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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 2, 2013 7:00am-7:46am EST

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hear me? makeess's main goal is to president obama look bad and go down in history as a failure. the main thing they said they want to do when they got an office was to create jobs. they have not created jobs. they have made one disturbance after another. anything top distract the public from their not getting these jobs. the the main thing they ran on was to get jobs, jobs, jobs.
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all they have done this disrupt. in fromlliam calling new orleans, louisiana on our independent line. william, good morning. the lady just called, i would like to say i spent 27 years in the military and i have traveled extensively throughout the world. discovered starting americans65 is that -- until this blind bigotry among people in office get out of there. people need to look out for themselves and let's move this country forward without this they did tree that we are seeing. bigotry that we are seeing. from thee's a piece
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"hazelton standard speaker." this morning. david myers talking about the reasons to be thankful for that label, and do-nothing congress. from her,ot next
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maryland. from gaithersburgm , maryland. caller: we need to get back to the issues of america. we need to start talking about things like south america. whole area there where we can do a better job. let's get a report card out there. we talk about a website for health care, right? let's get a report card for our congressmen so we can see how productive or nonproductive they are. that's the transparent about it. number three, term limits. that is what i have to say. host: on that report card for congressman, how would you measure it in terms of bills --t they show up to vote for caller: i think it would be a
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combination based on attendance and more transparently how are they voting on issues. also who is bringing up issues, who is initiating issues for folks to collaborate on. host: you mean pieces of legislation? , kevin from gaithersburg, maryland carried appreciate the call. that piece from paul kane -- that story notes the good news for congress as it heads into the final workdays of the year.
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that is the subject we are talking about with you this morning. we have about a half an hour left to talk about it in this segment of the washington journal. terri is from memphis, tennessee on online for democrats. the republican congressmen have done exactly what they wanted to do. they had a playbook when obama was elected and they checked off everything on the checklist. make him an illegitimate president, reduce women's
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rights, roll back women's reproductive rights, keep illegals out of the country, stop everything that obama wants to do because that is what they wanted to do, to take as many days off as they want to, they go out and raise money for their elections. they are doing exactly what they want to. with just two weeks left in this first session of the hundred 13th congress, what do thing needs to be done here, what are the must do's before congress gets out of town at the we of the month? caller: need to pass a budget. they need to do something about immigration. need to have a raise for people on social security so need to have a raise for people on social security so
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they can live in dignity for their last couple of years in life. host: with just two weeks to go do think there is to do that? doler: all they're going to talking about obamacare until it starts working. host: yesterday on abc this week , republican congressman tom cole came in to talk about congress is to do list. guest: we stumbled into one before that i don't think is wise and didn't occur. the line i usually use is, around every cat walk and chew gum. let's just to come for a while. right now chewing gum is getting a budget deal and make sure we don't default on the debt ceiling comes around. tom cole, republican of
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oklahoma talking about the to do we are alsoress. getting your thoughts on this congress on track to be the least productive congress. charles is up next on our line for democrats from raleigh, north carolina. i agree with the last caller. all this was to stop obama from being a good president. republicans are hypocritical. men outto throw these of office. we had the worst speaker of the house ever. they spent all this time trying to stop the health-care law which they are not going to stop. we need a jobs bill passed. we need to pass immigration and work on infrastructure. there are a lot of things that could be done.
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i didn't like the president we had before, but i did not hate him. i think we ever treated a president the way we treated this president. charles from the carolina bringing up house speaker john boehner -- he was pressed in that "washington post" story. paul kane of the washington post notes that the gop was most proud of putting the brake on tougher regulations on business and impeding efforts by president obama to push a more liberal agenda on the country.
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caller: 520 five representatives comes to $9 million per year. that's a steep price to pay for people who do nothing. they don't want to do nothing. yet the problem is, the republicans say jobs, jobs, jobs. it has never been voted on. that would put a million people to work immediately. shovel ready. it is shovel ready. that is what i want to say. host: jack writes in that a distinction needs to be made between do-nothing and actively working to impede progress. we will go toward independent to a call from madison, for
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junior. we will go to our republicans line. greg is waiting from union, missouri. to --: i was just calling let's talk about harry reid and barack obama and those people. we have been fighting for the scandals that obama has had. we are fighting with the lies that he has had. harry reid has lied. how do we deal with these people? truth and't see the you are just a straightfaced , it is going to take our country down. you can see with the health-care bill. it is a joke. take care. me ask you let
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before you go. there's a poll out on trust in government. it came out from gallup yesterday. the options were just about always/most of the time, only some of the time/never. i don't think obama is going to do anything. i think that's how he is. he is the downfall for our country. he is a liar. he has lied to the american people. if he can't find that, that he is a liar, then you don't understand life. that poll from gallup noting that 81% of folks answered that they feel like they can trust government only , justf the time and never
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19% saying they can trust the government always or some of the time to do what is right. is up next from madison, virginia on our line for independents. caller: kudos to you and your colleagues for doing live television that serves the nation's purposes. the more conservative point of view is as the framers designed it, it is not easy to pass legislation. it should be a slow process. sometimes less is more. bill, would you agree with vivian who writes in that we need to measure the activity of congress by the quality of the bills they pass him and not the quantity? less is always more. that "wall street journal"
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story notes that one issue the white house is hoping congress in thishave time for year isth of the passing new sanctions on iran.
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from doing his job. they blame him for everything and now they call them a liar?
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? we are still looking for weapons of mass destruction. it wasn't his fault. thank you and have a good day. the real liars are the republicans. host: we will go to our republicans line now. to you inmorning orange park, florida. i have a concern about obama. you hear a lot going on in the press and news. it doesn't seem like he is held accountable for anything. or can go back to the reagan bush senior years and they had the country running very smoothly. they stimulated the economy. all the mechanics of everything was working really well. i do think it is a republican or democrat issue, left or right, what is going on now, i think we
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have a lot of good democrats like menendez and darrell issa, i think is a good democrat. he is a republican from california. i think we need to get the country back in control of the west coast. they do a better job than the east coast. i think the north carolina is doing a real good job. i wonder what number his position is going to be. will he go down as a worst president ever? i don't see him in the top 10 or top 20 or top 50. i'm sure he is a good man. he has a tough job to do.
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he wakes up like everybody else does, puts his pant legs on one leg at a time. it is a tough job. he is talking about trey gowdy from north carolina. on was talking about the president's job and how he might rank historically. the real clear politics average of different polls out there on job approval currently has obama as a 40.1% approval rate, a disapproval rate of 55.6%. that is an average of several different polls out there whether it is gallup or rasmussen or reuters. you can see a chart below that showing president obama's job approval. the black line, those who approve of the job that the president is doing and the red line being those who disapprove.
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again, job approval being at historic lows for the president right now. will go to stacy know from arlington, virginia for independents. stacy, you are on "washington journal." i think washington should focus on the basics. it has been for now since we have seen a budget. i will take a lot of the turbulence out of everything. it doesn't matter which party you are from. you need to be working for america. you need to be doing what is best for america. it doesn't seem like some people are. congress should probably be measured on quality not quantity. when you stand up in front of the american people and say i haven't read the bill, but once we get it passed we will figure out what it is, that is not quality. that is working towards quantity to get to the six or 700 number that is being talked about. i agree with a lot of the other
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people. we need to look at the laws that are already in place. mightrepealing some laws be a metric that would be good to measure congress on. we talked about tax reform. there's a whole bunch we could work on that would be great. maybe we ought to look at some of those things like health care system costs and what the government is going to be paying in the next few years that is not discriminatory spending. it is getting smaller and smaller because of mandatory programs. they need to take a look at those programs and see what they can do to maybe get that in check. we don't have out-of-control spending and we get caught up in laws that require mandatory spending and we have no flexibility and the debt keeps going up. stacy from arlington, virginia with some of his ideas and some of the short and long- term issues that he thinks congress needs to tackle.
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nbc the subject of an story talking about congresses to do list for the end of 2013. calling that to do list a might do list. some of the issues on that might in the last month of the year. it notes expiring tax provisions , that more than 60 tax provisions are set to expire at year's end. also on thatalso on that my to-s
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the medicare reimbursement for doc there's. --for doctors. this first session of the hundred 13th congress passing under -- enacting just under 60 pieces of legislation. carl is up from kansas city, missouri on our lines for democrats. good morning. i am a liberal democrat from kansas city, missouri and i want to say a couple of things real quick. the media has gotten 80% of -- 40% of americans
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think he is a communist from kenya. and obama is a moderate republican. he is lower taxes for the very rich when they were supposed to be temporary. but because of clinton's surplus they have extended that. he got caught in an economic bind and he helped out the bankers. what he is doing with the insurance company are trying to do is trying to use free enterprise to regulate and turn the insurance companies who, by andway, are scam artists, turned them into a regulated utility and set some rules for the game and all the subsidies are going to the insurance companies. obviously, he's got to keep them from profiteering by putting a limit out so if they have a
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higher overhead than 20% they have to repay the money. well, we are trying to get people health insurance. and got thes in it pharmacy going and they put in the rule that the government can't negotiate pharmacy prices -- i go to the v.a. and i get my prescriptions which are modest. i have a reflux problem. i get my drugs at the v.a. at extremely reasonable prices. my girlfriend is in medicaid advantage and she is getting raked over the coals for her pharmacy and prescriptions. i'll take any question you have, but obama is muscular
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in the military, he is helping the banks, he's giving tax cuts osama. ich and he got caller: for the past couple of years, this congress has been on the medieval side, full of
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cacao. . they have probably improved health care act and stuck with corporate welfare. cruise, and other tea party members seem truly medieval. it'll want to do anything that is pro-america. they placed the needs of the few over the many. i believe the only way to fix this is to go ahead and reduce their pay. this is to go ahead and reduce their pay. host: gene from ohio writes in
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on twitter. wesley this morning from sacramento, california. caller: about this congress. i am a retired marine. representative issa is supposed to be a nice guy? up thingbringing ghazi. uphe keeps bringing benghazi. i think some of the callers the ku in sound like
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klux klan or the grand wizard. the ku klux klan or the grand wizard. host: you're talking about what you're hearing coming out of congress. what you want to hear in the last couple weeks of the legislative session? white house bureau chief scott wilson joined us to talk about the affordable care act and other issues that are affecting president obama's credibility and his legacy. later we will continue our later we will continue our health care discussion with cq roll call reporter emily etheredge. we will be right back.


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