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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 16, 2013 11:00pm-1:01am EDT

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-- while still being agreeable and make sure we are not inflicting harm on the american people. hopefully that is a lesson that will be internalized not just by democrats and republicans, not only the leaders, but the ring and file.
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let's just make it easier for democrats. with theirtable inability to cut spending. >> i am 96 years old.
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i am a political junkie. these things will change. we all have our up finance. -- opinions. i have to thank c-span. up -- to stay up this late at my age, it is a to talk on c-e span. i have done wanting to talk for
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a long time. >> we are glad to hear from you. >> i waited a long time for you to answer my call. >> we weren't ignoring you. god watch all the time, and was america. -- god bless america. i want to end by saying obama will go down in history as the people's president. >> what do you think of cory booker winning in that special election. >> i spoke to him, and he impressed me.
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>> i was amazed. , here ise a feeling another black man who sounds intelligent. they gave me a boost. >> about that, aaron blake tweets that it will mean they .ill reclaim the majority -- the ninth african-
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american senator in history. the seventh since reconstruction, and the first from new jersey. >> i just want to say i agree with everything the last caller said. that was beautiful. i love what you guys are doing. i love c-span. i just want to say, i want to be clear. i am a republican because i am fiscally responsible. all we have seen over this government shut down and the sequestration, and the debt ceiling, it is not fiscally responsible. none of it makes sense. i agree with almost everything buthe democratic party -- the fact is it past. unless you want to dismantle government and tear everything down, then what are they doing? it doesn't make any sense. don't understand what is going
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on anymore. the headline, shut down to end. obama will sign the bill to raise the debt limit. passing in the senate, 81-18. -- we go to david, who was on independent line. [inaudible] i believe we need more positive reinforcement of politicians when they do the right thing.
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politicians are people too. we appreciate a nice pat on the back when we do something well. i was watching on c-span senators having to pat each other on the back, congratulating each other for their votes tonight. i think that is what they respond well to. all the shrill voices didn't help. appreciate your call. an update here, the director of the billt of budget, has passed and the out-of-state sent, the president plans to sign it tonight and employee should return to work in the morning. employee should be checking the updates.further
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back in business as soon as the president signs it tonight. we will speak from the state dining room at the white house at 10:30 five. live coverage on the c-span network. let's go to miami. as a former politician, [inaudible] wacko toallow a govern by himself, this is going to be something wrong. they want to defund obamacare. we should have a single payer. in the bestcipated medical system in the world.
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there is no reason why she payer.t have a single was one of 18 republican senators voting in the u.s. senate against the measure. he spoke before the u.s. senate vote happen. >> i rise today in opposition to the deal the senate is getting ready to vote on. this is a terrible deal. this deal embodies everything about the washington establishment that frustrates the american people. this kicks the can down the road. , moreows more debt deficits, more spending it does nothing to provide relief for the millions of americans who are hurting because of obamacare.
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the young people coming out of school who cannot find a job because of obamacare, this deal does nothing for them. moms who are struggling and being forced into part-time work, trying to feed their kids on 29 hours a week because obamacare, this does nothing for them. to the hard-working families who are getting rhenium increases from their elf insurance companies because of obamacare, -- because of obama care, this deal does nothing for them. and to all of the seniors, to all of the people with disabilities who are right now getting in the mail notifications that they are losing their health insurance because of obama care, this deal does nothing for them. mr. president, this fight was
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always about the american people who are hurting because of obama care. and unfortunately today, the united states senate is saying, you don't have a voice in washington. this is a terrible deal. and i urge my colleagues to oppose it. now, none of us should be surprised that when the senate votes, this deal is going to pass and pass by a big margin. none of us should be surprised, but mr. president, the outcome could have been different. i would ask you, mr. president, to imagine a different world. we saw in the last two months millions of americans rise up, sign a national petition, light up the phones to the capitol and speak up against the enormous harms obama care is visiting upon them.
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we saw the house of representatives stand with courage and listen to the american people. mr. president, i ask you to imagine a world in which senate republicans united to support house republicans. imagine that one piece being different from what we saw, imagine after the house republicans stood together with the american people if all 46 senate republicans had stood together and said, "we are united against the train wreck that is obama care, we are united with the american people, that if president obama is going to give an exception for big business, for members of congress, that the american people deserve that very same exception." i want to imagine if senate republicans had stood together and simply supported house republicans and the american people.
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i want you to imagine what would have happened if all 46 senate republicans had united and gone together and said, "the house has passed a bill funding the v.a. we should fund the v.a." the senate, the majority leader of the senate refused to allow the senate even to vote to fund the v.a. i want you to imagine, mr. president, all 46 senate republicans, if we had stood together and simply supported the house republicans in saying the house has voted to reopen our national parks, to reopen the war memorials, and the majority leader of the senate refuses is to allow the senate even to vote. mr. president, i want you to imagine simply that senate republicans had stood together and said, "we support the house republicans in standing with the american people." if that happened, this result, i
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believe, would've been very, very different. it is heartbreaking to the american people that senate republicans divided as they did and decided to direct their cannon fire at house republicans and that those standing with the american people. but yet at the same time, mr. president, to the millions of americans who rose up in the last couple of months, i want to give a word of encouragement, a a word of encouragement about the path forward. a couple of months ago, the washington establishment scoffed at the notion that the american people might rise up. that was viewed as silly, could not happen. a couple of months ago, the washington establishment scoffed at the notion that the house of representatives would stand
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strong saying, "we should fund every bit of the federal government, but we should not fund obama care." yet, what we have seen in the last two months has been extraordinaire. millions of americans speaking up in overwhelming numbers, saying " obama care is not working." the unions are jumping ship. democratic members of the senate in the house went to the president and said, "we want to be exempt from obama care." this law is not working. and it is worth reflecting on how extraordinary it is to see the american people rise up in such incredible numbers and to see the house engage in what i consider to be a profile in courage, standing with the american people. now a path forward, the way we are going to stop obama care,
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the way we are going to stop the suffering, the harms that are being visited on millions of americans is the path we have seen the past couple of months, is the american people rising up. the answers are not going to come from washington. washington is broken. but the answers will come from the american people. mr. president, i am today encouraged. i am encouraged by the millions of americans who want to get back to the free market and get back to the constitution and stop this train wreck of a law that is the biggest job killer in this country, and is hurting people all across the country. mr. president, it is sad that today the united states senate is telling people all across this country, who are struggling, who are trying to
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provide for their kids and who are getting notifications in the mail, "your health care has been dropped." maybe you have an elderly parent and that health care policy is providing for your family. maybe you have children, facing debilitating diseases and yet you are getting enough attention in the mail, "your health insurance has been dropped because of obama care." it is sad, that the senate says we will do nothing to answer your plight. we created your plight, but we will do nothing. it is sad that when you have james hoffa the president of the teamsters saying that obama care is destroying the health care of millions of working men and women in this country and the families who depend upon them, that the u.s. senate says we are closed for business.
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the washington establishment has exempted itself so the problems, the suffering of working america is not the concern of the washington establishment. that is sad, but at the same time, i am inspired by the millions of americans who have risen up. if the american people continue to rise up, i am confident that in time, the u.s. senate will follow the lead of the house of representatives and listen to the american people. that is our job. that is our responsibility. this is a terrible deal today. what is a terrible deal for the american people. the path forward if the american people continue to rise up, we are going to turn this around. we are going to restore jobs and restore economic road. we are going to restore the ability of people who are struggling to achieve the american dream, and we are going to stop the number one job killer in this country that is obama care. mr. president, i rise in opposition to this deal that does not serve the best interests of the men and women each of us are present.
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i yield the floor. >> texas republican ted cruz earlier this evening ahead of the vote on the plan to reopen the federal government and extended that sailing e-reader that passed in the senate today by a vote of 81-18. it would reopen the government, raise the debt ceiling until the first of the year. the majority vote in the senate included all of the 52 democrats and 27 republicans in the house. all democrats voted for the bill joined by 87 republicans. in the senate, senators voted against the proposal include senators corban, corn and, crepeau, cruise, johnson, lee, bitter.ssions, and
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we're going to continue with calls in just a bit. we wanted to show you the comments ahead of the senate vote. >> here we are again. another unnecessary crisis. a proposal that maintains the status quo. very little time to read and evaluating bill. in fact, we still do not have a final version of the text. no time to explain it to our constituents. this is washington at its worst. it's exactly the kind of thing the american people are fed up with. and exactly why several colleagues and i began this effort to delay and defined -- defund obama care in july. it appears that this particular fight will end much the same way
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obama care began -- in a last- minute deal negotiated in back rooms and forced on congress and on the american people. the washington establishment cannot bring itself to believe that this is why congress's approval ratings are so low, because washington does not listen to the american people. it ignores them. and when the american people can no longer be ignored, the administration shuts down national parks, blocks veterans from going to their own memorials, uses the irs to target certain groups and holds hostage critical funding for cancer research, low income women and children, veterans health benefits, border security, and our national guard. it's shameful how washington treats the american people, and the people are right to be upset about that. the media keeps asking, was it worth it? my answer is that it is always worth it to do the right thing.
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fighting against an abusive government in defense of protecting the individual rights of the american people is always the right thing. some say we should not have fought because it could not win. but this country was not built by fighting only when victory was absolutely certain. in fact, some of the most important victories in our history where the result of fighting battles against significant odds. and even if victory seems difficult or seemed impossible, that would not excuse me or anyone else from doing the right thing. avoiding difficult battles, after all, is how we end up in this kind of mess. a government with $17 trillion in debt that we added a rate of $1 trillion a year. out-of-control spending, a broken entitlement system, the tax code that no one understands, all because washington is willing to act
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only when there is guaranteed political gain. when the avoidance of risk becomes our dominant motivation, only the washington establishment wins and the american people lose. furthermore, in washington, victories are rarely immediate and very few end up being permanent. obama care was not enacted overnight, and it will not be repealed overnight. we must remind the american people of the harmful effects of this law at every opportunity if we are ever going to see it repealed. we've repeatedly warned that the american people will be shocked when they realize the way the president has misled the american people about obama care. the embarrassing roll out of exchanges does not even begin to scratch the surface. every day brings a new story of a family whose deductible has doubled or a married couple that
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cannot keep the plan they have or a business that can no longer provide health insurance for its employees or workers who are seeing their hours cut or losing their jobs altogether. the realization that the administration has either been dishonest or incompetent or accommodation of both is just starting to dawn and the american people. even the president's friends in the media are watching this slow rolling train wreck and are demanding the president do something to stop it. "the chicago tribune," the president's own hometown newspaper puts it this way -- "last spring, the president said there will be, you know, glitches in the rollout of the new system, but what we are seeing now is no glitch. there is a growing mountain of evidence that obama care has fundamental problems in design and implementation. we encourage a one-year delay in
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the law. we recognize that is not going to happen. obama care is here. it is time for the obama administration to level with americans about what's happening here. it is time to stop blaming republicans and start talking about what needs to change." so it's interesting to see that "the chicago tribune," the president hometown paper, is calling for exactly what i have been calling for since july -- for a one-year time out to protect the american people from the harmful effects of this law, a law the president has announced his not ready for prime time, a law that the president himself has indicated he is not willing to follow as was written. incidentally, this was again
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exactly what we were arguing for in july and now appears in the president hometown paper. almost everyone but the president seems to recognize that this law is going to be terrible for the american people. it is costing jobs, hurting families, making people's health care situation worse, and it will not solve the problems in our broken health care system. let me be clear -- there will be very real consequences for people in both parties as a result of the implantation of this law. today, washington has the upper hand, but the american people will always have the last word. this is not over. we have an obligation to fight for the american people. and i do not intend to let the american people down. thank you, mr. president.
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utah,at is mike lee of just ahead of the senate vote. the president is going to sign the bill tonight. government will be open and employees are expected to be checking opm's website for updates on the position. the president expect it to sign that bill tonight after it passed in the house. the house is out until next tuesday. we will continue with a few more calls to fort lauderdale next on our republican line. caller: it is a pleasure to be on. i think opening the government is something that is very important to americans. we want to see our government functioning, and seeing the
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departments open, and american jobs. that is something we have been wanting for so long to have recovered. however, so many days of having to negotiate, i have been saying all of the media networks, republicans and democrats saying no. they need to do this, but they need to do that. personally, we are taking the budget. we are going to be at this again in january. we're going to pass it on more making abecause it is temporary solution. -- didn'ts did get get everything they wanted. the publicans wanted to defund obamacare. we can't affect the american economy when we are about to lose our aaa credit rating. that is unfortunate.
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it would greatly afford -- affect our reputation. impact, the economic this is the on the money blog. the shutdown cost the economy $24 billion and shaved six percent off the economic growth. but the passage of the debt deal, markets in asia welcomed the last-minute deal in washington to reopen the federal government and avoid a u.s. debt crisis. the partial shutdown in the u.s. has dominated the intention of global markets throughout october as a stone mate. here is ernest and littleton colorado. caller: good evening. i am an other. i am anrican saracen --
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american citizen. i voted for ron paul. >> have you heard anything from ron paul about this current situation? i have been reading up on his website. good oldn on these boys, we have had this situation for 30 years. he keeps getting worse and worse. they keep raising the debt limit. then they pat themselves on the back. our side one, their side one. a get sickening listening to these guys. host: you heard some of that with the passage of the bills? year after year.
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it is the same old stock. the good old boys. you need to go to a one-party system for the united states of america, and work for them instead of these parties. host: let's move on to our republican line. --ler: host: ok elayne in north carolina. go ahead. caller: this is elayne. not approve of obama care. i have never voted. not until the election.
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i voted for a republican because i felt like the democrats wouldn't run the government like they should. care is so good, why don't obama have that same plan? it law that we have to have it, why don't he have to have it? have the admin that would included eliminating subsidies for the president and congressional staff. that was part of the republican plan late yesterday that they could bring to the house floor. the votes were not there. what did pass today, the measure extending the federal government through january 15. it would extend the borrowing authority of the treasury department through february 7.
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it would call for people to get health care subsidies and have income verified. it would set of negotiations between house and senate budget conferees with a plan expected by december 13. this evening, after the vote, they did appoint those conferees. paul ryan on the floor naming the conferees. the speaker appointed the conferees to the house. here is the house floor tweet. -- now we go to kokomo, indiana. caller: i just wanted to say now that they are done with the shutdown and they're going to begin negotiating again, the republicans kept asking to get
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rid of the medical device tax. i think if they want to get rid of it, they ought to have to do the same thing they were telling the democrats on katrina. they ought to have to go over and do away with loopholes for big oil, $38 billion. host: there was a bill in the senate earlier this year, they did approve of eliminating that medical device tax. they're going have their first meeting tomorrow between paul -- paul ryan and patty murray, and chris van hollen, and mr. sessions will be in that breakfast meeting tomorrow as they get the budget conference underway. larry is in new hampshire on the independent line.
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thank you for taking my call. the situation has been illustrative of the fact that the republicans don't understand obamacare may be unpopular but it is not so overwhelmingly unpopular that they are willing to support the closing of our government to oppose it. the more bigger question is that there doesn't seem to be any clinical currency in saying no to anything. is we have a situation where we are all, even ,he callers calling in tonight we are all subsidized by some degree by the federal government. some people are on medicaid. a federal program. all the local papers every week, i read about the federal
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government helping us find projects across the country. you will hear folks who suffered badly from hurricane sandy, wanting to continue with their subsidized flood insurance. americans from the taxpayer. it comes in the federal government. whenever there is a problem, it is across the board. it is bipartisan. when a problem occurs or something is needy, going to washington is our first response. this entire budget crisis that we are looking at, and it is a crisis, the tea party agrees -- we are living and sustainably. from an economic perspective. we are right about that. we are all to blame for that. not the democrats, not the liberals. not the republicans, not the conservatives. all of us. unless we are willing to change
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the tide on that, which i do not think we really are, we will continue this dance. the dance is over a series of spending cuts. don't cut my subsidy. he'll cut my subsidy as a large farmer. i get paid for not growing crops. don't cut my subsidy to building roads to building in my community. don't cut my subsidy for my insurance to cover my oceanfront home in new jersey. cut someone else. appreciate you calling in. some comments on twitter/. --
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c-span chat is the #. good evening. my concern is what about the elderly? are they going to be protected? host: in terms of? what is your concern? caller: my specific concern is this is hearsay. vermont my understood is that they are going to be cutting back on the elderly ability to get the health care that they need. know what about
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single moms? i'm concerned about -- i'm a single mom. i want to make sure my insurance is not taken to me. are your premiums going up? caller: they have this last time. my dental insurance is pretty much bogus. i have to take care of my daughter in college. int is it going to be like november to get better insurance? i can't afford to get the work done that i need. host: is california open in exchange for these new health insurance? have you checked into those? caller: not yet.
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thes going to wait until new season opens. host: appreciate you calling. claire is on our democrats line. caller: i'm an insurance broker. this is an interesting ride watching how this -- this is my pet be. it is called the affordable care act. obamacare makes it semi-it is an insurance. one insurance. actually the affordable care act is the height of capitalism. it is a marketplace for carriers. the only thing within the marketplace, they have to have certain rules. they have to provide certain benefits. happening is the propaganda, it has missed the
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point that there are millions of people that are uninsured. i have clients who cannot afford insulin. who cannot -- you're afraid to go to the doctor when anything is going on. broker, i embrace this because if you care about your clients you want to make sure they have excellent coverage. host: what has this meant for you, this change to the exchanges as a broker? caller: you have an option. you can market the -- you can in thethe products exchange. you can go in there and provide an opportunity for people. it is going to be extremely beneficial for some people. if they are 400% above the beerty level, it might really good if they investigate
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getting a plan on the exchange. aployers may be doing disservice because if there employee is getting paid a certain amount, and they have group insurance, they may not qualify for any subsidies or tax benefits that they would have if they had gotten the insurance on the exchange. host: how about the computer glitches? what is the situation like? i do have a computer , it is always glitching a complex process to get people enrolled. there are so many people that are trying to find information. i have clients calling me every are of the day asking about
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the better to be in the exchange. people are investigating. it is what they should do. host: thank you for sharing your expertise on that. voted in favor of the plan that was developed to reopen the federal government. he was our guest this afternoon on our c-span radio program. here is what he had to say. >> joining us is senator bob corker of tennessee. winky for being with us. >> good to be with you. commente begin with the shutdown,after the what is the status for the gop? guy.m a policy i wake up every day trying to solve problems. things will sort themselves out.
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have anally, when we issue of a debt ceiling, and the funding of government coming up, our subject matter is trying to make sure that we ensure our country is solvent and we focus on spending and reforms to -- we didn't do that this time. with the passage of what i think is going to happen tonight, we have an opportunity to reset. we haven't lost anything. he have the controls in place to keep spending on a downward trend. hopefully over the next 90 days, we will make some gains. >> let's talk about the policy side of all of this. this new committee that will be chaired by your colleague in the
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house, paul ryan, and patty murray, walk us through the mechanics. what is the mission? what is the deadline? >> you know that the funding of government component will go through the january. is throughiling february 7. there are extraordinary measures that could extend that out a few weeks. their mission is to try to come up with something that is comprehensive, that can be agreed to in both bodies. it is going to be a large and bulky effort. there'll be other efforts also prayed that will be underway. hopefully there can come to resolve. one of the pressure points this time that is different than this focused on will be the right subject this time, spending and spending reforms.
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one of the things that will be the fulcrum moment is the sequester. with the discretionary spending to 900 67 billion dollars on generate 15, there are folks who think that we should do those cuts in a different way. there is pressure to a solution. it is unfortunate that around here, the way congress has operated for the last multi- years, there has to be a pressure point the congress to act. we do not do things under regular order. their mission will be to try to come up with a compromise, a solution to deal with the additional cuts. hopefully the cuts will stay in place. the same out of the spending will be reduced. there are probably more intelligent ways of doing it and spreading the discretionary cuts throughout the mandatory reforms
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we hope will take place. senatore talking with bob corker. have lawmakers reached a low point? is there a way for both parties in both chambers to come together on the issues you talked about? >> i hope so. we spent so much time on these issues. as part of the meetings i was in with a republican senators, we didn't reach a resolve them. i do think this effort regarding the health-care bill has sidetracked us. it has got us off what we typically focus on. i think that the disappointment over not making gains is what i felt -- is why felt on both sides. it has been a lot learned from this last exercise. congress has functioned this way
11:50 pm
-- had been in the senate for 6.5 years. it has been this way now for about three years. actually almost four years now. we have to start doing business in a different way. it is a privilege to do what we do on behalf the american people. lurch from crisis to crisis is irresponsible. and do need to get up our jobs. we need to move back to what is called regular order. we don't negotiate things in private. we actually work things to the process. to be don't need doing these things at the last moment. hopefully changes on the way. there was some trust built. there was trust broken down.
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but there was some trust built over the last several weeks. hopefully we can build on that. reformmmigration, on tax , on budget issues, moving into 2014, which is an election year, can congress do that? >> i just had an hour-long meeting with mark warner from virginia. we have a bill to deal with the gse. the entities that deal with housing finance. we have worked together to create this piece of legislation. there is that. there is immigration. i was part of a group that helped figure out a way to get that crossed the finish line. as you mentioned, we are moving into an election time. i know it is difficult for me to ago that every two years by, one is an election year. one creates obstacles for us to solve problems.
11:52 pm
is that as one senator, i get up every day trying to solve these problems. i cannot speak for others resolved. there are good people here that care about this nation. we will deal with the issue of immigration. hope we will deal with tax reform. you are right. we have a very full plate of things that need to be dealt with. we do not have a lot of time before we get back into the political season, which has a tendency to slow these things down. senator bob corker joining us. thank you for spending time with us on c-span. >> that was from today's edition of washington today.
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moving over to channel 120 as of this friday. a few more moments of your phone calls. -- in the senate, as they were gaveling out, they approve the nomination of caroline kenney as the u.s. ambassador to japan. let's hear from david next. he is on the independent line. caller: hello. thanks for taking my call. i was watching this thing for two weeks. it was painful because not once was a giant elephant in the room regarding the budget mentioned by either the democrats or the republicans were busy pointing fingers over what republicans
11:54 pm
called the $1 trillion obamacare, and the fact that the budget would have. they neglected to tell the american people they had spent $6 trillion on two wars in the middle east for israel. we were attacked on 9/11 because of israel. we went into iraq because of israel. we didn't -- we went into libya because of israel. feature i policy encourage your readers to look out on google. a strategy for israel. host: we are talking about the budget deal passed today in the senate. hello.
11:55 pm
supposed to slow obamacare? really? government is not upheld to the same laws that we are. that is taxation without representation. it makes the whole thing criminal. that is my believe. i don't know how they expect me to follow it. it breaks my heart. obamacare is good to kill this country. it is going to raise our rates --high that we can't afford i'm going to lose my new motorcycle i just bought. my wife and i recently got married. we were gaining ground. this thing is going to destroy us. host: how much is your health
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insurance gone up? $700.: $700. host: a couple more calls as we s.ok at reaction -- it came hours before the deadline to raise his 16.7 trillion dollar debt limit. the bill yanks the u.s. back from the brink of the budgetary abyss by extending the treasuries borrowing authority. reaction from the globe and mail in canada. stock market surge as congress ends budget impacts. onlyreasury department hours away from exhausting its legal ability to issue debt, the
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republicans are to president obama's health care law relented. they clear the way to the budget impasse. bridgeport new york, republican caller. good evening. caller: i have a short point that i was very interested to watch the votes tonight. especially on the house floor. a lot of the rhetoric has been that there is a small faction of the republican party that is the tail wagging the dog. 144 republicans without any vote,on, it was an open .nd 62% of republicans voted no national a simple open
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park, or one of the smaller bills. host: right. caller: it was a big deal. nobruce -- to have 60% vote on that bill. host: what you think that's is but the future of house republicans? there is ahink that lot of bias or wrong statements about republican party. media, or thethe democrats, or obama. they want to give a different face to this republican party that are wreaking havoc to the seenlican party, we have in the vote that this is the
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republican party. this is the majority of the republican party. >> all democrats voted in favor. 27 republicans voted in favor. in the house, when hundred 98 democrats voted in favor. 87 republicans voted yes. 144 voted against. reading the statement from the office ofhost: 144 voting again. i just want to read the statement from the office of personnel. the bill has passed. the president plans to pass the employeesht and should expect to return to work in the morning. employees should be checking the
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news and the websites for further updates. no word on whether or not the president has signed it. we do know that the president will be speaking tomorrow at the white house at 10:35 tomorrow. illinois.s, this is dan. i'm a democrat and not a supporter of the affordable care act. i did not like the politics of it. the democrats passed it using only democratic votes and that was a mistake. it led to where we went to this evening and this week. and, this month. having said that, i think voters had to take a look in the mirror and say to ourselves, whether is obamacare or a budget problem leading us down a path to not meeting our obligations.
12:01 am
i do not believe that a lot of voters support that. would say a lot of negative about our country if it is true. a lot of house members are heading home and this is an opportunity to say, we support you but we do not like obamacare and we do not support the spending. we cannot take our government to the brink of disaster. i hope that people would share that sentiment. forget about any individual -- i and forget about understand the importance of having a series conversation about the budget and how to get all of the things that are in the budget on the table. there's a lot of good discussion with some of the colors about should subsidies be on the table , should social security change the way it works, whether it is means testing. these ideas need to be brought forward. every idea is a good idea. --cannot let one issue
12:02 am
whether it is the out-of-control spending, if that's what you want to describe it as, lead us down this path. as much as i support ted cruz themike lee, we cannot let think this is a good idea and cannot let them believe that this is what we want them to do. i do not think the american people want this. the only other thing that i want to make sure that your callers and listeners understand is that i think it is ted cruz who brought up the jimmy hoffa quote. know, reach -- hoffa made it using my said, stop quotes. i do support what it stands for and i support the general idea. we have a lot of uninsured people and we brought them into an insurance program. how we are paying for it, i have
12:03 am
issues with that. it affected me personally. >> i'm going to let you go. you get the last word. buck, whote, brendan is the press secretary, just said that the white house has received the legislation to reopen the government and raise the debt limit. we expect the president will sign the bill. i understand that the president will sign that bill this evening. to beesident had planned off for the columbus day recess. back nextwill be tuesday. october 27. the senate will not be back until monday, october 28. today, a package was passed that would reopen the federal government and extend the treasury borrowing authority through february 7. it would require that those getting the health care subsidies provide income verification and would establish
12:04 am
the budget negotiation plans between the house and senate budget to mideast and conferees, with a plan expected by december 13. more of your calls and comments on washington journal. it starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. thank you for being with us through the shut down. we'll leave you with some comments from the majority leader right after the passage of this in the senate. the measure that reopen the government. -- reopened the government. >> it is the same one we printed up.
12:05 am
>> i am tired. happy that we just completed a bipartisan vote to reopen the government. we averted a default. it could be some time before we realize the effects of what we have just done. this shutdown has hurt our economy significantly. but, we were able to work it out and we are here without more losses. we have been able to come together for a lot of different reasons. i appreciate the work of a number of senators. i think when the most important things that we have been able to senator mitch mcconnell and i together. i'm very grateful that the senator reached out.
12:06 am
.e is a peacemaker he suggested that they start doing what they could to engage senator mcconnell and i. as a result of that, i think we were able to talk and hopefully, developed a strong relationship. we have worked together for many years. surprised. thatreciate the work senator alexander and senator schumer did. i'm thankful that they did some things that would help us. that, in theope future, the work that was done by senator pryor and collins will create some separation from -- of this shrill voices
12:07 am
all of these shrill voices that are not helpful. this crisis was historic. let's be honest. this was pain inflicted on our nation for no good reason. we cannot make the same mistake again. so, as we move into the next round of negotiations. stable, hard-on working, always available patty murray. she is the stereotype of what i think a senator should be. beingateful to her for willing to take the leadership of trying to work something out. make sure that we do not have another one of these crisis. -- manufactured crisis.
12:08 am
was called upon by the democratic caucus to be the chairperson of the supercommittee. she works so hard and we were so close. as you know, from all the experiences with speaker banner, ehner, wer bo were never able to take that step. i want to express the support. how my caucus has been locked together. we have been a real team. to bey we have been able a team is by teamwork. no one will ever know the work that we do off the floor and behind the scenes. i'm not a one-man show. i depend on these three centers for everything that we are able
12:09 am
to accomplish. we have a lot more to do. the president said yesterday and i say today, let's move on. what is the big issue out there that people complain about? the deficit? how about immigration. a trillion dollars. something fair and reasonable that the country needs. the next venture is immigration reform. ourill continue to extend hands to the republicans to get them to come to the table in good faith. senator durbin. times throughout the history of the united states, and has taken united states andte to resolve challenges resolving national debate. it happened again tonight on the floor of the united states senate. senators stood up
12:10 am
and ended this ordeal that has been suffered by the people of the united states of america, by federal workers, and those who depend on your service. i cannot describe to you the feeling on the floor during the course of these two votes. the bipartisanship and the friendship that i felt was such a relief from what we have been through. let us pray that this is just the beginning. i think there's a determination wetake this bipartisanship the seen this this year in passage of a farm bill. the senate broke the deadlock. we have to continue to show that leadership and we hope that the speaker and other members will watch closely as the american people react. watch carefully and understand
12:11 am
the responsibility to work with us in a bipartisan fashion. one of the saddest things was to read republican house members say that they won this battle. honest to goodness, how can they say that? a win for services across country. we have to help this economy moved forward and solve jobs. andnt to thank harry reid senators schumer and murray. many of us take credit. the senator over from nevada. his patience, his determination, and his energy. you will never know, you will never know how much you put in success.his a and, senator mcconnell, who stepped up to be a partner when it counted. let us make sure that this is
12:12 am
the beginning. >> thank you. today is not a happy day, it is a somber day. .e finally achieved our goal frankly, we ended up where we started. we started and we said that we would do three things, fun the government, pay our bills, and agreed to negotiate. we started their and that is where we ended up. that is exactly what the law does, no more and no less. the bottom line is that millions suffered -- millions did not get paychecks. the economy was dragged down. confidence and faith in the united states credit and in the united states itself around the world was shaken. this is not a happy day. this is a somber day.
12:13 am
, we never of the day should have gone through a we went through. we started and ended here. second point. there are three people i want to praise. i cannot do it enough. the first is harry reid. he stood firm from the beginning. to not fall to the tactics that were being used by the small mine nor genocide. he never buckled. he never flinched. he never doubted. he gave strength to the rest of us. the whole caucus was united behind him. i would like to praise the president. the president, again, every time we saw him every time that we dealt with them, and he was stalwart from the beginning and he realized that the kind of tactics being used by the other used again and
12:14 am
again and again. finally, my hat goes off to senator o'connell. he is in a difficult situation. once he saw that speaker boehner was tied in a knot, he knew that he had an obligation to step up, even if it might hurt him. , i think everyone of my colleagues respect that. final point. if there is a silver line in this gray cloud, it is that the politics, the reckless politics of brinksmanship has reached its peak. that is what we hope. that is what i believe. it shows the brinkmanship does not work. the other side will not given.
12:15 am
when a small faction says that i am going to hurt a whole lot of people unless you give intimate, the temptation of good people is to give in because people are being hurt. unfortunately, if we gave in this time, we'll be back doing the same thing next quarter and the quarter after that. the brakes and ship would get worse in the kind of politics with a put the gun to your head and say, unless you do what i want you to do, i'm going to hurt a lot of people. tonight, and the senate , a, hopefully, in the house large group of the other party stood up to the bridge and ship. it is our hope and our prayer that the brinksmanship has reached its peak. we can go back to the normal way
12:16 am
of legislating. where every side copper misers and we produce a product that is good for the american people. the budget negotiable -- where wery side compromises and produce a product that is good to the american people. peaked, ifnship has the kind of politics we have witnessed over the last several and a politics of comity and compromise starts rising, maybe this will all have been worth it. tonight, i'm delighted to .oin the leadership team up andeagues never gave they stood up for the families and communities were hurting.
12:17 am
all of them are breathing a sigh of relief. it took far too long and far too many families to end this crisis. the senate, you saw democrats and republicans working together on a path to end this crisis. it does not solve every problem it takes the threat of default off the table and allows democrats and republicans to get a room and negotiate without asking the american people to pay the price. i am glad, after six months of and asking toloor go to budget conference, we are in a bipartisan agreement to work towards a negotiation. the budget that has passed the house and the senate are very different. there is no doubt about it. nobody thinks it is going to be easy to get to a deal.
12:18 am
i would tell you that i would not have fought so hard for so long to get in a room with paul ryan if i did not think we could workcommon ground and subbing out. i know the democrats are willing to compromise. i am hopeful republicans will. republicans have seen the consequences of a government shutdown. i do not think he will be anxious to repeat this again. now that it is clear that the debt limit will be raised and cannot be used as a tool to extract a little cool extractions, all future threats will ring hollow. the next out of a budget negotiation will be a negotiation and not a hostage situation. there are budget changes that republicans want and there are budget changes that we want. we work together towards a deal that solves these problems from both sides. i think, for all of us, most
12:19 am
importantly, will stop lurching from crisis to crisis. i am proud of the senate for working together and standing up to end the pain of the american people. we are finally going to do what we said all along. we're going to open the government and pay our bills. we'll sit down and we will negotiate. >> there will not be too many questions. i want to watch the baseball game. >> there is an appropriations anomaly in this bill. there's a dam on the ohio river. can you explain why this is in this legislation? >> this is not an earmark. it saves the taxpayers money. it uses the army corps of engineers to continue a project.
12:20 am
if we had not done this, we would've had to spend $80 million to stop the project. this project is ongoing. the purpose of it is a damtruction of lots and a that was initiated in the 1930s. there's no need to point fingers at anyone. $80aved the taxpayers billion. we save the government money. >> you did very well. i asked chairman ryan to meet with me tomorrow morning. we will have breakfast and a
12:21 am
conversation about how to move forward. >> is the breakfast the key factor -- tonight. -- good night. >> republicans and democrats came together around an agreement that would reopen our government and remove rest of default mark on me. default from our economy. the senate still has an important vote to take and i want to thank leaders from both parties to get us to this point. once his agreement arrives on my desk, i will sign it immediately and reopen the government immediately. i will lift this cloud of uncertainty and unease from this misses any american people. i'll have more to say about this
12:22 am
tomorrow and i have thoughts about how we can move forward in your major of the year. we can stay focused on the job at hand. there's a lot of work ahead of us. there is a need to earn back the trust of the american people that has been lost over the last few weeks. we can do that addressing the real issues that they care about. i have said it before and i will say it again. i am going to work with anybody -- i'm eager to work with anybody, democrat or republican, house or senate members, i any idea that will grow our economy, strengthen the middle class, and get our fiscal house in order for long-term. i do not believe the democrats have monopoly on good ideas. despite the differences over the issues of shutting down our government. i'm convinced that democrats and republicans can work together to make progress for america. there are things that we know will help strengthening our economy that would get done
12:23 am
before this year is out. a law toneed to pass fix our broken immigration system. we still need to pass a farm bill. with the shutdown behind us and budget committees forming, we have an opportunity to focus on a sensible budget is responsible and is fair. that helps american people around the country. we can get all these things done this year if everybody comes together in the spirit of moving this country forward and putting the last few weeks behind us. that is with the american people are looking at. not a focus on politics or elections. a focus on the concrete steps that can improve their lives. focus and i'my looking forward to congress during the same. i want to thank the leadership are coming together and getting this done. hopefully, next time, it won't
12:24 am
be in the 11th hour. one of the things i said through this process is that we need to get out of the habit of governing by crisis. my hope and expectation is that everybody has learned that there is no reason why we can't work why weissues at hand and can't disagree while being agreeable. not sure that we are inflicting harm on the american people. hopefully that will be .nternalized thank you very much. >> will this happen again in a few months? >> no. once the spending bill was
12:25 am
passed it went to the house. here is that debate. >> i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five days to revise remarks and include extended material and needs further consideration of the bill. >> without objection. >> i yield myself time that i might consume. but the judgment is recognized. legislation that will raise the nation's debt ceiling to avoid default and reopen the doors of the federal government will stop it will and this unfortunate shutdown. the legislation before us is senate amendments to hr 2775. the senate has just passes bill. now, it is up to the house to send it to the president for his signature. product of a final agreement between republicans and democrats. it helps put us back on stable ground.
12:26 am
we open government without the threat of default. we look to find a long-term ourrehensive solution to fiscal problems. first and foremost, it provides critical funding for operating the federal government at the current annual rate of $986 billion through january 15 of next year and ends the government shutdown. the resolution includes a limited number of noncontroversial or technical anomalies.lled many have been passed by the house in the senate. a few are new. such as the provisions to ensure the smooth reopening of the government and provides new compensation for federal employees and other funding for shutdown costs. it provides funding for the faa to continue current operations without operations and so on.
12:27 am
these have been included to prevent irrevocable harm to the government and continues critical services to ensure good governance. to be clear, the continuing resolution is virtually clean. it is essentially identical to legislation i introduced in early september. this legislation will increase the debt limit until february 7 of next year. by sending our borrowing ability, these amendments will avoid the damage that a default would cause to our recovering economy. smallinesses large and and our people who desperately need a stable economy and continued job growth. helpy, the resolution will her tight against fraud and incomey requiring
12:28 am
verifications for individuals seeking subsidies under obamacare. essentially, this bill allows us to move on. ideals of the nation cost immediate short-term problem and allows congress to address the broader picture. the real drivers of our debt are -- what the real drivers of our debt are and how we can avoid reaching debt limit in the future and staggering from crisis to crisis. after long weeks, it is time to end the government shutdown. threat of to take the default table. it is time to restore sanity to this place. to do this, we all have to give a little. clearly, nobody on either side has received they wanted -- everything they wanted. i believe that we should all ask for the greater peace of our nation. if we want to get anywhere, and
12:29 am
must be willing to negotiate. puthould be willing to partisanship aside. and, govern from the greater good. it house must realize that is one half of one third of this government. no laws can be made without the consent of the senate and president. they cannot act without us. theust also ignore that spending and borrowing that is driving us into unsustainable debt and hurting people. -- we must also realize that we cannot ignore the spending and borrowing that is driving us into unsustainable debt and hurting people. we can workt that out our budgetary challenges and it is my hope that a common topline discretionary number four 2014 will be established
12:30 am
and allow congress to enact appropriation bills to avoid shutdowns like this in the future. it is my hope that congress can address the problem of in ourainable growth a entitlement programs and revise our tax code. the resolution will buy some and to a conquest this list ensures that our people will have access to the critical government services that they rely on in the meantime. we must take actions that will inp restore confidence elected officials. and, in the economic future of , we must.n the sooner we passes resolution, the sooner we can move on to the
12:31 am
we have before us that we were sent to work on. i yield back. >> the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new york is recognized. , 15 days after the shutdown began, the house is finally considering a bill to reopen the government and avoid the economic calamity that could have ensued and united states had defaulted on its debt. likely, it is disappointing. republicans have dangerously put our economy and american families in such great risk. 800,000 federal workers have been furloughed. families that depend on critical services from disaster aid to nutrition assistance have been left in the cold. billions in economic activity has been lost.
12:32 am
fitch puts the united states of negativen rating watch due to political brinkmanship. despite clear opposition from the american people, many republicans -- it is hard to believe -- are still poised to oppose this bill to reopen government. bills anda's negotiate a reasonable budget agreement for 2014. congress, let's remember, has ineady enacted $2.5 trillion reduction measures. looming across the board are --uester cuts that support that threaten all of our priorities. example, if we do not act
12:33 am
before january 15, defense 21nding will be cut by billion dollars and we could jeopardize jobs over the next year. speaker,er, -- madam we cannot meet the serious challenges without a spirit of i partisanship and a commitment to working together in good faith. i urge the majority to learn the lesson of this irresponsible shutdown and do not allow the fringe in your party and those disconnected from reality, whose sole goal is destruction, to dictate the agenda of this house. no member of this body should ever threaten the full faith and credit of the united states of america or shut down the
12:34 am
government to advance a ideological agenda. i strongly support this bill tonight and hope that my willagues in the majority work in a bipartisan way to avoid a repeat of this episode. the funding and deadlines are reached in the new year. the gentleman reserves the balance of her time in the gentleman from kentucky is recognized. to ayield two minutes hard-working member of the re- appropriations committee. >> thank you. senatein support of the compromise being considered to end this unnecessary government shutdown and futile exercise in brinkmanship. this legislation reopens the government and prevent a .atastrophic default a credit downgrade would have
12:35 am
spurred another recession. i'm please that cooler heads have prevailed. i am disappointed that we are in the situation after more than two weeks of the government shutdown in an ee of default, we have finally reached an agreement. this legislation must be supported. it should not be celebrated. no high-fives or spiking the football. it is a temporary government funding bill and a short-term debt limit increase. it is not a win for anyone. not the presidency or congress. the bill represents the conclusion of a difficult time drawwhich many can important lessons. i hope that this episode will result in a newfound commitment and intensity in the government majority -- governing majority in congress. they'll make difficult decisions that must be made to keep the government functioning.
12:36 am
including the budget deficit, the out-of-control that's, and the many challenges presented by the health care law. , i have worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find agreement to break the impasse. daschleo thank senator presented ron kind and sanders mansion in collins. manchin andor collins. to vote inolleagues favor of this legislation and join us who have an affirmative obligation to govern. at this time, i yield back. >> the gentleman from new york is recognized. yield oneased to
12:37 am
minute to the tillman from pennsylvania -- the gentleman from pennsylvania. >> he is recognized for one minute. urge an expedited passage of this legislation. i do with the chairman and the ranking member of my committee. i agree with every word that has been stated by the majority chairman and the ranking member. this is critically important. this monday, i was in a foreign country. i was in israel and i met with the president. a whole group of brain researchers from around the world had a difficulty we are in ag why paralyzed situation. i'm glad that we are moving in overwhelming way on this matter. 81 bipartisan votes. i urge the house to act and i
12:38 am
know we will restore our government to pay our bills so that we can get on with our response abilities is the most powerful nation in the world, the wealthiest country in the world. we can pay our bills and conduct the affairs of government and a way to get this respect around the world. >> the gentleman from new york reserves. the german from kentucky reserves. -- the gentleman from kentucky reserves. lee fromarbara california. >> thank you. forme thank the gentlelady yielding. i rise in support of this bipartisan budget deal. we will finally shut down this awful government shutdown.
12:39 am
i'm please that common sense and cooler heads have availed. make no mistake, the shutdown has caused real pain. never again should the american people be taken hostage to a political agenda. acceptablearly on and these tactics must be rejected once and for all. tomorrow, people will put their lives back together and go back to work to provide government services that our veterans and our seniors so deserve. while i am pleased that this deal will reopen the government to pay our bills, much more work needs to be done. the temporary spending level keeps sequester level cuts in place that hurt our economy and communities across the nation. i hope that, as we move forward, the need tod
12:40 am
protect these vital programs to have a functioning government that everybody has an opportunity to line, strive, andrew through words of the american dream. strive and reap the rewards of the american dream. >> for one night, let us talk about what is good for this country and not about the other party. it will take both parties to solve this problem. as the chairman emeritus of the financial services committee, i'm aware of the direct connection between a strong dollar and a vibrant economy. necessary to create jobs and that is what we need for america. jobs. the u.s. dollar as reserve currency of the world.
12:41 am
globally, the dollar and u.s. treasuries are preferred safe haven investments. it has been a benefit and blessing to all of us. it has brought this country good jobs and a higher standard of living. however, the dollar is under attack today. out-of-control spending, on less addressed, will become a threat will becomedressed, a threat to our currency and a rotor economy -- erode our economy. a default would be a self- inflicted wound that i am not willing to deliver. i will be voting yes on this bipartisan agreement. i urge my colleagues to the same. >> the gentleman from new york is recognized. >> i am pleased to yield one
12:42 am
marcy kaptur. >> i think that -- i thank the ranking member for yielding me time and i welcome the compromise to reopen the our bills to pay spur economic growth and job creation in this country. this compromises with the american people expect of us. they are tired of the partisan beginning -- bickering. the biggest challenge facing our country is creating growth to help to balance the budget. we can start by coming together on a budget agreement. so, let's restore regular order and let the budget committee go back to work. but the ways and means committee go back to work. -- let the ways and means
12:43 am
committee go back to work. let us move our bills in regular order and not move from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis. i will vote for this bill. it is the best that we can get. it is less than we are capable of. >> the gentlelady from new york reserves. the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentleman from new york is recognized. >> i am still to yield one minute to a distinguished memb er. >> the gentleman from new york is recognized. objection. >> i think the gentleman -- thank the gentlewoman. this bill allows us to meet our
12:44 am
obligations in the proper way and if we walk away without learning a lesson, this is a futile exercise. the lesson we have to learned is that we cannot become cestodes one issue and close down the government over one issue. essed cannot become obs over one issue and close of the government over one issue. when a law gets passed, it is the law of the land and we have to abide by it. we should not act as if things did not happen. secondly, we need understand that there are no winners or losers tonight. the real losers are the american people, who had to put up with the situation for these weeks. if we go way without learning this lesson, it would be a waste of time. i hope that we move ahead on the budget committee and on that conference.
12:45 am
remove the head in a joint way to work on behalf of the american people. >> the gentleman's time is expired. >> i'm pleased to yield one minute to the distinguished gentleman from massachusetts. gentlelady -- thank the gentlelady. this is an opportunity for spending. this is an argument about paying our bills for debts incurred. this boat is about the war in iraq. i opposed it and i believed that it had to be paid for. the majority leader said that having a tax cut in a time of war was patriotic. you know what is patriotic? paying for veterans hospitals, whether you are for or against
12:46 am
the wars. those were put on the credit card and that is what we have to pay for. that is what this is about tonight. it is not a debate over social program spending. it is a vote to pay for bills that have been incurred. to shut down the government was not only wrong, but decent people across this country who were hurt it is irresponsible conduct remains reprehensible. we have a chance to reopen this government and pay our bills. >> the time is expired. >> how many more? speaker, i'm pleased to -- mr. scott,te georgia. >> thank you very much.
12:47 am
i rise to support this legislation. the vacant point that there is an important part of this legislation that sets up -- let me make a point that there is an important part of this legislation that sets up a commission. i would appeal to that commission to get is a good budget and take some time to see how we can its mechanisms in place to prevent us from ever shutting down the government. we take a solemn oath here to defend the federal government and support the federal government. we must honor that. maybe we can do mandatory arbitration. we have smart people in this place and we hurts too many people we shut down the government. we can putefully, the mitch mcconnell rule in place. fromless that senator
12:48 am
kentucky and encourage that he had. we can put that mechanism in place that we can never put our good faith and credit at risk in this country. let us democrats and republicans worked together tonight to pass this bill. minutes to the gentleman from texas. >> i think the gentleman. -- thank the gentleman. limite to debate the dem -- the debt limit and it is a sign that the u.s. government cannot pay its own bills and we depend on financial assistance from foreign countries to find it a reckless foreign policy. it is money that we have borrowed from the social security trust funds and borrow from china and japan.
12:49 am
we borrow from the american people. the rising debt is a hidden message enemy that robs our cities and states from critical investments and our families of critical investments in education and health care reform. it robs our seniors of health care that they counted on. every dollar we pay in interest is a dollar that is not going to investment. usreasing the debt weakens internationally. washington is shifting the burden of bad choices onto our children and grandchildren. driving up our debt is irresponsible and unpatriotic. words of barack obama in 2000 and six and 2008 -- in 2006 and 2008. we should be talking about cutting spending before we raise
12:50 am
america' link. america'sst the -- debt ceiling. >> i'm delighted to yield one minute to the distinguished gentleman from california. -- leader from california. where is she? pelosi. >> thank you. i think the gentlelady for her great leadership. and, for bringing us together this evening. along, 200been, all strong in support of the republican number that we are voting on today. tonight, the honest terry shut unnecessary shutdown comes to an end.
12:51 am
allowing aor finally majority of house numbers to reopen the government and avoided default that would have created half-baked in our economic credibility and stability of our country. it is clear that the shutdown has shaken some tellers of our economic security and growth. llars of our economic security and growth. it has eroded consumer confidence in our economy and dollars out ofn our economy. do you think that your recklessness was worth $24 billion? this recklessness is a luxury that the american people cannot afford. we can begin with democrats have been waiting for for seven months to do.
12:52 am
we can go to the negotiating table to debate a budget to jobs, that, jobs, four letter word. expand the economy and reduce the middle class -- increase the middle class. tomorrow, we must work to find solutions that we never see a day when the government has been shut down and the full faith and credit of the united states of america has been called into question. for that reason, i urge a yes vote on this bill. not only on the merits. we know the number is too low. even the chairman of the committee has said that it is an on realistic and ill-conceived number that must be brought to an end. this number, if left in the , would costeffect
12:53 am
us jobs. hundreds of thousands of jobs. again, a number that is a luxury that this country cannot afford. keyhe republican number is to reopening the doors of government and restoring topics confidence in, -- our economy, democrats are willing to except this. not because of the merits. we do so because a vote on this to a path ofe us growing the economy and promoting the prosperity of every american who is willing to work hard and play by the rules. qualifications as to what we are voting for tonight, the number does not meet the needs of the american people, the length of time that
12:54 am
the debt ceiling is not -- is extended is not long enough and that is the best we can do. for workinge center in a bipartisan way to send us this bill tonight so that we can bring the sadness to an end. it has affected so many people. again, not on the merits, i do not come here to pin a rose on this legislation. it does not have that respect. it does have my support as a means to an end. with that, i urge a no vote -- a yes vote. the gentlelady from new york reserves. colleague is yielding.
12:55 am
i urge passage of the bill. passed ause and senate bill to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling until after the first of the year. the majority vote in the senate included all the democrats and 27 republicans. in the house, virtually all the democrats voted for the bill. the gop senators who voted against the bill included -- james imhoff did not vote. on the 16th day of the government shutdown, members of congress voted to raise the debt ceiling. ted cruz, an opponent of the affordable care act and who was against the deal, spoke on the
12:56 am
senate floor. we will also hear from mike lee. i rise in opposition to the deal that the senate is getting right to vote on. is a terrible deal. everythingmbodies about the washington establishment that frustrates the american people. this deal kicks the can down the road and allows more debt and more deficits. it does nothing to provide relief for the millions of people who are hurting because of obama care. to all the young people coming out of school who cannot find a job because of the affordable care act, this deal does nothing for them. to all the single moms who are
12:57 am
struggling and being forced into part-time works because they're trying to feed their kids on 29 hours week, because of the affordable care act thomas this deal does nothing for them. to all the hard-working families ringre getting massive them increases from their health insurance companies and try to figure out how they're going to make ends meet with health , 200%,ce going up 100% 300%, because of obama care. this deal is nothing for them. to all the seniors and the people with disabilities who are getting notifications that they are losing their health insurance he does of the affordable care act, this deal does nothing for them. mr. president, this fight was always about the american people who are hurting because of the affordable care act and because the united state senate is saying, you do not have a vote
12:58 am
in washington. you have a voice in washington and this is a terrible deal. colleagues here to oppose it. none of us should be surprised that when the senate votes, this deal will pass by a big margin. none of us should be surprised. mr. president, the outcome could have been different. i would ask you, mr. president, imagine a different world. millions of americans rise up & a national petition, let the phones the capital, and speak up against the enormous harms that the affordable care act is visiting upon them. we saw the house of representatives stand with courage to listen to the american people. mr. president, i ask you to imagine a world in which senate
12:59 am
supportans united to house republicans. imagine that being different from what we saw. , after seeing house republicans standing together with the american people, if all 46 senate republicans had stood together and said they were reunited against the train wreck that is the affordable care act and we are united with the american people. if president obama is going to give an exemption for big , the american people deserve that same exemption. i want you to imagine it senate republicans had stood together and supported house republicans any american people. mr. president, i want you to imagine what would have happened if all 46 senate republicans had and gone together and said that the house of
1:00 am
representatives has passed a bill funding the pa. -- va. we should fund it. i want you to imagine all 46 senate republicans, if we stood together and supported the house republicans in saying the house of representatives has voted to reopen our national parks, to reopen our war memorials, and the majority leader of the senate refuses to allow the senate even to vote. mr. president, i want you to imagine simply that senate republicans had stood together and said, we support the house in standing with the american people. ms. prez -- mr. president, if that had happened, this result would have been very, very different. it is heartbreaking to the american people that senate republicans, divided


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