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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  May 20, 2012 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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wei brian, you are back at 9:00 a.m., and the rest for you.
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>>host: 104- 104. another customer pick is a singer sewing and quilting machine. think about all of the especially the quilting projects. this is it with singer. 4 flex item # 347-542. on 160 left to go around and then we say goodbye to that one. then we have the curvy computerized sewing machine. there is a vast number of options of what you can do and how you make this machine work for you. 5 flex
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967- all singer and all right here on hsn today! [♪ music ♪] >>host: good morning! rise and shine and it is time to join us! singer sewing in this hour! we had a great visit yesterday and again today. you are looking at all customer picks starting off with the machine in front of me. we had not seen it on the air since last october. as a long time to go without this than 4000 of these and now is your time to get the singer's talent 23 stitch selling machine.value is close $230 and it is 15% off the hsn price
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and a huge savings off the retail value with everything that you get addition to the sewing machine to get all the accessories and the feet.a $42.49. darlene cahill is joining us this morning. darlene, not only does she educate us on the right way to sell in the best way to sell on the machines. she is a dynamic personality as >>guest: it is our most economical machine and it has the style stitches. has a different widths that you can3 have s 1 is thestretch
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zone. that is the blue and that it corresponds with the black and the blue (...) [laughter] >>guest: the black and the blue stitches on this main peace. we will start by selling in and we will start with the buttonhole. they may have a of a big giant buttonhole foot that had to be screwed on. this is easy! it is nappa on, snapped off. there is a gizmo and you pushed towards the back. it does engages the rest of the motor and gets it ready for a buttonhole foot.little stitch here and you dial the stitch. that is button: and i correspond to the graphic of the buttonholes on this style. see the red lined up with the
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red? is easy to understand. of course the with you need to alter because he did not want it to be a straight line, you want to have some side sweep. 5 is good. the pedal to the step and ostracized.-- aut buttonhole is complete and looks fantastic on the bottom side as well as the back. no attention problems are there and there is the front.-- no problem. this also has a storage tray and all of the accessories inre. top loading
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drop in it is very light weight. this is a machine that you could take with and considered extremely portable. it will set up on any desktop countertop or table top. all different sewing, it functional utilitarian, blind hem, you have decorative stitches and the crescent and you will see some cross stitches and the overcasting. basically for all your basic alterations, costumes, home decor. most people do that kind selling. if you do not have a sewing machine in your home, this is worth looking at because it did that every home should one just as every renee's cookware and an iron and a vacuum. this is the home product that everyone should have. >>host: gamut. yesterday we
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had a commercial grade machine. we have had major computerized machines which we do have one coming up in this hour, this is a great starting point if you are new to sew way to sewing in school. they have not really done it since. it is like i have a little bit the skill, but i am rusty and the to get started again this to be a great machine to do that because it is a user friendly. you just basically dial up what you want and you could follow pictures and line up and press the foot and you go. as darlene stitching, you could see how easy and smooth this is as it goes through. we have fewer the 550 left. this one is the most affordable in the inventory from center. sin ger.
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>>guest: it is the time that the are fininshing school and if you have a niece or nephew that is 8 years old and3 this is a fantastic machine for they to make clothes for their dolls are for themselves. 3 purposing, may be deciding their own clothes and being able to do all that and so much more. it has a girlie front on it. i think it is very feminine and you see to what to do some creative things when you look at if front. that was a blind hem stitch. that is something that you use. rather than stitching by hand for all the hemlines pants skirts dust ruffles, all those long areas that people go, i have to do the and it takes forever! it does not take forever with the sewing. even
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go as fast as you need to. you complete your side seams together with the easiest, by sew, and serge foot that we have ever offered. i am going to let go of the other foot and then putting the lobster claw over the needle bar, i am going to snap into place. i am going down here and it goes over the needle bar. it's crudes back in place.-- it scoots back in place and that is it is reflective because it is metal. now the wobble? it is because i have the quilt in the back. it does not wobble. i am going
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to the overcasting stitch which is in my stretch zone. s stands for stretch! do you here that lock in place? >>host: yes. >>guest: my stitch with is in to 6. i place this in to the foot. you get a sewing machine. if you are new to sewing and you only want to get one item because you want to test the this is the you will be able to sew and surge. this. stitching and overcast. while it is stitching and finishing off the seam all in one easy step, it is also cutting the sew that you have the perfect edge. >>host: sew, that is how you do that? >>guest: exactly how that is done. they will
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look sew finished because you have all these details that you would to darlene's point maybe you are getting more into sewing. you see all the shows with fashion and fashion design and the next fashion designer or whoever and it really does us to really start our creativity. not really gonna happen and only going to be a dream. darlene when did you start sewing? >>guest: when i was about 10 years my mother offered her machine, but did not help me. she said go in your closet and see how they did it at the store and copy that. mostly socked taught until i got to be college age, but i was sewing high school for money for a race track. it is surprising what you will be able to do when you put your mind to it and have a tool that will allow you to make
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those dreams come true. watched as blind hem and that you saw sew cut and surge. now watch how easy that is to come off. oscans that foote very simple and i just now on. it is on the floor. [laughter] >>guest: this is an watercolor quilt. we put all this wears on the grid and then you stitch them down. the stitch with was variable. because of the3 stitch with adjustable button. i go to right sew that i can get a consistent quarter inch
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go east/west and the north/south. i consider this a beginner machine. it looks like you've sew all these blocks together, but you did not. you just sewed a straight line. they were done with an iron on diffusible grid. the results is something that looks like this.are put together some people would be impressed that you did it yourself and it is a great beginner quilting project. >>host: you are noticing the different feet. everything that you get in addition the machine. the ready set sew dvd on its own is $29.95 on its did you
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get the to screwdrivers and the four bobbins.bullpen. you get the brush and seam ripper. you get the pack of rippers and the dvd. then you have for gathering but foot. you get your even feed foot in common from singer provided the one step buttonhole and your standard foot. the" >>guest: and quilt cutter. >>host: plus a 25 year warranty on a sewing machine and the at center. we think of sewing to rethink of we have fewer than 500 to go. this is a great beginner machine and the most affordable in our entire singer
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inventory and we made it even more affordable for is the only at 15% off our regular price. >>guest: the ready, set, sew dvd by itself is a $29 value! >>host: could buy its separately if you wanted to, but with this he did not have to. >>guest: about $20 value and then (...)you are getting h. huge package with a pint machine! it will play big for you in your life. the accessory tray comes off and that leaves you with a free arm. the know how we hem up and make shorts out of all of those winter pants? >>host: right! >>guest: sometimes we leave them along or make% pedal pushers with cute little fringe on the side. that is what we are going to do.some store
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fringe that i found the glove i thought it was really cute. >>host: you are actually taking something you already wear and half. >>guest: it does not cost a lot. >>host: they're always the things that we say if only it had a little hadoomph and this is it. >>guest: this is the kids can do. itwouldbe nice toity and awakens yourself expression and gives you the sense of satisfaction. there we have jingle bottoms. this was before and this was after and and just took a minute on the sewing machine. this
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will allow me to do stippling. you can make your quilt dreams come true. denim to your finest silks. you will be able to doieve it or not with this little it is small, but really strong. for the money it is economical with the biggest assortment that you will find anywhere. do you see the stippling? absolutely that is what you see on quilts.-- beautiful. >>host: the machine helps you out. >>guest: here you can see some of the things to inspire you and let you know what you expect to achieve with this
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machine. you can do sippers, buttons twin needles topstitching. you can do the regular topstitching and maybe do some decorative work using one of13 specialty stitches and just sewing accord on to the top of do a little scouting in the grid or a spiral. or your little girls outfits or grandbabies. maybe book and pencil cases for fall when school starts up we were fixing up the other jeans with trim or do it with plain old fabric. at a strip to the bottom and a waist tie and you have totally redesigned a pair of jeans. >>host: tell us what we have. >>guest: this is the walking it holds multiple layers together. you get beautiful results that will not get out of skewed. if you were
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selling a polyester sew or cotton fell sandwich to between two layers, you could easily start at one end and by the time you get to the and to but there would be in inch of black over of one of the colors. this way it will be perfect all the way around.that and lifted% and removed it and they're coming to see that we just did this trail and it lines up. the fabric did not go (...) which it normally would. then you have the feet pulling on both the top and the bottom sew it keeps it together and it goes through at the same rate. >>host: accessories. if you are a beginner normally would not know necessarily accessories to buy any would not know them until you went to the pain of trial and error. the fact that you get the ones your corn to need for your first projects and the things that you
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make, it is really good. there not a la carte or cherry picking. that you get the machine and the ready, set sew dvd so that it helps the often the beginning. with singer, you are never alone. if you have questions, if you need information, there is always a place to go to find it is a beginner machine but a customer pick. free the reviews and beginner does not have to mean that you were starting out and you are like 15 years beginner could be that you are retired and on your own. maybe you are looking for a fun new hobby and computers are gaining is not your thing or you're not going out to amusement parks are ride bikes but you would like to stretch your creativity or stretch your thinking and your mind, exercise your skills in that way selling is a really
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great way to do it. >>guest: yesterday this is the bridging stitch. a bridge stitch to be used to put on your embellishments or according.-- cording. facebook, asked by facebook sewing friends ask them how much they sew every week. there were 40 replies and they said not as much as i want to! everyone wants to sell more than they are actually able to carve out time for because once you get bit by the sewing but, you sew 50-60 hours a week and it is still not enough because is so satisfying! >>host: and in the end, you get something to and when you start getting compliments it gives to the satisfaction that sitting in from the computer never could do. every machine that you see in this hour from singer is a customer pick including the first one. if you are a beginner want to
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start out, item # 104- use flex pay in take advantage of the reduced shipping and the 15% off. have our spotlight of the week. [♪ music ♪] >>host: self magazine is geared towards your health and wellness. they have a program called 60 days to healthier ways.3 come when a proform treadmill, plus get 60 days of healthier tips from magazine when you register at do not miss out on this great opportunity. enter key word self. coming up tonight at midnight, i did not want you to miss out on nicky butler today's special. i am actually wearing it in the purple or amethyst drusy. this is so enchanting when i look at this ring it conjures up a story! definitely
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to end in tonight because nicky butler will tell you the story of the ring. have6 c13 americana event coming up! [commercial] [reading]
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[♪ we are talking singer sewing this morning and darlene cahill is joining we are getting started with our next customer pick sewing machine. this is the sewing and quilting machine. $50.00 the regular price. reduced shipping and handling which helps also much especially on a machine that you will start to use more then maybe you had been selling. we have already sold thousands of these. now will be the chance to it did it. i held that when i said quilting that your ears perked up because there are a lot of quilters out there. if you do not have the right machine, it makes them take forever and it takes for it to finish a project. >>guest: right and the last machine we showed you was mechanical and this
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machine is electronic and push button.l love the 99 built in stitch patterns. you can see them on the slide out menu that is located right underneath the front panel. on the slide out menu, each one of the graphics that represents a stitch has a corresponding number that you can punch in and achieve your results. if i wanted to make this buttonhole, no. 94, i just got to the front of the machine and go9 in my tens column and then fork and that is it. you will love the simplicity of this machine. if you have your everyday hurry up and do it alteration or make a pillow, they have 12 different most popular and frequently used stitches on the front panel of the machine that you cannot access simply by pressing the button. i am going back to 94 because we are starting with
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a buttonhole. we have the one size auto size you will notice the brights led lights un and beat the foot with that helps when you are quilting. also the extension table. snap in place and pull out the bottom foot and have a nice table so that you can stabilize your work before it goes under the- foot. you are not holding it in mid air and tried to keep it straight. machines of yesterday had tables that were built in so that you had a nice flat bed. most machines now do not have an table and you are on the top of the table trying to up your project. is a whole different ball game and now with the table, it makes it really nice. with a buttonhole, slide down the gizmo and it fits between slots.
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place it on one of the slots. on no. 94 and is ready to roll. it will make the buttonhole automatically for me. one step, on the size auto style. what you will appreciate is instead of going up one side and on the other which can sometimes distort the material and causes it to go on one side this stitch is the same direction both sides of the channel which is a step up for what we just saw on the mechanical. mechanical mice a fine buttonhole, it goes up and down. then it did the cross and what up to stabilize it and then did the cross when over. you have a beautiful and more precision when you deal with the electronics. everything is preprogrammed at the factory. you will get the incredible results. if you are wondering, i do not make clothes, what
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would i do with a buttonhole? you can do with a buttonhole such as this! little cosmetic bags! make the buttonholes slice them we've the ribbon in and add to great embellishment. >>host: c13 never thought of that! i am glad you showed that! >>guest: thank and let me show you how it is to access the decorative stitches. said the triangle, no. 36. i go to the ones column and go to no. 6 and the tens column, the three. 36, there are this is my stitch width. do you see the green?see how i want to read? the factory does not recommend you are this far over. the factory recommends that you keep in the green zone. for the with is the same thing. it wants to nice and wide so that you get the results that you see on the menu. we all
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want great results sew it is easy to follow the little lights put them is so easy, do you think? >>host: yes. there is no guesswork in you are not having to wonder, at all this comes out right. fabric and you want to make sure you get it right. >>guest: ahead and stitch that. you can adjust the stitch length. you can make it as or as long as you want it. that was an example of being able to alter. always practice on a scrap fabric first so that you get the results that you want. >>host: you can see the way that darlene had changed. some are tighter, some are looser. >>guest: that is by altering the stitch lines. you want to keep it
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defaults, which is one of the factory settings and they know what they're doing. you add another row next to that, you are treating your own trams and borders.-- creating tirms and borders. long and then short and that may like a you to make your own decorative assortment by altering the six ltitch thought you did that on purpose. >>guest: we can say that we did that on purpose! that sounds good! [laughter] >>host: that is the advantage of having a machine at the higher quality because you have the extension arm and the extras that you are going to rely on. you get
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accessories. you would expect to come hsn. to get the screwdriver, need all, felt disc a ripper and brush and the of sillery spool the needed the zipper foot.-- auxiliaries spool pin. you get the blind hem and you also get more bobbins and needles and your felts and everything that you need. in order to start your projects and have that nice finished result that you expect. if you just punched up what you want, the machine does the rest. this is a customer pick. if you are new your computer read the reviews and i know that you will enjoy this one and get home. darlene just picked up a bright tangerine thread! >>guest: 01 how easy it is the thread. a lot of you are starting out
7:32 am
today. hold it like dental floss and pull it across the back and make sure it is on both first and second thread died and then you go down up, make sure it is in the take up lever and back down. this is members, 1, 2, 3, 4. there is a little pig tail over the needle. then the automatic needle threader and given a little finesse toward the it will automatically thread that for you. it pulls it, see? it pulls the right to the eye of nielsen you did not have to fuss with that. then you have a top loading drop in bobbin which makes it really nice. >>host: 162 left of that is all we have left on this one.
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>>guest: you want to make sure there are no nonce and then you drop in the bobbin and counterclockwise but to the little guy. you can go through the slot that is built into the needle plate and then replace your bobbin and you are ready to start sewing. i want to show you the handbook quilting stitch. i use the of ainge said he would see it and it would stand out.00-- orange. i amgoing to program the hand quilting stitch. >>host: it could not be any easier. >>guest: all the way to 7 and then my with is staying in the and the tension i am going to increase. it is going to stitch and
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it takes a a leap? >>guest: 8 tips a league where it looks like it is stitching and place, but it is going at a snail's pace because it is looking6 c13 handstitched prove that it pulls the bobbin thread of which happens to be pink in it blends into the fabric and the leap across is the upper then you see that more so than the rest. handbook basting stitch. if you can see that up close, you will appreciate what it looks it does not come on all machines. people love i want to show you the end result and how you would use this in some of your projects. this bag was finished a handbook quilting stitch. can you
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it down the front? is that beautiful? >>host: yes, you can see right there! >>guest: this dress was pieced 1/4 inch foot. if you love to quilt, it will love having the consistent seams. and the decorative were done with one of 99 decorative stitch u to make your own borders and trims and make it stand out and put your personality on things with you or stippling and doing free motion work. maybe on the bottom of a dressier already own in your decorating it. maybe it's something you are creating from scratch because you want a denim color you cannot find in the store. maybe you want an arms denim jacket and all you divide is below. we do not think twice of buying a new cookware set and following recipes we have never done before, but we i cannot take the machine out of the
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box! take it out of the box like you would with cookware and follow the patterns as he would pay recipe. is only a different genre. no in sewing and not something that is the one to be gone in a few minutes and at last! >>host: last longer because instead of buying new, you can refresh the look of what you already have. i keep talking about the creative outlet, but darlene you are right we will follow in ingredients that we have never done before or we will search for ingredients high and low, but will meet think about sewing, it is intimidating. millions of men and women sew every single day. >>guest: surprise yourself! you will be amazed at what you're able toespecially with the new singer machine. >>host: we have
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fewer the 150 left in 3 minutes and the presentation.a selling and quilting machine. if you are a culture you have got to be on the limited. if you are a sewer, the fact that you can dial up what you want press the number and the machine will take you through and it helps you out with that. >>guest: see the quilting beginning with the grid and that is with the walking foot and the bag next to tamara, you will see the quilting and the grid that is formed. you can quote it yourself." it with the6 c13 foot and then you turn it into a or a book bag or whatever you want. >>host: my mom used to sew she does not sew as much as she would like to, but when i was a little girlhe used to so many of my outfits and made a little person with the outfit and it was just cute and i
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would get of compliments i love them because i knew i was the only one with she loved it because it was a sense of accomplishment. >>guest: we are talking about the kids being on school break very soon and then the purse with the matching outfits! if this is the kind of thing that you think you want to do with the grandchildren or your niece's this summer. it builds memories and quilts tha tgetpass on and (...) >>host: of times we do not think of where our clothes come from or blankets comethis we think come from the store. they came from someone skill and creativity. >>guest: what if it is someone that you love and they did it for you? it means a much more.
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>>host: 6 c13 one minute left. if you are one of the people like darlene was talking about when she was on her facebook page and how often to use sew? and you say not as often as i would like to. maybe you do not have a machine that is as easy to work as this one. you are up early in the morning. i always say that you are here for a and you are still on watching darlene and she is giving a class or lesson. itc13 igniting your ot let it pass you the item #347-542. is a customer pick. read the reviews of the other women and men like you have a love sewing and wanted a machine that could give them everything that this one does. take advantage of the this visit only price. the fact that you are saving $50!
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$50.00 is a lot of money when you do not have to spend it, right? then you have for flex pay on it. today is the right day to do it. >>guest: and is fabric money! all the money that you save on a machine you can spend on fabrics and beautiful applique quilts ended the beautiful results. i will show you the finished products. all of your applique quilts, stained- glass watercolor, 1/4 inch piecing and even your fussy you can do with this machine. time. maybe it is overwhelming, but if you just do one block, 12 in., you think i can do that! before you know to me you are selling all of them together and you have a legacy of your own. >>host: something that you can reminisce over. our crop is down and it is time for us to
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move on. with everything that this machine can the price is outstanding. you get a 25 year warranty on the sewing machine had to of you also get all of the accessories and attachment and look at just some of the things that you will be able to do with this. >>guest: 99 dialed in stitch patterns and a bevy of plus a walkingvfoot, embroidery foot 1/4 inch quilting foot and a sudden stitch, blind hem, zipper and all of those. >>host: it is item # 347-54 to put this one is getting very limited.-- item # 347-542. i hope that you will stay on the phones or and get yours. we have some showstoppers i want to share with you.
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take a look at some of the things we have for[reading] [reading] [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] [♪ music ♪] - >>host: we are moving onto our last machine this morning with darling cahill. another customer pick from singer!
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this is 4.6 star rating out of 5. this is the curvy computerized sewing machine. i am going to ask you what is called curvy. >>guest: singer had a focus group and they ask about the shape ofne and they thought curvy. we love the curves! this is the sleek and sort of more sophisticated a sexy looking machine! [laughter] >>host: you are getting a $170 savings. look at the retail value of almost $709 with everything that you get. >>guest: 19 bonus feet. with twin needles, hemstitching and your of the nation's00 venetian feet.
7:45 am
[reading] ask yourrepresentatives. 19 >>guest: - presser where do you go into retail and find that many feet? this is it! this is why this is your one-stop sewing as well. look at my blog or write to me or go on facebook. we have other items for sewing. we of the and the scissors and the stabilizers and everything that you will need to make your selling dreams come true. not just the machines. check it out! on these are stitches and when i push scroll through the different designs. do you see all those? gorgeous! over 60 +
7:46 am
the built in buttonholes and a different size of buttonholes. sat in stitches, bob hard, alphabet inpunctuation and then alphanumeric. that means that you are stitching in foreign languages if you want to. i stitched sew dreams in spanish,italian, russian greek (...)then we went to an electronic in the middle of the hour and now the best of the best! i must talk of the-- top of
7:47 am
the line with the accessories we have offered. >>host: computerized, it opens up your options of the different things that you can you are not spending more for it today because you are saving $170 off the regular price. you have the price break and 5 flex we have 13 minutes left in this hour, but we do not have a lot of these it looks like alphabet to me! >>guest: it is the block alphabet and one that you do not have to put a space in between each letter. is automatically space for you. when you have 20 digits of programmable memory, you want to make sure that every digit counts and you want a machine that stops when you are done. if you wanted it to continue, we have the infinity
7:48 am
button and that means it will continue on and there is the word liner. the news the perfume, blush concealer, we have a little thing going here. he may do that for your bookcases are book covers or maybe a little accessory bags for your make just a fun way to express yourself and have something that is not a dime store look. it is elegant and upscale and no one else has except for you because you've designed it and use your head and came up with the color that you want to use and the different words and how you want them arranged. you will not find anywhere else. that is a good feeling when you finish something like that. and if you are gifting, you know that no one at the party will do the same thing that you gave. the bridal shower or baby shower and it makes a difference. use all the buttonhole
7:49 am
foot is on the other machines that were all white. this one has metal. and have the metal plate. the metal plate is an under plate and is exclusive at singer. use damage the fabric between the underplayed and the button hole foot. you will see the reflection of where the sew--n street is. that is so that you do not get bunching. if you're making a button on a cut for a caller point and you know that when you get to the seam and is a different boat and then your buttonholed jams and get stuck and will not keep feeding that will not go with the exclusive under plate. >>host: definitely i would consider an upgrade. singer understands all of the problems and the obstacles and they have created a way to resolve you
7:50 am
are getting it included! >>guest: now i am going to move on to the buttonholes.- just put the pedal to the metal and you may notice something different about3 shape of the machine other than the curve. it looks a little different (...) what was i going to say? [laughter] >>guest: i would remiss if i did not show you the swift smart threading that means that the thread comes down. just straight down through the
7:51 am
pigtail. with the foot down and the needle has to be and its uppermost position. just pull down the lever on the side and then your needle is threaded. lip of this foot and pop it off and you are good to go and you are ready to start something else. you have the curved roof is not square here. you have accessory storage. all of the 20 fit in there. is a lot of presser then you have the top job and sew bobbin. this is removable.-- dr and sew bobbin.
7:52 am
maybe you want the hand quilting stitch orgreek key ways the most cars everything that you can imagine or in eyelet stitch and stitches. 245 built in patterns as well as the bloc alphabet with the numbers and you will be stitching in different languages along with the 8 auto sizebuttonhole as well as the insanity buttonhole. >>host: infinity button hole. >>host: 250 to go around. we say a
7:53 am
computerizedne and a retail value of $700 that you are paying less than $430 for. and 5 flex pay and you love the because it is a customer pick you are not buying you have the advantage of having the experience of what other people have come into. then you are buying name, singer but they know everything there is to know about sewing machines and the obstacles you have had to come over come and they help you with the easy way to thread the needles and the way it is to do your butt and holes in a way that it user-friendly to you.-- buttonholes. the fact we areto thelast six and a half minutes or so before the end of the we are just giving you a taste way to do with this. >>guest: the
7:54 am
(...) e side of the machine to make sure that the needle clearing. this is my favorite sew, cut and serging foot. it snaps into place. this is called an integrated sew and serge. you do not just snap ffawn horse grew and on. you're literally becomes part of the machine.3 embedded in the needle lightproof you have sew in, cutting. if you can only afford one machine, this is a machine that would certified--satisfy the serging needs we have. sew cut andy step!
7:55 am
>>host: if you just need to the finishing touches or the space and look at the project you will do! >>guest: is that not pretty? you will do applique and have the multi stitch zigzag to put on rickrack or just use (...) the edging stitch. smack of the foot and snack on the other foot. viatek of the other thread and i will put an orange thread. i put it
7:56 am
down the handpieced. now i am ready to sew. now it is time to choose another decorative pattern. we will go back to our decorative menu. it is still there. do you see the eraser? it is, then i would be able to start fresh with a blank spot the next time i use the machine. maybe you
7:57 am
have to run out for a couple of hours and as long as the machine installed on, it knows what you dead.t have to think what was i doing? the machine does it for you. >>guest: you will be able to use this for a lot ofc13 they like to make their clothes or alter your clothes. how often do we get something and it looks like it was made for a giraffe? i have to hem all my sleeves and (...) they look like little mini gogo 6 c13 dresses. and hem slacks. >>host: i spend a lot of money with my taylor. he is happy but i am if i had the capability to do it like myself like with this machine, you can do it when you need you can do it
7:58 am
myself. we are seeing this did go through. notice how fast and smooth as they are. it will make your projects go a lot so that you are not spending all day sewing to get one thing done. you are getting multiple things6 c13 doing it so quickly. >>guest: we are making a trim and if you could point out the, on the top because we are replicating the kimono top. you can make your trans and borders and sashes. >>host: is to be so expensive warmly by them! >>guest: the border was created with an eyelid stitch and variegated6 c13 there and get a thread is a much fun and gives you exciting and unexpected results. i want the ruffler because i think that is one of the most popular feet that everyone writes to
7:59 am
me and says if i get a ruffler it fit my whatever machine. this is low shaped machine. it will more than likely work under other low shape machine. take bite every 12c13 sew it stitches 12 and then takes a bite. you can count it and see the 12 stitches. >>host: you can see it working. i know that our clock is ticking down really fast and i do want to miss out on getting this machine because in addition to our time limited, so is our quantity here. i am standing behind the mannequins but just an example of something you can do with this. this is your singer curvy computerized sewing machine. more $700 value that you have that darlene will be back with us at 10:00 a.m. with another
8:00 am
look with great things from singer. item # 9767-957. >>guest: thank you a tamara! 1 every stitch. >>host: now, it is time to move into our next hour of hsn today with our today's special from diane gilman. [♪ music ♪] >>host: holiday a it is with ordered you have a chance to the dg2 sun-kissed stretch-denim crop jeggings you have seen thef it is $25.90 with several callers to choose from an average and in appetit several colors to choose from an average and petit,a 37,000 have
8:01 am
been sold! and the first eight hours of the day >>guest: we only had it on for an hour! >>host: that the morningise of diane gilman x rays of light it is good to have deal >>guest: it seemed like it and i like t dg2 is having its own little anniversary we are 7.5 years old now. it cause a revolution amongst baby boomers and then and has spread to younger women and you will hear testimonials if you have never bought denim jean on television or you have warned themfor have not won in for a decade when i very selfishlydeveloped dg2 denim you are in for a total life changing experience. how can that happen with
8:02 am
just clothing? wait and see. >>host: a one to show you the colors average and petite >>guest: black white ingigo chambray i wanted there really a light tone two- minute the pastels the gorgeous tender range, tangerine. theed denim andy skinny silhouette, younger dallayou have
8:03 am
maybe had a few kids and had the skinny silhouette i cannot wear it. guess you can when it has an 18 in. stretch in the waistband. all you have to do the wait is slip it onc13 way you do exercise pants, it is classic denim 25.5 in. inseam average 5 ft. 4 in. and about and the petite would beat for 5 ft. 2 and under you can see jamie wearing the 16 women's. for the percentage of the out there that are plus size this is heaven >>host: do not be
8:04 am
afraid of this people go when they wake up and see diane gilman on the morning show. this is parta bonus buy would you buy the today's special you can take $10 off the sure that we wearing. it is as great as zebra prints zebra tea bateau-neck top >>guest: 27.5 in. is a length it is easy to watch and it is animal print. but everything about this show is wardrober and not breaking the bank to make you look a million dollars. everything is washable and easyar in super comfortable. when we did this today's special, we only do this once per year.normally for an anniversary but sometimes it is a very expensive
8:05 am
process called sunkissed. that is a super soft, super stretchy is more comfortable, it is absolutely heaven to wear every time you wash its the denim will love you for and get richer, plumper, stronger. take a look at carol wearing the white she is wearing out with the 10 ounce denim blazer. lookup break out looks with the romantic cascading top with a backup sparkle. not only does this go from extra3 x, you did the same price it becomes blanket canvas make it dressy, where a clash will, where it with a t-shirt, where it with a denim blazer,%
8:06 am
wherewith they tunic. go from day to evening 22 to a cruise, you can do it all. >>host: you could wear these on a plane for hours and the comfortable >>guest: that is >>host: we6 c13 four bright colors the tangerine pot paint drops of -- hot pink khaki and white >>guest: white is an ultimate neutral for urban ghettos this becomes a fabulous neutral for meted with the town of brightly are showing you to day. the white is optic. for a city girls or for those
8:07 am
shave 10 lbs. off let us talk about the most deep, natural indigo it will have the most stretch because of the nature of the indigo dye.the pure black that i notice my good friend wearing the tamara in the >>host: dark i like that because they make you look and it looks13 you are wearing dark with a bright still looks good with the dark it looks good. if you are wearing dark in going out or a work situation you will look right. >>guest: if you have watched all the celebrities and supermodels wearing trilliant silhouette full leg silhouette i want to show how this on me i am in mid-60's is easy to wear. the silhouette
8:08 am
looks and credible on the celebrities you think you will have to leave it aside, you do not have to.because, when you get 18 in. of stretch on an extra when you get that kind stretch said you put it on and this is not an exaggerated skinny is super comfortable i still have plenty of and plenty of stretch in this. you will see that it lies flat on your body the elasticized waist and will not roll, and will come to the bottom of your natural ways than the front and at top of the natural ways in the back. you get al fly stitched in, it is nothing but a stitch you get the the back you get the full yolk built in so if it stockton you will think they are sole
8:09 am
lead lean. summer is not summer if you are comparable, we will not want to celebrate unless you can kick back and relax. all the holidays are about eating and bbq and celebration, it is about sugar and fattening drinks. why not enjoy it? >>host: do not limit yourself, when you go to the bbq you will be and the pants will fit in you will look for to wearing them >>guest: we had testimony last night as said you could gain 15 lbs. or lose 15 lbs. and still be in the same size. to me one has to know you have an elasticized waist. and you are a young girl's love
8:10 am
these, young girls are likely ton elasticized waist. why not follow the use trends in a way that is appropriate for all of us, this is not a lowrider.the sticks it in the right place you will not be pulling it up. the elastic waistband will never roll, it is made that almost feels silky >>host: they are smooth on your skin when you move and you bend way stays put. you are not trying to wiggle to get it back in place. more than 38,000 have been ordered so many of you are getting more than one, you are getting multiple colors because you know that you will live in them all summer. you can more and save with shipping, if you are using your hsn you could use flex pay it be $12
8:11 am
and jade on your credit card. >>host: i have a cheek sheet [laughter] few colors, do not limit >>guest: if that was the case you do have the hsn no stress or huge amount of laid out ads. pick what you like, for me i would automatically get a white and black. black is year round and we will show you why, then next why it khaki, i love the neutral as an urban gal i would get it khaki. i gravitate towards these. you say you are now set for a
8:12 am
vacation in or dressed down or a church bazaar. you will be set for everything life throws at you in the dark wash in the khaki think about this. i have a tailor in building we all exclusive in new york you do not have to leave your apartment. i cutting might skinny jeans with kitchen scissors and then taking them to them and asking him to hem them he said diane, this is 18th pair what are you doing?6 c13 stretch brooch for fall -- bootsand i did what the denim jean is to make me look like i had kankles best friend for bones it
8:13 am
will really work for you -- gofor boots i wear them with fisherman's sweaters3 shade of ivory. i will wear with an espresso leather knee high riding boots with a classic navy blazer. and these three colors it is year round. and the new chambray it for those areas that love this is joe weekend best friend, this is your snow wash. you have you are a hot pink and red tangerine the summer into early fall colors. in the
8:14 am
northeast we are finding that summer is getting lelager, summer is stretching out further. these are grave or global warming [laughter] >>host: -- great for global warmingthat number on the bottom of the screen is 38,000 have been sold many are picking up small bubbles. we have average or pc. -- picking up doublesaverage or petite >>guest: muffins bill will face these.
8:15 am
you will love the exercise tights but they show every lump and bump, say to yourself you what the next best living. i went a little crazy on issues, but we should create a footwear. it is a great spot where a season that are tons of wages and aspergillus perhaps i had a heat jeweled wedge detail on it.he our pants that celebrate and allow you to show off the footwear of the season and taking advantage of it. i have warranties jeggings and the cooler weather in
8:16 am
the neutrals in london where illness know when with a knee high boot. now i am wearing them in florida like 10 ounce denim and the way we put it together. it is a combination of ramie from the cot and family that his as his own form of flex. cotton and polyester, are polyester stretches and a mary around the spandex. you could wear these 9- 10 days and are row if you are a traveling maniac like iamb. do not do it. did not adopt my lifestyle, you could wear them 9-10 days in our route and you are not baggie are sagging. every6 c13 spandex is woken up by the c13
8:17 am
say letack to work. will not let any creasing, from across the across area -- the crotch area are built like a are worth two to three times the price. pleated you will be in step with fashion in the you will be taking advantage of the tops and jacket and footwear out bet that have a lean silhouette. the you do not have to skinny to wear a skinny jean. i am over my sixties well over 150 lbs. i go for the small because i like a leader look, if he did not like that go for a larger but you will never look better. in the
8:18 am
magazines and said i cannot believe it, now i can do it. >>host: we are going to the telephone to talk to latricefrom kentucky. >>guest: a beautiful name you have i tatarstan you love dg2 >>caller: am3 fault 4 in. and i have helpsips ernie >>guest: say you are a hippie like me >>caller: yes, i have lots of hip.c13 have a problem with denim jean over my waistline and derriere. i said i will try them, love them! i went from trying one dared to now have five pairs >>guest: that is so cool thank you so
8:19 am
much >>caller: i am getting the cropped skinny jean >>guest: this is your comfort3 this is a way to add additional colors and the silhouette that you love. we call this the potato chip want to get a pair of jeggings you cannot just have one, you would say i have never imagines in my life i could be as comfortable a couple of questions, the skinny cuffed jeans and i havethe 14 in the 12th and they are sliding down, i was wondering if i could do the 12. >>guest: these come in extra small-to x
8:20 am
i would say to epimedium >>host: because of the elastic waves do not worry about the sliding, try them because i know that you will love them. will ask you if you want the bonus buy when you order, that means you can take $10 off the top that we are wearing but that are only three colors left lime, coral hot pink >>guest: i love all alignments with the white and black comicsthe pink and white thatcoral and why it is a welcoming it it's it lifts up your mentality what has
8:21 am
been more enduring than animal prints? >>host: use your hsn card because he would get two flex payments that brings it down $12.95 on your credit card which all laws you to buy more, more colors, by more options. xs-3x am5 in. and i am wearing an extra small and that are the perfect size. when you said these were potato tip denim i thought that means you could eat more, >>guest: i can see that is what is gone your mind this morning [laughter] the truth is is a different cut from the skinny jeans is a lot for giving it hits in a
8:22 am
different place and as a 2 and sides lips for anyone that has developed. it is having to wear these. you get the same 10 ounce denim the same wash ability this will survive for a decade and longer and always remain pristine. to wear a lean t-shirt and a fitted top that are no belt loops there are no five layers of fabric for a zipper problem that are now back pockets a close-up on my made to read-my stomach [laughter] but you can see there is no bold here -- bulkit goes on
8:23 am
apple pie lean on the body no one has to know that you areearingwaist dedham, they are fashionable in europe but the truth is that can be our secret. if you have the days leader not to fiddle with the zipper, you will want easy dressing, this is the way to go. this will extend every dollar in your pocket book because it is not only silhouette of the moment was say it is the silhouette of the quarter there are no way skinny jeans are going anywhere there are becoming more popular and more classic more an hour fashion brain
8:24 am
everyday. there is another market beyond dg2, i hate to admit that but every blazer and t- shirt and tunic is now geared to wearwith what the fashion editors are saying is no. 1 fashion silhouettes not the lean bottom. deciduous lamb jean with no loss and no fuss. at an incredible price at the denim that you love, if you ever never purchase dg2 it is hard to explain to you how we can equate the price to such a high grade of denim and such a great fit. you will hear the testimonials that say you are my personal trainer because the universality of the fit. what you would buy and a and
8:25 am
and the apartment store that are about contemporary them for a much and perfect body. to try on the competitors, wear their largest size and and it is too large in the. if you have not 1 denim in a decade like i did did before i develop get john moto bought stock to develop and discover yourself again.get itself back in the fashion game again you will be the note you will appreciate those looks that you get there will not be able to figure out what age you are and they will take you are cool. everyday that you wear dg2 the complement's will pour in. >>host: these are
8:26 am
everyday denim, you could wear them 10 issues and the sporty or you can wrap them with your high heels to lead as antidressy. now we are going back to the telephone behalf danafrom illinois she got the today's special in indigo >>caller: my dad how are you? >>guest: i am having a good good morning celebrating my anniversary i am excited! >>caller: i wish you congratulations on that i have been shopping with since 2005 i've picked up a church " with a flat at the bottom i still wear id today and people complement on me >>guest: the trench coat silhouette looks rocket with these jeggings have to try our jeggings? >>caller: yes i
8:27 am
have three of decade. i also the boot cut and a straight live. i love the fits, it is fabulous, that our gorgeous.i and my four days, but i am shopping to, not just the baby boomers. >>guest: you are scolding me, not so many of the you are not baby you grew up in an era of computers. would kick me out side, i had to go there was no question.and i had a computer i would be sitting and your body is in a more womanly way and dg2 works. >>caller: yes is fabulous, i have had children and i do not work and worry about it and i said it complements. vare the best, at
8:28 am
the elastic waist line is >>guest: this is a potato chips gene, when you buy first jegging you realize you cannot does have one >>caller: you are addicting, it you are.i am totally converting >>host: what a great phone call >>guest: thank that indigo is so beautiful i wanted to keep it totally pure or in a dark wash it is hard to see the difference in the black that tablet is wearing -- that tamara is wearing, these are great colors when you want to 10 lbs. off your thighs and hips put on the dark wash. >>host: if you are just tuning in and let us go over the
8:29 am
colors again maybe pick up the dollar last night and that you want another >>guest: to buy other pants that regal when you put them on that is not my idea of being ok, the older we arehe more help wean need the more perfection we need and are clothing to make us look more perfect. the khaki jeggings are fabulous exhibition right it will never wrinkles or stretchout. always my choice for looking skinny. chambray, this is new finish id is powder coated you have seen in the magazine's, i love this particularly in this chambray. if you are a
8:30 am
warrior in your dg2, this is a new way to wear your chambray. iwearing opted it does not expandia out and actually bowler's the edges and feeds you away. the white can be as slimming as black. here is the truth as an urban city girl out there is nothing that will take me away. they say black is that i said where did it it has never gone away. i can never have enough black in my closet i love them. i am happy with the coral. is in their 20s a very young desk corded and who coral.
8:31 am
>>host: was wearing it with a black top >>guest: those are the colors for the us that are 35 and have had children or that did not fit into contemporary denim and did not want to spend hundred done denim but you love the idea of color- denim, the way of not breaking the bank to look like genius and honestly say to i can be right in step with style but hide did not make such a huge investment that i will worry about wearing it. collar denim on the streets of new york, london paris is like oh3 yes! better optic white denim. if you have had wide denim
8:32 am
in the past that turns yellow or gray, we treat eyes with a special enzyme washunbelievably durable they will stay opted white forever they will say your very best friend >>host: 42,400 have been ordered you are in a company of millions of women that led dg2 since this started. diane gilman hase for 18 years dg2 is the and her collection in you are crazy about them dg2 has been a% we took it to europe and it worked there and it worked in canada i have been asked to go to japan and asked for dg2. that is such a long trip that i have to think about that one.
8:33 am
everywhere on the planet females aged the same.the light comes off of flies which is good news but it goes for midriff and then it settles in for other rest of your life. dg2 accommodates that by the way it is shaped and it stretches through the waist area the front rise in shape to give you a flat stomach. blback rice issue a good bottom. this is solution driven clothing investment clothing is spending hundreds of dollars but the fashion investment you will ever make. you know where these every day all summer you will bear lace bed barely one penny per day the compliments
8:34 am
will be pouring in. >>host: we are closing in 43,000 ordered i am equality decided not want you to miss out on your color and size. we are going to spotlight what is going on on hsn such as john shredder in concert on friday. -- joshua [♪ music ♪] >>host: josh turner is new cd he will be singing a live concert on and this friday at 9:00 p.m.. do not visit. turn to our facebook page regency exclusives this friday, may 25th. [commercial]
8:35 am
2 [commercial] [commercial]
8:36 am
[reading] bab [♪ music ♪] >>host: i do want to thank you for shopping with us this morning we had diane gilman and are both wearing this it is special jeggings >>guest: usually before a today's special i do not eat but i was so happy that it a jeggings i ate a steak dinner or french fries and does not matter because once you are in this jegging you are so, for it is all
8:37 am
about the celebration.this is the ultimate lifestyle denim jean. if this is not the cutest t- shirt in if you could come in closer i want to show you the it is not optic photographic print -- it is6 c13 photographic prints it almost looks like a leather id has been yard died with beautiful tools. this looks beautiful with my white jegging and as a 3 1/4 sleeve with a mild shoulder packet.the tangerine and white gets a gorgeous are array of spring and summer flowers and again some jeweled. and there is a hot pink and white.if
8:38 am
you are looking from the ultimate summer t-shirt this is 90 tousespandex yarn bag is the most expensive way to make a stripe, it has jewels, it is a new time of making a print that speaks to the season perfectly. and has a mild rounded bottom that is flattering and me on the body. it has enough room and the waist to give you time to say deus' out you did not have to suck your self in. we will give you a natural waist there is tons of warm and the 8% spandex is fabulous >>host: or indigo aunt and a palm tree, and the
8:39 am
floral is tangerine or hot is the last call on the palm and in the -- item180- 768. we are going to move on to something that is super this is the sleeveless laser cut eyelet unit i want to show the close-up of this i wear this as a dress, if you 5 ft. 4 in. or your good wishes as a dress. this is all laser cut it is becoming a fast new favorite id is 8 heavyweight and sateen -- cotton
8:40 am
sateen dress with cut with pockets and is fully lined i belt mind over elite jegging and the bottom as precious.this will never rankled even though it looks like cotton and is actually went under% polyester you could throw this in the washer and dryer. but heat sealed every halt in the eyelet you cannot >>host: alignedlime hot pink,
8:41 am
white, yellow, khaki black >>guest: summer should be carefree and syracuse. an easy to address. -- cute and easy dressing.i love this as a dress with the dust a black thong sandal.13 cannot believe this price $10 off on the anniversary machine washable.
8:42 am
stay on the line we would like to send that out to you. i want to share this great t-shirt that will go back with especial is a sleeve studded pocket t-shirt >>guest: is ray on spandex for those that know me this is my number one i love this is it moves and reads it feels like 100 percent silk knit and this price to be a collectible. this is 36 in. long tunic it is dyed to match and heat sealed metallic studs 4 daytime @ glitter. matches perfectly with today's special
8:43 am
bid up i love the contrasts with the tangerine, it works. i like to put the yellow with khaki. give some dollars to the neutral. -- colors with the neutral. four going toganic market or meeting friends casually edit calf weigh love black on black, that is heaven. i love the way the white moves i like black on white. with the chambray as well, it is a beautiful way to go >>host: the item number for the today's special is at the bottom of the screen if you want this side it will
8:44 am
suggest getting more than wind collar >>guest: one colorpeople are asking me to do sleepwear out of this material you will want to curl up in it. the tunic length is forgiving on everyone went but if you want to turn around and talk this in ixtle get off and then i knocked it is malleable. the way i love to work with a data em i'd like to work with the right on spandex -- rayons bendix because it is fabulous kit. almost 10% spandex. rayon comes from the rubber tree, it is a natural fiber like a
8:45 am
$100 t-shirt not a $40 t-shirt. i do not want to work with silk anymore and has risen in price last few years, we cannot afford that we could afford this. >>host: c13 632. we want to share things in spot light coming up tonight at midnight nicky butler has our today's special you may have noticed the chunky rain i am wearing it is available midnight. here is an earlier look if you do not want to miss it tune in tonight with nicky butler. kathy wolf is coming up next hour wei east. hello kathy wolf. >>host: know many have been waiting for the white lotus
8:46 am
this is for- yourself and for a way this is our showstopper of the hour is like another great today's special you will get the white lotus cleanser, you will get a travel size as well. you get your day cream and a good night cream and you are also getting your travel sizes. it is a great combination for balm and away, or if you are lucky enough to have an additional homeless would be good for you. additional home, would be good for you. this is6 c13 sinner at $499 #189-221. --singer we also6 c13 turner coming up on friday night here is more on that.
8:47 am
8:48 am
>>host: we are styling ideas on to address your today's specials jeggings we have the tweed denim shirt dress >>guest: this is a proprietary denim weave from us but as a great amount of stretch. you can see this as a self belt that goes to the back what you could also where this as a duster it is like a spring and summer trenchcoat a
8:49 am
shirt style. it comes in green, khaki indigo, red. if you liketailored and at 10 ounce denim that hold its shape and it does double duty with ed jegging dorm but the truth is no one elseis earth has this13 denim. it is like any luggage shirt, i love that as a baby boomer you can get into a tried and true shape it is a elongated 38 in. is a perfect match >>host: these are machine washable at home xs -3x 3 flex
8:50 am
payments or you could have four flex payments with the hsn card item164- 898. nearly 45,000 of our today's special have been ordered, the air is another quick look atem #176-641. we have average or petite. there is no limit brought order as many we see that we have many to talk to diane gilman on the telephone >>guest: i want to talk to you too! >>host: few first, this is the pinstripe we have a white the deep indigo. >>guest: and it also
8:51 am
comes in red and sailor belo . here is story behind this in the 1940's they had a very first catalog that had both farm equipment and clothing the classic meant shirt was called the equipment shirt and had pocket the open spread collar, but we have updated this and what feels like so silk crepe and have done 8 pinstripe but this is polyester and a lot wrinkle you do not have to iron this for this in the washer and dryer. my out of the dryer a little bit damp and let the water to their work. maybe you could wear your jeggings to work on the church bazaar or
8:52 am
the family dinner at the high end be the faul. collar.this is because like to wear this with a belt at looks equally as great tufted. it will work under your blazer and will be a fabulous way to go >>host: we will talk to duty from tennessee, welcome to hsn >>guest: you are a girl out near and dear to my heart you pick up the indigo and like in today's special >>caller: i sure did, there is nothing like waking up on a beautiful day with my coffee and diane gilman >>guest: what made you get dg2 jeggings >>caller: i love that i can go out from work and onto party the next
8:53 am
hour i just enjoy them they hold up well they washed well they look the same all over again, i like to mix-and-match that is what my wardrobe is made up of >>guest: me to, what do you think about the elastic waist >>caller: i love it exhibition of one it i cannot eat breakfast in the morning but then e all they lot and i am ok >>guest: life is made of celebration, not of style of colors and food. to me it is all about the jegging. what do you think about the price? >>caller: they are fantastic, to a department store and our small town if tried on and 10 pairs and nothing was the same.yours
8:54 am
archer to size that are consistent and i love them.they pack well, i am going to a family reunion june and i am ready to go. i find with the jeggings you could wear them addressed at dressed upblank canvas way you pick your own picture with the jegging >>caller: i appreciate them there were packed well when i got them from hsn and i was real tickled to have them >>guest: that is so nice, thank you so much. >>host: everything she said was exactly right, when you watch them it will stay the same kit gets better and better the more you wear them. >>guest: the jegging
8:55 am
are utilitarianism in the summer you want easy where it will 100 deirdre's and issei ugh! he does want to pull something on that is comfortable but house coverage with a lean look. >>host: anything that you see that you want to do not wait13 is very limited it is so limited we will not have an airing but it coordinate back to the today's special. we do have this in whitekhaki, maybe. -- this is the denim blazer with the contrast
8:56 am
>>guest: want you to receive the indigo and the chambray and the white. if you are someone that can sneak with denim and the fashion industry this will look adorable and it is the late to take your a jegging from casual to tailored. this silhouette is and perfect on your body. and as the same 10 ounce and has a heavy indigo topstitch i suggest to wear this with the indigo or the white. you will
8:57 am
get the white topstitch with the colors. you may say to yourself you bought a white jegging and you would like to wear it the fabulous green blazer. or read. -- red, yellowsailor blue, i the way it has great maritime but in privatetons and it is wash and wear >>host: it $15 off for the
8:58 am
anniversary, a lot of you one color and are coming back for another. save money a flex pay with your hsn card. these are machine washable, we keep saying that because diane gilman knows that we clothes that work in our lifestyle >>guest: want you to go these are easy they are color fast, they will not 6 drink will not lose the stretch. -- they will not. the denim blazer lightweight because of the durability the 10 ounce denim seated @ need tooled lined a denim blazer a perfect spring and early summer early fall blazer. >>host: a go perfectly with the today's special xs-
8:59 am
3 item164-983. they go perfectly with our today's special we will show you again.$25.90 for the crop jegging that you will wear every single day this summer >>guest: you aware the khaki, black and go all the way through winter fabric knee had a-- boots, it will not give you facts ankles. good investment for your money, we do not scrimp on fabric
9:00 am
that this still get 10 ounce denim that has been sun-kissed that gives it extra softness and stretch, it will feel luxurious assure body p dot you will not believe how fabulous this feels. we >>host: are out of time tune back at 11:00 a.m.. now we are turning back to kathy wolf. >> i grew up in herbal community learned the secrets from my mom and grandmother, so i loved herbs. i feel it was my destiny to let the whole world know about the benefit of a chinese herb. then they can get a benefit in their skin and in their well being. so that's how i started a whole wei east line truly it's pure passion.
9:01 am
>>host: good morning antiwhite for joining us on. i am kathy wolf and this delightful lady next to me is wei brian. she is the developer, creator everything that this grant is intended to it truly is your passion and pound pass down from mothers to granddaughters and now down to your beautiful daughter as well. phenomenal results! we are starting off with the wei east golden root renewal rabbit! it is a customer pick! 30 reviews on on that product. this is the one that you get the fast and instead results. you will need to be quick because we only have fewer than 2000 to go around for the entire then next to it, my
9:02 am
personal favorite of the entire line and i did not know these products could get any better! if you love the white lotus, which until you try has the white lotus and the snowgrass. your night cream, day cream and we have the trio to travel with. the travel sizes. i think they about one-third of the full-size. phenomenal value there. the legal view the special deal. get ready for thisjustbeats eyed beauty treatment pass themselves the intensive i treatments have always been a customer pick at a $25 price. you receive the age recovery pace and the title-- china herbal advance. item # 165-
9:03 am
812. while quantities last. if firming is where you need to lift up your face and your spirits and your noticing that things that should be going north star to go this is the wei east total firming and lifting a essentials. you have the the firming pads, five star reviews. every review on that so far is five blacks so it is did firming cream the chest and neck décolleté, the smoother and the firming mask pack gets. it comes with the great cosmetic palettes. 3 flex pays $29.67. item # 166- finally sichuan holly. it has been written up in magazines throughout the world. celebrity
9:04 am
favorites. i will share some of those also. $42. we sold over 8000 on its launch. we have a just back in stock today and 2 flex pay of $21 from therst drop, you get to enjoy the wonderful beauty benefits that this product delivers to you. if you own it and loves it, we would love to hear from nap we would love to hear from you and give us a call at 1-866-376-talk this is a way to experience the products and we would like to hear from maybe you are brand new to the line and we would love to hear what you love the product so much of what kind of a different use you have had maybe then someone else. please give us a call and would love to hear from let us get right away because we are going to get started with a product that was different for wei brian to. it isn't instant resultsyou wake up and you look
9:05 am
in the and you say what happened to me? i want to go away and what to do it now! >>guest: for this time of year, we all want it. tinted serum from golden root. what is golden root? golden root is a route that grows at (...) a mountain area and has the ability away. if you use this rapid results, it is a serum form, but it was suggested by it tinted your skin instantly. if you have redness or your skin looks tired. look at the video of what is about golden root. this is almost half the price of my regular price which is crazy! take a look! >> once upon a time, my beautiful grandmother told me the way to keep my skin at its best is
9:06 am
to take care of it today, tonight and tomorrow. one summer she revealed a royal secret that she has been practicing since the day she married. the secret was a wedding gift from her mother. that golden rootility to help the skin's renewal process. this rare grows only above 4,500 ft. of a mountain area, and has been well sought after by3 royalty. that magic night is inspiration for me to develop a golden root system to help you also to renew your skin today tonight, and tomorrow. so your skin will always glow like a bride on a wedding day. >>host: wei brian and i was talking about this. she said i love this for the summertime because it is like and feel so good! it is not as typical for wei brian to do one of
9:07 am
the instant type result products. she likes to go for long term. this is also a serum. not only your quick results but your long-term benefits because it is a serum as well. >>guest: the golden root that is what i can claim to give you long term results. that has the ability for the dead skin cells to the go away. if you go to the and you said to my skin looks tired, i hate to put heavy makeup on, this one long term and the golden root works underneath your skin and instantly it will even out the blotchiness of your skin because of the pigment inside. it is self adjusting. anyone can use it. it does not what skin tone or skin type. you can use the goldenor this that is crazy good! to be able to discover the power of3 why we have become
9:08 am
the no. 1 china herbal skin-care line in the united states is all the product that does for people skin. >>host: $15.98. the regular price on this $28.98. $14 off. almost half the price of our regular prices and is already a customer pick of its ideas this time of year in the summertime. it gives the brightness and a glow and wants to the scan. if you get a little too sallow are ready you will love this because i have a hint of color. >>guest: if you like 8 bronzing, but the bronzing just gives to the color. this is a treatment and gives to the bronzing affect. it gives to healthy skin. why i am saying that is because the golden root close 4500 millan area and in essence helps the young your skin to the surface. if you love my golden root, this is a great time
9:09 am
to stock up for this product. >>host: it is prized for its age defying properties. it is infused with the golden root. against your skin that beautiful glow. here is our unfortunate over 300 have called in and we have another 300 in the ordering process. with that taken into account, we are blessed the 1000. at this by, you want to stock up. buy one and pay the shipping and handling on that and then by another one and half priced shipping and handling and that goes for all of your other beauty products. this is the and instance, put it on your stand and looks great. men can wear it. a lot of products, a lot of makeup products the guys will not wear. this is very light. it has a little bit of a tinge, but the serum and not a cream. it is not a big tinted moisturizer. i find it is nice even on the décolleté and
9:10 am
not down some of the redness that i have. >>guest: i love that also. at this price, you can afford it. this is treatment with long-term an instant color and gives youvand like instant bronzer attitude but he did not break your bank. [laughter] >>host: #409- 815. 4.2 starck customer pick. just a hint of color. it is phenomenal and rubs in and look at the see how gives the glow and the brahms?it knocks down the readiness and covers up the blue veins that i have.3 just need to even out my other hand. they are going item # 409-815. $15.98. we knew that we would be very to this entire morning. this is the lip perfection for piece
9:11 am
collection. >>guest: that is a steal! >>host: what all lid smoother. >>guest: lip perfection is $15. that is more than $60 value at $20! >>host: if you want a great lipl for that. just for one of the pots on the left-hand side and (...) they are great all around the lips as well. unbelievable by and $20 is your3 and they are $15 of the department stores now.w that we do not always have an opportunity to do that. we do not always have a great today's special with wei brian we have a showstopper. let's take a look at that. [♪ music ♪] >>host: this
9:12 am
is the creme dela creme. it makes your skin% and hydrated.that you could wear during the day. it is rich and luxurious and at the same time, does leave the your skin filling oily or greasy. after four weeks, there it >>guest: if you have mature skin,ow skin, if the key word for this white lotus withowgrass if your skin has lost the volume wrinkles are so deep and your cheek area looks so hollow, this white lotus with snowgrass. what it does for your skin, it is a powerful hydration from nature.snowgrass grows around in harmony with white lotus and what it does is it helps to pump up the
9:13 am
hollowness of your skin and builds the appearance of collagen and making your skin look fuller and diminish the lines and wrinkles even within. not only cleanser, a day cream, and night cream and then you get one and take home. you get to travel with for the cruise. cleanser day cream, and night cream. all you need is three home away, the younger looking skin. >>host: 3 flex pay of $20.70. $25 cleanser perfect five star review. a new day cream $39 individually on its own. if you are just to purchase the day cream and the night cream, you would be over the cost of the entire
9:14 am
[reading] >>host: it would cost double the cost to buy these products that what you're getting. it is as if you tune in and the 2% off right off the bat he had tried, dehydrated skin c13 stressed scan or going through some changes, i actually did a secret and layered the night cream again this morning because i woke up today and is one of those dry days. my hair and my neck and everything fell dry. you put this on and wake up in the and your skin feels renewed and fresh and beautiful. i know that we are going to the phones and welcome in janice from north carolina. thank you for shopping with us today. you are on with wei brian!
9:15 am
>>caller: good morning! >>guest: good morning! >>caller: how are you ladies? >>guest: good! heavy use my white lotus with snowgrass product? >>caller: skin and the golden root i use the chestnut firming. >>host: said this is your morning then, janice? >>caller: yes. i have been using it for two years and my skin is dry and the white lotus is awesome and the rapid is used for, i will be using it because they do not wear >>guest: that would be a great one! >>caller: i do not need any foundation on and i just put my roots amide
9:16 am
lipstick and might i concealer and people cannot believe that i am 60 years old. >>host: if you or someone who suffers from dry skin, there is nothing like this. it is one that you fall in love with. >>guest: thank you janice! i am so glad the product works for you. >>caller: [inaudible] >>host: we will keep thoseg! thank you, janice! >>guest: she fills her deep inside my philosophy is i saw the chinese are for 5000 years and i said we cannot argue with nature!13 from my heart and my mom and i put together a video that we lotus
9:17 am
along with snowgrass. take a look.lake district lies a small pond with a wonderous secret from around the shores and across the water of this tranquil pond grows the asian white lotus. pure white its simple beauty inspires the mind. for generations, the local people have cared for this pond, and it is a special treasure. harvest by hand, we extract the essence from each single plant. today the hydrating power of our white lotus is infused with a snow grass to help skin look more supple, plump and overall volume maximized. this formula was specially designed to meet the needs of dry skin. ourlotus will not only leave your skin feeling dewy and fresh, but also look fuller,nger. white lotus, feel the luxury.
9:18 am
>>host: if fills a luxurious and as for one for the summertime, it will not be too oily or greasy but it makes your skin feel soft them plump. additional increase in income of the snowgrass. >>guest: may be in the hydrating, i do not need high trading because it is too. this is very light. use the power of white lotus to give hydration and use a snowgrass. research, find skin. people try to find volume. when i find a snowgrass that grows around the pond this two together giving the double punch and the hydration and the volumizing. what that means to you is your wrinkles seen
9:19 am
diminished and your skin looks dewy and fresh.6 c13 if you have wrinkles, if you go to the mirror right now and said that looks harlow, and you want like a fuller cheek and you want to wrinkles to go away. look at that result. >>host: 1 months! did this product one month and find out why everyone loves this and by the consistently get five stars or why they are in department stores. look at the difference right there. you will notice that your skin feels very hydrated. you notice how your skin just sucks in! that is not right after just putting the product on. that is the difference in the way skin looks today versus four weeks prior. look at the difference around the mouth area and across the forehead! unbelievable!
9:20 am
>>guest: all the customers using this and the models love it! this is so light! they do not expect a light cream to deliver this kind of power! it is injunction with snowgrass. and no chinese wisdom for 5000 years. i continue to travel to china and working with the university and the top chemist in the united states. bringing the best to you for me, it is my passion, it is my integrity. the product will do what i say for your skin, if not, send it back to me. many of you go on, this
9:21 am
is it essential cleanser. is a five star review. then you get the 3 take with you we brought in about 2500 for the entire three payments of $20.70. the cleanser on its own as $25. a good night cream is $37. these two products are $62. today as our showstopper at 10¢ more than that, you also received the fabulous a new day cream. yasser receive the travel sizes of each and every one of these are luxury size sample sizes. they not really a sample size. 1/2 oz is what you would find in the department stores in
9:22 am
full sizes of your night cream spoofprices. $128 a here on hsn is what you have to spend plus the individual shipping and handling on all of the items as well. >>guest: if you loved my cleanser, you will love the white lotus cleanser. when you have the more delicate skin or dry skin this cleanser like from white changing just melt to wait make up the way.tissue and wipe it and the skin is so hydrated and so fresh?if you do not need to be tough on your skin. >>host: look at how pry just from white to get off! >>guest: that as waterproof eyeliner i used over. my whole philosophy is simple, healthy elegant and happy. he do not want to layer many
9:23 am
you have day cream and night cream cleanser, one set to take withc13 cannot argue 5000 years of chinese c13 on. that is what i am past and about. garmin economist thing up high and i want you to feel confident. you feel happy. >>host: your skin cells, and duly and healthy and soft. we want to make sure that you are able yours.+ you are a lover of the chestnut extra firming, please start calling us right now. super by coming up in moments and also helen is standing by to give us a great spot light of some of the wonderful items that are available later today. [♪ music ♪]
9:24 am
thank you cathy. march of dimes is committed to raising funds and awareness for the cost. if you would like to i would love for you to donate as [♪music♪] healthy baby and fine and then all of a sudden in a blink there in a nicu not really knowing what to do, what is going to happen, it is very scary. as a nicu parent you pretty much feel like you are all alone in this and then you come to something like march for babies and you see all ofat maybe connected to the mission but may work for a company that is connected to the mission. it makes us feel like we are not alone. [♪music♪] as we celebrate father and mother's day, please add to give to your purchase by calling
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9:26 am
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: always get really excited when wei brian is here and she brings her knock them out of the park fell use! that is what you're getting here. this collection with all the intents of herbal eye treatment pads, you're receiving a package of 16 of they are a total of also
9:27 am
received the eyes alive band you get your instant results along with that. the age recovery as well and all of these today $19.98. if you are looking at your eyes right and you are not in love with the way that your eyes look, you need to get this kit because it will instantly transform you. [reading] >>host: wei brian as core to show us what we love our age recovery
9:28 am
>>guest: if we the cameras zoom income of look gills crow's feet. look at how deep before we apply. i open up the lines and wrinkles and (...) just still the wrinkles right in front of your and bland and pat it into the lines and wrinkles. about two minutes, you will receive a maximum results. it will stay on your skin until you wash it off. you can have expressions and it will stay owl because this is hydrating paste. i was able to fill in the deep lines and melts into your scan and become a part of your wrinkles. at $20, get it home might you be the actress and you can see the results just
9:29 am
like this! >>host: item #165- 812. unbelievable by at $19.98. we only have 2000 to go around. already 300 have instantly called in on this product. just the age recovery is almost the cost of the eyes alive is almost the cost and in the eye treatment highs are well over the cost of the entire collection maybe your wrinkles are run your eyes and you do not mind those, but he did not like the forehead wants or what i call the cranky ones in between. >>guest: you can tell which side is the one i applied a wood side i did- not. look at the for headlines. >>host: years! and erase
9:30 am
the stress from our lives! it is + same time it gives you those great results. as we talk about the products, phenomenal values. we have almost 400 of you who love called in. if never want to do without this product, i think this could sell out. the long-term results. the packet of these are actually 16 of those. yesterday issued individual treatment pads.% your eyes alive look at after 2 weeks use. incredible ingredients inside. does not matter your age. look at the difference all the way around! wait until you see the next one!
9:31 am
>>guest: puffiness, dark circlesmines. it is like a vacation in a >>host: the ipad right there? >>guest: the that is difference between using the eyes alive and the ipad sprue eye pads.almost 600 have ordered 16 of the individual double of those two. for the eyes alive and then we are going to let you see because you want you to see how fast the results >>guest: look at just applied to the laughing
9:32 am
lines of the mouth area of, or maybe the lipstick is bleeding and you want to diminish that,3 age recovery can do it for your this is a great buy i think like a today's special in beauty. four headlines or the crow's feet, i just applied (...) whether it is your pores you get to decide we have the if you do not like the darkness or the puffiness, we have a product for it. you
9:33 am
will love this product of over 800 people have said yes to it. but a show you why we are getting such great results. >>guest: if you think this is something that you want to do at home, you have to grab the opportunity. i know that i cannot offer this kind value. look again. look at the (...)just in front of your eye. i want you to experience this kind of results. if it does not work, you could send it back to me. the eye area
9:34 am
is the windows of the soul. you want to look useful and bright as you can. this is about addressing the eye area and the signs of aging. >>host: we are welcoming connie from florida. you are on with wei brian today. connie, have you ever try the eyes alive with the eye treatment pads? >>guest: i cannot hear her. >>host: i could hear the background. connie gum but she called it with a testimonial, but let us talk about the eye treatments. >>guest: this summer that you cannot have a vacation, this is a vacation and 8- for thousands of years to help diminish the his year allergies are so bad and make eye area so if you want nature's way or take away the
9:35 am
puffiness and the appearance, this is the secret and its own chinoisliquorice and the appearance of darkness around the eye area. you 16 of them, 32 total tax. >>host: that is something you will use when you need it. you can use it a couple times a week if you are starting to show the stresses of life. 16 of those, that is easily (...) if it is under the eye area committee to put it around your eyes and then sit there with your eyes closed if you have the time for if you do not, i put the eyes alive under my eyes and put the treatment has anthony sayre. >>guest: forget about it! it is green tea, we put it inside to deliver
9:36 am
results for your skin. it is from farm to face. >>host: we have one that we preserve but only 500 total left. the all in dino whose favorite? lynn the ageless pearl cream. this is buy one and getone. two of them at $34.98. if you think of how beautifully pearl is, illuminating and brighten up the look of your skin is important to you you want to order this one item # 165-861. the give your face and eyes of holiday last few hundred, maybe about 400. we will keep you updated on the final quantity. we talked about hydration and are instant results and a great summer cream. when your skin starts to sag it! >>guest: yes. >>host: if you think
9:37 am
of celebrities that are beautiful women that you see things pulling down and just starting to sag, this is when you need this product. this is one of wei's all-time favorites. if you look% match, you could hand this to me all day long and i have no idea what i would do with this chestnut to get the firming and the lifting and the tightening and the toning. $89 is your price. 3 flex pay of $29.67. let us run through very quickly everything you are getting in this collection because it is a big collection. >>guest: serum the eye cream completed pass and you get extra firming cream and you get a neck firming cream and firmingey are all key products with the firming and the black soy
9:38 am
peptide inside. >>host: everyone has love this. many of you have even called in and ordered it and every review on this so perfect five star. basically, you are saving about $100. is about 50% off what you have to pay to purchase these 3 extra reaffirming is $30. basically6 c13 or two products and you are over the entire cost. why the black soil? what makes the difference? >>guest: i know that many the loved my firming product for almost i continue to do research and teamed up with the university in china. maybe you have heard of the regular soy peptide that can help from up the appearance of the skin. what i did was steady with the university, it becomes a black soil. able to
9:39 am
extract four times more soy peptide than regular so y. i teamed up to put it together in a chest not line. who is this for? like kathy said, i think sagging is worse because gravity takes a toll and the signs of aging and makes you look it is tough to address it unless you go to the end (...) i am the biggest chicken. i combine it with china. for size of soy peptide. i want to go to the demos for the neck area. >>host: you get the incredible firming pads and great customer picks. people are giving it perfect five stars as well. this is a way to deliver the firming benefits into the skin. $89 is your 3
9:40 am
flex pays $29.67. here is your value! this is like the whole kit and caboodle, if you will! [reading] >>guest: with a sore peptide, and let us talk about the. when no longer wear turtlenecks that neck area is where you usually who did the instant serum and night time firming cream. this area is tough to find one that can deliver the+
9:41 am
results. because you are able to use a four time soy peptide along with the chesnutt's. when i say is smooths out the crepeyness, look at that. if your neck area gives your signs of aging away, no were a scarf or a turtleneck. it is like invisible shapewear for your neck. >>host: that is the neck and décolleté restore cream, right? >>guest: correct. you do not feel uncomfortable mess. that is in that one product gives you the instant results. if you say i want to lose weight and i do exercise on my skin is sagging and wanted to a dramatic measure. instead of you do that, a money to try my chess match with black soiree.-- chestnut
9:42 am
with black soy. >>host: you have the firming mask tha tis a mud mask. firming cream neck anddécolleté. when you put it on it knocks down a little bit of the readiness in your skin and neutralizes it a little bit. my skin gets real hot red. that is what i love this one for the neck and décolleté. >>guest: it is the herbal remedy that i use, not the pigment. look at this side of her neck. is even more smoothes out. even more smooths out the crepeyness. we do not (...)i always
9:43 am
say that i do not mind the age of the wisdom of going in the head and not out of the head or on the patsy used a very expensive product until she discovered weight used. the firming product is so6 c13 expensive outside. because i am the developer and manufacturer, i do the research and i do the neck firming product to try to compare with mine and i $150 and did not deliver the results i want it. this one needed a whole set. >>host: all you need is your own favorite cleanser and you have everything else. the neck and décolleté is first area would start to notice the aging and if you have that lifeless and lamp sagging skin and it looks like it is droopy along the chin mine, you start to see a little bit of a jal or pow ginesse. if you have lost a lot of
9:44 am
weight, is another area where women are concerned. neck, throat andécolleté massage this up again and it gives to the hydration. a lot of products can be dry. look at the difference- are showing you the results after nine weeks. look at the difference right here. does it address fine lines and wrinkles?yes! that is part of the sagging. >>guest: firmness back to this from the wrinkle or decline away. it is like an invisible hand pulls everything back. it also has award winning firming eye cream.c13 creams allow you to put it on the eyelid. this i design for a hooded eyelid. if your eyelid became hooded and may see looks sad or older, you want someone to pull the eye lit up and you do not want to spend do
9:45 am
dramatic measures. this i am looking for myself. i am going to 50 and want to look my best. what is research leading b-2 is four times of a soya peptide from black soy. c13 you confirm up the hooded eye >>host: the chestnut firming. you see the idd treatment, individual treatment pads chestnut and décolleté restore cream. he also have the chestnut firming mask pack gets. also the you receive eight of those in total. these are $20
9:46 am
on their own. the extra firming cream is $39 individually on its own. the neck and décolleté this large size of the when you shove the before and after was that the serum or the serum and the cream? >>guest: - serum. >>host: the neck and décolleté. it is almost too intense. that is the first area we start to see it. it is focused for that area to help keep it nice and slumping and also nice and smooth. jamie from spokane, thank you for joining us! you are on with wei brian. >>guest: have used my pick plat soiree line? >>caller: i have, but i swear by the white lotus and the eyes alive. >>host: would you
9:47 am
love about wei brian products? >>caller: they are what they say they are. i use the age recovery every morning before i put my bank up on and it stays all day long and i just have the fine lines from my eyes and then have a scar right underneath my eye and as i age, it gets a little more pronounced so i use it on that score and you cannot even see is there. alive crown my entire i every night and then in the morning before i put my makeup on and is fabulous. >>guest: thank you so much for calling and let me know that because i developed the product and all i want is the product to do what i said for everyone. this for me it is like mission accomplished! i want to share the knowledge and something that helped if it helps the and just made my day! thank you so much, jamie! >>caller: treatment has are
9:48 am
good and i have used the white lotus neck and décolleté and i used the white lotus night cream when i have ran short of the6 c13 décolleté and the neck and décolleté of the white lotus is (...) >>guest: i am so glad, thank you jamie! >>host: especially the last one that we did, they give the eyes and a holiday! oh my goodness!! i love that jamie purchased multiples of those. right now, 3 flex pay $29.67 on all of your just on hsn to me you are saving 50% off our hsn products. every review on this is a perfect five we may even be up to a customer pick on this but all five stars. item #166- 892. do not go anywhere as we are continuing on. we have schists one
9:49 am
holly. i cannot wait fetus see that. we are going to check in with helen for our spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: we are talking6 c13 spotlight. we want you to be inc13 know here at hsn. there is acoming to june 1st call snow white and hun sen.-- huntsman. join us as we celebrate this breathtaking new vision of the legendary tale of the snow white and the huntsman collection inspired by the movie. kota and the key word is snow white and the hunts and and it will be out in theaters june 1st. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: we very
9:51 am
rarely get to talk of a sum that is not only popular in our magazines but it has won international acclaim and magazines talking how wonderful these products are. here is one talking about the great celebrity and the talk about sure swan sichuan holly. it instatnly looks like thatluxury products. >>guest: this is unlike any product on this planet! why i am saying that is inside the bottle contains an ingredient that you can only find in one region in the called the
9:52 am
first drop open up the pomp and pump up the first drop of the it starts to work on your wrinkles. the ring go away. because the ingredients from a region inoneichuan. (...) [foreign language]. you to see result the first this is aninternational sensation. take a look up what celebrity's sake.
9:53 am
>> one of his treasure ancient beauty secrets is sure swan holly silver grass and white rose. honored as nation's heroes to diminish the appearance of wrinkles infused with these urban complexes and other key ingredients. shish 1 holly wrinkle away face serum is designed to help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. experienced the look of ageless beauty. experience wrinkle away. >>host: we will show
9:54 am
you one application but this is your long-term beauty benefit product that helps aging skin appear smoother and helps to tighten up the appearance of sagging skin. this really gives you beautiful results. >>guest: look at that results!the first drop, you start to work on your skin. shish 1 holly, the region of in the disappear, this is the way to do
9:55 am
chinese 5000 years of wisdom! this is a way to find the asian peace take a look what some celebrity customers say! [reading] >>guest: a truly one-of-a-kind products. product only because of the shoshanna holly.sichuan. [foreign language]. >>guest: you get thise, i w
9:56 am
ant you to see the transformation for your sup. >>host: you have been here how many years? >>guest: over 10 years, almost 11. >>host: i know wei brian on a personal side and that is the same excitemente behind the scenes. she said that she had found this ingredients, but it is only available one place in the entire world. we have before you today. only while quantities last. it is not back in stock. for me personally i noticed it right away and i put on the white lotus night cream because i needed more hydration and then i finished it with this product. it is like it seals it right in and it makes your skin smoother and your
9:57 am
make a goes on beautifully. our make the artist said your skin is so smooth! i said you should have sought at this morning! this is the way to get really great is a long-term product. do not think of this as an instant product. your skin look smoother and premier anything of that ultrasuede. it has that type of a look and really soft and smooth as3 soft lens or something. you will get back but it is not one that just instantly fills in the wrinkles. that is your long-term beauty benefit. >>guest: we just launched the last visit and she said that she use on her 11 lines and (...) she used to go to the doctors' offices for $500 to smooth out this. she said that this is her solution! she swears by it. she said where did this come from? she is loving
9:58 am
it! there is no product on this planet that will have product like this all because of the ingredients that i used 1ichuan. it is a poet to your the wrinkle goes away.lessen the look of lines and imme tightening of fact. you have heard excitement in my voice. is easy to use. just pull the top off and it is a
9:59 am
prompt. pump 1 drop. that's all you need. the technology with the shish one holly.t is why it made a difference from the first shot that he used this product. >>host: it is one of those that you do not want to be without. of you signed up and got this on autoship. if you do not have it on autoship, you want the water it today. half priced shipping and handling on future shipments (...)we have two flex pay of $21. item #097-053. wei brian, are you back today? >>guest: i am back at 4:00.
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