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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  September 5, 2012 5:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chair of the 2012 democratic national convention, los angeles mayor, antonio villaraigosa. >> the second session of the 46th quadrennial national
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convention of the democratic party will now come to order. [applause] i asked you last night if there was enthusiasm in halt and i can't hear you. it do that again. [applause] welcome, delegates, alternate, a standing committee members, special guests and other friends. members of the news media, guests from the world and our fellow americans to our deliberations. the chair recognizes the delegate from ohio, the chair of the platform, former gov. ted strickland. >> mr. chairman, i move we suspend the rules to permit an amendment to the platform adopted by this convention last night.
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>> governor strickland has made a motion on the floor to suspend the rules. is there a second? a motion to suspend the rules and to amend at the platform has been moved and seconded. this is a non-debatable motion requiring a two-thirds vote. all those in favor of suspending the rules, say aye. all those opposed? in the opinion of the chair, there has been a two-thirds affirmative vote to suspend the rules. the governor, would you like to make your motion? >> thank you, mr. chairman. this summer, was proud to serve this party as the platform drafting committee chair. i come before you today to discuss the two important matters related to our party's national platform. as an ordained united methodist minister, i am here to a test and affirm that our faith and belief in god is central to the
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american story and informs the value we have expressed in our party's platform. in addition, president obama recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel and our party's platform should as well. mr. chairman, i have submitted my amendment in writing and i believe it is being projected on the screen for the delegates to see. i move adoption of the amendment as submitted and shown to the delegates. >> a motion has been made. is there a second? is there any further discussion? hearing none, the matter requires a two-thirds vote in the affirmative. all those in favor? all those opposed? in the opinion -- let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor, say aye.
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all those opposed, say no. i will do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. all those opposed, say no. in the opinion of that chair, two-thirds of the vote is in the affirmative. the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. thank you very much. gov strickland, thank you for your service. thank you again for your service. as chair of the platform drafting committee.
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everyone, please rise for the invocation offered by bishop vashti murphy mckenzie. >> this would be the time you would take the hand of someone who is close to you. let us bell. -- let us by our heads and close our eyes. center our thoughts on god. merciful god has been hard dwelling place for many generations, we invoke your presence to ask you to quicken our hearts that we may be swift to hear the needs of others. let us be weary in well doing as
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we confront the ancient enemies again -- injustice, poverty, apathy, racism and sexism and that evil violence and that stains the tapestry of the 21st century with the blood of the innocent and unsuspecting. remind us again of the brave dreams that were born in the heart of our ancestors. the dreams they were willing to live and die for. grant us courage to continue to flesh out their dreams and grant us the wisdom to reshape the strategy for this present age. empower us to work, to save our children because if we do not, no one else will. guide us to make the sunset years of our seniors a season of dignity. without them having to choose and between the shelter, sustenance, and prescription drugs. do not allow again women to be
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enslaved by prehistoric ideas about biological function. if we fall, help desk to rise again and put with s.a. faith and hope that cannot be quenched. inspire all her rassles of every race, nation, religion and you with the assurance that all the forces of good are moving them on to peace, health, and holiness. help us use our freedom wisely and not hide behind safe walls where it is so easy to be thankful are around a table of blessings without reaching beyond ourselves to a sale walls of prejudice and fear. lord, you know our work is not done. we have to improve life, not just for those to have the most skills and those who know how to manipulate the system, but those who don't. help us rise above self interest and selfish interest to seek a common good and common future.
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let us deliberate in such a way that closes the gap between policy and practice. let us be determined to help move this nation forward not as a collection of interest groups but one nation under god, indivisible. shine at your light on us so those of us who can see that even though we are marred and a broken vessels, you still use us as channels of your grace to bring mercy, joy and peace into the lives of all. help us use the tools of nation building, our vote and are voice for a better future for all americans and together, we say amen. squeezed your neighbor's hand and say a man again. -- say amen again.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for our colors presented by the west charlotte high school rotc color guard. >> delegates and guests, please welcome olympic gold medalist gaby douglas to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. [cheering and applause]
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [cheering and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the national anthem performed by branford marsalis. ♪
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♪ ♪ um ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause] [chanting "usa, usa, usa"]
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>> present arms. order arms. right face. foreword march.
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[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome congressman luis gutierrez of illinois. >> thank you. tonight i want to celebrate a fundamental reason we are democrats. we believe that america is never greater than when we protect the rights we have one and strive to make real the call her hip of our founders to create a more perfect union. we are never more american than
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when we demand all people are treated with dignity and respect. and we are never more patriotic than when we see a group of people being cast aside and say stop. in america, we do not tolerate anyone being treated unfairly. there truly american when we live up to our original promise of liberty and feel great those who -- celebrate those american words, all men are created equal. on june 15, president obama made those words real. that day, he took steps to lift the shadow of deportation from young, deserving people. [applause] young people you brought here as children. we call them in dreamers' because they are young people who want their shot at the american dream.
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they are students and volunteers and leaders. many want to join the armed forces. they are true americans. they are american in every way except on paper. president obama stood up for people like my friend jessica from chicago. he just had a 3.8 gpa in high school. she has a scholarship to the great university of north carolina. [applause] but because she did not come to america until she was 7 years old, her future was in doubt. until barack obama tech -- took bold action to stand up for emigrants like her. now, america faces a stark choice. the future of a generation will be decided in this election. we cannot deny them justice. president is protecting
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emigrants. mitt romney wants immigrants are to solve the port. this will determine whether the high school bell korean, team captains and others will be treated with respect or like suspects. whether they reach their dreams or whether met romney turns their dreams into nightmares. this belief separates our party. democrats have always been the party of expanding the embrace of our democracy and humanity. as it is not just dreamers. democrats value all of emigrants. republicans, to run aim undocumented immigrants for many of our problems. democrats will fight for immigration reform and keep our immigrant families united. immigration reform tops the finger-pointing and allows to make america stronger. here's what immigration reform means for hector -- he is a u.s.
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citizen, born in this country. he is a soldier, a combat engineer in the army is. do you know what his job this? he locates and eliminates a roadside bombs in afghanistan. he risks his life so that we can be safe. he and his wife have a beautiful citizen son, jason. to finalize her citizenship, she was told to return to mexico. but when the family went, she is told she could not come back to america. she was told to stay behind. as our government said -- sent her proud and a courageous husband back to a afghanistan. that is not the america of barack obama and that is the america we are going to change.
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our immigration system creates stories like this every day -- good people torn apart, kept from working and paying taxes, serving in the armed forces and keeping us say. in any language, the choice is clear. [speaking spanish] the obstruction of the republican party and met romney is not new. every time we have an expanded civil rights in america, someone tries to stop us. from a marriage equality to voting rights, someone will
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fight against expanding the rights and choice by some americans to all americans. there is always someone who says these rights, these liberties, and this equality is just for me, not for you. this election, please join me in standing by barack obama and help our present show that in america, freedom and equality are for all of us all the time. thank you very much. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome congresswoman diana degette of colorado. [applause] >> friends and fellow delegates,
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my husband and i have raised to accomplished daughters to be taught what my parents and grandparents taught me and my three sisters. my sisters and i were encouraged to choose a direction of our lives. and we became a congresswoman, i stay at home mother. a filmmaker and a journalist. in know and i taught our children that they could rise to even greater heights. they could become surgeons, ceos, supreme court justices, secretary of state, and even president of the united states. we did not teach our daughters that they were second-class citizens. but proposal after proposal, mitt romney and paul ryan at want to make women second-class citizens again.
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we will not let that happen. [applause] as a fourth generation call rod allen, i believe our western spirit is an inspiration for what makes america great. westerners stand strong in our defense of individual rights and women's equality. [applause] in 2013 colorado will celebrate its 120th anniversary of granting women the right to vote. the very first state in the nation to do so. the achievements we have achieved did not come easily. many oppose the advance of women into new roles and responsibilities and even oppose our right to vote. but, working together, we have established our rightful place in our american republic.
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even today, there are still many battles to be one. mitt romney and paul ryan would have us fighting to defend hold gains all over again. more and more common in this economy, the women are the family breadwinners. we are managing our family by struggling to pay health care bills and facing the challenge of paying for college. we feel it in our paychecks when we receive only 77 cents per dollar of every man earns. president obama understands how fair this is. and that is why the very first bill he signed was belly ledbetter act to strengthen a woman's right to demand equal pay for doing the exact same job. [applause] but look what the romney ryan ticket would do -- cut telegram said make college affordable,
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chris -- repeal the affordable care act that finally premise discrimination by insurance companies when they charge women more than an for health insurance. the romney/ryan tickets and promises to slash planned parenthood funding that helps eliminate get affordable cancer screening and family planning services. romney and ryan support the person that amendment that would ban many forms of birth control, would ban all abortions, even in cases of rape, incest or to save the mother's life. and it was even an embryonic cell of -- an embryonic stem cell research which holds the promise to cure 70 diseases. although these restrictions on women's rights are always in ideas and even in their platform, my friends across the aisle now try to change the
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subject. it is the economy, they cry. and you know what? they are right. when they break that guarantee as medicare, it will hurt women and families right in the pocketbook. when they allow insurance companies to deny coverage based solely on the pre-existing conditions of being a woman, it hurts women and families are right in the pocketbook. when they take away the guarantee of coverage for mammograms but for cervical cancer screening in the affordable care act, it will hurt women and families right in the pocketbook. when they deny women access to birth control so we can plan to have our children, it hits women and families are right in the pocketbook. reproductive freedom means economic freedom. [applause]
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that is what this debate is all about. in short, the romney/ryan ticket would reverse more than a century of progress for women. mr. romney, mr. ryan, the women of america have a message for you. here we are not going back. [applause] we are going forward. forward with a president who understands and defends the interests of american women. forward with a president who believes in economic opportunity, equal pay for equal work. forward with our president, barack obama. [applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please
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welcome california assembly speaker, john a. pérez. >> a good evening, democrats. i'm so honored to join you tonight. certainly, this close to election, much of our attention and focus is on the nuts and bolts of victory. how we will prevail in the swing districts and a battleground he states. this convention gives us a chance to discuss something much more important than how or where we fight. it gives us a chance to reflect on the question of why we fight. the answer to that fundamental question is summed up in one word -- opportunity. opportunity is why we fight. across the country, there are parents who want nothing more than the opportunity to have a job and the ability to put food on the family table.
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we fight for them. in too many states, even as some folks who have jobs wake up every morning worrying they may lose their job simply because they're gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. we fight for them. [applause] campuses,ion's students are seeking the opportunity to go to college, earned a degree and find a career that will unleash their full potential. we fight for them. women across our country are fighting for the opportunity that comes with equal pay for equal work and the respect that comes with having control of their medical decisions. we fight for them. [speaking spanish]
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yes, we fight for them. and we fight for president obama. and we know he fights for us. president obama has fought to renew the opportunity for americans of every moment of his time in office to protect opportunities that already exist and create new opportunities for all americans. when the jobs of autoworkers were threatened in 2009, some said lead detroit failed. president obama said a failure is not an option and today, american auto workers can sleep securely knowing their jobs and opportunities for a brighter future exist because president obama fought for them. president obama has reformed the student loans, cut out the big banks and a lower cost of education for millions of students and is fighting for new investments to extend that opportunity for millions more.
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he helped repeal don't ask, don't tell, giving lgbt americans to openly and proudly serve our nation in uniform. he is standing up for the right to of those of us in the lgbt community to stand up and say i do. he fought for policies that unleashed the opportunities come with 21st century jobs that will remake our economy and restore prosperity to the middle-class. president obama is leading us through a challenging era by recognizing the strength of america is measured in the opportunity every one has to work hard and succeed. that is the spirit of our party and the guiding principle of our president. this election is our opportunity to rededicate ourselves to that commitment. our half way to victory is to fight for everyone to have the
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opportunity to live their american dream. to fight for our proud national tradition of ensuring our children always enjoyed more opportunities than their parents had. to fight to ensure every person has the opportunities that come with being treated with dignity, respect, and equality in the eyes of the law. we fight to restore opportunity across this country because as democrats, we understand the poignancy, the power, and the truth of ralph waldo emerson's observation that america is another name for opportunity. opportunity is why we fight for our country. opportunity is what our president fights for. in 61 days, opportunity is what president in -- is why barack obama will win a second opportunity and office. we have a lot of work to do between now and then, so let's get to work.
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[cheering and applause] >> please welcome of boston mayor, thomas menino. >> it good evening, charlotte. my fellow delegates from massachusetts back there, up front here, massachusetts takes over everything. let me tell you. good evening fellow democrats. and fellow americans. i come from boston. we launched a revolution when we first sent john kennedy to congress.
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and there were millions of students who had come to study, including that great american name, martin luther king jr.. it is an honor to be here tonight. with so many people determined to move our country forward, i know all americans are proud to carry the torch of progress. in boston, we take that job very seriously. mitt romney may come from boston. but has a campaign values are not boston values. because in boston, we know this country did not become great by excluding folks weren't leaving each other on their own. in boston, you know what we call
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immigrants? mom and dad. [applause] to you know what we call same- sex couples? our friends, our brothers, and our sisters. [applause] in boston, we know government is not the answer or the enemy. it is our partner. in boston, like many things across this country, we have seen a progress all around us today. in large part, it is because this president and this administration gave ordinary people a leg up. construction jobs supported by recovery act dollars. better schools pushed by the
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president's education reform. barring hospitals and health centers and companies born from national research support. so, today, we stand with president obama. his plan to lead us forward. mitt romney might be a nice guy. as the mayor of boston, i worked with him when he was governor. much of the time, we worked sometimes together pretty well. but he made a lot of decisions that were bad for our state and now he wants to carry those wrongheaded policies to the rest of our country. mitt romney spends a lot of time in this campaign talking about the business experience, how if elected, he will create lots of
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jobs. i have been thinking about this pitch. it sounds so familiar. do you know why? because of the same thing he said when he ran for governor of massachusetts. he promised to bring business to the stake carried but when he was in office, mass. was 47 out of all 50 states in our c and -- in job creation. there is a reason for that. because of governor romney cut education. he cut his work force training. he disguised and tax hikes as fees. he exploded our long term debt by $2.6 billion. and it likes of the business speak. think of me as a reference
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check. mayor romney has the 1 job in his life close to being president and he wasn't all that good at that. [applause] met romney talked last week about broken promises. he would know. even worse, those accomplishments, health care reform he called immoral for our country. i like men romney, but he has learned all the wrong lessons. now he is doubling down on all the wrong plans. a city moving forward his ideas set our country back. in boston, we have a plaque that
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says paul a. ride which in a way has never ended. that is true for our country. in every generation, the american people have taken up that ride, pushing the ice age for word. we have never gone back. today, we have stories to make. will we move forward together or go back to the trickle-down philosophies mitt romney believes then? the choice is clear. it is time to keep moving forward. it is time to reelect barack obama as president of the united states. thank you, charlotte. have a great night. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please
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welcome california congresswoman, judy chu. [cheering and applause] >> many years ago, my grandfather came to this country with nothing. nothing more than a willingness to work hard. two generations later, his granddaughter became the first chinese-americans, -- chinese america elected to congress in history. tonight, i address the delegation that will elect barack obama president of the
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united states. [applause] that is the american dream. in a one ever said achieving the american dream was easy. it was not. from the moment in my grandfather came here, he faced the discriminatory laws of the time. it stops chinese citizens from becoming a naturalized citizens, from voting, from owning land and being hired a corporation. but he decided to make something of himself. he opened a chinese restaurant, he worked night and day, day and night and he is that very expensive labor, his sons. though there were moments it seemed hard to make ends meet, he still supported his family. it kept him working for 15 hours
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a day, seven days a week for decades. it was the american dream that kept him going to lift up our family. today, president obama wants to ensure that same opportunity to achieve that american dream for all families. the american dream is why president obama made the largest investment in college affordability. the american dream is why president obama has enacted 18 small business tax cuts and of numerous measures to help access the credit they need to invest higher and grow. the american dream is why president obama did what no one has able to do before, and sure health care for all americans.
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[applause] despite all the good president obama has done, republicans have attacked him at every step. they even turned health-care reform and to what they thought was a bad word -- obamacare. at first, i resented that turn. but then i realize this is the perfect phrase. obamacare is perfect because president obama cares. [applause] obama cares about the education of our children and the security of our seniors. obama cares about our diverse community. obama cares about the middle class that makes america great. obama cares about small business and big values.
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and romney? when the american auto industry and its workers face hard times, mitt romney said let detroit go bankrupt. president obama saved that industry and the more than 1 million jobs it supports. when young people came to our country as children, as a way to participate in our nation's future, met romney said he would veto it. president obama gave these patriotic young people a real chance to be a part of america's success. when seniors facing serious illnesses like cancer need medicare, met romney said he would turn it into a voucher system, breaking the system and
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costing seniors more than $8,000 out of pocket. president obama invested in medicare and added years to its life. who do you think cares about you? cares about the middle class? the answer is clear. barack obama. [applause] president obama cares about all americans regardless of where we came from, what we look like, what are last names are, whether we are middle-class or working hard to get there. the strength of the american dream is that we all had the opportunity to climb up the ladder just like my grandfather did. at the strength of president obama is that he will make sure the ladder is sturdy, the steps are closer together, and we all
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have a shot at the american dream. let's reelect president obama. [applause] >> please welcome steve westly, calif.'s former state comptroller. >> good evening, fellow democrats. i'm proud to be from silicon valley, california. [applause] a place built on ideas, innovation and daring, home to oracle and apple, google and facebook and a small on-line free-market i helped to build called ebay.
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ebay is the perfect place for historical items and relics like the republican party platform. where i am from, we dream big. we think different. we invest in a future filled with a possibility. president obama understands that future. he knows this election is about creating jobs today he has created 4.5 million of them, growing the economy from the middle out, not from the top down. but he also knows it is about supporting the jobs of tomorrow. it is about making sure kids in charlotte can compete with kids in shanghai. as a business person, from the most dynamic and entrepreneurial place in the world, i can tell you this -- no one has done
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more to help america and with that competition than president barack obama. [applause] he understands creating the jobs of the future is about education, especially math and science, a top priority. that means setting higher standards, providing more support to teachers and schools and challenging states to innovate. when it comes to education, we should be beating up the rest of the world, not beating up on teachers. [applause] is about investing in research and development so that from the dorm room to the board room, america can lead the world in developing new technologies. that is why the president has committed to accelerate research
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and proposed making the research and development tax cut permanent. it is about championing the export of our entrepreneurs because good jobs at home come from selling more goods abroad. for years and pledged to double american exports by 2015. today, we are more than 60% of the way there. [applause] in only texas, a small company that sells fire fighting and crop dusting airplanes has increased their exports by 50%. as their cfo said, if we can do it in a small town with three stop lights and one dairy queen, we can do it anywhere. [applause] and i promise you, thanks to
5:50 pm
this president, we will. creating good jobs means training and retraining workers to succeed in the new century. that is why the president has proposed supporting partnerships between community colleges and businesses to expand training for workers in high-growth sectors. mitt romney and his republican friends don't understand this 21st century. we open source, they outsource. we welcome the emigrants to build our businesses. romney wants them not to sell off the port. we are building an economy to last. they are chasing the last bubble. today, 300,000 americans earn a living in designing computer and smart phone applications. once upon a time, if you
5:51 pm
suggested designing a game where you sling birds that pigs, they might have put you in an institution. now, you might become successful enough to endow an institution. so in the public school where my two children go to school, we wanted to offer a great school course in designing computer applications, but none of the teachers knew how. so to seventh graders created their own class and they have been oversubscribed of persons. our kids are leading the way. it's up to us to match their creativity with our commitment. we need a president who understands how to make their dreams a reality and build a brighter future for us all. that is why america needs barack obama. thank you, democrats.
5:52 pm
[applause] ♪ >> my name is bill butcher and i am the owner of port city brewing co. in alexandria, virginia. >> i am the executive director of a company that provides business support and billing services to the entrepreneurs. >> we make solar panels here in milwaukee, wisconsin. you have to believe in what you are doing and what you were going to build. >> the connection between small businesses and the middle-class really is they are one and the same. middle-class people start small businesses that employ other
5:53 pm
middle-class people. >> and i think small businesses are the backbone of this country. they are one of the single most important factors in getting this economy started. >> small businesses produce most of the new jobs in this country. they are the anchors of our main street. when i took office, i put into place an economic plan to help small businesses and we were guided by a simple idea -- government can't guarantee success, but it can knock down barriers to success like the lack of affordable credit. >> i had no idea they could help a business like me and it was great to see those programs were available. that is something i think other small businesses can really take advantage of. the money spent in small businesses days in the local community and directly benefits to families that own other small businesses. >> we start with this idea to make solar panels and milwaukee and we are up to over 30
5:54 pm
employees now. >> what it means to have a job right now to be is stability. i feel privileged that i could work for a small company that's 10 minutes from my house and is supported my local economy. >> i believe it's important to the government to help small businesses. because of that, small businesses the backbone of the economy. >> as far as we have come, we still have a long way to go. small businesses face hardships. >> i'm going to do everything in my power to help small businesses open up and hire and expand. we have to keep moving forward. [applause] >> please welcome connecticut congressman, don larsen. -- jonathan larsen. >> hello, conn.
5:55 pm
hello, everyone back home. hello, america. thank you, north carolina. i am chairman john larsen, chairman of the democratic caucus, america's caucus. but first and foremost and always, i'm the oldest son of ray and pauline and what -- one of eight kids. i grew up in a federal housing project in east hartford, conn. my dad worked as a fireman at pratt whitney aircraft were conn steelworkers and the best machinists in the world built the arsenal for our nation's democracy. when i asked my dad why he worked so hard every day, he would say got to keep that eagle flying. keeping the eagle flying was more than a metaphor for building the most dependable aircraft engines in the world. it was about pride, the pride of
5:56 pm
a people who make things here in america. about the dignity of a fair wage for a hard day's work, about being able to send your kids to college, about getting good medical care and a secure retirement. about building a better future, not just for yourself, but for your country. it. fdr'sfdr -- it is what called of the warm courage of community. for more than 40 years, my mother has faced multiple sclerosis. more recently, congestive heart failure. always with courage, a warm heart, and a congenial spirit. that are worried a lot about my mom's help, but he knew his pension from pratt was steadily growing and social security and
5:57 pm
medicare guaranteed that he and my mother could retire with dignity and security. for years, paycheck after paycheck, my dad did his part through social security and medicare contributions. he paid it forward. sadly, that did not live long enough to benefit from it. now, my mother, facing dementia, requires round-the-clock care. every cent of my father's pension, every penny from those social security benefits for those to help pay her bills. don't ever tell me or any american that is a handout. it is the insurance they paid for. [applause] whenever we gather, at my mom's bedside, she says to us she does
5:58 pm
not want to be a burden. mom, you are not a burden. you are an inspiration. [applause] my family is not alone. millions of americans rely on social security and medicare. in fact, for half of our nation's seniors, it's the only thing standing between them and poverty. what republicans don't get is that for some people like my family, this is personal. personal. democrats get it. together with president obama, we passed health care reform to guarantee that every american has access to affordable care. by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse, we have added years to medicare's life. mitt romney, paul ryan, and the republicans derisively call that obamacare.
5:59 pm
news flashed to the republicans -- obama does care. [cheering and applause] and it romney, paul ryan have a different vision. look at the details. the biggest problem with the ryan/from the plan for medicare is obvious. they take away the medicare. day and a guarantee. handout vouchers. -- day and a guarantee. the force seniors to pay the difference -- are you ready for this -- up to $6,400 out of their own pockets. why? you know the answer. so they can cut taxes for the richest 1%? look, everybody back home knows that ain't right. [applause] are we going to let them take us backward? back to an america where winner
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takes all and the middle-class and except the tab? are we going to let them destroy the safety net of medicare just so the romneys of this world can wire more money into their suisse and cayman island bank accounts? i know i'm preaching to the choir, but as the sisters of notre dame would remind us, it is to acquire rise up and elect a leader that understands the dignity of work. rise up for the leader that will bring america forward, not bad. reelect the leader that will fight to fight for medicare. rise up for president obama. we stand together with president obama. not only will the eagle keep flying, it will soar. got less you.
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god bless america. >> welcome can myers -- ken myeres. >> i am a father, a teamster, and a deputy sheriff from carroll county, iowa. i am luckily. one evening last spring, two other officers and i answered a routine call. one of my partners not on the front door of the house. i went around back. that is winter in winter i saw a man with a gun.
6:02 pm
we tried to get him to surrender. he walked out the door with his hands in the air. thank fully, and no one was hurt. first responders like me put our lives on the line. we are proud to do it. we are here to protect and serve. we need a leader that will do the same for us. that leader is president barack obama. gov romney has said it is time for us to cut back on public employees like teachers, firefighters, and cops. that is exactly what his plan would do. when the republican governor of ohio and attacked the collective bargaining rights of police officers, romney supported him. the rodney/ryan budget cut funding for first responders by nearly 20%.
6:03 pm
help furtherbut ho training. it also helped pay for first responders and the bulletproof vest that if i was shot that i could save my life. this is not just about me or my partners in the sheriff's office. it is about all americans. in his big speech, mr. romney talked about helping families. the help families every day. let me tell you what mayor ronnie does not understand. there's nothing helpful about undermining safety. when you cut funding for first responding, and there will be fewer of them and help may take longer to get their or make it there far too late. president obama understand it appeared that is why he has helped thousands of cops on the jobs in free hundreds of new law
6:04 pm
enforcement positions on the country. he has made sure we're out is it with the best equipment and the most advanced technology. in new york city on 9/11 and on the gulf coast after hurricane katrina, first responders saw our communication or a breakdown. president obama worked to create a system that never happens again. in places like carroll county, we do things for ourselves. we are not strangers to hard work. we need police. that is why many firefighters and teachers. that is why we need a president who fights for us. at present to stand up for the middle class jobs and middle- class communities. president obama has our back. in this election we have his.
6:05 pm
[applause] >> please welcome a congressman from puert ando rico. -- puerto rico. >> good evening. buenes noches. over 100,000 military veterans. i support the reelection of president barack obama. there are 50 million hispanics living in the united states. today we have a president who has made sure we have a seat at the table.
6:06 pm
today we have to stand up, speak up, and fight for what is right. this cannot be clearer. we can move forward with the president or backward with his opponents. president obama understands that our economy prospers what it is built from the middle out, not the top down and with every american has the opportunity to join the middle class. that is why he has a plan to keep creating jobs, invest in our future and reduce the deficit in a balanced way. his opponents would trade everything that keeps the middle class strong civic a cut taxes for the wealthy. that is not fair. it makes no sense. president obama also understands the obligation we all are most vulnerable citizens. his opponents might pay service
6:07 pm
to that principle. the policies would devastate the program so many families depend on. there is a choice in this election between two divergent paths into fundamentally different set of values. the president is a champion of comprehensive immigration reform. he is presenting the thousands of dead men and women who were brought tears as kids, played by the rules, and had done nothing wrong. the are doing everything right to buy candy and education are serving in the military. amid romney gets into office, he has vowed to overturn that action and a veto. the president has also told the people that when they express a
6:08 pm
clear decider to change their status, he will work to implement their will. i know that barack obama will stand with my people. they can have the same rights and responsibilities as their fellow american citizens. this november we are faced with the choice between moving forward or going backward. let's fight for president obama because he has fought for us. god bless america. thank you.
6:09 pm
>> please welcome congressman steve israel of new york. >> thank you very much. a few months ago i received a letter from an arizona man, tucked into an of elope was a war bond. at the top for these words " purchase of the island of guam 30 june, 1945." nearly 70 years ago his father bought back bonds. he placed his bet on america. now his son donated it to elect a democrat majority into the united states congress.
6:10 pm
he knew what many americans know today. the dream is at risk. let me tell you something. house democrats and president obama will bet on america's middle class. we will protect that during. -- at a dream. that is the choice in this election. remember who we thought for with the democratic majority in president obama in the white house. we sent the president the clearly ledbetter fair pay act. we believe a woman should be paid the same as a woman for a full work -- as a man for equal work. others voted no. first responders at ground zero in my home state filing that the health care they deserve. paul ryan and 160 republicans voted no.
6:11 pm
we cut middle-class taxes. we protected companies from abuses. no parent has to worry that their children not have health care because of a pre-existing condition. that is how you strengthen the middle class. that is what the american people can expect from president obama and a democratic congress. that is not america is getting from these are romney in/ryan republicans. instead of fighting for middle class jobs, they fought for tax breaks for big corporations. instead of protecting some consumers from health insurance abuses, they tried 33 times repeal those protections even as they kept congressional health care for themselves. this is every authorizing the
6:12 pm
violence against women act, they tried to redefine rape. this is standing up to small businesses, they spent all of their time trying to shut down planned parenthood. mitt romney sure liked what he saw. he picked the architect of this assault to be his running mate. paul ryan wrote the budget that turned medicare into a voucher care and could charge sr. $6,400 more every year while funding tax breaks for millionaires. here is their economic plan. if you are a millionaire, you win the lottery. if you're a senior, you lose your medicare guaranteed. they have had two years to put the middle class first. we are not going to convince them. we're going to have to replace
6:13 pm
them. but we tell you how we're going to do it. we are going to do it with democratic candidates who are problem solvers. they are small business owners that created jobs, may years to balance budgets. veterans who defended our nation. they will put the middle class first because they shared those values that drive our party and our president. there is a valued -- those are values eiger up with en route islands. face with war, that generation turned of farmland into factories and became the backbone of america's middle- class. they crossed oceans. the race to the pacific, won the war. when they got home, and they looked across the vast expanse of space and said "we can go
6:14 pm
there, too." they went. given the chance, nothing can stop america's middle class expect the wrong priorities -- accept the wrong priorities. this is an economy where prosperity comes not from the top down but from the middle class out. that were bought from qualm was a bet on america's future. we won. now it is important that we win again. in 62 days we will win. god bless america. god bless our veterans. thank you very much. >> please welcome senator patty murray from washington state.
6:15 pm
i am proud to be here standing with president obama. for me and for so many americans, this election is personal. when i that the middle class tradition president obama is fighting to save, of the one mitt romney's policies would destroy, i see the very reason i am able to stand here tonight. when i was a teenager my father was one of the first soldiers on
6:16 pm
the beaches and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. our family relied on veterans' benefits to help provide his care. we relied on my mom to provide for all seven of us kids. she had the chance to participate in a worker training program. she seized the opportunity. it was not easy for us to make it. for a while we were on food stamps. without federal student loans, my brothers sisters and i would never have had a shot at a college degree. potential and our children's potential is the story of many american families. it is a story that president obama understands. it is the story he has lived. that is why president obama is fighting for an economy in which every family gets a chance to be
6:17 pm
a part of a secure middle-class and an economy built to last, at that is built from the middle out. mitt romney and paul ryan have a very different vision for our economy. to them every problem is a nail and the only hammered they have is cutting taxes for millionaires and billionaires. they believe in this field approach so deeply that they would cut anything from student loans to help care for seniors to give the wealthiest americans in even bigger break. their plan would cut away at the foundation of our great nation. it would mean throwing in the
6:18 pm
towel on our middle-class. we're not going to let them do it. not with president obama in the white house. not with a strong democratic majority having his back in the senate. as chairman, it is my job to keep the senate in democratic hands. why is that important tax listen to what a republican congress would do with a republican president. they would end medicare guaranteed benefits and repeal health care reform so on day one millions of young people and their parents will lose their coverage. they would take away a woman's right to make decisions about her on pregnancy and decimate planned parenthood were millions of women get a basic health care services. they would sell out our middle
6:19 pm
class to tax cut for millionaires and big corporations. with a republican congress sitting shotgun, mitt romney will take us for a long and painful ride. that is why with your help we're going to keep our maturity and country moving forward. give this president a democratic senate and he can get reelected. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. it pulls back from the edge. he may distort investment in our nation.
6:20 pm
they're too often forgotten. he stood shoulder to shoulder against republican attacks on women's health. the choice in this election and the charge for our party is clear. reelected as president. keep the senate democratic. we can make sure every american family has the opportunity. republicans may have given up on our country's middle-class. president obama never has. senate democrats never have. we never will. thank you so much.
6:21 pm
>> america has been talking about increasing our dependence on foreign oil. we are at the moment when homegrown energy is creating new jobs all across the country. power in our homes and our factories and businesses. >> what would take for americans to increase our energy dependence? more solar and wind farms. more geothermal development. helping cold burn cleaner than before. >> this has developed every source of america may energy. this is the highs is have been in eight years. we have to do more. we have to look a renewable
6:22 pm
energy as the key to our future. they get more miles to the gallon. we will not work away from the promise of clean energy. >> the u.s. has reclaim the title as the world's leading investor in clean energy. >> we have more than 5600 nationwide. we had double the amount of electricity that america has four wins. we now support 75000 jobs across the country. >> we cannot is drill our way to lower gas prices. the budget would cut almost all clean energy programs. president obama knows those are not because we need. >> i want to stop giving $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies
6:23 pm
that are going to oil companies that are making huge profits. let's keep on investing in the new home grown energy. that is how we leave something better for the next generation. >> please welcome tom steyer from san francisco, california. >> hello california. hello delicate and everyone else. i am a businessman, a professional investor and a proud democrat. i think mitt romney and i share an income bracket. i guess you never know for sure.
6:24 pm
the reason i am here tonight is that mitt romney and i do not share the same vision for the future, especially when it comes to energy. this election is a choice about whether to go backward or forward. that choice is especially stark when it comes to energy. take met ronnie's approach. gov. romney would do nothing to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and much to increase it. he would get president obama's investment in clean energy. he wanted to keep giving 4 billion taxpayer dollars to oil companies every year. the same companies pouring millions into greased back in his campaign. barbie could fall president obama's long-term plan for the future and -- or we could follow president obama's long-term plan for the future. during the last several years we
6:25 pm
have seen tremendous progress on new technologies that can make us energy independent and create thousands of jobs. this is about investing for the long haul, not for a quick and dirty but. this is about taking control of our destiny by doing what freeda iamericans americans do best, outthinking our competitors. -- by doing what americans do best, outthinking our competitors. you did not hear any plans that would create jobs now or energy security. you also did not hear very many facts. here are a few. america's dependence on foreign oil is the lowest in two decades. even as we tighten our belts elsewhere, american has made record investments in clean
6:26 pm
energy technologies from went to solar to biofuels. we are modernizing our electrical grid. we are doubling fuel efficiency standards. domestic production of natural gas is at an all-time high. natural gas, which it develops a flake, could help bridge the present to the future. big things are happening. president obama is laying the foundation for tomorrow. here is my question for you. should we go back to the boom and bust, it drill baby drill, or should we embrace an advanced economy that meet opportunity with innovation in? should we settle for an economy built on anshifting
6:27 pm
sand? should we build an economy made to last? gov. romney's road to the future will lead to increasing crime of volatility, uncertainty over energy prices, and less security not more. president obama's road to the future will lead us to energy independence. true energy security. a safer and cleaner environment. countless new jobs that can never be outsourced. i say this not as the head of green peas or the sierra club. i say it as the head of an investment firm that has spent the last quarter-century crunching numbers and making tough calls. president obama knows that advanced energy is america's future. my bet is that he is exactly right. last week we heard a lot about mitt romney and paul ryan's
6:28 pm
philosophy. their idea that if a garment was dismantled and to tax breaks and vouchers, if government got out of their way, that all our problems would be solved. here is what we believe. we do better together than on our own. our country succeed everyone does their fair share. everyone gets a fair shot. president obama knows that only by coming together and increasing our share of responsibilities can we meet the tough challenges ahead. challenges like creating jobs and making america and energy leader appeared but embrace a vision of a healthy planet, the one that god gave us and not a scorched earth that cannot sustain future generations. all day long i make decisions about smart investment in risky
6:29 pm
gambles. so does the president. president obama is making the smart investments we need. my vote for him as an investment and jobs today, energy security tomorrow, and a stronger country for all of our kids. thank you very much. god bless america. when fro>> we are getting readye the official photograph of the 2012 democratic national convention. please proceed to your delegation seat as quickly as possible for the photograph. this is a timed exposure photograph. everyone money to be absolutely still for about one minute when the photograph is being taken. everyone should now stand and face the blue camera bank directly opposite the podium.
6:30 pm
we will start the photograph in a moment. the picture will sell a panorama of everyone in the hall. this is being taken by one that has taken similar photos. please hold very still as the camera begins to pant from the far right side. this will take about 1 minutes. please remain still. the camera is moving. please continue to remain very still for just a little longer. please remain so for the panorama photos. -- still for the panorama photos. please continue to remain still.
6:31 pm
>> we're taking about a one second exposure on each face. you can smile but do not move. wherever you are, please hold it still. beautiful. hold it right there. there are some people talking. please look into the camera. do not move. you are doing fine. please hold. beautiful. beautiful smiles. beautiful. into the camera, please.
6:32 pm
we are almost 3/4 down. please keep your hand it down there. thank you. looking good. beautiful. into the camera, please. this camera has captured the official photo of the ceremony of president obama and also the past the vice-president. please do not move. beautiful. about 30 more seconds. i wish all of you good luck.
6:33 pm
[cheers and applause] >> please welcome senator chuck schumer of new york. >> tonight we welcome a new yorker, president bill clinton, as our prime-time speaker.
6:34 pm
it is no accident that democrats celebrate our past president while republicans virtually banished theirs. i stand here tonight as a proud son of the great state and new york. i am also a proud product of the middle class. my father was a small businessman for 32 years. he ran an exterminating company. that may explain why our family always associated the smell of roach spray with love. the drop brought stress. on sunday nights i would lay in bed and hear him pacing the floor, restless about returning to work monday morning. what drove him where his big hopes for his kids future. he believed that if you worked
6:35 pm
hard, played by the rules, if a pass on a better life to your children. -- you could pass a better life to your children. it is a make or break moment for the middle class. mitt romney's plans would make things worse. we have tried down trickle-down tax cuts for the wealthy. we tried it under a president who billed himself as a compassionate conservative. it did not work. we have now mitt romney calling him a severe conservative. the last republican president gave huge tax cuts to millionaires that exploded our deficits. mitt romney not only want to make those tax cut permanent, he want to add more tax breaks for
6:36 pm
the well-being that will make our deficit even bigger. the last republican president tried to privatize social security. the romney/ryan to get says why stop a social security we could also privatize medicare? the last republican president gave us an altered conservative supreme court. mitt romney would move the court even further to the right, putting landmark decisions like at risk.iwade some say romney would repeat the past. i disagree. he would be worse. when mitt romney says he wants to reform the tax code, hold onto your wallets. we know mitt romney never made a
6:37 pm
tax statement he did not like. his new favorite tax statement is not the cayman islands. it is paul ryan's budget. under this plan, mitt romney's on taxes would drop almost 20. -- to 0. for the middle class is a rip off. families with children whose household income is less than $200,000 would see their taxes go up $2,000 on average. that is not trickle-down. that is a dirty trick. only bottom-line is the one at the end of his own big statement. what is the problem?
6:38 pm
met ronnie confuses his own narrow self-interest and that the people like him with the national interest. he thinks as long as we do right by the mitt romney's of the world america will be just fine. we cannot afford a president was so narrow a perspective. we certainly want those at the top to do well. if you base your entire presidency and your entire economic platform on helping them do even better, you are missing what makes the economy tick. not everyone has been as fortunate as mitt romney. you cannot base your whole approach on a life experience as rarefied as his. if your focus is only on those like mitt romney, it is not going to help the economy or do enough for the middle class.
6:39 pm
there are so many reasons why mitt romney should not become president. perhaps the most of all is the insidious narrowness of his experience, perspective, and vision. barack obama has different priorities. he knows america does best when the middle-class succeeds. not just those at the top. on foreign-policy, president obama has kept our nation safe from terrorism. he has restored our standing in the world. when it comes to one of our closest allies, israel, president obama has been resolute. the two biggest threats to israel are the threat of nuclear weapons from iran and the launching of hezbollah rockets from lebanon. no president has done more to
6:40 pm
confront these threats. the president impose the toughest sanctions ever on iran and provided record amount of security to aid israel. republicans always try to paint democrats as weak on defense. this time they cannot. mitt romney's idea of an overseas accomplishment is sending u.s. jobs there. barack obama knows that too great an economy built to last we need to focus on middle-class families. families to stay up on sunday night's pacing the floor like my dad did while their children dreamed big dreams. families who are not sure what monday morning will bring but to believe our nation's best days are still ahead.
6:41 pm
president obama has not stopped fighting for those families. now we need to fight for him. for those like mitt romney that want to take us backward, but as send a strong message in -- let us send a strong message in november. forgettaboutit. >> please welcome the chair of the congressional black caucus emanuel cleaver.
6:42 pm
>> hello, democrats. i stand before you today as a proud member of the congressional black caucus and former speaker of the california state assembly. 47 years ago in the face of opposition from those who said states should have the right to discriminate, america past the voting rights of 1965. people of all religions and background joined together and fought for that law. everyone of us deserves a fair shake and a fair chance at
6:43 pm
achieving our version of the american dream. the right to vote gives us the power to take our future into our own hands. we must use that power today so that we do not lose it tomorrow. today one of the dark shadows is creeping into this one. rights, to most basic i vote, is under attack. throughout the union, governors and legislators have proposed or passed laws to make it more difficult for individuals to cast their ballots. we must build in the part of a nation where justice is not just a catch phrase but means quality in facand fairness. more than 41 years ago when the congressional black caucus was
6:44 pm
founded, that was our charge and still is. a vote and a boy's in choosing our leaders -- oice in choosing our leaders and a generation of greater opportunity for all of us. we stand with president obama. >> let me take just one moment to say i am proud to live in the u. s. a. u.s.a us.a u.s.a. [chanting usa]
6:45 pm
>> i am proud to live in this country. i must tell you. america, it is up to us right now to make the decision on the type of country we will have. either we will move forward toward the curing economic futures to last with a strong middle-class or we will go back to a place where america promises only for a select few. this we will not do. in the '60s we marched because it was the right thing for our country. it made us stronger.
6:46 pm
fortified by our faith in and out by our creator, we helped our country overcome obstacles. our nation's laws were thin to be -- were thought to be insurmountable. it is our time to uphold justice. it is our time to protect the rights we have one. it is our time to stand up for the country we love comedy united states of america. -- love, the united states of america. our faith tells us we have a moral obligation to better our community from, to accept responsibility, and to care for each other. these values are not just unique to believers. they are american values. america, it is up to us to wake up. it is up to us to stand up
6:47 pm
comic to get up, to show up at the polls and re-elect the honorable barack obama. >> usa usa usa usa u>> i am a strong believer that how we treat each other matters. it is our job to work in the. to new -- to work in the spirit
6:48 pm
to move us forward and ensure america's strong future. tonight at cannot speak to you without knowledge seeing that the bickering and brinksmanship we see too often in our politics is advantaging no political party. it weakens our nation. we can be fervent in our disagreement without being a fictitious about believes. we can be tough without being toxic. to my colleagues in congress, we will never be better off without being better. congress is an able to do the work of the american people because too many politicians believe that compromise means capitulation.
6:49 pm
this has got to change. members of congress cannot make enemies and expect political progress. in my fifth congressional district of missouri, republicans and democrats tell me that they would like to look at their political leaders with more warm heart and your hot heads. more facts and fewer falsehoods. i greatly respect my republican colleagues. i am proud to be a democrat. i am proud to be a member of
6:50 pm
this great party. we have been hit. they are liberal. they are progressive. it being liberal and progressive means that i care for children and whether they go hungry, color me liberal. color me a democrat. it being a democrat means that i am concerned about our seniors, color me democrat. color me liberal. after all, we are the ones that protect social security, who fought for fair wages, and to ended don't ask don't tell. we are democrats. ever forget it. [cheers and applause]
6:51 pm
>> usa usa usa >> we are the party that is deeply committed to diversity. we considered every individual invaluable asset. this is a great nation. we are a nation of democrats and republicans. first and foremost, we are all human beings. there is something essential in the human. that always searches for hope.
6:52 pm
we are driven by hopes. president barack obama has been lampooned for thinking of hope. hope for a better america. i want to encourage our president and all of us ought to continue to hope for an america protect theers and beverl greatness. coupon -- hope on. continue to hope, mr. president. when everything is gone, you continue to hope. as long as the god of abraham and isaac sit on the from mr. president, -- sit on their throne, mr. president, hope on, hope on.
6:53 pm
mr. president, we want you to speak up hope to the american people. it is impossible for hope to overdrawn in got banks -- god's bank. they must not and will not cause us to lose our help. -- our hope. hope inspires me to believe that any day now we will catch up to the ideals put forth by our our nation's founding fathers.
6:54 pm
hope is the motivation that empowers the unemployed, enabling them to get out of bed every single morning with unfounded enthusiasm. it is our hope and faith that moves us to action. it is our hope and faith that reminds us to pray. we must move our feet. it is our hope that lets us march on. [cheers and applause] and march on and march on through our communities to make sure everyone is ready to vote. it means on election day we will
6:55 pm
stand in long lines together just as we did four years ago. it is to re-elect a barack obama as president of the united states. before i sit down, let me address some confusion. there are people who say we go too far with this inclusion stuff. they say we have a caucus for tall people and for short people and a cop is for people who do not fit into any other caucus. - caucus for people who do not
6:56 pm
fit into any other caucus. god bless america with its. -- blessed america with it. we are best able to demonstrate to the rest of the world what god intended when he created us. and we are all in this together. let me be clear. let me be clear. i am not just talking about black people. when i say "we" i am not just talking about democrats or people of color. i am not talking about anything except all of america.
6:57 pm
americans who create jobs. americans for all walks of life. together we will move the united states of america forward. [cheers and applause] let's do more than just say the pledge of allegiance. let let its. lead it. let's have liberty and justice for all. that means everyone of us.
6:58 pm
[indiscernible] we may be black, brown, yellow, rich, poor, we are one. we may be up or down. we are one. we may be up or down. we are one.
6:59 pm
>> thank you very much. in politics you do not want to follow the person who's seescens the star spangled banner are gives a speech like that. god bless him. i am here to talk about america's choice in this election. let me get right to the point. mitt romney has said that if he was president of paul ryan's budget passed he would sign it into law. that is what he said. let's talk about what it would mean. medicare would become a voucher program ending the guarantee of health coverage for millions of senior citizens. medicaid would be cut, jeopardize in coverage for millions of children.
7:00 pm
people with disabilities and long-term care. education would be cut 20% from hats start through college and everywhere in between. -- head start your college and everywhere in between. all of these cuts are being done so romney can get a tax cut of $265,000 to your average millionaire. it would continue billions of dollars of subsidies for big oil. we democrats have nothing against the blue representative earned their wealth. we salute there are work and their good fortune, but slashing the inroads in research and development, in clean energy, and then things that protect our most vulnerable, her to cut taxes for those at the top is ridiculous. it is wrong, but that is the romney-line budget.
7:01 pm
it is not conservative, it is harsh, it is radical, and it is wrong. let's be clear. it would shred the safety net that protect the middle class and those striving to be in the middle class. it would undermine the new deal of fdr, unravel harry truman's fair deal, and leave us with mitt romney's raw deal. president obama and we democratic governors believe something very different. we believe that a budget is more than just a bunch of numbers. it is document their reflects our values. we believe we can and should make government leaner, cheaper, and more effective, cutting waste and trimming fat where recant. that is why president obama signed into law $2 trillion in
7:02 pm
spending cuts, bringing annual domestic spending to its lowest level as a share of the economy since president eisenhower. but we can and should ask every american to shoulder their fair share, not just to squeeze the middle class but also those at the very top, who have done so very well these past few years. we can and should invest in what will strengthen and grow the middle class. good schools, affordable health care, medical research, clean energy, modern roads, and high- speed trains. that is what president obama believes. that is what democratic governors believe, and that it -- and that is what we have done in state after state after state. so let's talk about jobs. president obama has helped create 4.5 million private-
7:03 pm
sector jobs in our country since he took office. mitt romney says he will create jobs, but in what country where he has money on deposit will that actually be done? in connecticut kumqua, we are expanding at voting rights and making it easier for people to register to vote and to vote. the republican governors in states that they control have taken 19 states, they have engaged in a systemic effort to disenfranchise millions of african-americans, hispanics, and senior citizens, as they try to undermine the fairness of this election. now let's talk about women's rights, and this is personal. my wife ran a rape crisis center for 11 years.
7:04 pm
the republicans want to take away all woman's right to choose, even if she is a rape victim. that is in their platform. that is what they believe. put it this way, that is why there are three reasons that everyone should vote for barack obama over mitt romney. your sister, your mother, and your daughter. let us stand for the women of america. as democrats, we have a deep and abiding belief that america is full of people from all walks of life. people who are good and decent and work hard. people who are respectful to others and who did not discriminate based on gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity,
7:05 pm
disability, or sexual orientation. [cheers and applause] we need to fight for our children, fight for our senior citizens, fight for women's rights, fight for the middle class, and fight for our country's future. that is why we need to fight for barack obama. thank you, god bless you, god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the afl-cio president. >> good evening, brothers and sisters.
7:06 pm
i am the president of the afl- cio. i am a third-generation coal miner from pennsylvania. i am here on behalf of millions of people who do the work of america hakka. remember, last week, mitt romney told us that he and his friends built america without any help from the rest of us. let me tell you, mitt romney doesn't know a thing about hard work or responsibility. we are the ones who built america. we are the ones who build it every single day. because it is our work that connects us.
7:07 pm
i want you to look around this convention at all the hard working men and women who make this place run. the ones keeping us safe, serving our food, driving our buses and cleaning up after the party is over. and when we go home tonight, the workers will be mopping and vacuuming and picking up our trash. so when you have a chance, thank all work. it will make you feel good all day. a we know that every worker here in north carolina, just like every other state in this country, and every country in the world, deserves the right to organize and to bargain collectively.
7:08 pm
and the democratic platform, and like its counterpart in tampa, is crystal clear that barack obama and the democratic party will fight to protect and strengthen this fundamental human right. you see, my friends, our country has a big job to do. we have to rebuild the middle class together. our economy works best when it works for everyone, not just a select few. our history teaches us that shared prosperity is the only kind that lasts, and we will have that under barack obama. in the 21st century global economy, prosperity requires leaders committed to creating good jobs by investing in our
7:09 pm
future in our ports, roads, bridges, airports, in energy and telecommunications, and in our public schools. leaders who are serious about rebuilding our manufacturing economy. leaders like barack obama and joe biden. [cheers and applause] and we know that the wealthiest and most powerful among us, those who have benefited most in recent years, must do their part to help rebuild. peasecod reject prosperity requires economic security, -- prosperity requires economic security. we will stand with leaders to strengthen and protect social security and medicare and medicaid, not those who plan to cut benefits that working people paid for, earn, and are
7:10 pm
counting on. prosperity requires democracy, starting with the essential right of everyone in this great country to have a voice, both at the ballot box and the workplace. the right to solve problems together, and to climb the ladder to the middle-class the old-fashioned way, through hard work, fairly rewarded. now, president obama and vice president biden have put the country on the right path towards jobs and shared prosperity, despite the instruction they face from a dishonest, politically motivated, economically challenged republican majority in congress. we face a choice in november between division and declined,
7:11 pm
between unity and growth. we love our country. we built it. we defend it. we wake up each morning and make it run all day. we put it to bed at night. our country needs unity. our country needs leadership. our country needs barack obama. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> please welcome denise juno.
7:12 pm
>> wow, it looks great from up here. if such an honor to be here tonight, all the way from big sky country. i am proud to be here as a montan anda, as an educator, as a democrat, and as a member of the tribe with. and i am proud to be the first name american woman in history to win a statewide election. my parents told me that education was the path to success, and they showed me, by taking me to head start in billings, montana, while they were pursuing their own college degrees. my mom is here tonight as the
7:13 pm
montello and delicate. -- as a montana delegate. essential to my success for the teachers who invested their time and talent and meat, so i could go to high school on the black the reservation, to montana state university, to our -- on the blackfoot reservation. cagers to the noble work of educating our children. teachers do the work that matters, and we cannot thank them enough for the hard work that they put in every day to ensure a bright future for all of us. thank you, educators who are in the room and out there. as a teacher, i was an advocate for my students and their success.
7:14 pm
now, as superintendent of public instruction in montana, i have the honor to be the top advocate for the education of all of our state's children. as democrats, we believe that every child, regardless of background or ability, is entitled to an excellent education. our determination to strengthen our schools, providing 21st century education for every child, compels us to work to reelect president barack obama. our commitment to create jobs for the american people and to grow our economy from the middle out drives our determination to reelect the presidents cup. president obama knows that education is the best investment an individual can make in themselves, that a family can make in its children, and that a nation can make in its people.
7:15 pm
that is why he made a historic investment in higher education, making college more affordable, from community colleges, pell grant scholarships and student loans. obama knows the value and education is not just in the books they read. for some students, school is the only place where they get a hot meal and a warm hug. teachers are sometimes the only ones who tell our children they can go from an indian reservation to the ivy league, from the home of a struggling single mom to the white house. our schools are wary passed down our stories and our history. in my family, that american history goes back centuries, residence,e first presiden
7:16 pm
native americans. obama understands the native american story involves both painful chapters and hopeful ones. he knows that the native american story is part of america's story, and that we deserve to be part of the american dream. that is why he welcomes the tribal nations to the white house and joined them at the table. he signed the settlement to correct a long standing investment that the late eloise cabell spent 15 long years fighting for. he has made investments to prevent violence against women and native communities and took increase opportunities for our youth and our veterans. he helped build hospitals, train nurses, and insured health the moms and help the babies in tribal communities. it was a proud day in montana
7:17 pm
when president obama visited the crow nation and became an adopted crow tribal member. in fact, i think there are a few of his relatives here tonight. he was given of crow name that day. it translates to one who helps the land.roughout a lan that is more than an adopted name. that is at the core of his mission. that is why this november, we will elect president barack obama. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> our nation's ideal is the
7:18 pm
american dream. you are willing to work hard, play by the rules, and take responsibility, everyone should have the opportunity to succeed. everyone who works hard should have the chance to climb, build, and achieve the american dream. the difference is that there are those who believe that once they have made it, everyone else is on their own. democrats believe that we should take down barriers and build ladders of opportunity for all americans. we believe we are all in this together. we believe it is time to reunite the american dream. we are on a mission to strengthen those pillars that have made our country succeed. small business, entrepreneurs, and a thriving middle class. we are the democrats. our purpose is to reignite the american dream, and we have work to do.
7:19 pm
>> please welcome house democratic leader nancy pelosi from california. [cheers and applause] >> good evening. good evening, fellow democrats. good evening. dream storymerican the story of america?
7:20 pm
we are all here to reignite the american dream. that is why i am so pleased to see so many young people, the future of our party, the whole of america. -- the hope of america. i stand before you as the first grandmother to serve as democratic leader and the first speaker of the house of representatives. for 25 years, and has been my privilege to represent the city of san francisco and the great state of california. in work to strengthen our model middle-class and secure our community and equality. we all stand together in our drive for 25, 25 seats to win
7:21 pm
back the house for the democrats. as we reelect president barack obama president of the united states. [cheers and applause] democrats believe in reigniting the american dream by removing barriers to success and building ladders of opportunity for all. so that everyone can succeed. jobs are central to the american dream, and president obama has focused on jobs from day one. under president obama, we have gone from losing a hundred thousand jobs a month to adding four 0.5 million private sector jobs over the last 29 months. -- 4.5 million private-sector
7:22 pm
jobs over the last 29 months. working with president obama, democrats passed below ledbetter fair pay act and strengthen the rights of women in the workplace -- passed the lily ledbetter fair pay act. we make college more affordable. house democrats passed the dream act, but senate republicans blocked it. with president obama, democrats enacted the toughest consumer safeguards in history, to protect main street from the recklessness of some on wall street. the democrats passed health care reform to allow american the freedom to pursue their passions, to make health care are right, not a privilege, and
7:23 pm
to ensure that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing medical condition. our freedom is secured everyday by our men and women in uniform. we must build a future worthy of their sacrifice. we thank them for keeping america the land of the free and home of the brave. [applause] this year, we are determined to re-elect an extraordinary president, who is no ordinary time, lead america back from the brink of depression, while republicans tried to block him at every turn. this election offers the
7:24 pm
clearest choice of our time. many names are on the ballot. so, too, on the ballot is the character of our country. why is that? medicare is on the ballot. democrats will preserve and strengthen medicare. republicans will end the medicare guaranteed. it is just plain wrong. when you go to the polls, " for medicare. boat 4 president obama. -- vote for president obama. social security is on the ballot. democrats enacted it. democrats will fight to preserve it. someone to replace the guarantee of social security with the gamalama private accounts. it is just plain wrong.
7:25 pm
when you go to the polls, vote for social security. vote for president barack obama. the hard-fought rights of women are on the ballot. democrats crossed the judgment of women. we reject the republican assault on women's reproductive health. it is just plain wrong. when you go to the polls, vote for women's rights. vote for president obama. and our democracy is on the ballot. democrats believe we must curb the influence of special interests on our political institutions. democrats must -- olague we must create jobs, not protect the special interests. we must build the economy from the middle out, not the top down.
7:26 pm
to change policy for the middle class, we must change politics. democrats will work to overturn citizens united. while republican support opening the floodgates, special interest money, and suppressing the right to vote. it is just plain wrong. we believe in the government of the many, the privileged few. when you go to the polls, " for democracy. vote for president barack obama. and the american dream is on the ballot. we have work to do to read it -- to reignite the american dream, to build ladders of opportunity for our middle-class, and remove
7:27 pm
barriers to success. when you go to the polls, boat for the american dream. " for strong democratic majorities in the united states senate, in the house of representatives, " for vice- president joe biden and president barack obama. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. thank you all. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the honorable tom vilsack. >> visioning, fellow democrats,
7:28 pm
especially those from iowa -- good evening, fellow democrats. rural americans are special people. their labor puts food on our table and fill in our gas tanks. their service in our military sets a powerful example of leadership, honor, and sacrifice. their spirit of community inspires us all. president obama's 54 rural america is personal. he was raised by a single mom and grandparents from kansas. he hails from a farming state, illinois. he understands the challenges that rural communities and families face protecting their middle-class way of life. preserving their heartland values. last week, we heard folks at the other convention say they wanted to take our country back. but here is what i noticed.
7:29 pm
they didn't say back to what. well, we know what backwards boxlike. we know what happened to middle- class is -- middle-class families after two tax cuts for people who did not need them, after deregulation of banking and housing sectors, and the historic recession that followed. and we know how far we have come. today, president obama is helping farmers sell their products in new markets here and abroad, spurring economic opportunity and development in rural areas. today, president obama is in fusing new capital into rural communities, providing a record number of loans to farmers and small-business owners, revitalizing aging infrastructure, and boosting job creation. and today, president obama is making smart investments in clean energy, wind, solar, and biofuels, all as part of an all
7:30 pm
of the above energy strategy that supports thousands of jobs, not in the middle east, but in the midwest of our great country. and in this season of severe drought, president obama has acted to help, while calling on congress to act as well. because he understands that in tough times, americans pulled together. from here, we have more to do, much more. if president obama -- president obama has a detailed plan for a new world economy, more support for small businesses making, creating, and innovating. more investment in the production of biofuels and other materials, and more trade and more markets. rural americans want leaders who help the middle class communities to plan and prosper over the long term, not
7:31 pm
opportunists who reaped the rewards for themselves, leaving nothing for the people who do the selling. and they deserve leaders appreciate their contributions, who believe in their potential, and who care enough to invest in their communities and their families. that is what they have, ladies and gentlemen, in president barack obama and vice-president joe biden. last week we heard from the party that wants to take the country back. aremerica's heartland, we voting for president obama, the president who will keep our country and rural america moving port. god bless you. [cheers and applause]
7:32 pm
♪ ♪ the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that runs the world there is nothing like the sound of a woman's voice ♪ [cheers and applause]
7:33 pm
>> a pro-choice and marriage equality leader, a champion for the middle-class, california senator dianne feinstein. [applause] a senator never backed down when it comes to fighting for california families and environment, senator barbara boxer. a member of the democratic leadership in the senate and the first woman to ever chair the senate veterans' affairs committee, washington state senator patty murray. as senator leading our effort to make things and grow things in america, michigan senator and
7:34 pm
debby stabenow. standing up for the middle class and businesses of her state, from the great state of minnesota, center amy klobuchar. the first woman in united states history to be elected a governor and senator, senator jean shee aheen. fighting to make sure -- new york senator kirsten gillibrand.
7:35 pm
here is the history making senator from maryland, barbara mikulski. [cheers and applause] >> good evening. i am senator barbara mikulski from the great state of maryland. 26 years ago, i became the first democratic woman elected to the senate in her own right. i was the first, but i made sure i was not the only.
7:36 pm
[applause] today, we are proud that there are more women serving in the united states senate right this minute then had served in all of american history when i arrived. but we want more. now, we democratic women in the senate, as you can see, we come in different sizes, but we sure are united in our determination to do the best for our country. we build families, businesses, and communities. we are sunday school teachers and former governors, prosecutors, and mom's in tissues. -- in tennis shoes.
7:37 pm
i was a social worker for baltimore families. now i am a social worker building opportunities for families throughout america. friends, we work on macro issues and we work on the macaroni and cheese issues. when women are in the halls of power, our national debate reflects the needs and dreams of american families. women leading means that congress is working to create jobs, white quality child care more affordable, and strengthen the middle class. because we understand the america we love creates the economy an opportunity from the middle out, not the top down. these are our priorities. these are president obama's
7:38 pm
priorities. but we know that every issue is a lawman's issue. -- a woman's issue. an equal pay for equal work is an all-american issue. the 77 cents that women make for every dollar men earn makes a real difference to our families. families struggling to make every dollar counts. we are so proud that the first loss 95 president barack obama was the lily ledbetter fair pay act. the first bill was about america's first principles, equality, opportunity, and prosperity. those republicans in the senate tried to block our efforts to go further and in pay discrimination once and for all.
7:39 pm
but, hey, we the, the women of the senate, with president obama by our side, we are going to ft -- we are going to keep fighting, because you deserve equal pay for your hard work. [applause] nothing gets done more to improve the day to day lives of american women and their families than health care reform. before health care reform, in italy this? women were charged 50% more for their health insurance than men. listen to this. in nine states, the instances of domestic -- victims of domestic violence were denied coverage simply because of their gender. you know what was happening,
7:40 pm
with mammograms and cancer test drain the family budgets, often we had to do without to be able to pay for their services. we have been trying to change that. millions of american families know that we are just one medical catastrophe away from financial disaster. we democrats believe that family responsibility -- believe in family responsibility, not family bankruptcy. with health care reform, we are making the gender discrimination by those insurance companies illegal. we ensure prevent and services and a full range of reproductive services are now covered. because of president obama's leadership, being a lawman is truly no longer a pre-existing condition.
7:41 pm
we, the democratic women of the senate, have worked with our president to do a lot to strengthen families and restore security in the middle class. like the first family, we stand with our military families. now, we are ready to do more. for that, we need reinforcement. take a look at the women running out this year. those who can help us and the president get the job done it for you. god bless you, and god bless america. [applause]
7:42 pm
[cheers and applause] ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the honorable arne duncan.
7:43 pm
>> i am here tonight as a parent with two young children who attend a wonderful public school. no one has more stake in this election than our nation's children. that is why collectively, we need to reelect president obama. president obama knows education is about jobs. it is about giving every child a shot at a secure middle-class life. right now, we are in a race for jobs and industries of the future. if countries like china out educate us today, they will outcome he does tomorrow. the president knows that education begins at home, with parents to step up and take responsibility. he also believes that teachers matter, and in his first two years of office, he helped save the jobs of 400,000 educators.
7:44 pm
the president did not just invest resources, he demanded reform. 46 states responded courageously by raising education standards. the president also believes that teachers must be respected and paid like the true professionals they are. the teacher should have to teach to the test, and great teachers must be recognized and rewarded. president obama also knows that higher education is an economic necessity. he fought to keep student loan interest rates from going up. he fought for pell grants. he took the big banks out of the federal student loan programs and passed bill is of dollars of savings on to our nation's young people. this year alone, he held nearly 10 million students a for a college education. the president knows that the
7:45 pm
path to the middle-class goes right through america's classrooms. that was his path, and that is america's path. however, his opponent believes very differently. under the romney-ryan budget, education would be cut much as much as 20%. take a minute and think about what that would really mean. 200,000 fewer children in head start. fewer teachers in the classroom. fewer resources for poor kids and students with disabilities. fewer after-school programs, and 10 million students could see their pell grants reduced, putting higher education further average. the cuts would not somehow pay down jobs or the deficit. instead, they would go to a huge new tax cut for those at the very top. in order to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires,
7:46 pm
governor romney will cut education for our nation's children. that is the choice in this election. they see education as an expense. president obama sees it as an investment. that is why our president needs four more years. thank you so much. god bless. ♪ >> education means everything to the future of this country in the region of the world. as the people get better jobs in some way we can contribute to
7:47 pm
our country. >> i am 21 years old. education in my family plays the really big role. if you have an education and you have a degree, you have a future in your hands. when i started to think about going, it was the admittedly for my family. my mother had to work three jobs so she can provide for us. we realize we did not have the money. even if i get a full-time job, i would not be able to pay for college. i went to the financial aid department. that is when we learn about the pell grant. it is a program that really helped us get through college. is the only way i have been able to pay for my school expenses. to have a degree, to have a different life than i have now, it means a lot to me. i think president obama has done a really great job with education.
7:48 pm
more students are being able to go to school. he is a role model to me. i am working to enrich my future, and i have my future in my hands right now. >> please welcome our speaker from miami, florida. [applause] >> i am very excited to be here. not nearly as excited as my mother. my mom told me to work hard. today i am a student at miami college working hard for my degree. this could only happen in america. it only happened for me because of a pell grant.
7:49 pm
president obama knows that education is how children like we can follow-up path of opportunity and work their way to the middle class. he has worked to ensure that 10 million americans can have that opportunity. someone like me can afford tuition and to pay for books, too. when your time to pay for college, every dollar makes a difference. obama has made a huge difference for us. everybody says that young people like me are america's future. but mitt romney and paul ryan want to cut the pell grants that made my future possible. if they don't invest in my future, do they really believe in america? i was proud to get my u.s. citizenship this year. on november 6, i will be proud to cast my first vote. i want a president who believes in me.
7:50 pm
president obama believes in every kid, no matter who they are or where they come from. he is not just believe in my future. he is building america's future, and i cannot wait to vote for him. thank you. >> please welcome governor jim hunt from north carolina. >> thank you. thank you. my fellow democrats, i want to welcome you all to north carolina. [cheers and applause] and tell your story about our
7:51 pm
state. you have seen the skyscrapers and all that charlotte has to offer. maybe you have heard about our research triangle park. maybe your children attended one of our great universities. we are proud of all that, because we made that possible in north carolina. and let me tell you how. 50 years ago, this was a poor state. poor, rural, and rigidly segregated. but we had a governor named terry sanford, a hero of mine. he was courageous. he broke with most southerners in 1960 and endorsed john f. kennedy. when other southern governors stood in the schoolhouse door, terry sanford stood up for civil
7:52 pm
rights. he worked with business leaders , political and education leaders, to build our great universities, are 58 community colleges, and our public schools. the result -- our high-tech, thriving economy that you see today. together, we in north carolina did that, and we are proud of it. 20 years ago, i ran for a third term as governor. i had retired from politics, but i came back, because i knew that economic growth and good jobs depend on a good education. and i wanted to make sure that a good education was available to every child in this state.
7:53 pm
we did extraordinary things in the next eight years. we built one of the best early childhood education programs in america, called smart start. we raised standards for what students need to know. we raised professional standards for teachers and raised teacher pay by 35% in just four years. [applause] teachers have the hardest and most important job in america. they are building our nation. and folks, we should appreciate them, respect them, and we should pay them well. [cheers and applause]
7:54 pm
let me tell you what has happened here. last year, student born nearly 20 years ago, in 1993, finished high school with the highest graduation rate in our history. they had gone through start -- smart start. they had great teachers, and companies want to come here to north carolina to hire them. that is what we did in north carolina. we are doers in this state. we build for the future. we want leaders who are doers. in barack obama, we have a great education president who is rebuilding america. his race to the top program is
7:55 pm
doing more to spur us to improve our public schools than anything we have ever done as a nation. in the death of the near depreson that he faced when he came and -- in the depth of the near depression that he faced when he came in, barack obama and the leaders in congress provided recover funds that literally kept our classrooms open. two years ago, these funds saved nearly 20,000 teacher and education jobs, just here in north carolina. that is an average of nearly 200 per county. he has a huge focus on improving early childhood education, so that every child starts to school healthy and ready to learn.
7:56 pm
i like to say ready to fly. he has doubled funding for grants. forces in congress wanted to double interest-rate on college loans. he is investing 150 million in -- new dollars in historically black colleges and universities just here in north carolina. and he has focused forward on community colleges -- more on community colleges than any president in history. president barack obama is a doer, and we in america will do big things with him. now, the other crennel doesn't get it -- the other crowd doesn't get it. they say just cut taxes for the wealthiest, get rid of
7:57 pm
regulations, and job growth will happen like magic. folks, magic did not do it in north carolina. this is not a time for america to believe in magic. this is a time to drive education forward. this is a time to drive the economy forward. this is a time to drive america forward. we must do it together, and we must reelected barack obama as president of the united states. work our and let's heads off. [cheers and applause]
7:58 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome recording artist jessica
7:59 pm
sanchez and god's appointed choir. acquir ♪ all that i need to get by ♪ ♪ ♪


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