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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 11, 2013 8:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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our national laboratories has produced some tremendous results in science. i just want to go through some of them. the gentleman from california talked about nonproliferation and what the research has done at the national laboratories as far as reducing the stockpiles across the world. well, because of the ldrd work, what we have seen is that we are able to better test nuclear weapons and verify countries and the numbers they're claiming they have for nuclear weapons across the world because we have this ldrd research. we provide cleaner energy vehicles. the chevy volt, for example. the chevy volt would not be able o cruise on battery power. also rblings airport security, we are thankful and grateful that at the airport, they are able to detect many of the explosives that terrorists would seek to use to take down an
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airplane. ld rmp d we can thank them that makes our airports so much safer. i was a prosecutor for seven years and so many cases, whether homicides or sexual assaults, we were able to put perpetrators away because of d.n.a. research conducted at our national laboratories. we can add human anti-body detection and attaching suspect to courtroom. and that science is so powerful when you have so many questions about who committed the crime that all jurors can accept the research that has come out of l dmprmp d. i want to yield to a colleague of mine from new mexico who represents the albuquerque area sandia, new mexico. and the gentlelady has the lab
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and yield to her and tell us what this shutdown has had on our national laboratories. ms. lujan grisham: i draw attention to the hard work that men and women who work at our national labs and help grow our economy. sandia national labs is home to 9,000 dedicated public servants. these are the brightest engineers, scientists and technicians and have chosen to serve our country instead of take ing jobs in the private sector because they are passionate. sandia is a national security asset that finds solutions to the most challenging problems that threaten our nation. their work supports numerous
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agencies, companies and organizations. during the bp oil spill, the employees were called in to cap the well. the work they do is remarkable. 101 1996, it has received research and development awards, oven referred to as the oscars of invention where the nobel prizes of technology. while the national labs have been used carryover funds over the past 11 days, that money is running out. within the last week employees los alamos said they would face furloughs and despite the fact they play a crucial role, the employees at new mexico's national labs are technically not federal
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employees. as a result, the legislation we passed to pay back pay, which i was proud to support, unfortunately does not protect employees at these labs. earlier this week, congressmen sent a letter to secretary of energy to allow the lab to use their funding to backpay any employees furloughed because of the shutdown. i remain hopeful that the furloughs can be avoided because i have heard stories about the damage they can do and i have seen firsthand the damaging and devastating effect that the other federal furloughed employees and their families have suffered in albuquerque, my district and the entire district of new mexico. last subpoenaed in albuquerque, i hosted a round-table meeting with furloughed federal employees and members of the business community. they told me that any missed or delayed paychecks would delay
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them from paying mortgages, car loans, credit cards on time. but they're not just worried about their pay, they are worried about their careers. lab employees who hold security clearances are in danger of losing their clearances if their credit scores are impacted because they cannot pay their bills. i reached out to community partners to see if they could help us. several credit unions, banks and other community partners reached out because they want to help. if nonprofits in the business community can step up, then it is time for congress to step up, too. we need to do our job, need to pass a funding bill to keep new mexico's national labs open. national labs should not be forced to operate under the threat of shutting down just because a few dozen reckless tea
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party republicans decided that destroying the obamacare was more important. new mexico's national labs deserve and require the certainty and stability of a full funding bill. and so does the rest of the country. we need to vote on the senate-passed clean funding compromise right now. i yield back to the gentleman from california and thank him for his leadership in protecting our national security interests and the labs in my home state. mr. swalwell: i'm glad you brought up the example of the toll that this shutdown is taking on our national laboratory employees and hearing back at liver more so many examples what the gentlelady mentioned. when thousands of employees have security clearances that depend on them continuing to have financial stability, that stability is threatened when our national laboratories furlough
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them and can't meet their debts and obligations and keep their families running. the gentleman from california talked about the effects of furloughing the scientists. and when you furlough scientists, you furlough scientific progress. i mentioned the town hall that i had last weekend in dublin, california, and lab employees from sandia. and i'm going to fly home this sunday and host another town hall at 1:30 on sunday and alerted lab employees and i look forward to talking to them and hope to have a more positive update. i hope i can tell them that the shutdown will not continue, that they will be able to continue their work at our great national laboratories. i talked a little bit about how we got here, that we had a budget from the president and the senate at $986 billion, but
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to ouse's budget wanted repeal and defund the affordable care act sm the reason i am so hopeful that we hold firm in the senate and the president continues to hold firm in insisting we pass a clean budget at $986 billion is because of the dangerous precedent it would set should we allow either side to try and seek concession or seek a ran some for doing their job of providing the budget. ur job requires us to pass a budget that funds the government, pay the debts and obligations of the united states . it would be a dangerous precedent if we had an environment where every 45 days, 60 days or if we ever got back to passing a budget on an annual
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basis that one side in one chamber attempted to use that budgeting process to try and resettle scores that have already been settled. at is so obviously occurring here with the affordable care act. this was a provision that was initially brought up and contemplated in the 2008 campaign for the presidency, where one candidate said if he was legitimated, he would seek to bring our country for the first time in over 100 years since it was first proposed, affordable health care for all. that person was overwhelmingly elected to the presidency, barack obama. in 2010, the congress, the 111th congress passed the affordable care act sm it was signed into law by the same president who campaigned on it. and in 2012, the chief justice of the supreme court, who is appointed by a republican president, who served before
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president president obama, wrote opinion that said the affordable care act was constitutional. nd upheld by a republican-appointed supreme court justice ran for re-election and again was overwhelmingly elected. the affordable care act will do many great things to provide affordable quality health care to many americans, but like every government program, it will not be 100% perfect. it will require fixes and updates. just recently, social security celebrated a birthday, it's in its late 70's. social security is not the same program it was 70 years ago. it has gone through modifications and changes through the years, just as the
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affordable care act. we owe it to look at how it is helping people are and how to make it work. we must mend any problems with the affordable care act, but not end it. we must not use the affordable care act to hold up the budget that provides so many jobs for the federal work force, so many services that come from the greatest government that presides over the greatest democracy in the world. so many services being held up for so many people for our people. it would be a dangerous precedent if we allowed either side to do this. if we were to make concessions on this budgeting process, say at the very best, a 45-day continuing resolution where the government would be funded for another 45 days, what would the other side ask for next? would it ask us to privatize social security, something they
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attempted to do in 2006, but weren't able to do? would they ask us to turn medicare into a voucher system, something they were not able to achieve because of a democratic senate. but also think and reverse the situation, imagine if you had a republican in the white house, a republican-controlled senate and democratic majority in the house. imagine if that democratic majority tried to use the budgeting process to achieve what it couldn't achieve at the ballot box and imdin the different scenarios where, passing background checks. whether it's passing an assault weapons ban, so many democrats would like to see renewed. it could be comprehensive immigration reform, something our country is calling for. people are coming to our capitol, asking for a roadmap to
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citizenship. we can't do that right now. imagine if democrats had a majority here and republican in the white house and they said, no budget, we are shutting down the government until we get what we want because we couldn't do it at the ballot box. we never operated that way and i hope we do not continue to operate that way and more reasonable minds come forward and allow us to put our national laboratory employees back to work and federal workforce back to work. is shutdown is affecting and hurting real people. i mentioned in the beginning of this hour that i came to congress to help people. but right now, it is hurting innocent americans. even though the federal government is closed, essential services must continue. so hundreds of thousands of federal employees are being
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forced to work but with no pay check. how can we treat them this way? we saw last week, an erratic driver tried to drive through barricades that our brave men and women of capitol hill rushed to go protect the doors of democracy and what thanks do we give them in return? we told them to keep working and keep protecting this house, but we are going to hold your pay check. many more are denied to do the chance what they love, serving on behalf of the american people and worried about if they are going to get paid or if they are going to be lost. the loss ripples throughout our economy, affecting businesses across our country. estimated that this shutdown is costing the economy $300 million a day. so you can see people are asking
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across the country, will i get paid this month, will there be enough money for food? can i pay my mortgage this month? i'm a first-time home buyer. some of those f.h.a. loans look good for me, but they are delayed and on hold. will i be able to pay my child's college television. -- tuition. all the folks are asking this question. small businesses can't get s.b.a. loans, small business centers which help women and children are closed. our national parks are closed. technology updates for our federal programs are being delayed. our cybersecurity centers, employees there are furloughed, that work to protect our nation's networks, that work to make sure that nation states and
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individuals who wish to do us harm aren't able to do so. . . i'd now like to yield to the greatest champion in this house to end and reduce the affect of poverty on our community and somebody who has the honor of representing lawrence berkley national laboratory, which has over 4,000 employees. i've visited that facility and they're doing such great work to advance the progress of science. so, mr. speaker, i would like to yield five minutes to the gentlelady from california, ms. lee. ms. lee: thank you very much. let me thank the gentleman for yielding. but also for your tremendous leadership on this issue and on so many other issues. it's really a pleasure to serve with you. you really have hit the ground running. as a new member of this great body. i want to also thank you for your work on the committee on science, space and technology. and of course as a fellow member of the bay area congressional delegation, you've really made such an impact and your work is
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so important for our entire california delegation. so thank you. my district, california's 13th congressional district, right next door to your congressional district, as you said, is home to lawrence berkley national laboratory. and let me just say, first, how proud i am to represent one of the most esteemed centers for scientific research and technological advancement in the world. i've had many, many opportunities to visit the lab where i have met some of the most brilliant scientific minds on our planet. the employees, the scientists, all of those who work at the lab are phenomenal individuals. and it's just amazing to see how these scientists and engineers especially use our federal investments in our national laboratory system to make unbelievable leaps in every field, from nanotechnology and supercomputing to energy efficiency and astrophysics.
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since it was established in 1931, the history of the lab is unbelievable. it was established in 1931 by a nobel prize winning physicist, earnest orlando lawrence. his last name was lawrence. the lab has been associated with 13 nobel prizes. 57 of the lab scientists are members of the national academy of sciences. 13 have won the national medal of science, our nation's highest award for lifetime achievement in the field of science. over the years berkeley lab scientists have discovered 16 elements, made the world's smallest motor, 100,000 times smaller than a human hair, used ultraviolent technology to bring safe drinking water to the thousands throughout the world. helped decipher the human genome. i could really go on and on. but unfortunately, mr. speaker, we're not here today to laude the accomplishments of the national labs in our district, but i think it's very important to do that even in this very
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difficult environment. we're here because these institutions of innovation are under a real and immediate threat thanks to the republican shutdown of our government. lawrence berkeley national lab employees over 4,200 scientists, engineers, support staff and students in my congressional district. its economic impact is even greater. creating 5,600 local jobs and 12,000 jobs nationally with a toe tam economic impact -- total economic impact estimated at $1.6 billion a year. if this shutdown continues, berkeley lab will be forced to furlough its employees in waves, beginning in late october. not only does the shutdown threaten the livelihood of my constituents, the scientists, the administrators and the students have to keep the lab running, it also threatens to stall projects that could be the next scientific breakthrough that changes how our world works or produces the next american
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nobel prize winner. so this is really an absurd price to pay for the republicans' instistence on keeping people from receiving affordable quality health care. that's where all this started. the life of me, i don't understand why my republican tea party colleagues are continuing these cynical ploys that threaten our nation's competitiveness and force our nation's most brilliant minds out of their labs. we need end to this shutdown. we need to fund the entire energy and water bill, which provides funding for our national laboratories through the department of energy's office of science. we need an up and down vote on a clean budget bill to reopen this government. democrats have already, and i know you've heard this over and over again, because you know that we've already accepted -- accepted a short-term budget bill to reopen our government, even though we don't believe its
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funding level is nearly adequate. the american people deserve a functioning government and they deserve affordable, quality health care. they deserve both. so i hope more people are listening and more people understand that we know how to open the government, we know how to begin to negotiate on a real budget that makes our entire government, including our national laboratories, whole. and so hopefully this will alarm -- this alarm that we're sounding again tonight once again, mr. swalwell, will continue to wake up the country and continue to ensure that people know that we have their back. and that we know how to open this government and we want to shut down this shutdown immediately. so thank you again for your leadership. mr. swalwell: thank you to the gentlelady from california. she's absolutely right. democrats have already compromised. we have accepted a $986 billion sequester budget, which the gentlelady and i do not accept.
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when you cut those program -- when you cut those programs, you are cutting the opportunities that we give people to lift themselves out of poverty. and so i agree with the gentlelady, that we have made deep, deep concessions when it comes to a budget and we're ready to open up the government, turn the lights back on. we're doing so as a -- at a painful price of the budget that we are accepting. and, mr. speaker, with that i'm going to close and i want to say what my colleague from berkeley and oakland was saying, which is, keep our national labs open. keep those great scientists, who are lawrence livermore, lawrence berkeley national laboratory, keep them on the job. keep them moving the ball forward on science. it was alluded to earlier that the national ignition facility in livermore, as the government that funds it was unraveling two weeks ago, at this national
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ignition facility in livermore, they achieved something that they had been attempting to achieve for the past three to fours years. -- four years. that's ignition. they have now for the first time been able to get more energy out than what they had put in. this is a remarkable achieve thament we have seen -- achievement that we have seen, putting them so close, i'm sorry, they have achieved fusion and they are knocking on the door of ignition. at the national ignition facility. they are closer than they have ever been. they are closer now to meeting the 84th milestone, they have 84 milestones they have to meet. they have met 83 of them. they're so close to providing this renewable energy resource, which will change the game in how every american and person in the world receives their energy. no longer requiring us to be dependent on foreign sources of energy, if we can achieve this and then transfer this technology to the private market.
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so, this data that we have achieved is critical for understanding nuclear fusion, which we need for keeping also a reliable stockpile of nuclear weapons. so this is a critical energy issue, and a critical defense issue. and understanding fusion, as i mentioned, allows us to get closer to the goal of civilian fusion energy. and nuclear fusion energy. unlike what we currently use, nuclear fission, essentially would produce no waste or carbon emissions. it's the holy grail of clean energy. and i want to make sure the scientists at lawrence livermore are able to accomplish it. sandia laboratory also has a facility called the combustion research facility. i was just there a few weeks ago and this is a partnership, a public-private partnership with our automakers and those who are making automobiles in detroit and what they're trying to do is make the american automobile engine more efficient at the combustion research facility.
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so there are important, remarkable achievements going on at our national laboratory. and, mr. speaker, may i inquire how much time i have remaining? the speaker pro tempore: four minutes. mr. swalwell: with the furlough at our laboratory, all of their exceptional work will be put on hold. so, what does that mean in addition to the national emission facility and combustion facility? work will stop that's being done to maintain our nuclear stockpile. great fusion energy project i mentioned. efforts to understand climate change will stop. and all while we stand still, other countries like russia and china will zoom past us in science, energy, math and renewable energy. and this isn't just what happens today. if these highly skilled, highly intelligent employees are prevented from working, they will go somewhere else. these people are ph.d.'s. they will find somewhere else to go. in the beginning of the hour, i said that i would not only tell us how we got here, bha it
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means, but i would also offer a way forward. the way forward, i see it, is for the speaker of the house, mr. boehner, to allow this house to have an up-or-down vote on passing the same budget that the senate has agreed to, the same budget that the president of the united states said he would sign. we know the votes are there. 25 to 30 republicans have said they would pass that vote. so let's put that for an up-or-down vote. let's get the government back to work. let's end the partisanship games , the obsession with defunding the affordable care act. let's get the government back to work. time, a short-term solution i have offered is that the secretary allow furloughed employees at all of our national laboratories, at all 17 sites, all 30,000 employees, to receive back furlough pay. i have also worked, since january, with the small group of freshmen, 30 of us, republicans
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and democrats, evenly divided. it's called the solutions caucus. we have been meeting almost every week since sworn into office, pledging that we will work together and build the foundation of a bipartisan relationship. and these trying times and dark days over the last two weeks, we have met nearly every other day. talking about what we can do to work together to turn back the lights of the government for the greatest democracy of the world. this group gives me hope. just yesterday the group met with two senior members, a republican and a democrat, from the appropriations committee. nobody in that group and neither of those senior members want to see the government continue to be shut down. so i'm hopeful that we can continue to talk. i'm hopeful that this group can continue to work together, the united solutions caucus, to provide a way forward, a way that ensures that the federal work force is back to work. and for my district, ensures
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that those hardworking scientists, who want to think big, just like i did, the same reason i came to congress, that want to move the ball forward on our nuclear and energy security, that they can go back to work and they aren't ever furloughed. so, i ask my colleagues on the other side, did you come here to help people or did you come here to hurt people? i think you came here for the same reason i did. to help people. and so i hope you will prove it to the american people. allow an up-or-down vote, allow us to pass a clean resolution and together all of us, republicans and democrats, can help the american people. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the entleman rise? mr. swalwell: mr. speaker, i move that the house do now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye.
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those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly the house stands adjourned until >> the numbers to call are on your screen.
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we've also check tweets and there is good news on the 11th day of the government shut down about the reopening of some national parks. here is a report from itv news. deal struck a reopening grand canyon, mount rushmore, and statue of liberty despite ongoing government shut down. $651,000 to have the grand canyon national park opened for tours on for a week starting saturday. grand canyon -- jeep tours at the grand canyon. here is a story from the associated press. governor andrew cuomo says the state will pay to fund national park service personnel to reopen a popular visitors destination.
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there is the statue in nearby ellis island. it was shut down because of the partial government shutdown. we go to jerry in alexandria, kentucky. that evening. caller: yes. thank you for having me on this line. i'm calling on the independent line. i'm having a hard time associating with either one of them. mostly i'm agreeing with republicans on their stance. there are a lot of things being said about obamacare as a big problem. -- and i amnsing not the only one that feels this me, isobamacare, to symbolic. there is a fear out there of our country turning socialist. of youre is a symbol
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have got to draw the line somewhere and say, how long will you go on with congress and the --sident to decide to whatever walls they may, they make them unilaterally whether it is constitutional or not. there are more issues than i think in what they are saying. there is an underlying -- it is government telling you what to do. i'm watching all of this as bad as it is. it is like there is a stand muchst -- it is not so government, but government that does not listen to the people. government that decides to .hoose what it is going to do make a wall or do away with the wall.
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>> thank you for the comments. we will show a republican senator speaking at the values voter summit. here is a tweet. sebelius's kathleen pat roberts senator heads further right. we go to kansas. kathy. democrat line. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. lastly week, i called every single conversation in our government. i have a pre-existing condition. as a teacher in kansas, spouses are not provided with health care. for me, it has been that bad for years. i do get it to the school, and it cost me an unbelievable amount of money. $600.
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i felt compelled to call. my nephew got the purple heart in iraq. i saw what was happening to the benefit package. i called every republican in the house. sense tohis makes any people. in kansas, the health care bill is not being advertised. denied the money for advertising. >> have they set up an exchange in kansas? >> it is only through the federal exchange. >> right. caller: people in america do not really know what is going on. we are the only industrialized country without health care. americans want to be able to purchase it. there are a lot of families that want to be evil to buy it.
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this is not on the government's back. we want to be able to buy it. >> you mentioned how much you pay. you say you pay $600 a month? caller: yes. about 550 dollars. mine is about $550. when you have an illness like myself, it it is unaffordable. we're talking by teacher salary in kansas. you joining us. let's go to texas. beverly. republican line. .aller: thank you i'm a registered republican, but is becauseason i am i want to pick who i want. go for either parties, but i'm a registered republican. ok? >> ok. caller: i have called different
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once. -- ones. i think senator ted cruz is nothing but a traitor. he should be tried for treason. when they try to get you to vote for somebody and you do not like cameea party -- some lady out to me at walmart and tried to give me a card. i thought she was going to attack me when i told her i liked obamacare. senator cruz gave a speech earlier today at the values voter summit. ask you tocation, we call on the line that your views best reflect. republican line. texas. robert. caller: hello. can you hear me? >> go ahead. caller: ok.
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up front. i'm a conservative. always has been. my views as current politics are going -- as far as the house and the senate to goes, what they are fighting over is not just obamacare. it is a bigger issue. this is the biggest power shift from judicial and legislative. they have power over our health care system and all of our private information and what we can and can't have and who we can and can't see. it is the largest power shift that has been given to the government over the power of the people. it is about the perception on what they can do with that information. watching the john stewart show. i watch all of the different views. i was watching the jon stewart show the other day.
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about obama care on the show. five and half minutes into it, she slipped up and said when she was being question, she slipped up and said that they will pay a fine instead of the word tax. the government has been using "tax." something a tax for -- you pay a tax for something you're getting and not something you're not getting. she said that it was a "fine." the issue is like marco rubio said and ted cruz said and like rand paul said and john boehner said. it is a violation of the fifth amendment. people do not get it. on thee just focusing idea of obamacare and not the violation it will cause and the
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power the government will have within its grasp. >> thank you to robert from texas. both the house and senate will be back in tomorrow. the house opaque pickup finishing work on the farm bill tomorrow. pick upouse will finishing work on the farm bill tomorrow. there'll be a measure to lifted to 2014.ceiling senate coverage on c-span 2 and the house on c-span. republicans met at the white house and proposed some ideas to the white house on resolving the debt crisis, including reopening the government and a short-term lift of the debt ceiling. largelye house rejected that call from house republicans and sort of send it back to the drawing board. meanwhile, there is a discussion with senate republicans who met with the president earlier.
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there are differences between the house and the senate. the headline -- gop battle each other on fiscal deal. the end game over the 11-day-old government shutdown is now a pitched competition during senate and house republicans. each of the conferences is charting its own course to end the saga and even a debt limit crisis on october 17. but after two weeks of intraparty turmoil, neither side seems to trust the other about the way out. the lines are so crossed that gop senators asked barack obama during a meeting to fill -- fill that in on a meeting. he simply have not seen it. we go to david on the democrat line. caller: thank you. am i on the air? >> you are.
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caller: thank you for taking my call. what is going out there? i'm guilty as well. notdemocratic party is doing a good job of marketing of what is a pretty good thing. i do not have all of the answers. the affordable care act is a step in the right direction. as you not know exactly what is going on. it is all about the marketing. i posed the question to the american public. who out there should get free health care? i do not know. have healthd insurance. i cannot afford it.
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i have got corporate america. it is paying for my health care. >> david from memphis, tennessee. hello. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. i know there are many other people in line. person.isabled i have been deemed unemployable. is maybe aome pension check. -- is my va pension check. with all the speakers i have been listening to, they would ask -- what would they get the check? this is my question -- i have not heard anyone say if things are not leveled out and everything settled by the 17, we will likely not get them. when the government open back
8:43 pm
up, would that checks we do not get be retroactive? nobody said anything like that. is a pretty good question. or would we just lose that month or however long it takes for them to settle the problems? >> which checks are you talking about? >> i'm talking about the veterans pension checks. would they be retroactive when the government got everything settled and got back on course and opened back up? or would we lose that amount of checks? >> i wish i could answer you right off of the bat. south park, pennsylvania. justin. democrat line. caller: hi. am i on the air? >> make sure you renewed the tv
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set. -- you mute the tv set. we will go to bonnie. caller: am i on the air? >> yes. caller: ok. i am disabled. i am so scared. shed andg to live in a had to make a home out of it. i'm not able to work. to say i will not get a check. i do not know what else to say. do you have any kind of insurance now? i i get medicaid.
8:45 pm
i'm scared to lose that as well. >> we are very sorry to hear that. we will take you to part of that values voter summit. we covered a good part of it today. paul, senator ted cruz spoke. [applause] ♪ >> good morning. welcome to the eighth annual values voter summit. the government might be shut down, but the values voter summit is open and we're ready to do business. you might have noticed it is not a shutdown, but a slowdown what is a slowdown?
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it is like being in a perpetual tsa line. [laughter] no one seems to be moving, but you still have to empty your pockets. [laughter] [applause] the president's barricades might have prevented vacationing families from touring our nations parks. you might have used those barricades to try to keep our veterans from visiting memorials that their courage and sacrifice inspired. barricade to try to keep our voices down in america. it is about time we let him know no one is going to keep the voice of the american people from being heard in our nation today. [applause]
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start ourthat we values voter summit by removing these barricades. the best thing to do is to remove these barricades off of the stage and show that nothing will keep us back. we need to remove the barricade of obamacare to our freedoms in america. [applause] all right, guys, take it away. [applause] are you ready to let your voices be heard in the nation's capital? convince me. are you ready for your voice to be heard in the nation's capital? [applause]
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you'll hear from the greatest leaders and thinkers. i have no doubt that you will be inspired, informed, you might even be entertained at times. anything youhan will be engaged in doing what is necessary to turn this country back to its founding principles. principles that were so clearly articulated in the founding asked by the founding fathers -- we hold these truths to be self-evident. all men are created equal and endowed by their creator. with certain unalienable rights. is liberty and the pursuit of happiness. driving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
8:49 pm
they do not have our consent. [applause] i now have the privilege of officially calling that 2013 values voter summit into session. [gavel, gavel] [applause] i cannot think of a better kickoff than our first speaker. leadership that was instrumental in getting the republican leadership to challenge this administration by simply wooing the will of the people, to stop this train wreck we know as obamacare. you have seen them on the news repeatedly over the last month. if the president cannot follow his law, the american people should not fund it.
8:50 pm
senator mike leigh has spent his career as an attorney defending americansliberties of for our constitutional principles. mike leigh white stupors of america's founding documents in the senate. he acquired a deep respect for the constitution. his father served as the solicitor general under president ronald reagan. he often discussed aspects of judicial and constitutional doctrines around the kitchen table. just the average family discussion. what a great example. a family time will spend. these help me in welcoming the first speaker for that 2013 values voter summit, senator mike lee of utah. [applause] ♪
8:51 pm
>> thank you. thank you to all of you. it is great to be here. it is a privilege to be with you right here today at the values voter summit. i want to started this morning by telling you a story i heard named phillips. he told a story of how he was walking across a bridge very late one night. it was late enough there were no automobile traffic on that bridge. in fact, no one on the bridge at all. he was able to walk in the middle of the bridge. it was a high bridge. it stretched over a large river. enough that anyone who fell off of that bridge would not survive the impact even if they landed in the water. he got halfway. he saw a man standing on the outside of the guardrail as if getting ready to jump.
8:52 pm
database on the height of the bridge the man would not survive. he surmised that the man was contemplating ending his life. philip stopped and engage the man in conversation. believer,f he were a if you believe in god. the man said, yes., me, are you a christian? yes. me, too. what denomination are you? practice.t me, too. northern baptist or southern baptist? [laughter] me too. northern on the mentalist baptist. me, too. fundamentalistrn baptist. me, too.
8:53 pm
and i said, die, heretic and pushed him off. [laughter] that should be a reminder to us all. we have to remember it is far more important to keep our eyes conservativential converts than finding heretics. the principles that unite us are that help position us to win the hearts and the minds of voters across this great land. often we stop thinking about the things that matter the most. we get caught in the thick of things. caught up we stopped thinking big and often stop thinking at all. like 17 jillion dollars of debt. widespread government dysfunction. obamacare and much more. i want to tell you a story about my boys.
8:54 pm
18 years old. james and john. they are good boys. they go to church. they read their scriptures. 4.0 students. on this day we were listening to the radio in my car. they were listening to a song we have heard many times. i had not listened to very carefully in the past. all of they said in, i started listening to the words. i realize these words were not necessarily good. there were not any words of any god fearing father would want his voice hearing. to them. it out this is a raunchy song. this is terrible. i son john without batting an said, dad, it is not that if you do not think about it. [laughter]
8:55 pm
i thought, my son john must be advising the president of the united states. [laughter] [applause] 17 jillion dollar debt is not bad, but only if you do not incur about it. debt is not bad, but only if you do not think about it. if you do think about it, that is horrible. the very best argument against obamacare is the president's conduct during the first 10 days of the shutdown. look at what has happened. he is using the power of the federal government to win a political argument. we turn overwhen some of the most private and intimate decisions in our lives?
8:56 pm
be used as a tool against us? you must stop it and defund it. we cannot accept it. [applause] ted cruz and others who have stood with us -- [cheers and applause] friend withi see my us this morning. thank you, sir, for sending a great sunday washington. to washington. [applause] ted cruz and i have been inticized for our actions the attempt to defund obamacare. we make no apologies. we stand with the people.
8:57 pm
[applause] you all are here today because you are thinking about it. party, my party, the republican party is at its best when we think. unfortunately, some people succumb to the notion that we cannot inc. deeply in the middle of big battles -- think deeply in the middle of the data. this is exactly what we should be doing. we should do it today and every day. when we stop and come back home to being the party of big ideas, good things happen. the bigger our ideas, the more
8:58 pm
we succeed. ronald reagan, a conservative revolution. george w. bush compassion. all showed in their time that it is the ideas and the principles rather than the personalities or interest groups that unified the republican it toand propelled electoral success and governing success. lately it seems you have not had nearly enough of either. some say it is because we need better candidates. some say it is the cousin we need a better message. others say it is a dispute about tactics and strategy or even about technology. certainly those things all play a part. to my mind, what the party of ideas is really missing is ideas. for too long, republicans have
8:59 pm
put off the difficult task of --eloping a principle conservative reform agenda -- to meet many of the new challenges of the 21st century. there a many reasons why this is so. the biggest of all is that conservatives often fall into a trap. a trap that involves defining ourselves by what we are against. against big government, debt, higher taxes, more regulations, and obamacare. we are against to that. have invested nearly as much time and energy communicating what we and -- as conservatives are for. i'm talking more than the policies we advocate for. conservatism is not about the bills we want to pass. it is about the nation that we want to be. for conservatives, politics is far more than a means. it is an end.
9:00 pm
what conservatives are really for is not an agenda for government. it is a vision of society, a view of the world we want to build to gather -- together. that is a word. it is essential. it is too often overlooked. we are all committed at the very reason we fight for individual freedom is the strength, the vitality, and the value of communities that free individuals. the alternative is not just small government. the ultimate alternative is a thriving, flourishing nation of cooperative communities where your success depends on the quality of your service. it is a free enterprise economy trying toyone works
9:01 pm
figure out the best way to help ae most people and it is volunteering civil society where free individuals come together voluntarily to meet each others needs, fill in the gaps thomas and make sure that no one gets left kind. this occurs not as a result of a government mandate. [applause] despite what people may think, conservatism has never been a vision of isolated loners. husbands and of wives, parents and children, volunteers and congregations, by ,is and employees, businesses groups, associations, and friends.
9:02 pm
we, the conservatives, don't simply want smaller government. it is necessary but not enough. bigger citizens, stronger neighborhoods, more horrific communities. we understand what liberals do not. in america, freedom does not mean you are on your own. freedom means we are all in this together. the value we place on community is based on the value we put on the first and more important human community of them all, the family. [applause] conservatives have argued for years, decades, that if family must be at the core, the very center of our worldview. on issues like school prayer, the right to life, homeschooling, conservatives have said protecting the family
9:03 pm
is the single most important part of our agenda and it is. times haves say that changed and we need to reach out to people beyond our conservative base. saying we need to change the way we think and the way we talk. it may surprise you to hear us say this but i think we make a great point. we need to broaden our appeal and we need to change the way we talk about the family but ultimately the critics have it accords. focusedt that they have too much on the family but far too little. [applause] for the rapid changes we have seen in recent years in america, they have only made the family not less.tant, tha
9:04 pm
republican form of government as well. the family is indivisible from any other facet of history or destiny. fatherless-divorce, ness, while moral, have enormous social and economic consequences in the same way economic unequal like opportunity, stagnant wages, the spiraling cost of housing, healthcare, and education represent moral threats to our national success. working families today are here bearing the brunt of all of these things. as a result, far too many are falling behind. abraham lincoln explaining the role of government should be for every citizen at every stage of life.
9:05 pm
the purpose is to lift the weight from all soldiers and and afford an unfettered start and a fair chance in the race life. insight on what america and with the republican party is at its best and what they stand for, equal opportunity for all, to pursue happiness. american ideal is hanging as if it were by a thread. up and down american society which used to be defined down to riven by what they called our yearning desire to rise, we find . new and unnatural stagnancy we find the underprivileged trap in poverty sometimes for generations.
9:06 pm
we find the middle class of running even harder every single year to maintain the social cohesion that were once taken for granted. at the top of our society, we find a political and economic the theat has pulled letter behind themselves denying others the chance to even to climb. street, k street, pennsylvania avenue, we find special-interest by law from the thers of competition and consequences of their own mistakes. all of this points to what is really in inequality crisis in america today not of unequal wealth oh are of unequal income but unequal opportunity. presidentes from the
9:07 pm
on down say that inequality in america today is the failure of resulting from insufficient government intervention. we know better. if you look closely you start to notice the opposite is true. many of the artificial weights cannot tickles blocking these paths of laudable pursuit are, themselves, dysfunctional government policies. [applause] it is government policies that children and rotten schools, poor families in broken neighborhoods, penalize ingle parents for getting raises, getting jobs or getting married. it is government policies that inflate costs and limit access that hamstring badly needed innovation in higher education
9:08 pm
and penalize parents investments in the round children. this opportunity crisis is .bsolutely real sadly, it is just as real as the liberal's flawed, seductive proposals to create their version of opportunity. it is not enough for us to simply oppose the liberals' ideas. you have to propose conservative ones. true victory for values voters may be found a little ways down that road less traveled, but it is long past time for conservatives to take it. our movement is at its very best when we take on big, big challenges. and the great challenge of our time is the challenge of the forgotten family, the honest noble parents across the country, just trying to make ends meet in a society, in an economy, and in a democracy that seems increasingly rigged washington against them.
9:09 pm
it is time for a new agenda that levels the playing field and finally meets the challenges facing working families, to give underprivileged families a fair chance to work their way into the middle class, to give families struggling to stay in the middle class their fair chance to make a good living and build a good life, to make it easier for couples to start families among for entrepreneurs to start businesses and volunteers to start civic and charitable organizations, to help all americans at every step along the path of success to overcome the obstacles that the government, even the big government facing this town, a better chance for opportunity.
9:10 pm
it is time for a new approach to taxes, to not only lower rates to spur economic growth and opportunity -- [applause] but also to eliminate tax discriminations against parents and against families. [applause] i am working on a bill designed to do just that. it is time for a new approach to education, to break up the special interest cartels that hold back our young children and our young adults. [applause] education is itself opportunity, and government has no business telling students where they can and cannot go to get it. [applause] it is time for a new, more bold approach to transportation. new roads mean new roads, jobs, new opportunities. today, infrastructure money that states should be spending on those opportunities washington takes and spends on bureaucratic waste and on special interest giveaways. it is time to rethink our
9:11 pm
dysfunctional welfare system that holds poor families down. [applause] and it is time to reform a corrupt corporate welfare system that props big businesses up. [applause] we need to find new ways, conservative ways that rely on free enterprise and institutions of civil society to help young couples to get married, afford a home, raise and educate their children, and retirement security themselves. our movement has always identified with those americans who have climbed that ladder of success. and we always should. but our ideals demand we
9:12 pm
identify even more with those americans still on the bottom rungs, where the climbing is harder, more dangerous, and far more lonely. we need to stand up for those americans that no one else will, for the unborn child in the world -- [applause] for the poor student caught in the failing school, for the reformed father languishing in prison and the fatherless sons facing alone the dangers of the for the poor student caught in
9:13 pm
the failing school, for the reformed father languishing in prison and the fatherless sons facing alone the dangers of the street, for the single mom who is working two jobs, but still ensnared in big government poverty traps, for the elderly and the disabled, dehumanized by the washington, d.c., government bureaucracy, and for the splintering neighborhoods that desperately need all of these people. these families, these moms and dads, these grandparents and kids, they are waiting for us. they know more government is not the answer. they know government only divides them. they also know too often our party has ignored them. that has to change and it has to change today, it has to change
9:14 pm
right now, because every hour, every day the government leaves more and more american families behind. it is time for conservatives to remember those forgotten families, in word and in deed, in our hearts, and in our political agenda. it is time to remember the most audacious entrepreneurs are not high-tech people in silicon valley or new york, they are a young couple in church saying i do. it is time to run for most important investments in our nation's future are not issued on wall street, but they are sleeping in their mother's arms at the maternity unit of the your local hospital. to be truly pro growth and productivity, our agenda must be
9:15 pm
truly pro family. [applause] that means we have to be pro family not just on some of the issues, but on all of them. i believe if conservatives look a new to the challenges facing the american family, we will quickly discover opportunities to meet, united and undaunted, the challenges facing our movement, our economy, and our nation, building a new conservative show agenda of reform around these moms and dads and kids about remembering america's values and especially america's forgotten families. it is the path for restoring the greatness of our nation. and if at long last conservatives finally take that road less traveled, it will make all the difference. [applause] thank you for all you do. may almighty god, the god of abraham and isaac and jacob,
9:16 pm
bless you all, and god bless the united states of america. ["stars and stripes forever" plays] >> thank you. the next speaker has recovered from his 21-hour filibuster. but i had to tell him we could only give you 20 minutes. coming to introduce him is the founder and president of the media research center, one of the sponsors of the summit, and for exposing liberal bias by watching countless hours of mainstream media coverage so we do not have to, would you not only welcome, but would you thank brent bozell. >> good morning.
9:17 pm
how are we doing today? all right, ladies and gentlemen, there is a whole lot of talk in washington today, and there is a lot of things being said, a lot of things are not being said, and there are a few things that need to be said. i for one am sick of the whining that is going on in the republican party and from some in the conservative movement. the other day i read from one faux conservative the strategy to defund the affordable care
9:18 pm
act needed a plan b, and they thought if they had one, they did not sure what it was. then came another whiner. i think it was possible for us to delay the implementation of obamacare for a year until ted cruz came along and crashed and burned. this is what they did not tell
9:19 pm
you. until ted cruz come along with mike lee, they had no plan b, they had no plan a. [applause] and nobody to my thinking, nobody has been more blatant in his intellectual dishonesty than senator john mccain. [applause] this is what he told you on september 9. he wanted the whole world to know this. he said, i can tell you in the u.s. senate we will not repeal
9:20 pm
or defund obamacare, we will not, and to think that we can is not rational. this is what he does not want you to know. in 2010, when he was campaigning for his life and needed conservatives, it will be repealed and replaced, it will not stand. that is what he said. october 9, this is what he wanted america to hear, to think we are going to repeal obamacare was a false premise, and i think it does a great disservice to the american people to think that somehow we could. ted cruz called them out. he said quite clearly enough of that game. america is threatened.
9:21 pm
this is where we make our stand. i am so hard proud of that man. strength, strength, courage, principle -- he has these things and it is because he has these things and they do not have these things they have turned on him. here is a memo to the ruling class that i have got in washington, d.c. -- we will not allow that to happen. tell me now, tell me now, will you stand with ted cruz? [applause] tell me now. does he deserve our gratitude for his magnificent devotion to liberty? does he deserve our prayers for continuing -- tell him now, do we stand with him in his crusade to save america? do not tell me. tell senator ted cruz. ♪
9:22 pm
>> thank you. thank you so very, very much. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you. i receive that blessing. and let me say to each and every one of you, i am inspired by you. >> we are inspired by you. >> i am invigorated by your passion for this great country. now, as inspired as i am, i will do my very best to speak for less than 21 hours. [laughter] >> [indiscernible] >> but you will know i am wrapping up when i begin to read "the cat in the hat."
9:23 pm
i'm here with words of encouragement and exultation. i want to say two things. number one, these are extraordinary times. these are not typical times. the challenges facing this country are unlike any we have ever seen. you look at our constitution, you look at our bill of rights, this is an administration that seems bound and determined to violate every one of our bill of rights. i do not know if they have yet violated the third amendment, but i expect them to be quartering soldiers in people's homes soon. [laughter] if you look at the bill of rights, if you look at the first amendment, this is an administration that has told
9:24 pm
servicemen and women that they cannot risk discipline. this is an administration that has reprimanded a person in alaska. mind you, he was quoting dwight d. eisenhower, who i might note has some passing familiarity with the military. this is an administration that is telling christian companies like hobby lobby and the little sisters of the poor, that they must -- or provide millions of dollars in government fines. the little sisters of the poor is an order of nuns that provides health care to the elderly poor. the federal government is coming after them saying they have to provide abortions as well. we have the second amendment, which no administration in the history of the country has ever come after guns like this administration.
9:25 pm
now, vice president joe biden -- [laughter] you know the nice thing? you do not need a punch line. [laughter] you just say his name, people laugh. but vice president joe biden had some advice. he said if anyone is to attacking your home, go outside with a shotgun and shoot both barrels in the air, which is very good advice if it happens you're being attacked by a flock of geese. [laughter] we have seen the fourth and fifth amendment, an administration whose policy and wiretap policies and your e- mails and phone calls, their
9:26 pm
view is the policy of the american people does not matter to them. and then there is the 10th amendment, an amendment i am sure they have gone and cut out of every copy of the constitution in the library of congress. we have seen an explosion of federal government power, none more important or significant or dangerous than obamacare. we look at the state of our economy and the last four years are coming has grown on average 0.9% a year. there's one other time since world war ii of four consecutive years of this kind of growth, and that was 1979 to 1982.
9:27 pm
coming out of the jimmy carter administration, it was the same policies, out-of-control spending and taxes and regulation, and it produced the exact same results. and we have seen a hapless, feckless foreign policy leading from behind, set by a president who does not appreciate the concept of an oxymoron -- [laughter] [applause] these are extraordinary times. every one of you is here because you love this country, because you love freedom, and you know we cannot keep going down this road much longer. we are nearing the edge of a cliff, and our window to turn things around, my friends, i do not think it is long. i do not think it is 10 years. we have a couple of years to turn this country around, or we
9:28 pm
go off the cliff to oblivion. throughout the history of the world we have seen great nations rise and fall, and everyone here today is here today because we are not content to allow the united states of america to do anything but continue to rise and remain the greatest country on the face of this earth. [applause] >> senator cruz, why won't you consider a pathway to citizenship for immigrant families? >> i appreciate that. it is a great thing that people can trust their first amendment right, and i only wish obama administration trusted first amendment rights that much. [applause] but how do we turn things around? the second point i want to say is only the american people can turn this great nation around. only the american people.
9:29 pm
now, the book of ecclesiastes tells us there is nothing new under the sun. as dire as things are, i want each to remember back to 1978, 1979. those were dark times, with 22% interest rates, double-digit unemployment, gas lines going round the block, our hostages languishing in iran. the president of the united states said we have to accept malaise. the soviet union cannot be stopped. our foreign policy is d'tente, and i am pretty sure it is french for "surrender." and what were we all told over and over again? there is nothing you can do about it. it cannot be done.
9:30 pm
the top marginal rate is 70% and it will stay 70% no matter what. government will always continue to grow come and freedom in america will always recede. what we have seen across this country -- >> [indiscernible] >> thank you for being here. i wish you would participate in the democratic process by speaking respectfully. it seems that president obama's paid political operatives are out in force today. [applause] and you know why? and you know why? because the men and women in this room scare the living daylights out of them. [applause]
9:31 pm
in 1980, in a situation every bit as dire as the one we face today, a revolution began across this country, the reagan revolution, and i am looking at an awful lot of foot soldiers and generals from the reagan revolution, a lot of the men and women in this room bear the scars and understand the power that when the people rise up, ultimately sovereignty resides in one place and one place only in our constitution, and it is with we the people. [applause] and i will suggest a model for how we turn this country around in the next couple of years, and
9:32 pm
it is the model that we have been following together for the last couple of months to stop that train wreck, that disaster, that nightmare that is obamacare. [applause] i do not know how many of you remember that movie "the usual suspects," where they describe the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. >> senator cruz, why -- >> you know what, i'm curious, is anybody left at the organizing for america headquarters? [applause] i'm actually glad the president told political staff is here instead of actually doing mischief in the country.
9:33 pm
[applause] in the movie "the usual suspects," the greatest trick the devil ever played was convince the world he did not exist. the greatest tricked the left has ever played is to convince conservatives we cannot win. [applause] the media will tell us that believing in free-market values, believing in the constitution, believing in freedom, that those are extreme views. it is a lie. if it were not a lie, why do so many democrats, and they are running, pretend to be conservatives? why do so many republicans do the same?
9:34 pm
[applause] the values each and every one of us are defending our values that every small town, every family, every small business has understood in this country for centuries. that is what we are defending. that is what we are defending. you know, at this point -- you know what is striking, actually? in the course of this brief speech, we have heard more questions than president obama has allowed in the past year. [applause]
9:35 pm
in fact, since we have the men and women of the media here, let me make an offer to our president. i would welcome the president, if he wants to get 100 of his most rabid political operatives in a room, i will answer their questions on television as long as he likes. [cheers] and in exchange, all i would ask, mr. president, is you take not a hundred, but 10 of the men and women in this room and spend 30 minutes answering their questions for the american people. [applause]
9:36 pm
when the fight for obamacare started, senator mike lee and i began by pitching it in washington. and it was abundantly clear that this was not a strategy that washington was going to embrace. it was far too risky, and if there is one overarching urge in washington, it is risk aversion. do nothing that has any risk, that it might actually doing anything. and so this summer mike lee and i took a very different strategy. we said, ok, we are going to go >> [indiscernible] >> ma'am, i look forward to you at the town hall. we tried a different strategy. we said, ok, we will go over their heads. a lot of folks in washington said we will talk to the republican leadership?
9:37 pm
we went over their heads to the american people. [applause] for much of the month of august and september, mike and i traveled this country speaking to town halls over the country and saying, saying -- how scared is the president? what a statement of fear. what a statement of fear. [applause] they do not want the truth to be heard. they definitely do not want the truth to be heard. as we traveled the country, speaking to the american people, making the case, what we said, i
9:38 pm
said you know what? i cannot stop obamacare. mike lee cannot stop obamacare. [indiscernible] we have two more, three more, gentlemen, ladies, thank you for your passion, but you should respect the rights of the men and women who are here. [chanting] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> the nice thing is the left
9:39 pm
will always, always, always tell you who they fear. and they fear you. they fear the american people. the fundamental problem in washington is washington is not listening to america. this fight on obamacare, we went to make the case to the american people, and in a matter of a few weeks, over 2 million american sign that petition on [applause] it is because of you that the house of representatives has been standing strong, because the house has been listening to the people. [applause]
9:40 pm
it is because of you that for the past two months the country has engaged in a national debate about the enormous harms obamacare is causing, all the millions of americans who are losing their jobs, being pushed into part-time work, losing their health insurance. it is because of you that the american people are energized. and we see the obama administration defending positions that are utterly and completely unreasonable. repeatedly, the house has acted to compromise them to fund vital priorities, and repeatedly obama and the press have refused to negotiate. i will note this afternoon, the democrats are feeling the heat. [applause] this afternoon president obama
9:41 pm
has invited the senate republicans to the white house. so after leaving here, i am going to be going to the white house -- [cheers] i will make a request. if i'm never seen again, please send a search-and-rescue team. i hope tomorrow morning i do not wake up amidst the syrian rebels. [laughter] but listen, they will talk to us, unlike this administration. you are exactly right. listen, none of us know what is going to happen on this obamacare fight right now. in my view the house of representatives needs to keep doing what it has been doing, which is standing strong.
9:42 pm
[applause] and that is the model for every other fight. we need no more washington solutions. we need to go back to the american people. [applause] the media tells us we cannot win. i read in "the new york times" that hillary has already started her second term. [laughter] the media wants america to get up and allow this country to keep sliding off the edge of the cliff, but let me tell you, there are two things i have an abiding faith in. one is a benevolent god who loves each and every one of us. [applause]
9:43 pm
and number two is the american people who love liberty and opportunity, unlike any nation, any people in the history of this world. [applause] many of you know my father, rafael cruz. [applause] i am hoping in time i can encourage him not to be such a wallflower. when he fled cuba 55 years ago, after being in prison, after being beaten, when he came here seeking freedom, he did it because no nation on earth has allowed so many people to come with nothing and achieve the american dream. [applause]
9:44 pm
what does it take to win this fight? it takes the men and women in this room. each of you is called to be here. much like esther, you were called for a time such as this. [applause] for 400 years, every generation of americans has given to their kids and grandkids an opportunity, greater prosperity, a greater future. if we keep going down this road, we will become the first generation not to do that, and every man and woman in this room believes that is utterly and completely unacceptable! [applause]
9:45 pm
as ronald reagan famously observed, freedom is not passed down in a bloodstream from one generation to the next. every generation has to rise up and defend it, or one day we will find ourselves answering questions from our children and our children's children -- what was it like when america was free? none of us will ever have to answer that question, because together the american people, we are going to restore that shining city on the hill that is the united states of america. thank you, and god bless you. ♪
9:46 pm
>> texas senator ted cruz, one of the many speakers. mediation beauty speech by senator rand paul of kentucky coming up next. we will take a break here shortly to get the deal on the 11th day of the government shutdown and open up our phone lines. the numbers are on your screen. make sure that you mute your television when you get on the line. if you want to we chess on twitter, -- reach us on twitter, @cspanchat. report in "the new york times" this evening, a picture of senator cruise returning to
9:47 pm
the capital. short term solution for fiscal crisis appears closer and they write that this appears closer to a short-term resolution as they showed greater flexibility but headed into the weekend for the debtl ceiling. followed by a longer-term budget talk, this came into view and the president and lawmakers face the challenge of framing such a challenge that they could all accept politically. that is from "the new york times." a couple of comments about him from twitter. steve says -- let's get the calls. the bill is in westport, connecticut, good evening on the democrats line. in addition to being a
9:48 pm
democrat, a liberal progressive democrat, i'm an atheist, a nonreligious person. i'm tying in the value voters summit conference that we are watching now that involves particularly right wing fundamentalist christians talking about the shutdown of the debt ceiling debate. christiansntalist are using the debt ceiling, which is going to be a debacle if we do not raise it emma which they do not want to do, in accordance with their air rational religious, christian belief in revelation, armageddon, the apocalypse, the rap sure. -- the rapture. view of whatonomic they believe like the neocons to have america bomb iran to bring on world war iii to bring on
9:49 pm
what they think is the apocalypse, the armageddon, the rapture of the mythical jesus coming back to earth which they believe in. my point is this is an economic position where they want to have ceiling not raised to economically and our country from an economic point of view to bring back jesus. what do you think about that? >> more from the values voter summit in just a bit. his father, ron paul, according to a tweet is endorsing ken cuccinelli and the virginia governor's race. from our republican line. john from new jersey. go ahead. all, i would of counter everything the democratic atheist just said that is not the subject here. tryingject is ted cruz
9:50 pm
to get rid of obamacare which the american people don't want. it is being railroaded down their throats and it's quite obvious that they are really afraid of ted cruz because they see that people are behind him. they don't want obamacare. that's all i have to say. thank you very much. tweet from politico saying he's calling for kathleen sebelius to resign calling on "gross incompetence" in her position as head of health and human services and she is in charge of implementing the affordable care act. frankie romm ohio on our democrats line, go ahead. caller: i'm appalled at what is going on. of rhetoric a bunch and it said you don't want to lesser and that are
9:51 pm
not able to afford health care. you want to ride the backs on people. what middle-class? there is no middle class. either you have it or you don't. the haves versus the have-nots. they're taking it from the have- nots and giving it to those who has. it's a bunch of selfish people and they are always trying to put god into their ugliness. he is of peace and a sound mind and if they really loved the pupil, they would let them go to regardless of obama care, what they don't want. people need a job, number one, to afford health care. take that away and what do they have? >> off of twitter --
9:52 pm
linda on the republican line from parkville, maryland. i don't know why they don't just take $1 trillion off the top of the budget of the money that we give to people who can't stand it and give it to people who need healthcare but leave it for those who already have health care a loan. the senate ared back tomorrow, the house back at 9:30 a.m. eastern and they will finish up were going to conference on the farm bill with the senate and take a partial funding for indian affairs. the senate in at 11:00. focusing on the debt ceiling in the headline on "the hill." start at 11:00 and hold a vote on and debate to proceed to the bill that would allow the government to borrow money above the current debt ceiling level until the end of
9:53 pm
2014. next is brooklyn, fitzgerald. fitzgerald.ame is i listen to your show in the morning at 6:00 and the republican caller, when he was saying that a lot of jobs have been cut in the united states and sent overseas but they don't have the money coming from the those jobsing with to help with the social security, medicaid, medicare. i agree with them 100% because if you take away 50% and then expect them to make up for the other 50%, it would be very hard. the other issue on the affordable health care act, do you believe that would work for a lot of other people who don't have health insurance? if you have a job now and you either lose a job or retire, some only require to cover you
9:54 pm
for a year. if you are 55, then you don't have medical after that. at it in the long run. it's a little rocky right now, but i believe it would benefit the whole country. thanks for your call. let's get a few more. daniel on the republican line, go ahead. i'm a subcontractor for the government. when -- myurance health insurance went from $150 $534 and my new deductible is $2500. they should let the american people vote on this obamacare issue. that's all i have to say. >> one bit of news about the government shutdown, a few parks
9:55 pm
and major attractions are reopening. a tweet from politico, the grand canyon, the statue of liberty, and mount rushmore are opened for at least another week. the governor in arizona and the governor in new york funding those parks. california -- excuse me, charlotte on the line. old.r: i'm over 80 years we never had any insurance before i was probably 40. if we got sick, we went to the doctor. are a free country, what right does the government have to force people to buy insurance and tell them what insurance to get? >> you did not have insurance until you were 40? caller: i'm on medicare and
9:56 pm
stuff now. [laughter] i don't understand what right the government has to make people buy insurance and especially put the young kids that probably don't have any money to buy insurance, they .on't have jobs what right do they have? i would like to know what right they have to force everyone to buy insurance. >> house republicans met with the president last night. the staff meeting was much later than the actual members. they floated a plan that would debt ceiling of these through mid-november but the white house pushed back on that. meanwhile, the attention has turned over to the u.s. senate.
9:57 pm
calling on this saying that republicans are looking to jam john boehner. that is from "the national review" online. marie on the democrats line. i was watching c-
9:58 pm
span 2. something i had not heard about before was brought up during the capitol hill meeting they had september 11th saying that they are looking for how to avoid legal liability because of the risk of a security breach for people's personal data that goes .nto obamacare online they put their personal data on their and they have not really that.d what they are doing is that they are preparing. when these people go in and put those social security numbers in there and all of that that site gets breached, the government can't get sued over it. we did cover a meeting midweek with the house oversight committee from house officials on the implementation and some .f the technology involved william in williamsburg,
9:59 pm
kentucky, on our line for others. yes, i have lived in kentucky for 40 years and i tried to get my wife on medicaid and stuff like that. she was disabled, could not get out of bed. and just tear recently, she just got on medicaid and we fought for four years trying to get her some sort of help. myself, i'm disabled. williamsburg is just so poor. the majority of people are living off of the government. realize that just they need to do something down here and there are no jobs here whatsoever. the coal mine has shut down. runs the country right there, too, you know. >> in better times, the coal
10:00 pm
miner would have been the major employer there in williamsburg? caller: yes, it has. they always want to create jobs in central kentucky, but they don't want to create none in southern kentucky. >> >> thanks for the call. let's wrap up here with chicago and richard is on the democrats' line. >> caller: hi, how are you? thank you for taking my call. chicago, illinois, i've got a bachelor's degree. i'm 63. haven't had insurance the last 15 years. i tried entrepreneurship and failed and i'm on social security now and i get a little amount in food stamps. people who l of the are suffering because of the shutdown, i feel sorry for them. i look at myself and i feel like doing great because look at them, they have nothing. i hope the government opens


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