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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  January 18, 2014 3:16pm-3:31pm EST

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companies to warn about this wiretapping program. that fell in line with his ideology. he took withthat him to his career. that is the ideal lot -- ideology that a lot of people are following. he changed as soon as he became president. all of a sudden, he basically went to the right of george bush on a lot of these issues. first of all, he tripled the number of forces in afghanistan. he could have ended it in the first six months. he continued the war for his two terms. he increased the drone war. the bush administration only had one attack in yemen. he increased that enormously. on national security, he let the nsa do whatever they wanted. that is completely opposite from
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the way he campaigned. i think that is disappointing to many of his supporters. host: and he is waiting in pennsylvania on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. i was just going to say about the same thing. i voted for president obama and the first term. in the second term, i -- the same thing. my comment was going to be that after the first term, he -- the media was supposed to be the watchdog. ignorede more or less the scandal and stuff that has gone on in this residency. -- i have great respect for your speaker. i was wondering what his thoughts were. ignoring fox and those places. what are his thoughts on the media and what they are
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ignoring? -- what are papers his thoughts on how the press is covering the root of all of the needs of what the press needs to do to cover things in this nsa controversy. thank you. guest: i agree 100%. the media has been very weak. i have been very critical of the media. i think that the mainstream media has largely left this whole issue go unreported. --se pieces were going on they came out once from the new york times. then it was forgotten. the mainstream media pretty much
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never went after this issue. -- i think that the if this was the bush administration, the media would be far more aggressive on this issue. the only reason you have the washington post reporting on this and the new york times was because of snowden. snowden made the leak. before this, the washington post was not doing that much aggressive work on what the nsa was doing in terms of mastic you striving. media hask that the not been up to snuff on the whole issue. it would have been if the bush administration was in power. host: one must call in for you. gavin is waiting on the lines for republicans. caller: hi, james. thank you for coming on.
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paint a is, i want to scenario and get your comment. is there any chance that you that ourk -- think created these terrorists and radicals? guest: i think that all the studies that have come out agree with that. every time you have a drone attack, you're killing scores. hundreds of thousands of innocent people. they have been killed in these raids. all of the studies say that every time you kill a relative, the relative has other relatives. they have children and parents and aunts and uncles. you are helping radicalize people who would not necessarily have been radical in the first lace. it has not accomplished anything.
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what has happened with these attacks in yemen? me, it was astounding that the obama administration began this enormous attack. i do not think it has produced a meeting. anything, it has produced more terrorists. guest: -- host: you talked a lot about edward snowden. what is the nsa doing right now to prevent another edward snowden? you know the agency. what changes are taking place to keep these leaks from coming out? i am sure that they are trying to make some changes. that is really the key issue here.
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from the revelations chelsea manning, the leaks that came out, the word that went through the government was tightening up. you have the director of the nsa who is responsible for keeping the government secrets from being leaked. that is part of his job. protect the u.s. government's secret information. failure for one year or so. you had snowden, who was a contractor 6000 miles away from washington. 1.7 millionto take documents out without the government knowing. he showed up in hong kong and revealed himself. it is an enormous amount of incompetence.
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there's almost no accountability from the obama administration. if he had been the captain of an aircraft carrier that crashed into the rock of gibraltar, you cash he would not be stealing that ship anymore. -- he would not be sailing the ship anymore. host: he is the author on several books of the nsa. >> on the next washington journal, the report he co- authored that studied legislation introduced during the 113th congress and what that legislation might indicate in productivity. after that, the $1 trillion spending bill that was passed by
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congress and signed by president obama this week. in a conversation about the next steps in iran's nuclear deal. we will also look for your andtion by phone, e-mail, twitter. with richardmakers cordray. he is our guest this week. he talks about the new mortgage rules that recently take effective dealing with approving home loans. his interview is at 10:00 a.m.. and then changing government programs. igor stata 10:35 a.m. eastern. next, what materials can be
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protected under copyright law. this is from the house judiciary subcommittee on intellectual property and runs about 2.5 hours. continuemmittee will by hearing testimony and by what is here. it will present contrasting views on three important copyright issues, making it available, should broadcasters be protected with additional laws. i've also advocated that these be generously laced with common sense. it is an ingredient that is sorely missing sometimes on capitol hill. all of us are guilty.
3:26 pm this will highlight the most important issues confronting our copyright laws. it was disturbing to hear that judges were uncertain. and how to reduce bond to this crisis. they made these available in the infringement. still theant to thunder thunder from this morning's testimony. to carefullymbers consider today's testimony. our esteemed panel of witnesses for participating in the hearing today and look forward to your remarks. i am pleased to recognize the
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distinguished gentleman from england. for the first time in years, there will not be in north carolina person on the side of the judiciary aisle. i hope it will survive. thank you. >> thank you. good morning to the chairman and the members of the committee. a very small number of witnesses we have this morning for a very important subject. the hearing today provides an important opportunity for us to consider various provisions of copyright law and to examine whether they will adequately in protectators technology that were not here when this was originally enacted. there are several factors that we should keep in mind. example, the making
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which givesght copyright owners the exclusive right to authorize the manner in terms to make their content available to the public. i favor strong copyright protection because it promotes innovation and economic growth. laws help create a marketplace for constant. the latestl enjoy technology that can be used to watch the content. the making available is especially important today where one copy of a word over the without authorization to provide access to millions of users around the world. right helpsvailable prevent infringing conduct. reasons, we do not
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need to change copyright law for the making available right. existing law already includes a making available right. i do not believe there is any ambiguity in the law. haveappellate courts recognized the making available right. statestion, the united is a party to various international agreements that requires signatories to implement the making available right. congress has repeatedly demonstrated that by ratifying these agreements with united states law already including this right and no changes necessary. as we study this issue, we should consider guidance from the copyright office is. end, our former colleague of the subcommittee sent a letter to the agency last
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month, asking it to study the current state of the making aailable right and to make recommendation. we need to know how american consumers fare under current law , on-e context of digital such asransmissions peer-to-peer networks, streaming services, and music downloads. and downloads. additionally we need to know how the competitiveness of u.s. technology can be strengthened in the global marketplace under international treaties to preserve robust protection for creators. in conjunction with the testimony we have received today , this report should provide us with valuable guidance. secondly, the evolution of technology has had a major impact on the debate


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