets that will be in our
9:45 am
second hour, these are showstopper and they are the shamballa style bracelets, black onyx hematite, pink quartz chalcedony, hematite tiger's- eye and amethyst. stay tuned and there is crystal bead with that and they are under $15 and you should apply for the card to say $10 on your first purchase.
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[reading] [reading] >>guest: >>host: final item discussed our before thebeautiful jewelry. you get all of this, the chameleon and the second time i have presented this and the last time we did this we had 10 minutes and today we have 15 have see the pole saw before and what this company and me has done, you a pole saw and their regular chain saw and they
9:47 am
are giving you two of the batteries and it is all-in- 8 tools in-1 and everything that you need for printing the entire garden and guard yourself.we have a list of everything that you will get [reading] it is huge! i did the comparison shopping and i try to find something similar and the best thing i could find was nearly double the price.i am expecting big things from this end i think we have twin pack of the safety glasses available as well. we will show those at the bottom of the screen. cory bergeron is here. i am using
9:48 am
my chameleons to make mincemeat of this wood. what you are looking at 10 in. of chain on the oregon bark, the best in the- industry and you have a finger guard and a get four times the power and have the weight of a large nicad battery and it will last60 minutes, lithium-ion battery and it willand 45 minutes. you are getting two batteries and 2 handles so it to people can work at once if you is unbelievable how fast it will go through this wood. the reason it called a chameleon is because it will adapt to it your job. let us look at this pole saw on the ground. i pull this leverback and the
9:49 am
handle comes off the bottom and the entire chain saw will snap on the end of my extension pole. then i come down to the other end of extension pole and i snap that handle on and now i have a pole saw which is why it called a chameleon and i have a handle for gripping and it does not matter how high am overhead, 8-10 ft. up in the air and it will go right through that lock. log. saw will go on the end of this pole and also these tools will do that. let us use hedge trimmer and our pole and come back to the head. hedge. if you have regular hedge trimmer you probably do not a
9:50 am
lithium ion battery, four times the power with pack the wake of their regular nicad battery and that will snap right on.if you have ever been trimming hedges, there are pieces coming out because your blades are not cutting and both directions. directions and you will not have anydeep twig sticking out. let us take that pole extension end we will snap that hedge trimmer on it. do you have hedges that are 8-10 ft. tall and you are trying to use a ladder to trim them? he is not standing on a ladder and he did not someone else to do it. it lithium ion technology that is so light weight to regular batteries and the way he is holding he has
9:51 am
a support handle and he is fully in control of his work. >>guest: and you said lightweight fiberglass pole that makes it very lightweight and that battery on the end is half the weight of a nicad entire assembly weighs 10 lbs.. a gallon of milk weighs about 8 lbs.. it is very lightweight and easy to use and the chameleon makes it possible to walk out your front door and get all your work on and come back in without electrical cords or pull starting or gas fumes or is simple andd you will do the work instead of putting it off. there >>host: impressive. to handles and to battery packs and when you buy this 8 tools in one, it can be used by two people at the
9:52 am
same time. wife, as partners as girlfriend and boy friend, you can get out there and have some fun and we are counting down seven minutes left. is $239.95 and we usually have a pole saw at $159.this with both battery packs and all the the one i saw was nearly $400. this configuration is awesome. those extra batteries are not cheap and we do this on four flex payments $ is the time to do it if you are trying to sell your home or cutting down on the money you spend. >>guest: you want
9:53 am
something simple and easy to use powerful and sharpen that does the job the first time. and something that does not require extension cords and it said that in an article i read most people will decide whether or not they want to do something based on 10 seconds. if it takes longer than 10 seconds you will put off the work. in this case you pick it up and it already has the battery it and you take it outside and do all your trimming and you are done. i have been talking the battery.this is our battery. it is twice the and twice a life ofthis big one. cuffed this is what you get on most battery operated along tools right now, a nicad battery the weight and
9:54 am
one-quarter of the power of battery and it will expire in about 15-20 minutes. if you are using a chain saw it might be even less time but this one will last60 minutes of nonstop operational power and we give you a quick recharger that will recharge this in about 45 minutes and you can have two people working at once and recharge the batteries faster than you can use them. this is a grass trimmer for around your flower beds where you do not want to use a string trimmer. you will get in there with this one and you will be trimming all that aggressive very quickly that is around those flower beds and bushes and runs between your plants and you will not damage your plants. this is only one way it can be used. -- trimming
9:55 am
the simply remove that blade and put on display it and you will a one-handed detail had trimmer. -- put this other blade on it. when you need more detail. if i want to cut back branches of this azalea and i only want to remove small pieces, i can do that with this, and it is so light weight. if you did not want to bring out the big hedge trimmer with3 in. blade, this is 6 in. blade and perfect for your detail work. i have shown you four different tools detail trimmer grass trimmer, a hedge chain saws, and all of these will work on your extension pole. if you wanted the
9:56 am
tell work up higher in the air or if you want toc13 low without bending over you can use the pole extension as well. >>host: you get everything we have shown you end there is nothing extra to purchase. we have a standard pole saw available and if you only want to be working overhead, that is fine but when we launched this the first time, 10 days ago many of us want that is interchangeable. it will take up less space in the garage. the tens second rule and i need not worry about how long it will take to use these. it is quick and easy and you get to handles. [reading]
9:57 am
[reading] " the chameleon company has solved the problem and it satisfies the need. >>guest: it makes everything so simple that you will get the work done on your schedule without waiting pour someone else to come and do the work and it will not be hard to start with gas or oil or extension cords or pole starting. and i want to show the head will articulate up and down to the angle you want. with a grass trimmer i will twist thatvknob and locket into that position and i will use a grass trimmer and i need not bend over and i can get in between all these flower beds and i was using
9:58 am
it before with only pack handle but now it is on the pole extension and i can use on the ground bending over. i can extend that 4 ft. if i have a longer reach. look how far this reaches on the grass trimmer and just one more way to use this configuration and what if i must do some heavy cutting up with a chainsaw? this is why it is a chameleon and it will adapt to what you need to do.i can remove that grass trimmer and use my chainsaw like this, snap it on the end, and i am ready to go with a pole saw and i will change the angle and you want to cut from the top of the branch so it will not forward and pinch of the blade. even up high i can haul that at an angle and cut through the top of
9:59 am
the branch which i will do right here.this is very powerful 18 bolts of lithium ion technology and that is what makes the difference. -- 18 volts.and you get two of those batteries and you get half the weight and four times the power and that battery of a standard nicad battery and you get two of and the battery life is 50- 60 minutes depending on the tool you are using and they will recharge and 45 minutes and you will always have a charged battery. >>host: it is a great product and thank-you for your calls and stay on the phone lines and about 200 laps with everyone on the phone lines before it is gone. thank you so much. off it has a hanging hooks also. i
10:00 am
>>host: will see you tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and next is mr. bill green with beautiful sonoma jewelry. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank staying with as many as bill green and you are watching hsn.if your edges tinning and you will have a treat this morninghere with a great collection perceptible wardrobe affordably. please join us on face book on the descent i love to hear your comments are operators and sales staff will send your comments right to the studios if you are shy and do not want to talk on the air is fine.t if you do you can call 1-866-376-8255 as well.we have
10:01 am
the 3 strand, grape multigemstone necklace -- 3 strand hombre multigemstone necklace. this is the carnelian and read that it --red agate you have read and peach colors down to a burgundy.$29.90 this visit only item178-257. we this in a red or blue or hematite with black agate. that will be a lot of fun.i flipped out when i saw this it was brand new for the show today. i will show this to you it is cute and clever to where it is a long necklace little flowers
10:02 am
is linked together with beads is all mother of pearl and died in your choice of colors. it would be one6 c13 was $19.90 for just a necklace but melissa van nuys was able to give you the bracelet with it, you could use this as an extension to the necklace i will show you how to do that with theoggle clasp during the presentation, it is clever. they will be very13 will6 c13 to order early. also from sonoma studios multicolor added bead -- agateead 30 and necklace. it looks like gumballs to me or the colors of confetti. it 30 in. in length it is graduated an easy to slip on we will show you that in the presentation.they are individually hand nodded, and the
10:03 am
jewelry stores is $1 per inch to thread your beads or pearls. we also have the agate 28 tennis necklace 4 this visit only $10 savings at $29.90. -- the banded 28 in. necklace they are naturally variegated and away the color takes to the gemstone. we would like to hear from you during the show whether you have been talking and shopping with us for one day or 35 years 1-866-376-8255 6 c13 single first reality show in america and around the globe is melissa van nuys? she is not only the chief designer of sonoma studios in california, they are
10:04 am
renowned for importing the most unique colored gemstones, opaque and crystal from around the world and put in designs that she puts together for you. welcome, what a great job you have done. >>guest: thank you >>host: this collection is all new with a couple of things sprinkle them from the last visit. we will be starting off with this brand new sonoma 30 tennis necklace at $29.90 #096- 728. i will show you the four colors and after i do melissa van nuys will explain how this came to be. we have pink this is it a very color to find in adventuring, we have white quartzite lavender right
10:05 am
lavender heather stone, and then beat amazonite. this is incredible the way that it graduates. you said you wanted to do a beaded necklace and these colors and why? >>guest: you have beautiful gemstones in the amazing colors that are almost a rich pastel is how i described these colors it is natural amazonite which you can see on the display you have all of natural range of the amazonite say you can see all the different colors illustrations the beautiful soft and the black white, 6 creamy swirled running through the gemstones. each one has been cut into gorgeous black oval to give you a blast of color and are graduated to give you a bold look that is easy to wear and
10:06 am
no fuss because it is endless. as you walk out the you was look this over your head and it will be perfect it will complete the outfit >>host: these beautiful lavender heather stone that are setgrill -- lazer drilledand they are individually hand nodded. if you were to break a strand beads or pearls it is the dollar inched to have them strong. so let us do the math together, if he were restrain this it would be $30 just for the stringing. this necklace is under $30 for today this visit only. we have lavender heather stone if you%
10:07 am
in the color that melissa van nuys is wearing such teal or turquoise, look at the blue and the neutral >>guest: it is a full range is gorgeous swirls of color between teals and the neutrals of brown some blacks, and then larry on the pink aventurine -- layering,i imagine wearing this with their denim in your lens is a neutral that will be perfect. you can see this with crisp white that is a beautiful spring and summer look >>host: you can use this as a layering piece because of the length, you can wear something shorter underneath. when i have a show with find gemstones (...) you can go shopping for fashion jewelry that the beautiful quality jewelry that money can buy, you can go to the department stores and spend $30 on plastic. why
10:08 am
would you do that remark when you could on that beautiful gemstone setup mother nature millions of the heirs to crystallize into these opaque colors in order for you to have history of the gemstones from around the world >>guest: i have a global sourcing team resources throughout brazil, asia, everywhere to bring you a new and different stones in all these amazing colors.i love we were saying about gemstones, this type of jewelry is known as a bridge julie. what that means you have your fine jewelry which is gorgeous gemstones and beautiful quality, and then you had your fashion jewelry whichc13 bright fun and colorful. this is the bridge in between, you amazing quality genuine gemstones and a fashion looks and colors. >>host: i love the amazonite, especially if you
10:09 am
own turquoise. maybe you have one of jay king is mine finds and you want to wear it along with the amazonite to bring out could do that. i have been with going on a very long time and i have not seen pink aventurine if i had that i had forgotten about it. i will be honest with you. the most popular is the amazonitecolor in the background, i do not blame you if you were on the phone or to me in favor, upload the hsn shopping application we have the hsn chat room you can chat with our fellow customers and comment on they products that you see. the customers like to hear your thoughts on what you like. if they see chatting they will share your comments
10:10 am
with me and i will share them on the air. code to bill green on hsn, it is bill green on hsn. not the other one. please like me. facebook is going public today, they went public 9:30 a.m. so i bet everybody is buying stock. here is the bracelet to go all around with the necklace which is offered, it is on that easy to slip on in the same colors >>guest: same colors in the beautiful oval shape you get the big and bold look and and and the style because it is stretch, you have the stretch comfort fits. we have gorgeous lavender heather stone which has swirls of purple everything from lavender to aubergine to creamy purple. the white quartzite is 8 fluffy cloud.
10:11 am
>>host: it is nice when you come into a freezing studio like at least a cold start equipment stays cold and does not or receipts but the point is the gemstones that are opaque they get very cold and when you hold them in a matter of 30 seconds they will warm up to your body temperature which 98.6 on a good day you will love the way it feels ready slip it on in the morning >>guest: that is the thing about real gemstones, there is nothing like the feel of a genuine gemstones. that is why i love working with them so much. you can see the natural range and matrix in each and every stone.whether you choose c13 natural amazonite or the heather for the pink aventurine you will see the natural striations and matrix running through each and every stone. in just
10:12 am
the 4 bracelets we have here each one is different stellar is different. it is exactly mother nature created, each one is is all work of art >>host: i have to say the pink aventurine has a peach color to it peach iced tea it looks almost like that color. it lookslike the very did colors that run through the gemstones were that are lighter in places and darker in some spots. you have incredible veins of that darker peach collar. here is that amazonite, it has almost a calla it is the most popular. we also have 30- amazonite necklace.use express ordering, use and added to your shopping cart. where does have this don't come from crush to mark >>guest: --have
10:13 am
this don't come from? does heather stone come from > >>guest: >>caller: >>guest: globally around the world. we have a showstopper next hour and has been very popular idea it would be, i have seen our designers do this before this very clever. you can do the all stretch bracelet the one that i am wearing and you will love it. this has a special drawstring clasp youthful it you can grab 2 beads these are genuine gemstones what i love about in the middleu have an all crystal pavè bead to contrast with the colors of the gemstones that have been any use these for custom order by sonoma studios to contrast to
10:14 am
carnelian, tiger's- eye it reducing in handling that are only $14.90. i have seen them in the marketplace and other materials for a lot more $14.90. you can stack these and where several of them. we have hematite amethyst, white quartzite " pink corset, carnelian, tiger's- eye, quartzite. think that can sell out by the next hour, i really do order your note before they are gone. now we are moving on to the hombre inspired necklacetypically used in fashion colors that go from light to dark with different gradations of color usually in a blouse that has been ground
10:15 am
died they will debate and a light by and then they will go from that to that and then the fabric will be darker very3 like this and in the top is light. but you do this with gemstones >>guest: exactly, it is a hot in fashion that you continue to see, i chosen to do c13 great effect on the gemstone say you can see you have the deep dollars in the stone's center front going around the sides and to the back you see the fade to the lighter. on the display you have the tangerine tangle that is the color of the year. it is. t: tangerine teint del that sound like a new >>host: tangerine teint go sounds like a new cocktail [laughter] >>guest: you have beautiful colors
10:16 am
going into the the black agate coming up with the hematite all the way up gray agate it isful transitional faded. it is a 36 brand torsade you could wear this and a several different ways --3 strand torsade >>host: they are at a savings this visit only price $29.90 we have blue, carnelian, black. the white quartzite has hematite to blacks agate and a black choice. i love the black, this would be good with a cotton blouse a
10:17 am
pink blouse something with color, you have an interesting clasp. again should follow the clasp, but it is a toggle that has a large oval beaded it is a structural stretchy neck >>guest: it is a button toggle and this is 20 in. in length and has 3 toggle loops that is an extra 1.5 in. for you. it is not easy button closure that has some selec and don't will be so easy to put on can wear loose with a organic field, you have three strands to play with one and has been engineered to fade into a more autocratic blend. with the go 4 denim, deep red or orange. you your
10:18 am
basic little black of gemstones the black agate fading into rich gunmetal hematite and then into the gray. >>guest: >>host: can you believe (...) that shop with us can you believe that a jeweler sacked down and two color coordinate alleach tyr and they have to be individually drilled in and in hombre. it is easy to do when gemstone are all one color but but the fastening with the go from light to dark that is a mastermind of a necklace you get three strands per necklace. you have the button token from black
10:19 am
agate to white agate. this is the tangerine that is the new cocktail we just invented, i will what went after the show. >>guest: the blue is sodalite blue agate, rain glue and sky blue with gray.vthey art gemstones genuine gemstones and someone had to said they are sorting through the range to create on a great defect so it fades and with these different shapes. pebbled and around smooth id is not only am as of shapes and colors but you get the fault on break effects. being one of the hottest trends in fashion is a great way to put this look into your wardrobe without
10:20 am
buying a whole new look or out c13 please bring something like this and said you had it been 1 samples that% -- one simple step >>host: we do not want you to miss out on and has an appraised value $61 if it comes complete equality ensured, not only that you can return this within 30 days for a complete cash refund, no questions asked. we have a new informational segment at hsn here is lesley ann machado on what is happening on the hsn spotlight [♪ music ♪] host: thank very much bill green, a good morning to you3 am lesley ann machado. we have a lot of exciting things going onwhat we are most
10:21 am
excited about is hsn cares and raising funds and awareness for march of dimes. we are committed on raising funds for the march of dimes it was foundeds and 1938, was that was dedicated 1979 date switched to premature births and birth defects. through research, education, program of march of dimes now you can add c13 donation to your purchase. [reading] [commercial]
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[reading] [reading]
10:23 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: t to say but i only had a few seconds that there is an extended collection on everything we have on television on he should stop there and it blows my mind the things that i find there it from chains lounges to home items.this is the n sonoma studios collection.this is your choice of turquoise, not abalone seashell, seashell, is a doublet with a
10:24 am
faceted crowned i have never seen that before in i hate to say statements like that when you see many years in the business you have seen many things, i have seen doublet and triplets but i have never seen6 c13 weavers' pavilion for the it is beautiful. there is the abalone seashell with a solid gemstone carved shape order up if you are a half size. here is the turquoise with the white quartz, and here is the lapis. this is beautiful and only $34.90 >>guest: this is statement ring and a conversation starter. this is a triplet,quartzite band that has been carved from one single strong and has been handcart to create the bands.and then
10:25 am
the next layer is a large slice gemstones, whether you choose genuine lapis, or abalone you are getting that big bold beautiful embossed of color. pop dock bite clear quartz is not reverse pavilion if you get that sparkle and shine >>host: this is clever you can find quartz in the freshwater rivers but you did not see it clear and always has a marquee crystal material. even in the carolinas you can see quartz gemstones but i have not seen it as clear as this >>guest: i have not as well you can also see smoothness of the stone. what this is substantial in size but it is tapered at the back, it is
10:26 am
comfortable and easy to can see the gorgeousd you have a comfortable stone that each is on and it is very and big and bold yet comfortable. it is tapered for comfort to you could wear it all day.i am wearing the abalone you can see the range of the aurora borealis of colors >>host: this looks like a landscape in the mediterranean. i did not want to too technical and for you, but a triplet is not a woman who had three children word that comes from crushed remarks [laughter] 8 triplet is with 3 gemstones come together. you have white quartz, the abalone seashell, and then if you look at top you will see the white quartz.
10:27 am
traditionally if it is a doublet or triplet there is a base material that is on the bottom that maybe plastic or a pall over -- polimernever seen this done before. you will love wearing this $34.90. this is a great buy for a ring that is not costume.white quartzite if you order have size, go up. if you 8.5 border 89, did not go down, go up.-- if you are 8.5 order9. this 50% off, i love 50% off [laughter] this is the 17 in. drop necklace with an extender on the back. this was from last show we
10:28 am
only have a few >>guest: the genuine turquoise, runs right picture jasper the pendant has handcars it is a beautiful best with a dividend in it, the feeling on this pendants is really sensational >>host: this was $59.90 it is now reduced to the price of $29.95 item136- 047. --thank you for your calls, i will let you know when it sells out we will not have a full presentation.% we presented this in the preview, it is brand new to day. and the world of jewelry and a certain glee funny how trends a basis for design. animal print was
10:29 am
design and that it is a basis for home fashion and apparel, the thing same thing applies to floral. isn nature inspired. we travel to bazzill jewelry show and we walked the show rooms they were displaying jewelry from around the world and it all had to do with nature. there was either a chameleon lizard or a flower or something inspired by a wheatfields no matter way you look to. i think this would be your favorite go to, i hate to say go to because that is a common term in this business. (...)the sonoma studios mother of pearl necklace and bracelet set
10:30 am
together at $19.90. you will what love to wear this. you hacker gray, white, brown, blue. >>guest: we took mother of pearl and enhance it to give you fashion colors tohe bright's and neutrals and the crisp summer white and a beautiful metallic. each one has been handcar to give youthe silk cord for not only durability but drape ability. this is 8 drape bubble necklace that is free-flowing and easy to wear. -- drapable >>guest: >>host: are fashion fun there is not an
10:31 am
adjective (...) can use the bracelet as an extender >>guest: it is a toggle clasp so it fits inside the flowers, add 7 hinged bracelet to make the super long and lean >>host: do you want to connectc13 love the universal clasp you never know when you put something: neckline will be in this will you a variety. you can even double which i love >>guest: you could double it or whether a class on the side, you can cheesshoes to wear this as a y >>host: i want to think the oysters that gave the shirt off their back to offer up the mother
10:32 am
of pearl, they take these from a mollusk that have been passed on they do not hurt the critters that are busy pearls. it is the leftover mollusk that makes mother of pearl. there is a live chat message, they hi bill green you are my favorite. that is nice, thank. i hope you have a favorite in the jewelry and call in today. you do not know what i am talking about that means you do not have computer, and ipad, or on our computer. here is what you do, up load the hsn application and we have something called the checked you can chat with our customers and with me right now, our sales department was will share with you put up there, within reason so if you want to
10:33 am
share a comment with myself or melissa let me know what it is. this was already one-third gone, i knew it would be. you receive the bracelet and necklace together for under $20 and it isue >>guest: it is an incredible value and a fabulous look that will bring you through the season. it is 32 in. necklace with a 7 in. wristlet to go with that that has to open flaw was at the end you could read this plunger or smaller depending on how you wanted to fit >>host: i do not want to sound like a crazy man13 will anyway. look at the ring we just presented with the necklace and bracelet. if you missed this, all you do is to undo the toggle clasp the
10:34 am
flower is 8 clasp traditionally this would be a metal. this is university -- universally adaptable to each other. i know i am talking to the new customers, i do that on purpose for the new customers bid up now you can see it is seamless you do not tell where it stops and starts. and, you can use a different color with a necklace. you could do two of them to gather and then wrapped them around your neck. jennifer is calling from wisconsin, she ordered the item we presented an abalone seashell, the ring. welcome to hsn with sonoma studios and. >>caller: hello bill green, i love you >>guest: thank i
10:35 am
love the backs [laughter] it is nice to havewww.hsn.comjewelry >>host: understand you got the abalone ring? >>caller: i did, it is beautiful >>host: it looks like the flashing lights over the northern hemisphere >>caller: it does, i am so excited to get it. >>host: it also comes in lapis and turquoise, but you like the abalone the best >>caller: yes, but i did like all the colors. have been shopping hsn for a long time, all of the jewelry is beautiful >>host: is long time more than five years? >>caller: yes, i go way back from ready to sell dolls >>host: that is a
10:36 am
long time [laughter] >>caller: my mother got me started >>host: that terrific. are you on face book? >>caller: yes >>host: friend? just bill green on and click alike. sometimes i the facebook and people start popping up like popcorn, it is so much fun. thank you enjoy your ring, i will chat with you later on face book. goodbye. hsn is going public i am sure the fan base double, you watch it, it will be interesting. you can join us on a consent chats with the application, the
10:37 am
update that are more than half gone and the blue is sold out. we brown white, gray. the brown will be the next to go. >>host: i think this looks great my grey suits, i wanted to be a good backdrop for your jewelry >>guest: if you are a turquoise briolette that rich brown will look amazing with your turquoise as well as the white. >>host: i will let you know when the sells out meeting if you are ordering do not hang out until you see the flag that says it is gone i will keep you posted. i want to make this a host pick next year if i can, i cannot right now because these will sell out. close to 300 customers have called to order our showstopper. what is our
10:38 am
showstopper? you have seen these through out the jewelry stores, you may have seen celebrities i was watching idol last night and randy jackson was wearing somethinghe wears the most incredible jewelry. if you look at this there is a crystal pavé bead, that is the french word for paved, and the middle and had to drawstrings that brought it together. have the black agate pink quartz rose quartz tiger's-eye, amethyst carnelian. they are sparked early and find it does not matter which one i am wearing this hematite have the
10:39 am
crystal bead i thought to be nicer for a guy without doubling. couple, by a stack of them, it would be less $100 for every bracelet in the collection reduced shipping. that is coming up next hour if we can get to it. i told melissa good luck we will reorder these by the end of the show. the models she is wearing faceted gumbo necklace that i think is clever these are solid -- edgate necklace.and looks like carnival, i had the pleasure of travelling to rio de janeiro for carnival i have never seen so
10:40 am
feathers in one of life, i have video footage i will show it air one time. i do not think that is a closed in the country. everyone is in feathers, it must be hundreds of thousands of others in this parade and it reminds me carnival and the colors that you have selected. by these enhance are natural >>guest: agate that has been enhanced to hit on the colors of the season. this hand nodded on silk has been faceted to give you shimmer and twinkle. been specifically chosen to hit and match perfectly back to the colors we are seeing in fashion. hearing so much about
10:41 am
tangerine, the bright orange, if you are wondering what to wear with that a necklace like this and the set sunset carnival colors and walt match back perfectly. you can see we have the gorgeous tangerine collar here that works beautifully. >>host: brought your own color swatches how smart are you? >>guest: this will work perfectly when the you gothe fiery here is the honey you haveabulous yellow if you are one of those people that love bright yellow. >>host: married from ohio is joining us and she ordered the mother of pearl necklace, it is her first purchase on hsn and i get to be the one to welcome here. >>caller: welcome,
10:42 am
i have been watching for a while and i have to tell you are the sweetest men >>guest: thank i am who i am, this is not tp that is what it is. >>caller: you cannot get cautioned the jury for the prize, but is so cute to >>host: is cute, the flowers that make the links is bent hand carved >>caller: my daughter is going to come over and steal its >>host: maybe you should get them 1 >>caller: 1 in each and colors a weekend mix-and-match and trade >>host: now you are talking (...) singing to the choir. i want to thank you your first a, but melissa van nuys is a great designer >>caller: i may have to grab more
10:43 am
later [laughter] >>host: did you love the showstopper bracelet coming up pressure marks >>caller: yes, i am get those and they will not take your necklace [laughter] >>caller: they take whatever they can [laughter] it is early christmas shopping. >>host: those would be great for christmas, i am going to bracelets back for my host pick. you can call us toll- free or stay on the telephone and place your order by if you want to and you are shy you can comment on the live chat and you can say i like this or do not like it you want this done that. item #178-913.we are going to move on to the bracelet that goes along with a necklace. did
10:44 am
not get up necklace for whatever reason the bracelet is fun looked at the faceted beads. typically opaque gems are not faceted but it does it justice because it reflects the light. you have everything from chameleon to what looks gemstone, that are enhanced agate but they are beautiful. >>guest: agate is one of my favorite gemstones to work with because it beautiful naturally that it takes the enhancement of the color so well and beautifully you get to keep natural matrix illustration of the gemstones and see all of the different layers of the gemstones was and has been enhanced. one of my favorite things has been to with gemstones because you get the natural striations and the life and a gemstone. this is the stretch
10:45 am
bracelet so it is not easy stretch fit as you walking out the door. sonoma studios is a destination for real woman real jewelry for every day >>host: i want to explain the of jewelers of elastic. they have come up with elastic it is a s it is strongtensle that does not a rubber band would snap with repeated can roll this on your hand. i call this the colors of carnivale the phone the our have gone it is $14.90. i was digging on our jewelry tray i think the other necklace that would be very pretty would be the carnelian. then you
10:46 am
have the green and all of the colors this was obviously designed to go with it thank you for your calls. the show item #178-913. as i said just the other day we launched a brand new segment of the hsn spotlight to keep you posted, here is lesley ann machado with the hsn spotlight [♪ music ♪] >>host: good morning if you are just tuning in at this is your hsn spotlight. kurgo too bad for everything hsn. by now you may have heardmovie snow white and the huntsman we are celebrating the vision of the tale with a new collection inspired by the movie. you you can shotp the
10:47 am
collection now disco to key words in a white. [commercial] [reading] [reading]
10:48 am
[♪ music ♪] you >>host: thank i love when you call us do not shy 1-866-376-8255 this is melissa van nuys, this is sonoma studios and you did a magnificent dogjob, this is the banded agate is a this visit $29.90 which means at the end o this show they godown.ey the price goes up. these are fabulous >>guest: it is a fabulous a great statement piece it is a bold blast of color. if you loved color like i do i love the way
10:49 am
color makes you feel. this is a great piece for you look at the facets look halt it sparkles and shimmers. that is the purple, and here is the yellow and it's like a coffee yellow with deep emeralds, and blue that is a rich sapphire is a big and bold caramel faceted stones what that means you have facets that are glistering and shivering but it gives it an art sea field. it is graduated beside you get in the long dated and comfortable fit with the round faceted gemstones up the side and back for a length and comfort.we have hand faceted
10:50 am
these gemstones that means it has been cut a clean ankle, thethat issue and shine. it is not annalist let necklace at 20 no fuss just put it over your head that is no class >>host: no clasp. if you are looking for gift, i want to showgraduated and a large gemstone that are at it. they are in the colors of emerald and extraordinary cashmere sapphire or regal amethyst. the agate. i think this looks like a membermber3
10:51 am
on a $30. this is notare the best shoppers the host at hsn we i have never seen this, that i have not seen this and i shot constantly. -- i shopitem #096-268 is the item number. if your shopper to hsn take a look at the graphics on the left of the screen, the toll-free number is how to order or our website to order
10:52 am
these goodies for yourself or as presents. we have a bracelet to show you in a moment, but before we show you that we have mother of pearl necklace. the blue turquoise colored has sold out, the white has sold out. we have a few remaining in gray and brown 1200 on in this hour alone it may be one of the best values from sonoma studios on the day to day, that could have been3 show stopper or today's special. i want to show you one of my top three picks of the show. i love natural organic jewelry it is beautiful and as a place in the market from what designers are doing. these look like little pieces of coral as it grows which gives it an organic look. i was shown to the bracelet as well as the necklace, the
10:53 am
necklace at this price i say ryan skip or 2 crop worlds to your computer to order they were they are now priced $17.95. i do not even know what you could buy at a grocery store that would look like this in plastic for that price but this is genuine coral it is one of the few organic gems from the ocean that have been used for years by designers in everything from tools in jewelry or ornamental purposes. length $17.95 you can double this in as a button toggle closure and it comes in three others. i love them together in a supreme cycle -- cr you get the
10:54 am
white, pink or not red 36 in. coral bamboo is out there and high end looks, i did thisry day fashion forward it is perfect for you to slip onc13 while you are walking out the door to make the statements >>host: if you buy nothing in this our trust that you should be on ordering. if you did not order the floral bracelet this will sell out it is almost 50% off. this is a have, you will love this for spring and summer you will wear quarrel with turquoise, the red will look great with black and gray. it looks like cinnabar >>guest: it is
10:55 am
keep hot you can see the details in the necklace each one of these coral branches have been knotted for its own articulation and french. i wish that you can feel the necklace, it is so wonderful to the quarrel has a smooth -- coral is smooth >>host: i am going to get creative, take two of them together like this, i you are ready? if you are watching you know what i will do twist this >>guest: that is adorable >>host: now you have them twisted
10:56 am
together and it gives it a whole new look you take the toggle feed them together and connect them and now you have peppermint twist look in coral around your neck, i did trust it enough to intertwine this but it is clever you can do this with the different colors. you will love this, it looks like creasivcle for sure have tammy callinghsn >>caller: hello, i have spoken with you before >>host: you have? i am privileged >>caller: you are hilarious >>host: i am just bill green, i should 2 comedy 1 de [laughter]. you order the showstopper? >>caller: yes, i
10:57 am
ordered the gemstone bracelet and hematite. >>host: wonderful, the one i am wearing >>caller: i got it in the two days ago and it fabulous, or the necklace to match >>host: speaking about this i would normally not where one with crystal pavé bead but i am wearing it upside down to show the men you could wear this. it is a must have for the girls. what you love about it? >>caller: like the way to update you can tell you are wearing something.3 it is very nice.i shop on liner lots and i cannot believe the prices and quality of this jury. -- lot and i cannot believe the prices and quality of this isvable, a
10:58 am
very nice quality and very nice things >>host: thank for being part of the show and for your compliments. she is sneaky, she found some good buys on it is a good kind of sneaky it is being clever.we have one more presentation this hour, and then we are moving into our second hour release showstopper is coming up this is 50% off this is amethyst, if you were born february this happens to be your birthstone. i love that this has a tribal look, it would look great with pearls or other gemstones it has a 3 in. extender with sterling silver and a lobster clasp so it is easy to take on and off. tell me aboutvprice necklace, we only have 300 >>guest: and as a
10:59 am
tribal look done with genuine amethyst is 18 in. necklace with 2 in. extended it that is sterling silver, the stones have been cut into and organic faceted shape so you can see it also has a tumble facet and has a soft facet for you to the shimmer and shine. it is hand on and on a silk cord you can see the details that is put into every piece of sonoma studios >>host: the first 300 customers that go on and add to a shopping and process their orders can have this, you must do it now. if you are not in hsn cart holder you should be,approved this will be reduced $60
11:00 am
down to $29 less $10. that would c13 $19.95 >>guest: 4 genuine amethyst >>host: you could not buy the gasoline to get to the mindst: [laughter] >>host: this necklace in magnesite, and it looks like turquoise and they are graduated beads. your choice of colors, and i would recommend it because this will be at the top of the hour, $24.90 this is the only item 156-until the presentation when you can order it now. incredible
11:01 am
showstopper from sonoma studios and we have been showing it for the lastyou something.3 want to find out how many of were presold, look these incredible colors a genuine gemstones with hand selected crystals, pave egg bead at the top of theet 600, every time we show it another 300 people call to order it and the black agate a beautiful black crystals and a tiger's-eye has the cognac or brown australian diamond color crystals and the amethyst test purple crystals in the pavés and the carnelian has tangerine collar crystals and the pink quartz, pink rose quartz, has rose color crystals. >>guest: 77 crystals sage one of those. pant they are
11:02 am
on a drawstring and i have been wearing hematite. they are a lot of fun. i would not wear that because of crystal but if it did not have a crystal our wear it. maybe we will design 1 like my jewelry bracelet that i wear. if you do not like the drawstring you can roll them on to your wrist. item 178-916.these are all hematite, a metallic gemstone and this has clear crystal and the rose quartz with rose colored crystals and here is black agate with plaid crystals and carnelian wet tangerine colored crystals and amethyst with purple crystalsr almost
11:03 am
chocolate brown when we first presented a bracelet like this and these are almost like like elbow macaroni, but they are like slabs of gemstones cut on the be strung together and have very smooth fashion to create the look of a bangle bracelet black agate, pink adventurine, turquoise colored magnesite and mookite. >>host: pink adventurine in painted collar you have probably ever seen before. >>guest: that is pink dreams stone. that color enhanced. you get those rich creamy swirls and there and that wonderful pink, beige and white. >>host: ry new and very fresh. if
11:04 am
you would like to visit with us, please do it by calling 1-866-376- talk and we would love hear your comments. she has redesigned the collection and we will get started with a beautiful hematite and gemstone 28 in. necklace that we have right here and it comes in the black, clear, a tiger's-eye, amethyst, howlite which is the blue color, the red are the yellow. these are the stones that are intermingled with the hematite which is a metallic gemstone. where does >>guest: hematite come: it is found in many places, some in america, some in south america and some in a shed and it is a gemstone that is bounkit mineral springs did is deeper than
11:05 am
mineral springs and you get rich gunmetal gray color and you are hearing about metallics for a long time and i have done this with a twist and you are getting a fabulous twist cut in hematite gemstone which reflects like a facet. this is literally a twist on your assets and you get c13 gunmetal gray and that metallic hematite and interspersed with those polka dots in between of the brite gemstone colors. >>host: did you see what they did? listen to the sound of my boys if you are not in front of the television and you are making it french toast. do not let the french post burn but they just put this down $10 and it is3 i have been in the museum stores where you can little gemstone than i have never seen a handful of gemstones at $14.90.where can
11:06 am
you purchase gemstones at $14?this is the magnesite. >>guest: howlite is turquoise color and sonoma studios is all about real real jewelry and bring us into your wardrobe and a layer this up with your turquoise. if you are a turquoise collector this will be a perfect layering piece and it is finished a lobster claw clasp in sterling silver. you can also put it right over your head. >>host: do we have all the colors? it looks like i am missing black. , the black ones sold out is what we have left. it is difficult when you do not see all of them in one place. this is red agate. of colors and this
11:07 am
is the red one and here is clear quartz, and it you want something neutral, you that gemstone separating the hematite beads which are the more oval faceted gemstones. they are twisted. then we have howlite and that looks almost sleeping beauty turquoise, and look at the yellow. >>guest: such a happy color. >>host: if you want the red and yellow you need to be, there are hundreds of you ordering at one time and we have the tiger's-eye and the amethyst and thank you for your orders. you can also order on and we have people holding on. we will be right with you. 6 c13 necklace. a
11:08 am
necklace? i do we have them ready to show? this wild. you are wearing this, melissa is wearing that with three of the pavé beads. gemstone colour joyce says the bracelet, a tiger's- eye, amethyst, hematite carnelian rose quartz, and the agate. these are honest to goodness fabulous. there are only 800 of these and if you have boarded the bracelet and you want the necklace, this will be the biggest conversation piece in your wardrobe and look how simple it says to put on. take the necklace and stretch it and it opens all the way up so you can rapid and their women who complain there is no one to hook up their jewelry and if you do not have a bracelet buddy you can do this. it opens up to 34 in.. it any
11:09 am
lengthy like. it is square feet, feminine,, and here is the sonoma studios magnesite sterling silver 24 in. necklace and i thought when we presented this in the preview it would not be around when we to this at $24.90 and we have both colors. i was almost right but it will be gone shortly. we will say hello to trish who is on live on hsn and she says that she makes her own jewelry and she cannot make it at these prices. that is coming from our customer that makes jewelry. >>guest: that what sonoma studios is all about. i work with a global team and i have a global sourcing team that works with me to
11:10 am
bring you c13 values, these extraordinary pieces that these amazing prices. this beautiful piece here, the magnesite necklace 24 in. at $24.90. it is an incredible value. c13 whether you choose the turquoise blue magnesite or the natural light, you are getting a fabulous look. >>host: it looks like ivory and you are not allowed to purchase ivory and you are not allowed to import ivory because you can purchase ivory and asian countries but you cannot it into the united states but look at the ivory and it looks like an ivory color and it looks like real ivory. >>guest: you get the natural matrix in there. it is fun to work with that natural why are you go with the turquoise color and you see the matrix
11:11 am
and the natural veins in the stones and imagine that white with an animal-print. l be stunning. and these are hand cut in this rondelle shape that is graduated and you have the larger ones in the front and going up the sides so it is very comfortable and graceful booking and they are hand knoted so each stone framed. you can see the full shape of the stone. >>host: but say hello tony in california. one of your favorite customers. >>caller: hello melissa. >>host: how are you,:you for being up this early. what time is it there? >>caller: it is 8:00 a.m.. it is not so early. >>host: and you ordered the agate necklace?
11:12 am
>>caller: that is so beautiful and i cannot wait to get that. >>host: the colors are than they look like the most beautiful faceted gemstones and enjoy that. have you shop with hsn pour jewelry before? >>caller: about 20 years. really like sonoma studios. it is stunning and i think the last thing that i purchased was some leaf earrings. >>guest: the agate ones? yes, those were great. >>host: >>guest: sonoma studios is that casual elegance california lifestyle, it is you but enhancing your look. >>caller: it is very inexpensive and i would expect to pay much more. of
11:13 am
what is so beautiful i cannot take my eyes off a bit. it is wonderful to speak to melissa and bill and i have been watching you forever and i love you. and i am grateful to be able to participate and where my jewelry and i get lots of compliments on it. >>host: and i want to thank you because i have customers i have been presenting jewelry to and even in traditional jewelry stores, and if i met you in person i would never forget your name. so tony, just say this is tony from california the next summit talk and even go on face book so i know you look like. friend me on face book, bill green on hsn. later and we
11:14 am
will chat. >>caller: take care. >>guest: thank-you, tony. >>host: she has been shopping with us 20 years. is our they are loyal. >>guest: and they know the quality they can expect from a hsn. >>host: here are the accessories that go with necklace. the bracelet and the earrings and you have never seen such a greatok beautiful with stark white or ivory or turquoise are black sonoma studios which is opaque gemstone that looks like turquoise and you order the white ivory or the blue e, bracelet or necklace. i know it is hard to imagine but these are $11.90. who likes a wider jewelry and more substantial jewelry because your wrist cannot bear something tiny, go on line and throw that into your
11:15 am
shopping cart and the sooner you check out the sooner you will finalize that order and this is a big opportunity. what can you purchase at $11.90? not even a box of rubber bands. >>guest: this is a big and bold look and a big statement and you get the segmented bangle n/a stretch so it is very easy and very fashion forward and great geometric shapes hand made in turquoise color or white collar. copper >>host: we have never this at this price before. i thought the bracelet would $24.90 and the earrings would be $16 or $17.ivory or turquoise blue magnesite is $11.90. that is like a loaf
11:16 am
of bread or a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk. in new york that would be double! thank-you for your calls and enjoy. i knew that would be very popular. we will not have a chance to present this. this is half price as well. this is gorgeous! why this on sale?people always a sale with a leftover product. this beautiful. look at these three strands. they are layered and if you look at the top strand how did you do this? >>guest: it is a woven in an exact pattern. it has woven around the gemstones to create that zigzag look, 18 in. necklace the shortest strand, and the the second one is 20 and the last one is 25. c13 hand knoted and handwoven.
11:17 am
>>host:this was $100 and is now $49.90. i would use express ordering. item902 and we are moving onto a mosaic ring and dangle which was a favorite last time.6 c13 have left for show. they are spectacular and i have only had one other mosaic piece like this and it was a bracelet and alyce caron and i were doing a show with them and we have about 3000 of them and it was about double the price of this ring and they sold out immediately. fingers to show all the colors. hoodie hematite showstopper that is coming out would be beautiful with the gray abalone seashell ring and these come in a choice four colors black white, brown and yellow. these are individually hand
11:18 am
cut, carved, and individual lead in late in the bottom and top of the ring. >>guest: 3 getting about 161 of these mosaic and 1 ring and mosaic is an ancient form of artists and work where you the small pieces to create a full pattern and it is about 0.75 in. and it is a high dome and a significant presence and their real statement and that mother of pearl you have that shimmer and shine. they have been polished and really worked on so that is very smooth and comfortable with no rough edges. it is light weight. you can wear this all day. >>host: you will put this on, and people will stop and what you will do, you will be
11:19 am
somewhere and you will not say a word and you will have your hands at the dinner table or in a restaurant or shopping and someone that is next to you will be doing this.they will be looking. you will see their eyes instead of looking at you they will be looking at your. when you admire this ring you are puzzled by how it is put together. think of the beautiful architecture in india where some of the doors and walls of the talks mahal are all designed with the most beautiful inlaid pile of gemstone. -- taj mahal. and even the bottom of the shank is created that way and they used a polymer to make its moves and you do not fill the spaces in between the tiles of the abalone seashell. last call on all colors, $17.90 and everyone loves these
11:20 am
pieces because of the prices and the fine gemstone, and genuine gemstones from around the world and we will have a small break. we are checking in with the hsn spotlight and lesley ann machado. >>host: i hope you are having a great morning. i want you to take of a great deal. free shipping and handling on all prestige beauty brands on shiseido, lancome, elizabeth arden and a limited time only and enjoy your saving on shipping until may 20th. take all listen to this little message and we have more sonoma jewelry after this. [commercial]
11:21 am
[commercial] [commercial] [reading]
11:22 am
[reading] >>host: hi have no crystal ball but i have a crystal bead on the bracelet and necklace you are looking at and if you have just us on hsn this is melissa van nuys from sonoma studios and this will be the hottest and the most popular showstopper of showstoppers today at hsn. i have this mind set where i can look at things and tell and here is
11:23 am
how because 1000 customers have ordered it and we have not talked about in detail. let me cover what you can order and how quickly you should be doing it.if 25 percent of an item sells out and preview that is an indication that it will be wildly popular. this is black agate and every in this piece is to anyone except for the beaded crystal pavé bead that you see upsides of the bracelet. is call the shamballa- style bracelet and there is a big story behind this. methodology and the lore and legend and they are fabulous to and they have the most incredible conversation pieces and often referred to as a friendship bracelets to the gods and use direct them to put them on. this is all handcrafted and everyone of these clasps are handcrafted. there
11:24 am
is hematite, amethyst bright tiger's- eye, black agate pink or rose quartz and i have always loved carnelian and they often use that for groceries. there art -- is the necklace that melissa is wearing. she will tell us the lawyer behind this.-- lore. this has 3 beads that are crystal and they are assymmetrical set.6 c13 if you are the necklace they are on the side of the necklace and a drawstring drops down the back of your neck like that. these are $19.90 for the necklace and bracelet are3 and the stretch braceletalternating at the
11:25 am
bottom of the screen. tell me this story about shamballa. >>guest: that is an ancientkingdom known for peace, tranquillity and happiness and the shamballa-style bracelets for the meditation or prayer bracelets and that is where this style came can feel it and run your fingers over it like worry beads. be your power bracelet during 2012. i am so excited about these. they are amazing and the fabulous look and an amazing value. your powerbeats of 2012, the shamballa-style bracelets will give you that these are all about meaning and how they make you feel. each of the crystal said beads haveeen set with 77
11:26 am
crystals and you are getting them and you will see the amount of pork that have been hand set and a circular3 around and very fluid and beautifulvand surrounded by a genuine gemstones. that is what makes these so great and powerful. >>host: joan boyce was the first one i saw that brought these to hsn. she won the entertainer of the year award last year and she walked in3 wearing one of them and now everyone of us at hsn are offering them from different but yours is the least expensive in genuine gemstones with a look of diamonds and gemstones in that little crystal bead and i will tell you to buy these for yourself and for gifts. they are so clever and they are intrinsically expensive looking
11:27 am
and they feel great on the wrist and you have the necklace also available and you have the stretch bracelet and i am crazy about this. when we get off the air i hope there will be a dozen left because i know five people who would love one of these. >>guest: be your specialties because each one has a man behind them. whether you buy them for yourself or a gift for someone else if i can go through the gemstones i will tell the meaning behind them. black agate, that has been known to foster protection and the amethyst has been known and is thought to help in and the rose quartz is the stone of love, carnelian is thought to foster energy and you have the tiger's-eye that is thought to enhance creativity and the hematite is for happiness and stress relief. each of these,
11:28 am
>>host: there are fewer 200 of the hematite remaining. we began this show and i know it is hard to believe you are watching hsn when i say there are fewer than 2800 left. of 95 million homes at one time. and at any given moment, every 10 seconds at customer like yourself stops and learns about hsn because they have seen us on them they have seen our show hosts and they are intrigued by that jewelry and our guests and a stop what you are doing and make the purchase of one of these bracelets and you will not regret it. it willch fun in fashion and like i said at the beginning of this presentation and a moment there will be 1000 customers shopping with us and there are 542 people on www.hsn.comvcalling our toll-
11:29 am
free number at the bottom of the screen which you can do it you are a new shopper. if you are a young person just learning about trendy and pawn and cool, yes they are and the only way to get one is to on-line and order 1 or call us. >>guest: they are very much on trend and you have seen them on celebrities. everyone is these. it is the updated power bracelet of the shamballa-style. i will show you how to put slide closure on and off. what you have back- to-back is a love knot slide closure and to put this on you pull it very easy and slip it and i like to hold with one finger here. >>host: it is easy to put on and if you have arthritis you
11:30 am
can use that bracelet or the stretch bracelet.i you roll that on over your wrist. we have these in a hematite and that does not look like if it does not look like a$100 gift i do not know what does. there is the pink quartz, here is the blacks pour fun and here is the carnelian and i know my mom would like this. there are two caretakers that take care of my in the morning and at night and i know that she will want to get these for her caretakers and it is 11:30 a.m. and they might be watching and they might know about this. if you are online at do not surf away, order what you want and over 2000 customers have and they are selling two and three and 4 at a time and pam in indiana ordered a
11:31 am
ring earlier and i am sure she will want a bracelet. do you will love our showstopper? >>caller:+ do. >>host: marie you like the drawstring are the elastic? >>caller: either one. >>host: are they not clever and expensive looking? >>caller: yes they are. >>host: you ordered a ring at the beginning of the hour. >>caller: i ordered the white and brown mosaics ranks. rings. >>host: i will show you what you ordered. they will look beautiful with animal prints. it is amazing how that in set all that mother of pearl and create a ring like that. >>caller: i have always loved mother of pearl of any
11:32 am
color. when that came on i knew i wanted that. >>host: think you very much for being part of our and being a customer at hsn and >>caller: i ask a question? is that mother of pearl mosaic set into resin or are those the actual colors of the mother of pearl? >>guest: the mother of pearl has been secured in resin anacs it is natural mother of pearl that has been color enhanced to give you those will see that natural r.r. borealis through that mother of pearl that has been color enhanced. whether it is the brown or the white or the black or the yellow. >>caller: they beautiful and i cannot wait to get them. >>host: i will give you an update on the showstopper. this- is the hematite
11:33 am
and it is completely sold out in the drawstring. is the stretched version sold out? in the stretch version item960 there are three left in hematite and if you missed out on the drawstring version, here3 amethyst, a tiger's- eye, black and what do we have left and each one? we started0 and we have 450 up tiger's-eye and amethyst we have 300 remaining and we have got plenty of these and we thought they would last several days but i do not think so. 250 for the entire inventory in black baguette and rose quartz we 400 and carnelian we have 300. that is a beautiful version.
11:34 am
and we want to give you an update on a couple of things. we have the bracelet and the necklace. we started with 900 in preview almost 800 pre ordered the necklace. i our customers6 c13 more bling and this has 3 pavé beads. the necklace not only matches perfectly back to shamballa-style bracelet but it has a great feature of the love slide clasp. you are stacking up that look and it is about mixing and and stacking, so do the same with your necklace that is 18 in. and that can be expanded to a full 34 in.. it is so simple slip over your head and reach back and pull that slide closure very easily it is on a
11:35 am
concord so it has a nice pension and it is not too hard. -- cotton cord.mine has stayed the same the entire time. it is pulled out a little bit to give a layered feeling. orange roast, a tiger's-eye, amethyst black and hematite. >>host: i do not know how you do this at $20. >>guest: it is magic! >>host: it is shamballa magic! abrashamballakadabra . how can you make this bracelet and necklace at that price? >>guest: it is all genuine gemstones with that 77 pavé crystals and sat on that bead had and a stack these
11:36 am
up. it is layering and mixing and matching and i am wearing mine with my watch. you can wear these with your existing and wear these with your watch and this is everyday beauty and glamour. you get a pop of shimmer and shine. that is what it is all about. stack them up and your wrist is an important place because you are seeing bracelets everywhere. these are meant for stacking and this is the stretched out. pot >>host: this is crazy!he 600 customers have already ordered the stretch bracelet and we have not presented it yet. christmas, hanukkah, birthdays, anniversaries, gets, a good report card get, and i visited greece a long time ago with my
11:37 am
s&p one thing i remember was the worry beads that are extremely common in european countries and they hang them on the doors and a whole than in their hand and they are meditating or thinking or praying, they have the beads in their hand and they roll them around and increase they are called greek worry beads and there are all kinds o'clock theories about them that they can make dreams come true and they can cure illnesses which is strictly lore. and janet is on the phone. how are you? do you love the showstopper and what color did you order? >>caller: i ordered the amethyst bracelet. i really
11:38 am
liked them and stones weren't so beautiful for that price. >>host: that are not triple a and amethyst but they are fun and purple and amethyst and genuine and at $14.90 you cannot buy a plastic bracelet. >>caller: it looks like there are variations in the colors which is pretty. >>host: they go from lilac to a deep concord purple color. >>caller: that is my son's birthstone. >>host: that is very sweet and sentimental. do you have any children? >>caller: have to others. blue topaz and opel and pink tourmaline. >>host: think you for being part of the show and we will
11:39 am
need to get some of those gemstones for the other kids!this is a customer pick and very popular from theview the stretch bracelet and did this come before the drawstring? >>guest: the drawstring came first and i wanted to give the option pour someone who did not want to with a drawstring closure if they wanted an easy slip- on the shamballa- style bracelet was first and then we brought the stretch bracelet. >>host: the hematite is sold in both bracelets. the tigers i will be the next one to go and then the amethyst and then the agate and express automated ordering is the way to3 we are approaching another 1000 of these have been sold as well and i kept these out here because when we last looked at these there were only 46
11:40 am
remaining. there are three dozen left of only this color, the black agate. everything else is gone. this is very nice because it goes with everything. >>guest: this will go with everything, your little black dress style shamballa necklace. >>host: 84 your orders online at an your phone calls and check out our expandedc13 of sonoma studios jewelry on and if you putther the image of today's special and our hsn arcade you well when the cash equivalentof that today's special. this is a customer pick and we will wrap this3 and about 1.5 minutes+ are sellingvand threes. at the gray hematite
11:41 am
and the black agate. if you want to find colors that look nice say years ago that brown and black would not go together. i love brown and black together. the necklaces sold out. get on the waitlist and when they come back into inventory we will send you one. >>guest: way you mix and match the colors says so much. if you take the carnelian and put that with a tiger's-eye, you will get a very tonal, warm but if you take carnelian and put that with a black agate, you get very dramatic look.end look at amethyst with black agate. or if you amethyst with
11:42 am
rose very fun and feminine and flirty and color plate is a fun way to mix and match and get different6 c13 feelings with your gemstones. york your power bracelets for 2012. -- power with carnelian are love with rose quartz. >>host: look at the black abalone seashell and the amethyst and the pink boat together.we will conclude this presentation and lesley ann machado is standing by with hsn spotlight. >>host: i hope you are having a great morning and my name
11:43 am
is lesley ann machado and this is our spotlight and we have great showstoppers at hsn with extra flex payments or a great customer response. these are the showstoppers for today. [reading] [reading] you can find all of the showstoppers on and while you are there checkout our march up * commitment to
11:44 am
raising and here is mr. guy yovan. >>host: we have two hours with our good friends that bonn appetit. one of the most successful launches up any product line out there because they are all and proven in the bon appetit kitchen. i have 1100 pineapple cutters. spin it around and it is done. you can fill this with what ever beverage you want and you can chalk this up. and we have a new deep fryer 1800 robotz of power. that is the most you can get in a13 appliance. --1800 watts.and and oil filtration system built-in. in a little trap door. you can clean the oil. no one has this
11:45 am
accept us. and chef ryan scott and mary nolan will be here.[commercial] [commercial] [reading] [reading]
11:46 am
>>host: hello and take you for staying with us. my name is bill green and i am here with melissa van nuys and you have outdone yourself on the shamballa collection. the earrings have not been seen on television. a complete sterling silver shepherd took that goes through your earlobe and the same dyed to+ crystal colors as the bracelets, and there are only 500 remaining which means that many of you pre selected these at $14.90. i am speakingo every woman in america who loves collections of jewelry, this is your chance and probably your only chance for six months to have the earrings. >>guest: it takes
11:47 am
awhile to get them back. genuine gemstones, sterling silver enhance that crystal. this a perfect everyday earring to give you that extra pop of shimmer and shine and glamour. i love to add that in my everyday fashions. sonoma and jewelry is real gemstones for real women. 77 hand set crystals on each of those beads. finished with a sterling silver ear wires so anything that touches your skin is that6 c13 metal. and these go with the bracelets that we just offered. think about adding earrings to complete your look. i love how they dance and twinkle and move and shimmer and that last of shine but it is not too much so
11:48 am
it is a good port every day. >>host: you can buy more and save on and shipping. if you ordered the bracelet, and necklace and earrings you will save 50% on standard shipping of jewelry that you order today going forward. mary is calling. -- it is >>caller: have a daughter named melisa. >>guest: you have excellent taste in >>caller: i got the carnelian. >>host: why? i love the oclors and i love how it goes
11:49 am
from orange to yellow. >>host: very summery. colors.your daughter what is her favorite color? >>caller: pink. >>host: there is a pink rose quartz. thank-you for being part of our show. thank-you for calling and thank- you for all of calls during our presentations. we are moving onto this at half price. when i see something like discs -- like thisthat is our final
11:50 am
presentation with melissa ben is, as our final 100 customers have pre order at 50 percent off, and they come in one of 04 colors and this is my favorite. >>guest: this is a peach dream stone and you get those very rich peachy creamy colors swirling together and it you picked up the carnelian this will look beautiful with that showstopper. agate, and moving on you have the turquoise color blue howlite, and last but not least you have them mookite. these have been handcart in these segments so you have a stretch fit that is easy to wear and put on but you get an endless and you have that big
11:51 am
and bold bangle. we love that fashion forward bold and chunky bracelet and they are stretched so there is no worry about fit and they are comfortable so they will conform to the shape of your wrist and they are nice and substantial. what i love about real gemstones is that weight and there is nothing like their real thing and they are carved in that shape to fit together perfectly. >>host: are cut by a lapidary? these are hand cut and polish. all the years in the jewelry business i have never seen a machine that can spit gemstones and a perfect shape. >>guest: they must be fit together to make sure that
11:52 am
angle fits to the next and so they make a small adjustment to get that and let us look. >>host:love these colors. mary who called and a few moments ago who ordered the carnelian, i thought it would be interesting to see how that looks the yellow mosaic ring. >>guest: it is a very and sorbet feeling. >>host: please use express automated ordering and this is reduced by 50 percent and i think the best colors would be the black agate and the howlite together if you wanted the concept of 2 large bangles and they are not fixed so if you have arthritis it is easy to pull-on over the rest. we have a live chat comment and
11:53 am
peaches has said she got showstopper and she is excited. if you are on live chat i want to know what color you ordered. she will respond right now. there are four colors customers have called to order and these are 50 percent off and these correct or christmas presents. >>guest: that our stretch so they will fit almost anyone.6 c13 >>host: i have had so much fun and the last hour and 55 minutes. >>guest: i get to stay all weekend.3 am going to get a tan. >>host: but do not do not want to look like an alligator when you leave here. you have been watching this bracelet holder. you get to order one. it
11:54 am
is zippers time i have ever seen any of our show props translated into merchandise. -- first-time. it is great for your bangles from joan boyce and heidi daus. and r.j. graziano and carol brodie and it you have a large, chunky bracelets, look how you can organize this and you can see them at a with three different tiers and they experiment with them at $24.9400 customers have called to order these. get3 for large bracelets on one bar. you can display these so
11:55 am
that when you are getting6 c13 everything is visible. this is one of the most remarkable things and i think i am premiering this today. it% lucite bracelet hold darker that makes organizing your jewelry so easy. bracelet caldero. that is coming up at the end of the hour. that was not clear to me. guy does put
11:56 am
the bracelet tried on the display. -- i just put the bracelets on the display. these necklaces r.j. amethyst and they are a very unique contrast of colors. this is unique for tumbled and polished gemstones and i know that we used to have other colors but all we have left is amethyst. we had orange agate and smoky quartz but the amethyst is an purples and blues. we do have the other colors. poti was sitting here and i thought we did not have the two colors but they are on my wrist. i do not think i slept very well last night. goofy
11:57 am
goofier than usual.that is fabulous. you can see all three colors and they are available and they are new and this will be back on monday atcarnelian and amethyst and they are large nugget necklaces and very popular already and i thought these were sold out are brand new and back by popular demand and our model is wearing this as a layering piece. you will enjoy wearing that as one of those pieces and you can connect with another small bracelet if you want to lengthen that. it does not have an extension chain but it has a sterling silver lobster clock. there
11:58 am
is the amethyst and the smoky quartz.we do have our showstopper and amethyst. if you wanted to wear the showstopper bracelet that was $14.90 you could do that the amethyst version of necklace or the carnelian that we have as well to go along with that and this is our showstopper and have the matching bracelets at the bottom the screen item 097-08 court. -- 097-084.thank you for joining us during two hours of sonoma studios and if you are on its own right now for these or on i think the amethyst will be the first one to sellout of these three colors and we want to thank amy for modeling. you
11:59 am
always look fabulous. sometimes you work late at night and early in the morning and you never look sleepy. thank you for being up so early and being on time! [reading] large snug it's of great gemstones. -- largestones. we will be joining guy yovan in the kitchen with bon appetit with their appliances and kitchenware. i will see you 6:00 p.m. tomorrow until midnight because i will be the host of hsn spotlight tomorrow and do not forget to order your showstopper, the drawstring bracelets that have been very popular call the shamballa bracelet and a variety of colors still remaining and it is something people
12:00 pm
will be talking about. your orders. i had fun at shopping with you this morning and until i see you tomorrow night, my name is bill green and here is guy yovan with bon appetit. [♪ music ♪] >>host: hours chef ryan scott and mary nolan is here from bon appetit and we love these folks we had the privilege of watching this line earlier in the year it was one of our most successful launches. but the products are tested and approved by the bon+ we have a great lineup this hour we have a brand new deep fryer is waiting for you with power. we will talk about that in a moment.we absolutely love this collection. i want to remind everyone quickly when ryan
12:01 pm
and i get together and show the pineapple cutter is sick. use for this into the pineapple you'd call all the way to the bottom, and what do i do? >>guest: like a wine opener you just pull this guy just like cell and you are done. bit pineapple done. how quick is that correct? >>host: 1000 of that and you can use the pineapple shelf we are beverage later. we so many products, that is a customer pick.- the pressure cooker is here, i love the pressure cooker if you get good results in a fraction of the time. 4 flex expires at the end of the day free shipping and handling on everything in our show. it is energy- saving and it is fun you get the slow coach flavor and a fraction of the tide. it is called digital, no mistakes. --cooked flavor in a
12:02 pm
fraction of the download the application to chat with us. what are you going to with your pressure cooker? what is your favorite recipe to make in+ pressure cooker? join our you will love it. we will start off with the best value of the day i had your deep fryer it is the most powerful the best capacity in the easiest to clean you will love this. will be in your house in a week, here is our today's special. [♪ music ♪] >>host: every great restaurant at there has been a deep fryers, because you get great speed and convenience. the delicious factor is mixed in. is the best value of the day the 1800 5
12:03 pm
liter capacity deep fryer from our friend the poet appetit tested in their kitchen to be the let us start top to get to medium baskets said you can do wings and one side or paupers and the other. you can do a french fries one and fish in the other. also that the extra-large capacity baskets a you can to homemade deep-fried chicken. the capacity is huge it five leaders is the greatest capacity that we have -- 5 liters,this is a heating elementou put inside. it rests near the bottom not on the bottom so it will not turn the food inside. it is all about control and you are frying we have built-in thermostat to those on the back of the unit just like this and connects onto the back like this. and they put your basket inside.we give
12:04 pm
recipes, cooking died, at everything he could possibly need. --cooking guide. you want to usual oil over and over because it is expensive, this comes with a spit sought in drain might whale and use it over and over again.if there is a little trap door and that is all you need to know.chef ryan scott is here he is from top chef and mary nolan is here from bon good friend ryan scott, i have not see you in a while it is good to see you. we always have fun. this is fun and functional, it is the best capacity, i love this unit. if it is not a chicken wings, this is 4 gourmet fried chicken, fish appetizers. >>guest: this is my
12:05 pm
favorite chocolate stuffed doughnuts we are not talking about chicken summer is not around the corner you will be the best dad in the world would you make beautiful chocolate stuffed donuts with caramel on top. mary nolan is going to dust that with some padded sugar, the zebra beautiful. -- they are beautiful. look at the chocolate, it is boozy and drus $24.90 under a credit card and we will ship that out with free shipping and handling on every item in the next two hours, that is great. >>guest: recovery
12:06 pm
time that is 18 w of power and this amazing deep fryer and does this right now, i just pull the donuts out and now i am going to drophe fryer. the recovery time is small, no waiting in between. >>host: people did not know the difference it is about the power how much power the and it has. 1800 watt is as powerful as you can get and the countertop appliance, it does not go any higher. that is why i love things that attested in the bon appetit kitchen, you guys start with the best, that is why get great results. look at these chicken wings. >>guest: we tell you how to cook chicken wings, >>host: you have to have at 2.5 does not wings in there. if you look up clothes that are crispy and perfectly cooked. on the back
12:07 pm
of the units (...)frying i worked for restaurants for the as before i into the television think the most important thing is temperature control. you have to reach and stay at that temperature and ordered to do that you have to have power and wattage that is why you have a great recovery time and great results. the oil will not century into the food is kept at the ideal temperature, if this goes up 375 degrees. you did not wanted any higher, the idea a temperature is 350 degrees. >>guest: we give you an instructional manual that comes withis no's lousy the frying time. donuts and 2-4 minutes. you have the power button and the ready button
12:08 pm
>>host: that is when people make a mistake! the food and before the temperature is perhaps, -- high enough watch what happens when you drive this in.vfrying is immediate >>guest: i just put the chicken wings out and now we have shrimp >>guest: i am doing all sorts of fried vegetables broccoli cauliflower, carrots. these are our mac n spring rolls i cannot take credit for them. >>host: mac n cheese roles you can do this, look how do we gooey >>guest: that is mac n cheese and there is the best small base that is a queen bey say you can make
12:09 pm
yourself with five cheeses, inspiration is the key to cooking what ever you were to can find this spring roll wraps in the store. guy yovan as having mac n cheese >>host: he is having dessert.we are 25% more our quantity for the day it but let me tell you why this machine is is loaded with features, the 5 liter capacity is huge i can fry some food! i do not want to fry one things, i want to have a party. i love the timer. and has to thermostats for accurate temperature, that is everything. it does not stay on the bottom of the units of the little bits did not get burned your oil.
12:10 pm
speaking of oil, you can drain it to the spit it and use it over and over. put fresh oil in there every time, we have to reduce the oil. it does not break down, you could is up to eight times before you contingent >>guest: and their -- change itand the restaurants i have a huge industrial fryer i have to take this big it and use 8 strainer n/a teas cloth, this is a built in. it is all done the filter is inside all done for you >>host: use express ordering i will come over to chef mary to see what she has going on >>guest: stuffed olives >>host: i heard about sauces stuffed olives. rubies are not everyday foods, it
12:11 pm
can do any foods. -- you can do all kinds of food.3 get the crispy exterior any better than and ed deep fryer, it isc13 stepping up the oil because the temperature is right. it cups faster than oven, you could fry chicken breasts that would take an hour and a traditional oven. -- fried chicken and20 minutes. this will make breakfast lunch, dinner, we have been done a today's special with bon appetit or a deep fryer with bon appetit.these guys test everything they use restaurant chefs the guys and gals that know what they are doing. $24.90 to get this stone. >>guest: here at
12:12 pm
snap --$24.90 to get this home. i have onion3 look at my shirt. >>host: i am going to take this out of the oil, i put them in 2.5 minutes ago and they are coconut prestige trip. and oven it is 40 minutes and you keep up flipping them. these have been out for 30 seconds, they are golden brown there is no oil dripping off because of the temperature temperature and that is what you get here.look at the texture, it is flaky and perfect the cooked in 2 minutes. there is a there is a reason restaurant tab deep
12:13 pm
fryer years. do it, for family get-togethers. when you break this out it will deep-fried i made mac n cheese sprinkles i am going to try something else. some pickles you have your power button and ready button they are already dubbing. >>host: do you hear thatthat is what i am talking about. that typical p love >>host: 1800 watt is powerful unit -- is
12:14 pm
the most unit if you want to add to your party this is the way to do it. it is easy to clean and operate. the instruction booklet will give you the times from the go call our testimony line. what i remaking next? >>guest: i wish just on with adam freeman and we are making fish and chips. here is a potato it is super ... i slice this on thevmandolin and that is a great way to make potato chips. i have this great halibut >>guest: >>host: that is like a wanton trumpet >>guest: a in the low
12:15 pm
shrimp >>guest: this is 5 leaders of oil you can cook with, i looking to things at once -- 5 >>host: f yours does not bubble like that it has lower power and a recovery time. that means that when you cook something and take it out you will not have to wait for the oil to come back to temperature before you can put more food in. the machine knows when it is the proper time tore is no will know the temperature is where it is supposed to be but your foodown to
12:16 pm
100 and you will have homemade deep- fried doenitz coconut shrimp, the best buffalo wings.stop ordering out buffalo wings >>guest: a pub it will cost to $16. you can make your own sauces, food is so much fun is about lifestyle cooking, and having fun. we are excited for a reason. >>host: we only have 10 minutes remaining on this presentation know you've always wanted to own a deep fryer. bon appetit as l launch we have had have seen their magazine and what is in there the people who advertise in magazines are all up here.people came to be featured in bon appetit magazine.
12:17 pm
you cannot find this anywhere else, it is the world launch of the deep fryer and it is amazing. this is h.r. 0, my son makes me by these every time. churro is a fried pastry with cinnamon on the outside. it is dripping or greasy. they are all right. >>guest: i knew that would win you over >>host: you could not do this with other antivirus >>guest: and we made this at home. you can have the kids cook with you. bring the family together. >>host: give us a call is $24.99 on your credit card we will ship it out with no shipping and handling, we will pay for this to be
12:18 pm
shipped to your, you will have it in one week and you will be using it the day that you get it. a does not matter what type oil peanut oil is a great one. you couldolive oil you can but it is more expensive. people say you fry and olive oil, but of course you can it is up to you. >>guest: you can hear this is great and fresh. it is sitting here in greece. this is the way food should be, it should be the list is like this, enjoy it. >>host: publisher you what you get and what makes this machine different. we will show you the features 5 litersif you are going to fry, then fry. i want to do a large amount of french fries or a chicken wings. you have a
12:19 pm
safety laid on top you a channel so that the baskets can be covered. 2500 are now gone.but the large basketball -- you get 1 large basket and 2 small baskets all done in stainless, the inside the unit is where the bread and butter is. here is the heating elements it goes all around the loyal, you have to temperatures controls not one. you haven't actual timer -- you ha ve a time, and temperature and has a breakaway magnetic cord if someone walks by it will pull out, he will not worryabout falling off the counter.with
12:20 pm
1800 watt recovery time will be fantastic it does not go any higher. that is the ties that it goes. -- that is the highest that it goes. you just pull the spit it out, it is coated cast iron and then you are straining, then you can cover your oil and store it. the filter gets the stuff. not want. u-haul hav six minutes -- wehave six minutes left. can i try an -- picklethat is a deep fried spier ready to go
12:21 pm
>>guest: you can even and deep fry gorgeous crabcakes like that's. >>host: i haveakes all over the place, some people and fry them that i think best is deep-fried. it is not and greasy, that is the difference >>guest: that is because we can control it >>host: we have a chatter that says we are going to fry yucca >>guest: it is not yucky it is really good, it is a starch >>host: is a fine member of the tuber family >>guest: look at your knowledge about the yucca
12:22 pm
>>host: i said to my friend-this is fry season, at the beginning13 season is memorial day. that is when people with the wings and appetizers and the fresh fish.if you have a piece of fresh halibut, or snapper you put a beer batter.6 c13 to town. going to get a fork >>guest: i will give you some 11 in. it is nice to acid on that.adam freeman a plates of this. >>host: i bet he did. >>guest: you cannot go wrong with a great beer batter you know where the fish comes from tissue get it from the market you know where the better comes from because you have made it. it is
12:23 pm
delicious i will walk around 484or a tour >>guest: these are fried peanut butter and jelly and damagesandwiches >>host: are you kidding me? those are amazing. churros, mn urgent serving @ tiana desk for the desert with chocolate sauce. scallops in bacon and a traditional oven will take 40 minutes to cook because acid it crispy but what happens is your scalloped over cups. -- over cooks
12:24 pm
>>guest: there are spices and sauces and the olives >>host: good night everyone that is crazy! so good!.can we show the fried chicken? >>guest: look how moist >>host: [laughter] >>guest: lookout crispy that chicken skin this >>host: we have three minutes left for the lucky people that are getting this. we have the famous mac n cheese spring rolls that are so good inside. you get the recipes with this as well. fried vegetables wontons, homemade adata chips. >>guest: out about crab cakes? they just came out super delicious than great. i am running out of room to put more >>host: deep frying
12:25 pm
is quick easy efficient it will save you money and a long time because you are not using the energy read your oven you can makeches of food for your family. you have a big anniversary party, people are not drawn to the fried food because it is done properly. it is not saturated it is amazing. one payment of $24.99 and we will ship it out, it will be your go to all spring and summer. wait until the6 c13 and holidays, and you make your guess deep-fried appetizers. not only thateasy! there is no guesswork when you had a system like this with the thermostat control and the ready lights the timer recovery time, lean
12:26 pm
oil >>guest: clean oil is the best part, in my that the 17 steps. he did not have to do that here, we are not using3 or cheesecloth, we are doing this on our own.andy our frying everything. >>host: with the people on the telephone we are getting really busy, we are going to add another minute to the clock. this is not the frying ec and the convenience store, this is from bon appetit. see where it says bon appetit on the front? that is a badge. this is what people want to own it because you know and has been tested and approved in their kitchen and has stood the in his restaurant industrial style and capacity at 5 liters
12:27 pm
is huge, try this out for 25 drive around for 30 days annual love it. is that fried ice cream? >>guest: they are barely fritters -- >>host: we will be at 3000 sold during this airing, grab it was you can item 185-000. in the last 50 minutes we have done and chicken wings,s, coconut shrimp, up poppers,3 chips, fried fish, shrimp wonton, vegetables at mac n cheese spring rolls, the best fried chicken you have ever had in your life fried
12:28 pm
artichoke, look at all the food.we have fried peanut butter and jelly oh the humanity! i put this in my mouth so i did not have to keep talking. about $50 off a set of cookware? i love is tri-ply clad you get the best benefits aluminum and stainless emeril's tuna lifetime with free shipping and handling. the show has free shipping and handling. this goes up $50 at start ordering now. we will check in with lesley ann machado and the hsn spotlight >>host: i am so
12:29 pm
jealous, all that good food going on over there.welcome to this is your guide to all things hsn.guess it who is here country music start- turner -- josh [commercial] >>host: this is so exciting is the exclusive of his cd punching stick around we have his live concert here on hsn friday 9:00 p.m.. you can join us on face after the show, you can only do that if you like a son facebook. it is a celebration
12:30 pm
of america on want is happening here. l] [commercial] [commercial]
12:31 pm
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: [laughter] are bodice be like to chat this. look at our shirts, we did not call each and we are both ready to chop down trees [laughter] cutter, if
12:32 pm
you have not seen this before it is legendary. the price is ridiculous it is under $20. you will be slicing and dicing your pineapple's like never before, we can see this. it is a huge customer picks. here is what he does cuts the top off the pineapple, he positioned on the top and then he turned it to the rights, when it gets to the what he does. there it is, don. >>guest: the best part is does take the top off turned it over and you done you can do ranks -- do you know how much you pay in the store? >>host: look what is left covert you can make a cocktail and enjoy a drink.
12:33 pm
anyone can do this. watch me this cut off the top you can use this for decoration here's my and my pineapple cutter if you have a whole and teeth just push it over the center and start to turn anyone and everyone can do this.1000 to go around, it will sell out in brief earring just like it does every time we bring it here. >>guest: bet over it overyou can chalk this up. >>host: you can topchop this into now is the time to
12:34 pm
order what you can. we have 100 already ordered, i have five minutes to show you this and it will sell out.we are going to do a challenge. one will do in the traditional way+ >>guest: you go to the bottom and pull it out to the side. you have fresh reduce. i take the courtreand i steam it would price for pineapple rice. -- i take the court and i put it in the rice steamer for pineapple rice. >>host: the chef is going to do with the old-fashioned way, i will use the pineapple cutter. i will wait for you to take your lid off. we are starting you just pop it
12:35 pm
in and turn that is body to give >>guest: i spent a lot of money on education to do this just a you know >>host: i am going own, and now i am pulling it out.i am almost finished.i am done. what are you doing? you are still working their body. i have rings >>guest: have >>host: you still have to take the coreout. it is a customer pick. the you have a smartphone? it could order with that. you can go to or call us, just order.when decor and slicer for you at the supermarket is a fortune -- core and slice >>guest: my father
12:36 pm
was a produce manager people were smelling them, that if you pull one leaf and it pops out simply you have the freshest pineapple out there. go like this, if it pops out easily then you have the best one. >>host: take a nice pricripe pineapple take the top off you save that for decoration later you take your pineapple cutter and sensor it give it a push, you cannot really make a and then you turn it is slicing and coring down to the bottom that is all you need to and and i pulled the pineapple out speed that i went down so low i the cork out as well. you can use that as. and then you just flip this over like
12:37 pm
that >>guest: cake you can make pineapple salad. ok how simple that is. i have adding to go to a few this will be perfect. >>host: i have just a couple hundred left gramm is why you can. only two minutes remaining. if you want this, grab it. the information is a customer picks 8 740¢ remaining but i have 300 people in the ordering process, you can do the math yourself speed up >>host: if you have never tried anything from hsn and you want to try something from hsn, this
12:38 pm
would make a great wedding gift. this would be good for your wedding party >>guest: have a wedding in a few weeks and this is coming with me >>host: read the reviews on see how excited we are. we are just a couple of guys cutting pineapple >>guest: you can make for saute does cut it up a little more, if you could have pineapple salsa i took this yours and made kebabs, that are phenomenal. when the sells out like it does every time you need to be on the line right now. not, you will miss out. wrap if you loved it, it is a huge customer picks on you will love it. we also have our mixing bowl set to that you will
12:39 pm
love, here it is. why is this so different from others? >>guest: because it is stainless steel and beautiful the entire sets, but it is the silicone bottom. you will set it down and i will be able to west at the same time i can talk on the phone. >>host: a customer pick. this is chef's was smart, they make things like this. if you what the spatula and read it will sell out first -- redyou have wooden handles it is classy and sophisticated in you will absolutely love them. over 500 of our today's special have just been ordered, i am so happy for you, you will love it.4 flex payments of $24.99,
12:40 pm
everyone wants a great deep fryer. item #185-000.6 c13 break, at top down centuries, and we will be back with a pressure cooker. [commercial] [reading]
12:41 pm
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >> pork shoulder is one of those things that are so flammablflavorful and easy to make. you put it in a pressure cooker with seasonings and liquids and vegetables and herbs, but down the top set it and forget it. one hour later it smells amazing, it is the best product out there. >>host: welcome back everyone we are continuing with great results in the kitchen. i was here for the launch of
12:42 pm
the pressure cooker and it is fabulous, such a great back to hundred pineapple cutter is less -- 200 pineapple cut as remaining. i love this because it is the best quality it will save you time energy and money. all of the flavor and a fraction of the time. do pot roast corned beef on st. patrick's day, beef stew it cooks and a fraction of the time. the pressure goes in and tenderizes the down the cuff cuts of meat, it cooks faster. this is a digital pressure cooker is basically foolproof you cannot make a
12:43 pm
mistake with this. you will take your bbq ribs that would take two in an oven and he will be less than an hour, the flavor and if he used it is all digital on the outside. we had it at $129.95 you can break up the payments into flex payments. and like everything up else in the show we have free shipping and handling. we have chef ryan scott back. had a blast last time, this did phenomenal >>host: we've love the capacity in the 7 quartz it is 900 what we want to know your favorite recipe is for the pressure cooker >>guest: i love to cook everything in the pressure cooker after i did the really side bought a few and gave them as gifts, they do everything in them.we use it at the
12:44 pm
house, it has you can start this at different times of the night >>host: black, gre en red blue, orange >>guest: ribs can take up to six hours these do not even stay if they are falling off of the bone. my restaurant and catering company as we take a huge crackpot and slow cricut on tops -- crockpot and slow cookthis took less than one hour to make these, by the time boys are
12:45 pm
saying they are coming over to watch the game you can have these already ready. the bones are falling off, it is crazy >>host: slow cooker 4-6 hours and slow cooker is about 45 minutes. that in it. you will have fall off the bone tender. >>guest: i will take the backside of the tonka this is great louisiana style.g boys like big >>host: you can put your noodles and drive you add the moisture that is what helps to cricut >>guest: -- helps cook it this is one of my favorites i got the most e-mail about our show >>host: you can make
12:46 pm
these, you will get the recipes they are impossible to mess it at the dozen has built in checks and balances. pressure control is maintained it will always be tender >>guest: it stays warm for youthis 7 quart nonstick pant comes out, i can pop this into the fridge. no spoon to let this fall out beautifully. delicious mac n cheese. yovan >>host: is a cheesy? [laughter] i love it, i have to have a little bite. >>guest: if you are
12:47 pm
in a rash you have no time your children are asking you what is for dinner -- frozen chicken and that came right out of the chicken in it is not a problem when you have pressure cooker you could make chicken statutory and 23 minutes when it comes up to pressure. by the time you call the pizza man you could have a meal in your pressure cooker. it has cut removable lidthat is not comment, usually if they are over here and you are trying to put in them. i am going to stack at legs at the bottom, whatever vegetables you have do not go to the grocery store >>host: stuff that he will throw away you can put in there, you have an
12:48 pm
onion and carrot >>guest: this is dried pasta, i did not have 7 pots going and the stove. take the marinara out. >>host: not mess with this, you could stir in it but it does not matter if you could put liquid or stocks >>guest: but he did not have to, the chicken pie it will produce its own stock, you can make your own with out sodium you just lock it down unlocked. you have beautiful events where biscuit is you are going to seal it is just too and they can start your dinner. we
12:49 pm
digital display, we will start clear and then i will set it for 20 minutes. we are trying to do this backwards. what happens is it is set, red light is on. here is the trip, when it comes to pressure, what is happening all the steam is building up with a sauna when it comes out you will have a meal in 23 minutes. >>host: you have your chicken vegetables at some sauce and toss the and 23 minutes to are done. >>guest: this is what i love, it is the condensation capture. but this reminds me of my grandmother's home
12:50 pm
she was using6 c13 pressure cooker and the water was going all over the floor, this is what catches it on the side. display that does everything for you here is your sous chef here is your sidekick that to it for you. it keeps warm that is the great thing about it, when it comes up to pressure. we have to release the steam this is the esteeming facial is not your old grandmother is one where and steam were going everywhere. we have father's day and memorial coming up. that is barbequed pork >>host: tender >>guest: that is carolina style pork but pan and toss
12:51 pm
it with barbecue sauce. we will make a slider >>guest: this and it has a keep warm feature you will not have to worry about getting home in time or overcooking.this should be in everyone's kitchen i look like a bon appetit kitchen in restaurants >>host: is so easy and foolproof. i want to make family meals as sending meatballs and chicken territory or pulled pork, it just put the ingredients and add liquid and set the timer. that is its. in a matter of not ours your mail is done. not hours and
12:52 pm
your meal is done. we have seven minutes remaining i wanted to hear from the food editor with bon appetit listen to what he has passed to say [♪ music ♪] >> today it will be making beef and r pressure cooker what i love it gets hot enough to sear the beef it will take 50 minutes to build the pressure and the steam will break down the fiber of the beef. this would take two hours on the stove it will take 20 minutes and the pressure cooker. you want to keep your vegetables thick and the pearl onions pole saw they will stay together as the meat is breaking down. 15
12:53 pm
minutes and it will be super tender. >>host: the you have an italian wedding going on there >>guest: these were leftovers in my kitchen, these meatballs in my kitchen. itminestrone with rob pastalaya and spinach and vegetables, the 1 cardi had in my kitchen we gave you the booklet at bon appetit you have recipes to be inspired. they are tried and true from bon appetit >>host: you will love i want to show you everything that you android choices we are limited in certain colors. as everything in this so we have shipping and handling on everything in the hour. this is easy
12:54 pm
to open and close its twists to and that it locks. fault digital control in the front of the unit based on the amount of3 that is all digital you will not worry about it. c13 is sealed and lock you cannot open it. here is the release valve, seal it went correction and release the steam in the other. it comes in five colors,blue oramge black red we also have great recipe books online as well. in here you would normally have to soak those overnight. >>guest: dried beans, and 30 minutes i the
12:55 pm
beautiful baking dish set is super killer great. this one is my favorite, it is the chicken curry. canned beans should not be in your existence especially when you havesure cooker you do not have to open a can you make it fresh and you know what is inside. >>host: curry chicken would be another edition may not want to try without a pressure cooker >>guest: i havesome chopped bacon on the baked beans we used to do spoon bread my dad would just dumped corn bread in the chilly he would not a spoon, it is delicious. jet icaria out, it is delicious. if you have ever bought stock is expensive and can and we did not know how much sodium is in there. i an entire chicken in here,
12:56 pm
>>host: that is a large chicken >>guest: by the time i did the pressure of really large ticket it took 25 minutes, it is falling apart. i have homemade stock and vegetables you can see how tender and juicy when i testc13 kitchen. this is a spoon. meat flakes off, it is to see. we are down to the final minute, you can even bake desserts in here >>guest: you can do rice at it does everything. i made a beautiful cheesecake with one of the appliances that come with it, the rack. in my kitchen and we put in the steam table way you can
12:57 pm
eat it right out of the pot like the ideal man is. this cheesecake comes out and coaxed perfectly with a little bit of berry on top. you can do desert breakfast at anything with this pressure cooker and it will not let you down. >>host: free shipping and handling on everything on the show if you bought everything on show any is flex pay you could be $200 peryou will have all of these appliances. taking advantage of it is $32.49 to send this home, and you will love it. you cannot make a mistake with pressure cooker, it will save you money. our part blender is coming upshown this in the visit. this is what you need for you will use
12:58 pm
this everyday. frozen drinks, recipes, dressings.e any pineapple cutter is left? we have 150 remaining. sold about 1000 in our airing if you want that it is customer pick now is the time to grab it. also our best value of the day is flying out the to 3000 are. i want you to grab this is our 1800 watt dual zone triple basket fryer it is huge the most part you will find any way you can now go higher than 1800 watt speed that you have to get that for under $100. there are only 200 of the knife set that say i paid half
12:59 pm
of that 41 chef's knife. that is coming up opportunity to team up with hsn it seemed like a thing we had to do. >>host: this took- a long time develop our partnership. we would love to hear from you.give us a
1:00 pm
call. it is our today's special and we would like to know what you are making with your power blender, fred smoothie, salad dressing and check out the live chat this is not too long ago and it was a huge c13 because you have unmatched power and performance and a huge power 1.3 horsepower engine with a blade dual-action -- 8 blade and the bpa free coke polyester jar and you can add things and while you are blending. -- co polyester jar.and you have blades going into different directions. that creates a more tax that sucks the ingredients down
1:01 pm
toward the motor and huge gaps increased blending. it is mixed up amazingly. it is simple. you have the high and the low- speed and the pulse button and that is all you need to know easy, and not confusing and color choices are red, black green, blue. here is our networks and take us through this a way that these blades work that food. >>guest: you can see on the animation there are the 8 counter-rotating blade. 13 being kicked high and usually with only three or four blades it will be stuck in there and push against the walls and the four blades, a top come
1:02 pm
back down again and that is what you want the 8 counter- rotating blade that give you a vortexes. that is 1,000 w powerbest emulsions and the best dressings. >>host: that is how the blades at the bottom goes one way and the top goes the other6 c13 one place is the coupling with the motor. this is metal and this is a metal and you get a great connection that will not burn up. >>guest: most blenders are plastic in that area. this isesh fruit juice. whole beets and climbs and carrots and everything is rock.
1:03 pm
-- limes all raw. show the power of these 8 counter- rotating blade. look at the board tax that fruit juice. we are making a smooth the. --ex. -- vortex.have body. you do not want to lose all of that. my father bought this last time i was on and he is making all this pressure juices right now. it is delicious and fun and you see that report tax. >>host: this is a large capacity. 5 leader. liter.
1:04 pm
>>guest: owl wanted to show you the power of this blender. it makes the most beautiful smooth margarita. >>host: this is 1.3 horsepower. is why you great results. c13 salad blended drinks milkshakes, >>guest: i will show you something surprising.are all coffee beans, and once thousand watts of
1:05 pm
power counter rotating blades will grind coffee. you do not need a separate coffee grinder. this will grind coffee and it will shred cheese. i am on low- speed right now. and pulse. -- >>host: i have never seen one that you did not need to agitate. it is going straight down the sides. >>guest: i have ground coffee right there, and any grind that you like. there is nothing in this. >>host: i challenge you to find a been that is not a groundout. think it
1:06 pm
is perfectly ground coffee and i have not seen a blender that can do a coffee like that. >>guest: i will show you the power.e this is strong. here c13 fresh, delicious to make good use with skins and what salary. -- with celery we will pulse on high. if that is not power thanen i need to go somewhere else.look at that does not matter what i put in there.
1:07 pm
put the lid back on and you have fresh, a delicious tomato juice. my parents are on the road right and they are traveling all over the nation and they are fresh juice every morning. >>host: the orange 1 will be the first one to sellout. may i try that? >>guest: we talk about grinding coffee beans and making fresh juice and we have eliminated two products you have in your kitchen right now and how about a cheese grater? this is parmesan cheese. i will make a vinaigrette caesar dressing out of this. look at that. >>host: it does not
1:08 pm
require any scraping. >>guest: these are snowflakes. crack an egg in here. and as i have some vinegar and garlic and dijon mustard and we will make some caesar dressing. >>host: use see how it starts out slowly and it speeds up and watch this. >>guest: in just a few seconds, we have made an caesar salad dressing. just like this. >>host: if you have the right tools you can get great results. >>guest: whole tomatoes and onions and molasses and i am making barbecue sauce from scratch.that is
1:09 pm
and you can control the chunky style it you want that. delicious fresh fruit smoothie out of fresh apples celery mint and spinach.and once you push the button there is nothing else to do and you have made a fresh smoothie drink. look how simple this have low speed, high speed and pulsing. and it has a light so you know it is off right now. let us make a milkshake. you will not find a smoother milkshake. it is going. there it goes. there is our
1:10 pm
. and you have gaspacho, we have this and this. this is my breakfast and my lunch and my dinner. >>host: we will check out what is going on in the spotlight and the mixing bowls are coming up, a great customer pack and week showed them one time and 100 were sold 1-5 qt. capacity and you get all five of in these colors and only 300 to go around and that is any color two flex payments. free shipping. we have spot light coming up next lesley ann machado.
1:11 pm
>>host: welcome to hsn spotlight and pour the best and high- tech turn to where we have incredible product and savings on electronics every weekend tonight at midnight we a new today's special acer 17.3 hinged lcd quad-core 4 gb ram quad-laptop computer with a customized skin. check out our showstoppers while you are there and here are some for today. -- 17.33 carroll opulent opaque lapis and sapphire sterling silver ring item 178-141 with 3 flex payments and at 8:00 p.m. with suzanne you have appetit
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tri-ply plaid stainless steel 8 piece cook set item 156-602 with free shipping and four flex payments. and you have the vipre antivirus 6 license separate and you can always click on and check on the showstopper tab. i have been wearing diane gilman jeans all day and they are so comfortable.-- 6 set. [commercial] [commercial]
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♪ music ♪ >>: 1 of the strongest qualities is a function with beauty and we have tri-ply and we have power blenders and what they look beautiful at the same time. >>host: i am with chef ryan scott and there is no more important tool that you can have in the kitchen then a set of knives. you can go out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on well-made knives and they have something in common german steel, high carbon steel is the best. before we came on their ryan scott looked at me and he said this is a very great price for these knives. let me
1:15 pm
show you what you will get. you get the knife hardwood, and you'd get a chef's knife, -- blockand a delicatessen knife and a carving knife, and a paring knife, and honing step to sharpen all those snipes. and a pair of shears. i would spend $100 on any one of these knives and you get all of them at one low price of $89.95. c13 are beautiful. >>guest: tang goes through top to bottom and great grip.if you have never held a knife before we will tell you how to hold a knife. you see these
1:16 pm
knives. and you have the scissors that are great and that is home steel and forged blades from top to bottom bolster is important when working with a knife. riveted handles and not always look for certain things knives and that is full tank and riveted handles and the type of steel and i sharpen my knives on a regular basis and they are forged steel and a giveaway at $89.95 with free shipping.only 220¢ to go around ideal father's day gift. >>guest: kids can go together and buy this kit for dad. house and we can put this on the counter and it looks gorgeous. this is
1:17 pm
the chef's knife and you want to use it all the time and you have a bread knife. least $100 and it has of the curvature to make sure you do not hit your knuckles and it goes right through the bread. through a tomato like that. i am letting the knife go right through and i love these years. this is great for lobster tails. and they come apart and they are easy to wash13 should be about 20 or $30 and you can do this with salads or with lobster tails. >>host: this is your bread and butter knife and i use it every day. you see how thick this is. you want this to be very that because it is the foundation of the
1:18 pm
knife and you will be sharpening this side. it almost disappears and that is how shark that is and it will take a great blade because it is such big steel. gorgeous and this knife is worth $150 and we are offering the entire set we have a one-year subscription to bon appetit magazine $12 on 12 issues, 80 percent off the newsstand price. i have a couple of magazines i love for cooking and this is one of them.bon appetit pictures and recipes and everything you need to put cook is in there and 80 percent off the newsstand price. we have
1:19 pm
mixing bowls for and if there is not a more% important device, i do not know what is. first you will get five goals one through five courts. -- bowls. quarts. look at the size of the role lip. n when you are pouring, you can see how large this rolled lip is. nonskid on the bottom. i am moving the entire table with that and the largest down to the smallest and you get all 5 and built-in measurements on the inside. they are etched onto the inside of the bowl.notice what the
1:20 pm
chef is doing and he does not have a towel under here. must quit the towel and spin it into a circle and lay the ball on top of that. -- bowl. but that is not necessary with these balls. bowls. vam making a whip cream. i can use these spatulas. c13 and put a strawberry on top. >>host: 3 p-set spatula set is also available 10 black red, green and blue. this is $59.95 to get the entire set of mixing bowls.
1:21 pm
they are nesting balls. -- bowls. perfectly flat when you receive them.-- the orange is going very fast and also comes in green red, black and blue. we have300 in each color. >>guest: wonderful gift. i can make a vinaigrette with one hand and i am adding my herbs at the same time. and i will add some a guyot. pinwheel will make an emulsified dressing right in here and to be able to do this our wish i had had this and culinary school. do other things. >>host: a beautiful
1:22 pm
vinaigrette and you made that with one hand. >>guest: it can handle the heat and i am doing something called a bain marie i am melting chocolate. this is great for father's day. a great price. >>host: it is time to stock-up and this is a great price. you get a set of five stainless steel mixing bowls with built-in in nonskid base and a larger role lips all perfect sizes one two, 3, 4 and 5 qt.. read the reviews of this on, 4.4 star customer pick and without the little ramekins and here they will all be level.that is
1:23 pm
how they will actually stacked. we have 200 left in red. we will spend about one more minute on these and we are becoming very busy. people need a new set mixing bowls and they all match and they all do the same thing. melt some chocolate over the top and you do not need a specific role to do this. it will handle all of these stores. can do chocolate dipped strawberries and the bull will not move around and i have a delicious little fun desserts right here. >>host: i'd just turn your put cream into butter. we will spread that on toast! even from the distance we are moving that mixing bowl. -- bowl. we
1:24 pm
turned it into butter. spatulas >>guest: utensil in your kitchen and working with bon appetit you want to make sure you have the same colors that all match. graters and everything we have it has a nice can hold onto it and this is dishwasher safe and you can remove and put it into the dishwasher and your wooden handle goes right back on top and this is great for and sugars and this is beveled. have you ever tried to get everything out of the corner? use this spatula to get all of that. this one
1:25 pm
and it will save you money it will give you 2 more tablespoons of mayonnaise and mustard at the bottom of the jar and when you are done throw it into the dishwasher. >>host: only about 2000 of these to go around in blue red green and need a great spatula. if you put your spatula into something and it burned, these will stand high temperatures because of silicone material. >>guest: i leave these in the pots and pans and they will not melt.have you ever had eggs with a side of plastic? it is one of the worst things in the world. >>host: these have beechwood handles and removable tops. i do not the beach would handles into the dishwasher but the silicone will go into the dishwasher it is high temperature safe.
1:26 pm
nat0104said that he bought the spatulas and he loves them. he was on our live chat. need mixing bowls to date. next airing of our today's special is coming up in a couple of wok immersion fryer the most powerful countertop appliance you can have because you cannot go higher than 1800 watt.chef ryan scott and mary nolan will be here with bon appetit magazine. let us check out lawn and garden. >>host: these are
1:27 pm
shivering chandeliers you can use indoors and outdoors and inside is the magic. this is battery and it means you need not plug it in but you can move it anywhere is totally portable and did you are a tailgater you can take on-ear tailgate party and only 1000 to go around. and we have our spray-n-gro micronutrient complex and pistol sprayer and here is what happened earlier the pistol sprayer totally sold out and this is the only place to get that pistol sprayer that makes the micronutrient go on so easily.we have some great home solutions chapter that. here is a little more of great things happening at hsn. [commercial]
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[reading] >>host: welcome
1:29 pm
back and wecontinue with our bon appetit to our extravaganza's and our best value of the day. this fryer will do all types of frying for you. i was in the restaurant business for many years we will meet ryan and a piece seconds and he is in the restaurant business as well. we would love for you to call us. 1-866-376-. what makes this so special? comes with. the lid keeps everything from spattering. get three baskets you get the large one for families and large events like wings and fried chicken and large pieces of seafood
1:30 pm
also give you two of the medium baskets for deep fried chicken wings and 1 and fried pickles and the otherother and they will not mix together. goes all the way through the cooking oil and stays about one and chop the bottom so it will not burn the bits and pieces and ruin your cooking oil and you have to thermostat is speeding the information to the unit so it at the exact temperature that it is indicating at the top and this light tells you when it is ready. where it says 1,800 w power that is the most power you can have on a countertop appliances and when you take something out and put something else and it will come right back up two temperature and that is the key to frying
1:31 pm
is thermostat control. the baskets fit inside and we give you our recipe book that gives you times and temperatures and very easy torate and simple to use with lots of safety features the breakaway electric cord. and these are easy to clean. if you go on the front, there is a spigot right when you want to remove the cooking oil there is a filter built-in and that will strain the cooking oil and you can put that into a container and you said over and over again. free shipping, a world launch and you will not find it anywhere but hsn with four flex payments under $25 and let me introduce you to chef ryan c13 your next restaurant is opening in three weeks in said francisco and chef
1:32 pm
mary nolan is here.we discuss this. this is not only for chicken wings. >>guest: frying is fine. and when you have everything that you need, the detachable heating element has a timer and a temperature gauge and it has a power button and the ready button and the green light will come on and you know it is time to start frying. i am talking about donuts with chocolate sauce on the inside. maybe he your children have a sleepover at your house and want to be popular? it makes some donuts with chocolate sauce inside and put some butterscotch on top and you have made everyone happy. + powdered sugar.
1:33 pm
these are amazing. >>host: we have these recipes and some of these recipes we have cooked here are in the book and this is what you can do that you cannot of and and you must deep-fried these and look at what is inside little bits of chocolate. >>guest: and chicken wings, we have father's day memorial day and other events coming up. and when we are cooking, which agitated so nothing will stick. these are chicken wings a party in a basket. he you see how crispy that chicken wing is? these are gorgeous.and you did it yourself and it is so much cheaper to do it yourself and you cannot make a mistake and you pop in and when it is golden brown is done. a double order
1:34 pm
of chicken wings is 10-$15. >>guest: ask grocer for a good organic chicken wings and brent great barbecue sauce and i do not care if it is sunday and there is no game, this is a game on a plate. >>host: we just remove the chicken wings and look at the top of the unit and it will tell you when they are ready light is ready to go and we will fry some onion rings and we are ready. >>guest: give them all little motion. recovery time 1800 what is very fast. -- watts. look at the great price we havebe $150 at midnight.
1:35 pm
>>guest: this is one of my and two of my food trucks and san francisco voted the best food trucks, these are matched and cheese spring rolls. -- macaroni and cheese spring rolls. able to fry 3 lbs. of food it wants. -- at once. >>host: this is a huge capacity.when you want to make homemade fried chicken is so great and when you want to clean the oil it will go through the filtration system and you pull the spigot and khoret off into a bowl and refrigerate it. -- pour it the
1:36 pm
restaurant we use the oil over and over again. >>guest: this is the way the professionals do it with a double basket and i have pickles and mozzarella sticks. >>host: i will check in with chef mary noland. you pay lots of money and pants the asian restaurants, tempura style, these are regular beans. >>guest: 0 over here we have some assorted dim and i made some cocoanut shrimp. >>host: you cannot get those results in the oven. there is a reason that every great restaurant has a great fryer. you get that great
1:37 pm
crunch because that is cooking 360 degrees always around. 6 c13 sold 3000. >>guest: you need the right tools for proper frying and this will give the results you cannot get with any thing else. >>host: you can do this yourself. if you have always been afraid of frying, and do not be because it is very simple because bon appetit has taken out the guess work.having that temperature reading between 350-375 degrees and you get the frying time booklet. [reading]
1:38 pm
we have homemadechurros of petit choux dough. we are using the scissors from the night set. >>host: you know those fancy things that they sell at the fair?re not expensive. -- knife set. >>guest: take these and put them into cinnamon sugar like that and toss them around and this could be breakfast. when you come to california i will make these for see how steaming and beautifully cooked all the way through because i knew the correct temperature. >>host: when you are frying, it is
1:39 pm
fun and these are like little donuts and these are the things you can do. mary nolan just pulled out the deep- fried pickles. look what mary did these are fried sausage stop collaboost -- olives. macaroni and cheese inside the spring rolls.t do this in the option. nearly 3100 of these already gone. >>guest: mashed potatoes from the day before and mix it with some cooked
1:40 pm
bacon and cheddar cheese and i rolled them inside the spring roll3 them and have twice baked potatoes spring rolls. give us a call and we would love to hook you up with one of these that are simple to operate an chef mary nolan is making shrimp and rice paper. you can make the greatest orators and think about3 events coming up. c13 labor day memorial day, father's fourth of july, these are the holidays you want to have fun and all these great and this can open up a great new world for you. we might spend four $5 signees when we go to a it fair. -- on these.look at the texture. and they are so good. .
1:41 pm
>>guest: thise recipe for fried chicken.6 c13 the booklet. we season the chicken the night before and we let that sit 24 hours and the players will penetrate the is dipped in buttermilk and it is seasoned again. that is the hunter louis away. >>host: what did you put in here? >>guest: cauliflower, carrots zucchini and a great way to use those summer vegetables. >>host: use express ordering and we are very busy right now
1:42 pm
with 3000 gone and about one-third gone for the entire day and if you always wanted a fryer, all the bells and whistles the safety lid and the breakaway score and a thermostat.and the heating element does not rest on the bottomttle bits and pieces will not burn in the oil. that is an intelligent picture and they put this to the test along with mary ann ryan -- mary and % have a giant portion of the onion rings here. this is enough onion rings toserve four-five people. >>guest: 2.5 dasher 3 lbs. of the onion rings. and listen to that crumbling.that is crunchy and delicious and you can pride chicken and cornflake crusted
1:43 pm
fried chicken. on one of our trucks. >>host: the timing is in the booklet. you can make fried chicken and all those recipes and we are making some of them here and we have good recipes on line and a deep fryer cookbook and about halfway through you can turn the chicken over and it will tell you how much to put in here. five -- liters.and you can clean it whenever you want to. >>guest: and we can tell you times and temperatures and it is the chicken that is raw and the and cook on the outside, there is nothing worse than that. -- raw in the middle. just get this book13 fried chicken right here, it is phenomenal. >>host: i want to
1:44 pm
make some fried mozzarella. we will put all sticks in here because it is one of my favorites. and my son's favorite. they are in a restaurant. pop them in and that is what i want to is frying and recovery time and they are cooking as soon as you put them in.i give them allcosts and you will have some of the best fried mozzarella you have ever had. shipping and i will guarantee we have probably fried $400 worth of food there restaurant cost and we will start with chef mary noel 1 and she made homemade donuts and you can purchase this window at the regular supermarket or you can do it yourself. and we have these
1:45 pm
that you will fry and they will have a crispy crunch when you open them up, mini egg see how flaky that is. that will not happen what about the pricing. you have wings and calamari trimmed wanton cocoanut shrimp, fried mozzarella, french fries, shrimp wonton fried of los, fried 3 zucchini broccoli, -- olives. >>guest: you can use the biscuit dough that buy in a refrigerated section. pop-out the hole and you will have a great doughnut. >>host: we will turn the chicken. and is my fried mozzarella done? >>guest:
1:46 pm
give them 30 more seconds. crispy onion rings. >>host: and look at the underside, they were fried at the right temperature and they are not filled with greece. my hand is a dry. you do not see lots of+ hands because they are fried apple right temperature. t on a burger. -- at the right temp. >>guest: we had the timer and temperature and they are crispy on the outside and we will toss them into sauce. and crisp and delicious these are. >>host: i want to show you something.his. how yummy is this? would
1:47 pm
you look to server that? it is so hot i cannot hold it. >>guest: you have a swimming party coming up and company coming over and it you are in charge of the appetizers i made this with smoked mozzarella with bread crumbs on the outside and you are saving money and having a good time. >>host: we will fry these and rice powder and they will cook very fast probably in one or two minutes. watch that recovery time and here they go again and that is what i want to that is an industrial fryer and that is what we are working with. you >>guest: conceived as fried chicken and its crispy all the way around and it is not done yet but it is getting crispy. you see how gorgeous that will be and we will put that and and let that habits cooking time.
1:48 pm
>>host: if love fried chicken that recipe has been in your family and you are using a frying pan and you need a lot of oil in there and it is messy and nasty, do not do it that way. >>guest: i just pulled out a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. it is3 peanut butter and jelly. look at the donuts. you have scallops and bacon going over here. 3200 gone and that is over one-third of the quantity for the day. $25 vinoplex
1:49 pm
payment with 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and send it back it you do not like it but use is not only chicken wings and french fries but for all big gourmet recipes you read and gourmet magazines. you get crispy results and if you get a good food fryer, it will not saturate your food. need 1,800 w and you need accurate thermostat control and that is what bon appetit did when they made this and that is why it is such a great machine. in0 minutes you can do fried chicken that would take 1.5 hours in the oven. look at the crust on there. >>guest: perfectly cooked all the way through. this is
1:50 pm
what chicken should be moist and delicious and steaming. >>host: i put these shrimp and about one minute ago. you take them out and let them drain. i will grab a pair of those pongs tongs and i will pull them out of the food fryer. come in close and look at that schrempp and see it is not greasy. it is not drip pan and it is evenly cooked on the entire surface and everything is done and if i cut into this, with a fork, you will see it is crispy and the texture, and looked inside that is perfectly cooked and
1:51 pm
you do not see any grease because it has been perfectly fried and that is everyone's great concern. if you go to a fancy restaurant or to drive through we do not know what kind of oil they are using and some people cannot consume peanut oil. you can choose the oil that you want and you can use any kind olive oil if you have the money for it. t oil or sunflower oil and you do not want to use a walnut oil are flavored oil. >>guest: you can save that oil because of filtration system that is draining out all the particles that make food bidder or cloudy and give it a bad taste. i have paupers and fried pickles. -- poppers. >>guest: i put some
1:52 pm
salt on this and when you shrimp it has a caramelized flavor. that is amazing. >>guest: and listen to this basket. >>host: they are crunchy. >>guest: they are we going all around and we will put some starter sauce on there. -- tartar sauce. you will not use this every day of the week but you will love that on the weekends and when you have parties. of july and you want to make the children something really good. even you go and buy prepared things it will always be better in the fryer men in the oven. >>guest: chris penn
1:53 pm
delicious and we are dropping in fried oysters right after the friedc13 wings and onion rings. 1,800 w. and stainless steel outside. it is beautiful and easy to clean. we will show them the heating element. >>host: there is a detachable magnetic cord and if it gets caught or tripped over itfallout and it is not stuck into the wall and it will not pull the unit off the counter. the element goes all the way through and it comes all the way back and it will heat cooking oil and when it sits on the bottom it has 1 in. on the bottom because bits and pieces will get down here and you do not want the element to burn the pieces on the bottom and make the oil taste bad and there is a
1:54 pm
filter filter built into the bottom and that will keep all the little bits inside the unit and in the front of the unit that little spigot on athe oil into a container and save it and that makes it clean and easy and you will use that oil again and again and a few purchase this product today before midnight when it will go up $150 we took $50 top prize. go away and the flex payments will go away and at under $25 you will get this home and chef ryan and chef mary is going away.
1:55 pm
>>guest: these great shirts are going away. you will love this recipe book. fried chicken and fried pickles and cocoanut shrimp and lime and chili sauce. at under $100 i challenge anyone to find a unit like this with 1,800 w with a triple basket system and a 5 liter capacity and anyone doing this $100 you will not get the quality and you cannot find this anywhere except hsn and our exclusive world launch first today's special fryer with bon appetit. and this name is what you are looking for.
1:56 pm
this is the name of quality. they do not sell this anywhere else. it our partnerships with bon appetit and tweet test c13 it goes through6 c13 kitchens and the testing phase. hunter lewis tested thisat chicken recipe is the bon appetit brand. people know you have a great brand and they know what you are talking about when you are cooking with bon appetit. and that chicken is good. >>host: nearly half gone. if you want and you want to enjoy the e is what is that? >>guest: fried ravioli stuffed with crab. >>host:going to deep fryer
1:57 pm
jail! >>guest: these are made with lobster and crab and shrimp and you serve this with marinara sauce and this is so good and fun. that is what fried food is a wayabout. churros, fried ravioli fried vegetables wings, onion rings, fries mozzarella sticks, cocoanut schrempp, wrapped shrimp calla amare, fried green beansbutter and jelly sandwiches fried. fried zucchini. peanut butter and jelly
1:58 pm
are a bit input pin cake batter end fried. -- pancake. >>host: if you want one of these you need to be ordering right now. we will show you what makes this from other units and the capacity is huge and the 1,800 w is huge and the easy cleaning is huge. we give you a choice of one large basket or you can use the two smaller baskets. you will not find this anywhere else. free shipping and flex payments go away at midnight and the sale price away at midnight. now's the time to order one of these and you will use it throughout the year and frying season is here and you will love it if you do a right. you need the right food fryer. >>guest: you need
1:59 pm
1800 watt to give you the right cooking. they probably only give you one of these.i have made fried pickles. this is and everything platter that cost me very little. you can% make tempura base for that. and i have fried oysters.fried chicken, fried shrimp fried pickles, onion rings, chi bacon fried calla coconut shrimp, recipes are included, and you are back at 5:00 p.m.. you all do a great job. ! join us later and we will have more great presentations with all of our thing


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