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tv   Q A  CSPAN  May 20, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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03031,lp=etv%',tt=4150 [♪ music ♪] 6 c13 >>host: my name is connie craig carroll, everybody and thank you for joining us. we are i am with miss carol brodie and you know rarities is one of the topline @ hsn. she brings usnificent jewels and something that really takes that above and beyond what you for the price is you will be paying. we will show you what is coming up in hour, we have some special saved just for the show, starting with your choice of genuine jade red with charcoal or white with black and look at what we did as a this day only special! could it be any better!3 we are doing ithsn priced at
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$229.90. 3 flexible payments under $50 in you are getting a dual carved jade medallion in the center we only have 80 in the white and the black and about 100 in the red and charcoal.huge savings $80 up the regular hsn price. item #154-297. rarities means rare, never enough to go around. i have got to show you this ring. this ring we have 95 available. hand carved, think about the difficulty in hand carving something like this. hand carved in the buddha design. white topaz surrounding that and we have all of the sizes. this was appraised and the lowest appraised
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price was $675.we are doing it onfor $93.90. 30 will not have the same piece that 10,000 other people will have. the earrings they were saved for this hour. you have to think of where carol brodie came from.she is at the mostvprestigious luxury brands in the world that draped the stars, and the people like that of the red carpet. prasiolite, gorgeous prasiolite, this at $810. you have white zircon here which you would swear looks like diamonds. we are doing it for
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$299 on flex pay for $100 and can you imagine you look at the shea, the the dimension, it is out of this world.and then we also have (...) it sold out. we have lots of prasiolite from carol brodie to work back with the earrings. now the eagle eye pendant or the evil eye bracelets just back in stock and we actually sold his out everytime we have offered them. we have 200 pendants we have read and champagne corks. then, in bracelet we have blue topaz tsavorite thomas champagne quartz, read saffell error and it is your choice for $179.90.your choice, look at these, 600 people ordered these earlier and we are delighted to have
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these back in stock. read sapphire. blue topaztsavorite and champagne corks. everyone says when are they coming back, finally they are here. way, chelsea has on the most gorgeous necklace. this beautiful necklace. this is actually tanzanite.or you can do labradorite and blue topaz. i do not know how you are going to make a choice between these two. i would probably go labradorite and blue topaz on any given day i might change my is a labradorite and the blue topaz and we will get as close as
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we can this is magic.absolute magic, look at labradorite. and that the blue topazt is available for $97.40 on flex pay. then we have tanzanite and white topaz. that is available for $87.80 on flex pay. the problem is we only have about 80 of each of them. afraid it would not make it for the show today that is how popular they are. ltd across the board and then the necklace i am wearing. like something you would see in the finest end of the jewelry store in the world. look at the one i am wearing we just kind of draped and on like that uncomplicated, beautiful organic look 100 in. a big
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beautiful pearls. then we also have the black. i say go for the white and makes it back with all the classic white pearls that you already have. we ordered more of the white because that is always the most popular. to put these together 100 in. and to do it that is $30 off the price it is on $26.63. have to show this is our crown spring turquoise. of course and topazut brodie is the only person in the world that can bring new crown spring turquoise. she has it and6 c13 has an exclusive lead. the only place you can get it is hsn you can read the customer reviews on this, this is a huge
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customer and we took $25 off. are looking for rarities, it does not get more rare than a crown springs turquoise. brodie loves to hear from you item number 160-439. end of course carol brodie would love to talk call us on the talk line at 1-866- 376-8255. to. you can download the hsn apple normalyour mobile device. she has actually worked at all of the prestigious jewelry houses and has stressed all of the major a list celebrities. good to see my friend. >>guest: what show. we saved so much for this
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evening because i have done five hours already but i have to tell you we saved the best for last. >>host: this is the last show but we are going to go ahead and start with a bang. i do not know how we did this, $80 off on each piece and it is so difficult to produce. we have a counter on the screen between 2176 to go around but this is a big beautiful 20 80 in. necklace. vjade was or red jade with black. lowest$383 was the lowest price it was appraised at. >>guest: 14k gold beads and the jade is carved with fish. let me start by telling you that this whole concept of the bead and the
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tassel and the carved jade is everything that is going on right6 c13 in fine we are talking hand carved beads, beads that are cards and polished to make a gorgeous look, we are talking the tassel was used with the free the sales are hand carved in jade so each one will be a little different each carver has their own and a carved position is the symbol of abundance --carvedish is the symbol of abundance. in china they forms of charms and it is always given to newlyweds and as a sign of wynia look in the catalog from my favorite that black-and-
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white contrast together and i believe that that black and white outfit will be shown later this evening. what a great way to pick up of black and white jade necklace to show us with that. i had so many callers today saying can we bring in more red jewelry. i call this necklace cinnabar legion and oriental. fashion forward in the trends. it is amazing. >>host: 10 you have the links of the necklace and the difficulty in hand carving--length of the necklace and to actually and carve it on both sides you have something really carol brodie said notice to have the 14k gold beads. this will sell out in the white we have
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about 30 mind the price is supposed to be $ is great price and again last call on the white. i love the red, it is actually more clear than the white. >>guest: were talking about it before, jade is priced they say diamonds and gold have value and jade is invaluable. using what if i dropped it guess what? jade is what they used to make weapons out in the ancient chinese civilization. is such a strong natural gemstones. look at the french greeting on that magnificent castle. do you see what is going on there? everything handcrafted from the polished beads to the beautiful fish, the 14k
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gold beads and hand braided tassel. >>host: renu- everybody coming up, 700 people have pre order. that means we are down to 200 on the pendant. on bracelet we are down to about 300. i do not know that you have ever had a more popular then named evil eye. every single time you bring this is sells out. we have red sapphire, blue topaz piece tsavorite we have 80 left read sapphire, 100 and a little bit more than that in the champagne corks. you really started something with this. >>guest: what is so amazing about this bracelet is that my jewelers came up with this so we are trade marketing it right now. it is
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hard to see the under gallery. >>host: i rebuild as for the first time today and i am going to show you my neck. do you see the pendant i am wearing? on many occasions i found the original on the island of mykonos it was $5,000. original $5,000 diamond high. does this look like 3000 times better? the rarities ismore of an intense saturation of color. >host: has
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dimension, is an enhancer we have 90 in the red sapphire and we have 120 in the champagne quartz. $44.98. if he wanted pendant i am worried that it will not make a presentation. if you love it, do give us a call and then everyone is asking about the necklace i am wearing. actually this is the one that carol is wearing. look at this. >>guest: this combination is so incredible i am wearing the labradorite and blue topaz version. did you get a labradorite ts a few months ago because i know we many thousands of the labradorite ts.what a wonderful way add more sparkle to the ts. what i love
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about this, is you have gorgeous blue topaz that picks up the blue topaz in your eyes and your jewelry then you have the labradorite which says the rainbow lavender essence which brings up the pinks and the purples and by the way this crescent moon is a brooch and key pendant so when we come back i do not want you to miss it. >>host: i am afraid to show the ring i am because we have not mentioned the labradorite ring and you have spotted it. i will give you a little hint, though labradorite ring and black spinel we have 150. now this is one that everybody has been talking about it was saved for this hour and appraised at we are doing it $279.90. dimensional carving
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on this. and then you get all of the beauty of the white topaz surrounding it. beautiful setting on this book before it is gone i am going to you tell the story. >>guest: c13 inspiration for this ring came from a very blue bell which is called the emerald buddha sculpture. that emerald buddha sculpture has a silvery green cast to it it is actually a grayish green form of is 2670 carats and it was found back in thailand in the 1400's. i wanted to find material that i could get a green cast out of it would not be jasper or emerald but something affordable, glossy and luminescent. about big buddha that brings calmest, happiness
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peace and joy to our allies and reminds us so i used in material called obsidian.+ obsidian is a mechanical flaw whole can make law but that hardens when it cools. -- volcanic lavathat hardens when it cools. i wanted to get the antiquity and the feeling that this was from the 1400's and a piece that one in name million. 3 that c13 champagne hue to it. if you see it in person do you see the green in it is a green/silver cast. >>host: at the side of this and
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dimension and how perfectly carved and the size of it too. you 1 ct of white topaz and by the way this is one and a half inches 1-1/4 inches wide. this could be the only ring that you wear. it appears to glow. when ic13 wearing this people say to me how you get 2 glow, normally when we think onyx or black agate they do not reflect any light, they do not have that6 c13 luminescence to them this has glowing, and leighton shining luminescence. if you are one of my girls that loves the buddha, my mother broughtme the great buddha from asia and she said robert bold of belly you feel nervous--rub
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the buddhas's belly or you need to calm down. and this sculpture is so magnificent on this, bill lustre, the waxy she and the white topaz look exactly like indian cut champagne diamonds, nobody would know that that is white topaz. >>host: is the way if you are on board you do have it.3 on the line until the network representative tells you is gone.i hesitate to show this because if we do we did 90 to talk about it. even from just mentioning it once, without even giving you the item number we sold three dozen of these. labradorite black spinel, appraised at $360,
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it is yours for under $60 on flex pay. elegance say is three dozen were ordered without even giving c13 graphic information. i will give you item number 164-030. >>guest: uses look at the livervessenceabradoressence.that ring is a top- selling style. because you have never seen a triple gem labradorite legging in nat and next to the black spinel is actually more reflective and more rare than a black diamonds, you put that on with this necklace (...)
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thigh >>host: tell us about your brooch. i am >>guest: ed this brooch as a gift for the of of my son grant. and that was because his birth announcement said he is sun, moon and stars. so when i had him the moon. you all about it later and share everything. if >>host: is coming up next hour if it makes a but now signature carol brodie for amethyst prasiolite and gorgeous topaz or white zircon i should say but you will swear you are looking at diamonds. me
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is what we know and love from carol brodie.something she put on all of the a list celebrities and this is something you would foreshore expect to see on the red carpet. you know they have a security guard that goes with them to watch over the jewelry, this is that kind of a field but we are able to do with carol brodie @ ture hundred $99.90,each and this is inexpensive by any means. >>guest: a diamond by any name is a zircon. i will take you through the reasons why you have to have this hearing not why is a consideration but why you have to have it. first of landscape artist referred to the combination of violet and green. you have that very light pastel rose de france bent that very pale green and
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landscape artist called and nature's lovers because they are a neutral and they can work with every other piece of jewelry in your wardrobe. they are 1-7/16 x 7/ you can get a real feel of what happens to them would you mind putting one hand over one ear and let's get the camera tie i am chelsea. now take your hand and show what happens. acid soon as the earring now we cover it now do you see the way the lightis reflecting off that and
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that magnificent amethyst?% wear this with a white tank top and jeans, a black cocktailress your best bohemian floral% great colored jeans this season, you just need to understand white zircon is the sister, a diamond by any other name is called the white zircon and a black diamond by any other name is called the black spinel. these are (...)by the way everyone of those white zircon is handset by diamond setters. and this earring will just make you feel so much more beautiful. you know the difference between fine and foe. aux.ladies' until you put on a piece of fine jewelry will not understand fine jewelry really makes you feel. you know how you
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hearings on in a turn green, these are also rhodium plated in that let them derivative. platinum is what we used to play the most expensive jewelry in the world. >>host: will let you know when these are gone. we have another last call on the labradorite and black spinel. we have sizes 8-10 only. price was $360. now we have sizes 8 and 10 only. but if there is a earring i have never seen it. i6 c13 this is the ultimate, earring and for $169.90 we have
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it in canaryuartz, and smoky quartz. this is amazing customer pick on the ct weight on this is massive but the pristine pear-cut surrounded by all of your white topaz we want to hear from you. why have matching pendant available as well. if you buy one tonight honest to goodness it to be disappearing. i a >>guest: so sorry i am doing three things at once are also talking to them and i just with the eye on this necklace and i want everyone to see it but this earring i wore it today out of the studio i wore in my show this afternoon and can i tell you that wherever i went everyone said where is that hearing from it glows. it is a canary diamond yellow quartz. how many colors to we have >>host: we
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canary, smoky quartz and prasiolite and we will also tell you what we have coming up on hsn in our spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you so much i am sorry to interrupt this gorgeous hour but i have to let you know everything that is going on it ages and. not only doesn't look gorgeous but things will sound fantastic with our very joshed turner take a listen. [commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: make sure that you like us on facebook so that you can not only watch these concert but be a part of our live
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chat following the show. now you know all of the exciting things going on right here at hsn so we will get back to connie and carol. [♪ music ♪] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial]
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[commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: [reading] [♪ music ♪] >> us what, we are not are labradorite is officially sold out. in >>guest: anyone did not get it, please go on waitlist. i would love to know that you were able to get it if you wanted it. 6 c13 >>host: it is time for the evil eye. the necklace will be
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gone in a second this is officially last call on the necklace, if you want the% it is an enhancer that comes with a 16 in. chain with two-1/4 " extender. melk on the ground we have a smoky quartz we have 120. we show the 1 carol brodie has because you have to see that comparison. carol's piece $5,000. yet i think we are doing a better look in the pendant 4 $179.90. >>guest: i made my real short when i bought it. it on and 18 in shannon ikat same could you shorten it to?--and get back and said can you shorten its.
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this enhancer is a really big enhancer and for those of you could do not know what evil eye means, the evil eye man,hen someone gives you that look and look of death? you get a really will weird nauseous like throw up feeling how to make you feel like3 tell you that i got that steer here last night at and to be honest with you i wanted to throw up i literally went like this i touched my evil eye and i was like right back at you, it like a mirror. you know the saying an eye for an eye? that evil eye takes all that jealousy your-your ill feeling itakes that they give you that and then your eyes and the right back to them and they get that nauseous feeling and it is
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right back off you.talking about the greeks that had evil eye sull all of their stores or like in turkey there evil lies on their private planes and you know there is an evil eye on the american $1 bill.i sold the that is on the $1 bill this morning. there is an evil eye inside of a triangle on the $1 even part of $1 if it the talisman of protection. i always say i never go out without an evil eye i always have an evil eye on my body. i think it is so important to know that you are wearing one. less >>host: call on the pendant, $44.98 and
7:33 pm
your charge card and if you the sever right on the bracelet we are looking at last call. by you get white zircon em black sapphire back with that so we are talking about amazing gemstones. if he did this just for the gorgeous gemstones but then the design for evil eye that carol brodie brings it sells out everytime she brings a especially if you want asseverate. are going to say helloin ohio you are with carol brodie and connie. hello >>guest: lisa. >>caller: are i actually got a gift of champagne and blue diamond ring ring and i ordered the (...)
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date. >>guest: you love your ring? >>caller: was really impressed with the size of it. i have a lot of diamond rings and lou diamond rings and champagne diamonds and it is just gorgeous. >>host: we have in the last year? she is referring to the finasay ansi or blue diamond and champagne diamonds ring, it is an incredible sale price today it is selling to dave lesa for less than the cost for me to remake it. she emil bodenstein the other day and said i- multishell sorro wearingr champagne diamond and blue diamonds had to ring and i would like one can you order me one and i said you'll have to buy it on hsn because if tried
7:35 pm
to order for you it will cost to reorder it. i am so happy that you the black and white is so >>host: is there was one thing you would tell everybody about rarities and they never tried it what would you say? i will >>caller: is very impressed with it.i also got the black spinel hearings before it sold out. i think everything is beautiful, it is all selling out today. i the moonstone ring with the black spinel that you are wearing out. your watch. i have one other question, i know you were earlier about the evil eyes.
7:36 pm
>>guest: promise you i will bring- you evil eye is in yellow gold as a matter of fact look for my new 14k gold collection and there is a beautiful evil eye in 14k gold and by the way, please wear your new black and white deco ring with new rainbow moonstone and black spinel moonstone. you'll be the most chic woman in all of ohio. see >>host: y sweetheart. --thank you sweetheart. we have about 30 of the red sapphire and the smoky we have a little bit more.and there is the reason why is your best selling style. purse >>guest: of all
7:37 pm
this bracelet has the inverted v and maybe got one of these home and you do not have an evil eye3 get and you think i wonder how these would look together. they look phenomenal. this evil eye watches even more timeless and important than it was when i launched last year.the reason is because the fall is all about surrealism very of whether it is a prada issue auray handbag they all lips and eyes on everything.heels of shoes are going to be some real. this is a swiss made watch and it is numbered. i did not my watch is in asia and that is because i trained under mr. harry winston and he taught me the only watch that is a+ true luxury watch is swiss made and that means every component of timepiece needs to be and
7:38 pm
made in switzerland. we are >>host: only have 140 of these it is coming up next hour but this is something i can promise. this showstopper will never make a full presentation i promise you that. i have worked here almost 15 years and i have never even when lapis was affordable it has quadrupled in price in the last eight years i have offered a piece of lapis that looks like this $169.90. this also has diamonds. if you were just this piece of gem quality top gem quality and surely (...)look at >>guest: the gold and stars in there. i do >>host: not think this is going to make it until last hour. if you a gemstone collector aside from the fact that this is
7:39 pm
gorgeous get it. i have >>guest: and it's every single piece of lapis in this ring. i want to tell you, this is the third iteration of this ring i did it in pink opal and abradorite, both of them are customer picks and sold out in first airing. the lapis took me1/2 years to collect. every single one of the pieces of lapis had what i call gold and stars it is called golden pyrite, but to me it looks like a starry night. it is like looking up in the sky and to find lapis with soul much and pyrite is impossible. true >>host: no royal blue not a dark black/blue. this is never going to make a full presentation because you followed your gemstones. >>guest: you see
7:40 pm
the earring i am wearing by the and my producer is telling us >>host: we have an 18 in. rarities necklace. this priced at $150. it for only the second time i ever done the 18" and the reason i duet like this is because so many of you wanted to try the tourmaline but you were not ready to make the investment in the 70 in.. you want it all of those exotic colors and gemstones you wanted take your evil eye and hang it on those gorgeous beads. + tourmaline comes from brazil every single one of those stones is the natural color. >>host: of i said this is
7:41 pm
$49? if they would let me scream i would scream. we are doing this for $49 she had so many things that sold out earlier that were supposed to be in the and because they are gone, we had three on more items we were supposed to air in this hour and they are gone. they gave use took it from our lowest price ever of $69 to $49. if have ever wanted to try rarities and i mean if ever, it does not get any better, under $25 on flex pay for you you cut link them together if you wanted do that by them as guests for the upcoming holiday season.surely for the tourmaline. i can >>guest: not even believe (...) sheet >>host: is peace list. >>guest: at $49.90 we cannot buy the tourmaline
7:42 pm
$49.90. this is >>host: silver lobster claw closure. we have 600 people on the line ordering that tourmaline so is going to be hot but now we are going to carol's necklace.% this is. either and white topaz or labradorite and blue topaz and that was appraised at almost a thousand dollars. we are doing it $389.90. the tanzanite was appraised at $825 and it is $329.90. you just use because they are also gorgeous. >>guest: the choice should not be that hard. if you are die-hard labradorite or blue topaz stand then you need to take this necklace home and carry with your blue topaz or your labradorite. but maybe you are rolled loves the
7:43 pm
periwinkle blue, you love owning tanzanite, you have a tanzanite ring or something that will play back to this it almost becomes a neutral. to meet the white topaz and the tanzanite are neutral. the labradorite and blue topaz are also a neutral so either way one is a little cooler and what is a little warmer and i will tell you inspiration for this necklace. i+ actually first of this necklace in europe. beautiful jeweler on 50th and park avenue and i looked in the window and i saw these exact necklaces and they were and white sapphire the price on them $4,625. they were done in 18 k white gold. so $4,625.18
7:44 pm
ct whitewhere $389 in platinum plated sterling silver. i felt like bringing this necklace to you which is the most chic and important look and i also this last year in white topaz and pearl. it got 5 star reviews and about 49 of them it sold out and not one piece ever came back because these are so well made, they are machine wire wrapped a machine bezel-set. three is and why it is because i was able to give you a much sturdier by giving you machine wrapped instead of a hand wrap. is what the labradorite being the most limited. now we need to mention one more time, this is coming up, this is our beautiful tourmaline and when i say
7:45 pm
tourmaline you have pink shades of watermelon, honey tourmaline. even a little bit of a parade blue this was amazing $69.90 now we are doing it $49.90 it will never be repeated at that price and it is on 2 flexible payments. now we will tell you more but what is coming up right here at hsn on our spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you so much we are taking the spotlight off those beautiful pieces of jewelry and tell you what is coming up on hsn. you all lumbar showstoppers they are one of our great returning grate flex face, do not miss them, here is what is coming up. do not miss tonight 9:00 p.m.
7:46 pm
with colleen and diane gilman that to a animal faced tea.iversary priced $5 off. 9:00 p.m. with colleen ann diane gilman.then at midnight take a look at are nicky butler 21.85 ct multi gems jar style bracelet. a gorgeous piece was so much for the eye to take a look at. that is on tonight with lynnd that our final showstopper with my friend in shai coeur lyanji corellileythen before we come back to cantin carol here is a little more information from our diane gilman. [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: [reading] [♪ music ♪] we ahost: back with the lovely carol brodie and rarities and we are going to curls. knife your
7:48 pm
grandmother's carol's,6 c13 to wear your pearls. did i mention is 100 in.? think about 100 in. and the pearls are you are getting 8-9 mm pearls. your standard sizing is 5-1/2-6.we have it in white or the beautiful black and the possibilities here (...) >>host: they are endless. the >>guest: a r endless, first of all this is an opportunity to purchase from the and there was a store and i want you to just look i am just not in this twice it is so she, you can wear it as a belt you can wear it for * does that look? can as little
7:49 pm
my look. i've tired, i have been up all night but this is an opportunity purchase. of9 mm rope pearls they were ordered by a large jewelry chain and apparently they were not able except delivery i think for a financial credit reason or something like that and the pearl farmer called hsn called cindy my buyer and said can you give these to carol brodie i think this is her style and i will sell them to you for half of my cost so that you can retail them for what they should cost wholesale.just so you know in your head wholesale is half the price of what we pay when we buy something in a store so if you buy something for hundred dollars it
7:50 pm
probably cost $50 or $45. cost of these pearls. they should be double that. so you have got the luminescence3 luster, you have all of the things that may genuine pearls amazing but they are the price of simulated pearls. >>host: only 70 of the black. >>guest: what is so nice about the peacock for me if you got the labradorite ring home by the look how it lays back to the peacock. you have all that shimmer and iridescence. it goes with lapis coming up as well. i have an earring coming up to. what can you do with 100 any labradorite any moonstone, in the pearl, when we started i think what is so beautiful is to take tassel
7:51 pm
and rested inside all of these amazing pearls. let >>host: just sold out. can you layer that great with your pearls. i wanted tawni to wear that actually as a throw on the right as the cameras went on. look at how great this looks. 100 in. of amazing luminess of pearls. >>host: been pearls.bigg pearls fresh >>guest: cultured freshwater pearls and in 7 mm there was one strand available at 100 in., 7 mm knot 8-9 and it was $50 more. >>host: will let you know when they are 1600 order but on our showstopper have 200 left so if you love what could be
7:52 pm
best lapis i have never seen us offer i will say grab it now. genuine diamonds there too. ken eyes is >>guest: show everybody how wonderful they are together. i have been wearing this ring and these earrings for like three and half weeks but look how gorgeous earrings and a wonderful specialty store 62nd and madison avenue are $8,000 and you know how i know? because i use them to inspire me to create these. 30 >>host:left, probably not next hour but hopefully. we are going to go now to is there has ever been a try me price, a piece of
7:53 pm
rarities, this is absolutely the possible to get.we have sold at 700 of these from preview.real genuine tourmaline, the magic of all of the colors, and we are doing that at the lowest price ever, and now we are doing it at an $49.90 and the flex pay under $25 to bring this home. feet carol brodie, these are a nice size stone. the color of the stones. we pink, blue splashes we have yellow gold and. all colors beautiful tourmaline. for $49. everyone >>guest: of these is unique and different. have raspberry. raspberry tourmaline group
7:54 pm
rubellite against it is the most expensive tourmaline and we even have toucheshere. let me tell you about this gemstone necklace i wanted to bring tourmaline to hsn i've brought this necklace 72 in. it was $199 at the every one of these is handcrafted.the tourmaline are mined in brazil and they come in every color of the rainbow. tourmaline comes in so many colors is called for molly which means rainbow and becoming more colors than in the gemstone in the world. --tourmali. ever of these is laid out in the individual artists hand wire wrapped every one of these necklaces for you. each one is a work of art and each one is different. i stay
7:55 pm
at it wonderful that and breakfast and the owner of the bed and breakfast3 real casual, she makes the most delicious pancake purpose she said to me you know he said bought from you and i 0 82 do not know question or she said the tourmaline, it is so organic and down to earth you could wear the most exotic gemstones and they are muted and showing you can wear them day and night and that is what i love about these pieces. >>host: the i'd never why you to buy anything for the price but this price is than one honest to goodness at this price by a couple of them and give them as gifts. we are going to say hello to stephanie in new york.welcome to hsn you are on with carol brodie and tawni. is that >>guest: my girlfriend stephanie? you >>caller: that it
7:56 pm
is, i have been with you since 2:00 a.m.. >>guest: i saw your posting on facebook. she is a diehard rarities girl but i have never met her i just talked to her on facebook. >>caller: got the lapisvdie for. >>guest: you see how crazy the earrings are? >>caller: they are gorgeous, plus you had this citrine necklace on that i had to have with the pearls. >>guest:i am so excited they you got those pieces have you been with me since 2:00 there is nothing like a girlfriend. my best friends are not as loyal as my rarities girl friends. 3 unbelievable, it is extraordinary. i love it! now we
7:57 pm
>>host: are at over 1000 sold and we are moving onto the necklace i am wearing, a true rarity we have 60 of them. unique is >>guest: show with these earrings. i was a >>host: with the ring as well. appraised at $665 and actually the earrings i believe are gone but we will double check them. any way the all >>guest: lace and the world you can get crown's bring turquoise is rarities and hsn. if you were to google crown spring turquoise, that means look it up on the internet, the only thing that would come would be rarities by jewelry carol brodie. why? because i the worldwide
7:58 pm
exclusive from crown spring. it comes from kingman mine and what makes it so special is that it is the leopard print of turquoise. the natural water marks of the turquoise it has white clouds and like a beautiful gold and bronze i call this leopard print of fine jewelry. the water web pattern that you see in these gemstones graduates from blues to greens so it almost looks like reflecting water. each one of m. asam size cabochons our bezel-set on both sides is the necklace turns it does not matter. i think they look like delicious turquoise 7 ms. this a customer pick, 14k gold formayvermeil
7:59 pm
turquoise is the gemstone of light. when people see wearing turquoise they are so attracted to the color. when i put turquoise it makes me feel more vibrant and alive. every time i am feeling blah on my turquoise and it just turns my world around. speed >>host: he of the ultimate of turquoise, of the ultimate of remember it is mined in the kingman mine right here in the united states and the only place you can disc it is here with carol brodie. we have almost one care of the total weight on the blue topaz and we have all of the beautiful design. there is a lot of turquoise but there is not a lot of crown spring is a fraction of a percentage. only >>guest:


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