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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  June 10, 2012 9:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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he will not be able to hide from these claims being revealed. >> this seems were hardly befitting of an alternative prime minister, but he believes his message that the government should not excepting thomson's vote would be undermined if he did so even on a relatively minor motion they were the highlights of the australian parliament in may. hope you can join us next time. thanks for your company. >> question time or return next sunday at 9:00 p.m. here on c- span. this week, the inquiry into phone hacking continues. the hearing is a investigating the relationship between government leaders in the
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british press. coverage beginsomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern and will continue throughout the week -- 5:00 a.m. eastern and will continue throughout the week. >> campaign speeches by ann romney and first lady michelle obama. later, "q & a" then a chance to see the australian prime minister. ann romney was on the campaign trail for three days this week. this is about 20 minutes. [applause]
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>> you can make sure you say that to everybody over here. >> hello. >> how are you?
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>> good afternoon. thank you some much for being
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here. before this, i like to share a very quick story that will give you an insight into who she is as mother, wife, a role model. we were at an event earlier. someone asked her question. someone asked her if she would mind leading a group in prayer. it is a very spur of the moment, a genuine moment. all called hands and prayed for the future of our nation. she is not only the mother of five boys, and the mother only
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two, i would go a little crazy. . she is a cancer survivor. [applause] she is an incredible woman and where so honored you are here today to share your vision and your husband's vision. we appreciate it. >> thank you. what a nice group. i cannot tell you how i feel like and to a community like this. this is such a welcoming feeling. this is going to be a very important election. this is aery election state and county. all of those things are going
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to be so important. this is what we see as the feature for the unit states. -- as the future for the united states. we will bring back jobs and hope and people letter struggling. four years ago at the end of the last campaign, i invited the camera to come up and record the sentiments. i said i never doing this again. he laughed. he said you say that after every pregnancy.
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when it was time to make that decision, we had a family council the first time. we now have 18 grandchildren. some of the grandchildren of like to weigh in on this decision. i never let them. i would not do it. it was very interesting. as you know, it is a very difficult process and top on families. if we love someone and know they're doing the right thing, it is very tough on families. open. with my wife's eyes
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my advice was this. is it too late to save the country? of having a sense like all you that the country is going in the wrong direction. we are in trouble. it is like something is about to go over the waterfall. is it too late to fix the country? mitt said it is not too late yet but it is getting late. i said, that is all i need to know. it is not too late yet. he get there and there will be nothing more we can do. it was knowing there was still time. i said there's no question whether we go forward or do not. it is up to you to save the country. we must go forward.
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[applause] it was no in my cousin and so well. -- it was snowing in my heart him so well. he has been an amazing father and husband. from a personal standpoint, he was my hero. he is the one that stood by me with my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. he gave me help. he stood by my side. he said i do not care how sick you get, i am with you. he did the same thing when i was diagnosed with cancer. i am with thee. we are ok. we will be this. i will say that yes, my boys and there werenaughtgy
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five of them. i was never sure what team anyone was on. it was shifting alliances all the time. it was hard to keep up. it has prepared me well for this campaign. nothing is as tough as raising those five boys. cheers to all the mothers in the room. [applause] we all know how hard that work is in our reporting it is. that was his point. he said i know what you're doing is harder. i also know it is more lasting. i also know that what you're doing is more important. i have that kind of support from him. he is the kind of guy we want.
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i always say this. in never know what decisions will come across a president desk. you better know what character they have. they will be tough times and decisions. you want someone that will do the right thing at the right time. i know that about mitt. then you look at his experience in the real world of job creation and turning things around. thew him always just being stellar businessman. i'm so glad we heard that from someone else besides me. he wishes. it was amazing how much confidence people put in him.
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something that i think is unique that we sometimes forget how important it is. that is good judgment. the other thing that is hard to forget is knowing sometimes what the right answer is and not being able to implement that answer. a lot of times there are smart people who can figure out the answer but do not know how to get from point a to point b. he is could not call asking people together and making sure everyone understands where they are buying and why they are doing it and how we will get there. that is leadership. that is what he has. that is what i have seen through the whole career. degree bonus and life for us was doing that in the winter -- the great bonus in life was doing that in the winter olympics. i was just diagnosed with ms. i was completely numb. i could barely get out of bed.
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his business was doing gangbusters. my youngest son was a senior in high school. in may no sense for us to do this. it was one of those moments where i love women because they listen to their hearts. and yet my heart it was the right thing to do. we went off in do this. it was an extraordinary experience. i went from being very sick to and being ableth to walk. it is something that is very bad
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shape. then i saw the governor of massachusetts. he had a deficit 20 win in. we had a $2 billion rainy day fund. he did that without raising taxes for borrowing money. [applause] when i see the challenges that our country faces, high unemployment, at an educational system, a health care system all of these things i am going out i have a guy for you that knows how to fix that. he has the good judgment and character. it is with 100 sir confidenc%, e
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is the right man. it is his time. i like to say it mitt romney wins, america wins. for me it is clear what we have to do. it is clear how important this election is. we all love barbara bush. we always have first ladies that we get a kick out of. she is one i'll always enjoy a parent. she was introducing me in houston. she said this lady is the most important election in my lifetime. she said i am not young.
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as i thought about that and as i started recognizing how important, it dawned on me that she was the wife of a president and the mother of a president. she thinks the fifth is the most important election. it is. we have to make sure but only all of us do our part but our friends and our neighbors. they realize how important this is. it is a dividing line in the sand. will we be more free? will we have more government involvement? it is a very clear decision that we have to make. we're going to work hard to get elected.
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thank you.
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>> thank you.
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>> we need to get to the car. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] but on wednesday she was
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visiting one with people with mental and physical disabilities and now they're falter when her possible sclerosis was severe. this is over 10 minutes. >> how are you? >> i am president of the board. >> are you the guy that china made this happen? >> part of it. -- that kind of made this happen? >> part of it. >> i love it. i am sure you know my story.
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the more you know, and the more you have to learn. [unintelligible]
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>> we have to cite here. we are excited to be here. it is beautiful. we are so lucky. this is someone i get immediately. we are really lucky. b he's to he used to be adjusting.
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and it is just wonderful. he has 24 way things. he has a lot of years to give us. we hope to incorporate a driving program. quit>> want to make sure every y plays dice together.
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>> ok.
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we're going to start right off and supporting her. we do offer [inaudible]
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>> 2 is one that thought she would give it up a little while but came back after college. we have to work on a couple of things at once. >> he is a good boy.
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let's see. can you turn on the microphone? ok. thank you for coming. it looks like there are lots of visitors here. we had an amazing show here. i want everyone in a knows this to understand how wonderful it is still have a companion. they do such wonderful things. they use such confidence and strain. amazingn a bunch of
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stories out here. they have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he has been able to have core strength by writing appeared this youngeriding. this woman is doing well and has goals of being on the olympic team. there is a young man. where did he go? he has been doing this for a number of years. he is overcome all of his disabilities. it is doing a great job. thank you. you are awesome. they are amazing teachers and companions. they bring as great joy. they tell me that they were able to have the excitement of getting out of bed in having the joy of coming out here. a lot only come out once a week.
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is.y look forward to the spen most of the patients on the horses have increase their mobility. and this is an amazing journey for all of these people. there are wonderful companions that teach us so much. they are generous and loving. there ingate -- their gaits minute what we would do when we are crawling. it is very similar experience to what you do if you were crawling. that energy is wonderful. that moment makes you really use your core and makes you sit up
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straighter. it is great physically and also emotionally. when i was suffering, is difficult for me to get out of bed. for me it was a joy to know that i had a chance to get out and get on a course. it got me out of bed. i was pretty weak. it got me strength and loving life. they have been a great gift. i love coming out here and seeing that they're helping others as well. what is his name? i think he is falling asleep. you but how wonderful they are as they get older.
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they have a wonderful purpose. you can see how wonderful this would be for any person. to be able to get on a horse and feel safe, he is blind to scratches knows. they are terrific. we appreciate all the work that makes these things possible. it takes a lot of donations and work and effort to make these kinds of programs happen. they do not have them without a lot of community support. we're grateful for all of that. we're grateful for all of the teachers here and the people who have donated their time. i can guarantee they all love horses too. thank you all.
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i see did a good job. -- you did a good job. >> john skipper on the expansion to different media platforms. john keane on the ways technology has changed cnn. this is monday night on c-span2. >> michelle obama was on the
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campaign trail this past week making stops in pennsylvania and virginia. she spoke about her husband's policy on health issues. 30 minutes.t over there i [chanting "four more years"] >> thank you. my goodness. they tell me you were fired up. they were right. we're going to get this done. let me tell you how thrilling it is to be here with all of you. i am thrilled to see you all. i want to start by thanking release up for that very kind
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introduction and for her outstanding work as our women for obama. we want to give her a round of applause. i want to thank a couple of other people. i want to think this a delicate. 0-- this delegate. i also want to give a special thanks to the supervisor and the members and families. we are proud and grateful for our veterans and their families. we all should be working very hard to make sure they know they live in a great country. finally, i want to thank all of
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you. i want to thank you for your outstanding work as our volunteers and organizers. thank you so much for everything you do day in and day out. i want to thank you for doing all of the hard work that goes into a campaign, making all those phone calls. i want to thank you for giving people the information they need about the issues they care about. i want you to know truly that the grass roots works. everything you're doing to help people get focused, that work is at the core of everything we do. it is up the core of this campaign. that is how we did it for years ago. that is how we're going to do it
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again today. one thing that i do know is the work you are doing is not easy. i know so many of you are putting in long hours. i know how busy you all are. i know you have families to raise and jobs to do. you have summer to enjoy. you are here. i know there is a reason why all of us are here today. it is not just because we all support one extraordinary man i am his biggest fan. i am a little biased. i think our president is phenomenal. it is not just because we want to win an election. we do and we will. we are doing this because of the
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values we believe in. we're doing this because of the vision of this country we all share. we want all of our kids to have good schools. you know what the schools look like, at the schools that pushed them. they did good opportunities. we want our parents to retire .ith dignity pitche they should be able to enjoy their golden years. we want to restore the basic middle-class security for our family fa.
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we believe that responsibility should be rewarded. hard work should pay off. we believe that everyone should do their fair share and play by the same rules. the thing that we know, at these are basic american values. they are the values that sell many of us were raised with. including myself. my mother still goes home every time she is not with us. my room is the same. same bed sheets. the same pictures. but not know how long she's going to keep up like that.
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my parents never had the kinds of educational opportunities that my brother and i had. growing up, i saw how my parents and a sacrifice.c we ought people in our lives like this. -- we all have people like this in our lives. they wanted us to have the kind of education they could only dr. they were determined to pay that bill and pay it on time. he was proud to be sending his kids to college.
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he could not bear the thought of them missing a registration deadline because this check was late. my father took great pride in being able to earn a living that allowed him to handle his business and responsibilities to his family, to take all of his bills and pay them on time. that this to my father was. more than anything else, that is what is at stake in this election. it is. it is that fundamental promise that no matter who you are or how you started out, if you work hard you can build a decent life for yourself and an even better life for your kid. what we have to understand here in america, it is that promise that binds us together here in
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the country. it makes us who we are and what makes this country so special. from now into november, we need all of you to get out there and tell everyone you know about the values we share. tell them about everything that is at stake. remind them. you can start by telling them how barack obama found taxes for working families. he understands an economy that is built suit last starts with the middle-class. folks that are putting people back to work, and it reminds them have only a first office, i economy was losing. our economy was losing 750,000 jobs a month. remind them of that.
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for the past 27 straight months, we have been gaining private sector jobs, a total of more than 4 million jobs. we still have a long way to go to rebuild our economy. we have more work to do. millions of people like my debtor able to pay their bills again. some with more than a million jobs on the line, they said let it go. what did your president to do? he had the back of the american workers. he put his faith in the american people. as a result, today the auto
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industry is back on its feet again. more importantly, people are back at work providing for their families again. remind them. tell them how. we pass health reform with all of your support. remind them what that means. insurance companies will have to cover preventive care. things like contraception, prenatal care and no extra cost, that is what the reform means. protecting women's health is a mission that had nothing to do with politics. it is about making sure we have
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the screenings we need to stay healthy and the care we need when we are sick. it is about ensuring that women can make basic health decisions for ourselves. plain and simple. you can also tell people because of health reform millions of our seniors have saved on average more than $600 a year on their prescription drugs. let them know. also because of that reform, and our young men and women can stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26 years old. we know how that feels, write? that is how 2.5000009 people -- that feels, right? that is how to 0.5 million people feel. we can make college more affordable for millions of
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people so that by the end of this decade and his vision is that we will have more americans holding a college degree than any other country in the world. that is his vision. you can also tell people how barack obama has been fighting for the dream act. he believes it is time to stop denying citizenship to response billion people because their children that are undocumented citizens. you can remind people that barack obama kept his promise. he brought our troops home from iraq. you can remind them about how brave men and women anin uniform brought to justice the man behind the 9/11 attacks.
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the troops no longer have to lie about serving the country they love. it is easier for women to get equal pay for equal work. that is because of the first bill my husband signed into law. that was the lily ledbetter their pay act. that was the first thing he did
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as president of the united states. he knows that closing that pay gap can make the difference between losing $55 from each paycheck are having the money in their paycheck to put clothes on the backs of their kids. the success in the economy is the key to family success. we know that. we know that. to not forget to tell people about those two billion supreme court justices that your president appointed and out for the first time in history our sons and daughters watched three women take a seat on the nation's highest court.
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we have people that need to get outside and play. i see that right here. the needs of my screen. -- they need some ice-cream. what i want you to understand is that all these wonderful accomplishments and so much more, and they are all at stake this november. they are all on the line. in the end it all boils down to one simple question. are we going to continue the change we begun and all the progress we made? are we going to allow everything we fought for for the last several decades just slip away? no. we know what we need to do. we cannot afford to turn back now. we have to keep moving forward.
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keep moving forward. more than anything else that is what we are working for. it is a chance to keep fighting for the values we believe in and the vision we share. this is what my husband has been doing every single day as president. let me share something with you. i just want to share. of the past 3.5 years, i have had a chance to see up close and personal what the president looks like. let me tell you what i have learned. i have seen how the issues that come across a president's desk
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are always the hard ones. always. the problems with no easy solutions. the judgment calls where the stakes are so high. there is no margin for error. i have seen that as president, you are going to get all kinds of advice. at the end of the day, you sit alone in that oval office. when it comes time to make that decision as president, all you have to guide you are your life's experiences. all you have to guide you are your values. and that vision that you have for this country. in the end, when the president is making those of possible choices, and it all boils down to who that person is and what he or she stands for. we all know who barack obama is.
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we all know what barack obama stands for. barack obama is the son of a single mother who struggled to put yourself through school and pay the bills. that is to your president is. barack obama is the grandson of a woman who woke up before dawn every day to catch a bus to merge job at the bank. even though her mother worked hard and she was good at her job, she hit by glass ceiling. men no more qualified than she was, and men who she trained was promoted up the ladder ahead of her. your president understand what it means when the family struggles. he knows what it means when someone does that have a chance to fulfil their potential. believe me. as a father, and he knows what it means you want something better for your kids.
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those are the experiences that have made him the man the president he is today. remind people when you're out there when it comes time to stand up for american workers and families, you know what your president is going to do. it is about protecting our rights and freedoms. you know where barack obama stands. when you need a leader, you know you can count on barack obama. that is what he is doing every day as president of the united states. you have to remind people and i have said this before and i will say it again and again. barack obama cannot do this alone. that was never the promise.
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he needs you to keep on doing that hard work. to make those calls. call people. register those of voters appeared find them. shake them. multiplied yourself. teaming to to sign up even more superstar volunteers and organizers. find them. to reach out to your friends and neighbors. and the social club members and the ladies. you ince them to join ne giving part of their life each week to the campaign.
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send them to they will find everything they need to sign up and make a difference. what is important is that this election will be closer than the last one. that we can count on. if any one here doubts what a difference you can make, i want to remind you that in the end, this election could all come down to those last few thousand people who registered to vote. think about that. it all can come down to the last few thousand folks we helped to get to the polls on november the sixth. i want to think about what those the numbers mean when they're spread out over an entire state. it might mean registering one more process. that is how important it is.
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it might mean helping one more person get out and vote on election day. as you're doing this am wondering if it is working, as you knock on the doors and toast those events and think about every conversation you have, remember that this could be the one. treat it like this. this could be the one that makes the difference. that is the kind of impact that each of you can have. that is why you are so important and why we are going to win in november. because of you. but i'm not going to kid you. this journey is going to be long. it is going to be hard. there will be plenty of twists and turns along the way. that is how real change always
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happens in this country, always. if we keep showing if we keep fighting the good fight,we alwa. maybe not in our lifetime. maybe in our children's lifetime. maybe in our grandchildren's lifetime. in the end, that is what this is all about. it is not about us, it is above them. let me tell you, that is what i think about every night when i am putting my girls to bed. i think about the world and i will leave for them and all of our children. all of our sons and daughters. i want for them what might dad
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did for me. i want to give them that foundation, a foundation for their dreams. all of our children are special. i want to give them that sense of limitless possibility. that belief that here in america, there is always something better out there if you are willing to work hard. if you wonder what keeps me going, what gives me and my husband passion, it is that believe, is that reality. we cannot turn back now. we have come so far, but we have so much more work to do. virginia, let me ask you one last question, are you in?
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no, no, no, are you in? are you in? because i am so in. i am so fired up. i look forward to being out there delivering this message and reminding them what our president has done and will continue to do. so i look forward to being out there with you every step of th e way. thank you all. you keep us going in more ways than one. thank you all. god bless. [applause] [chanting "four more years"]
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>> following the rally, the first lady visited mom's apple pie company. she was serenaded by a violinist. this is about five minutes. [applause]
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>> how old are you? >> six. >> wow, awesome. it definitely is. yes. absolutely.
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>> hello.
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>> tomorrow on "washington journal" the retired lieutenant colonel from the center for u.s. security on the security operations in afghanistan.
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unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly being used domestically. we will talk to the former exchange securities head on the future of the sec. senator john kyl gave the commencement address at the arizona christian university in phoenix. that took place at the scottsdale bible church. and this is about 15 minutes. >> thank you. thank you all very much. lamb of god obviously had other
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plans for you. good morning, graduates, a family of graduates, staff of this integrated education. on that list, i rank just below lady gaga. i had to ask who lady gaga was. today, you celebrate. it your sense of accomplishment in earning your degree is justified. you have begun a crucial phase of life learning. as one of america's best educators booker t. washington observed that few things can
10:48 pm
help a person more than to place responsibility on him and to let him know that you trust him. this university has done that for you. you entered this school to advance your christian education and how to engage the world as servants of jesus christ. you learn how to think critically and communicate effectively. you have had wise teachers and advisers. a truly exceptional faculty includes dollars of reverse talents which helped install great ideas and attributes. about life and about god and his world. this has helped prepare you for different career paths. this is what i want to talk to you about. no father or grandfather can resist the urge to share lessons
10:49 pm
in life when given the opportunity. let's look at the governing philosophy of your school. it is to show you how to become conscientious adults to serve the lord and follow the example of jesus christ and contribute to the world in meaningful ways. now, you have to begin making career choices to provide for yourselves and your family in the years ahead. that leads me to the first of two thoughts of a bike to leave with you today. goals are great. preparation is key. almost all of you are anxious about what you are going to be doing after graduation. some of you do not have jobs lined up. others of you do, but are not sure about long range plans. my advice is think less about long-term goals then performing
10:50 pm
well at what you are doing now. work hard to prepare for whatever may come. if you possess a high-quality education, which you now do, if you are willing to work and you are receptive to opportunity, you need not turn every turn that your professional career ought to take. become fixed on one particular path can lead to disappointment. goals are important, but i have found a preparation for whenever life brings is indispensable to success. as americans, we can have many jobs. we can have several careers over a lifetime. i was not sure what i wanted to
10:51 pm
do. i practiced fo lawr two decades. when i started, i had little understanding of what life in the law was like. my life to it twists and turns that i could not have expected. i had no ambition for a political career. i did try to lead my life so that i would be in position to take advantage of opportunities. this starts of course by living the faith we profess. it is hard to imagine how much better i would be if i were a more perfect servant of the lord. i would be nothing with the fa of myith to sustain al. ife can take us in many places.
10:52 pm
it often ends up surprising us, providing opportunities we cannot have conceived of after graduation. my advice is to focus on the task at hand and do not worry if everything does not turn out as planned. there is an old yiddish as saying that reminds of flexibility and humility. man makes plans, go laughs. obviously, planning is useful ,but god may well have other ideas. our ability to deal with his plans means that we have to be well grounded. it is a matter of putting yourself in a position to take advantage of opportunity when the time comes. your education here is the start of this proposition.
10:53 pm
a degree like yours, whether it is in bible studies, education, or christian ministries, helps put you in a position to seize the opportunities that present themselves and put them to good use. here is the point. success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. the essential ingredient in this preparation is old fashioned hard work. i happen to be a big nascar far. n. the drivers on the nascar circuit say that you make your ownluck. work hard to put yourself in a position to win. you may not win, if you are not
10:54 pm
close to the front with two laps to go, you are not going to win. thomas jefferson said it this way. he said, i am a great believer in luck and i find that the harder i work, the more of it i have. i have won my share of legal and political arguments because i was better prepared than my opponent. and you can, too. this leads to my second point. most of you have a minor in vital studies because you know the important principle is that humility comes before honor. our religious and moral sense make us aware that as human beings, we have limitations. flesh and blood can never attain perfection. whoever exults himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. thus, humility is in order. and it helps us learn important lessons in life. in build on my first point about preparation.
10:55 pm
hubris causes carelessness. but humility create caution. caution breeds thoughtfulness and thoughtfulness stimulates preparation. humility reinforces the need for and the success of preparation. to be clear, humility should never be confused with quiescence. it would be wrong to shy away from a challenge using humility as an excuse. you each have talents that you have an obligation to maximize. moses led the heber's out of egypt to the promised land, painfully aware of his limitations. god instructed him to have faith in what god would provide. god told jeremiah, call on me
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and i will show you a great and mighty things you do not know. as children of god, we appreciate our limitations and we shouldn't have any difficulty being humble. we know that when we try to do god's will, there is no limit to the empowerment he can provide. this verse from jeremiad answered very hard questions for me after 9/11 and it has been an inspiration for me ever since. each of you will be called in different ways. you leave with a base of knowledge but also with your own unique interests and capacities as individuals. you can make a unique contribution to the years ahead. because you are one-of-a-kind and individual, you can and do
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things unlike anyone else. in doing, you are more likely to be successful by practicing the kind of humility that jesus taught. preparation. humility. and the courage to respond to whatever you're called to do. add these to your foundation of faith to beat the challenges you will face. final thought. what ever wrote you take, your career will likely be filled with highs and lows, the days and bad days. there will be times when you feel self doubt in the trials of life, and they will, you know. that does not mean that god has lost sight of you or that you should despair.
10:58 pm
be prepared to work through the bad days. humbly seek god's guidance. recall these words. i do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet, but reaching forward to what lies ahead, a press on to the goal for the prize of the upward call of god and jesus christ. congratulations to each of you in this class of 2012. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> next, q&a "" with angela
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rye. and then the prime minister's question time. the ibm chairman, massachusetts congressman barney frank, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. >> b52, everybody thinks back to vietnam and linebacker operations. you think of history are the cold war. there is a different kind of power associated with the b-52. >> union and confederate to new each other prior to the civil war that fought against each other. here they are at age 100 sitting on the porch talking about the old days. >> the date to the west is 903. the


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