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tv   Highlights from...  CSPAN  May 20, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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arms around the house in crisis, inject new ideas or strong and durable political will and try to bring new solutions and relief to those most severely affected by it. one other thing i would say, congressman frank -- we have not been as austere as the europeans. paul krugman and other economists would say yes we are still austere as to where we should be. you almost sound like a conservative as compared to where they would like to take the economy and have far more spending, far more aggressive attempts to generate economic growth so he would be in the middle ground >> he would be in the middle ground. >> we have heard about the secret service, and congressman frank believes that this oil parties, -- they spoil parties. >> obam ahas his evolution on
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gay marriage. congressman frank will be married to his partner. what does this bring to the conversation? >> he has worke don gay rights -- worked on gay rights, out with important issues through his career. we have heard him speka openly -- speak openly and with better pride. it is a cornerstone of his legacy. >> it is fair to say that as long as this issue was debated in washington, the politics didn't change. gaystatuete, opposing marriage. there is a shift in the last 15
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years as it becomes more of a national conversation. not just a washington conversation, with a few people with a point of view. the attitudes about this issue. >> thank you for being on "newsmakers." major garrett, and mr. app lebaum. >> world leaders are in chicago for a two-day nato summit. first by rasmussen about plans for troop levels going forward. then obama and karzai on the agreement between their nations. this is about 20 minutes.
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[inaudible] >> good morning. chicago is a world class city. leaders are coming here today. i would particularly like to thank the people of this great city. for making us all feel so welcome. we are gathering here for a crucial summit at a crucial time. we will take the issues of
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importance for the future of our alliance. our summit has three key priorities. keeping afghanistan secure, now and in the years to come. keeping nato strong. and capable in the 21st century. and keeping the global network of partners. today, we are focusing on security in the age of austerity. we are making certain that the alliance can deal with the security ideas of the future, even as we tackle the economic challenges of the present. we have multinational projects that will provide greater security for lower cost.
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we will embrace a renewed culture that we call smart defense. we will take the first up. we will have the knack stage in the engagement with afghanistan. we will complete the transition of security responsibility to afghanistan by the end of 2014. we will continue to support them for the long term. we will meet with president karzai, leaders of many countries in the region. inky international organizations. this would be a powerful demonstration of the commitment
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to the future of afghanistan. we will meet 13 of our most active partners around the globe, from europe to asia, and the middle east. today's security challenges are global, and they need global solutions. that is why nato will continue to cooperate with partners from around the world. we were built on our successes, so we can provide more security for our partners and the world. >> does the rules still apply,
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and the possible russia in afghanistan and the future participation? >> there will be no rush for the exits. we will stay committed and to see this through, to a successful end. our goal and our strategy, our timetable -- with regard to his statements, first of all, i am not surprised that he wants to keep his successes. you have to keep your promises. and i have also taken note of the fact that president hollande
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has said that france will support afghanistan in a different way. and with the strategy we outlined two years ago. we are handing over the lead responsibility to the afghans. as we do that, the role of our troops can gradually change from combat to support, and the number of our troops can also gradually be reduced. this will take place in a coordinated manner. i feel confident that we will maintain solidarity within this coalition.
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>> the question is about transit rules through pakistan. i do hope we will see a re- opening in the near future. we have, for quite some time, we pakistan.ith we have negotiated and this will continue. i am hopeful they will conclude in a positive manner so we see a re-opening of the rules in the near future. [inaudible]
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>> no, i am not concerned about distracting attention for the summit. i am pleased that we, the peoples of nato countries live in free society. this is the fundamental value. this is a possibility to express your views through demonstrations. this would take place in a peaceful manner. let me stress. we have reached out to the groups of protesters.
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we met recently with representatives. they had the chance to convey their messages to nato, and we had the chance to explain what nato stands for. >> the question regarding the presence of canada in afghanistan. let me stress that my statement was not addressed to canada. it is a general statement from me, that i would appreciate if nato allies and partners would
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continue to contribute to the nato-led training mission that will start in 2015. and that also answers the second part of your question. i hope that canada would be in the position to contribute after 2014, already today. training activities in afghanistan. we appreciate that contribution. having said that, it is a national decision.
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>> i think the clear message from this summit will be that we stay committed to our operations. that we will continue to transfer and hand over responsibility to the afghans. we have laid out already -- when we met in 2010. this process has, as you all know, already started today. about half of the afghan population lives in places the afghans have lead responsibility. this process will be completed by the end of 2014.
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we will continue that transition process according to the plans we have laid out already. >> thank you very much. that is all the time we have for now. there will be a press conference. >> good morning, everybody. it is a pleasure to welcome president karzai to my hometown of chicago. he extended this to me during my visit to kabul. we were able to finalize a partnership agreement that effects a future where two soverign nations are operating as partners, to the benefit of withountry's citizens,
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stability in the region and around the world. i want to thank president karzai for his help in making this agreement. the nato summit is going to be largey devoted to -- largely devoted to ratifying and reflecting what so many of our partners. what we have agreed to. we are working to achieve a complete transition where we provide support for the afghan security forces. they have made excellent
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progress over the last several years. and creating a vision where we have ended the combat role and the war is over. the commitment to friendship and partnership continues. this is part and parcel, a shared vision we have. afghanistan can transition from decades of war to a transformational decade of peace and stability and development. i want to express my appreciation for the work karzai has done, recognizing the sacrifices of the american people.
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the american troops and our cooalition partners. we recognize the hardship of what the afghan people have been through. both of us recognize we have a lot of work to do. the loss of life continues in afghanistan. there will be hard days ahead. but we are confident we are on the right track. and the world is behind the strategy we laid out. now it is our task to implement this, effectively. i believe we can do so. in part from the tremendous strength of the afghan people. they desperately want peace and security and development, so
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long as they reflect that -- they have a friend in the united states of america. i am confident this will be a great nato summit and the plans we laid out. >> thank you, mr. president. we have had a good meeting today. in which afghanistan -- raffirmed -- reaffirmed our commitment to the transition process, and the completion. in 2013. and our partners in 2014.
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we have friends in the international community. and our other allies. afghanistan, indeed, mr. president, they're looking forward to an end and the transformation of the decade. there is the founding of the governments in the country. they have taken steps for self- reliance. afghanistan would be collecting the old revenues. in the meantime that the world community, and the allies in nato, to make sure that we are
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backed by the steps of 2024. this will be largely defending itself. mr. president, they have turned a new page, and the new page is working together. there is the security, i am bring you and the people of the united states, with with the taxpayers' money has provided.
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with the business of the afghan government. and the government of afghanistan and the task ahead. what they need to do, we'll have this off the table. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. i will have a press conference. >> president obama spoke in
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chicago, about the agenda of the two-day meeting. speaking first is anders rasmussen. this is about 10 minutes. >> leadies and gentlemen. the 25th nato summit. i can think of no better host city than chicago. like nato they draw together many cultures. they are diverse, dynamic, and determined. many people from chicag came from nato countries and canada. we will renew this -- vital bond
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in the 21st century. to reaffirm our determination to defense and protect our shared values. in a fast-changing world, we remain each other's partners. together, we will chart the course in afghanistan. we will make certain that we complete the transition by the end of 2014 and we will make clear our commitment to a long- term partnership with the afghan people. so afghanistan never again harbors terrorists. so the afghans can look forward to a better future.
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we are responding to the security challenges of tomorrow. no, and that can deal with them alone. we must embrace a renewed culture of cooperation to provide more security at less cost for all of our citizens. together, we will make our partnership steeper, more broad and more strong, because today's threats are no longer confined within national borders. our network of partners spans the globe. from western europe to east asia, and from north africa to the south pacific. for over 60 years, nato has kept a safe, and this has helped to keep the world secure. we know many of the challenges of the 21st century. we also know that the future is
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unpredictable. but together, we can face the future with confidence, and whenever it holds. united by shared values and shared purpose, we can find common solutions. with democracy and prosperity, this will be passed down to the next. i will pass the floor to president obama. >> thank you very much. i want to take this opportunity on behalf of all of us. i want to begin by welcoming each and everyone of you. some of you took an architectural book tour, along
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the lakefront. chicago was a great place and look forward to having you back again. as he mentioned, so many trace their roots back to nato countries. chicago is the first american city ever to host a nato summit. i want to take the opportunity general allen and all of our men and women serving in uniform on our behalf. and those serving in afghanistan. our alliance has been the bedrock of our common security. and our propserity.
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the fundamental reason for the alliance has not. our nations are stronger and more propserous when we stand together. in good times and bad, our alliance has endured. we share an unbreakable commitment to the freedom and security of our citizens. from the cold war and the balkans, to afghanistan and libya. that's the spirit we need to maintain. when we last met, we agreed on a bold plan of action to make sure we have the tools for an uncertain strategic landscape. we have the -- the collective
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defense capabilities, with the security needs. we will pull all resources. the initiatives we endorse today will allow each of our nation's will achieve alone. we will need first as allies and with president karzai, to charge the next phase of the transition period we will stand and gather, united. we will be meeting with nato's
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neighbors, and our partners who have been so critical as in afghanistan and libya. this is a reminder that nato is of for the global security partners on earth. thank you, mr. secretary general for your outstanding leadership and thank you to all our fellow leaders, who are here. welcome to chicago. and we will sustain and strengthen the most successful alliance the world has ever known. >> coming up next, two hours of q and a, with both parts of the interview with lyndon johnson. and later, david cameron takes questions in the house of commons. commons.


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