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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 12, 2013 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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things with give and take, things that you want, things that the republicans want, attached to a clean c.r. do you have a policy side card, not just a process side card, that's new. >> no, i understand the question, and it's a smart one. but let me be clear. our position has always been that, at the very least, congress ought not to allow the government to shut down. the republicans should not shut down the government and the house of representatives should do what the senate did, which is pass a clean c.r., funding the government at levels set in the previous fiscal year by largely republicans.
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so it has also been our position that we envision a bigger, broader, and more sub stan active budget compromise that achieved some of the goals the president has been talking about for a long time, and those goals include continued deficit reduction. they include, you know, dealing with the problem with the sequester, and they include key investments in areas of our economy and our middle class that will help us grow stronger in the future and create more jobs. both are true. at the very least, our position has been that the republicans should not have shut down the government, that when it became clear they weren't going to get what they wanted in return for when the fiscal year ended, that they should have done the very least, this is what the senate did, and that is pass an extension of spending at current levels to allow for further budget negotiations. instead they chose to shut the government down, to try to use the pain and suffering of the american people and the harm to the american economy as leverage to get what they wanted. i think it's fair to say that hasn't worked for them.
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we are encouraged by the constructive approach that republicans have taken in conversations with the president and others in recent hours and days. but we don't have an agreement yet. >> you're willing to negotiate and are trying to negotiate on any deal that gives both sides something they want that would not be considered a ransom, which is still there won't be a ransom. >> i don't think -- i mean, no, i don't think i can characterize the conversations that way. what we are looking for is a way to see if the congress, in particular republicans in congress, in agreement with democrats, can reopen the government, which is something we've asked them to do from day one, and remove the threat of default from this whole process. that's our position and our view, and it's one that we've expressed. we have seen constructive signs and appreciate them coming from
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the republican side and believe that the speaker said or his spokesman said in their roudout of the phone call with the president that it's important to continue to talk, that all sides continue to talk. >> really concretely -- >> no. >> what is the next step? >> well, i don't know. >> are you waiting for boehner to come back with a new proposal tonight? >> i really don't have -- i think it's fair to say that when it comes to specifics about talks and conversations that i'm not going to have a lot to offer you today. it's pretty evident, right? >> the president talked to speaker boehner. is he waiting for now a new -- >> i would refer you to the speaker. what i can say is what the speaker's spokesman said, which is the president and he continued to agree talking and all sides should continue talking, and we think what we've seen thus far represents a constructive approach, and
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hopefully congress will reach an agreement of some kind that will allow them to open the government, reopen the government, and remove the threat of default from this whole process, because it's enormously damaging to the economy and to the american people. i don't have any scheduling updates. obviously we'll keep you updated as we have more information about things happening here, but i have nothing on tomorrow's schedule or sunday or monday. don't have one. it's a fairly fluid situation. i certainly have no scheduling announcements of that kind to make. i don't expect to make them. i don't expect that, but i mean, i would never -- the normal process we follow, things like that will be followed in this case. thanks, all.
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>> if president bush was on the asia trip, would he have gone to afghanistan today? [laughter] >> there was want a plan to do that. >> thanks. >> on the next "washington journal," we'll talk about the continued government shutdown with star parker, founder and president of the center for renewal education. she's discuss the debate between congressional republicans, the white house, and democrats. and the upcoming deadline to raise the debt ceiling. then caroline smith dewaal will look at the shutdown's impact on food safety across the united states. she's the food safety director at the center for science in the public interest. "washington journal" live every morning with your calls at 7:00 .m. eastern on c-span.
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>> both chambers of congress will be in session this morning. the house gavels in at 9:30 eastern. members will be voting on which measures of the farm bill each chamber will focus on in conference. yesterday the house voted in favor of going to conference to work out differences over the farm bill. the senate returns at 11:00 eastern. they'll vote to move forward on a debt ceiling bill introduced earlier in the week by harry reid. it would extend the debt ceiling for one year. a vote on the measure is expected to be held around noon. meanwhile, negotiations among house republicans, senate democrats, and the president continue, as they try to reach an agreement to end the federal government shutdown and how to move forward on the debt ceiling. you can watch the house live on c-span, the senate on c-span2. >> we want to know how the government shutdown is affecting you. please send us your videos.
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>> make your short video message and upload it from your mobile device and see what others are touting about. >> next, representative michele watchman, american values president gary beauer, sandy rios and former 2012 presidential candidate rick santorum. their remarks were part of this weekend's values voters summit in washington, d.c. hey spoke for about two hours. >> well, folks, our next speaker is not only the first republican woman to serve in the house of representatives for the state of minnesota, she's also the first republican woman to run for the united states of america. she has been a true champion for values voters on cutting spending, government waste, and defending the constitution. she has been the most outspoken opponent to obamacare.
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and as most of you know by now, next year she'lling stepping down from the house. would you use this opportunity as she comes to the podium to not only welcome her to the values voters summit, but to thank her for her amazing courage in representing our values in this nation. ladies and gentlemen, michele bachmann. >> oh, what a beautiful sight. what a beautiful sight. thank you. you're having a good day, aren't you? i love you too. i love you too. thank you so much. thank you for being here for the values voters summit. i don't know if you noticed on your program, right now miley cyrus was supposed to be up here speaking, and they made me
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the substitute, so i hope that's ok for you this afternoon. ok, so here is the story. i was out walking, minding my own business as i usually do in the morning. usually i'm causing trouble in d.c., but in the mornings, i go out and i walk, and i usually am walking somewhere around the national mall and somewhere around the memorial. so i was out walking, as i said, minding my own business, enjoying the beautiful day. it was about 80 degrees out. and all the sudden on my phone, in came an email, and it was from one of my fellow colleagues, who i'm sure you all know and love, steve king of iowa, and the email came in, and it said this -- it said that there was an honor flight coming in to the world war ii memorial, and he said that there are barricades up and there will be many, many of our finest generation that will be there, the greatest generation, and it was an all points
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bulletin for members of congress to come and face down the national park service and open up the world war ii memorial. so i went in my mom clothes. that's what i walk around in in the morning. i went over to the memorial, and i went from the back side, and i couldn't believe my eyes. because here were tour buses facing the world war ii memorial, fairly narrow strip of sidewalk, and iron barricades had been set up with police tape. so i pulled out my camera. i took the photos, because i thought, when are you ever going to see world war ii vets shut out of their own memorial? my step dad had just taken an honor flight as an 89-year-old together with my 88-year-old uncle, highlight of their life. my uncle had subsequently passed away from taking that honor flight, and i thought to myself, really? you would say no to an 84 to
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99-year-old and prevent them from coming in and seeing their own monument? so i ran over. steve was standing next to the bare yes. i yelled charge, and away we o, and we opened the barriers. [applause] you can try your petty tyrannies, but you're never oing to succeed. every single day since that fateful morning, we have had members of congress at the honor flight, including this last saturday. steve king told me that there are going to be 10 honor flights coming that day and did we want to go and take a patriotic tour and make sure
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that we would be there for every honor flight. so we went down. i had a big contingent from my home state of minnesota, and we were there to make sure that those memorials were open. but then after we had done our duty, it was actually 90 degrees on saturday, and by the way, in an additional act of pettiness, the obama administration also when it's 90 degrees, decided to turn off the water fountain on the national mall on saturday. but they went one worse. they shut down the public bathrooms that were needed to be required for those who are there, the world war ii veterans. and so steve and i said let's keep going, we're not done. so we opened up the world war ii memorial, and then we went on to the vietnam memorial. the vietnam memorial also had barricades around it, and it even went better. it had a national park service ranger standing in front. you never see park rangers in
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front of these memory yals ever. they're open to the public. then we saw a female police officer holding a german shepherd. you want to talk about an act of intimidation to keep people out? and we said what's going on, officer, why aren't the people allowed to come in? well, the memorials are closed, and i'm volunteering. and so i said to him, you volunteer to do this? so after that, we asked him, who's allowed to come in, because they had a narrow opening. they said those who went to serve in vietnam and the family members of those who lost people on the wall. now think of the discretion -- i give you just this example -- think of the discretion and the power that the commander in chief has given to himself, and that's our symbol. that's our symbol. and so steve and i said no, this is a first amendment right to come into this memorial. we physically lifted up the
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iron barriers. we put them to the side. we said come in, and unwith all. this is your memorial. you're americans, and come on n. hundreds of individuals came into that memorial, and then we decided to leave and see what was happening at the korean memorial. that is a very difficult memorial to put barricades around, but the park service managed to do it. we walked up again to the ranger. we asked the ranger what was going o. we heard the same song and dance. so once again, we had americans in wheelchairs and mothers with baby strollers and so we did the same thing. we opened up that barrier, and we got the korean war memorial open, and people were able to go in, and they were able to go out. from there we walked over to
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the lincoln memorial, one of the most infamous memorials to see yellow police tape barricading, as well as barricades. as steve and i stood in front of the memorial, we saw a grand scommore a grandfather with their 10-year-old grandson, and they said to us, you know, we asked our grandson on his 10th birthday, which was last saturday, where would you like to go for your 10th birthday, and he could have gone anywhere in the united states. he could have gone to disneyland. but he told us he wanted to see the lincoln memorial, and we're here today for our grandson, we don't know what to do. so i turned to steve, and i said you know what we got to do. and he's not going fight anymore with me. so we went up to the barrier. a woman was listening to us. steve had his wire cutters in his pocket, because that's what we need now, and so we went up to the barrier, and one woman said this one doesn't have any wire on it. so once again steve and i lifted up the iron barriers.
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we moved them aside. we took our scissor. we cut the police tape. he and i went up the steps. we had some other people with us. we said come, let's go up, let's take this hill. 600 americans took the lincoln memorial on saturday. [applause] we took that hill, and this is the police lineup tape. this is our consolation prize. and so the obama -- this is our symbol. you see the obama administration is turning us into a police line. i say we are not a police line. you can choose that or, mr. president, you can choose to
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follow article two in the constitution of the united states. because you have absolutely no right to irrigate that level of power to yourself, just like we saw this last week, with the inn on the blue ridge parkway in north carolina. we had heard from mark meadows, members of congress, last friday morning that unbelievably the united states government was going to shut down a private -- with no federal money and no federal employees. we heard that friday morning. that afternoon i picked up my phone in my office. i called the owner of the inn, and i said you're a member of congress, i was told your predicament. members of congress will stand with you. at 1:15 in the afternoon, the owner said to me, you better act quick, because there's blue lights flashing in my driveway right now. they're shutting the gate to my hotel. so i told him, grab your cell phone camera, go out, take pictures of what's going on,
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and you show america what's happening to a private business owner. that afternoon i called my husband, and i said think of this. this is the 18th government shutdown since the time of jimmy carter, although some people say the four years of jimmy carter was probably the longest american shutdown. but i called my husband, and i said to him, now just think, in the next shutdown, we own two private health clinics, and i said now, imagine, obamacare came online during this shutdown. so in the future, people will presumably purchase health insurance if they can get to them in these private exchanges, so in the future in a shutdown, will we see another president obama move where he puts padlocks on a private clinic like ours just because we might be able to take insurance? will they stop a kidney transplant just in process? will they stop a scheduled
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c-section in process? what will they do? who would have ever thought you'd shut down the lincoln memorial or the world war ii memorial? who would have thought they'd ever shut down pheasant season in minnesota after you've already bought your permit? who would have thought on a state highway in front of mount rushmore there would be barriers and cones so that people couldn't get in on a state highway to be able to see mount rushmore? who would have ever thought it? oh, i love the fight of people in south dakota, because they removed the cones. they removed the barriers. the obama administration put it back. four feet of snow fell and the snowplows pushed the cones and the barriers down the canyon. take that! you see, this is a big fight. we're supposed to be ashamed
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that this fight is about obamacare. i'm not. i'm not ashamed. when obamacare passed, i was there that night grieving, weeping on the floor when obamacare passed, i had made the first call to the american people, and i called you all to come in to washington, d.c., to look at the whites of the eyes of the members of congress and say to them, want with my healthcare you don't. 40,000 of you responded and came to washington, d.c. that created the rise of the tea party, and that created the victory that pulled the gavel out of nancy pelosi's hand in 2010. that was the tea party that did that. the night that obamacare passed, i turned to mike pence on the floor, now the governor of the state of indiana, and i said, mike, we have to tell the american people that we haven't waved the white flag of surrender on socialized medicine. i said somebody's got to introduce the bill to repeal it. he said go for it, michele.
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i did. i went back to my office, wrote the repeal bill, and i was the first one on the floor the next morning. i introduced the repeal bill. steve king later that day also introduced a repeal bill. we've been fighting ever since. this is consequential, because it is life and death for the american people, and for the american economy. t's worth fighting over. but this fight that we're in right now is far bigger than even the obamacare fight, far bigger, it's far bigger than the national bankruptcy that is impending upon our nation right now, that is putting our children's future at risk. it's bigger than the debt. it's bigger than the spending. because i said what is at risk in all of this is whether we
5:22 am
will be the police line state or whether we will be a constitutional republic. it is that grave and that consequential, because an election was had. the results were what we all wanted to see, but an election was had. we have a democrat president. we have a democrat-controlled senate. but we have a republican-controlled house. by virtue of the election of the american people, they said we will have a divided government and a divided government we have. and we will not silence the voice of the american people in this fight. because you see, if the president can be petty as he is, you see it firsthand in these death benefits that are denied to the fallen. as if it wasn't enough to leave our men on the field in benghazi, now he is using our
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soldiers as political pawns. this is the height of throwing under the bus some of the most innocent victims that there are. we do not forget, and we do stand, and we do fight, and i say to you all, this isn't the time for caving. this is the time for standing. and i am proud of the leadership in the house. usually i am fighting the leadership in the house, like about 99% of the time. i am here to say to you, i've been extremely proud that we have stood, because what i have seen is that fight and resolve that says the people count, and you've got to pay attention. that's why to me, when it comes to obamacare, i have stood for repeal, i have begged for defund. thank you, ted. thank you, mike. i have stood for that. but i believe what we must stand for now is to make sure
5:24 am
voluntary for is everyone in the united states. the best line this week was how can we possibly force 100% of americans to be taxed to pay for a product they don't to want buy from a website that does not work? whether you ore, are a big business. whether you are a small business. whether you are an average american, which is the greatest thing in the world to be, whether you are a doctor, a nurse, a medical device manufacturer, an insurer, whoever you are, this egregious system that will be ultimately known as death care must be defeated. and you see, this is our line in the sand of police state versus constitutional republic. this is it. when the federal government controls your healthcare, they
5:25 am
literally control life and death. and so i say we should do no less than demand that president obama allow obamacare to be voluntary for every american. no forcing anyone to go into this system. if you thought the n.s.a. was looking at your private data, you haven't seen anything until these federal hubs are created. i'll end with this. you see, it was 1,281 years ago day that charles martell won the victory. that day changed the course of history. for 100 years, the islamist marauders had won battle after battle after battle and were moving their fear and their tyranny across the world. you see, charles martell stood up against that, the famous,
5:26 am
brilliant victor davis hanson wrote an article, this military historian told us about what this meant for the rise of modern europe. you see, it was the persecution and it was the suffering that was brought about by this islamic insurgency that brought about the unity from charles martell, where they literally stood shoulder to shoulder with their shields up and their javelins pointed, and they won that divisive battle. and charlemagne became the father of modern europe, and christian europe and the values of christian europe prevailed, and ultimately led to those same immigrants coming to the united states and creating this magnificent country. you see battles count. you need to know when to fight. this is the time to fight. this is our moment for pass period of time.
5:27 am
and i thank god that we finally have the will to stand up, take on this oppressive president, and stand for what is good and righteous and true. it's a battle of our time. you choose. you choose. it's a battle of our time. god bless you, and god bless the united states of america. god bless you! [applause] >> all right. let us compose ourselves. no, this is a call to action,
5:28 am
and you can do something about that, make that call to the capitol switchboard. call your congress people from your state. let them know where you stand on obamacare, and be sure to pick up a stand t-shirt at our registration. show your values. go to our registration desk and you can get all kinds of bumper stickers, t-shirts, whatever you need. our next speaker grew up in the civil rights movement led by her uncle, dr. martin luther king. but also with her father, reverend a.d. king, and her mother, naomi king. she currently serves as a pastoral associate and director of african-american outreach for priests for life and gospel of life ministries. she's also a voice for the silent no more awareness campaign sharing her personal testimony about abortion, god's forgiveness and healing. she is the recipient of the life pride award and also the cardinal john o'connor pro-life hall of fame in 2011. she's also a best-selling
5:29 am
author. among her books is "how can the dream survive if we murder the children." ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome to the podium right now, dr. al very da king. [applause] >> praise the lord. praise the lord. praise the lord. hallelujah. praise the lord. thank you so much. can you raise your hands just like this for a second and help me just a little bit, and then die have some words to share. ♪ then sings my soul my savior god to thee ♪ take it to the end. ♪ how great thou art how great thou art ♪
5:30 am
>> glory to god. he is worthy he is worthy. i tell you such power, such truth that i have heard from everyone who has spoken today and i thank god for each of you and your presence as well. i have written some remarks. oh please follow with me. as we stand together today, praying for faith, family and opportunity for all, we can only be amazed by the hope that is rising among we the people. year.pproach my 10th
5:31 am
we must believe that love will carry us over difficult bridges. we are indeed facing turbulent times. that last yearr a man was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for threatening the life of father frank dimon. here in d.c., the family research council however faced more than a threat. you endured an attack on the lives of everyone of the frc staff. a gay-rights activist enters the frc building with enough ammunition to kill everyone in frc as ame to the gunman, fueled by hatemongering from the southern poverty law center. the shooter admitted he was directed to the location by the while sdlccy --
5:32 am
claims to fight against hate, they have been saying hateful things about the family research council and other groups who are represented here today. heroismrace of god, the and the heroism of f frc security officer mr. leo johnson, who took a bullet, yes, yes, yes. god bless him and his family. who took a bullet from the wereer, many deaths averted. today, the shooter is behind bars as a result of being convicted for domestic terrorism. but the fc lc and many others anger andhate and false claims of civil rights activism still roam free to confuse the masses with their deception. , nonds, nick no mistake matter our political affiliations or our church denominations or our personal we areissue of the day,
5:33 am
now called together to humbly fight the good fight. yes, yes, yes. so together in unity and love for humanity, we gird ourselves with the truth. of faith. a shield our sort is not a spinning soundbite or a focus group, but the word of god. please permit me to give you a personal confession. regretsop of my list of are the deaths of three of my children. one through miscarriage and to buy abortion. down the list, i regret having said to a group of peers that my uncle dr. martin luther king jr. was a republican. grandfather, dr. martin luther king senior was a registered republican, but uncle ml was an independent. as a rich and and civil rights activist, he follows the path of
5:34 am
not publicly endorsing a political party or candidate. not the servant> or master of either. i am not inextricably bound to your party. as one who has been elected to the georgia house of representatives as a democrat, and who has been a presidential appointee in a republican administration, i'm beginning to understand the wisdom of my uncle ml. my name is not to become involved -- my aim is not to become involved in political squabble but to speak the truth as best i can. we are commanded to pray for those in authority and i know that we all do that. we also pray for our nation, understanding that human reasoning and human solutions are too finite to bring an ultimate resolution to our problems. the saddest and sickest part longs for the gift of salvation in christ.
5:35 am
recently -- recent remarks by pope francis remind us that human beings have immediate problems in their lives and these are not limited to the great moral questions of our time. hope francis says that he must deal with the entire human condition, not just the pressing questions, abortion and marriage. yet he is not suggesting that there is in any way a license to sin. rather, he is advocating for a license to repent, to be healed and to be delivered from human failings. social issues are intertwined. abortion, for instance, cannot be separated from the breakdown of the family, which cannot be separated on the attack on natural procreative marriage. neither can abortion be separated from human trafficking, rape, child abuse or host of other issues. i believe that when pope francis was looking at the entire human condition, he is speaking to every human heart and so must
5:36 am
we. what i look at this human condition today, i see evil triplets, a three headed monster, racism, reproductive genocide and sexual perversion. it will take jesus to set that record straight. hallelujah, glory to god. [applause] i once thought that white people killed my uncle. i told you this was a confession. not just one white man or a conspiracy of white men, but all white men were responsible. i father, reverend king corrected me. you cannotveda, hate white people. people do not kill your father, the devil did. before that, i thought that god wanted me to hate white people and i was angry with god for creating white people and the human condition called racism. you see how confused i was. it took my earthly father and my
5:37 am
heavenly father to help me acts 27:17 was true. we are all of one human blood. hallelujah. hallelujah. [applause] i have met people who battle with sexual perversion and human sexuality issues. ,or example, i have met according to matthew 19, some people who may have been born gay, some people who may have been made gay, the bible says unit, but it does not only mean castration, it comes in many forms. and some people who have chosen to be gay. on the other hand i have met people who were born with conditions are developed conditions of sickness and disease in their bodies, hype blood pressure, heart problems, all kinds of issues. i myself have suffered from a human error called abortion. yet i have been forgiven and healed by the blood of jesus. so there'sallelujah,
5:38 am
no human condition, whether it is lost or sickness or greed or any condition of the heart the body or the soul that cannot reach your it, healed or delivered and set free and transforms by the blood of jesus. hallelujah. [applause] hallelujah. way, were born a certain no matter what way that was, we can be born again. hallelujah. so therefore we must all embrace each other what might uncle ml called the beloved community. in love we must carry all our cares to the lord and leave them there. impasse, ore at an seeming impasse over obamacare. the president says that if we won't pay for free birth control and abortion, he won't let the government operate. my friends, i have daughters and granddaughters. they need free poisoned birth
5:39 am
control and life destroying abortion like they need holes in their heads. oh no. [applause] what are families need is good education, decent and safe living environments, the job is a grown-up and good work ethics and moral values. they need the security of living in a world free of terrorism. any healthy bodies and a healthy growing economy. they need so much and washington is not delivering a check banked on a solid foundation. recently as i went through airport security, the tsa officer was so sad that i had to stop and pray for him before i made it through check on it. this is really the good truth. salary for was on low, but was required to work anyway because the shutdown prevented him from getting a salary. after the prayer i received a very somber thank you and my credentials were then returned to me. what is so amazing to me is that
5:40 am
our veterans and others are being needlessly and directly impacted with no end in sight for relief. why must veterans and honest, hard-working americans suffer so that forcibly subsidize birth control and abortions can r eign. this summit is so important and i'm so glad to see all of you. we can pray together for those in it or easily can lead peaceful and not deceitful lives. you can elect government officials who have hearts for righteousness. his 1967ml in christmas sermon spoke these words. quote we are children of god in his image and therefore must be respected as such. when we truly believe in the sacredness of human personality, we won't exploit people, we won't trample over people with the iron feet of oppression.
5:41 am
we won't kill anybody. i am encouraged to see what we are not waiting anymore. we the people, red and yellow, black and white all precious in god's sight are crossing every barrier to march to the polls and vote for true freedom and true liberty. as we move ahead, may god bless and guide us, amen and glory, hallelujah. his truth is marching on. glory! [applause] [laughter] [applause] speaker, gary bauer was so disappointed because he wanted to start off with singing, but now that has been stolen.
5:42 am
i do want to say about her next speaker that he is one of the original pioneers of the pro- life, profamily and pro-growth values family movement for more than three decades. many leaders quote from ronald reagan. this man actually served in his administration as his undersecretary of education and chief domestic policy adviser for eight years. he has served as senior vice president for focus on the family and also is president of the family research council and ran for president of the united states in 2000. today, he serves as chairman of campaign for working families pac, and dedicated to electing conservative candidates to congress and is president of american values. ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome columnist, radio talkshow host and true values voter pioneer, gary bauer. ♪ [applause]
5:43 am
>> thank you, thank you very much. i appreciate that. i think i tell you this every year. when you give somebody a standing ovation you really put them on the spot. ronald reagan told me once that the white house that after i got out of the administration and would speak more than if i ever got a standing ovation when i was introduced i should sit down immediately because i had nowhere to go but down after that. at my ownoceeding risk, my friends. still, it was a very warm welcome. how many of you were here today when senator cruise had to put up with that unpleasantness in the audience? [applause] folds, don't miss what this is about, ok? this is what the political left in america is today. this is the kind of harassment that you are subjected to if you
5:44 am
are michele bachmann are you or ted cruz or you are the congressmen that were appeared a little while ago. anybody that comes to the city and stands for your values, they just don't get into debates, they're have to deal with an opponent, they are harassed. it is the politics of personal destruction. on stoppingpaigned obamacare and told the people of texas that they elected him senator she would come to washington dc and do what he promised to do. for that, he must now be destroyed. one year ago, when i came out to talk to, benghazi had just happened. .'ve come down to my hotel room hillary clinton and the president will welcome the families of the dead men that were killed in benghazi. they were saying to these families, our hearts go out to
5:45 am
you. we're going to get to the bottom of this. .e will find out who did this ladies and gentlemen, we now know they knew then you did it. to think that when hillary clinton goes around the country speaking she has to deal with hecklers in the audience? the way ted cruz does? come to think of it, maybe we ought to start adopting some of their tactics. unbelievable, unbelievable. anyway, my friends, this is all part of the war that we are in. rush limbaugh said the other day that he felt we were living in a dying country. i love rush, but i would disagree to a certain extent. i believe we are living in a country that is being killed. not just dying. whether it is our culture, our values, our faith, our history, all are under attack from the radical left. , step-by-step,
5:46 am
america as we have known it is being pulled out by its roots from the rich soil, the nurturing earth of judeo- christian civilization. the moral code of judeo- christian civilization everywhere it has gone has brought decency and tolerance with it. , itnspired our founders taught us that liberty comes from god. it protected the week. because of judeo-christian civilization the slaves were liberated. that civilization teaches wherever it is that all human beings, whether it is a new born with down syndrome were a 90- year-old sinking into dementia at all human beings regardless of the color of their skin has dignity and value and worth because they were made in the image of god.
5:47 am
[applause] but that civilization and what it teaches is hated. it is hated by the radical secular left and it is hated by the radical islamists. they disagree on everything. -- that agree on this judeo-christian civilization and people like you must be destroyed if they are going to successfully remake america into something that we don't recognize. my friends, that is how important this battle is to this country and to your future. this country was founded by a brilliant man. i believe they had god's wisdom when they founded it. because they wanted it to be a shining city on a hill. country, builtr
5:48 am
a brilliant man, is governed by en. men without chests as cs lewis called similar men in his era. think of the words that used to define the united states in our civilization. words like decency, honor, virtue. these are not dusty verbal relics of a bygone age. how else can you explain last year leading into the presidential campaign the elevation to start them over georgetown university coed by the name of sender fluke? -- of sandra fluke?
5:49 am
ice on a sign of shame. she went before a congressional that the to argue sexual promiscuity practiced by her and her friends on georgetown university's campus was so pronounced that she could not pay for her birth control pills or condoms for her partners and still have money left over for her textbooks or to be able to have three meals a day. now, my friends, we can sigh about that, we can fret about it , we can shake our heads, but you know what? sandra fluke became a factor in the election. it looked like an embarrassment, but she was used in the campaign to scare women between 18 and 30 that somehow if mitt romney was
5:50 am
elected president, they would not have birth control pills. that same tactic is being used cochinn virginia against alley in the gubernatorial campaign. it is so absurd, you don't even know what to say about it. the president of the united states last year it took the phone after sandra fluke testified to call her and tell her how proud he was of her. i still remember when presidents made arsenal phone calls to astronauts -- when presidents made personal phone calls to astronauts. i remember when presidents used to call heroic policeman or
5:51 am
soldier's or someone that had gone to the point of laying down or trying to put their own life on the line for somebody else heard now we live in an era where a president praises a promiscuous coed because she thinks you ought to buy her birth control pills. that, my friends is the definition of civilization in decline. [applause] now we have a new heroine. anybody from texas? the new heroine coming out of texas, senator wendy davis, think about this for a second. senator davis stopped business in the texas legislature. she filibustered with her now
5:52 am
on.ic pink sneakers and she is a heroine. on thez filibustered floor of the senate against obamacare and he is a bomb. >> not to us he isn't. [applause] absolutely. -- and what did the senator filibuster about? her cause on the floor of the legislature of texas was to in every and any month of the pregnancy that the women of texas have the right to destroy unborn children heard there are a lot of people that consider themselves pro-life and they will say in the first trimester i can understand maybe isn't really viable or
5:53 am
whatever. there are some splits about that. you ask the american people if they think you can be allowed to have an abortion in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and they will look at you in horror. that is what the senator wanted to guarantee would be the law in texas. that, she wanted to make sure those abortions in the late months of pregnancy to place in dirty abortion clinics that did not have to follow normal health standards. , i am told by the evening news every night, so it hope of the, is the texas democratic party. they believe that she has got a good chance to be the next governor of texas.
5:54 am
happened toworld the party of fdr, harry truman and jfk? the party that wanted to protect the little guy in america. abandons that today the littlest guy of all, to the up portion mists knife? to happen to that party? my friends, if texas in the wild imagination would like this woman, i can imagine it, but it tells us something. she is considered a heroine with her bumper sticker -- abortion for any reason in dirty clinics. now there is a cause you can rally two. agoknow, not many months president obama went to a convention of abortionists, people who profit from the deaths of little babies. outpresident has spoken about the dirty profits of the
5:55 am
bankers, the dirty profits of the drug companies, the dirty profits of our energy industry, but he probably walked in to face an audience like this. imagine a room, it was filled with at least as many people, people get up every morning and they only have one thing to do that day, destroy innocent human life. i am told the feeling in the room was electric. the president, getting this incredible response. this president that cannot find one abortion he would stop. gazing into the eyes of thousands of abortionists who have never found the baby they lookingling to save. out into the crowd he said the political-- less a figures come and speak to them. he said one thing to them they yearn to hear you looked into their eyes and said, keep it up and god bless you.
5:56 am
god bless you. think about this for a second. the people that he asked the god of abraham isaac and jacob to bless, those people have destroyed more black babies, have exploited more black women theirhe ku klux klan in most racist dreams could have ever hoped to kill. the first man of color to occupy the office of the presidency goes to those people who locate their abortion clinics intentionally in minority and low income areas, praises them and asks god to bless their gentlemen, he ought
5:57 am
to be ashamed of himself [applause] . i listened to the wonderful remarks of my friend, michele bachmann. man, i'm going to miss her in congress. week, the last couple of weeks i focused a lot on what was happening to our vets here in washington dc i found myself thinking a lot about spike bauer, that was my dad. he was a janitor, never finished high school. he was no saint, my friends. i'm not good to make him something that he wasn't. get a tough life, he was an orphan, wrestled all his life with why his birth parents had abandoned him. he drank too much. he had what today is called an anger management problem.
5:58 am
the name spike by playing chess i want to tell you. could not quote many bible verses, but he loved god. he couldn't tell you all the statistics about why children need mothers and fathers, but he loved me and he loved my mom and even though we had a lot of hard times and don't remember there ever being a time when he didn't figure out a way to make enough money to keep food on the table and pay the mortgage. my dad was in the marines in world war ii. first marine corps division in the south pacific. when i was growing up i didn't fully understand. it is to get him to talk about it and he never would until eventually award him down and one night we sat at the kitchen table and he told me unbelievable things that he saw and things that he had to do in
5:59 am
service to his country. i found myself wishing i had never asked him. they haunted me for years. i couldn't imagine anybody having to go through that. weeks it was men like spike bauer that were told they couldn't go to the memorial built in their honor. one of those on airplanes that landed out of reagan national filled with guys like my dad was met by a bunch of reporters and they went up to these veterans and they said -- you know the memorial is closed, right? and you came all the way to washington to go to a close memorial? responded, when we got to the beaches of normandy they were closed, too. [applause]
6:00 am
i couldn't help but think about the fact that the president of the united states -- don't be mistaken about this. if we don't accomplish anything in this lousy several weeks of this battle, make sure your neighbors understand that the reason that veterans couldn't visit their memorials is that the president of the united ordered the office of management of budget to order the park miserable make life for any american using our parks, anybody who wanted to go to those memorials. the park police said it. we have been told to make life miserable, the one lady said. she probably is not working at the park service anymore. the president of the united states, on his orders, had the


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