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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  May 18, 2012 8:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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76][co:ta=001f8fbf][54f0] 3 >>host: let us show you some video of what is this hour. check this out. [♪ music ♪] >>host: tonight you are coping with confidence knowing the most prestigious magazine is behind it all. --cooking. light through the lens of food. that is a wonderful e-a-life. bon appetit magazine for those of us who want to be a chef we want to cook more confidently we love food and% restaurants and they celebrate all of that. you will see that exclusively for you and hsn. where are we starting? think about
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birthdays, slumber parties, get- togethers and have wonderful fried food done right. i have something to share with you about this fryer. not only is the price incredible and the free shipping and four flexpayments. this is the most good for fryer we have ever offered in the history of hsn. -- goof-proof. from fries, mozzarella sticksthings you will see tonight.but you do not want the mess or spend money on oil it all ends right here. let us talk about another awesome item. if you want to get creative, how about your chopper? blender, a town of tools in your kitchen you will never meet3 and-a-ton. you only need the immersion blender. this was on
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the air at close $90 and tonight this visit only weflexpayments. $30 off tonight. this is our last look coming up this show. that means the price ends tonight. this is like having your favorite sous- chef there for chopping mayonnaise salsa smoothies. it is amazing what this can do. and this one is not going to last long. we save this for this show is called the everything pan. what you are looking at is a price break from $89.95 today basically 50 percent off. a gorgeous tri- ply clad 12 in. stainless everything pan it is also on two flexpayments and we expected to sell out early. i have exactly 900 to go.i
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want you to search on the internet and put in the word plaidclasee what you would spend for and then you add6 c13 ply. this is amazing. this set was saved for this show is a phenomenal eight piece set. this visit only which means the price ends shipping. and then five flexpayments this show only. so you have to hurry. in ladply into the internet you will realize what an impeccable value and quality you are getting today with bon appetit cookware. >>host: just the first two items by themselves is more
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than the cost of the whole set tonight.a retail value of almost $375.and a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. for the cost of a couple pizza (...) have a lot to get into. we have our guest who is from bon appetit. but first we are taking one of the last couple looks at our best value of the day. bon appetit has made frying and goof-proof for the first time here it is. [♪ music ♪] >>host: with confidence and knowing the number one most prestigious epicurean magazine is behind it. c13 belief is a life through the lens of food in you can
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explore that with their first kitchen today's special appliance fryer they have ever done available at hsn. when launched bon appetit in january at hsn is one of the launches' we have done in the culinary world. today we have the fryer. 3 first thing you say fryer, i know, i cannot do it. we love fried food. this is by far the most simple, cost- effective and goof- proof fryer we have ever done and the most versatile by far. we are down to the last show.we have one more airing after this free shipping flexpay. your chance to get the fryer you have been waiting for. i am a big fan of the gentlemen joining us ryan scott brings us all the bon appetit items and mary nolan i am
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a huge fan i loved the fourth season of top-chef you have to restaurants (...) >>guest: san francisco plus a couple food trucks a of a catering company. >>host: you spend a lot of times in the renowned bon appetit test kitchen. >>guest: it is the best kitchen in the world. they have been around since the '50s, 35,000 recipes online, on books. being a part of bon appetit is being a part of a lifestyle. the lifestyle is bringing great things. since we have been with you guys in january it has changed about how people cook and eat. i got stopped on the street from
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top-chef now they are like bon appetit dude! >>host: people say fried food we love it. we have an american love, southern-fried chicken to gourmet. but we hate the mess and you have solved all of it. >>guest: we have a heating element in front of me. this is like your sous- chef and if you do not know what that is imagine your sidekick in your kitchen. it will do everything for you.% we have done everything for do, right here is a timer. you think why do you have a timer? we recipes and we have a scale inside. we put it inside the pamphlet to showying times for donuts (...) [reading] what you do is set it to 350,375 and this is the coolest
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part the power light comes on. have you ever fried before? and it did not turn out well? my dad love you, a chicken golden on the outside and but if you had this and the power and showing you it was on and then it shows you what it is ready when it turns green. what we are doing is not only cooking precisely we are cooking to the exact time of what it is supposed to be. >>guest: >>host: this is the most goof-proof fryer we have ever offered. we love southern-fried chicken one of the best things on earth. chicken wings! it is just the beginning of how early it is.thing of food back here. and by the time we are done these too will
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cook it all up. i love what you have done because they are different,whole made doughnuts and a lot more. >>guest: i made a homemade dough kni batter stuffing them with chocolate. imagine the kids they have a bunch of friends staying over it you want to be the rock star. that is molten chocolate doughnuts in the prior are talking chicken wings, check this out. get excited about this. sorry it is the last hour. these chicken wings they are soggy or overcooked or too much oil. you know why? i get the precise time. i knew the power was out. the chicken is super
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chrip. >>host: why this is important. --crisp >>host: >>guest: this universal cooking method you have 1800-watt which means you are cooking universally all the way through. you have time to come back and it bounces back to a super amount of strength in the fryer that is for the household. this heating unit is what makes everything perfect. look at these chicken wings. on the right side a beautiful barbeque sauce. >>host: let me show you the capacity which is amazing. first, the biggest basket will hold 3 lbs. of food. what they did that is even you get to of the 1.5 qt. basket. when you
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have warned that has this kind of versatility and ease of use you will end up using it a lot more. feeding a crowd of, go here, but if you want a small group go here. get three baskets total. this is the part everybody gets excited about explain how this is a ton of money. >>guest: i also want to show you look at the (...) because it is 1,800 w, in just secondsif you have a normal fr up the heat. this heated up. check out the spot on the front. it was genius from bon appetit to think about everything when it comes to reserving oil and saving oil.go just like this. take it out of the front, simple.
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and please make sure it is cold oil when you do this that is safety. turn this knoboil comes out simple as that. the best part is the filter. we have just strained the oil. see right here? right there is the filter. that is what savesall particles and everything that makes your oil tastes bad. this catches all of that. thissoap, water in the sink. put your oil in the refrigerator. you are finished put this back, you have friends over?6 c13 out the oil, plug it in. >>host: the lights come on you cannot do for it out. >>guest: --cannot goof it.
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>>host: s is going to filter the oil to use it over and over again. they build it sold the pieces from frying to not get burned. --do not. >>guest: i went from these great chocolate doughnuts (...) >>host: and they are not greasy on the inside at all. >>guest: the dough is cook evenly all the way through that is because of the precise cooking. these are macaroni and cheese spring rolls which i do in san francisco. we do that with a bechemel sauce.take some macaroni and cheese and a spring roll rapper and put them down. --wrapper
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drop them they are done in three-five minutes. beautiful chicken wings here. these are holder carrot and beet-- home-made and they are fresh and delicious and different. >>host: what is your favorite feature?to make fried food, this is essential is the only way to get these results. this is the one designed with the home cooking person in mind. to have successful results. timer, temperature gauge, easy to use the three different baskets. >>host: what do you have going on? >>guest: artichoke hearts and snap peas. >>host: the whole point being used to different baskets
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for two different things. >>guest: right. you do not need to wait for it. >>host: how many of you have gone to a nice restaurant and what do we always by when we get the appetizers?we love those mozzarella sticks wonderful jalapeno pop purse. pers. why do we treat ourselves to fried food? because we do not do it at home. you ever done anything on a pan?it splatters everywhere. and there is the lid which we have not shown you yet. we are doing it open to see what we are cooking. the lid goes over it is safe and easy to use. >>guest: the lid goes right on top. it is sleek, the stainless steel and the cool-touch
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handles are great. to lift it and move around. if somebody shows up with a bunch of friends, immediately you can put this together it is not setting up something and building a whole apparatus. we inspire you at the same time talking about we have got recipes in here that we include with bon appetit which are phenomenal.from our fried chicken recipe which is stellar and the best you will have, to all the other grades dishes they are all in here. >>host: fish and chips with paragontarragon and vinegar. fried pickles.fried chicken. salt and vinegar potato chips. usually we
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spend a fortune for the that the stores make them yourself. think about what you save in the long run to not buy things that are pre-made. >>guest: d buying things you could make yourself. these scallops are 10 of them per pound that we wrapped in bacon. the great thing about this beach dryer allows youmake things that are fun and not from a package.deep fryer. it isc13 these macaroni and cheese spring rolls. look at that machen cheese! >>host: notice you do not see grease. - serg-- and cheese >>guest: i have been making them for 16
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hours now so you can have one. >>guest: it is just fun, different and a really good time. think about summer,pool parties graduation would be signing autographs all day long just with macaroni and cheese spring rolls. >>host: we have about nine minutes to more look and it is done. it is the right fryer at the right time but only today. we also have four flexpayments which is amazing. remember we are shipping it to you for free. i thought that was incredible. and we took $50 off of our hsn price.if you have wanted a fryer or you have one that you have not used get one and try it yourself.
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offered a more goof- proof fryer ever. all the lights tell you when and how. there is a timer. are frying right you do not get the bad results. >>guest: people think it is6 c13 healthy. you can choose what oil, soy, extra virgin olive oil, canola. choice you want and at the same time you are not saturated with food because you are cooking it precisely. 13 see right here these just came out. look how golden tan delicious they are and look at the snap coming the macaroni and cheese. it just came out of the fryer. -- and and gold anden and
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it is not even greasy. >>host: 3 been cooking up a storm what do you have? >>guest: fried zucchini. i love it in the summer because there is tons of zucchini. broccoli cauliflower, carrots. your kids will eat them this way. >>host: my all- time favorite. we all go to the fancy restaurant and what do we order on the appetizer menu? still going. perfect. there is no grease dripping out. delicious and crispy on the outside. >>guest: calamari. more vegetables. french fries, a
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shrimpchurros. >>guest: have more shrimp in pastry and deep fried artichoke hearts. so good! >>host: if you go to the amusement park and you get those greasy churros but it is so good. this does not have the non-greasy part. >>guest: these are my deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in pancake batter. we have dipped them and pancake batter. this is pretty much naughty gone wrong.
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i am going to sit thitake the same pay cake batter and deep-fry some oreos have you seen the onion rings i just brought out? they are crispy, crumbling in my hand. super golden and delicious. >>host: we are going to say look to cookie from texas. >>caller: you said the same thing i said peanut butter and jelly? it looks like it is so easy to cook with. >>host: some of the features you like most? >>caller: everything. i got in old-fashioned fryer with a basket and this one makes it look like i will
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be the best cook in the world. >>guest: wait until you start doing your barbeques outside and you can put this next to your ribs outside, hush puppiesfried catfish,13 you will be the hit of the block party you had better call me back next time. >>caller: my son is going fishing (...)keshihe catches fish hello! i am going to have to come over it and eat some fresh catfish it is delicious. >>host: thank you sweetie have fun. >>caller: one question, do i put any kind of oil? >>guest: that is up to your preference. canola is grape which goes pretty high, well over 450--is great.i would start with
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that and see how you like it. it will go 8-10 times. >>caller: well that is the only one i use, cuddle-up. >>host: thank you. --canola because they are from bon appetit. bon appetit are the epitome of epicurean when it comes to food if you love great restaurants and the magazine. they have done exclusively. that is one of the premier names in the world of food. they have created this line just for you at hsn. you love the magazine it is prestigious. they have been around for 50 years and they have created this just for you. they would not put their name on it unless it was perfect.let me go over everything. to see what you are getting. the smartest deep fryer we have offered on hsn. remember there is a timer you
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normally do not see any lights and a temperature control. 3 lb. basket, two of the 1.5 can be cooking for 2-20 it does not matter. the instructions recipes, lid attached cord. i want you to see in the and i know ryan scott showed you earlier, it is the saving of the oil. do not know how much oil we need, you do not need to throw it out every time. there is a filtration system with a spigot on the end. it will clean it out for you come up put in your fridge or freezer and bring it out when you need it and let the light tell you when it is ready to go. + runyou are saving money and now your frying right. if you get the right temperature its ear and does notinside. remember
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this is it if you are on the fence and do not know,it is today only. literally we have sold almostuse flexpay, we have free shipping. >>guest: that is 5000 people they will be happy this summer. talking about frying. you could rawrapp scallops nothing says i love you like that. also i wanted to show you this. here is the peanut butter and jelly battered sandwiches. beautiful. that is gorgeous. that is like a model walking down the
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right there. i did fried oreos. >>host: he knew. >>guest: you go from doughnuts sweet potato fries onion rings. is that not good? it is tasty. >>host: married what are you doing? >>guest: fried ravioli, seafood softstuffed.--mary. >>guest: now i can fry immediately again. >>guest: also some coconut trshr imp. >>host: we have hundreds of you on the line for it. there is nothing better than fried food. it is delicious and you can do it more healthy because you have the piece of
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equipment that will make it goof-proof so you do not get the lousy results. we are wrapping up although we are doing one final presentation coming up next hour. also we are having the immersion blender. this will blow your mind. how many of you have a blender then you have a mixer, you want to grind meat. this will eliminate all those appliances all you need is the immersion blender. today and only for today $59.95, free shipping. we will tell you more about that in a few moments. anji corley again with our spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you it
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is a pleasure to bring you all things hsn and i want to let you know if you are looking for some prestigious beauty brands, lancôme elisabeth artikaden and many more on for a limited time enjoy your savings with free shipping until may 20th. why not save when you are getting all the brands you know we love and use all the time? so much more coming up, do not go far.stay right here on hsn. [commercial]
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[reading] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: her when we did the bon launch in january it is by far one of the biggest launches in
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the culinary and we are so thrilled to have you joining us for our 2 hours with the name when it comes to epicurean delight. they look at life through the lens of food. nobody would to explore then products only exclusive from bon appetit to hsn. imagine in-1 simple purchase and you can get rid of maybe your blender, meat grinder, mixerno more all you need is a really super efficient immersion blender. -- chef ryan scott is here to tell us. that is a big issue. to be a bigger cut but they do not have time. because there is so much more preparation. --cook >>guest: it
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eliminates about 5 appliances blender mixer, grater,. and for $59.95 i would need to 5000 to give away for gifts through the year. it does not take up space is so smart and efficient. let me show you what this guy does. i have not seen too many appliances in my life that i go wow. there was not anything mr. on here. --sed on here. in the beaker which comes with it, 350 w. and this is handheld. imagine in the morning you are rushing, you made your smoothieyou
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have to get ready and get out the door, you throw this in the sink and you have to go. this beaker not only keeps it from moving around take the bottom off go to work in drink it. simple as that. if you had to make mayonnaise dressing you could put it all in your fridge. or one of my biggest pet peeves is something called washing dishes. [laughter] i just cannot doing them and i do not know why but my girlfriend knows why because i just cannot stand it. something simple like making spaghetti sauce. we did a beautiful marinara. maybe my mom likes it or chunky or i like it smooth. but what about baby food? can you imagine making baby food with something like this? >>host: of mothers want to do that now day. they want to know where their food comes
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from your >>guest: . >>guest: this is strong just like our big blender that we sell. the great thing is i did not need to take this out or put into a blender or atapparatus.i have some spaghetti, meatballs, you have a beautiful mirrored eramarinara. how beautiful and simple in great is that? i want to show you how strong this is. >>host: it is going to be hard to this. a lot of times with those they chopped the bottom but then you have to stir it around to get to the
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is grabbing it pulling it down. >>guest: in just seconds you have made snow.shaved ice for snow cones, margaritas. what if you had this ice and you do not know what you are going to make with can take it off and put it on this, put it in your freezer.friends come over you are putting everything in sight and use this as your serving vessel. -- inside >>host: would you walk us through all the pieces you get? we also have multiple colors. >>guest: the great thing is one of my two favorite things is the blender base
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and also the beaker. you get the blade and the blender itself. the beaker with both of the stairs to keep it from moving plus they also turn into a lid. --then you have the wisk which eliminates this which takes up a huge space. and here is a motor route which is genius. there ison top, you can go light, you can control the speed. from $59.95--for
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$59.95 you can control it. i have this on my pastry chef station he- has to of the man hangs it on his wall and when he is ready he grabs and takes it from here and has a plug in the whole time. it is done. every little step. >>host: you get recipes as well. if you love bon appetit or just love food or cooking please talk to us. we have our chat. [reading] >>host: something else, this price is notuts. you have seen those high quality and remember this is bon appetit, they can be $150 plus.
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>>guest: this is the best deal i have seen. stock up. >>host: somebody is getting married or graduating and going to college and they will be in their first apartment. or your mother's birthday is coming do not wait until the last minute and get her some creepy chocolates. and we will not do price again. this price is it. today and today only.his visit ends tonight. all did the end of next hour. and i love the idea of stocking up for the holidays. when you get to the holidays and you save mauve with love this, you do not spend a fortune. --m om would >>guest: $30 on
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flexpay such an easy gift. the colors are bright red, blue i call this persimmon (...) >>host: which technically we are calling orange. >>guest: and an olive. >>host: we have black--black, green red, blue, orange. the black and do not wait on those. look how many have been sold already. you guys get it.let us show some more fun things. >>guest: we are making something called an aoli for mayonnaise. mayonaisse you are taking ingredients that do not want to go together at something not harmonious with a little bit of vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil. i
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like it a little bit thin, so i finished it with herbs to make sure it is delicious. >>host: by hand it would be almost impossible. >>guest: you would have really big arms. you can turn around and make eggs. in the morning i was rushing out of the house, i made her some eggs really quickly, toast. >>host: and then you could turn around and make your morning protein chick. >>guest: or you could make hummus from scratch. i am fanatic. catch-protein sha--protein shake pumichussus this you
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are looking at about $1.18. --hummus with some great vegetable chips we did in our fryer. >>host: and it cost you pennies. think about you will eliminate. how many of you have that mixer and you are like it is making me nuys, it takes care of that.--nuts takes the place of a meat grinder.if you want drinks for your friends coming over it takes care of that. now you can indulge healthy meals without the effort because it does it so quickly. >>guest: or you could turn around and make with cream. with cream. from scratch. --whipped
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scrimmage legs ice, spaghetti sauce. you were talking about-- scrambled eggs take some chicken breast simple, ground chicken. >>host: this is showing you the power of it. it is not sticking on the bottom. a lot of those little choppers out there and they just do the bottom. >>guest: and then some lemon grass ginger somersweet soy dressing. smoothies 40 for the morning. --some
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sweets \ you are getting two blender, wisk the machine to control it all as- you are getting in the blender. just to make beautiful drinks. this is to .... >>host: maybe have dade bridal party f- maybe you have a bridal party. i have to do a quantity update. black 300 left.250 left in the red. understand, this awesome to have ryan scott here. bon appetit is the name. but the price, i love them all, it ends tonight. this visit only. we have no soul almost 800. not be the last guy in line--we have now sold almost 800.a lot of us avoid
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cooking in the kitchen because of the preparation. >>guest: and this is all-in-one. you can do anything you want. right outside san francisco, they grow all the strawberries we find. when they are fresh in season we pick and froze them. we made simple sara'syrup and i just made beautiful [♪ music ♪] --(...) strawberries agave which is all but a vegan. basil you can control what is
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inside of them.and the recipe book has so many recipes.for any reason you are not inspired bon appetit recipes they will give you just for this. >>host: i got the recipes while he is cooking a storm. asparagus soups weave lemon creme fraiche,crb and avocado supsoup 3 a cover of the next month's issue and there was 19 people standing around at bon appetit going over the details. 13 details are what bon appetit is about. make sure it is the
8:47 pm
right product and people can find it and is accessible for everybody and they were debating because they are perfectionists and brought all the perfection and appliances i saw that day all miso. about where can we fight it? if we put this in a covered with somebody be able to find it? >>host: that is what they do. that is why they have been around forand years. imagine the magazine to life in your kitchen. i subscribe to it. --coming to life. and i can do that. now it is coming to live through the appliances in your kitchen. they have taken her all the thinking in years and quality they demand that-taking all there. and in cookware you can only get here. i know you are saying that you have to go
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to your department store to get this these are only available at hsn and only tonight at this price. very quickly we are getting 1000 ordered a couple moments. 3 spaghetti sauce, drinks crushed ice omelet meat what is this? >>guest: shake with some ice cream. >>guest: with a little bit of espresso is delicious. >>host: i do not even like coffee but this is heavenly. >>guest: i will take
8:49 pm
it. >>host: in the red we are down to the last 150.that is it. the black, final 200. want the red or black. those two will be the first to sellout. bon appetit, the quality is brilliant. it is a this visit only price which means the price ends tonight. it expires at midnight. once again let me explain what you are getting. this is useable, not only a lid but it also helps keeps here you get the basic picturpicture.
8:50 pm
utility blades whisking the unit itself. --pitcher you will feel the quality. not cheap plastic parts. c13 you could even adjust the speed and how much you want. light, fluffy strong you could adjust this with the adjustment on the front. but what you will like it later is the savings. right now, it is down to $59 and change and we even have two flexpayments and free shipping. marilyn from nebraska hello. >>caller: hello. >>guest: [laughter] >>host: think about the immersion blender >>caller: i am so excited. i remember the last time you
8:51 pm
were on i got the wand? and above that. but when i saw this best-and i love that. >>guest: for $59.95 is incredible. >>caller: no shipping. >>guest: you are welcome. >>host: what are you going to do with it? >>caller: hi taper thx casa twice a day--, i take protein shakes >>host: you will find you will do so much more when you get it home. >>caller: i am looking for that pesto. >>guest: really simple.when you make protein drinks you can use this as well. >>caller: put the lid on it. >>guest: is great and one less thing you have to wash.
8:52 pm
>>caller: amen charlie. >>host: thank you maryland. if you want the black or red when you are down to last call. we will keep you updated. but do not wait. else that is wow. do me a favor before ryan scott gets back out here put in the internet and i want you to watch this presentation. from bon appetit, have the tri-ply stainless steel 8 piece cookware set. not only is price exceptional but like the last item only good for today, free shipping five flexpayments the only good for the next hour and 10 minutes. here is our spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: i have that
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everything right here. we have got a big hsn live concert coming up with josjosh turner coming up next friday. take a look. [♪ music ♪] [commercial] >>host: may 25th 9:00 p.m. eastern time. one hour concert performance sponsored by cricket and muve- music. you can preorder ct on please tune in to watch the concert. i cannot wait. we have something happening how about snow white & the huntsman. a big movie and we are partners.
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xvid interlude we see using this cookware running is the casual lookcook and more terms of who we see. [♪ music ♪] >>guest: a good thing the camera was not on. >>host: welcome hsn i am suzanne runyan we have chef ryan scott here. he has opened a restaurant in san francisco and another one opening, a busy guy. >>guest: i have a radio show you name it. it is all about food. to be here to show you guys quite possibly, talk about my favorite pan. >>host: why? >>guest: is the everything pan. >>host: everyday all day everything. >>guest: it does it all. i will show you how universal
8:56 pm
one pan does all the cooking for you. >>host: i think this is so important to start at the word classd. if you did a search probably you are like are you kidding me? then you add tri-ply and chef ryan scott will explain what makes this tri-ply very different. >>guest: this tri- ply takes it to a new level. tri-ply is three layers, you are talking aluminum the highest conductor of heat sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. 6 c13 this pan is not only one layer about three. and it does not just stop here.a lot of pans the heat conductivity goes to the bottom.that three layers goes all the way up and up to the lip. if you look at this the stainless steel
8:57 pm
handles at the same time the look curved. when i am making paella over and not hitting a flat and. the heat conductivity goes all the way on the sides and bottom. >>host: that is a huge differentiation. if you look cookware it costs hundreds of dollars. i did my research trust me. we do expect it sellout. you are getting the clear tempered glass lid the pan itself which is so versatile and all that on two flexpayments. originally this is a retail of $89.95. we have marked it down to a price break of 50 percent off, two flexpayments and free shipping. what are we doing here? >>guest: it is the
8:58 pm
everything every day pan. you can sear cooked. i was working on this before this is my favorite chicken dish to do in the world. i take a brick that i wrapped in foil and sear it. about this pan, it gorgeous. you could serve, imagine the friends come over,- seat. a little bit of bread salad.6 c13 this is 6 lbs. that fits a 12 in. pan. searing for chicken breast right here. topschops! i have got so much stuff i do not know what to do. let us do some oyster mushrooms. everything. i have got some
8:59 pm
have 12 in. to work with. and i want to show you what we are talking about.the searing on the corner. we are getting cold and delicious. >>host: what kind of temperature range? --golden. >>guest: there is not too many pans i fall in love with. just like we were talking about the immersion blender, this is something as a great wedding gift a great starter and give it to your friends or family. this is a pan to do it all in. i have mys. i cooked it inside of here. i just roasted this whole chicken inside of there. >>host: up 500 degrees. stovetop oven. the lid goes to 350 degrees. it becomes that great work horse. think about you just
9:00 pm
wanted to do a beautiful omelet crepes. it is the only airing of the visit. it down to about 700 left.50 percent of which is amazing because if you look upous out there. and then, the tri-ply. stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel. it is the best of both worlds merged into one. aluminum is a fabulous heat conductor but not a very sturdy metal.- >>guest: is aluminum is the highest conductor of heat. --this pan. we have taken magnetic stainless steel which can go from induction gas, into an oven, the
9:01 pm
various heat which is what you are looking for.% layered with another polished stainless steel on top.three layers in one pan for $49. you this pan. it will make your life easier. 6 c33 2 >>host: i am going
9:02 pm
to do a little red coup of mushroom and penny -- honey bee. a lot of people say they cannot cook very well, >>guest: when you want to be a professional chefdo the right thing and start like you see on tv on top chef this is where you start. you start with one hand and this investment this is great with piece set coming up. we are going to ensure you a set in just a few minutes and that is out of this world -- show this is the only price which means the 5 flex payments are only goodthe next 58
9:03 pm
minutes. if you want cookware set that comes with the manufacture a lifetime warranty anyone to use the flex payments you have to order within the next hour time is running out on that. please stay on the line for the try plaid stainless steel. [♪ music ♪] anji corley here and i have to let you know of of something we have every single33 2 here at hsn. they are called showstoppers and there is something special about them here is something that is on the way later today. [♪ music ♪] >>host: we will start with the6 license piece and android security suite you know longer need to worry about viruses on your computer protect yourself with shannon smith at 11:00 p.m.. has flex.
9:04 pm
tamara victoria wieck has a round band coming up at 2:00 a.m. with robin this is availablex paymentsvermeil. howa motorola -3 pack answering system all set. with your cable company coming up tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. with marlo smith6 c33 2 pricing on that as well. all these items are available on aid to some thought, check them out and get them early. [♪ music ♪] in terms function and has to be the kind of thing that you purchased and
9:05 pm
you know you would put in your a lot of opinionated people that are design savvy and the design mine did. it needs to be sturdy and functional and it needs to be pretty. >>host: that with this hour is all about. bon appétit here and only for you here at hsn. the last and final look at the goof proof way to fry. [♪ music ♪] >>host: tonight you're going to cook with confidence knowing that the most prestigious magazine is right behind it and they designed it. their philosophy life through the lens of food. what better way explore that then the first today special fryer. you go to a
9:06 pm
fancy restaurant and you get the menu and you go for the fried food and appetizer whether it is the mozzarella or jalapeno pauper or something incredible. -- popp you would love to have that experience at they cannot do it right that all in this house tonight with our last and final look at the best value of the day this is by far most goof proof and money-saving and deep fryer we have ever get top chef ryan out here to tell you about it. everybody loves fresh food and but they do not want to mess with it at home because they have had a bad experience. >>guest: it goes
9:07 pm
back to bad experiences with bat cooking. the great thing about this fryer is because it does everything for you . that means this is your sidekick check this out what we have on the fryer is the most amazing thing i have seen in the deep fryer it has a timer on top to tell you when your food is done it has a temperature that you can control. we have all the temperatures in your owner's manual inside to[reading] 1800 watts >>guest: that of recovery time and that means that you can do it again in a step. that means the temperature comes right back up.
9:08 pm
>>host: explained the other booth proof buttons. >>guest: the power button it is the smartest thing i have ever seen it all tell you is on. i have tried in the past india was not at heat in next to it is the ready button that means i said 37546 minutes when the agreement comes on i can drop in my food i will be better cook and i know the timingtes for chicken or 15 minutes for what ever else i can put the time on and the light tells me is ready2 you get precise and food every time and almost greaseless because you could get at the right temperature of their right time and does not saturated because saturated food is not half the food. >>host: fried
9:09 pm
chicken deluxe so brown and delicious -- but then in his raw because you did not know how and the other great there's another great feature that i is bar not one of my and that is the that is the drain that comes down and then you have this filter remover that is the best friend of the fryercause it is taken out to all particles from the coconut shrimp, jo jo, french fries year wontons or whenever you are having pieces come out they have to go somewhere and with other friers they will get stuck in the corner and they start burning and that is in the oil will get rancid. the great
9:10 pm
thing about the heating element is what i the heating element has about this band of three-quarters of an inch but it does not touch the bottom. what happens with food sometime the particles go to the bottom and the berm and the fryer cook the heat out the heating element cooks up all the particlesnd you have the filter penuries serve the oil and oil equals money and money is money and it cost money fry and you can save it 8-10 times per fryer section he put it inside of your refrigerator to preserve it.front look at how simple that is. you turned the knob and it comes out. after
9:11 pm
all the oil is drained fryer it is the drain system that is so easy he removes all the particles. this is the only thing you have tosexy. this is their filter right there you clean it out that is what holds the particles would soak in water. it is very and consistent on your stove top. >>host: 3 lb. capacity here and you get to 1 1/2 quarts capacity here you can do a little or a if you love fried food, but you shied away from making it at home because it is a hot
9:12 pm
mess it is not any more you cannot miss this one up with the timer and the right temperature and also with the professional heating elements built-in and power. that is crucial you have to have all those elements to be successful in get restaurant professional quality results. you would up adjourning to anything unless it meets your standards. >>guest: skin reheat sew fast 1800 watts you can see it's steaming right here. i have scallops wrapped in bacon and this is how fast this reheat. you cannot find this power anywhere else that has bon and name all over my name in mary's name allover. it comes right back up to temperature again. >>host: take us through what you have. >>guest: macaroni and cheese spring
9:13 pm
rolls they are so good. i amcalamary, and zucchini frying i have regular and french fries sweet potato fries and my favorite feature isn't it will help anyone helmet deep- fried really well it is essential you need a deep fryer is the only way to do it well. it is not a hot mask. -- mess. i love how user- friendly is 2 green light there is no guessing. >>host: it is the best value of the day do not miss an onyx. it is the and final presentation and at midnight you'll lose
9:14 pm
the $50 savings. please think about your friends coming over and somber party for the kids, a barbecue in people coming over to watch baseball games. there are a lot of reasons why we would like to have a big celebration. i love chicken wings and a have to wait to go (...) now you can do it at home and get restaurant results. >>guest: this portion right here is like a fireman's portion of the -- in the best thing about3 2 you buy these chicken wings at the store into any store you go to you pay 49¢ each pound and that chicken is moist it is drenched in oil is not a century didthe green light was on the red light said power6 c33 2 for 300 and satin 5
9:15 pm
-- 335 degrees and you are done. >>host: we have a safety lit that fits perfectly over its but we have it open to show you why do we love fried food but why do we eat to make it? that is a fully loaded [laughter]indulgence and his childhood memories is a great time and reminds youhings that are satisfied in your cheating but you are cheating the old way with the cast-iron pan and that chicken is cooking unevenly and getting saturated in this takes into a new level in a fun level in the way that you should cook. cook smart. lid it does exist that has a great candle on top you can cover
9:16 pm
the if you are worried -- handle frying is fun but it is this stereotype we are used to that have only known when way now this is the right way and bon appétit has taken us to write. >>host: you will see it is all in the details . that is what i noticed. every little thing is so well thought out from the fact you can the oil over and over again. the cleanup is and it is goof proof . willa fried food we need to make the old way. you will pull this out and use it almost every day. certainly for all the great parties and for every day. let's say hello to sylvia and california welcome to hsn. >>caller: 80 for taking from my phone call. >>host: nice to meet. wedge heel
9:17 pm
like about? >>caller: you can drain in the oil and i love the temperature (...) >>guest: filter system will take over the topic clarifies and clean your oil that will save you money and also in is core to change invite the girls over and have a champagne bring something of our and fry it that is a great time. >>host: i hope you love. take a look at this is on the five second delay and look at this. >>guest: this is a macaroni and cheese is pre-world. in san francisco will take the macaroni and cheese and we had a lot of cheesedown and wrapped in
9:18 pm
the egg roll wrappers. this is going to your house right there. >>host: tried this recipe. thank-you enjoy your new deep fryer. >>caller: thank you for taking my phone call. >>guest: were not just talking and savory, i the donuts i cook for my brother's fire house and cannot wait to do this i am going to bring fryer and i am going to make fire station these beautiful bonus butter filled withbonus beautiful
9:19 pm
3 2 deluxe. >>guest: fried chicopee's you drive them and then you fry them in a wooded crispy and chilipepperzest. these are like a jamaican deep patty have mozzarella sticks. we are going to fry some chicken and some jalapeno paupers -- editors to have to make the best for chicken we season them for salt and pepper paprika and onion power led the for 24 hours drench embroider milk in sees it againnd it
9:20 pm
is the best fried chicken and look at the time. within seconds, 1800 watts and bounces back then he comes back to you . -- the heat comes back to you get the recipe booklet that comes with it is the best thing >>host: what about the fried scallops wrapped in bacon deep-fried in this 6 minutes and done.
9:21 pm
>>guest: first of all i have put honey carmel our poweris creamy chocolate is so delicious. >>host: no grease on the fingers. >>guest: greasy food is bad it was not fried at the right temperature, we have the recipes for you bon appétit did it all for you with everything the unique it is to cooperite. all the steps a year from the timer, ready gagebounceback and fry right after the next batch. we have chicken wings, scallops. you half
9:22 pm
to see look at this, then slice of and normally would not eat beef she is making (...) and in earrings. you control -- onion rings . >>guest: you know exactly what is in your and your rings in your bead chipvegetables and play around with it. down here we have silver paupers is ryan's a special recipe. >>guest: is the
9:23 pm
goat cheese with sir ron of chile go. [laughter] >>guest: you roast the jalapeno and it is done. >>host: this is the final last look at the best value of the day. whenever you have a party coming up a bridal shower or the shower. maybe in the assault the team comes over or the kids have a slumber party anyone to make a magical and fun. hundred people have a class reunion and people are coming to your house. you can make breakfast or desert very first out the gate when you go to fancy restaurants and is always appetizer and it's usually something now you are frying smart, and
9:24 pm
right and you have made it goof proof with this brand new system. i cannot think we have offered an use your system. bon has done a brilliant job. >>guest: anji corley is standing over there. >>host: incredible and everything is crispy and light. i smell the fresh honey and the drizzle. i will help you out with this. the macaroni and cheese that recipe i need that.6 c33 2 i need one of those in my life. >>host: fish and chips, coconut tripper -- coconut
9:25 pm
shrimp, fried pickles i adore her fried pickles.t is really easy with this system. potato chips, how many of you love those potato chips, you cannot control it if you want sour cream and chives, you want to do sweet potato chips. >>host: she is still holding the plate and she may walk away with them. >>host: what are you making now? >>guest: my favorite is fried ravioli. 1800 watts i finished the scallops and i dropped the is an because the heat will stay with me. i call it taxied a ravioli -- tuxedo
9:26 pm
ravioli. they lobster, crab, shrimpdish.- >>host: look at the fried chicken em look at how gorgeous this skin is gettingmilk 3 2 pepper and seasoning and you are going it is delicious the timer will tell me when i am done. >>host: you are getting the smartest fryer cover here on professional heating element with 18 w of power and a temperature control, you get a timer and the lights tell you when the oil is ready put in and a few months later it is get to big yet to small basket and one big basket to a half quarts a piece you can due to different things you did not have to use the
9:27 pm
basket all the time. on top of that i love the training system if you want to save a ton of money you want to reuse the oil. it filters itself and the new drain it and only does blowout the insert washcloths open water and and it goes in your back in business. put that oil in the fridge and we are ready to have the delicious massager elastic gore you went make buffalo chicken wings for the gang you are ready and is quick and you are saving and oodles of money because youoil filter automatically any duties over an ever again. at point you have sold almost 6000 today alone. it is your last chance and everybody loves great fried food but we do not like decrease in this house to eliminate that. >>guest: dc that trump? you see that lobster shrimp? little ravioli little marinara and
9:28 pm
you are ready to dc plug dry and how beautiful that is? look at that lobster meat super delicious android phone super delicious and have fun i did pizza dough and i am frank she's it is like a kid when i used to do the big ones i wanted to make those. we made this scallops doughnuts and molten chocolate on the inside. super creamy, delicious and fun. the potato fries,33 2 french fries macaroni and cheese spring rolls and my peace of pockets. -- pizza pockets. artichokes are in season have a good time with them. we have fried
9:29 pm
zucchini coconut shrimp calamari. look at this i call this my happy face. >>host: we are going to say hello to joanne in new york fund c33 2 purchased the fryer alex 42 draining the oil i own fryer from a different brand and i am going to retire that i also purchased the immersion blender . your favorite feature is not only that it will filter but you can drink. >>caller: deluxe a much better than the 1/2. >>host: do you have a recipe in mind to try. >>caller: cannot
9:30 pm
wait to to imagine she's sporting world. >>host: tried he will make it for everybody you know. >>caller: usually make fried. >>host: bevel be a breeze in here. we are so you purchased the immersion blender as well. >>caller: i am too and i cannot wait to get it. >>caller: thank-you. >>host: we have to take a moment because he does not love southern-fried chicken the bon appétit crepe. 15-20 minutes it is beautifully browned and perfectlyispy and perfectly done on the inside. >>guest: favor part is a little crackling. check out the seasoning on that. inside is
9:31 pm
not the recipe is in the recipe book and it comes with it. please stay calm for the less we will not do another presentation the value will be good until midnight tonight and after that you are out a look. we have flex payment, free shipping and handling and this is the last and final chance our today special. we have an incredible cookware set in you have to speak to to see it is from bon appétit. [♪ music ♪] >>host: goodng and thank goodness it is friday. we nearing 70 amazing things and we have teamed up with the march of dimes because as they believe all babies were born to do
9:32 pm
something really great. different groups that they support, i know what it is like to have an infant and nicusexy many lives it is a cause that everyone can agree it is important. i lock for my two daughters that are no longer with us and do a presentation for the march of dimes. we have had a success story. [♪ music ♪] [reading]
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>>host: want to thank you for your+ donation early and diana perkovic is here and has an anniversary to celebrate. >>host: we have the final show of the visit with hydroxatone this is the last show we have things you have not seen all in things that are exclusive to this hour and we have the best selling kit. it is the eternal youth age defying it is available for you today and on 3 flexible payments of $23.32 a month. shipping and handling its free i will tell you all about that coming up. we are going to get things started with an excellent value. i am excited to be able to offer you a hydroxatone for it is and lend me and duo in the retail value is $36.91. you're
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going to get it for the last chance in this show $19.95. josh turner is going to be here next friday night i am so excited take a look. [commercial] [reading]
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[♪ music ♪] >> my favorite cookware set and car the pots and pans are left to serious steak i am the guy on the range of my wife does the deserts and salads and i love the fire. these are pots and pans i will buy now and use 10 years from >>host: even more than that because these guys come a lifetime warranty. if you are really thinking about youwatch a great chef or a great cook if you wish to give better in the kitchen you have to start with great falls. we have put together a phenomenal cookware set that has features only found in the highest and cook were out there.collection we start
9:36 pm
off on this and look at how gorgeous this is. this is 6 qt dutch oven with ledsides. that one is before qt saucepan with led.- to a court with led in the sky over here that is your 12 in. open frypan in v-rack the collection up with a 8 in. open frypan. 5 flex payment for this hour work from now until the top of hour when you see diana perkovic and we will ship it to you for free plus extra special savings of about $50 for tonight. where do we
9:37 pm
begin with this cookware? >>guest: his is the essential core things you need in this i have the set at my house, i have theinth these peons the tri- ply you have a magnetic stainless steel bottom cord i can go on to any surface that you want to cook on. sandwiched between two pieces of stainless steel. aluminum is the highest conductivity of cookware set and on top of all the stainless steel. universal cooking from top to we have a little scallop reboot and the water is boiling so fast that he is not is going in one area is goingthe bottom end up the side. >>host: this
9:38 pm
actually goes up both sides in a matter is glowing to spread the heat act evenly annual cook more evenly because of that. to give a reference point go on a website and google. theword c laad that was at $1,600 this is tri-ply pick plaid awarded to a point that out because you do not understand how huge the cents. strong hands dirty. just the first two pieces --strong and sturdy. let's do
9:39 pm
5 flex payment just up for this hour you have about half an hour if you want to get this entire lifetime warranty set 04 $29.95. remaining and that is the toppling want to jump in early 48. i think this is so crucial a lot of people say i am the worst " in the kitchen. is not that they stink is probabl their cookware. >>guest: it is the cookware. it is all about having their right hands -- pans tri-ply three pieces of still market is the highest conductivity of heat if you have never used an aluminum pot you hit it
9:40 pm
have a great candle i am talking steel on steel reveted steel and scientists stainless steel with three layers of steel. my friend saidthank you for allowing me to purchase that sets he swears by this. he is cooking at home now with this set. >>host: bon appétit would never put their prestigious name on anything but the on the bottom of pan is attached to bon appétit if you are giving this as a gift they will float around and it will say bon appétit their standards are that much higher when they put their name. created just for you and available on hsn. >>host: also you have to cooking and cookware go hand in hand. you
9:41 pm
would not build a house right holes where you in the kitchen without brite cookware? >>guest: process is done i am going to clean this with a little bit of water of the high-quality steel that we there that flavor does not carry through the pm. polished stainless steel. i am going to wipe it out with water clean in and out. look at how easy it is to clean i just did a little austere and seafood the flavor will not carry through i will put more fresh oil like that and throw in a new york steak and ragout that character dancing of a pan because it is hot and cooking evenly through that is when you pan you
9:42 pm
can cook good food. >>host: you always use towels like in a professional kitchen double handles , these are state: handles it is a safety happen but i do not want you to think, he is holding it. i love this little bit right here. we >>guest: and we were designing and talking about all the stops that we wanted to have it the handle just like we did the knives . the word * are done the same way with a nice little rivet to which with an invitation than knives are can are curved a certain way. from the stainless steel and aluminumng is missed on here handle 350 degrees in theen the candle is
9:43 pm
fun and look at how tight grip it. it teaches you this is where i should hold it and saute, not going to slip that is the peon i had the scallops in and look at how quickly heat it back up. >>host: why is it important to have a full heating system from tip to tip an edge to edge in top to bottom. >>guest: why would anybody want to have a pan but only cook on the bottom if you look this pan right here why would you not want a pan that coke's right here i have the sticks all the way up against the wall on here we are going to see all the way up. if i have some
9:44 pm
shrubs -- shrimp and which show you how hot this is and it will all the way around the corner. not only can you cook in in this year and that you can also bake in it. this is a beautiful sirloin right here you can begin it and carry this guy up it is a big one. talk about festivities at your house at thanksgiving or father's day. if i served on father's day he will love me for that one cooking use your the chicken wrist in pan and finish it baking in the oven. i have to gorgeous things around me to my right and my >>host: are up
9:45 pm
to 500 it does not get tarnished it will not ruin, look at this year on this day this when you are going to all the corners are seared all the way around, look at that. let's put some shrimpers i am going to show you how great. i am going to take fresh shrimp and show you the heat conductivity. i will show you how the heat comes up all the way on this side. >>host: of you have the cookware set home that the candles are jiggling or the back of the handle is turning or you have the nonstick that
9:46 pm
is appealing the up 1 elysee yes to a cookware set table gloss set you ever mig-1 investment and the 5 flex payments for as little as $29.99 and only tonight you're going to get a brand-new set be cooking like a professional. you will not put your name on you will not stand behind. what >>guest: king around san francisco people, 8 bon appétit on hsn there's nothing more rewarding when people come up to you and say thank you . i have as the best pressure cooker in the world one of my best friends said item cooking again because of these pants and i am doing amazing food. pans am the
9:47 pm
spokesperson and i turn around him by the same product and give them to friends as a gift. >>host: u.s. action not believe i can get this set $30 is topline best of the best and you did not have to search any more. now you can get a branded cookware set . >>guest: schrempp look how i seared that shrimp on one side and taking it right the pan i am lips release searing look at the steam coming off i have feared that the shrimp on the side of the look tri-ply all the way. clean >>host: up is a
9:48 pm
breeze you did not have to seize in these. they are really workhorses matter beautiful.el rivets -- stainless steel ribbon -- see through lynn'slook look at that little lip that keeps from seeping out of this side. we have bought everything >>host: value we are not talking about the plaid products that are out there. you
9:49 pm
can look up a 6 qt plaid item in your mouth full drop but how expensive that is -- clad [reading] >>host: are now at almost the price the entire collection. [reading] >>host: all of this and it comes33 2 remanufactures lifetime warranty. they're not very many things out there and say for the life of the product we will fix it or replace it and make sure you are happy. this cookware set has >>guest: there is something about looking at the stake in securing its+ i did was take a little bit of water
9:50 pm
and redline and watch how the red wine evaporates. low, slow in beautiful. nothing but a beautiful products and you have watched me from start to finish. i make this dish in from you and i carmelized this in front of you . if that does not turn you on to culinary art and the that the tri-ply is phenomenal and heat conductivity aluminum is the highest conductivity of heat and that is the core of these peons.-- pans >>host: it is like a stainless steel sink the last forever and ever. you put that all together in a ghost up the side and% over ... you have
9:51 pm
complete cooking.6 c33 2 you can bake with these. >>guest: i love family's style this pant with the tongs and service right in the middle of thetable. i am going to serve us. going to continue to >>host: prices only good for today as well the 5 flexpay is only good for the next nine minutes in that event . if you want a price you have until mid and after that is going to go right now you are saving $50 on that cost you thousands and other clad line before. next pay goes away in 9 minutes to december 20th $9.99. free shipping and handling until
9:52 pm
midnight. repeller altogether los price we have ever offered and the true clad cookware said . -- set. and it is a name that you stand by. rivet that can see33 2 about the indentation when you grab something with your hand if you grab right there that's how i hold this. you're making a suit anyone to grab it. there is nothing that wasn't thought of with the bon appétit name we even put the measurements on the bottom of these that says right there to
9:53 pm
qthere. you seeand the lip balm this guy if you're cooking soups if you pour it in of that goes on the table, you can pore this is very easily. look right here this says to the measurements right there. every little stepsw how to do it. let's talk about some of the main features riveted handlesabout the stainless steel does not hurt you . tri-ply from the limb to the
9:54 pm
magnetic stainless steel and watch the heat conductivity is what i just did with the shrimp. not only does this year in the middle of it goes all the way along the sides of the stove tops that is what we have the aluminum the magnetic on bottom it can go from gas elector it can go in the oven and on a barbecue, it canc33 2 in induction in the source of cooking and that is what this is about. >>host: about body would cut and why is this the basic way to have a fully functioning kitchen. i full >>guest: lace functioning kitchenthe sixthq ist saw33 2 2qt you can put on top desserts is reduction, mashed potatoes superfast2, you have the nice saute this is your eighth inch
9:55 pm
this one is going to be your egg flipper your managerhe one of your everyday pan . i use the word when i could because that this sexy right here. 2 work force. serve at the table roast chicken and egg, you can bake for todd, you can do a quiche you can do anything in pants and for the price we have tonight worry not buying means -- p answedding birthday gift this is what you need a grab these because i will not see this price hear it again. >>host: will end today and the 5 flex payments was just for the show and that is it. the flex pay is usually good for the weekend or the day, at this
9:56 pm
point it will end in about six maybe you are seeing the show for the first time get it home we have the ironclad 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy send it back. clad where your eyes will pop it is a. phenomenal her value. we have it down today only $149.95. you can pay that for a single pani had >>guest: pay too much for that i want this hp's and everything that% this these new york steaks to check this out. look at the carmelization and a little bit of fresh garlic. you go like this, you
9:57 pm
carmelized on high heat, get. this is actually going to do a reduction because you do have the try plaid -- clad this it is >>host: is so exciting tonight! you have the 5 flex and that will change how you cook it is no longer arduous. phenomenal quality cookware. >>guest: i want to put a little bit of butter and well >>host: look at the value free shipping and handling, 5 flexpay in the 5 flex ins in 5 minutes. free shipping and handling of that price in tonight. $50 off. witan
9:58 pm
>>guest: about this little pan that looks like it got into a look at the candle and -- all look at the difference in just the key >>guest: to conductivity all the way up online -- on mine, can tell you that this one here cost more in this entire set. this law >>host: was $179 for this one singleanke chef's ryan. you can balm cooking i will give you another update on the best value of the day. we have one minute to talkday
9:59 pm
special. this is >>guest: + ultimate fryer 1800 watts once you pull something out of the fryer you can throw another basket and it has the removable heat units. too small baskets of one large basket to andy fryer the need for everything out there, unless the house and on the outside and my favorite thing race there. emersion style heating element immersions -- . good >>host: proof lights to tell you to stop and go. to get great results of a until ght. stay on you have a few minutes for the 5 flex payment free shipping and handling it all goes away at midnight. thank you cannot wait to have you
10:00 pm
back and we you 2 thank you for joining us hydroxatone first anniversary coming up i will see tomorrow with victoria wieck in beautiful jewelry . [♪ music ♪] 6 c13 >>host: the last show of the first anniversary. the values you have not seen yet. you have not seen visit longer. fact you can get anything from hydroxatone for under $20 is amazing. you get something with brighter skin,if you suffer hyper pigmentation uneven skin tone this is the kit for you. [reading]
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>>host: we have got the final quantities for this show $19.95. it was saved for this hour this will be your first and only shot at it at the anniversary price. that is all we have, by far the best-selling kit of the entire has been the eternal youth age-defying 4- pc kit. over half of the quantity has already been spoken for. we discussed it this afternoon we have just enough to get through the show. you get number-one bestseller the am/pm. [reading] [reading]
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>>host: $69.95, free shipping, three flexpayments of $23.32. last show, last chance up with over half the quantities already ordered. this is what i am so excited, you have been reading about the creams they have been all the rage overseas. they are just now making their way here.+ there is only a couple of companies that have gone to market the cream. it was here last visit. and became a customer pick. it is back for this show and this is your last chance to order it at the introductory price. how would you like the summer the heat humidity and not deal with a moisturizer, spf separate foundation
10:03 pm
and primer? how would you like to eliminate all four of those layers on your skin that turn into goop the end of the day and replace it with your bb cream? if you got it last time please call us at 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk i would love to hear from you. i want to w what you think of the us if you love hydroxatone 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk we want to hear from you tonight. this is a very special show because it a year ago that we managed to get and it was a real debt for hsn to have hydroxatone come. -- we'll ge real6 c13 opportunity to sit in a border a scientist,
10:04 pm
dermatologist, doctor chemists and nutritious. if you could sit there and ask them what ingredients, what with a cherry pick to put into a line of products to make us look younger that is how this came to be. this is the culmination of years and research of doubt research and development. first we have, take a look $20. over 200 of you have pre ordered. 164-718 is the item you have uneven skin tone? discoloration? pigmentation? how would you like to britain all that up? that is what you can do with this duo. and6 c13
10:05 pm
you are also an esthetician. you bring a lot of knowledge thank you for coming. so good to see you as always. let us talk about this,hyper pigmentation discoloration, uneven skin tone that is what forces us to start putting on the makeup because we want that airbrush look this is a way to get that look without all the makeup. >>guest: like unwrapping of the most beautiful skin. the first thing i do when a client comes to me i want to remove the dead, dry skin. people say my texture looks so rough and uneven. microdermabrasion used two times a week and you will see beautiful skin.i want to show you how this works. a very small amount. you can use it to times a week a very gentle. i will demonstrate on my hand. you literally take off that debt,
10:06 pm
dry skin. no matter how much makeup you put on top your skin would look dry, age looking. --taking off the dead, dry skin. look at the difference right away. your skin is going to glow from the very first time. it really is going to give you softer smoother looking skin from the very first time you use it. it could even be used on sensitive skin. i like to use it on my neck and decollete area. sometimes we cumulate dead, dry skin on that area. >>host: there is no good news.the microdermabrasion on its own is one of the best sellers. you love the m microdermabrasion from highhydroxatone.
10:07 pm
>>guest: you can rinse it off with water. when i bring somebody in to see me for a facial, i lay them down on a table and said i want you to try this. this will be for the client who has no downtime. immediately you will see beautiful looking skin. they will not be any harsh,% things are too abrasive and things can look red. >>host: you cannot have that on the red carpet. the before and afters that is what we are talking about the microdermabrasion, one of the best sellers from hydroxatone. m-300 already ordered.-- 300 already ordered. at hsn i never seen anything hydroxatone for $20 ever. you have heard about hydroxatone and read about it. it is a red carpet favorite. many years of research and development went into it. what is
10:08 pm
great is you get to try hydroxatone for just $20. for myself if you shop with me at you know uneven skin- tone is my obsession. i feel like for those of you who have that this is for you. the before and afters are with the luminique. >>guest: this is like the gold at the end of the rainbow. to give you the most beautiful glowing skin from the first application. this is going to help to diminish it that very uneven skin tone. like i have on my chest area from being out in the sun. this brighten the skin. hyaluronic acid, it pumps up the skin. what i love thisis people say i want to have a glow not shimmer all over. >>host: i do not
10:09 pm
want sparkle. >>guest: it makes your skin look dryer. >>host: and there is something juvenile when your skin niece loves glitter and the hair eyes shoes. i am not 10 years old. this gives you that luminosity. a beautiful skin is your best accessory. and this is your opportunity, you know for so many years we have been sort of let down the path to be obsessed with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. how many times have you heard that? recently a lot ofand scientists have been doing studies on the perception of aging. what these studies have found when they put a group of women in a room together they find the women who had uneven skin tone were to look older than women who just had wrinkles.6 c13
10:10 pm
are not the only enemy.we want to take a full prong approach to aging. unfortunately, here is the good news that is. i am here to tell you the bad news is not about wrinklesbut this is about solutions. it is $20 and again the best-selling products from are getting them for $20. think about it. i am sure you have a lot of great products in your bathroom. what i want you to do is take the of looking at your skin from different angles. yes, there is sagging and wrinkles but there is also luminosity. we have got the ticket for you tonight. you have a 30 day unconditional money back- guarantee., you can order it that way as well. chance to get it at the anniversary price and, it is the only time we have seen it on aired this visit.
10:11 pm
your phone calls. as we are heading into the summer months, the bb cream i am telling you you are going to be so grateful you bought it. what happens by noon in the summer?your makeup3 sliding off your face. why? you have a serum, cream spf primer, foundation. then we put on the power to make it look less goopy and we are a hot mess. what we have is our spf 40 primer and hydration and moisturizer and your foundation all in one. this is the biggest rage in europe. we have light,medium, tan. we are getting limited 182-336. only 150 in light and medium. tan is
10:12 pm
almost sold. go to earphones if you want to get back. in the meantimethis is fascinating to me. --to go to phones. how many times did i go% this value? like 5. i kept saying so really? is that right? does this make sense? >>host: one of them is $99 at these stores--$98. it is the top of the line. at hsn, you are getting two of them for a $95 $1.95 more than the one. if you already have wrinkles if you are sitting at home and you say ok i am 50 or 45 or 65 and i have wrinkles, i am sagging, i am already and this stuff for fine lines and wrinkles
10:13 pm
is not cutting this is for you. this is the last time you will see it at this price $99 and change. we $20 off pretty much. 155-786. what is the before and after? >>guest: what this shows is the differencedifferences when you use the is super concentrated and has 10 more times from the is super concentrated and attacks the depth, width and helps to relax the skin. tension. so your skin will smoother and softer. >>host: coming up and it is a top seller. as we continue to celebrate the first anniversary of hydroxatone, this is the kit.over half the quantities already ordered. here is the story. we have fewer
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1500 left. if you are you can get it. this is full size of your am/pm. that is $80 and stores. if you were to go to the store today you would spend $80 just on this. millions have been sold. it is one of the most beloved product from hydroxatone worldwide. that is included. what we also is the declatone. is a product, and we will show you when of our girls. women love this product. hah--one of our girl's. another favorite of women around the world is the intensive youth- serum. a favorite on the red carpet and will be a favorite of yours as well. you get it all today for $69.95, free shipping, three
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flexpayments. to get them separately: [reading] >>host: this is the $147.89 value. it would be well oversomewhere in the ballpark ofshipping on all the items. we pay shipping today and is on three flexpayments as well. why do we not get started with the am/pm? billions have been sold. it is a red carpet celebrity favorites. >>guest: 360 degrees anti in ingredient. if i was stuck on a desert island i would want this. am/pm is a
10:16 pm
multitasking product. is a daytime moisturizer, night cream, anti age treatment and can be used around your fragile eye area.we are talking 5 fabulous product in one jar. >>host: why have millions have been sold? not that long ago when hydroxatone launched people went bananas over this cream. why are they getting results like these? >>guest: because it works. we use the hydroxatone-10 complex. this is basically some of the most potent anti aging ingredients in the marketplace. what is so unique is this precise recipe, the precise each ingredient is taken so you see the optimum results for your anti and. we have matrixyl 3000 argirelene, hyaluronic acid. together these ingredients help to work on the depth
10:17 pm
and width of the wrinkles and to relax the skin and attention. hyaluronic acid ability to go to the deeper and fill them out to make them smoother and softer. we take the ultimate from mother and nature air and science so it feels good going. - mother nature aired sides. and science.i went to a dermatologist and he said i want you to try this.i get offered so many products. i was skeptical and it worked. my clients love it. i cannot mention names but my celebrity clients love it because it works. >>host: just listening to her you can tell the difference from listening to her. how many people and companies get out there and talk the width and depth of wrinkles?
10:18 pm
not many. that is a fresh story. this is a product you should try,$80 on its own in stores. you are getting it $69.95, free shipping three flexpayments of $23.32 + tax. at hsn we pay the shipping for the anniversary. we want to show you a perception study because really we are women we get it. how often does everybody agree on the same thing >>guest: i know when i with my friends we cannot even agree on who lunch. [reading] edge-armonk--on lunch >>host: [reading]
10:19 pm
>>host: this is 1300 have been ordered. with everybody online we have fewer than 1000 left. heading to the phone lines to speak to kathleen from pennsylvania. welcome to hsn. >>host: great what did you pick up today? >>caller: i got the first one, because i do not have that one. i have been using the youth-serum for about a year. >>host: and? >>caller: put this way i have 52 people think i am in my late 30's. >>host: that is amazing. did people say that to you before? you noticed an improvement in the
10:20 pm
appearance of your skin cents using hydroxatone? >>caller: scents i started using it i noticed a strong difference. i started. >>host: you recommend it to other girls? >>caller: definitely. i have no wrinkles on my face whatsoever. >>host: that is huge. kathleen thank you for calling tonight. i know you will love the kit that you got. >>caller: thank you. >>host: if you are just tuning in kathleen is talking about hydroxatone and get thank you for calling. this is the anniversary kit only $69.95. free shipping on flexpay. what do you get? you get am/pm anti-wrinkle complex. in the stores' $80. if you order it tonight you are going to get3 $23.32 on flexpay that 80 dollar screen. cream. the neck
10:21 pm
and decollete cream. you get the 90 seconds wrinkle reducing cream. and then you also get the intensive youth- serum and that is what kathleen was talking about.13 get all this today for $ can see what is left right there. here is what you do not see the number of people calling or online. we have fewer than 1000 to go. just on the am/pm complex, the fact that desiree talking about depth and width of a wrinkle that is a fresh approach.remember
10:22 pm
hydroxatone was created by scientists dermatologists plastic surgeons nutritionists. that is why the story with hydroxatone is different and taking the world by storm and why it is such a favorite on the red carpet. it is a luxury brand and there is so much research and development gone into it. it cutting edge ingredients and your skin will respond. do you want to listen to what people have to say? >>host: 12 weeks to
10:23 pm
applications a day. of over $100. we have really only talked about the am/pm so far. millions have been sold around the world. let us go through the rest of the kit >>guest: this is one of my personal favorites. this serum was meant to stop aging in its tracks. it is light weight it goes on very easy. it is incredible. is meant for photo damage. then we have the 90 secondsyou put this on it will immediately tighten the fine lines and crow's feet. >>host: it is fascinating, 90 seconds. >>guest: 1 product i
10:24 pm
had better not show up to a job without. >>host: is airbrushing but that is photos. for the rest of us, hd, they had better come up with it is not like you are a model and doing a photo shoot and the clothes do not fit and they are paying you and you have to get photoshop. it on tv what you see is what you get. never compare yourself to women in the magazines because they are airbrushed. look at somebody on tv and doesshe is live, in person and she is an hi-def which captures it is scary but it reality and that is why as women we need good products. is why if you are watching and look at our guest i think she is stunning. >>guest: i am 44.
10:25 pm
>>host: did you hear that? she is 44 and your skin looks extraordinary. >>guest: - ago it did not look like this. more tired my skin started to sagge. i look exhausted and i was not. >>host: people say are you tired? >>guest: girlfriends did the most critical when they are asking me at brunch your skin looks really great what are you using?whatever you are using i want at. >>host: that says everything. am/pm $80, about the 90 seconds wrinkle reducer, serum. and then briefly the declatone. >>guest: do not forget the neck and decollete because that will aid you quickly if you do not take care of it. --age to defy gravity, going to re-firm the skin
10:26 pm
and uplift the skin. >>host: look at these results. the reality, most of us forget about the neck until you start to see things happening and that is when you say wow. what am i doing? >>guest: my mom pointed out to me. in my 30's. you could even come in close on me because this used to beh deeper. you see these three rings?i even started to lose that contour brow my jawline. it look like this. when i started to use this--around. it started to look more tone and firm. i love it. >>host: 44 people she looks >>guest: my girlfriends love it because they are starting to see the signs of aging. >>host: let us go back to the 90 seconds wrinkle reducers. this when
10:27 pm
you get it you think it is kind of like lipstick. you put it on and take it. i know we have some video. >>guest: i would love that. janet to demonstrate to you. this is janet, she has beautiful skin, but i want to demonstrate it.but we are going to take a small amount and you are going to apply it to the fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet. i even like to go around the eye area.under here. look at the difference right away. it starts to tighten. i like to use it on the number 11 if you have those stubborn frown over there is still re- tightens, 90 seconds. the best part diana you get up to eight hours.
10:28 pm
>>host: now you are talking. that is included as well. here we go! walk me through this. >>guest: again look at the difference. this is only 90 seconds, two days or a week 90. yes it is temporary but it will work up to eight hours. visibly you see the difference. >>host: you will love are getting some temporary products see room, something for the neck and the am/pm. --serum. i want to go back to the am/pm and maybe we could show the consumer survey again. when hydroxatone came to me it was a group of plastic surgeons physicians nutritionists and dermatologists who came together to put their wish list ingredients and made this cream. millions have been sold to date. what women had to say about this, two times a day.
10:29 pm
[reading] >>host: free shipping and handling three flexpayments. this is the first anniversary. this is the last show of the first anniversary. we have just a few hundred remaining if you call right away. or on or mobile device. sometimes we have to try something new. sometimes we need to rotate few things.6 c13 especially changing seasons. that is usually the indicator when we should say it is time to change some things. you are n


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