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tv   South Carolina Republican Party  CSPAN  May 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this week coming up to target fine lines and wrinkles and we will talk about more got this.118-856. and wei brian is joining us this morning, grater, manufacturer of this incredible lining you know how excited i am to work >>guest: good morning and i am happy to share of my secrets. 10 years ago kinect to share the secrets. my secret allosaurs. talk about this show, what a bunch appear again >>host: this time to sit back and get younger,6 c13 younger radiant-cut and skin it will start with your first item, look at these prices. this line is affordable and rich in technology. we've
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taken 45% off foot the hsn price and the customer at over 30 reviews and everybody loves this this c13 hydrating tinted serum. >>host: >>guest: sensei your skintone the net looks old, tired this inside, it is inside it has a golden bowl of concentrate is known, can your skin to the surface. then i tinted it and what it does it will even your skin out and set a and at the same time, c13 essence of golden root serums into your skin, under need to renewed the younger skin to resurface. shed the redskins also plan the new skin will come to the surface. it will make you
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look, even complexion. that is why, then see the look of the video. i learned from a video of the golden root power. my beautiful the way to keep my skin at its best is to take care of it today, tonight, and tomorrow. she revealed a royal secret that she has since the day she married. the secret was a her mother. root has the ability to help the skin's renewal process. this rare flower grows only above% 4,500 ft. of a mountain area, and has been well sought royalty. that magic night is inspiration for me to develop a golden root system to help you also to renew tonight, andso your
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skin willride on a wedding >>host: it is exciting to see and hear the history behind the and the fact that these recipes have been passed down- your mother generation to generation to say, the price. normally i do not talk about the begins to feel like the technology speaks for itself and how well were and the result eusebius sometimes the prices just crazy that.$15.90 essence and center in a bid yet you were listening to, wei brian said to me isn't that 50% off? i said yes. >>guest: i am surprised myself. >>guest: besides the price, is a result you will see it is a different approach to skincare. eyebrow and herbal medical school, is my passion technology
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and i just put a little bit of my hand you can see the difference. and that is mark even tone. luxe can see out even. that is what is wonderful, it is a long term with the same time at tented of a pigmentation and i can evenut in the skin tone color. >>host: this works for any woman, any skin tone perry >>guest: it feels so good, itt weight. skin, it is potent but what is and this is put in with the golden in there for my grandmother. this is set an asian be used to prepare yet after 10 years with hsn , you would become the no. 1 chinese herbal skin-
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care line. you never tried the the great johnson. colleges would to say i want to try to find, this is a tinted >>host: serum and golden root if you're making of this morning and looking at this with and this morning in6 c13 order thinking what foundation by put on, it is hot sticky you feel like it is also out of your face this is a polite get the benefits from the serum to help innefit, at the same time to get thatght weight, aren't so it evens out the it gives you flawless youthful look to your $15.98 senses your hsn price, think about other set of shear foundations. youthspan up $50 and here you akin to the herbal and green and i am the
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manufacturer. >>guest: much to do it as golden root inside because it is my name on the line. if you tread rubber products, you use a tinted moisturizers but what you to use a tinted serum. >>host: showed you on my hand. just the difference this contention will see that relate it just as blend in beautify. i am very fair and club, side-by-side look, beautiful, flawless, about even the major skin, it is lightweight breathable but three years and $15.98 amber very busy and this and please be patient to get yours.
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when not getting a presentation but this is copper s ichuan hollyand the moment the first drop it starts to work on your wrinkles because it contains highly, only from the region. >>host: that has the wrinkle away face serum, $42.20 flexible payments of $21. 097-053 we do have autoship available as well. we will the data available.we're sitting on to the next item. this next item is magical. it's a cushion. is the age recovering be tricky. $22.50. this
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is ace a " go and to some of the fine lines and wrinkles. if you what will creme lifting skin and set the, local overage will show us the results. on doing this kind of crinkle killing, i like anything on the market is hydrating and i yudu is blend in deep wrinkles, my only tip is open up the deep wrinkles and you just had this age recovering and take a look at the before and after. netbook settle into the line to nichols. but 2 minutes, of marks into the lens and
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the bill sent to you washout. if you try wrinkle filler as you are disappointed, pick of the phone for this. this is truly amazing product. this is a because of the ingredients i was able to find from the region which is, berry of youth and nothing use its technology and becomes a hydrating pace in huge supply to any business wrinkles you can have an expression.look at that result.
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television. go to television, and that way brian, i think you said under neck, joaquin designer hands this and have seduced and plasticity as well. 25 items with this.
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it is applied to left england going to give a smoking line, take a look at that. you can tell which side it to apply with scented because in result. instant, met at that. cushion and americas that order across as, i can see you at your phones, do trip and fall under socket this is a hot product and you do not want to miss it. it does not matter your age, who you are what is the fine lines and
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smile line, i am in my thirties, everybody says you don't have6 c13 i say yes i do. the smile lines and those of the sense that we want to see but at the same time, when we are putting on the army, and all of makeup false and to those wrinkles, you went to disappear. lead times, to a philip crinkle pillows ours is to keep. tweezers under an of for the makeup. luxe of wrinkle pillars current u.s. disappointed, it's like he, a lot and see your skin and become part of your skin into you wash it off. 0 so good
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for use skin. but goal long you use, the less you need an it is those price we've ever done and what is so that was a documentary films video, did not make this a was to head of moslem i'm either what amazing things about which is where was was a cellist treasures i would to
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put this in this age recovery paste to me that is the result that wei east difference. this age recovery but it's so exciting about mckennac13 the regal fell on market a few words as a pliable and of the phone and this is natural up
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your faces blown in you can put this over3 amid shoes , you are sitting 25% this morning by calling in of it is delivered directly to your front and need to test it out, you assign of
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what to do this. i always joke after i did a demonstration, i left the summit had a big pore size this works to.just
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the overall texture and the seriousness of this candles because we will show you more 7 other before and after because it and now being collected that because of a bit when you to see how on a joke on the web hz to be on national television of my wrinkles. as for the bettere power from nature and power
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from mary was spessartite machinists but wei east has this technology, she is keenthe words of the brain via credit with affordable prices so chi, there is an impressive and a real price for row women. and here an alternate for men and hydration system. for flex phase 28 colors and 80s as an innocent definitely take advantage 245 colors
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roasted 2% of the retail price or what to take a listen to the spotlight on a dozen. >>host: 11 summer here at hsn and we have the summer beauty pens, 8:00 p.m. you can chop off a month-long on you can tune in on a weeknight at 8:00 p.m. and see the with the summer series. the conceit of the selections on from footwear handbag scented. all kinds of good set per your family on [commercial]
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[commercial] if [reading] >>host: prentice stringyness this morning she is the founder, creator and manufacture of this incredible line that uses powerful
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ingredients that you can find. the next product we have never tsk done this before. it wei east #one serum in the entire collection in this is, the lowest price we have ever done and it has never been lowers the a opportunity to stock up, to try it for the very first time if you've never tried it is $22.98, this is a perfect opportunity to get my than one, buy more and say but what us through why this is your number one serum and why it is so exciting. >>guest: fits this is the second ever live for skin with your skin look older and your have lines and. yet we have a precise, your skin is kind
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this one serum does it all. this is one serum i launched 10 years ago everybody's favorite except never in this price. the minute you put huge recaptures serum on your skin, you fill the result. take a lot, 87 years young customers. my mom said never give up, never too never too early to start good at skincare. and you heard the excitement alive voice but it is the the id skin care, powerhouses one application neck area.this is what i am passionate about.9 herbal ingredients in the serum, one application. >>host: live and even. >>guest: mandarin orange may be of never heard
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of. yet ninth herbal ingredients and if your skin is kind of like a, this is a belief that is richard vitamin c you may be say vitamin c and retinol, go for stamp and light and regardless, this is nature's way, the older rbc inside. you've never heard of juju beach. in china, it is nicknamed nature's vitamin pill. camisole concentration and thisserum, no oil, and the fragments no assets, it is pure herbal accepted it truly works. for 10 years everybody voted is one of the bestserums i've ever made for multipurpose. >>host: this is for men and women as all. no oil and side. >>host: this
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most advance and powerful serum and her entire collections of u 12 target is the fine lines and wrinkles or larger pores, you get the overall texture and smoothness of your skin that we should like to enter. reclaim your use. filament canberra and you hope, ted, i wish i get 5 for 10 years back but this is the way you and a look and feel you said that she was 87 years young. >>guest: 50 this is one serum reclaim to use the once have and when you can choose skin you do have a lasting city, if you lost some, this the moment youould skin in transit, they will respond to it.he
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won a recapture the youth. in the name says it, use free captured. u.s. recaptured. --youth >>host: you apply this? >>guest: you can rotate but i can never live without this. i use this morning and night. and of the potency inside so i use morning and night and you can one else in this and we retell for $55.and the many serums the market sells for hundreds of dollars. is potent. our skin is the biggest arkin our body. >>host: stay in the
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ordering process. $22.98 in the best as we have never done over 150 spoken for, very if you won the most divans bess and technology it goes on beautifully, the way you dumb but we will sit on the 2 sandy from pennsylvania is joining us with wei east away brian your live on the air sandy. >>caller: hello perry give >>guest: good morning. its >>host: is a pleasure to speak with you a you under way to a young girl looking skin? >>caller: i always amylase i keep up with that parian >>host: what to pick up this morning? >>caller: to pursing she presented, she is a
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magician and this woman. yet i love and you should go on the road for magic shows. [laughter] >>host: you are a big fan of wei east line, about some of the result sewer's scene. >>caller: if i keep up with my skin looks really does in *, if i did things that night, the only thing is am so wide open because our products with a set and body of an and what i know. your face so so good. >>host: 3 having a cup of coffee in the morning. >>caller: your whole face bills like it is pulsating. and it feels so good. it you what to jump rope or something
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like that. >>host: disclaim, it results will vary because your results are incredible. >>caller: up 725 basis for all of the products that you make perry did not know of gold giant lenin closet will look for products. which one should i use to ask her, if would consider or if you may 8 tanning product? >>guest: that is a good idea of never thought of that sheri get them sure there is a nature's way to do that carried it will work on that with my team. thank you for your suggestion. >>host: into that vehicle skin of yours the new gaullist at any time and have a great sunday morning. i
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just wanted to remind you there is a counter on the 270 of the spoken for, this is the number one serum and all of her entire the most advanced, the highest technology and younger, more reagan skin and hugh hefner in your 20's, '30's, will give this and if the rejuvenation come with a beautiful flowing feel that you want and that every woman deserves to have, why sacrifice we do not have to sacrifice $22.98 and it is not like charging $55 and retail. >>guest: is a reasonable price. i heard some of serums are $500 but to deliver results. this is my.
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renew what to reclaim the youths, the same as the customer pick, 10 years here at hsn , product of our oil addiction with you, we pretty heady presentation it is the age recovery beauty treatment and it is seeing meryl all, as is the you can reapply and and again in this phenomenal product. to diminish a lot of records ahmanson calls. the book of my husband and i he uses this
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and he uses c eyes alive , retired and vein face and eyes. all-in-one kit for a $19.98.and it is 165-81 to the presentation is coming up at 9:00 a.m. this morning. and not miss out if i were you, i would order that early. sit-in, that is that in any animal look at another spot light. fat check out the clearance on the spot light. the visit go to guy. then we do have a
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big clair it's happening www.hsn.com3 us up and who does not a cell? gel olive you wei east products this morning everything is on set one item.nce to be shopping click on the cleansing and shot them. -- [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: this next kit mayor doing this morning, it is huge and i cannot believe how much product you are giving us if you want
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to hydra firm look of your skin, if you do have said he skin, firm and before he at shea you ever do you get and what to point out if you purchased separately. even spent 245 posts to bring it back down to iran the white lotus, good night creme, $37 the day cream the mask packets for 28, test not reaffirming eye treatment, this almost every part of the body. this is cleanser which is $25 and the tanning complex is $246 c13 beautiful scarf and the cosmetic bag
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that for a retail value of $245.the creams alone cost more than the kids.this is only today we have, stemmed but will this sellout. if the 5200 or so all around. that will be a one time have for you this morning. raincoats and thus his city upon he did have a cleanser, white lotus diamonite lemon also, and next firming cream. water when you fight crime, also, much less common not on
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on what to show you the scarf as i have lupines and that at this. this is part of the bonus. listen for and things couldn't if you see your skin satin. you've used as of our aging away. the way to pick up the kids. it had everything but is easy. what is black soy? it is not only with 9 herbal chesnutt glaxo 8 contains four times more than regular so uptight.this is superpower firming system. my
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brand-new what lotus ridges luncheons this note press that is giving an accompanist to the skin and we just did it in human. very excited for you and if you have ahead a week by trading sofa as is applied the serum 2- you can see started but the agent way, you designed to diminish the appearance. this is why you do. unlike
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more smith in said.and it that is what is so the technology behind this in the chinese civil agreements that really said this kind of par. few tried other products in the entire drama of hopeful dreams. it's safe to say, how much money and use them on products and not work, what you have to lose by trying england and new, innovative and using the chinese are all ingredients to delivery the results. in your soup purchases a tire kitn 100 and $245 at retail. here at hsn receiving 50 percent all of retail. you are
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getting so much more here this evening the mask packets, i trim it and you will continueshare with you because calf seed so no, you would need to pages. , in complex, hand for $28.88 compared saving could dip subwoofer utility what younger, began looking skin, this is your way if you are on it your way to getting6 c13 been in for $28.88 on the 4 flexible payments, you have nothing to miscarriages if you'll see results to move will you can si's asked our voices and low to and who is and
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waiting. welcome to floors declared a you underweights you and the two items to show on television >>guest: tried the product before? >>caller: i have tried it a long time ago and i do is look up best of the demonstration that you did. summer is coming around and i need something quick. but 30 seconds, you to call me and know how to work with you for the summer. and
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as gains products sew. wallet these great products here this morning and this is the perfect opportunity 9 with this presentationre is a flaw on- screen we have a little over segment we have the last 200 of these eastern south over to libya have a standing, hallmark a ball and this is what and said and said louis destructive are dozens to try it, i had to be part of the innovation
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and technology. he saw patsies and that, the white lotus, is the love to my line. thisline communally, the nuts and bolts are within the b and skincare because it is the complete anti-aging resident.
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this incredible it will expense. since the default gift bed the beautiful scarlet this exotic leopard cub that you have plus thevteal, wherewith dg2 jeans. that the today's special you and tie on handbag on a hat, just that these two products with everything you get if you went out to retail, you could spend 200 easy. this morning you are 50, more than the 2% + a flex pay. what to do everything you are going to get your justine then, we say good morning. we want you to have a beautiful skin and everyone in america beauty should not be about a price tag. it with your line yudu delivered the technology, the chinese herbal ingredients and the affordability. >>guest: i am approaching is what will
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help me but it my best. but don't mind to age. a growing balks in its wisdom in my head, not on my head. that is what i want freedom. [laughter] >>caller: this white lotus, we do have a video to show you that white my home town and you can harvest each one of them. from nature to my face, small pond with a wonderous secret from around the the water of this tranquil pond grows the asian white lotus. pure white, its simple beauty inspires the mind. generations, the local people have and it is a special- treasure. harvest by hand, we extract the essence from
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each single plant. today, the hydrating power of our white lotus skin look more supple, plump and overall maximized. this specially designed to meet the needs of dry skin. our only leave your skin for >>guest: feel the luxury and perry and find the result carey and look at that that is from white lotus, to black look at that result. this is truly result of the line. and that is why i am this is my passion.this asian beauty secret that help me. and can you by
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sharing the knowledge carry yen >>host: and looked at kaplan is the appearance of those are areas that i think that women forget aboutet our face then you forget about your neck, hands. a lot of next product and the prime i always, glam market. and they are real, the press' fault. give this as a whole regiment including hydrating and assessment for me, where wet went it was confident money and it can result in a way to get a guy you carried it for me, this is about you. >>host: not sacrificing the ingredients and i always say, wei is incredible, the wealth of knowledge in the experiments in the b industry,
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she has a handsome elvis of the process to deliver you the absolute most luxurious product the cabana interface the japan for that. ba the result value is usually the butt of the market in and let him be with every penny's we break it down, you are saving more of the hsn there is he intend this a product here again develop the product or a game plus the assessment
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complices scarf we have less 100 and the deities or around this morning. yet if you want a beautiful looking skin, younger looking skin that will target your neck, skin neck, eyes, is the entire anti-aging system with sydney with a flexible payments, final quantity only from the earring. the mayor going to say hi to nicky. you not elysee had to nicky, i in new happy but that. >>host: 11 nicky good morning. >>caller: and i am so i am so i flips stations and landed on your products and i want to thank you for sharing your knowledge of herbs and what they will do because i do own the bitter herbs and everything that natural. i'm 72 and i have katmai's can
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and very good condition. and and reaching the age where i do see clients in and wanted to make sure that i am continuing that was very natural. thank you. and for micropedic, that is what i am giving myself. >>guest: [♪ music ♪] (...) love gorgeous than karajan you lack--gorgeous skin care again >>guest: celebrators parent also. my mom said, when you get do not give up, keep fighting. cages >>caller: only a number. >>guest: >>guest: >>guest: with you. call me and let me know how it works for you. and >>caller: i am so
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excited. there a >>host: is an eye cream in this kit firming eye cream, you don't need to buy back stock.we have an eye cream in this kit but i do have to tell one of my favorites, we use is alive, asked the network representative it will be happy to help you bet i if you ask and on, they can help you but it is incredible wallet works. have they have everything you need firming aging,
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>>host: and suits the last 100 and we started with well over 250 of these and we have sold more than 50 percent of the available and this is the only airing today if you want you need to be in the ordering process but will look over but we have 100 people and the ordering process and that is at counting everyone i am 72 years old and you want to embrace your age that you want something to help with the time in ages the age you what some thing to deliver the moisture as mission this is just your natural beauty at its very best with chinese herbal ingredients to really give you the renewed a beautiful skin care yen >>guest: we cannot
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argue with 5000 years of wisdom carry and it works. q what and are looking skin you won a trip great value, this collection is the one kerrigan >>host: less than 100 to call ron perry again and see everyone is something in the ordering process. i am afraid, if you wait you will miss out so congratulations this is the way to wrinkle relief.118- 856. 25 percent of the hsn price. this is a to look that works together to give you a more youthful and effervescence to your skin but the price is unbeatable. this packed with powerful arms, 20
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firms in this to look together carry get what is i was told to use exclusively an asylum look at them- results- not taking yourself your appearance, that is from the herbal formula. the 11 firms go inside from king go,if you had
6:59 am
(...) mature skin, a regular, a change over skin, but this. it is never too early to get good skincare regimen within a kit at home because when you have good products that power pack with a chinese herbal ingredients, many times and harvested to a famous power filigree and suzanne perry had to deliver the results and it is remarkable. the young >>guest: 3 you are the more kind you are. you need to get out of a unique the ingredient that is correct to your skin.


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