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tv   White House Decorations  CSPAN  December 1, 2012 9:30pm-9:45pm EST

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have spoken at the podium about warren. he said, "david is my friend. i trust him. i respect him. i like him." he made me think, reflect, and laugh. i think all of us would say the same thing about warren today. he made us think, reflect, and laugh. one final thing about his humor -- senator baker was here today. both warren and i voted for a bill. i received a great deal of hate mail because of my name. i'm half irish and half jewish. i am the only one who can be put on the israeli border and be shot from both sides. [laughter]
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i was getting all of the hate mail and warren was not getting any of them. i will broadcast nationwide that you are jewish and i am not. that way you will get all of the hate mail. he said, do not do that. you are much more politically secure than i am. besides, you would make a nice jewish boy. [laughter] let me conclude with what my favorite statements -- with one of my favorite statements. it sums up my feelings about warren. "through our great fortune, in our youth our hearts were touched with fire. it is given to us to learn at the outset that life is a profound and passionate thing." do not pretend to undervalue the rewards of ambition. we have seen with our own eyes
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beyond the goal fields the honor. above all, we have learned that whether a man -- will look downward and dig, the one and only success is to bring to his work a mighty heart." warren rudman was handed a spade in korea and dug down. he was also the senator handed the ax and cord and found ice. always with honor and humor and always with a mighty heart. [applause] >> thank you, mr. secretary. it is now a pleasure to balance the ticket geographically.
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[applause] >> i do not know what kind of plane i was on, but i tell you, it was dramatic. it is wonderful to see him from time to time. he called me in january 2010. he said, i have got a real deal for you. cochair the national commission on fiscal responsibility and reform. thanks a million, old pal. i will talk with you later. [laughter] great friends here. let me tell you a little bit about my pal.
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when he came into the senate, i had heard of him. my law partner, bob ranck, was a heavyweight champion from wisconsin university. i said this guy was the light heavyweight champion from syracuse, which he was. anyway, he came in and i said, remember bob? heavyweight champion from wisconsin when you were on the team in syracuse? he said, what a left hook. that is what he said. he could knock people out with that thing. people thought he was right- handed and then he would plow them with that. many news in and outside of the senate.
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public interest groups and campaign reform -- it was always about friendship and trust. trust is what is missing in this place. the point of trust is the coin of the realm, and the point of trust is severely tarnished. it is easy to see and it is very sad to those of us who are here. he was a remarkable kind of a guy. loved to to fight, especially -- remember those puffing noises he used to make? [laughter] it was usually after a cigarette he had snatched out in the hall. still smoking those things? he said, shut up. then he would nail ya.
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so, he had no time for the bs'ers. he was as direct and honest as his steady stare. each of us have mentioned his integrity. if you have integrity, nothing else matters. if you do not have integrity, nothing else matters. he had guts and courage. he would take on the blather's and the bigots. he worked. boy, how he worked. he worked hard. he read the congressional record every night. i said, somebody told me you read the congressional record every night. he said, don't you? i said, of course, and we moved
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on there. [laughter] if you are in a debate with him, you better bring a light lunch. he loves the phrase "combat." one would've thought after he had enough of that, when he was the hero of deadly combat, he said it was still fun and somewhat safer in the senate. he always wanted to make things work. that is a sick idea, but it is valid, to make something work and get off your can and get it done. he came up one day to dole and said, where is my bill? immediately coughed it up and he immediately got on with it.
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he liked progress and not procrastination. if you are damned if you do and damned if you don't, then do. that is his philosophy. we can think of so many. i was in a tough floor debate. these guys were good. i was feeling very vulnerable. i was defensive and i was on fire. i was really getting worked out. i was ranting rightly, i thought. there was a break in the battle. up comes warren.
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don't start jabbing in the air and laying it on him and slugging around him. i said, you, you are giving me that kind of advice when i have had to drag you off the floor and cover you up in the marble room to prevent you from caring people to shreds -- tearing people to shreds? he looked at me with that look. i have seen you in full array. he began to laugh. then a quick hug and the healing of friendship. that is what he had in that big tough core of duty, love, and friendship.
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i shall miss the man, this giant of a legislator, this dear friend with the heart of a lion, and a man full of compassion. he fought through more pain and tough times than any of you would know because we were his friends. personal disappointments and hammer blows -- he was always resilient. he held his head high. i have been in the infantry, but it was still part of that legions. he was loyal, patriotic, faithful, there. -- fair. his epitaph should have a big "l" for loyalty. he will be remembered by all of us who knew him so well and all of you here and those who will
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know him through his work for years to come. he is the pity me of honor. -- epitome of honor. i love the guy. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, senator. ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you. please. thank you. as i sat listening to all of those who served with warren,
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present company excluded, i thought, what a common link. you are all made of the same stuff. you are all made of the same stuff. i think that is why you can all talk so well of warren rudman. i say to the family, it is an honor to speak here today. everyone knows about how tough warren was. as john mccain said, he was sort of new hampshire. he was fair. it is how i have always looked at warren rudman. one thing that has not been mentioned is what i admired most about warren is the value that my parents value the most.
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there was never a man or woman that he never looked that without dignity. some think they know so much better than ordinary people. i think maybe the reason why warren had such a basic belief in the inherent good and capacity of ordinary people -- it was never about ted agree -- pedigree. he didn't yield to that person in the room who have the most advanced degree. he was as bright as anyone in the room.
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thing i admired most about him was that i believed that he believed, given half the chance, ordinary plain americans, did not need someone with a higher iq. they didn't need someone with an advanced degree. they didn't need someone to tell them what was in their own interest. people somehow think that they are better. they somehow think that they are not a capable of m


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