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tv   Convention Speeches  CSPAN  September 1, 2012 7:00pm-7:25pm EDT

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>> governor stevenson, governor johnson. senator humphrey, speaker. feliz democrats. i want to express my thanks to governor stevenson for his generous and heartwarming introduction. [applause] it was my great honor at the 1956 democratic convention and i am delighted to have his support and his a vice in the coming months ahead.
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let me say first that i accept the nomination of the democratic party. i accept it without reservation. and with only one obligation -- to devote every effort of my mind and spirit to lead our party back to victory and our nation to greatness. i am grateful too that you have provided us with such a strong platform to stand on and to run on. [applause] the rights of man, civil and economic rights essential to the human dignity of all men are at our goal and our first
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principle. this is a platform on which i can run with enthusiasm and conviction. i am grateful that i can rely in the coming months on many others, on a distinguished running mate who brings unity and strength to our platform and our ticket, lyndon johnson. [applause] on one of the most articulate spokesman of modern times, adelaide stevenson. on a great factor for our needs as a nation as a people, stewart simonton. on my traveling companion in wisconsin and west virginia, senator humphrey.
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on our devoted and courageous chairman, paul butler. and on that fighting campaigner whose support i now welcome, president truman. i feel a lot safer with all of them on my side. and i am proud of the contrast of our republican competitors. not one challenger has dared to put his head up in the last 12 months. [applause] i am fully aware of the fact that the democratic party by nominating someone of my faith has taken on what many regard as a new and hazardous.
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democratic party is once again placed its confidence in the american people and their ability to render a free and fair judgment and my ability to render a free and fair judgment. [applause] to uphold the constitution in my oath of office, to reject any kind of religious pressure or obligation that might directly or indirectly interfere with my concept of the presidency in the national interest. my record of 14 years in supporting public education,
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supporting a complete separation of church and state, and resisting pressure from forces of any kind should be clear by now to everyone. [applause] i hope that no american caondiering the -- considering the really critical issues facing this country will waste his vote by voting either for me or against me because of my religious affiliation. it is not relevant. [applause] i am telling you what you are entitled to know. as i come before you seeking your support for the most
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powerful office in the free world. i am saying to you that my decision and every public policy will be my own. as an american, as a democrat, and as a free man. [applause] i mention all of this only because this country faces so many serious challenges, so many great opportunities, so many burdensome responsibilities that i hope we can address ourselves in the coming months. if this statement of mine makes it easier to concentrate on our nation's problems, i am glad that i made it. [applause] under any circumstances, the
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victory we seek in november will not be easy. we know that in our hearts. we know our opponents will invoke the name of abraham lincoln on behalf of their candidate, despite the fact that his political career has often seemed to show charity towards non and malice for all. we know it will not be easy to campaign against the man who spoke and voted on every side of every issue. mr. nixon may feel that it is here and now after the new deal and the fair deal but before he deals, someone is going to cut the cards. [applause]
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that someone may be the millions of americans who voted for president eisenhower and electing his successor. but just as historians tell us that richard the first was not fit to fill the shoes of the old henry ii and that record was not fit to wear the mantle of his uncle, they might add that nixon did not measure up to the footsteps of the right eisenhower. the policies of nixon and goldwater -- this nation cannot afford such a luxury. perhaps because the ford -- we
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could afford [inaudible] after buchanan, this nation needed lincoln. after hoover, we needed franklin roosevelt. we are not merely running against mr. nixon. our past is not merely one of itemizing republican failure. the families forced from the farm do not need us to tell them of their plights. the miners and textile workers know the decision is before them in november. the old people without medical care, the families without a decent home, the parents of children without a decent school. they all know that it is time for change. [applause]
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we are not here to curse the darkness. we are here to light a candle. as winston churchill said, on taking office some 20 years ago, if we open between the present and past, we shall be in danger of losing the future. our concern must be with the future. the world is changing. the old era is ending. the old way will not do. a broad the ballots -- although the balance of power is shifting, new and more terrible weapons are coming into use. one-third of the world may be free but one-third is the victim of a cruel repression and the other third is rocked by poverty and hunger and disease.
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communist influence has penetrated into asia, it stands in the middle east and festers some 90 miles off the coast of florida. as our keynote address reminded us, the president who began his career by going to korea attended by staying away from japan. the world has been close to war before but a man who survived all previous threats to its existence has taken into his hands the power to exterminate this species seven times over. here at home, the future is equally revolutionary. the new deal and the fair deal are old measures for their
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generation but now this is a new generation. a technological outpoint an explosion on the bomb has led to an output explosion. an urban population regulation has overcrowded our schools and flooded our cities. a peaceful revolution for human rights demanding an end to racial discrimination in all parts of our community life, imposed by executive leadership. [applause] it is time for a new generation of leadership. all over the world. particularly in newer nations. young men are coming to power. men who are not down by the traditions of the past. men who are not blinded by the old fears and hate and rivalry.
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young men who can cast off the old slogans and the old illusions. the republican nominee is a young man. but his approach is as old as mckinley. [applause] his party is the party of the past. the party and memory. -- party of memory. his speeches are generalities on the almanac. their platform made up of old left over democratic plans have the courage of our old convictions. their plants -- plan is for the status quo and today there is no status quo. i stand here tonight facing what was once the large frontier.
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from milan that stretched 3,000 miles behind us, the pioneers david per se, comfort and sometimes their lives to build our new west. they were not the captives of their own doubts were the prisoners of their own [inaudible] they were determined to make the new world strong and free, an example to the world to overcome its hazards. some would say it those troubles are all over. but -- that all the horizons have been explored. all the battles have been won. that there is no longer an american frontier. i trust that no one would agree with that sentiment. for the problems are not all soft. and the battles are not allwon. we stand today on the edge of a
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new frontier. the frontier of the 1960's. the frontier of unknown opportunities and perils. the frontier of unfilled hopes. woodrow wilson's new freedom promised our nation a new political and economic framework. check in roosevelt's new deal -- franklin roosevelt's new deal offered help to those in need. the new frontier i see is not a set of promises. it is a set of challenges. it sums up not what i intend to offer to the american people what i intend to ask of them. it appeals to their pride. [applause] it appeals to our pride. not our security.
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a new frontier is here whether we seek it or not. beyond that frontier, are uncharted areas of science and space, unsolved problems of peace and war. problems of the ignorance and prejudice. unanswered questions of poverty. it would be easier to shrink from the new frontier to look to the same mediocrity of the past, to be lulled by good intentions and high rhetoric and those who prefer that clause should not vote for me are the democratic party. but i believe that the times require imagination and courage and perseverance.
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i am asking each of you to be pioneers towards that new frontier. my call is to the young at heart. regardless of age, for the spirit regardless of party, to all respond to the call -- be strong and of good courage. be not afraid. neither be dismayed. courage not complacency is our need today. leadership, not salesmanship. and the only valid test of leadership is the ability to lead and lead vigorously. entire nation -- a tired nation is a poor nation and the united states cannot afford to be either tired or tory. [applause]
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there may be those who wish to hear more, more promises to this group or that. more harsh rhetoric about the men in the kremlin -- about the men. but my promises are in the platform. that you have adopted. this will not be won by credit. we can have faith in the future only if we have faith in ourselves. the harsh facts of the matter are that we stand at this frontier at a turning point in history. we must prove all over again to a watching world as we stand on
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the most conspicuous stage whether this nation can -- a range of alternatives can compete with a single-minded advance of the communist system. can a nation organized at -- and government such as ours do it? that is the real question. have we the will, tammy carry through in an age where we will witness not only knew great tools in weapons of destruction but the inside of men's minds. that is the question of the new frontier. that is the choice hours -- our nation must make. a chase -- a choice not lodged between two parties but but in the public interest in private
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comfort between national greatness and national decline. between the fresh air progress and the failed atmosphere of normalcy. between dedication or mediocrity. all men can waits upon our decision. a whole world looks to see what we shall do it. and we cannot fail that trust and the cannot fail the times. it has been a long road. now begins another long journey, taking me into your cities and homes across the united states. give me your help. and your hand. and your voice. [applause]
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recall with me the words of isaiah -- they shall renew their strength, mount up with wings as eagles. as we face the coming great challenge, we too shall wait upon the lord and ask that he renew our strength. then shall we be up to the past. then we shall not be weary. then we shall prevail. [applause] ♪
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[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> now the 1964 acceptance speech from president lyndon johnson. it took place less than a year after the assassination of president kennedy. president johnson did not face a serious challenge for the nomination but civil-rights played a major role in the campaign with george wallace's running on a segregationist clot form. johnson's speech to delegates is about 40 minutes. >> he appreciates at this tremendous reception and has a message to give to you and the american people. [no audio] [applause] -- [applause] >> chairman mccormick, my fellow
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americans. i accept your nomination. [applause] i accept the duty of leading this party to victory this year. [applause] i thank you from the bottom of my heart for placing at my side --e man that last night so you so qisely -- wisely selected
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to be the next vice president of the united states. i know i speak for each and all of youw hen i say -- when i say he proved himself tonight in that great acceptance speech. [applause] and i speak for both of us when i tell you that on monday on, he is going to be available for such speeches in all 50 states. such speeches in all 50 states. we will try to


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